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Hemant fucking divorcee Sheela didi - II

Previously: Hemant fucking divorcee Sheela didi - I

Sheela Didi came straight to me and came closer and touched my broad shoulders and spoke again, “BAHUT ACHHA LAGG RAHA HAI….AAPKE SAATH AISE” I wrapped my hands around her and she came closer, I caressed her hairs and cheek lightly, she closed her eyes to feel my sensual touch and released her breath and moaned very lightly. I tried to release her hairs, opened the hair clip and took out the bow of her pony and released her hairs.

We both looked into each other’s eyes, for a fraction and started kissing. It was my first kiss and it went good, I enjoyed exploring Sheela Didi’s mouth and she too inserted her tongue into my mouth and exchanged her saliva with mine. Soon we came to bed and continued love making, though I was enjoying and like Sheela Didi I was fully active in love making, still my hands were trembling a bit as first time they were moving over any females seductive assets.

Sheela Didi took initiative to undress me and took off my t-shirt and undershirt together and felt my torso like bit desperate female, kissed and rubbed her wet lips over them to make me moan in pleasure. “AAP BHI UTARIYE HUMARE KAPDE” Sheela Didi spoke while looking into my eyes and got up, I too got up and took off her Kurta,

as I said it was really very tight to her body as compared to the clothes in which I usually see her and I asked her about that, “AAP USUALLY TO LOSE FITTING KE SUITS PAHANTE HO, AAJ ITNA TIGHT KYUN PAHNA HUA HAI” “AAPKO APNI BODY DIKHANE KE LIYE……” Sheela Didi replied back and it was straight forward reply.

By this time Kurta was off from her body and Sheela Didi was sitting just in bra on the upper half. I think I will not be able to write down what I was feeling, she was looking so beautiful, her huge milky juggs were caged in tight bra, making a deep cleavage. I was lost, I could not stop staring at her breasts and above those fleshy mounds my favorite spiritual mala was resting.

“UTTAR DIJIYE ISSKO BHI” Sheela Didi herself got up so that I can pull down her leggings by saying that Sheela Didi took me back to senses. I pulled down her leggings and now she was just in Bra and Panty. Wow what a flesh she had on her thighs and it was so soft and silky.

Sheela Didi sat down again on the bed and looked at my expressions, she too was conscious but not as much I was, I was in the state in which I could not utter much, but she was talking to me and her words were arousing me, though they were simple and straight. “KAHIYE KAISI LAGI AAPKO HAMARI BODY?…. ACHHI NAHI HAI NA?.....MOTE HO GAYE HAIN HUM BAHUT”

Sheela Didi somewhat asked me and replied as well. I was on somewhat on my knees and next moment Sheela Didi’s hands went to my shorts and she unbuttoned that, “PAHLI BAAR HAI NA….ISS LIYE AAP NERVOUS HO RAHE HAIN” Sheela Did spoke again and just then I moaned as her hands were inside my jocky and Sheela Didi was playing with my rod, her hands went under my balls and she somewhat massaged me and my moan rose further high.

She was looking at me, at my facial expressions, I too was looking at Sheela Didi, spiritual sandalwood tilak on her forehead was looking astonishing with the act she was doing, she was playing with my balls while sitting in front of me in just bra and panty. Sheela Didi herself unhooked her bra by extending her hand on her back and her pendulous breasts were sagging in front of my eyes.

Sheela Didi’s neck was long and had bit of extra flesh it was leading smoothly to sexily hanging breasts, her ripe and succulent mounds were tipped with long dark brown nipples in large, dense aureoles. As I said earlier her belly was not firm, she had bit of belly but it was not prominent, the way Sheela Didi was sitting facing me while taking off her bra I could see the width of her bottom and I was getting desperate to see her totally naked,

I wanted to take off last cloth of her body and I moved ahead and pushed her a bit and she lied down, I pulled out her panty from her legs and saw her fuckhole. Wow Sheela Didi was really very wet and as I took off her panty smell of her fucking juices flew to my senses. I too got up a bit and took out my shorts and underwear from my legs which were on my thighs.

Sheela Didi’s sight flew to my size, I was fully erect and she seemed impressed with the size I had. Widening her fleshy thighs apart she made space for me and spoke again while looking at me, “CHALIYE AB HUMEN PYAR KARIYE AAP…..BAHUT TIME SE SOCH RAHE THE HUM AAPKE SAATH YE SAB KARNE KA….” And then spoke again,

“DEKHIYE AAJ HI SUBAH HUMNE APNE YAHAN KE BAAL SAAF KIYE HAIN,….. AAJ AAP NAHI BOLTE TO HUM BOL DETE AAPKO……KI HUMEN AAP KE SAATH FUCKING KARNI HAI” her hands were on her fuckhole and she was showing me her cunt hole, talking to me about the sable hairs which she removed in the morning.

I moved ahead and sat beside her, touched one of her breast with my hand and squeezed that gently and further lied down and came almost completely over her. Sheela Didi moaned nicely as I took her breast in my mouth and sucked it, she grabbed me in pleasure enjoyed my lips over both of her melons one by.

I was squeezing one and sucking other but my this activity did not lasted for long as I was getting restless, one my thigh was touching her soft fuckhole and my erect rod was over her belly and I was feeling that I will burst even without penetrating her fuckhole.

Sheela Didi made more space for me between her fleshy thighs and pulled me a bit to get me more in her arms and as we hugged her big milky jugs got pressed against my chest and I could feel her long nipples over my skin. She took my hand to her fuckhole and spoke again, “ISS KO SAHLAIYE, RUB KARIYE ACHHE SE HUMARI PUSSY KO” I followed whatever she said, I touched Sheela Didi’s love opening.

Ohh….wow first time in my life I was touching female genital, it was freshly shaved, soft and damp like anything and completely soaked in a sticky fluid. I was in some sort of semi conscious state, and everything was happening on its own, I was rubbing her fuckhole and feeling a fresh stream of love juices coming out of her pleasure hole and Sheela Didi too was holding my rod and moving it up an and down and we both were moaning and gasping in our ways.


“AAPKI MUMMY AKELI RAHENGI KYA RAAT KO GHAR PE”….I asked her back, “NAHI PADOSE MEIN EK 14-15 SAAL KI LADKI RAHTI HAI, USKO BOL KE AAYE HAIN RAHNE KE LIYE…KOI PROBLEM NAHI HAI” Sheela Didi replied, by now we both were getting restless, I could see that Sheela Didi was really desperate, extending her hand down to my lower she was already holding my rod, she was jerking it up and down to pleasure me.

We were already in good position, I was lying over her and our crouches were close, Sheela Didi further pulled my rod to her opening while saying, “DAAL DIJIYE AB….ISSKO HUMARE ANDAR” “LEKIN MAINE CONDOM NAHI LAGAYA” I replied over what she said and looked at the pack of Condoms, it was kept bit far on the box of the bed.

“KOI BAAT NAHI, AAJ BHAR KAR LIJIYE BINA CONDOM KE….ABHI HUMARE LIYE EK I Pill (contraceptive pills) KA PACKET BHI LE AAYIYEGA JAKAR” I got up a bit and simply followed wherever Sheela Didi took me and in next fraction of second I was inside her. “Oh….GOD” I moaned loud, as foreskin of my throbbing rod got removed while entering inside her burning hot fuckhole “Ahhhhhh…….”

Sheela Didi gasped too as my monster rod stretched her virginal muscles apart. I was in heaven, so was Sheela Didi. She was so wet and hot, that in a fraction my rod slipped deep inside her till the end of her fucking cunt. Certainly I was feeling great but weird as well, as it was my first time but at her end after a very long time Sheela Didi was getting this pleasure and this fact was evident on her facial expressions,

she was enjoying up to max I could feel it from her pleasure gasps. As I moved back and forth into her fuckhole and we both moaned loud in divine pleasure once again. Finally I was fucking Sheela Didi but this did not lasted for long, I was feeling myself going to peak and like me Sheela too was very close to her burst, I could feel her state from her body movement.

unintentionally my speed of fucking her cunt hole rose and as I started moving to and fro into her with short and deep thrusts burring my long and thick rod tiil the root of it and within 1 minute she orgasmed and trembled while moaning strangely and grabbed me tight between her arms and fleshy thighs, I too released myself deep inside her fuck hole and hollowed whatever I had in my balls with a shattering gasp.

Sheela Didi puffed for a while and kept on holding me for long, my limp rod slipped out of her fuckhole. I lied beside her for a while, without saying a word. Once again Sheela Didi broke the silence “AAJ HO HI GAYA AAPKE SAATH HAMARA MILAN…… HUM KAB SE SOCH RAHE THE ISSKE BAARE MEIN” “KAB SE SOCH RAHE THE?”


She seemed bit excited with that concern “ABHI DEKHNI HAI….YA BAAD MEIN?” I asked back, “CHALIYE BAAD MEIN DEKHTE HAIN…… AB TO HUM RAAT BHAR YAHAN HAIN” “LUNCH ABHI KARENGE….. YA ABHI DOBARA KARNA HAI?” Sheela Didi asked me while getting up and while tugging her hairs in a bow.

“ABHI TO BHOOKH NAHI HAI…THODI DER MEIN KARTE HAIN” I too got up while saying that, “BHUKH NAHI HAI KOI BAAT NAHI….PYAS TO HAI NA?” Sheela Didi asked back in sarcastic tone with naughty smile while looking for her panty, “HAAN PYAS TO BAHUT HAI…..AND I DON’T THINK WO RAAT BHAR MEIN BUJHEGI”…..I replied in same naughty fashion with a smile

“KOI BAAT NAHI….. AAP JAB KAHEGE HUM TAB AA JAAYENGE AAPKI PYAS BUJHANE…..” Sheela Didi replied with a bigger smile and asked me again while wearing her panty “KAISA LAGGA KARKE…. MAZZA AAYA?” “HAAN MAZZA TO BAHUT AAYA…. PAR BAHUT AJEEB LAGG RAHA THA” I spoke back, “PAHLI BAAR THA NA…. ISS LIYE”…

“DOBARA KARENGE TO AJEEB NAHI LAGEGA” Sheela Didi was trying to wear her cloths back, I stopped her by saying “MERI T-SHIRT PAHAN LO…. AUR NEECHE KUCH MAT PAHNO…..ACHHE LAGOGE” “KACHHI BHI NAHI PAHNE KYA”? Sheela Didi asked me back, “WO PAHAN LO…..THIGHS DIKHTI RAHEN BAS” I replied back.

Sheela Didi smiled a bit on my desire while looking into my eyes and spoke again, “ACHHA….. HUMARI JAANGHE(THIGHS) DEKHNA CHAHTE HAIN AAP”? And then spoke again, “DIJIYE FIR APNI KOI T-SHIRT” I gave her one and she wore that without a bra underneath, at lower half Sheela Didi wore just panty and in that t-shirt all her massive thighs were exposed.

I was also back in my cloths, next I asked her, “APPKO KAISA LAGGA MERE SAATH KARKE…. MAZZA AYAA YA NAHI?” “ARRE KYA BAAT KAR RAHE HAIN….? BAHUT MAZZA AAYA….. AUR AAPKE LIYE EK COMPLIMENT HAI….” Sheela Didi replied me and spoke in continuation, “KYA?” I asked back, “AAPKA SIZE BAHUT ACHHA HAI…..”…. “SIZE”?

I asked back in questioning tone as I could not guess what she was talking about, “HAAN… AAPKE USKA SIZE, KYA KAHTE HAIN AAPLOG USKO …. COCK” Sheela Didi replied in casual tone and I could see that our hesitation was almost vanished, and she spoke again in continuation “HUMARE HUSBAND KA ITNA BADA NAHI THA”

I smiled on her straight forward words, from the beginning I could see that Sheela Didi words were arousing me a lot, though she did not used much slang or nasty words except few places, wherever they were necessary and she could not think of using anything else.

Anyway after some casual television we had lunch together and came to bedroom again and I switched on my laptop and saw one blue movie together. Instead of movie I was more interested in looking at Sheela Didi’s facial expressions, the way she was watching things happening on screen it was very arousing.

As excepted it was a typical xxx movie and after bit of kissing oral sex started and I saw a light smile on Sheela Didi’s face, she looked at me and realized that I am just looking at her and not at all on screen, “AAP HUMEN KYA DEKH RAHE HAIN…… MOVIE DEKHIYE” I laughed a bit with a light giggle on her reaction “AAPNE APNE HUSBAND KE SAATH KIYA HAI KABHI YE”

I asked her about the oral sex which was running on the screen, whether she has done that with her past husband as one seductive Latina was sucking a throbbing cock in the movie. “HAAN KIYA TO HAI HUMNE…..LEKIN HARDLY EK DO BAAR” Sheela Didi replied while looking at me in between and then again her sight went to screen, “MERE SAATH BHI KAROGE?”

I asked her whether she will suck me” she looked at me for fraction into my eyes and then replied, “HAAN KAR DENGE…..AAP BHI KARENGE HAMARE SAATH?” Sheela Didi said yes to suck and asked me in continuation whether I will suck her too. “HAAN MAIN BHI KARUNGA……” I too accepted. “’HUMKO ISS MEIN SE EK-DO DVD DE DIJIYEGA….. HUM GHAR PE DEKHENGE RAAT KO”

Sheela Didi asked me for couple of xxx DVD’S to see at her home in the night. “’RAAT KO TO AAP YAHIN RUKNE WAALE HO NA”? I asked back, “HAAN….. I MEAN BAAD KE LIYE” “OK” I replied, and while saying that I closed the application on which movie was playing. Sheela Didi looked at me with a question as if she was asking why I closed that.

“BAAKI KI MOVIE GHAR JAAKAR DEKHNA….. ABHI JO MOVIE MEIN HORAHA THA WO KARTE HAIN” I spoke with a naughty smile, Sheela Didi too smiled naughtily on my words and replied with just “THEEK HAI” I folded the laptop and kept that away from the bed and came to her again and started kissing.

Very soon I was lying over Sheela Didi and we were lost in kissing and exploring each others mouth and this time it was much better kiss. We took off each other’s clothes and got totally naked just in few seconds. Throughout the lunch, while being with her I was thinking that I have not loved her breasts properly and for next meeting I had a plan to play with them for long and as we both got naked without wasting much time I started doing that.

I sucked Sheela Didi’s huge melons like a child for really long and she fed me and enjoyed a lot, her pleasure moans were telling her states and her moans went denser as I started sucking her nipples properly and flicked numerous times with my tongue. Just like we see in xxx movies I was giving attentions to both of her luscious fruits, while sucking one I was playing with other by caressing,

pressing and squeezing and pinching her long erect with my fingers, my activities were making Sheela Didi bizarre and she got so excited that she started chanting my name and requesting me to suck her more in her typical way using simple and sensual Hindi words, “HAAN……HEMANT JI …….HMMMM……BAHUT ACHHA LAGG RAHA HAI….AUR CHUSIYE…..PYAR KARIYE HUMEN….HEMANT JI….JO MARZI KARIYE HUMARE SAATH….HUM AAPKE HO GAYE HAIN”.

Sheela Didi’s words were making me crazy and I sucked her hard and her excitement rose with it. Finally I stopped as now I was really excited and I wanted to go ahead and as I stopped Sheela Didi started handling my monster and started jerking it properly to pleasure me and asked me while looking into my eyes,

“AB CHUSEN ISSKO….HUM”? “HAAN CHUSIYE….” I replied in puffing voice, “AAP BHI CHUSIYEGA HAMARI” Sheela Didi spoke somewhat in requesting tone, “HAAN….. HAAN MAIN BHI CHUSUNGA DON”T WORRY” I replied and assured her that I will suck her too. “AAP LATE JAAIYE ARAM SE” Sheela Didi told me to lie down and I obeyed her and went on my back immediately.

Sheela Didi was already holding my rod, she jerked it nicely, I was not fully erect it was somewhat limping with lot of precum on the tip of it and I could feel that it is still coming out of it. Holding it tenderly, Sheela Didi kissed my cock-head and touched her tongue on that softly. Then rolling back the foreskin slowly drew it between her lips. I hissed in strange pleasure.

I widened my legs and made more space for her, Sheela Didi was leaning on my crouch and as I went wider she went on her front and lied between my legs with support of her elbows and continued sucking my rod with her warm and moist mouth comfortably. Oh….GOD I moaned loud, as most of rod was in her mouth.

Slowly I lifted my legs and rested them on Sheela Didi’s shoulders, she moved forward and gave support of her shoulders to my thighs and took me deeper in her mouth and sucked it hard. My penis trembled in Sheela Didi’s mouth. My belly rippled, holding her scalp I moaned loud, Ahhh… Ahhhh…,

Sheela Didi continued sucking me and, I moaned couple of times again, as I was going crazy in pleasure and pain. “DIDI DARD HO RAHA HAI, PLEASE SLOW”. Sheela Didi looked at me and then started again and took out lot of her saliva and continued sucking my rod for sometime and this time she was tender. It was much better feeling then before but still it was very weird.

Sheela Didi continued sucking it with less passion and just in few minutes the sensation went wonderful: her mouth was already warm and moist and it went better and better, pain was disappearing and her tongue was giving me some sort of current as she took foreskin of my rod in her mouth and sucked it slowly, I was trembling in electrifying pleasure,

once again my belly rippled as she continued and I gasped in divine pleasure. What I could see laying there on bed by raising my head, my monster rod was appearing and disappearing in Sheela Didi’s mouth and her head was rocking up and down, Sandalwood Tilak and that Spiritual Mala was adding up spice to the act she was doing,

I could feel her tongue working around my cock head and feeling was out of the world, though it was still paining a bit but I could bear that pain. Sheela Didi stopped for a fraction to get a breath and spoke while looking at me “KAHIN APNA LIQUID HUMARE MUH MEIN MATT CHHOD DIJIYEGA…..AGAR HONE WALA HO TO BATTA DIJIYEGA” I was already going crazy and Sheela Didi words took me to further hardness.

Once again Sheela Didi started after jerking my rod couple of times and my rod swelled and grew further hard in her mouth, I moaned and my moan excited her and she continued sucking me in same fashion with lot more saliva “DIDI…. DIDI… BASS… BASS… PLEASE… BASS KARO…MERA HO JAYEGA...”

I was humming in pleasure and finally Sheela Didi stopped sucking and continued jerking for a while and looked at my face. I was puffing in pleasure and my rod was fully wet with Sheela Didi’s saliva and well erect to fuck her but now it was my turn to give her oral pleasure. I got up, Sheela Didi too got up without uttering a word she continued looking into my eyes,

waited for me to say something, “’AB AAP LATE JAAO MAIN AAPKI SUCKING KARTA HUN” finally I uttered she was waiting for, Sheela Didi was really excited and as I said that she smiled a bit and seemed happy. She went on her back and now I came between her spread legs and leaned over her and went further down on my stomach and started sucking Sheela Didi’s fuckhole.

Sheela Didi moaned sexily as my tongue touched her aroused pleasure hole and she spoke in puffing voice, “BAHUT GILI HO GAYI HAI” about her fuckhole, that it is very wet. I kept on licking her damp fuckhole and moved my tongue lightly over her slit couple of more times and found her leading to heaven.

At my end truly speaking for few minutes it was really creepy feeling, embarrassing and filthy, Sheela Didi’s fuckhole was already wet and totally soaked with her pleasure juices and I was sucking that fluid. Though it was more or less tasteless but still I was really very uncomfortable in doing that.

Somehow I was trying to overcome my feeling and continued licking her soft and swollen fucking cunt and I tried to lick it as I saw in number of XXX movies. As I moved my tongue over her cunt bit deeper while parting her pussy lips Sheela Didi trembled nicely in excitement. From the very first moment her moans and pleasure movements were making me crazy,

to hear more from her I dragged my tongue from bottom of her slit to up till the edge of her crack, licking her sodden slit, and I continued licking it without any break. Sheela Didi’s face got arched and, her eyes got shut. She moaned thickly, and murmured nicely “CHOOSIYE….. HEMANT JI HMMM… UMMM… ACHHE SE CHOOSIYE ISSKO”

I followed what Sheela Didi said as by this time my hesitation was disappearing and I was getting crazy with her moans and words and I wanted to hear more from her, spreading her fleshy thighs further I parted her pussy lips and next moment my tongue rippled into her cunt. Suddenly Sheela Didi gasped sharply, and went crazy. Her hips shivered in excitement.

I took Sheela Didi’s thighs up and rested them on my shoulders, they way she was resting my thighs on her shoulders and went deeper in her fuckhole and felt her streaming out heady, erotic juices. I pressed my face deeper and sucked her hard to take out every drop. Sheela Didi screamed nicely while trembling and moaning passionately and cried

“BASS KARIYE…… BASS…… BASSS……HEMANT JI BASSS….” finally I stopped and got up. Sheela Didi also got and her sight flew to my rod, I was losing erection, I was holding it in my hands and jerking it to make it harder. “KYA HUA… ERECTION CHALI GAYI”? She asked what she saw and spoke again,

“LAAIYE HUM FIR SE CHOOS DETE HAIN” I moved ahead on my knees and once again Sheela Didi took my rod in her mouth and sucked whatever precum I had on the tip of my cock. Holding Sheela Didi’s head I moved my rod in and out of her mouth or you can say fucked her mouth properly while looking at her pretty face filled with my size and regained my size within couple of minutes.

Sheela Didi felt my monster growing back in her mouth and stopped and asked me while looking up, “KAHIYE KAISE KARNA HAI,… I MEAN KAUNSI POSITION MEIN KARNA HAI”? “JAISE AAP BOLO” I replied, “AAP BOLIYE PEECHHE SE DAALENGE YA HUM OOPAR AAYEN” She asked my decision and gave me two options,

whether I want to fuck her from behind or she has to come on top. “JAISE AAPKA MANN HAI” once again I told her to decide, “ABHI AAP NAYE HAIN… PEECHHE SE THEEK SE DAAL NAHI PAAYENGE….HUM OOPAR AA JAATE HAIN” Sheela Didi got up further on her knees and expected me to lie down, “AAP… MUJHSE PEECHE SE NAHI KARWAOGE KYA”?


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Hemant fucking divorcee Sheela didi - I

Incident I am writing it down is my first sexual encounter, and it was with a female who was nearly 7-8 years elder than me. My name is Hemant, somehow after finishing my bachelors and after doing professional course of my choice, I joined one company which was located in the one of the business city of U.P bit away from my home and there I met Sheela Didi with whom I experienced sex for the first time.

At personal background Sheela Didi was divorcee, in her late thirties or may be very early forties and was only child of her parents and at that time she was living with her old mother after separation from her husband, and since then she was working here in this company can say from last 6-7 years.

In appearance I will say that initially I did not found her sexually impressive to influence a boy like me, though she was fair and average looking female and had good height nearly equal to me, with a good luscious body but truly speaking initially I never got attracted towards her, may be because of her typical gestures of that state, can say bit of village looks and way of talking,

moreover she always seemed me a female of spiritual thoughts and every morning she use to put sandalwood tilak on her forehead, with some dark brown beaded spiritual mala around her neck which she always wore. At that time for me all these things use to kill her sex appeal, though she was well educated and average in English just like me but I use to consider her what do we say Dehati.

Though I was much younger than her in age and work experience, I was ranked above her, in monitory concern because I was educationally and professionally more qualified than her. In the beginning I was facing bit ignorant behavior from her, may be because of some sort of inferiority complex or she must be having job insecurity because of me and she use to feel envy from me

but gradually because of my casual and concerned nature things went smooth and she realized that I am not harmful for her job and we started working as a team. At professional front our combination clicked and ultimately within time span of 4-5 months results got evident to the management of the company and by this time we were good friends,

at her end I could see that instead of colleague she was considering me her friend and on every spiritual occasion she use to come up with something to eat and at my end while working with her, Sheela Didi’s casual and village gesture was impressing me, with time I was realizing that she is really good in nature, very down to earth and very concerned,

she use to speak whatever she has in mind with a simple and straight forward words which use to be mostly in Hindi. On the other hand in other perspective being a virgin male of late twenties who was lacking opportunity of having sex, I could not stop thinking about her in that perspective too, by this time for me things which were killing her sex appeal in the beginning were her scoring points especially her village and spiritual looks along with her good Hindi vocabulary.

If I had to detail Sheela Didi in short, I will say Sheela Didi was standing nearly equal to me 5' 5”. Her breasts were reasonably big and nice but I must say not at all well shaped as girls of urban places have, she was bit over weight for her height and she didn’t had flat tummy, and over all she was bit chubby as there was good amount of flesh on her thighs and ass.

As I said initially for some time I never gave a thought to her in that perspective, but now after working with her for nearly 5 months, in spite of the fact that I use to address her Didi after her name which actually means sister, I could not stop myself masturbating while thinking about her and I use to fantasize her naked and getting fucked by me wearing just her spiritual beaded mala and a sandalwood tilak on her forehead.

Anyway like that couple of months more passed while working together and our personal relation enhanced, Sheela Didi invited me couple of times at her place for a meal and I accepted her hospitality and met her mother too, though Sheela Didi never visited my place but she very well knew where I stay.

At professional front things were moving smoothly for me, my work was getting appreciated with our joint efforts and as I was leading the show I was getting good rewards for that. Suddenly one day things turned around Anand Bhaiya, our so called GM who was actually our Boss’s relative called me to give me a shock about Sheela Didi.

He straight forward asked me that if I can work without a support of Sheela Didi. After asking the reason he told me that he does not want to continue with Sheela Didi because she was asking for a raise. Actually I was unaware of this fact that Sheela Didi’s raise was due from nearly last 2 years neither Anand Bhaiya told me that, for him her demand was not genuine.

After seeing the results of our joint efforts Sheela Didi was pursuing owners for a cumulative raise which should be given to her long time back. I was really very shocked and at that time, giving just a negative reaction to Anand Bhaiya saying that for me it will be very difficult to handle all the things alone, I ended the conversation.

I desperately wanted to talk to Sheela Didi about this but I did not dared to talk to her about this. Things went even bad when later in the evening Anand Bhaiya told me that he is ready to appoint a new staff for my assistance but he does not want to continue with Sheela Didi. By the time I reached back home after calling a day off I was really very depressed.

Few days passed and we continued working together, Sheela Didi was as she was, behaving casually and never told me that she has asked for a raise to the company or whatever is going on between she and Anand Bhaiya. Couple of times I thought about talking to her about the discussion I had with our GM but I really failed to gather courage to talk to her, to tell her that her job is in danger and that is all because of me.

Finally weekend came and around 10 on Saturday night Sheela Didi called me and somewhat informed me that she will come to my place on Sunday afternoon with a prepared Lunch. I was not aware of what Anand Bhaiya has said to her but I was sure that they have spoke in this context because on same evening when I was about to leave Sheela Didi was sitting with him in his cabin and I could make out some serious conversation was on.

Throughout Saturday night I was really uneasy and could not sleep, I was having bit of guilt feeling that because of me Sheela Didi is losing her job. Finally night ended and Sheela Didi came with a prepared food. That day Sheela Didi was looking something else, intentionally she was wearing kind of clothes which were bursting out her voluptuous body.

Usually I use to see Sheela Didi in simple Salwar kameez with bit lose fitting but that day she was wearing clothes which were in tight fitting with her body I still remember she was wearing light brown color Kurta which was tightly fitted to her upper half and I could see the exact size of her luscious breasts as they were jutting out of her top with bluish chuddidar pajami or can say leggings,

which was also tightly fitted on her lower half and as I said Sheela Didi had good amount of flesh on her thighs and her buttocks were round, fleshy and healthy nicely spread in width and in that outfit I could make out each and every curve of her seductive body and her overall appearance with a sandalwood tilak on her forehead and with that spiritual mala was arousing me a lot and I was getting more and more uneasy as the time was passing.

Anyway after bit of television and casual chit chat we started to have lunch. Apart from feeling aroused I was really afraid of the matter of her job, as I could see that Sheela Didi was not normal, she was over conscious though she was trying her best to behave casual but I could make out, again and again she was trying to look into my eyes without saying a word.

Finally lunch ended too and it was really best of Sheela Didi. Once again we sat together in front of television, yet there was no discussion about that subject but from Sheela Didi’s gesture I could make out that it is about to happen. Finally Sheela Didi broke the silence and started the concern by saying, “Aapse ek baat karni hai” “Haan haan bolo” I replied casually.

“In a day or two Anand Bhaiya is going to talk to you about me” Sheela Didi spoke and I silently kept on listening as if I am unaware of the matter. “Actually I have spoken to him about my increment, jo humen 2 saal se nahi mila hai” “and he is going to talk to you about this” Sheela Didi continued talking to me about the salary she is getting and somewhat compared it

with mine and nearly it was a difference of three folds and other than that I was having a privilege of having a fully furnished flat to live which was given to me by the owner. For some time I continued listening her and felt really very pity for her and decided something within myself. After bit more of her comparison with me and my monetary gains she somewhat requested me to favor her by saying,

“aapse request hai, jab Anand Ji aapse baat karenge to aap humara favor kariyega…..” she stopped for a fraction and then spoke again, “Anand Ji ke reaction se lagta hai ki…. Wo humen job se nikalne waale hain…” I was realizing that Sheela Didi is aware of this fact hat Anand Bhaiya is going to fire her,

I was about to say something to rest her assured that I will speak in her favor but before I would have give her expressions that I want to say something Sheela Didi spoke again, “humare liye ye job bahut zaruri hai…I have a loan to pay off….. aap chahenge to humari job bhi nahi jaayegi…..aur increment bhi ho jaaye ga…..aap jo bolenge wo ho jaayega” I smiled sarcastically within myself,

I very well knew this fact that things are not even in my hand and I was about to reveal the truth when Sheela Didi spoke again and this time she left me in shock from her words, “AAP AGAR CHAHO TO HUM RAAT KO YAHIN RUK JAATE HAIN….AAPKE PASS….”…. “AAP RELAX HO LIJIYEGA HUMARE SAATH”

( means if you want I can stay here for the night…with you….you can relax yourself with me) I could not believe whatever she said, Sheela Didi offered me herself for a night for the favor she was asking, though Sheela Didi was really very hesitant to say all that, she was fumbling in saying that and I could make out her heart was beating high, for a fraction I too went nervous and could not think of anything as a reply.

“Sheela Didi aap kya baat kar rahi hain?” finally I uttered with a sarcastic smile, “mere haath mein kuch nahi hai, things are not at all in my control” I spoke to her and unintentionally my sight flew to her body, to her fleshy assets and truly speaking in any other circumstances I would have control myself,

rather from last so many months I was controlling myself and I don’t think if she would have caught me staring at her but at that time it was really very difficult for me to stop myself and I was somewhat looking at her body even after knowing that she is looking at me.“Main sirf itna kar sakta hun ki…if they will fire you…I will say that I am also resigning….”

I tried to comfort her by saying that but at my end I was yet not comfortable over whatever Sheela Didi just said and I was still in shock and somewhat looking at her body unintentionally, “nahi aap humari vajah se apni job mat chhodiye… aap se jo ho sakta hai kar dijiyega…I am sure aap jo bologe Anand Ji wohi karenge”


Once again Sheela Didi offered me herself, by saying that she has told her mother that she will stay at her friends place and she will stay with me in the night and if I will ask again she will come again. “Sheela Didi please……. do you think I am a kind of person whom you can offer this…. I mean I can’t believe whatever you said”…

I replied in soft and calm voice “please aap humen galat mat samajhiye….. humare pass dusra koi option nahi hai…..agar job chali gayi to hamare liye bahut problem ho jaayegi” Sheela Didi replied in two parts with a small pause in between. “I am not talking about your job……do you think if you would have asked me for this favor then I would have said no to you?”

though I was calm and soft with my voice but it was somewhat sarcastic tone, I was really very disappointed from her, certainly like every young unmarried chap I had desire of fucking a female, moreover while working with Sheela Didi from so many months I was having desperate desire of her body on the bed, but the way she approached me, I really did not liked that.

Sheela Didi went silent but continued looking into my eyes for a while, and then spoke again, “Anand Ji has said that he has spoke to you and you have said t, we will appoint a fresher and you can get the work done”. “Ok” I replied with just one word as I could not think of saying anything at that time, I was realizing that our GM was playing politics with me.

“Let me tell you one thing Anand Bhaiya is just using me….. To fire you” Once again I started and started to reveal the truth “he has spoken to me 3-4 days back and my words were I cannot handle things alone …..He has already decided to appoint a new staff for my assistance and it was his idea not mines”

I was yet not over and I spoke again, “aur aap ye night stay wala offer Anand Ji ko kyon nahi dete…..? it will certainly work there?” hearing me Sheela Didi kept on looking into my eyes for a while. “I promise if they will fire you….I will also resign” once again I spoke in soft and calm voice and continued “and I don’t want anything from you to do that”……


Sheela Didi stopped in between while saying that… and just kept on looking into my eyes “kya socha aapne?” I asked her to complete her statement; Sheela Didi took off her eyes from me and looked down as I continued looking at her while waiting her to speak, “I THOUGHT KI AAPSE BAAT KARTEN HAIN… AND TRULY SPEAKING I REALLY LIKE YOU…..AND I KNEW KI KNEW KI YOU WILL SAY NO TO IT”

finally she uttered and by this time I was also out of that pissed off feeling, may be because I could understand her condition that she is really afraid of losing her job. “whatever it is, I will support you…….trust me….” “and I am sure they(management) cannot think of losing me, nahi to thay have to hunt for someone new who could replace me” I spoke to comfort her and then spoke again, “and forget everything happened just now” Sheela Didi listened to me and felt assured.

After that we sat together for some more time while having coffee and I detailed whatever Anand, our GM spoke to me. Finally Sheela Didi took leave around 5 with a smile leaving me restless for rest of the day and night. I masturbated several time till next morning and couple of times felt that if I would have accepted her proposal then I would have enjoyed.

Certainly I wanted to confront with her, being a virgin of almost 30 I was desperate to fuck a female and a female like Sheela Didi, nothing could be like that but at that time I did something I felt like doing and I could see that now I was hero for her and as I expected matter of her job ended peacefully with a cumulative increment of 20 percent as I gave threat of resigning to the management.

Anyway keeping professional things apart at personal front after this incident my relation with Sheela Didi enhanced; now we were better friends. She shared her past life with me and detailed her past married life up to an extent, arguments and controversies between her ex-husband which finally led to divorce.

At my end I could feel that my lust for Sheela Didi’s body was going to its height. From very next day onwards of that incident I did not hesitated to stare at her body and many times I found myself caught red handed and initially she use to smile while looking at me whenever she found me staring at her breasts or fleshy thighs.

But this did not happened for long and I remember once in the same sort of incident when we were working together, Sheela Didi’s was sitting on the carpet and I was standing while holding something, her Duppta was already off from her shoulder, she herself kept that away as it was an obstacle in whatever she was doing at that time.

As I looked down to see whatever she was doing, my sight flew to her breasts, though neck of her Kurta was not big or deep, but I was in good standing posture to see her milks. I was getting breath taking view of her soft and fleshy juggs which were even fairer than her body color, and they were making deep cleavage may be because her bra was really very tight over her breasts.

Once again Sheela Didi caught me staring at her and this time she did not ended with just a smile and asked me while looking into my eyes with a big smile while getting up, “KYA DEKH RAHEIN HAIN?” “KUCH NAHI…..” I replied and somewhat fumbled. “KOI BAAT NAHI…. HUM SAMAJH SAKTE HAN AAPKI CONDITION….”

Task which we were doing was nearly ending and now we were suppose to have lunch, she took her Duppta back on her shoulder and spoke again, “CHALIYE LUNCH KARTE HAIN”. Sheela Didi kept on smiling without any reason and I was really uneasy with her gesture, and she could sense my mental state.

“aap conscious matt hoyiye, koi aisi baat nahi hai….aap normal hain” Finally Sheela Didi uttered after enjoying my blushing gesture for couple of more minutes. “What do you mean by normal?” I asked her back, “YE ATTRACTION, OPPOSITE SEX MEIN ATTRACTION TO HOTI HI HAI”…. “RATHER I MUST SAY KI AAP ABNORMAL HAIN rather… KUCH JAYADA HI SHAREEF (innocent) HAIN,



I was somewhat shocked and feeling strange, my heartbeat rose a bit. I avoided getting into that because of strange hesitation and just ended up by saying, “Sheela Didi just forget it”. “TELL ME, KYA HUM AAPKO ACHHE NAHI LAGTE?” Sheela Didi asked me again and this time her question made me even more confused it was really very unexpected for me “achhe lagte ho….but I mean……”

I fumbled without any reason and ended up with a incomplete sentence. Sheela Didi smiled on my reaction and went silent for few seconds and then spoke again, “ACHHA CHHODIYE….. YE BOLIYE KAL SUNDAY KA KYA PROGRAM HAI?”….. “I WANT TO GIVE YOU A TREAT…HUMEN INCREMENTED SALARY MIL GAYI HAI…..” “CHALIYE KOI ACHHI SI MOVIE CHALTEN HAIN…. AUR LUNCH BHI BAHAR KARENGE…..”

Sheela Didi asked for a movie on Sunday which was very next day with a Lunch, as she wanted to give me a treat after getting a raise in salary which she got few days back and it was very first Sunday after that. “OK……but I will pay…being a male ye mera privilege hai” I replied, “BUT YE HUMARI TREAT HAI…..AAP KAISE PAY KAR SAKTE HAIN” “this treat is not at all about money…. It is about being together” I replied casually without thinking much about what I said.

“Ok, IN THAT CASE I WILL COME TO YOUR PLACE AND WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOR THE WHOLE DAY, FORGET ABOUT MOVIE….I WILL COOK THERE ONLY” I smiled on that; it was a strange feeling…. I think fire was lit at the both ends, I could make out in Sheela Didi’s eyes and Sheela Didi was waiting for me to approach.

“Ok tell me what all you want…..kuch achha sa banana” I replied casually I will get whatever I will need, you just tell me what do you want to eat. After discussing the thing which I wanted to eat, we ended up with a lunch and continued our work and finally called the day off around 7.

Throughout night I was really very uneasy, I saw couple of blue movies in my laptop till mid night and masturbated twice while thinking about Sheela Didi getting fucked in various positions, as I saw in movie. I had a strong intuition that tomorrow something will happen between us and from Sheela Didi’s gesture for throughout the rest of the day I could make out that she is also interested in making relation with me.

I could sense this thing from her words too, when she said “DIL CHAHTA THA KI AAP HUMARA PROPOSAL EXCEPT KAR LEIN …” somewhere deep in her heart she wanted me to except her proposal; from this I could guess that she too was starved for sex from long time. Finally I slept restless and when I got up in the morning I was hard like iron rod.

Time was nearly 100, Sheela Didi was suppose to come by 12 and I was planning to masturbate in the shower before her arrival but just after couple of minutes door bell rang and I was really surprised to see her on the door. Sheela Didi came two hours early and at that time I was just awake. After that day once again I saw her wearing same sort of outfit, and I could make out that she has wore this type of clothes to arouse me.

As I said usually Sheela Didi use to wear lose clothes in the office but that day againshe was in tight clothing and once again like that day I could make out each and every curve of her body easily. She was wearing same sort of Kurta which was tight in fitting and unlike other days her big and fleshy milks were really very prominent in the top she was wearing,

in the same style Sheela Didi was wearing a tight lycra leggings and because Kurta she was wearing was little short I could see her fleshy thighs better and her round bottom was alone more than enough to arouse any male like as it was packed tightly in the stretched lower. “AAP ABHI TAK SOW RAHE HAIN….?” Sheela Didi asked me as she saw that I am just awake,

“aap to barah baje aane waale the?” I asked her with a smile, “IF IT’S ABOUT BEING TOGETHER, TO HUMNE SOCHA THODA PAHLE HI CHALTE HAIN….IT WILL BE BETTER” I smiled on her reply. It was a strange feeling, we looked into each other’s eyes for a fraction. Sheela Didi was looking really very nice, wearing tight outfit, bursting out sex from every part and along with that sandalwood tilak and spiritual beaded mala around her neck.

“HUM CHAAYE(TEA) BANATE HAIN…. AAP FRESH HO JAAIYE” Sheela Didi spoke while looking into my eyes with a smile; I could see that she could read my brain that I am really very aroused because of her gesture and outfit. By the time I came back after basic morning courses, tea was ready and things were better as far as it was concerned to my arousal.

Sheela Didi’s Duppta was off from her shoulder and it was kept on the couch, she was standing in the kitchen and as she saw me she came out with a light breakfast of bread butter. Throughout the time I had breakfast I could not concentrate on anything, neither on the bread nor on my cup of tea.

I was getting a life taking view of Sheela Didi’s milky juggs packed in tight clothes, her breasts were jutting out of her top and view of her deep cleavage without the obstacle of Duppta was killing me and at particular instant for a fraction I felt as if her nipples has got prominent but as I saw it again I realized I am wrong.

Though she was talking to me casually but could easily read my uneasiness, numerous times she caught me staring at her breasts. Finally I got up to take a shower and once again Sheela Didi went inside the kitchen. I tried to masturbate while standing under the shower but stopped; now I did not wanted to masturbate while fantasizing Sheela Didi, I wanted to fuck her,

I could make out that now it is just a matter of acceptance, and she too wants to get intimate with me. I gathered some courage and thought about talking to her indirectly and came out to the living area after wearing shorts and t-shirt. Something was getting cooked in the kitchen, while watching television Sheela Didi was sitting on couch, as such there was no change in her gesture,

she was trying to behave casual but at my end my feelings were getting intense. “Sheela Didi……!” I spoke and stopped in between, my heart was beating high. Sheela Didi looked at me casually and waited for me to speak; I tried to go further but could not utter even a single word.

Sheela Didi was not sitting far, she got up and came closer to me and asked me again, “BOLIYE” while looking into my eyes. Once again I tried to speak and uttered, “MAIN AAPSE KUCH KAHNA CHAHTA HUN” I was confused and it was evident from my fumbling tone, “BOL DIJIYE….JO KAHNA CHAHTE HAIN…GHABRANE KI KOI BAAT NAHI HAI”

Sheela Didi replied now I was sure that she knew what I wanted to say, she further caressed my cheek lightly with one hand and spoke again in tender voice, “JO BOLNA HAI BOL DIJIYE….HUM BURA NAHI MAANEGE”….“MAIN APPKO FUCK KARNA CHAHTA HUN” finally I uttered in straight forward words, while looking into her eyes and only I know how I spoke that,

my heart was beating high, but Sheela Didi was calm and she continued looking at me and replied back softly, “KAR LIJIYE JO KARNA HAI HAMARE SAATH…….HUMNE TO PAHLE BHI AAPKO PROPOSAL DIYA THA”….. “PAHLE BAAT AUR THI…..PLEASE AAP YE MATT SAMAJHIYEGA KI MAIN USS FAVOR KE LIYE AAPSE YE CHAHTA HUN” I replied back,



Sheela Didi further opened her feelings for me, my heart was still beating, though the matter was solved, Sheela Didi had also accepted that she too is lusting over me and wants to have just physical pleasure with me and she is not looking for anything else from this relation. “AAP JAKAR CONDOMS LE AAIYE KISI CHEMIST SHOP SE” once again Sheela Didi spoke and told me to get the condoms.

“Ok” I uttered just one word, and went inside the room to get the money, Sheela Didi followed me in the room and spoke, “WAISE AAP CHAHEN TO BINA CONDOM KE KAR LIJIYEGA, HUM GOLI KHAA LENGE”… “NAHI KOI BAAT NAHI….. MAIN LE AATA HUN” I replied, I was really hesitant to speak, so was Sheela Didi but any day she was in better state then me.

I went out and came back as soon as possible even then it took me nearly 15-20 minutes as because of hesitation I was looking for less crowded shop. By the time I reached back, Sheela Didi was over with the prepetition of lunch and asked me “WAISE LUNCH READY HAI, PAHLE KARENGE? YA FIR THODA RUK KAR, …. JO KARNA HAI WO KARNE KE BAAD?”…..

“LUNCH THODI DER BAAD KARTE HAIN…..” I replied, “CHALIYE FIR EK BAAR LUNCH SE PAHLE RELAX HO JAATE HAIN” Sheela Didi replied back while looking at me. After bolting the main door we both, me and Sheela Didi came to bed room, Sheela Didi used the toilet and came out in few minutes, I stood there and waited for her to come out.

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Hi I'm Rocky, I'm new to this site. I'll share my present story here.. I'll post my old one later.. I'm happy to share my new story with all. Few months ago I got married and we shifted to a new apartment. Change of job and got good promotion. It was newly constructed apartment and so not all flats were filled up. My married life was very exciting and is very happy.

My wife is very beautiful and has very healthy sex. After my marriage I thought of stopping sex with others and be good to my lovely wife.. I really love her.. But until they day sexy Pinky entered my life.

Opposite to our flat newly wed couple joined. Both were very young age in their mid 20s. I didn't get a chance to meet them during my first 2 weeks. My owner introduced me to the opposite flat member. His name is Rakesh, working as Marketing guy. I hardly see him once in a week. I couldn't get a chance to introduce to his wife. But I saw her once while she was collecting milk and news paper.

She was wearing nighty, yet beautiful and sexy. We exchanged smiles. I had no bad intention. My wife works for a big MNC. She often works from home. One day my wife got introduced to opposite flat couple. My wife told me that night that she liked the couple as they were younger and very nice. From my wife I came to know that Rakesh's wife name is Pinky.

Rakesh as similarities as my sala(my wife's brother). My wife also told me that Rakesh is marketing guy and will mostly be on a trip and some times he takes his wife along with him. It's is like work in honey moon..

On my birthday my wife arranged a party. All guests came to my flat including Pinky. Pinky arrived bit earlier as they stay opposite flat. My wife introduced Pinky to all guests and she was very helpful to my wife arranging things and serving guests. She was the last guest to leave the party. For dinner we went to a near by restaurant at 9pm after all guests left. Only four of us.

To the party at my flat she came in very homely manner and sexy too. While serving she dashed me couple of times at different angles. Let me describe her, she has awesome structure with 34 size boobs, bit chubby but not fat, awesome ass to die for. She is such a figure who can easily tempt even a saint. Her husband is not so great. Lean, tall not looking great at all.

We both are made for each other. Many at party said she is an unlucky girl to get such a guy. To the dinner she came in t-shirt and jeans. Extremely good in this outfit. My wife complimented her(I was complimenting her inside). While having dinner I came to know that she recently finished her MBA with good marks.

She is actually willing to work, but her husband is not supporting her. My wife convinced him that girls should work and esp girls like her talent should work. Also being idle at home is not a good idea. I also supported and made him agree. Finally he agreed to let her do a job.After we reached home we both went to respective flats.

I came out to have some chat with apartment owner, same time Pinky also came to collect something she dried on terrace. We both boarded lift, during that time she was wearing night dress which was a bit tight. She was looking awesome and I was tempted, but didn't want to flirt her. When we took lift suddenly power was gone and lift didn't start.

Luckily power was gone before lift doors were closed. We both came out started to take stairs. In one of the floors it was completely empty. There she asked to have a chat. Then she complimented my dress and again wished my birthday. First time I shook hands, so soft and hold it for few seconds.

She asked how she looked. I told her "you were looking good in the saree", then she asked wasn't I looking good in t-shirt and jeans. I told her "to be frank you were too hot and cute". She said thank you. She was happy to meet me. While we are coming down, she was walking very closely and once my hand touched her boobs by side(though accidentally).

It was awesome.. the same feeling when my first maid Neetu touched me like that. While closing the door she again shook my hands and said good night. Next day morning while we both were about to leave the house, she came in and hugged my wife and shook my hands. She fed a chocolate to both of use. My wife and I were surprised. She said her husband agreed to work.

After couple of days my wife referred her in her company. Pinky and her husband are from North India and though she did her MBA, her accent had northindian influence. It was her first interview and she made a mess of it. She was so upset.

My wife asked me to educate her to get her prepared for interviews. I said I can't.. after couple of days, I referred her in my company. I asked her to prepare well. Next day my wife went to her home town for some function and asked Pinky to take care of me. On the same day Rakesh was on trip. After I reached home, Pinky was waiting for me. I changed my dress, started to watch TV.

Heard door bell, when I opened it was Pinky standing with some dishes with handful. One of the dishes was about to fell she said "thoda madad keejiye", I took one of the vessels in her hand while doing so, accidentally brushed her boob. Was rock hard at the very moment. She was wearing white color transparent saree, with sleeve less blouse, deep neck and loose hair.

She was looking very very hot. It was very difficult for me to hide the hard on. While serving the food and bending I had a chance to peek through the beautiful cleavage. I started to flirt and she was enjoying.

After having dinner I started to give gyan to how to prepare for the interview. Next day, Pinky came to my office for interview in the afternoon. She was wearing white shirt and black pants. I couldn't hide my feelings, I told her she is very beautiful(actually meant sexy) and will get job with her beauty. She was very hot with those big boobs. I took her to my working floor for interview with Sr HR.

My office is in 7th floor, while going on lift when it was @3rd floor all got down and only we two. After few seconds, power was gone and lift was struck, she was scared and hugged me.. it was like heaven.. so soft boobs pressing against me, I hugged her tight, after few seconds power backup was up and lift started, we went apart saying sorry.

For those few seconds I was in heaven and had instant hard-on. It was difficult for me to hide, I removed my tuck-in and tried my level best, I guess she observed it and smiled naughtily. She went to interview and I went to my desk. For an hour or so, time wasn't passing. Luckily she cleared the interview and she was asked to wait for offer letter.

I congratulated her and was about to hug her again. Got my senses back and didn't hug her. I took her for coffee. She got offer letter and was about to leave. I asked her how did she come, she said auto. I kept a message and we both started on bike to our apartment. While applying breaks her boobs were pressing against my back, it was heavenly feeling. After few attempts she moved very close to me almost hugging.

She was very excited that she got a job and asked me what I want for treat. I said your big smile. After hearing that she hugged me and thanked many times. She invited me for the dinner. I expected something will happen. I was excited. I took bath and went in t-shirt and boxer. I ranged the bell, after opening the door I saw her, she was very hot and sexy.

She was looking like an angel. She was wearing pink saree backless and below navel. It was transparent that everything inside is visible. I was constantly praising her beauty. We had dinner, while having dinner many times she touched me side ways and I was hard. I wasn't able to control my hard-on. When I went to wash my hand she observed the tent and laughed. I asked her why she laughed. She winked and said apne wife ko bhot miss kiya haina?

To which I said, nothing like that.. she kept asking me what I want as gift. I just raised my hands as sharuk khan, to my surprise she immediately came and hugged me. I hugged her for almost 3 to 4 mins and kissed on her neck. She was happy. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. I was touching all her naked back. She lifted her head and asked are you happy.

All of a sudden her phone rang. It was her husband, said he will reach home in 30 mins and asked her to keep dinner ready. I was very disappointed. She said sorry and we departed with hug. I could see disappointment in her face too. Next couple of days he was at home and couldn't get a chance to meet her. Then she joined the office.

First day, she was wearing salwar kameez, was bit deep neck but covered with dupatta. She was looking cute in that. I introduced her to my frns. On evening she asked to go together to house, at office she sat on bike with bit distance and I was disappointed. After few mins, she came very close and almost hugged me. Her boobs were pressing against my back.

She kept talking for almost 30 mins. I was also driving very slowly. Once we neared our appartment she asked to drop few meters before. I understood and we came as if we don't know each other. Few days passed same was continuing. She called me on my mobile phone, though I've her phone number(from resume), I pretended as if a stranger. She tried to tease me.

She asked "what is ur name?" Rocky: "I'm Rocky, who is that?" Pinky: Name doesn't matter here.. tell me where do you work Rocky: "Office doesn't matter" ;) Pinky: Guess my name.. (She was speaking with different tone but beautiful, Later I came to know that she was inspired from Bodyguard movie) Rocky: I don't know your name, but it should be as sweet as your voice.

Pinky: You know very well how to flirt a girl. Rocky: I don't flirt all girls.. but beautiful ones. Pinky: Did you ever flirt? Rocky: I tried to flirt one girl in my office, she is very hot and sexy. Pinky: Who is that? Rocky: First tell me your name.. Like this our conversation kept going like that.. I mentioned my lust indirectly..

After couple of days, her husband wasn't at home same time my wife was working from her home town, because of my father in-law was sick. Pinky came to my house and requested for help to prepare some document. She was wearing salwar kameez. In her house while I was working document, she asked to continue and said she will take shower.

Since internet is available in the room, I had no choice to work there. She said not to turn my head, she started undoing her dress from my back. I could see her shade from reflection on monitor. She had awesome curves. She wrapped towel, omg she was really awesome, wrapping just above nipples, showing her cleavage it was difficult for me to hide my feelings.

Though there was another bath room she went to the attached one. I was really tempted to have a peek. But unfortunately, that bathroom door din't have any whole. After few mins, I completed the document and just searched the history of the browser. She is fan of HD. I could see that she read many stories just one hour ago. I was happy and made my job easy to flirt.

After few mins she came out of bathroom. She was wearing a branded transparent petty-coat and shorts. She was smoking hot. I saw boobs and shocked.. sounded "what the fuck" you are very sexy. She blushed. She just looked like Aeisha takia. Water is dripping and falling on top, which made even transparent. My dick was rock hard and I decided to fuck this sexy lady tonight.

She went to kitchen and I was praising and flirting all the way. She asked me to lift to take some vessel. I purposefully made sure that my hands lie on ass and my head between boobs. It was heavenly feeling.. While bring her down, my face and chest brushed allover boobs and I held her very closely. My dick was poking at the right spot and boobs were pressing against my chest.

I slowly moved my hands above pressing her against me more. She was smiling and enjoying. She asked to leave with a slight moan. I left her and she bent otherside. I pushed my dick against her ass and she was shocked. She stayed in same position for almost one min. I couldn't hold any longer. She got up and asked me to wait to have dinner. I was least interested in having dinner.

I said I want to eat you. She hugged me and arranged everything on the table. I sat on the chair. She came near to me and bent to show her boobs. I was just looking at her curves. While she lifts her hands her deep navel is visible. I bent and planted a kiss on navel. She enjoyed every bit of it. I suddenly washed my hands and poured water accidentally(though intentionally)on petty-coat making all her boobs.

She got and was shouting in a friendly and naughitly. I said sorry and started to press her boobs and touching all over her body. She was looking into my eyes and finally lifted me and gave me a lip kiss. I pulled her on to my chest and kissed her passionately. I was pressing her boobs and ass. She said "I was waiting for this from long time".. I removed her petty-coat.

I saw huge tits and beautiful nipples which are very hard. I said let's not wait any more.. let's go to bed room. While going to bedroom I cupped my hands on her boobs and pressing my dick on her ass. After we reached room, she undid my dress and I removed her shorts and rubbed her wet pussy. She was like an angel. Wanted to fuck her badly.

I inserted my tongue in her mouth and kissed for few mins, mean while rubbing and pressing her soft boobs. They were firm in round shape. Must be 34D. I licked her brown and hard nipples. I bite them and sucked them for long time. I was also rubbing her wet pussy. She was moaning very loudly. This went of for few mins. I went down and started licking her pussy.

It was bit salty, but very tasty. She was enjoying and moaning.. Do it again.. My husband doesn't do this at all. Wow.. sexy is heaven.. never had this feeling before. Please lick me there.. I inserted my tongue and was licking and pressing boobs.

My dick was very hard and aching. She asked me "I want to taste your dick.." She got up and started kissing all over my body. She bent down and started to lick my dick. I asked her to take it in mount and taste it. She took it completely. She is giving me a blowjob. I asked her to get into 69(my fav position). It was heavenly feeling. She couldn't last long.

I then asked her "It's time to drill your hole and bring out juices".. She opened her legs and invited me. I slowly inserted in her pussy. It was a bit tight. Wowww.. She moaned.. oh my god.. it's paining.. don't stop.. it's very good and big. I pushed my complete dick. SHe shouted and suddenly got up and hugged me. I lied over her and banged her for few mins in missionary position.

She was moaning loudly and she came.. It was very wet down there and gave few more jerks and finally came out. I lied on her for few mins without taking the dick out. We hugged and kissed for some time and then lied down next to her.

She was in a very good feeling and enjoyed the sex thoroughly. After some time She got up and lied on my asking if I enjoyed my treat. I said "you are more than awesome baby" you are like a heroine.. I want more.. I want to enjoy more.. want to give you more shots in different angles. She also liked the 69 position. "my husband fucks me in missionary position only" that too only once or twice in a visit.

She said " I love you.. I love your dick".. she envy my wife.. she asked "your wife also likes these positions".. I replied "we enjoy many more angles.. she also likes 69 position.. she also gives me tit fuck" she said "didi is very lucky".. don't worry.. I'll give you a tit fuck.. She was bit tired and lied and slept on my chest.

I couldn't get sleep and but didn't want to disturb her sleep. I simply was pressing her boobs and touching. She went to deep sleep and after few mins I slept. She woke up by 6:30 and wrapped towel and finished nature calls. She came with coffee and woke me up. Before I opened my eyes, she closed my eyes and removed towel.

Then opened my eyes and gave me a warm kiss on my lips. I kissed on her boobs and pussy.. just inserted my finger.. and she pulled me and said first drink coffee. She fed coffee and I was rubbing all over her body with my hands.

Few mins later my dick was rock hard. She then asked me how to give a tit fuck. I explained and kissed all over to made her in position.. she gave a very good tit fuck.. I enjoyed the most.. Her breasts were so soft that I was almost to cum. She took my dick and gave blow job for some time..

I was about to cum and I pulled off my dick(thinking that she might not like the cum) she put the dick back like a burger and finally I came in her mouth.. She licked every bit of my cum and enjoyed it.

Later we took bath and had sex in doggy style in bathroom and came out. I went to my flat and slept. After some time she brought breakfast for me and then fuck after that.. We enjoyed many times before her husband and my wife came back. Very few times we kiss and hug in office.. Since my office is full of cctvs and not giving any changes was making us desperate.

We went to a old movie and enjoyed with limited excitement. We both are waiting for chances to those days. We still love our partners and respect them. That's the best I liked in Pinky.. Regards,

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Nick fucking Marwari neighbourhood bhabhi

Hello and Greetings to all. My name is Nick and I am from Mumbai, India. I have been a loyal follower of humandigest and like reading the posted incidents/ stories. It is really very hard to tell and know if someone is telling the truth or just making up a story. I must admit, though, that they have never failed to arouse me.

Hence, I finally gathered courage and decided to pen some of the incidents that actually happened with me. All the names, including mine are changed to protect and respect privacy. This is the first of the many stories to follow.

I come from a conservative family, where Sex was was the ultimate blasphemy and a taboo. I am an engineering graduate from a reputed college and was working with a call center for the past several years. Girls were not allowed in my vicinity and that only increased my craving for them. During my engineering days, the conquest stories of my friends made me jealous and horny all the same.

But it didnt stop there. When I joined the call center, I had high hopes that finally I might get laid with some slut, however all my dreams were quickly shattered and I realised that " SLUTS " didnt exist in the open in Indian culture. All we have are bechhari, gharelu, Sanskarowali ladki. However, my friends would then tell me how this sweet cutie pie would turn into a cock hungry monster as soon as they entered a motel/ lodge.

So, where does all this take me and you...the readers? Glad you asked. You see, with my call center fat salary I was able to buy a very good apartment in an upmarket area. We had a 1BHK spacious room on the ground level. The family above ours were extremely arrogant as they thought of themselves as " RICH ".

So Mr and Mrs Rich one day decided to move to their new home in an expensive lavish township and leased out the flat above us to a Marwari. This Marwari, I learnt, had his own shop and was recently remarried as his earlier wife had died during childbirth. He had a son about 8-10 years old and the newborn baby. His new wife, in turn, was a divorcee herself with two girls from her earlier marriage.

The new wife was having a hard time with her new in-laws and managing four kids was not helping matters either. She tried to build some acquintances with the neighbours and managed to build one with my mother. She used to tell my mom everything and would cry often. My mother, having seen the world and experienced its many faces, used to advise her how to tackle her in-laws, the kids and her husband.

I used to catch a glimpse of her, whenever, I could. She was of medium height, about 5ft 2 inches however her physique was awesome. Also, as with all Marwari females ( no offence intended ) she used to wear her saree well below her navel, leaving her midriff bare and exposed. I used to look at that midriff and the breasts that stuck out and let my imagination run wild. But much to my dismay, she used to call me bhaiyya ( as in brother ) whenever we talked.

This was going on for quite a while. Suddenly, one day, our bathroom ceiling began to leak. My mom told me to inspect the damage and get a repairman. I checked the ceiling and told her that it may be because of our overhead neighbours. My mom agreed with my conclusion and told me to go to their house and inform them.

I was more than willing to and was out of the door even before my mom could complete the sentence. I knocked on the door and it was opened by her son. I asked if his parents were home. He told me that his father is off to his village whereas his mom is at home and sisters are at school. I asked to speak to his mom. She asked me to enter and greeted me with a smile.

I wanted to talk something else to prolong my stay but my fear and nervousness got the better of me and I got straight to the point. She told me that they didnt make any changes to the bathroom floor and asked me to inspect it myself. I went in and saw the entire flat for the first time. The kitchen was well appointed with modular trolleys.

At the far end was the bedroom with a king size bed. I got in the bathroom and began to check. To my surprise, I found her clothes including the undergarments in one corner. I quickly realised that any normal person would keep them there during a bath. I checked that there was the routine saree, blouse, a petticoat ( something that indian women wear underneath the saree ) and her bra and panties.

I also noticed that the undergarments were plain and not fancy sexy lacy types. All my hopes of her been a " Sexy horny MILF " were getting shattered slowly but gradually. She called in from outside, " Bhaiyya kuchh mila kya?" and that brought me back to my senses. I tried to flatten the bulge in my pants and managed a weak smile.

I told her that I was unable to check anything but would come back for a thorough check later on. She nodded her agreement and also added that, " kal isse time pe aana, toh bacchon ki tension nahi hogi. " I agreed.

I returned home but was not able to concentrate on anything. The only thing on my mind was to somehow fuck this bhabhi while I had my chance. I had an extremely painful night, tossing and turning, my cock hurting really bad. I got up early next morning. Tried to watch television, I decided not to think of the bhabhi anymore.

But much to my chagrin, as soon as my family members started bathing, complaints started pouring in. My mom told me to get the leak fixed today and asked me what happened yesterday. I told her that bhabhi had asked me to come today. My mother nodded rather curtly. At some time around 11:15, I once again knocked on bhabhi's door.

The scene that followed made my jaw drop.... only to be supported by my erect penis. Bhabhi was standing infront of me in a white sari with a small blue border and matching blue spots all over it. The blouse was white too but I thought it was one size small as her breasts seemed to burst out from them. Also as usual the pallu, was giving me a good look of her bare midriff and navel.

There I was standing dumbstruck and she was asking me something. "Kya kaam hai bhaiyya"? I reminded that she had called me today. She immediately remembered but quickly added " main toh bhul gayi thi, lekin main khanna bana rahi hoon aur ghar par koi nahi hai....kya aap baad me aa sakte ho?" I was disappointed, and I guess it must have showed on my face.

She said, " thik hai aa jaeeye, aap apna kaam karna please "? I nodded and entered. I followed her, and couldnt help noticing the huge ass. The saree made her curves look even more tempting. She directed me to her bathroom and she went into the kitchen. I could see her standing near the kitchen counter, making rotis, stirring vegetables in between.

I tried to concentrate on my work and began looking for some leaks by running my fingers along the floor and walls of the bathroom. While doing so, I got my hands all wet so I started looking for a towel to wipe them dry. As I couldnt find one, I decided to ask Bhabhi. I came out of the bathroom and stopped in my tracks.

Bhabhi was infront of the gas stove... her blouse armpits were all sweaty and even the midriff had beads of sweat. The blouse was somewhat soaked and I could make out her white bra underneath that. I dont know what I was thinking or what got into me, however I crept silently behind her and slid my hands across her midriff while at the same time placing my lips gently on her shoulders.

She shuddered and tried to protest meekly. "Bhaiyya, yeh aap kya kar rahe ho, mujhe jaane do". Her weak protests confirmed my doubts that she had issues with her husband. I continued to hold on to her belly while circling her navel and gently kissed her on the lips. I met with absolutely no protest this time around. I said, " Bhabhi mujhse control nahi hua, please ab mujhe mat rokna ", to which she just smiled gently and hugged me.

I could feel her breasts crushing into my chest. I lifted her chin towards my lips and for the first time in my life, french kissed a girl. I had seen enough porn to know how to do it, and her willingness only made it easier. I started slowly by kissing her full on the lips and then parting them slowly with my tongue.

Once her mouth was slightly opened, I let inside my tongue where it met hers. It tasted very sweet and suddenly we started kissing ferociously. I didnt find it disgusting even though we were literally passing loads of saliva in each other's mouth. Finally, when we broke off I sensed that her body was completely limp and had her eyes closed. When she looked at me, I completely melted.

I had never imagined in my life that I would see that sensous, hungry look in any woman's eye but today was different. When she spoke, her sound was a hoarse whisper, "bhaiyya ab aage kya karna hai?" To which I simply took off her pallu from her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. I feasted my eyes on the sight, the breasts were heaving and the midriff was stark bare and her whole body was sweaty and trembling.

I started kissing her neck and her exposed chest just above the blouse. Bhabhi started making whimpering noises. She ran her fingers through my hair and held my head close to her chest. I continued kissing her neck and chest and took off my hands off her waist and put them on her buttocks instead. I started by gently squeezing them and as bhabhi started to moan in sync with each squeeze, I started to knead them harder.

Suddenly we smelt something burning and bhabhi quickly realized that her food was still on the gas stove. We quickly turned off the gas and started the exhaust fan. Bhabhi looked back at me, I sensed something wrong. When she spoke, I could make out the shame in her voice. " Bhaiyya aap chale jayee....hum galat kar rahe hai."

I knew that this was my only chance after a lifetime of waiting and I also knew that she wanted it as badly as me. I hugged her extremely hard and kissed her on her lips, suffocating her!! With my other hand I undid the saree that was tucked inside the petticoat and quickly undraped it from her body.

Now, bhabhi was only in her blouse and her blue petticoat and her sweaty midriff was trembling making my cock even harder. Her eyes were down cast and I realized that from now on, I will have to take the intiative. I lifted her off the floor and went into the bedroom. Thankfully, the windows were not completely open and I gently placed her down on the bed.

I laid down besides her and looked into her eyes and said, "bhabhi hum kuchh galat nahi kar rahe hai. Agar aap ke pati.. aap ka khayal nahi rakh sakte, aapki izzat nahi karte toh aapka bhi mann kaahi aur chala jayega. Hum dono ek doosre ki madad kar rahein hai, aur kal hum yeh bhul jayenge ke yeh humse kabhi hua bhi tha ".

With this I placed a kiss on her lips and she responded. I slowly raised her petticoat over her knees and to her waist. I was able to see her marvellously sculpted fleshy thighs and legs. I started kissing and licking her whole body. Bhabhi was tugging at my t-shirt and I realized I hadnt taken off my clothes. I quickly undressed to my underwear and started kissing her again.

I was encircling her navel with my tongue and Bhabhi was making low moaning noises. I looked at her and saw her writhing in ecstasy. I went up towards her breasts, I hadnt touched them yet. I squeezed them and I could feel them full and soft. I tried to unbutton her blouse but found the blouse too tight. Bhabhi had to bring her both hands together and undid her blouse.

As soon as the left breast was uncovered, I took it in my mouth and bit it hard. Bhabhi was caressing my back and I could feel her fingernails scratch my back.I bit the other boob as well and then pulled up the bra. Finally, I saw them. Those milky white tankers, I cupped them with both my hands and started to suck them one after other.

To my surprise, some liquid spilled into my mouth. I stopped and looked up. Bhabhi was smiling coyly and replied in a whisper, " munna ( baby ) mera hi dudh pita hai".The words drove me crazy and I started sucking them furiously drinking the milk. Bhabhi's moans had now changed to ahhs and uffs.

After some time she pulled me away from her breasts and said, " bacche ke liye kuch toh chhod do " and kissed me on my lips. We kissed again deeply for the next 5 minutes or so. I then remembered that a man should give her woman pleasure as well. I sat back and looked down at this beauty. She had her eyes closed.

The white blouse was wide open and the cream colored bra was pushed up. Her breasts, tummy and waist were totally exposed and her petticoat was gathered in a bunch near her waist. The red colored panty was clearly visible and her legs were spread apart... bent at the knees.I was sitting between her legs, staring at the feast that was laid out infront of me.

Without any further delay, I grabbed her red panty with both my hands and pulled it out. The musty smell of her damp panty made my head dizzy and I wanted to enter her vagina immediately. However, I decided to give her complete pleasure in our only nuptial meeting. I went down between her legs.

There was a very strong odour, I touched her clit with my tongue and tasted a bitter sour taste. A huge moan escaped her lips. Bhabhi was now clenching her palm between her teeth, I started licking her clit, the surrounding labia and also poked inside her vagina with my tongue. I was now drinking her fluids that were being released.

I kept on licking her till I felt my jaw go numb, then I got up and inserted my two fingers, they slid in easily. I inserted all four fingers, they went in too, no problems at all. Bhabhi looked at me sheepishly and replied, " do betiyaan hai " I understood but didnt let her feel bad. I replied, " bhabhi mujhe aap ko khush dekhna hai ". Bhabhi pulled me towards her face and kissed me long and deep.

I broke off briefly and pulled out my four fingers from her vagina and put it in my mouth, slurping them. Bhabhi saw this, and said, " Chhee ". I then kissed bhabhi once again on her mouth, letting her taste her pussy. " khatta hai " bhabhi said with a mischievious smile. Bhabhi then inserted her hand in my underwear and began to squeeze and stroke my penis.

I stopped her immediately. " Pehle hi nikal jayega ", I said. Bhabhi replied, " inka toh kab ka nikal gaya hota ". I didnt reply to that. Finally bhabhi whispered, " bhaiyya ab toh daal do ". I looked at bhabhi and understood. I pulled off my pants and positioned myself on top of bhabhi. I grabbed both her hands by her wrists and held them over her head.

Her legs were spread, so all I had to do was enter my penis in her vagina. I crushed her with my body weight and entered her vagina without the need for a helping hand.I had always thought, how a woman survived while she had the weight of a man over her body. My question was answered by my own experience.

Our bodies were in complete contact, while we kissed continuously as if our lives depended on that. I kept making love to her gently. Bhabhi tried to break our liplock, so I let her. Bhabhi said, " Bhaiyya, aap ko kuchh mahsuus nahi ho raha hoga, please jhoot mat boliye ". I replied, " haan, lekin aap bura mat maniye ".

To which bhabhi replied, " zor se kariye aur fir dekhna kuchh hota hai kya ?". I obliged and started ramming her hard for the next 10 mins or so. Still nothing, bhabhi then said, " bhaiyya mujhe lagta hai, ab aap mujhe koshish karne dijiye " I was embarassed and surprised, so I got up from between her legs. Bhabhi satup and without a word took my penis in her mouth.

This sudden reaction coupled with bhabhi's lips were enough to send shivers down my entire body. I tried to stand still but my entire body was trembling. Bhabhi looked up at me, with my cock in my mouth. All I could manage was a faint smile. My head was now swimming in a sea of light bulbs, and then all of a sudden, there was a flash.

My testicles emptied into bhabhi's mouth in spurts and when I gained sanity, bhabhi was still sucking my penis, her mouth and face were a mess from my cum. I crashed into the bed and lay still for sometime. Bhabhi got up, tied her hair in a bun and then slid down her bra and hooked her blouse. Next she got up and wore her red panty and unfurled her petticoat down her legs.

She looked back at me once and smiled. Her face and mouth were still covered with my cum. She went to the bathroom and came back after 5 mins. She had washed her face and mouth and had a satisified smile on her face. She walked back to the bed. I wanted her once again and got up to kiss her. Bhabhi said, " Bhaiyya " and kissed me.

I grabbed her and started exploring her whole body with my hands. Bhabhi then said, " bacchon ka aane ka time ho gaya hai, aap please chale jaiye " I then realized that its been more than 1 hour since I came here. Just as I was about to get up, the door bell rang. Bhabhi looked at me scared and urged me to put on my clothes. I rushed to the bathroom with my clothes. I could now hear the door knocked.The knocking continued and it grew louder and louder.

Suddenly I was wide awake. I looked at the watch next to my bedside. It was 9 AM in the morning. I was in my room and my underwear was a complete mess as I had cum generously in them. I heard the knock again and shouted at the door that I will be outside in 10 mins. I got up from my bed and checked my mobile. It all had been a dream but it felt no less than the real thing.

I did my bedsheets and then changed my soiled underwear. Once outside, I continued as normal. I had a terrific day and whenever I saw bhabhi outside I would be reminded of her beauty and my most memorable dream.

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Tilak enjoying with choti mummy - I

Hi everyone, I am Tilak (24 years old) and this is my first attempt to write something of this sort. Before I proceed, I 'd like to thank HD for such wonderful stories being posted here.Before killing much of your time, lets roll.

I had always been a naughty child.Whenever I used to get a chance to sleep with any of the ladies, I extracted the best I could..;) I used to cuddle in them. Starting with the belly, I used to carass their belly button and try reaching those lovely boobies from underneath the blowse, sometimes I succeded and sometimes it just went by.That excitement of doing those stuffs slowly and the pleasure of acheiving it is inexplicable.

So, it was the winters of 2002.I used to sleep alone and sometimes with other people sharing the bed.One night my choti mummy(aunty) came and slid in my quilt.I asked her what happened and she said "kuch nahi..so jao" (nothing happened, just sleep).By the time she dozed, my hands were exploring her belly and was encircling her belly button.

I dont know what happened but she told "neend nahi aa rahi kya..kya kar rahe ho?? (aren't u feeling sleepy..what are u doing??).I couldn't proceed that night after that and she ignorred that as well taking this as a childish thing, but somewhere in the back of my mind I felt that she liked it and they generally do females love that which I got to know later wid my girl friend.

I was prepared for the next night, generally I used to wear my tracks but that night I wore only shorts despite it was cold, expecting her laying beside me in the same bed and quilt. As they say, fortune favours the brave, she joined me that night as well. I was little bolder than yesterday. She was in her saree and me in my shorts and tshirt.I turned towards her and placed my hands on her flat belly.

She was lying on her back and my hands trying to cover as much as I could. She put her hands on mine and slowly dozed off. But, I was not at all ready to sleep that night.Slowly, I started my exploration.She turned to her left,her back towards me. it was like the spoon position. My manhood (still in the growing stage) was getting uneasy.

While she was turning, her saree moved a little exposing her legs till her knee.I slowly raised my leg and put that over her legs.My tool pressed against her ass, my hands just inside her blouse and my bare skin touching her bare legs.That was amazing. I still get a hard on when I thing about those nights.

She remained in that position for sometime which helped me reaching the bottom of her boobs. the first touch was amazing.i wanted to get more but patience was the key here. The next few nights went like this, without much success..;) but her behavious changed a little towards me. Some of the times she used to tease me casually saying "ab tum bacche nahi rahe..." (you are no more a kid now) with a smile.

I used to get scared thinking what if she tells my mom. The next night had some surprises waiting for me. U wont have to wait for that too long.Please feel free to post your comments. Till then keep rocking.

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