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Nisha having sex with stranger in motel

Hi all, my name is Nisha. I am 26 and married for the last three years. It was an arranged marriage in a good and respectable family. My husband and his family had several retail stores in Delhi and such we always had all the worldly comfort I could ever wish. I am a reasonably fair coloured girl with long hair and a figure of 33-27-34.

Originally I belong to Dehradun where I was born and brought up till being married and settling down in Delhi. The event I am going to narrate actually took place a couple of months back when I was returning back to Delhi from Dehradun where I had gone to spend a few days. Initially my husband was too supposed to accompany me but due to some work I had to go alone so I had to take my car and driver for this journey.

When I was suppose to return back, my driver informed me that there was some problem in running of the car and he need to get it repaired before it is fit for the long journey. When he visited the workshop, the mechanic after inspection told him that it would take one whole day for the car to be repaired as there were some major faults.

I was really upset and annoyed with the driver for telling me all this when I was ready to leave. I called up my husband and he asked me to leave the car and driver there for repairs and I should take the deluxe bus that ran between the two places. I knew that due to some social engagements my presence was necessary. So I left by the afternoon bus that was supposed to reach Delhi by the evening.

It was an air conditioned coach where only two person could sit in a row with enough leg space to relax. There was a man already seated by the isle when I entered the bus. When he saw me coming to take my seat, he not only got up and greeted me with a smile but also helped me with my handbag to be placed above. The driver had already put in my luggage in the boot compartment.

It was a smooth journey and the cool temperature inside was relaxing. The person seated next to me introduced himself to me as Arvind who was returning to Delhi after his business tour. He was nice to chat with and always maintained that respect and manners reserved for the females. Everything was going so nice and we had covered half the distance when the sun set in and darkness began to follow.

The driver announced that he would be stopping for a few minutes in the resort that was coming up soon for all to get fresh and relax their muscles. He had hardly spoken these words when he had to stop the bus as there seem to be some problem ahead and all the vehicles had piled up ahead leaving no space at all to go ahead.

When the traffic did not move even an inch the conductor got down to enquire what was wrong ahead. He came back after a few minutes and announced that there was a pile up ahead between two trucks carrying petroleum and one of them caught fire so the whole highway was blocked and the traffic that had piled up had made the matter worse.

The fire had engulfed a couple of more cars so there was no possibility of moving ahead for several hours and he wouldn’t be surprised if it was the whole night. I was shocked and dumb struck as my whole scheduled ahead gone flat. How could I spend the night in a bus, it was even crazy to think about.

After some more time the driver announced that he had confirmation from the agencies involved that the traffic would not be able to start till early morning and it would still take a few hours to get the jam clear. He further informed that we could walk over to the resort that was about half a kilometer from there and could pass the time there, have something to eat and if things did not improve even book a room there to stay the night.

For me it was the most gruesome walk ever in the hot whether. Though Arvind my next seat traveller was there with me still it took me nearly half an hour to reach the resort and I almost slumped at the restaurant table. Arvind had left me there to get fresh and did not return for a considerable time but I was too tired to care about him, moreover he was just a fellow passenger.

I called up my husband and informed him about the situation and he too confirmed having seen it in the news. He too was upset with it but under the circumstances, he too was helpless and he asked me to book a room immediately as there could be a heavy rush for it as hundreds of people are stranded there.

When I enquired at the reception for a deluxe room for a night, I was informed that everyone has been taken following the mess outside. I got down to even an ordinary room to spend the night but there was none, He informed me that people are putting up in the lawns outside as the motel could not accommodate everyone.

The world seem to be spinning for me, spending the night out in the open was just unthinkable with scores of people out there. I was cursing my driver who could not get the car repaired in time, but even if he had, I would still be stuck here. All my requests got me no result and I finally left myself on my destiny, no one could help me here and it was like being among hundreds of people out there in the open.

I was standing alone outside the reception hall looking outside with moist eyes as I was feeling too alone to cope with the situation when I heard a voice asking me “did I get a room or what”. I looked around it was Arvind asking me, I shook my head and continued looking towards the highway mess.

He added, “yeah I knew it would be tough getting a room once the driver had alerted us so I rushed to get a room as I came here and I just managed to get one room”. I nodded and said nothing. He was perhaps aware that I would not be able to spend the night out in the open with scores of people occupying the lawns so he offered the room to me and said that he would manage the night in the open and I should take a good night’s sleep.

I stared at him in astonishment, can a man be so generous? It was a lucrative offer but I could not accept it and I told him that I would manage somehow. But he asked me again to have the room but I plainly said no to him on that line. I could not allow him to spend the night outside while I sleep in comfort.

Finally he said that “okay you have the bed and I take the sofa, its a matter of a few hours and I can manage it”. For once I almost agreed but the thought that what if anyone come to know that I had spend one night in a motel room with some other man, this could ruin my life if it was open.

But then who is coming to know about it, there is no one known here, even Arvind do not know anything about me except my name and once we reach Delhi we would be lost forever. I knew that even my husband no matter how hard he try can not come over to help me here so it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if I do spend the night here in the room. Finally I agreed to his proposal and he was thankful to me for putting in my confidence on him.

But I needed at least my handbag for change of clothes and other toiletries. I requested him if he could accompany me to the bus and help me get my bag from there. He was ready for it as he too needed his things. The half a kilometer walk to the bus was really gruesome the vehicles were parked even on the kachcha footpath which was filled with bushes and potholes.

I was wearing my high heeled sandals and several times Arvind had to support me by holding my hand or a couple of times supporting me by encircling my waist. I do not know why but somehow I got aroused by all this. Being held in arms with another man was something turning me on. By the time I got back to the motel, it was totally dark and I was really tired and drenched with sweat.

Arvind too was feeling too hot but he still asked me if I needed a shower first. It was his room he was entitled to take it before me and moreover I was feeling hot too and needed to rest and dry myself in the cool wind of the air conditioner. When he came out after his shower, he was wearing his shorts and a t-shirt that was revealing his muscular body under it.

I could see his broad shoulders, flat tummy and well built up biceps, looked like he was a regular visitor to his gym. While immersed in a hot bath, I was still thinking of him and my hands started fondling my nipples and later rubbing my pussy. made me let out a soft moaning sound. I had read so many stories about one night off with a stranger and the more I was thinking the more II was getting hot and wanted him.

I was getting more aroused thinking of how it would go with a stranger and how he would take me. I was confident that no one could ever find out my this one night off and while I am at it, why not enjoy it and remember it for the rest of my life. A little while later I got up from the tub, dried myself and put on my pyjama slacks and a t-shirt as I was not having my nighty gown with me in the bag.

As a normal habit, I did not wear my bra but only my panties. I purposefully did a little makeup to make me more desirable. We were sitting on different sofas and watching television, I had the remote in my hands and I was just flipping channels when it slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor.

As I bent to pick it up, the front of my nighty too loosened up and as I was not wearing the bra, a good amount of my cleavage and almost half of my boobs were exposed and I found Arvind enjoying the show as I got up. He smiled at me and jokingly said, “sorry, I would not look if that remote fell again”.

This silly comment made me give out a embarrassing smile to him and it added some more fuel to the fire burning inside me. I was no longer interested in the television programs but still I kept on flipping the channels. I now found Arvind too was not interested in the TV programs and kept on looking at me and my cleavage that was visible above my nighty neck and my boobs which were rising and falling with every breath I was taking.

He was regularly shifting his position that made me wonder if it was his erection in his shorts that was proving too much for his comfort. I too was feeling my throat going dry and was unable to meet his eyes fearing that he might read what was going on in my mind. He was trying to make short conversations but I was unable to reply.

I gave the remote to him but he switched off the TV and getting up, he walked towards the window to see outside. It was then I saw a bulge in his shorts that showed me he too was getting aroused and wanted it as much as I did. He came back and this time sat besides me on the same sofa and flicked the TV again without actually being interested in it but just an excuse to be there.

I was looking at him when he too turned his face and looked straight in my eyes which I immediately lowered as I could not look at him for I was getting too weak for him.. But perhaps it was too late as he got what he wanted to know. Slowly he put his hand on mine which I withdrew slowly. He again caught my hand and tried to pull me towards him.

As there was no force in it I remained where I was seated so he shifted and came towards me and slowly brought his face down to kiss my cheek for once. The touch of his lips on mine made me melt and I had hardly any strength left to stop him or get up from there. He bent down on my cleavage kissing it and fondling my nipples with his other hand.

Slowly he took his one hand inside my shirt and started fondling my boobs. I was not wearing any bra so he started caressing and pinching my nipples making them hard and erect and I let out a soft sigh in pain and pleasure. With his one quick movement, he rolled up my shirt and removed it from my body making me topless in front of him.

Being almost nude in front of an stranger made me shy and I covered my boobs with my both hands. He too removed his shirt exposing his muscular body and mild hairs on the middle of his chest. He hugged me to kiss all over my neck, shoulders, breasts and he was biting me all over. He had now started sucking my nipples one by one as he pinched them slowly causing my nipples to stand erect even more.

He was sucking them so hard that they almost turned pink and stood like a small hill. I had arched my body in excitement and asked him to suck them harder and longer. He was biting my breasts so hard that it was leaving several marks on them. I really wanted him to go wild with me, this was something I had never experienced before as my husband was a gentle lover.

I wanted to be bitten, to be crushed and fucked as hard as it could be. I was beyond wondering how would I explain about the bite marks to my hubby when he see them any time later. In no time my slacks and panties were off my body and I now lay totally naked in front of him. He was still kissing me all over my body starting from my neck all the way down to my navel and waist.

I could not handle the tickling feeling on my stomach when his stubble face touched me and I let out a loud moaning sound in ecstacy. This was enough for him to turn me over to my stomach and once again kiss me all the way from my neck to the bottom of the spine and finally he bit my shoulders very hard and I almost cried out in pain which made him more aggressive and taking him more to ecstasy.

Tears were coming out of my eyes in pain and pleasure. II pleaded, "please.... Arvind.... stop please... no.... aaahhhh........ uuuuuummmmmm......... not here Arvind...... please.. please Arvind......no no not here my husband would see the mark..... aaaaahhhhhh....... " but he was not there to listen to me and continued to lick my back on my spine and continued biting hard my body.

With one movement, he removed his boxers and stood totally naked showing his fully erect six inches long penis in front of my face. It was thick like a big banana and had hairs all around his groin. I touched it softly with my fingers and made him moan in more excitement. He knelt on the floor and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed.

Before I could realise he had started kissing the inner of my thighs and was working his tongue into my already wet pussy. I spread my legs more to make it easy for him and he first licked the lips of my pussy slowly and then started rubbing it with his fingers to open it a bit more to insert his tongue inside till it touched my love hole.

I was getting so high and filled with orgasm that I was pulling his hairs and had raised my legs to rest on his shoulders so that he could suck deep inside me. I was moaning out loudly, AAAAHHHHH..... HHHMMMM... ARVINNNNN.... UUFFFFF..... ARVINNNNDDDD.... PLEASE LOVE ME NOW.... TAKE ME NOW..... AAAAHHHH.... I CANT WAIT ARVINDPLEASE... COME ON NOW..... INSIDE.... AAAAAHHHHHH...... HHHHHMMMMM...... TAKE ME.....


He was rolling his tongue expertly in my vagina, touching every corner. The tip of his tongue would hit even the deepest wall inside. The continuance touch in my vagina was taking me high with every stroke. I was reaching orgasm after orgasm and in no time I was releasing a stream of my love juice in his mouth which he sucked and drank till the last drop.

Once he was finished sucking, he began licking me inside with his tongue to make me release more juice which he continued to lick and take inside him. Finally, he came up now over me and softly whispered in my ears, "it's now your turn now Nisha". I was hot, horny and exhausted after his fierce sucking of my pussy. He stood before me with his rock hard penis in front of me.

I knelt on the floor and leaned forward. I started by caressing his body by raising my arms to stroke his chest and slowly slided them down to his naval area with my fingers touching his skin softly and slowly brought my hands down and touched his warm and hard penis which was now fully erect and I could even see the thin veins covering it. It was brownish black in colour and thick like a raw banana.

I started kissing it from top to the bottom and in the process used my tongue to lick it. I had softly pulled back the skin on the tip of his penis to bring out the pink head and the moment I put my tongue over it, he began to moan loudly. "NISHAAAA.... YEAHHHHHH...... AAAAAHHHHHHHHH.... MORE HONEY...... YEAH..... COME ON NISHA.... SUCK IT.... SUCK IT MORE...TAKE IT SLOWLY..... UUUUMMMMM..... YEAHHHHH..... NISHAAAAA..."

Slowly I took Tapan's entire penis in my mouth and started sucking it like sucking a lolly pop from the tip to the bottom, from over and under it. I was amused to see his face as he had closed his eyes and moaned his excitement loudly. His penis was touching and hitting my throat when I was taking it inside.

While sucking, I was also shaking his penis slowly with my one hand that was holding it while with the other I was tickling his balls to make him moan even louder. In between I several times took his penis out of my mouth and would start lick it from the sides and slowly tickle his tip to make him go mad in ecstasy, sometimes I would start sucking and licking his balls or just his tip.

I even took his penis out of my mouth and started rubbing it over my boobs and pressing it in between them to feel Arvind's warm and wet hardness over my body.He was getting uncontrolled and was moaning so loud that I was afraid that someone might hear his sound outside. I continued sucking it and during the process, a couple of times I almost gagged myself since it was big enough for my mouth to take it completely.

He was now in a uncontrolled state and made me take off my hands off his penis and began pumping it into my mouth while he was holding my head by gripping my hairs. He was shouting and asking me, "use your tongue honey.... and take it sweetly" to which I simply nodded since I had his entire penis in my mouth and he had me by my hairs.

He pushed my head deeper on to his cock and the movement of his humping was now getting faster and faster. From his breathing and moaning and my personal experience too, I could realise that he was building up to cum and I started to lick his tip to make him even more wild and in ecstasy.

With my one hand I was stroking his penis and with the other, I was also pinching my nipples. I tried to take it out so that he could put it inside my vagina as now I wanted it inside me. But he had gripped my head so tightly that I was unable to take his penis out of my mouth. I knew that he wanted me to take his cum orally.

As I had anticipated, in the next few seconds a gush of white semen discharge was filled in my mouth. He had not yet released my head from his grip rather he further pushed his penis down my throat forcing me to gulp his cum. He had pressed my head further down and I was shaking my head desperately and rigorously for him to release his grip,

I gagged but he did not loosen his grip on me and kept on holding my head in the position and kept on pumping till he emptied most of his load down my throat. His cum was flowing out of my mouth down through my boobs and kept on flowing down and almost reached my pussy. I had wanted to take that cum inside my pussy not outside.

Slowly he released his grip over my head and I took out his wet and dripping penis and I collapsed on the bed exhausted with the blow job I had received and give. The salty taste of his cum was still in my mouth which I was swallowing slowly. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my body of the cum and sweat and later applied a liberal dose of freshner to feel normal again.

I came out and slumped on the bed and Arvind too came and slid besides me and taking me in his arms and hugging me tight he asked if I had liked it? I replied, "yes I did as I do not do oral sex with my husband too often and this one with him was amazing. He once again kissed my lips and started fondling my boobs and nipples.

After a little while, I could once again feel his cock grow on my thighs. He looked at me in my eyes and asked with a naughty smile, "ready for the next phase?" and I nodded my willingness as I too was turned on badly with his fingers playing with my nipples and his lips on my neck, ear lobs, cheeks and my entire body down under.

My sexual need wasn't satisfied yet as I hadn't taken his penis inside me and without that, I am always hungry for sex.. I now wanted him to fuck me. He slid his right hand between my legs and started to rub my clit slowly while he kept on kissing the upper parts of my body. He went down and licked my naval, encircling it with the tip of his tongue and went further down to suck my pussy and suck it hard.



He continued to lick me so passionately that I could hardly stop him from doing so. I wanted him to go on and on. I wanted him more than anyone else now. I wanted him inside. I was turned on as he started to slide his middle finger inside my vagina while licking my clitoris. I just couldn't control myself and pulled him up towards me and told him, "I can not take it any more Arvind now come inside and satisfied me.

Take me now, please do it to me now", he smiled and said, "relax baby, dont be in a hurry, enjoy and let me give you the best fuck you ever got" I did not have an answer to that, I simply wanted him to fuck me. But he knew what I wanted and got up to his bag and took out a pack of condom.

I was already taking the pills and I always like to feel the touch of the penis inside me, I told him to forget about the condom and come in now and not waste time. He pushed me on my back and spread my legs wide enough for ease. He came on top of me kissing my lips with lots of passion.

I could feel the tip of his penis rubbing all around the lips of my pussy and I would let out a soft moan. AAAAAAHHHHHH...... ARVIND....... UUUMMMMM... PLEASE COME INSIDE ME NOW...... AB AUR DER NA KARO ARVIND...... PLEASE.... AB MAAN BHI JAAO ARVIND...... AAA JAO NA..... ARVINNNNNNNND.... AAAAAAHHHHHHH.......... UUUUUFFFFFF......... ARVIDNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD...

He kept on rubbing his penis around my pussy without putting it inside and was teasing me a lot making me beg to him to come in now. I was begging him to come inside and then suddenly he entered his penis inside me and I could feel only the tip in me I sighed loudly in pain and pleasure. He had put the tip of his penis inside me while kissing me on my lips and playing with my tongue.

He kept going deeper and deeper inside me. I could feel him touch my deepest depth which was generally not touched by my hubby. I was moaning and wriggling under him. AAAAAHHHHH....... UUUUMMMMMMM....... ARVINNNNNNDDD.... UUUUUFFFFFFF...... MUJHE AB LE LO ARVIND..... TAKE ME NOW..... PLEASE LOVE ME...... COME NOW...... MAKE LOVE TO ME NOW ARVIND...

He started sucking my nipples and began slowly humping me. He too was moaning softly NISHAAAAAHHH.... LOVE YOU HONEEEEEEE...... NISHA... MY LOVE.....I WOULD FUCK YOU NOW NISHA.... FUCK YOU ALWAYS..... MY LOVE....AAAAHHHHHH..... YEAHHHHH....NISHAAAAAAHHHHH..... I could almost feel his dick growing inside me.

He would take his one hand down towards my lower part of pussy and rub if softly while fucking me. It was driving me crazy and to a huge orgasm while he continued to fuck me a bit faster increasing his thrust. I was now moaning loudly.

With his every stroke, he was going deeper and deeper inside me. I was thinking that he was about to come but he pulled his penis out and made me to take the doggy posture and re-entered from behind me without showing any mercy. He continued to hump me deeper and hard. He held me by my hairs and went on stroking me faster as I kept on moaning.

I was reaching orgasm after orgasm and the juices were flowing out of my vagina like a stream flowing. It was making patches on the bed but we were beyond caring. He changed multiple positions to make me cum several times. I was getting tired but he was not ready to listen to me.
He put me back on the missionary position and put my legs on his shoulders and kept on stroking me.

After nearly five more minutes of hard fucking, he started grunting and I could feel his penis vibrating deep inside me as he stroked, he came in finally. I felt as if I was in heaven and I too started to cum hard at the same time.

This was the most shattering experience I had since a long time. He finally collapsed over me with his face buried, in my cleavage. I was hugging him with my legs and had dug my nails deep inside his skin and bit him hard. We dozed off for some time, closely huddled together, in each other's arms.

I could feel his warm breathing on my breasts and his wet groin on my pussy.. I kissed him softly on his forehead when he woke up. He once again took me in his arms and kissed me most passionately. After such a violent sex, where he had been absolutely dominating and brutal, I was feeling very tired. I wanted to rest and sleep and dozed off in his arms.

I finally woke up with the telephone call from the reception announcing that the jam had been cleared and the driver of the bus had brought the bus inside and would be leaving shortly. I hurriedly got up naked and rushed to the toilet to get ready. When I came out, Arvind had also got ready and he kissed me most passionately before leaving and I too left with the memories of my most shattering sex experience.

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Delhi guy having sex with ex girlfriend

Hi, this is my experience with my ex-girlfriend about 7 yrs back.. i'm from Chennai and my gf was from delhi, that's part of the reason why it didn't workout for us to continue our relationship... Anyways, coming back to the story..my gf was a very sexy lady and was a year elder to me.. she is slim and has a great body.. we worked together in delhi for a year and were good friends..

I moved back to chennai and were constantly in touch by emails and phone.. she went to singapore on an assignment and I visited her for couple of days.. we fell in love and she expressed her love when I was abt to board the flight to chennai.. so we never spent time together in the same place after we became a couple..

I was on an assignment in the US and she was in Delhi when this happened.. we were trying to convince her parents for our marriage.. I took a two week break and travelled back to India to meet with her parents.. so she booked a room for me in a hotel in Delhi.. the plan was for me to stay there the night and the next day morning she would take me to meet her dad at his office..

We used to do some dirty talk whenever possible.. As soon as I reached the hotel I called her abt my arrival, we started talking and the topic slowly drifted towards sex.. She was horny and was being very saucy than usual.. I was just explaining what I'm going to do to her when she meets me the next day.. we've not had sex before.. so there was always this sexual tension between us..

I told her that I had bought some kinky stuff from US.. I had some whipped cream, real ribbed condoms and cock ring.. I was explaining how I wud use them on her.. she had an orgasm while we were on the phone and we dozed off..

I got up early, got ready to meet my darling and was waiting.. she came around 8.30 am in a black skirt and a light sandal color tops.. the moment I opened the door, she threw her hand bag inside the room and jumped on me.. I didn't expect it.. I just held her and cud feel her body was hot and she started sobbing..

I took her inside and sat on a couch.. she was on my lap still hugging me tightly.. I just let her be and was caressing her hair.. she settled down and started hitting me saying she hates me becoz she misses me a lot and that I'm not with her to take care of her..

Then she got up and went and sat in the bed.. she was acting like a baby and said "Don't come near me and that's ur punishment for leaving here in India".. I knew she wanted me to put some effort to pacify her.. I went and sat next her and told her that I missed her very much and read her a limerick I had written for her.. she cooled down and looked me in the eye and said

"How long would you take before you kiss me".. I slowly brushed my lips against hers and started uttering sweet nothings in her ear.. she pulled me close and started smooching me real good.. we were exploring each others mouth with our tongue for abt 10 mins.. we were really lost in the kiss..

I moved my right hand behind her back and slipped inside her tops.. found her bra strap, unhooked it and caressed her back.. she raised my T-shirt and I helped her remove it..She pushed me in the bed and sat on my tummy.. she bent down and started kissing my nipples and started tickling it.. I slid my hand in her thighs and reached her crotch..

she said "Don't spoil my dress I have to wear it to meet my dad".. she climbed out off the bed and removed her skirt and tops and placed them neatly on the couch.. this is the first time I saw her in her undies.. her bra was undone and she just removed it and gave a sexy look cupping her breasts with both her hands..

I came to the edge of the bed, she came near me and I grabbed her tits and started sucking them one by one.. she started moaning and enjoying the act.. her tits were very soft and pinkish nipples.. I took the strawberry flavoured whipped cream and applied it on her boobs and sucked them.. the cream got stuck all over my face and she pushed me in the bed and started licking my face..

she came down kissing and licking my upper body and went down.. she pulled my pants down and grabbed my dick in my undies.. looked up gave me a wink and kissed it.. I handed the cream to her and immediately she knew what I wanted.. she pulled my undies and stroked my dick a few times and applied the whipped cream all over it..

I'm usually clean shaven down there and she started licking and sucking my penis like a lollipop.. that was a great feeling..After few rounds of sucking she came up and just lay over me gazing into my eyes.. she asked me if I really wanted to go ahead with this.. I said "You won't stop now even if I say so".. she slapped me playfully and asked me if I had a condom..

I took out the condom and gave it to her.. she rolled the condom over my erect dick and removed her panty.. she was clean shaven and I just wanted lick her pussy as soon as I saw it.. I got up and made her lay on her back and went to lick.. it was very soft with no stain of hair.. I looked up a little puzzled, she said she got a bikini wax a couple of days back..

I thought it was kinky.. went down and started licking her pussy.. she started moaning and breathing heavily.. I used my tongue and tried to insert my finger.. she twitched and squeezed my head with her thighs.. I wanted to fuck her right away..I got my dick closer to her pussy and rubbed it against her clit.. then slowly pushed it in.. her pussy was wet and tight at the same time..

with couple of strokes I was fully inside her.. she held out her hand and I bent down to kiss her.. while I was kissing, I slowly increased the pace.. she said its a little painful and asked me to slow it down..I stopped stroking and just kept my penis inside her and started sucking her nipples.. she became a little comfortable, and moved her groin in a circular fashion so I picked up my pace..

after a couple of mins, she lifted her legs and wrapped it around me and squeezed my back.. she started breathing heavily, I pulled a pillow and kept it below her ass, that gave a good angle and the penetration was deeper.. I was slowly going to the point of no return and increased my pace.. she gave out a big moan and I knew she had an orgasm.. immediately I too came in the condom and that was a great feeling..

After a minute, my penis was limp and came out of the pussy.. I rolled over and she hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks and said if you want to do it again today, get up and get dressed soon to meet my dad..We took a shower together and went to meet her dad.. we came back and did it again.. that was kind of our breakup sex.. I didn't see that pretty face again after that fateful day..

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Kunal first encounter with sexy married colleague - I

Hi to all dear friends, Im Kunal from Ddun. Im in touch with this blog since 4-5 months & really have enjoyed the stories of other people.This is the time when I shud share my experience. I was in Chandigarh for 6-7 years, I was 23 Yrs old, working in a pvt firm in Chandigarh Sector-35 known as "flower market".

Well, Im a cute good looking guy since childhood, was bit slim those days with athletic body & wheatish complexion. I was always very honest & hard working towards my job thtsy although I was only 23 but was a TL of my office with around 6-7boys/girls working under me, most of them were elder to me.

As I was the best performer of my firm was very close to my Bosses ( hus & wife ). I used to be busy like anything as most of the responsibilities of office were mine, by nature I used to be very strict, less spoken & reserved guy during work but was very helpfull for all & intelligent so most of my collegues used to respect me alot.

We used to enjoy alot during lunch period overall I was in very good terms wid all. I never had a girl friend & was a virgin & didnt had any intentions for any gurl in office, for me it was work, work n work only. Suddnely most of the my team members left our firm & I was left with only one boy (Sunny ) in my team n we were close friends.

Then One day ( it was May 2010 ) a girl joined in my team, her name was Anisha. She was very simple married himachali girl wearing Chuda, bindi, sindoor, mangalsutra n all that stuff. She was living with her husband in Chandigarh, due to his husband's less earnings she was forced to do this job. Their marraige was around 1 year old.

She was a fresher so it was my responsibility to train her properly, she was a very fast learner & I completed her trainings in 3-4 days. Slowly n slowly, Anisha got gel with us very nicely. Her performance was superb in the first month so the bosses were very happy with her. She used to thank n respect me alot as I was her TL.

If I describe about Anisha, she was 5'2",very slim body, flat belly but with very huge boobs & well shapped ass, around 36-26-34. She has hood sharp features, wheatish complexion but not very b'ful n she used to wear Slawar Suits only. Earlier she used to sit bit far from me but due to his good work my bosses shifted her seat very next to me n now we were sitting very close to each other.

After spending sm more time with Anisha I discovered that she is not that simple, actully she was a very straight forward n open girl but very good at heart. As time passes we became good frnds & I used to teach her how to operate a computer as it was a new thing for her. She was very happy with me n used to bring some self cooked dishes for me to eat.

One day Sunny said to me "yaar saurav tuney Anisha k boobs dekhe, they are so huge man.... iski lene me bht maza aayega" I just giggled over it. Well Sunny was like that only, he used to stare n fantasies for each n every girl. But as I told you that Anisha had big boobs so they were always tends to pop out of her suit & one can see her clevage all the time if the dupatta is not rightly placed.

Anisha started to share her personal life with me, she told me that its been 15months now since she is married but dont hav a child bcoz she was suffering from stone so cant concieve a child. She was not happy with her married life, her husband was not supportive at all so she moved with her father n brother who were also in Chandigarh & her husband used to come to their place occasionally.

Later on I came to know thru her that it was a forced marraige n she loved smbody else. Till then I never had any intentions to fuck Anisha. Everything was going nice n smooth she was coming closer n closer to me as a frnd, we started to have lots of laugh n fun at office she was enjoying the time with me & yes I was also getting fond of her.

One day Sunny was absent & my bosses were out for some meetings, Anisha & I were alone n working, I was speaking over phone with a client suddenly she started to tickle me over my stomach, I stopped her & hold her wrists tightly. I then completed my call & said to anisha " wht r u doing ?" She replied " Dekh rhi thi aapko gudgudi hoti hai ya nahi ".

I was surprised with that move & said " Im a human obviously gudgudi to hogi hi" She said over that " Mujhe to nhi hoti " I said " acha ji let me see ", saying tht I stand up in a flash & started to tickle her near stomach, underarms..I was trying to tickle her as much as I could. Trying to stop me she suddenly fall from her chair n I had to hold her so that she doesn't fall over the floor.

I also got wrong footed & we both fall in a way that she was allover me facing away frm me & my hands were on her huge boobs. Man It was a first time in my life tht I got to touch boobs, was an awsome feeling as they were huge n very soft. Moreover, we fall in such a position that her boobs n bra ( it was black ) were quite visible to me & her ass was right in front of my dick.

I helped her to get up n said sorry, she said its ok it was an accident. We took our chair n sat on our positions, we didnt speak for a while & evrything which happned was running thru my mind. Than after 30mins I said smiling " Somebody was saying ki mujhe tickle nahi hoti " She replied smiling "haan haan to mujhe kha hui, mujhe nahi hoti" I said ok let me see again, she sat straight n I started to tickle her on stomach but this time she controlled it very well.

I then slowed my speed & now I was doing it very slowly with only one finger, she suddenly closed her eyes n her expressions changed. I too moved from her stomach to her back over her suit, her breath were getting heavier n I was enjoying it. I kept doing it for a minute to her lower n upper back she was not opposing it n her eyes were still closed.

It gave me some more courage, I standup went behind her & moved my fingers over her throat & chest ( above breasts ).I was touching the upper parts of her boobs & it was an awsome feeling for me, When I tried to put my fingers inside she hold my hand & said pls stop dont do it. For a min everything was freezed she was holding my hand & I was standing n having a look of her milky boobs.

Then she left my hand & I sat on my chair, we didnt speak for few mins. She was sitting head down on her desk, I asked " R u OK ?" she siad " yeah Im fine ". Suddenly my phone rang & it was my boss, he was coming in 10-15mins. We then finished our work n went home. That night I couldnt sleep & was thinking of Anisha only, now something new was building inside me.

Few days passed, we were going good in office enjoying our time with eachother. She was looking at me differently & I was enjoying it. I was thinking how to get close to Anisha, now I was thinking to fuck her & I was sure she is also interested in that. After few days my bosses agn went for a meeting around 12pm & Sunny was alraedy absent, we had lunch together & got back to work,

Anisha said to me she is not feeling well, I asked If she wanna go home she said no to it n said she will take some rest in office only. After 15-20 mins I asked her how is she now she said same no improvemnt. Then I offered her If she feel comfortable she can come to my flat & have proper rest as it was very near to our office. She accepted it & we went on my bike to my flat.

It was around 3pm, I took her to my bed gave her a pillow, she kept her dupatta a side n started taking rest. I was having rest on the same bed but bit far from her. After 15mins, I looked her, her eyes were closed & boobs were popping & I could see her amazing figure. Suddenly she opened her eyes & caught me red-handed staring at her assets.

I asked do you need anything she saaid no to it. After half an hour she said lets get back to office. Nothing happend that day & I was very disappointed with me. Then came a golden chance, in July my bosses went to a hill station for family trip for 5-6 days. They left office resposibility over me.

Hearing that Sunny was very happy, he said to me " bro I m also going outofcity with my GF but dont let bosses know that Im not in office" I said OK no worries, you go n enjoy. Next morning, I went office Anisha was already there. I told her about the situation that we two are alone for next 5-6 days. She was also very happy n said " Chlo ab to jitna mann karega bs utna hi kaam krenge ".

On this I said " so wht we will do rest of the time ?" She replied with a smile " we will do chit chatting" I gave her a smile & started our routine work. All day went thru like this only working & gossaping but frm inside I was waiting for that magic moment. The time was 4:30pm & she used to leave around 5:15pm, I knew this is the time when I have to do smthing.

She was having rest with his head down on desk. I went to the main door of our office looked out no body was there. I then came back & stopped behind Anisha's chair. Dont know from whr but somehow I got courage & placed my hands over her shoulders she didnt move at all, I started caressing her shoulders & back and keep doing it for a while.

She got up but remain sat on her chair, she stopped my hand but kept them holding in her hands. She said " kunal pls mat kro" I said " Why ? Are you not enjoying it " She kept mum for few seconds then said " koi aa jayega " I said "dnt worry, u just enjoy no body will come at this time ". I was working in that office from 2 years so I know at wht time of day anybody can come to our office, thtsy I was not worried.

Then I told her to relax & keep sitting on the chair, I started caressing her throat, hands, earlobes, shoulders.. she was enjoying it. I touched her lips they were so dry & a very hot air was coming out of her mouth. AFter that I decided to take a step forward, I touched the upper parts of her boobs with my fingers very slowly & kept doing it with both hands for a few mins.

Then I put my right hand inside her bra & get hold of her right boob. She immediately hold my hand & asked me to stop in a very horny tone. From inside I knew that she is enjoying it the most & dont want me to stop. I said "Anisha pls dont stop me ".... then I got rid of her hand & squeezed her right boob, she moaned. Similarly, I did it with my left hand, now her both milky jugs were in my hand & I was feeling out of this world.

I kept playing with her boobs very slowly, they were amazing very huge, soft but still in very good n round shape & hard brown nipples. Then I took my right hand out & remove the suit & bra strip frm her right shoulder, I kissed n liked her shoulder. Now she was fully enjoying it f, she hold my head n started to play with my hairs.

I wanted to suck her boobs as I watched on porn films, so I took her both boobs out of her suit went in front of her. OMG they were so so so huge ( like big Papitas ), I was not believing my luck thn started sucking her boobs very fast, she moaned n said " Oh Kunal aaram se "....but I didnt slowdown & kept on sucking n licking her boobs vigroulsy.

After 8-10 mins, I stopped & looked at her she was enjoying it with her eyes closed & was holding my hairs. I said to her " let me look out if somebody coming " I went & came back but this time I bolted the door. Anisha was adjusting her boobs in her bra & then she tied her hairs. I went close to her ask hold her agn frm shoulders & make her standup, I moved her away frm her chair n desk.

She said " Kunal, wt are u doing ? Pls koi aa jajyega " I didnt say a word. Just squeezed her boobs tightly frm behind, she immediately turned & hugged me very tight, so tight tht I was feeling the softness of her boobs on my chest. I parted her from my chest & looked at her she was getting shy n said " mera jaane ka time hone wala hai " I replied " No, abhi bohut time hai " I immediately locked my lips with hers,

she didnt respond initially but once she respond we just ate out eachother mouth. It was a very deeeep & long kiss which went for atleast good 5 mins. Then there was no looking back, I rested her back on the table took her suit & bra upwards so that I can take out ger boobs. They were red bcoz of my roughness earlier.

I agn started playing with those milky jugs, I liked, sucked & bited her nipple very hard. I moved down tried to open her salwar knott, but she stopped & pulled me up & started lip kissing me very hard. I then got hold of her pussy over her salwar & played with it... she was enjoying it at the most. I put my finger inside her cunt over her salwar n panty & kept it thr for a while.

She said " kunal, main late ho jaaungi pls let me go now ". I was not in a mood of listening bcoz I wanted to fuck her now. I siad " bus few more minutes Anisha "...... I turned her around facing away from me & got hold of her boobs frm behind, I also took her hand n placed it on my dick over pants.

She stared to caressing my dick, I then took my pants down & treid to pull her suit & bra off but She said " Pls inhe mat utaro koi aa jayega, aese hi krlo ".... She was playing with my dick very well & herself she took it out of my jockey & started jerking it slowly. I was in heaven bcoz it was first time when smbody was playing with my tool.

I then tried agn to open the knott of her salwar she agn said no but this time I didnt listen to her. I opened the knott & pulled her salwar down, she left my dick & hold the table with both hands, she was in black panty....OMG what an ass she had, seeing this my dick size increased by an inch & it was giving salute to her killing figure.

I then grassped her pussy & played with it, she moaned " Aaahhh aaram se " I played with it over her panty.... thn I couldnt control for long I pulled down her panty & first time ahd a look of a mature pussy....I was surprised to see that it was cleaned shaven pussy just like a new highway...& bit dark n pink in colour...

I asked her to bend down a lilttle, she did tht & then I tried to put my dick inside her.... but as I was my first time, didnt know whr to go :p....I told Anisha to pls help, she took my dick in her hand & guided it to her pussy. OMG she was so wet & hot inside I felt like getting melt inside her OH ! wt a feeling tht was.

Initially it was half inside bt then Anisha bend herself more & then I put my 6inch rod completely inside her.... A loud moan came out frm Anisha. Now I statred banging her slowly, It was paning me alot mayb bcoz it was my first,my hands were on her huge boobs squeezing them. With time my pace increased & started to bang her witrh force.

Both of us were moaning & brething heavy, me more due to that pain. Then after 5-6 mins of banging, I felt some heat developing inside me, my hands got tighter on her boobs & I said " Anisha Im gonna cum " She replied " pls dont cum inside "... Listening to her I banged her with brutal force 7-8 times & then took my tool out & shooted my cum on the table.

After that, we both got dressed up, I cleaned up the table & sat on my chair. Anisha was already on her chair having rest, I asked " are you ok ? " She just replied " Hmmmm" After 5 mins She got up & said " chalti hu " & went for her home.

Guyz it was an amazing fuck for me although it pained me alot till night but the feeling of fucking a girl was mindblowing. Well we did have sex next morning also & many many times after that, will share it with you in my next stories of how we fucked in other areas of office, in my flat & at her home.

I am still in touch with her, she has a baby boy now & is living in Himachal.Guyz n gurls I hope you like my first experience, pls share your comments. And forgive me for such a lenghty story as it was my first writing experience.

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Madams fucking audit

When I went to the bank in the morning, there was a lady waiting for me in my cabin. My staff told me that it is the new AGM(audit) with her team has come and she wanted to conduct audit of the branch. Just as I entered my cabin she looked at her watch. I greeted her "G'morning, madam" and took my seat.

She did not respond to my wish but kept a long face and told me that she had come for inspection with her team and I have to make all arrangement to inspect all the department of functioning. She wanted to visit the shops and godown of our important customers and meet and talk to them. I said certainly Madam.

She said first let one of her assistants check the cash, securities, etc. I told my next officer to see that all sorts of help is extended. I looked at this lady. She looked around 35 but than 40 with simple makeup, but with good features clad in a saree. She was going through the balance sheet and making a note of points in a separate notebook.

She had covered her body well with a starched cotton saree and it is not possible to get a glance of her boob. She left her card on the table, which I took and read as Ms. Shobitha Reddy. I gave her one card of my own, Madhu,the branch manager, which she took and glanced and shoved into her bag.

I arranged another table and chair for her in the cabin wo that she need not be bothered about customers coming to my cabin. A sideward glance gave me a better view of her boob. Noon she said she is going to her hotel for lunch and come back. I asked one of my customers to host a dinner for her in one of the best hotels nearby.

She agreed and told me that she is staying in the neighboring hotel. Since she is talking less, I could not make out what kind of a woman she is. My friend asked me whether he should bring his wife. I said ok you bring, let there be company. Ms.Reddy was very vocal to the other lady. When liquor was served she said she would prefer Gin with cordial. I was surprised.

Dinner went on well. Ladies chatted well and we had to sit looking at each other. Food was good and she enjoyed the food and the drink. I asked the hotel boy to pack the unfinished bottles in a bag and leave with me. By 10 pm my friend and his wife bade good night and left. I told Ms. Reddy that we will go to your room. She appeared slightly tipsy. But she took only 2 pegs.

I led her, she extended me her hand to hold. I held her hand and took her to the lift. with the bag with left over liquor in my other hand. We came down and went straight to the door and then to the gate. I was still holding her hand. She called me to come to her room. She said it is a good hotel and the room was good.

We reached her hotel and she collected her keys from the reception and we went to the lift and reached the sixth floor and she took me to her room, opened and asked me to enter and then hung the "do not disturb" sign and bolted it from inside. She excused herself and said she will be back in a minute and went inside the anti room.

On returning she asked me whether my wife would be waiting for my arrival. I said no, she is not here. I did not tell her where she is. She took two glasses and poured gin and cordeal and added soda taken from the fridge and asked me to take. She had put on a nice sexy lingerie which enhanced her beauty.

She said she enjoyed the evening very much since the food was good and the gin was also good and the lady was a good friend. Why dont you relax, you are not in a hurry to go, she asked. No problem, I can stay for some more time. I just unbuttoned my t shirt and removed it and hung it in the stand and removed my shoes and sat in the chair opposite to her.

She gulped down the liquor and asked me why I am not taking my glass. I said I took whisky which is my drink and gin will not go with it. Ok, Ok, just allow me to relax, she said and she removed her lingerie and she was in her bra and panty only. I was shocked. She had a good hour glass figure. I did not know what to do.

She was there in front of me in full influence of the liquor she consumed and almost semi nude. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked up at me and told me "Remove your pants and lie down near me, dont go home to night" I was schocked. Of course there was nobody at my residence and if I dont go nobody is going to ask.

But spending a night with her in a fully naked and drunken condition is more dangerous I thought. But how can I leave her alone. She called me, Madhu, come here. I went to her. She just caught hold of my pant, unzipped it and put her hand inside and was searching for my cock. She was drunk, no doubt, and she was my senior who had come to conduct audit of my branch.

I cannot deny her anything she wants. I just yielded to her. I just removed my pants and stood before her stark naked. She was all smiles. She pulled me closer, hugged me, kissed the head of my cock and then took it into her mouth and began sucking it. In reciprocation, I bent low and touched her boobs, nice boobs, medium sized, hard. I caught her nipples.

She asked me to sit near her, pushed me so that I may lie down on the bed, she was sucking my cock all the time. Her hairless pussy was nice. Extending my hand I just touched it. She just looked at me and moved her groin near me so that I may touch her pussy more. I inserted my finger into her hole. It was wet and my finger searched for her clitoris.

Madam opened her legs wide so that I may search for her clitoris. She was busy with my cock. I turned my body and took my face near her pussy and buried it in her cunt. Madam Reddy gave a deep moan and urged me to go ahead. Opening her cunt wide I licked her clitoris. I just got my cock released from her mouth and changed my position and put my face on her boobs and sucked and licked her both boobs.

She was very much aroused. She said "Madhu, please fuck me, fuck me dear, Ohhhh please fuck me". I just inserted my cock in her cunt and pushed it in to the full. "Ohhhh.." She cried. I pulled it out and asked her to come on all her fours in doggy style. She immediately came in doggy style. I put my cock from behind and it went deep inside.

She cried "MmMMmmmmm...." Just as she was building up, I pulled my cock and I lied down on the bed and asked her climb on me and fuck. She was happy and was in a hurry. Her intoxication was fading and she looked sensible. Sitting over me putting her legs across, she inserted my cock inside and started to fuck me jumping up and down.

I extended my hands and was squeezing her boobs. Her face was full of passion. She bent low and kissed me on my lips and then on my chin. She was nearing her orgasm and her sounds were different and finally she got her orgasm, peak of it and I too got mine. I pressed her body down and I released my entire fluids inside her. We have made a mess of all the bedsheets of the hotel.

She got up and rushed to the bathroom. I too followed her. She was all smiles and cleaned my cock of all the fluids and We wiped outselves with the bath towel of the hotel. Coming back to the chair, Ms.Reddy was all smiles and thanked me for giving her a good time on the very first day of her visit to my branch. Time was 12 pm. We both were sitting naked in the chair.

She said she got divorce from her husband and never had sex for a long time. This much sex was a bonanza for her. "I Thank you, Madhu, for this unexpected treat. I never thought I will get a good fuck today. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep early so that I will get rid of all my tiredness. But you have given me good food, good drink and a good fuck."

I laughed and said you are lucky that I too got a good fuck because of you, I said. Why what about your wife, she asked. I said, I have no wife, I am not yet married, I said. Oh my god, in that case I am going to squeeze everything out of you, she said. She went and readied the bedsheet and we both went and lied in the bed. We both had a small peg of gin and cordial.

We had a leisurely fuck. Lack of sex for her and for me for a long time, made us enjoy each and every small movement. After the second fuck we slept off. Next day morning, I got up dressed and called her and told her that I am going home and we will meet in the bank. By 10 she was there in all seriousness in the bank ready for the audit. Her two assistants stayed in some other hotel.

All three of them went through each and every book and took notes after notes. Noon I got up to go for lunch and Ms.Reddy told me that she is also coming. She led me to the hotel where she stayed and we both took our meals. She called me to her room for just five minutes. I went with her. The moment we were inside, she wanted a quick fuck.

No, No, Ms.Reddy, our dress will get ruffled and people will come to know that we did some mischief and that is why it got ruffled. She said I know, just insert, fuck and then pull out. Dont undress, all just within five minutes. She unzipped my pant, took out my cock, sucked it and made it hard, she lied on the bed, with her legs wide open, pulled down her panty, I took seven minutes to come to an orgasm.

She had a pad of tissues and she cleaned it up within a minutes and cleaned me too and we without getting our dress unruffled came out and with out faces showing all seriousness just walked off to the bank. Ms.Reddy stayed in my branch for 26 days. On almost all days we fucked. Her only thought was sex and sex only.

On the last day she gave me the audit report, without much damage, and told me that she is in the neighboring branch and hence will continue to stay in the same hotel and that I have to meet her daily as we have been doing before. Any how it was a nice fuck audit. We fucked for another three months when she audited the neighbouring branches. She enjoyed oral sex very much and openly asked for it. I cannot forget her.

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I must say, that both Chhaya and Shilpi were heavily aroused, much more than me. As we reached to bed they pushed me on my back and started eating me at the same time, Shilpi started pulling my rod back and forward to hear my moans and Chhaya was brushing her lips over my torso.

I pulled Chhaya a bit as I wanted to kiss that lovely bitch and after bit of hesitation Chhaya started responding to my kiss and we explored each other’s mouth thoroughly. By the time we were kissing Shilpi was waiting for her turn and as our kiss broke she came up and started sucking my lips and once again my mouth was getting explored, this time by Shilpi.

My hard Penis was getting jerked continuously and while lying on my back I felt Chhaya getting hold of my rod as Shilpi released. I was feeling as if I am in heaven but it was yet to come. Just then Gunjan and Chaitali entered in the room, “Dono ek ek karke iska Lund Chuso…….isske chilaane ki awaz bahar tak jaani chaahiye” I heard that in Gunjan’s voice and she too came on bed and tried to tug my hands with a stroll.

I tried to get away but she spoke to me casually, “tension matt le….tujhko torture nahi karenge, tightly nahi baaadh rahi…bus aise hi halke se baandh rahi hoon” I stopped protesting and Gunjan tugged my wrist with one stroll, which was anytime possible for me to remove. “Shilpi Lund Chus isska……Chhaya tu bhi Chus….”once again Gunjan spoke to her friends and told them to suck my Penis.

On a very next instant I found my rod in Shilpi’s hand as before that it was in Chhaya’s hand, Shilpi jerked my rod and instantly took it in her mouth and started moving her mouth over my rod up and down. I screamed in pain as Shilpi’s moth was little dry and it was painful to me. “Shilpi aaram se…..koi jaldi nahi hai…take out some saliva….”

Gunjan, a senior Slut with a huge ass tried to guide her friend Shilpi followed her, she took out some her saliva and started sucking my rod with some affection and I groaned in pleasure. As I detailed earlier Shilpi was taller among all four and bit wheatish with a round face and sensual features: her nose was straight and strong, and her lips were full and luscious.

Her eyes were large and wide, heavily lined with Kajal. She had long, springy black hair tied in a worn coiled in a bun high on the back of her head suiting her typical Indian outfit of Sari which she was wearing before leaving her Marwari In-laws. Shilpi had attractive birth-marks on her body and her breasts were large and heavy,

superbly formed and at that particular instant when she was leaning over my hard cock while sucking it her luscious melons were hanging in front of my eyes with her long erect nipples in large dark velvet aureoles. The belly was almost flat and firm and her hips were flared around delectable buttocks to long shapely legs meant to curl about a man's pumping hips.

As mentioned earlier Shilpi was wearing thick gold and black beaded Mangalsutra around her neck, gold earrings, a lone bracelet on one wrist and several bangles matching with the sari she was wearing, couple of finger-rings in which one of them was her wedding ring and particularly at that time she was wearing nothing else except these ornaments.

I was moaning in pleasure while looking at her pretty face filled with my monster, Chhaya was sitting beside on the same bed and from her expressions I could see that she was also aroused but hesitant to take my hard cock in her mouth like Shilpi, but I was little desperate to see her beautiful face getting fucked by my throbbing cock and I tried to release my hand and got away with a stroll easily and got up.

Shilpi stopped sucking as she saw that I am trying to get up, next moment I took Chhaya’s wrist in my hand and pulled her a bit, she came little closer to me but for her I had something else in mind. I pushed her on the bed lightly on her back and came closer to her mouth while being on my knees and spoke to her while looking into her eyes.

“Chhaya…. open your mouth….muhn khol apna” I wanted to fuck her mouth like we fuck a female cunt and I tried to do that. After bit of hesitation Chhaya opened her mouth and I pumped my hips at her face to fuck her mouth. Once again, as Chhaya sucked my cock tip it pained me as her mouth was dry, I told her to take out her saliva and suck me saying, “Chhaya…use your saliva aur chus issko achhe se”.

Finally most beautiful and fairest bitch among all four, Chhaya was lying on bed flat on her back, I was leaning on her while being on my knees beside her with a support of my one hand, Chhaya’s hands were clinching my hips and I was fucking her mouth with deep screwing strokes. Unlike Shilpi Chhaya was fair and her skin was smooth and clear without a trace of the body hair,

Chhaya was so lovely, so pretty, so sexy, slender and curved. I couldn't stop ogling her. She had lovely oval face with lovely eyes, large, brown and full of magic. Her breasts were full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit and above those luscious fruits her Mangalsutra, proud symbol of marriage was resting.

These customs and Indian traditions have lot of value for the Marwari community she belonged, moreover Mangalsutra also gives a visual reminder that she is married to another man, and this exited me even more and started playing with the pendent of her Mangalsutra and I continued fucking her mouth while caressing her breasts along with that.

Everything happening was crazy that excitement was apparent on my gesture and I could not control myself from speaking out erotic stuff about Chhaya in typical Hindi slang, “Chhaya tu dikne mein ek dum pati-vrata biwi lagti hai…par tu hai ek number ki Kutia….…..tere patti ko kya patta uski shaadi ek Randi se hui hai…..jo yahan mera Lund Chus rahi hai”.

Nobody minded me saying that at least all three bitches who were watching Chhaya getting mouth fucked for the first time as all three giggled as I said that. Though I was excited but internally I knew my condition very well, this time I was not about to explode that quickly and I wanted to enjoy these fucking moments with Shilpi and Chhaya for as long as possible.

I turned a bit and extended my hand to Chhaya’s fuckhole and started fisting her fuckhole instantly and hardly within one minute my fingers were exploring her fuckhole very roughly, leaving my rod from sucking, Chhaya was moaning loud in pleasure and from her condition I could see that she was just ready to get filled in her fuckhole.

Including Gunjan and Chaitali who were bit far from bed even Shilpi who was also stark naked on the same bed were audience of my fuck session with Chhaya, no one among them uttered anything as they could see that now their friend is about to get fucked by me and it was first that she was getting fucked by somebody other than her husband, as said by them Chhaya just use to get herself sucked from Call boys.

I came between Chhaya’s fair fleshy thighs and slid my massive size into her fuckhole; Chhaya moaned deliriously, clenching my arms in delight she widened her legs even broader, her knees forked to draw me in even deeper. I grunted at the tightness of her fuckhole as I withdrew my hard monster from her fuckhole and banged it back with some pressure.

I must say that Chhaya was incredible in bed, I could not stop myself speaking nonsense in excitement and unintentionally I abused her again by saying, “saali……Rand bahut garmi hai tere andar….aaj teri saari nikal dunga” with that I pulled my buttocks and pushed myself back with hell of force to screw her deeper, Chhaya cried out loud in pleasure and pain but before that she smiled as I abused her.

I grinned at her reaction as she felt the power, heat and hardness of my monster deep inside her womb. I could see that Chhaya was enjoying my fucking, like a real slut and she extended her hands to my back and tried to pull me over her and grabbed me between her arms and thighs and moaned lusciously with a fucking desire “fuck me….hard”

I continued fucking her with deep screwing thrusts with sudden jolts and she cried out even louder in ecstasy “UHHH ohhhh uhhh…… OHHHHHh uhh….. OH OH OH OH Ahhhhh…!" Smiling at her excitement, I skewered her cunt very well, after thrusting my hard cock couple of times deeper into her till the root of it, I paused myself and leaned further and kissed that bitch deeply,

invading my tongue into her mouth. Chhaya’s body was hot under mine, her breasts were hard in excitement and her nipples were rigid. I moved down, kissed her nipples, and she moaned as bite them lightly with my teeth and scraped my teeth across them. Chhaya’s body rippled with lust she clenched me harder between her arms and thighs to get a proper fuck as I was playing with her exploding body, as I was keeping my monster in her fuckhole unmoving.

“Please fuck me…” Chhaya cried in desire like a real bitch in heat, once again I pulled myself out of her burning cunt and throbbed hard and deep inside her flesh and continued fucking her like a bitch for a while. Squeezing her both the luscious fruits brutally with my hands I went on going faster and faster, hammering and ramming my monster cock into her till she arched her body and cried out and shuddered as the dam burst, and screamed in a tidal flood.

Chhaya shivered helplessly like a fish without water with sudden jolts as the orgasm started hitting her body, holding me with her full strength she was trembling while releasing her pressure. My excitement was at its peak and I had one more bitch to bang. I got up leaving Chhaya into that trembling state and pulled Shilpi from her wrist, Gunjan was making video in her mobile,

certainly she was recording since I started fucking Chhaya as it was first fuck of Chhaya by someone other than her husband. Holding Shilpi’s face in my hand I guided her to suck me. Shilpi was hesitant to take my rod in her mouth as it was soaked with Chhaya’s fucking juices but I forced her to open her mouth by saying “Shilpi muhn khol aur Chus issko…..” Finally her pretty face got distended with the size of my swollen penis.

I grunted in pleasure and pulled her face deeper into my crotch, pushing my hips forward at the same time. Shilpi took my monster cock deep in her mouth; she had no other option, I was holding her face in my hands. Very soon she clenched my buttocks with her hands and sucked me hungrily, by now her hesitation was over, I groaned again, arching my head up,

to the roof I moaned loud in pleasure and pain. Shilpi’s mouth was wonderful, warm and moist, she was rolling her tongue around my swollen cockhead and it was magical and irresistible. "Yes!" I gasped loud "C'mon... Shilpi do it!.... Tu bhi Randi hi hai!...tera pati bhi sochta hoga ki usse bahut achhi wife mili hai……. Lekin tu bhi Kutia hai….. Achhe se chus ! mera Lund...Haan… uhhh….ahhh….”

certainly I was in pain but excitement was so high that I wanted to fuck her face till I die. Gunjan and Chaitali were busy in making video and I saw Gunjan coming closer to get a close up of Shilpi’s face filled with my monster. Like Chhaya I wanted to arouse Shilpi too so that I do not have to work hard with my penis to make her cum while fucking her thirsty cunt, and to do that I took her into 69,

but more than sucking her fuckhole I was fisting her cunt roughly and within a minute I could see Shilpi’s thighs trembling feverishly, she was oozing out hell of juices, and after certain point leaving my rod from sucking, she tried to get away from me with a strange whimper, I could easily make out,

that bitch is aroused and ready to get fucked but I was enjoying her trembling state and before leaving her I fisted her fuckhole very badly while screaming “Shilpi mera Lund Chus warna aaj mein teri Chut poori faad dunga” Shilpi screamed while holding my thighs like anything with that brutal fist of my two finger and a thumb and arched her body in excitement.

I got up took Shilpi in missionary as well and began to fuck her powerfully, with smooth, rapid thrusts. As my monster cock moved in and out of her cunt couple of times consistently Shilpi whimpered joyously under me like a slut, her body was jerking with my thrusts, her swollen breasts were jiggling randomly and golden Mangalsutra was dancing here and there on her wheatish skin.

Clenching my arms, wrapping her long legs around my pumping hips, Shilpi moved up eagerly under me while moaning in bliss of getting fucked by someone other than her husband. "Yes! Ohhh god yes... fuck me... fuck me hard” Shilpi was going crazy in awaited pleasure as she was last to get fucked among her four friends and her face was looking even more beautiful in animal lust.

I was also going mad and I wanted to fuck her as hard as possible to make her shudder in unbearable pleasure. With a thought of ramming myself deep into her I got up a bit and bent her thighs up, and hooked her knees over my shoulder and went into Shilpi smoothly once again till the end of her tunnel in a single thrust.

Now her thighs were getting pressed between our bodies and feet were pointing roof as slowly I was coming on her completely, and holding her bent knee joint while keeping them apart I was fucking Shilpi furiously, my hips were rising and falling angrily and Shilpi was moaning loud in pleasure and pain as I was continuously widening her thighs to tore off her fuckhole and I continued folding her body into half till her feet touched the bed around her face.

All three bitches who were audiences were enjoying watching her friend getting banged like a bitch and their comments over my fucking continued; “Maar achhe se aaj iski……sabse jayada khujli issi ki Chut mein hoti hai…” Gunjan spoke while standing beside the bed she was still shooting my fuck session with Shilpi.

Within one minute of brutal fucking, I could see that Shilpi was going out of control and she was screaming in pleasure which she could not bear, she was about to explode so was I, I wanted to stop and release my load too but suddenly I saw Chhaya coming beside me, all three were behind me and Chhaya was on the same bed and I think she wanted to see the penetration of her friend’s friends fuck hole and she came forward.

I took that opportunity, she was the one bitch who was most reluctant in taking my meat in her mouth and most beautiful among all, eventually I decided to release my load in her mouth, leaving Shilpi in that state I grabbed Chhaya instantly and pushed her on bed, she was shocked with my act and within a fraction found herself totally in my control.

“Kutia muhn khol apna…..” I screamed over her while taking my exploding rod to her mouth, I knew that she will not do that, with looking at her whether she is opening her mouth or not I pulled her hairs and screamed again in continuation, “muhn khol…varna jaan se maar dunga tujhe” with that I kept on pulling her hairs, Chhaya did not had any option, she was in pain,

as she screamed with a open mouth I filled my evacuating rod in her mouth and released most of my gunk in her mouth and kept on holding her face so that she cannot spit out. I could see that Chhaya was holding my cum in her mouth but I was over excited and very desperate to make Chhaya swallow, finally I blocked her nose with my thumb and a finger while saying “Chhaya pee jaa issko…..saali Raand….”

That was too much for her and she did not have any other option, she swallowed, I saw her throat moving that way. I looked back to Shilpi, she was flat on her back with spread legs, dead tired with shattering orgasms, I was nevertheless tired, and I too collapsed on bed. Chhaya ran to wash basin instantly to spit but she could not do anything with what she swallowed.

Everything happened so fast that I could not believed that within last few hours I have fucked four sluts and more or less I have satisfied all of them. Everything happened that day was so bizarre that I am sure readers of the blog will not believe on this. Anyway that night did not ended there, but as far as fucking was concerned I was not in state to even think about it.

We all had coffee, Gunjan made that, Chhaya behaved reluctantly with me for long but rest of her friends liked my act of making her swallow my cum. We chit chatted in the living room for long and saw myself fucking Chhaya and Shilpi in Chaitali’s mobile shot by Gunjan.

I asked Chaitali to give that video to me but she denied as she is insecure that I will forward it to someone and whole world will come to know about their slutty acts. Finally around 12 I came to bed room and as decided Shilpi and Chhaya were suppose to sleep with me but Chhaya was really very angry with me and she denied to come along.

As Chhaya denied to go Chaitali readily said, “koi baat nahi main chalti hun” but I wanted Chhaya on my bed, so I pulled her from her wrist while saying, “meri jaan aisi bhi kya narazgi hai….maine bhi to teri Chut ka paani piya tha” and took her in my arms and started kissing her while rubbing her body over the cloths.

She responded to my kiss after few seconds and came into the bed room. Along with Shilpi, Gunjan and Chaitali also came into bedroom and making each other’s body pillow we all laid on the bed somehow. Still I was not in state o have sex so we chit chatted and in one concern Gunjan reveled their collage life to me and told me that none among four sluts were virgin when they got married, anyway more or less after that we started falling asleep.

I got up to pee after bit of sleep time was around 4, only Shilpi and Chhaya were on bed, Gunjan and Chaitali were back to the other room. I could see Shilpi was in deep sleep facing away from me but Chhaya was little awake, she saw me getting up and going to toilet. I came back to her and started kissing her and moved my hand over her breasts over the cloths.

I desired to fuck her again but I was not that hard, I needed some arousal from her. Chhaya too seemed interested in getting fucked even though I asked her “karna hai”? “haan….karna to hai” she replied, “thoda sa chusna padega…tabhi khada hoga” I replied, Chhaya looked at me in darkness with her big eyes, I could see that she wanted to get fucked but she did not wanted to suck me.

“main bhi chusunga tumhari………rather 69 karte hain jaldi ho jaayega” “Ok” Chhaya agreed, I turned around and we lied sideways, I waited for Chhaya to take my semi erect monster in her mouth and as she started sucking me I buried myself in her white milky thighs and started taking out her fucking nectar. Chhaya sucked me nicely, by now her hesitation was also vanishing.

I grew hard in her mouth and Chhaya released her love juices in my mouth, it was evident that she is ready to get plunged again. I came over her, between her thighs into the posture of getting inside “please aram se karna…tez tez mat karna” “obviously….tez tez karunga to Shilpi jag jaayegi….aur abhi main abhi sirf ek ko Chod sakta hun….Shilpi ko subah dekhunga”

I replied back and Chhaya smiled on my statement as she could understand my condition of being alone in four females. I plunged Chhaya once again and fucked her tenderly; I must say that among all previous fucks that was the best; it was a real pleasure of fucking womanhood for a male like me.

I fucked Chhaya nicely with steady strokes while kissing her and sucked her luscious fruits as well. Finally we both climaxed almost at the same time and I released my seed in her womb. We both got up and used the toilet and I told her to take precaution by saying, “precaution le lena…kahin tum pregnant na ho jaao”…… “I know wo to lena hi padega…”

Chhaya replied and then spoke again “….mujhe kya chaaron ko lena padega…..Call boys ke saath to ye logg Condom lagwa ke karwati thi….aaj Sabne bina Condom ke karwaya hai” “Haan…main call boy nahin hun na iss liye” I replied and then spoke again in continuation “waise bhi …..Chaitali was on top when I released…so for her there are very less chances…

maine sirf tumhare andar achhe se chhoda hai” as I said that Chhaya looked at me with her big eyes and spoke again, “Shaadi ke baad aaj pahli baar...... maine apne husband ke alawa kisi ke saath kiya hai…..just because ki tum mujhe cute lagge the…aur tumne mere muhn ke andar chhod diya”…”tumne bhi to mujhe torture kiya naa?…..mujhe aram se boll dete….

ki tum sab ne mere saath sex karna hai….” I replied “Wo Gunjan aur Chaitali ka idea tha….mera nahi..” Chhaya replied back, “mujhe iss se kya…..? waise bhi apne Lund ka paani main tum sab ko pilane wal hun….Chaitali ne apne aap hi mera cum pi liya hai…tumko maine pila diya…..ab rah gayi Shilpi aur Gunjan…in dono ko bhi main apna cum pilaunga…let’s see kab….

iss time to mere andar kuch bacha hi nahi hai” I replied back and by the end of the statement we both laughed as I said today I am not left with any cum to make Shilpi and Gunjan drink it. After that we slept and when I got up time was nearly 7, Chhaya was still asleep but Shilpi was awake, she was just out of toilet after basic courses, and as decided both Chhaya and Shilpi were suppose to go by 8.

“karna hai”? I asked Shilpi, “haan…mujhe to karna hai…tum bataao…. kar paaoge”? She asked back whether I will be able to do it “that depends on you…..agar achhe se suck karogi to erection ho jaayegi” I replied, “Chhaya ko bhi jaga do….dono saath mein suck karenge…jaldi khada ho jaayega”

Shilpi replied, “forget her, uski maine subah subah char baje maari hai…Chuswane ke baad….. you were sleeping” I smiled while saying that “ok” Shilpi replied with just ok and came to bed. Once again we decide to lie down in 69 as Shilpi too needed some arousal.

Like with Chhaya I lied sideways with Shilpi and we sucked each other nicely and after getting bit of erection I made Shilpi standing on her four on the edge of bed and while standing on floor I plunged that bitch from behind. It was really great fucking that housewife in doggy style and I was getting really very aroused when Shilpi was turning her face to see me while moaning.

Due to my excitement I was pumping that sluty wife hard from behind which made bed jerking hard and Chhaya got up from her sleep. We I and Shilpi continued fucking for some time in that posture and later switched to missionary and soon we both climaxed after one another.

More or less after that Shilpi and Chhaya got up to go as they were suppose to move out and after some time both the Marwari bitches took leave, leaving there Punjabi sluts in a sound sleep. Although Sunday was not that wild and weird as it was Saturday but it was nevertheless fucking unbelievable.

As far as sex was concerned I was not in state to fuck Gunjan or Chaitali till afternoon, neither they forced me to do that initially but after having light Daal Chawal in lunch when we three came to bedroom both the bitches were demanding sex and they started playing with me in there way. Both Chaitali and Gunjan took off their clothes instantly and exposed there fleshy bodies to me,

then they took off my clothes too and without taking my rod in their mouth they jerked it well and licked my whole body with their wet tongue. It was a pleasure which was really very difficult to bear; both the huge ass sluts were eating me like hungry animals, licking and sucking my whole body including my tiny nipples at the same time but except my monster cock.

They were teasing me to arouse me and somehow I was trying to bear the pleasure by moaning and arching my body randomly with their licks but things went really weird when Gunjan took my rod in her mouth and started sucking me using her lot of saliva and at the same time Chaitali turned me sideways and initially bit one of my hips lightly and then parted my hips and tried to lick my ass hole.

I was just going crazy and could not control my gasps as Chaitali was again and again flicking her tongue between my spread hips, over my ass opening and within few seconds I found myself hard like iron rod, my Penis took its full size in Gunjan’s mouth itself. Gunjan also moved her tongue between my ass crack and flicked my ass hole while Chaitali was holding me tight to block my pleasure movements.

Out of two big ass whores, Gunjan and Chaitali I took Chaitali under me first and fucked her while making her lie on her back and keeping one of her fleshy thigh on my shoulder. Thanks to Blue movies which I see very frequently and decided to rub her fuckhole with my thumb while fucking her cunt.

Chaitali moaned loud and very differently as I started doing that and failed to held herself for long and trembled like a bitch in a shattering orgasm. That is how I got away from that slut without discharging my load and then it came to Gunjan, she very well knew what she has to do, without feeling any hesitation,

that my rod is soaked with Chaitali’s juices she started sucking me and I seduced Gunjan too while holding her big ass in my hands for some time by putting her on her four on the edge of the bed, but in that position I was in extreme pleasure and I was feeling that I may discharge without making Gunjan cum,

so I took Gunjan over me on the bed and fucked her while making her jumping and lurching her huge bottom over me, till she seemed to reach to her climax, and then again I changed the posture and I took her under me and banged her badly in missionary and every time while changing position I fisted her fuckhole very brutally and that is why I succeeded in making her cum along with me.

All in all after mid day’s post lunch sex experience, rest of my Sunday was spend peacefully because we three went out for a movie but later in the night once again I found myself between big fleshy thighs as in night after having dinner we came to bedroom and I started by burying my mouth between there fleshy thighs and sucked there juicy cunts one by one and both big ass babes,

Gunjan and Chaitali also sucked me while being on there fours as I was on my knees on the bed. I fucked them one by one in doggy style while holding there huge ass and I must say that it is really great feeling to pump females like Chaitali and Gunjan who has massive flesh over there ass mounds in doggy style.

As I said in the beginning even today I am in this sex affair and I fuck Gunjan maximum and most of the time in doggy style, as she is living beside me, after that counting comes to Chaitali as she is also living without her husband so she often comes to live with her friend for a night and she too get fucked in doggy way at least once during her visit to Gunjan’s flat,

moreover couple of times during Chaitali’s visit I have taken both the bitches, Gunjan along with Chaitali at one time. Shilpi also comes to have fun with me but hardly twice or maximum thrice a month and that is just for few hours and I fuck her mostly alone and in missionary position as I feel really great when she grabs me tight in her arms and thighs and last but not the least,

my favorite slut Chhaya, she has come just once after this incident, it was a weekday and I took off from my work when she called me to ask if she can come today, that day till evening Chhaya was with me and I fucked her thrice, and all in different position.

Life is on like this and I am enjoying to the fullest with these four fucking whores but I must tell you guys that these days I am interested in getting those video in which call boys were fucking these horny sluts and in fewer videos I am also shot fucking them. As soon as I will get those videos I will upload it to this wonderful blog for everyone,

moreover I think that is the only way I can make readers believe that whatever I have wrote down is 100 percent truth. So keep visiting this fabulous site as it could be any day when I will upload videos of four horny sluts Gunjan, Chaitali, Shilpi and Chhaya while getting fucked like real bitches till then bye and do comment about my sex experience.

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