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Vikram seduced by neighbourhood aunty Archana

Hi, guys this is Vikram 24 years old from Mumbai and this is my first story so please ignore me if any mistake and your feedbacks are always welcome. This story is about how I was seduced by neighbor aunty archana for sex Archana aunty was around 30 years old very hot with big boobs, a hot ass and a sexy figure she is a horny bitch she was married and her husband was working in a software firm she is a mother to a child.

I used to work in marketing field once I was travelling I saw Archana aunty was waiting for a bus so I gradually I went and asked can I drop you aunty with a smiling face she said ok. While travelling we exchanged few words and at last.

We reached and she said thanks and went in. there on whenever she use to go for shopping she use to call me to drop her once while riding my bike she started to hug me from behind wow! I just got stunned it was great feeling this continued for a month.

Gradually we were become close to each other and we had long duration phone talks One afternoon I got a call from archana aunty and she told that her husband and son has gone to their native place, so am getting bored can you please company me in the evening.

The evil started to run on my mind so I took 2 hrs permission from office and I went to her place she welcomed me at the door wow! She was wearing a low cut red coloured blouse with border saree, she was looking so beautiful.

I complimented her and she asked me to sit down and offered a coffee and I was staring at her partly visible boobs and I can't take my eyes away from her and we both sat there and she started chatting, she started to say that since 2 days I got severe back pain its not reducing at all so.

I said why you can’t try some massage with some pain relief cream. So she said yeah but my husband is not in town and how will I massage myself. So I got some courage and I said aunty if you don't mind I can massage you. She stared at me and gave me a sexy smile and she went to kitchen and brought some oil and she asked me to come to bedroom. Hooo! I just got excited thought it was my day.

I planned everything I went into the room she was already lying in the bed showing her back and I went behind her and slowly I poured some oil on her back and I kept my hand on her back and started to massage and I got aroused after a while I asked archana aunty can.

I unhook your blouse hooks because it's restricting me to massage, without any hesitation she said ok within no time I unhooked her blouse. She was just in her petticoat I could not resist but somehow.

I controlled and started giving massage on her back she was closing her eyes and enjoying the massage with the moaning. Aaaahh after some 20 minutes and I asked how your feeling aunty she said yeah am feeling better please continue Vikram.

I got excited and I slowly untied her petticoat and I pulled it down now she was just left with pink panty, wow what a sight it was. I just sat back of her thigh and started to massage like a mad and my 7 inch dick was rubbing her buttocks. She was moaning like a sexy bitch aaahhhhhh.

I made her to turn and I pulled her blouse and slowly removed her panty. Now she was completely naked in front of me, her naked body was so gorgeous I just hugged her tightly and planted a kiss on her lips we were kissing passionately for some 15 minutes.

I just grabbed her both the boobs and started caressing it, I was pressing her boobs I took it fully in my mouth and I started licking her hot nipples and I was sucking it like a baby and I slowly moved towards her vagina and parted her thighs her pussy was cleanly shaved.

I was too excited to lick her hot pussy and I started to lick her pussy it had unique smell and I got hooked to it and I was licking deep in to her pink pussy. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and started finger fucking she was loudly moaning aaahhhh please don't stop come aaahh.

I kept finger fucking and licking her pussy for around 30mts and she gave a loud moan aaahhhhhh. She started to cum all her juice flew into my hand and I licked and drank all her juices it was really tasty with very good smell she got up and ripped opened.

My shirt trouser and my boxer and caught my dick and started stroking it, my 7 inch dick was very hard by now and she took my entire dick in to her mouth and started to suck my dick. It was heavenly feeling to get a blowjob from beautiful women.

She started sucking my balls and even took my both balls in her mouth, I started moaning loudly with pleasure and she kept doing it for some 25 minutes s finally I ejaculated a sperm in her mouth and like a slut she licked and drank every drop of semen.

I pulled her up and started kissing her, we kissed each other for about 20 minutes and my dick started to rise and I said I love you archana aunty. I need you badly so she told am all yours baby fuck your slutty aunty harder as you can.

I got excited by her words and I pulled her on the bed and parted her thighs and slowly inserted my dick in her vagina and my whole 7 inches dick inserted in het pussy For the first time I felt my dick in a women's pussy it was heavenly feeling.

I fucked her slowly initially but I increased my speed she started to shout come Vikram fuck your aunty hard come aaahhhhh come on you bastard faster more faster aaahhhhh and I got really excited and started fucking her harder and I was about to cum.

I ejaculated a lot of sperms in her pussy and even she too started to cum in same time we both started to moan loudly, we were very tired so we started kissing each other and slept naked hugging each other. We woke up after an hour and I asked aunty I wanted to fuck your ass.

I just love your ass please aunty and she said am all yours do whatever you want. I took out some oil and I applied in her ass hole and she applied oil to my dick. By now we were ready for the anal sex and I made her in a doggy style position and I slowly inserted my dick in her ass hole.

She started to scream loudly aahhhh it's paining no aaahhh but I was not going to give up she was feeling the pain slowly my fully erected dick was inside her ass hole and I fucked her slowly in the beginning then when she started to enjoy.

I increased my speed she was moaning aaaaahh come on harder fuck harder aaahh. I was banging her ass like a mad dog for 30mts and I ejaculated in her ass I was so pleased. I took out my dick out of her ass but still my dick was covered with sperm.

She just pulled me and took my whole dick in her mouth and licked and drank all my semen and gave me dirty and lusty smile. Then we had some a passionate kiss and started saying thanks Vikram and I never had a wonderful fucking session and my husband never use to satisfy me. I just enjoyed like a bitch thanks dear. From there onwards whenever we get a chance we use to fuck.

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Hot office encounter in Chennai - III

Previously: Hot office encounter in Chennai - II

After that it was one tightly packed training schedule that I had. 12-14 hours of work at the hotel, followed by a half hour oral "training" session with Pushpa and the occasional weekend stay with Pinky at our' friend's place.

Pushpa had made it clear that I was to be her guest of honor on my weekly off at her place where we cooked, watched movies, listened to music, went out shopping and had aggressive sex. She was a Gemini I guess, cos one minute she would be the submissive girl and the next minute the dominating bitch! It was a heady mix!

Pinky and I had moved on to casual and lazy sex when we could and also getting a little adventurous by groping and fingering in semi-public places. It was a risky trip when you were out with her, but she was a wholesome Bengali babe!

Time flew by and Pinky and I moved to the Front Office for training. Finally we got to dress grand! I would be decked in a Suit and she would wear a Sari on weekdays and business formals on weekends.

Seeing Pinky in a Sari was a total turn on! I mean, her dusky skin matched against the dark gree silk sari with a broad mustard yellow border, those ripe boobs peeking from underneath her pallu clad in a dark green blouse, that sagging deep neck cut at the back exposing her smooth skin, and with just gloss, kajal and perfume, she transformed into the ultimate sex goddess with her shoulder length hair let loose.

After struggling to keep my cool and aloof for three days, I walked up to her and said, "You. Me. Eat Pussy. Now." She giggled and said, "Why? and get busted? No way!" As she walked away from me, she let her hands genly caress my cock thru the trousers. That was mean!

That evening while we were making out at the apartment, with me sucking her generous boobs and tweaking her free nipple with one hand while she caressed my head, I told her, "I don't care what happens, I need to make out with you while you're in that Sari and in the hotel. I will arrange it and I want you to be ready for it!"

In between her moans, she replied, "Baby, I would love that, but think about it. How are we gonna manage it? Ouch! You nibbled too hard! Ah.. better... You tell me when you want me and I am ready to hike up my sari and give you my pussy anytime, you know that!"

While nibbling on her nipples and caressing her, my mind raced on thinking of options. I decided to speak with Pushpa and ask her for a favor. A few days later while having our oral session in the training room, Pushpa asked me, "How're you and Pinky getting your share?"

I told her quite bluntly what the sari was doing to me. She was quiet for a minute and then said, "I can arrange for something. I can't tell you what it is or when it will be, just know that when you get the call, to make use of the opportunity, ok? And the day that you get to go for it, I want a full recount of it while you stroke my pussy and ass to orgasm, deal?" I was a guy. You think I'd say no?

2 days later, I was at the desk handling check-outs fo guests when I got a call from a room with Pushpa asking me to come up for a training demo. When I got up to the room on the 12th floor, I saw Pushpa and some freshie college kids standing outside the corner end room. I walked in and saw Pinky also there demonstrating the making of a bed.

Pushpa asked me to explain to the kids the evening procedures and when I was done, she turned around, asked the kids to move to a room on the other side of the floor, handed me the keys and said, "the room is reserved for training for the next 40 minutes. Lock it up and give me the key after lunch in the training room." With a sly smile, she walked away closing the door.

Pinky and I stood there staring at the door closing. Then, at each other and we burst out laughing. I walked to her and said, "Well, this is our chance." She smiled and said, "I'm waiting. I removed my panties sometime back. Get on to it, you little pup."

Quietly, I knelt down, lifted her sari and skirt up and crept in like I was getting into a tent. She was standing with her legs spread apart. I honed in to her pussy like a guided missile and sucked it all in. She whimpered. I then began lapping her cunt with slow, deliberate, broad strokes while she swayed slowly. Since there wasn't much freedom, I couldn't do much so I instered my finger into her ass gently after soaking it with her pussy juices.

She let out a soft sigh and spread her legs some more. For the next 5 minutes which seemed like an eternity to her, of lapping, sucking, licking, nibbling while I stroked my finger in and out of her ass, I came out of her. She was blushed, hair stuck onto her face with the sweat despite the ac.

Making me stand a little away, she bent down, pulled out my cock and sucked it while she crouched down. The moist tongue and the warm breath accented by the mint gum she had been chewing earlier, made for an awesome blowjob. While sucking, she undid the pin holding the pallu and dropped it, unclasped the hook on her blouse and let her boobs hang out in her padded bra.

Looking up at me and removing my cock from her mouth, she knelt straight, pushed me into a sofa and inserted my cock between her boobs under the bra! That was new to me! Moving to get the position right, we finally began a steady rhythm with our eyes closed. We lost track of tim in that pose and finally moved out from each other.

Backing herself onto the writing table, while she hiked up her sari, she called me to her with her kajaled eyes. Propping her ass on the edge of the table, and spreading her legs wide, she pulled me closer and guided my cock into her moist warmth.

We stood like that for a few seconds, savoring the feel. It was a routine for us. Then we opened our eyes, looked into each others' and began a steady stroking rhythm. Not too fast and not too slow. This enabled us to last longer. We kept humping each other for a while and then, I got tired of all the standing and so did she of being on the edge!

We moved away, and on instinct both looked at our watches. About time, we had spent 35 productive minutes in training! Moving out and kissing each other, we got dressed and sorted our clothes and straightened ourselves.

Giving the room a cursory glace to see if it was ready for the next guest, we moved out together. Pinky walked away as planned, and I turned back to lock the door. When I turned, I saw Meenakshi coming out of the next room, smiling when she saw me. I paused, anticipating a polite chate before going off when she blew me.

"You guys were pretty loud in there!" She said as she came close to me, held my belt buckle in her left hand and with her right, pulled my zip up shut. Smiling even wider, she patted my cock over the trouser and said, "I would like a ride around town when you're not too busy" and walked away. What now?!?!


Please post your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.

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Vicky having first time sex with Sharmi

Hi to all readers I’m a very big fan of Human digest, I am Vicky 22year old guy, Bit fair complexion, I am the only son in my home. One True incident I want to share with you which was happened to me 3 years ago with my neighbour girl Sharmi who is 3 years elder to me.

Let me tell you she don’t have much beautiful face like an actress but looks good. She was very sexy, her figure size is 34-28-32, She was also doing her graduation when this story happens.This incident was happened to us during summer of 2008.

Waiting to make new friends and relationships.Waiting for ur replies girls,aunties,womens. We are good friend as we are neighbours and I used to call her as a sister so we don’t have any lust or bad intentions on each others. I used to be in her house during day time because both of our parents are working no one will be available in our houses.

Since her brother was also studying in a military residential school. I like her and I think she also likes me and we enjoy each other’s company very much. Evening time she used to come to my house and to have chit chat with my parents since they are of very jolly type.

This story is bit long and please bear with me this time since this my first experience in writing sorry guys girls and aunties at that time my 12th result released and one of my neighbourhood boy got failed and he asked me n Sharmi to help him to prepare for his maths re-exam.

We sat together in her house to teach him. She was just sitting on the floor near me wearing a Chudi tops without shawl.When she bends down I can clearly see her boobs,it was in a medium size but looks beautiful. It was the first time I’m seeing a naked boobs of a girl.

I was staring at her boobs frequently. She caught me seeing this and didn’t tell anything and she say d bulge in my 3/4th which I was wearing and had a smile on her corner lips. I mistook it was a green signal for me and started developing lust on her whenever her parents goes out of station they’ll ask us take care of her and like - wise in our house also.

One day when her parents went to a marriage to Salem she came to sleep in my house that night she slept with us, next morning she left for her house in the evening I visited my neighbour’s place to ask her that she need something.

She opened the door and she is wearing a red colour night dress and went to kitchen saying that be in Hall I will come in 10 minutes, I said its ok you carry, I found there her panty and bra lying on d floor and I touched her bra it was so soft from inside.

I looked behind to check whether she is watching me or not but she is not there now I touched her pink panty and smelled her panty it smells great and suddenly she place her hand on my shoulder and said hmm what are you doing.

I was shocked and said nothing just saving her panty from falling down but she looked so comfortable and giving me naughty smile and then I went from there and sat on her sofa and starts switching on the TV, after 5 minutes she returned.

I ask me whether you want something while she ask she is collecting a empty tea cup from table, I looked at her and what I saw it takes me to heaven her boobs are visible clearly and then I saw her she smiled at me and went to kitchen and bring tea and some snacks meanwhile.

She ask me you like girls undergarments and I said what? No and she said she don’t like lies, she said she watched me smelling her panty, after some seconds I confessed to her that yes I have smelled her panty, she said you like my undergarments I said yes and only yours I like to this.

She slapped me on my cheeks and shouted how dare you tell this to me. I don’t know what to do I just stood Idle there and moved away. We didn’t talk to each other for more than 1 month. I used to masturbate thinking about her daily twice or thrice. Then we started talking to each other and occasionally I used to brush my body on her and few times touched her boobs also.

She would stare at me and won’t say anything. Once I have peeped through her room door’s keyhole but I can only see her bare back and seeing that itself I started stroking and ejaculated in her house floor. Here comes the heavenly day.

Since we are from same school we went to attend our school alumni meet and returned our home at 11 PM. We could see my parents have already slept so she offered me to sleep in her home itself because her parents was also not available in home and she was afraid of sleeping alone.

I was very much happy hearing on this and stayed with her and planning today I should ram her virgin pussy and ass. She went to her bedroom and slammed the door and I went to the room slowly and tried to open it but it was closed in and I became sad.

Suddenly I thought of the keyhole and peeped in through that. Wow she was standing there with a pink cupped bra and a black panty. She turned back from her cupboard with a red sleeveless and a white knee length short skirt and started to wear it.

Then I managed to run back to the sofa acting normal when she came back she was in open hair and she was looking great in that. Then she came and sat in a sofa nearby and we started to chat. Then when I saw the clock it was already around 11.20 pm.

Then I changed to the trousers and a sleeveless which was in her house for night.She said she is sleepy and want to sleep as she is tired. We went to her bedroom and there were two cots with a 2 feet gap to each.

She asked me sleep in the small one and she lied down in the other. She started to sleep soon as she was tired due to the function but I was not able to sleep thinking of her hot and cute face. I thought of going and touching her but I was scared thinking of our family.

And our friendship and what would happen if she wakes up and shout at me? That’s it I’m dead if that happens but looking at her hot face in that dim light of night lamp. I was not able to control me and I decided to face whatever happens and went near her kneeled myself in the floor.

I started touching her face and lips slightly without disturbing her and then kissed her in the lips slowly and then I moved down to her boobs and touched it very lightly and kissed it and then I went further more down and lifted up her sleeves slightly and kissed her waist.

And then I went down to her pussy. I started rubbing it slowly and carefully it was easy for me to touch her pussy as she was wearing a knee length short skirt. I was getting my dick hard as I was rubbing her pussy on the go I lost my control and rubbed her pussy hard which made her feel it.

I saw some movement in her and ran back to my bed and lied on it in some more seconds she switched on the light as I expected. She came and woke me up I saw her confused and asked her what happened Akka?

She first hesitated a bit and then said me that she had a feeling that someone was touching her pussy. I said you would have dreamed like that don't think about it go and sleep. She said me that she is disturbed and she is not feeling sleepy anymore.

So I got up from my bed and took her to the bed and made her sit in her bed and I sat aside her and was making her ok. Ohhh what a fuck she smelled great her natural smell mixed up with some other perfume smell was great. I was totally uncontrollable there with some courage.

I called her aa aa aa aaa akka she turned to me and without wasting any time I grabbed her face in my hand and kissed in her lips. She was shocked and she pushed me away and gave me a slap in my face and shouted at me what are you doing?

I said sorry akka I love you and I can't control myself. She again shouted at me what rubbish and what do you think of me? First get out of this room. Then I went near her and hugged her tightly through her waist holding her hands and pushed her in the bed.

I closed her mouth by kissing her in the lips first she tried to get away but on the go she responded to my kiss well. I kissed her for 15 minutes and then went down and removed her sleeves and bra one by one. Now she was naked above.

I started to kiss and suck her boobs she was crying no please don't do this to me but I started to suck her boobs without hearing her. What a boobs she had it was so cute with brown nipples with small areola. I was sucking the left one and playing with the right one.

This continued for more than half an hour and then went down and started to play with her navel. She started to shiver on that and then I got up holding her in my one hand and sat on her tummy. She started undressing myself fully I was fully nude before her.

She was shocked to see my 6 inch dick erect and she started to cry no please don't fuck me but we shall have foreplay then she removed her skirt along with her red panty and saw her clean shaved pussy and then started to lick her pussy at first.

She tried to push my head to her pussy and then she started to enjoy my tongue in her pussy. She was moaning out and her resistance against me was low. I sucked her pussy and she had 2 orgasms within that.

She started shouting Fuck me u bastard (oombu da nayae en soothula pls da pls da) fuck my asshole and she was turning wilder. She was crying in pleasure and when I heard her she is virgin I got much more excited and I started licking her pussy faster.

She was fully wet oozing her cum all over my face. It was very tight for me. I struggled and made my dick to enter a halfway. She was still crying and her eyes were full of tears then I took out my dick till her pussy lips and pushed it back faster and hardly inside her pussy again.

That’s it my dick was inside her pussy fully and she screamed ammahhhhh as my dick went in tearing her virginity. Then I slowly started to move in and out she was moaning aaahh please ohhh. She was hugging me and shouting aloud to control her sound.

I was kissing her lips throughout. I enjoyed her moaning and started to fuck her faster and harder and she was moaning out with some pain this time but I did not stop it in some time she started to enjoy my fuck and was moaning in pleasure I was giving her.

She was closing her eyes and enjoying it when I saw her and I saw her boobs standing firm there and so I wanted to feel her boobs and her body on my body when I'm fucking her. So I lied over her fully in a missionary style and started fucking her.

I placed my face over her neck and started to smell and kiss her in the neck in 15 minutes I loaded my first cum into her pussy. She got all my cum into her and when I looked her she was crying looking at me and when we saw her pussy it was bleeding.

I asked did you enjoy it sister and she nodded her head to say yes after a while. I kissed her happily and again I got my dick hard and this time I made her to turn back and took some oil and applied it in her asshole recognizing my act she cried no not there.

I said pls sister I want to be the first man to enter your all holes and without waiting for her reply I started licking here ass.the smell was bitter but she was jumping un pleasure.. It was so nice to see that. I was also finger fucking her pussy simultaneously.

Then I applied some oil to my dick and pushed my dick harder and with full force into her asshole. It went fully into her and again she screamed Ammahhhhh for my strike. Then I started to fuck her in the asshole much faster and harder from the first.

She was feeling the pain this time but in 10 mins I cum inside her for the second time. Then I lied over her from back without taking my dick out and I was squeezing her boobs at front and was playing with her back neck this time.

Then I turned her around and asked how was it this time? She said it hurts but she enjoyed it. Then I asked her to take my dick in her mouth after some minutes. She refused to do so but I made her to do it with some efforts and then I cum for the third time.

Then we fucked 5 times in that night in every possible positions and our favourite was doggy style in which I was fucking her pussy pinching her nipples and sucking her earlobes n smooching her we enjoyed a lot in morning when we saw the bed spread it was spoiled by her blood and by our dried cum.

So she removed it and we just threw in d dustbin telling our parents we split acid then I got ready to leave her home in the morning,when leaving I saw her worried and I asked her why. She said me that she was having the idea to lose her virginity only to her husband after her marriage and you spoiled it.

I said sorry akka I was not able to control myself putting my head down. She came near me and kissed me in my lips and then said don't worry but I too enjoyed it and she said thanks you for the fuck. We fucked only twice after that we didn’t get any chance for it because her mom came to know about this.

We love each other a lot. Now she is working as an assistant professor in a college and her parents are searching for a boy to marry her and I am lonely now. I’m looking forward to make some new relationship with you girls and aunties. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

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Hot story of Supriya - I

This is Supriya, I am 22 years old. I work in a very well known BPO based in mumbai as a customer support. My boyfriend Hemant works with me as well, he is my senior & looks after the quality department. We're quite serious about each other & rarely flirt with anyone else.

The incident this story is based on is of last year new year's eve. As usual everyone was busy making plans for 31st December. Hemant & I planned to book a place in Alibagh & spend our time there, we would carry drinks as well. We were planning to drive down there with a friends car, his name was Amit.

But the thing was Amit would have to tag along with us as well, as he had no plans for himself & borrowing his car just for the two of us on a new years eve would have been very selfish of us. So we had to hook him up with a girl, so that he'd have company for himself. Amit was a really close friend of Hemant & in time I had bonded with him too, he was single & very shy around girls.

But luckily he was good looking, so setting him up with a girl wouldn't have been a really difficult situation. I had a friend named Carol who had just got out of a relationship, I spoke to her about our plans, she was ready to come along as she had no other plans at that moment. Carol was a very open minded girl, exactly what we've been looking for to set up with Amit,

obviously we didn't want Amit just to sit & talk with a girl, we were hoping he would get some physical action as well. Carol took a look at Amit's pics & liked him & Amit responded the same way about Carol's pics. So we were all excited as everything seemed to have been in place.

Sadly 4 days before the 31st, Carol backed out as she had a family outing planned by her parents. I had no way of convincing her as she couldn't let her parents to agree. I tried other girls, but all had plans. Amit was disheartened, but he was cool about it. He said we could take the car, & he'll go partying with some group of friends.

Most of all, it was Hemant who was hurt. He hated that we let Amit down, we decided to cancel our plans too. Until we decided that we'll go ahead with our plans & take Amit as well. We planned to spend time as friends & hang out over drinks. Hemant was very understanding about this, he said we could get our own personal time some other time.

I agreed too. Somehow Amit wasn't happy with this idea, but we convinced him anyway. So came "The 31st" & off we went, the place was very comfortable, we had a BBQ & drank a lot. Around 2 or 3 hours past midnight, we were all piss drunk & not in our senses, we had music playing loudly, we danced like a bunch of retards, not caring for the world.

I think all 3 of us forgot that 2 of us were in a very healthy relationship, they grabbed me while dancing, picked me up making me dizzy. But all were having fun. After a while the guys sat down & continued their drinking, I was still dancing. I was wearing a black tank top & denim shorts, both the guys had their eyes fixated on me. I began dancing in an exotic manner.

Hemant began screaming "Strip! Strip! Strip!".. it was obvious here that none of us were in our senses. I took of my top & threw it around, still dancing around in my black bra & denim shorts. Hemant was cheering me. I walked towards him & teased him with a peck on the lip.

Then I walked towards Amit & went very close to his lips, I could feel his breath. I rubbed my hand on his chest & took a sip of his drink & went back to dancing. They were still cheering me to continue. I unbuttoned my shorts & opened it, giving them a view of my black panty. I turned sideways & let the peek-a-boo at half of my ass cheek.

I pulled the shorts back up, but the zipper & button was still undone. But the shorts remained nicely, thanks to my well rounded ass. I continued dancing, teasing them both. I signalled them both to join in. They both surrounded me, I pulled them both towards me & writhed like a snake between them.

(to be continued...)

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Chandar fucking horny girl Sriyani - III

Previously: Chandar fucking horny girl Sriyani - II

Hi, I am back again to share my experience with my lovely girl Sriyani. After couple of month, I got transferred in Bangalore and started working there. When I was coming back from Tamilnadu, before one day did final good bye to Sriyani, it was emotional and very erotic good bye, we spent around half day with each other and keep hugging and kissing to each other, we promised each other that we will in touch with email and phone.

I came to Bangalore and started my job here and was slowly settled down here, I really miss Sriyani and love making session with her, we were doing hot email exchange as we get time, and weekend we were doing lot of IM chatting, hot and sensual chatting. we both were starving for hot love making session.

I asked her if its possible for her to come to Bangalore for small trip, she told if she get any chance she will come for sure, but she did not get any chance, then she bought a mobile phone and we were doing hot talk on phone itself for long hours.

One day she called me and told that she has got job in Bangalore and she was coming Bangalore, Wow I was so excited after hearing that, She told that she will first stay in some company accommodation in Bangalore and later she need to find some home in Bangalore. I told her, come we will search home together.

She arrived Bangalore with her father and with her brother and was staying in a guest house, She called me and told her place of stay. I went to meet her, I met there with her father, brother and with her. Wow after 6 month I was seeing her, in her red dress, she was looking very hot to me, our eye contacted, our heart was beating like anything in anticipation of upcoming love making session. I stayed there for sometime and came back to my home.

Next day she had to join her office, She called me once she reached office, she told she need to do join formality in office so she will be busy, I told her finish that fast and lets meet. I was so desperate to meet her. She told she will try to complete all things as soon as possible. Her family was very conservative, she wanted her to reach guest house before 6 PM.

Around 3 PM, Her office was very near to my home, I was staying in my home alone, it was 2 BHK bigger home. One maid servant was daily coming and cleaning my home, She was coming in early morning only, So there was no chance that anyone will come in my home in afternoon.

She called me around 2 PM and she told she is free now and we can meet, I told her to come my home, she asked my address and told she will reach home very soon. My heart was beating like anything. After sometime, door bell rang, I opened door, wow she was in blue dress standing and smiling.

I hold her hand and pulled her insight home and locked the door, my god, I was so hungry after seeing her, we hugged each other very tightly, we were in same position for some time and then we got seperated, I took her face in my hand and then kissed on her cheeks and then lips, I was sucking her lips, she again hugged me very tightly,

but I seperated her and pulled her hair and then like mad started kissing her face, neck, lips, she was also very hot and was responding very actively. I took her in my kitchen, it was an open kitchen, I made her stand by wall and then started kissing her again everywhere on her body above her cloth, I was pressing her boobs like anything,

she was also very hot and then I put my hand inside her dress and inside her bra, and took her boobs in my hand, wow it was so soft, like first time I was touching, I was being out of my control, then slowly untied robes of her lower bottom and her down, leg, thigh was all exposed infront of me, I sat down and started kissing her thigh, stomach etc, then above panty I kissed her pussy, she was full wait and hot.

I started licking her body, she was trying to control her emotions, and then she told she need to reach home, I saw the time, it was 5 PM, and her guest house was very far. Then we decided to meet later. I dropped her and then I came back. After sometime she got PG for stay and her father and brother went back Tamilnadu.

We were waiting for weekend, So we can meet and do lot of love making. On Friday, we decided to meet outside and have dinner together and roam in shopping mall. I went and picked her from her PG and we went shopping mall, on dress shop, I liked a very traditional dress for her and bought for her.

She liked that very much, then we had dinner and made plan for Saturday, I asked her to wear the dress what we have bought today and also I asked her to put Mehndi (Hina) in her hand, She nods, I was knowing that when she will come tomorrow, she will be well prepared. She told she will come around at 10 AM tomorrow and will stay in my home for long hour. I dropped to her PG.

Next day morning I was waiting for her, She came around at 10 AM, she was in that new dress, her hair was open and her hand was full of Mehndi (Hina), but it was not dry and wet, took her inside my home and locked the door, she was smiling but her eyes was red as she seems to be very hot, I pulled her near to me and then hugged her very tightly, she has amazing soft body,

I was touching all her soft body , she whispered she is very hot, I started kissing her face, I was licking her face with passion, then I took her in my one of the bedroom and made her to sit on Bed, and I sat near to her, I was careful not to spoil Mehndi in her hand. I wanted to to do all in slow and with passion, I took her face in my hand and and kissed her on her forehead, nose, eyes,

cheeks and then I looked in her eyes, she was so hot and her eyes were saying that do more do more....I could see hunger in her eyes, she also had starved for my love making for months, and she was very eager. I checked her hand Mendi, it was dry now, I told her that lets remove it, I took her in Bathroom, and hold her palms from back, my front was and her back, there was no back,

then I started rubbing her palm to remove mehndi from her hand, Mehndi removing session was really erotic, when I was rubbing her palm she was looking in my eyes, her eyes was showing true submission, we were done in Bathroom, Mehndi color came very good, it was dark red, in that red color she was looking more beautiful and hot. I took her again in my bedroom and closed door of my bedroom to have less noise.

I made her again sit on Bed room and started kissing her and touching her all body, she stated moaning in pleasure and hugged me tightly, I was kissing on her neck and then reached to her shoulder, it was half covered with dress, I pulled it little down and exposed her one side shoulder, it was very fair and then I kissed and bited it, she moaned with pain and pleasure,

I stated unhooking her dress from back, and pulled her upper dress down and exposed her upper beautiful part, she was very fair and her boobs in black net bra was amazing, I started toching her boobs, very soft boobs and her whole upper body, I started kissing her boobs, I unhooked her bra, her beautiful boobs poped out and I could not control,

and started kissing and sucking her boobs, after sometime I was licking her boobs and body like a mad dog, I removed her lower dress and panty too and made her complete nude. wow, she was having beautiful body and all was mine, I can do anyhting with her beautiful body, I removed my dress too, we both were complete nude and the we again hugged each other.

As we hugged with nude body, we became more hot, I started kissing her nude body like anyhting, My six and half inch penis was completely erect and throbbing, I was literally licking her with my toungue, she had told me when I lick her with my tongue she get extreme pleasure.

Today, I wanted to do lot of stuff, I asked her to sit on her knee, she obeyed, and my cock was erect and in front of her face, she was looking at it. I asked her to hold my cock in her hand, she holded it, and then I asked her to kiss it, she gave a small kiss, I wanted her to take it in full mouth, I asked her to take it in her mouth, she had never did it and how she will know I was her first,

so she started licking it, I asked her to open her mouth she opened her mouth half, then I pulled her head by hair so she opened her mouth fully, I then slowly inserted my penis inside her mouth, it was only one forth inside and she closed her mouth, I asked her to suck it, she started sucking it, I was like in heaven, her warm soft mouth with Saliva was giving me amazing pleasure.

I put some force and inserted more than half of my penis in her mouth, I asked her to look in to my eyes when I am fucking her mouth, her amazing face with my cock in her mouth, that scene can make anyone to cum in a second, after sometime I was feeling to cum, I took my cock out from her mouth, some pre cum appeared, she asked what is coming in white color, I told its all my feeling is coming out in form of semen.

She smiled, I hold her with her shoulders and then lifted her and then made her to lay down on bed, her nude body was infront of me and she was all mine, I also lay down near her and then started licking her ear from back, her back neck and then moved to her ass, she was having round shaped ass, very sexy, I kissed and bited on her beautiful, She moaned in pleasure,

I turned her on her back and became her dog who was licking her whole body with her tongue, I was encircling my toungue around her pink nipple and she was moaning, I was sucking her nipple like anything, I went down on her soft stomach and then naval part, I put my tongue inside her naval part, she closed her eyes, my body was between her thigh,

she was trying to push me down and I was going down, once I reached near her pussy, I moved my tongue direction to thigh and started licking and biting her both thigh. she was moaning in pleasure and her pussy was getting wet in anticipation, My hand was touching and rubbing her wet pussy, and then my lips covered her pussy and I put my tongue inside her love hole,

she almost scream with pleasure, she started breathing like anything, I did not stop, I was keep tongue fucking and she was heavily moaning in pleasure and suddenly her body arched and tensed and she achieved orgasm. Then I removed my mouth from her love hole and reached to her face and gave a deep kiss, we did passionate kissing for sometime,

and then I looked in her eyes and whispered that I want to go inside her and fuck her like hell, She whispered her body and soul is mine and she has already fully submitted herself to me, I gave her a deep kiss again and then slowly I parted her leg little bit wider and then I whispered I dont want to wear condom as I want to feel her in her inside,

she whispered that its safe period and she wont be pregnant and then she told that even she dont want me to wear any condom. I got very excited, I made space and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy, she closed her eyes in pleasure, in first stroke it went half, and then I gave a high pressure and pushed hard in her, and my six and half inch cock inside her warm and wet pussy,

she moaned with pleasure and felt a real pain too, tears came out from her beautiful eyes, I started pumping inside her love hole, my speed was increasing and she was maoning loudly and scratching my back in pleasure, she was saying oh fast more fast keep doing, I was fucking her like hell, I was telling you are my bitch say you are my bitch, she started yelling ya, I am your bitch,

fuck me, take me, I am all yours, oh ya, Please oh my man. I told her say that you are my slut only, She told ya, fuck your slut, I am your slut, its all your body. as I was hearing her words and moan, I was increasing my fucking speed, I had pulled her fdrom her hair, her face was very pink in sexual excitement, She was looking beautiful when I was fucking her,

Guys I will say when we fuck our girl that time her inner beauty comes out at her face and during fuck session they look most beautiful, Thats my experience. Her beautiful face was looking fucking hot, I was going to cum, I told her babe I am going to fill you with my seed, she told she is also near, so keep fucking dont stop, she had pulled me near to her,

I was pumping her like a machine and she started screaming in pleasure and then sudden we both came together, my cock spread lot of hot cum inside her pussy, it was not stopping it was like never stopping cum and then finall I was fell down on her body and my face on her boobs, her heart beat was saying she also covered a long way,

we were in same state for long time and when we slept we don't know, after sometime we woke up, we were in each other arm, our body was wrapped in each other, I looked in her eyes and gave a deep kiss on her lips, it was evening 5 PM, we were laying down and higging kissing each other for sometime.

I told her, dont go her PG tonight, she told no she cant stay here because her parent will give a call in her PG at 8 PM, So she need to reach PG before that, I told ok. We both again hugged and kissed, she told it was her first and never forgetting event of her life. I smiled and kissed on her neck, whenever I kiss on her neck she immediately gets aroused and same happened again,

she controlled her and told dont start now, otherwise she will be in trouble if she doesnt reach in PG in time. I understood her situation and we both dressed and then I dropped her to her PG, I gave a good night deep kiss to her and came back to my home.

Reader, Now me and my girlfriend were in same city and we did many love making erotic encounter, I will keep it posted. Thanks for reading.

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