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Sleeping with Sister - II

Previously: Sleeping with Sister

Hi, I have had such a fantasy as well as experiences... my story has a different angle as well. Many of you might not like my, but mine is a true story. I am now 28 and my sister is 26... We are from India. We had kissed for the first time when I was and she was 7. That time we did so, to imitate the English film actors. After that we kind of forgot it for a long time, but I remembered it, unconsciously.

The years passed and we grew to be 16(me) and 14(her). That time I was downloading some porn from net and in the evening around 6 my sister came back from school. She changed the clothes and came to my room, and by now I had finished downloading the stuff. I asked her to come close to me, pretending that I wanted to tell her something funny and secret.

She was hesitating but I somehow convinced her. When she was close enough to me, I asked her for a kiss. She again hesitated, but agreed after a couple of minutes. As I was about to kiss her, she became shy and said that she is scared and ran away.

After that, I never dared to ask her for a kiss for a long time. But by she had become the perfect and perhaps the only ideal sex partner for me. I masturbated fantasizing her (which I still do), kissed her i.e. just touched my lips to hers when she was asleep.

Days passed and we grew up to become 20 and 18. We started sleeping in different rooms. By now she had started using a bra. I started looking out for chances to see her changing or bathing. As and when I got ones, I masturbated.

One day our parents had to go out of station to attend some function. On their way back, their train met an accident and we lost both our parents. It was a big shock for my sister and she took about a couple of months to recover from it. It was during my time that we became a little closer again and I hugged her a few times whenever she needed emotional support.

Days passed and we became 24 and 22. By now I had started fearing of separation from her as she was old enough to get married. Proposals were coming for her and she was rejecting the guys telling that she didn’t like any.

One good day, it was 14th Feb. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we went out separately to enjoy. But I didn’t have a girlfriend. So I came back as early as 6 in the evening and was surprised to see my sister home. I was thinking that she must be having a boyfriend as she has a good figure and she damn pretty too. But I was wrong and she told me that she has no boyfriend.

In my mind it was a sigh of relief, for my sister was still a virgin, and moreover that she had no guy in her life. By now we were 26 and 24 and I was a little worried about her marriage, as I was only elder to her and no one else in the family. One good day I asked her, whether she wants to marry in life or not.

She said yes but, she wanted a guy like me, who would be responsible as well as handsome and will not marry until she finds an exact match. I also insisted that if she doesn’t get married, I will also not marry. We had a sweet kind of a fight and we didn’t speak for a couple of hours. After that at lunch time, I asked her about marriage again and she said her answer was still the same.

So I asked her opinion about me and she was surprised. I reminded her of the past incidents and explained my feelings towards her and told her that it’s not obligatory for her. She immediately stood up and washed hands and went to her room and closed the door. I also got disappointed with myself and went to my room and started reading some magazine.

In the evening she brought me tea and cooked dinner for us. We didn’t talk for a couple of days after that. After two days, I was reading news paper in my room at 10pm in the night. My sister came to my room and said that she wanted to talk to me. I said yes please, and she said that she agreed to what I was saying and wanted to marry me too, but only under one condition,

that we should leave the city and settle somewhere else and that I should marry her the next day itself. I also said yes quickly and we both went to a temple and married in a short ceremony. We came back home and had lunch and then started preparing for selling all the property and packing all the goods.

After dinner I was about to go to my room and she stopped me and reminded me that we were married now. I also smiled at her and we went to her room which she had decorated for two days. After latching the door, I and my sister embraced and kissed passionately. Then my sister removed her wedding sari and put it away and I changed into pajama.

We lay down on the soft bed she had put on and kissed again. My sister unbuttoned her blouse and gave her breasts to me. I lovingly fondled my sister's soft breasts for a while and then took her left breast in my mouth and started sucking. My sister hugged me closer and ran her fingers though my hair affectionately as I sucked at her breasts.

After a while, I sat up and took a look at my beautiful sister from head to foot. My sister was lying on her back and had her legs slightly apart. Her skirt had fallen between her thighs forming a V at her girlhood. My sister felt shy when she saw me looking at the V between her thighs. I looked at her and asked, "My sister, I want to kiss you there.

Can I please?" My sister replied, "Brother, I am your sister and also your wife. You do not have to ask me my permission to do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband" and spread her legs wider to give better access to me. I bent my head and placed my lips over my sister's pussy and pressed it hard over the warm softness.

Even through her skirt, I could smell the fragrance of my sister's girlhood and soon I could also feel her wetness. After planting several kisses, I started untying the drawstring of her skirt. My sister felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as me undid the drawstring and started pulling her skirt down. She lifted her back a little so that I can pull her skirt off completely.

Now she was totally naked before her beloved brother/husband. I was stunned by my gorgeous sister's body. There was not too much hair on her pussy and the brown lips were glistening with her love juice. I positioned myself between her long legs and put my lips on the soft fragrant petals of her sex and showered kisses on them.

Then I parted the petals and took the little clit between my lips and caressed them with my lips. My sister started moaning at the first ever contact of sensitive clit with my lips. It was a pleasure unknown to her so far. She pressed my head against her pussy and crossed her legs on my back. I kept sucking at my sister's clit arousing her more and more.

Suddenly I felt her raise her hips and jerk several times and a gush of juice poured out of her pussy. I pressed my lips tightly against her pussy and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly. My sister lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. I moved up and looked at her. Her chest was heaving with heavy breathing and her eyes were closed.

The nipples on her lovely breasts were hard and she was sweating slightly. When she opened her eyes and saw me, she said, "Oh brother, I love you so much. You are making me so happy. I am glad I am your wife. Tell me what I can do as your wife to make you happy". I was touched by the expression of love by my sister.

I kissed her warmly on her lips and stood up to remove my pajama and reveal my dick to my beloved sister. My sister's eyes went wide when she saw my stiff dick. She wanted to take the beautiful thing in her hands and fondle it. She sat up and took hold of it and lovingly ran her soft hand along its length.

Then she brought her lips to it and kissed the head. She said, "Brother, you look so wonderful". I said, "My darling sister, I not only look wonderful. I am going to make you feel wonderful too now", and pushed her back on the bed and positioned myself between my sister's beautiful thighs. Then I put my prick on the entrance to her lovely pussy which was now almost sloppy with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside.

My sister's cunt was tight but because it was now well lubricated my prick slid inside with slight pushing. My sister gasped as my prick entered her girlhood and caressed the sides of her sensitive pussy. In a little while, I felt the obstruction of her hymen and suddenly pushed hard and broke it. My sister jerked and bit her lips at the pain.

But it passed soon and she felt more pleasure as my prick entered her pussy fully. As I started sliding it up and own her cunt, My sister's pleasure started building up. As for me, I was in heaven, feeling my loving sister's warm cunt gripping my prick and massaging the sensitive veins.

He caught hold of my sister's thighs and pulled her towards me, burying my prick deep into her with each thrust. My sister was thrashing her head from side to side as I pushed and pulled my prick into her pussy. She soon reached her climax and arched her back pushing her hips towards me several times.

I held on because I wanted my sister to remember our first union forever by climaxing several times. I kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after load of my incestuous sperm into my lovely sister's warm cunt. As she felt my cum splash against the walls of her cunt, My sister had a feeling of fulfillment. She was now really her loving brother's wife.

After releasing my love load into my darling sister's pussy, I lay down on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. I also moved down and planted several kisses on her pussy which was now my property. After a while, My sister shyly asked me, "I, can we do it again?" I was of course ready and they had a wonderful intercourse again.

Brother and sister did it again three more times and by the time we drifted into sleep, it was almost morning. When I woke up, it was afternoon. I saw my sister lying naked beside me with a slight smile on her beautiful face. My saliva had dried up on her breasts and her pussy was matted with my cum and her own cunt juice. I gently kissed her and woke her up.

After kissing some more, she got up and put on her wedding sari again and I put on my dress.
In about 3-4 weeks we sold all the assets there and moved to a different city. We now have a kid and it’s amazing. The life’s so happy and wonderful and we are both enjoying sex sessions almost 3-4 times a week and planning for our second. It’s our parents’ blessings that are with us.

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Sleeping with Sister

Hi I am Virtual and I am 28 years old and stay with my family. I have always had an attraction towards my sister. This was when I was 26 and my sister was 24. One day morning I was out brushing my teeth I noticed my younger sister was washing clothes, she was wearing her skirt but had taken her blouse off to wash it and her half-sari was covering her chest.

As I stood brushing my teeth, she raised her hands up revealing her small, wonderful breasts. I was stunned at the beauty of my sister's breasts. But I felt guilty that I was watching my sister's breasts and turned away. For few days I struggled with my feelings to my sister. Then one night I saw her breasts rising and falling with her regular breathing.

I wanted to caress those breasts but was afraid as I eagerly waited for the night. I started moving closely with her. One day I saw the opportunity to touch her breasts when she was sleeping. I thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with my sister. I spread palm and placed it gently over her left breast and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast in that short time.

After that one night, I started activity with my sister regularly when she would be in deep sleep. One day we were at home and our parents were out of station... we were watching TV and a lovemaking scene was going on... we were both a little embarrassed and looked at each other and smiled...

I asked her for a kiss on the cheeks and she agreed... then I asked her for a kiss on the lips and she denied this time...After that night, for a long duration we did not speak a word about this until our parents went out for a week. One night the moment I put my hand on her breast, she caught my hand. "Brother, what have you been doing", she said. I replied, sorry, please don't tell anybody.

I won't do it again" and I went in another room to sleep. But I could not control my feelings for her and kept masturbating in her honor. The next day when she came home in the evening I was watching a movie and another lovemaking scene was going on… she went to her room to change…

As I went to the washroom, she happened to come out of her room, wearing her petticoat till her chest no bra inside, her hair free… we cought each other’s eyes and she was a little shy… she looked down and said, “bro, please get aside, I want to go to bathroom…” I said fine. I she went inside. I came back to the living room and started to think about her.

She came out and again we happened to see each other into the eyes. She was shy again and rushed inside her room. But she did not close the door. I somehow gathered courage and went inside the room. She was again wearing her petticoat till her chest no bra inside, her hair free, and wet, her lips wet…

She was very shy, was not looking at me. I also was trying to gather courage to start to speak to her again. Somehow I broke the ice and asked her, “Can I kiss you?” she, surprised and looked shocked, asked “what?” I said, “Can I kiss you… on the lips?”

She smiled and looked down. I took her face into my hands and touched her lips with mine. She was so shy and nervous, that her heartbeat rose to double. I was also in the same condition. We kissed again.

Suddenly she stopped kissing and said, "First tell me why you are doing this to me, bro? I am your sister and you are not supposed do this". I replied, "I know, sis. But you are so beautiful and I am terribly attracted towards you. I love you not only like a sister but as my girl."

She replied, "Oh bro, why did you not tell me that. I also love you bro." and then looked down like a shy and typical Indian bride. I hugged my sister and started kissing, in fact smooching her lips passionately, touching my tongue to hers. She gradually unbuttoned the lower three buttons of her blouse and gave her breasts to me for caressing.

Then I asked "Sis, can I suck your breasts please?" She was shy and said, "Yes Bro” and then looked down like a newlywed typical Indian bride. Then she gently drew my head towards her right breast and I started sucking alternating between her two breasts. Then I asked her if I can give her the ultimate joy of lovemaking… she agreed…

I took out condoms from my bag and wore 2 of them… then I removed her panty and inserted my penis into her vagina… she moaned with pleasure and anxiety…. “Aahhhh… that feels so nice bro…”

This took place for the next 4 nights. Now we have jobs in Bangalore have both moved here and our parents are in Jabalpur. We both are living together like a married couple and she even calls me “EYYJEE, sunte hoo?” She is now my wife and gives me the ultimate pleasure of sex-life every now and then.

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Hot encounter with sex starved Kiran bhabhi - II

Previously: Hot encounter with sex starved Kiran bhabhi - I

Finally dinner came to an end and while taking off dishes Kiran Bhabhi told me to get on couch and told me that she is getting sweet dish now and I moved to the living area and switched on the television. Kiran Bhabhi came with a Bengali sweet which she knew that I like and we had few words about different sweets.

I can say that during this conversation I saw Kiran Bhabhi staring into my eyes as is she wants to read my mind but at that time I did not bothered about that. Finally sweet also ended and I placed the bowl on central table and thought about going back to my flat to sleep or you can say to masturbate on Kiran Bhabhi’s name but that night destiny had something else for me and from

opposite single sitter Kiran Bhabhi came closer to me and sat down on the same couch bit sideways while facing me and asked me in her typical way “Bhaiya…aapse ek baat puchhen?” (Can I ask you something?) I said yes to it with bit of smile saying “haan haan….” “aapki koi girl friend hai?” it was a casual question which she has asked me earlier also and there was nothing special about it,

but the tone in which she asked me was really very different, her voice was low and she seemed bit scared or you can say hesitant while asking me that. Anyway I said no to it casually with a smile without giving much attention to her expressions and next Kiran Bhabhi asked me something which I was not at all expecting and her words were “aap humko apni girl friend banayenge?”

for a fraction I failed to understand exactly what she meant and unintentionally I smiled sarcastically while saying “kya baat kar rahi hain Bhabhi?”, my expressions were as if I am thinking that she is trying to make fun of me and I was expecting that she will also smile with me but she remained serious and her heart beat went further high when she spoke again and cleared her intentions by saying

“haan…hum sach kah rahe hain…humen bahut zarurat hai aapki” that moment I realized exactly what she meant with her previous statement that if I can make her my girl friend and before I would have replied anything Kiran Bhabhi spoke again “aaj humare saath sow jaaiye… humare bedroom mein”.

As expected my expressions changed drastically with her words and I went serious and that made Kiran Bhabhi think bit negatively and she spoke again “Bhaiya I know this is wrong....lekin hum kya karen..humen kuch samajh nahi aa raha” and then she spoke again “hum raat bhar sow nahi paate…” Kiran Bhabhi was looking into my eyes shamelessly while saying that and I was speechless,

I was not fool who would say no to her but at that moment I could not utter anything, neither Yes, nor No and Kiran Bhabhi spoke again rather this time she asked me straight forward “Boliye Bhaiya Karenge humare saath sex?” and then she added “koi zabardasti nahi hai!!” and I moved my head in yes with pounding heart, in bit of hesitation.

My yes did not changed Kiran Bhabhi’s expressions, she was still nervous and hesitant and she asked me again “aapne kabhi kisi ladies ke saath kiya hai?” and this time I said no to her while moving my head in no with same confused gesture and she could sense my uneasiness and she spoke again

“Bhaiya aap tension mat lijiye… sab ho jaayega… hum hain na” with that Kiran Bhabhi got up and went to the other bedroom and opened the door to see inside and came back after getting assured that both, her son and her mother in law are sleeping sound. This time she sat beside me, very close and moved bit more and tried to came into my arms and kissed me on my cheek

and rubbed her hand over my chest and I too tried to grab her in my arms and we somewhat hugged each other. “Chalo bedroom mein chalet hain” Kiran Bhabhi spoke after hardly a minute while looking into my eyes and with that she slowly got up and waited for me to get up. I also got up and we both moved to the bedroom.

After entering I straightaway went inside the toilet as I had a desire to pee since long. Certainly I was hard and aroused but still I was going through some sort of fear. I must say that fantasizing that I am fucking a woman is altogether different from the thought that I am going to fuck a woman.

Anyway I came out of the toilet, at that particular moment wearing just blouse and petticoat Kiran Bhabhi was facing away from me while folding her Sari and as she realized that I am out she turned to me with a smiling face. I too smiled at her and she came closer to me and looked into my eyes and somewhat read my uneasiness and spoke “Bhaiya aap dariye matt…sab aaram se ho jaayega”

and with that she started opening buttons of my shirt and I started feeling strange pleasure. As I said in the beginning Kiran Bhabhi is very talkative female and by now she was back in her form, more or less she was out of uneasiness and she spoke again “Bhaiya humen aap bahut achhe lagte hain..” and then she spoke again

“hum bahut din se soch rahe the aapse ye baat karne ki….aaj humari mann ki baat poori ho gayi” by now my shirt was opened by her and she kissed me on my cheek one more time and took out my shirt from shoulders and moved her hand over my chest over undershirt and spoke again “aaj se aap humen apni girl friend samajhiye aur humen Naam lekar bulaya kariye”

instead of Bhabhi after her name Kiran Bhabhi wanted me to address with just her name and this thought aroused me a bit. Next Kiran Bhabhi inserted her hand into my undershirt and touched my bare chest and I trembled in strange sensation, she liked my reaction and next she moved her hand over my crotch and spoke again

“aur jo kuch bhi ek ladka apni girl friend ke saath karta hai…aap humare saath kariye” her touch over my penis made me shiver and I moaned in pleasure, I was getting hard and that’s what Kiran Bhabhi was trying to do, she was trying to vanish my uneasiness and next moment conquering my uneasiness I took her in my arms lightly and kissed her on her cheek.

Next Kiran Bhabhi unhooked my belt and opened my trouser and in a moment it went down to my feet and I was standing in her room just in my under garments. Kiran Bhabhi hugged me a bit and kissed me on my cheek again and did something I was waiting, she inserted her hand in my jockey and touched my cock along with balls, I moaned in bliss, it was really very strange pleasure which was unknown to me till now.

Kiran Bhabhi was playing with my gentile like a experienced player, very soon both of her hands were in my underwear, with one hand she was fondling my balls and with other hand she was jerking my rod while looking at my face as I was moaning and enjoying her hands over my cock. Next she looked up into my eyes and spoke “ab aap humare kapde uttariye” and I started doing that from her blouse.

Kiran Bhabhi;s hands were still inmy underwear and I unhooked her blouse a bit and slowly her big luscious breasts caged in tight started coming into my vision. Kiran Bhabhi herself took out her blouse from her shoulders and once again she pulled the cord of her petticoat on her own and loosened it and now like me she was also standing just in her undergarments.

As I said earlier Kiran Bhabhi is having structure of typical Aunty of mid forties, even though she was not that old she is in her late thirties, she is fair skinned and her breasts are really big and thighs are very fleshy with plump and erotically spread ass, although in my age category I can easily be counted as a guy with a good built but in her comparison

I was looking thin but at time neither I was in state to think about that nor Kiran Bhabhi was bothered about her physical appearance in my comparison. Anyway we moved to bed and Kiran Bhabhi came over me partially and once again looked into my eyes and spoke “Bhaiya I love you…hum aapse pyar karte hain….”

And then she spoke again “aap bhi humen pyar kariye…aur jab tak aapki shaadi nahi hoti humen apni wife hi samajh lijiye”. I took her in my arms and caressed her hairs which were coming on her face and looked at her facial expressions, from her words and acts I could make out that she was in desperate need of man’s physical and emotional love and fortunately she has found me to express her emotions.

I tried to turn to take her under me and Kiran Bhabhi co-operated with me and came under me and spoke “Bhaiya humen kiss kariye” I did that, I touched her lips with mine for a second, Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, rather tried explain me how to kiss “aise nahi….humare lips ko suck kariye” I knew how to kiss, these days we see all these things happening daily on screen and I kissed her the way she asked and this time it went bit long.

Though I said I knew how to kiss but at that moment I was failing to kiss her properly, actually within few seconds of kissing Kiran Bhabhi went excited, she turned and came over me first and then she started to explore my mouth and I was somewhat failing to cope with her speed and soon I stopped trying kissing her and just co-operated with her and that’s what she was desiring,

Kiran Bhabhi explored my mouth madly and sucked my tongue nicely to show me the bliss of kiss. Slowly she moved to my chest and took off my undershirt in hurry and started kissing me there and I enjoyed getting loved by her. Very soon after adoring my torso with her wet lips Kiran Bhabhi got up a bit and took off her bra instantly without unhooking it from behind and next moment her huge milks were sagging in front of my eyes,

must say that they were massive, much bigger and fairer then my imagination, tipped with a long and erect brown color nipples in wrinkled areolas. After setting them free Kiran Bhabhi caressed her juggs with her own hands once and moved to my lower, I was lying so I lifted my bottom and she took off my underwear and now I was stark naked, lying on her bed.

I was already hard and my erection improved as Kiran Bhabhi also got up and stood on the bed and took out her panty from her legs and I saw her fuckhole between her fleshy thighs, not much but she was having hairs over her crotch. Kiran Bhabhi sat down and then lied beside me and spoke while jerking my rod “Bhaiya daal dijiye issko humare andar”

I turned and got up to came over her and asked her “Aise hi daal dun… condom hai to dedo” Kiran Bhabhi took me over her body and between her thighs and replied “Condom hai lekin aap aise hi daal dijiye…humen nahi achha lagta condom” “koi problem na ho jaaye” I asked her while looking at her face “Bhaiya kuch nahi hoga…hum goli kha lenge”

I accepted and holding my erect Penis I came in the middle of her body and she stretched her thighs apart to give me clear vision of her fuckhole. I could see that she was wet and eager to get me inside her and I was also getting desperate to plunge a female cunt for the first time.

Folding and spreading her legs bit more apart Kiran Bhabhi pulled me over herself and took me in her arms and instinctively we both adjusted ourselves and holding my fully erect rod Kiran Bhabhi guided my hard Penis to her fuckhole while moaning for upcoming pleasure and spoke in puffing tone “Daaliye Bhaiya” I flexed my lower half inward and just slipped inside her fuckhole,

Kiran Bhabhi was so hot and wet that for me initially it was really very strange feeling, first time in my life I was inside a woman that is of Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole and it felt very messy but soon I started fucking her and as tip of my uncovered rod came in friction of Kiran Bhabhi’s fucking pussy it felt like heaven to me and in a fraction I started making proper fucking strokes and within

few seconds holding ample her body I was fucking Kiran Bhabhi in a comfortable posture and slowly Kiran Bhabhi grabbed my whole body with her arms and thick fleshy thighs which were wrapped around my waist now and I was pumping her fuckhole with good steady speed and we both were moaning in pleasure.

“Bhaiya fuck me…fuck me….!!!” Kiran Bhabhi cried desperately in rising lust and that increased my excitement and I started plunging her fuckhole madly, I made couple of hard strokes to get inside her deeper and that really pleasured her a lot, as I touched deepest corner of her love tunnel with my throbbing rod Kiran Bhabhi screamed in pleasure nicely and gripped me hard between her thighs and arms and started grunting in lust.

I wanted to fuck her as deep as possible and wanted to hear her cries and I tried to continue fucking her like that and that took me far and I started feeling pressure building inside me. “Haan kariye Bhaiya… humen achhe se fuck kareye…. kariye tez tez kariye….Ahh…Ahhh” Kiran Bhabhi screamed again and from her state she also seemed rising to her climax.

Now I was not at all in my control, pressure inside me was too high, I was heading to my climax and it was demand of that moment and I went on going faster and faster and now while grunting I was fucking her rapidly with short fucking strokes and being and experienced female she easily sensed that I am closer to my burst,

Kiran Bhabhi grabbed me better and tried to gulp me inside her massive body and said, “kariye kariye bhaiya humare andar hi nikal deejeye” and I after couple of more strokes I got shattered deep inside Kiran Bhabhi and filled her fuckhole with my sticky jizz. Finally it was done, I was no more virgin and to my surprise I lost my virginity to someone I never liked initially but at this moment I really enjoy spending time with Kiran Bhabhi.

Talking about that night after a fuck we both were exhausted and more then that I was in the state in which I could not decide exactly how was my first sexual experience, it was pleasurable but certainly very weird. We both got up and used the toilet to clean ourselves and came out, I started collecting my clothes to go back and Kiran Bhabhi asked me “Bhaiya jaa rahe hain kya…?”

I looked at her and said yes, she smiled a bit and asked me again “dobara nahi karenge?” I smiled a bit and spoke to her about my physical state that I will not be able to do more saying “I don’t think main aur kar paaunga…” “wo Hum karwa lenge….aap wo hum par chhod do” Kiran Bhabhi replied with a smile and while holding my wrist took me to bed and once again we both were in bed and once again she was over me.

I must say that Kiran Bhabhi was still excited, maybe she was yet not cummed, and she started kissing me on my chest and moved her hand down to my Penis and started jerking my rod again to make it hard but I could see that she was far from the target size. Certainly I was getting excited but still I was not hard enough to penetrate her thirsty fuckhole again.

Kiran Bhabhi kissed me in same posture for hardly a minute while jerking my rod and then spoke while looking into my eyes shamelessly “Bhaiya abb Hum issko Chusenge…jaise movies mein ladies chusti hain” and with that Kiran Bhabhi got up and went to my lower half and started jerking my Penis bit faster and next moment she took it in her mouth and started sucking me.

Her mouth was wet and warm and Kiran Bhabhi was sucking my rod like an ice cream, in the beginning it was paining and it was not at all pleasurable as expected for me as I use to see in movies but I tried to bear that weird feeling and slowly Kiran Bhabhi’s sucking was getting pleasurable and more arousing was the view which I was getting by raising my head,

Kiran Bhabhi’s beautiful face was filled with my monster and she was moving up and down and my rod was appearing and disappearing in her mouth, below her mouth I could see her big milky luscious melons were hanging and moving according to her speed of sucking my rod. The way she was sitting I could see her every asset as also bit of her nice plump round ass with bit of

tummy and below that she had her fucking cunt with some hairs on top of it and which was dying to get stuffed again. Gradually I was again gaining my size and my pleasure moans were telling my state to the Kiran Bhabhi and with that her speed of sucking my rod was also rising and I was getting mad in pleasure and pain.

Finally at the point where I could not bear the pain I stopped her, I was aroused but because of pain I was not very hard and Kiran Bhabhi could feel that and she continued jerking my rod to make it harder. I got up slowly and stopped Kiran Bhabhi from jerking me and made her lie down on the bed,

I wanted to make love to her breasts I came over her and kissed her for few seconds first and then moved bit down to her milks and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking her luscious melon like a child and Kiran Bhabhi wrapped her arms around me and started feeding me while moaning.

I sucked them one by one for some time while pressing and squeezing them hard between my hands as Kiran Bhabhi was himself guiding me to do so to get desired pleasure and she was moaning nicely with the pleasure she wanted. She herself took my hand to her fuckhole and told me to rub her opening and then to insert my finger in her fuckhole by saying

“Bhaiya humari Bur(fuckhole) ko rub kariye aur finger daalkar fuck kariye” I did what she told me to do and found her fuckhole streaming like hell. By now I was hard again and more or less ready to fuck her again and once again I climbed over Kiran Bhabhi and she adjusted me over her and told me to insert by saying “Haan..daal Dijeeye”

and once again I followed what she said and like last time once again I slipped inside Kiran Bhabhi easily, she was so wet that I was feeling that that I am driving my rod in the pool of love juices and very soon I was fucking her with steady strokes and she was panting in pleasure like anything, as if she is flying in heaven; I could feel it from her facial expressions and lustful moans.

Unknowingly I moved a bit out and then went deep in her fuckhole with a powerful jerk, “Ohhh… God” I felt that I am in heaven too. Kiran Bhabhi too moaned loudly as I buried myself deep into her pleasure hole. Locking her legs around my waist she grabbed me in her arms and fleshy thighs and gasped lustfully, "Bhaiya mujhe achhe se Fuck kariye”.

I lunged deeply into Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole and she was moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I was also grunting in bliss of fucking female second time and I can easily say that as compared to first time pleasure was much better. Unintentionally my speed of moving in and out of Kiran Bhabhi’s pleasure hole increased and now I was fucking her with rapid thrusts,

and as I fucked her consistently hardly for hardly one minute, she pushed herself backwards and moved ahead matching my thrusts, trying to get my prick into herself as deep as she could. Within one more minute I felt her body getting stiffen, and then Kiran Bhabhi started to shake in spasms, "Bhaiya…mera chhutne wala hai...." Bhabhi screamed out loudly while tightening her body,

I continued fucking her hard and within couple of seconds I too felt myself ready to cum again and I told her in same puffing voice, “Bhabhi Mera bhi ho jaayega” “…mere andar hi chhod deejiye”, I dived forward deep into her and felt my sperm shoot out, filling her fuckhole again, Kiran Bhabhi trembled strangely and grabbed me even tighter in her arms and thighs while cumming with sudden jerks.

I collapsed on her top and my penis remained buried deep inside for a while. Once again I was exhausted and now I could make out that Kiran Bhabhi was also satisfied and she has cummed and last time it was just my assumption that she has cummed. We both got up and came to bed again after using the toilet and did lot of chit chatting and later I came back to my flat.

So friends that’s what all I had and this is how I lost my virginity to my neighborhood Bhabhi. I fucked Kiran Bhabhi daily for rest of the days till my parents reached back home and now we get on bed nearly twice or thrice a month depending on the opportunity we get.

I have fucked my talkative Bhabhi in possible positions and really enjoyed fucking her from behind while holding her plump ass, though I never lasted inside her for long in that posture but more or less Kiran Bhabhi is now sexually satisfied and happy with her life.

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Hot encounter with sex starved Kiran bhabhi - I

We were new to the apartment and Kiran Bhabhi to whom I lost my virginity was living in next to next flat from years. From the time I was shifted to this place with my parents, most of the time whenever I came back from my work place either I found Kiran Bhabhi in my flat or my mom in her flat.

Now if I will try to give brief detail of this female then I will say that through my mom I knew bit about her that she belongs to Marwari community and lives with her 10 year old son and 70 year old mother in law and her husband was living in Dubai to earn livelihood. In appearance Kiran Bhabhi is fair and good looking lady with typical gestures of females of late thirties with some extra talent of doing endless conversation.

In physical appearance she was not at all slim rather her appearance was also most ordinary, standing nearly 5’5” with bit of tummy and body structure of typical Aunty and that’s what I addressed her when I met her first time and she instantly told me not to call her Aunty and address her Bhabhi and at her end she always addressed me Bhaiya even though she knew this fact very well that I am more than 10 years younger than her.

Anyway I never bothered about what she addressed me and I always avoided getting into conversation with her because of her talkative nature and that is why initially I never got attracted towards her, being a young boy of mid twenties I had many slim and good looking females in my friend circle and professional lobby to stare and I use to masturbate fantasizing about them but never thought about Kiran Bhabhi in that perspective,

though she was beautiful and fair but according to me she was lacking sex appeal and that is just because of her talkative nature and I was somewhat terrified from her this tendency and use to get tired even while sitting beside in the living room while watching TV when she use to talk with my mom at that time and as I said I always avoided getting into conversation with her and mostly at my end it use to end at formal Namastey,

but from her side sometimes I found her bit keen to talk to me and she use to interfere a lot when me and my mom use to talk in her presence and that was another reason I use to get away from the place where she is present. Anyway it is not a matter of surprise that gradually in 5-6 month’s time my mom was well mixed up with her and formality between my mom and Kiran Bhabhi

was disappeared and that is why without my knowledge while going out of town with my father for nearly 12 days my mom told her to look after me. At my end I was totally unaware of that and I was really very happy to get some liberty and on very first day of my parents departure while coming back from office I bought a can of bear to have it at home while watching television and after bear had a plan of making Maggi for myself and I was on my way;

I was about to open the bear when in the late evening my door bell rang. I was not at all expecting Kiran Bhabhi; I opened the door casually after putting can of bear in the refrigerator and Kiran Bhabhi simply walked in and moved straight to refrigerator. She wanted to put some fruits bought by my mom in the morning before departure and she saw a bear can on the door rack and took it out and asked me

“Bhaiya aap bear pite hain?” “Haan…bas aise hi…” I was caught and I replied with a fumble Kiran Bhabhi smiled on my condition and asked me again “Aapki mummy ko pata hai ki aap peete ho?” “nahi” I replied with a hesitant voice “Koi baat nahi…hum nahi bataayenge…aap tention mat lo” Kiran Bhabhi replied with a bear in her hand and then spoke again

“Aak kal to sab ladke log peete hain…iss mein kuch galat nahi hai” I smiled on her words and replied back with bit of confidence “Haan…lekin ab mummy ko kaun samjhaayega…iss liye Chhup ke pini padti hai” Kiran Bhabhi giggled a bit on my words and asked me again “aap abhi piyoge ya raat ko?” “abhi hi peene ki soch raha tha…” I replied and she gave me can and spoke “low piyo…”

with that she looked into my eyes and I could see that she wants to say something and just then she uttered in bit timid tone “ek-do sip humen bhi dena….humen bhi taste karni hai” I was really very surprised with her words and told her to take the whole can and I will get another one by saying “Aap poori pee low, main aur le aaunga”

but she denied for that and gave me can to open and said that she just wants to taste and as she said I opened the can and gave it to her and told her to take a sip and she took that without touching the can from her lips. It was very small sip and she made weird expressions, I smiled on that and I told her to take more and Kiran Bhabhi gulped bit more and gave that can to me while making more funny expressions saying

“bas kar lee taste…bahut kadwi hai” I smiled on her gesture and took the bear and sipped it casually while touching my lips to the can and casually told her that usually I have the stronger one but it was not available today. Next Kiran Bhabhi asked me my plan of dinner and I told her that I am planning to cook Maggi but she insisted me not to cook and instantly went to her

flat and came back after 10-15 minutes with a casserole and couple of dishes for dinner and told me to have that and sat down on the couch beside me. by now more than half of my bear was gone into me and I was thinking about gulping rest of it in one go but I was waiting for Kiran Bhabhi to leave but Kiran Bhabhi was not in mood to go and she wanted to have more bear and she asked me

“khatam ho gayi kya?” which means is it finished I said no to her and gave her remaining can and told her to have it. Formally Kiran Bhabhi said no to it but as I insisted she took one more sip and this time seemed that she likes the taste. I told her to finish it and after bit of persuasion she did that and expressed her pleasure by saying “Mazza aa gaya…”.

Kiran Bhabhi stayed there till I had food cooked by her and spoke to me on casual subjects like my job and all and surprisingly this time I was not getting irritate and I was enjoying her expressions and can easily say that I was not at all thinking about her in sex perspective it was just friendly talk and like me Kiran Bhabhi was also enjoying spending time with me.

Finally as she saw that I have finished eating she started winding up the mess and casually spoke with bit of giggle “jab tak aapki mummy nahi aati, aap to roz bear piyoge?” I smiled on her expressions and replied with no saying “aree nahi….Bhabhi” “achha…. kal piyoge?” Kiran Bhabhi asked me back and I was not at all expecting that and as from her tone I could make out that she also wants it so I asked her

“tell me if you want to have it?” “Haan… thodi si…aapke can se hi 2-3 sip le lungi.” Kiran Bhabhi replied in hesitant voice with bit of smile and I said ok to it. That night our conversation ended there only and Kiran Bhabhi went back to her flat and I slept after watching a late night movie. Even till that time I can say that did not had anything bad or lustful for Kiran Bhabhi but yes I was in pleasant mood because of her.

Next evening instead of one I bought two and like I always use to have it, I bought strong bears. Kiran Bhabhi was really keen to have bear as she was keeping an eye on my arrival through her flat and as I opened the door she spoke from behind in loud voice “Bhaiya hum 10-15 minutes mein aa rahe hain…dinner lekar”.

Like last evening I kept the bear in fridge and changed and as she said after 15 minutes Kiran Bhabhi made an entry with dinner stuff. At my end I was somewhat waiting for her to come and as she entered I moved and took out bear can and opened it and gave it to her. Kiran Bhabhi smiled nicely on that and raised her hand to get the can but spoke

“aap shuru karo…hum to sirf 2-3 sip lenge” “it’s all yours…ye poori aapki hai” I replied back and gave her can and took out one more from the fridge and opened that too and took a big sip while behaving casually. Kiran Bhabhi seemed very happy and took a sip and we moved to the living area in front of television.

Don’t know why but now I was enjoying Kiran Bhabhi’s pleasant gesture, she was so happy to have bear that she was smiling without any reason. “Bhaiya kahin humen chhad to nahi jaayegi” she asked me after having a big sip and replied saying no and then spoke again “rather you will sleep sound” “Chalo achha hai, waise bhi hum raat bhar sow nahi paate”

Kiran Bhabhi replied casually and at my end I asked her back “why” without thinking much and the reply which I got from her side was really very unexpected at that moment and her exact words were “Aap nahi samjoge… abhi aapki shaadi nahi hui na?”. As expected I was bit shocked with her words but I behaved casual and replied like a naughty boy

“I can understand….…main bhi nahi sow pata” Kiran Bhabhi was also not expecting that from me but she also behaved casual and giggled on my reply and spoke “to fir Shaadi kar low” “nahi pahle thoda sa settle ho jaaun fir sochunga” I replied back “koi girl friend to hogi hi?” Kiran Bhabhi asked me back as if she is sure that I am going to say yes but I denied while saying

“Girlfriend hoti tab bhi neend aa jaati….aaj kal wife aur girl friend mein koi jyada fark nahi hota…sab chalta hai”. That was something from my side which stunned Kiran Bhabhi for a fraction and she could not believed whatever I said, not only she even I could not believe what I replied but I giggled to reflect casual expressions as if nothing is odd and Kiran Bhabhi also smiled with me and spoke

“Bhaiya aap bahut naughty ho….aur aapki mummy aapko bahut sidha samajhti hain”. After that very soon her son came in her search and hiding the can she told him that she is coming in 2 minutes and sent him back. After that Kiran Bhabhi gulped rest of her bear fast and went back to her telling me to have dinner and she will get the stuff tomorrow.

I can say that from that instant was bit occupied with Kiran Bhabhi’s thoughts in sex perspective but still I could not think of having sex with her in my dreams, I was aroused a bit and that night I tried to masturbate while thinking about her but as her body structure came in my mind I lost my interest and finally I thought about some other girl and released my load.

I must write that, that night did not ended there, I was on my bed after masturbating when my intercom ranged and it was none other than Kiran Bhabhi and first thing she spoke was “Bhaiya hum Kiran Bhabhi bol rahe hain” I was surprised with that call and asked her the matter and she asked me back next day’s plan and I asked her back if she want to have bear and she accepted

but said that she will pay for that and told me to collect the money from her while going to office, but I denied for that and told her not to bother about money. Next she told me that she will come bit late when her son will be slept and in that case from my side I told her not have dinner because then she will not be able to have bear properly and she accepted that.

Next day as accepted once again I bought two Bears and my door bell rang around 10:30, and it was Kiran Bhabhi with lot of snacks to accompany Bear and we sat together again and on very first instant she asked me the price of Bear and tried to pay me but I denied and spoke “Bear meri taraf se…Snacks aapki taraf se” and Kiran Bhabhi smiled on that and kept her money back and that is like a typical aunty she kept in her in her blouse under the Bra strap.

One again Kiran Bhabhi started chit chatting and it was a long chit chat which I cannot write but few statements which I should mention which are directly or indirectly related to the things happened between us were like when she spoke “Bhaiya…aapse dosti ho gayi….achha lag raha hai….humara to time hi paas nahi hota din bhar”

I smiled a bit while blushing as if I am taking a bow and asked her back “Bhaiya (her husband) ka phone to aata hi hoga?” and she replied with yes and told me that he called her last night and once again I asked her with bit of smile “unko bataya Bear ke baare mein” I was expecting yes or no from her side but my question suddenly changed her mood and she spoke with bit of sarcastic tone

“Unhen kya humse…humen to bas apni maa aur bache ki dekh rekh karne ke liye rakha hua hai…” I was not at all expecting that from her side, specifically at that moment and I casually asked her back “kyun kya hua?” in response initially Kiran Bhabhi said “kuch nahi…” means nothing, but as I was expecting she could not control herself and she spoke again

“Bhaiya ….ek saal ho gaya hai aur abhi bhi kah rahe hain pata nahi kab aayenge…” for a moment I went silent but I spoke again while cheering her up “aap hi logon ke liye mehanat kar rahe hain” (means he is working hard for you all) but Kiran Bhabhi did not seemed accepting my perspective and she replied back in bit of aggressive and complaining tone saying

“Bhaiya humen paisa nahi chahiye… aurat ko sirf Patti ka pyar chahiye hota hai… jo mujhe nahi milta” I went speechless and could not think of replying anything and there were no from Kiran Bhabhi’s side as well but after a minute or two once again she spoke and tried to refresh the environment by saying

“Humari Chhodo Bhaiya…. ….humari wajah se apna mood matt kharab karo… … aap apni Bear enjoy karo” I smiled a bit on her expressions and replied “aap bhi apna mood matt kharab karo…aur Bear enjoy karo…” and then I spoke again “aur take me as your friend…jab bhi mood kharab ho…mujhse aakar baaten kar liya karo” Kiran Bhabhi smiled on my words and uttered “Thank you Bhaiya humse Dosti karne ke liye”.

I really like her happy expressions and don’t know why now I was liking whatever she spoke, although it was typical Bahanji stuff but from her topics and way of conversation I could make out that she is very down to earth female. Anyway while going back that night Kiran Bhabhi told me not to get Bear for her from next day as she believed that she will get immune to it and her words were

“Bhaiya bass ab humen aur nahi pini…kal se humare liye matt laaiyega, nahi to aadat pad jaayegi.” Once again Kiran Bhabhi took leave and once again I was feeling bit aroused and to my surprise it was none other than Kiran Bhabhi about whom I was thinking. I don’t know what was happening to me,

at my end it was really unbelievable that few days back I was running away from her but that night I myself told her to come to me to talk whenever she feels like talking and not even that I was feeling like masturbating while fantasizing about her. I can easily say that from the day one I was not at all ready to think about her in that perspective but at that time unknowingly while sitting with her in the living room,

while having bear with her I was staring at her body and tried to see that size of her breasts which was beneath the pallu of her sari. That night I masturbated while thinking about Kiran Bhabhi, and not even that night rather, next day since morning for the whole day in the office I was occupied with Kiran Bhabhi’s thoughts and I could see myself getting attracted towards her sexually.

I could see that my thinking for Kiran Bhabhi was changing and throughout the day I was somewhat waiting to see Kiran Bhabhi, although at that time I did not had any plan to give her any hint about my lustful feelings for her but I was somewhat sure that tonight once again I am going to masturbate on her name.

Finally day came to an end and as Kiran Bhabhi said, that night initially I did not carried Bear while coming home but I had a gut feeling that Kiran Bhabhi is going to ask me for that and she wants to have it as I reached close to my place I bought quarter of Vodka with orange soft drink.

As expected as I reached back home Kiran Bhabhi came with a dinner and once again as expected she asked me whether I have bought Bear by asking “Bhaiya aaj laaye hain” I smiled as I very well knew that she is going to ask and replied “Aapne hi to manna kiya tha” “Haan…I thought aap apne liye laaye hoge” I said “haan main apne liye laya hun..but Vodka laya hun…”

and then after a second I asked her again “you want to try?” and as I had a strong intuition she said yes to it with bit of blushing smile and I instantly poured Vodka into two with orange soft drink and served her and she accepted with a giggle and humorous words “Bhaiya aapne humen Sharabi bana diya hai….”

And then she spoke again “kal se ye sab bilkul band…aur aap bhi matt piya karo…ye bahut kharab cheez hai” I laughed on her first statement and I agreed with the second with a smile by saying “Haan…kal se bilkul band”. We both had two drinks and then I had dinner and Kiran Bhabhi waited for me to finish while talking to me.

As such we did not had anything in whole conversation which was related to sex but certainly I was looking at her with those intentions and I was feeling like having sex when we were having Vodka. Later while having dinner most of the time she was talking about her life and daily routine and somehow, directly or indirectly her words were exhibiting her state that she is feeling lonely and she is tired of her life.

Truly speaking at that time I could not make out anything from her gesture that she is also interested in making sex relation with me and she is detailing me her loneliness with those intentions, even though I was attracted towards her sexually but from her way of talking I was just assuming that she is considering me her friend and she is trying to share her sorrow with me.

Anyway soon that day ended too uneventful as far as sex was concerned but somewhere some sort of fire was lit inside me, desire of fucking Kiran Bhabhi was rising inside me and I wanted to try giving clue to her, about my intentions but could not think of anything practical and finally I landed up masturbating on her name that night too and like second night she called me late night through intercom and invited me on dinner at her place next day and I agreed.

I don’t know what was carrying me away, after putting the phone down I was awake for really long and I could not think anything except Kiran Bhabhi, even after shagging my load once, I was aroused and getting hard again and this fact that Kiran Bhabhi is having a body structure of typical Aunty physically I did not match her was not effecting my sex hormones

and I was thinking just about her loneliness and how hungrily she will react on bed while having sex with me, apart from this I was assuming what will she speak while having sex with me in her typical way and all these thoughts made me shag my load one more time before sleeping.

Next day once again throughout the working hours in office I was waiting for the day to end as I wanted to see Kiran Bhabhi as soon as possible and finally after gaining and losing erection several times in office when I reached to my place Kiran Bhabhi was waiting for me on her door and she came closer to ask me if I am ok with having dinner little late.

It was a casual question in a casual way and her words were “Bhaiya Dinner thoda late karen to chalega na…dus saade tak” and I said ok to it, I did not had any clue of her intention at all but certainly I knew this and I was happy with that because I was sure that by that time her son and her mother in law will be on their bed and will make no disturbance and we will be able to talk to each other.

Things happened as they were expected, she called me on intercom and asked to come to her flat and I went to her place and asked her if Arpit(her son) has slept ? she said yes to it and continued that his grandmother is also slept by saying “haan…Arpit bhi sow gaya aur uski Dadi bhi sow gayi…” and then she added “Aaj maine Arpit ko uski Dadi ke pass hi sula diya hai”.

Even at that time I could not make out her intentions as she spoke that casually. We had dinner casually with typical Bahanji conversation and I was enjoying her company and I was somewhat desiring to fill her loneliness but still I could not think of giving her any hint from my end about my lustful feelings for her.

At Kiran Bhabhi’s end I must say that she was very casual and behaving very normal as she use to and may that is why I did not gathered courage to try speaking anything weird.

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Aditya getting taste of ecstasy - III

Previously: Aditya getting taste of ecstasy - II

I smiled and walk towards Mrs. Desai room. As I entered and switched the lights on, I was fascinated by the interior. It was a L shaped, where the toilet was in one section and another section had the shower and a big bath tub. Three walls had a metallic grey finished tiles and another side was full mirror. And the bath tub was opposite to the mirror.

I knew that Mrs. Desai was rich but they carry this taste I was never aware of. The whole set up was like one u find in star resorts. My trouser and underwear was no more useable unless washed. I took it off, cleaned myself and rinsed my clothes. There was a knock on the door. She asked me if I am finished, I replied yes, but I don’t have anything to wear now.

She offered me a trouser, I took it. It was a lined white trouser. Luckily was quite comfortable when I worn it. She asked me if she can get it, I said yes. She came in. I was bare chest. She eyes scanned me with a smile. I felt a bit conscious. “What are you watching?” “I am just verifying my imagination with the reality.”

I smiled, and said ‘won’t I get a chance to verify my imagination?’ “Your calculations are always correct”, she replied. “This trouser is very comfortable.” “It will get more comfortable once you will come to know that it belongs to my mom” My heart rate grew higher; I know that I was caught. I was looking at her all perplexed.

She came close to me, moved her hand over my chest, and gave a peck on my cheek. I looked into her eyes and hold her by her waist and locked my lips with hers and slowly n slowly I started lifting her. There was a window at 4 ft height, with approx 2 ft space to fix accommodate one’s ass. While lifting Ahaana, I moved towards the window. She was pulling my hair in ecstasy.

I was dying to see her raw body. When she was few feet up from the ground we got aggressive. She bites my right ear brutally like a vamp, which sent a rush of hot blood all over my right face. In revenge I squeezed her bums so hard that she released my ear and jumped in ecstasy, she moaned loudly. I pushed her up on the window seat, her head got banged on the window.

She looked at me like an angry bitch, but the fox in me was in no mood for any mercy. I lifted her top and gave a bite on her belly. I sucked her navel and slide my both hands inside her top and got hold of her melons which was hot and ripe. I squeezed it and mashed it with my hands… Ahaana moaning was losing all limits. Ahaana grabbed my shoulder and buried her nails in it.

I always thought of wild sex with Ahaana, but never thought it will get so wild. After few minutes of sucking and squeezing we got at ease and were breathing heavily. We both were very sweaty and body heat was high. We looked at each other I slide my hands in her hairs and pulled her to kiss her. We were making love like a lover.

Ahaana whispered in my ears, “Sir, please suck me and fuck my brain out”. We again lip-locked, my hand started losing her pant. After opening her pant and sliding it a litl down I touched her vagina for the first time. It was so wet and warm. I spooned her juice with my hands and made her lick my hand forcibly; with a little force she licked it.

The second spoon I licked and we shared the taste with our tongue tips. Her juice was very neutral with a pinch of saltiness taste in it. But the most arousing factor was the musk smell of her cum. I slide her pants down and took a look of the beautiful vagina I have seen so far. It was pink and clean and when I slide my three middle finger into it… it got inside without any push…

The very feel of it made my manhood drizzle. With my thumb I started rubbing her clitoris and my middle finger was busy fucking her inside. After few seconds of rub she got so aroused that she lifted her legs and placed it on my shoulders and forced my head to bury between her kingdom of heaven. It was my first time but Ahaana musk didn’t let me hesitate… and I gave my first bite on her vertical lips.

In no time I started using my both hand and lips to enjoy the delicious vagina offered to me. My one hand was rubbing her clitoris and another was inside her anus. And my mouth was busy eating her vagina. I ate both the walls, got my tongue deep into her vagina and tried fucking her with my tongue.

Her enjoyment I could sense through the grip she was having on me over my shoulder and her hands were busy pulling and massaging hair. I increased the intensity of fucking her vagina. I was so deeply involved in her heaven that my eyes were closed. Her vagina wall was contracting, I was feeling my own warm breath in her pussy.

She squeezed my head so hard and pushed it hard inside her pussy… I realized she is about to come… I tried my best to increase my intensity to the max. And then she exploded. It was mouthful for me. There was a gush of juice came into my mouth… made me set back. Ahaana was at top of her scream. She was continuously releasing the stream… I didn’t want her to stop.

I started fingering hard. She wanted to beg me to stop, but she was not in a position to say. She was trembling. And was about to slide down from the window seat. I picked her up and with the all the remaining strength that I had I got her laid on the floor. Her body was trembling as if she is getting some electric shock. Her face was turned red and her hands were blue.

I started consoling her. I kissed her lips, cheeks, ran my hand through her hairs. I slept beside her. And was rubbing her vagina slowly… as if to calm down the volcano eruption it has went through. After few minutes she said, “I am not in a position to give you anything now in return” “I am not left with any energy, but I promise you to give you blowjob, that you will remember for lifetime”

“Fine” I said, “But I need to shag now, can I get inside u” “okie”. I removed my Mrs. Desai trouser I was wearing and I got over her. “Make Love to me”… Ahaana said. I smiled. And my taut manhood took no time to enter her pillowy wetty rump. It was painless for her and has become the most erotic slide for my junior.

Ahaana whispered with a smile, “You are feeling so good inside me” “Let me take you to the next level” I said. We fucked and fucked in missionary position. It was her first time. I was about to die in 1 mins but still I tried my best to last close to 5 minutes. And I filled her with all the stock I had. The experience was mortifying. We fucked each other brains out.

She was at loss of energy but still she gave her best. When I pulled my dick out, her pussy was oozing the juice I left inside. We kissed each other and we slept there on the floor, she was in my arms. Hours later we got up and we took bath together and decided to stay naked in home. It was a beautiful moment. We ordered pizzas and ate it like beggars who have not eaten for months.

At night we slept like a couple, after a bit of lovemaking and play in the bed. Next day, when I was about to leave I asked her “What made you say so that I will get more comfortable once I will come to know that the trouser belongs to your mom?” “We can read a man eyes…I am sure my mom is comfortable with the lust you carry for her.”

She continued, “But she never thought that you will carry so much courage, Otherwise she would never let you come to our home.” …. “Even I never thought you will ever dare, I thought I will be the one attacking you if ever anything happens between us” “Means your mom is interested?” “No! don’t even dare to think anything with her, She is a strong lady.

She enjoys admirers and flirts but she is very loyal to my dad” “Yes I understand” I replied, but what about you, “Why did u let me do you” “Conversation with you stimulates my brain”…. “You were only part of my fantasy, I never expected anything happening between us and when it happened today it was a destiny over which we have no control”

“you are very elder to me… so we are not talking any relationship thing here, once your marriage is fixed or I m done with my classes we will put an end to this” said Ahaana. “I like this part of yours, you always know what you wanted” I replied. She blushed, and I moved forward and we kissed.

I was driving on my way back home and my rendezvous with Ahaana’s body was lingering in my mind. Then I remembered the blow job promise she made to me and when she met her promise that was the second time I travelled heaven with her.

This story is 4 years old. Today I am married and my wife is pregnant. Thanks to Human Digest for providing me stuff in time of need. This is a contribution from my side for all the entertainment I received from the site. And Ahaana’s promise will be covered the story in my next blog; if the response encourages me to do so.

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