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Never ending sex for Namitha

I asked my amma, for how many days she will go for the satsang like this. She said it is a programme to cover the entire season of summer. It may last two to three months. Organizers get the best people to give discourse etc. I said it is ok. As long as you are happy I am happy. Usually the satsang lasts upto 8 pm when they serve prasad as supper.

Some people take it some will bring it home and share it with the members of their family. My amma bring it every day and makes it a point that I partake in the prasad. She leaves immediately after lunch and hence I am alone at my home for about seven to eight hours.

I can plan to utilize the time properly. Our servant is an old lady and when she falls sick she sends her daughter, Leela. Leela is good. I squeeze her boobs everytime she comes. Once I fucked her which she also liked. She decides about fucking, once decided, she takes bath and comes fresh to the bed. We fuck leisurely and she gives me a nice blow job.

One day Leela came and when I asked her about fucking she told me to wait till she finishes the work. She has some idea that some other girls also come to get fucked. She is very proud about it. During vacation to my luck two three girls came and it finally ended up in fucking.

Leela watches my actions and when it is over she come and throws some jealousy remarks and goes away. I am afraid of fucking her often because it something goes wrong, I will not be able to show my face to anybody. In our block there are some young wives whose husbands are either in gulf countries or touring all the twenty days in a month.

They are sex starved and they come with some reason or the other to call me to their flats for checking up their computer to verify waht is wrong. Or they sit to chat with their husband through my computer. The husbands who are sex starved in gulf countries, want their wives to show their boobs or their shaven cunts etc.

This lady asks me to go out and reveal all her body to her husband and see his erect lund and be satisfied. On finishing the session and switching off the system, she has to depend on my humble cock to reach orgasm. Some lady think that I am her sex slave and want me to go to their flat and fuck her whenever they want. Some out of modesty will wait for my convenience.

Namitha once came to my house and requested my mother to allow her to take her son, i.e., me, to her flat to check her computer which is not working satisfactorily. I knew what has gone wrong. I go to her flat. The moment I enter the flat, Namithaji bolts the door and turns to me with a smile and calls me to her bedroom. Always the computers are kept in the bedrooms.

She came and sat near be, but she was not replying to my questions regarding the problem relating to her system. I checked up the computer and found it to be functioning smoothly. She asked me to open yahoo msg window. I opened it and there was no problem. Similarly I checked Gmail chat and it is also functioning well. I looked up at the smiling face of Namithaji.

She said there is nothing wrong with my computers. They why did you call me I asked. She was looking at the erection I had and the resultant bulge. Slowly she extended her hand to my bulge and felt it with her hands. Slowly she untied the knot of my pyjama and it loosened and her hand was immediately on my cock.

She pulled it out for her full view. Her eyes were wide open and expressed surprise. My cock fair in colour and fully cylindrical in shape was vert attractuve to her. It showed a length of 5 to 5and half inches. She pulled my hand and asked me to go to her in the bed. I just moved to the bed. I lied down on the bed. My pyjama was half withdrawn.

My public hair was visible and the cock in the process of getting fully erected. But Namitha took it in her mouth and her tongue was rubbing at the tip of the cock which is a highly sensitive action. I for my turn unbuttoned her nightie and removed it totally. She was stark naked inside. She wore no bra or panty.

By a natural instinct her hand went to conceal her nudity, but I forcibly removed her hand and saw her beautiful pussy. There was no hair totally. He nipples were very much aroused. I thought I should subject her to a detailed foreplay. Since there was no risk of any intruder, I removed my pyjama and fell on her started to suck her nipples while massaging the boob.

She was enjoying my act. Cooing frequently, she gave me all convenienees to proceed further. After finishing both the boobs I came down licking her abdomen and down below her navel and then to her public place. She had her own fragrance which was very attractive. Befor going for oral sex, I just wanted to examine her internal machinery.

I inserted two fingers into her vagina and pressed the roof of her vagina. She was squirming. So that is her G spot. I bent low and nimbled at her clitoris and rubbed her Gspot. I nibbled at her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. She was moaning loudly. I sucked her sensitive spot of clitoris. Namitha was a total surrender. She was highly aroused. I too.

I sat between her legs and inserted my cock in her hole. It went inside. Her cunt was full of fluids which were flowing into the bedsheet. My cock by then grew into a 6 inch rod, plunjed deep inside her cunt. With both of my hands I pressed her boobs rather roughly and then started to fuck her.

I sould of fucking pluck, pluck, pluck was heard Closing her eyes Namitha was enjoying my strokes. After a few stroked, I called her and asked her to get into a doggy position. She immediately obeyed. My cock plunjed deep into her cunt. Fucking her for about two minuted I made her to lie down and tried the spoon pose.

Then I asked to get on top of me and fuck to her heart's content. She got on to me and inserted my cock into her cunt and she started the movements to get maximum pleasure. By small change in the posture she can have enhanced pleasure. I told her I am about to cum and will throw my fluids inside her. She too was not interested to make me withdraw.

We both came together. Her fluids were flowing unto my body and to the bed. Great aount of fluids were flowing. She tied and wound her legs around me and hugged me tightly to get maximum out of her orgasm. After anpit 10 minutes we got up went to the bathroom and cleaned outselves. Namith cleaned my cock, but it got stiff again.

As soon as we came back to the bed, she made me to lie down face up and she sat on me to get my cock inserted into her cunt. My cock was fully embedded inside her. She asked me to carry her to the kitchen. I carried her with my cock fully inside her cunt and she clinging around me like a baby monkey.

In the kitchen she made two cups of coffee from the kettle and we drank the coffee with my cock fully inside her. She was a very hot girl. She wanted my cock to be inside her for longer time. If my cock goes limp, she was prepared to suck it and bring it back to life. Her only aim was sex sex sex only.

She talked sex, saw sex, But her husband comes only for a week in a month. She begged me to find time to fuck her every day, at least once. I agreed and came off. Of course it is a pleasure to fuck a passionate girl, but this was an extreme case. Each fuck was an even and worth recording.

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Remya fucked in the hills

It was a rainy day. The hills around were covered in fog, and trees bathing in rain. We had decided this old Victorian style cottage for our rendezvous this time. We were meeting after the long gap of 6 months, me and my beloved girlfriend Remya.

It was a long drive from the plains, and we arrived there in the morning. Breakfast was wonderful. Remya was in a cream colour saree and lazed blouse. The room was cozy and clean, with white curtains and white bed. I held her face in my arms, like a flower.

“How much I missed you beloved!” I whispered. She smiled and whispered back, “I love you Arun”. “Make your lips wet, honey”, I said. She rolled her tongue over her lips. I leaned to kiss her, but then changed my mind and touched her wet lips with my fingertip, and then I moved my fingertip all over her lips.

Then, taking back the wet fingertip, I asked her, “Honey, can you guess what am I gonna do with this?”. She smiled tenderly, wondering what am I gonna do. I licked my fingertip, tasting her lovely saliva. She smiled with tender shyness, and hugged me. I made my lips wet and touched her upper lip with my lips, and then the lover one.

And we kissed lovingly, I moved my tongue across her lips, from side to side, while my hands moved along her hair. She parted her lips slowly, and I slide in my tongue inside her mouth. The taste of her saliva was erotic, and her tongue smelled like wild flower, it was so romantic. I could feel the stiffness and slipperiness of her lovely tongue, and I inhaled her saliva’s smell deeply.

She oozed her saliva gently into my mouth, and I received it, closing my eyes. When she gently moved back from me to adjust posture, our mixed saliva were like a silver string, not broken, between our lips.

We moved to the bed and sat side by side. I licked her earlobes. Then I made my fingertips wet, all four, in my saliva, by licking them myself, and then I loosely ran my fingertips across her belly, leaving silvery shiny wet lines across her belly sides. That was intensely romantic, and she shivered with tickles, and she smiled sensuously.

I licked her entire face, cheeks, nose, eyelids, ears, while my fingers were all moving along her belly. Then I removed my t shirt and I also removed her saree. Now she was in her skirt and blouse, the skirt was also of cream colour. Her white belly was an intensely erotic sight.

I made her lie on the bed and then began licking her entire belly, playing with my wet lips and tongue along her ribs particularly. She was laughing uncontrollably in tickles, “Arun, please...please, Arun” she was whispering. Now I removed her blouse. Those lovely white boobs in white bra was an unforgettable sight.

I licked her along the lower border of her bra, leaving wet saliva trail. She was shivering. I licked her armpits. Her armpits had an intense feminine smell, which drove me more and more romantic. She kissed my chest, and licked my nipples which sent shivers all over my body.

She circled her lips and sucked my nipples hard, while with her finger, she played on my other nipple. Then she gently spit over my both nipples and made them slippery. I had closed my eyes in intense pleasure.

“Remya...honey..” I whispered while I kissed her lovely lips again, sucking the lower lip while she was sucking my upper lip, my hands were moving over her back and ribs and belly and navel. Now I removed her bra. I gently spat onto her right nipple from above, the thick saliva flowed down, leaving silvery trail.

And then I touched her wet nipple with my fingertip. She shivered intensely, and moaned, “Arun, my darling..no one has loved me like this...im in heaven, honey..” her lips were shivering while talking these words. I sucked her nipples lovingly, and massaged her boobies. She was shivering all over.

“Remya...” I whispered.i licked her entire breasts and squeezed them whole, kneading those white heavenly treasures. I removed her skirt. She was wearing a light pink colour pantees. I inhaled the lovely aroma from her inner thighs. Then I liked her along the border of her panties.

She had closed her eyes in anticipation and was biting her lips. I removed her panties and started licking her pussy. It was all wet, I used my wet tongue tip to fuck her. It was a great feeling, the pleasure I got from seeing her twisting and turning her body with uncontrollable pleasure.

My mouth was all wet with her lovely juices. I went up to kiss her, she licked my mouth clean. Then I inserted my cock inside her and we had a wonderful fucking session. The rain was still there.

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Husband confused about cheating wife

Hello, here I am going to narrate a small incident, how my wife cheated me. Now we are Confused what to do! The incident that I am going to tell, happened on 21st may 2012. Few days before of which I and my wife had series of fight due to silly matters. My wife is 31yrs old, fair looking and we enjoy very good sex life.

We have 2kids and She was very sincere Till this incident happened. She went to her native for about 15 days for a change. Her maternal uncle's son by name chetty, who is 2 or 3yrs younger to her, came to know about our fight and tried to get close to her. After She came back home, we were normal. Few days Later one fine day, chetty came to the town where we live.

My wife asked him to come by noon as She was yet to complete her household work. He later has come along with some hot drinks bottle and soda. My wife had little interest even to have hot drinks. He was talking to her very nicely, appreciating her beauty and he gave her the drinks. After having it my wife got good effect of the same and was enjoying it.

He slowly went close to her and started touching her which She at first opposed. Later he went and closed the main door. He then went to bedroom and called my wife to switch on the cooler. When She went in, he grabbed her, hugged and started kissing her. The effect of the drinks and little reluctance about me made her to surrender herself to him.

He just lifted her nighty, made her to Sleep on bed, removed his pant and underwear very fast. He fucked her very fast while my wife was under the effect of alcohol. She was not in a position to resist or enjoy the sex fully. But the mistake was over. She realised it little later and asked him to go as soon as possible. He had lunch and went away.

She tried to behave normal with me after I returned that evening from office. I just happened to see her mobile and asked her why has deleted her call list. She told She wanted to avoid getting doubts in my mind. So She deleted frequently called number and thats is of her cousin, chetty. Till then I never had got any doubts on her.

But, Next morning while I started to my office I smelt something fishy. I came back home and asked her to tell, if She was hiding something from me. After a lot of questioning She started crying and revealed everything that I narrated above. I dont know from where I got so much of patience, I consoled her telling that mistake happens. Please dont repeat it.

Later She called him over his mobile in front of me and scolděd chetty for having trapped her. He too said sorry and promised that he wont repeat it. But She dint tell him that I know the whole incident. But next day She told that he made call to her once again. I got angry on him and I shoúted at him over phone not to disturb once again.

He was shocked by my words and now avoids both of us. But now a days my wife revealed that She wants to keep in touch with him. I felt She too love him and may be want him back. One night while having sex with me, She revealed that She wants both me and chetty. I felt I have to satisfy her physical need.

Even I had read a lot of threesome sex in HD, and other blogs, I asked her whether She wants it. She said NO. She is very happy about sex with me. She dont want sex with him, but She want to keep in touch with him as a friend. Now I am Confused as to what really is in her mind?

She Later oneday called on his mobile and spoke for a long time where he expressed that he does not want to keep in touch with her. He too is married and have a kid. Now my wife is feeling that She was used like a paper and thrown after use. She want now to flirt with him and make him come behind her.

I dont mind even if they have sex once more, but I want them to make in front of me. Infact I want to have threesome. But She is not interested or She is hesitant. I dont want my wife to play hide and seek with me. While now I can't even approach him or invíte him, since I have scolded him once. Now I am very Confused as to what to do?

My wife sometimes enjoy talking about threesome but says it is not practical and he wont even agree for that. Moreover we are relatives na! So She want to avoid any complication. Please suggest me what to do?

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Sales executive fucking married female colleague

A couple of years back I was interviewing candidates for the job of a sales executive. The job had decent pay,more than what other companies were offering at that time. But what was most interesting was the perks involved. The selected executive would get a car to travel, minimum two trips in a year to Europe and additional benefits. So naturally there were lots of applicants for the job.

But what I was interested in, was to hire a female. Since I would be travelling with the executive sometimes my goal was to seduce her on one of the trips and make it fun for me as well. So I ignored most of the male applicants except a few. And that too just to pretend that I am giving a fair chance to all applicants. But my eyes were only on the female candidates.

But my biggest dilemma was how to make my move on these females. Just like any other married guy I was scared that if things go wrong I might ruin my reputation and career. Thinking about it made me nervous and scared so I thought "no I cant do something like this ".

After interviewing about 9 applicants, 6 of which were females I started getting bored. None of the females were upto the mark. And I was not interested just to hire any plain jane. There were 3 more candidates waiting in the lobby - 2 guys and 1 female. I was watching them from the security camera The female looked quite interesting.

So I quickly got rid of the 2 guys and then called in the female. What she did just before walking in raised my hope and also my dick. As I watched her walk towards my cabin I saw her put her finger on her blouse just around where her cleavage starts and pull her blouse down exposing more of her cleavage. She then cupped her hands around her boobs and lifted them.

I found it both funny and sexy at the same time. Immediately I realized that this female was going to use her sexuality to influence the interview in her favour. I waited with bated breath for her to walk in. When she opened the cabin door and walked in my dick got harder. She looked a bit plump just the way I like them. I like my females on the healthier side.

They feel so much more feminine than the thin ones. My eyes were glued to her cleavage and as she walked and sat down I couldn’t take my eyes off her bouncing jugs.Something inside me said "wow I just have hit the jackpot".

So after some minor small talk I understood she was 28, been married for 3 years and no kids. I smiled more. I like married women. Single females are more troublesome, they make you dance even for a kiss. Married females are more willing to be seduced faster. And single females create too much drama when it comes to getting down and dirty.

But the biggest attraction of screwing a married female is that she will let you cum inside her. Trust me, nothing in this world beats the feeling of unloading your cum deep inside the wet pussy of a woman married to someone else.

Anyway back to the interview. Although in my mind I had already selected her for the job,still I went through the interview routines. But gradually I steered the conversation towards personal discussions. She appeared very friendly, infact too friendly. I guessed she will be an easy lay.

Suddenly I got this insane urge to attempt to seduce her right there and then. I was scared initially but my hardon was simply not going away. I knew it was quite stupid to try such a stunt in my office but the thrill and excitement of pulling this off motivated me. I said what the heck lets just try.

So gathering some guts I asked her if she was comfortable with male clients since her work involved travelling and mixing around a lot.She told me absolutely no problem dealing with males and smiled. I replied "of course you wont have. You know how to use your feminine charm to make guys fall for you ".

She laughed at my remark and asked me "Why do you say so ".So I told her I saw you lifting your boobs and exposing your cleavage and she laughed nervously. I asked her why did she do that. And without any fear she said I did that to impress you. I said "I am surely impressed by it".

I asked her "so you use your sexuality to your advantage ?" and again quickly she said "Yes and I do and Why should I not ?". My next question was what if the guy gets the wrong idea and attempts to do something naughty. She said "I can handle such men". so I asked her "Can you handle me ?? " with a naughty smile on my face. "What do you have in mind ?" was her question.

So I gave her a dose of her own medicine and asked her "If you can try to use your charms and get away with it, why can’t I try to use my authority and power over here and demand something from you in return for the job?".

"So this is something like a casting couch huh ?" she asked me. "Yeah kind of " I said."So are you willing to play a part in this ?" I asked. " Why not ? if you can guarantee me that job I can do what you ask and much more " she replied. I couldnt believe my luck As I was admiring my luck the peon knocked in and brought in water for her.

I didn’t like the interruption at all and shooed away the peon. She laughed guessing my irritation. I stood and locked the door behind the peon and then stood behind her. Keeping my hands on her shoulders I asked her one more time "are you sure you are game for this ?". "Yes I am" she said.

I didnt wait any longer, I slid my hands down from her shoulders towards her breast. They felt nice and soft.I turned around her chair and made her face me. "Why don’t you play with my cock ". She started rubbing my groin with her hands. I slipped my hands inside her blouse and under her bra and started kneading her soft boobs.

I was really horny and dying to put my cock inside her pussy but I had no condom and I never fuck anyone without a condom, so I said to myself I have to be satisfied with a hand job today. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock and told her make me cum. She didn’t waste any time,she started stroking my cock fast.

It was a bit painful so I asked her dip your fingers in the glass of water and continue. After that it was much more pleasurable. kneaded her boobs with both my hands while she worked on my cock. This continued for a while and I enjoyed every second of it. She expertly played with my cock while I kept pinching and squeezing her nipples.

She was also enjoying this and this made it more fun, because when the female also enjoys then the pleasure magnifies a hundred times. I was about to cum when I grabbed my cock and hit it against her face." You are a dirty bitch, are you not ?" I asked her. She just laughed.

I spread a newspaper on my table and asked her to make me cum now. She obliged and jerked me hard enough that when I came I not only sprayed on the newpaper but all over the table including some diaries and files. It was funny but satisfying at the same time.

I cleaned up myself, told her "congrats !! You have the job ". She was very happy to get the job and I was happy to get a fuck buddy. I remembered to carry a condom and fucked her the first day she joined the office. We had a great time fucking for next 2 years till her hubby got her pregnant and then shit quit the job. But It was great while it lasted.

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Vinith having first time sex with Renu

Hi Guys I am Vinith from Chennai, narrating my first sex experience it was during my coll 3rd year, her name is Renu and her fig is 36:32:34, During our starting stage of our love we used to hug only nothing more than that, v used to have phone sex and we watched porn movies together nothing more than that,

but one fine afternoon I went to her home for group study at time her mom was inside home only, as it was exam time there was nothing in our mind other than studies (a day before our university practical exam) it was around 3pm suddenly her mom got an important call and she has to leave, as she was thinking that we two where very good friends she left us alone and said she will be returning only after 8pm,

after that we locked the main door and continued with our studies, and after 10min we took a break and we entered the bedroom started to hug each other after few min of hugging I kissed her neck suddenly she closed her eyes, then I started to rub my face on her neck immediately got turned on and I was able to feel heat from her body as it was our first experience we completely lost our mind,

she started moan I was enjoying her moaning sound, immediately I placed my lips on her pink lips and started to smooch passionately and I started pressing her lovely boobs, to say it was very very soft. with my each touch on her body she started to loose her sense and her body body was jerking due pleasure, slowly I started removing her tops and slip which she was wearing,

now she was wearing black brazier wow that was wonder to my gf's boobs with only bra, as she was fair she looked very sexy in black bra..... she covered her boobs with her hand in shyness, and I slowly removed her hand and started kissing her shoulders and gave small love bites near hear breast, then I made her lie on bed and started licking her stomach and shoulders,

she started to moan heavily then I started licking her back n then I slowly unhooked her bra, now she was completely topless, she has an wonderful pair of boobs perfect in shape, I was the first boy to taste her virgin boobs, I slowly started sucking her breast and pressing the other one, she moaning heavily, immediately when I placed mouth on her breast she started to jerk,

then slowly I undid her bottom now n she was only in panties, started kissing her from toes till her panty then I slowly removed her panties, now my angel is completely nude.... realizing that she s completely nude she covered herself with a blanket in shyness, I slowly removed her blanket,

and I kissed her virgin pussy and the I started licking her pussy same time I was pressing her breast after sometime she got her orgasm, she then made me lie on bed and started sucking my nipples and she was teasing my body completely and gave me nice blow job...... then again I again I started sucking her breast and started teasing after some minutes of our foreplay,

I teased her a lot she begged me to fuck her and told me she was dying for my 8 inch cock. I kissed her entire body lips neck nipples and her pussy and I made my cock 's journey inside her tight pussy she is a virgin and it was too difficult for me to penetrate her pussy,

she shouted in pain I could see tears from her eyes but she control her pain and asked me to continue and I caressed her softly and after few strokes everything was normal and I fucked her slowly she was shouting like a mad and enjoying with pleasure and I slowly increased my speed.

Finally we both exploded and she slept on my shoulder for half an hour, after that we went to wash room and got cleaned our self, she felt very shy she didn't see my eyes on that day due to shyness. We had lot of sexual encounters at our both homes whenever our parents where not available...... Hope you all enjoyed my stories...

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