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I am sure that whatever I am writing reader won’t believe and in any case I cannot prove myself, I am just writing it down leaving this decision on completely on readers. Though I have tried translating our Hindi conversation as much as possible but still at certain places I was short of my vocabulary, anyhow I think readers who cannot understand Hindi at all can easily understand what all I have experienced.

For a guy like me, Fucking Shilpi Bhabhi was a matter sheer luck, it was first time when I got intimate with any female and I was delighted with a feeling of being inside a woman, especially when that woman was Shilpi Bhabhi, a well educated and sophisticated female in her mid thirties, who has all luxuries of life but she was starved for love and sex.

Rather I must say that more than starved at that time she was little keen to get even with her husband because he was having a extra marital affair and in aggression she too wanted have physical relation with somebody other than her husband, it was a instant in which she took the decision to take revenge with her husband and fortunately that guy was me with whom she confronted on bed and gave me first experience of being inside a woman.

Thought whatever happened at that time was not that soothing for me, initially I was in strange situation, I was confused and scared but in the end everything went well and today I have started writing down extra ordinary experience of my life. Anyway starting from the scratch to detail everything clearly I would like to go little back in time.

I am Chandan and I was born and brought up in a small town of Haryana and completing my schooling I spent many years in roaming good tourist places of India with my friends, in playing cricket, building my body to get me in good shape and did almost everything except studying seriously and because of my disinterest in higher education my grandfather whom I call “dada ji” told me to join his cousin brother to work,

as according to him his brother was having a big business setup and he always needed good trusted hands in the production unit. But I was totally unaware of the family where my grandfather was sending me and initially I was little reluctant to follow what he suggested me.

While living in a small town of Haryana I was even unaware of this fact that grandfather has a cousin brother who is actually millionaire and living in one of the business city of eastern U.P. With an interest of living in a big house with some luxuries which I never dreamed, somehow I got ready to go to that place with a condition that if I will not feel comfortable I will come back.

As I said earlier by now at academic front I was done with my senior secondary from reputed board and two years of B.Com, which were like not fully cleared and I did not had any intentions to clear them either and apart from that not good but I was Ok Ok in English and well aware of almost all computer applications.

Anyway finally I reached to that town and later to the place where cousin brother of my grandfather was living. Certainly they were multi millionaire and it was a big house. From the day one I was accepted by them in the family like a family member as a result I was living in the same house in the guest room.

For couple of days I stayed at home and sat with my so called grandfather (who was actually brother of my grandfather) in the living room of the bungalow where he use to meet visitors of different concerns, business as well as of charitable trusts he was involved with. In span of these two days, while living in the house I met three females too, one was grandmother,

second was Kiran Bhabhi, who was widow of my grandfather’s only son, who unfortunately died in savoir road accident 5-6 years back and the third one was none other than Shilpi Bhabhi, the one I spoke in the beginning. Shilpi Bhabhi was wife of grandfather’s nephew Jai Prakash, (his younger brother’s son) who was actually the only male left in the family except the old man.

Jai Prakash’s Father was also expired because of some miss happening and his mother was died of blood cancer. Anyway cutting a long story short, there were only three people living in that big house in which I was living, an old man; my Grandfather, old woman; my grandmother and Kiran Bhabhi who was widow.

Though Shilpi Bhabhi uses to spend most of her time here with the rest of two females but she was living in the other bungalow opposite to that house with her husband. Talking about Jai Prakash, who was actually my cousin somehow, he was the one who was looking after the production unit in all aspects and ultimately I was suppose to work under his supervision.

Nature wise I will say that Jai was most arrogant person ever came in my life till date. He was arrogant not only with the workers of his unit but also with his family members including his wife. Anyway going back in the sequence I joined my Grandfather’s production unit after couple of days and started working with Jai and somewhat got adjusted with the working environment and while living in the big house I was enjoying many luxuries which I never got at my home,

like having independent television in my room, separate toilet and many servants looking after my basic need, like food and all. As I said from the very first day I was appreciated in the house by everyone except Jai and later when I joined him at work he too accepted me but not as his cousin brother but a fruitful employ.

Although initially he was bit harsh with me too but later he found me good in computer specific field and as I said I was well known to all windows applications and from the first day I started generating different reports of his unit and things started to line up in couple of months.

Getting back to Shilpi Bhabhi, initially when I saw her and met her for first couple of days when I was at home and later on Sundays when I use to stay at home and she use to come to this house to spend time with other two females, I found her just like her husband Jai. Though she was not rough in speaking to anyone except servants,

but she seemed having little superiority complex over her style and looks, moreover I never saw her with friendly gesture like other two females were having with me. If somehow I can describe Shilpi Bhabhi’s appearance in words then I will say she is a good looking female with sharp features, taller than average Indian woman I guess 5' 8'' as I am 5' 5'' and she was taller than me,

bit dusky skinned, and her body was luscious, with full buttocks, rather I must say that Shilpi Bhabhi had one of the most splendid pieces of ass I had ever known with a sexy smooth waist and long legs meant to curl around a man’s pumping hips. Though she did not had flat belly but with firm succulent breasts,

Her neck was long, and around it wear her habitual black and gold beaded Mangalsutra, the proud symbol of her marital status and apart from that she wear long gold earrings, toe-rings, finger rings, anklets and bangles like a typical daughter in law of our cast.

Truly speaking at this particular moment remembering Shilpi Bhabhi and her physical assets and writing down about her is really very arousing for me and certainly I am fully erect because of that. Anyway getting back to the female of the day Shilpi Bhabhi, most of the time she use to wear Sari and use to tie it below her navel and as a young boy of mid twenties nobody could stop me to fantasize about her while masturbating in the night.

Initially I use to consider Jai as a lucky fellow for getting such a seductive female as his wife, to whom he can fuck anytime he want but later I realized that things are not smooth between Jai and Shilpi.

I remember the day it all started I was living and working in that city from more than two months, it was Saturday evening must be 8 and first time I was called by Jai to her house to get some work done on his laptop. We, me and Jai sat together for more than an hour and worked, I was making a new excel sheet as per his requirement and it was really very complicated task at that moment.

Finally Jai got up and went inside his room and came out after getting ready and again detailed me his requirement and told me to finish the work as soon as possible, in continuation he said he will see it tomorrow; he did not had any plan of coming back home that night. I asked him if I can take his laptop with me in the opposite house where I was living, but he refused me for that, I thought that he is little insecure for his expensive laptop.

We both were in the middle of the talk when surprisingly Shilpi Bhabhi entered in the living room where we both were working from last one hour and straightaway asked Jai where is he going, but in a very rude way. Jai ignored talking to her and continued speaking to me and somewhat took out bit of his temper on me by saying,

“tum yahin par kaam karna aur anyhow finish it, even if you have to work for the whole night, I don’t want any excuses…..” I was really surprised with his sudden blast, certainly I did not liked the way he spoke but environment of that room was really very weird, everything started moving so fast, and I was not in state to mind his words not even to look at him as standing behind Jai,

Shilpi Bhabhi was not ready to leave the subject of asking him that where is he going and she asked him again and again till Jai replied her rudely by saying, “Jahanoom mein” (means he is going to hell). Conversation between husband and wife did not ended there; Shilpi Bhabhi fired back immediately “I know tum kahan jaa rahe ho….uss KUTIA ke pass”

(means I know where are you going, to that bitch), that was one of the biggest shock for me of that time. Anyway Jai immediately moved back from there and tried to get out of house while controlling his temper but Shilpi Bhabhi was on fire, she was not ready to shut her mouth and she spoke again from behind “uss RANDI mein aisa kya hai…jo tum baar baar uske pass jaate ho?”

“Just shut up and go to hell” that’s what I heard from Jai while going out, Shilpi Bhabhi followed him till the gate( I guess ) and came back and went inside her bedroom in anger. I was shocked of my life, everything happened so fast that I did not got any time to think what all happened and after all this I was not in state to think anything except all that, I could not concentrate on my work and realized I have lost the track of putting the formulas in the excel report.

Anyway somehow I worked for half an hour and got the track from where I could see that I will get the desired result but by god’s grace it was not a day for me just to work. Shilpi Bhabhi came out to the living room, took a glance of me and went back and then came back again with a glass in her hand with some transparent soft drink and while looking at me settled down on the couch which was far from me.

For a fraction I looked up to see her and then again went down into the laptop, she was wearing same sari she was wearing while fighting with her husband with almost all the things she use to wear in daily routine, Mangalsutra around her neck, Bindi on her fore head and all those rings and bangles.

“Bhaiya….aap soft drink lenge?” I don’t know how many times we headed with each other in the house in weekends, certainly many times I wished her Namastey and all, moreover Shilpi Bhabhi knew each and every minor detail about me, from where I have came here and exactly what relation I have with her husband and with whole family,

even she knew exactly what all I do in the production unit, certainly through the other two ladies of the house but that was more or less first time in last two months, since I was there when Shilpi Bhabhi spoke to me, she asked me if I would like to have some soft drink, and just like soft drink she had in her hand her voice was also soft and I was really very surprised when she addressed me Bhaiya instead of taking my name, I was nearly 7-8 years younger than her.

Anyway I replied with no while looking at her for a fraction and then again tried to concentrate on the screen. In response Shilpi Bhabhi got up and went inside the kitchen and came back just in a minute with a glass full of drink and offered me. I tried to avoid it by saying, “arre nahi Bhabhi please….main soft drink nahi peeta” I somewhat lied to avoid.

“to kya sirf hard drinks peete hain?” Shilpi Bhabhi asked me back with a giggle, I too laughed on her sudden reply and accepted the glass. “Seriously…..if you want ….I can put some Jinn in this too…main to wohi pee rahi huin” Shilpi Bhabhi spoke while going back to her couch. That was another shock for me, Shilpi Bhabhi was having jinn at that time mixed with sprite,

“no thanks” I replied and tried to focus on my work, “actually I feel bit relaxed after 3-4 drinks, and you know….aaj mujhe isski bahut zaroorat hai” I was speechless, it was very odd situation for me. As I had nothing to say, I just smiled a bit while looking at her bit formally and tried to get into work again.

Then there was a silence for a minute, I was really very conscious as Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting bit far on my right and looking at me continuously. “Aaj dinner yahin par kariyega” Shilpi Bhabhi spoke somewhat in ordering tone, I looked up at her and tried to avoid it by saying, “nahi Bhabhi main bass kaam khatam karke jaaunga…”

(Means- no Bhabhi I will just finish my work and go back) “ho gaya khatam….is it over?” Shilpi Bhabhi asked me, “nahi…it will take some time…” I replied, “that’s why I said Dinner yahin par kariyega….you cannot go till you finish” Shilpi Bhabhi replied and next moment took a phone and dialed and spoke to the cook in the other house via intercom in the kitchen and somewhat informed him, not to make food for me, as I am having it here.

I was blocked in strange circumstances; I did not wanted to stay there anymore but I had to, to finish the work. But before that Shilpi Bhabhi finished her drink and came again with one more and sat beside me, just to see what all I am doing. I got even more conscious, I could not decide what to do, and I forgot everything which was running in mind regarding the work, once again I somewhat lost the track of putting the formula.

“mujhe bhi sikha do ye sab….” Shilpi Bhabhi spoke after a minute, while looking at me from bit sideways, “haa haan…why not…this is simple mathematics” “Mathematics…?” Shilpi Bhabhi asked me back as if she is surprised, “don’t think...that I want to replace you…. Just aise hi…I have some other reason” I smiled on her words a bit, “haan haan, jab bolo….main sikha dunga” I replied.

“Right now how long you will take to finish it…..?” Shilpi Bhabhi asked me again, though she asked me this in Hindi by saying, “aapko abhi kitna time lagega…kaam khatam karne mein”. At that time I was totally unaware of the things running in Shilpi Bhabhi’s mind. I must say that she did not anything in her mind for me in that perspective, I think she was just waiting for me to finish the work.

“15-20 minutes…” I replied, “That’s it…?” Shilpi Bhabhi was little surprised, and she asked me “then why was he saying ki you have to work for the whole night” “I think wo gusse mein the” I replied because her was angry, “I know….” Shilpi Bhabhi got bit disappointed, “I think you have understood everything…?”

Shilpi Bhabhi asked me after few seconds, she was somewhat ending her drink, as far as I knew it was her second which she gulped in one go before speaking again, “Jai ki ek girlfriend hai…….aur wo mostly Saturday night ussi ke saath rahte hain” once again I was wordless, what could I say,

I remained silent and continued working which was again getting out of track as I have lack of concentration from the beginning and things happening around me were more than enough to distract anybody, even the one who has good concentration. Shilpi Bhabhi got up again and went inside and came again with a refilled glass and asked me if I need more soft drink as by now my glass was ending, as expected I replied with no while looking at her.

Once again Shilpi Bhabhi took seat next to me and tried to concentrate on the things I was doing. “Bhaiya…..aapki age kya hai?” Shilpi Bhabhi asked me, “26” I replied, “shaadi ka kya plan hai?” Shilpi Bhabhi asked me again and it was again something I was not expecting from her, at that time I thought that she is just doing time pass chit chatting with me.

I got bit conscious because of her question, “I don’t know…maine abhi tak iss baare mein kuch bhi nahi socha..” ( I never thought about that) I replied with bit of hesitation “you know I was also almost same age,…. jab meri shaadi hui thi…Jai ke saath….” “aur hardly 2 years hue the…when I came to know ki he is involved someone else…..”

Shilpi Bhabhi spoke from my one side and like last fewer times once again I had nothing to say in response, neither she waited for me to speak, “actually he is having this affair from very long time….Shaadi se bahut pahle se…..he was forced to do this marriage” Shilpi Bhabhi kept on telling me and I kept on listening her.

Once again Shilpi Bhabhi gulped whole drink while giving me details of her married life with Jai and now I could see the effect of alcohol on her gesture, her nerves were getting relaxed and she was getting more and more casual and frank with me and once again she surprised me when she came up with fresh drink as I was thinking that now she will end up drinking.

“Bhabhi…. I think I should go now….mera kaam ho gaya hai” I spoke while trying getting up from the couch and thought about shutting down the windows, but Shilpi Bhabhi stopped me from doing that by saying, “don’t switch it off…. I have some work, want to see something.” With that she took the laptop from me and sat down on the other couch,

while putting it on her lap and started surfing the hard disk of the computer (I guess, as I could not see what she was doing in computer). Once again I asked her if I can go, but she said no to it, and called me there by saying “Nahi…dinner karke jaana….. aur ek minute yahan aakar meri thodi si help kar do” Actually Shilpi Bhabhi was trying searching some pictures of Jai’s girl friend,

as laptop was password protected and she always failed accessing it in his absence, but fortunately that day she got that chance and she asked me if I can find picture whatever Jai has in his computer. It was a tiny task for me but I tried avoiding that as I could see that things were not good at that moment as far as Shilpi Bhabhi’s mental state was concerned but Shilpi Bhabhi somewhat ordered me to do it as she very well knew that I can do that,

“Bhaiya….I know you can do it…aur mujhe karke do…” Finally I used the search option and next moment all picture and videos got collected in one window and Shilpi Bhabhi started surfing them. Once again I tried getting up and spoke, “achha Bhabhi main chalta hun….” “nahi…Dinner kiye bina nahi jaana….and I want to learn few things in this from you….Dinner ke baad mujhe wo sikhana”

once again she ordered me that I cannot go without having dinner and she wanted to learn few things after the dinner and I was in the situation which was not at all good for me, I desperately wanted to go from there but I could not go because like Jai, Shilpi Bhabhi was also of dominating nature and she was somewhat dominating me at that time by forcing me to have dinner with her.

Somehow I stayed there, sat down bit far from her and did not reflected any interest in looking at the screen, opposite to me Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting and she could not move her eyes from the screen, without a flick of her eyes she was glued to the screen and surfing pictures. Once again she called me to help her.

She was struggling with the video file, “open with” window was popped out on the screen and she could not decide what to do, she told me to play that video, as expected I did that by choosing the appropriate application from the list and next moment it started running. It was a video of Jai’s holiday with her girlfriend, they were somewhere on the beach,

jai was moving behind her while holding the camera and she(his girl friend) was moving forward and turning again and again and saying something, what I could understand from the voice coming from the video was just “I love you” couple of times. “Dekho Bhaiya Jai is KUTIA ke saath Goa gaye the….” Shilpi Bhabhi spoke while looking at the screen, and as expected she was really very angry on her husband.

Ending that video once again she saw few pictures and then again got stuck with a video file and again asked me how to play as once again “choose program” option was popped out, once again I played the video and this time not only Shilpi Bhabhi even I got glued to the screen. I must say that Jai was a really very lucky dog; apart from having a seductive wife like Shilpi Bhabhi he had a real sex bomb as his girlfriend.

Shilpi Bhabhi told me that his girl friend’s name is Radhika, and in the second video she was lying on bed, wearing a wrap dress, exposing her legs from knees onwards till her feet. I was somewhat lost in watching that video because Jai the one who was handing the camera was doing real good job,

he was taking the close up of the female who was on the bed from her head to toe and suddenly Shilpi Bhabhi took me back into the real world, as expected watching her husband with some other female she was getting out of her mind and once again she abused Jai’s girl friend in typical Hindi slang “dekho kaise RANDI ki tarah leti hui hai bed par; KUTIA”.

Once again I realized that it is not healthy for me to stay here, so I spoke again, “achha Bhabhi main chalta hun…” “kahan jana hai aapko….aapka bhi koi KUTIA wait kar raha hai kya….?” Shilpi Bhabhi almost fired on me in bit of harsh tone in sarcastic fashion which left me in silence. She was busy looking at screen and I was somewhat cursing god at that time to put me in this weird situation.

Finally Shilpi Bhabhi got up after some time with a laptop and told me to come to dining area, we both sat down and servants started to serve food. Apparently Shilpi Bhabhi was talking to me, asking me few technical things about computers but mentally she was not present there, her mind was set on fire.

I could make out that she was thinking about her husband, may be what he will be doing at that moment and I don’t think that I could ever be able to think that what she will be feeling at that time. Anyway somehow I started eating so that I can move from there as soon as possible but Shilpi Bhabhi was not having much,

once again she went inside and came up with one more drink and had few bites with that drink and as she saw that I am also finished, she spoke to servants to pack up and go to their servant quarters. Slowly both the servants went out after asking her for one more time and I was alone left with Shilpi Bhabhi in her house.

I don’t know what all was running in her mind, but apparently she was little calm now. She called me in the living area with the laptop and started asking me few things, asked me if we can change the password but that was not possible for me as to do that I needed the old password which I did not knew.

I could make out that Shilpi Bhabhi was drunk now, though she was no way near to getting unconscious but her mind was not in her control and once again after few questions she started surfing that folder in which all pictures and video were saved, she went through all of them again and this time I too saw whatever Jai was having in his laptop regarding his girl friend as I was sitting beside Shilpi Bhabhi.

After surfing all pictures one more time Shilpi Bhabhi got up to go, she seemed bit conscious while saying “Bhaiya I am just coming…jaaiyega nahi” (Bhaiya I am just coming…please don’t go) I could guess that it was effect of alcohol which was driving her now. For a fraction I thought about quitting in her absence, I wanted to masturbate while thinking about her but desire to see Shilpi Bhabhi again stopped me going from there.

Though I was little disturbed because of Shilpi Bhabhi’s problem but certainly my mind was also set on fire, but in lust. I sat down on the couch and surfed few pictures again and within ten minutes Shilpi Bhabhi was back in the living room. I could make out that she was gone to take a shower her body was wet and now she was wearing a long gown, somewhat wrapped around her body and tied with a same cloth belt on her waist.

Shilpi Bhabhi called me from bit of distance, I got up with a laptop but she told me to come without that by saying, “laptop nahi chahiye…..wahin chhod do….” Keeping it carefully on central table I moved ahead and followed Shilpi Bhabhi till her bedroom.

I stood as I entered in the room, very close to the door; Shilpi Bhabhi went on going till one cabinet on which her mobile was kept. I looked around and saw the room and must say that it was a beautiful bedroom with very expensive interior.

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Hello readers. My name is Sunita (an adopted name here) and I am 26 years and married. I had been reading with interest the stories on HD so thought that I too share one of my experience when I had an extramarital sex with the husband of my friend. Before I start with the story let me tell you about myself. I got married a couple of years back and live in Delhi.

I am 5-3 in height with short hairs falling up to my shoulders. My colour is quite fair and my statistics are 34-27-35. My friends always called me a fitness freak. I had always been doing swimming since my college days and then later started yoga to keep me fit when my swimming sessions were reduced.

My regular visits to my beauty parlour for body perfection always made me look young and attractive. Now I must get back to the story and not waste your time in these details. Once I had to go to the market to do some shopping for myself. My husband had dropped me to the market while going to his office I was supposed to take a cab back home after I was through.

It was a hectic shopping and I was tired by the time it was done. One thing I always hate of Delhi is the poor transport system. I was unable to get a cab back and I was just standing on the road waiting for one who was willing to go that way. Though it was not so hot but standing on the road waiting for a cab was making me really bad.

Just then a big car stopped right in front of me and the driver rolled down the window and I was surprised to see it was Rajan (an adopted name again), the very old and a good friend of my husband since his school days. To give a few lines description about him, he was a tall man almost six and very strong and athletic built. He was a regular player of squash at the club.

Anyway, he smiled and said hello and asked what I was doing there. I was not in such a happy mood and replied that what did he think I was doing on the road with shopping bags in my hands and hailing cabs. He felt a bit embarrassed and asked me to come over inside the car and he would drop me home if I was going there as he too was going that way.

As the cars were piling up behind him and I did not want to waste more time and hear people;s shouting, I just threw my bags on the rear seat and got in by his side. The cool air from the air conditioner was a great relief. He shifted the car in drive mode and the car moved ahead without any sound heard from inside.

As we drove out of the busy road, he smiling gave me a a long and deep look and asked as to what I had been buying. I replied that since a few functions were to be attended shortly so I needed some sarees and dresses for myself. He smiled and giving me a rather mysterious stare and after perhaps thinking something said,

“yes Sunita, you look terrific in a saree, your figure is perfect for it, though you look amazing in jeans and salwar suits too that you normally wear. I still remember you when we all met at a function of a common friend last month. You looked sensational in your black and silver saree and every one there was willing to be with you and pamper”

I don't know why but this sudden compliment from a person other than my husband gave me a strange feeling of excitement. I wanted him to say more but he did not say anything further. I did not want to close the conversation here so I poked him and asked what did he wanted? He gave out a soft laughter and sighed before saying, “I too wanted to be with you and take you away from everyone.

But dont take me otherwisely, you were looking sensational that day.” The complements from Rajan was really making my day, for a while it was turning me on. After a while he suddenly asked, “Sunita tell me one thing, did you have a boyfriend in your college days? now dont say no as I dont think a girl as beautiful and smart like you had no line of boys running after her.”

I gave out a small laughter and said, “unfortunately Rajan I did not have any boyfriend before college or after. Poor of me isn’t it?” He said, “you want me to believe that?” I said, “no other option but you have to”., he just smiled after giving me another long stare and kept on driving. After a few minutes of silence, he again asked,

“Sunita was it that you never wanted a boyfriend or you just could not have one because of some fear or that?” His question had suddenly brought some old memories back to me and took me to my college days where I did have a boyfriend and we were close too. Though I had given my virginity to my husband, still my boyfriend had done everything apart from stripping our clothes and putting it inside.

But I was not going to share this secret with him. He might have guessed the delicacy of his question so he said, “ok forget it Sunita, even if you had any I dont think there is anything wrong in it, after all you are a smart and a beautiful girl, men would be willing to go with you even now.” I too gave out a soft laughter but the memory of my boyfriend caressing and pinching my boobs and nipples started making me hot.

When I used to have sex with my husband he sometimes ask me to fantasise that I was having sex with someone else known to him, to give him a kick. A few times I had fantasised doing it with Rajan and truthfully, imagining doing it with a strongly built man like him, gave me an extra orgasm and enjoyment and an extra kick to my husband also.

But this always remained in my heart and I had never thought seriously about doing it actually with anyone else. But dont know why, this time the short conversation with Rajan was making me hot and wanting him or may be if he had made advances, I would not have resisted.

One of my friends who had had some extra marital affairs had told me the enjoyment with a person other than your hubby is always greater and you get orgasm after orgasm which you do not get otherwise. It seem to me that being with Rajan alone in his car and the sudden memory recall of my college days was taking me away from my morals.

But they all were feelings and thoughts only and far from reality. What I might think about, its not there for reality. Truthfully I had no intention of doing it. Soon we arrived at our home and Rajan stopped the car just beyond our house. I asked him to come inside but he said that he would rather go now.

Since he had taken the trouble to drop me home and I knew he must have gone out of his route to drop me here, this gesture was minimum. I asked him to come inside for a while just for a cup of coffee. He agreed and having parked his car and we both entered my house. Rajan when saw no one home, asked where were all the maid and servant I always kept?

I replied that the servant had taken a leave for a couple of days and the maid had already left and would not be here till late evening. Rajan came inside and I asked him to sit in the drawing room after I switched on the air conditioner and went inside my wash room to freshen myself. I washed my face and applied a light makeup to remove any sign of sweating I had while shopping.

Before coming out I applied some perfume too to make me more fresh and presentable. Rajan was just roaming about in the drawing room observing the books and paintings etc. He turned when I entered the room and I saw a look of great admiration in his eyes somehow I felt a ray of lust too in them. He said, “you are looking damn beautiful Sunita, really provoking.”

Feeling slightly embarrassed, I did not know what to reply so I just smiled but there was a sudden dryness in my throat. I asked him what he would like to have. “You” was his one word reply which for a moment made me dumbstruck as to what he really mean. He then smiled before adding, “for a company” and I gave out a loud laughter.

I brought two glasses of chilled juice and some salties and we both sat on a sofa sipping the drink and talking. The very fact that I was alone with Rajan in my home with no one to come for hours and we both sitting so closely was giving me a suffocating feeling and a knot in my guts. I was not sure if bringing him inside the home was a right thing to do or it was my mistake.

The memories of my college days with my boyfriend cuddling and pinching my boobs, my fantasies of having sex with Rajan when I was infact with my husband was proving to be too strong for me to stop myself thinking about what I wanted at the moment. It was one thing to think about having sex with some other person and a totally different thing actually doing it.

Still I was afraid to look in his eyes fearing that he would read what was going on in my mind. I had already lowered my eyes and did nothing except replying to him.. Our glasses were empty and Rajan asked if he could get a refill. I got up and walked towards the kitchen. I knew he was staring at my naked back potion below my blouse and also at my butts.

I could almost feel his glare boring inside me. As I was pouring the juice in his glass I had to bend forward to fill his glass, the pallu of my saree to opened a little but enough to reveal my cleavage and the top of my boobs. I saw Rajan having a good view of my assets under and over my blouse.

As I tried to settle my pallu to cover my boobs, my hand lost its balance and I spilled a little juice on his shirt. He got up immediately to clean it and I feeling most embarrassed couldn’t think of anything else and uttering my apologies for the sloppiness started to clean his shirt with my pallu which was the only cloth in my hand. I forgot that by doing so I had totally removed any cover over my blouse.

While cleaning his shirt I was standing so close to him that our bodies were almost touching. My attention was still on his shirt when I felt he taking me in his arms by encircling his hands around my back. May be the touch of our bodies had been too much for him to hold on to himself any longer. As I looked at him in shock and surprise, he bent over me and placed his lips over mine giving me a long kiss.

I was almost terrified and tried to get away but his grip was too strong for me to breat. His hug was getting tighter and his kisses over my lips, cheeks, throat and above my blouse was making me too weak to hold on. Still I said “no Rajan Bhaiya what are you doing, please stop and let me go” but he too had no control left over him.

He replied, “come on Sunita, I always wanted you, you are just too irresistable, I cant control myself any longer. Come on babe lets do it for once and satisfy our lust.” I was still trying to save myself and once again said, “please Rajan Bhaiya let me go, what you are doing is not proper. I am your best friend’s wife. Please leave me and we forget that you tried it.”

But he was now beyond any convincing. In my last attempt to break free I resisted a little more but he did not loosen his grip and rather said, “comeon Sunita, now dont feel shy or hesitant. I have seen it in your eyes, you need it, you want it babe. Come on lets enjoy no one would know this ever happened.”

His long and deep kisses finally made me surrender to him completely and I too opened my mouth to explore his tongue which he was already rolling inside mine. When he found that I had given up any resistance, he loosened his grip and still holding me sat on the sofa with me by his side in his arms.

He had taken his one arm around my back and holding me very close to him while he kept on kissing, biting and licking my face, my neck, my ear lobes and the portion above my blouse which showed the swell of my boobs. I was beyond caring now and was enjoying my fantasy turning true. It was a new experience for me and was really turning me on and making me hot.

Rajan had taken his one hand over my boobs and had started pressing it gently and searching for my nipples over my blouse. Having found them, he pinched them gently making me let out a soft moaning sound in excitement. I too had started rolling my hands on his thighs and in the process I felt a great bulge in his groin and I knew it was real big in there.

Rajan had started opening the hooks of my blouse and with one swift action with his other hand unhooked my bra strap. He removed the bra cups from over my boobs and moaned at the sight of my soft skin and dark pink nipples. He said, “Sunita, your figure is more exciting than my imaginations. How soft and silky your skin is.”

With this he took his mouth over them and started licking and sucking my nipples. The moment he started rolling his tongue over them, my nipples started getting erected and when Rajan was sucking them, I was unable to stop my moanings. Slowly his hand began to slide upwards from under my saree and reached my panties.

His fingers further slipped under the panties and started caressing my already wet pussy. The moment he touched the lips of my cunt I let out a loud moaning sound in sheer excitement. Slowly his fingers opened my pussy and entered the clitoris slowly and started exploring it deep inside. I was getting hotter and hotter and unable to control my moanings which were getting louder and louder.

Aaaaahhhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhhh...... rajannnnnn..... yesssss.... do it again..... please do it again my love..... yeahhhh.... kiss me rajan.... kiss me deep...... give me your tongue rajan... give me everything today..... take me rajan..... take me and fuck me hard..... aaaaahhhhh....... I wanted to explore his penis now and opened his fly to take it out.

But since he was sitting deep on a sofa I was unable to take it out from under his underwear. He too was perhaps feeling uncomfortable so he got up and almost carried me towards my bedroom where we could do it more easily. Before we lied down on the bed, I removed my saree which was becoming an obstruction now, my blouse and bra were already open and just hanging loose so I removed them too along with my panties.

While removing my clothes, I saw Rajan had already removed his shirt and my my what a broad shoulders and chest he had with small quantity of hair on it. He was in the process of removing his trousers and his undergarment and I was almost shocked to see such a monster penis. It was now fully erect and more than seven inch long and thick like a banana.

It was of light coffee colour with small hairs around it. Looking at it not only filled me with unknown excitement of taking such a penis inside but also fear that it would possibly pain a lot. My husband’s penis was smaller in comparison to Rajan’s in length and thickness. Slowly Rajan took me in his arms and our naked bodies meeting and touching for the first time.

I felt a shiver run all over my body. He made me lay on the bed and came just besides me and taking me in his arms, once again started kissing my lips. I too responded and took his tongue inside my mouth and started sucking it and tasting each other’s saliva. He had taken his one hand from under my shoulders and brought it over my boobs and started rubbing and pinching my boobs one by one.

With his other hand, he had taken it down towards my pussy and had once again put two fingers inside and started rubbing it slowly taking his fingers moving all over inside and vibrating my every sexually sensitive organ. He was making me give out loud moaning sounds and I wanted him to do it more and more.

Rajan by this time had slid down and he was now sucking my one boob, pinching other and rubbing my clit with his other hand. The whole room was echoing with my and Rajan’s moaning sounds. aaaaaahhhhh...... rajannnn...... love you rajan.... yess.... deeper.... take it deeper rajan.... yeahh yeahhhhhh..... aaaaaahhhhhhh...... aaaahhhhh..... please rajan take me..... take me now..... please I cant stand it.... take me now.

Rajan too was now giving out his loud moaning sounds. yes... sunita.... my love... I always wanted you.... I always wanted to fuck you sunita.... I will take you sunita.... I love you.... I love your pussy sunita..... I would eat it complete. With Rajan playing inside my pussy so vigorously I was crying out loud and I was unable to control myself now.

I badly needed his cock in me and I was now begging him to put it inside me. But he was still rubbing my clit with his fingers making me discharge my love juice repeatedly. please rajan.... take me now... put your cock inside me now..... I cant hold it now... I need it.... I need you inside me rajan... please do it now.... take me.... fuck me now rajan.... fuck your friend’s wife....

fuck your best friend’s wife rajan.... she is asking you to fuck her... please come inside me rajan... please come... I am begging you to fuck me now.... I cant stand it any more... I am coming..... I am coming rajan.... ohhhhh raaaaaajjjjjjjjjj please do it. Rajan now got up and made me spread my legs and took his mouth inside my clit.

With his tongue, he was now exploring my vagina and taking his tongue to the farthest depth. He was rolling his tongue so well and giving me so excitement that I was almost crying in pleasure. I had never felt such ecstasy in my life till now. My love juice was flowing from my pussy like a never ending stream and Rajan was sucking every drop of it.

He was rolling his tongue inside so expertly and in the process was rubbing my clitoris so softly that the moment it was touched it sent me into a new sexual frenzy. Finally he drained me not only of my energy but also of the love juice having drank every drop of it. He came around me and stood before me with his huge monster penis right in front of my face.

It was so big that I felt sorry that my husband’s penis seem to be so small. It looked like a huge banana over seven inches in length and nearly two inches thick. The very sight of it was giving me shivers as to how I would take it inside me but I knew this was the only chance I would have to experience such a monster.

The penis was rock hard and pointed towards my boobs and the moment I touched and stroked it with my fingers, it got harder and got a little more erection that it pointed towards my face. Rajan held it further taking it near to my mouth and said. “now its your turn bhabhi, suck it and give me pleasure as I did to you, take it and lick it babe.”

Slowly I touched his penis softly with my fingers and rolled my tips over it. The cool touch of my fingers made his penis get its maximum erection and now even the fine veins over it were visible easily in the dim light of the room. Slowly I bend forward and started kissing it softly and later started rolling my tongue all over it.

The touch of my tongue on the tip of his penis really made him give out a long and loud moaning sound. I gently removed the skin on the tip of his penis and slowly took it inside my mouth and started sucking the top of it. I knew the size would never go fully inside me and I had to open my mouth wide to take it. I was afraid that the more it would go inside it would gag me.

I was still rolling my fingers and Raj had closed his eyes in excitement and was moaning loudly. aaaaahhhhhh..... yeaahhhhh...... sunita bhabhi...... ooooouuuuuuuuu....... roll your finger again sunita... once more do it slowly..... kiss it baby..... roll your tongue on the tip..... yeahhhhhh.... yessss.... sunitaaaaa... love you bhabhi...

I was kissing his penis softly with my lips and in between I would roll my tongue all around it and every time I did that, he would moan even louder. I was still licking the head of his penis when with a gentle push he guided his entire penis in my mouth. It was such a big organ that I almost gagged as I was fearing, but he had held it so firmly in my mouth that I was unable to take it out.

Holding it with my one hand, I started sucking and rolling it. I knew that tongue can do wonder when giving a blow job so I was using it fully all around his penis and his moaning sound never stopped for once. In between my licking and sucking, I would take his penis out of my mouth and roll my tongue on his huge balls full of cum which were dangling and shaking

with every movement and he would reach new height of ecstasy the moment my fingers and tongue touched them. I kept of sucking and licking his penis for nearly ten minutes or may be more and I was also shaking and jerking it with my one hand while with the other I was playing with his balls. He had closed his eyes and was moaning uncontrollably.

Sunitaaaaaaa,yesssss,love you sunitaa you are the greatest fuck I ever had better than my wife sunita.... you are terrific my love.... you suck great sunitaaaa.. yeahhhhhh... yeah.... take it deeper babe..... He penis was getting more and more harder with his every moaning and I knew that very soon he would be coming.

I was now shaking it more vigorously and soon I felt the hardness giving away with a strong jerk and my mouth was suddenly filled with the release of his while salty discharge. So great was the force of his discharge that it struck the inside of my mouth that it went even down my throat. His cum was still flowing out from the penis and it was flowing down my lips.

He withdrew his penis from my mouth slowly and taking it in his own hands started jerking it making more cum come out and fell over my face and it continued to flow down onto my breasts and rolled down to my tummy. We both dropped down on the bed fully exhausted and out bodies wet with sweat. We both were breathing heavy and just clunged on to each other.

Even in the chill from the air conditioner, I was still feeling hot, perhaps since my sexual urge was not satisfied yet as Rajan had not yet put in his penis inside me and fucked me hard. It seem to me that the stress of the sexual urge that was building up inside him was vented out as there was a relaxed feeling on his face.

I got up from the bed and went to the washroom to clean my body of the sweat and the cum that Rajan had sprayed over me. As I came out, I saw Rajan was still lying with his eyes open, he smiled at me and said, “Sunita, that was the best blow job I had ever received.” I too asked him as to from how many he had taken a blow job to which he laughed and said only a few.

He then asked me if I could provide him a cup of tea so that he feel fresh and then have another violent session with me. As I took out a gown to wear before going to the kitchen, he got up and pulled it away and said, “ come on Bhabhi, I love to watch you walking nude. You have a lovely body and it looks so exciting without clothes over it.”

I looked at the wall clock, there was still about two hours before the maid was due to come for her duty and I had to get fucked before he left and clean up the mess. After a cup of tea and something to eat, we both again got into the bed and now I really wanted action from him. My hunger was to be satisfied now and the very thought of taking such a monster penis inside was making my pussy moist and wet.

Lying closed to him naked in his arms, I started playing with his tool and in a little while my fondling brought his penis to gain erection. I brought my mouth to it to kiss and lick it so that it gain its maximum hardness. A few minutes of my sucking made it rock hard and gain its full erected length now I guessed it accurately to be over seven inches.

Now fully erect and aroused, he too got up and taking me in his arms, made me lie down and spreading my legs, he took his face down to my pussy. With the help of his fingers he started exploring my clean shaven pussy and taking them inside began caressing my clitoris. The moment his fingers touched my clitoris,

I could not suppress giving out a loud moaning sound “aaaaahhhh..... raaaajjjjj..... uummmmm...... take your fingers deep inside me raj yes yes arvind do it again do it more raaaajjjjjj …. aaaaaahhh take me now my love,take me fuck me.” rajan then made me stand on the bed with my legs slightly apart and positioning himself and bending on his knees, he gripped my both butts in his hands firmly.

Bending forward and taking his mouth to my pussy he again started exploring the hidden pleasures inside. I gripped his head and holding it with his hairs, further pressed his mouth to my vagina. The love juice that had stopped for a while began again to flow out of my vagina and Rajan started fingering with his tongue more vigorously as more love juice was being discharged.

Opening my vagina with his fingers, he took his tongue deeper inside and when his tongue touched my clitoris, I once again gave out an uncontrolled moaning sound. I was getting high and high while Rajan continued to suck my vagina and drink my love juice. The whole room was echoing with our moaning sound.

Rajan was taking his long tongue to the deepest depth of my vagina and was licking every wall inside. My moaning had been going on uncontrolled and unstoppable. Aaahhhhh ssssssss raaaaaajjjj...... raaaaj my love aaaaaah uuummmmmmm raj take me please tak e me now. I can’t hold it please take me fuck me now my love fuck me real hard aahhh...

I had reached an uncontrolled stage where I now needed a penis inside me and satisfy my lust.. I was now almost begging Rajan to come inside me and take me. Finally he saw that now I really needed him so he stopped his sucking and made me lie on the bed. He arranged to put a pillow under my hips making me arch my back.

He then spread my legs and positioned himself in between my thighs. I raised my both legs high and encircled them around his back and he put the monster penis on the tip of my vagina and kept on rubbing itover the lips of my pussy but not pushing it inside. It was a totally new experience for me and I again begged him to push it inside.

Tears of pleasure were coming in my eyes and I was moaning in ecstasy. “rajan please ab daal bhi do na ab aur na tarsaao please put it inside and fuck me. raj fuck me hard, fuck me deep fuck me crush me raj do it now please.” While I was still moaning and asking him to put it in, suddenly rajan gave his torso a gentle push and more than half of his over seven inches of manhood went inside me making me give aaaaaaahhhh sound.

Another gentle push and it was in a little more. I was crying out in pain since my vagina had never taken anything so big and it was teraring in. I was crying out now in pain, “nnooooo.... please rajan no..... stop it please..... I cant take it..... leave me raj please dont do it..... its painging...... its hurting me raj please stoppp.... pleaseeeeee.....”

Another hard push and the entire seven inch long and thick penis was now fully inside my pussy and it felt as if a hot lump of iron had been pushed inside me. Once he was satisfied that it was fully inside, he gently started humping me, first slowly and softly. His penis was gently rubbing my clitoris and it made me so high that tears of pleasure came into my eyes and I wanted him to go on and on forever.

I was in deep sexual fantasy enjoying a fuck by a seven inch long and nearly two inches thick penis. While it was inside me, I wanted to enjoy every bit of it. Rajan kept on stroking me gently and slowly he had increased his pace. Every stroke from his monster was hitting the deepest depth of my vagina and making me moan uncontrollably, without any fear of any one hearing it.

Aaahh sssss raaaaj ….. raaaajjjjj you are great lover raj your dick is so long and strong give me more of it my lover satisfy my lust raj fulfil my all desires my love aahhh mmmnnn yes yes again do it again raj more harder raj harder yes my love. My love juice was continuously flowing out of my pussy and making patches on the white bed sheet.

I was reaching one orgasm after another while Rajan kept on humping harder and harder. He too was moaning in his excitement and the whole room was filled with our love moaning sounds and the sound of his torso hitting my groin. “Sunita.... I always wanted to have sex with you sunita you always turned me on I always fantasize having sex with you sunita always yes.

Sunita my love I will fuck you always sunita.... sunitaaaaaa...you are the best fuck I ever had.” He kept on banging me and I lost counts of how many times I came. But still he had not come in and now I was getting exhausted and tired, I now wanted him to cum inside me. I was so tired that I was unable to take any more.. I wanted him to come now so that I feel completely satisfied.

It had been over ten minutes and his strokes were still hitting me harder. A few minutes later he further increased his pace and kept on hitting me faster and faster. I was now beginning to feel the pain was increasing with his every stroke and his penis was getting harder more inside me. It felt as if the size of his cock had increased further in length and thickness and I was now crying out in pain and sheer ecstasy.

Rajan was now almost hitting his torso hard and uncontrolabley. Soon I felt his penis break its hardness and his discharge gush out like a jet spray with great force and hit all the walls of my vagina. He was still humping me his final strokes as his discharge continued fill my vagina. He finally collapsed over me and remained there while the discharge was now coming out drop by drop.

I felt my whole vagina was filled up by his cum and the extra discharge was coming out and mixed with my own making big patches on the bed sheet. For the first time I felt like a complete woman, completely satisfied. It was a great fuck for the first time in my life and I wanted even more. But now was not the time. He had fallen to one side and almost dozed off.

I too was trying to regain my breath and later after some time, I shook his body to wake him and he gently stirred over my naked body. I whispered in his ears, "Rajan my love, its time now my sweet heart. You should go as my maid would be coming now and I had to clear the mess before that.”

Cursing my maid for not taking a day off, he finally got up and kissed my lips once again before putting on his clothes. Slowly I too got up and went to the washroom to wash my face and remove any sign of what had taken place in my room. When I came out, Arvind was already dressed and he kissed me once again before leaving.

Slowly I too started putting on my clothes and looked again in the mirror to see if any sign was still there which I must remove. Rajan left shortly leaving me filled with my wildest memories that I cherished always.

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Jaspreet having affair with brother in law Harish - II

Previously: Jaspreet having affair with brother in law Harish - I

Harish Bhaiya waited for me on the mattress down on the floor as I was busy making my child secure from all sides by putting pillows with a pounding heart and as I came closer to the mattress after doing that he got up and took my hand in his hands and pulled me on the mattress and we laid together.

Within a moment Harish Bhaiya came over me and covered me with his body and started kissing. For a fraction I decided that I will not open my mouth but next moment I gave him my consent to kiss me and Harish Bhaiya explored my moth thoroughly.

Certainly I was uncomfortable but slowly Bhaiya’s lovemaking was making me lose my control over my senses. Holding my body nicely and apart from exploring my mouth thoroughly Harish Bhaiya was kissing me whole face and rubbing his wet lips over my neck and his gentle touch over my body was making me shiver in strange sensation.

Slowly his hands went down and he tried to lift my nighty and somehow managed to take it till my thighs and now I was more restless as his hands were moving on my bare thighs and slowly it went to my panty and he tried to touched my soft lovehole over the cloth, I became restless and I simply brought my thighs closer to avoid giving him access of my pleasure hole.

Once again Harish Bhaiya started from my lips and kissed me again and this time I responded to his kiss and exchanged saliva with him, his hands were still moving on my thighs and slowly it went to my waist and he tried to pull elastic of my panty down but totally failed as I was lying straight resting on my back.

Next moment Bhaiya broke the kiss and got up a bit and sat beside me and inserted both of his hands to my waist and tried to pull my panty down and I lifted my bottom. Within a fraction I was opened underneath and now there was no way I could stop my husband’s brother to access my fuckhole, rather on the very next moment Harish Bhaiya’s hand was on my fuckhole and that thing shivered me like a fish for a fraction.

Once again Harish Bhaiya came beside me and once again we started kissing but now his hands were under my nighty and moving over my bare fuckhole and I was trembling in pleasure. His hands were arousing me and as he inserted his finger into my fuckhole and fisted me for a while to pleasure me I moaned loud in ecstasy and held him in excitement.

Once again Harish Bhaiya got up a bit and tried to lift rest of my nighty and somewhat pulled me to make me sit and I got up to help him and in a fraction my nighty went out of my arms, I was just in bra and at that instant because of excitement my breasts were trying to set free and Harish Bhaiya did not took too long to do that,

he extended his hand to my back and unhooked me easily and pulled out last cloth from my body, I was stark naked Bhaiya was yet in his clothes. Next moment Bhaiya got up and stood there and started taking off his clothes and sat down after removing everything from his body. I saw his rod for a fraction,

at that time it was semi erect state but soon I started feeling it over my belly as once again Bhaiya was lying over me and I could feel that his Penis is significantly long and fully erect. Once again we kissed each other for a while and now Bhaiya was playing with my breasts, his hands were squeezing my both the fruits nicely and I was getting out of my control, I was moaning and enjoying every bit of it.

Slowly Harish Bhaiya crawled down and started sucking my breasts and loved both of my melons for a while and then once again came over me completely and tried to widen my thighs with his legs and made space for himself, I could feel that he was fully erect and ready to enter inside me and I was also prepared for that,

as such at that time I was almost gone beyond the feeling of any guilt and I moved my legs as he desired and made space for him and next moment felt his hard Penis resting over my love opening. While being on his elbow Harish Bhaiya was holding his rod while looking down to see exact opening and suddenly I realized that tip of his rod has parted my fuckhole a bit

and now I am hardly a fraction away from getting fucked by my husband’s elder brother and this realization made me shiver and I started breathing heavy and on very next second Harish Bhaiya folded my legs inwards and started pushing himself inside me and next instant his throbbing Penis made his way into my body and I felt every fraction of his hard Penis sizzling into my fuckhole.

“Ahhh…..” I moaned loud in pleasure and grabbed Harish Bhaiya in my arms and slowly wrapped my thighs around his waist. Bhaiya easily slipped deep inside me and his crotch was resting over mine and his rod was completely buried into my fuckhole till the root of it and like that he kissed me again,

invaded his tongue into my mouth for a while and then started to move in and out of me slowly and next moment I started feeling pleasure of being a woman after very long time. My fuckhole was stretched painfully wide as Bhaiya was huge and really very thick as compared to my husband and continues digging of that length and thickness was producing strange sensation

in my body and every time it came out and disappeared into my fuckhole I shuddered in strange delight. Bhaiya’s hips rose and fell over me again and again and his pace of fucking me went on increasing and within a minute he was fucking me nicely and we both were moaning in divine pleasure. My fuckhole was contracting over his rod and tight clamp of my fuckhole was making him gasp.

His Penis was touching me somewhere where I was never touched before and like that our groans went on rising and very soon we were about to reach to our climax. By now Harish Bhaiya was fucking me very fast and with every downward thrust, his monster went deeper and deeper in my fuck hole and seized strange whimper out of my soul.

Finally Harish Bhaiya made few deep strokes and touched me very deep in my womb where my husband can never reach and squeezed his hips together and buried his monster in my fuckhole till its root and shivered while releasing his fluid inside me. I also exploded nearly at the same time and grabbed him tight in my arms and thighs and trembled in shattering orgasm like never before.

We remained tied with each other for a while and then Bhaiya got aside. We used toilet on by one and after that as I tried to collect my clothes Bhaiya held my wrist and pulled me on the mattress again while saying “thodi der mere pass late jaao”. We lived there silently, don’t know what was he thinking at my end I was in strange mind set;

I was feeling relaxed after really long but had a feeling that I have something wrong but still I was lying in Harish Bhaiya’s arms and that is stark naked wearing not even under garments. Bhaiya slowly moved bit sideways and kissed me on my cheek and rolled his hands over my breasts, I felt my melons going heavier in excitement and once again my nipples got hard and erect.

“aap oral sex karte ho….hmmmm…” Bhaiya almost whispered in my ear and asked me if I do oral sex. Strange sensation went through my body, once I thought about lying by saying no to him but I said yes in timid fashion by just humming and continued while saying I do rare saying “hmmmmm…. Lekin kabhi kabhi karti hun.”

“Mere saath karoge….?” Bhaiya asked me again while looking at me in the dark room, I too moved my face to him and looked at his face and accepted the proposal by just moving my head in yes. On very next moment Harish Bhaiya turned to me bit more and slowly came over me again and once again we started kissing.

By now my hesitation was almost vanished and I was fully involved in exploring his mouth and this time our kiss lasted for really long. While kissing Bhaiya initially played with my breasts, caressed them tenderly and then squeezed them bit roughly as he could see that I am enjoying his manly touch over my soft mounds.

Slowly his hands moved down and he tried to part my thighs to reach my fuckhole and this time I moved my thighs apart on my own so give him access of my pleasure hole and once again his expert fingers invaded my fuckhole and he fisted me nicely along with kissing me thoroughly.

He broke the kiss and first thing he asked while looking into my eyes was about the hairs I was having on my fuckhole that do I shave these hairs and his exact words were “aap ye baal saaf nahi karte….?” “nahi…..” I replied and then I spoke again “humen allowed nahi hai…” from allowed I meant that my religion does not allow me to remove any hairs of my body

and Harish Bhaiya instantly realized that and spoke “oh…haan….sorry” and then smiled a bit and spoke again “koi baat nahi…koi problem nahi hai…” at that moment I did not understand exactly what he meant but as he slowly moved down and reached to my lower half and parted my thighs apart, I realized why Harish Bhaiya was asking that,

he was about to suck my love hole and before I would have stopped him he kissed me down there on my opening and started licking my fuckhole immediately. I moaned loud and tried to get up to stop him but Harish Bhaiya pushed me back and opened my thighs further apart and his face went deeper into me and his tongue started moving over my fuckhole more passionately.

Certainly I was in pleasure and my excitement was increasing with every passing second as Harish Bhaiya’s tongue was moving inside my fuckhole, he was trying licking inner walls of my wet pleasure source and feeling was out of this world. It was not that I was getting sucked for the first time, me and my husband use to do oral sex sometimes but I was never explored like that in my past.

Holding my thighs tight and apart Harish Bhaiya’s thick and rough tongue parted my cunt lips numerous times and swirled inside me erotically and I went on moaning without care. I cannot imagine how much liquid I released from my pleasure hole in those 5-6 minutes of continues digging and exactly how Harish Bhaiya managed to swallow all that without any hesitation.

In the end when I stopped him, I was feeling that I will die in this pleasure, I was breathless, I was getting up and then again banging myself on the mattress in excitement as Bhaiya was sucking my hole like a suction pump and I was feeling as if I will explode like a bomb, I cannot explain what sensation was passing through my body when his tongue was moving over my opening while he was sucking me hard.

I was shivering from top to bottom with broken breath, my thighs were trembling and fuckhole was contracting in desire to get stuffed, I desperately wanted to stop him as I was feeling I will reach to the explosion within few seconds but Bhaiya was unstoppable, he went on going deeper and deeper with his tongue inside me and flicked my crack rapidly.

I tried to stop him but he overcame my physical efforts and continued sucking me like an animal. Finally I screamed and gasped madly while saying “stop …please…. please… Bhaiya… ..Ahhh…Ahhh….please..ruk jaao Bhaiya please…”. Hearing my passionate cry Bhaiya stooped immediately leaving me at the verge of explosion and again came over me and kissed me nicely,

I was yet not back from the shock of getting sucked like that and he invade my mouth with his tongue and fenced my mouth with it to give me taste of my own love juices and I somewhat enjoyed and reacted hungrily to his kiss. Harish Bhaiya broke the kiss and looked into my eyes while saying “abb aap karo….” And slowly got aside and went on his back,

I slowly got up while looking at his face in the dark and he asked me “koi problem to nahi hai na…? Don’t do if you don’t feel like doing” but I went ahead and leaned over his crotch while holding his erect rod and sucked tip of his monster lightly. I was confident about what I was doing.

I was doing this act from the time I got married, though not regular but I somewhat knew exactly what men like in this. I sucked Harish Bhaiya’s erect penis without removing foreskin of his rod and focused on its tip and took it in my mouth by pulling it a bit and rubbed my tongue over that repeatedly and on very next moment impact of my act was visible over his gesture and he started moaning in delight.

Slowly I started taking more of his rod in my mouth and sucked him tenderly and felt him growing in my mouth with his pleasure gasps. My hands were jerking his penis, I was somewhat moving his skin up and down while taking care that it will not get down completely and like that I continued sucking Harish Bhaiya with my full affection.

Bhaiya was enjoying every fraction of it and I could see that slowly he was reaching to the state where he will not be able to bear the pleasure and I was right. After hardly one more minute Bhaiya got up and stopped me and holding my arms took me down to the mattress and came over me and like before parted my thighs with his legs and rested his crotch over mine and spoke

while caressing my cheek and while looking into my eyes “Jaspreet mazza aa gaya….you were amazing……Geeta kabhi oral sex nahi karti,…….but I do with her….she does not like doing all this…”. With that once again Bhaiya folded my legs inward and located my opening with his fingers and moved himself on my doorway and once again ripped my fuckhole with his monster with a rapid thrust,

I moaned loud as once again I was stretched to my fullest, his thick and long Penis was deep inside me till its root and within a fraction it was moving in and out of me reasonably fast. Bhaiya kissed me while fucking me and sucked my melons for a while, chewed my erect nipples to make in shudder in pleasure and went on going plunging my hole for really long in steady pace.

Once again his hips rose and fell over me like before and slowly his pace improved and we moved to meet our climax again. I was enjoying and can easily say that I was never fucked like that before, neither for so long in one shot. Feeling of his long and thick rod was making me shaking me in strange delight,

I was moaning intensely and did not wanted to reach to the climax but things were not at all in my control, they were not even Bhaiya’s control, as like mine excitement in his body was also increasing and within few seconds he started grunting in delight and I felt him going faster and faster.

Suddenly he got up a bit and moved my both the legs more up and rested then over his shoulders and while holding my thighs he started ram fucking me and I was enjoying getting ripped like that for the first time in my life, although my fuckhole was paining a bit but still I wanted him more and more.

“ohhh…Jaspreet …..I love you….I love you….” With those words once again Harish Bhaiya tried to kiss me while slowing down, it seemed as if he wanted to control his passion to last longer inside me but he failed and once again took pace and fucked me like an animal for next few seconds, at my end I cannot explain what was I feeling, it was a kind of fuck which I always dreamed,

I was moaning and at the verge of explosion and could feel that I will burst as Bhaiya will stop and once again Bhaiya dived deep inside me and buried himself into me. I took him in my arms and thighs and grabbed him passionately while going through a shattering orgasm; I trembled like a fish from head to toe for few seconds while releasing my pressure and holding me tight

Harish Bhaiya also seemed trembling while discharging his liquid deep into my womb. We both remained tied like that for really long, till Bhaiya’s Penis slipped completely out of me. We slowly got up and used the toilet one by one and wore our clothes and before leaving Bhaiya took me in his arms and kissed me again while standing on the door and then hugged me nicely and asked me “achha lagga mere saath…hmmmm…”

I remained silent but Bhaiya needed a reply and he asked me again just by humming in questioning tone and I replied with a shy yes while being in his arms. “kal koi dusri position try karenge” Bhaiya spoke again, his hands were on my back and slowly he drifted down his palm to my ass and caressed my mound and somewhat took in his hand and spoke again

“kal peechhe se daalenge” at my end I was at very strange mindset, I could not think anything properly, whatever I did or whatever I was doing at that time and Bhaiya was very much aware of my condition and he was trying to relax me or you can say divert my mind from the negative aspect of the deed we just did and then spoke again “Chalo ab sow jaao”.

So friends that is how actually my intimate relation with my brother in law began and it is still alive. Though that night when I was awake for really long and thinking over whatever I did, I felt guilty and decided not to continue this relation but my desires were not in my control, same night while being on bed I masturbated and it was no one else then Harish Bhaiya about whom I was thinking.

In the morning once again I was bit confident that I will be able to control myself from getting indulged into extra marital affair and reflected reserved behavior to Harish Bhaiya for whatever time we met in the morning when I was serving him breakfast. Bhaiya was well aware of my basic nature or you can say my mental state of that instant and he touched me on my hands and when I looked up in his eyes he spoke

“aap please guilty matt feel karo…kabhi kabhi life mein apne aap ko khush rakhne ke liye ye sab karna padta hai…life mein khush rahna jayada important hai…”. It was not that her words changed my mental state but I was little relaxed after that and I was somewhat sure that I will not continue this relation anymore and try forgetting last night as my mistake but slowly as the day passed my mental state started changing,

I was again and again recalling last night and feeling aroused. I decided not to sleep in the afternoon as I was sure that if I will get on bed to sleep I will masturbate and it will be none other than Bhaiya who will come to my mind. Finally day ended and once again I could feel that I was going out of mind,

I was waiting for Harish Bhaiya to come and that day intentionally he came very early in the evening at the time when I was serving dinner to my in-laws. It was lack of proper sleep since last to last night which made me tired in the whole day and during dinner assuming that I am not well my mother-in-law told me to make my daughter sleep in their bedroom for that night.

Her statement bought smile to Harish Bhaiya instantly and as I saw him smiling strange sensation went through my body and while working I started assuming that tonight it will be on the bed and we do not have to pay attention and to think about my child while doing anything. Mentally I did not want to do it but deep inside me desire of getting sexual pleasure from my brother-in-law again started rising.

For the whole day I was recalling the way I was played by Harish Bhaiya, the way he sucked me and the sensation I went through was something which I never experienced with my husband, even when I was newly married to him and all these thoughts were weakening me to retain on my decision of not getting on bed with Harish Bhaiya again.

Anyway I served dinner to Bhaiya as well at the same time and I too had then and there and soon came to my room. By now I was realizing that I was getting wet significantly and cannot put my brain anywhere else except fucking. After sometime my mother-in-law told me to send my child to her, though I tried to avoid by saying, that I am fine and can handle her but she insisted me and took her along.

At that time Bhaiya was watching television with my father-in-law in the living room and from there gesture I could make out that they will stay for long there as they were watching something specific. Once again I came to my room and found myself in dilemma for doing it or not doing it and surprisingly apart from that while lying on my bed most of the time I was assuming what will Bhaiya do with me,

how he will handle my body when we will be alone on the bed and like that I think almost hour passed and I got a missed call from Bhaiya as a signal of clear passage. I realized I was somewhat waiting for this and I want to do it and I got up see the scenario in the house but just then a simple text massage followed me saying “Mom Dad Slept...going to get shower, waiting for you in my room”.

I reacted as if I was waiting for this; I too took towel and my night wear and decided to take shower before going to Harish Bhaiya’s room. Must say that for the whole day what I was recalling about our sexual encounter was the way Bhaiya sucked me and at that time I had a desire of getting sucked again, just like last night and to make him comfortable in doing that I instantly took decision of removing hairs which I have over my fuckhole.

I used my Husband’s fresh razor and cleaned them properly. For me it was really surprisingly why I did that, I don’t know what kind of lust was driving me at that time, truly speaking my husband was pursuing me for this since I got married to him but I was not ready to do it just because my religion does not allow me doing that but at that time I decided and did that just in couple of minutes assuming Harish Bhaiya was bit hesitant to suck me with them.

As I came out of the bathroom Bhaiya came in front of me and asked me “aap niche aa rahe ho na?” I moved my head in yes lightly with a humming voice of accepting the proposal. Next he gave me small box of birth pills saying “ye pills hain…pregnancy avoid karne ke liye….agar aap kahoge to hum condoms bhi use kar sakte hain” Bhaiya waited for me to reply,

“nahi theek hai…jaise aapko achha lage” Bhaiya smiled a bit on my reply and spoke again “actually I hate Condoms” and after that he went back to his floor, to his bedroom. Now at my end plan of saying no to Bhaiya was totally out of mind and I prepared myself to go down to his bedroom and very soon I reached to his bedroom.

Bhaiya was waiting for me and instantly took me on the bed and before that asked me if I need light on, but I denied and he switched off the main light and only very small lamp over switch board was glowing. Once again like last night Bhaiya started with kissing me and came over me and grabbed my body nicely and started playing with my milks along with invading my mouth with his tongue.

By now I was totally drowned in sexual lust and responding to his kiss and moaning in pleasure in between whenever he squeezed my melons bit hard. Throughout the kiss and his fore play of touching my body, including my breasts and thighs I was waiting for Harish Bhaiya to take off my panty and touch my fuckhole, I wanted to see his reaction and slowly it happened.

Bhaiya took off my nighty first and then Bra, sucked my both the breasts nicely, till I started moaning loud because of getting chewed over my erect nipples. He inserted his hand in my panty and touched my soft fuckhole which was just cleaned from its hairs and got bit shocked and asked me while looking at me in the dark “aapne baal saaf kar diye?” “hmmm….”

I just hummed to say yes while looking into his eyes, “kyun…?...I told you mujhe koi problem nahi hai” Bhaiya was looking at me while asking that, he waited for me to speak and finally I uttered “bass aise hi…” Bhaiya smiled lightly on my words and spoke again “aaj sucking karne mein mazza aayega….”

And his words made me shiver in strange excitement and I started puffing bit high with a pleasant fear while assuming what he will do with me now. Slowly Bhaiya drifted down my panty too and once again I was stark naked in front of him, Bhaiya too took off his clothes and sat down on bed with an erect penis which I saw glanced for really long this time as he first took off his lower and then removed his shirt and undershirt.

Once again Bhaiya started with kissing but instantly moved down to my neck, then to my breasts, crumbed my nipples to hear my moan and then went down to my belly while rubbing his wet lips and then went to my thighs and parting my thighs apart instantly started sucking my fuckhole. I moaned loud as from the very first moment Bhaiya was bit rough over my fuckhole with his thick tongue.

From his acts I could make out that Bhaiya was really very excited to get my fuckhole cleaned shaven and widening my thighs wide and apart he was rolling his tongue inside my fuckhole more madly. I was moaning and trembling like never before and could not bear the pleasure I was getting but still I will say I was starving more and more of that pleasure

and show my desperation I held Harish Bhaiya’s scalp in my hands and started pushing him deeper into my hole. My act excited Bhaiya even more, he held my thighs better and lifted my legs up and went deeper into my womb and fenced my inner virginal walls crazily and went on going sucking me like a hungry dog.

My legs were more or less pointing roof and I was moaning loud and could not control my gasps and suddenly I started trembling strangely, I was at the verge of explosion and desperately wanted to stop Harish Bhaiya, I was in the state in which I could not utter anything except crazy gasps,

I tried to stop Bhaiya by pushing him but even after trying hard I totally failed in that as Bhaiya overcame my physical efforts and went on eating my fuckhole, assuming that I am enjoying. Certainly I was enjoying and it was a sexual pleasure which every female dream to get from his partner but at that moment that pleasure was gone beyond my ability to bear and my own body was out of my control.

My thighs were trembling feverishly, my whole body was stretched into arc shape, I desperately wanted to release my pressure but Harish Bhaiya was not ready to stop and within few more seconds of desperate sucking I felt as if I will die in this pleasure and I pulled Bhaiya’s hairs to stop him.

This time Bhaiya stopped and released me so that I can relax but I went breathless for few seconds, I could not even scream or moan in pleasure and just hummed in a very strange voice for bit long and finally started to release my pressure while jerking my lower half with sudden jerks.

Holding the pillow tight on which I was resting my head I squeezed my fuckhole between my thighs and started feeling my fuckhole discharging river of pleasure juices from deep inside. It was first time I was cumming with that intensity since my marriage and Bhaiya was witnessing me at my worst; I was trembling like a bitch in heat in front of him, who could not wait for her husband to come to get a physical pleasure.

Anyway I recollected myself in few minutes and got up, because of excessive sucking I was having strange sensation over my fuckhole, outer labia of my vargina were paining a bit but I was enjoying that pain. I came to bed after using the toilet, Bhaiya was waiting for me and he took me closer by holding me from my shoulders and asked me “aap theek ho na?”

I moved my head in yes without looking at him; he lifted my chin to make me look into his eyes and asked me again with a smile “mazza aaya?” I shyly moved my head in yes again and smiled a bit and again started looking down. Now it was my turn to please him with mouth and I was prepared for that.

Very soon Bhaiya went on his back and I sat closer to his lower half, leaned over his crotch and started sucking him with all my affection and made him shudder in pleasure. Bhaiya was enjoying every tiny suck which I made over foreskin of his rod and I felt growing him bigger and bigger in my mouth.

Bhaiya was moaning in pleasure and murmuring my name in low voice in excitement saying “Jaspreet…I love you…hmmm….suck me…. Jaspreet please suck me like that……hamesha mujhe aise hi suck karte rahana….I love you” his words were arousing me and I did whatever I could do with my mouth, lips and tongue to please my brother in law and from his condition I could see that Harish Bhaiya was in heaven as far as sexual pleasure was concerned.

His rod was hard like iron rod and ready to plunge me but he wanted to get sucked, so I continued showing no hurry at all. Slowly Harish Bhaiya got up and tried to hold my bottom and moved me a bit towards him and spoke “69 karte hain” Harish Bhaiya took me over him and once again tried to bury his lips into my thighs and soon reached to my fuckhole and started sucking me.

I was released from my initial excitement so I was enjoying whatever Bhaiya was doing with his tongue and lips over my fuckhole. I sucked him tenderly at my end and he tried to take out more and more juices from my love hole. Finally we stopped and Bhaiya told me to come over his top, he wanted me to sit over his rod and I followed him without asking that last night he desired fucking me from behind.

I sat down around his waist, I was expecting that Bhaiya will hold his rod straight and make me sit over him but he was expecting that from me and spoke “Jaspreet apne aap andar low….and move to and fro…” once again I obeyed him and holding his monster I bought my opening over my brother-in-law and sat down over his rod slowly and once again felt my fuckhole getting stretched up to max.

I rested my hands over Bhaiya’s chest and waited for few seconds, we looked into each other’s eyes. Next moment Harish Bhaiya’s hands went to my waist and he somewhat told me to move and I started moving to and fro and drove is inflamed monster in my love hole slowly. Bhaiya was in pleasure so was I, I was clamping my fuckhole over his rod to give him best of me and he was trying to move me to fuck me as better as possible.

Bhaiya moved his hands to my melons and started caressing them, “Jaspreet fuck karo apne aap ko” next Bhaiya told me to fuck myself as till now I was not moving properly, once again I obeyed whatever elder brother of my husband told me and soon I was moving to and fro over his rod with steady rhythm.

Bhaiya gasped while looking at me, he was in divine pleasure, I too grunted in bliss while looking into his eyes, his rod was touching deepest corner of my fuckhole and there was no way I could stop starving for more and more into me. Slowly my shyness was disappearing and I was enjoying getting fucked from Harish Bhaiya shamelessly.

I moved better and Bhaiya grunted more, and held my waist and tried to come in my rhythm of fucking myself and somewhat started lifting his bottom and banging me from his end. After couple of more minutes Bhaiya stopped me and told me to get up from his act, I got up he tried to turn me around and spoke “ab peechhe se daalte hain…” I behaved obediently again and went on my four and gave him access of my fuckhole.

Harish Bhaiya stood behind me on his knees and moved his hand on my belly and reached to my fuck opening and spoke from behind “actually iss position mein I cum very early….that is why maine pahle aapko oopar bithaya tha….” By now Bhaiya was rubbing his hand on my fuckhole and in between he was inserting two of his fingers in that to make me shudder in desire of getting fucked.

Bhaiya continued playing with my fuckhole and slowly his hands went bit rough over me and Bhaiya started crushing my fuckhole in his palm and continued fisting me in between and I felt like reaching to my climax and reacted accordingly, I was moaning intensely and moving my body erotically.

Bhaiya was waiting for that, he told me that he is sure that he will not last for long inside me, that is why he has aroused me so much, so that we both can reach to our climax in the end and his words exact were “actually I am sure ki main jayada der tak tik nahi paaunga…..iss liye main aapko arouse kar raha tha..taki hum dono ka ho jaaye….” His words aroused me bit more and now I was somewhat prepared for taking him from behind.

Next moment I gasped sexily as Bhaiya’s thick monster was touching my fuckhole, my opening twitched in desire to get stuffed again and just then Harish Bhaiya held me from shoulder and tried to pull me further towards him, I eased myself towards him and my moan changed into a sharp gasp, as his huge penis entered into my narrow hole again while stretching all my virginal muscles again up to max.

Harish Bhaiya grunted at the tight, hot clamp of my fuckhole and in a moment his huge and hard length was squeezed into my tight fuckhole. Bhaiya sank his rod completely in my pleasure hole and waited. I moaned, as he was touching deepest corner of my love hole and I impaled myself over him as desired him to move in and out.

Very soon Bhaiya started moving in and out and once again I was moaning in pleasure while reaching to the peak of sexual pleasure with my brother-in-law. After hardly one more minute Harish Bhaiya moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, driving his huge penis in and out of my fuckhole while trying his best to control his excitement but he somewhat failed in that as his pace got higher and higher,

he went on going faster and faster in fucking me. He dug his hands into my ass mounds, held my hips tight and started screwing me back and forth madly. We both were groaning loud without any care and very soon I felt like bursting. Harish Bhaiya was also more or less in same state and he too wanted to stop and finally after 2-3 deep screwing thrusts Bhaiya buried his monster into my fuckhole and spewed out his liquid in my fuckhole.

I too gasped while reaching to my climax and shivered lightly while going through wonderful climax and finally collapsed on bed over my front and as expected Harish Bhaiya also collapsed over me. We both were spent and we remained like that for some time, Harish Bhaiya lied over me for long and I was enjoying bearing his weight.

Finally we got up and used the toilet and once again Bhaiya pulled me in his arm as I entered in the bedroom and rubbed his lips around my ear and murmured “Jaspreet Mazza aa gaya….” I looked at him and blushed a bit and he started kissing me and we explored each other’s mouth.

At that time Bhaiya was not in state to fuck me again but he wanted to, he asked me if I can stay with him in the same bedroom but I denied doing that as I was scared of getting caught. Bhaiya insisted me and fixed the alarm in his mobile of around 4 in the morning and assure me that he will wake me up at that time.

I was tired and sleepless since two nights so very soon I lost my consciousness in his arms. As decided around Four Bhaiya woke me up by kissing me on my lips and when I got up to go he pulled me back and once again lifted my nighty and tried to make me naked from lower half. I was not at all expecting that

“Jaspreet ek baar karne do…fir chale jaana….bass do minute ki baat hai” he spoke as he saw that I am looking at him with unforeseen gesture. I released my body over his wish and Bhaiya slowly moved his hands under my nighty and took off my panty from my legs and came over me and made space for himself between my thighs before entering inside me.

Harish Bhaiya was well aroused and fully erect and did not take too long to end up. He fucked me steadily in the beginning but very soon his pace increased and his hips rose and fell over me madly and he released his fluid one more time deep inside my womb.

So friends that is how my second night ended with my brother-in-law. Second night followed third and forth and we had plenty of sex over one month. At present Geeta Bhabhi has came back home and at my end my Husband is yet too far from his arrival. As I mentioned earlier my sexual relation with my brother-in-law is still alive.

Somehow Bhaiya manage to come to my bedroom in the night and we confront casually but don’t get much time to relax in each other’s arms. I must say that we both are somewhat addicted of each other’s body now, according to Bhaiya Geeta Bhabhi was already losing interest in sex since long and after second issue she has almost stopped giving consent to Bhaiya

to get intimate with her and at my end I will not say that I am so desperate that I cannot wait for my husband, rather I will say that Harish Bhaiya is a very good lover, much better than my husband. Certainly it is not the excuse I am making for cheating husband, certainly it was my lust and affection for Harish Bhaiya which indulged me into a sexual relation with him

but I must say that I am continuing this relation because my husband is a part of three year project in which he will probably come once in a year and it is really difficult for me to hold myself now, Harish Bhaiya is a divine lover for a female like me. He is very demanding in bed and anyhow I cannot stop him doing anything with me and my body, he just fucks me like I always dreamed.

Anyway I would like to end here, I think whole write up has gone too long and because of that I may get negative comments but still I will say I am seeking comments from all the reader’s of this wonderful blog.

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Jaspreet having affair with brother in law Harish - I

I must mention in the very beginning that I am really very weak in English and expecting that readers of this wonderful blog will forgive me for my grammatical mistake. This is all about my first two days of sexual encounter with my Brother-In-Law, how it started and we confronted sexually to satisfy each other.

It was not me who actually started but I accept myself fully responsible for whatever happened between us. We’ve certainly cheated our partners but now after getting fully involved with each other emotionally as well sexually we are not ready to think about anything except satisfying each other.

Before getting into the incident I would like to say that readers might not find me good narrator but it is a true incident except names everything written here is word to word true. I am Jaspreet living in joint family after my marriage.

As such there was nothing serious but as mine is love marriage and inter-cast and my in-law were somewhat bound to give approval to our marriage so I never got much affection from my in-laws as compared to the other daughter in law of the family who was wife of my husband’s elder brother.

Talking about my brother in law, actually with whom I got involved sexually is a wonderful person and must say that he was the only one after my husband who welcomed me in the family gladly. Harish Bhaiya is very cheerful in nature and very down to earth and as I said he was the only one who accepted me in the family, he always tried to make me laugh over his words may be because he knew that I feel lonely among family members.

I will not say that I was sexually attracted towards him, but certainly I always loved his company whenever we sat together to dine together and always found him taking care of me if I am not eating properly. Some time passed and I will say that unintentionally I too started taking care of him in my way, whenever I cooked I tried to give preference to Harish Bhaiya’s food likings for example I always tried to do preparation of curd known as “Rayata” on Sundays,

when he use to be at home in the day time or few other things in the dinner which he use to love eating. Anyway time went on flying and Harish Bhaiya never changed his gesture of taking my care and couple of years passed like that. I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl to the family which again went out of my favor as my in-laws needed a baby boy,

as till now they did not had a boy in the family who could be there family’s successor because Harish Bhaiya and Geeta Bhabhi too had a daughter who was just born when I got married to my husband. Certainly neither I nor my husband or not even Harish Bhaiya and his wife Geeta Bhabhi were bothered about this, but being a conservative mind my in-laws were keen to see face

of their grandson and now there expectations went back to Geeta Bhabhi again and up to an extent I saw their behavior changing towards me again as I was the daughter in law who they did not wished who did not even gave them a boy. Anyway things started to change between me and Harish Bhaiya when nearly after 9-10 months of my delivery,

when Geeta Bhabhi got pregnant again for her second issue and nearly after 3 months of that my husband Manas got a project offer in US for which he was waiting for long. My husband moved to states within a month and unfortunately nearly at the same time Geeta Bhabhi’s case got bit complicated and it was me who was suppose to look after whole house.

From the very first day giving my best I was working up to the expectations of my family and as such health wise Geeta Bhabhi was also going good and she was happy with me, my In-law were also getting normal as my child was growing and they were enjoying spending time with her.

As far as Harish Bhaiya was concerned like always he was casual and caring for me and at the same time I was also taking care of him, sometimes I use to wait for him for the dinner and like always use to enjoy his company a lot. As now his brother or you can say my husband was not here Harish Bhaiya took extra care of me and always took me and my child out on Sundays along with his family.

Like this almost five months passed and now after one more month I was expecting my husband and somewhat desperately waiting for my husband to come back for few days, obviously along with love it was lust too, nearly from one month I was fantasizing about having sex with him but in the end my enthusiasm ended up in disappointment when my husband told me that he is running behind schedule

with his project and he will come after six more months and that is only for a week’s time. I was disappointed and it was significant on my expressions for few days and it was again Harish Bhaiya who cheered me up spent quality time with me and made couple of random programs of watching movie just for me along with his family.

After few days I was back on my track and somewhat got adjusted with a fact of living without husband and obviously without having sex for six more months, moreover apart from that Geeta Bhabhi’s delivery date was also very near and I did not got much time to think about myself. Finally everything went good and Geeta Bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy and environment at home got pleasant.

I was happy as far as rest of the things was concerned but somewhere I was little depressed for the thing which was missing from my life since long, which is sex. I Don’t know, I did not realized that from last how many days, like my unmarried days I was fingering myself regularly, sometimes while having bath or sometimes in the bed just before getting into sleep,

although while masturbating I never thought about anybody except my husband but still I will say was little affectionate to Harish Bhaiya. I can easily say it was not lust but even then don’t know why I eagerly use to wait for him in the night. Nearly one more month passed like that and things really changed between me and Harish Bhaiya when ultimately Geeta Bhabhi went to her mother’s place for nearly month’s time.

Assuming zero presence of my in-laws (as mostly after 9 or 9:30 they use to be in there bedroom only) and my child I somewhat got alone with Harish Bhaiya in the house. Now I use to wait for Harish Bhaiya regularly for the dinner and for few days everything ran fine but one day when Harish Bhaiya got very late,

came around 11 and unintentionally in half sleep state I came in front of him without Duppta on my shoulder, I found him staring at my cleavage. Accidently suit I was wearing that day had a deep neck and as my breasts are significantly large in proportion to my body so Harish Bhaiya’s eyes got stuck there but I can say that It was just a fraction of second in which I saw him staring and he realized and he immediately moved his eye from me.

Outwardly I did not gave any reaction to this, neither this incident changed my perspective for him, it was just that I was already in delicate state as far as sex was concerned and this incident occupied my mind a bit. That night I masturbated, like I use to every night, but unlike all days that night I climaxed very soon and after some time once again I felt desire to do it one more time,

although I did not fantasized about Harish Bhaiya even for a fraction, it was just this thought that Harish Bhaiya was staring at my breasts which really changed my temperament and I released my pressure very soon. From next day onwards everything went on track again and for next couple of days I did not found Harish Bhaiya staring or ogling at me

at all but this fact that Harish Bhaiya was staring my breasts captured my mind and I started assuming that Bhaiya stares me when I am not looking at him or when I am facing away from me and this assumption kept me wet between my thighs when he is around me. Things started to happen between me and Harish Bhaiya next day,

when I called him in the late evening when suddenly my rooms AC went bad, I can say Harish Bhaiya was very much normal but I was still occupied with his thoughts and they were getting intense, last night while masturbating, I started fingering my fuckhole with a fantasy of Harish Bhaiya but assuming that it’s a sin,

just in one minute I changed my mind and started thinking about my husband and released my pressure and once again it was very quicker than normal. Anyway that evening when I called him to tell him about my bedroom’s AC he was bit far the house and was in no state to help me because it was too late to contact AC guy to rectify the problem.

At that time Bhaiya just said that he will see after reaching home. That night after having casual dinner with lot of chit chatting Harish Bhaiya came to my bedroom and saw the issue but even after trying a lot failed to rectify the problem as because of overheating switch was burnt he was not sure that he will be able to make it perfectly.

At my end I was really very restless as I live at top floor so in my bedroom it is really impossible to sleep without AC. Anyway as such when Bhaiya could not see any way out of this problem he went down to his floor and in next few minutes I too followed him to request to take my daughter along with him in his bedroom,

and certainly as far as I knew Bhaiya I was expecting that he will try giving me his room for the night, he did that but in very surprising way which I was not at all expecting. When I reached to his floor and to his bedroom he was in the washroom and from sound I could make out that he was taking a quick shower.

He came out casually and saw me with a smile, I asked him if my daughter can sleep in his room and he instantly agreed while saying “ye koi puchhne ki baat hai?” (is it a thing to ask), next I was expecting that he will say that he will offer me his room and himself get shifted either the living room in the ground floor but at that time he went out of the room and moved down stairs to the living room while saying that he is going to watch some television.

I switched off the light and took my child in my arms to make her sleep in cool room and as expected she slept with in 10-15 minutes. I was planning to sleep in the Living room where Harish Bhaiya was watching television, as that room was much better then rest of the house; it had a cooler which was not at all effective but still it was much better than my room.

I waited for Harish Bhaiya for bit long even when my child was asleep assuming that he will come on his own but he did not came, I gave him a missed call to signal and as expected he came and opened the door lightly to see inside and I got up and started arranging pillows around my child so that she cannot fall from the bed.

I was not expecting that Harish Bhaiya will not switch on the light but he did that and looked at me, into my eyes and first time seemed bit nervous to speak up something. I could see that he wants to say something so I waited for him to speak and finally he uttered “Jaspreet aap se ek baat puchhni hai?” in very timid voice, without uttering a word I told him to speak just from my facial expressions.

Bhaiya went silent for a fraction and then spoke again in hesitating tone “Main soch raha tha ki aaj aap bhi yahin sow jaao…..” initially from his words I made out that he is just offering me his room which I was expecting but later after few seconds he spoke again “hum dono ek hi room mein sow jaate hain”.

I was shocked; my heart skipped a beat I got scared for a fraction on hearing that. Truly speaking if Harish Bhaiya would have said that in his typical way, I mean casually with a smile then I would have thought that he has not thought anything before saying but his timid way was telling exactly what he was seeking that night and on very next second he spoke again,

“Aap jo samajh rahe ho wohi baat hai…” once again Bhaiya paused and then spoke again “main kaafi dinon se soch raha tha aapse ye baat karne ki….” And then he spoke again “I can see ….aap bahut akela feel kar rahe ho”. At that time I could not think anything, my heart was pounding hard,

I looked into Harish Bhaiya’s eyes and leaving my daughter sleeping on half of his bed I simply moved out of his room. That night I did not dared to sleep in the living room, though I was sure that Harish Bhaiya will not try doing anything weird with me; I stayed in my room and was awake for the whole night, totally damp in my panties and continued releasing streams of my love juices on regular intervals.

I don’t know what I was thinking; certainly it was an aroused mind state, where I could focus on anything, I could not even masturbate. From Harish Bhaiya’s words I could make out that what perspective he has for me, certainly it was very unethical from his side, even then I was not ready to accept this that he has done wrong.

From last few years, from the time I was married to my husband I was somewhat hypnotized from Harish Bhaiya’s nature and caring gesture, he is a concerned person especially towards me and at that moment even after listening clear immoral sex proposal from his side I was not ready to accept that he is bad and corrupt person.

Maybe it was effect of his affection which he reflected in these years, or it could me my lust which was not making me hate him, which should ideally happen. Anyway that night I could not sleep even till morning and it was just a short nap of 15-20 minutes which got disturbed with a phone ring.

Time was 5 and it was Harish Bhaiya who was calling me, and as I picked the phone he told me come downstairs to look after my child. I came to his floor and got shocked, I found him ready to move to his work place at 5. I tried to stop him for breakfast but Harish Bhaiya took leave without getting much into this conversation, he neither had any breakfast nor took her lunch which he use to take regularly.

Throughout day I was restless, mentally I was not ready to accept Harish Bhaiya’s proposal and surprisingly I was not ready to behave reluctant with him over that. Apart from this fact that I was sure that I am not going to accept his proposal but I was damp between my thighs throughout day and could not stop thinking about him and it was my aroused mind state that in evening

I somewhat took shower just to masturbate and this time it was just Harish Bhaiya who was dwelling in my mind when I was fisting my fuckhole. Anyway Once again I will say even after getting an indecent proposal from my brother-in-law I was waiting for him in the evening, stupidly I was assuming that he might come early may be because I wanted to see him as soon as possible

and to control my untamed emotions for my brother-in-law and to busy myself I started preparing few snacks which Harish Bhaiya like most and served them to my in-laws. Couple of hours passed like that and around 8 when Harish Bhaiya usually come home I got a call from him saying that he will get late and told me not to wait for him for dinner.

From Harish Bhaiya’s voice I could make out that he was embarrassed over his deed and trying avoiding getting face to face with me, I wanted to speak to him at that time even and later I thought about calling him to tell him not to feel embarrassed over his proposal but I failed to gather courage and ended up waiting for him to come home.

Time was well passed to 11 when I heard main gate getting opened, I was in my room since 9, from the time my in-law were gone to sleep but I was keeping an eye and ear on the gate, don’t know why I wanted to get face to face with Harish Bhaiya, I wanted to see him, even though I knew that he is not willing for that and it may further embarrass him.

As expected Harish Bhaiya went straight to his bedroom, he did not wanted to face me but I came down to see him, to his bed room and knocked the door, asked him for food in low voice while looking at his face and into his eyes. He very well knew even then he asked if my AC is working fine now and I responded in yes to it, it was first thing he got it done in the morning by sending an electrician.

Anyway once again I asked him for food and he tried to avoid but I somewhat insisted him low voice by saying “thoda sa khaa lo” in response he asked me did I had dinner by saying “aapne khaya?” and I responded in no this time as I was waiting for him. He looked into my eyes for a fraction and then said “Aap bhi khaa lo”.

I wanted to talk to him then and there, wanted to say not to feel any embarrassment but I failed to utter anything in that context and came down stairs, to the kitchen and went back and served him food in his room. Once again Harish Bhaiya told me to have food but I replied by saying “main apne bedroom me khaa lungi” although I wanted to eat with him but don’t know why at that time I hesitated to sit with him and eat and told him that I will eat in my bedroom.

I came to my bedroom and had my dinner and again went to Harish Bhaiya’s room to get the dishes and I was expecting that he will say sorry to me over his act but that did not happened and the thing which happened was really unpredictable for me. As Expected when I reached their Harish Bhaiya was up with his food, I took the dishes, he asked me for one more glass of water and I came back to his room with that and was about to leave after giving it to him.

He called my name to stop me from going out of the room “Jaspreet….!” and then spoke “kal aapne jawab nahi diya…” I was shocked, I was assuming that he will say sorry to me but he was again asking me same question by saying “you did not replied yesterday”. Once again my heart started beating fast, I slowly turned to see him into his eyes,

he was looking at me and spoke again “Aaj ka batao, …” …..“yahin sow jaao mere pass” Bhaiya spoke twice with a pause between two statements. While looking at my face Harish Bhaiya was waiting for me to speak but was speechless, could not think of replying anything, it was strange mindset neither I could say no to him, nor I was mentally prepared to say yes to his proposal to sleep there in his bedroom.

“Bhaiya app kya baat kar rahen hain…?” Finally I uttered in low sarcastic tone as if it is a kind of joke, “iss mein kuch galat nahi hai……” Bhaiya replied while looking at me, that there is nothing wrong in this and then spoke again “aapka bhi akelapan dur ho jaayega…meri bhi thakaan uttar jaayegi” (it will fade away your loneliness and I will also get relaxed).

I could not believe my ears and above that I could not believe the way I was reacting to it, don’t know why I was still standing there and did not moved from there, don’t know what was making me stand there, love, lust, infatuation or just affection for Harish Bhaiya, I was still and looking at him with a pounding heart and once again I heard him saying

“aapko to pata hi hai…jab se Geeta pregnant hui hai….maine uske saath kuch nahi kiya…”….. And then he spoke again, rather asked me again “pichhele kuch dino se main aapke baare mein soch raha tha…..agar ho sakta hai to bolo?” once again I wanted to say no, but still there was something which was stopping me from saying flat No to him,

it was certainly my lust which was distracting my mind, because of which I was fantasizing about him in the evening without feeling any guilt and in this dilemma instead of saying No to him I uttered “Bhaiya kisi ko patta chal gaya to problem ho jaayegi…” “kisi ko patta nahi chalega…..don’t worry about that”

Bhaiya instantly replied and before I would have thought what I have said Bhaiya spoke again “Mummy Papa to sow hi chuke hain…Aap bolo to main aapke bedroom mein aa jata hun” from his words I realized that by saying that “what will happen if someone will come to know” I have shown Harish Bhaiya some positivity over this and to cover that I instantly said

“nahi mujhe nahi karna” and with that I rapidly moved from there, ended up rest of my work of packing the kitchen quickly and moved to my room and bolted the door from inside. My daughter was sleeping sound next to me, and I was in the state that I could not sleep even till morning, I was wet and flooding like never before in my panties and mentally I don’t know what I was doing,

in the dark room along with thinking what all is happening with me I was fantasizing Harish Bhaiya that he is leaning over me, while lying straight on the bed I could feel his face over me and slowly that imaginary world started to occupy my mind further and I started squeezing my fuckhole between my thighs again and again.

I was somewhat enjoying this aroused mind state and I did not wanted to masturbate as I knew that releasing pressure will end my fantasy. Don’t know for how long I lied there in the same mind state and felt like masturbating by fingering myself, tried to control myself to think about Harish Bhaiya but after certain time I was about to lift my night to insert my hand in my panty to fuck myself with a finger and just then I heard a knock on the door.

I was somewhat sure that it is Harish Bhaiya, I was not scared of him I was somewhat scared of myself, my heart was pounding, I wanted to say clear no to him but like past I was lacking that potential may be because I was also desiring sex and Bhaiya could feel my restlessness.

We were sailing on same boat my husband was working overseas from nearly six months and did not had any hope of his returning for six more months and at Harish Bhaiya’s end because of some complications throughout the pregnancy period of Geeta Bhabhi Harish Bhaiya was not suppose to anything with his wife.

Finally after couple of knocks I opened the door and as expected it was none other than Harish Bhaiya. Although he could see even then he asked me while looking on the bed “Gudiya sow gayi” (daughter is asleep) I replied with yes. We both were standing on the door of my bedroom, light was dim as there was only one lamp glowing on the stares but it was enough for us to see each other.

Harish Bhaiya looked into my eyes for few seconds and from his expressions I could make out that he was about to say something; I could even make out what he is going to ask, but at that time my biggest question to me was that why I was not saying clear NO to him, may be because I was also diverted towards him, he could feel that like him I am also starved for physical love and he was somewhat hopeful that he will be able to convince me.

“Jaspreet Aapko ye galat kyun lag raha hai…..?” finally Harish Bhaiya spoke I was expecting, I looked into his eyes and then looked down, once again Bhaiya uttered “Manas(my husband) ko gaye hue almost 6 mahine ho gaye hain…..aur next 6 months tak bhi wo nahi aayega……” I looked up into his eyes, I was waiting for him to continue and he spoke again,

rather asked me this time “Aapka mann nahi karta…?” I remained silent and moved my eyes from his and again started looking down, he asked me again “tell me…… mann karta hai ya nahi…?” once again I looked up, saw into his eyes and moved my head in yes slowly, “to fir jayada matt socho…enjoy karo…”…. he paused but just for a fraction and spoke again

“meri taraf se aap issko love samjho ya lust…I just know ki main aapko bahut pasand karta hun…aur Geeta ke alava agar main ye sab kisi ke saath kar sakta hun to wo sirf aap ho…no one else” once again Bhaiya tried to convince me by expressing his feelings for me and his voice was still bit timid, I was looking into his eyes and somewhat asking myself that why I am not saying straight forward no to him, do I too need him?

And once again I heard Bhaiya saying “Jaspreet mujhe bahut desire hai aapke saath intimate hone ki…aur main bahut himmat karke bol raha hun aapse ye sab…believe me ye auron ke liye galat ho sakta hai…lekin humare liye galat nahi hai….we both need each other” from Bhaiya’s voice and gesture I could feel that Bhaiya was also bit scared but certainly he was having potential to face and overcome his fear,

he was trying to convince me for the thing which is morally wrong and at my end I was not ready to take a right decision. Next Harish Bhaiya tried to hold my hand, though outwardly I did not showed any disagreement and remained calm but deep inside I shivered like never before, Bhaiya pulled me bit closer and I moved a bit and once again Bhaiya asked me

“bolo…kya decision hai aapka….I am not forcing you… aur I promise aap ek baar naa bol doge to main aapse dobara nahi puchhunga” once again I looked up, into his eyes Bhaiya was already looking at me, my hand was still in his hand now it was me who was suppose to take final decision and truly speaking I did not wanted to say no to it, and funny thing was I could not even say yes to him.

It was a moment which cannot be defined in any words from my side; I could feel myself getting carried away, from the very first moment, when I was asked for the first time by Harish Bhaiya unless I would have reacted reluctantly and certainly this matter would have ended there only but I was just opposite to that and Bhaiya could easily read my mind state,

even at that time I should have pulled my hand from his grip and that act would have given him my decision but I was failing to do that and for a fraction I felt as if Bhaiya is pulling me and decided to release myself for the desired pleasure and next moment I was resting my head on Harish Bhaiya’s shoulder and it gave him my acceptance.

Bhaiya instantly grabbed me in his arm and hugged me and I loosened my body to his disposal. We stood there just like that for couple of minutes and it was again Bhaiya who broke the silence by saying “niche ….mere bedroom mein chalte hain” “nahi…main Issko chhod ke nahi aa sakti” I spoke about my child that I cannot leave her here alone,

“koi baat nahi…yahin pe karte hain” Bhaiya spoke again and his words shaken me with a thought that I am going to get fucked by my brother-in-law on the same bed on which I use to get loved by my husband and I made a lame excuse “bed Hilega to ye ooth jaayegi” Bhaiya smiled on my words lightly he could make out that I am still not sure and he spoke again rather asked me this time “fir aap bolo kaise karna hai…” I was speech less and could not utter anything.

Bhaiya looked around and saw the gap between bed and wall mounted wooden wardrobe and asked me if we can lay the mattress on the floor and this time I accepted hesitantly. I shifted the child on one side with a throbbing heart and went out to get more pillows to surround her and just then Bhaiya pulled down the other mattress on the floor to make it ready to confront with me.

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I do believe that none forgets the first sex of their lives. I am going to share my first sex. The story started like this. I was working in a IT company in Bangalore and due to office work I had to go onsite (UK) for 3 months. Meanwhile my best friend's friend (Rita) came to Bangalore for job search and I was informed by my friend to search a job for her in Bangalore.

I tried my contacts and shared the information across my circle. Slowly we came in contact via gtalk. I still remember the first time I had talked over gtalk. Her voice was so sweet, mellifluous. I was a shy boy and my past records had showed my certificates of shyness to my friends. Hence that time also, I couldn't talk much with her.

But those 1-2 minutes of talk creates some impression in my memory. Slowly we talked over gtalk regularly. She was not having job and searching for it, so she used to get lot of ample time and for me I was not loaded in office works too. The regular conversation brought us close. She used to had pressure of getting the job quickly and somehow it was not working. After 1 month, finally she got a job in a company.

I was very happy for her. We were good friends by then. When I came back to Bangalore, my friend thought of a get-together party among friends. He invited his friend who is now my friend too. I was anxious to meet her. Finally we met and shared some good time along with other friends. It was a nice lunch. She was staying in a P.G.

Slowly we used to meet regularly and I used to go for jogging daily near by park followed by playing badminton. Later she asked me it would be nice if she could join in playing badminton. I definitely encouraged her to come early in morning and play as it is good for body. Around 3-4 months passed on and I used to figured her body while playing.

She was having big boobs, though she was bit healthy. Slowly our friendship took more close encounters. One day while playing badminton, she asked me some questions as she knew that I was getting inclined to her. It is still a surprise for man/boy that how females get to know so easily about the man's thought. I replied in a diplomatic way. She used to come when I was at my room.

By the way, I was staying with my friends. As we all are common friends, none had any restrictions of coming/allowing girl to our rooms. Even though other friends not there, I used to call her and we used to talk a lot.

One night, we attended candle light dinner and our closeness increased. Till then, I hadn't kissed her. After romantic dinner, We came by autorickshaw and first time I kissed her in auto. I still remember the time !!!

She also kissed her..It was not so lustful..it was love. My affection increased many a times for her. When a person falls in love, he knows that he is on the top and he is so delved in love, nothing seems any difficult to him. Perhaps the great persons writings in books are correct. I felt in that day. I dropped her at her P.G and I moved ahead to my room.

That night, we called over phone for more than 1 hour and I was full of joy. This happiness was there for quite a long time. One day she came to my room in afternoon when my other room mates were not there. This situation had happened many times. But I don't know how on that I kissed her first on her mouth. She also kissed me and it kept for 2 minutes.

We kept on kissing like lovers as we're and slowly the lust took over. I told her to remove her dress. I dragged her dupatta. She was very fair and her body was not having any hair by nature. She felt shy and told me what I am doing. I told lets just continue. I unchained her back as she was wearing dress. The strong feeling I couldn't explain. Her white body even enticed me more. I said you are really beautiful and she is too!

She was wearing a white bra. I kissed her face followed by neck and belly. She was also loosing control and took my shirt off. I removed my baniyan. We kissed all over the body except the below parts. Then I removed her black leggins and I saw the black panty. I kissed her leg slowly. She removed my jeans and we kissed again our bodies.

I slowly put my finger on the top of her panty and rubbed her. She was too much aroused and making faces that she was not able to control it. I slowly put my index finger on her vagina. She gave a jerk and suddenly word 'Aahhhh' came out.

Then I removed her panty and the white body was having some hairs near hair genitals. I caressed them with care and kissed the vagina. I removed my pant and my penis was so strong. This strong arousal put my penis into her vagina. And I asked her..it might going to hurt you. Slowly I went inside her..the soft..warm feeling aggravated my penis to nowhere and I fucked her hard.

She was just not allowing herself to enjoy..It was my first time..I had sex with my girlfriend. Later after the sex, some tears came from her eyes as she told she never expected to lose her virginity before marriage. I told it is good to have sex..what is the harm in it...she agreed.

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