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Jayamami fucked by Sanu

I am Sanu, 25, married and wife working in a MNC. I got a job in a senior position in a distant station with lot of perks. But my wife could not come due to her official exigencies. I found the company furnished quarters in the third floor of a block, and the company car, an "Accent" quite comfortable.

I took food from a hotel, which is not good, and hence took self made sandwiches for b/f and self cooked rice with curds and salads for supper. In the block there were several families and when I leave for office I find many ladies standing to see their husbands off. Most of them have two wheelers etc. I lavishly drive out my luxury car to the envy of many of the ladies.

Once one lady asked me about my marital status. I told that I am married, but my wife was working and could not come here to stay with me. Ladies expressed sympathy on my forced bachelorhood. One day a lady staying in the same floor where I am staying, came and asked me whether I would like some curry to eat with my rice. I looked at her, sweet smiling face.

She was very attractive lady with her body fully covered with her saree out of modesty and it was not possible to make an assessment of her vital statistics. I said quite welcome. She said I will bring say within half an hour and disappeared into her flat. I went to my flat, changed, took bath, went to kitchen and put my quota of rice in the pressure cooker to cook and then went to slice the vegetables for making salad.

There was a ring of the door bell. I went and opened and the lady was there smiling with a small s.s. vessel. I took the vessel to place it on the dining table and invited her to come in. She came in and sat in my sofa. I asked her about her family etc.

She said her name is Jaya and her husband worked for some company as their Marketing Manager and he had to travel a lot, they were married since four years but not blessed with any children. She offered to help me in the kitchen. I said you are so gracious to give me some curry which is more than enough. Please give me when you make curry in future. She said she will.

She said she will serve me the rice so that I can taste the curry she had brought. I sat with my plate and she served me rice from my cooker. She made the salad also ready and served the curry she had brought. It was vattakuzhambu, my favourite, smacking my lips I ate the rice praising her dish, and ate everything including the salad.

The lady, Jaya, was watching me in amusement seeing my eagerness to take food. I got up and left the plate in the sink, washed the vessel she had brought, returned it to her with lot of appreciation and gratitude. She gave me an impression that she feels bored of her lonely life, without her husband.

Perhaps giving me the curry and chatting with me for some time in the evening was a good deviation for her. Next day I bought some vegetables for her, all fresh from the market, and gave it her. This became a routine, her coming with the curry, helping me in the kitchen, putting the house in order, serving the curry with her own hands, hearing my praised etc.

After becoming quite friendly with her, one day I asked her, out of curiosity, whether they consulted any doctor about the fertility problem. With face reddened, tears flowing, Jaya did not reply took leave of me suddenly. Next day I apologized to her for having hurt her. She said it is our fate that this janma they have to live without any children, and again tears.

Suddenly she raised her voice and told me that how can children come unless the husband and wife live together. Oh, that is the matter, I thought, there is much more than what is meeting the eye. I told Jaya, I call her Jayamami, tell me your problem so that we can find solution. Husband stays with her only for one week each month and in that one week, their sleeping together is just for a day or two thats all.

I asked her with profuse apologies, whether they dont sleep in the same bed. She said no, he sleeps separate. Oh, that is the problem, no sex and how can she get pregnant. I asked her again, you dont have sex at all. She said he cannot have sex, he has some problem. Why dont you take him to the doctor, I asked. He will not come, he has some complex, she said.

She again started to cry. I went near her and pacified her and told her not to cry. She said crying loudly that I dont have any solution to my problem, I have to die a virgin. Oh my god, what I am hearing, she never had sex for the past four years of married life. I am married and I have to be loyal to my wife. I cannot... Jayamami who was sitting near me in the sofa leaned over me and rested her head on my lap.

She was weeping uncontrollably. I had to console her. I told her please dont cry, Jayamami, please stop crying. I wiped her tears with my towel. I had to lift her with both of my hands from my lap and pacify her. But I saw she had a pair of beautiful boobs and her firm body was youthful and strong. I had to set her hair in order and wipe her eyes and face.

She was still leaning on me. I told her come on you lie down for some time just to relax and then you can go home. I caught her with my both hands and with my right hand around her waist led her to my bed room and made her to lie down in my bed. Whe I got up to put on the light, she said no, please dont put on the light. I sat in the bed near her holding her hand and her hand was on my thigh.

My cock was getting tightened. The smell of a female was intoxicating. I was getting an erection. Jayamami had stopped crying. When I leaned forward to set the pillow, her hand touched my erect cock. She knew that I am aroused by her presence. She groped into my dhothi and caught hold of my cock. Then there was no talk. Things took their own course. I placed my hands on her boobs.

She asked me to unhook her blouse and bra and take out the boobs, which she also helped. Her ample boobs with erect nipples were there open in front of me. I too was without sex for the past one month and wanted to go home next week. But her boobs were real beauties. I squeezed both with my both hands. In the meantime, Jaya was moving forward to take my cock in her mouth.

Sucking one of the boobs, I searched for her pussy with one hand. I could lift the saree and the panty was there. I pulled it down. I inserted my hand inside and touched her hairy pussy. It was all wet and in a total mess. I told Jaya, better you go home, finish your supper and come back. We will enjoy in the night. Jaya said ok and left. By 9 pm she knocked at my door softly.

I opened the door and found Jaya in a nightie. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. She responded well. She told me that her husband cannot fuck, because once he inserts half of his cock inside, his fluids go and hence he cannot complete the fuck. Poor thing has never had a good fucking from her husband. I took out my laptop and showed her a porno site.

She looked at it in open mouthed amazement. I asked her to remove her nightie. She was notally nude inside. I made her to lie down in the bed. Her body was magnificent. I brought my trimmer and trimmed at the hair from her pussy. Her cunt looked like that of a virgin. I opened and saw her clitoris very small. I took her to the bathroom and washed her cunt myself with water.

I sat on the floor keeping her one leg on the commode licked her cunt and clitoris. She was flowing fluids from her cunt like a open tap. I broght her to the bed and first I gave her a doggy style fuck. Looking at the laptop at a running porno site we fucked and we both reached our orgasm simultaneously. I told her to take a pill on the following day to prevent pregnancy.

After each fuck I made her to give me a blowjob. She learnt it fast that she could take my entire cock inside her mouth. We fucked three or four times that night. Jaya was thrilled with so much of sex. We devised a plan that on the last week when her husband comes, I will take leave and go home to be with my wife. Once I come back our plan of fucking daily continued.

I got news that my wife got conceived and Jaya also told me that she too has missed her menstrual period. Jaya told me that it is my child, but her husband says it is his child. I got a transfer to Mumbai and moved away from that place.

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Kritika having hot sex with boyfriend Shantanu

Hi friend..my name is Kritika and I am from a small place of West Bengal. This is a story of me and my first encounter with my boyfriend. I am an engineering student of 1st year and my boyfriend is a dance teacher. We have been together since 7months and we were quite a happy couple.

I was not a virgin and had sex with my 1st boyfriend with whom I had been together for 2 years and then we broke up and after that I had been with my present boyfriend whose name is Shantanu. Shantanu was a virgin and he always had an inferiority complex with my previous boyfriend as I broke my virginity with him.

Now to describe myself- My age is 19years with an awesome figure of 35-28-36 and my height is 5'3. Well I am not heavy but I am voluptuous and my belly is a bit fleshy but not round. My greatest assets are my big round boobs, my heavy ass, my fleshy thighs and my thin waist which is every boys dream I guess and my skin colour is fair. On contrary my boyfriend has a petite figure.

So lets move to the story. As I told you, my boyfriend is a dance teacher and runs a dance school. So on our 6th month anniversary, he told me to come to his school. before that also I had been to his school but we just kissed and hugged and nothing more due to our shyness as both of us were shy in nature.

But today it was going to be different. I reached his school in a rickshaw and then entered his school. I was wearing a tight purple tee which showed my assets and skinny jeans which complimented my thighs and ass..and he was wearing a black t-shirt and a jeans. When I entered, he kissed me on my cheeks and welcomed me.

After that we sat down on two revolving chairs which were quite comfortable. After that we chatted and suddenly he held my hand and looked in my eyes and said "you look sexier today! I love you baby". I replied with a kiss on his cheeks and after that he held my head tightly and kissed me.

I also responded to his kiss and then we were kissing passionately and out tongues moved freely inside our mouths. Suddenly he slided his hand inside my tee and started feeling my boobs with my bra still on. My nipples were erect and he started pinching them which led to shivers on my body. He kept kissing and feeling my boobs for 5minutes.

After that he asked me to open my tee and I did so. He then opened my black bra and started crushing my melons. He started crushing them so hard that although I like it hard but I had to ask him to slow down. He then kissed me and started presing my nipples and breasts. Now he was doing it with so much perfection that I was wet inside.

After that he started sucking my left nipple and crushing my right boob. I mourned "yea baby..suck them..yea..i love you" then he started sucking my right nipple and pressing the other boob. This continued for quite a time and then he slowly unbuttoned my jeans and asked me to open it. I did so and then he slid his hand into my panty and started rubbig my clit.

I was on cloud 9 and asked him to fuck me "please fuck me baby" as I had my last encounter with my ex and it has been quite a while but he asked me to wait. Then he fingered me while rubbing my clit with his other hand. After that he started licking and sucking my whole body including my thighs, naval, belly, back, earlobes etc.

He sucked each and every part of my body giving every part of my body equal time while I was mourning. After that he asked me to lie down and he licked my wet pussy and clit and drank all the love juices. Suddenly I saw him wearing a condom and then without saying anything he just inserted his cock which was 6.5 inches and started fucking me with full force.

I mourned "yea babyy!! aaaaahhhhh...ummmmm...aahhhhh..love youu..yea fuck me like that..aaaaaahhh slow slow aahhh... slow it...!" and he was breathing heavily. Although I wasn't a virgin but he made me feel like one.

He then asked me to come on top of him and I fucked him and my boobs were bouncing and he wanted to eat them but couldn't and after sometime I came and ran out of breath but he wanted more so he asked me to come on doggy position and then he fucked me like that and he bent to crush my boobs.

After sometime I felt his cock tightening and after 3 more strokes he came and then we slept in each others arms. After that we had sex 3 more times and then I returned home. My boyfriend now lives in Delhi and I miss him and his cock! Hope you enjoyed! feel free to post your comments and i'll write more stories of our encounters next time..!!

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Desi girlfriend wearing bra panty dressing up after sex with boyfriend MMS

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Saru getting fucked by husbands friend

My friend Sinu and I worked together for a long time, he did not accept promotion and was not transferred. I got transferred to TN and then to AP and then back to KN. When I enquired they told me that he passed away suddenly when he went on a pilgrimage to a temple town. I was wondering what would have happened to his beautiful wife, two daughters, and the son.

I learnt that he got both his daughters married and his son is working somewhere. Sinu was immensely rich and hence his widow would not be in penury. I mist to meet the for many number of years and hence felt bad about it. Finally I decided to go and meet Saru, the widow of Sinu. Their house was at the end of a street. I walked looking at the other houses.

How the world has changed. Many now houses have come up and many new faces were looking at me. I reached the house and knocked at the door. Somebody opened the door, asked who I am. I told my identity and immediately Saru came clad in a white saree as was the custom among the people. She Made a namasthe gesture and asked me to come in and be seated.

She maintained the same beauty as I saw her as a bride except that insteat of kancheevaram saree she now wore a white cotton saree without any thilakk on her fore head. She must be in her early forties, but her face was very nice. I kept watching her closely and looked into her eyes. I pulled my chair near hers and told her that I learnt about the tragedy very late and hence the delay.

She enquired about my children and I asked about her daughters etc. She excused herself and went in, perhaps to get coffee for me. I was wondering how Sinu treated her. He was a oversexed boy and wanted to fuck her at least four times a day. His house was very close to the office he worked and even during office hours he just disappeared.

His friends used to make fun of him that he had gone for a "quickie" Some times he used to even flirt with some newly recruited girls. His was an insatiable urge. Having been accustomed to his methods, how Saru would have missed him is a mystery. Saru came with a plate of snacks and a cup of coffee. She sat near me and was looking at my eyes.

I asked her "How are you getting along, Saru" "Sir, it is very difficult, extremely difficult for me to pass a day" she said. "Why, what is the matter?" I asked. "Sir, You know how Sinu was and his habits. Having put up with a man like him, dont you think it is difficult for me to be without him?" she said. What more clarify was needed in the message. I ate the snacks silently and looked at her.

She asked me to visit her at least once a week and spend a day with her. She had nobody to share her memories except me. She asked me to take lunch with her and go only in the evening. Since my family was not in the near vicinity and I stayed and took food from a hotel, she insisted for my stay with her and I had to agree.

She took down my phone number and told me that she will remind me. She was staying in that house alone and a lady servant came in the day time to help her in the daily chore. In the morning on the Sunday, there was a phone call from Saru to inform me that I should positively come in the morning.

When I told her that I just got up and had not even taken bath, she said you can take bath here, please come. I reached her house in the morning at 9 am. There was no crowd in the street and it appeared strage. Saru told me that they all had gone for a picnic and would be back only in the evening. She gave me a cup of coffee and asked me to go with her upstairs where they had a bathroom.

She showed me the bath room and asked me to undress so that she may apply oil on my body. I was shocked and said no, no, I will do it myself. She said she used to do for Sinu and wanted to revive the memory and to please let her do the oil massaging. I undressed and with a brief sat naked on the stool. Saru told me to remove the brief also.

Reluctantly I removed to reveal my semi erect cock. Saru started to apply oil on my back and then on my hands and then on the chest. When she came to the navel my cock was in full erection. She applied oil on the cock, balls, and then the thighs etc. Her hands were constantly returning back to the cock. She told me that his is certainly bigger than that of Sinu.

After a thorought massage all over the body, she applied a herbal paste and then poured water and cleaned my body. I told her I will apply oil on you and bathe you. She laughed and said you should have offered me this earlier. Now the time is over. I said no, no, time is not over, tie your hair on top and undress and come.

Laughingly she undressed and came totally naked and sat on the stool. Wow, what a body, her boobs were still erect, except some fat in the abdomen, she was just as beautiful as she was before. I applied oil on her body wth special emphasis on her boobs and pussy. Her pussy was clean shaven for the occasion. I asked her did you not expect this and remove all your pussy hair.

She just winked and laughed. She was holding my erect cock when I bathed her with the herbal paste. I rinced her buttocks, pussy, thighs, legs, Oh it was so nice to touch her nice and soft skin. We both were fully aroused. We walked out of the bathroom naked andwent to her bedroom. She pushed me to her bed andshe fell on me.

Very deftly she rode on me and took my cock into her cunt and started fucking. I asked her what about condom. She winked and said that she is on a pil. She was on a safe day. The most luxurious thing is to fuck a wet body. She was hot as an iron. Moaning and panting she fucked and earned her first orgasm. But went on fucking and again another and another.

Finally by the time I reached my orgasm she has had many orgasms. We both went to the bathroom rinsed ourselves and then. She asked me to go for breakfast. Hot idlis and sambar and churney were kept for B/f I was very hungry. We both finished the entire stock of idlis. We resumed our fucking with doggy as per her suggestion. One after another all the poses known to her were tried.

She was crazy after sex. After my husband's death thisis this first time I am enjoying sex. I want more and more, she said. She said that the lunch and the snacks are ready. and hence we can fuck and fuck for the whole day. In the missionery style I plunged my cock deep into her and made her to give out a cry. Her face contorted by pleasure on every movement of my cock in her cunt.

She enjoyed my kissing her lips, her boobs, sucking her nipples etc. We fucked till late evening. After snacks I was getting ready to go, but she made me to promise that I will come again next week for a similar schedule. I promised. Fucking a woman is enjoyable, but fucking a passionate woman is more enjoyable, I continued this practice for one year. At the end of one year I was transferred to Mumbai and I had to take a tearful farewell from her.

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Adi fucking Moms friend Mamta aunty - III

Previously: Adi fucking Moms friend Mamta aunty - II

Hi mates, sorry for having disappeared. For benefit of those who have not read my earlier two posts, posted on 7 dec 2012, I would advise them to read them first to know the context. Well ! Mamta aunty left and gave me time to decide. The trick was she wanted me to decide before she reaches the kitty party.

I had enjoyed with her and I put my necessities before my mothers infidelity. I thought when dad has been fucking around and knows that mom also getting fucked by his friends then what is the point to think otherwise. I decided quickly and called Mamta aunty and informed her that I want to fuck her only. She said, then I would say to them that you are not ready and in private we will time it for us . I agreed to it.

Next opportunity that I got was just within a week. I overheard Mom talking with her and asking her when will Rooma return from her summer camp. It was all I heard and I knew that she would be alone now and I quickly dressed up and sped away to her residence. I was informed by her maid that she was in her room.

Mamta aunty came and was surprised, Hi Adi, my lover boy, how come you are here . I grinned and said, came to know you are alone and came here to give you company . She smiled and said, you should have asked, today we are having kitty here and everybody is expected in an hour or so . My jaw fell like as if it had no support and she laughed.

She shooed away the maid and took me to her magnificient bedroom. She said, its o.k honey, you can see me getting ready but nothing more than that . I went along cursing my luck. I tried to kiss her but she pushed me and said, sorry honey, dont spoil it, it takes long to get ready so just watch , she threw a towel to me and said, you can masterbate and grinned.

She then removed her gown and my jaw dropped again. She was wearing a lime yellow backless blouse. I whistled softly and she giggled and said, you like it . Her peticot was just inches away from her pubic and that sexy oval navel button. What made it more sexy was a very muscular abs encircling the navel button.

I admired her slender neck, smooth, spotless silky back and those two perfect mounds of her ass. She started tucking that limy yellow saree. In about 10 min she turned around and winking at me asked, so do you like it, honey . My lips went dry by watching that spectacle and instead of speaking I just pulled out my dick and it saluted her.

She came near me and stroked it and said, wrong time dear, you will have to wait. I pleaded, pleaseee. She firmly said no, not now, I can pose for you and you can masterbate as you used to do earlier and then she giggled. I within no time removed all my clothes and held my tool and lay there on her bed.

She took a pillow, stood near bed and with back towards me angled herself for my benefit to have a glimpse of her cleavage as well. I felt like a fool, beauty in front of me and myself masterbating. I jerked it and then requested her to allow me to atleast pump her melons. She smiled and came near me. Out of lust, I grabbed her and pulled her over me.

She protested and tried to get up saying, no Adi pleasee . But I buried my head into her navel and started licking it. She kept on trying to get free but I continued, pinning her down. I then pulled up her saree and attacked her pussy. She had her thongs on and I licked her entire crotch. She shimmered as I licked her and started pulling her thongs down.

She was protesting but her mood also changed. She moaned as my tongue probed her pussy. As I tried to open up her saree she held my hands and pleaded, pleasee honeeeyyyy ummmmmmm ufffff noooooo theyy willl aaagghh heeereeeee anyyyy momennnttt . I just didnt heed to her warning and proceeded to open up her saree and peticot while licking her pussy.

She had started to respond and was continuously moaning and cursing me with sweet little nothings. I forced her to turn upside down and licked her entire back. As I started to pull the strings of her backless she moaned and said pleasseee iskooo rahneee doooo plssss aaaahhhhh chubhhhh rahaaa haiii tumaharaaaa . She twisted her hands to reach out for my dick.

As I proceeded to undo the strings while kissing her neck she moaned and said, karooo aaahhh hmmmm jo kaaarnaaa kaaroooo apniiiii marjiiiii seeee ummm ahhhhhh oohhhhh Aaaaaadiiiiiii eeeesssiiisss . After removing her blouse I ahain turned her and started sucking her nipples. She moaned and I did not notice when she grabbed her mobile and had dialled.

She had put it louudspeaker mode and was shocked to realise she had called Ganglani aunty. Mamta aunty amidst her moaning said, ummmm Kavitaaaa eeeissss aaaghhhh, pleaseeeeee come aaafteeerrr 2 houuurrrrs . She pressed my head into her boobs and as I continued licking Ganglani voice came, kiske saath ho raha haiiii janeeemann.

Mamta aunty replied, Aaaadiiiiiii . Ganglani aunty sighed and said, line chaalu rakh yaar, dekh nahi to sun kar hi chalaa lungi . Mamta aunty kept her mobile near the pillow and said, ab koi dar nahiii Aaadiiiii . I was nearly mad with lust and started kissing her entire body. She then stopped me and started licking my dick.

I grunted and hissed pleasee aunty pura lo na to which Ganglani aunty commented, kitna bada aur mota hai Mamta . Amidst sucking Mamta aunty replied, ummm chhhuusssgg, bahuuuuttt baaadaa . Ganglani aunty sighed and said, yaar Aaadi kyon chupp hai usko poochh mujheee haiii kab chodega . My dick was glistening with her saliva and I grabbed her and said, ab nahiii rahaaa jaata.

Mamta aunty said, peeche seee karrro, aur aachee aaahhhh se masal dena mujhko . Within no time I was inside her and started grinding her. She moaned and moaned and Ganglani aunty kept on talking dirty sweet things which strangely added to my madness. She was using total slang, Adi, pura bhetar dal kar sifr gaand hilaa, bahut mazaa ayega.

I did and really enjoyed the act . Mamta aunty was moaning, panting and exclaiming, Kavita, Shoma (my mother ) neee kyauuusss miss kiya, uffff Aadiiiiii ummmmmm . My pace was increasing, as the itch at the top of my dick was increasing, I kept on increasing my pace till I felt I am going to achieve salvation.

I started firing my shots deep inside her and Mamta aunty kept on maoning ruukknaaa mattt honeyyy, sweetheart aaahhhhh ummmmm Adiiiiiii busssss oneee moreeee yesssssss angleeeee itttt haaaannnn rubbbbb nowwwwwww dooo itttt fulllll thrusssttttt aaaghhhh ummmm juussstttt uuueeeeeiigghhh aaahhhhh aaaaahhhh ummmmm and I felt hot lava flowing over my dick.

I was still semi erect, powerfull enough for another few strokes and gave her those jerks but she didnt respond. I got up after gathering my breath and Mamta aunty mumbled, you are real good fucker . Wait, Kavita may be coming. I started putting on my dress and said, not ready for her yet.

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Kumar having sex with Maddy

Glad to have been a regular reader of this Forum , with great pleasure would like to share few of my encounters which I am trying to pendown the same as it is . Briefing about myself Kumar ,have been a Senior Management Professional in the IT Industry and an entrepreneur handling multiple business , about personal have been happily married for 8 yrs now.

Have been a very highly proactive person my entire life and wud be till my death , and also have been a very sensitive and active guy when it comes to sex and admiring Beauties . Thou have not been that good looking but don’t know I do attract girls with my major asset which has been a God Gift for my life – Talking , can communicate or discuss or debate on any subject,

and also have been a very good listener and advisor for all but would give extra interest towards girls which has given me many such opportunities to eternal pleasures . Enough of me let me narrate you one such incident with a colleague of mine.

Had taken up a Job with one of a MNC in Bangalore where was supposed to spearhead Business and Operations of PAN India Operations which had totally been in loss for quiet some time , as have been a person to take challenges joined the organization and brought success in to it redeeming and covering the entire loss with tripling the revenue generation within a short span of 1year.

In the beginning stage of my job with them , due to severe backdrop in reaching the targets had to increase the current man strength so had to appoint few resources . Interviewed some and happened to freeze on some resources out of which their was one married lady by name Maddy who was a fresher to our field who had taken up a job after several years after her marriage with a ruthless Army Major,

she was beautiful and had a slim but stiff statistics despite having a child of 10yrs, whom I put her on training with one of my team manager , their was a major differences in their chemistry and I started getting complaints every one hour and by EOD from both the sides. Handling this situation had counseled the TM who denied training her but could handle one resource out of the three, whom he had referred.

I myself took up the responsibility of training all the three and made them to handle their tasks independently by themselves , amongst which thou Maddy had initially shown tremendous results with oscillations . One fine evening during a coffee break expressed to discuss with her about this , to which she herself wanted to talk to me about this.

Later that evening most of my colleagues had logged out , was going out for a break for a smoke, seeing me going out she followed me and came sat next to me at the smoking zone which was dark by then and started sharing her personal life which had been disturbing her performance.

Showed some care and I consoled her and told that I cant buy these reasons as I am answerable to my higher ups in US , by then which she had tears rolling down and was like dumbstruck. Feeling sorry for her state I held her by her shoulder and was consoling her to relax , she bent and rested her head on my shoulder, in return had held her by my arms.

She felt very comfortable after this and did prove by performing better to best , taking guidance whenever required reaching her targets. Not just her my entire team had attained heights with great results . Hosted a party at my office itself to celebrate this achievement on a Thursday. She was much more happier about it and thanked me for that , I patted on her cheeks and slightly pinched her nose and winked.

Everybody enjoyed in the party , taking liberty onto it few of them expressed their intentions of taking an off the next day to enjoy a long weekend. I granted them a paid leave to whoever wished . Few wanted to work and wanted to utilize this leave someother time. To balance the workload I took up the responsibility of sharing others works , so had to work on the weekend also all alone.

Accidentally Maddy had also come to office to send some report, On Chat she pinged me and called me to her seat as she had some query , i finished a Clients Telecon and then reached her desk pulled a Chair next to her and was casually talking to her and pulling her legs about some silly mistake she had done , she felt shy about that and caught and hugged my arms and rested her head on it,

I just looked upon her she raised her head and gave a cheeky smile and closed her eyes. Devil in me had woken up by then , still in that sitting position on our respective revolving chairs , just hugged her by one arm to comfort her more which brought her head on my chest ,with her head raised up still , taking this as an opportunity gave a peck on her forehead,

she moaned “Hmmmmmmm“ and opened her sexy eyes with a broad smile. I Continued kissing her on her eyes ,nose, cheeks, chin and finally met with her juicy lips , by then my other hand which was busy working on her Desktop mouse had already found its way to explore her juicy, firm and the sexiest assets had ever seen. ohhhhhh it was an unexpected and kind of a dream still for me.

I was in a trance and so was she , I realized about this after sometime and got back into my senses , I just moved away from her lips and just kept looking at her eyes and didn’t want to depart so was she . She was wearing a red tight Tshirt and a pink 3/4th which had stuck to her body as if it was stitched attached to her body , I became much more firm to continue the act,

I placed my right hand on her stomach and kept moving around on the dress itself , on the process I moved it a bit up and came in contact with her bare skin which was really smooth and still firm despite being a mother of a 10yr old girl child , we had our lips locked still and had hugged her tight by one hand still, felt uncomfortable in that position,

to be in much more comfort position picked her like a baby from her seat and made her sit on my lap sideways , she had her hands around my neck and still puffing and as soon as she sat felt my grown up and throbbing dick on her ass ,she gave a slight moan and gripped me with all her strength and lip locked me and had increased exchanging our juices,

to grip her seating on me kept my left hand on her firm ass and the other hand on her right inner thigh and pulled her still closer to me , after which started to move my right hand over her thighs and moved it near her pussy with her pants still on , she just raised her heads closing her eyes and took a deep breath and sat straight experiencing the magic of my hand on her holy hole.

Her melons were right in front of my eyes giving me a feast , my concentration diverted from her pussy to those firm melons , Pressed and kneaded them on her dress itself for few seconds and pulled up her tshirt , Found those melons being arrested in a tight thin satin bra.

She was hungrily looking at me and was waiting what I wud do next , kept my hands on those melons again pressed it harder this time than before and we both matched our sync in kissing each other , eventually tried pulling up her bra which didn’t even budge , loosened my grip on her ass and moved the same to her back to find the hook , which I was successful in separating them.

“WOWwwwwwwwwwwww” was my expression to find those still firm melons which had not changed their shapes with small pink nipples as like they had never been used before . Felt them by my hands , gripped both of them one after the other , couldn’t resist anymore , like an hungry lion pounced on those tits,

felt them on my cheeks and moved my mouth over it and started sucking them , she gasped for a while with her right hands on my back and the left on my head massaging and pulling my hairs towards her chest more . “Uppppphhhhhhhh “ she shivered and let out a moan ….My hands kept on kneading her tits one after the other , so was my mouth ,

I rolled down down my right hand to her naval and made circles there , she felt ticklish she caught my hand but didn’t stop , I gripped her naval very tight and put my index finger into it, she couldn’t tolerate the pleasure , she just bend over a bit more which gave me much more space to suck her nipples and so did her thighs separate a bit more wide.

Ran my hands over her pussy and pressed it tight as if there is no tomorrow . She gasped again and had become uncontrollable and she didn’t even try stopping me . Moved my hands to her pant buttons and tried removing it , but it was tight . She opened her eyes and saw my discomfort understood about it got down from my lap and stood , just unbuckled the buttons and looked at me.

I too stood and again hugged her tight and started kissing her , she was too short and thinner than me . As my hands wandered around her back , in kind of me in a bending position I put in both my hands inside her unbuckeled pants and held her ass cheeks tight , slightly pulling the pant down which was not at all budging from its place but did give me slight access to those soft,

tender ,small butt cheeks which were slightly cold and also hot ,with goose bumps all over them. Just massaged them for a while still kissing her . Had bent too much to access them and it was too long , my back started paining so removed my hands and stood straight with my hands on her back.

We looked at each other again exchanged smiles . she felt shy and hugged me tight resting her head on my chest , she was hardly 50% of my physique .i held the hem of her Tshirt from behind and pulled it up she made way to me remove them , with some effort it separated from her body , told her “its very tight“ , Maddy asked “What ??“ in a lower and shaky voice, Told “Everything in and on you“.

She smiled and again fell over me which automatically gave a clear path to the brassier to be separating from her body without any intrusion or effort to remove it . She dropped her hands , it fell over. I moved her a bit and removed my TShirt , she saw my hairy chest and digged her face into it , experiencing the fragrance of the AXE Deo and went crazy.

In return made her sit on the table, parallely had held her hem of her pants along with her panties, on the process of making her sit had pulled them completely down , she too bent over and adjusted herself to remove her skin fit 3/4th and her panties , she didn’t even touch them , I removed them sitting on the chair.

It was my turn to have my eyes and jaws wide open to see her clean ,small , pink ,juicy and atmost an totally hairless pusssy. Was amazed to know that there were no traces of any pubic hair at all and got to know she is blessed with such a boon of being hairless . Was drooling at it , spread her legs pulled her close to smell the fragrance of Ponds Talcum Powder which drove me much more crazier,

I literally pounced on it bending her over and spreading her pink pussy lips apart and started tasting her juices which had already started oozing with no limits , she caught my head and was continuously telling “no no no please , don’t do that , I m very sensitive , I might get an infection , please baby , please , have never done this ohhhhhh God , dear pleaseeeeeeeeeee “ she kept on mumbling this for long and kept on pushing me away and also pulling me,

Looked at her , she had her eyes closed , biting her lips she was totally in a trance and had totally lost herself to me offering me everything ,accepting whatever I did to her . I slurped up all the juices , gave a kiss on it and stopped and just looked at her again . She Opened her eyes and had slight tears in it. Was shocked to see her in tears , I thought I might have hurt her , so asked

“ What happened dear ?? was I rough ?? did I hurt u by any chance ? sorry “ she stopped me by closing my mouth with her fingers . She was panting still and told me this is her first time she has had an Oral Sex nor has seen anything of that sort nor had heard of it as it was a taboo for them . She thanked me for it .

I had a big smile on my face and asked her “ then did u enjoy it dear ?? “ she nodded her head in acceptance and said “ it was fantastic” , I asked her “ u want it again ? “ , she gave a big smile with shy and bent down from the table to hug me , I got up a little , hugged her with all my might and gave a peck on her cheek and started chewing her lips making her taste her own juices,

she slurped my lips and was like totally lost , she put her legs around me and was trying to feel my body heat on her. Its really a great feeling of feeling ones body when they are in real heat , it feels like we are literally in fire and we are on smoke , upppppphhhh so heavenly it feels . Was almost rubbing my crotch on hers in this process,

so was she too doing the same and we were panting and kissing and trying to take breath whenever possible. We kept on looking into each others eyes and were in heaven kissing each other , she smiled which loosened our lips grip . I made use of this period to remove my pants , she left me free and was looking at my pants , as soon as it went down along with my briefs,

she had a big smile to see my brother who was in full attention . She looked at my eyes and closed her face with her palms telling “ u r so huge “ , I told “ u shud thank my brother for it “ she was confused and asked “ who ? “ , showed my dick and told “ He , he is my little brother , Thank him ! “ , she smiled and said

“ Ohh is it , thought something else , hmmmm ok thank u my darlings brother “ just like that , I told “ he doesn’t accept thanks like that , u need to shake hands with him “ , She understood what I meant and closed her face again with her palms and again opened and looked at my Dick and moved her hand towards it , she just touched it and said “ thanks” , I said “so mean ,

thank him properly “ , she starred at me came down from the table , held my dick firmly in her hands as like it’s a baby , she made her face as like shes talking to a baby and said “ Thank u sweetheart “ and moved her head to it and gave it a kiss , and got up soon wiping her lips of my precum , I asked her “ don’t u like it ? “ , she said “ I like ur brother ,

but sorry baby I cant do further , I knw what you are expecting , butttttttt …….“ , I stopped her said “no issues sweetheart” , and hugged her again , my dick was touching her navel area , I lifted her again with her legs spread around me and carried her to the front desk where we had a huge sofa , made her lie on it , and I too went on her,

was smooching her again and was trying to reach my dick to her pussy which was not at all reaching to her , she was so short , I broke the kisss , positioned my Dick to her love hole ,and rubbed it for a while up and down the pussy lips , she was squirming to the core . She looked at me holding her both the hands behind and holding the sofas arm rest and said “ Sweets , please be gentle “ ,

I smiled at her innocence looking into her eyes I guided my dick to enter her love hole to the bottom most possible , every inch of my dick entering her , her eyes opened wide and wide along with her mouth and her hands gripping the arm with much more force , so was I enjoying it felt as if my dick is entering through a soft butter …. “upphhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh “

was all I cud say closing my eyes slowly . I stopped once after I reached the bottom most of her pussy ,I pulled back a little , what a pleasure it was , I started moving with light strokes , she had her mouth wide open still and started enjoying my each and every stroke with slight pain and pleasure , almost after 15-20 strokes she stopped me moving by holding my chest upwards ,

panting and asked me “ baby , no protection ? what to do ? “ , I held both her hands back again leaned over her , gave another deep stroke and said “ Just relaxxx and enjoy baby , lets look into it later on “ , she was also in a noreturn position as like me and started humping and thumping for the next 15minutes closing my eyes with atmost concentration below ,

she kept on squirming and was also giving me return strokes and was moaning in almost a crying state with her teeths clutched sometime , biting her lips , opening her mouth wide open … I kept reading and riding her to the max , was dripping and sweating profusely , she looked at my body and said “ u r totally wet all over “ , I just nodded and continued dripping my sweat on her body and sofa ,

was almost in a climax stage I removed my dick from her love hole . made her sit on the leather sofa arm rest again , held her by her butts, and was exploring her butthole with one finger and had taken an entry to her glory hole again, giving her pleasure from both the holes , as well as kneading her tits very roughly , and parallely lip locked and increased my speed ramming her cunt ,

she was writhing in pain and pleasure now closed her eyes and made me cum in her taking up all my seeds deep within with she almost going into a uncontrollable pleasure and was almost falling down behind , upon which I understood she too has climaxed along with . Panting heavily she just lyed back on the sofa with her pussy pointing the ceiling still high on the sofa arm rest with her legs wide open.

i stood supporting my knee to the sofa arm rest profusely sweating and breathing high. After relaxing for a while , looked at her , she too opened her eyes slowly as like me and smiled and put both her arms up and invited me to sleep on her. I just leaned on her and asked “ Did u enjoy baby ? “ , she told “ Never in ma lifetime have had such kind of pleasure from my husband,

I came thrice now and twice while u were licking me .” was happy to hear that , we got up together hugged again and went back to her desk to collect our dress , put on and came back to the same place and turned the AC to the max speed along with a standing fan , relaxed again together holding each other in arms.

She excused for making use of the rest room for a while and so did I follow her and i came out early from the mens restroom freshening up . She had still not come , I went out to the smoking zone adjacent to the powder room and lit up a cigarette and was waiting for her , she knew where I wud be ,and came as like a ram follows its mother , she held my arms and rested her head on my shoulder and thanked me again.

I in turn touched her lips and told “ please no formalities anymore , despite we reaching upto this situation , I Love you dear ” , she too hugged me and said “I Love you too dear “ with a big smile. I kissed her on her fore head and on her lips with smoke still in my mouth , she too tasted the smoke from my mouth and broke the kiss coughing , we bursted into laughter after that.

We have had sex after this scene many a times till I was in that company for 3yrs , I resigned and have started up my own businesses in Bangalore and 3 metro cities after that , she didn’t continue working after I moved from that company , now she is back to her oldstate of being a house wife taking care of her grownup daughter.

We used to meet up some time till we broke up an year ago . I really miss her very much , and so is she which she has expressed it to our common friend who is one of my active girlfriend in my ever hungry life apart from her . Would share her story some other time when I get to pen it down. Please do share your views in the comments. And apologise if there has been any vocabulary or grammatical mistakes .

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