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Amit making love to hot customer Deepa

Hi readers, I’m Amit and I’m from a small town near Bijapur in Karnataka. I am doing business. I’ve a retail saree shop in my town. I’ve been a regular visitor to this site since 2 years and I’ve read a lot of sex stories. Now folks I would like to share my some real experience here. In this story I would like to reveal my true experience with one of my customer. Her name is Deepa.

Her husband is a friend of mine. She and her whole family is well acquainted to me and a regular customer of our shop. Deepa is very fair in complexion, tall and a little puffy and very beautiful. Deepa always showed interest in me. Whenever Deepa comes to my shop she used to keep talking with me for long time even after her purchase is finished. My shop boys used to look at us suspiciously.

Even though it feels nice to keep talking with her, this thing makes me uncomfortable but I didn’t know how to avoid it. Here I would like to tell something about me. I’m 33 year old married guy. I’m b com graduate and now doing MBA correspondence. I used to be a sportsman in my college days. I used to play volley ball, kabbaddi, shot put, discuss throw etc. Still I exercise with weights. I’m 6’ tall and handsome and attractive.

Once deepa came to my shop and asked for a particular type of silk saree which was not in our stock. I suggested her to choose any other saree as there are a lot of new varieties just arrived. She said she want that saree only and asked me if I can bring the saree for her. I asked whether there is any special occasion? Why do u want the particular saree? She said “yes. My birthday”.

I said “Oh! When it is?” she said, “ 25th of this month”. Then I suddenly said without knowing what am I saying “ok then I’ll gift it to you” and suddenly I bit my tongue. I afraid what will she think as she is wife of my friend. But I saw a kind of excitement on her face and she said, “Ok then no problem”. Now it was my turn to be surprised.

I too was excited very much. I told her that 5 days before her birthday was my birthday and I asked her what gift she is going to give me? She said anything u like! Now I wanted to cinfirm the intension I said “ I’m going for purchases day after tomorrow and u call me on the second day to remind me of this saree” and I gave her my number. She took the number and left the shop.

I was not sure she will call me. Then I went to Bangalore for purchases. I reached Bangalore at 6 am and checked in a hotel. After getting freshed I was getting ready to go in to market when I received a call. To my surprise it was deepa. She told that she called me to remind me but we talked for about 15 min. Now i’s sure of the intention. Now i’d got her cell number also.

When I went for purchases I also purchased the saree she told. I returned to my native. Even though I wanted to call Deepa I’s afraid. After 2-3 days I received the consignment. I’s desperately waiting for the consignment. As soon as I opened the bale I called her number and informed her of her sare and told her to purchase the saree on credit and afterwards I’ll write-off her credit so that nobody become suspicions.

She readily agreed. Them second day she came to shop and asked for the saree and did exactly as I told her. Now we both know each others intention. So conversation between us started. We began to talk to each other on mobile for hours. As days passed we became so close that now we used to talk like lovers.

One day Deepa came to my shop. She was wearing black saree and deep backed matching blouse. Her whole white back was visible except a 2 inch strip of the blouse. Looking at her back I just went mad. And fortunately there were only 2-3 salesmen in shop as it was the lunch hour and all of them were busy. So I had to go upstairs to show her the sarees.

I told her go before and I followed her. As we were going up stairs I’s just watching her back only and I couldn’t control myself and I just kept my hand on her back and took it back immediately. But she said nothing and kept walking. I gained courage and I again kept my hand there and didn’t remove it till we reach first floor, our saree section.

There were already two customers watching sarees and all salesmen were busy. So I began to show sarees to Deepa. But as she was looking at sarees I understood that she didn’t come here to purchase sarees but just to see me. But I continued showing her sarees until other customers finished their purchases and went downstairs along with salesmen.

Now only me and Deepa were on that floor. I took opportunity and I immediately held her hand and kissed it. She smiled at me. I gained further courage and grabbed her face nearer and kissed her on lips. She got embarrassed and went downstairs without saying anything. I began to worry if she thinks bad about me and stops talking to me. But nothing like that happened.

In the evening when i’d just closed my shop I received a missed call from her. So I stopped my bike and called her back. I asked her whether she is angry with me? She said no but said that she just got embarrassed. I felt relieved as I heard this.

After sometimes, deepa and her mother-in-law came to my shop and told me that deepa’s sister’s marriage has been fixed and they are going to come to our shop for wedding saree purchases. I said ok, the new stocks for wedding season has just arrived and u will get a lot of varieties. after 2-3 days they all came for purchases.

Deepa’s mother and father and others were looking at sarees upstairs when deepa came downstairs with her sister and introduced her to me. There purchases went on till evening. I also went occasionally upstairs for hospitality reasons. When their purchase was finished and bill was prepared her father paid cash and left.

In the evening deepa called me as our routine and told that she has told her sister all about us. I’s surprised. What did she say? I asked. She said that she told ok, the man is handsome and carryon. I’s much exclaimed.

Next day there was a marriage at our relative’s house in belgaum. So all my family members except me went for marriage. And I went to shop. That morning deepa and her sister alone came to shop and took a matching blouse and kept talking to me for some time. Her sister was teasing both of us as if we were newly engaged and going to get married soon.

I told her about me being alone at a home. But she said nothing. Then in the afternoon I locked my shop and went for lunch to home. I’d just finished my lunch when I received the call from deepa. She told that she and her sister are outside my shop and they wanted some matching petticoats.

I told her that the petticoats were given for stitching and the bale has just come and it’s in our home godown and asked her to take a auto and come to home so that you can get whatever colours you want. She readily agreed and within 10 min they were at my home. I welcomed them and gave them some water and asked what they would like to take.

They said nothing but I brought orange juice for them. Then I took them to our home godown and showed them the petticoats. While they were watching the petticoats I told deepa’s sister that I want to show deepa my house and particularly my bedroom, and asked whether I can take her till she selects the colours. She understood and smiled and told that there is no problem.

You are free birds, do whatever you want. But deepa didn’t agree to come. When I insisted several times then she told that if u want then lift me in your arms and take me to the room. I became very excited and at the same time a little afraid because deepa is a little puffy and looks heavy. But i’m also strong man with nice builds.

So I turned to her sister and said “with your permission” and lifted deepa in my arm. Her sister began to laugh loudly. I took deepa directly to my bedroom. As i’d to go back to my shop I didn’t want to waste time and the chance. I landed her in front of the mirror and stood at her back. Her white like marble back always excited me. And at this stage I was in ownership of it.

I asked deepa whether should I close the door? She just said hmmm. I closed the door. Even though we didn’t have any physical contacts before we had sex through phone. I’d had striped her to naked and even fucked her several time through phone only. But now i’d got a chance of practical classes. So I didn’t waste time and began to kiss her marble white back.

Deepa began to moan in excitement. I continued kissing and slipped my hands on her bare stomach. Now i‘s on my way to heaven. From back I came to her neck and my hands still massaging her stomach. I slowly lifted my hands to reach for her breasts. I began squeeze her breasts over her blouse. In mean time she slipped her saree herself and saree fell on ground.

Some part of saree attached to the body was then released by me. Now I began to unhook her blouse. She was just murmuring, no no and I unhooked her blouse and removed it. It was a terrific look. I just used to dream it and now the marble idol was in front of me. I turned her face towards me and hold her face in my hand and took it nearer to me and kissed her on her lips.

She closed her eyes. I continued kissing her lips and tried to insert my tounge in to her mouth but she didn’t allow. She kept her mouth shut. I continued kissing her on lips and pulled her hairs from behind. She cried in pain and as she opened her mouth I put my tounge in to it. Now I was giving her a deep kiss caressing her back with my hands. Her both hands were round my neck.

While doing that I unhooked her bra and removed it. Wow! It was awesome to look at her balls. I took her both balls in my hand and began to squeeze the and at the same time kept kissing her. Suddenly I heard the sound of television. Meanwhile we had forgotten about her sister. I think she had finished her choice and now switched on the tv. We both laughed.

I took deepa to bed and laid her down. She was just on petticoat and panty now. Now I removed my t-shirt banian and pant. My cock was aroused to 90 degree and Now I was on my knickers only. I came on her and again began to kiss her deep. This time there was no resistance. I was enjoying her whole body with my hands and my tongue inside her mouth playing with her tongue.

Then I slowly started downwards towards her neck. Then I came on her chest. I took her nipples in my mouth and started licking and biting them. Deepa started mourning loudly. Thanks to her sister as she was playing tv loudly. My one hand was squeezing her one breast and another breast was in my mouth. I slipped my other hand towards her petticoat and pulled the laze and removed it.

Then I inserted my hand into the panty and started caressing on her pussy. Her mourning increased further. I again put my mouth into hers to stop that. Then I slowly removed her panty also. Now deepa was lying all naked in front of me. I came out of bed and started watching her naked body. My cock was hard as steel rod. It was desperate to come out.

I removed my knickers and set it free. Deepa looked at my cock with exclamation. “hey raj (it’s my nickname) you have got a quite big cock!” She exclaimed. “ Why? Your husband’s is smaller?” I asked. “ No, his also bigger but never become as hard as yours.” She told. “ So, you wanna taste it?” I asked. She covered her face with her hands in shy.

I removed her hand over the face and kissed her forehead passionately. Then I slipped down till her pussy and put my face between her thighs. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and started licking it. Deepa started mourning loudly again. The aroma of her pussy was making me crazy. My cock was desperate to enter it.

I then came on her and kept my cock near the entrance and then pushed it hardly. Wow! I entered the doors of heaven. Deepa cried loudly with excitement. Then I started fucking her hardly. Loudness of her mourning increased. She was lifting her legs so as to facilitate me with fucking. I continued fucking about 10 min and when I felt it’s about to come out I stopped and removed it out.

Then I changed the position. I laid her sideways and started fucking her from behind. As I reached the peak I then stopped. Now I turned deepa side over and started fucking her dog style. It seems she liked it a lot. She was mourning with lot of excitement and fun was visible on her face. She was enjoying sex very much. I fucked her from behind in dog style till I felt peak.

Then I removed my cock and laid on my back. I asked deepa to come over me. She came over me and put her pussy over my cock. I then slowly entered my cock into her pussy. Then I told her to oscillate. She began to fuck me. I started fondling her balls. “ hey raj, press them harder it’s feeling good” she was mourning. “ she was fucking harder and I felt as if my thigh’s skin was scratching.

Her speed now increased, I think she was about to reach orgasm. “Lift yours from under and fuck me harder” she was mourning. Her speed still increased and at last she collapsed. I got up and sit and keeping my cock inside I turned her down and I came over her. Now it’s my turn for orgasm. I started fucking her harder. I continued for long time and at last I ejaculated.

I then just laid over her for some time. We both were wet with sweat. “Move from here, i’ve to go. My sister is waiting outside.” She told. “ok. I too have to go to shop. Already it’s too late.” We had sex for about 45 min. Deepa came out of bed and started wearing her cloths. I was just looking at her fair body thinking that when it will be available to me next time.

“Raj this is first time I have had sex such a long time. You are very nice.” Deepa told. “i’m also seeing such a fair body first time and thinking that when we will get next chance to have sex.” I told. Don’t worry. “Whenever we get chance let us don’t waste it.” She told. After wearing our cloths we came out.

Her sister was watching tv and as we came out she smiled at us in a meaningful manner. “ sorry you had to wait. You got bored?” I asked her. “No, no problem.” She told. “You have to come to our marriage and you should not miss it.” I said ok. After this incident also we had met 2-3 times and still awaiting for the any possible chances. As our place is very small town every step should be kept carefully.

Next time I’ll come with another story with Suma, a bank employee and an old friend of mine who afterward turned to be my sex partner. Until then bye.

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Sex with friend of wife after breakup

Hi all, I have been reading this blog for several years. Though some of them were fake, these stories were really motivating and they helped me to have peaceful sleep every night after a nice masturbation. Though I am married, I had a lust for other girls. But I did not attempt for it as I was following the concept of "one for one" and "made for each other".

So I was reading the stories, used to fantacise while fucking my wife aswellas during masturbation. But few years back our relationship broke and I was very badly craving for sex. All my concept vanished and I wanted to fuck others. But I was very much afraid.One of my friend who after knowing my condition of sex starvation (for years...) advised me to fuck someone else to which I was reluctant.

Then slowly I started dreaming of fucking some other lady other than my wife and these storied helped me. Before breaking with my wife, I knew my wife's friend,s friend who was few km away from my house. She was married with kids but separated from her husband.I never had any bad intention on her.But after breakup, I started to think about her and started to call her (i never used to call her before).

So she was happy and we spoke over phone initially for few min in day time only. Then sms started all day and extended to night also. She asked whats my wife doing and I told my story. She felt sorry for me. I also asked how she is able to control herself of 6 years without hubby. She told she is busy with the kids and its a difficult situation only.

Then our normal conversation moved to sex and I slowly expressed my feeling of having sex with her. She also accepted but where to do is the question. So we kept quiet for some time. She liked me very much and she kept on insisting that she wanted to see me. Finally I got courage and I went in my car in the evening since it will be bit dark around her area.

She was waiting in a particular point. I just rushed and she got in. My God, first time an another lady sitting next to me. That thought alone is enough for my tool to raise from his deep sleep. But she told we will go for a round and must back in 5 min as his father is about to come home suddenly. We went for a ride. She was beautiful and her aroma was nice.

I just touched her hand took it and kissed only. Nothing else. Afraid too....Heavy traffic so we have to come back soon. I requested few more min but she was in hurry as she got a call. When she got down from the car, I just kissed her in cheeks. This itself was a big achievement for me. Never in my life (even in college days) I have spoken sexily or kissed any girl.

Only my wife (arranged marriage only), and here some others wife is sitting next me and I have kissed her too. That night we had phone sex and I masturbated heavily. Slowly we continued to meet in car once in a week and 5 min ride started to increase. This time I did not waste time, the moment she entered inside the car, I just looked around and planted a kiss on her forehead.

She told I love darling. Thats it, I started to drive with 1 hand on her and she guided me the roads where less people were there. And now I planted a kiss on her lips. Fantastic experience. I was not able to drive, parked it in a darker area and started mouth kissing her for some more time and she was keeping her one hand on the back of my head and kneading my hair.

Vow what a great feeling and while we lip locked, my tool ejected its juice in underwear which I told her afterwards in phone.Slowly I gained confidence and I asked her the permission to touch her private parts over the dress next time to which she agreed. Luckily rainy season started and the road near her area also was of much less people in the evening.

I think while we met for the 4 Th time, I started to keep my hand on her boobs while kissing. She started to breathe heavily and in fact her hubby has never kissed her in lips it seems. Worst part for us is we have to keep looking who is coming as all this is happening inside the car on road. If someone comes, then I have to move the car which will be on only while we kissing.

Then I decided to do it while on motion only. Next time I started to nicely squeeze her boobs in one hand and the other hand was busy in driving so that no body can doubt us. Slowly I started to insert my hand into her blouse and started feeling her softest part. AHHHHHHHHHHHH was the mourning from her as she was also sex starved for many years. I felt her nipple too.

Again I started to cum which I told her there itself to which she laughed. Little bit rain at that time favored us by clearing the road off people. Again parked the car in a darker area and started mouth kissing and boob squeezing both simultaneously. She was breathing heavily and me too not able to control my feelings and started to suck her boobs with dress to which she pushed me saying others might see.

I was not listening, I wanted her to remove the top portion alone. But she denied and promised me next time. I did not hear what she said, I set aside her pallu, lifted her blouse and bra from one side and started to suck like a baby...... I was in heaven. First time with a lady (other than my wife) and sucking her nipple.

Initially she was afraid and she started to enjoy forgetting that we are in road... But sucking didn't prolong for a long time as rain stopped an people started to move on road. Then over phone I told her next time I want to feel her pussy and not to wear panty. But she came with panty and it was easy for me to feel. I asked her to just sit stretching her legs.

I told her this is the safest to do in car as no body can see what I m doing. she got some confidence and loosened her chudi. without one hand driving I inserted my other hand in to her panty and feel her pussy. I didnt stop with it. I inserted 1 finger into it which she didnt expect. She screamed OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hey stop da pls........... I knew she wanted to continue, I inserted 2 fingers, she lifted 1 leg and leaned it against the dashboard. I Continued this for 5 minutes and at the same time I took her hands and kept on my tool which was erect and stiff and she was holding it nicely and moving her hand too and fro. I wanted to kiss her pussy which she strongly objected.

Again I drove the car to a dark area and just bent and kissed her pussy and did finger fucking again. she told she has to go home.... so I stopped took out both my fingers from her pussy and licked it nicely to which she said che......... I told this is honey and liked nicely.

I will continue this in the next part. Kindly leave your comments. Since this is real story, it is lengthy. Thanks for your patience.

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Sex adventures of Shanti

Jhaverilal got married in Porbander. His bride Shantiben was a beautiful damsel. She was just 19 doing her college when the marriage took place. Jhaveri's elders asked for the usual dowry, but Jhaveri was fascinated by the beauty of his bride. Short statured may be 150 cm. but was bountifully gifted in all her features.

Jhaveri felt shy to gazing at her, but at one glance he knew she is a wonderful girl. First night was a mess. So much of shouting and cooing, she dared not come near him. All other family members left by earlier train and allowed Jhaveri to take his bride in a comfortable means of transport to his destination, in South India.

Jhaviri could have taken a flight and make the journey only a few hours long. But he wanted to make use of this chance to talk to his bride and get to know her and travel by train is the best transportation. They booked in A/c 2 tier. They reached their destination by evening and there was a crowd to receive them.

Jhaveri and his bride Shanti went home and with the usual ritualistic welcome, they got ready to go for the reception. There was a huge crowd of people his friends, clients, local dignitaries, etc. It was all over and they returned to their residence. It was a sincgle bedroom house where Jhaveri stayed. For his and his bride this is quite sufficient he thought.

He was doing business in spices and he has to be in his office cum godown and he cannot spend much time in honeymooning. Shanti of course, pushed him aside when he tried to reach for her body parts in the train. But Jhaveri kept quiet and until now he has not come near her. Shantiben was worried.

She cleaned up her body of all public hair and kept it glowing so that when Jhaveri comes in the night he will plunge into her. Shantiben who was in Ahmedabad, has had many boy friends. During Navrathri she used to go for dancing and many new combination will be formed. Many expert dancers used to come and she used to joint with new pairs.

Most of the boys will not be simply dancing their hands will grope all over the bodies of the co dancers. Girls are also no less. Most ot them knew the length, girth and strength of the cocks of the boys. In some cases, very rarely they may try to get into a dark corner and do more than just groping.

During the past five years many boys have tried their strength on her boobs and tried to put their fingers into her pussy. But serious fucking happened only once with a boy. But she did not meet him since then. Whata is the fun of remembering all those old stories, here she has to try herluck with Jhaveri.

This man is more keen in making money and he sounded twice that she is lucky that after marriage he had stuck three business deals which gave him a huge profit. That will not do, Jhaveri, you have to show your luck in the bed. Somehow Jhaveri forgot that his new bride is for other uses also besides cooking food.

On Saturday evening Shanti decided that she will do something which will make Jhaveri come begging. She prepared nice food, telephoned and told her husband that we will go to a movie andcome back and eat her special dishes. Jhaveri hesitantly agreed. He came early went to a movie as promised along with his wife, came back took supper at home, her dishes were very delicious.

They went to bed early. She had worn a front open nightie fastened by only two button because she wantedhim to see her naked legs and navel. Her plan worked. Jhaveri looked at her with hungry eyes and removed those two buttons and saw her nude in entirety. What Shantiben thought of an intercourse and what Jhaveri thought of an intercourse differed.

The performance of that night started with a disaster. But Shanti was a clever girl, knew that her husband was a novice and she herself has to make her life enjoyable. After the first encounter his cock went limp. Shantiben wiped it with a wet towel and took it in her mouth and started to suck it to bring it back to stiffness.

She opened her pussy so that Jhaveri may be tempted to lick her pussy. It just happened as she desired. Jhaveri put his face into her pussy and started to lick her pussy. Shanti showed him where he should concentrate and went on sucking his cock. The pussy licking byJhaveri did the trick and his cock was very stiff. Shanti en asked him to fuck her.

Jhaveri did fuck and fuck and Shanti was in the seventh heaven. The second orgasm took a longer time for Jhaveri. In the meantime she had multiple orgasms. Again she took his cock in her mouth and started to lick. Jhaveri wiped her cunt with the wet towel and started to lick her cunt. He was getting new fragrance and tastes which he relished very much.

The third fuck was very enjoyable for Shantiben. Her whole body seem to be welcoming the storm of the ecstasy of the climax. First time they both knew the pleasures of sex. Here there is a problem. House is very small and there are other neighbours in close vicinity. They cannot do it with lights on or in day time.

Shanti told her husband to take another house in the Marwadi colony so that there will be neighbours who will talk your language. Jhaveri agreed and within no time they moved into a new house in the north Indian colony. Shanti was in full bloom. She had put on some weight and her boobs are large and raised and so also her arse. Her flat naval was very nice. Men stared at her.

The problem is Jhaveri's machine works only on Saturdays. Other days he just sleeps off. Shanti is hot every day. She some friends of her own age and in her own condition. They all assemble in the afternoon and chit chat. They do not find the local politics interesting, they are not avid cinema goyers and hence the topics available for discussion are very limited.

Mira whose husband also is a trader is very hot and always want to discuss about the sex poses etc. Sunitha is the youngest in age among them but she has read a lot on sex and her friends also have told her much about sex. So to all the doubts of Mira, Sunitha will give an answer. But Shanthaben will not open her mouth as she was the newest bride in the colony and least experienced.

Their topic of discussion turned in hush hush voice to Mangala Devi who was a senior member of the colony. Mangala devi, about 34, well endowed, was the secretary of the residents association. She goes around the colony and attends to the problems. She talks to all men without any hesitation. She goes even to the flats where only bachelors are staying.

Mira is very observant and was telling that certainly Mangala has some affair with some men. Naturally Sunitha and Shanta were interested. They asked Mira what kind of affair, Mira said she saw Mangala going into one of the flats and coming out after half an hour with her clothes and hair dishevelled. They all decided to watch that flat and find more about the men of that flat. Rest in next.

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Sexy Wedding Anniversary Gift For Sanjana

Hi I am Sanjana, married with 3 teen girls. Last month was our 20th Anniversary. We could not travel on our Anniversary day due to some urgent works for my hubby. Let me tell some details about ourselves, I am 5.1 and Petitite, fair with 36-28-30. My hubby is 5.4 and a bit chubby. I wanted a special gift from my hubby, so he said he will take me to Kerala and he booked a Honey moon Villa with a Private Pool.

Before we left Bangalore, he made me promise that what ever he tells I will listen to him. I was under the impression that he will get me something special and something erotic like see thru lingerie and sex toys.

We left Bangalore on Monday and we reached Cochin International Airport by 8 am, from there to the Resort by Road was 4 hours. We checked in at 12 noon and the room was erotic and this made me very horny. I went to freshen up after I came out my hubby said no sex now wait for evening, I was surprised so said ok and slept off.

After lunch also he said you rest we will have a great time ahead. I was very, very horny but said ok. At 5 pm 2 guys came to our room, my hubby had arranged 2 male masseurs for me. I was surprised and I protested, he reminded me of my promise. I said no way. He said yes you have to get the massage done by these 2 guys and they specialize in YONI Massage(Pussy massage).

I was hesitant for quite some time, then finally my hubby said they will be gentle with you, don’t worry. I accepted to get the massage done, they 2 guys were Vinod and Anand, both were about 6 feet tall, black and looking rough. Then my hubby removed all the jewellery, my ear rings,my bangles and my wedding chain. My hubby had purchased a thin gold chain and he put it around my waist.

They Vinod and Anand said that they need to give me a bath before they do the massage for me, I entered the open air toilet nude with my Hubby. The both had mixed some powder with water and milk, they started applying that paste on my body. They said this will help be get more sensation, they applied the entire paste from neck below.

They asked me to stay like that for about 20 mins after that they both gave me a bath with Cold Water. They both had removed all their clothes and had huge erections Vinod’s dick was 4 inches wide and 7 inches long, Anand’s dick was 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. I was stark naked in front of 2 strangers for the first time in my life with just a thin gold chain in my waist.

They both carried me to the bed room and wiped me dry. In the meanwhile Anand had put on a bed sheet on top of the bed so the Hotel’s bed sheet does not get stained with the oils. My hubby had put some rose petals on the bed and he had switched off the lights and lit a lot of Candles.

Anand and Vinod asked me to lie down on the bed, I slept on the bed. Anand said this is a Tantric Massage specifically aimed at the Yoni. They both started by kissing my Yoni(Pussy). They just kept kissing me there for quite some time,only kissing no sucking. I was totally wet and juicy. My hubby kept watching and when ever I looked at him he was reassuring me that’s ok and go ahead.

After about 10 mins of kissing my Yoni, they started the massage by massaging other parts of my body to encourage me to relax, and to start taking deeper breaths, and relax the muscles. Gently, but firmly, they massaged my legs, thighs, stomach, breasts and arms before venturing toward the Yoni.

While they were massaging my breasts it was awesome 2 hands per breast, the way they were kneading my 36B boobs with oils and then tweaking my nipples I got 2 orgasms, then they approached my flat stomach and they kept massaging my upper body for more that 15 mins after that they both sucked my nipples I was totally lost with this new experience.

Next, they massaged the pubic bone area and then they moved down to the inner thigh area. With the right hand (the right hand is used to balance the polarity of Tantra), they applied a high-quality tantric oil to the mount of the Yoni, pouring just enough so that it drips down the outer lips and covers the outside of the Yoni.

They both started to open my vaginal lips and Anand first instered his middle finger in my love hole and started finger fucking me with the oil and Vinod was massing my clit while spreading my Clitoris hood. I was on a high with 4 hands working on my Vaginal area. They kept massaging my vaginal lips and in between taking turns to finger fuck me.

When ever they poured oils on my vaginal mount they kept kissing my vagina and each time they kissed me I was shuddering with pleasure. They were using Sweet almond oil with some herbs. I was enjoying to the maximum, I suddenly noticed that Anand had got his dick near my mouth and without my knowledge I just pulled him near me and started sucking him, he was totally enjoying fingering me and me sucking him.

Meanwhile Vinod pulled my vaginal lips and inserted his dick in my pussy, it was so sudden that I let out a moan and said aaah.I was too well lubricated with my pussy juices and oils. Vinod said for your age you are tight, he started pumping me for quite some time after a few minutes I stopped sucking Anand, Vinod and Anand were on a high, they said they have never seen a lady of my age who had a well mainted figure and a tight pussy.

Now Vinod came near me and Anand Started sucking me I was totally enjoying, Vinod got his dick near my lips, I opened my mouth and started sucking him, this was the first time I was tasting my pussy juices with oils and Vinod’s pre cum. I had never sucked my hubby after he had fucked me. Anand was sucking me and licking my pussy and he was aslo finger fucking me.

When I was sucking Vinod he was squeezing my 36 B Boobs and pulling my nipples. I was on a high, I had never experienced this kind of a sex. After a few more mins Anand inserted his dick and started pumping me, I had 3 orgasms by now. It was 7 pm when Vinod said he will sleep on the bed with his dick pointing to the ceiling and he asked me to sleep on him with my boobs facing the ceiling,

he inserted his dick in my pussy and started fucking me. When he stopped Anand would fuck me.I was like a Sandwich with Vinod below me and Anand on top of me. They fucked me like this taking turns for about 30 mins, by this time I was fully tired and drained out. I asked them to stop, but they said they need to CUM, I told them that I will suck them and they can CUM on my Boobs,

but they insisted they want to cum in my mouth, I had never allowed my hubby to CUM in my mouth, I was not willing but finally had to say ok. They both were powerful and had good stamina. Finally at about 7.45 they both allowed me to sit on the bed and I was panting for breath and my hubby got me some water to drink.

These two were jerking their dicks near my mouth and finally I started to Suck Vinod’s dick and was jerking Anand’s dick and interchanged. Finally after about 10 mins of intense sucking and jerking the both came in my mouth. At 8.30 they took me to the toilet gave me a relaxing bath and fingered me nicely and put me on the bed wiped me, sucked my pussy nicely while sucking and tweaking my nipples.

They both dressed, thanked me and my Husband and left. Before leaving they gave some Ayurvedic medicine to my husband and how to consume that so that he can also fuck me like them.

I was totally tired out, I slept on the bed naked. My hubby woke me up at 10 and asked me to have some food. I just had some food and Lime Soda, thanked my husband for the special gift and slept off.

Next day morning I was up at 7 am, saw my hubby was still sleeping. I just snuggled towards him, pulled his boxers and started sucking his sleeping dick. He suddenly got up and he saw I was sucking him. He pushed me to bed and started smooching after some time he was sucking and pressing my boobs.

Then he went down to my pussy and with a new vigour he started sucking me for quiet some time, then we moved into 69 position and after that I moved on top of him and fucked him. I thanked him for the wonderful gift he gave me for the 20th anniversary.

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Aman fucking hot girlfriend Shikha

Previously: Aman fucking maid Fatima

Hello friends, this is Aman here again. Thanks for your all positive feedbacks and response on my previous story and now I am here to narrate my second story of beautiful and steamy hot sex with my hot girlfriend Shikha. It was my last year of engineering in Pune and we both are in a relationship from past seven months and we used to study together in an Engineering college.

Shikha was from Manali (H.P) and we had our first sex after six months being in relationship with each other. It was last year of our engineering. Although I used to like her a lot and used to think of her, but I never get a chance to fuck her. It was not a planned sex and we both were virgins, according to her as I never to.

She just fucked thinking that I want to marry her but I am not at ad her about my past experience. But looking at her all I was willing to fuck her ‘N’ no of times. She has a white skin and extremely fair in complexion, having perfect assets of 34-28-36. She was dam dam beautiful and moles on her lower lips add ups more to her beauty. She was bomb shell of the college.

Every guy in college used to stare like a hungry dog, whenever she passby any one. She had a beautiful boobs and sexy ass which I licked, bitten and fucked multi times. Well coming back to story, we were sitting on the roof of library where construction work was going on. We were just sitting and talking about the college fun, college couples and things going between them as like u all know girl needs gossip stuffs.

I don't know what came up to mind and I feel like kissing you and I said “Mujhe tumhe kiss karne ka mann kar raha hai”. She felt shy but allowed me and I kissed her chicks. Slowly I was caressing her hairs and we started smooching. It was dam cool moment. Our tongues started exploring each other's mouth.

I don't know when I placed my hand over her beautiful round boobs and I started pressing it. She also started moaning softly but then she suddenly pushed me and we get separated, as someone was coming upstairs. Her eyes become red and that day I realized that she is the real horny bombshell.

Mujhe yeh toh pata tha ki woh bahut hi hot hain and virgin bhi but main yeh nahi janta tha ki uski chutt me itni aag thi. Kuch der baad ussne mujhse kaha ki tum jao nahi toh kuch galat ho jayega nahi to koi hame dekh lega……par main mana nahi…..aur use jawab mein kaha “Aise kaise chala jau apni GF ko chod kar.”.

After sometime the place got vacant and I took her at corner and we again stated smooching and this time I inserted my hands in her top and pressing her boobs over the bra. We smooched for almost 10 mins with deep passion tasting each others tongue. After sometime some of her female friends called her name. We got separated and she left me with a kiss on my cheeks and smile on her face.

Now my hunger for love had reached to its peak value. I was thinking how to have a complete romantic love making with her and that also without disturbance. It just me and he and no one to disturb us. While in night on phone or chat I used to discuss the kisses we shared and try my best to convince her ready for further steps.

I was knowing that she too love it, and usually get agree with my words too. After a week I convinced her to go for next level. But all I was in need of place. I was thinking and my luck rolled out in my favor. A friend of mine, who was my classmate, who was living out alone in a flat, was going to his native place. As there was upcoming holidays.

He used to live alone in rented flat and used to spend days with her GirlFriend. We all were aware of the fact and we never used to disturb him in his private time, as we used to party at his place many times and many of my friends used to spend time with their respective girlfriends. So I told him about the situation and asked his flat keys.

As we were of each others affairs and used to support each friends in their need, especially when its girlfriend matter. He gave me the key and told me that he will be out for a week with his girlfriend. Now I got the keys, I was bit happy. In night on call I ordered shikha to take leave from hostel and tell them that she is going to her native place.

I told her to meet me in the evening market area that was 2km away from college campus for pick up. She did as I have instructed her. In evening I pick her up on my bike from market area. After having some snacks we went for long ride. I was bit happy as I was knowing that now I will proceed to next level of romance. She was happy too, as she would the peaceful time with me.

She was holding me tight on bike,and I was feeling her soft rounded boobs at my back very clearly that were generating a fire in me and my missile launcher (Penis, that I use to call). After a long drive, we made our way to my friends flat, While on way I didn’t told her anything about my plan and surprise. After half an hour we reached to my friends flat.

I opened the door and welcomed her. She asked me “Who is flat is this?”. I told her its our classmate flat. She too was knowing that friends as he was in same college and we all were friends. I told her that “Though its friends flat but for next 10 days its our residence. It’s just you and me and nobody to disturb us.”

Here this she was happy and the she hugged me and kissed my cheeks and said “I love u”, to which I replied “I love u too babe.” It was 2bhk flat with 2 nice beds and with TV in hall. I told Shikha to close her eyes. She asked me “Why? For what? Don’t play any tricks?”. “No! No tricks or pranks just close your eyes…I want to show you something” I said in reply. She did the same.

I opened one of the bed room door and told her to open her eyes and said this is our bedroom for tonight. Well it was simple bedroom but I in afternoon I had decorated it with roses and small blue light. By the time we reached at place it was late evening around 7.30pm and the darkness was giving cozy blue effect in room.

For an instance she kept looking at the room, I thought something gone wrong and my whole effort and plan gonna crash. I thought everything will go I vein but as she came out of her surprise, she just jumped on me with joy and hugged me. While making my self stable and handling I fell on the bed, holding shikha in my arms.

For sometime she rested on my chest and later on sat on me and said “U r such a darling! Today am gonna eat you?”. I loved the compliment from her and in reply I said “Banda aap ki khidmat me haazir hai”. She blushed.

After sometime I made her fall on bed from me and now I sat on her placing both hands on bed with mine and said “Dekhte hai aaj kaun kispe bhari padta hai? Aur kisko aur kitna taste karta hai?”. “Shararti kahi ke” She said and blussed. For few mins I looked in each other’s eye’s, may be it was signal for both of us…and I placed my lips on her lips and started kissing her.

The room which was filled with rose fumes and sexy blue light was adding sense to our romance. Now we started smooching each other passionately. By time while kissing her I opened her top and I still remember she was wearing a blood red dotted Bra. That was lloking marvelous on her white body.

I just removed the cups of her bra and both of her beautiful boobs popped out like two ultra soft balloons. Fir kyat ha, uske boobs makhhan ki tarah soft and smooth the aur unse bhi kahi jada gore. Maine uski choochiyon ko masalna shuru kiya aur who moan karne lagi……aaaahhhhhh, uuum, mmmmmssss & uuuuuuufffffff,. I was loving that soothing voice she was making.

She was saying “Aman plz jaan aur dabao…… plz janu ……jor se sona….tumhare haatho se massage bahut aach lag raha hai…plz jaan rukna mat,,,aur dabao…chuss lo, masal do inhe. Chaat khao, yeh sirf tumhare aur tumahe liye hai. Aahhh Aman….mazza aa raha hai jaan.”

Ab uski choochi ekdum lala hone lagi thi aur nippleas tight hokar fool rahe the. Thodi der baad usne phir mera sar pakar ka apni choochi k paas kiya aur boli, janu plz inhe chooso mera saara doodhu pee jao, kaat lo inhe, plz give me love bites. I want suvinors of your love on my body. Phir mai mast hokar uski choochiya choosne laga.

Uski garmm siskiya aur use nikalne wali aawaze mujhe aur josh de rahi thi, aur main aur kar raha tha. Mai uski choochiyaan chooste chooste uski jeans ki belt kholi aur uski panty me hath dala. Uski choot bhatthi ki tarah tap rahi thi aur lava usme se behisaab bah raha tha. Maine uske kaan me kaha, tum toh bahut mithi ho aur waise tumhari body hai aur wo hanse lagi. Fir maine use kaha, ab main tumhare love juice pine jjaa raha hu.

As it was 1st sex for her but not for mine, I just went down and place my mouth to her clean shaven pussy lips and start eating the pussy. I digged down my tongue in between her pussy lips, Now she was in heaven, and an electric current was passing on my every touch with my tongue. She was getting mad with touch.

Sometime due to which she used to raise her hips or used to force my head to go deep in her love hole. I was doing my best and more on to that I was enjoying the taste of love juice. After sometime she was begging “Aman…jaan plz ab bardash nahi ho raha hai plz fucjk me,,,,plz choddo mujhe, choddo mujhe, faad tp mere seal ko apne lund, faad do”. “Ha jaan, who bhi hoga, but I now its ur turn” I said to her.

Hearing this she just bent and took my penis in her mouth ans started sucking it deeply. I was in Heaven with the touch of her tongue on my lund. It was like someone placed ice on my penis I was in seventh heaven and was enjoying every bit of licking. Later I started to and fro motion and started fucking her mouth, To which she said “Jaan….upper nahi….niche iski jada jarurat hai, Niche isse daalo aur meri love hole ko rahat do.”

Phie mane uski blood red transparent panty utar diya. Maine uski naram choot par apna lund ragarna shuru kiya aur phir wo apni moti sexy ass hilane ladi. Wo kahne lagi janu plz mujhe mat tarpao au rise andar dalo. Maine kaha condom use karte hai warna problem ho jayegi aur pehli baat tumhe thoda dard hoga Bachha”, Per shikha kaha manne wali thi.

Ussne kaha “Nahi, meri friend bata rahi thi ki condom mein mazza nahi aata, kuch feel nahi hota aur main yeh feeling miss nahi karna chahti, Tum problem ki tension mat lo, main pills le lungi. Tum bus mujhe trip karo, main pagal hoye ja rahi hu, Bus ab apna land meri chutt me daal kar use thandak do”.

Phir kyat ha main dheere dheere lund ko uski choot me ghusana shuru kiya. Wo dard se chatpata rhi thi, Main isse thodi der rukk gaya per aur mujhse chudwane ko machalne lagi. Phir main kaha rukkne wala tha aur ek hi jhatke me aadha lund mai uski choot me ghusaya aur wo chillane lagi aaaahhhhhh, uuum, mmmmmssss uuuuuuufffffff,

haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, maaaaarrrrrrrr gyi plz nikalo plz plz plz. Per ab mai kaha rukne wala tha. Ghusa diya pura lund uski choot me khoon sa baha aur dard bhi ho rha tha. Phir maine dhire dhire use chodne laga. Thodi der k baad uska dard bhi kam ho gaya aur who bhi enjoy karne kagi.

Kuch der baad who jor jor se kehne lagu “Yes! Yes! Fuck me Aman, Fuck me hard,,,fuck me hard..fuck ur bitch…Aman!” Phir kyat ha uski aawaz mujhe aur josh bada rahe the aur maine use jam k choda aur kariban 15 min lagatar chodne ke baad jhad gaya aur tab tak who 3 baar jhad chuki thi..

In whole night we had sex for three times, we were fully exhausted ay end and slept naked in each other’s arm. In morning around 10am we both woke up. Shikha wrapped a towel around her and went to bathroom and got freshen up. After sometime I went too. She made tea and called me to have tea. I told her to being the tea in one cup only.

She asked me “Why it so?” “Wahi, jo pyar raat bhar kiya hai use aur badhana hai, iss liye ek hi cup mein tea piyenge”. I said. She did the same, brought tea in a big cup and placed on table. I sat on chair and made her sit on my laps. And we had tea together. After tea, we kissed reach other and sat hugging each other. Remembering the last night encounter.

After sometime is she said she is going for shower. I pulled the towel wrapped around her to which she asked with shock “what is this Aman?”. “Jaan ko mera hai who mujhse kyu chupa rahe ho, tumhi ne kaha than a? to phir iss towel se duniya ki itni khubsurat assest kyu chupa rahe ho? ” I said to her.

To which she blushed but there was something mischievous in her smile and suddenly she snatched my towel too. Now again we both were naked in front of each other. We saw each other and instantly blushed at each other. I lifted in my arms and we went for a shower together, I shower we applied soap to each other, Cleaned each othet and in bathroom we had one fucking session.

After bath we came to our bed dryied each other and lied on bed and start cuddling in each other’s arms. And we decided that till we are in house we won’t be in clothes and each of us have full rights to love each other anytime in anyway we want to make love.

So this the small part of my wonderful time with my sex angel girlfriend, In my next part will share the rest part of our week session of making love.

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