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Randi bhabhi stripped naked fucked near river MMS 1

Randi aka whore MILF wife from India getting stripped of green panty in the outdoors Indian wife's kameez hiked pussy and tits exposed by horny guy in the outdoors by the river
Horny Indian lady getting fucked missionary style by the river showing small boobs Indain wife stripped of kameez showing bra and boobs during sex foreplay

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Shesh having sex with blonde in Australia

About me: My name’s shesh, age 22. I am from Bangalore, currently living in Melbourne. Height 6ft and neither muscular nor lean, and pretty fair than average Indian..I never had sex before and so, you can easily guess, I have got very high sexual desires. Whenever I read a story here, I always wondered when my number will come. And by all luck, it came pretty soon!

When I was planning to go Australia, the thought of fucking a blonde always crossed my mind. This was one of my primary urges that pushed me to going abroad for studies. I wanted to explicitly enjoy sex.

After landing in Melbourne, I was living with a bunch Indians, 2 of them were students, 2 of them completed their studies and were working in IT industry. They helped me get job in local pub. At the uni, I thought I will find at least one fuck buddy but every female student was from Asia, and I knew I am not getting laid with anyone here. I was disappointed like hell. But life at pub made me happy.

I get to see so many sexy chicks in sexy outfits. As part of my job, I am to assist drunken people get out of the bar, into cabs or their cars. And mostly, it is the ladies who cant balance themselves once drunk, so I used every opportunity to carry them out. My colleagues too knew pretty soon I enjoyed doing it and so they let me do it mostly. And boy was I lucky!

I was holding girls and ladies around their waists, under their arms, now and then brushing their tits. They would never care. They were in their own world. My dick was as hard as a steel rod, but it had to wait. I knew my best times were here. But soon these things were not as fascinating as they were a few months back. My dick did not respond as eagerly as it did.

No longer did touching waists or underarms arouse me. So I had to deliberately take risks to “accidentally” touch the ladies’ boobs and asses while assisting them out. While that was still a solution, I cant cross my line for much time before someone notices. So I had to find a better solution to release the lava building in me.

While seriously thinking about it on one Wednesday night, I was watching this particularly beautiful and sexy blonde for over 2 hours. She and 4 of her girl friends were indulging themselves in drinks. Whenever she came over to the deck to grab some liquor, I was scanning her body top to bottom.

She has short silky blonde hair, and wore a blue dress that started below her shoulders and ended about half feet below her ass. I could easily see her structure through it. Her fair boobs were so tender, they were juggling in her dress cups on every step she took and her ass was protruding out more than natural. I could easily see her panty line through it.

She was beautiful, blonde, sexy and had a body to die for. I told to myself “whatever the cost, I gotta get laid with this girl”. She caught me a couple of times while staring at her boobs but that was a common thing for me to get caught, so I ignored it. After some time while looking at her bench, I observed they all looked at me for a second, turned back and giggled and continued in their chatting.

That puzzled me for a second but I went back to my work. When it was about closing time, the blonde came for their last round, sensuously put her elbows on the deck, rested her chin on her palms while her arms were pressing her boobs, pushing them out of place.

My eyes almost popped out looking at them and her pretty face. She slowly removed her right hand from the table, inserted her thumb into her left breast cup to pull her dress up but I had a feeling she almost flicked her nipple in the process. She was looking into my eyes and she knew she had me. She knew she could have me as her slave. And, yes, she was right. I was ready to do anything to sleep with her.

With her husky voice, she asked for 15 shots of tequila. I was in her spell. My hands were busy preparing the shots but my mind was occupied with the act of her thumb flicking her nipple. Slowly from behind, she said, “dont make the last one”. I stopped there and turned back to her. She was looking into my eyes, with a hint of mischief and command, and said “fill that one with your sperm and top it with tequila”.

I was shocked. I was not prepared for this. My facial expressions were turning from erotic to disturbing as I felt if she was trying to fool me but she immediately served me with a reason “I and my girls over there”, pointing at her bench said, “would like to surprise each other all the times and this ones never done before so they wont even suspect it coming and when it happens, I will be the wit queen for the week in our house”.

But my brain was immersed in questions like why should some stranger drink my sperm without her knowing it and would I loose my job if I am caught doing it, what would people say and lot of other stuff. I was faced with serious questions in my brain but she wouldn’t stop persuading me.

When I was still not convinced, she walked to my side of deck, which is pretty high and not visible below chest height, bent on her knees before me and pulled down her top to put her full boobs on display for me. And while looking at me, she put her hand on my crotch and said "understand. Please, this is fun of the year for us". That was first time ever I was touched by a lady in that part.

She knew I couldn’t resist. She pulled the zipper down, inserted her hand into my briefs, and pulled my hard on cock out and placed it her mouth. Oh my, I was just not sure if it was all really happening. And before even realising it was all happening, it took not even 5 seconds before my penis began to throb and she immediately pulled my penis out of her mouth and held the shot glass to catch my cum.

She licked off the remaining cum on my penis, pulled her top on and stood up, placed the 15th glass among others and left the deck with the tray. I had to put my cock back into the briefs and checked around to see if anyone was observing. Luckily there were very few in the pub to notice this amazing incident.

Then I started looking at the girls to see whats happening there. They were busy gulping down shots and I was acting as if busy with some work. Soon there were wild laughs from that table, they all turned back to look at me and apart from one girl in that group, they were all pretty delighted I can say.

Soon, it was bar’s closing time and slowly the last 3 tables of customers started leaving. I thought this blonde would come back and talk to me but she just walked out. I was not too happy regarding that, but I was loaded with happiness that I have never experienced.

After closing the pub, and coming out, while lighting my cigarette, this blonde girl was still outside the pub. Since my lava was taken care of, I was in better control of the situation. I slowly walked towards the girl and asked “What are you doing here?” She said, “It was fun. I did not thank you enough for your help.” she said, in a drunken tone I smiled and said “I am pretty happy with what you did to me. It was amazing!”

“That was not even a proper blowjob!” she chuckled “I know. But that was first time ever a woman to fondle my cock” She had a shocking expression in her face as she could not believe a person did not have sex till this age. She slowly walked towards me, looking into my eyes and said, “what do you mean?” “You heard it right. This is first time for a girl to ever touch my penis. That is normal for any Indian. We dont have sex until we are married.”

She understood my state now and started to take back control. The streets were calm. She spoke "This is going to be fun" With a confident look, she slowly turned back and looking back at me, she put a hand on her right ass and slid a finger inside the dress and slowly pulled the dress up by 2 inches. I was back into state of erotic and blissful state. She was doing it for me again. I was happy, enchanted.

She slowly took 2 steps away from me, towards her car while slowly pulling her dress up. I could see the end of her ass. A pink line was present at the bottom of her ass. I could see her inner thighs. She slowly, pulled the dress even higher to show a pink satin panty. It was shining under the streetlight. My cock was throbbing again. The lava was boiling in me.

She was a witch, she knew how to enslave me. She pulled her dress up till her waist to display her magnificent ass for me to enjoy. The ass was so fair and plumpy, I wanted to bite into it. As she was walking towards her car, the ass was swaying side to side. She looked at me, then turned away from me putting her ass in front of me, bent forward and with an elegant move, pulled down her panties and held it in one hand.

She was bare bottom out on the road. My penis started oozing again. I could not hold myself any further. I went towards her swiftly, knelt behind her and pushed my face into her ass. The smell was so beautiful of her dripping. Her soft ass was pressing against my face. I was in a hurry to taste her liquid. I pushed my tongue through the ass licking everything I could.

But her ass was too big for my tongue to find her cunt. I slowly raised one leg of hers to make some room to go from between her ass cheeks to find her love hole. And once it was in reach, I was licking it all over. She started to moan. I was licking her for 5 mins while she rested her ass against my head.

After sometime, she slowly pushed my head aside, while still turned around, she walked towards her car slowly, opened the backdoor, bent forward almost in doggy style and waited for me. I went behind her, knelt and held her ass for a minute and observed it. Her pink plumpy cunt was shaved and so smooth, it was glistening with her oozing.

I then started licking her cunt for 5 more minutes and she shuddered an orgasm that lasted for an entire minute. I was heart content for having licked a girls ass and cunt for the first time and so long. She turned around, sat in the backseat, while I still standing out, she pulled down my pants, briefs and caught hold of my penis while looking at me, she used her left hand to sensuously fondle my balls.

She slowly squeezed it and then pulled back my foreskin to see the dripping penis. With full concentration, she slowly licked off the pre semen in 5 to 6 licks. She then started stroking my penis up and down and put it in her mouth and continued stroking it. I was in 7th heaven. It was warm, soft, slippery in her mouth. In another 5 mins I ejaculated.

She gulped down my cum and kept licking the tip off for another 30 seconds. Then we both collapsed on the backseat. She was sleeping on me and we chatted away for 10 to 15 minutes all the while the door was open, she was bare bottomed, sleeping on me.

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North Indian college babe kissing and boobs sucked at home MMS

North Indian college couple on the couch smiling at the camera before sex foreplay North Indian girl removing top to reveal white bra and armpits while boyfriend helps
North Indian girl sitting topless showing juicy tits to boyfriend before sex session North Indian college whore showing big boobs while wearing bra after foreplay

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Tripti fucked by horny neighbour - II

Previously: Tripti fucked by horny neighbour - I

“Dusra idea kya hai” as expected Tripti asked me back as I said that I have another idea which will never fail. “aise….nahi pahle ye try karo…. Success na mile to kahna….” “I am sure success nahi milegi…may be ek do baar erection ho jaaye….but ye idea long run mein kaam nahi aane wala” Tripti excepted that idea of speaking Hindi slang may succeed but not in long run “let’s see”

I replied and decided to increase Tripti’s curiosity for the other idea and as I expected she asked me the other idea couple of times as I was avoiding telling her. As Tripti asked me the detail of my other idea one more time, I played my card again and told her that she has to pay price for that idea by saying,

“aise nahi….wo idea aapko free mein nahi milega……aapko uss idea ka price pay karna padega” “kya price pay karna padega” Tripti asked me back instantly with a smile, “what else….mujhe aapki CHUT chahiye…..for next few days…jab tak Sharad wapis nahi aata” this time intentionally I spoke Hindi slang with a motif of arousing her and it worked a bit,

Tripti was bit surprised and her expressions went more pleasant and she replied back by saying “Bhaiya please stop it….bataao kya idea hai” “first you say that you are ready” I replied back asking for the think I needed, “nahi…agar mujhe idea achha nahi laga to…” Tripti spoke casually and by now I could feel that Tripti was little more comfortable with the conversation

“suppose achha lagga…..then…” I asked her “then I will think about it….” “Ok…..in any case you cannot apply this idea alone….mujhe aur Deepa ko bhi aapka saath dena padega…” I replied and before I would have continued Tripti’s expressions changed pleasantly as she heard that I and my Deepa has to work along with her and she asked me, “idea kya hai….?”.

I smiled and gave a thought to what I was thinking from last couple of minutes, I don’t know how it came in my mind, may be because at that time somehow I wanted to fuck Tripti and to give her a positive direction I thought about that and finally uttered without thinking much about it, “I call it same room action……ye bahut effective hota hai” “kya matlab…”

Tripti could not understand what I said so I detailed her and once again used bit of Hindi slang, purposely to arouse her for that night and my words were “aap dono ke saamne……I will fuck Deepa…..at that time aap dono bhi nude hoge aur jab main Deepa ko Chod raha hounga….. aap Sharad ka LUND chusoge….usko arouse karne ke liye…..I am sure…

Sharad arouse ho jaayega aur aapko ussi time CHOD dega” Tripti smiled outwardly very less but I could see that she was really glad from inside after hearing this idea without thinking whether it is possible or not, but she realized that after couple of seconds, “it’s not possible….”

“at least we can try……I am sure if somehow ye ho gaya…to Sharad ki problem solve ho jaayegi” I replied to make her think positive, Tripti smiled on my words but knobbed her head in no and spoke “Sharad will not agree…..I am sure Deepa bhi nahi maanegi” “at least we can give it a try…..you ask Sharad…I will ask Deepa” I spoke nonsense and Tripti made me realize that

“Bhaiya what are you saying…..main Sharad se puchhungi kya…..?” “forget it…..I will do that…. when Deepa will be back you just have to discuss your sex problem with her as much as possible… …..she will definitely talk to me…..I will ask her then” I showed her the approach but then spoke again after a small pause and this time it was about my objective of that day,

that is fucking Tripti and my words were “but I will not try anything if I will not get my whole payment in advance….”…… “sirf do teen din ki baat hai…jab tak Sharad wapis nahi aata…aapko mere saath sona hai” Tripti smiled back, from her gesture I could see that because of long conversation about sex by now she was somewhat willing to get on bed with me and

if not she would have agreed in some more time but as far as idea was concerned certainly she was feeling that it is worth taking risk but there is very less hope of getting success and up to an extend she was right. Even in my perspective it was a wonderful idea, I can’t say about Sharad but hope of agreeing Deepa was very less but at that time I was thinking more about Tripti and not Deepa so once again I spoke to Tripti,

“Soch lo….kya karna hai….” “In my perspective you are at win-win situation…..first of all you will enjoy sex for 3-4 days with me….. Later if we will succeed….Sharad ki problem solve ho jaayegi and in case we will fail…you can enjoy sex with me in future also…whenever we will get chance….” Tripti giggled on my acting smart and spoke sarcastically “haan…..very smart”

but now I could see that she was more interested in discussing the idea which was not fully prepared even at my end and she asked me again “Bhaiya please…….aap wo sab chhodo……..pahle ye bataao…is it possible?” “it is very much possible…..but there is a chance of failure Sharad aur Deepa ke end par ……I a m ready for anything…

but if you will not pay the price… there is no chance….main try bhi nahi karunga” Tripti looked at me with arbitrary anger and can say disappointment as I was not ready to talk to her for long without pulling the subject of fucking her at that time, but she replied in low and soft voice “Bhaiya in case we will fail aur ye sab dono mein se kisi ko pata chal gaya to…problem ho jaayegi”

“kisi ko pata nahi chalega….. waise to I am sure ki we will not fail….rather mujhe lagta hai ki if once we will start same room action……then wife swapping will also start…may be after 2-3 times…”….. “Then I will fuck you, in front of your husband….main Sharad ke saamne aapko CHODUNGA”

once again I got bit weird with my words in excitement and Tripti replied instantly in same fashion “Jaise wo Deepa ko Chhod dega….wo bhi to CHODEGA aapke saamne aapki wife ko” Tripti replied and I laughed as Hindi slang in female voice was too good. “Fine….CHODEGA to CHODEGA but I am sure wo satisfy nahi kar paayega Deepa ko….”

Once again I tried to win the game of words and Tripti just giggled on my reply as she knew that I was right. Truly speaking at that time I was in somewhat semi conscious state and could not realize whatever I was saying, it just kept on coming from mouth and I could see that Tripti was somewhat convinced now, but I asked her again, in the fashion as if I am asking her for the last time,

“now decision is in your hand………tell me kya karna hai?”…… “Paanch din ke liye meri wife ban kar mere bedroom mein mere saath sona hai…..aur Sharad ko normal karne ke liye try karna hai yaa……fir as usual faithful wife banker throughout life….. Sharad se sirf aur sirf sucking karwani hai?”,

it was long statement in the questioning format in somewhat erotic words and I spoke all that while looking into her eyes and waited for her to reply for a minute, “Ok……main raat ko aa jaaungi aapke pass. Sone ke liye” Finally Tripti uttered and accepted my proposal and agreed to come in the night to sleep with me but I was not in state to wait till night so I spoke again,

once again in my way, using my wit, “when you have excepted that you are my wife for next few days….then why to wait for a night…..bedroom mein chalo Suhaagraat manate hain” with that I got up to get closer to Tripti and I could see as I moved she got bit conscious “aap serious ho kya?”

“to aapko kya lagga….main itni der se aapke saath sex ki baaten kyun kar raha hun……sirf apna LUND khada karne ke liye?....nahi….usse khada karke aapki CHUT mein daalne ke liye….” I paused for a second to see her reaction and I realized that Tripti was ready to do, she felt good as I spoke weird Hindi words for her and then I spoke again, in the same fashion,

intentionally using bit of Hindi slang “aapne mujhe accidently Nanga dekha tha….ab main aapko intentionally Nanga karunga…..aapko CHODNE ke liye” by now I was sitting beside Tripti and as such there was nothing which could stop me now, I was very excited and could not stop my hands to touch her,

Tripti was wearing simple Salwar Kameez with Duppta and by now I was really eager to take off those clothes from her body. Holding myself calm I rolled my hands on her thighs tenderly over the clothes, but she stopped me and removed my hand from her thigh and looked into my eyes. “kya hua…nahi karna kya…?” I asked her in soft voice, “aap sach mein mere saath sex karne lage ho….?”

Even then Tripti could not believe whatever was happening between us, “try and speak Hindi words, ask me….kya aap sach mein mujhe CHODNE lagge ho….”….. I replied and then somewhat insisted Tripti to speak Hindi slang by saying “speak up” Tripti’s heart was beating high but she was comfortable, can say somewhat prepared for the action.

Once again I insisted her to speak as she was silently looking into my eyes, “come on…bolo….Sharad ko arouse karne ke liye aapko Hindi mein ye sabb bolna padega….speak up” I cheered her up with a smile “kya aap sach mein mujhe CHODNE lage ho” finally Tripti uttered in low hesitant voice, I smiled on her blush and replied in same fashion,

using same sort of words rather with bit extra saying, “Haan….main tumhe sach mein CHODNE lagga hun…aur CHODNE se pahle tumse apna LUND bhi CHUSWAAUNGA……” with that once again my hands moved to Tripti’s exploding body and I grabbed her from her waist and leaned over her to kiss her and started sucking her lips,

initially Tripti did not responded to my kiss but after few seconds she opened her mouth and I invaded her mouth and licked every corner of her inner cheeks. We kissed for long and my hands did not stop exploring her body and I squeezed her big juicy melons with my hands for my pleasure.

Going further down my hands moved to her thighs and I rubbed them over the clothes and continued kissing her. Finally we broke the kiss and by now I was keen to take off her clothes and I instantly tried to lift her Kurta while saying “Uttaro issko” “yahan….Drawing room mein?” Tripti stopped me and asked me back, “Haan….mujhe aapki breasts suck karni hai”

I replied, “Nahi Bhaiya…..abhi rahne do…raat ko karenge…” Tripti was intended to go ahead but still confused and she wanted to postpone the fucking till night but I was unstoppable now, once again I tried to lift her Kurta and spoke with a smile, in somewhat sarcastic tone “Kya baat kar rahe ho Bhabhi…..do you think I can wait for so long…..mujhe abhi karna hai….”

This time I lifted her Kurta up comfortably, though Tripti tried to stop me this time too but very less, moreover this time I did not stopped and continued lifting it when she hesitated and ultimately took it out from her neck and threw it on the other couch. Tripti was sitting in my living room without anything on her upper half except a tight bra.

I must say that her milks were so big and milky, much bigger and fleshier then my wife’s breasts, moreover she had a habit of wearing tight bra and because of that her cleavage was very deep and very arousing. I was keen to free her breast from the cage and to do that instead on wasting time in unhooking her bra I simple pulled down her bra straps from her shoulders and exposed her big melons.

Wow….they were so big and fleshy, much better then they always seemed, I squeezed Tripti’s luscious fruits together in my hands. Tripti moaned sexily in pleasure but told me not to do in sensual words by saying, “Bhaiya please…..kya kar rahe hain….” Mat kariye na”. “Bhabhi karne do jo main karr raha hun…..mazza aa gaya”

I spoke and continued playing wither luscious mounds by pressing them hard, Tripti tried to push me lightly, to stop me but I was going wild and within a fraction I started sucking her nipples. Tripti’s big and long dark brown nipples were nut hard in excitement and she groaned erotically when I took them in my mouth and sucked them hard.

Tripti arched sensually in pleasure as I flicked her nipples with my tongue and bit them lightly and she held my head in her hands and moved her fingers in my hairs while moaning lightly in pleasure, fed me her milk like a mother and I somewhat like a child kept on sucking her breasts as if I am getting a milk out of them.

Slowly I moved down and tried to find the cord of her Salwar and tried to pull it after taking it out but Tripti stopped me, she was uneasy but willing too, “Bhaiya kya karr rahe ho…yahin pe karoge kya?” she asked me as she saw that I am trying taking off her lower, “Chalo fir bedroom mein chalte hain….” I replied, she looked at me, in my eyes and then got up to go.

“issko yahin uttar do” While saying that once again I tried to pull the string which was holding her Salwar around her waist and finally I pulled it to loosen her lower and in a fraction Tripti’s Salwar raced down to her feet and she got little shocked, she was standing in front of me just in Panty, her fleshy thighs were exposed to me and I could see bit of wetness between those fleshy thighs over the cloth.

“Chalo abb andar chalet hain….” Once again I uttered and took her wrist and came to the bedroom and pushed her to the bed and started taking off my clothes. It took me hardly few seconds to get stark naked and come up to the bed and first thing I did after climbing the bed, I simple pulled Tripti’s Panty down to her feet and took it out of her legs.

Ohhh…God I could not believe, as I removed last cloth from her body, strong aroma of her pleasure juices got spread in the air, Tripti was damp and flooding like hell. Truly speaking till date in so many years of married life I never saw my wife so wet and aroused, the way Tripti was hot and starved.

“Ohhh….God….. Bhabhi aap to poori tarah gile ho chuke ho….hmmmmm….” “Bahut man kar raha hai na….sex karne ka….?” I spoke what I saw and asked her if she is desperate to have sex. “haan Bhaiya Daal do abb….” Tripti replied positively this time and from her voice I could make out that she had tried her best to control her desire.

“Nahi abhi nahi daalna…..Pahle oral sex karna hai…” I replied and tried to spread her thighs to get access of her fuckhole for oral sex and then spoke again and somewhat cleared my intentions in Hindi words by saying, “pahle main aapki Chusunga…fir aap mera Chusna” I was erect and certainly eager to penetrate Tripti’s swollen cunt but I had a long desire to have proper oral sex as my sex life with my wife was lacking that,

my wife Deepa never liked sucking my rod and use to ignore it. Anyway as I tried to burry my mouth between her fleshy thighs, Tripti stopped me “Bhaiya Please……abhi Daal do andar….wo sab baad mein karenge….” Tripti was really very aroused and very keen to get fucked just then but I was keen to get sucked so I spoke again

“Nahi….. maine aapse apna Lund Chuswana hai” “Bhaiya Chus dungi aapka Lund….. aap tension kyun le rahe ho….” Tripti spoke again and then again in continuation “ab to mein Raat bhar aapke pass hi hun…….aur fir thode din hum dono mein ye sab chalta rahega….jab tak Sharad wapis nahi aate” “….jitna bologe Chus dungi……aap abhi andar daal do…nahi to main aise hi jhadd jaaungi”

“ok…” I replied with just one words and widened her thighs but stopped and tried to get up to get a Condom, “kya hua…” lying on back with spread thighs, Tripti asked me as I got up to take out Condom from the drawer, “Condom” I replied, “rahne do…..Bhaiya jo hoga dekh lenge…aap andar hi chhod dena”

I came back and once again took the position and wrapping Tripti’s fleshy thighs around my waist I invaded my rod in her fuckhole and slipped inside her deep, and stood still without moving even a fraction. Tripti was keen to get fucked and I somewhat wanted to enjoy her desperation, with the intention to tease her I did not started fucking her instantly and leaned over her to kiss,

Tripti responded to my kiss and grabbed me in her arms and spoke “Bhaiya….fuck me…Please shuru karo”. Finally the soft, well-sprung bed on which we were lying bounced and bucked with my heavy insistent rhythm. My monster started distending Tripti’s cunt-lips wide open; I skewered her deeply, running my monster into her fuckhole repeatedly with a wicked roll of my taut hips.

Tripti moaned and gasped loud, her body was jerking and snapping back and forth on the bed, her big and heavy breasts were jiggling with my deep thrusts. Tripti usually wear small pearl eardrops and couple of gold bangles on one wrist, couple of finger rings and thin silver chain of spiritual locket and at that time while lying under me she was wearing just that.

My Penis is big, nearly eight, I was little keen to know Sharad’s size and I asked her that while fucking Tripti “ Bhabhi……Sharad ka Lund Kitna Lamba hai….hmmm….” “size to patta nahi….….lekin aapka jayada Lamba hai…..” Tripti replied while getting fucked steadily”kitne din ho gaye….Sharad ko…… aapko Chode hue…hmmmmm?”

I continued talking to Tripti while plunging her fuckhole with lot of control, “Bahut din ho gaye….Bhaiya…..fuck me….fuck me……aap Chodo mujhe…..please….tez tez karo…” Tripti was getting desperate to get ragged but I was enjoying her condition. “Bahut din ho gaye naa……Aapko Chude hue……. hmmmm…. Aaj main aapko raat bhar Chodunga…”

I too got excited and my pace increased on its own, “Ohhh maa uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh…..fuck me Bhaiya fuck me….” Tripti cried rapturously, her body was heaving and lurching erotically under mine. Within minutes time sweat streamed out of her body and strands of hair got stuck damply to the nape of her neck.

Her legs were spread wide, her knees were bent, and her feet were high against my strong back. Her hips were getting pumped faster and faster under me as I started stroking myself furiously in and out of her body, ram-fucking her carelessly. Tripti dug her fingers fiercely into my thick arms and shoulders; her neck got arched in rising excitement and continued moaning loud without any care.

Her face got hot and flushed, stunningly lovely as my buttocks rose and fell, and continued pumping her fuckhole faster and faster and finally with a loud cry, Tripti orgasmed. “OH OH OH uhhh AHHHHHHH….” Grabbing me tight into her arms and fleshy thighs, Tripti cried out madly, her body got tensed and arched; her fuckhole trembled over my monster erotically as Tripti rocked and shuddered in violent ecstasy.

I was yet not over but very close to climax, without waiting for her orgasm to pass her body I rammed myself into Tripti again and again, jerking my hips brutally into her deep lovehole and my each thrust made Tripti cry out loudly and drove the breath out of her with a whooshing gasp and made her back camber steeply and she slammed her fuckhole up to my groin to bear the pleasure of getting fucked while releasing her pressure.

Once, twice, thrice I plunged into her cunt and heard her crying weird and wonderful. At last, I slammed myself furiously into her and held myself still while moaning loudly. Tripti gasped and felt my monster throb inside her fuckhole. I jerked and quivered and she moaned again softly while looking at me when she felt the heat of my gunk spewing out, sizzling sharply into her slit.

Spent, we both were just like dead; I sank onto her and kissed Tripti gently, my tongue slipped into her mouth and holding my sweating body, tenderly, while caressing my hairs and back Tripti responded to my kiss like a wife. Her big and fleshy melons were pressed hot against my chest. My monster began to shrink inside Tripti and slowly, I slipped out of her fuckhole and rolled over onto my back beside her.

“Mazza aa gaya…..” I spoke after few seconds, “we both have cheated our partners” Tripti spoke, what I was not expecting at all. “Bhabhi thoda bahut to chalta hai……..ab aap iss ke liye pareshan mat hona….” “jo hona tha wo ho gaya…..and who knows……as per our plan….. thode dino mein… humara ye relation humare partners ke saamne legal ho jaaye” as I said that,

turning her face to her right, Tripti looked at me and asked me, “aap serious ho kya….I mean wo partner swapping and all” after a pause she spoke again, “I thought…. wo sabb aap aise hi bol rahe ho…sirf mujhse sex ke liye haan karwane ke liye”. “Initially waisa hi tha…but I think we should give it a try….let’s see….kya hota hai” I replied “Bhaiya…it’s not possible….Sharad nahi maanenge,

and I am sure Deepa bhi nahi maanegi” “let’s see…..you just keep on discussing your sex life with Deepa…..dekhenge kya hota hai” I replied. So friends that was first time I had sex with Tripti, starved wife of my neighbor and me and Tripti kept on going like that for next few days, till her husband came back in town. That day till next morning I fucked Tripti total four times.

Time was not even 4 when we finished first time, we got up and came out wearing our clothes and again had coffee and nearly after chit chatting for one hour, Once again I started taking off Tripti’s clothes and did not stopped till she was again stark naked. Tripti very well knew what she has to do, even then she asked me when I tried to push her down “kya karne hai?”

“Mera Lund Chusna hai, aur kya karna hai?” I replied back in a question format. I was sitting on the couch and Tripti went down on the floor of living room with a smile and slowly took my monster in her mouth; Ohhh…. God I murmured in strange pleasure and closed my eyes in surrender. I gasped endlessly as Tripti’s mouth was incredible, hot and wet, her tongue was electrifying.

Tripti sucked my penis greedily and couple of times she took it deep inside her mouth till the root of it to make me groan in pleasure. In a way it was my first time when I was getting this type of oral pleasure, as my wife never gave affection to my rod orally, she never liked doing that. Tripti was using lot of her saliva to pleasure me more,

even then it was paining a bit but if I will compare that pain with the sort of pleasure I was getting then I will say it was nothing. Moreover at that time view I was getting while sitting on the couch was really breath taking. Tripti beautiful face was getting distended because of the size of my penis again and again, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked me hard.

She was looking stunning while griping my penis in her rosy lips. Wow….while looking at her beautiful face swollen with my monster I was playing with her melons. Finally somehow I resisted the urge to explode in her mouth and stopped her and lifted her holding her from her shoulder. “Bhaiya….aap bhi Chuso meri…”

Tripti spoke while getting up like me Tripti also had a desire to get a suck over her fuckhole, by now her hesitation was over and she wanted to enjoy absence of her husband completely. As expected this time I went down on the floor and Tripti came on the same couch.

While sitting on the couch, resting her back Tripti was moaning at her best as I was on my knees on the floor holding her legs apart from the flesh of her thighs and my face was buried into her crotch. I was sucking and licking Tripti’s pleasure hole, and she was moaning like anything in pleasure and truly speaking it was her pleasure moans which really made me carry on doing all this.

Tripti was wet and soaked of her life and I was gulping everything, soon Tripti started moaning louder and her moans got turned into sharp cries, she held my head in her hands and somewhat started trembling. I could see that she is ready to take my monster again, I got up and tried to turn her around by saying,

“Bhabhi…Ghodi ban jaao” “Bhaiya…yahin par karenge….? Andar chalet hain bed par aram se karenge ” Tripti wanted to get on bed but I wanted to fuck her there only, “nahi….yahin pe…aur peechhe se daalna hai” Tripti turned around without saying anything, on her forearms and knees and after adjusting herself on couch, she widened her thighs apart,

and thrusted back her buttocks at me, giving me invitation and access of her fuckhole from behind and spoke, “hmmmmm…daaliye Bhaiya”. While standing on the floor, without looking down to her pleasure zone, I moved my hand under her belly and inserted my fingers in her fuckhole to locate her opening and rested my rod on her doorway and holding Tripti’s waist I pulled her back on my monster.

Once again my rod stretched her fuckhole to maximum and Tripti moaned erotically in deep ahhh…..while looking back. I slammed my buttocks forward with a loud moan, "OHHHHHHHhh....Yes Bhabhi….I will fuck you!" Once again I instantly went deep inside Tripti, this time from behind.

She cried out nicely in pleasure as I started fucking her slowly in the beginning and I extended my hands under her fleshy body to play wither her massive breasts and somehow squeezed them as hard as possible while fucking her from behind. I wanted to talk to her as I use to enjoy doing that while having sex and I asked her,

“Bhabhi….Sharad Ka Lund Mota hai ya mera Lund mota hai…?” “”Bhaiya aapka Lund mota bhi hai aur Lamba bhi hai…….” Tripti replied and then spoke again, what she had in her mind “Bhaiya somehow Sharad ke wapis aane ke baad bhi aap mujhe satisfy karte rahna…please….…kisi bhi tarah….. nahi to main pagal ho jaaungi”

with that Tripti started to jerk and move under me in the rhythm I was pumping her and soon her round plump bottom was hitting my thighs in same flow in which I was plunging her fuckhole from behind. Tripti was going mad in lust and she needed me hard and fast and to arouse me she was moaning loud while talking to me, murmuring me again and again

“Bhaiya…..fuck me…fuck me….Chodo mujhe….Achhe se” Tripti’s words and slutty gesture aroused me and next moment I felt that I cannot hold myself for long and my pace went high. I tried to stood up on couch and started riding Tripti properly, trying skewering and reaming her fuckhole from all angles, probing every corner and crack of her starved fuckhole.

Somehow my hard Penis rasped against her inflamed clitoris and Tripti moaned like anything trembled and almost collapsed on the couch, somehow keeping her thighs apart forcibly with my hands I continued plunging her hole in excitement. While laying almost on her top I somewhat started ram fucking her with passion,

Tripti was in heaven so was I and we both were expressing our pleasure by moaning "Oh Ma…Ahhh…..Ahhhh…” Tripti gasped loud many times “Oh…. God” I grunted in response. Finally we flew up to the gigantic climax, hitting the peak nearly at the same time, we crashed over into a series of back-to-back orgasms, while moaning and shuddering and gasping sharply.

Once again I hollowed myself in Tripti and relaxed over her for a minute, as it was very uncomfortable posture. Once again we both were exhausted and with a purpose to get some rest we came in bedroom and collapsed on bed after cleaning our self.

That day did not ended even there, once again we got intimate after dinner and this time it was proper love making in missionary just like lover do and once again at very early morning around 6 we confronted again and like all early morning sex it was very pleasurable intercourse followed by a shower together.

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While living in our neighborhood I never realized when; Sharad and Tripti became just like my family friends. I was living in this apartment from really very long, later Sharad and Tripti came and acquired the flat next door and within month’s time my wife Deepa and Tripti were good friends and soon I and Sharad too became very friendly and couple of years passed in a flash.

As such I don’t have anything special to describe whatever happened in these couple of years except few formal dinners together on special occasions like marriage adversaries or birthdays, few casual lunches, mostly on Sundays whenever something special is cooked in any one of the kitchens and 4-5 movies together in theater whenever some big banner movies released

and through all this our friendship grew stronger and stronger up to an extend that we four were like family and very frank with each other. I use to address Tripti casually sometimes with her name and sometimes Bhabhi, even though she was nearly three years younger than me but being in the same age group Sharad always address Deepa as Bhabhi,

and like Tripti use to address me Bhaiya, Deepa too use to call Sharad as Bhaiya. If I will talk about our behavior towards each other’s wife then I will say that Sharad was little shy in speaking to Deepa even after two years and truly speaking I never felt Sharad staring or ogling at Deepa with such intentions but certainly I was big admirer of Tripti’s sexual assets and casual and down to earth nature

and because of my bold behavior many times I gave compliment to Tripti that she is looking beautiful and all but as I said opposite to me Sharad was little shy in all this and always seemed little reserved to me in gesture. Talking about Tripti, physically or you can say sexually Tripti was much more luscious then Deepa and sometimes I use to feel envy for Sharad because of that.

Although my wife Deepa is nevertheless sexy and seductive but it is obvious that grass is always green on the other side. Once again continuing talking about Tripti I will say that she is a good looking female in her early thirties, to be precise 31, married from last 5 years yet no issues just like me and my wife.

Her skin is fair, creamy, smooth and lovely with round face cut with average height and as I said earlier with luscious body in bit fleshy way. Talking about Tripti’s physical appearance and sexual assets, her breasts are large and heavy, much bigger in proportion of rest of her body and her big succulent mounds mostly stress whatever she wear on the upper half, may be because she use feel comfortable in tight bra to support her big melons.

Though Tripti has bit of belly but not much and her hips are flared to delectable buttocks, generous and full of flesh and her thighs are really very fleshy. Anyway after bit of details about my friendly relation with Sharad and his wife Tripti in addition to the physical appearance of the female of the story Tripti, I would like to move straight to the incident.

As I said earlier Sharad and Tripti were living beside from more than two years and in this time span I never felt anything wrong between them, though once my wife told me that Tripti was telling her that Sharad remains bit tensed because of his job and that thing is directly effecting her sex life.

Truly speaking at that time I did not gave importance to that because these things often happen in life, certainly at that time my wife’s this statement aroused me a bit as I was somewhat in love with Tripti’s body and this fact that she is not getting proper physical love was more than enough to move my sexual hormones but I could not dare to show any reaction on that

and could not think of making any such relation with Tripti on this basis because I could see that Tripti was one man woman and deeply in love with her husband. Anyway later this fact of their sex life came in my vision again when once on one fine weekend, in the evening Sharad asked me if I know any sex specialist personally who can solve problem on phone instead of after meeting and when I asked him the details of that,

he told me that one of his office colleague is facing problem in erection. After my wife’s hint of their bedroom life I could make out that Sharad is lying, and actually he needs a sex specialist and not his colleague but without showing him any such expressions I suggested him to suggest his collogue to visit any big hospital without feeling any hesitation and with that our this conversation ended and after that day we never spoke about that.

Can say couple of months after my first and last conversation with Sharad about his sex life somehow I got chance to get intimate with his wife and through my casual and humorous behavior I somehow managed to trap Tripti in my words. Certainly Tripti was really very uneasy throughout the incident and it was my skill how I managed to make everything happen.

Actually we, I and my wife Deepa had a plan of going to Deepa’s parents since long and I was coming back in weeks time leaving Deepa there for three more weeks and as expected for rest of three weeks I was supposed to be Sharad and Tripti’s guest as far as breakfast and Dinner was concerned.

Everything ran according to plan expect this that when I came back to the town leaving my wife there Sharad was also out of town but just for 6-7 days. Because of some professional work he left the town in urgency just a day before my arrival and I came to knew about this when I landed back to my flat.

Anyway because of delay in the arrival of my train, when I reached back to my place it was already 12, half of the day was already gone so I decided to take that day off from my work and after bit of casual chit-chatting with a cup of tea at Tripti’s living room I came back to my flat and took shower.

As I was alone in the flat and I was not at all expecting anyone at that time so I came out totally nude from the shower after drying my body with the towel and stood in front of life size mirror fixed on the door of the Elmira before taking out fresh clothes. Can say I have a bad habit of looking myself naked in the mirror so I continued doing that for couple of minutes and handled my semi erect Penis

couple of times to pleasure myself and suddenly realized Tripti standing behind near the entrance of the bedroom looking at my every small act in the mirror. I don’t know from how long she was standing there, may few seconds may be bit more but certainly she saw me playing with my rod.

I turned around in confusion to pick up the towel which was bit far from me on the bed but as Tripti realized she disappeared from the door. I was shocked with whatever happened and felt bit embarrassed but decided to behave casual with Tripti not giving any importance to this incident.

But truly speaking next one hour was really very bad for me, specifically after this incident my desire to get Tripti’s body rose apparently and as a result I tried to masturbate nearly after 5-6 years and ultimately failed to release my load. I had this thing in mind that Tripti is somewhat unsatisfied sexually but still I was very reluctant to try anything with her to give her any hint about my lustful desire for her body.

I tried to avoid thinking about sex but really failed, once again tried to masturbate while watching xxx movie on my laptop but could not imagine anybody except me and Tripti, in place of the guy and girl having sex on the screen. Finally I stopped the movie and came out to the living room, searched something to eat and finally rang Tripti’s door bell, “Bhabhi kuch khaane ko milega” I asked her casually as she appeared on the door.

Tripti smiled while looking into my eyes and spoke while staring into them “Haan haan kyun nahi…….? Main wohi baat karne aayi thi…..” then she spoke again “Aap chalo main lekar aati hun….Lunch ready hai”. I came back to my flat and settled down in the living room with television and tried to distract myself from the incident but as Tripti came in with a Lunch once again I was back in time.

Moreover I could see that more than me Tripti was reacting on the incident and she could not stop smiling, immaterial she is talking to me or not or even looking at me or not. Finally lunch came to an end and throughout the meal we spoke about my seven day tour and Sharad’s urgent outstation trip but somewhere I could see that in her gesture Tripti was smiling

without any halt and looked into my eyes couple of times while saying something on the subject of conversation. Truly speaking in the beginning I was little uneasy with her behavior but then I decided to talk to her about the incident and try having verbal fun and try flirting if it will seem possible depending on her reaction.

(Here I am trying writing down my conversation with Tripti, more in English but certainly bit in Hindi written in English because I Think it is easier way of writing a story.) Lunch was nearly over and Tripti was winding up the kitchen and putting utensils in the sink and finally came out and took her casseroles to go back and asked me with a big smile while standing bit far but in front of me “Bhaiya aur kuch lenge?”

I was somewhat waiting for the moment to start conversation on the subject and I did that while reacting on her smile and asked her, “Kya hua Bhabhi….? aap itna hans kyun rahe ho, it was an accident” Tripti smiled lot more as I said that and spoke “Haan accident hi tha…… still I am sorry……, main aise hi aa gayi andar…..mujhe wait karna chahiye tha”

“then Tripti spoke again after a small pause “but jo kuch bhi hua……please wo Aap Deepa ko matt batana” “obviously….” I replied, “aur aap please embraced matt feel karo…..main apni hansi control nahi kar paa rahi hun…” then she spoke again “You know maine kuch bhi jaan bujh ke nahi kiya” “I know…….ki aapne jaan bujh ke nahi kiya……moreover for me there is nothing to feel embraced…

kabhi kabhi ho jaata hai” I replied casually. Tripti responded with a smile and asked me again if I want to have anything else and with the pure lustful intentions, to spend some more time with her, I asked Tripti if she can make me a cup of coffee and she readily went to her flat and came back with a mug in hardly 5-10 minutes. In the mean while as such I did not planned anything and

just keep myself smiling in naughty way when she came back in my vision and this time Tripti reacted to my laugher and asked me the same question “Bhaiya ab aap kyun itna hans rahe ho…?” “nothing….bass wohi sabb yaad karke….…you’ve seen me doing something…jo aaj takk Deepa ne bhi nahi dekha…..you know what I mean”.

I replied and intentionally took the incident into the conversation which could be avoided easily and specifically reminded her that I was playing with my rod when she saw me in the mirror. Tripti laughed on my reply silently and spoke “Bhaiya just try to forget the whole incident” “why…..why should I forget….…for me it is something jo main hamehsa yaad rakhna chahta hun”.

Tripti smiled on this too and asked me back in same gesture, “aapka matlab kya hai iss baat se” “matlab ek dum saaf hai…. Right now I feeling really good, Happy and cheerful because of this incident, it’s irrelevant….isska reason chahe jo ho…” I replied casually with pleasant gesture, “waise usually log iss type ke incident ke baad embarrassed feel karte hain…. patta to chale, kya reason hai aapke itna khush hone ka… ”

Tripti asked me back with a naughty smile on her face, “waise tell you frankly……. I think khush to aap bhi ho…” I replied and told her that I feel that she is also happy because of that incident. “main kahan khush hoon” Tripti replied enthusiastically. “come on…..I can see everything on your face….” I replied with confidence “rahne do Bhaiya….jayada ho raha hai”

Tripti replied and tried to end the subject as according to her we were going too far but for me it was just started and I had some other intentions and that’s what I said, “kya jayada ho raha hai…. In my perspective abhi tak to kuch hua hi nahi” I tried speaking double meaning “kya matlab hai aapka….aur kya hona tha?”

Tripti was trying to get my words directly, once again I tried to go indirect and spoke, “Bhabhi…baccha hum dono mein se koi nahi hai…we both are matured enough to understand all this” and while saying that I was directly looking into her eyes to see her reaction and she reacted little way out and asked me in shock

“Understand what? For a instant I felt that I am going very fast, so I tried to change the direction and pace too and took the long way to get my destination and asked her casually “forget everything…….tell me iss so called accident se aap khush ho ya nahi…..?” Tripti smiled again, rather it was little more than a smile but more than that she was little confused to understand what I was saying and she reacted in the same fashion,

“Bhaiya iss mein khush hone wali kya baat hai….I mean ek strange si feeling hai bass” “bass mujhe bhi wo strange si feeling hai…jo mujh se control nahi ho rahi…” I replied and used her words completed my statement, “control nahi ho rahi….se aapka kya matlab hai?” Tripti asked me back and truly speaking I was not at all expecting that question from her,

I was expecting that she will try to end the conversation but her question “what do I mean with I cannot control my feeling” was somewhat I was waiting for and I decided to go further and speak whatever I am feeling in my way and I replied casually while looking into her eyes, “haan….mujh se control nahi ho raha……mera mann bahut vichlit hai aur baar baar mujhe kuch karne ki liye kah raha hai”

after my this statement nothing was unsaid and Tripti very well understood what I mean by saying that sentence which actually means “Yes I cannot control myself…..my heart is again and again telling me to do something”. Hearing that Tripti got up immediately and spoke to me with a smile in a fashion as if she is teasing me,

“Bhaiya…… I think ab mujhe chalna chaahiye…mujhe aapke iraade theek nahi lag rahe” I laughed a lot on that and spoke again to comfort her, “Bhabhi….. aap tension matt lo…main aapka balaatkar) nahi karunga” Tripti smiled as she got the reply that I am not going to attempt zabardasti on her and spoke “I know….aap ye sabb jo bol rahe ho…. sab mazak mein bol rahe ho”

I rested my back and gave it a thought and spoke again “dekho…. I am not at all joking …jo kuch bol raha hun sab sach hai…… aur ek dum clear hai….but in any case I will not attempt zabardasti on you” and then to further clear myself I spoke again “agar kuch karunga to aapke consent se karunga”

Tripti understood what I mean and she reacted on that but pleasantly as she could not believe that I am serious over what I said, “Bhaiya aap bahut naughty ho” “I know that….abb mujhe ye dekhna hai ki aap naughty ho ya nahi”? Tripti laughed a bit on my wit, I too responded in the same fashion and waited for her to speak and Tripti asked me instantly

“...you mean wo sab… “ “Haan wohi sabb” I replied instantly Tripti still could not believe as she asked me again “kya aap mere saath wo karna chahte ho…..” instant of saying yes I just kept on smiling while looking at her face and she asked me again “seriously”? and then she spoke again in continuation without waiting for me to reply

“Bhaiya aap pagal ho gaye ho…..Deepa ko pata chalega to wo mera khoon kar degi” till that time I could see that she was taking me lightly, anyway I reacted accordingly and replied back in same fashion “Aise to main bhi bol sakta hun ki..Sharad ko pata chalega to wo mera khoon kar dega” I replied and tried to avoid saying yes directly but not for long as next question was directly from Tripti’s side,

“Bhaiya aap serious ho kya”? Now Tripti could make out that I am serious, but I took little comical way to present my seriousness “actually It depends…how you react…agar aapne mujhe thappad maar diya to main kah dunga ki I was joking…… nahi to….. Yes I am serious” I gave diplomatic reply, “Bhaiya thappad maarna hota to abhi tak maar chuki hoti…”

Tripti replied, I smiled on her reply and spoke again “that means…I can say, I am serious” “Bhaiya you are out of your mind” Tripti replied in a fashion as if she is taking it lightly. “Iss mein out of mind hone waali kya baat hai….? It’s a straight forward question, aur Aapki taraf se isske do hi answer ho sakte hain….Yes or No, koi zabardasti nahi hai”

I replied and somewhat asked her decision in yes or no “zabardasti to nahi hai…but ye cheating hai na…..” Tripti replied and her smile started to disappear and now I also needed a final verdict, by now I was somewhat sure that whatever will be her decision, she will not make this thing public,

I mean Tripti will not speak to my wife or to her husband about all this and I replied to her statement using my wit and spoke with somewhat mixed gesture, casual and serious “cheating hai to hai..ab kya kar sakte hain….Important ye hai ki appka mann hai ya nahi…agar hai to let’s do it…..aage poori life hai partner ke saath faithful rahne ke liye”

I could see that Tripti was getting uneasy, till now she was taking me and my words lightly as she knew me that I am humorous in nature and in that uneasiness she replied me “Bhaiya….. aap mujhe pagal kar doge” “Bhabhi aapne mujhe already pagal kar diya hai,…….. aur ab aap hi mujhe theek kar sakte ho” I replied well and we both were looking little serious,

“I think ab mujhe chalna chahiye” Tripti got up while saying that, I laughed on her serious gesture and asked her, “darr kyun rahe ho….I said I will not zabardasti you”? Tripti smiled back on my statement “darr nahi rahi….I am little shocked……. aap naughty ho…..ye mujhe maaloom tha…… but itne naughty ho ye nahi patta tha”

I laughed on her words and once again used my wit to reply and it went really well and my exact words were “Bhabhi main kitna naughty hoon ye aapko abhi bhi nahi patta….ye sirf Deepa ko patta hai…jisne mujhe experience kiya hai……..aapne to abhi tak jawab hi nahi diya….. Anyway thanks for Coffee”

to my surprise unknowingly I was getting more and more straight forward and Tripti laughed on my this reply and spoke back in bit of dominating tone “Bhaiya aap line maarna band karoge ya nahi”? “jab tak Sharad wapis nahi aata tab tak to maar hi sakta hun…..wo bhi sirf line…nothing else”

once again it was pure reflexes and I really enjoyed my reply on Tripti’s face as I could see that she has understood my each and every word especially the word MAARNA which is sometimes used as fucking. Anyway Tripti continued “Bhaiya…… ab mujhe raat bhar neend nahi aane waali”

Tripti replied while looking at me and I can say it was something other than I was expecting and I used her words and detailed her my mental state too and added something at the end of statement which she was not expecting, it was about masturbation, my exact words were “to mujhe kaunsa neend aayegi……meri to aadat bhi chhoot gayi hai…… Hand practice ki” ...”Shaadi se pahle karta tha”

Tripti laughed on that “aap to kuch jayada hi frank ho rahe ho” Tripti replied back while looking at me after my words of Hand practice “itna frank hone ke baad bhi to koi fayada nahi ho raha.....” I replied casually, Tripti giggled a bit on that and replied “I can’t say anything….aapke pass har baat ka to jawab hai” “main itni baat sirf iss liye kar raha hun kyunki aapne abhi tak clearly jawab nahi diya hai….

Ki aapki haan hai ya Naa hai” once again somehow I turned the matter and asked her, what is her decision, Yes or No? “Do you think I will say yes….” Tripti asked me back confidently while looking into my eyes, I was nevertheless confident and I replied well by saying “jab tak aap clearly naa nahi kar dete…tab tak to hope hai” “that means jab tak main naa nahi bol deti…..tab tak aap try karte rahoge”

Tripti asked me back with bit of giggle, “haan…. try karne main kya hai….I have 4-5 days…who knows lottery lag hi jaaye” I replied in same fashion, “aapka matlab hai main lottery hun”? “For a married guy…. any female other than his own wife…… is lottery….waise tell you frankly mere liye aap jackpot se kam nahi ho….” “Jackpot….? aap Deepa ke saath khush nahi ho kya….I mean sexually?”

Tripti repeated the word Jackpot I used for her and further asked me if sexually I am not happy with my wife. For the first time Tripti asked me something directly about sex and now I was not going to lose this chance to go deep in this conversation and I started by using the word Jackpot partially and it was best of my wit, “Khush hoon….but Deepa ke pass aapke jaisa Pot nahi hai na….”

while saying that I somewhat stared at Tripti’s heavy hips to give her hint exactly what I mean with a word Jackpot and within a flick Tripti understood what I mean and she tried to go towards the door with bit of smile and spoke “Main jaa rahi hoon…(means I am going)” I instantly held her wrist and asked her “Kahan jaa rahe ho…jawab dekar jaao”

from my side that was something which even I could not believe it just happened and for a fraction it went really bad as Tripti’s reaction was not positive and she instantly tried to free herself and succeeded but I blocked her way and stood on the door and asked her again and this time it was more straight forward and serious from my side,

“Bhabhi… main koi zabardasti nahi kar raha….but mujhe jawab chahiye….haan ya nahi” “Bhaiya ye bahut galat baat hai….” Tripti replied back and this time there was no sign of smile on her face, “kya galat baat hai…... haan ya nahi mein jawab maangna”? I asked her back with bit of smiling gesture and tried to relax her, “Nahi….ye jo aap mujhe karne ke liye bol rahe ho…..”

“aapne kuch nahi karna…..jo karna hai main kar lunga….aap bas enjoy karna” once again my wit played and I replied funny and Tripti laughed on my reply and spoke again in dominating tone, “aap pagal ho gaye ho”? “haan….aapne mujhe pagal kar diya hai…..aur abb aap hi mujhe theek kar sakte ho” “Bhaiya aap mera divorce karwa doge….”

Tripti reacted in expected way but spoke unexpected and I do not have to think much to reply her and I instantly spoke “don’t worry kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega….meri bhi to shaadi ho chuki hai…I am equally bothered about privacy”. Here I can say till now the most positive thing which took me slowly and unknowingly really deep in this conversation apart from my friendly relation with both,

Sharad and Tripti since long was my witty replies, because of that Tripti somewhat ignored behaving angry on the subject, initially she took me lightly for long as she thought that I am just joking while being naughty, later when I cleared her my intentions, I replied her so well on her statements that she could not stop herself bursting into smile or giggle and by the end when I asked her seriously she could not understand what to say to avoid the matter.

Truly speaking mainly because of her avoidance on getting serious over the subject, I kept on going and going and reached up to the extent that I blocked her way of going out and asked her straight forward, even then Tripti could not decide what to say and to my surprise she was not saying straight forward No to me and for me it was more than enough to assume that somewhere is weak in rejecting my proposal and I wanted to use her weakness in my favor.

Anyway going back to conversation, when I said “don’t worry…no one will come to know……I am also married…I am equally bothered about privacy” Tripti looked into my eyes, her heart was beating high, she seemed confused and that was my key to success, I used trump card by pulling her bedroom life into the conversation and spoke,

“Bhabhi kisi ko pata nahi chalega…….and I know aapko isski zarurat bhi hai…..Sharad have spoke to me…… that he is struggling with his erection from last 6-7 months” “haan…. Bhaiya maine to kai baar kaha ki doctor ke paas chalet hain…but he is not ready to go” once again Tripti reacted unexpectedly and spoke something which I was not expecting,

I was asking her to get intimate with me by making her realize that she is sexually unsatisfied but she somewhat started complaining about her husband. “Bhabhi I personally feel ki there is nothing wrong in doing this……..I mean life is very short…..and if Sharad is not ready to understand you then you have to do something for yourself” once again I tried to divert her mind from complaining and take it back to my proposal.

For a fraction I felt that Tripti is a kind of emotional fool who could not see that I was getting really desperate to fuck her, and she was talking about her impotent husband’s love for her and her words were, “Aisa nahi hai Bhaiya….Sharad really loves me…… I cannot explain ki wo kya karte hain……. But wo apni taraf se poori koshish karte hain…mujhe satisfy karne ki” “ok….”

I replied with just one word as I could see that she wants to continue speaking and she continued after a small pause “Aur fir sex hi to sabb kuch nahi hota na, pyar ki bhi to importance hai” “I can understand….” I replied calmly and then spoke again, once again turning her emotional words in my favor by saying,

“Bhabhi believe me…… even I think about life in the same way…ki sex sab kuch nahi hota…..aap agar mere saath sex kar bhi loge to kya hoga…Pyar to aap Sharad se hi karte ho na? Tripti smiled on my words and looked into my eyes with arbitrary anger and spoke “Bhaiya main aapse Baaton mein to jeet nahi sakti….aur aapne meri aisi halat kar di hai ki main bahut buri tarah confuse ho gayi hun”

I smiled on her words and now I could see that my first contention about her, that she is a emotional fool was wrong, Tripti was trying behaving smart, certainly she was not saying straight forward No and now when she gave this statement that she is confused I could make out that there is a hell of chance that I can make her lie on my bed for next few days, till Sharad, her husband is not back in town.

“Ok, I am not forcing you for anything….take your time but till you decide…. At least we can talk….don’t try to rush….I promise I will not zabardasti you” I took a confronting way to agree her and Tripti accepted that and walked back from the door and took the seat on the couch, I too moved instantly and settled down opposite to her, bit away to comfort her.

“Let’s talk about our sex lives, just like friends do…aapko achha lagega share karke…may be main aisa kuch suggest kar dun jis se aapki problem kuch solve ho jaaye” I spoke while looking at Tripti with a smile and she responded with a very light smile, I could see that she was little uneasy but willing to talk to me.

Next I asked her question “Ok tell me Sharad kya karta hai aapko satify karne ke liye” Tripti smiled on my question and instead of replying she spoke “Bhaiya aap bahut naughty ho” “come on iss mein kya hai….educate me…..main bhi try karunga Deepa ke saath” I tried to cheer her up and Tripti smiled even more and spoke,

“aapko wo sab karne ki zarurat nahi hai…….aap ek dum normal ho” “how can you be so sure about that…… ?” I instantly asked her back in a naughty way, “I know…Because meri Deepa se baat hui thi ek baar iss subject pe” “Ya I remember….aur aapne usko kaha tha you are so lucky….Deepa told me” I replied casually, “Haan……lucky to wo hai”

Tripti spoke while looking into my eyes with smile and truly speaking I was waiting for something like that, once again my wit came in action and I replied by saying, “lucky to aap bhi ho sakte ho…….at least for few days…….but you are confused” Tripti laughed out nicely on that and spoke back “Bhaiya I can’t help it…..mujhe nahi samajh aa raha kya karun”

“koi baat nahi….take your time…I am not at all in hurry” once again I replied casually and then asked her again after a small pause, “First tell me bina erection ke Sharad kya karta hai aapko satisfy karne ke liye” somehow I wanted to talk sex with Tripti and to do that once again I asked her about the act they do in the bedroom without erection.

“wohi jo Movies mein hota hai” Tripti replied back in low and soft voice, “you mean oral sex” “haan” “to aap bhi try kiya karo….ho sakta hai erection ho jaaye…..” “Bahut try kar chuki hun….in the beginning I succeeded abit but ek do baar ke baad fir wohi haal…..”

I suggested her to suck her husband’s Penis and she might get him erect but Tripti said that she has tried doing that and in beginning she succeeded couple of times but later once again she faced same problem. “ok….” I replied with just one word and then spoke again and asked her “what all you speak during intercourse…”

“Nothing much…..I love you and all” Tripti replied, “hmm……speak weird….I mean naughty words” I suggested her something new, “I do….main wo bhi bolti hun….” “kya…bolte ho?” I asked her exactly what weird she speak while getting fucked by her husband or to be more precise what weird she speak while trying getting fucked by her husband

because she was not fucked from long time and Tripti replied with a basic sentence “wohi sabb…..Fuck me and all” I smiled sarcastically on her words and suggested her to speak Hindi slang and my words of suggestion were, “aaj kal Fuck me se kuch nahi hota…..use Hindi words….like LUND aur CHUT”

Tripti smiled on my words and then I spoke again with a small pause without giving her chance to speak, “aap Sharad ko bola karo……Aao daal do apna LUND meri CHUT mein….CHODO mujhe achhe se…..faad do meri CHUT ko….” “dekho shayad khada ho jaaye” Tripti kept on somewhat laughing on my words and finally spoke, “Bhaiya aap bahut bold ho….”

“try karna…..agar ye idea kaam aaya to mere pass ek aur idea hai…jo fail nahi hoga” I spoke back in confidence, I had something in mind but truly speaking I was not at all serious about that, at that time somehow I just wanted to fuck her and to do that lot of phrases and ideas were moving in my mind.

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Nithin having first time sex with Renuka

My name is Nithin and I am here to narrate my own first encounter when I was a teen and studying in school. I am 24 years old now, fair, handsome, athletic guy from Kerala. This was my first experience with any girl. I joined violin classes when I was in 6th standard in our town. I have been trained in violin for five years. This incident happened when I was in 9th standard.

One year before another girl had joined violin classes. Her name is Renuka. She was an acquaintance at first with our friendship restricted to only Hi and Bye with a smile when we see eachother. Since, I am a bit of reserved kind of guy, I never really talked to her. As time passed, I got chance to talk to her more and became friends.

She was studying in another reputed school, the same standard (8th at the time she joined our classes) as mine. To describe her, she was good looking (all girls are good looking in my opinion ;)) with great boobs for the standard of 9th class girl. She was average complexion, slight hair on arms and legs and nice ass.

Even though I used to talk to her normally, I had intentions to see her naked and feel her body. I was horny like any other teen and likes hairly girls. We used to have the classes on Saturdays and Sundays but I only went on Sundays since I had school all other days of the week. I was
senior considering my longer tenure in the violin class and she used to seek help from me as I was also the pet of our teacher and used to assist her in class.

We used to have programs organized by our academy with musical festivals, kacheri on every auspicious occasions. Renuka was also taking training in Music and dance. This incident happened during the day of one such program. Renuka had a dance program alone for her arangettam.

She was also supposed to join me and a few other violin class-mates for a group performance of violin later the same day. she did Bharathanatyam for her arangettam and did a good job. I went back-stage to congratulate her on her performance and debut. She was happy as I praised her dance. I told her she looked awesome in that make-up and Bharathanatyam attire at which she blushed.

I had no idea at that time how the day would turn out. Since we had our performance after about a couple of hours, she told me we will do some brush-up and final practise before our program. I said Ok and asked where we will practise. She said we can go to the top floor of the academy. She will wait in their dressing room there and once she changes, we can sit for sometime and fine-tune our performance.

The other two people who were in our group had not yet arrived since we still had some time before the program. I took my violin and hers and went upstairs. Renuka had already gone top floor. I had never been to top floor before since it was mainly used for as a ware-house and had
couple of other rooms.

I didnt know which room she would be in but heard her chilanka foot steps. I went into one of the rooms but no body was there. I went and pushed the door of the other room and to my shock, Renuka was removing her Saree. We both were taken aback and didn't speak a word. She was in her blouse and skirt. I didnt tell anything and slowly got inside the room and locked the door.

I was staring at her stomach. She was trying to cover her semi-clad body with her saree. I caught the end of it and asked her to show me. She told me to shut-up and get out or she will shout. I requested her not to shout and to make up for it pulled out my dhoti. She was awestruck and asked me, Nithin what are you doing? I told her we are even Steven now and to my amazement she smiled.

I went closer to her and took the saree from her hand and threw it on the coat near by. She was bit nervous, and I whispered in her ear to relax and licked her ear-lobes. It's only us here and I wanted to see her. I hugged her from behind and kisssed her neck while locking her hairy hands. Her perfume and make-up smell were driving me crazy.

I slowly left her hands and moved up to grab her boobs. She puffed suddenly and turned. Renuka was getting more and more turned on. She looked into my eyes and our eyes exchanged glances of our lust. I started pressing her boobs harder and she started unbuttoning my shirt to my surprise. I moved my hand down and grabbed her ass.

She opened my shirt and bit my nipples and licked on them. I pulled her closer lifting her inner skirt. She suddenly felt my dick poking her and asked me with a naughty look what is down there so hard. I told her to see for your self. She removed my unbuttoned shirt and all of a sudden I kissed her lips. I was sucking her very hard since it was my first kiss and I didn't know the ettiquettes.

I licked her lips and she was doing the same back at me. We sucked and licked each other for around 5 minutes. I told her to put her tongue out and sucked her tongue. We exchanged saliva and when I looked at her, I could see my saliva on her chin.Her hair was dishevelled by this time and her make-up disturbed. I pushed her on to the bed and removed her blouse and inner skirt. She was wearing a black bra and white panties with flower on them.

I was very horny seeing her body with medium hair. I pinned her hands above her head and looked at her arm-pits. She was also turned on very much. I felt her arm-pits and pulled her under-arm hair. I licked her whole hands and made them wet. Then I let her loose and groped her boobs.

I undid her bra and threw it off. I saw her tender boobs infront of my eyes with brown nipples. I was madly horny. My dream of seeing her naked had come true. I bit her nipples. She started moaning... aaahhh...mmm... Nithin... I looked at her and asked if it hurt. She said do again. I got back to work again sucking her boobs and pressing it simultaneously.

She was moaning nicely and that was song to my ears. I licked her body and navel. Filled her navel with my saliva and spread it all over. I went back to kiss her when I realised something touching my man hood... I looked into her eyes and asked, you want to see? She was curious and said yes. I laid back and she sat up. My prick was hard as a rod inside my brown undies.

She slowly removed my undies and my 6 inch rod greeted her. She said this is very big. I took her hands and kept them on my cock. Her touch was so sensuos, it sent shivers on my body. She examined it for few seconds. I told her to please kiss it. She licked it and I left a soft moan. I was in great pleasure just with her touch. She sucked my dick's tip and slowly started taking it in more.

I was in heaven and moaning aaahh... Renuka. It feels so good. She smiled seeing me in pleasure. She started jerking it and moving it up and down. I was soon about to cum. It was the first time for me and I felt huge pleasure. We both didn't know the stuff and how it works. She jerked and all of a sudden I shot my cum on her face.

She quickly moved it sideways and I shot the rest of it on my stomach. She asked me what I did and I said I dont know. It just happened and I felt awesome. She said enough and started to look for her clothes. I asked her to wait and show me what's down there for her. She said no but I was not to agree. I grabbed her again and made her lie on the bed.

I kept my legs over her body and kissed her again. Her panty was fully wet. I asked her what that was and she said it happens like that.I caressed her body and slowly moved my hand inside her panty. It was so slippery and I just rubbed my fingers over her pussy. She was moaning and squeezed me tighter. I kept on rubbing my hands over her hairy pussy.

I took my hand out and squeezed her boobs. I smelt my hands and it had the strong aroma of her pussy. I made her smell it. Then I slowly removed her panty and knelt in front of her pussy. She was bushy and I slowly parted her legs to get a closer view of her pussy. I opened her pussy with my hands and saw the heavenly hole. I licked my hand and slowly rubbed her clit.

She was moaning in pleasure. I slowly inserted one finger inside her. She tried to resist but I was strong enough and fingered her forcely. She gave up and reclined to enjoy the pleasure. Her juices started flowing over my hand and I fingered her until she lay there after exploding. I kissed and smooched her again. I checked the time and realised all this happened in half an hour.

We still had one hour for our program. She changed into her churidar and I got ready with my shirt and dhoti. I said we will go downstairs and practise somewhere were there are more people. I was getting horny again seeing her. She told to keep it a secret and I promised her, I wont tell anyone. We took our violins and went downstairs were everyone was busy with the programs.

We gave a good performance after this one, later that day and departed. After that I did lot of quicky acts when no one noticed, like pressing her boobs or licking my fingers and rubbing my saliva on her lips or groping her ass. I never had a chance to insert my dick in her pussy even though we tried once at her home. I will narrate that true story next time. Please read and let me know your feedback.

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Michelle in the arms of her Dream Man

“Hello Michelle, good noon,” heard a voice front of my desk while I was searching a file in my cabinet, startling; I looked up to see a handsome man, Mr. Fernando standing in white linen half sleeved shirt opened his top two buttons giving a glimpse of his broad hairy chest. I could get strong male cologne hitting my nose, getting into my brain, giving me shiver in my spine, I adjusted myself, “Good afternoon Mr. Fernando,” said giving him a stupid smile.

Looking into my brown eyes, “sorry, if I scared you, I have an appointment at 12.30pm with your boss and I am fifteen minutes early,” said politely in a low voice. “Oh!! I see, not a problem at all, I am sorry, I couldn’t notice your presence. “Please be seated, he will be at office in few minutes, would you like to have something to drink?” smiled at him and showed him his seat.

Occupying his seat “thank you, I mind having a glass of water please,” “sure,” said politely and buzzed pantry to serve a glass of water. I came back to my seat; still my heart was pounding over the shock. Mr. Fernando was looking into a magazine where my eyes scanned this handsome man and sneaking at his hand phone once in a while.

Mr. Rodrick Fernando is one of the renowned names in the retail Industry. His company is vast and is one of the fortune bachelors in the market. He being in his thirties, I am sure, would have taken many in his arms. Imagining, I envied those women being in his arms. He has that charming handsome personality.

One of his gazes can make any woman go under her knees pleading for his mercy. He is 6ft with broad shoulders lean body with ample muscles at right places. He has long hair to shoulder length, hawked face, and greenish grey piercing eyes, overall a sharp feature. His skin is whitish brown.

Today his presence in front of me was making very weak in my stomach giving me heat in between my thighs. He looked at me immediately to check how long is my boss going to take to come to office and coming out of my thoughts, I quickly said, ”Sorry, Mr. Fernando, he would be in any moment” and I cursed myself for getting caught. I thought for myself not to be too prominent with my behaviors and I tried to get out of his thoughts.

I have been always wondering how this man can make my heart skip a beat, though I know that my fantasies are limited to dream. I could only dream about me being in his arms not in reality. Cutting off my thoughts, I could notice my boss entering the lounge, greeting Mr. Fernando, “I am sorry Fernando; I was in one of the charity place, which took of my little time.”

“You know, you will never know how time passes when we in between those lovely people,” took him to his office and while getting into his office, “Was there any call, Michelle? And while coming, please, get me the presentation, which we prepared to show Mr. Fernando.” Smiling at me, Mr. Fernando followed my boss to his office.

I entered and gave all the details. Thinking what to do next, waited for my boss’s command looking at his face. “Michelle, please explain Mr. Fernando about our offer and show him the presentation about our products,” and he leaned back setting himself on his seat. I was sort of in mixed reaction as I was wondering where to start from.

It’s already damp between my thighs thinking of this man every corner of my body and him thrusting me deep into my velvette. Looking at my delay, my boss cleared his throat and he shifted his position. Cursing again, I started presenting the presentation and explaining about our new garments and accessories and other beauty products which we would like to launch in the market.

We were looking to collaborate our company products with Mr. Fernando’s retailing company not only in US, we wanted to enter into Middle East countries. Mr. Fernando was holding a vast market value in Middle East countries and there people would spend lavishly on clothing and accessories as well as beauty brands.

I could notice small smile passing on Mr. Fernando’s face while I was presenting and I am sure looking at me, I could sense that I was getting caught with my imagination. Phew, atlast I could get out of my presentation and waited for his reaction about our products. “Thank you Michelle,” clearing his throat “Impressive, Mr. Roland.”

Turned to my boss and adjusting his seat, “I can take this and set up with my retailing unit. We can closely work together to launch your products in the market.” I could see my boss face getting bright, “thank you Mr. Fernando, I am very very happy for your support and I know you would be happy about our new products and these products would be a trend setting in the present market,”

“and also I can assure my full support in whatever way you want to set up these products in the market,” said looking at my face. I was delighted to know the news and equally happy to learn that I could more often see Fernando at office. Looking at my happiness on my face, boss said, “Now Michelle, it’s your turn to get the things set by coordinating with all the necessary departments.

I would like you to set up a meeting with all the team heads to meet Mr. Fernando and his team. Maybe you can organize dinner tonight so we can discuss and introduce our new team to our people,” “is that alright with you Mr. Fernando or do you have any other plans in your mind?” I could clearly make out that Mr. Fernando been looking at me while we both met out gazes, startling

“ah, no… not a problem, Roland, and I would like to start up the work immediately and it would be my pleasure to introduce my team to your team, so we all can start working up together,” smiled looking at me and I felt a light passing though my body and I was literally struggling to get my body under control. I excused myself telling as I need to make all necessary arrangements as instructed by my boss.

Back at desk, I drafted a mail to all department heads about the new developments, congratulating, informed them to be present at the dinner hall by 7pm sharp in semi-formals. I asked them to get their department’s details for the discussion. I booked table for fifteen in one of the elite restaurants where they would be serving delicious barbecued meat and pastas.

Even the salads served over there were one of the favorites of my boss. I mostly booked this place for any business meetings as I know people would definitely fall in love with the ambience and food served over there. I got confirmed the table next to pool for fifteen. Looked at my watch and I was almost fainting in hunger.

Two major things been arranged and I wanted to collect few details for the evening discussion. I didn’t have too much time to think about the handsome and I started concentrating on my work. Thought I first fill my tummy before I fall somewhere and headed to pantry to have my quick lunch. Rushing I didn’t notice boss office door opening and I almost hit the man and before I know what is happening, a strong arm was around my waist.

I was sort of in mixed reaction and I could feel the same strong fragrance hitting my nostrils. Ah!!! Where am I? God!!! I am in the arms of my dream god!!! I completely forgot about my hunger and I was concentrating on my different hunger now, I could feel heat flushing though my body and generating moist between my thighs and desperately wanted him all over me then and there.

But somehow I managed, “I …. I am sorry... I di… didn’t notice…” were the only words I could manage that moment. I could feel his hot breathe feeling my skin and I could hear my own heartbeat. He left me out of his arm slowly, looking into my eyes, “It’s ok lady, watch yourself, you could have hurt yourself, and poor floor, missed you,” said coyly.

Looking back at my red face, “see you at the dinner, bye”, “yeah sure, see you, Mr. Fernando,” saying that I stood looking at the man. I was in trance mode, I couldn’t think of anything except his hand around my waist and his eyes scanning my face. I was literally shivering with the unexpected event.

Many times I greeted him shaking hands in few occasions, but not this physical contact, where every inch of my body was craving for his touch. I forgot about my lunch and I really wanted a quick release of my burning and moist between my thighs, I was feeling my panty getting damp. But there was no more time to release my sexual tension. I had lots of work waiting at my desk.

I rushed back to my desk and trying to concentrate trying not to get his piercing gazes. Though his gaze was for a moment, it was almost scanning in quicker; it was giving me goose bumps, whenever I thought about it. I don’t know how I managed to finish my work on time. “Godddd” I sighed, and looked at the watch and “ah, it’s 5’O,” biting my lips and then I realized I am totally exhausted and not eaten anything.

I buzzed pantry to get me some cookies and a cup of black coffee. I called up the restaurant to re-check as everything is set for the business dinner and I said I would be there at 6.30pm. I had less time, so I thought I should get ready. Since it was an unexpected event, I was not dressed for dinner. Lucky I, I always stored two sets of dress for these kinds of events.

We had a nice changing room for Sr. Executives at office. There is always possibility of these kind of immediate meeting in our business line and we most of employees would always store a pair or two at office. Cutting off my thoughts, “Mam, here’s your coffee and cookie,” said Bill placing cookie and coffee on my desk. “Thanks Bill,” said smiling at him.

He smiled back and left me alone. I did a quick check with all the documents and other details while I finished my coffee and cookie. Getting more energy now, thought, here we go…Rest room is quite spacious. We had two beds in one corner, storage in one corner. We had a tread mill, cycling equipments in other corner. We had shower room.

Maybe you can call it as mini gym room. We had separate rest rooms like this for male and female employees. Since, most of us were working late evenings, so we have this kind of setting. Toilets were separate again. I turned on the geyser and placed a towel from the cloth storage. Thinking of the atmosphere and ambience of this office I always thought to I am sort of lucky to be at this place.

I joined this company in 2007 and Mr. Roland hired me as one of his Coordinator in his company. Mr. Mark Roland is one of the finest bosses I worked with. He was very disciplined and systematic. He only thinks about his products, goods, shipment and most of all profits going up in the chart. Once his job done, he not bothered what his employees are with.

He offered huge perks and packages for his employees and most of us were very happy and simultaneously we were good at his expectations. He always believed, if the company is doing well, it’s only the efforts of his employees. Coming back to me, if you ask, I can say I have become one of his loyal employees in these years.

He have not hired a personal assistant where I have become sort of PA cum Coordinator in his office. Interrupting my thoughts, I heard the beep from geyser, turning it off, I removed my shirt and skirt and, I stood in front of the mirror looking at my lite brown big eyes, my nose sharp. I tied my layers hair in one knot. I bit my full lips which is sort of pouty.

I saw my honey colored skin glowing in the dim light. I am proud of my personality and my beauty is sort of definitely a head turner when I am among 10 people. I imagined my height where I almost reached his shoulders when I was recovering from the accident, near my desk. Running hands on my flat tummy and the curves on my waist, I felt a small shiver in my leg.

My thought was gushing towards the man, who made me moist between my legs. Biting my lips, closing my eyes, I gave ran my hands over my panty and my mound. I could sense I am getting aroused, my breathe was heavy; and I desperately wanted him and I wanted to release.

I unclipped my bra and let my 38sized boobs get free and run my hand on my panty hose to release where I can feel my hot soft flesh between my thighs. I am not very skinny or too plump, I am medium sized. My buttocks are round and humpy, strong thighs and my waist is wide.

Sliding my panty, I felt my hand moving on my trimmed pubic and my finger slowly parting my pussy lips, felt the moist, I am aroused. I took my hand and juggled my boobs imagining those playing getting kneaded and getting into his hot mouth. I gasped by the imagination. I got on the bed, spreading wide, I pressed my boob and I got one finger between my thighs.

It was dripping juices waiting for the attention. I closed my eyes, imagining Fernando all over me and slid a finger in my dripping wet cunt, slowly rubbing it with my thumb, I slid two fingers. God!!! I needed him so desperately; I started moving in n out of my hot cunt. My juices were flowing and I was pressing my boob one by one and cum so heavily shuddering my body like bumping on the bed.

I lay there for few seconds to collect my thoughts as I was breathing heavily. I chose to wear v necked one piece knee length gown. It was not very dark blue or very lite blue, hmmmmmm you can say sort of blue black combined dress. It was single strapped and there was bra attached to it. I wore blue lacy panty. I made sure my make-up is not over done.

As I always knew, my eyes were most attractive and I made sure I do apply right make up on my eyes with blue shades with dark liner, so my brown eyes can sparkle. I don’t deny that I always decorate my eyes as I want it to look more beautiful. I applied dark pink lipstick and gave a slight shimmer on my lips with a gloss and completed my look wearing a blue stud.

I made sure I didn’t go with very high heeled shoe or sandal as I chose to wear a simple one which can go with the dress. I let my hair loose, I went a quick look in the mirror as I made I look good. Perfect, reached the venue on time and waited for the guys to come and join the evening. Checked as everything perfect and sat on the chair.

As I was sipping fruit juice, I heard voice,”Hi,” and I stood to greet, but my words struck in my mouth. My jaws dropped to see this gorgeous man, who just came perfect for the evening. He was wearing full arm checked shirt, hand cuffs were folded till 3/4th of his hands on a sort of rugged jean.

Before I could say anything, “Hope I am not too late and where are your gang members, Michelle?” said in an appreciative tone. “No, not at all, you are on time Mr. Fernando, and rest all would be joining in few minutes,” “Are you alone, Mr Fenando?” I went in one shot breathless. He chuckled, “You can call me just Fern or Rody, as all my friends call me,” saying that,

“nope no one as I am the decision maker, I would like to take inputs from your team, then I can make necessary presentation and involve other people in this at venues and designing aspects,” “Oh!!! I see,” I said, and then I should have checked before booking table, as it was just 7 people gathering and bit my lips thinking.

“Michelle, I am……,” opening my eyes wide, I looked at Fernando as what he wanted to tell me, I could make out a naughty grin on his face and at the same time, I heard my boss coming and joining us. “Hello Feranando, nice to see you again,” greeted my boss and looked at me and gave me an appreciation smile.

Simultaneously everybody joined us and I got along rest of the guys thinking as what Fernando was about to say. Leaving all my thoughts behind I concentrated on the subject and we all discussed as how we would be going ahead planning to get our products with Fernando’s company worldwide.

I could make out from everybody’s face that the deal is going to get us name and profit in a big way and Fernando was really good at it. We ate while chatted. Our conversation went out in different route apart from business talks. I looked at the time it clicked 10.30pm and amazing as we never knew how time flew.

One by one took time off and headed to their house and now left with myself, my boss and Fernando. Often Fernando was looking at my face while he talking to my boss and I could read something he wanted to say, but I ignored looking at my boss while he is talking about this family and charity.

I was not in hurry as I was living alone in my flat as I had my family in other part of America. My parents were with my brother and I had been with them till I completed my college. As soon as I finished my graduation specialized in Marketing, I joined a garment firm close to my house as a coordinator. I dated a few while I didn’t fix to one. When I was 22yrs, I dreamt something big and I moved to L A.

I did my best to get into this firm and got a small 2 bedded apartment of my own in short time. I could visit my family once in a year for Christmas and New Year celebration. Thinking so, my hand phone buzzed and I noticed my dad was online. It’s been few days talking to them and I wanted to take this call.

I excused myself, while I moved near the pool and I could sense pair of eyes scanning me while I was talking on phone. I noticed on Fernando’s eyes as who might be calling me at that time? grinning to myself, I continued talking on phone, “Hello papa, how you been? And how is mum?” asked in low tone, “We are fine and hope all well with you darling?”

said dad in concerning tone and continued, “baby girl, we missing you, why don’t you visit us for sometimes? We wanted to discuss with you about your future and your life, and how long are you going to be like this?” and I could really make about the worry in his tone and I really didn’t want to disappoint him,” yeah paa, will come home and I understand about your concerns,”

said a bit sad voice and we discussed about my brother and her daughter Natalie and my sister-in law Betty. After conversing for some time, I disconnected the line and stood there for sometime drifting to my thoughts recollecting as what my dad said, about marriage, my life settling, security….

I never dreamt of marriage or any long time commitments so far in my life, till I met this man at my office door step one day. The time I met, I fell for this man and his charm and intelligence. But I heard few talking about as he never struck to one woman in his life and what reason I never knew why he not married.

I found this man can be a security for my life and I longed for his presence in my life, but somehow I could only dream about him. For the first time, I felt myself being all alone in my life and tears were rolling on my cheek. Sighing, I felt its cold and I then realized I didn’t get anything to keep me warm, I crossed my hands, then I felt a jacket is keeping me warm,

I stood still as I knew who this was, from the fragrance in the air and I could make he just stood quietly behind me. I knew my boss had already left the venue and I should clear the bills. Controlling my emotions, and I wanted to thank him for the jacket. I wanted to sob; I wanted a shoulder to cry at that moment.

I felt though I have been very successful, being among the kind of people, I felt always me been alone and no one to wait for me in my flat. I need not hurry for anything. I had very less friends and rather you could say I didn’t really have a friends. “I am sorry if I disturbed you or without your permission I put my jacket on your shoulder,” he almost whispered these words behind me.

I felt my body getting warm and a small shiver in my spine. “huh!!” I thought, I didn’t want to show my emotions to this man, getting my smile on my face, “not at all Mr. Fernando,” said smiling at him, He corrected me immediately looking into my eyes, “It’s Fern or Rody,” flapping my eye lids, “Sorry, Fe… Fern or Rody,” said coyly, “thanks,” I whispered.

He looked at me for a while and said, “I checked out the bill. Roland noticed you on phone and he left saying he got an emergency as his fell ill and he will call you tomorrow.” “Oh I see, sorry, I would have cleared the bill…” said biting my lips. His eyes were on my eyes, then on my biting lips. Smiling at me, “It’s alright, I can claim everything in my final bills,” said in a naughty tone,

“And I thought I would stay with you till you finish your call, so I can drop you home safe from the eyes of prey,” said looking at my face and I noticed his face becoming serious. And “Shall we…?” asked guiding to the exit. I was wondering, what is making this man to change all of a sudden? Taking my eyes from his face and I knew I was making deliberate on my face about my emotions.

Without a word, I just nodded and we left the venue. Since my office is close to my apartment, I usually walk or use my bike to commute; today as the weather was breezy, I thought will go by bike. I use office car for any business meeting and for restaurant, I did use office car and I didn’t ask Tom to come and pick me back, I was clueless as what I have to do next.

I cursed for my stupidity and I stood there thinking. “Get in Michelle,” said Fernando guiding me into his car. My heart was pounding in anxiety and leaving no choice obeyed his words. Chauffer opened the door, while we got inside the car. Giving address to the driver, we started off from the restaurant. I sat in the corner looking of the window while we drove.

He was looking at me, while I sat tugging his jacket around my body as it was cold inside too. I had so many things to talk, but I didn’t want to talk anything. I been craving for him and he is sitting next to me. His hand was rested on the seat, which was almost feeling my hair and his other hand was placed on his thigh. I could feel his fingers playing with my hair giving me goose bumps.

While passing my office, I said I can manage from here, but he brushed away saying, “No, I can drop you to your home.” And I guided the road to my apartment. Handing over his jacket, I said, “thank you, Fern, you kept me warm tonight and thanks for dropping me,” continued, “sorry to bother you,” “If you are feeling so sorry, then why don’t you offer me a cup of coffee?” said playfully.

Jaws dropping, I looked at his face blinking as what to say for his upfront question. “sorrryyy, you mean, you mean coffee?” I blurted. “Yeah coffee, why not? Can’t you do so much for helping so much?” he said without changing his tone and he was intently looking into my eyes as to see my every reaction. Recovering from the shock, “Surely, Come on in,” and took into my apartment. I could hear my heartbeat all the way we went to our flat.

Opening the door, I greeted him inside and left to kitchen to brew coffee, and asked him to make comfortable on the couch. I was literally shivering. I set water and coffee powder in the coffee maker. I arranged coffee mug and waited coffee to brew thinking what to do next. My hands were trembling and my body was getting hot. I tapped the kitchen cabinet to control my feelings.

I just gasped when two hands woven around my waist and he whispered, “You are killing me today and I want you and I want to feel you, Michelle, I can’t hold it anymore longer” words were flowing smoothly. Heat was rushing on my face and I was feeling blood boiling inside me. I wanted him too as he wanted me.

I was holding my feelings for him and longed him to be like this with me. “Fern, what are you doing?” said gasping and closing my eyes. He loosened his hands and slowly drawing fingers on my hands, he held my shoulder and turned me towards him and said, “You know what I am doing and I noticed that you too want me as I want you.

I also know that our feelings are mutual,” and I bit my lips almost surrendering myself to him in go. He took my face in his palm, “Look at me, I want to see those beautiful eyes,” saying kissed my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling at me and seeing those eyes, I could see his passion towards me. He brought his face to my lips and I opened my mouth to reciprocate him back.

I drew me more towards him and he let his tongue to my throat, I gasped and I tasted him and he tasted too good. We were kissing each other and I heard beep from the coffee maker. He turned it off, without out breaking our kiss. I played with his long hair while he hugged me back tightly. “Oh Michelle, you taste soo good,” saying he licked my lips and sucking my lips, “guide me to you room,”

I showed my room and he lifted me in this arm and in no time we were exploring each other. We kissed each other like hungry animals fighting for food. I tilted my head while he bit my throat, and licked my earlobe. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” I said. I could feel the arousal in the room. I could smell Sex and our body ignited; we wanted each other.

He laid me on the bed and he unbuttoned his shirt, slid his hands to raise my dress and I helped him to take off my dress. My boobs fell free and those were pointing high. My nipples were tight. “Oh my my” he said licking my areole, took a nipple between his lips, pressed it with his lips, “oh!!!! Fern, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee I want you to suck it,” said arching my back, almost giving my whole mound to his mouth.

My panty was wet and my clit throbbing. He sucked my nipples, biting in between and I begged him for more while played with my soft mouth. He slid down to my tummy, licking and biting everywhere and he slid my panty of my waist. He looked at my face while I looked at his face. Our eyes met and with a slight smile, he unfastened jean, sat between my thighs.

He inhaled the scent of my aroused flesh and he parted the pussy lip. He sort of nibbled my clit, sending me shiver between my spines and hit my head. I never experienced this arousal in my life. I lift my hips in anticipation. He slowly circled his tongue on my clit and slid his tongue in my hot cunt. I pressed his head deep inside me.

He sucked my clit and slid one finger inside my cunt and my juices were flowing. I was all wet and he did that till I felt I am about to release, but he stopped and said, “not so early baby, I want you to wait and have the real fun, you are hot like lava, oh my!!! Where were you so long” he glided upon me while I spread my leg.

Holding my head and looking into my eyes, “Fern, I need you deep inside me now, please don’t make me wait, I need you desperately,” said breathing heavy and showed my disappointment. My clits were throbbing for his hot meat to ram so deep that I wanted it to be there forever. His hot shaft was pressing my tummy to be released.

I slid my hand down and felt his hard hot meat above his boxer. Without a word, he removed his boxer and released his member who is all ready to go. I wanted to feel the length of it and I wanted to really see how big is that which is going to ram me for death. Coyly, I held him in my hand like baby holding a toy and looking at it for the first time, the moment it felt in my finger,

it throbbed, he groaned and without any notice, he took my lips in his mouth and he sucked till it’s swollen. I chuckled in his mouth. “Guide me in, my love, I want to feel you, every inch of your velvette,” he said closing his eyes, I spread my legs, and he wanted me to place it on the entrance of my pussy.

He slowly moved his butt, so it could rub my clit, it gave me shiver and I quivered with please. Moaning, I spread my leg wide and I wanted him thrust deep inside me. He slowly moved his hip, inch by inch, and he pushed in one go. “ahhhhhhhhhh” I said, breathing heavy. He held it for few seconds, looking at my face, he moved slowly happily and breathing heavy.

I opened my eyes while he moving. Our eyes met, and we had many things to say. My legs woven around his waist while he kissed me and bit my neck and licked my earlobe, I reciprocated him by lifting my waist, scratching his back, while I bit his lips, kissed his eyes, pressed my boobs to his chest.

He increased his pace in long thrust while my boobs were juggling. He gave me naughty grin as he started moving fast. He bit his lips, while I pressed his buttock tooooo deep. I could feel my juices flowing on the sheet and his member growing and his balls hitting my butt crack. It was getting wet with my juices.

“Oh Fern, you are too good, I want more and more, go deep inside more and more,” encouraging him for more, he rammed me till I screamed, his name, “yessss, yess like that, oh god!!! I am coming,” gasping I said, “I, I love you Fern, yes good god, yes”, I shuddered as I had big orgasm of my life, while he reached his climax and let him sprout deep inside me, and we quivered in pleasure.

“I love you too baby, my Michelle,” were the words came out of his mouth while he placed his head on my hair. We lay panting and I rubbed his back, while he kissed my cheek and forehead. I tugged his arm so tight conveying him I don’t want him let go easily and I am secured. “I love you!!!” said sweetly getting his breathe in control, I raised my head and turned to see his face, “Really!!!?” asked him naughtily.

He tugged me in his arms and said, “Don’t you think so…”, “No…. how can I believe you,” said looking into his face. He raised his head, kissing my swollen lips, said, “I wanted you from the time I met you at Roland’s Office. I craved for you and longed for you” “I want you to be part of my life and today, I couldn’t control any of my feelings which I held for long time.

I wanted you to be in arms, while you were in my arms at office,” kissing my eyes,” I knew that you too were in the same situation as I am, but I was little worried if I were rejected and today evening I wanted to tell you about it, while the gang joined us and I thought will wait” I noticed you were on phone and been bit emotional, I was worried and I know your situation is not less than my situation.

I thought, this would be the right time where I could express. But you were killing me that sexy dress, you hair, your eyes. I never thought I would express my feelings to you on your bed, naked” grinning he said looking at my surprised face. I kissing him back, “how can I let you go, when I wanted you as you wanted me,” said naughtily.

His kisses were making horny, and our first encounter was still fresh between my thighs and I could feel he getting for the next one… Kissing, and breathing heavy, we prepared to explore thinking there is a long night and there are more love making sessions. I got under his arms, drifted to my thoughts…….about our future and my future with my dream man, Fern.

Dear Readers, thank you for your patience and time taken to go through my story. I appreciate your honest comments. I could have made the story just with the erotic part, but I wanted to make sure the reader waits for the moment thinking what could be the next or how they would end up together. I need genuine review where I could post few more of these for you.

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