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Sandeep fucking Smita in office

I am Sandeep from bhubaneshwar would like to share one of my true experience from the last two years. Let me tell you about myself I am an avg height good looking guy after completing my studies went for higher studies and got placed. Although this incident is not my 1st sexual experience but can be termed as one with a lot of adventure.

I got transferred to bhubaneshwar and after joining my office I found I had a girl smita in my team of sales. This girl was at around 5" had a lovely figure, 32, 28, 34.Smita has been working in the comp since 7 yrs and was senior to me in experience but was supposed to report me.But coz of her hold over our boss she tried not to report me.

She used to behave as If she was my boss and would order me in a arrogant voice to visit a particular client. This annoyed me but as my boss was a guy having a great weakness for females, he would not care for my problem. To solve this problem I had a plan in my mind I started making friendship with her and tried to make her believe we are a team and had to compete with other teams to be known in the company.

Suddenly there was a blessing on me, a guy from another team had complained abt smita to the boss. I took an advantage of the thing and said her if she really wants to rebuild boss's confidence she has to work as I say she agreed. I told her some management tricks to make boss realize she was an asset to the company (boss started thinking of smita as an asset rather than just imagining about smita's assets: on a lighter side).

My formula was working and Smita was happy on my wits she started believing me and my words on every thing, gradully she took my opinion in matters related to her family her love life, we became close. We started being good friends, we moved together on sales calls.

Everything was in place now as boss was also happy that I could bring out the qualities of Smita as a sales person as she was never interested on the job. And on the other hand Smita was also happy as she was appreciated for her growing concern for the company betterment.

I was staying alone in a flat and while moving for sales call one day we had gone to the locality where I stayed, I said Smita I stay here and with a fishy smile would u like to see my flat to which she agreed we went there rested for a while on my bed and we chatted on various topics.She had seen the whisky bottle in my fridge and asked me about my habbits we were laughing at my drinking and cool life style.

Then she asked me about my past gfs I was very frank and said about all to which she acknowledged I am a flirt.And in a mocking tone asked and wat other enjoyments I have done with my gfs to which I said,"Every thing which ur thinking of."She relied were u also physical I said yes.

then I didnt miss the opportunity of asking about her love life she said she had a few bfs and now she has broken off with all then with a cunning smile I asked and the physical part.Smita said it was restricted to only to hugging kissing and only one guy had tried go ahead but.....I asked her but what ???Smita relied,"I ll tell u once we are more close,its already too late lets move as every body would suspect us if we are late and we moved to ofice.

After this I was always in search of a opportunity to take her home but things didnt support us.One Saturday (half working day) I asked smita what are your plans or the evening she said she is free the I offered her for a hang out with me to which she agreed.We went to the Ekamra Park famous for lovers.

We chatted for 2 hours about every thing under the sun love,sex,types of men and women, childhood days etc etc.We were like best of friends on earth.At around 6.30 pm we moved out and sat on my car in the parking. Smita was looking goergeous with a red dress I said, "Smita ur ver pretty ".

She said But I have put on some weight now-a-days to which I started looking over her boobs and waist and said thats normal u dont want to be a model anyways.She said but this little extra fat on my belly,I dont like I then put m hand on her belly and said dats fine,this makes u look more hot to which she laughed suddenly I could not resist myself pulled her towards me and planted a kiss on her cheeks with my hand behind her waist,

she rected positivel and we moved on to a lip kiss and I was tring to put my hands on her boobs,to which she was a bit resistant.Even I didt push myself a lot as I was scared jyada ki umeed main kahin pura na kho jaun. Afetr dat we moved on the way I asked her how did she like the kiss she said it was an out of the world feeling and since long she didnt have this feeling as it was a long time she broke-off.

To which I replied It was the same for me too but I wished or something more she asked Wht? I bluntly replied I wanted to feel u,she asked where ? I said ur chest to which she in a jovial manner hit my shouders I again asked her please can I? Then she agreed even she wanted more I said but where as we were already on the main road.

Then we put on the windows switched on the ac I started feeling her thighs while driving she was excited and gradully I moved towards the inner thigh she was too excited and caught my hand u are driving we may end up in a accident,u drive ill make u enjoy now.

Then she started moving her hands over my thigh gradually towards my prick my prick was rock hard and tring to burst then suddeny the place come where I had to drop her she stopped.Then I took the car to a corned pulled her towards me and gave a french kiss to her with m hands pressing her boobs.Then she left.

Then the next day I was waiting outside the lift for her to come she came we were about to take off but suddenly a old man entered the lift I was annoyed and she was laughing seeing my agitation ater the old man moved out I said her ohh I forgot my keys on the table and asked her to come with me and the lift door was closed.

Like a animal I started pressing her boobs and feelin her nipples she had put her hand on my trousers and pressing my dick hard.We could no venture inside our clothes as its only a 3 floored building. These lift encounters incresed and we also never missed a opportunity inside ofice when we got one.In the evening all my off staf would be sitting togather discussing

if the current went off I would put m hands on her thigh press her pussy and before current comes I would be done.In the lift when moving with all my colleuges would stand behind her and push my prick on her ass without any one noticing.We have a private room for taking phone calls some times I would get in with a call to take and she w ould follow me,

we would be talking on phone and I would stand behind her with my dick pusing her ass crack she would also move to feel my prick better. Finally one day gota chance went to my room hurriedly I sat on the bed corner pulled her towards me and started kissing her desperately pulling her dress up pushed out her bras black one she had medium sized boobs I sucked them with full vigour bit her nipples,

with one hand I was smooching her one boob and biting another boob.Then I put her down on the floor on a mat and felt her thighs and and panty above her dress.Then suddenly I felt my dick was paining a lot as it had bulged and had little space under my jeans with a jerk I pulled down my jean and undie.

Smita was shocked a this sight of my 7" she felt numb for a minute I put her hand on my prick she was kinda scared to hold it,then suddenly her mobile rang her bro had called and asked her to come soon to off as he was waiting they had some family function to attend.All my dreams were shattered as I was not able to fuck her.

We moved back on the way she said my dick was very impressive she wanted to do a lot of things with it but kismat nahi aaj.I said u can atleast feel it while on the wa back and she pulled mi zip and took it out and started to shake it and feel she gave superb comments like I was dying to see u junior sandeep since the day we first kissed,

i love u junior etc and I requested her to jerk me as I was excited she jerked me while I was driving the juices fall on the seat and some on her hand,I appolised her she said she likes it. Again ater a long halt one day we got a chance to go to my flat I was well preperred with a condom and honey for a desperate honey sex session.

We unclothed each other I was on the bed she poured hone on my dick and sucked as I had guided her the I put honey and massaged her boobs ass back and thighs and then I licked all the honey from her body like a dog.I made her turn back and started licking her back and moved to her ass licked her ass crack put some honey on her crack and made straight movents

with my tongue then I put some on her ass hole tried to enter my index finger with the honey and lciked her pussy.The finally started to put the condom and enter her suddenly she said sorry sandeep we cant make it today as she had some problem and had to go to the gyn-st for check up with her momthe doc would know if she has intercorce today,

I was very sad to this and she said my sweet darling dont be upset I ll make u happy and had a weird idea of sex.She asked me to move to the roof top ater wearing clothes and then I was standing on the roof onl the upper portion of my body was visible we had locked the roof entrance door it was evening and getting darker people in other apts were on the roof she pulled

my dick out and started sucking it was like she was sitting down so no one could see her or my open pants there was a water tank by the side which also hided her.I was seeing pretty gals and women on the adjacent roof tops and my dick was sucked by smita I ejaculated in her mouth.I thanked her for a new innovative and wonderfull sexperience.

Few months passed we tried to feel each other put hands in private parts when ever got a chance to. We had a meeting in a Hotel,there was a lovely toilet.The conf room was on the 3rd floor and the 2 nd floor had only rooms I made up a plan and went to the ladies toiled in 2nd floor and informed smita before.

She too came down we removed each others clothes and stated to do 69 but we were very scared as it was not very relaible so cudnt fuck. After few months I got married and also Smitas marriage was finalised We both had one sorrow we cud never enter each other..Then one day Smita and me had gone out to get a gift for a collegue for B day,

after parking the car it was dark outside and we strted kissing each other and Smita put her hand on my dick inside my pants we were jus feelin each other then suddenl Smita said lets get to the back seat We moved and I put a car towel over the gap made in the front seat and started playing with others private parts she had removed my undies and I had pulled her panties

and feeling each other suddenly Smita jumped on my thighs and held my dick straight and put it inside her ohhhh myyyyy finally we f****d we were so happy she was bouncing on my lap I was pressing her boobies,pinching her nipples and times pressing her soft ass Finally we came togather...We both felt relaxed and happy that atlast we cud make love...

Again one more time on a saturday when office is less crowded we went to the office ladies toilet and fucked...The relationship is still on my wife likes her as my collegue and her husband also knows me but they dont know about our relation but still whenever we get a chance we enjoy each other...

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fucktastic story

this maadarchod took a tape and measured her size instead of fucking her 32 28 34 chootiye

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