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Life of a Gigolo - I

Hi, Im Ashwin,Im just an average guy.Working in a BPO,like tonnes other like me.I am from Siliguri,but since college I have been studying and working in Kolkata. You wont notice me stand out in the Metro crowd,I wont be the one to turn heads at the office party,I dont make you feel threatened by speaking to your wife...or your girl...hell...till a few months back I dint even know how to speak to a girl.

But this story isnt just mine,it also belongs to Deepika! The perfect wife. A loving mom,a generous wife and the ideal woman. Fair,beautiful,a former model,who had with age put on weight only in the right places.And a face,oh what a face...it drips innocence,her brown doe eyes,her long and slender nose,her perfectly shaped strawberry pout!

And she is on my bed,her legs crossed ever so seductively,sitting at the foot of the bed,her fair,long legs making their way out of her silken evening gown so perfectly shaping her calves and thighs. Her plams interlocked on top of her knees. As you followed her tender hands,you spotted the prize they made no attempt to hide.

Her cleavage,and how she had applied just enough shimmer on her chest for your eyes to freeze at their sight. Just perfect,not humongous and saggy,but a handful and perky! This was my reality check. As I stood naked in front of her,I couldnt help but wonder,I must be the luckiest chap in the world to be making love...who am I kidding...to fuck a wife like her.

Now dont jump to conclusions,she wasnt MY wife! She was a client. Its not every night or every guy who gets this lucky! So I couldnt help but wonder how what I am,gets to have sex with what she is and get paid for it? "So?" she almost purred "So what?...oh yeah,right,your question?" I said,as my attention came back to her question.

I hate wondering off in the middle of work..."You know I cant answer that Deepika...you have asked me before..." I replied as I tried to be blunt about it. "Ok...I just thought you offered a complete boyfriend experience,not just your dick!" she said in disgust as she stood up and walked to the bar in the suite ever so elegantly, ever so calmly and poured herself another glass of the expensive champagne she had ordered from room service.

"And a dick is something I can get for free,but Im guessing you have already figured that part out. What I want arent the almost there six packs of your either. Nor do I crave one touch on that thick dick of yours,although I must admit,it does look fabulous. I want you to bare your soul,and its not one way,if you want,I can answer any question might have..."

Most of my clients do the exact opposite in fact,I talk only to sympathise with them,none of them,not one fucking bitch ever wondered about me. What I want,what I think,whether they are boring me. And why would they,they were paying for my meat,and the only functions of my tongue did not include talking.

"So...again...why do this? Why become a gigolo?And don`t feed me any crap about circumstances,you definitely enjoy this lifestyle!" she said as she now moved to the couch,kept her glass on the coffee table and reached back behind her slender neck,pushing back her long straight hair,which was tied in a high ponytail,and undid the clasp holding her gown up.

As the gown fell in a buch near her ankles she stepped out of it,naked,she wasnt wearing any inners,and if her body looked hot in that snug fitting gown,it looked absolutely scorching without it. Her nipples were just the right pink,more like a line between pink and light brown,perky and pointing up.

They werent excited yet,which meant she was right,she wasnt going to get turned on until she felt an intellectual connection. Her complexion was milky white and perfect,consistent. Her crotch was trimmed,but not shaved. She seated herself on the couch,crossed her legs again and picked up her drink,took a sip and patted the couch,gesturing me to sit next to her.

"The lifestyle...thats it,I get paid to do what others pay to do!" As I got comfortable on the couch next to her and lit a smoke from the pack on the table. "No thats not it!" she said. "Of course it is! How do you know it isnt?" I asked a little irritated. "Because you arent flamboyant enough,you arent a smartass.

You came here on public transport judging by your metro pass,you are carrying clothes,formal ones,which means you will be reporting to a job from here,which means you have a separate job. You wearing lenses,not the coloured ones,so it means you have glasses."She said as her hands slided slowly onto my lap,and then ever so gently her left hand took a grip of my cock.

"You lead a dual life Ashwin,and this veiny,throbbing cock belongs to your alter ego.Ashwin,if that is your real name,I dont want your alter ego,I want to make love to you,to who you really are, to Clark Kent!" Her hands felt so good on my cock. Slowly the fingers started working a to and fro motion from the head, down the shaft to the base, and up again!

I took a long drag from my cigarette and spread my arm on the backrest,around Deepika`s back,grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer to myself. I looked into her eyes, her anticipation,almost wishing that she`s finally gotten through to me. She had.For the first time ever,a client had,or anyone had for that matter.

"When I was 23...I was single,broke up with my first girlfriend...actually got dumped by her. She was the only girl I had ever been with.But she,as I later found out,was sleeping around behind my back!" I started narrating,rather hesitantly. "And thats why you thought,why not become a...an escort?" she said,as she almost sat up with a curious enthusiasm.

"No!" I said,half in disgust,and smirked "I had been with only one girl,and as a break up almost always does,it messed up my ego. My band wasnt taking off,I didnt have many students to learn guitar,and my job interviews were nightmares. But the solution lay in one of the problems." I continued, while picking up the ash tray and stubbing out my smoke.

By now Deepika was on her knees in front of me,both her hands were on my cock,and my hands behind her head. Her warm breaths were falling on my crotch,and then finally the inevitable happened. My cock was in her mouth. Usually at this point I faked a squirm,so that my client felt good about her oral skills. But Deepika was actually good.

She wasted no time in licking up and down my cock before feeling confident enough to open wide and take it in. She started immediately with a strong,slurpy suck that immediately made my balls twitch! Any other guy would have come immediately,but I somehow squeezed the pleasure down. Now she looked back up,expecting me to continue...

"Among the many unpaid dues,was that of my PG accomodation. I hadnt paid the rent in 3 months now,and Mr Milt had already been giving me trouble about it. I had called home several times for money but they insisted I go back. I didnt want to.

The same joint family of nosy uncles and aunts,cousins who couldnt stop bullying me,and a future that had nothing but a life of managing a small time travel agency. I couldnt have. I refused to give in. I decided I`d rather beg Mr Milt for mercy. I had already sold my laptop,my bike and almost everything else I could have to stay back for 2 years after graduating and working on my music.

Mr Milt`s mercy,or the lack of it,would now decide my fate. Mr Milt was ready to go out when I saw him near the maindoor,as he always does at this hour to get hammered by cheap booze. He was a scary looking guy,Anglo Indian,Brown hair and beard,at 6 feet 2 inches he stood a good 5 inches taller than me,and was broad.

Actually he wasnt scary till he put that frown on his face,and snarled and stared at you. On spotting me,he immediately started shaking his head! "No!" he said blatantly "I didnt even ask you anything yet..." I protested "You are walking at me with that stupid smile of yours at this hour,that can only mean you are going to ask me for another extension!

No more,if you cant pay up,pack up and leave." he said as he swung the door open to go out,then he turned around and added, "Actually,dont bother about the stuff,Its been 3 months since you last paid me,so I should just get everything in that room confiscated!" He yelled,and left,slamming the door shut behind him.

As I turned around to leave,I heard Mrs Milt call out from behind. And she stood there,smiling at me." As soon as I recalled Anna,Mrs Milt that is,I felt Deepika`s strong suction on my cock again. This time her lips were just locked around my head,sucking on it strongly,as one hand stroked my shaft and another play with my balls. Suddenly both her hands went down to my balls.

While her mouth swallowed the entire length of my cock and deepthroated itself. She kept it in til she could feels the gag reflex overpower her,she took the cock out of her mouth and came up for air. Now again her right hand was on my cock,for about ten seconds she shagged my cock violently.

Her own saliva was dripping from her lips and her face was almost smeared in it as she played with my cock.Her eyes were almost begging me to cum.I myself was on the edge now. She put her head back down and now her head was bobbing up and down,my cock going all the way in her mouth,back out till the head,and in again.

She traced a straight linefrom between my balls and followed a seam to my pucker ass,and then poked in just a little bit. That was the last straw. I cant resist the urge from a woman like her for that long,I might be a gigolo but I too am a man. I had to stop her from continuing,otherwise I would break one of the sacred rules of being a gigolo and cum before the client has.

"Stop! Please...or I`ll cum!" I protested "Thats what I want!" she said,once again taking her mouth off my cock,but her hands continued their work "I know you arent supposed to before we have had a proper fuck,but I want it!Just tell me when!" And she went back to work. She kept sucking on my cock as her hands worked on my balls and asshole at the same time.

I couldnt take it anymore. "NOW!! NOW DAMN IT NOW!!" I almost screamed,she pulled her drink back into her hand and positioned it near the head of my cock with one hand to recieve my load,as the other kept stroking my cock. I came in spurts,one after the other.

Deepika,this angelic beauty,her expert oral skills,and remembering Anna after so long,they all conspired to make me climax more intensely and heavily,than I had done in a long time. Her champage was now more of a cum cocktail than anything,she whirled her glass around contently, looked up and asked me,

"Do you always cum so much?" "Only for special ladies like you..." I answered She smiled,happy with the answer,and put one finger in her glass to stir my cum and her drink well, then pulled it out,and placed it between her lips,sucking it clean. She proceeded to pull the glass up to her lips,and then gave her glass a sniff,as if she was wine tasting,shrugged and then gulped the cocktail down.

She swallowed the entire contents of the glass down in one motion,never putting the glass down,and as she did,she never broke eye contact with me. I smiled back. She walked upto me,crouched up and sat on my lap,her arms flung around my neck.Her head on my shoulders. I felt her breath on my neck as she whispered, "Continue.." And continue, I shall...

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Kavita fucked by father-in-law - II

Previously: Kavita fucked by father-in-law

Thank you readers for such a wonderful response. Going by the comments, I can claim that it had been best erotic incident posted. Now here it continues...My FIL pulled me near him and kissed me. I kissed him back and our tongues played with each other. He cupped my boobs and played with my nipples, never exerting to much pressure.

His experience in cuddling and playing around a woman's body was evident to me. He was again whipping up my passions and I was again letting out occasional moans expressing my level of passions. He licked my nipples in slow circular movement, never sucking it but just lapping his tongue over my erect hard nipples.

I just closed my eyes and from my previous experience I knew he would keep me waiting and do the unexpected. He was gradually moving down and I started praying to sex god that he licks and sucks my pussy. My mere anticipation of being licked and sucked at my love hole by my FIL made me wet.

He was now licking my belly button and his hands had cupped my boobs with his thumb and fingers very gently twisting my nipples circularly in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. I was riding high and with each passing moment my passions rode higher and higher. He suddenly stopped and asked me to suck his cock. It was just semierect with a little hardness.

I held his cock and started sucking his cock. I licked the head fully removing the foreskin. In no time I felt his hardness growing leaps and bounds. As his erection grew I greedily took more of his cock inside and sucked hard and played with his testicles. It was no more semi erect and just few minutes of work and it was again arching upwards.

I greedily tried to swallow his entire cock but he stopped me ' neetay parbenaa, nisaans rukhbe kobita, aadhek hi nao(you can not take full, you won't be able to breathe, take half only '. I tried again and failed. I licked the entire length and spitted on his balls and massaged gently. I was wet down there but not dripping. He asked me to give some oil. I pointed towards dressing table.

He got up and brought almond oil. He then applied oil on his dick and asked me to massage it. Then he took lot of oil in both hands and they literally clamped on my pussy. His one hand massaged vigorously my pussy and other gently my boobs while I slowly massaged his dick. Then first his one finger, then second finger entered my love hole and kept on with vigorous massage.

It was rough treatment but gave me immense pleasure. I moaned heavily, ooooooiiiiiieeeee baaabbaaaaa kiiiiii korchoooooo ummmmmmmmm oonek bhalo lagchayyyyy ( oh father what you are doing, it feels good ). I forgot massaging his dick for the pleasure was immense and I dived deep into it. I turned towards him and buried my face into his broad chest.

His other hand now came over my ass and his oil soaked fingers started to rub my annus. I brushed my face over his chest in escatsy and found his taught nipple. I began sucking his nipple and he responded by fingering my pussy and anus simultaneously. I moaned and in between moans sucked his nipples. My tap of my juices had opened and were flowing wetting his fingers.

I again demanded ' baaabaaaaa dhukiyee daaaoooo pleeeaseeee aaaaghghghhh ummmmmm aaahhh oooeeiisssss . He asked me to take up doggy position. As I took doggy position he applied more oil to his dick and massaged again breifly my anus and pussy. I felt he was positioning his dick on my anus and before I could react, I felt his dick tearing apart my rectum and probing deep inside.

I was breathless but strangely (as I have read in this site about tremendous pain ) I felt only that my annus' s elasticity has reached maximum limit. I stood still and he gave me few moments to accomodate his monster inside me. Then he began pumping me slowly. The brief shock had evaporated and I found this as pleasurable as the previous one.

I was literally taking all his load as his both hands kept on moving between my boobs and waist with continuous thrust after thrust. Both of us were moaning uuummmm haaahhhh oooohhhh eeiioosssss hmmmmmm. As his speed increased his fingers entered my pussy and kept on fingering me at same pace as his thrusts.

He exclaimed ' oooohhhh kobitaaaaaa aaaarrrr ttuummmaaarr kkkoohkhhooon hobaayyyy aaamiii kaaachaaaa kaaaccchiiiii aaacheee ( how far are you from orgasm, I am very near to it). I replied ' bussss aaarooooo ektooo haaaayyyynn korooooo baaababaaaaaaa koroooo ummmmm oooohhhhhh maaagoooo pagolll hoe jaboooo aei suukkkhhhhhh aaayyyyy hmmmm (just a little more, yes yes do it father, oh my good mother I will go mad with this pleasure).

He briefly stopped giving thrust and fingered me and slapped my ass two three times and again pumped me. I shreiked ' ooohhhh maaaaaaaagoooooo aamaaar ummmmmmmm hoeeeeeee ahhhh gayloooo (oh mother I have orgasmed ) '. He pumped me at his maximum pace and held my ass tight. Soon he gave me 3 - 4 powerful thrust that I could not balance and fell.

He pinned my ass with his crotch moving vigorously in circular motion,keeping his entire dick deep inside me. I could feel massive jerks of his dick on my rectum and gradually these jerks subsided and he collapsed by my side gasping for air. It took about 10 - 15 minutes before we could speak. He demanded food, I was also feeling hungry. I again took bath and he joined me.

He asked me if I still wanted to go back. I said ' you said you will discuss '. He smiled and kept on preaching about family prestige as I served food. After having food he called Deep and asked him to come home early. When Deep came there was no sign of our activities in afternoon.

Deep sat quietly as my FIL said ' I cannot allow you to defame our family name which took three generation to build, now you suggest how to taclke the situation '. Deep cried and I really sympathised with him. After lot of heart touching talks between father and son my FIL said ' all can be covered up provided Kobita gets pregnant and agrees to stay with the family '.

Both looked towards me. At the time when this incident happened I was just 23 years old girl. I didnot understand then what was being asked of me. At that particular moment, I was just simply a sexually (by FIL) satisfied woman expecting just a comfortable life. I mumbled ' and who will make me pregnant '.

Deep hung his face in shame and my FIL said ' artificial insemination, I will arrange it, you just need to come with me to Mumbai '. I meekly nodded. My FIL said ' o.k then tomorrow we go to Mumbai '. Deep expressed his inability to come and looking towards me he said ' you go with baba, he will manage '.

For next 20 days, it was like honeymoon to me. I was sexually filled up getting fucked minimum three times a day. We went to Goa as well and there too I experienced lavishness and materialistic world. I was happy. We then returned back to Delhi and with all seriousness my FIL said ' we will be going to Mumbai again next week for further tests '. Deep just nodded.

Instead of taking me to Mumbai he took me to Kerela and it was honeymoon revisited, though of shorter duration. Again after few days he called me to say to be ready for another trip. I informed him that I am having mensuration cycle and not free for next few days. He came down again and took me to Mussorie. There he fucked me day in day out.

I was surprised and even asked ' at this age you manage to do more than a young guy '. He replied ' it is just Yoga, right food to keep sexual desire alive and a beauty like you '. We stayed there for about 10 days. That month I missed my mensuration cycle. I happily informed him and Deep. I didnot understand why Deep murmured ' be safe and cautious Kobita '.

My FIL came after few days and got my pregnancy confirmed. He took me with him to Kolkata. I was accorded a very warm welcome by my inlaws. My family also was very happy and I too forgot that I am pregnant due to my FIL and not Deep. I felt nothing for Deep even though he kept on calling me and enquiring about my health.

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Vikas fucking office lady Aneesha

Today I would like to narrate a real story which happened 2 years back. Every line every word of this story is true. I am Vikas 26 years old guy from Bangalore and have been working in an MNC from last three years. I am average looking guy with a normal built but a good sense of humour. I guess this is the major reason I have a good rapport with the oppposite sex.

It all started in Aug 2009.I was working on a project which had a a very strict deadline and had to be delivered by Sept 2nd week. I along with my team members very slogging there asses off. We had a team of 8 members 5 guys and three females. 2 of the females were married. Days passed by and the deadline date started coming closer.

We all started working late in the office and the best part was that everyone inspite of their family commitments gave their 100% to the project. This particular female Aneesha, who was married a few years back was the star of our team. 31 years of age and a figure to die for. Not very fair but a sure stunner and used to dress to kill. Although she used to wear only formals but she had an amazing collection of formal clothes.

On once during a group meeting we were sitting next to each other. It was a long day and almost everyone was tired. Aneesha's shoulder was touching mine and I was feeling amazing about it. First I thought of moving aside but then I withdrew the plan. It was a presentation so the room was dark so chances of anyone seeing this was minimal.

For next 20 mins we were sitting in the same position and her aroma was making me horny. I tried to take a chance and adjusted myself in a way that my hand was slightly above her's. Now with every breath she used to take my bisecps used to slightly rub her outer part of the breast. Initially I got scared tha she might complain but nothing happened.

The only change I could see was the rythm of her breath started changing. She was breathing a bit heavily. The meeting ended and we went off to our respective homes. That night I couldnt sleep,I was only rememmbering the entire incident and I masturbated and slept. For next few days I didnt get a chance like that. But now I sued to check her out every now and then.

She had an amazing ass which came out well in her formal pants. Sometimes I used to sit behind her just to check her ass out and occasional panty line view. Gosh what and amazing female was she. In due course of time I saw a change in her attitude. We started talking more often and used to take tea breaks together.

I came to know that she got married a year back and her husband is with a software company and earns quite well. The same chit chat continued for couple of more days and I used to daily masturbate thinking about Aneesha. One day after the office hours we all went to a pub for few drinks. We got a corner seat and everyone was enjoying the drinks and music.

Aneesha was sitting next to me and this time I thought that I should take some advantage. I was in a similar position and was rubbing the outer part of her boobs. I got more courage and occasionally kept my hand on her leg. She didnt mind or she didnt notice was a big question in my mind.

Our legs were touching and I kept it ike that. I guess the alcohol made Aneesha bold. She looked into my eyes and gave a smile. We finished our drinks and headed for office where our cars were parked.Aneesha was in my car but I didnt try to do anything as others were also sitting with me.

We all left for our respective homes but midway I get a call from Aneesha saying that she is not able to find her wallet which had her credit cards and driving licence. We met near our office and she checked my car. She found the wallet under the seat and thanked me for the help. She invited me to her flat for a cup of coffee which was some 10 k.m from the office and I accepted the offer.

My mind started to think all sort of things and I was happy with the thought of going to her place at this point to time. I was following her car and we entered her society. We went inside the lift and were having a casual talk. Her flat was amazing. Well planned and well decorated. I am sure her husband used to earn a good amount. I enquired about her husband and she told that he is on an onsite visit to San Jose for 3 weeks.

This made my heart skip a beat and now I was sure that I gonna fuck this female tonite. She went to the washroom to get fresh and I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. She came back after 15 mins and I could not trust my eyes. She changed to a sleeveless tshirt and bermuda. She sat next to me and we both started to watch the movie.

She asked me for coffee and I asked if she has something else to serve to which she replied that she has greygoose vodka. I agreed for vodka and she got the bottle and 2 glasses along with it. We started taking sips and suddenly she kept her head on my shoulder. We remained in the same position for next 10 mins.

I gathered some courage and put my hand around her. Now my hand was on hour shoulder and her head was on mine. This brought us closer and I used to occasionally put pressure so that she comes closer to me.

Suddenly our eyes met and and our face came closer. Next moment I saw her eyes closed and this was a green signal for me. I softly touched my lips with hers and planted a kiss. She responded well and I started to insert mu tounge into her mouth. She oped her mouth and now my tongue was exploring her inner part of mouth. She was breathing heavily and I knew that if I fail today then it would be difficult to get her back.

I removed my lips from her mouth and started going towards her neck. I started licking her neck and I could see goosebumps on her hand. I kept on licking her neck with occasional bites on her ears. She was enjoying it and was caressing my hair. My hands started exploring her curved body. I slid my hand inside her tshirt and was caressing her back. What a smooth skin she had.

I guess this was a very sensitive part of her body as she started biting my earlobes. My other hand reached her legs. Those were one of the best legs I had ever seen. Smooth like silk. I inserted my hand inside her bermuda and felt her ass. I started caressing her ass over her panty. Suddenly she moved and said lets go to the bedroom. She was on heat and I was waiting for this moment.

She sat on her king size bed and was standing infront of her.She wanted to remove my pants but I resisted. I wanted more of fore play so that she reaches the pinnacle of horniness. I pushed her back and laid beside her. We were kissing each other passionately and my hands were exploring her body. I was playing with her boobs and her ass but we were still dressed.

I slowly lifted her tshirt and finally removed it. She was in her bra and her boobs looked amazing. I started playing with her bra straps and she was enjoying the whole act. My other hand was playing with her ass.I was slightly pressing them and fondling them. I inserted my hand inside her bermuda and slid it down. She raised her waist to help me remove it. It was an amazing scene.

She was in her innerwares and was looking like a model. She definately had a great choice of lingerie. It was a black lacy panty which covered only half of her ass cheecks. I inserted my hand inside the panty and moved towards her asshole. I started caressing it softly and she got an electric shock.

She started moaning...AAAhhhhh....ahhhhh....Vikaaaas....plsss....plsssss....I removed her bra strap and the best boobs of the world were near my eyes. Nipples erect and light brown in color. They were inviting my mouth and I was desperate to take it in. I started licking the tits. She was on seventh heaven. She slightly arched her body to give me ample room and support. The room got filled with her soft moans.

Vikaaaasss....lick it hard......aaaaahhhh.....ooooohhhhhh......plssss fuck me.....I was in no mood to start the final act so soon. I inserted my hand inside her panty and reached her pussy. Man...It was dripping with her juice. Clean and shaved...not even a trace of hair....it was leaking as if the body has left the tap open....she shivered with my touch and hugged me tight...

she raised her waist to remove the panty...I was delaying the act and she removed her panty of her own...I wanted to feel her body and I removed my shirt and my vest...Now we were hugging each others body and my chest was touching her boobs...It was an amazing feeling...She kept her leg on mine...Her juices were all over my pant now...

I started sucking her tits...and started licking them really hard....and her moans increased....waaaahhhh......plssss eat meee......oooommmmm.....plsssss do it vikaaasss........plssss dont stop......I removed my pant as it was getting spoilt. I was on the peak of sexual excitement.

My dick was in its best mood. Erect like a poll and oozing precum. I was dying to fuck the hottest lady on earth but I wanted to give some more time. I wanted her to beg to me and fill the room with moans. I moved towards hell belly botton. Round and deep, it had an amazing aroma. As soon as I started licking it Aneesha jumped. She said that she is feeling ticklish.

But I didnt listen to her and kept on inserting my tongue inside the belly botton. After a while I saw Aneesha closing her eyes and moving her head back. She was trying to finger herself from one hand and the other hand was playing with her tits. I looked at her and was enjoying the scene.Her pussy was ozzing with her own juice. The room got filled with a distict aroma of her juice.

I moved towards her pussy and kept my mouth just few inches above it. My warm breath was making her mad. Slowly I moved towards her pussy and planted a small kiss on it. And then I heard a moan which I can never forget in my life. Aneesha was trying topush my head between her legs but I was in a different mood.Slowly I started licking her pussy. My slow movements started making her moan....

Vikaaaassss......ahhhhhh.....offffff.....lick it like a dog......dont stop.....lick it hard....These words aroused me and I started licking her pussy like a dog. I took her clitoris between my lips and bit it..She jumped out of excitment...I could see in her eyes that she was not bothered about anything. I slid my finger inside the love hole and started moving it in and out and was moving my tongue over her pussy.

This entire movement made her moan and moan. She held my head and started pushing it. I guess she was getting the satisfaction of her life. I gave up and she kept on pushing my head between her legs. She closed her legs around my neck and I was licking and fingering her like mad. Her love hole was not too lose for a married female.

I slid my second finger and she arched her body to give some room. I guess she was enjoying it. I started fingering her and she started shaking. I guess she was near her orgasm. She was begging to me...Vikaaass....fuck me.....fuck me with your lund....eat me today....aaahhhhh......aaahhhhh.....uuuufffff.....Her moans kept on increasing and kept my pace.

Suddenly she started shiverring and withing few mintues she was like a dead piece. I was sure that she had her first orgsam of night. I said to myself that there is more to happen. She had a smile on her face and her eyes were full of lust. I kissed her and now her juice entered her mouth. We kept on kissing for few more minutes.

Her hand started towards my dick. She started caressing it over my jockey. She smiled and slid my jockey down. I was lying on my back and Aneesha came beside me. Without losing a single moment she took my dick inside her mouth. Wow what an amazing feeling was that. Her saliva gave the required lubrication and I was enjoying every moment of it.

She started playing with my balls and took it inside her mouth. She started sucking it and pumping my dick. I kept on saying Aneesha dont stop today.. AAAAHHHHH... AAAAAHHHHHH... She moved her finger towards my asshole and started caressing it. It was a different feeling and I was ready for more. I made Aneesha sleep on her back and climbed her.

I placed my dick near her mouth and sat near her awesome boobs. She took the pole inside her mouth and I started mouth fucking her. With full force I started fucking her mouth and made her gag. She was scratching my back and I was enjoying the pain mixed with pleasure. I knew I wont last long and I wanted to give her a tatste of my cum but felt that she might not like it.

She took my erect dick between her boobs and started pumping it. Gosh she was an expert. May be her husband has taught her a lot of things. I knew that I was about to come and I moaned... Aneeshaaaa.....I am coming.....she made her pumping real fast as if there is no tomorrow...

I kept on saying Aneeeshhhaa.....AAAAHHHH...Yeeahhhhhhh....AAAAHHHHHH.....I want to come on your boobs....and I shot my load on her boobs. It was like a spray of white paint. Few drops of the cum landed on her face and on her eye lids. She didnt mind it and started getting up. I was like a dead dog with no energy left. I was sweating and breathing heavily.

I laid down on the bed and Aneesha went inside the washroom to remove the come from her body. While she was walking towards the washroom I was having a nice look at her round smooth ass.I knew that I am going to have a great night and a smile covered my face. I went inside the washroom and saw Aneesha washing her face with water. Her round as tempted me and I caught her from behind.

My dick was touching her ass crack and started fondling her boobs. I started biting her neck and earlobes. She was getting aroused and slid her hand towards my pole. In few minutes I started getting my erection. Now I was in no mood for any foreplay. I wanted to hump her and come inside her. We went to the bed and she made me lie on my back.

She started sucking my dick to make it harder and I was ready for the final shot. She came on top of me and inserted my pole. It was not easy for her to put it inside so she started to rub it on her pussy...Man what a feeling was that. Those who have never done this please try it out. In no time her pussy started dripping with juice. She led a soft moan and slid my tool inside her pussy.

It was awesome. I felt as if her pussy was on fire. The juices atarted to drip and was all over my dick flwing towards my balls and ass crack. She started moving up and down in slow motion. I held her ass from behind and pulled her up and down. The rhythm was perfect, her up and down motion and me pressing her ass.

She started moaning along with me. Aneeshaaa....you are the best....what a tight hole you have got....AAAHHHHH.....I will full you all night.....AAAHHHHH....Vikaaass...I love the size.....fuck me hard....make me come again.....Uffff....ufffff....I stopped her movement and made her lie on me. Then I started pumping her from below. I was going deeper and deeper with each stroke...

With each stroke her moaning became louder....Aahhhhh... ahhhhhhhh..... yeeeesssss.... deeeepppperrrr......aur zor seeee.....Vikaaassss......fuckk meeee. I was in no hurry and I wanted to enjoy the night. Aneesha was moaning in ecstasy. Guys you will not believe how amazing it was. I was holding Aneesha by her ass. God that was one of the best asses I have ever grabbed. Round and soft.

Aneesha was moaning heavily and was trying to match my strokes. The only voice that could be heard was of Aneesha's moans. Ahhhh....ufffff.....faster...faster....Vikaaaas....dont stop....i wanna feel your cum inside me...fill my love hole with your juices..This was a green signal for me. I held Aneesha by her back and changed my position to missionary style.

With half closed eyes, Aneesha was smiling at me. I asked Aneesha to place her legs on my shoulder so that I get full access of her hole. I inserted my penis into her hole and with one single push I was again inside her but this time I was deeper. I could feel her pelvic bone. Aneesha was breathless for a second and her eyes opened in a sweet pain.

I started pumping her in slow rhythm and I made sure to touch the deepest part of her hole in each stroke. In couple of minutes time Aneesha became restless and she started moaning and asking me to do it faster. I guess she was on verge of climax. This made me completely insane and I started pumping her in full force. What a divine experience it was.

I was on verge of exploding and I asked Aneesha if I could come inside her. In a naughty tone she asked me to cum inside her but to save a few drops to taste. I became mad after this and in next few strokes I started filling her love hole with my juice. I removed my pole and sprayed a few drops on her lips. Aneesha was smiling.

She licked the semen from her lips and arched her body towards me. Both of us were tired and were in no condition to move out of bed. We got out of the bed after few minutes and went inside the bathroom to clean ourselves. I was holding Aneesha close to me and every now and then I was moving my fingers between her ass cheeks. We took a quick shower and dried ourselves.

We moved to the bed and held each other very tightly. I put my lips close to Aneesha's and for few minutes we just kept on brushing each others lips. Finally we both kissed passionately for couple of minutes and lied down cuddling each other. Aneesha kept on telling me that this was her best fuck till now and I wanted to believe her as it was same for me.

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Hi- friends, I have first time read a story of newly wed Bengali lady fucked by her father in law,while she was demanding more and more and expressing her happiness in Bengali. I liked the story very much and feel encouraged to share my personal experience with my aunty (my mother’s younger sister) who is 13 years younger than my mom and very beautiful.

She is 30 and married for last 5 years and still childless. Her husband is business man and remains busy in making money. She got herself medically examined by an expert male gynecologists, who declared that she fit to bear child but the sperm count of her hubby is very low. She was advised to take help from semen bank to get conceived.

But she refused for accepting any body’s sperm without his identity and preferred to get conceived by some known and close person, whom she knows very well. Her husband also was in this opinion and gave her full liberty to find alternative source of her choice with full confidence and privacy.

Before I tell you my true story and about ourselves. Pls. hold you breath, because you will not believe me and my father have fucked her the desperate aunty to conceive her. That my father is fucking her for long time without any result. Where as she is bearing child from my sperm and she is very happy & thankful to me. No one knows about our affair accept aunty and me.

Let me tell you about me, Aunty and my parents & their sexual activities and looks. I am diploma holder in electronics and searching for job. I am good looking physically strong and healthy person in my 23rd years. I am 5-10, 70Kg. with blue eyes and fair color with good personality. I have very strong and big dick and can stand for long time to satisfy any demanding lady.

I am very accommodating with pleasant nature, besides opportunist. I am also peeping tom and feel very lucky to see nudity of many ladies in and all around in my neighbor. Our neighbor have open bathroom on the back side and I have made a hole in the common wall to see every thing. The lady of the house takes bath topless, but raises her petticoat all the way up while pissing.

Her daughter and daughter in law takes off all the clothes and enjoy bathing facing our wall. The daughter in law shaves her armpit and pubic hairs almost every day and I get a good view of her wide open pink cunt fully exploded. The daughter is teen and has scanty growth. I have also seen my parents enjoying sucking and fucking thru key hole.

Aunty is only 10 years elder with me and she is in her full youth. She tall, fair and slim with proportionate and attractive figure and cuts. She is about 5-8 with fully developed and firm boobs and large nipples. Must be 36-D, flat and silky smooth fleshy belly with perfectly round deep navel. The buts are round and solid stuff.

Cylindrical legs with a beautiful and attractive camel toe cunt. The genitals are stuffed with mouth filling flesh of big size clitoris and large size of lobes of flesh of Labia, sticking out half the way. She is very cooperative, submissive and extremely horny in bed, besides demanding & carefree Bindas lady. She isfree and frank, modern lady and looks very seductive in short and tight dresses.

Her relations with my dad of Jija&Sali are very intimate like the saying” SALI AADHI GHARWALI” Both have sex affairs for long time. My parents and she and her hubby went to Singapore, Hongkong& Bangkok together for a pleasure trip for two weeks. Bankok&pattay is said to be the paradise of sex. They enjoyed the most as per my information.

They crossed all the limits and swapped their spouses for a change and variations and to add spices in their sex life, along with other couple sin the swingers club. I could collect all these information from the private diary and photo chi card, which I managed to get fron the almirah of my parents with duplicate key.

The nude photos in compromising positions with each other’s spouse on the nudist beach and pictures with cabaret dancers in nude, besides a short movie enjoying fucking after full body massage gave clear picture of their enjoyment of sex by shedding all inhibitions and shame.

All this information helped me to come closer to my aunty and enjoy full stream sex in kama sutra style, freely and openly in the absence of my parents. On the very first day of her arrival I over heard very important conversation without their knowledge. Aunty was expressing her deep concern about conceiving baby.

Mom advised her to try out with different persons as she is medically perfectly fit to conceive. Then she disclosed that she has even tried paid service with a gigolo, who satisfied her all the way and fucked her 3 times continuously throughout night till fully exhausted, for 3 days but no result. Then mon asked her to try with some young person of the age of her son(mine) and see the results.

From that onwards she started coming closer to me and seducing by one way or other & showing her nudity on one pretext or the other. I also developed keen interest in her and tried to get involved with he rand waited for the proper time to Ancash this opportunity which was right on my door step.

Let me explain how and where the things took shape. It was a turning point for me. There is a shortage of accommodation of space in Delhi. We have small house with a drawing room, kitchen and one bed room, besides common bath and toilet at ground floor. There is a big room with open terrace on first floor. My parents live on ground floor and I live on first floor.

Since the room is very big and spacious, it is furnished with two beds on either side with a 8 feet space in between. Aunty was sharing room with me and we were badly attracted to each other from day one. I was badly allured by her nature and sexy looks besides by her cleavages with bulges of boobs and sexy belly exposed to maximum some times.

She was used to sleep with minimum & light, comfort clothes as a result she use to loosen the string of her petticoat or salwar and tie very low on the hip. Besides she always unbutton maximum number of hook of her blouse without bra to feel comfortable and relaxed. In case of salwar, she use to wear a thin material almost see thru schmeze.

This way her nudity was exposed beyond limit and I was getting crazy. I found her her thighs and boobs badly exposed to last limit. Once I got courage to raise her petticoat further up to expose her pubic region all the way besides releasing her boobs out of the blouse to have a good look and ending in masturbation.

One night I woke up to hear a hissing sound between my father and aunty. Although they were talking in very low voice, but I could make out every thing. My father was insisting her to take off all the clothes,but she was not ready. They spent more than 20 minutes in making love and then fucking and I could sense the sound of thrusts and her moans while fucking and during orgasm.

I over heard demanding more and more and make her cum. All these things aroused my passions and desires to enjoy sex with my aunt. Thanks God to give me an wonderful opportunity when my father got a summon from Vadodra Court to appear in person for hearing after two days. Mom also accompanied him and we were left alone to have a nice time.

I didn’t wanted to miss this opportunity and started to impress and please her to take her out for lunch, purchasing in malls and movies to come closer and take full advantage. She was also getting bore and became happy to give me company. She asked me to take her to beauty parlor where she spent more than a hour for facial and waxing.

She put on a sexy out fit and looking very gorgeous beauty besides seductive. She became vey happy when I paraised her beauty and sexy outlook. She didn’t mind when I used word sexy and pointed out at her cleavage and belly. I buy one Triumph brand expensive laced bra and panty and she hugged and kissed right over there in the public. That was the good indication of good beginning.

She was very fond of non ve. And I took her to Kentuky fried in the food court. The taste was very good and she tried for the first time, We became open and very close to each other while cutting jokes and making laugh. In between I cut a sexy joke and gave me sexy smile while looking into my eyes passionately. We were siting in a deserted corner and our topic turned to sex.

She was taking great interest and started many question about my sex life and interests. By this time we were discussing and sharing like lovers. Thereafter we went home took some rest and were ready to go to see English movie. She accepted the invitation gladly and changed the clothes. Actually she needed the company of a young daring guy like me.

She was wearing short dress upto thigh length and looking younger than her age, like a college student.I gave her compliments and welcomed by thanks. It was one and half hour Adult movie. There were few sex scene. I took full advantage of darkness and closeness and placed my hand on her bare thigh and pressed hard and moved all the way up to thigh joint, when there was a sex scene.

She didn’t object. Then I placed my other hand on the back across the shoulder and also pulled her towards me to stamp a kiss. To my surprise she responded warmly to give green signal to encourage me and I gathered courage to pump her boobs by putting my hand inside the blouse. My dick also started to rise, but als the picture was over and we have to stop there.

On the way back home I asked if she drinks. She told occasionally and when asked the choice then disclosed the name of Red wine. I purchased a bottle of Red wine and food for dinner of her choice on the way. I was very happy that things were going in the right direction and that I will get best chance to fuck the beauty queen and sex doll freely.

I followed her when she went to change and refresh. She changed clothes in my presence without any hitch and and didn’t mind to see me pissing. I like the sound and placed my hand under the shower besides touching the flesh of her cunt. It was beginning of nice moments. I also changed clothes in front of her and she was pleased to see my masculinity.

We then started with the drinks and chicken tikka. We forgot every thing and concentrated on enjoyment and our topic was sex. After the first round of drinks she was in very light and gay mood and started responding to all me queries. I then presented her a picture of a lovely cute baby.

She kissed the baby and told me that she desperately needs a baby like this disclosed about medical check up and sperm bank. Then she frankly told me that she is trying to get conceived by my father and swapped spouses in tour at Bangkok. She slept with two more men in swingers club.But without any result.

She also disclosed that yesterday night also she was fucked by my father in our room. Now she wants to try her luck with me to get conceived by my sperm. She told me that she can do any thing and go to any limit with me to get baby from me. This was a clear challenge and signal for me to enjoy best of sex and give her baby.

I accepted gladly and hugged her with passions and started showering kisses. She responded with equal interest and warmth. Then we shed all or clothes and moved to the bed of our parent where the game of love and passionate sex started like true lovers. We made love by kissing and caressing for some time and went to bath room for refreshing.

We had lots of fun under the shower besides pissing on each other. I was feeling full of pressure and pointed the stream of my pee directly on her fully exploded wide open cunt deep inside, parted by her hands. This caused her labia to vibrate. She like the act very much.

Thereafter we came back to bed room where we started with oral sex. She made me to lie down and sat astride with her cunt wide open on my mouth in her favorite “69” position. She lowered the tight fore skin of my dick down to expose the glan and started sucking like a lollypop. I parted the lips of her camel toe cunt to explode further and started moving my tongue all around and up and down.

She started moaning with pleasure, saying yes, like this, suck my labia and clit and make my cunt burst open with pleasure. I started nibbling, twisting and stretching the large lobes of wet flesh of Labia and blowing to throb with my lips. Her cunt started bulging out to burst and she couldn’t control her pee and started dripping. I like the taste of her pee and asked her for more and more.

She applied pressure from inside to pass more pee which caused her cunt to burst wide open to give me full access to suck and lick flesh deep inside. I was getting mad with the taste and enjoyment. Then I took over her big clitoris and licked thoroughly to stimulate.

Her moans increased and she demanded more which caused her ass to rise higher and higher until she reached the heights of climax and suddenly her body jerked heavily with a shuddering Orgasm in abundance with ultimate pleasure. She was fully satisfied and praised me for the act and company. She expressed that she never experienced such a strong & bursting Orgasm before.

I could see the signs of satisfactionbesides the passions on her face and in in her eyes. She kissed me to express herself and told me that you’re a very fucking very good hunk. I really need a person like you to fuck me and make me pregnant & give me a lovely baby. I am very confident to get conceived from your sperms. I assured her of my best efforts and positive results from my side.

I convinced her that we have three days in hand to try and enjoy fucking. I will fuck you as many times as possible and bombard ur uterus to flood your cunt with semen loaded with tons of sperms to make thru. I supported her mentally as well physically.

By this time she was regained and fully prepared for steamy intercourse. She lied down on the bed and I pulled her down to the edge of the bed and placed a thick pillow to raise her ass. She raised her legs and spreadedwide apart to give me full access to fuck her.

I further pushed her legs behind and she held my throbbing dick steaming to dive inside her wet and hot tight tunnel and placed at the entry. I pushed and glided my rock hard cock with a smooth but tight penetration up to her hilt. Her breast swelled up higher during penetration and heading the ultimate target.

She was also fully prepared and involved mentally as well as physically, besides deeply lost in lustful sex. Her mouth was open and exhaling with sound of satisfaction while her eyes were close and face were full of passion. I bent down to kiss her and suck her nipples tight and erect. The started stroking her holding her legs.

Her whole body and boobs were shaking in rhythm to the thrusts and she was moaning with pleasure while demanding more and more. I was having good control on discharge and stopped in between by taking out my dick for some time and inserting again. Soon she reached in ecstasy and her legs started flying in the air.

Finally I couldn’t stop discharging and before cum I warned her that I am about to cum, yes just coming, Ohhhhhhh I have come and my back arched with a dynamic pleasure thru my nerves. She clutched me with her legs around my waist ceasing my movement. I spurted heavily and bombarded the sperm on the mouth of uterus with my dick plugging her hole tightly.

She was feeling great and peace on her face. Her attention was concentrated on the feeling of discharge and her uterus, which was very good sign to conceive. We remained tandem in the same position without any movement until my dick became loose and slide out itself. I asked her to remain lying and started kissing her cunt and patting her buts.

Her genitals flesh started spasming with aftermath pleasure and she felt some reaction at her uterus. This was very good indication of conceiving. I stopped her to get up and go for refreshing to avoid sement to come out. We slept nude whole night and took bath in the morning to refresh. There after we enjoyed steamy sex in the same manner number of times till we both were feeling exhausted and satisfied.

She was very happy with me and my performance and expressed that she has been fucked with so many different persons, but never got such a fantastic pleasure. We are very happy and don’t think that there is any sin or some thing wrong to enjoy sex in this relationship. Now she is pregnant and the result is awaited. We have pledged to keep our relationship a top secret.

I have great love and respect for her and her doors are always open for me to have fun and enjoyment in fucking together. What is the opinion of readers and how they like our true story. Please feel free to express. She will also take a note of ur comments and would certainly respond if impressed.

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Next morning apparently everything moved smooth; I took my way to work and met her in the morning while having breakfast, as she was just awake at that time. Throughout the way I was busy in my work but something was pinching me hard about last night’s incident.

Truly speaking at my end I too have fantasized Ruchi Didi several times while masturbating before marriage but I was not expecting this from her and that is after her marriage. Certainly something was wrong at her end about her marriage that is why she was murmuring that she wish I would have been her husband.

Anyway I spent whole day in uneasy mental state and by the evening I wanted to talk to her about this but after reaching home I did not felt like talking to her, everything was choked in my throat and I could not utter even a single word in that context, and finally I found myself over conscious talking to her, moreover Ruchi Didi was in pleasant mood and I did not wanted to spoil her frame of mind.

She asked me about my plan of Sunday, I ignored making any commitment and finally at the end I was sitting on couch watching late night television which I usually don’t do as I have to get up early in the morning. Ruchi Didi also came beside me after resting her baby on bed into sleep and by then she could make out change in me and she asked me and replied herself giving a reason she could think by saying.

“What happened? Why are you so quite, bahut thak gaye kya?” (Are you very tired?), I was watching television and I just moved my head in yes and continued looking at screen. “then go and sleep” Ruchi Didi spoke again, “you go and sleep, I will sleep here” I replied without looking at her.

“what happened….. abhi tak maine to tumhe bahar nahi fenka…. ( till now I have not thrown you out)” she smiled a bit while saying that, “nothing just aise hi…. I want to sleep here” I replied. “tell me…what is the matter” Ruchi Didi asked me again, I looked at her face, she was trying to read my brain, “nothing…. Please…. just leave me alone” I spoke as I could not decide how to handle this matter.

Ruchi Didi got up and went inside without uttering a single word after that. I sat there for few minutes and I was regretting over what I said, she was valuable for me and I could see that she was hurt from my words. I got up and pushed the door of my bedroom lightly and it opened. Even in the dark I could see that Ruchi Didi was awake, she was looking at the door,

at me “I am sorry…” I spoke she got up slowly and cleaned her tears and spoke in soft voice, “tell me….what is the matter” “nothing…” once again I tried avoiding, “don’t lie…… I know what you are thinking….. And why you are behaving like this” Ruchi Didi seemed calm from her words “then why are you asking me…..?” I spoke and tried to see her facial expressions in the dark.

She was disappointed, that’s what I could guess in the dark. As such there was no word for a minute and then she spoke again, “I am sorry” I came inside slowly and sat down on the corner of the bed and asked her, “now you tell me….. what is the matter?.....is everything alright at your end…..I mean between you and Jiju”

she did not responded to my question for long and then after few more seconds I heard “nahi….nothing is alright between us…..now please go and sleep….. I don’t want to discuss it with you” I got up to go, Ruchi Didi stopped me again by saying… “I want to go home…. Please take me to my place on Sunday…” “but…. Jiju will come in next month(after 15-20 days) ”

I spoke “haan…but I want to go home…….I cannot live here….please….I will talk to Aunty(my mom) in the morning” Ruchi Didi spoke again, “please don’t do this to me…. What is my mistake…. Maine to kuch nahi kiya” I replied “I know…. It’s not your mistake…. I go wrong every time….. please leave me alone…. I don’t want to discuss it with you”

I came out took my sheet and came back and slept in the room, barrier was broken and now I was keen to know the matter. Her baby was in the middle and Ruchi Didi was laying facing away from me to the wall and I could make out she was awake, and she also knew that I am also lying in the same room.

She turned after sometime on the other side and saw me awake and spoke in a soft voice, “tum soye nahi….abhi tak…. Please so jaao….you have to go to office tomorrow” “I cannot sleep….mujhe neend nahi aayegi poori raat…. Please tell me what is the matter…?” I spoke and asked her again,

“nothing….bass aise hi… thodi si tension hai hamaare beach main… everything will be alright… tum so jaao” Ruchi Didi replied calmly and closed her eyes to pretend sleeping “ye thodi si tension hai….what do you think I am a fool” I replied “yes…. you are a fool” Ruchi Didi spoke and smiled on that while keeping her eyes closed.

“why….? I mean why I am fool?” I asked her again I could see that Ruchi Didi was hiding her feelings behind the smile, “tell me what is wrong at your end and…… how can you do all that” I asked her again “I am sure you will not tell all this to anybody…remember we are best friends” Ruchi Didi spoke again somewhat told me to keep all this to me only,

while keeping her eyes closed “fine, then tell me what is the matter… we are best friends” “please yaar…. let me sleep…. I can’t tell you” Ruchi Didi replied in the fashion as if she is tired and do not want to continue this matter. “ok…I will not ask you again… but you will not go from here till Jiju is not back…. just try to be normal”

I spoke and surrendered asking her the matter, “it’s really difficult” “what” I asked her, “to behave normal” She replied, “fine then be abnormal…. But you have to stay here as scheduled” I replied, she smiled a bit, by now I could see her face clearly but I could make out she was sad and really very embarrassed over whatever happened.

Throughout night till I was awake I was taking out conclusions but could not guess her problem, and truly speaking in spite of tension I could not stop feeling erotic, and I remained hard in my lower for long in the night. Anyway after that we did not spoke to each other till next evening when I called her and asked her for going out for dinner, Ruchi Didi tried to avoid once but I assured her that I will not ask her anything.

We had good Dinner of her choice and did some shopping and came back and once again I was sitting in living room in front of television, and I could see that Ruchi Didi was bit normal now. She came out after putting her baby in cot when she (baby) was asleep and asked me for coffee.

I said yes to it and we had our coffee silently while watching TV, neither I asked her. nor she said anything about that. Finally Ruchi Didi spoke after around 10 more minutes of television watching, “Actually we (she and her husband) are not in physical contact from more than a year……almost from the second month of my pregnancy…I am really sorry for last night…. Mujhe se galti ho gayi….” I looked at her she was calm.

“what is the matter?” “nothing… I just don’t feel like doing with him” Ruchi Didi replied, “reason?” I asked her in one word, “he is not loyal to me…” Finally Ruchi Didi uttered the ultimate problem, “what…how do you know?” I asked her next in bit shocking tone, “I know,….. he is exploiting his female juniors,….. one of my school friend is his junior and he has tried to exploit her as well”

Ruchi Didi spoke and I could see that she was really very sad. “Is there any chance of misunderstanding… I mean?” I spoke and tried to find out the way, “no… he has accepted that…. and he will not change, for him its part of corporate world” Ruchi Didi did not had any doubt about it. “Then what is the solution….”

I asked her, “That’s what I am trying to find out…. I cannot divorce him right now…. Main Mummy (her mom was my Aunt) ko koi bhi mental stress nahi dena chaahti” Ruchi Didi replied and then spoke again, “I am sorry for what I did last night…I don’t know what I was thinking, tumse itne din baad mili aur I just got carried away” …..“that’s all right….I can understand” I replied to comfort her.

After that Ruchi Didi got up and went inside the room, and came back a bit from the door and spoke “please tum bedroom mein hi sona… I know you are not comfortable on couch”. I sat there in the living room for long, I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, I was surprised and sad at the same time but as such there was nothing I could do in this context except suggesting her, to console the matter with her husband.

Finally I got up and came in the room and took my place. Once again Ruchi Didi was laying sideways facing away from me and I could see her entire body from behind. I was well awake looking at her body, she was laying keeping her one leg bit away from other in sideways posture and I could not stop feeling erotic,

I was getting hard as now I knew that Ruchi Didi is starved for physical love, moreover I knew this as well that last night she was fantasizing me while masturbating and again and again I was recalling whatever she was doing last night. I could feel the excitement rising in my body and over all gesture, and truly speaking, I was losing control on myself and now desire of getting physical with her was rising in me tremendously.

All this was running in my mind may be because having sex with her was somewhat my hidden desire, especially after that kissing incident and I use to fantasize about her while masturbating very frequently at that time. But it was a matter of that time and surely now it was sin for me as I was deeply in love with my wife and like Ruchi Didi I did not had any complaint with my wife and even then I wanted to do it.

I thought about moving ahead and turning her towards me, but I was jammed and could not do. Just then She turned to change the posture and tried to see me if I am still awake. Surly she was sleeping I could feel it from her gesture because she could not see my face and realize that I am awake, like I could see her face and she came closer to see my eyes, whether they are opened or closed and she found them open.

“what happened?” she asked me, I was stunned and could not utter a word, may be because I wanted to do something now, I was collecting courage to go ahead and my heart was beating high and Ruchi Didi could sense, that I am uneasy, that’s why she asked again, “what happened, are you alright”.

Her face was close to my face as she was looking at my eyes in dark to see I am sleep or awake and for me it was moment to react and I reacted, don’t know how I dared to do that, I raised my face and kissed her lips and continue sucking her lips lightly. Ruchi Didi was shocked and she resisted a bit and tried to get away,

I too moved up along with her and tried to continue kissing her and unintentionally I held her arm to stay connected with her. She got up and our kiss broke in few seconds, “what are you doing?” she was sitting on bed and I too got up, “mera mann kar raha thaa….aapko kiss karne ka…. I just did that….bass ho gaya…” I fumbled a bit.

She was looking at me, into my eyes and I too was looking at her, don’t know why I was not ashamed of what I did, moreover I don’t know from where I got courage do what I did next, holding her wrist I tried to pull her slowly towards me and spoke, “come to me”. Ruchi Didi resisted a bit but she did not tried to release her wrist and asked me again,

“what are you doing” she asked me same question but I did not bothered to reply, even I did not knew what I was doing, I continued pulling her and she came closer and once again I kissed her and unknowingly I was holding her from her back to get into comfortable position. I was sucking my sister’s lips and for some time she was not reacting to my kiss,

but surly she was not going back and that is why I did not stopped, I could read her body language, mentally, she could not believe that I am kissing her and she was stunned, I could feel this as well that Ruchi Didi too wanted to do this but something was stopping her to react, surly her ethics and She looked into my eyes for a second after breaking the kiss, and then closed her eyes and grabbed me with her arms and hugged me.

Now bars were broken and we were not in our senses, we both were carried away and now there was no way to stop flowing us in emotions, I again kissed her, this time it was a long kiss, and she responded, she opened her mouth and welcomed my tongue and soon her tongue was wandering in my mouth too.

Must say that it was most beautiful kiss of my life, to a person whom I knew from years, but I never thought about her up to this extend. We kissed each other for long and explored each other’s mouth thoroughly, and then we stopped and then again started, and then again. I was holding her from her shoulders slowly my hands went to her back, Ruchi Didi was already holding me firm on my back.

I went to her ears and kissed her just below that and she moaned sexily. I knew all delicate points of a female and Ruchi Did was no exception. I don’t know when we lied on my side of the bed and I was partially over her, kissing her whole face and neck and sucking her earlobes, I was doing same way like I use to make love to my wife and Ruchi Didi was reacting to my tender love making with intense pleasure moans.

Once Ruchi Didi stopped me from kissing her neck and caressed my hairs while looking into my eyes with love and affection and asked me almost same question, the one she was asking me from the beginning of all this, “what are we doing?” “You can throw me out of the room after this… but let me do it first…..”

I replied and once again I dipped myself into her and we started kissing and we kissed wonderfully, just like true lovers and did not realized that when we started taking off each other’s cloth while kissing. I could recall from when Ruchi Didi was caressing my bare chest after unbuttoning my shirt completely and I was trying to unhook her bra extending my hand to her back after taking off her Kurta.

I was bit confused and could feel that my hands were trembling a bit and that is why I was failing to taking off her bra. Realizing my condition, Ruchi Didi got up slowly and unhooked her bra and took it off herself and retained her position on bed. Oh.. God I could not believe that, Ruchi Didi my loving sister was topless in front of my eyes and for me that was the thing which I could not forget throughout my life.

I was stunned for a second and just kept on looking at her milky melons, certainly her breasts were gone heavier as compared to what she had before marriage, rather as a whole she had gained a bit as now her arms and thighs were bit fleshier than before and her bottom was bit wider that what she had when she use to live with us.

It was not that I never thought about her in that way, rather as I said earlier in past I have masturbated several times fantasizing her and that is why I could see every gain in her body. Once again I came over and now my lips were brushing her body bit down, where they were earlier and in few seconds I was sucking her breasts like a child and she was moaning in a real pleasure.

I chewed her erect nipples and moved my tongue erotically over them and she trembled a bit and grabbed my tight from my head and pressed me hard to her breast to say that she is enjoying. By now we both were gone deep in lust and none of us thought, that we are cheating our partners,

rather we both were making love as husband and wife do and at my end more than making love to my sister I was observing her reactions to my love making and they were intense, Ruchi Didi was moaning in much better way than my wife and I could see that she was really starved for sexual pleasure.

Gradually I moved down and tugged thread of her Salwar and got up a bit to take it off, Ruchi Didi saw me, into my eyes and then lifted her bottom, so that I can take it off, and I did that. My sister was laying just in panty, my shirt was still in my shoulder and Ruchi Didi tried to take it off by pulling it a bit and I did that,

I was top less still wearing my lower and next Ruchi Didi tried to get up and I allowed her by getting aside, but she took me under her and started making love to me the way I was making to her. I could feel her breasts over my torso and my sister was kissing my face in between of sucking my lips and slowly she too went to my neck and like me she too sucked my earlobes.

I too reacted erotically and realized her hand getting inside my lower and Ruchi Didi loosened my Pajama and took it off from my legs and once again came over me, “I wish tum mere husband hote….I can’t live with him….” Ruchi Didi spoke after long, I got up a bit and took her under my body “you just forget everything for sometime….and enjoy this moment…..we will think about it later” I replied while removing her hairs from her face to look into her eyes.

Purposely my hand went down and I tried to take off my sister’s Panty and once again Ruchi Didi lifted her bottom. I took it out off from her legs to unclothe my sister completely and without looking down to her feminine body I lifted myself and took out my jockey.

Next moment our naked bodies were tied together and they were inseparable, one of my leg was between my sister’s thighs and some part of it was touching her soft love hole, Ruchi Didi was flooding and oozing out her juices like a river, river of love, even Ruchi Didi could feel my erection on her belly.

Once again I sucked her breasts and adore them one by one, chewed her nipples and Ruchi Didi reacted sexily by arching her neck with a intense moan. Friends truly speaking I cannot write that moment in words, the kind of pleasure Ruchi Didi was getting was simply marvelous. I wanted to love her, I wanted to love my sister the way man loves a woman, after all she was my best friend and I was her.

Anyway I took my hand through her thighs to her love opening, as I touched my sister’s most delicate part she moaned bit higher and held me tighter, Ruchi Didi’s love hole was soaked with her juices. I moved my finger on her love spot to find the exact place where I had to enter, and Ruchi Didi trembled feverishly in intense pleasure, Next moment I felt something on my penis,

it was my Sister’s hand, Ruchi Didi was holding my hard Penis and it was a wonderful feeling, she tried to guide me to her opening and I simply followed, and reached to her pleasure hole. I was reached to Ruchi Didi’s opening and she was still holding my rod, I looked at her, She too was looking at me, once again our eyes met, and now at my end it was just a matter of simple push,

she was breathing bit heavier, I whispered “I love you Ruchi Didi”…. “I love you too…….Geetu….just fuck me now…. Just think I am Shruti( my wife)” Ruchi Didi replied in humming pleasurable voice and just at that instant I pushed myself inside her, and Ruchi Didi closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure, pleasure of getting loved or you can say pleasure of getting fucked by her brother.

I could feel that her love hole was just like a pool of fluid, and it oozed out her juice as my Penis entered, and I just went deep inside my sister so easily. Once again I was looking at her facial expressions while caressing her hairs and stroking in and out of her gently and Ruchi Didi was enjoying every second and my pleasure was beyond any imagination, I was making love to my first love.

I was kissing her neck and loving her milky breasts in between while vibrating in and out of her pleasure hole and my all these acts was enhancing her pleasure to get intimate with her younger brother. Slowly I increased my pace and her moans got intense, Ruchi Didi grabbed me between her arms bit tighter and slowly wrapped her thighs around my waist.

Keeping my eyes wide open I was looking at her face, and listening to her moans of pleasure, just then Ruchi Didi opened her eyes and spoke while looking at me, “Fuck me Geetu…fuck me….like this” Her words took me beyond my control and suddenly I felt that I will not last for long, and my pace got higher,

Ruchi Didi sensed my condition extending her hands she held my hips started moving bit up and down in rhythm, I could see that along with me, even my sister was reaching to her climax, and in just few seconds, I buried myself deep inside her, heat erupted from Ruchi Didi’s body as well and she shivered erotically while reaching to her orgasm with a loud moan.

I too squeezed my hips at the same time and felt myself releasing flood of juices deep inside my sister. We both were exhausted and as I regained, I saw Ruchi Didi was still breathing heavy, her eyes were still closed and she was holding me firm, I don’t know what was she feeling but I was feeling somewhat honored, that I have made my loving sister feel good.

Anyway Ruchi Didi also regained and got up to go to toilet after wearing her clothes, I too used the toilet and came back to room and no one uttered a single word about whatever happened just now. I lied down on my side and after a minute Ruchi Didi came in my arm and tried to sleep.

I tried to talk to her but she stopped me by saying, “please…. Don’t discuss anything right now…….we will talk about this tomorrow” I was awake for long, so was she, I could feel it as my arm was her pillow. Finally we slept and when I got up Ruchi Didi was sleeping on her side and her baby was in the middle, I could recall when she got up and went to the other side in the mid night.

Once again we met when I was having my breakfast when she just woke up and came out of bedroom. Our eyes met while wishing each other good morning and then I moved out to my way to my work place. Truly speaking I was not at all feeling guilty, may be because it was Ruchi Didi because of whom I cheated my wife, if she would have someone else then certainly I would have died in shame.

Anyway throughout day at work I was thinking that what will I say to her, rather how will I start the conversation, and once again even after preparing myself for long I could not utter anything in that context. Finally once again we were sitting in living room and she made coffee without even asking me, I accepted the mug and finally Ruchi Didi uttered,

“let’s talk about it,……. Hmmmm….tell me what do you think about whatever happened last night” “I don’t know…. I am just blank aur jo kuch bhi kal raat ko hua, seriously saying it seems like a dream to me, I can’t believe maine aapke saath aisa kiya” I replied and spoke whatever I was feeling. “What do you feel over last night’s incident” I asked Ruchi Didi next.

Even she was taking all this in a same way like I was taking, and her reply was, “I really don’t know what I should feel, guilty or glad; I just know it was beautiful whatever it was, sin or virtue whatever” then she spoke again after a pause, “but I am feeling sorry for Shruti(my wife)… you cheated her because of me” I passed her a casual smile, and just said, “that’s ok…I will not tell her all this”

Ruchi Didi also smiled on my tiny joke and got up and went inside. After around half an hour or may be more I also got up and came in bedroom, assuming that she will be asleep, but I was wrong, Ruchi Didi was facing away from door and as she felt that I am lying on my side she tuned and asked me if she can come in my arms by saying,

“I want to sleep in your arm, can I come” I just moved my head in yes and Ruchi Didi came in. I could see that she was not sleepy and bit uncomfortable, more over I could feel that she was waiting for me to do something, truly speaking I wanted to hold myself for going ahead again but I could not as a Man once again I lost control over myself and I kissed her while turning her to my comfort and once again we started and finally ended after comforting each other sexually.

Remaining days passed like this only, Ruchi Didi took security measures to avoid Pregnancy and I pleased my Ruchi Didi almost every night without any fear and guilt. Rather I must tell you that after couple of nights Ruchi Didi asked me if I have done anything weird with my wife, she meant Oral sex from this weird word which I never tried with my wife, but I did that with my loving sister,

I sucked Ruchi Didi’s love hole for a while and then she pleased me by sucking my penis for few minutes. Other than that we discussed her problem and finally after reaching home, after living with her husband for some time she told me that she has spoke to her husband and matter has been discussed in detail between them.

Soon after that Ruchi Didi started having sex with her husband because; Jiju has promised Ruchi Didi that he will not do all that again, exploiting her juniors and all. After this incident she did not stayed with us like this and truly speaking if somehow such possibility will come again, I would love to get intimate with Ruchi Didi again, after all she is my first love.

Anyway that’s all I had to tell you, thanks to this site because of which I have relived one of best moments of my life while writing all this. I would love to read comments of wonderful readers of this wonderful blog.

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