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Losing virginity to Sita

Having completed my graduation, I was waiting to study further either for PG or for any professional course. In the meantime I was busy with my friends gossipping. Sex was the main subject for discussion. Most of my friends have had occasional strokes of luck but for a few like me. Once when I entered the bedroom of my parents I saw them engaged in sex.

That was my first sexual sight. I rushed back. They did not see me, at least that is what I thought. I have seen my brother and bhabi fucking through a gap in the window of their bedroom. I saw the full show and I knew how they start and end it. My sister used to share a room with me. Once my uncle came and he was put up in the guest room.

One day I saw him fucking my sister and she did not show much resistance. She went to him for some tuition on her subject. This I managed to see through a small hole in the door of the guest room. In the morning I asked why she did not come back after the tuition. She looked at me and told me that she did not want to disturb me and hence slept in the room of the uncle.

It was a lie, because I saw her getting fucked for the whole night by our uncle. Her eyes showed lack of sleep. She was a nice and beautiful girl and who can resist fucking her. Even I have a temptation, but she is elder to me and hence I resisted. In the meantime my mother developed arthritis and had difficulty in standing for long hours in the kitchen.

She recruited a woman for helping her in the kitchen. When I saw her I found her very young, like my sister and with robust body. She did her work very fast and her dishes were very tasty. Her name was Sita. In the evening she used to massage the knees of my mother with medicated oil. They gave her a cot beneath the staircase and a mattress to sleep.

Because it is beneath the staircase it is well concealed and there was space for her to keep her belongings. The was an L shaped veranda and the master bedroom of my parents came first immediately after the sitting room. As we come inside through the veranda we see the staircase going up.

In the upstairs there are two bed rooms, one is occupied by my brother and his wife and another room is the guest room where my uncle is put up. Beneath this staircase, Sita sleeps. Next comes our dining room and kitchen. on the left side of the veranda is my room where we have a double bed used by me and my sister. From my room I can go directly to the dining room and kitchen.

Sita, just about my age used to flash smiles at me when she sees me. She is very beautiful and seems to be very cooperative. Her raised big boobs will attract attention of anybody and so also her round ass. She signalled to me that she is willing to get near me provided we get a chance.

One day in the afternoon when my parents were away to attend a function, I called Sita to my room to bring a glass of water. She came with water, smiling, and I taking water from her hand placed my hands on her boobs and went of pressing them. She stood laughing, she enjoyed my action. I told her to come to my room in the night.

She showed fear in her face and said if somebody knows there will be trouble. I said dont tell you are coming, just come in the darkness of the night. After pressing her boob, I wanted to take it out, but they were well under her pettycoat and she did not wear a bra. I lifted her long skirt and put my hand inside, touched her plumpy thighs, she did not wear any panty, touched her pussy.

Her pussy was hairy. I ran my hand around and touched her round ass. With one finger I touched her cunt and tried to insert it inside. But she said no. I touched her clitoris and nussled it with my two fingers. She seemed to like this and stood with her legs wide open. There was a door bell and Sita ran to open the door and see who had come. My erect cock was still erect.

I heard the sound of my father and Sita came back to the kitchen to prepare tea for my parents. I had to close the door and conceal my presence in the room. Having come this far, I thought I will fuck Sita tonight in her bed beneath the staircase. Softness of her thighs and cunt made me horny. I went to the bathroom and shagged.

I might have poured gallons of my semen into this commode which would have been sufficient to populate the whole world. My sister came from her college, changed, went to get freshen up and then came to the dining table to take tea. I told her that the glow in her face is diminished. What is the reason I asked. She did not answer. I asked her it is due to lack of proper sleep.

What are you doing without sleep. I knew what was the reason, but just let me see what she will answer. Uncle is fucking her heavily. They are so careless that they dont close the door properly that I watched them fucking through the gap of the door. My parents may not go up since my mother is haivng knee pain. My brother may not see since he is busy with his wife.

She did not reply my question. I waited for the night so that I may go and fuck Sita. Time was 10 pm and she was busy in the kitchen. After about an hour after she closed the kitchen door and went I sneaked at the corner and saw beneath the staircase for any obvious activity. OMG, there was somebody. I listened. It is unmistakeable sound of fucking.

I sharpened my eyes and saw in the dim light of the veranda, Sita lying with her legs wide open and somebody fucking her from her top in the missionary position and both breathing heavily. I was wondering who it could be. Sitting on the floor in the darkness I waited for them to complete the act and get up. It was my father. It is highly unjust.

When he has my mother why should he come to fuck the servant. My father got up, wiped his cock in his own dothi and patted the cheeks of Sita and rushed to his bedroom and closed the door and bolted it from inside. I got up and went to sita. She signalled me to close my mouth, rushing to the bathroom outside in the workarea, I too followed her.

Coming out from the bathroom she told me what to do, he comes and wanted to fuck. Can I refuse. He is the master of the house. Mother is sick and hence he cannot fuck her. I moved to my room and Sita followed me. She asked me whether I have fucked before. I said no. OK I will teach you. But no sound. You should not say anything but do as I say. I said ok.

She unhooked her blouse and showed me her boobs. There were huge, with erect nipples. Her arousal was not diminished. She asked me to lick and suck the nipples. I did so. It was nice. My tongue went round and round the nipple. My hand held the other nipple and squeezed it. In the meantime she caught my cock and measured its strength and length.

She made me to lie down in the bed and bent low to take my cock in her mouth and suck it. Oh, it was nice. Her tongue did the trick. Just like my tongue was going around her nipples her tongue was going around my cock. Whe both of us are well aroused, she made me lie down on her and with her hand she took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt.

Her cunt was full of viscous fluids. My cock will easily inside. She asked me to make in and out movement. I did as she said. She asked me to go deep inside. I had seen others doing and now I was doing it myself. A new kind of sensation was overpowering. With passion our breath was heavy and loud. When our thighs clashed there was a sound.

Suddenly she circled her legs around me and hugged me tightly. There was spasm inside her cunt, may be she had reached her orgasm. Within a minute I too reached my climax and sprayed my fluids into her. But I continued to fuck. She relaxed her legs and was getting ready for the second fuck. I kissed her nipples, sucked them, licked them and went on fucking vigorously.

It took longer time. She also reached her orgasm and me too. We got up went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts and wiped our went area and came back to the bed. Time was 1 am. I told Sita to go and have some sleep. We will do it again tomorrow. She said we will do it daily. She went away to her staircase bed. Suddenly there was a knock and my sister entered.

She was making fun of me. What is this new relationships you are developing, she asked. I said you have gone to the Uncle and I have to have somebody new. She asked me did you do it with her. I said yes. Actually I wanted to have you first, she said. But we were staying in this room all these days, you never hinted it to me.

I saw father and mother fucking, you and uncle fucking, brother fucking bhabi, then I thought I should fuck somebody, I said. It was very dark outside. I felt like going to bed. But my sister was just getting ready to get into bed with me. She undressed and changed into her nightie. I asked her why you did not go to uncle. She said he has gone into deep sleep.

He has had already thrice and he cannot do any more. Let us have it once. I want a deep fuck, she said. she removed my clothes and saw my cock. She just held and hugged it. It is so nice, she said. We got into the bed and she wanted to get upon me. I said ok. I have never had it this way with Sita. Sister caught mine and put it into hers and wriggled her ass and got the whole thing inside.

She went in her own pace, slowly fucking and rotating it to touch all the sensitive corners of her hole. I too enjoyed. She was clever not to put her entire weight on me. She touched her boobs on my lips so that I may suck and lick them. She did it better than Sita. She seems to be a slow comer and so am I. We went on moving in oru own pace for quite a long time.

It was sheer pleasure and nothing else. She was not tired neither was I. Finally we came together and it was full and complete. She was very happy. She could get complete fulfilment. I never knew you are this capable, she said. Thereafter we fucked daily in the night. I used to fuck Sita once, and then finally with my sister. She did not mind my fucking Sita.

It went on and on for months and then she got fixed to marry my uncle and Sita went away to get married. I was back to square one.

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Sexual dishonesty of Mala

I am Raghu, 24, just did my PG and got a job in a men's hostel in a town far away from my hometown. Lot of people of my age group were staying in the hostel and it was just merrymaking day and night. We four friends used to go to a gym and do physical. We all could build up our bodies within a short time. Food was good and hence we were very happy.

Standing in the veranda, we used to display our muscles to the mirth of our other friends. There used to be a public road in front and many people used to see our display of our bodies. One day when going to office in the morning at about 9.30, I saw one of our neighboring girls. smiling and waving her hand. I was embarrassed. I thought she may be smiling at somebody else.

But she signaled to indicate it was me she meant. On reaching office I searched for the telephone number of the neighbor. My colleagues were enquiring what is that so urgent that I was looking for. I did not tell them. I just dialed the number and got her sweet voice over the phone. She told me that she knew I will call and was waiting.

Her name was Mala and was a student in the women's college. We developed a telephone relationship in a short time. I could not get access in the office phone because there will be people to overhear. I could not talk in the phone from the lodge. In those days mobile phones were not available and land line phones were only means of communication.

I used to go to the public call offices and talk to her. Our talk used to be for longer durations. Soon we started to indulge in phone sex. Mala's voice used to be very passionate and the moment I hear her voice I used to get erection. She used to ask me over phone whether I have an erection and when I say yes. She used to tell me that her hand is in her panty rubbing her pussy.

Mala was about 20, very fair in color, big boobs, ass etc. Her elder sister also was there and sometimes she will come to the phone when Mala is busy. Her name was Lata and she was married and had a daughter of about 5 years of age. Her husband was away and hence she was with her parents.

Lata used to talk in the same way but she did not want to disturb my relationship with Mala. She too was frank in sex matters. Talking to these sister used to take hours. In the public booth people noticed my entering the booth and remaining there for long time. Once Mala told me to come to the beach so that we may sit in some dark corner and talk.

I asked my friend, Mani to bring his car. Mala also came in her friend's car. Her friend, Fatima, was also very beautiful. Mala asked me to tell my friend to take Fatima to a distant corner so that we both may sit in the back seat and talk. Mani agreed and parked the car in such a way that nobody would notice us in the back seat.

He took Fatima and took a stroll in the beach and we could see them sitting in the sand. He told me that he will give just 30 minutes. By that time I have to finish my job and be ready to leave. The moment Mani and Fatima were out of our sight, I kissed Mala and she was very responsive. I pressed her boobs, and she wanted me to suck the nipples.

I said I will suck but I want to insert my cock in your cunt. She pulled her panty down and lied in the back seat. I climbed her and inserted my cock and sucked her nipples greedily. With 10 minutes of vigorous fucking we reached our orgasm. We readied ourselves and I got out of the car as a signal to Mani and Fatima.

Mala was very happy that we could finish our job to the full satisfaction of both. But she wanted to have one more such chance. Mani and Fatima came. Mala got down from the car and go to the car of her friend. Both the girls were giggling meaningfully. mani asked me on the way to give him detailed account whatever happened. I gave him. He said he is happy that our mission was fulfilled.

But I told him that she wants one more such chance. Mani told me that we will book a room in a distant hotel and go there and spend some time. Mani, my friend, made all arrangements and told me that it is fixed for the next Saturday. I told Mala to be ready to come with us. It was all fixed to pick her up in a road junction and go to the hotel,

spend two or three hours and then come back and leave her near her home, so that it will appear that she had gone to some movie with her friend. We took her in the car and went just as planned and we reached the hotel. Poor Mani, was waiting in the car and we both entered the room and bolted it from inside. I undressed her and made her totally naked.

He had removed all her public hair and her cunt was nice. I too got into the bed with her and she asked me to suck her nipples. I sucked her nipples and squeezed her boobs. She started to moan and was aroused. I opened her legs and buried my face in her cunt and licked her clitoris. She pulled my cock and took it in her mouth.

We both we indulging in oral sex for the first time and we had our orgasm in minutes. She sucked my cock and made it to get erect. I plunged it in her cunt and took my second shot. She was moaning and she had more viscous fluids flowing from her cunt. Finally I pulled out and threw my fluids in the floor. After waiting for some time we had one more fuck and it took more time.

Mala was immensely happy that she could have such a long sexual experience. Otherwise we used to fuck only over phone. By 9 pm we dressed and came out and got into the car. Mani had paid the bills of the hotel and we drove back. He asked us how it was. Mala was shy and covered her face. I told him it was grand and thanked him for making it possible.

We were planning to get married and settle down in that city. But to my utter shock I came to know that she went to a hill station on a picnic with two other families and stayed there for three days. One fellow in the picnic party was very close to the family of Mala. He told somebody that he fucked both the sisters. Mala did not tell me that they are planning to go for the picnic.

When she returned I asked her she simply mumbled and told me that it was all arranged by her sister and mother. I asked how was the picnic. She said it was good, lot of songs, dance and good food etc. I asked her who were all there she said it was some family friends whom I may not know. I asked her whether Mukund was there.

She was surprised and asked me how do you know him. I said I knew him and he told us that he has fucked you and your sister. She was shocked and suddenly disconnected the phone. I never called him since then. She tried me two or three times. When I knew that she was ditching me there is no point in my running after her. She is of the type to get people to fuck her. I came to know about may dirty stories about her. I have never contacted her.

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Priya taking sex lessons from Karthik

I married my wife Priya 3 years ago, we are currently living in London, we both are originally from South India. I completed my studies in the UK and currently working, I went to India and married Priya, it was a proposed marriage by the parents but I was extremely lucky to have Priya as my wife, she is so beautiful and sexy.

Priya was 24 at that time and had completed her studies in India, she is from a very decent family. I then brought Priya to London, she took a while to adapt to foreign life. I was busy with my work, Priya was so boring in the day time, we then decided her to start a part time course. She also decided to learn to drive, just to pass her time during the weeks.

She was new to the country and naturally very shy especially with men. I therefore arranged a far relative of mine for her driving lesson. His name is Karthik, he is an engineer and a qualified driving instructor too, he is married and he was in his mid thirties at that time but he is very handsome and charming. I never thought about any danger at that time.

Priya felt comfortable taking driving lesson from Karthik as he was a big brother to her, not only he was a relative of mine but also Priya knows his wife and children too and felt very comfortable. I was very busy with my work at that time and didn’t pay much attention on Priyas. Suddenly Karthik lost his main engineer job and decided to do driving lesson full time until he find a job in his profession.

He then started giving driving lessons during week days day time instead of week end and evenings. Priya also shown keen interest and wanted to get her driving license and her own car quick. At that time she was taking at least 3 to 4 lessons a week. Karthik normally pick her at our home and drop her back at home after lesson.

One day when I came back from work I noticed Priya was bit nervous, very hesitantly she asked “can I stop taking driving lesson from Karthik?” I got shocked and asked why, she couldn’t answer straight initially but after few minutes she said very nervously “I think he has wrong intention towards me” I asked why, what happened?

She then looked very scared and pretended nothing serious but just not feeling comfortable with him. She also was worried that Karthik was my relative and she didn’t want any break up within families. I told her to not to worry and take it easy.

I thought about it again and again that night and I was very confused. Suddenly I started having a strange feeling inside me, imagining Priya with Karthik. I even had a dream that night Karthik kissing Priya. Gradually I started enjoying the feeling of imagining Priya with Karthik. Next few days Priya canceled her driving lessons as she really had fever for few days.

Following week I encouraged her to continue her driving lesson, mainly to fulfill my desire. She was initially showed reluctant but couldn’t refuse totally. She was nervous and looked scared in the following days but she continued her driving lesson.

In the mean time without Priya knowing I managed to buy two hidden cameras, I installed one in our bed room and one in the sitting room without Priya aware, kept the recorder in the loft where Priya has no access to it.

After few days one night in bed while we were having fun I asked her how her driving lesson going, after initial hesitance she said that Karthik becoming more naughty towards her, I asked her to explain more. She said he is indirectly touching her while teaching her driving and often praising and describing her beauty and her body but she said that with a naughty smile instead of nervous or scare that I wasn’t expected.

I then asked what did you do, she hesitantly said that she was scared but couldn’t do anything. Strangely I enjoyed the feeling of Karthik paying attention on Priyas body. I then hesitantly said to her not to make a big fuss out of this and manage it until she pass her driving test, she looked at me with surprise but didn’t say anything.

That indicated me that she might like Karthik’s attention on her but I wasn’t completely sure. After few days one day she hesitantly said that Karthik is repeatedly asking her to allow him to kiss her, I smiled at her and asked what did she say to him? She angrily said that she said no to him. I asked her “if you allowed him to kiss you, would he stop nagging you?”

she said “I don’t know” after few hesitance I courageously said “Priya…why don’t you allow him to kiss you once to stop him nagging further?” she looked at me angrily and asked “what are you talking about Rahul…I am a married girl”.

After long conversation, I managed to persuade her half heartedly, also made her believe her that this is only to stopping him nagging further and her to successfully complete her driving lesson. On her next driving lesson I told her to allow him to fulfill his wish, she was reluctant and so nervous but I again encouraged her and made her believe that was nothing wrong.

I went to work on that day, Karthik suppose to come to pick Priya up at 10am. They both were unaware of the hidden cameras in my house. I phoned Priya at home around 3pm and asked how did the driving lesson go, she hesitantly replied “ok”, I then asked what else happened, she initially said “nothing”, after a while she hesitantly agreed to explain when I come home.

I knew that something must have happened between Karthik and her. I eagerly waited and came home at about 6 pm, she looked nervous but pretends to be normal. After making her relax I slowly started asking her about Karthik, after initial hesitance she nervously admitted that he kissed her on that day, she repeatedly claimed that he just kissed her for couple of minutes in the sitting room and nothing else happened but I had a feeling of she was lying due to fear.

She also claimed that she didn’t enjoy that and she only did it because I told her to do it. On the following day after Priya gone to college, I nervously started viewing the hidden camera recording from the previous day. As I suspected Priya had lied to me and couldn’t believe my eyes seeing those recording.

Looked like she had told him in the car during lesson that she was ready for kiss from him on that day. They entered into the sitting room after driving lesson, it was a hot summer day and she was wearing a small summer coat on top of a pink top and full length cotton leggings. They both sat on the sofa very close to each other and chatted for few minutes.

Karthik then slowly moved his face close to her face and one of his hands was around her waist and other was fiddling with her fingers. She looked very nervous but didn’t see any resistance from her. He slowly and smoothly gave a kiss on her cheek, she turned her face away in shyness but didn’t show real resistance.

Few more minutes looked like Karthik tried to persuaded her to relax, he then slowly turned her face towards his and with little struggle placed his lips on hers, the first kiss lasted a minute or so and she looked very nervous during that period. She then pointed out windows and garden doors, Karthik then stood up and after little resistance managed to make her agree to go upstairs to the bedroom.

I now switched to the bedroom camera and my adrenalin was pumping in excitement. Karthik entered first and Priya followed him nervously into the bedroom, I also had voice recorder installed in the bedroom, I could now clearly hear their conversation too. Karthik said the kiss was so sweet and wanted to kiss her again and again,

without waiting for her permission he gently pushed her against the wall and held her head with his both hands, placed his lips again on hers, she now stood still motionlessly, he took full advantage of it and kissed her passionately. He continued kissing her for couple of minutes, his right hand then slowly moved down while his left hand was still holding her head.

Karthik managed to overcome a slight resistance from her and started to feel her breasts with his right hand outside her dress and that continued for further few minutes. After few minutes of kissing and cuddling Karthik seemed to have more control over Priya and she looked very nervous and helpless.

I was enjoy watching the recording and wished for these to happen, however I had a strange mixed feeling inside me seeing Karthik taking advantage of my young wife’s naivety and innocence. I also started to realise that Karthik was going to go much further on that day and I was very jealous of him for being successful on lead Priya to that situation especially having the opportunity of enjoying a sexy girl of nearly 10 years younger than him.

Even though I enjoyed the feeling of Priya being with another man I felt slight angry towards him because he was a respected relative of our family and never imagined him having this sort of intention on Priya. Karthik seemed realise that Priya was almost in his hand and started to freely talking to her about sex, Priya looked very uncomfortable and scared but couldn’t resist.

He praised her beauty and her body, heard him saying “you so sweet Priya…I am dying to enjoy every inch of you sweetie, hope you wouldn’t mind, please be relaxed, this is just between us” no response from Priya. He then courageously asked Priya to com and sit on the bed, after few resistance and hesitance he managed to made her to sit on the edge of the bed, he stood in front of her and lifted her head, smiled at her and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

He sat next to her very closely on the bed, started talking to her smoothly to persuade her to agree further. He then slowly started to undo her coat buttons, he succeeded after little struggle and made her to take her coat off. She looked very sexy in the sleeveless sexy pink top and tight leggings.

He turned her face towards him and started to kiss her again, his right hand now overcame resistance from Priya and started fondling her breasts outside her dress. He then slowly inserted his left hand into her top from the back and felt her skin, he then started lifting her top with his both hands.

Once again Priya’s little resistance was over powered and even Priya ended up helping him removing her top through her head. Priya now sat on the bed with real shyness just wearing a black lace bra and dark brown leggings, she wasn’t looking at him and her hands were crossed to her chest.

Karthik stood up in front of her and removed his shirt casually, Priya turned her face away in shyness and may be with little scared too. He then slowly pushed Priya on bed and quickly placed his body on top of her that Priya didn’t expect, before she realise he firmly held her both hands above her head against the bed and started kissing her but this time looked bit roughly.

She looked helpless and obeyed his wish, he then kissed her cheek, ears, neck and his right hand started squeezing her breast outside her bra. Kissing, cuddling and squeezing continued for few minutes. Priya’s resistance gradually came down and Karthik started taking full control over her.

After few minutes he lifted her and made her stand, with a smile at her his hands slowly reached her back, Priya must have realised what’s going to happen next. He quickly pulled her towards him and held her firmly, her hands trapped between their bodies. Karthik comfortably reached her bra hooks, Priya tried to take her hands away to stop him but Karthik held her very tightly and she failed with her attempt.

She finally said “please don’t”, he smiled at her and asked “why Priya”, she replied “I am scared…please this is enough”, he spend next few minutes comforting and persuading her. Finally he managed to remove bra hooks without major struggle. Priya now looked almost given up with her resistance,

Karthik then slowly slid her bra straps from her shoulders and looked at her, she turned her face away in shyness and anger but stood calmly without showing any resistance. Karthik slowly and gently removed her bra through her hands without any resistance from her, Priya kept her hands crossed to her chest and was looking down in real shyness.

Saw Karthik eyes were lit up and he looked in real joy but Priya looked so nervous. Karthik said “Priya… please relax and don’t be shy any more, I want you to enjoy too please”, she slowly replied “I am scared about this”, he asked “why Priya, I am not a stranger, I am a relative and you are very safe… please trust me”.

While further comforting her Karthik gently turned her around and grabbed her from behind, he then turned her face to one side and started kissing her passionately. Continued kissing her, his hands slowly landed on her hands that were kept crossed to her chest.

I will continue this in part 2, please record your comments that will surely encourage me to continue quickly.

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Mallu wife Karthika fucked by Manu

Hi I am karthika from Kerala. I am 28 years of age and I am married to a guy(Naresh) who is an employee of a MNC. We are living in company apartment located in the centre of the city. He is in top position of the company, so he goes to office early morning and comes back at night. So I watch TV to spend the time and when he comes back he dont have time to do sex with me.

Sorry that I havent tell you about me. I have fair complexion with busty boobs, curvy hips and flat fleshy belly and big booty ass. Since I was in boarding school from 13 years of age I know much about sex. I started watching porn movies when I was 14 years.

I am going to tell you about my sex with a engineering student after my marriage. This happened when I was 25 years, it happened when we moved to the company apartment just after our marriage. There was a boy (Manu) who was 19 years of age studying for engineering. My husband leaves for the office early in the morning around 6 am and I go for shopping around 9 am.

Manu used to go to his college at that time. That is how we met each other. Then it became friendship and our relationship grew beyond that and I used to invite him to my apartment. When his vacation started after the examinations he usually comes to my apartment or I go to his apartment since there would be nobody in our apartments.

He comes to my apartment without even knocking. One day I was bathing and I forgot to lock the front door. I didnt knew he entered into my apartment. When I was in my bedroom he was peeking through the half closed door which I saw through my mirror. I acted like I didnt see him and I removed bath robe and became completely naked.

Then I started to wear my dress slowly and teasing him. Then I went to the visitora room where he was sitting in his sofa. Since I was wearing tight salwar which revealed my figure as well as my boobs cleavage, he was looking at me like a boy saw a space ship. I sat beside him on the sofa and started watching TV.

Then we got bored by watching TV and I suggested him we can play chess. He agreed to that happily and I took the chess board and materials from the cupboard and we started playing. Since I know the only way to defeat him is by only showing off your boobs cleavage. So I sat on the floor so that he can see my cleavage. At last I won the game by teasing him.

I sat on the sofa beside him and he was staring at me. Suddenly he hold my both hands against the sofa and he started kiss me. I didnt resisted him since I was so horny and I wanted to have sex with him. He started to suck my upper lips and lower lips. At the same time he was squeezing my both boobs with his hands and I was enjoying it.

Then he started to press his hands on my belly, I became so aroused and I started to moan and I was moving my hips back and forth and I was breathing so fast. I removed my salwar to make myself more comfortable. Now I was lying on sofa in my bra and panty. He removed his tee and shorts. He is in his undies now. He started to rub his tool over my vagina clit to make us more high.

Now I was getting aroused much higher than before and I started to crawl my fingers through his hair. He removed my panty and started to lick it with his wet tongue. Then he turned me around and I was lying on sofa with my ass facing towards Manu. He started to rub his tool between my ass cracks and while doing that he was also slapping my butts.

After doing that for 5 minutes he slowly inserted his tool into my asshole and took it outside. Again he inserted it inside and again took it outside. He did like that for 10 times and he started to fuck my asshole fast and hard. I wasnt able to hold my moan inside me and I was moaning with my full energy and he kept his palm on my mouth so my moaning doesnt hear outside the apartment.

Then he took his tool outside and asked me to do it with my hand so that he can cum. But he didnt cum even after giving handjob for 19 minutes. So I asked him to put it again and fuck me again. He put his tool inside my asshole again and started to fuck me again. He fucked my asshole for about 39 minutes and he started saying that he is gonna cum.

So he took his tool outside again and started to rub but again he didnt cum. So he put it inside again and started to fuck my asshole much harder and faster that he is gonna cum again. This time he didnt took his tool outside he fucked me till he cum his liquid inside my asshole. After that I went to bathroom and cleaned my asshole and again went to him.

He was lying on the sofa and I sat over his tool and gave it a nice massage and made it hard and slowly put it inside my asshole again. And I started to fuck his tool in cowgal pos. I should tell you that it was my favorite pos in sex. While I was fucking his tool in cowgal style my bra and boob was rubbing with his mouth. He was trying to suck my boobs over my bra but he wasnt able to get it.

So I removed my bra, now it was hanging and Manu was able to easily suck my nipples this time. I started to rotate his penis inside my asshole and started rubbing my pussy clit with my hand that made my pleasure so high and in few seconds I cummed my juice over his tool and belly. Then we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves together. After that we were sitting on the sofa in nude fondling my boobs and massaging his tool.

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I am Basil, 27, employed as a physical training instructor in the local college. My job is to identify students who have flair to become atheletes and sportsmen or women. Being in the college I have to deal with boys and girls who are in their teens. Many a times, I may have to take them to inter collegiate, inter university, inter state tournaments.

Giving them coaching in their selected field sports activity is indeed a difficult task. We have teams for foot ball, cricket, hockey for boys as well as girls. Some show talent and others come just to vile away their time. Once I had to accompany two girls to Kolkata for an athetele meet. All the three of us have to sleep in the same room.

Many a times they change their clothesin my presence and I in their presence. Girls gigle when they see me change my underwear. I ask them why should they laugh, one girl, Suja, who was bold, told me that because of my size, they laughed. I was shocked. Usually I keep aloof from them without gossiping.

But from that day I thought I should indulge in small talk with these girls just to vile away time. There were occasions when we have to simply sit looking at each other. I thought I will first get friendly with this girl Suja. She is tall, lean, good looking, with not much of bossom or ass. But she has a firm body, thighs etc.

She said she is 20 and in the degree course and may sit for the final exam soon. The other girl was Rosy, 19, in the degree class. She had some boob and round ass, firm thighs etc. In the night after supper, we go for a walk and then come to the room for sleep. These girls observe many things.

They said there were three or four teams where there is only one girl participant with the PTI. They both stayed in the same room and may be having a jolly good time. I was surprised. If you are interested in jolly good time, I am game. Both the girls laughed. Our room was in the corner in the second floor and lot of street light was entering the room through the window.

I asked the girls to go and take a wash, wash the sports wear they were wearing and change into someting light. They both laughed and told me that they dont have any extra clothing except a lungi for change. But washing the sportswear and putting it to dry in the night is a good idea, because by tomorrow we may get fresh clothes to wear.

After all we are all together and we should not feel shy one against the other. Rosy told us that she will wash the clothes and asked us to remove and give it over to her. Suja removed her sports banian and gave it to her, She was topless. She wore a lungi and gave her pyjama also. I also gave my top and bottom and wore another lungi.

Rosy removed her own clothes and was sitting in the bathroom floor with soap and washing our clothes. I asked Suja to come to me and we both were sitting in my bed. She had nice small boobs, which she had covered with her crossed hands. My cock was in full erection and was creating a tent. I took the hand of Suja and placed it on my cock.

She inserted her hand inside my lungi and probed my cock and caught hold of it. In the meantime her own boob was exposed. I leaned across and planted a kiss on its nipples. With the other hand she embraced me and we kissed each other. Rosy was looking at it from the bath room and was shouting whether the action has started without her.

I asked Suja whether she was a virgin.She said no. I pulled her across to sit in my lap with her legs on both of my sides so that my cock is positioned directly into her fuckhole. I rubbed the tip of my cock on her clitoris and made her to moan.

Suja was in a hurry. With the cock at the entrance of her cunt how can she be patient. She pushed her cunt forward and took my entire cock inside. It was tight. I placed my hands over her ass and pulled her towards me to make a deep penetration. In the meantime, Rosy had completed her wash and brought the wet clothes to put in the clothesline.

I just lied down and asked Suja to complete the fuck. Suja started to fuck me with my cock well inserted inside her. She moved forward and backwards and up and down and finally she came to her big orgasm. Pulsating she lied on my body. Asking her to get up, I asked Rosy to come and to take the positon. She removed her lungi and came totally nude to my side.

Putting her legs across, without any shyness she just sat on me and guided my cock into her. I asked her whether she was a virgin, she said no. I rolled over and made her to come on the bed below me and fucked her in the missionary style and then changed to doggy style. Her boobs were nice to lick and suck.

Rosy was moaning loudly, I had to warn her that neighbouring people would listen and not to make any sound. Both the girls enjoyed the sex thoroughly and we had it almost every day. A new kind of relationship developed between us that we began to narrate all our sexual experiences to each other. Girls had lot of stories to tell. I was just listening and enjoying.

Hearing these stories made our own sex more pleasureable. Our two weeks stay was most enjoyable. On almost all days we fucked. Girls came and told me stories of other camps where the Instructor and the athelete stayed alone. A new kind of atmosphere existed there. They all thought that this is a chance for them to get fucked and enjoy.

We decided that we three will go to other training camps also and enjoy like this. Within three months we went to Ludhiana, Mussourie etc. Our girls performed well and worn the accolades of all concern. In the night they won my accolades for being the best bed mates. Now a days we three occupied the same bed and fucked while all the three enjoyed.

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