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One Sunday night my wife, Reeta, invited her friend, Usha, and Usha’s husband, Jayanta for dinner and to watch new Hindi Movie with us to our quarter. Reeta and I are 32 and 35 and try to keep us in good shape. I am 5’-6”, and about 65 kg Reeta is five-foot-three, 58 kg and has long black hair that flows to her waist.

Reeta's measurements are 34C-28-40. I am working as engineer and she is a housewife. Usha is one of my wife’s most intimate friend since they were reading in R.D. women’s college in Bhubaneswar, staying in women’s hostel.She is about age 33, five feet two inch tall, and about 55 kg and has small breasts, beautiful eyes and -- oh yes -- a great mind.

I have admired Usha since the first time I had met her. Her size intrigued me, since my wife is much more developed in the tits department. I've mentioned to Reeta many times that Usha looked like the type of woman that a man could REALLY enjoy himself with. She is a housewife and her husband Jayanta is successful businessman in Bhubaneswar city.

Jayanta is about six feet height, 75kg weight and 35 ages. In that evening I picked up a new Hindi movie CD, one English title and to add something more an xxx movie for a change. When I got home, Reeta had just emerged from a bath. Seeing the water drip from her large, hard nipples, my cock was equally hard in no time.

I was about to get undressed and fuck Reeta, but she said Usha and Jayanta would arrive in about 10 minutes and I only had time to take bath myself and get dressed. At 7:00 p.m. they arrived and we got acquainted with the usual small talk and Usha and Jayanta sat down on the living room couch while Reeta and I went to the kitchen to bring some snacks and coffee for them.

Reeta told Usha to pick of which movie they wanted to watch first, winking at her. In the kitchen Reeta said she thought Jayanta was really good-looking and she couldn't wait to ask Usha privately if he was good in bed and if he had as big a cock as she had always loved. We returned to the living room with the snacks and coffee and Usha was looking at the CDs that I had brought, suggesting one.

She said we should watch one of the XXX-rated movies, as she had never seen one. Jayanta said he'd only seen one. Reeta and I looked at each other and agreed to watch a little bit of one, since Usha was being so insistent. Reeta said she would be a bit embarrassed, since in presence of Jayanta how she would be watching many scenes of fucking, sucking and cum shots (she didn't use that exact language, though, as I remember).

I put the CD and Reeta and I sat on the couch across from Usha and Jayanta, who were on the sofa. As with most of these films, there really wasn't much of a plot and soon we were watching a really young looking girl getting a very, very large cock slammed into her pussy from behind. This girl was really getting it and enjoying every inch of the guy's large cock.

I glanced at Usha and saw that she and Jayanta were really mesmerized by the scene unfolding before them on the screen. Reeta as always, was starting to squirm as she began to get turned on watching the movie. This was one of her favorite movies with big dick poking a cunt. I switched off the tube lights and put on the night lamp.

I guess I was a little concerned that Usha and Jayanta would notice that Reeta had her hand on my crotch, rubbing my growing erection through my jeans, and thought that with the lights down, they might not notice. As the movie went on, another man entered the room, and the fucking couple froze; the man supposedly was the husband and looked very startled by the scene before him.

Here was his wife on her knees on the bed and an unknown man had his monster cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. The couple on the bed expected the husband to really get mad and may be violent. She began pleading for his forgiveness while the guy just remained frozen on his knees behind this guy's wife, stunned and unable to move.

The husband walked over to the bed and without saying a word, dropped his pants, kicked them off and held his own large and very erect cock in front of his wife's face. She seemed to relax, as did the "stranger," and she took almost ALL of her husband's cock into her throat. I couldn't believe that she could swallow as much cock as she was.

The "stranger" slowly began fucking into the woman again and the woman began moaning really loud. I heard some strange noises coming from Usha and turned to see that she had Jayanta's cock (in oriya we say it BANDA) out of his pants with both of her hands wrapped around it, licking the head as she watched the movie. Jayanta was engrossed in the movie also.

I looked at Reeta and saw she was no longer watching the movie but was staring starry-eyed at the size of Jayanta 's cock, just the head of which Usha was now trying very hard to get into her mouth. I must admit that I had never seen a cock as large as Jayanta's. It had to be at least 7.5 inches long and 5 inches around and it was a real turn on to see it in Usha's small mouth.

Reeta had taken my cock out of my pants and was swallowing all 6 inches, to my balls, while staring at Usha licking and sucking Jayanta's cock. I looked at Usha again and noticed that she was staring at Reeta swallowing my cock and when she took it all into her throat again Usha moaned really loud.

That sort of broke the ice and we all become free a little. Reeta started to show off her deep-throat skills and Jayanta was also staring at my wife swallowing my cock. I saw Jayanta unbutton his wife’s blouse and knew I was actually going to see his wife’s tits for the first time. Jayanta moved her blouse to the side and squeezed one of Usha 's very hard nipples between his fingers.

I felt like my cock grew another inch and Usha's eyes met mine. She really was enjoying watching me watch them. I too began removing Reeta's blouse -- but before I removed it over her large tits,(in oriya we say it DHUDHA) she stopped me and looked me in the eye. She seemed uncertain about where this might lead if we all allowed things to continue at this pace.

I smiled at Reeta and told her that everything was okay since we all seemed to be enjoying ourselves. She moved her hand from mine and I removed her blouse completely. She blushed when she saw Jayanta staring at her big tits with their large circled nipples. Her nipples hardened under my touch. I lifted Reeta's right breast to show Jayanta more of it.

Usha was the first to talk, saying that she had always wished she had the breasts that her friend had. Reeta told her she had always wanted the petite little body that Usha had. Jayanta and I said, almost at the same time, that both were very beautiful and very sexy. Usha looked at her husband and then at my wife and asked he if she would like to see Jayanta's big cock from close distance.

Reeta was a bit stunned at her friend's question and looked up at me. I knew she'd love to get her hands on that cock. At first I hesitated, but we'd always had a very honest and loving relationship and I knew that I really had nothing to worry about as far as any reason for jealousy. I smiled at Reeta and she stood up, as did Usha.

They giggled like little girls and Usha began getting totally undressed. Reeta just naturally followed her example. Jayanta and I thought we might as well get comfortable, and got naked real fast. I thought I was going to get a treat by being able to watch my wife touching another man's cock. It being a giant cock was just a bonus.

As I watched Reeta kneel on the floor in front of Jayanta I found to my surprise that Usha was kneeling in front of me! God, she was a fox! She was so tiny, her nipple so extended and hard; her pussy (in oriya we say it BIA) looked so small and had a few drops of moisture that had formed around the lips. She looked like a little girl, since her pussy was completely shaved.

I could see her clit very clearly between her pussy lips. Usha reached out and took my cock in her hands, commenting how she had often wanted to do this with Reeta and I but never really thought it would happen. She said she'd never felt a cock get so hard before, and then dropped her mouth over my cock. I was in heaven! I had almost forgotten about Reeta and Jayanta.

Here I was, sitting in my living room naked with my wife’s most intimate friend naked body and she was sucking on my hard cock. I knew it wouldn't be too long before I would be blasting my cum down her throat if she kept this up and told her so. She just moaned again and swallowed more of my cock.

I looked over at my wife and saw that she had both hands on her friend's husband’s cock, holding it like a baseball bat and rubbing the head over her lips and between her tits. Jayanta couldn't help himself and grabbed her tits in each hand and began fondling her extended nipples. The sight of his hands on Reeta's tits was a real turn on and I told Reeta as much to show me their action.

She turned sideways so I could see what she was doing better. She said she had fantasized about having me watch her with another man many times but never thought it would be more than a fantasy. With that she dropped her head and took about four inches of that big black rod down her throat.

The sight of her lips stretched over the big cock and the sucking I was getting from her friend was just too much and I blew my steaming cum into Usha’s mouth. She was ready and immediately began swallowing all of it. As she continued to suck me and lick the cum she caught running down her chin, I grabbed her tiny tits, squeezing the nipples real hard.

As I spurted the last of my cum into her mouth Usha let out a moan and began her own orgasm. Usha got up and sat on the couch next to me, still rubbing my cock. She was on my right and lifted her left leg over my thighs. Then she took my hand and brought it to her wet pussy. She told me to stick two fingers into her and I quickly obliged.

I actually had trouble getting two fingers into her, even though she was sopping from her cum. She was SO tight, I was hoping I would get a chance tonight to actually put my hard cock in her and fuck her silly. Here I was now, ramming two fingers in and out of my wife’s friend’s pussy while she played with my cock and balls, and we were both watching my wife swallow as much of Jayanta's cock as she could.

Usha said they used to practice on cucumbers when they were younger and staying in college hostel. I was already getting hard again listening to Usha and seeing Reeta sucking away, trying to get Jayanta to cum. Reeta pulled back and said to Jayanta, "I want to taste your cum! Please cum in my mouth with your big beautiful cock!

I want my husband and your wife to see me swallow another man's cum." Reeta didn't even get her mouth back on Jayanta's cock before he shot his load all over her face. She quickly put his cock back in her mouth and was able to catch most of it, swallowing as fast as she could. He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming!

Usha said she'd always been amazed at how much this man would cum! After taking some rest and discussing about this new game, Usha began kissing Reeta deeply, swapping cum in her mouth. They were really getting turned on. Jayanta said that he had never seen two women making love together, I had seen it before in our movies but never would've believed I would see my wife and her friend making out in front of me.

They got into the 69 positions. As Usha lowered her head into Reeta's dripping pussy, she lowered her own, bare pussy onto Reeta's tongue. Both of us guys just sat in our places watching these two friends noisily licking and sucking each other's pussy. Reeta told me to come around behind Usha; she wanted to see my cock sliding into her friend's pussy.

I knelt with my knees on either side of Reeta's head and moved in closer to Usha's open pussy. Reeta took hold of my now rock-hard cock and rubbed it up and down Usha's pussy lips, making sure it rubbed her clit, also. When Usha began squirming back against my cock, Reeta placed it at the entrance of that tiny pussy.

Usha pushed back and I pushed forward, burying myself in her with one thrust. It was like fucking a woman's ass; I couldn't believe how tight she felt around my cock! Reeta said she loved seeing my cock in her friend’s pussy and began licking my cock on the outstroke and my balls when I buried myself in Usha. She was in heaven, from the sounds of her moaning.

She continued to lick and suck Reeta's pussy and clit while shoving her ass back onto my cock. Usha lifted her head to see what her husband was doing and was glad to see he was hard again, too. Usha said we had to change positions to allow all of us to have fun. Usha had me pull out and asked me to lie on my back. She then straddled me, facing my feet.

She laid back on my chest and told Reeta to continue to lick her pussy and my cock. Usha then told Jayanta to kneel behind Reeta and stuff that big cock into her. Usha told him to get all of it in Reena so she'd feel what it's like to be filled with a real 7.5 inches. While I reached around to play with Usha 's tits and nipples, I lifted my head to see the look on Reeta's face as she took this new, giant, black, cock into her tight pussy.

As Jayanta knelt behind my wife with that huge cock sticking out, Reena said she was going to really enjoy getting that entire rod into her pussy. My wife hadn't had another man since we were married and I could tell she was really looking forward to this. I saw her reach around behind her and grab Jayanta's cock and rub it up and down, getting the head wet from her juices that were by now really flowing.

She started to stuff his cock into her and told him to take it easy so she could adjust to his new size a little at a time. I saw her eyes roll back and her mouth open as he started pushing into her. I knew just what he was feeling entering my wife's pussy and I really got turned on seeing her take him.

Meanwhile, Usha was bobbing up and down on my cock and making a lot of unintelligible sounds and saying how good my cock felt in her. After about two minutes Reeta took ALL of that huge cock into her wet pussy. After adjusting to his size and after he began a steady fucking into her, my wife lowered her tongue to her friend’s pussy again, sucking Usha's clit Usha was the first to cum.

She really got wild. She screamed out "OHH dear, cum in my pussy, fill me with your hot cum, I want my friend to see her husband's cock spurting into my pussy and then lick your cum from me." I gladly obliged, filling her with my cum as her tight pussy sucked it from my hard cock. Her bare pussy kept milking my cock with contractions until I was totally drained.

I wondered how my wife could ever get all of that giant cock of Jayanta's into her tight pussy! I am not small, but compared to Jayanta...well you get the idea. Usha stood up. I got up and plopped on the couch, totally exhausted but hoping I could still fuck Usha again before the night was over. Reeta disengaged from Jayanta and turned over onto her back.

She lifted her legs until her head was between her knees and said, "Jayanta, get over here and put that big hard cock back in my hot pussy and fuck me into the ground." Jayanta moved up between my wife's thighs and I saw my wife take his big cock and place it back at the opening of her dripping pussy. Reeta said, "Ram that monster into me and then fill me with your cum.

I want to be fucked hard and let my husband see me getting fucked and see a big hard cock fill my pussy with his cum." She looked fantastic spread out there before another man, and what a turn on to watch that cock spreading her pink pussy lips and sinking into her depths!

My wife looked me right in the eye as Jayanta fucked into her with one stroke and said, "Do you like seeing your wife being fucked by another man? Do you enjoy seeing my hot pussy swallow another man's cock?” I couldn't believe this was really happening. I saw Jayanta squeezing his wife’s nipples as he fucked.

Jayanta held Reeta's ankles to spread her legs and pussy wide so I could see his cock splitting my wife's pussy. Here was my wife, her ass lifting off the floor to meet his I walked around so Usha could take my cock in her mouth again. I pushed my cock sliding into Usha's mouth. My wife yelled out, "My God, I am going to cum from being fucked by a big cock!

Fill me, fuck me hard! I want my husband to see your cum overflowing my pussy around your fabulous cock...I'm CUMMING!!!" Jayanta gave out a big grunt and filled my wife with his cum. I could see his cum flowing out around his cock; my wife's pussy was so filled with cock there couldn't have been room for his cum. I continued watching and told Usha I was going to cum again.

Usha held my cock out away from her and stroked me until I blasted all over her face. She started to rub my cum all over her face and tits. Jayanta pulled his cock out of my wife with a loud plopping sound. Usha said she'd always wanted to get fucked in the ass, but there was no way she could handle her husband’s monster cock in her. She wasn't sure she could even take me but wanted to know if I'd try.

My cock sprung to full right away in answer to her question. Reeta got some cream and with Usha on her hands and knees, spread the cream on and in Usha 's asshole. Usha was really getting turned on. Reeta said she couldn't wait to take her husband's cock and feed it into her friend's tight asshole.

She worked my cock head into Usha's ass and then, surprisingly, Usha shoved back hard with a scream and buried my cock in her ass. She held still for a few seconds and then began fucking back and forth. Her ass was so tight I didn't think I would've lasted too long if I hadn't cum a couple of times already.

I'd never fucked a woman in the ass – Reeta always thought it would hurt too much -- but when she saw how much her friend enjoyed having a cock in her ass she wanted to try it, too. Reeta got on her knees next to Usha and told me to alternate between their asses (in oriya we say it GANNDI)

I pulled out of Usha and got behind Reeta, who had already put lots of cream in and around her asshole. Reeta told me to ram my cock into her ass in one stroke. I asked if she was sure. She reached back, grabbed my cock, placed it at her asshole and rammed herself back onto my hard cock.

My wife was screaming about how much it hurt and yet moaning how great it felt to be stuffed like this. I pulled out and plunged into Usha again. After about every five or six strokes, I switched asses. I was in heaven, fucking my wife's ass and then her friend's ass and so on and so on, etc., etc., etc. I blasted all of my cum deep into Usha ass instead of my wife's.

Reeta didn't mind and I knew that since she seemed to like this a lot now, we would be doing it again in the future. That night I watched my wife fuck that huge cock two more times and had her suck me off once while I watched her getting fucked. When we finally exhausted and stopped we all decided to take a break. We had been fucking for about an hour and a half. We toasted our newfound relationship.

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I am Sandeep from bhubaneshwar would like to share one of my true experience from the last two years. Let me tell you about myself I am an avg height good looking guy after completing my studies went for higher studies and got placed. Although this incident is not my 1st sexual experience but can be termed as one with a lot of adventure.

I got transferred to bhubaneshwar and after joining my office I found I had a girl smita in my team of sales. This girl was at around 5" had a lovely figure, 32, 28, 34.Smita has been working in the comp since 7 yrs and was senior to me in experience but was supposed to report me.But coz of her hold over our boss she tried not to report me.

She used to behave as If she was my boss and would order me in a arrogant voice to visit a particular client. This annoyed me but as my boss was a guy having a great weakness for females, he would not care for my problem. To solve this problem I had a plan in my mind I started making friendship with her and tried to make her believe we are a team and had to compete with other teams to be known in the company.

Suddenly there was a blessing on me, a guy from another team had complained abt smita to the boss. I took an advantage of the thing and said her if she really wants to rebuild boss's confidence she has to work as I say she agreed. I told her some management tricks to make boss realize she was an asset to the company (boss started thinking of smita as an asset rather than just imagining about smita's assets: on a lighter side).

My formula was working and Smita was happy on my wits she started believing me and my words on every thing, gradully she took my opinion in matters related to her family her love life, we became close. We started being good friends, we moved together on sales calls.

Everything was in place now as boss was also happy that I could bring out the qualities of Smita as a sales person as she was never interested on the job. And on the other hand Smita was also happy as she was appreciated for her growing concern for the company betterment.

I was staying alone in a flat and while moving for sales call one day we had gone to the locality where I stayed, I said Smita I stay here and with a fishy smile would u like to see my flat to which she agreed we went there rested for a while on my bed and we chatted on various topics.She had seen the whisky bottle in my fridge and asked me about my habbits we were laughing at my drinking and cool life style.

Then she asked me about my past gfs I was very frank and said about all to which she acknowledged I am a flirt.And in a mocking tone asked and wat other enjoyments I have done with my gfs to which I said,"Every thing which ur thinking of."She relied were u also physical I said yes.

then I didnt miss the opportunity of asking about her love life she said she had a few bfs and now she has broken off with all then with a cunning smile I asked and the physical part.Smita said it was restricted to only to hugging kissing and only one guy had tried go ahead but.....I asked her but what ???Smita relied,"I ll tell u once we are more close,its already too late lets move as every body would suspect us if we are late and we moved to ofice.

After this I was always in search of a opportunity to take her home but things didnt support us.One Saturday (half working day) I asked smita what are your plans or the evening she said she is free the I offered her for a hang out with me to which she agreed.We went to the Ekamra Park famous for lovers.

We chatted for 2 hours about every thing under the sun love,sex,types of men and women, childhood days etc etc.We were like best of friends on earth.At around 6.30 pm we moved out and sat on my car in the parking. Smita was looking goergeous with a red dress I said, "Smita ur ver pretty ".

She said But I have put on some weight now-a-days to which I started looking over her boobs and waist and said thats normal u dont want to be a model anyways.She said but this little extra fat on my belly,I dont like I then put m hand on her belly and said dats fine,this makes u look more hot to which she laughed suddenly I could not resist myself pulled her towards me and planted a kiss on her cheeks with my hand behind her waist,

she rected positivel and we moved on to a lip kiss and I was tring to put my hands on her boobs,to which she was a bit resistant.Even I didt push myself a lot as I was scared jyada ki umeed main kahin pura na kho jaun. Afetr dat we moved on the way I asked her how did she like the kiss she said it was an out of the world feeling and since long she didnt have this feeling as it was a long time she broke-off.

To which I replied It was the same for me too but I wished or something more she asked Wht? I bluntly replied I wanted to feel u,she asked where ? I said ur chest to which she in a jovial manner hit my shouders I again asked her please can I? Then she agreed even she wanted more I said but where as we were already on the main road.

Then we put on the windows switched on the ac I started feeling her thighs while driving she was excited and gradully I moved towards the inner thigh she was too excited and caught my hand u are driving we may end up in a accident,u drive ill make u enjoy now.

Then she started moving her hands over my thigh gradually towards my prick my prick was rock hard and tring to burst then suddeny the place come where I had to drop her she stopped.Then I took the car to a corned pulled her towards me and gave a french kiss to her with m hands pressing her boobs.Then she left.

Then the next day I was waiting outside the lift for her to come she came we were about to take off but suddenly a old man entered the lift I was annoyed and she was laughing seeing my agitation ater the old man moved out I said her ohh I forgot my keys on the table and asked her to come with me and the lift door was closed.

Like a animal I started pressing her boobs and feelin her nipples she had put her hand on my trousers and pressing my dick hard.We could no venture inside our clothes as its only a 3 floored building. These lift encounters incresed and we also never missed a opportunity inside ofice when we got one.In the evening all my off staf would be sitting togather discussing

if the current went off I would put m hands on her thigh press her pussy and before current comes I would be done.In the lift when moving with all my colleuges would stand behind her and push my prick on her ass without any one noticing.We have a private room for taking phone calls some times I would get in with a call to take and she w ould follow me,

we would be talking on phone and I would stand behind her with my dick pusing her ass crack she would also move to feel my prick better. Finally one day gota chance went to my room hurriedly I sat on the bed corner pulled her towards me and started kissing her desperately pulling her dress up pushed out her bras black one she had medium sized boobs I sucked them with full vigour bit her nipples,

with one hand I was smooching her one boob and biting another boob.Then I put her down on the floor on a mat and felt her thighs and and panty above her dress.Then suddenly I felt my dick was paining a lot as it had bulged and had little space under my jeans with a jerk I pulled down my jean and undie.

Smita was shocked a this sight of my 7" she felt numb for a minute I put her hand on my prick she was kinda scared to hold it,then suddenly her mobile rang her bro had called and asked her to come soon to off as he was waiting they had some family function to attend.All my dreams were shattered as I was not able to fuck her.

We moved back on the way she said my dick was very impressive she wanted to do a lot of things with it but kismat nahi aaj.I said u can atleast feel it while on the wa back and she pulled mi zip and took it out and started to shake it and feel she gave superb comments like I was dying to see u junior sandeep since the day we first kissed,

i love u junior etc and I requested her to jerk me as I was excited she jerked me while I was driving the juices fall on the seat and some on her hand,I appolised her she said she likes it. Again ater a long halt one day we got a chance to go to my flat I was well preperred with a condom and honey for a desperate honey sex session.

We unclothed each other I was on the bed she poured hone on my dick and sucked as I had guided her the I put honey and massaged her boobs ass back and thighs and then I licked all the honey from her body like a dog.I made her turn back and started licking her back and moved to her ass licked her ass crack put some honey on her crack and made straight movents

with my tongue then I put some on her ass hole tried to enter my index finger with the honey and lciked her pussy.The finally started to put the condom and enter her suddenly she said sorry sandeep we cant make it today as she had some problem and had to go to the gyn-st for check up with her momthe doc would know if she has intercorce today,

I was very sad to this and she said my sweet darling dont be upset I ll make u happy and had a weird idea of sex.She asked me to move to the roof top ater wearing clothes and then I was standing on the roof onl the upper portion of my body was visible we had locked the roof entrance door it was evening and getting darker people in other apts were on the roof she pulled

my dick out and started sucking it was like she was sitting down so no one could see her or my open pants there was a water tank by the side which also hided her.I was seeing pretty gals and women on the adjacent roof tops and my dick was sucked by smita I ejaculated in her mouth.I thanked her for a new innovative and wonderfull sexperience.

Few months passed we tried to feel each other put hands in private parts when ever got a chance to. We had a meeting in a Hotel,there was a lovely toilet.The conf room was on the 3rd floor and the 2 nd floor had only rooms I made up a plan and went to the ladies toiled in 2nd floor and informed smita before.

She too came down we removed each others clothes and stated to do 69 but we were very scared as it was not very relaible so cudnt fuck. After few months I got married and also Smitas marriage was finalised We both had one sorrow we cud never enter each other..Then one day Smita and me had gone out to get a gift for a collegue for B day,

after parking the car it was dark outside and we strted kissing each other and Smita put her hand on my dick inside my pants we were jus feelin each other then suddenl Smita said lets get to the back seat We moved and I put a car towel over the gap made in the front seat and started playing with others private parts she had removed my undies and I had pulled her panties

and feeling each other suddenly Smita jumped on my thighs and held my dick straight and put it inside her ohhhh myyyyy finally we f****d we were so happy she was bouncing on my lap I was pressing her boobies,pinching her nipples and times pressing her soft ass Finally we came togather...We both felt relaxed and happy that atlast we cud make love...

Again one more time on a saturday when office is less crowded we went to the office ladies toilet and fucked...The relationship is still on my wife likes her as my collegue and her husband also knows me but they dont know about our relation but still whenever we get a chance we enjoy each other...

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Hi, I am Anitha 31 years old married woman from Kerala near Kochi. I have a son of age 7 and my hus doing business. He runs a supermarket. He goes shop in morning at about 7am and comes late in night at about 10 or 11pm. He is so cool person not much friendly and always serious nature.

I always be in full respect to him means not a friendly relationship but always serious with full respect of a wife to her husband. I never shout him and never talk him even louder. And always be in front of him as a student standing in front of headmaster. Also he is not much romantic but we do sex as husband and wife. But don’t talk anything romantic while do sex.

Always no conversations only do fucking mostly laying posse and never ever did anything wilder as we saw in porn. Like we never do different kind of posses, roaming all over home fully naked r never had sex in lights on. Thus we were fully a conservative family and I was totally a conservative wife. Never know anything naughty or any kind of funs. The incident I’m telling happened 3 year back.

After hus go to shop and kid go to school I will be alone here. My hero in this story is Jijo who runs a computer centre in next compound of my home and he rent that shop room from its owner. My hus was renting that shop earlier later when he started new supermarket in town somebody else rent it. Now Jijo runs his computer centre there. He is very nice and gentle person.

His shop’s back door opens to my kitchen side. And while I’m working in kitchen he used to talk to me from that door and ask me for hot water to drink. There are only a little students comes there for study computer. So lot of free time for him and he used to talking me and I find he is very nice person. Once he asked me whether I bore whole time being home alone.

I said yes sometimes I boring but adjust with TV. He asked why I can’t buy a computer so that it is good time pass if I have internet. I said I don’t know operate computer. He asked me to take a course at his computer centre so that I will be able to operate it well. I smiled and blushed. He said at least it is a time pass and don’t want to waste time at home na.

Then I said I will ask Hus about it and tell u later. Then another day I asked Hus and he agreed since its next to our home, no need to go far. From the very next day I started class at him and within 2 months I become so familiar with pc. Also we become good friends. He was always nice and decent. And I finished course and stopped going there.

Now also he used to talk me if he is free at my kitchen side while I'm working. And once he asked me if I'm boring at home come there and help him. Only thing I have to do is teach basics of computer for kids coming there. He has some BOP typing works also so he will do it and I have to take care students and he will pay for me. I said hus will not allow me to go for job.

He said “don’t take it as job, just a time pass since you are boring at home always. If hus not like you working then leave it. But if you feel bored just come there and help me not as a staff just as a good friend and its a time pass for u too na”. I said ok that I can do. If I'm free I will come. So from that day I used to go there if I'm free.

Most times I will be free at about 11am finishing my works at kitchen and till 4 pm when kids come back. So I go there in between that time. But since it is school time no much students that time. All students come there to study computer will be before school time or after school. So when I go there mostly me and he alone there.

He may be doing his BPO works and I will be there talking him and net browsing. We used to talk many things. About family, social issues, movie, channel shows, etc. Thus we have become good friends and I like talking him since he was my only company. Thus days going and we become very close friends.

Once while we talking about movies and actress he said about his favourite actress and I said about mine. Then we used to fight about them. He tells his favourite actress is good and I said mine favourite actress is better than her. It was usual we make fight about them and once he told me my favourite actress is not a good girl and her blue films are on internet.

That was new news for me. He said he don’t know whether it is real or fake but he had seen something. I was curious to know more and he said many roomer stories of her and other some actress. It was unbelievable for me. And he noticed my curiosity to hear it. Again another day same topic came and he told me about my favourite actress’s blue film (I'm not telling her name).

He explained what was in that video she and one man sitting sofa. Then he kissed her and then he put hands inside her top and pressed her boob et. I become uncomfortable because no one talked such things to me before. He understood it and changed the topic. I used to remember all his comments after come back to home and when I'm alone.

Again other days also it continued and as days passed I was becoming comfort with that all talks. But sometimes when his comments become vulgar I become uncomfortable. So he realized it and change topic (that’s why I like him lot so much understanding friend).

Another day when he said about blue films of actress I fight with him telling you are joking I will not believe you because those actress does not like that they all are good family and bla bla. He said ok he will show me that clip next day. I said no I don’t want see anything.

Then another day while we were alone there he told me there is a surprise and asked me to come with him and we went to his personal cabin in back corner of that shop and he took his lap and played one clip and said this is that actress’s clip. With my curiosity I look into it with full surprise and it seems a hidden cam video. Not much clear but that woman seems like hat actress.

A man kissing her sitting in sofa and hugging. Then he put hands inside her top and was pressing her boob. It was 1st time I watch such kind of clips. I was surprised so was watching it with a lot of curiosity. But suddenly I felt bad and said ok close it and came back. He too understood I become uncomfort so he closed it and came back and talked me something else to change topic.

Then later he showed me such some clips. Since I was a conservative lady I was duel minded. Sometimes I like that topic but sometimes feel bad. He know it and if I'm comfort he talk such things else he change topic. He always care not to hurt me and well managed our talks according to my mood. Day by day I was becoming more and more comfortable to see that kind of clips.

Some days he used to store good clips in his lap and when I come there he send me to his personal cabin and he take care shop so that I can watch all that clips at his cabin. No one come there since it s in back corner of his shop. It is comfortable. Also he know I don’t like vulgar clips and that all not familiar to me. So he avoided so much vulgar clips and English porn.

Initially he only save some mallu clips of hot scene not sex scene. Then then as I becoming comfort he increased the vulgarness. Initially only hot scene of some movie like kissing hugging etc. Later hugging, pressing etc. Then as I'm becoming comfortable he increased sexual content. Means later hugging, kissing removing saree. Then later removing blouse.

Next time naked top scenes etc. Thus day by day sexual content of clips increased. He know I don’t like if I shown a fully porn clip at very first time. So he considers my mind and slowly slowly introduced me to such clips. Sometimes I feel bad so I close it and tell him I will come later and go to home. Then next day I will be ok. Thus days passed and we become best friends. Now I become comfortable to watch clips. But now also I watch movie clips not porn clips.

Means only kissing, hugging, boob sucking and foreplays. I was not comfortable to watch porn clips like fucking and other things. So I don’t watch that all. He too care to show me romantic small sexual scene rather than fucking scenes. Thus one day it was local hartal here. Means only in our region. Since hus’s shop and kid’s school in town they went and I was alone here.

It was about 8:30 am. I was waiting in front road for some fish sellers to buy fish for lunch. But since hartal no one came. Then I saw Jijo coming and opening his shop’s shutter. I said him hai and asked him how will he open shop since it is hartal. He said he have some urgent works so he have to open. Then I went inside.

Later when I was at kitchen side he was standing in back door of his shop. I asked him what happened. He said somebody told him to close shop so he closed shutter. I asked about his urgent works. He said he have to do it so he closed shop and enter shop through back doors. So no problem. And he asked me to gave him company if I'm free. I said ok I will come. And later I finished my kitchen works and went there.

Since shop was closed I went there in my nigh tee which I wear at home. Then I opened a pc and started net browsing. He was doing his works. Then he told me about one hot site of mallu hot pics and clips. I opened it and was watching them and if something interesting pics or clip comes I show him he too guid me trough what all he watched in that.

And thus for more than 1 hours I was watching those he too and simultaneously he was doing his works too. I become Horney watching it and also I was alone with him in a closed shop na. Then he finished his works and joined me. I was sitting on chair and he stand just behind me touching my chair with his hands on chair.

He bend forward to explain something and he took mouse in his right hand from me and was showing me some pics and clips. His face was very close to my face and he was looking to monitor and was telling something about that visuals. Since I was Horney and he was very close to me my heart started hitting fast.

He rested his left hands on my left shoulder which passed some electricity in my body. I didn’t resist just continue watching visuals without telling anything. It was a mallu hot clip in which some housewife doing foreplay with a younger guy. And he was explaining about it. I was nervous don’t know what happened. But that atmosphere made me something unusual.

A closed shop, me and he alone there, we watching hot clips, no one else will come there since shop is closed and a total safe place and I know it’s something naughty watching hot clips with another man. Some bad thoughts were passing to my mind. So I was silent and was looking at monitor, not facing him.

He realized my mood and know I started feeling something unusual and my breathing increased. So he slowly started squeezing my left shoulder. I didn’t react and was sitting completely freeze. Since I'm not resisting he got green signal and he moved his hands down slowly through my hands massaging me.

And his left hands reached left side of my waist and he rested his face on my right shoulder. Now I feel his warm breath on my neck and he was continuing telling comments about that visual in monitor. We both were looking to monitor only and in background he was massaging my left waist and pressing his face on my right shoulder. I was totally off mined and don’t know what's happening.

I just sat freeze without any reaction, just looking in to monitor and without any emotion in my face. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong, or resist or allow. I was unable to make a decetion so I was reaction less. He started smelling my neck and hairs and closing his eyes and feeling me. I can feel he is going high due to my smell because he was holding my waist so much hard.

Since I was not resisting yet he started kissing my neck and shoulders. I closed my eyes and still confused what to do. He utilized my frozen mind. He made me stand up and removed that chair and hold me tight to his body from backside. And was holding my waist with both hands and pressing my body towards him and kissing my shoulders and neck madly.

I was enjoying it and same time not able to accept it. And unable to react. So he was going mad and he turned me quick and hug me tight and kissed my lips. Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddddd..... it was amazing. A man rather than my hus sucking my lips. I was unable to realize what's happening.

He was utilizing my freezen mind by sucking my lips harder and hugging me madly and moving hands all over my body and pressing. He was totally mad and was doing that all as a hungry man. I too started enjoying and without knowing I had hugged him back. May be I was out of mind and my secret desires inside me was doing that.

So he was kissing me madly and hugging me hard. Kissing my lips, neck, shoulders, and byte my neck, cheek, lips, nose, ears, etc. And while hugging and kissing madly he hold my ass tight in his hands. I removed his hands from there. So he removed hands and continued hugging and kissing. Then he hold my boob tight in his hands and again I removed.

Thus my attitude was changing just like scene in “Anyan” tamil movie in which Prakash Raj questioning Vikram and his personality continuesly changing to ambi and anyan. Lolzz..... so thus my mind was continuously changing. For a second my mind tells me to enjoy it and next second mind remind me its wrong escape or tell me remove his hands or resist him.

Thus about 20 min he was hugging and pressing and kissing me continuesly. And I was completely dueal minded and not able to decide what to do. And finally I felt its bad and my mind pulled me back from it. So I push him back and told I'm going and went back to my home quickly.

Then after that incident I was unable to face him. So I avoided chances to face him and was hiding in my home without caught in his view. But I was continuously thinking what was happened and sometimes I felt bad and I'm cheating my hus and sometimes I liked what all he did. For more than two weeks I avoided all chances to be in front of him.

I didn’t went there and hide when he appeared in his back door at my kitchen side. Then another day I was waiting on road with my kid for kid’s school auto. Then Jijo came and same time auto also came. Jijo came near us and asked something casual things. Asked my kid how's he and also talked to me and auto driver, said some jokes and casual talks.

Then after auto gone he just smiled at me. Just normal smile, not naughty smile. Then he went to his shop. I want back to my home. My mind cool down because I think my problem to face his was I don’t know how to react or what to tell if he ask anything about that incident when he met me. Since he didn’t asked anything or not show any sign of that and behave like nothing happened I become comfortable.

And in my mind I said thanks to him being so gentle and understanding me very well. Next few days also we met many times and he never show any sign of that incident in his talk or look or face expressions. Always behave me normal as usual and friendly. So I was comfortable. And again we become good friends as before. Slowly I again started going there as before.

And we used to talk many things, I help him on works etc. But he never spoke anything naughty as before. Never talked anything vulgar or anything about hot clips or pics. Always be very decent in talks and I doubt he had forget all that naughty things. Lolz. Actually I was disappointed in that. Because I know my inner mind like that all naughty and need it again.

But he was behaving decent and never ever talked anything naughty again. So I become disappointed. I don’t know what's in my mind but I'm sure I was getting disappointed since he is not talking me anything naughty. Then another day while we were talking alone in hi shop. Then after talking many jokes and casual topics I asked him casually “hey you don’t have any new video clips..? or you had become decent man...?”.

he smiled at me and told me he know I didn’t like that all so that he never talk about it. And he said he know I'm a conservative lady from a conservative family so he can understand my conditions and mental status and limitations and other social aspects very well. Then he said “more than that now I'm one of your best friend na.? So I should understand u well”.

I smiled and said “you are currect and thank for understanding me these much and one change in your comment”. He asked “what change ?” I said “not one of the best friend... you are only my best friend because I don’t have any other friends”. He smiled and said thanks. I said “also you r understanding me very well which always surprise me and I said thanks for it again”.

He said no mention. Then we continued talk and he said he didn’t become decent guy now also he have new video clip collections and he said he will give me it in a CD so that I can watch it at my home when I'm alone. He said so you will be comfortable since you are alone and you can comfortably watch it. I become shy and I said “hey no need, I just asked, that’s all, leave it”.

He said “don’t worry it’s just fun. You are uncomfortable to watch it here na? You can watch it at your place. That’s better and safe”. I didn’t said anything and then one student came. So I started teaching that kid and he continued his work. While I'm going back to home he gave me one CD and I went home and played it and it was small small hot clips.

I watched it fully comfortable since it’s my home. Next day I gave it back. Then I stopped going there for taking class for kids. But only go there and talk him if I free. Then he gave me some hot movie CD and I watch it and gave him back. All CDs contain only foreplays not nude sex Thus it continued some more days.

Then whenever I watch that all I used to be Horney and I think about that incident he had hugged and kissed me madly. I liked it lot and feel like he should at least touch me once more. Then another day he didn’t opened shop. Next day also didn’t opened shop. I was missing him. I watched CD many time and was feeling his touch.

But I don’t know what happened he didn’t opened shop for two days. Third day he had came afternoon and didn’t opened shop but opened back door and was inside shop. I went there and asked what happened why u were not coming for 2 days. He said he was busy to prepare some documents for some bank purpose.

Then he was doing something there and I was sitting there and talking to him. Since shop was closed and we only were inside alone it was seems like that hartal day. I was feeling high and my mind was expecting same act from him now. But he didn’t talked anything naughty and was casual talking. I tried to change topic to that. But he was not responding.

May be he was understanding something naughty but he never responded. After finishing his work he said “shall we go.?” I said ya sure. Then we went out and he closed backdoor and went. I came back my home and I was completely disappointed. And I thought myself for a second what I was expecting. I know will not be able to do sex with him. I'm not mentally ready for it.

Thats sure. Then what I was expecting from him. I thought about it for sometimes and I know I don’t want anything wrong. But when I feel Horney I need he to touch my body. Just a hug or just he hold me tight and I wanna feel his warm body. Thats all. Nothing more. Then I smiled myself what a stupid woman I am. Then leave that topic and went to my kitchen works.

Then after two days he had opened shop then while I was working at kitchen I saw him and he said all his documents ready and he was busy for applying some bank loan. Now it’s all finished. Then he asked me to come there after finishing work. Because since his shop didn’t opened for two days no students came today. May be they thought today also shop closed.

So he is free and boring. So he asked me to come there. So I went there after my works. We started talking casually. He said about his bank loan and other thing for last few days. Then he asked how was my days. And I said all fine and other things about kid, hus etc. Then later he asked me where is that CDs which he gave me. And I said its with me.

He said care it well without knowing hus. I said ya I take care it well and will not take chances. Then he said thats fine and by the way whether I watched it. I said I had saw t many times and we both laughed. I don’t know how I got courage to talk him such frankly these things. Then he realized I'm in good mood. So he said he will show me something and he opened net and started browsing.

And showed me some clips of some hot movie. I was listening to him and was watching it. So I become Horney and I become in mood same as that in hartal day. I was silent and was watching it. He was talking some comments about that clips. And he sat near me and was explaining about that clips. And as I was silent he realized in going high in mood.

And my heart started beating fast. Also he had got some clue from my body language about what I was expecting last day. But since he was in busy he didn't get time to confirm it. So he was checking my attitude now. He was sitting closer to me and was showing me some hot very hot clips. Since I'm silent and little nervous he realized I'm in Horney mood.

Then he was telling comments about that hot clips in very low sexy voice and was looking to my face in very lusty way. From my facial expression (I was feeling less in face and little nervous and not facing him. Straightly looking to monitor and was in silent) he understood I'm ready to feel him.

He looked into my eyes and asked me “shall I close shop so that no one will come”... I looked to his eyes and no any emotion in my face and little nervous and sound was not coming out. But I said “hmmmm”. So he walked to stutter and closed it and came back and stand backside of my chair.

Directly he put his face on my shoulder and caught my waist from backside and smelt me in my neck closing his eyes. I too closed my eyes and was feeling him. Then he made me stand up and turned me and started hug me tightly and kiss me. He started lick my lips. This time I too was hugging him bag and responded to his kiss.

So he was kissing me madly sucking my lips and tongue and moving his hands all over my body. He byte my lip then neck and shoulder. And pressed my boob and back so hard. Kissing my neck he raised my churidar and was about to open bottom of my chiridar. Then I stopped him. And hugged him and press his face to my neck.

He again tried to insert hands in my bottom but I stopped him and told at his ears in low voice “please don’t open my dress” and I hugged him tight and was pressing his face to my neck. He was confused for a moment and then asked me in my ears in low voice “r u not comfortable in me entering your dress.. ” I said “hmmmm”. He smiled and said “don’t worry... I will not.” and kissed me.

Then he asked in my ears “what you want now ask me”. I said in his ears “I wanna be close in your hands and feel warm of your body”. He smiled and kissed me again and hugs me tight and was sucking my lips again. This time his tongue went inside my mouth and I sucked it well. Then he asked me to give him my tongue so I entered my tongue and he licked it for sometimes and we exchanged our saliva.

Then he took me and made me lay on table. And he kissed me from my foot to my head. Then he to lay on me and again hugging and kissing and wild foreplay. We both were mad. He was pressing his cock to my body over dress I can feel his hardness. And finally I realized he had cum in his pant and fell on my body and we lay hugging for sometimes.

Then we wake up and I was shy. I said I'm going and will come later and went to my home. He went bathroom for cleaning his pant. I know its too lengthy. But I don’t know to write a story which is smaller and matter is told shortly. I'm writing what all I remember and come to my mind. So I didn't care about length of my story. If I continue it, it will become a mega serial. So I'm stopping it here and will tell remaining story in next post.

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Michael fucking smoking hot neighbourhood girl

I do not know if people from other countries apart from india are allowed to post on this blog. But I would really appreciate if u would post this story. I have been reading stories from this blog since last year and I must confess, this blog is awesome. First of all introductions, I am Michael Mc Ronald from Nigeria in Africa.

I am 19yrs old. I'm dark, I keep a mohawk hair. I'm fairly tall. Let me not bore you with details and go to the main story. The incident happened barely a month ago. A family just moved to our neighbourhood. They have this daughter who is smoking hot. The first time I set my eyes on her, I knew something was bound to happen between us.

I visited them in their house, exchanged pleasantries with everyone, welcomed them and all that, but I intentionally ignored her(that is my way of hooking up with a girl). I just smiled at her and then she returned the smile. Since then I started devising ways of getting her. No man would see her and not dream of landing her in bed. Is it her big jiggling boobs? or those landslide back.

She wears clothes that reveals a lot of her cleavage. We got chatting, and I got to know that she just broke up with her boyfriend who she described as an asshole. Then the opportunity came on a monday morning. I was home alone, and fortunately for me, she came knocking on my door. I opened the door for her.

This girl was so out of this world, with a white sleeveless top, revealing a lot of upper flesh, a tight mini skirt, I knew this was my chance. I ushered are in, and she told me she was having problem surfing the web with her new phone. I configured the phone, she was really happy. We started discussing, ranging from different topics like school, relationship etc.

It got to a point both of us got silent. I was staring into her eyes and she was doing same. I noticed her skirt had gone up, I decided to take the moment. I held her hands, she just smiled, her breathing became hard, I kissed her cheeks, she moaned a little, I moved to her lips, we kissed for a very long time, she took my hands to her boobs and started moaning in a very sexy way.

She held my dick from my trousers, it was already rock hard. I squeezed her boobs from her top, gradually I got her naked, sucked her big nipples, fingered her pussy, in no time I was naked, she gave me a nice blowjob, I positioned her in a missionary style, and inserted my cock in her pussy, she cummed immediately, I fucked her hard for about 15 mins after which I cummed in her.

It felt so nice. After this she got to the bathroom to clean herself up. After which I still pressed her boobs, we still fuck anytime we get the opportunity. Hope to post more sexcapades of the both of us.

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Chandana having hot encounter with Boss

I am writing this story of my own which happened in my life. I am not a good story writer. If any mistakes are there please excuse me. I hope u all excuse me if any mistakes are there. I am Chandana, my friends call me as chandu. I am an employee in a company as a personal secretary to my Boss.

After completing my graduation due to my financial problems in my home I cant continue my studies. So I have joined in this company as a receptionist an year back. I am friendly to every one in the office I use to help all the employees in there work, by this I have helped the secretary of my boss, I know the work what he does.

Later he got a better opportunity, she has resigned the job and I have became the P.A. of my Boss. As my responsibilities in the office are getting more my pay is also getting increased and I am happy wid that and I have to do late nights in office. Sometimes I may get late to reach the home.

My parents use to scold me at the first later they understand my problem they gave me a full freedom. My boss is very strict in work and he needs the work in time. some times I used to give d work in time but some times I use to get failed and I have to see his anger. To tell me about my boss he is around 53 years of age got retired frm the military department.

And u know they are very strict in work and they wont work in time. I forgot to tell u about me I am 5.2 inches not very beautiful but looks average. My friends use to say that my lips and my eyes looks very beautiful, rather u can say as sexy. Our is a consultancy office so there will be a regular meetings wid the officials people some times after office hours also.

So also use to attend to the meetings as I am his personal secretary. Once there was a meeting in the office with the officials as it was a week end day (Saturday). Me and my boss were present in the office and at the last movement it got cancelled and my boss invited me to have a dinner wid him as it was d dinner time as we waited for the officials.

We reached d restaurant and he ordered for the drinks and I said tht I never had any drinks. He did me and said tht it will juz like a cool drink and cant insist him as he is my boss. While having drinks he said that he has only daughter who stays in U.S. who got married a year and half back as it was a love marriage he was against it.

He said tht his wife also went to us to settle the issues raised between their family and he is alone and thts the reason he spends more time in office. He asked me abt my family details and my love affairs in my life. I said tht I dont have such affairs wid anyone and he laughed for a min and asked me is tht is a true.

He said that he wont believe now a days gals….. for which I got hurt some what and kept silent. Later he ordered for a food we had and slowly the power of the drink power is playing with my mind and some thing is happening to me, as it was for the first time that I was having drinks in my life. My body is getting lighter and lighter and I don’t know how I reached upto the parking.

My boss is nearby as I was about to get into the car but I slipped and my boss stop me as in such a way that I was hugging him on his chest and a sudden power has been has been passed in both of us. He slowly open the car door and sit him beside and driving. While driving also I was falling on him and touched his penis.

Some thing change has been came in him, drive his car to his home. While reaching his home he was playing wid my cheeks and my boobs and I was responding to him. We reached his home and me slept in the sofa and had given me one more drink for one more time and I accepted it. While having the second peg he made me sit on his lap made me kiss on my lips.

Hmmmmmmm…………….. wow what a feeling it was I was never kissed by any one and a strange feeling appeared in me and I too responded to him. He kissed me for a long time and started pressing my boobs which were juz like the small balls in hands and making me hot.

While pressing my boobs he slowly removed the buttons of my shirt and pressing them hardly and I liked that feeling and responding to him. He made free my boobs and started sucking my balls with his mouth and playing the other by his hand. I slowly removed his shirt. He had hairy body all his chest and I slowly removed his pant and he was in inner wears and I can see his long cock struggling to come out.

He removed my hair clip and made my hair free and kissed me and stood in the floor and said lets go to bed room darling. I obeyed him and followed to his bed room. Wow the bed was a king sized and made me slept on tht and removed my pant buttons and I was in my bikini and I know it was wet as I released.

He made free of his penis and juz came near me kissed and inserted the long penis to suck. I don’t know how to suck but he made me insert it in my mouth and slowly pushed it in. he said me to juz like a lollypop which I used to suck whn I was a child. I did so and he was moaning ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

And it was getting deeper and deeper it my mouth. While doing so he removed my bikini and inserted his middle finger in my pussy. I felt a pain and was abt to crush he cock, he understood and asked whether I was a virgin. I said yes and he made me suck his cock more deeper and deeper. He lifted me and made to come at the edge of the bed and inserted the finger more deeply and deeply.

I was moaning badly and saying hmhmhmhmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………… ahahahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and slowly removed his finger and keep two fingers inside and said how is it.

I said I was having pain please remove but he did not listen and hot and hot. I was shouting badly but no body is there to listen my pain. Later he removed his fingers and inserted his cock.

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