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Horny Chennai housewife Shanti fucking stranger

Hi this is Shanti, I am a 45 year old woman. I frequently travel in bus for work. In Chennai the buses are very crowded. I have cross eye and I have an inferiority complex with regards to that. I stay with my husband and inlaws. I don’t usually get a lot of attention from men or I don’t actually know because of my introvertsion I don’t usually look around for men who look at me.

I am slim and have small features. Recently one day when I was travelling in the bus which was very crowded I had to stand and midway in my journey I noticed somebody pressing against my back repeatedly. This is normal in a crowded bus but this pressing was different it was as if it was purposeful.

I just knew it was a male passenger but did not have the guts to turn around and see who it was. This was going on for a while and I realized that his cock was pressing against my butt. I was dumb folded. I could feel that this mans cock was completely erect and he was purposefully rubbing his cock against my butt.

I have travelled in buses for almost 25 years and this was the first time this has happened to me. this experience was very new and it was quite exciting to know that someone from the opposite sex was interested in me and he cock is erect and touching me in a public place. I was enjoying the feeling. But I dared not to turn and see who it was.

After five minutes or so the man moved away from me and he went to get down from the bus. I saw him only at that time and I was further shocked to see that it was a young man. His age would be maximum 23. This undue attention from very young man and this whole experience made me excited and I tried to have sex with my husband that night and I was disappointed because he was not interested.

The next day I was waiting for the same bus at the same time. I was not able to free my mind I was completely obsesses with the thought of the young boys cock pressing my butt. The bus came crowded as usual I got in and searched for the boy I found him he smiled at me but I put my head down and went and stood beside him.

He started his work again today pressing his cock against my butt. I pressed back and felt his cock complete. I slowly moved my butt side to side and he was also doing the same. He got a little bold and put his hand on my shoulders and I became bold and slid my hand back and caught my penis and squeezed it and came back.

After a while and I turned around and my breast was against his and my vagina against his cock and stood like that for five seconds and I turned back. He did not get down at his stop and he continued his work and got down with me where I got down. My heart was racing and he talked to me.

Just as I guessed he was just 23 and he has completed his MBBS recently and was working in a hospital. He directly asked me where I wanted to go with him. Since I had no private place he asked me to come to his hospital where he was working at a time when nobody will be there.

The next day I went there he had his own private consultation room there and he fucked me on the bed he had in his room. This was my first out of marriage experience and he told me that this was his first fuck. I told him that it was my first fuck out of wedlock. Since he was new to this he had a lot of curiosity and we continued for six months after which he lost interest in me and I bravely started to look out for other men in crowded buses.

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Posted by bill
on: February 6, 2013 4:41 PM | Reply

Sexy story. You can ride my bus anyday! :)

Posted by Gupt
on: March 2, 2013 10:22 AM | Reply

which bus do you take ?

Posted by
on: May 8, 2013 7:16 PM | Reply

Very sexy aunty

Posted by raj
on: May 11, 2014 1:24 PM | Reply

good and Nice which number bus you take and where?

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