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Sex crazy Sandhya

I like your HD stories very much. I read them constantly. Whenever I am bored, the stories in HD restore my mood. I am Shaji, 24, having written my final exam in BTech waiting for appointment on the campus selection. I came to Mumbai and stay with my sister and brother in law in Worli.

The problem is they both are working and they go away in the morning and I am again alone for the whole day till they come in the evening. In the evening I just dress myself and take a stroll along the beach or somewhere where there is music. One day I happened to be in Matunga where in one of the halls a big music concert was going on.

I just went to the entrance of the hall to know the details of the programmes. It is a classical Hindustani music. There were some men standing outside with their small children and ladies standing with their infants. May be their husbands are inside enjoying the music. I was just standing and listening to the music.

Suddenly a female voice called me "Bhaisab" I turned suddenly to see who was the caller. It was a young beautiful woman,requesting me to hold the child for a while since she has to go to the bathroom. Instinctively I said ok and took the sleeping child from her and held it in my hands. She rushed to the bathroom.

I realised it was an urgent case of nature's call and how she would have managed without handing over the child to some stranger. These are all the risks of the modern day life. After about 15 minutes, the lady came smiling and was very much thankful for the help I rendered to her. She took back the child from me.

While taking, I had no band intention, due to my inexperience. my touched and pressed her boob. The softness of her boob was felt by my fingers and I allowed to linger there for a few more seconds. She looked at my face questioningly but she did not take it amiss. She asked me who I am and what I am doing etc.

I just guided her to a more darker corner under the pretext of too many people around coming in or going out. I tolder about my back ground and asked about her. She said she stays in Worli in one of the post flats and that her husband is a businessman. She got married just 2 years back and since then they were staying in Worli.

I asked her whether she goes to worli beach daily, to which she replied that she has not gone since a long time. Her husband is a businessman and he goes to his shop in the morning and returns late in the evening. He does not have time for socializing and there are no relatives or friends with whom she could go out. I was just sympathetic towards her.

Suddenly I asked her your sex life also may be miserable. I dont know how I put such question to a relatively unknown woman whom I got introduced just a hour back. I felt I should not have asked such questions. I regretted and thought all the good will created has gone. But the lady, her name was Sandhya, smiled and told me yes, it is miserable.

She said there are two servants who come to the flat for cleaning and cooking food. They come for just two hours in the morning and then she is all alone for the whole day. When the child sleeps she goes to take bath and has to come back before the child wakes up. I told Sandhya that I am staying in Worli may be in your road or in the next road.

I have plenty of spare time and I do not know what to do. Do you mind if I come to your flat in the afternoon. She said not at all, please come and she gave me her correct address. She asked me to wait so that she will introduce me to her husband. After the concert was over, he came, a robust figure.

Sandhya introduced me to him and told him That I was so kind as to hold the baby for some time. etc. Saji, her husband, thanked me and invited me to their flat whenever I am free. They asked me to accompany them in their car from Matunga to Worli. They dropped me at the road junction from where to go to my flat was easy. Time was late and hence I just bade them farewell.

Next day noon after I finished my lunch, I dressed up and set out to the house of Sandhya. It was in the next road but at the extreme end of the road. It was a third floor flat. I went up by lift and knocked their door. I could hear her voice asking me to wait. She opened the door enough to recognize me and then welcomed me to their home.

She said she just finished her lunch and put the baby to sleep. Sadhya was a beautiful girl, just 22 with big boobs and narrow waist. Having taken bath her face without any make up looked fresh and enhanced her beauty. She was shaking my hand and put her hand on my shoulders etc.

I too reciprocated and put my hand on her shoulders and on her back and noticed that she is not wearing a bra. May be for the ocnvenience of feeding the baby. I put my hand on her raised ass. They were simply lovely. Though there were chairs available in their sitting room, we sat in the divan side by side with out thighs touching each other.

While talking she was touching my thingh and I had to touch her thigh also and keep my hand as nearer to her crotch as possible. She was a good talker and went on fromm one subject to another from her college days to her school days and then marriage etc. She was not giving me a chance to open my mouth and hence I had to be busy poking my hand at all unexpected places.

She did not object to my probing hand. She went on narrating so many incidents in her life. I pretended to be listening bu my hands touched her boobs and pressed them. There was no reaction from her. I touched her cheeks, soft cheeks and then touched her ear lobes. I ran my hand on her eyebrow and neck.

No reaction. I touched her lip and asked her to stop talking for a minute since I was to take a kiss form those beautiful lips. She smiled and then kissed me on my lips. I sucked her lower lip and then put my tongue inside her mouth. She sucked it and then gave me her tongue to suck. I took her hand and put it on my erect cock.

She gripped it and looked at my face. I asked her to take me to her bedroom where we will continue to talk. She got us and we both went to her bedroom. I made her to lie down and lifter her saree and put my hand on her panties and pulled it down. She raised her hip and helped me to pull her pantie down. She had a nice hairless pussy.

Sandhya stopped talking and cooperated with me. I opened her legs and opned her cunt and saw her tiny pink clitoris. Bending low I touched my tongue tip on her clitoris. Sandhya gave a hissing sound.sssssssssssssssss ss and then held her legs opened as wide as possible. I licked her cunt, licked her clitoris and sucked her clitoris and then again licked her cunt.

With both of her hands she held my head firmly and pressed it down into her cunt. I sucked her clitoris mildly and then pulling it out with my lips I sucked it hard. Sandhya got her first orgasm and her fluids flooded from her cunt. She gave a gluttural sound and her vaginal muscles pulsated to indicate the intensity of her orgasm.

I just got up wiping my face of all fluids of her cunt, took my erect cock and pressed it against her clitoris and then poked into her cunt. Sandhya took my cock in her hand and directed it into her cunt and asked me to do it slowly. My whole cock entered her hole fully. I started to fuck her slowly and gradually I increased my speed.

Sandhya was enjoying my fuck and asked me to plunge deeper and hard. Within five minutes we both reached our orgasm. My cock did not lose it erection. I went on fucking for my second session. Too much of fluids in the hole made a gluk, gluk gluk sound which sounded musical to us. On reaching climax, we got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned out privates.

Sandhya told me that it since 2 months she ever had a fuck. Her husband gets tired fast and sleeps without realising her needs. After about half an hour we resumed She wanted to get on top of me. She really enjoyed sitting on me. with my cock deep inside her. I fucked her on doggy style and then in the spoon style. I said enough for the day.

Sandhya wanted me to come everyday in the afternoon so that we can fuck till evening. I promised to go. I went on three or four occasions. In the meantime my appointment letter came and I had to leave urgently. I am yet to contact her and meet her whenever I go to Mumbai.

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Posted by Aditya
on: November 7, 2012 4:43 PM | Reply

Abe chutiye pehli meeting mein hi usne tuje hath lagane diya fekna band kr nhi to teri gand phad doonga

Posted by Prabir
on: November 7, 2012 8:36 PM | Reply

very childish narration. and childish fantasy too.

Posted by Amit
on: November 7, 2012 11:23 PM | Reply

Boy meets girl. Girl is good looking and sexy. Boy asks: How is your sex life? Bad? So let's have sex. End of the story.

Posted by sukesh
on: November 8, 2012 11:02 AM | Reply

Lucky chap m in mumbai. Refer kar yaar I will

Sexy story

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