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Radhika having anal sex with husband Vishal

Hi I'm Radhika from Kerala, 32 years old married woman, with chubby body. My husband's name is Vishal and I have a 6 year old daughter (Ritu). My husband was a good looking guy with handsome looks. He is working in a private software company. I'm working as a teacher in high school in the city. We are living in a 10 storeyed housing complex in the middle of the city.

After our daughter was born I became much sexier than before. My husband always liked to admire my beautiful curvy hips, big breasts and big ass. He was sexually addicted to me like a man addicted to alcohol. We did sex on almost every nights. One day my husband got transfer notice to Bangalore, he was so sad about his transfer.

He said that he don't really wanna go and he will miss me and my sexy body. But I said it's for our own future, if you don't go how are we supposed to live. Somehow I made him to go to Bangalore. But before going he promised me that he will come home once in a week.

After he was gone, for the first few days I started to feel loneliness but after he came home in the first week it was like he was really in horny mood. When he came I made him some spicy Kerala style chicken curry and chappathi. Vishal, Ritu and me sit together and had a good dinner at night. I sent Ritu to bed for sleep since she started to feel sleepy.

After confirming that Ritu is sleeping I went to couch, sat beside Vishal. I was in tight low neck chudidar top and leggings. He was rubbing his palm on my right thigh over the leggings. I took his palm and placed it on my right breast. He grabbed my breast with great pressure. I moaned, "zzzzzz aaaahhh".

When I made the moaning sound he became aroused, he grabbed me by hands and made me to sit on his lap facing him. I gave one kiss on his cheek then looked into his eyes. Then one kiss on his lips and again looked into his eyes. This made him crazy and he removed my top and I myself removed my leggings. Then I again sit on his lap facing him in my bra.

He removed my bra too. Then we started to lock our lips together and did it for few minutes. He put me on the couch and he kneel down and started to lick my pussy. While he was licking my pussy which gave me so much pleasure like something was flowing from my vagina to my heart. I was massaging my boobs while he was sucking all my juice out of my pussy.

Then he stood before me and removed his shirt and shook his head as a sign of calling me towards him. I understood what he wanted, went to him and kneel down before him and pull down his underwear and shorts. And took his tool in my hand and shook it back and forth. Then I gave a small touch on its tip with my tongue. I put his tool into my mouth to lubricate it with my saliva.

Suddenly he hold my head with my hair. Then he pushed his tool into my mouth few times. I grabbed his chest to control my breathing. Then all of a sudden he ejaculated inside my mouth. I drank all his hot salty white juice. After ejaculation he became exhausted and sleepy. Vishal went to our bed to sleep.

I took our dresses and went to the bedroom and put the clothes on the floor and when I looked he was all ready to sleep. I started to feel doubts. He is not the Vishal who used to satisfy me. He used to ejaculate 4 to 5 times when having sex with me and make me to have my orgasms several times.

But now I completely felt unsatisfied and went to bed over him with my legs apart on either side of him. Then I started to kiss him but he pushed me away. I asked, "What is wrong with you?". He said, "Nothing just go to sleep". I slept beside him thinking of what happened to my old Vishal. Now he is completely changed and don't want me anymore.

I fell asleep as I was thinking about his change in behaviour. In the middle of the night I woke up hearing the sound of someone talking. I searched for Vishal and he is not on bed. I went to the balcony of our apartment following his sound. I didn't switch on the lights because it can alert him and I wanted to know who is he talking to.

I hid behind the wall to hear everything, he was talking to someone on the mobile. I tried to concentrate on the sound from mobile, oh my god, its the sound of a teen girl. I went back to the bed and slept so that when he comes back, he shouldn't doubt me.

Next day I woke up. I looked for Vishal but he wasn't on the bed. It was around 5:30 in the morning. He was in the kitchen making me coffee. Also he begged me to forgive him for previous nights rude behaviour. Then I asked him about the night's phone conversation. He said that it was his boss. I asked his name. He told me his boss name and it was a male name.

Now I know he have some affair with a girl. After coffee and breakfast he was going to bath. He asked me to join him in the shower. Even though I know he was in relation with another girl I couldn't live wiithout having sex with him. He removed his dress and went to shower. Ritu was watching cartoon in TV. So I thought it would be the nice time for a nice fuck.

I went with him into the shower. Vishal turned me around and held me against the bathroom wall. My boobs were jamming on to the wall while he was groping his tool into my ass crack. We were under the shower while he was doing that. Then he slowly inserted his penis into my vagina and started fucking me. 'aaaahh aaaahhh aammmaaahhh', there were the sounds came out of my mouth.

He screwed his tool into my hole so harder and faster. Then he held me against him by holding his palm on my navel which gave me more arousal. He started to grab on my navel with his fingers while making each stroke into my vagina. He took out his tool and made me to suck it. I put his penis completely into my mouth and he started to fuck my mouth.

I sucked and sucked and finally he cum his juice inside my mouth. His tool became tired and it became like a dead snake. He took me on his hands with both my legs wrapped around his hips and we kissed for long. While kissing I was crawling my fingers all over Vishal's back. Then I grabbed his ass with both my hands. When I did that something was touching my ass hole.

I knew that my husband's tool became erect again. I inserted his penis slowly into my ass hole. He moved me in up and down motion by holding on my ass. It was painful for both of us. It gave me more pleasure when he started to fuck me in my ass.

After few strokes he filled my ass hole with his cum, it was a hotter one and he slowly took out his penis from the ass hole and next instant Vishal's cum started dripping from my ass hole. He was out of control that he took me to the bed and he made me to suck his penis and clean it. I sucked and cleaned and again made his thing erect.

He pushed me on to bed and turn me around and again pushed his tool into my ass hole and continued fucking. This time his fuck was faster than before. I couldn't do anything about it he made me a painful fuck and fucked me for around 15minutes and ejaculated inside me. I went to bathroom and cleaned myself and made Vishal and Ritu a good lunch in the afternoon. In the evening he went back to Bangalore and before going we had sex again.

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Pakistani actress Meera fucked by hubby Naveed Shahzad talking dirty MMS

Pakistani actress Meera getting fucked by husband Naveed Shahzad in missionary position Horny Naveed Shahzad lying naked to Meera who is showing her lovely boobs
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Maya having first time sex with Binu

Hi my name is Maya 25 year old unmarried woman and mother of 2 kids from Kerala working in a call centre. I wanna tell you about my first sex experience that changed my life. It was 8 years back and I was 20 and completing my degree and soon ready to join some college for PG courses. It was the holiday after the college days.

I was living with my father, mother and younger sister in a small village. Our village was long way from the nearest town or city. My father was a farmer and he got acres of land and he's got all kinds of farming in it. The main agriculture he got is rubber and our house was surrounded by rubber trees to a large area. At that time a guy used to live at our house as paying guest.

He was the teacher in a nearby government school. His name was Binu, 38 years old and he was from city. My father let him live with us because he was a teacher and my father and mother had great respect towards the teachers. He has got huge body with dark colored skin and lots of hair on his arms and chest, also he is got big eyes which is capable of scaring anybody.

Whenever he goes to school I will be at the front of the house sweeping the leaves and junks off the ground. I often seen him staring at me while I sweep the ground. But I never took it in a wrong way. Even though he was staying in our house, he is got separate room having separate entrance from outside.

His room and rest of the house is separated by a door which we never opened. Days gone and each day he started to get friendly with me. After becoming more friendly he started asking me for movie disks and he gave me some movie disks which I watched with my family. Everyday after he comes from the school I used to make him tea and we used to share jokes.

One day when I was sweeping the front of the house, he came to the door with a cup tea with him. He was slowly taking few sips from the cup since it was so hot. I was wearing a blouse and a knee length skirt and a small cotton cloth covered my blouse.

While I was sweeping the cotton cloth which covered my blouse fell down and when I looked at Binu, he was staring at me like a predator looking at its prey. Then I gave him a smile and took the cloth and covered my blouse. That day in the evening he came early, but nobody was home. He went straight to his room, like usual I made a tea and went to his room to give it to him.

He was watching some movie in his DVD player. I gave it to him, he asked me to watch the movie with him. And I sit down on his bed and watch the movie. It was an english movie and I didn't understand most of the dialogues in it. But I didn't care, just sat there and watch the movie. After few minutes the scenes of the movie began become with kisses and boob squeezes.

From that I understand that the movie was not good one. But I have never seen a sexual film in my life but have seen some few movies that depicts the sexual things happening in the society with fucking scenes and sex scenes but they were ordinary films. But this movie was way more sexual content than I have seen.

The man and the woman stripped to their innerwears and went under a waterfall to bath. While this scene I looked at Binu and he was smiling at me. I asked him, 'Can I go now, I have some work in the kitchen'. He said, 'Wait, let the film to finish'. But I started to feel uncomfortable and wanted to go. But he came to me and closed the door. I was so shy to react to his actions.

Then sit beside me and started to rub his hands through my hand and shoulder. As I have never been touched by a man like this before I was so excited and more afraid. Then he brought his face close to mine to kiss me on the cheeks. I stood up and asked him to stop.But he didn't stop, so I started to walk away from him to the door. But he held on to my skirt and started to pull my skirt.

I have no other option other than moving towards him. He pulled me close to him held me by my hips and started to kiss on my neck. Even though I didn't wanted that it made me arouse and I could feel the changes happening in my body. My body starts to feel freezing but his body heat made it good and my nipples were getting erected.

I could feel my erect nipples and boobs getting squeezed on to his chest. In this heavenly feel I let him do whatever he wanted. First he removed my blouse and started to squeeze my boobs with his hard hands. I can feel his every soft and hard squeeze on my boobs. Then he pushed me on to the bed and lift up my skirt and started to lick my pussy.

His tongue touching on my pussy gave me feelings that I have never felt before. His each lick made something flow from pussy to my chest and my heartbeat started to increase. He did the licking for few minutes and then he removed his lungi and I saw some big banana like thing was inside his underwear.

He took my hand, placed it there and asked me to rub. I rubbed it for few minutes while he was kissing me on the lips. Then he removed his underwear and it was a black thing that I have never seen before. I found it so vulgar, so I closed my eyes. He then pulled me to the edge of the bed and I felt something touching on my pussy clit.

Then it slowly entered into my pussy and it was so hot and wet. While it was entering my pussy I felt so much pain and a small amount of pleasure inside me. He stopped and lifted my both legs and crossed them together. Then he started to fuck me very hard that I felt so much pain.

At first it was slow fuck but later he increased the speed and this time I started to feel more pain inside my pussy. I begged him to stop but he didn't stop. He maintained his speed for few more seconds and he blowed all his juice inside my pussy.

My dad threw me out of the house after I got pregnant. Since then he is being doing sex with me and did taking care of me. He didn't marry me as he already had a wife and three kids. But now I'm happily living with my two kids and I still enjoy having sex with more men.

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Pakistani actress Meera showing tits and mounted by Naveed Shahzad MMS

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Sneha getting fucked by Rajiv

Hi everyone..! how are you? I am sneha(name real) a regular follower of the site along with my husband. My husband has introduced this site to me in early days of our marital life and since then we have been reading a hell lot of stories together and it would lead to intense and loooong fucking sessions and I end up being fucked like a bitch by my husband.

Now I am 27 years and I love being bitchy in the bedroom. I would frequently force my husband to bring aphrodiasacs to increase our libido and to go on for long hours. There is nothing that we hide from each other, he tells me everything such as which girls brings arousal under his pants and I too tell him how guys would flirt with me and guys who would flatter me.

We both enjoy each other's company like nothing else and we totally behave like perfect whores at home when we are private. I love being teased by my husband and I too get to tease him occasionally.He rarely lets me get on top of him.Most of the time at home he makes me strip off all my cloths and I too love things like that. Most of the work inside the house is done when nude.

Even in kitchen, I love the little surprises he gives me.Once when I was seriously frying something in the kitchen with both my hands busy, one holding the nonstick pan and the other holding the spoon and to top it all I was totally nude after a tiresome fuck by him he sneaked into the kitchen and when I heard him I turned back and before I could utter a word he spilled the little jar of honey over me.

He wanted to continue with what I was doing and he did what I least expected.He started to rub that honey over my perfectly round boobs and my navel, he started to kiss my earlobes while cupping my boobs from behind and his index finger of the right hand slowly found its way into my love hole.

He is licking my back and he was sucking my earlobes and his left hand was busy softening my perky nipples.My hard cherry like dark nipples were pressed and pulled inbetween his thumb and index finger.His hard on was kissing my arse crack from under his lungi.I tried to turn around but her insisted me in continuing what I was doing.

He let loose his lungi and as it fell to the floor his tool flew out hissing like a flying snake.He held my round arse cheeks with both his hand and has kneeled down. He parted my buttock wide open and his hot breath was kissing my wet pussy and this is tickling me and bringing superb pleasure.

His tongue protruded out and took looong lick of my pussy along its length and this has sparked the erotic fire in me.I let go the work and held the work bench on which the stove is kept. And then with his thumbs he has split open my wet pussy and his warm tongue crawled in deep into love hole.

This was ultimate pleasure for me he was tongue fucking me, his tongue found out my pleasure point, he was stroking my clitoris with his tongue and he was fretting my G-spot like guitar and I was taken to the cloud 9.He then stood up made me part my legs wide, he has pulled back his fore skin and positioned his pole perpendicular to my hole started to rub my labia and intoxicating and making me beg to pound my pussy.

"Fuck me bastard cant wait longer, dont play with or I ll find another cock to fill in deep hole" He then held my hips and slid in his cast iron pole into the depths of my mould.I was dripping and my nerves are aching with pleasure "Ooooooh bastrad ! yes fuck me hard. Go deep honey fuck ooh fuck ahhh aaaaaaaah"

I was moaning like a wild horse and my hips were shaking in rythm to his firm thrusts and my boobs were jiggling and the sweat over my body is making me shine like a ruby. "Oooh bitch fuck you.. Oooh fuck you my slut you bitch ooohh" he was getting wild and were talking dirty and felt like nothing is around us in this world and we forgot everything and he was pounding me like bull and his balls were slapping my wet thighs.

The pleasure was immense and building and I was getting goose bums over my biceps and we were swearing at each other and involved in the act completely "Ooooh baby im gonna cum oohhhh yeah" and he exploded a trillion cells inside me and in no time I too climaxed with eyes closed tight.

He collapsed over my back for a minute untill his dick went limp and as he pulled it out of my hole we giggled at each other and as I looked around I found that some has walk off from the window. I quickly leaned over but only managed to see the shadow of the person as he quickly climbed up stairs.

Immediately a milloin doubts have taken seed in my mind, who would has gone, could they have seen us? Yes definately arguied my mind. But soo late in the night who could that be I thought? But soo late in the night, they would have got no other work, so they would have been following us.

I suddenly started thinking like a detective, resting my butt over the work slab and my hands tied with my index finger scraching my skull.My husband strolled in for quenching his thurst and started to tease me. "Hello nude detective what are you thinking of?"

I too answered him in a sarcastic way "A few minutes ago someone has fucked me from behind and never got to look at his face..! was wonder who could that be?" "Aaah that could be anyone, that could be the bachelor tenants on the top floor, or that could be your team lead at the company or that could be anyone" he lashed back at me.

I punched over his bare chest lightly as he opened his hands wide to hug me and I went and hugged him as my hand went around his neck and my nude mellons got crushed under his hairy chest. "Oye budhu I feel like some one has watched us" I said as I was making curls over his chest with my finger.

He was terrified listening at that but then let go to the bed room and talk he said and I put off the stove and we went to the bedroom where on the way I picked up my night gown and slipped it over me. Our discussion found a little seriousness as we were discussing about who could that be watching us fuck like rabbits in the middle of the kitchen at almost midnight.

As were recollecting the possible names of people around I was getting this little tingle inbetween my thighs as the names of the people whom I like came forth. As we continued our discussion we both were actually feeling the arousal as we think of some one watching us fuck,

stark nude in the kitchen and especially my husbands strong muscular gym body and his thick and massive cock pounding a soft skinned desi lady who has round arse and milky 36 sized boobs and slim waist is a sight to die for. My husband too was also thinking of the same thing and the arousal under his lungi is clearly evident.

The very thought of some one watching me being pounded in doggie style with brute force and me melting like butter in the hands of hefty muscular and strong man is making me want another massage to my pussy. The look on my face needed no second invitation and rajiv's hand went under the gown and held my mellons and started to knead them.

He pushed me over to the bed and open my gown, he pinned my arms above my head on to the bed and he started lick my honey massaged boobs. He started to suck in the sweetness from my erect nipples.He took care my navel with his tongue and he made every inch of my body wet with his licking. He spread my legs wide open his cock dug into my pussy with one strong push.

He went deep inside me and he pulled back and went forth. He started to stroke me gently. I raised my legs and rested them over his shoulders. His strong waist and hips are making sure that his thrusts are strong and pleasurable. He picked up his pace and we both were fantacising various people fucking me and each other and we closed our eyes tight.

The pleasures mounted like a peak inside and he was pumping me like piston pump and then exploded inside me and the hot liquid flowed inside me like melted chocolate and soon I too quivered with pleasure of my climax. This was quick but sweet.Later in the night evil thoughts have started to take seed in our mind. Rajiv too gave me hints to want to see me like a slut.

I too was enjoing those gesture with him. Me and rajiv are five years into our marriage and we are soo caring to each other and love each other. So after his gesture I too was getting arousal thinking of being fucked by other than rajiv and actually was fantacising. I never knew or never in my wildest dreams have expected of the thing that are to come in life.

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Mallu aunty showing big boobs and ass while sucking and fucking husband MMS

Busty Mallu MILF aunty showing big boobs while wearing white bra South Kerala lady in white bra showing cleavage and pussy glimpse while wearing panty
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Harry having first time sex with Girlfriend

Hi, I am harry (name changed) from Bangalore. I would like to share my story which happened with my GF who works in bangalore as well. I was in relationship with her for few beautiful years and due to her family problem she was made to get married to another guy that’s how I broke my relationship with her that’s a diff story.

When we were together we enjoyed almost every weekend while traveling to our home town (tamilnadu), I teach her about all adult/romantic stuffs whenever we have late night chat. Folks I’m not very good in English, so please pardon me and I hope you don’t mind it.

Before we started our foreplay in public, I took her to my room on my birthday and this is where, we really started our sex journey. After our first visit, she told me that she can come to my room on only one condition that, not to remove dress and only foreplay allowed over the dress but we never followed that.

I have kissed her before in couple of occasion near koramangala and indira nagar area but it never lasted for more than 10sec due to the fear of getting caught by public. On our first meet up in my room on my birthday, she entered inside and checked every room and sat down in single seat sofa. During this time, I changed to my shorts and gave her water to drink.

Few mins later I locked the door and I asked her to sit in my lap and gave the tv remote to her. She started changing the channel, since being with her alone for the first time I was in anxiety and as well as in gr8 joy. I started blowing air on her ear lobes mildly and started kissing her ears, then she just looked into my eyes and started watching TV, again I kissed her neck, ear and hugged her tightly.

Then I said, I want to give lip kiss. She turned back her head and she just looked into my eyes giving me a green signal to for it. I kissed her lips like how we kiss in cheeks for several times then I took hold of her head on my both hands and sucked her lips passionately… Woww that was a wonderful feeling to kiss peacefully.

I tasted her lower lips first and then upper lips, this continued for 10 to 15mins and then I watched her eyes for few seconds and again kissed her lips. After that, we hugged each other and we were on the same position for quite some time. Then, I started to pinch her cheeks and took hold of her both of her cheeks with my hands and I kissed her teeth.

We were in a great joy and she started to kiss my lips for the first time. Then I replied her by kissing her lips back and she did the same and we did repeatedly kissing each other like a kid for more than 20 times. Suddenly I took hold of her head and bite her lips gently, she kissed my lower lips and took it her mouth and sucked it for few mins.

Same way I took her upper lips in my mouth and started to suck and we were changing our upper and lower lips in intervals. I made her to sit opposite to me on my lap, I moved my hands to her chest and started to feel her boobs for the first time over her dress. Wow it was so soft and I started to press both of the boobs at the same time.

I continued for some time and then I moved closer to me and kissed her neck, she started responding very well by raising her neck and I was kissing all over it and at the same time I was massaging her left boob slowly but I was not able to find her feel her nipples due to her inner wear. We started to feel uncomfortable in sofa, so we moved to bedroom.

I took her to my bedroom and I lay over her. We kissed for few mins I got up and massaged her both boobs gently. She started to breathe heavily and I moved my hand under her chudithar to feel her stomach, it felt hot there. Then I told her that I want to kiss her bare boobs but she didn’t allow and asked me to feel above the dress.

So I started to kiss and bite her nipples above her chudithar but she allowed me to feel her bare stomach and naval. I moved her in skirt up which was tucked inside her pant and kissed her stomach, then inserted my tip of my tongue inside her naval and rotated for some time, she started pulsating and moaning aaaahhh aaaah.

I used the opportunity and inserted my hand under her top to reach boobs and I reached bra. I started massaging her boobs over her bra and some part of boobs was already outside n it felt very good and very soft. Then within few mins I took her boobs out of her bra and started to feel her nipples, wow it was big and loved it very much.

I moved both of my hands under her top and started to pinch her nipples slowly with my two fingers, she felt very good that I can understood from her moaning (ahhhhhh, aaaaah… mmmmmm) and breathing heavily.

I asked her, shall I removed your top completed, she didn’t open her mouth instead she raised her open hands telling me indirectly to remove it by yourself. I removed her top and bra in a go. I was in eager to feel her boobs in my mouth for the first time, I kissed her boobs for some time and sucked her left boobs, and at the same time massaged her right boobs.

It was atleast an inch size and it is good to suck. I changed the position left and right and sucked her boobs for more than 15mins. She said, she wants to kiss me. I moved to her top and kissed her lips and massaged her right boobs. She started to kiss my lips hardly I too responded back at the same phase, then I showed my tongue to her and she started to suck my tongue in and out of her mouth.

I too followed the same by kissing and sucking her tongue, it’s one of the best taste I had, we exchanged our saliva and I kissed her more. Then I started to fuck her over the dress, I rubbed per pelvic reason using my penis and kissed her.

We both were breathing heavily and she bite my lips, it pained me a lot and sounded aaaaahhhhhh, she left my lips and kissed it hardly again and got hold of it for few moments and released her breath. Then she asked me to leave her for some time but I was not in a mood to leave her, she insisted me but I have no other choice instead of obeying her because I loved her too much and I don’t want to force her.

I asked her, whether you have reached her organism. She said not sure but I felt very good for the first time. We took rest for few mins. After some time, she raised her hand and I could able to see very little hair on her underarms. The view of her underarms and perfect size boobs was awesome and sexy.

I kissed her underarms, she felt like shy and closed boobs with her hand and then she covered it with my bedsheet. I said I want to kiss her underarms, she asked me to come inside. I moved inside the bedsheet and kissed her underarms and licking there. I kissed and sucked there like how I kissed her lips. I moved to other side and sniffed there.

I could able to smell her good and started to lick her medium hairy armpit, then I changed the position from left to right side of her armpit, that was the first time I started liking armpit and it was the sexiest place I say. After licking her armpit, I started licking her neck and kissed there for few mins, then I bowed my hot air on her ear and she felt goose bump because of my blow.

I didn’t stop it, I forcefully holded her head and started to blow hot air on both of her ear and kissed there. Blowing hot air and kissing on her ear has turned her very much, so she started to hug me kissed my lips hard. I too started kissing her lips hard and we sucked our tongue one by one.

Slowly I pressed her right boobs but she said it was paining on her nipples, so I said I want to kiss her right nipples for some time and she agreed. I kissed her nipples and slowly sucked there but still she felt her pain so I moved my mouth to the left one and I sucked it. While sucking I moved my right hand inside her pant and touched her pussy over her panty.

I could able feel lot of hair and wetness over there, and I pressed her pussy over her wet panty and moved my index finger top and down to make her horny more. I moved my mouth from her left boob to her stomach and gently kissed there and said to her that I want to see her pussy. She looked at me and ask me to see it from inside the bedsheet itself.

Slowly removed the pant to her knee and I kissed her thigh and I tried to parted her thigh little bit and kissed her left and right thigh near her panty. I parted her panty one side and saw the pussy for the first time using my mobile torch, it was wet with sticky gel outside her pussy lips and it was inviting me to taste it.

Using my finger I checked her pussy in and out for few seconds and kissed her pussy lip, she gave a mild moan, aaaaahhhhhh, I pressed my lips with pressure over her pussy and kissed their again and again. She started to make sounds aahhhhh, ahhhhh.. hmmmm.. hmmmm and pressed my head more her moaning sound has made me crazy and started to licking her pussy more and I was drilling my penis in the bed.

I removed her panty completely and she was totally nude, I put one of the pillow under the buttocks and started to lick her pussy up and down and I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and I made to and fro movement. She called my name and murmured to do more and give more pleasure. I have seen so many porn movies and I was aware about the clitoris.

So I was searching for that to give more pleasure. I was licking her pussy all the time and I started to suck her pussy from top to bottom. Suddenly at one point, she asked me to lick in the upper area where it gives more pleasure, finally we found it.

I sucked her clitoris more and more, she was giving crazy sound continuously and I was encourage me more and I was drilling myself on the bed n sucking her clitoris more and more. She started to raise her buttocks up and down. Finally she starts to cum and I licked her juices and drank it. At the same time I have climaxed inside my undies.

After that we both slept together for at least 30mins hugging each other, After our first experience our relationship build up strong and she too felt happy for it and we continues the same on other occasions at my home few more times.

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Khader doing religious studies and sex

Khader underwent a course in the madrasa and was more interested in the further study of Religious books. He was 20 and went to gym regularly and had built a good physique. He mastered Urdu and Arabic. His parents were very proud of him. Unlike other youngmen of his age he did not go after modern education but was induging in religious studies.

His was a commission agent in the market and goes off early in the morning and his mother was working in a govt office. She also goes off in the morning after cooking food. Khader is well known scholar in the locality and many women come to him seeking clarification on various aspects of the religion.

Two girls Fara and Nazeera both aged 19 and 18, very fair, well featured and beautiful come in the morning. They go directly to the room of Khader in the upstairs of the house. Khader knows what doubts they have. He closed and bolts the door and asks one by one ot undress. Both these girls are married but their husbands are in gulf.

The only permissible way was to go to Khaderbai to learn more about religion. This is the only excuse under which they can leave their home. The girls were willing to be fucked in the presence of each other. They talk less, but all of them know what they want. Fara is one year elder than Nazeera, but both are fresh and beautiful.

Khader calls Fara hear him and takes a close look. Her erect boobs are very attractive. He just kneads them and touches her hairless cunt. There is no hair not even a stub. He just pulls unto the bed and she lied on her back. He opens and legs and takes a close look into her cunt. The girl is quite healthy and her interior parts are pink and red in colour.

The tiny dot of clitoris shine due to moisture. Khader turned his head and saw Nazeera also standing nude. He asks her to lie next to Fara and he complies. Both the girls are so healthy that their naked bodies glow. He had opened all the windows so that there will be plenty of light and air. Khader undresses and his tool is aleady erect. Both the girls look at this tool with eagerness.

He sits between the legs of Fara and leaning forward kneads her boobs. Her pink nipples are bulged and erect. Khader leans forward and licks the nipples and circles with the tip of his tongue. The girls responds with a hissing sould. Mere touch of his tongue on her boobs sends waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Squeezing both the boobs, Khader places his cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushes in. Fara jerks at the first contact of his cock in her cunt. He cunt is tight and Khader pushes his cock deep inside her cunt. Fara just opens her mouth wide and gave out a moaning sound. He leans forward and kisses Fara and squeezes her boobs and the girls was very much aroused.

Khader starts fucking slowly. He could see the girls fluids smeared over his cock and ptoviding plenty of lubrication. Then he increases his speed. But the girl gets her first orgasm and she raises bothof her legs and winds them around the body of Khader.

When Khader was about to reach his orgasm, he suddenly pulls out a condom from under the pillow, puts it on his cock and reinserts his cock in her cunt and continues fucking. When he reaches his climax, he rams his cock into her tender cunt and discharges. But the condom collects his cum and the girl is happy that she got three orgasms.

Khader then gets up pulls out the condom and asks Fara to go to the bathroom and clean up the condom and bring. Fara gets up and takes the condom to the wash basin and empties the contents and washes it well and rolls it back and gives it to Khader. In the meantime Khader has positioned between the legs of Nazeera. She was a younger girl and may be just 17.

Her boobs were of medium size but firm. Her abdomen and thighs were very hard. Khader liked her very much. He went on playing with her boob, sucking the nipples and licking them. Nazeera also liked the way he played with her. He kisses her both cheeks and then her lips. this is to gain time for his cock to regain hardness. He opens her cunt and places his cock and pushes it down.

It is a small cunt and it very tight. But pushes his cock straight in and his entire cock fully hard is deeply penetrated in the young cunt. Khader could see a tear drop lingering in the eye of the girl. He asks her what is the matter, do you want me to fuck or with draw. Girl wipes her tear and asks him to fuck. He starts slowly.

Sometimes he changes the angle of penetration so that his cock will rub the tip of the clitoris. When the girl starts enjoying the fucking he increases the speed. The girl is extremely happy and is enjoying his each stroke. Fara also comes back from the bathroom and sits near the girl and suck her nipples, to increase her pleasure.

The girl got her first orgasm, but Khader is continuing his pumping. he balances his body on his hands that the body weight does ot bother the girls. The young girls gets her orgasm in quick succession. Finally Khader pulls out his rod, puts on the condom and then again pushes his cock into her cunt. The final fuck, Khader does very tough and rough, which the girls like.

He dischanges and pulls out slowly. Unrolling the condom he gives it to Nazeera and asks her to clean it and bring. Nazeera goes to the bath room. Now Fara makes him to lie down and she takes his limp cock in her mouth and sucks. Within a minute the cock comes back to life. Nazeera also comes from the bathroom and sits near Fara and watches what she does.

When the cock is fully erect, Fara climbs up on him putting her legs on either side of his. With her hands she deftly inserts the cock into her cunt. Khader just lies down smiling kneading the boobs of Fara and Nazeera. Fara enjoys this posture most and within no time she reaches her orgasm and moves away and askes Nazeera to take her position. Fara shows her how to put it in.

And shows Nazeera all the movements to enhance the pleasure. Nazeera reaches her orgasm very quickly and she slowly gets up from the top of Khader. Khader gets up and goes to the bathroom and takes a quick bath. Wiping his body he comes out. By that time the girls had dressed and ready to go. He tells that that it has taken more than 2 hours.

The girls kiss on both of his cheeks and they run down the stairs to go to their home. Khader wonders about the girls who were married but their husbands are abroad. At this age they are sex starved. Khader came handy and hence their physical needs are met. This was going on for days and months. In the meantime Fara's husband was coming on leave.

Fara did not come for some days. He fucked only Nazeera more number of times. But he will see that all these girls go away before 1 pm. He will take his supper and then take some rest. By 3 pm a servant girl comes for cleaning. Though she is from a poor family, she was very attractive and very cooperative. She goes to the room of Khader.

He will be sleeping and his limp cock will be lying on one side. Khader always sleeps naked. This servant girl Kathija just takes his cock and puts it in her mouth and rolls her tongue over it. She likes the pulsating piece of meat in her mouth. Suddenly it will grow and get out of her mouth. Khader who is awake will just watch this drama smiling. Her likes her boobs.

He likes to knead and suck them. Kathija is married but her husband has gone in search of work. He does not fuck her adequately that she is dependent upon Khader to satisfy her needs. Khader makes her to lean forward in a doggy pose and fucks her from behind. Khader takes too much time to come to a climax and Khathija would have reached her climax two or three times.

By four she will run away to do her work since Khader's mother comes home at 5 and by that time the work of cleaning has to be completed and tea and snacks are to be kept ready. When the work is done neatly, the mother gives Khathija some tips to buy some sweets for her mother. Khader goes out in the evening. He is very health conscious.

He goes to the gym in the morning and walks in the evening, meets his friends. In the evening also one or two girls come for clearing the doubts. Khader knows they are unmarried girls and hr is very careful with them. But they come for sex. He just does some supeficial sex like pressing, kissing, fingering and ask them to go.

One girl wants to see his cock and she will place her hand on his cock. Both the girls are just sixteen, but very passionate. He knows once he fucks them they will not leave him easily. He told them by fucking you may loose your virginity and hymen. The girls said they have been fucked by their brothers and their virginity is lost long back.

He told them he can fuck only one at a time and they decide who should come. An arrangement was made and one of the girls comes daily at 7.30 and gets fucked. Both the girls are so tender that Khader licks ther cunt also. Girls bring him lot of gifts, mobile phone, pens, torches. They are from rich families and they can afford to give such gifts.

Thus Khader manages four to five girls a day and he does not get time even to read his books. These girls are not dependable. Their husbands come and take them away, or they get married and move away with their husbands. But due to his reputation new girls will come.

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