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Sex metro se bistar tak - II

Friendz this story is in continuation of my previous story ”Sex metro se bistar tak”. Well for those who are reading my story for the first time a small re-cap I m Amit from Rohini (Delhi)29, average looking, avg tool with a high libido for sex, I was in a relationship with a girl named Rachna from my neighborhood Rohini, delhi, where I also live.

I fucked her many times on weekends when her parents were away (please read my previous story for more). We had a dripping wet gala time together. She also had a younger sister named Aashi (identity changed for security reasons). Initially she was just a buddy to me as I was her sister’s boy friend but gradually things took a different turn.

This real story is about how I get to screw her both the holes, about her clean shaven pussy, her brown nipples, her nectar juice and lot more. The story is complete verbatim of the real incidences that took place among us. Its true word by word, So here it goes.

It was in summers of 2011, I met Ashi through Rachna, who was her elder sister, Ashi was brown in complexion with moderate size of boobs, slim and slender, with shapy ass,height around 5.3. She always dressed like young girls. Initially I never gave much attention to her as I was afraid of getting caught by her sister (i.e my GF) but theTHARAK inside me was always there.

One day Rachna planned to go to disc in group including Ashi, myself my friend sandy, and two other girls from her office whose name I don’t remember as of now. As decided I had to pick Rachna and Ashi from their home and others were to join us mid-way. Accordingly I reached at her place at around 9PM, Ashi came running downstairs as she was already set to go.

She took the front seat, Rachna hasn’t come yet as she was to take a few more minutes to get read, meanwhile I and Ashi started talking. That was the first time I saw her with lust in my eyes she was looking GAAN FAAD, and perhaps she noticed that THARAK(lust)in my eyes.

She asked me “so how m I lukin ?“ I said “beautiful” I knowingly avoided calling her dick raiser for the fear that she may pass it over to her sister. She smiled sheepishly and said “that means m not looking hot” by hearing this I got bolder n said “your hotness is burning me baby” and we both laughed. She said “why don’t you join Salsa class at my institute it will be fun”.

I said “honey I m a terribly bad dancer. I Come second only after Dharmendra when it come to dancing”. She laughed and said “don’t worry I’ll teach u”, hearing this I started dreaming about having a peak at her jumping boobs while dancing. She again said “I will c ur dancing skills today at the disc as well”. I said “than you’ll b highly disappointed coz I’ll not dance…I’ll watch only”.

She winked and said “don’t worry I know how to make boys dance baby” I bit my lower lip and smiled. Soon Rachna came to the car and seeing this we changed the topic and sat properly. Rachna took the front seat, On the way we picked different people, by 10:30 we reached hotel Ashoka and from there to Fbar (Disco @ hotel ashoka), it was a nice place, blue ambience and people were dancing madly.

We took few shots of tequila and under its effect Rachna and I stated kissing at one of the corner, we were disturbed by the tap of Ashi on my shoulder. She said “stop romancing, let’s dance”, maybe she was jealous seeing us kissing. She took my hand started doing salsa n I was dancing like a novice, but discreetly I was able to touch her body.

I touched here on her exposed shoulders and tummy without letting anyone know that I was doing it deliberately. Rachna was ok with it because she thought that her little was just giving me few dancing lessons n I but she didn’t know that her little sister was having big boobs too….i was thinking of licking Ashi’s shoulders with my tongue then and there….oh my god, my lund was struggling to come out.

When we realized that its 12:30, we decided to leave for home. Effect of the alcohol was too high on me. So sandy decided to take the driving sea t. At the back seat we 4 were to sit. Rachna and I were sitting together n other girl was sitting beside Rachna, soon we realized that there was no place left for Ashi to Sit.

We decided that she should sit on Rachna’s Lap and this way a part of her back was touching my front side. Her shoulder was centimeters away from my nose, taking the advantage I started sniffing her shoulder. Fragrance of her body had intoxicating effect on my mind my lund was getting out of control.

A few times she also looked back as she was able to feel the heat from my nose, but I pretended as if I knew nothing n I was the only innocent boy in the car. After reaching home I shagged and a huge amount of semen was offloaded in her name.

I started visiting her institute for taking Salsa lessons from her (off course I forgot to tell that she was a dance teacher), At her institute due to the presence of other student much wasn’t achieved, but the occasional touch of her body always made a tent in my pent.

Rachna and I used have Chudai (fuck) on Saturdays when nobody was at her home, One Saturday evening when I was at her home and was fucking my GF Rachna, she (Ashi) returned home early and we had to leave the game in between and Rachna opened the door for her. She came in and on seeing gave me a hug.

She came back after changing into a sleeveless T-shirt and shorts and played the music, she said come on I will teach you few steps of Salsa. She started teaching me salsa, our body touched each other many times and both of us could feel the heat, she held me tightly more than required. We were doing it discreetly by avoiding Rachna’s eyes.

My erect dick touched here many times which she might have also felt. Her underarms were visible and were neat and clean, n I was feeling like licking them and holding here boobs from back, crushing them hard, tweaking here nipples but due the presence of Rachna I was a faithful BF.

Next day during the day time I received a call from Ashi, she asked me what I was doing. I told her that I have take an off today and was lying on the bed n killing time to which she said come to my place as she was also doing nothing. Soon I reached at her home; she was all alone there her mother had gone to Mandir.

She said I’ll show u some Salsa videos by saying this she sat very close beside me her body was touching mine. I was least interested in watching any video; her proximity was making my desires go high. She was in shorts and was wearing a very thin T-Shirt through which her figure was easily seen. I put my hand on her shoulder and started watching the videos.

My god her skin was so smooth n I was getting mad. Suddenly she stood up and said “wait I show u something” she went inside the other room came changing into a new pink tube top. She said “this is the new dress gifted to me by Rachna…..how m I loking?” I also got up came behind her held her by waist, looked deep into her eyes and said u are looking so hot that I m not able to control my desires.

Then I placed my lips on her neck and started sniffing and licking her neck. I moved my tongue inside her ear with slurping sound. I inserted my hands inside here tank top and held her choochies (boobs), she hasn’t worn any bra, they were erect n hard. I pinched her nipples, encircled them with my fingers and also squeezed them tightly in between which sent shivers down her spine.

She turned her face towards me n tried to smooch me. I brought my lips closer to her and before smooching took my lips back, just to tease her. She held me by my neck and smooched me tightly. I took my tongue out and she licked it with her tongue, we let our saliva flow and it was dripping from our lips to the floor.

We had very long smooch, then I raised her both the hands above her head, started licking her under arms in an upward movement. This way licking her arm I reached till her elbow, n tried to take whole of her elbow in my mouth. She started moaning mildly, my lund became hard like rock, I started gyrating my lund over my pent touching her pelvic area.

I inserted one of my hands inside her shorts from back. I griped her gaand (ass) tightly n started squeezing it. I proceeded further and moved one of my fingers up and down on her ass-crack. I parted her ass with one hand n inserted finger of other hand in her pussy hole from the back. Oh my god that was really a tight n wet pussy. The pussy I will die many times for.

I inserted two of my fingers n started moving in and out, mean while I would stretch my fingers inside her pussy making a V shape by stretching fingers. She was moaning heavily I kept my lips on her and started kissing her. Then I took out my hand from her pussy and started licking my finger, the taste of her juice was a little salty and light smell was coming from but it tasted nice.

I took her hand n stuffed it inside my pent, she held my lund, n started moving up and down, my pre-cum was oozing out of lund some of which fell on her hand, she tasted it n smooched me as well. I removed her tank top in one go, her boobs sprang out in front of my eyes. Those beautiful brown boobs with small erect nipples can tempt any living lund on this earth.

I started sucking her nipples one by one. Squeezing them as if I will squeeze the last drop of milk from it. I remove her shorts n her shiny brown body came into my view with black panty on. I started rubbing her pussy vigorously; she lost control on her body n held my lund. I removed her panty and made her lay on the sofa put my head between her thighs and straightly started licking her choot.

It was clean shaven with no trace of hair. I parted her pussy lips and started linking it like a hungry dog. She was moaning loudly. I inserted one of my fingers inside her asshole too. It went smoothly, that confirmed that she might have done anal before. Soon my mouth became greasy till my chin due to her pussy juice.

She started moaning loudly “fuck me Amit….Fuck me now” even I was not in a condition to control any more, hence I put my lund on the entrance of her choot n started rubbing it up and down to tease her more. She held me by my hips n pressed me towards her, she wanted me inside. With one go I inserted my lund inside her choot. I stared my piston movement with the “puch puch sound” coming out of her wet choot.

We changed into missionary to dogy pose after some time. The heat kept building. I was fucking her choot with all my will and strength.we were in heavens for the next 15 mins and soon I was feeling like I was coming, pressure was building inside me. I told her I m Cuming. She said don’t cum inside. I cum on her tummy and boobs and smeared all my semen on her boobs.

I started fingering vigorously, soon her body started twisted and she cummed with heavy loads. I fell on her n started breathing heavily. After few minutes we regained our strength n she started stroking my lund. I said “I wana fuck u in the ass”. She acted as if she is going to as fucked for the first time in lyf, but inside I knew that she has done it many times before.

I started massaging her ass hole with my finger, and turned her with her back upside. I brought my tongue near her ass hole n started licking it. It got tighter; her black hole was shining with my saliva. Then I put my lund on her ass hole and slowly enter her. She took it inside without any wrinkle on her forehead. I held her boobs from back and started squeezing the in rhythm while fucking her.

She was licking her lips. I kept my bull like pace, and soon I ejaculated inside her ass hole. She got up and said “ab mujhe tumhari jeeb ka maza chahiye” and sat on my face opening her pussy lips and started rubbing her pussy on my face. With no strength left, my lund was shrank into a small tool and I was left with no choice but to make her cum by licking her.

I started licking her with full zeal and with the core of my heart. Soon she started shivering and came with the little liquid left inside her choot. We kept lying like that for some time n then I got up wore my clothes. I asked her to get the things in place before her mom returns from mandir. I took a glass of water and left the place after giving her a good bye kiss.

Did you like this encounter? I'm waiting for the responses from all worthy readers. Please post them in the comments. Thanks in advance.

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I am a 31 yrs old housewife, I like this story n I also like if same will happend with me......

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