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Mohan fucking Tamil girl

Hello HD readers, this is Mohan, I am also a regular reader of HD since 2 years. Myself 27Y, 5.7”, with athletic body, with medium complexion & I am belongs to Hyderabad. Coming to the story… I did my B.Tech in Chennai, when I was studying there I got a friend (girl) through a social net work.

During those days Orkut was the best social net work, when I was in my B.Tech 3rd year I just added a few friends one among them was Nave…that time she was in her 1st year B.Tech, 18Y, 5.3”, slim & fair complexion(34-28-34), looks beautiful not only with my eyes but also for others.

We started chatting through Orkut and GTalk… till completion my B.tech, till that time we dint meet personally even once… though we stayed in same city. After completion of my Engineering, I got my 1st job in Chennai itself, so we were very happy so that we can’t miss each other.

One fine day we decided to meet, but we don’t know where to meet, though I have taken flat in a apartment, it’s very difficult to bring any girl into our flat, so we thought of meeting at one of my friends room, finally we met in a local railway station, and then we greeted each other then we took an auto and gone to my friend room.

When we reached my friend room, time was 1PM, we knocked the door then we welcomed us, we asked him whether he finished his lunch or not, he said he dint, so I asked him that go and have lunch, as I told he left to lunch. Now we both were only in that room, I just started casual discussion by asking how is her college life and her health, mean while we are listening songs…

I forgot to tell you one thing… basically I am from Andhra Pradesh, she is from Tamil Nadu. I know Tamil, but she don’t know Telugu, in that room I was playing Telugu songs, which she can’t understand, then she asked me change that and play Tamil songs, then I asked her you come and choose which movie you want listen, that time I was sitting on a chair she was sitting on a bed,

so she got up to choose Tamil movie and she came very nearer to me, and she was operating mouse by bending, at that position I can feel her body and her boobs are exactly near my chest, so burning started inside me….within no time I pulled her such way that she sat on my lap and her face in my hands,

I was about to kiss her by that time someone knocked the door, that was none other than my friend… So we three had some chit chat and we left my friend place for that day…. Next weekend, we planned to meet again in a different place, after thinking a lot … that place which I found was my flat.. in our flat (2BHK) only 2 people me and my friend were staying,

my office having only 5 workings days… where as my friend office having 6 working days…..so we decided to meet on Saturday… but what about owner of the house??? Finally I dared and I took my friend to owners wife and I introduced her, by saying she is my friend, then we had chit chat for 30min…

then she asked us to go to room and talk…..finally we were in my room…no one was there to disturb us… we started kissing each other.. very passionately …. Started pressing her boobs… she was also enjoying …we expressed her love for 30 min by hugging, kissing and pressing… and finally I moved to her cunt, she allowed me to touch with my hand.. it was clean shaven,

first I touched on clothes then entered into her dress …she was not resisting… I kept my finger into her cunt… so much lubricants are flowing like anything…. Finally I made her to lay down on my bed and I removed her lower and panti… but she is not allowing me to touch with my mouth….so I took a condom and wore it my 6” cock,

started penetrating into her Virgin cunt but it was not going inside her, not even tip of my cock…but she was resisting me by sayingno…. we tried it for 30min finally I failed to enter.. she was crying like anything.. so I stopped and wore our dresses and then left for that day….. while leaving, I thought of dropping her at her room… on the way we were discussing about our failure attempt..

that time she gave me a clue that girls will face problems like that only … and in the beginning stage no girl will say yes to whatever boy do… so I understood her willingness from that. So I mentally prepared not to miss the chance next time.

Again Sunday we planned to meet, by convincing my roommate.. he was watching some movie in his PC… we both were there in my room…. Again stated with kisses and pressing hugging biting……finally I wore the condom started entering into her cunt… I started very slowly after struggling for 5 min.. only tip entered into her cunt…

slowly started pushing into her cunt but only half of my cock only entered into her cunt.. started stroking slowly… tears are coming from her eyes.. I was also worried a lot by seeing her in that condition….but because of my horny I could not able to stop at that moment. Finally I released my orgasms in 10 min…

we both got up and had apple, we spoke something for 30 min then again I became horny …. Started biting her…..and finally we undressed each other …started inserting into her cunt…. And did it…. Started ramming her….it’s about 20min I dint cum, then continuing ramming her it’s about 40 min not Cumming…

finally she thrown me away from her by saying in middle of our ramming condom ruptured about after 10 min of starting but she felt very pleasurable without condom that’s why she dint inform me… but continuous ramming for 40 min her cunt was burning like anything… she can’t bear me anymore so thrown out…

I have read in many books that average human sex time especially in India is 6 min… but how I could able to continue till 40 min without coming was a surprise to both of us…… we thought of consulting a doctor in this reg. but we dint get time to meet any doctor because whenever we get free time… we enjoy like anything ….. after a few weeks she also able to bear me even for one hour…

but I was in no coming condition… whenever she says… okay stop and cum now… with in min… I used to cummed….We continued our sexual relation till two years…later she got married with someone else….. I became alone….. After that I shifted to Hyderabad….. here I have two more stories, I will narrate them in the next post….for any comments you are welcome.

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Gopal fucking Lara

Previously: Fatima crazy for sex with Gopal

After our last visit to the house of the grandma of Ani, we both became very close. As soon as we return from our class, Ani, used to call me and we go out for tea. She liked to eat lot of rich food, but always want a company. I warned her that more rich food will add up kilo to your weight. Laughingly she would say, Fatima, every week end how many calories I burn with Gopal.

I give him money so that he too should eat well and be ready by the week end so that we may fuck for six or eight times. I agreed, because I knew how briskly her week end goes. I went once and I am still tired. Sex is of course very enjoyable but the physical stress is too much. All said and done, by Friday your sex hunger increases and you are ready to go.

Gopal will be there ready with his cock. One day I was sitting and brooding in the hostel veranda, when Sara came by and asked what I am thinking about so deeply. Sara is our class mate, but stayed in a different room. She was a nice girl with handsome face and features but very silent type. She pulled a chair and asked me why I looked so moody. But I broke down on her piercing questions.

I told her I have some pain in my pussy. She asked me to go with her to her room and bolting the door from inside she asked me to lie down and examined my pussy. There were some bruises in the vulva region. She took some ointment from her shelf and applied it and asked me how it happened.

I had to tell her about Ani and her weekly trips and Gopal and how he fucked her and how I joined them last week and etc. Sara was stunned. On hearing such story any girl would be stunned. Every girl of this age waits for a chance to have sex, and that too safe and secret sex. Gopal's affair fulfilled all the conditions. Lara said it is indeed lucky that you got a chance.

Lara knew Ani well, and she told me that she will go with Ani at this week end and I should recommend her name. When I mentioned Ani about Lara and her request to accompany her at this week end, Ani was angry. She fired me for having told this to Lara. But what to do, the circumstances were such that I had to tell. In the meantime Lara came all gleaming.

Lara's parents were in gulf and she used to stay alone in the hostel during vacation with Ani and a few girls. Ani can of course go to her grandma's place, but Lara had no place to go. There were lot of invitations and allurements from boys but these boys will broadcast to everybody and ultimately it will end up as a sex camp. No more sharing of information, Ani said categorically.

We both agreed and promised that we will not tell anybody. Ani asked Lara to get ready on Friday evening to go for two days. Sara was thrilled and asked me what she should do. I told her that she has to wax her pussy and carry all your soiled clothes so that you can get them machine washed and in the meantime fucked as many times as you want.

I asked her whether she has any sex experience. She said not much except that she used to masturbate quite a lot. Fucking and masturbation has a lot of difference. She had a very busy pussy and came to our room to have it depilated. When all hair gone, she had a very beautiful pussy, which I could not help kissing. On Friday evening Ani called her whether we can go a little early.

Lara agreed and they both went by auto. Later Ani told me about the happenings in her grandma's place. When they both got down at the gate, Gopal went running and helped to carry the bags. Ani introduced Lara to him. and he smiled and welcomed her. He was just wearing his pyjama and a vest.

Ani took Lara to her grandmother and grandma was very happy and said all friends of Ani are welcome here. She had pain in the knee and hence she was not moving out of the room at all. She could not go to the temple. She told Ani to tell Gopal whatever food is needed and tell him to instruct the cook to make it.

She called Gopal and instructed him to take Ani and her friend around the farm and show them the fruit trees etc. Ani and Lara went and occupied the room. Lara went around the room and checked the bathroom and used it. Gopal came with a tray full of snacks and two cups of tea. Ani and Lara ate the snacks and took tea.

Just as Lara was sipping the tea, Ani asked Gopal to bolt the door and come near. She placed her hand over his pyjama, to see whether his cock has stiffened. Lara was amazed at the display of her passion. Ani untied the pyjama and took out his cock. It was in semi erect condition. Gopal asked whether your new friend had come to get fucked. Ani laughingly said yes.

Gopal came near Lara and asked her to get up and put his hands on her boobs and squeezed them softly. Again shock for Lara, she never thought it will all be done so openly in the presence of Ani. Ani, said Gopal, first give me a short fuck and a short fuck for my friend Lara and then in the night we will have detailed fuck. Ok, said Gopal and pushed Ani to the bed.

Ani was wearing a skirt and a t shirt. Just as Lara was watching, Gopal lifted the frock of Ani and opened up her legs and opened her cunt hole and buried his face into her cunt and started to lick it. He turned to Lara and asked her to get undressed and lie down near Ani so that he can do simultaneously with her also.

Lara removed her churidar and pyjama and removed her panty and lied near Ani. Gopal after licking the cunt of Ani for some time moved to the open cunt of Lara. It was the first time she is getting oral sex. Her cunt fluids were flowing like a river. Gopal licked all the external area of the cunt and then opened the cunt lips and started to attack her clitoris. Lara gave out a loud moan.

Ani turned to her side and closed her mouth with her hand and squeezed her boobs to enhance her pleasure. With just two flicks of his tongue on her clitoris, Lara was getting her orgasm. She closed her legs tightly on either side of the head of Gopal pressing it down with her hands. Gopal knew what happened.

He went on digging inside her vagina with his tongue and the orgasm of Lara was complete. Again he came back to Ani and licked her cunt. It took some more time to get her on. He then took his cock and inserted it into the cunt of Ani. Lara was just watching The long cock of Gopal was just disappearing into the cunt of Ani.

Lara sat near and looked closely how the cock goes in and comes out of the cunt of Ani. This is the first time she is seeing the fucking action. Gopal gave four or five long and deep strokes and Ani was nearing her orgasm and then it came with a bang. Ani wound Gopal with her legs and kissed him profusely.

Gopal slowly got up pulled out his erect cock from the cunt of Ani and rushed to the bathroom to wash his cock and put on his pyjama. Ani asked Lara to get dressed up and go to the farm. It was just getting dark and they walked all the way to the farm. With lot of trees and bushes of flower and fruit bearing plants they both sat on a concrete bench and started to talk.

Lara had lot of questions to ask and Ani was explaining to Lara, though both of them were of the same age. Experience wise Ani much ahead of Lara. They both had their first orgasm and Ani explained how to increase the pleasure of the orgasm and how not to hold back any pleasure but to enjoy it to the maximum.

They came back to their room, took bath, changed into their night clothes and were ready for supper. By 8.30 pm Gopal announced that food is ready. They went to the dining table and had their supper. By 9.30 they were back in the room. Both Ani and Lara lied in the bed and were watching the TV mounted on the wall.

By 9.45 pm Gopal came with a jug full of water and placed it on the table and looked at them. Ani told him to bolt the door from inside and undress them. First he undressed Ani, removing her panty and bra and he kissed her pussy. The he undressed Lara. Lara not familiar to being undressed by a male member was shy, but Gopal warned that shyness and ticklishness is not to be shown at all.

It will have a negative impact. Even if it is your husband enjoy each moment of sex. Don't deny pleasure to yourself and to your partner. Lara cooperated and Gopal kissed her pussy. They planned how to go about with fucking both the girls. He said he will lick one and fuck another and then exchange. They agreed and he chose to fuck Lara first and then lick Ani.

Lara lied with her legs open. Gopal said you climb on me first and fuck me from above, while Ani will sit on my face and give me her cunt for licking. Lara had no fucking experience and hence Ani told her that she will show her how to do it. Lara sat on Gopal and Ani took the cock of Gopal in her hand and shoved it into the cunt of Lara.

Ani asked Lara to move her hip so that the cock will enter fully inside and see that it does not slip out. In one or two attempts Lara knew how to keep it deep inside. Ani gave her widely opened cunt to Gopal to lick and suck. Her fluids were flowing into his face and neck. while Lara was making sound of her fucking Gopal.

His cock was going deep inside the cunt of Lara while his mouth was full of the cunt of Ani. After about five minutes of vigorous fucking Gopal was finally nearing his orgasm. Lara had series of orgasms. Everytime his cock went inside her she had an orgasm. Ani also had series of orgasm. Finally both the girls got up and Gopal also got up and shot his fluids into a towel.

Lara looked with surprise that he did not shoot it inside her. All three went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves. The came back to the room all in nude condition, but the cock of Gopal was still erect. In the almirah, Gopal had kept some dry fruits. He said they are good after a fuck. The second round has to commence with Ani climbing on him and Lara giving him her open cunt.

Ani knew how to get the maximum out of riding him like a cow girl, Lara liked oral sex very much. Both the girls were enjoying to the maximum and Gopal was in seventh heaven with two beautiful girls riding him one on his cock and another on his face. Both the girls were enjoying to the maximum and they orgasmed many times. Now it s the turn of Gopal to fuck them.

Gopal requested them that the time is very late and he will fuck them the next day. The girls agreed and they got dressed up and Gopal went to his sleeping place and they all slept for the day. Next day they did not have any fuck during the day time. In the night Gopal came at 9.30 and fucked each of the girls from their top.

He squeezed their boobs and plunged his cock deeply inside their cunt. Both the girls orgasmed many times. They stopped at 12 and went to sleep. Next day Gopal asked them to come to the mango grove at the farthest end of the farm where there is a cottage. By the time the girls walked and reached the cottage he was there.

He gathered some ripe guava fruits, mangoes, strawberries, cherries and kept them inside the cottage. Inside the cottage there was a nice bedroom with wooden floor. Gopal called the girls one by one and asked them to lie down on the bed. He fucked them both one by one in the cottage. They ate the fruits and sucked his cock. He made them suck his cock, while he sucked their clitoris.

Three hours of sex was very satisfying. Girls said the trip was very good and satisfying. By evening they wanted to return to the hostel. They bade farewell to their grandma and collected their clothes and started back to their hostel. Lara said it is more like a dream land. nobody would have had so much sex in such a short time. She said her cunt is also paining. Ani told her to apply some hot water and the pain will vanish. Lara laughed...

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Sonu fucked by Rohit and Rohan

Hello readers of HD, I'm Soni, sharing with you my story. I have a very high libido, and am constantly hoping for a chance for some action, though I have been mostly unsuccessful. When my thirst was quenched, it was with a bang!

My best friend Riya has two elder brothers, Rohit and Rohan, and they are twins. I have always been attracted to Rohit. The only way to tell the twins apart is a mole Rohit has on his neck. Often the two of them have played pranks on me, I thought I was meeting Rohit whereas it was actually Rohan!

One day Rohan and I were talking and I told him about my high libido and how I ached for some action. He gave a very wicked look and said he would give me what I wanted. I was so excited. I spent hours in preparing myself so I would look my best, waxed every part of my body including my pussy. I dressed in my best and it was around 9pm when I went to Riya's house.

Their parents were out of town. Riya opened the door and complimented me on how nice I looked. Winked at me and said "Have fun! Rohan and I'll keep to ourselves" Rohit emerged just then, and hugged me. Said I looked beautiful, took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I kissed him and just as he was trying to pull my tshirt over my head,

I said "Show me your mole, I want to be sure you're not Rohan" What he said next took me by surprise. "Well, how about we both make love to you?" I was so overcome with lust that I said yes. The idea of two cocks was exciting! He called out to Rohan, who came over, grinning. They shut the door, helped me take off my clothes and pulled me down on to the bed with them.

Both of them had proud erect dicks, and they were so alike. I kissed them both and begged them to take me to heights of pleasure. Both boys went to work. They gently ran their hands over me, giving me goosebumps. Both of them began to suck on one of my breasts each and I began to stroke their hair. Rohan was caressing my hair while Rohit was rubbing my pussy.

The foreplay was very smooth and I was enjoying every moment of it. I asked them to pause, and grasped their dicks with both hands. I took turns giving them a quick blowjob each and then they went back to pleasuring me.

I lay on my back with my legs wide apart while Rohit began to flick his tongue over my pussy. Rohan straddled me and began to rub his dick over my breasts. I squeezed my boobs together and let him fuck my cleavage while Rohit continued to make me squirm with his skilful tongue. I began to moan out very loud.

After a lot of stimulation, Rohit said he was going to fuck me. He emptied a lot of lotion onto his dick and put some inside my pussy as well. Rohan got off me, sat in a corner and watched the action while stroking his dick. Rohan positioned himself, entered me and began to thrust away. I was in seventh heaven with pleasure and I dug my nails into his back as I moaned and screamed out loud with his fucking.

Rohit came very very hard inside me and pulled out. I was gasping for breath and took about 10 minutes to recover. I bit my lower lip seductively and called out to Rohan. Like a hungry wolf, he jumped right onto me and began to fuck me. Rohan was quite gentle and slow, but he had been jerking off all this while and came very quickly inside me.

I was left feeling unsatisfied as I had not orgasmed.I drank some water and asked for more. The two of them then came on either side of me and began to cuddle me. Then I understood, I was going to be double penetrated in my ass and pussy. I was scared, I had done anal only once before and it had been very painful. I began to plead them to stop.

Rohit promised me that it would not hurt. So I lay on my side with Rohan behind me and Rohit in front. They were very gentle and made me relaxed again. Using a lot of lube and his magical fingers,Rohan opened up my ass. He spooned me, slowly pushed his dick head inside my ass and stopped. Rohit lubed his cock and slowly inserted his cock in my pussy right up to the hilt.

The two of them began to stroke and fuck me alternately. Rohan knew my ass would hurt so he did not push in much, just the head. This was pure ecstasy and I began to moan out so loud that Riya must have heard me. The two of them went on fucking me slowly and I was enjoying it so much that I began to thrash about as I felt my orgasm coming.

My pussy and ass began to clench tightly around their cocks, which caused both of them to come almost simultaneously inside of me with a roar. I was feeling so satisfied, finally someone had been able to quench my thirst, and two cocks was a bonus. I was tired now and my ass and pussy were feeling quite sore. I went to the shower in a towel to clean up. Riya was waiting for me, and said "See, I told you you'd enjoy it!"

After cleaning up, I went back to the bedroom and the twins were already waiting for me, lying naked. I honestly had no more energy for sex, and I said so. I was wearing my clothes when they stopped me and pulled me down to bed. Both of them hugged me and we went to sleep with me in the middle. It was indeed a very very sexy experience and I want to to it again sometime. Looking forward to readers' comments in the section. Bye!

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Jharkhand guy threesome sex with wife and saali

After reading such beautiful stories of sex in your blog, I am tempted to write my own sex story also. I am currently on 40, an average looking, well built, ht 5 ft 7 in, and as they say has become naughty after forty. I come from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Name.....?...Does it matter? So leave it.

Not very long ago I was a very simple man, with no wild activities means absolutely no relationship in school or college. Even after coming to a mega city like Delhi for a very decent career, I was aloof from girls. But as I approached thirty, my sexual desires started giving me sleepless nights. I used to fantasize about Aiswarya rai, Madhuri Dixit etc and sag.

Finally I was married to a girl from my native place. She is beautiful and loving wife and we had two sons over a period. Our sex life was going good. And I was happy with my life. When my wife become pregnant for second time we decided to have delivery in the city itself, as sending her to our native place would have impacted my first son's schooling.

Hence my sis in law was send by my inlaws to take care of her sister's pregnancy. Her name is Juhi, age 22 years. She had completed her graduations last year from a very good college in Jamshedpur. After few days of stay with us, she had taken over the house hold chores and managing everything quite efficiently. My wife was quite satisfied with the arrangement.

One sunday afternoon my wife and son were sleeping and I was watching TV. She sat beside me and started watching TV. Suddenly she asked "jeejaji you must be frustrated nowadays? Isn't it". I said, "why?" "Because didi is pregnant",she said. "Why should I be frustrated? " I asked back. "I thought you are not getting your desires fulfilled by her." she answered.

"Sorry I didn't get you", I said. "I mean to say, since didi is pregnant, you must be force to hold back your desires, isn't it?" My mind started spinning after hearing this. I looked at her. She was indeed beautiful. I looked at her face, she had a naughty smile on her face. I started thinking, is she really talking about sex? I said "yaa, I am deprived of sex! But why are you asking?

Will you help in anyway. " "no, I didn't mean that" she said "I was wondering how you manage the abstinence?" I started thinking. What is she upto? For so many years, I hadn't seen her in that perspective. I had conversation couple of time, even we used to share some jokes, but things never went this far. Now the sex starvation, due to pregnancy of wife started diverting my mind towards her.

I looked at her body. She was beautiful, had beautiful round shape boobs, must be of 34 size, beautiful luscious lips, hourglass figure, beautiful curves and a pair of sexy round ass. I thought I was fool not to notice all these things earlier. If I try, I can take her to bed. I came to my senses and said..... "You don't wonder, you can help me to get over frustrations.....". "No... " she said emphatically.

"You are husband of didi. Don't even think about me" she giggled. "Come near to me" I said. " No...." she said, and started going towards her room. I too stood up suddenly,held her hand and pulled towards me. She swung around, and came to my arms. First I held her with her waist, pull her closer then took my hands down, held her well endowed and round ass and squized.

"jeejaji, what are you doing? " she squirmed and started pushing with her both hands. I held her tightly. " leave me" she said. She was trying to push me with all her femine strength. But my grip was firm. I was getting mad. I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even care that my wife and son were sleeping in adjacent room. I was blind by pure lust.

My fellow was growing inside my boxer shorts. Bechara he was deprived of his right since long. Today was the chance. Then all of a sudden I moved my one hand and held her boob. My God!!!!! what a feel? The current passed through my body. She had much firmer boobs than her sister. I noticed her moan in very subtle manner. I pushed her towards the kitchen door which was near by.

Held both her boobs with both of my hands. She too held my wrists. I noticed her face... I saw lust in her eyes... "jeejaji....pls...! Don't do it" she said though. Her mind and souls were not in harmony. Lust was willing not to stop, but her mind were telling to stop, thinking about the relationship.

Then I suddenly held her face with both my hands, she was still holding my wrists, I pulled her face towards me and put my lips over her lips.."ummm..." she protested. I tried open her lips to insert my tongue. First she resisted then opened lips slightly. I inserted my tongue inside and started searching her tongue.. our tongues met and.... God! What a feel! Finally I had done it!

I thought.... our saliwa were mixing with each other's. My penis had become red hot and hard.. so much, that it was paining. I moved my waist forward... it was poking in her tummy, as she was shorter than me. I started sucking her lips and same time touching her tongue. I could hear her sound. mmmmmm......she seems to be enjoying but at the same time she was still pushing.

I was totally mad, the animal in me was overpowering my senses. I forgot, she was not my wife. I totally ignored the consequences, what will happen if wife gets up and see us? I started lifting her t shirts. Suddenly she detached her lips and whispered. "Are you mad jeejaji. ? Didi is sleeping next room" I said... " Juhi! I have become mad. let's do it.... please......" she said..."no... at least... not now..."

Then I heard my son crying... my grip loosened a bit and she fled to the room towards my son. I heaved a sigh and threw my hands in frustration. I moved towards her.. my wife was still sleeping... she winked at me. I went near her and held her boobs over t shirts. But I understood, now nothing can be done. Now since my wife also had gotup.

I went to bathroom and masterbated. Later when we were alone for few minutes.. she teased me, asked....." how was it in the bathroom? Jeejaji"..... I felt like shit, and coudn't do anything, just smiled and decided to fuck her one day. Later I made so many plans of fucking her. But couldn't get any chance.

I was getting restless due to lack of sex.I used to sag at nights, at times I used to tell my wife to give blowjob. She used to give for sake of me. One sunday afternoon, I was lazying in front of tv. Son was sleeping in one room and wife and Juhi were chating in my bedroom. I was getting horny thinking about Juhi. After some time, I went to bedroom.

I saw Juhi was sleeping under quilt, since winter hadn't got over yet. My wife was fiddling with mobile, lying on bed under the same quilt. I went near her and lyed too near her and pulled the quilt over me. I started pressing her boobs. She looked at me amazingly an said. "Are you mad?Juhi is sleeping here."

I whisped "darling I am getting restless, please give me blowjob..." she first denied but held my lund and started moving her hand over it. It was already hard and erect. I told her to go inside the quilt and suck. She said..... "no... Juhi might wake up"... I pushed the back of Juhi's back slightly to check whether she is fully sleep or not. She didn't move. I said..." see she is fast asleep.

You don't worry, I will alert you, if she wakes up..." I saw her face. She had a mix feeling of fear and excitement. I said..."darling pls do it! I am desperate. Even if she wakes up, she won't see anything. So don't worry !!!!!!" She got convinced and took her face towards my lund covered under the quilt. Something suddenly striked in my mind. I just pulled myself near Juhi.

She was sleeping with her back towards me. I lifted her head with my left palm and pushed my hand across her neck. She lifted her head twisted her neck and looked at me. Oh God she was not sleeping. I realized she must have heard the conversation between us. I winked at her and signaled her to keep quite. Then I twisted my left hand in such a way that my hand reached her boobs.

At the same time my wife had reached to my lund under the quilt and took it in her mouth fully in. I was lying in an angle so that my wifes remain away from Juhi. My lund, I felt, was about to burst of excitement. I inserted my hand inside Juhi's tee, she was wearing that time. Lifted her bra and started squeezing her tight boobs.

She then lifted her upper body a bit and removed the hook of her bra and simply lied down as if she is still asleep. Oh God! !!!! What a feeling! !! !! I never had thought even in my dream of enjoying two women together. That too with my wife and sali together. I was in heaven. Oh God..... what a feeling! !!!!!!. My wife was sucking my lund with full force.

I was feeling as if, I had inserted my lund in vaccume pump. At the same time my left hand was busy with the boobs of my sali. She was enjoying my pumping her chuchis silently lying on bed facing away from us. My wife unaware of my actions, was sucking my lund fabulously under the quilt. Then I tried reaching to her boobs too with my right hand. I some how touched her boobs.

She moved a little towards me to help me reach herboobs, without leaving my lund. I unzipped her bra, putting my hand inside her nighty, and started pumping her chuchis too. Amazing! !!!! What a luck! !!! Two hands in two different pair of chuchis of wife and sali, and lund in the mouth of my pregnant wife!!!! My lund was bursting with pressure out of shear excitement.

All three of us had mixed feeling of fear of getting caught in actions. Me and sali feared getting caught by my wife. And wife feared getting caught by my sali. It was such an adventurous feeling. I continued my actions on their chuchis for sometime with my lund in my wife's mouth, I reached climax. I sprayed loads of cum in her mouth she drank it all.

I was totally exhausted out of shear pleasure and excitement. Before my wife came out of quilt, I quickly removed my hand from sali's t shirts and hugged and kissed my wife's lips, smeared from my cum, in gratitude. She asked me in low voice whether sali had wake-up? I told her negative!

Later I didn't got chance to fuck her. However I used to play with her boobs whenever I found chance and used to squeeze her nipple. But I was careful not to get caught by my wife. One day she and wife were in kitchen. I too went in to take water. Wife was cutting vegetable in the opposite table. Her back was towards us. I just fondled her breast and removed hand immediately.

Wife suddenly turned her head and asked, what I did? I said nothing. She warned no to take liberty too much with her sister. Then she moved out of kitchen. Juhi then inserted her hand inside my T shirts and started squeezing my nipples. And said...."this is what you used to do with me. Isn't it jeejaji.....?" I became afraid as my wife could come any time. Finally I couldn't do much with her fearing getting caught.

Meanwhile I had to go abroad for one month on official tour. And when I came back my house was full of mine as well as my wife's parents for the delivery of child. I had no chance of fucking her. However on evening, I was watching TV in the drawing room with lights off and wife, my son and mother inlaws were in kitchen, chitchating and preparing food. Juhi came to the drawing room.

I lifted my both hands to signal her to come near me. she came near me. I held her both hand,pulled closer and put them on my shoulders. I then inserted my hand in side her T shirts from bottom and reached her bra. I then lifted it and folded upwards, releasing her both chuchis and started squeezing both of them.

she was leaning over me resting her hands on my shoulder without moving and making any sound. I was enjoying playing with her chuchis. At the same time, I was worried of getting caught red hand if any one come out of kitchen. But the adventure was tremendous. After some I saw some shades coming out of kitchen. I removed my hands from her T shirts immediately.

she too stood up and set her bra right as if nothing had happened. This is how I used to have some pleasure with my sali, but somehow failed to fuck her. Later she left the city with her parents to their native place after delivery of my son. So my desire of fucking her remain unfulfilled.

Meanwhile later she got married and moved to Mumbai. I used to talk to her over phone, and used to remind her about our pending encounter. She used to laugh and teased me that she was ready ready for it, I only failed in fucking her. I used to remind her that, one day I will fuck her. But I never got chance for many years.

Slowly my sexlife with my wife started getting routine over a period of time. I used to have tough time getting erections. But my wife became quite demanding in bed. I started fantasizing about wifes of various friends to ignite my passions. Wife used to participate in those fantasies. One day I took the name of Juhi during sex and I really got excited.

She scolded me for that but I continued and fucked her to content. She orgasmed quite wildly. She was amazed with my performance and teased me for fantasizing about her sister. Later she herself used to bring her name during sex. She used to asked me what I am doing with Juhi? I used to tell her the things which I used to do with her. And our sex used to be superb.

Later I told her, enough is enough. Now no more fantasy. I want actual sex with her sister. She told me to go ahead. But I realized being in different cities, it was not possible without active support of my wife. So I pleaded her to arrange our encounter. She teased, this isn't the duty of a wife. To which I used to say to think about the benefits on our sex life, which will improve.

Finally she agreed, if we get chance she will arrange my fucking with her sister. Later we went to wife's native place during my children's vacation. My wife convinced her sister too to come there. she came alone as her husband didn't got leave. I was very happy to see her. She too had become mother of a three year old child and looking gorgeous.

She had put on some fat at right places. Her boob size had become 36. Her ass too had become voluptuous. I was looking for a chance to kiss and hug her right away, but had to hold my desire back. Later I told my wife, my patience was getting over. She chided me to wait for right moment.

At night after dinner my inlaws were playing with our kids in a room, where tv was kept. Me, my wife and sali,were chitchating in the hall. No other persons were in the house. I asked my sali about her sex life with her husband. To which she replied that her husband is totally nut. He is immersed in his career and doesn't pay much attention to her sexual desires.

Sex for him is simple plane Zane. He is not bothered about foreplay and other such feelings of her. I felt sorry of her plight but told her no to worry as I was there to fulfil all her desires. She was wondering how I can utter those things in front of my wife. Poor girl! !!!! She had no idea that, her own sister had planned her fucking by me.

Later all children slept in the same room. Father in law went to sleep in other room, mother inlaw volunteered to sleep with children, and called my sali to sleep in the same room. To which my wife told her that she will chitchat with her a while before they sleep, since they had met after long time. Hence mother inlaw too went to sleep.

After chitchat for a while, I told my wife to check whether her mother had slept or not. She checked and told, all are asleep and went to the bathroom. I held the hand of my sali and pulled her towards the room which was earmarked for me and my wife, and shut the door. I pulled and hugged her. Then I held her face and put my lips over her.

She co-operated, and held my waist, opened her mouth to take my tongue and started sucking my tongue. I then started pressing her boobs over her suite. I kept pumping them. I removed her suite. She was only in her bra and Chudidhar. She was looking gorgeous. Suddenly my wife knocked the door. Juhi started wearing her suite back. Before she could start, I opened the door.

Wife came in, acted angrily and said. "You fucker! How dared you touch my sister...." I just pulled and started smooching her. Juhi started going towards the door. I held her hand too and pulled her near me and started kissing her leaving my wife. She then tried to push her palm between Juhi and my lips to stop our kissing.

Meanwhile I opened the hook of bra of Juhi, and removed it from her shoulder. And started sucking her nipples. My wife then inserted her hand between my lips and her sister's boobs. I suddenly left the nipple, resulting wife' s hand cupping Juhi' s boob. I then opened the string of Juhi' s Chudidhar and pushed it down from her waist and pulled down Juhi' s panty.

And put my mouth over her cunt. The actions of mine were so fast. Both of them were stunned. I then threw Juhi on bed. And continued licking her cunt. Juhi started moaning with pleasure. Wife tried stopping me by pushing me to the side unsuccessfully, then put her hand over my mouth. In the process her hand touched Juhi' s cunt, which were flowing like river.

My wife was continuesly trying to stop me. But I was not leaving Juhi's cunt. I then suddenly left Juhi and caught my wife and started sucking her lips. She tried to stop me. I told her... "darling! Why are you acting? You had promised for this...." she said...."I did!! but, I cannot accept this... I love you! But cannot share you..!" I said... "Darling! I love u too!

And I cannot live without you.but this is pure masti. Pure sex. Nothing else. After few days we will go back to our own worlds. She will go back to her own world. I don't see any problem with it as long as we are doing it together...." she told...." I know that. Even I enjoy fantasizing you having sex with Juhi.... but still I am feeling bad..." "don't worry" I said.... and kissed her.

While kissing her I looked at Juhi. She was totally naked sitting on bed. She said.... " halo! Laila Maznuon! !!!! If your love story is over,I am waiting for actions....." I replied..." you just wait I am going to rip your chut apart...." Then I removed the nighty of my wife. Removed her Chudidhar, bra and panty one by one and started sucking her lips. I then moved to suck her chuchis.

I was circling her nipples with my tongue and same time touched her chut. She started moaning with pleasure. She was naked in front of her sister and her chuchis were being sucked and chut were being fondled. It was a mix feeling of lust and shame. She was moaning loudly...Ahhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhh...... I looked at them. Both had become naked..... what a scene! !!!!!

Two naked females! !!!!!!! Juhi then started pulling my boxer short. I helped her by lifting my buttocks. Then I left my wife's boobs and removed my T shirts also. Now we all three were naked.... the room was filled with anticipation. Juhi said...."jeejaji, will you remain be with didi or what? " " no darling!

You tell me what you want from me? " to which, my wife said...."suck her cunt! Her husband doesn't do it...." I looked at her surprisinly. She again said.... "why you are surprised? She is my little sister. I should see that she gets all the pleasure, you have been giving me all these years...." I looked at Juhi' s cunt. It was beautiful. Her cunt mould were fuller and rising like a little hill.

It was shaved nicely, Were of beautiful golden color. I could see some juices shinning like pearl over the cunt lips. I was able to see her cunt first time. I immersed my mouth over it. The aroma coming from her cunt was making me mad. I started licking fervently. At the same time I pulled my wife' s leg and inserted my finger inside her cunt too. I was in cloud nine.

My Lund was hard and hot like iron rod. My wife reached to it and took in her mouth. I reached to the chuchis of my sali, who was moaning loudly.....ahhhhhhhhh...uhhhhh......"jeejaji!!!!!.... ummmmm...... keep sucking.....pleaseeeeee! !!!!!!....no one had given me this pleasure.....ahhhhhhh......."

I continued sucking the beautiful chut of my lovely sali, which were flowing like a beautiful fountain from a beautiful hill. My wife stopped sucking my lund, then pulled my hair, and said.... "enough of her cunt..... who will suck my cunt.....januuuu....." Her eyes had become red with lust. "I am there for you too janu......" I said and started sucking her cunt too after leaving Juhi' s cunt.

I pulled Juhi closer and pulled her head to my lund. She understood my intentions and hungrily took my lund in her mouth and started sucking it like a child sucking lollipops. I continued sucking my wife' s chut. I rolled and inserted my tongue inside her hole. She too was releasing love juices. I drank them all. Now my hand was over chuchis of my sali' s.

I was squeezing them one by one. The pleasure in me was overwhelming. I was sucking my wife' s cunt feverishly. Within no time she started shivering violently. I knew she is about to come. I kept sucking her cunt. She started pushing my head down deep into her cunt then pulling my hair out of excitement. Finally she moaned heavily... ohhhhhhhhhh.......maaaaaaa........ and released the flood gate.

Hot juices started flowing like river from her cunt and filled my mouth. I drank all juices. I then lifted my head, wiped the juices from mouth by hand and turned towards Juhi. I then kissed in her mouth. See too tasted the juices from her sister's cunt. At the same time I inserted my finger inside her cunt. She moaned....ahhhhhh........ she was lifting her waist up in the air out of shear ectacy.

I finger fucked her and started searching her g-spot by turning my finger all over her hole. Finally I found it. And when I touched it she shivered feverishly. Oh godddddd........ she moaned loudly. She pushed me aside, got up and climbed over me. She then aligned my lund into her cunt and pushed her self down. My lund sheared her cunt and filled her chut fully.

I held her both chuchis and started squeezing them. She was moaning.... ummmmmmmm........ ahhhhhhhh.......... she was bouncing up and down. I looked at her face. She was completely lost in another world. Her eyes were closing with pure lust. She had no qualm of shear ecstasy in sex in front of her sister. I too lost in another world. I was thinking I am luckiest fucker of the world. Fucking both wife and her sister together.

I helped her by lifting her waist up and down. Her cunt was tightly rubbing my lund. It was tighter than my wife. her husband must be chutia, who haven't open his wife's chut fully yet. After some time she just collapsed to the side. She was breathing heavily. I could see her chuchis going up and down with her breath.

I got up and climbed over her waist and started squeezing her chuchis, aligned my lund into her cunt and pushed my lund into her cunt. She moaned loudly.......Oh...maaaaaa......ummmmmmm........"jeejajiiiiiiiiiii...... please...... jorrrrrr se..........!!!!. Hearing this I got wild and started pumping my lund into her chut with full force.

Her complete body was vibrating due to the force I was exerting into her chut. I then looked at my wife. She was just watching the whole actions of her dear husband and her dear sister. I pulled her near, leaving the chuchis of my sali, and kissed her. Then resumed my humping the chut of my sali. She was moaning loudly. Finally she started twisting violently and came.

I felt her chut is filled with liquid. she moaned ohhhhhh god........ finally I too felt tremendous pressure inside my lund. I too moaned loudly. ?....... ahhhhh........ohhhhhhhhh.........and released the loads inside the cunt of my dear sali. I was getting short on breath. I was breathing heavily. I kissed my sali in her lips and collapsed to her side.

Then I went to bathroom for cleaning. When I returned, both were cleaning the genitals of each other with clothes. I came and hugged them together. I kissed my wife passionately in gratitude. After all, it was because of her I had the pleasure of fucking two women together, which was my dream for ages. While kissing her I started fondling her chuchis.

Juhi too came closer and and held my lund. It grew again in no time. I then lied down on bed and signaled wife to climb over me.she did. Then I told Juhi to come over my mouth in such a way, so that I can lick her cunt lying down on bed. She then came over and sat on my mouth facing her sister. I started licking her cunt. I could smell the mixer of my own cum and her own juices, which were, flowing again.

Same time my wife was jumping over my hard cock. I was in cloud nine again. What a fucking feeling.... both sisters were facing each other. Boobs of both of them were jumping in unison. My wife soon came making loud moaning. My cock was still rock hard with excitements. I told Juhi to get down, made my wife to get on all four and positioned my lund over her cunt in doggy style and pushed my lund in.

I was fucking her like no tomorrow. I then saw my sali sitting near and rubbing her cunt. I held her hand and took it to her sister's cunt. She started rubbing it along with my lund. My wife soon was moaning again loudly. Soon she shivered wildly. She was about to come second time. I increased my pace of fucking and finally came making loud moaning ahhhhhhh..........oh............... I felt there is no stopping of flowing of liquid.

I felt entire liquid of my body is emptying. I was totally exhausted. My heart was beating fast. I just collapsed in the bed. Wife came and lied to one side and kissed me. I raised my other hand to signal Juhi to come near me.she too came and lied to the other side and started playing with my hair of my chest. She kissed me too. Wife kept her head over my chest. Juhi said....."thank you jeejaji for all these pleasures, which I never got in my life." I just kissed her.

We all were tired hence we all slept. Later we enjoyed few more three some sex sessions. And moved to our own places. We now enjoy sex over phone and we three participate in it.

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Fatima crazy for sex with Gopal

I, Ani, returned from my grandma's residence and placed my bag on the chair, and lied down on the bed for relaxation. My room mate Fatima asked me why should I appear to be tired. Eating home made food, I should have been more energetic, but I gave an image of run down condition. She made fun of me.I just wanted to give her shock and told her that I was tired because of excess of sex.

"whhaaattt?" she shouted. I made her to cool down and told her in brief my routine at the house of the grandma. She put lot of probing questions and finally she was convinced that I had most luxurious sex session all the six days I was away. I asked her "what about you, were you a saint?" She laughed and said that she was not a saint.

She had casual flicks with close relatives, but it was just to tease and not to enjoy. Her uncle and cousin fucked her fully but they did it mechanically. Hearing my experience with Gopal, Fatima was very much worried. She very much wanted any sex in this way but it never happened. It is as good as not happened at all.

She requested Ani to take her along when she goes to her grandma's place If Gopal agrees to indulge in sex with me it will be a blessing from god. Ani dear, you have to make him agree and see that he fucks me. I did not agree, but promised to see that it is done. I telephoned and told grandma that a friend of mine is coming for sitting quiet and study. Grandma said very good, you bring her.

We will give her good food and you both sit and promise to read. On the Friday evening we both, me and Fathima walked into the house of grandma with our huge bags. Gopal noticed our coming. He did not come forward to receive me and take away our bags. He kept a long face and I thought he did not like my bringing a guest with me.

He thought it will be a hindrance to our own merry making. We both went to my room and kept our bags there. Leaving Fatima I went inside the house in search of Gopal. He was there in the kitchen making tea for us. I hugged and told him not to get angry and be normal and we will have our own jolly making. He looked relieved.

He took some snacks and two cups of tea for us and came with me to the room. I introduced Fatima to him. Fatima was a beautiful girl and from his looks he seemed impressed by her. But Fatima was not. She thought he will be a film star like handsome man, fair etc. But Gopal was what he was. Gopal carried our bags and went to the washing machine.

One by one he was putting our clothes into the machine. He switched it on and came back to the room to take the empty cups. I took Fatima to Grandma and she was very pleased to meet my friend. We chatted for some time and we both came away and went in search of Gopal. I told him that my friend just wants to see how we fuck. Shall we start now. He asked where.

I said in our room. He said I cannot do it in the presence of others. I told him you don't do it, just lie down. I will remove your clothes and get on you and do everything myself. He asked will your friend also will be there in the room. I said yes. He said no, no. I requested him to please oblige and come without quarreling. He had only his pyjama and a loose shirt on him.

I asked him if possible to get some fish or chicken for the supper. He said ok. He came with me to the room. I asked him to lie down in the bed. Fatima got up and stood aside. He refused, but later on further persuasion, he came near the bed and signaled me to ask my friend to go out. I just pushed him onto the bed. He already had a bulge and with reluctance he untied his pyjama knot.

I pulled it down and there his cock emerged not fully erect but somewhat. I started to undress and signaled Fatima also to undress. Gopal was stunned to see we both girls undressing. I made sure that the door was bolted from inside. I got onto the cot and took his cock in my hand. Gopal was looking at the nude figure of Fatima.

She had lovely figure with medium sized boobs and clean shaven pussy. It was getting dark and we did not put on the light. I just manipulated his cock with my hand and it became very stiff. I asked Fatima to just touch and feel it. Fatima looked at the face of Gopal to know his response. Gopal just smiled at her. She sat across opposite to me.

She took his cock in her hand and was feeling its hardness. She lifted her head and looked at me and expressed satisfaction. I told her I will get on him and do it first. In the meantime, Gopal put both of his hands on our boobs and pressing them. Seeing Gopal nude made me to dampen my cunt. Same may be the case of Fatima. No special foreplay was needed.

I got him and took his cock and rubbed it on my pussy. Fatima was looking at my pussy and his cock. She also helped me to rub his cock on my clitoris. I inserted it into my cunt and I moved forward so that the cock may enter my cunt. I positioned my self in such a way that the entire cock was inside my cunt. Gopal was massaging my boobs. I started to fuck him my moving up and down.

Fatima was aroused and was pressing my boobs and kissing me. I rotated my hip and his cock also rotated in my vagina and it gave a very big pleasurable sensation. I stopped and got down and asked Fatima to get on him. I took his cock and inserted into her cunt. The girl started to moan. I shut her mouth for fear of being heard by any other servant or grandma.

Fatima did it fast with long strokes. She was getting her orgasm. I pinched her clitoris to make her orgasm come fast. She got her orgasm and was lying flat on him. I pushed her to get down and I got on him and worked fast so that I too may get my orgasm. Fatima rushed to the bathroom and by the time she came back I got my orgasm.

Gopal held back and he shot his fluids into his own hand and got up. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Gopal asked us to get dressed up so that grandma may not get suspicious. I put on his pyjama and ran to the kitchen. We both got dressed up and came out of the room and we went to the veranda and sat in the garden chairs. Grandma was not to be seen.

Perhaps she would have gone to the temple. I asked Fatima about her impression. She said it is fantastic. She said Ani, you are lucky that you have somebody to fuck you according to your wishes. If you get married your husband may not do it. He may fuck you only when he feels like fucking. Gopal is like your sex slave. You can order him anytime to fuck you in any pose you like.

I told Fatima, do not worry, you too can share him with me. We will come on Fridays, stay for Saturday and Sunday and return back on Sunday night or on Monday morning. You can have as many fucks as you want. I have told him to buy enough condoms and we will buy the pills. Let us make the best of our lives. Fatima laughed and said ok. I told her we have to keep quiet.

There are less servants, but grandma should not doubt. We should avoid fucking in the day time. Today we both were very fuck hungry. Henceforth we will ask Gopal to come to our room only in the night. In case of any emergency, I mean "fuck emergency" we will have during day time, but not both of us. Fatima was laughing and said I agree.

We went to the room and took out our books and started reading. Grandma came back and was peeping into our room. Gopal came back from the market and told me that he will make some fish curry for supper. I said very good. We both had our bath changed and waited for the supper. Fatima liked the atmosphere and said Gopal and his cock are really great.

It is the biggest I have ever seen. She said her uncle's cock was big, but her cousin's cock was small. Uncle fucked for his own pleasure and once he cummed he pulled out and went away. My cousin was younger to me and he just played fucking me. I made him to lick and suck me to reach my orgasm. But Gopal had great sustenance power. I told her we will do it leisurely in the night.

After supper, grandma joined us and was joking and talking with both of us. She advised not to be awake during night time, but to go to sleep and study during day time. We said ok. She bade us good night and went to her room. At about 10 pm. Gopal came with a big grin on his face. I told Gopal that Fatima wants to get a food fuck and I too of course.

Gopal just undressed Fatima one by one of the clothes worn by her. Fatima just stood smiling when her clothes were being removed. The he turned to me and undressed. I put my hand on his bulge and pressed it. Fatima untied his pyjama and took out his cock. She kneeled on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and started to lick and suck it.

Gopal just held her head in her hands and fucked into her mouth. He took her and laid her in the bed. He widened her legs and placed himself between her legs and bending down he started to lick and suck her cunt. Fatima was shivering and made all funny faces. Gopal then got up and took his cock and inserting in her cunt and started to fuck her. He said it is very tight and very enjoyable.

Gopal gave very long and strong stokes and hence Fatima was getting her orgasm very fast. I manipulated with her clitoris and it enhanced her pleasure. Her orgasm came in a large scale. and her whole body twisted. Gopal pulled and signaled me to lie down. Pushing Fatima aside I took her place. Gopal did the usual oral sex with me. I liked it very much.

It lifted me high into the sky very fast. Fatima was sucking my nipples and it also helped me with great pleasure. Gopal did his fucking methodically. I could feel his cock entering my fuck hole and reaching to the innermost point. It fitted so tight I liked it very much. I felt my orgasm also was coming very close. It gathered all over my groins and came crashing down.

My cunt was all in floods. Gopal knew that it has come and he pulled his cock out. Fatima took his wet cock in her mouth and sucked him. Gopal finally got his orgasm and he shot his fluids into the mouth of Fatima. She swallowed his entire discharge. We repeated two more times that night. All of us were very tired.

We slept for the rest of the night and we had similar episodes for the next two nights. Fatima was fully satiated. We started back to our hostel on Monday morning. Fatima had all praise for Gopal. Her manners and his actions were really praiseworthy. She regretted that she did not tip him anything.

I laughed and told her that he would have fucked us at least nine times during the three nights we spent there. Actually for getting such beautiful cunts he should have given us money and not that we tip him. The next week adventure...

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