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Sunny enjoying first threesome sex

Previously: Sunny and Chand enjoying sex with doctor neighbour

Hi, Sunny back again and here I am sharing another thrilling experience which happened before our swapping adventure. After that day experience Seema has asked us to minimize our sexual activities and wait for her call when party will be organized and also to keep clean shaved and ready because there is no schedule for the swap party it happens when all group member are available and no female partner in menses.

As I mentioned we moved in our newly constructed house and apart from some work of carpenter all work was finished and that was left because our carpenter had taken leave for other work as they are usually doing. We use to call contractor to finish work almost every 3rd or 4th day and he always said that he will finish the work as and when he will get time in next three four days.

Finally one day he called in one morning that he will send two of his workers who will come and finish the left out work in two days. That day I told my hubby to stay back in house so that he can supervise and ensure the finishing the work. He agreed and he talked to his boss for work from home and he gave him permission to do the work from home.

On that day two guys came and start doing their unfinished job. Almost all work was finished and in evening they said that they will finish remaining work next day and left our home. Next day morning my hubby told me that he is having very important meeting with senior government officials and that will last for 2 hours max and I will come by 3 PM back.

I said OK and he left the home at 10 and before departure he told workers who were working on first floor that they need to finish work. Around 12’o clock after finishing my kitchen work I decided to take bath and I went inside my room and took cloths and keep them at my bed.

I went inside bathroom and I forget to bolt the bedroom door from inside because when I closed that it was completely closed and I thought that I have bolted from inside. After bath I came outside of bathroom nude and I was drying myself by towel.

Suddenly door of bedroom opened and one of working guy asked for tea and seeing him I tried to hide myself but failed to do that and seeing a nude women in front of eyes that man was shocked for a moment and next moment he came and caught me from behind and try to take my hand out of my boobs.

The touch of stranger has not exciting for me but I realize that man is having muscular body and fuck is evident so why not to enjoy the fuck. So gave away my resistance and turned towards him he planted a kiss on my cheeks and he called his colleague and he also came and when he saw him with me he smiled and also starts playing with my body.

Now heat is turning in my body and I responded by giving kiss to first guy and asked them to remove their cloths. In a flash of moment they also removed their clothes and now we all three in birth suits. First guy (Lalit) was playing with boobs and sucking them very gently and second gut sat on floor and start licking my chut and that was my fist threesome I was enjoying it.

Within few minutes I cum on the mouth of second guy (Ramesh) and he swallows my cum and his face was also full of my cum I asked him to get up and I licked my all cum from his face and I sit on my knees and took lunds of bith guys in my hand and start stroking them.

Both men lund are 7-8” long and thick also, I took them one by one in my mouth and start giving blowjob to them both men became mad and start moaning heavily. Suddenly Ramesh shouts for cum and I took his lund and asked him to cum in my mouth seeing that he moaned and cum in my mouth and I drink his cum till last drop.

He was satisfied and asked for more blow I asked them to come to bed and asked Lalit to start action and he mount on me and put his lund on my chut and in one thrust he pushed his big lund in my hot burning chut. It was nice feeling and mixed with pain due to forceful thrust.

He starts pumping of his lund in my chut and I took Ramesh lund in my mouth started a blow job and within second his lund was again fully erected. I can see myself in dressing mirror and it was really looking nice that one man is pounding my chut and one man has put his big lund in my mouth.

I asked Lalit to stop and asked him to lie down so that I can come on upper side and he followed my instruction. After changing position his Lund was going now deeper in my chut and I cum twice by that time. Ramesh was enjoying by mouth fucking. We all are moaning and our bedroom was full of our moans.

Then I asked Ramesh to come behind me and enjoy, I have never enjoyed threesome and that was my first threesome. Ramesh asked Lalit to stop for a moment and he keep hid lund on my butthole and gradually pushing inside me that was really awesome experience that one lund is in my Chut and other entering my butthole same time.

Initially it was bit painful but when he entered inside both men start pumping my both hole slowly and I was moaning in ecstasy aahhhahahahah daaarliiingg fuckkkkkk me phaaad do mujhee. I asked them speed bashao na maja aa raha hai tumhe maja aa raha hai they said yes aaj to tumaari gaaand aur chut ko india gate bana kar chodenge I said phaad do aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh maja aa raha hai.

Then lalit said madam I am cumming I said aur jor se aur under dalo and he pushed hard from below and I felt a hot spray deep inside my chut and I also cum along with him. after that I didn’t allow him to stand and keep his kund inside my chut. After few strokes Ramesh moaned and he also pushed his cum deep in my ass. Both man collapsed and I also tired by that time.

We laid there in bed for few minutes and after few minutes I asked them to clean themselves in bathroom. I went with them in bathroom and I cleaned them with my mouth first and I kissed both of them.

After cleaning we came out of bathroom and wear our cloths. I asked them how they filling they said this is their lifetime experience. This was my first threesome, I will share swapping club experience in my next story which happened week after that.

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Ranjit having unbelievable sex with Pinky

Hi readers. This is my first post to humandigest. This is the story of how I had unbelievable sex with my cousin Pinky. My name is Ranjit and I’m studying at a college in Bangalore. In fact, the very reason I was sent to a college in Bangalore was because Pinky, my cousin, was already settled in Bangalore and was working for an IT company there.

I had always looked upon Pinky in a non sexual way and this is the story of how it all changed. It started some months ago when I received a call from Pinky’s mother asking me to go and visit her. Her mom told me that she wasn’t keeping well and that I should take her to the clinic. So I went to her apartment. Pinky looked uncomfortable and I asked her what was wrong.

She told me she had a slight fever and some other “girl” problems but that she was fine. Anyway, I told her that I wasn’t going to leave her alone there and that I was going to take her to a clinic. I pushed her into her room and asked her to change into something comfortable and that we would go to a clinic.

Pinky is of average colour with slightly curly hair and 5-2” height. Not too slim and not extremely fat. She has bigger than average boobs and a nice round ass. She dressed up quickly and came out wearing a dark green churidhar. We called an auto and went to the doctor’s place. We booked an appointment with a doctor.

She had developed a slight cold as well and was sneezing occasionally. When our turn came to see the doctor, he immediately recommended an x-ray scan to study her congestion. That was the beginning of my adventure. I took her to the x-ray room. There were two attendants or nurses in the room. I told them that Pinky’s doctor had asked her to get an x-ray.

They asked me to wait there and asked Pinky to get inside. Then I heard something that gave me a shock. They instructed her to go a small room and take off the top of her churidhar! I did not know how to react. I had not thought of this and looking at Pinky, I realised that she was surprised too. Moreover, the machine was being operated by two young male attendants.

But somehow, I felt excited at the possibility and told Pinky that it was alright, I was going to be there. I thought that she wouldn’t object to my being there in that room as there were already some strange men present. She went into the room and came out sometime later, without her top but wearing a black bra.

My god, what a sight! Her soft, round and fair boobs were half exposed in that tight, sexy bra. I had never seen Pinky like that and it gave me an instant erection. I was thanking my lucky stars, when one of the attendants came forward and told her – “madam, you must take off your bra too. We can’t have an x-ray with you wearing a bra!” Pinky and I were both surprised and shocked.

But then, it seemed logical. Pinky’s face went red and she looked at me. I was trying hard to hide my erection but I just nodded back to her. Then, without warning, she unhooked her bra right there and took it off, exposing her lovely boobs to us all. Our jaw dropped together and we were staring in disbelief as she walked back to the room and left her bra there.

She walked back to the x-ray machine, giving us all a great show, her soft breasts jiggling freely as she walked. The lucky bastards were enjoying it every bit and I even saw one fucker fondle her boobs as he pretended to position her for the x-ray. Finally, it was over, she put her clothes back on and we went to see the doctor.

The doctor was a young man again and after taking a short look at the x-ray, told us that everything was fine. I couldn’t believe it. She had given us all a show and she was perfectly alright! The doctor then asked her about her other problems. She told him that she had a mild stomach ache and that she was finding it hard to pee.

He told us that it seemed like a case of infection but he needed an examination to be sure. He then asked her to drop her pants and get on the examination table. I was again about to enter my seventh heaven when she asked the doctor “in front of him, doctor?” I was disappointed but then the doctor said “if you don’t mind, please. We need to have a family member present when we perform these tests.”

So Pinky got up and lifted her churidhar up. She was standing with her back to me and facing the doctor. She untied her strings and her pants fell to the floor. The scene was too hot and I almost felt like I was about to come. But the show had just begun. She bent forward and started pulling her panties down. I had a great view of her pussy and ass from behind.

I was sitting behind the doctor’s table and slowly started rubbing my cock, watching this unbelievable scene! I sat right there while she got on the bed, naked from the waist down and spread her legs open for the doctor to examine. After some ten minutes, he was done and wrote her some medicines and we left the clinic.

Because of all the activity in the clinic, I had a massive hard-on and just wanted to shag. We did not talk in the auto on our way back and as soon as I got into her apartment, I excused myself to go and use the bathroom. I rushed into the bathroom and pulled off my jeans and underwear and released my monster cock from its prison. I was about to start shagging that Pinky knocked on the door.

“What are you doing Ranjit?” she asked. I felt irritated and told her that i’d be out soon. She stayed silent for a minute and I resumed shagging. And then I heard her say – “i can see you, you know?” I froze. I didn’t understand how and turned back and saw that her bathroom had two doors, one semi-transparent and the other, wood. In my hurry, I had closed only the glass door.

But through the smoky glass, I could make out that she was standing there in her underwear. I opened the door with my cock pointing towards her and shaking. She came towards me and grabbed hold of cock and whispered – “so, did you enjoy the show?” I couldn’t take it anymore and so I grabbed her bra and tore it open, releasing her breasts.

Then I squeezed them softly first and then hard. When her nipples started getting erect, I used my lips on them and she started moaning uncontrollably – “Ranjit, fuck me! Fuck me, please!” I just picked her up and carried her to a bed, throwing her down. Then I came down on top of her and spread her legs. I could see that she was wet from the spot on her panties.

Without bothering to take it off, I pulled her panty to one side, exposing her pussy. She held my cock and then guided it into her wet choot. Once I was inside, I started pounding her harder and harder and she seemed to love it. Occasionally, I would bend forward and suck her tits while continuing to fuck her. After about 10 mins, I asked her to get on all fours.

Then I pulled her panties down from her waist, exposing her ass completely to me. I mounted her from behind and started thrusting into her, banging her sweet, soft ass! After sometime, I couldn’t take it and I leant forward and starting cumming inside her while squeezing her tits and teasing her nipples.

I could feel that she was having an orgasm too, judging by the way her tight pussy was milking the cum out of my cock. After this incident, I go and stay regularly at her place and we have weekend long fucking sessions. Post in your comments for more sex-iting stories!

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Sex Marathon with Anitha

Hello readers, this is my first post here with my sexy Anitha. Am 25 years old, undergrad stud now running my own show. Anitha is 28 years old, was married for a year and a half before her husband passed away in a road accident. She lives right next door in my apartment and we have known each other for almost 3 years now.

Anitha is alone now as hers was a love marriage and both their parents didn't like them and still they haven't accepted her back. She had faced a lot of problems in life and she wanted to stand on her own now.

Since I knew her for a long time and also for the fact that we were really close to each other and again we had made love earlier (thats a different story altogether), I invited her to join me in the business and she readily accpeted the offer. She is 5'6" tall with 34B-27-38 body stats. When at home, Anitha prefers wearing thin fabric robes / slips. Her sex appeal is her eyes and lips.

She has a black thick wavy hair something that she takes extra care of. It was today that we had a major deal signed at the company taking us to the next level, the target which we wanted to achieve by the end of this year, we had achieved it with the first deal. We hugged each other inside the cabin and Anitha gave me a sweet kiss on my lips.

We then decided to celebrate the event on a high and we had arranged for some parties the following weekend for the employees. Since it was Anitha's effort with the deal, I promised spending the entire week with her day in and out as I was going to all alone at home from that day. My parents have shifted to another city due to dad's work and I'd to stay back cos my new venture.

With this plan, I asked Anitha to get back home early and be ready for me. She was more excited than I was as we did not even enjoy a proper kiss in the last 2-3 months as we were busy with work.

The first evening:

I came back from work, had a shower and left for Anitha's house. She was jut out of the shower and she had a towel wrapped around her. She was standing near the bed and was caressing her own boobs as she had become horny of the fact I was going to make love to her that evening. I was wearing a shirt and jean.

I walked up to her and placed my hands on her hip and kissed her bare neck. Her hair was tied up in a bun and she had removed all her jewels from her neck. With the first touch of my lips on her, she turned towards me and opened her lips and there it was and I wasted no time in sealing her lips with mine. I didn't know when but Anitha had unbuttoned my shirt and I had removed her towel.

Her nipples were hard and protruding and I took em between my fingers as we were still kissing. She held my hand and walked me to the bed and pushed me on the bed. She came between my legs and removed my jean pulled it down as I lifted my ass along with my boxers. I stood up from the bed and Anitha was on her knees with my semi erect cock already in her palms.

She smiled at me as she licked the tip of my penis and rolled her tongue to the bottom of my penis. She took both my balls in her mouth and sucked it hard while she was jerking my penis with her hands. Anitha would take a break in sucking my balls and lick my penis from top to bottom.

She would take the entire length inside and my penis would be touching the deepest part of her throat. Anitha kept the play on for some 10 minutes when I was on the urge of climax, that I held her face, pulled back her hairs, removed her hands off my cock, and started to fuck her mouth with heavy thrusts that she had he mouth wide open and my penis was going in and out very fast.

With some 10 strokes, I came with a massive load and Anitha couldn't swallow everything. My cum was all over her face and boobs. She looked stunning as ever with those sweet lips making the most killer smile and looks a man could get. I pulled her up and made her lie on the edge of the bed with her legs wide speard. This time it was me on the knees before her cunt.

Anitha was wet with the foreplays, I took her right leg and placed it on my shoulder with the left hand going from below her legs to her navel. I rubbed her pussy lips with my right fingers while my left thumb and index was pressing her clitoris from the top. I kissed her navel just above the clit and slid down to the clit. I took her clit between my teeth and my tongue was playing with it.

Anitha's moans started to increase and she was pushing me inside holding my hairs. I slid my right middle finger inside her wet pussy and it slid in without any difficuilty. I moved my tongue to her pussy and licked it while I was finger fucking her. I slid my tongue inside and the second finger as well.

Anitha got up and was resting on her left hand and her right hand was on my head pushing more inside her. Very soon after she came in loads and I did manage to drink some of them. I carried her to the washroom and we cleaned ourselves. She wanted to go out for dinner and a movie. We got dressed and Anitha wore a sexy blue saree with deep blouse.

We moved to the front door from the bedroom locking lips. We had a quick dinner and hit the theatre. We got all the 10 tickets of the box and entered the screen. The box has 10 couple sofa seats and we'd booked all of them. We took position at the middle. Anitha was resting her head on my right shoulder and she moved her hand inch after inch to my shaft.

Soon the movie started and the lights went off. The very moment I turned towards Anitha and started kissing her lower lips. By now Anitha had my cock in her right hand and she was stroking. I broke the kiss lifted her saree upto her hips and pulled down the blue panty in one go. I lifted her and placed on my lap and she managed to take my cock inside her pussy.

She took off my tee and was caressing my chest. I moved her pallu away carefully unbuttoning her blouse and removed her bra. I threw it over made her wear the blouse with the opening on the front. I took her nipple in my mouth and held onto her hips signalling her to ride me. Anitha loved this position a lot and she is a pro.

She made mild moves taking it slow and we actually made love for like 15-20 minutes. It was one of Anitha's fantasy and we had a great time with that. We left the theatre during the mid break and left home as we wanted to have more of it tonight. All through the way, Anitha was leaning her back on the window facing my and she gave an amazing foot job.

I stopped her when I was about to cum and made her take my cock in her mouth. She did that and she was all the more happy in drinking my semen. We reached the car park in the apartment and Anitha went in first saying she would wait for me there. I had taken her bra and panty in the theatre and there she walked away adjusting her blouse and saree.

I kept watching at her swinging ass till she was gone inside the lift. I parked the car and rushed to her apartment. She had the door wide open for me and the moment I stepped inside, Anitha locked the door from behind me. I turned around and she jumped over me and started kissing my face, lips as if there was no tomorrow. I started walking towards the hall carrying her in my arms.

Anitha stopped me and she took off my tee and threw it on the floor, in turn I moved her pallu away and got rid off her blouse. By the time we reached the couch, we both were fully naked with our clothes spread from the door to the couch. I turned on the music system so that the moans don't go out of the house.

I made her lie down on the carpet and I was on top pinning her hands down and teasing her by not kissing her lips. We never needed a foreplay tonight as we both were horny throughout the evening and still we are. I always wanted to fuck Anitha in her ass and today she couldn't say no to that as well.

We started with foreplas again and this time we got inot the 69 position, I was licking her pussy and again my fingers were in her asshole finger fucking her there. Once she got comfortable, we got into the spoon position and I had my left hand around her neck pulling her to me. Anitha had her legs perpendicular to our bodies and she had my cock in her hand guiding me inside.

I was kissing her neck ear lobs making her comfortable as she was very tensed with anal sex. Soon I was inside her and we didn't move for another 2-3 minutes as I wanted her to get rid of the pain and enjoy the act. It was she who started the act and I obliged with that we had an amazing love making session for like 45 minutes.

We slept in the same posture for another hour or so when we got back to the senses and I carried her to the restroom and we had a warm shower. Back in the room I wore a white undie and she wore a white g string panty and we hit the bed and I was hugging her from behind. It was after a very long time that we had gotten together and the hugs, kisses spoke more than the words.

I always had something for her and in the past few months I had fallen for Anitha and have planned a big proposal thing coming weekend after the office party. I really love to get married to her. I did not realise when I had slept but we both fell asleep with me hugging her tight to my body. Anitha woke me up by 6am in the morning.

There was a dim light in the room with all the curtains pulled up so that there was no way the sunlight could enter the room and all I could see was her lovely face with the hairs coming in front. I was lying on my back and Anitha was moving her hands over my cock and her lips were running through my bare chest.

Soon she was on top taking my lips into hers and she started moving her butt over my crotch. She lifted her ass and pulled out my hard cock and she returned to the kissing moving her ass over my naked cock this time. We continued with foreplays for more than an hour as we wanted to take it slowly and not to rush over. We did not move out of the bed.

We got into the facing spoon position and I was really slow with my thrusts and it was more of caressing her boobs, hugging and kissing than the rough and speed actions. I fucked her for another 20 minutes before I came inside her pussy. We got up hugging and I carried her to the restroom and we had a warm shower together.

We decided to skip work today and attend to the mails from home. The whole day we spent cuddling, cooking meals and two quickies while cooking. I had already ordered for some dresses and lingeries online and it had come that evening.

From that evening for the next 4 days, it was full on fucking and everyday we had a fantasy like she was a nurse, sexy secretary (that day, we managed to have some fun at work during the lunch breaks), masseuse, school girl with those white short white shirt and blue skirt with a tie.

The marathon was supposed to end after the office party and she already had plans to have sex with me in the resort that night as we haven't stepped out of her house for sex all these while. She had booked a desert cottage at the corner of the resort with private lawn and pool.

The next morning, for a change I woke her up and proposed her with a platinum ring. She was reluctant as she was a widow and also the fact she was elder to me. But after all the convincing she accepted the proposal. Now I have kinda convinced my parents as well and we are planning to get married in a quite and small function with just us and my parents.

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Monika getting screwed by DG

Hi! Everyone. I am regular reader of Human digest. I like many stories not all. But thanks to all who shares their experience / fantasies. Now coming to my story, this is one of my special experiences which happened few days back. Coming to me I am DG (my identity for all of you) from Ahmedabad via email.

I am an engineer, running my own business in field of industrial electronics and happily married with two kids. I have school going kids and living in pose area of Ahmedabad called satellite. I am 42 years old, 5 ft 8 inch height, 75 Kgs, 6.5” long dick, my dick is thicker than normal dicks and having good athletic body. Thanks to my regular walking and exercise habit.

I would like to clarify that my English is not very good so forgive for that. Instead of pointing out grammatical mistakes just enjoy the story. This is not a erotic sex encounter. This is sex encounter with romance so those who are looking erotic stuff, please forgive me.

Coming to story, I am member of musical club and our club organizes musical functions every two months. The most members of club are of upper middle cast and we normally know each other by face not by name. In last month, same function was there but unfortunately due to my in laws are my guest my wife didn’t accompany me for the function and I am alone with my side seat vacant.

As normal I am enjoying the function. Many members knows me by name but most of them are with their wives so didn’t disturb to them. In between I noticed two beautiful ladies are sitting beside me. In the hall the lights are very dim almost nil except walk way. I purposely looking towards them and caught one of them looking to me and discussing something between them.

In break our eyes met and we exchange sweet smile but I noticed some strange in that smile. Finally at last we again exchanged formal smiles and I moved towards parking lot for my car. Living in Bopal out skirt of Ahmedabad which was not very far from my residence. While coming out from parking, I saw them waiting for someone.

I enquired and came to know that they have one couple membership. Whenever elder sister’s husband is in town he come with her husband otherwise both sisters came. Whenever both sisters came normally they came by Taxi and instructed taxi driver for pickup also. The taxi driver is also picking up her kids for tuition so there nothing like risk or unusual.

But today their taxi driver met with accident and he is unable to come for pick up even taxi driver has sms the same timely but in musical night’s enjoyment she missed the same. Now I offered lift to they. They are living in Bopal out skirt of Ahmedabad which was not very far from my residence. They accepted and the elder sister sits in front sit of my car.

As it is not on the way to my residence and I have to drive some extra kilometers for them but I am fine with that and it’s my duty to help them in this type of situation. On the way the talks are very formal and I came to know that the elder sister is married and her husband is working in MNC with outstation duty of 10-12 days every month even some times out of country.

The younger one is unmarried living with them has just finished his college. Finally I dropped them at their residence. Both thanked me for my courtesy. We exchanged our cell numbers. Guys till this moment I don’t have any intension of relationship with them. Sorry for long back ground but it needs.

Second day I received a call without name so answered the call and it was from Monica (we call elder sister Monika, 32 years old, the vital stats are 5.5 ft, 34C-34-36 whitish complexion, north Indian. Any man cannot resist himself for second look. The younger sisters Deepali, 25 years old, the vital stats are height almost same, 34B-32-34 whitish complexion).

Again it was formal and thanks and etc. This will continue till three months 2-3 calls every week. Every time Monika calls and both sister talk to me. After some time separate calls are also coming from Deepali. The talks are again formal. She requested me not to tell didi (Monika) for her calls to me. This makes my brain to think out of line.

These conversations continue for next one month and length of call duration increased. I noticed one thing Monica call when her husband is out of city. Gradually talks are from formal to personal liking as well as marriage life. Initially we exchange veg jokes which later reached to adult jokes also. Sometimes even about sex life.

I am elder than both sisters so they consult me for my opinions many times. One fine day Monica talked very long and asked me to come for coffee on any convenient day during running week time. I assumed that her husband must be on tour. I called Deepali and during talk with Deepali she told me that she missed me a lot for one week because she going to Punjab to attend relative’s marriage.

From Deepali’s call I also knew that Monica’s husband is out of town for a week. Now this is more than enough for me to understand the situation. I called Monica and fixed the day and time for coffee at her residence. At sharp 4:00 pm I reached Monica’s flat. She is on the door step waiting for me. She headed me inside the flat with sexy smile after shake hand.

She have very spacious flat and it was very beautifully decorated. Her husband must be earning handsome amount from his job. I appreciated her for her sense of things keeping in her flat. We sit on sofa facing opposite in the hall. Guys I cannot describe her beauty in words. She wore a transparent blue sari, with matching low cut sleeve less blouse.

She wore sari quite below her naval and the sari is tightly wrapped so any one can see the panty line from outside on her buttocks. She looks very very beautiful. I didn’t resist myself from staring her. During formal talk she caught me staring her boobs and cleavage many times. Every time she caught me staring her, she smiled in different way.

She went to kitchen for water, at that time I saw her ass as well as panty line very clearly and even I didn’t wink my eyes. I lost in the world of her sexy curves. She came with glass of water and offered me. During offer she bends forward and her pallu falls from her shoulder. Now friends you can’t imagine the view of her cleavage. My jaw remains open.

She enjoyed my situation and closed my jaws with her hand saying “it’s bad habit to stare someone else’s assets”. I told Monica your beauty is unmatched and I haven’t seen any one more beautiful than you. Your assets are gorgeous and I can’t stop myself. I told her “Kas mai iska malik hota!” (Kas, I was owner of these assets). She blushed and asked me for coffee or tea.

After some chit chat, I told her coffee is fine for me. She again went to kitchen for coffee. I fascinated with swing of her ass mounds and can’t control myself. I also went in kitchen behind her. She was busy in pre preparation of the coffee for us. I grabbed her from behind and she hasn’t opposed even a single time. It’s green signal till final destination for me.

I placed my lips on her neck and my hands on bare naval. Her naval area is very soft like a silk. I am moving my hands on bare skin of naval area and reading her expressions. She almost lost in heaven. I kissed and licked her neck. After five minute I moved my hands in opposite directions, one hand towards her boobs and other hand towards her love triangle.

I pressed her boobs one by one very softly over her sari and searched her nipple. I pinched her nipple between my thumb and index finger. My second hand which was her waist keep pressed her towards me very tightly so she can feel my tool on her buttocks. My lips are working on her earlobes. I licked and bit her earlobes one by one. Meantime I switched off gas stove.

I turn her towards me and very surprise to see her; her face become red from white like whole blood of her body get together at one place. I assume that she feels this type of love act first time in her life. I hugged het tightly. My lips are working on her face and kissing every inch of her face. My hands on her buttocks and felt her panty line above her sari.

Slowly slowly I pressed her buttocks and try to keep her very close to me so that she can feel my erection on her crotch. Every time my lips passes near her lips she closed her eyes very tightly and waited for lip lock but I am teasing her and not kissing her lips. I kissed her neck. She felt weakness in her legs because of my love making to her.

She told me to hold her tightly otherwise she can fall down. I replied her now you are in my arms and you cannot fall on earth but I will took you to feel the pleasure of heaven. She told please please for lip kiss. Our lips met, initially I kissed and licked her lips from outside. I tried to insert my tongue inside her mouth.

After 2-3 tries, I succeed to insert my tongue in her mouth and our tongues loved each other. I explored every corner her mouth and tested her saliva. I told her you are very sweet. Now she wrapped her hands around my neck and pull my lips on her. She kissed me wildly and inserted her tongue in my mouth. We lip locked for 12 minutes in kitchen.

I placed my hands below her buttocks and lifted her to take her in hall. During our move from kitchen to hall she didn’t parted our lips and kissing me violently. I slide her pallu from shoulder and let it fall on floor. I saw her deep cleavage. She wore very low cut blouse and 25 % boobs were visible above her blouse. I cannot control and kissing her upper boobs very rigorously.

Now she started moaning like ahhhhhhh…., please…….. Handle it softly…… aaaccchhhhhaaahhh don’t bite. I licked, kissed and even gently bite her visible boobs. Simultaneously pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples above her sari one by one.

I update readers that during every making; I left my love bite mark on my lovely partner’s body which will long last till 7-10 days. The location of love mark depends on situation. In today’s situation Monica’s husband is out of town for one week and living alone, the outer (visible to others) love mark is OK for her otherwise even I choose inner parts like boobs, thigh, naval, waist etc. for love marks.

For Monica the location is below her right ear on her neck. To give her proper love bite mark every time kissing her, I kiss that portion hardly for long time so it becomes dark red. This mark will remain for 7-10 days. My partner used to call me every day seeing love marks to thank for love mark bite.

I kissed her love bite location many times. I removed her sari completely and throw it on sofa. Monica is in sleeve less blouse and petticoat. What an assets she has. I become mad and want to eat her completely. I kissed her boobs and nipples above her blouse. I moved downward towards her naval area. Very smooth and silky skin she has.

I kissed and licked her naval area for 7-8 minutes while pressing her buttocks. I pulled note of het petticoat nada with the help of teeth. Her paticoat falls down and now my beauty is in her pink panty and blouse. I kissed her love try angle above her panty and her thighs. I removed her blouse and threw it away. I saw her precious boobs coved in her short pink bra.

Her boobs are trying to come out. It feels that very big material was wrapped with small cloth. I grabbed her boobs and pressed it hardly. She moaned like anything. She moaned anchhhhhhh….. please handle carefully. I hugged her from back and pressing her boobs with both hands. She whispered in my ear please took me to bedroom. I can’t wait any more.

I lifted her in my arms and headed towards her bedroom. I placed her on bad very carefully like glass ware (which should be handled carefully). I normally handle my partners very carefully as per their wish like very softly, softly, normal, hard, hardly, wildly etc. I jumped on her and now my complete weight is on her with both my legs on either side of her.

We kissed hardly and my tongue is inside her mouth. She happily cooperated with light moans. I am trying to part her legs but she tried to avoid it. I slide my self down towards her boobs. She was in pink bra and I am kissing her above bra. I unhook her bra from back and in one go removed it.

Now her milk light white boobs with light pink nipples are in front of me and I amazed to see boobs in such a shape after this age. I appreciated her boobs and kissing those mangoes. I pressed one boob with my hand and licking kissing the other one and vise versa. I exchanged position to treat both boobs equally. Even bit her nipples.

She moaned loudly asked for more and hard saying that aaahhhhh do it hard, aaaaccchhhhh bite on nipple, oh my GOD take complete in your mouth…. Nipple ko kato……. dono nipple ko chusssooooo……... They never treated like this before. I aroused more and more hearing all this words from her mouth.

Her boobs become red from white so I afraid to handle her boobs wildly but still she requested to do it hard. Now I pressed those ripped mangoes wildly and even biting her nipples and stuff around nipple. The heat inside her is at top level and the moaning continuously saying aaahhhhhhh……, aaahhhhh…. Yes I want this……… do it fast ……….. never stops.. don’t show any mercy on them…They are for you only.

Treat them as your wish. She told that I know you Gujarati people like Kesar mangoes most, theses both are your kesar mangoes …… dono kesar mango ko chusooo. eat both of them completely.

I continuously trying to part her legs and she parted her legs to allow me down and keeping both my hand on her boobs I went more down to lick her naval, it was light brown colour with average depth and round like small on e rupee coin. I licked and kissed her naval and around. She feels very strange as I tried to insert my tongue in her naval. I tongue fucked her naval.

She felt very special and moaning with mmmuuuaahhh …. please do it long and deep aaaahhhhhhaaaahhhh………., never ends, oh my GOD, DG I love you, don’t leave me etc. her legs are completely apart and I am in between her legs. I thought it’s enough on her upper part and let me concentrate on real heaven.

I reached to her love triangle. Monica’s panty is totally soaked with her love juices. She waited for my next move. I kissed her thighs and her legs till knee softly. As I licked her legs, she felt like electric shock passed through her. Every time my lips went near her pussy, she widely opens her legs so that I kiss her at her pussy but I tease her for that.

I lowered her panty; she helped by hoisting her buttocks. Now the heaven is in front of me. Her clean shaven pussy is vibrating. Let me tell you her pussy is so clean and smooth like rarely used. Seeing her light pink pussy; water is coming in my mouth. I kept my lips on her clit, as I sucked the upper part; she stumbled like a fish without water.

I kept kissing her clit and vertical lips for some time. She was enjoying my act. She was moving her fingers in my hair. I parted her inner thighs to see the love hole. It’s so clean and full of her love juice. Water stream is flowing out of her pussy. As I inserted my tongue in her love hall, she holds my hairs tightly in ecstasy.

Now she took active part in the act, she was pressed my head in her pussy like she wants I go inside her. I played with her pussy and clits with my tongue for 12 minutes. I feel stiffness in her body so understood she may come anytime. Within no time she held my hairs tightly with both her hands and pressed my mouth on her pussy very tightly to restrict my further movement, it is difficult to breath.

She clutched my head between her legs and coming like river flowing out of her pussy. I tried to drink her love juice completely. After some time she relaxed and loose her legs and hands from my head. I raised my head to see her facial expressions. She feels very relaxed and smiled. I slept on her she hugged me very tightly with kissing and tasting her own juice from my mouth.

Her tongue was moving inside my mouth and tries to clean each and every corner of my mouth. She felt great. She told me she never had any oral sex before this and even never experienced organism earlier neither in oral sex nor in real sex. I slept on her for some time.

I slept on my back and now she was on me. She opened the buttons of my shirt. I supported her in removing my shirt and banyan. Now I am with my pent and jockey only with naked upper part. She looked on my chest and moving her hand lovingly. She kissed each corner of my chest and sucked my nipples. She bite my nipple it pained me but it’s everything is fair in love and war.

My chest is wet due to his saliva. Slowly slowly she lowered towards my tool. She moved her hand on my naval and on my tool above pant. She feels tent above pant and kissed on it. She opened my belt and pant button and as well as pant zip. She inserted her hand in zip to feel my tool over my jockey. I helped her in removal of my pant by lifting my waist.

Now I am in only jockey. Her eyes are very wide by seeing the huge tent of my semi erected tool in jockey. She kissed and even bite the tip of tool above jockey. She moved her hands caressing the tool and my thighs. Her facial expressions are like that she won million dollar lottery today. She very passionately pressing and kissing my tool above jockey. The jockey became wet.

She slides her hand inside and removed my jockey in one shot. She widely open her eyes by seeing the thick 6.5“ cock. Her mouth remains open by the view she has. Now she down her mouth and kissed the tip of tool. She licked the complete tool from tool head to tool bottom. She tried to take the head of my tool inside her mouth.

She moved her tongue on my cock tip and its feels great pleasure to me. She had half the tool in her warm mouth. My tool is completely drenched in her saliva. Now she started to give me blow job. She is expert in giving blow job. She uses proper pressure of her lips and she used her tongue at appropriate place on my tool. This combine action gives me immense pleasure.

I placed my hands on her head and pressed the mouth so that she completely takes my tool in her mouth. She tried to take complete tools in her mouth but feels uncomfortable in breathing. She doing good job on my tool. After handsome 17 minute sucking I felt pressure building inside me. I told her I am coming and try to remove my tool from her mouth.

But she holds my tool tightly in her mouth. She also feels tightness and firmness of my tool as it is on verge of explode. I exploded in her mouth, I sprayed my hot semen like jet spray in her mouth which directly hit the neck wall in her mouth; she continued sucking till last drop of my fluid. She drank it completely and slept besides me hugging me tightly.

We kissed each other; I tasted my own fluid in her mouth. We slept in such a way so she faces opposite to me. Her back is towards me. I hugged her from behind adjusting my tool in between her ass mounds and my hands on her boobs. We took some rest.

After one hour rest, we wake up and she tried to adjust her buttocks so that she feels my tool in between her ass mounds. My tool got erection immediately. I made her sleep on her front so that the back is towards me. I slept on her. My erected tool is touching her buttocks. I started kissing her from her earlobe and spine cord line. I licked every inch of her back. She moaned loudly.

I went downward and my lips reached on her buttocks. I licked and bite her ass mounds. I parted her ass mounds to see her tiny ass hole. It’s light brown colour. I licked her ass hole. I put one pillow under her waist to raise her ass. I licked her in long stroke from her pussy to ass hole.

She moaned loudly like ahhhhahhhh… do it deeply…. Please never stop, aahhhchhhh… it feels too good, I can control any more. Within 5 minute she exploded with huge organism. Her all love juices came all over my face. Really I didn’t expect her organism within five minute. I let her to relax and came in conscious.

I turned her and let she sleep on her back, I came on her and put my tool in her mouth for sucking. She sucked my tool for 4-5 minutes. Now I positioned myself between her legs for final action. She too very eager for that but also scares due to size of tool. She told me that her husband has 5 “ tool with half the thickness.

She told me they do sex once in a month and it was also for 3-4 minutes only. I asked her from where you learn such a good sucking of tool? She replied she practiced on her finger seeing the porn on computers. I assured her don’t worry it will not hurt you but you will enjoy it and it is life time experience which you never forget.

I am sure a lady can enjoy a lot with even 5 “tool but thickness matters. Sufficient thickness requires which stretch the pussy. I positioned my tool on opening of her pussy and teasing her. She closed her eyes in scares. I pushed the head of tool with pressure so it entered 2 “ in her pussy. She screamed with pain. I remain at that position for some time let she become comfortable.

She opened her eyes and wicked for more. I made final move which leads my complete tool inside her pussy. She holds pillow and moving her head both sides because of her pussy stretched to fullest. But within no time she is OK. Now I started moving forward and backward very slow stokes. She is enjoying the moves; I increased the speed with long strokes.

I heard a gently moan aaaaahhhh ummmmmmm oooommmggg, She whispered DG jaldi karo please, ab aur raha nahi jaata ummm aaaahhh, I could hear her puffed moans ummmmmm aaaaghhfh ieeeeiiishh aaaahhh haaaannnn. I increased my pumping speed.

She started moaning very loadly… aaahhhhaaa DG yehh appp aahhhh aaaahhhhh kya kaarr rehhe hho, I can’t bear any more, DG I am coming, please stop for sometime. I stopped to relaxed her after her organism.

After 2 minute I again started my pumping and again within no time she came in action and stared moaning mmmmooaaningh aaaahhhh aaaahhhh please aaahhhhhhhh don’t stop pplleeassee DDGG tore my pusssy… I am all your…. Treat me like your queen…... I kept my lips on her lips to lower moaning sound. After good fuck of 20 minutes I am on the urge of coming.

Pressure is building up in me. I kept my both hands below her buttocks to raise them more. And started to pump ut most speed. I asked her how much time she needs, she replied I am cummminngggg aahhhh aahhhh ahhhhh and requested me to stop but I am also on the edge of explosion so in spite of stopping; I gave her long and deep strokes and exploded in her pussy.

I spayed my semen in her pussy like jet spay. I continue for some time till my complete load emptied in her pussy. We both collapsed, I slept on her and my tool is still in her pussy. After losing erection it slides from her pussy. She thanked many times with his closed eyes for this. She told me today first time really she enjoyed the sex in her life.

We slept for some time and than moved to clean up. We had another session in bathroom also but I will write in next story. I also deflowered Deepali. We had regular sex once in a week or twice in a month. We had three some also me, Monica and Deepali. I promise I will write all those incidences also in next stories.

I had dinner with her and left for my residence. It’s one of the most memorable experiences for me also. Please post your comments below. Only your comments will encourage me to write another incidence.

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hi friends I am dan(name changed) 20 years old and a regular reader of this site. I have decided to write my own first sex story with my sister pooja. I live in mumbai.my mom goes to work early in morning and dad is mostly out of town for business.so after my college gets over its only me and my sister at home most of the time.

i am 5.7 fair guy.here is short discription of my sister-she is 5.5 and fair.she have normal breast size. but her boobs..they are firm with a pink nipple.but the great thing about her that drives me crazy is her ASS..its HUGE..look I mean shes not fat at all she will hardly weigh about 45 50.but her ass its too big and tight that it pops out of jeans or anything tight she wears.

so this all started a few years back when I was 18 and my sis pooja was 23.it was time of summer.if any of you lives in mumbai then you must be aware of heat here.i had vacations and my sister was looking for a job.dad was out of town and mom went to work. I came home after playing at about 10 am. no one was at home but my sister. she was taking bath.

she did not had idea that I was home. I was sitting on couch and suddenly she came out of bathroom full naked. that was the first time I saw her nude and I got horny.she felt so much uncomfortable and ran in bathroom again.that was the first time I got nude thoughts about her. whole day I was thinking about her. how can I get to fuck her?. then I got this idea.

at night I poured water on my bed and told mom "my bed is wet let me share bed with pooja." both of them agreed. at around 10 11 wen mom was asleep I was with my lappy playing games. and pooja came out of shower. I quickly noticed that she wasnt wearing bra. she came beside me said "good night" n slept. I waited till 1 am to make sure that shes sleeping.

then slowly I put my hand on her belly pretending that I moved it in sleep.slowly I took it up at her boobs.my one eye was slightly open noticing her.she was still sleeping.so I pressed her boob slowly. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me.she thought I was sleeping. but surprisingly she did not removed my hand and closed her eyes again.i was surprised.

so I pressed it even harder. and pinched her nipple.it got rock hard!.i knew that when women get horny their nipples get hard.i knew she was loving it. after some time I stopped it and slept because mom was in next room. next day again at noon she came out of shower. and started applying sun lotion on her thighs giving me sexy looks. she was wearing lose half pants.

i also took some of it and started to apply on my hands.then by purpose I poured more of it and said"its too much.i dont want this much u take some".and without waiting for her reply I started to put that lotion on her legs.i wwas massaging her.she was just smiling looking at me.then using all guts I got I put my hand on her upper thighs inside her pant and started applying it there.

this time she moaned.i knew she was asking me to fuck her.without wasting any time I pulled her pant with her underwear.and started licking her thighs.she was moaning "AAH AAH LICK IT ! LICK IT HARD! suddenly she grabbed me and gave me a lip lock. we kissed each other for about 5 minutes.then I removed her t shirt and bra.started licking her tasty nipples.

i was pressing her boobs so hard.she was getting crazier.her body was wet with my saliva.she took out my dick and started playing with it with one hand.and with other hand she was pushing me into her boobs.then I grabbed her ass and started licking it. I said "pooja your ass is incredible".she smiled and said "its all yours!".then I fingered her vagina she moaned like hell.

i was afraid that some one will hear it.then she grabbed my cock and gave me a nice blowjob.she said" are you a virgin? with my positive reply she said"then let me take it"she took my cock and pushed inside her pussy and she screamed! "fuck me! aHHHHHHHHHH yes!!!!!! fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!

i started pushing it.then she bent down.i fucked her doggy style. we used start stop method so we can enjoy more.we had sex session for about 4 to 5 hours that day. then it was our daily routine to have sex.we had sex in bathroom kitchen bed stairs. evrywhere.i use to fuck her evrytime I got chance till she got married. still she comes home sometime to visit us and when we get chance we start our exercise.

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