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Palaniswamy fucking assistant Rosy

I am Palaniswamy, 40 working in a bank. They gave me an assignment as internal auditor for a period of 3 years. I have to visit branches in various centers, urban, rural or even metropolitan. If I go outstation I am entitled for a 3 star accommodation. Just as I was to leave, my Zonal manager called and told me that I have an usual task for you. I said tell me sir.

He said as your assistant I am posting one Mis Rosy Pereira. She just completed one year of joining the bank. As a part of female empowerment, she has to be exposed to the internal audit of the branches. There are several teams engaged in this work. But I think you are the fit person with whom she will be safe.

I told him it is not possible to take a girl around the branches, it will create a scandal and people will speak ill of me. Zonal Manager, laughed at my objections and told me that it I who is putting the girl in your charge and not that you did not pick her up from the streets. She is quite intelligent and would understand the situation. He called for Ms.Rosy and introduced her to me.

I was stunned. She is a real beauty. Big boobs, narrow waist, with long denim skirt and denim blouse, brown in color without much make up. She thanked the ZM for the new task and came out with me form his office. She asked me what she should do. I told her I propose to start the next day morning and she has to come to the railway station.

Next day she came with her baggage, in the same denim suit. We got into an a/c compartment. I explained to her the naturae of our work and the secrecy shrouded in it. She asked me may I know where we are going. I told her the place and the tickets I had booked in her name I handed over to her. I told her we will stay in a 3*hotel in adjascent rooms. etc.

We reached our destination in the afternoon. We went to the hotel and asked for two rooms. The manager said there is just one double room readily available. Please take it. By evening any single room falls vacant I will give you. We took the room and got the keys and entered the room. It was a big room with double cot in the center.

Rosy immediately went to the bathroom to take bath and she came out changed into a nighty. I tool went and had my bath and put on my dhothi and a vest. I ordered for food and I asked it to be served in the room. I was talking to her what kind of work she has to do to help me and how to go about the inspection of the branch etc. We finished our food and I just laid in the bed in one corner.

Surprisingly Rosy also lied in the same bed on the other side. When I turned to her side, I found she was also turned to my side. and sleeping. I too slept for about an hour. In the meantime we both moved closer and our bodies touched each other. I opened my eyes and saw her lying very close to me with her back touching me. With her so close to me I had a small erection.

I pushed her whole body away from me. She diid not seem to mind. Within half an hour she was put her hand across my body and her leg also was over my leg. She was in deep sleep. I observed that she has not worn her bra and her nighty was pulled up upto her knee. She may ot be wearing her panty also. My erection was very stiff.

Suddenly her body was very close to me and she was pressing her boobs against me. I too put my hand across her body and pulled her closer to me. I just sent my right hand to steady my dhothi and then feel her thigh and up against her pussy. Oh my god, she did not even wear a panty and my hand touched her naked hairless pussy. She did not know my touching her body.

I put my leg across her and pulled her closer. Suddenly Rosy got up and lifted her head looked around and she embraced me again tightly. Having come upto this I unbuttoned her nighty from top one by one. She moved and gave me space. Her boobs were really big, stiff and attractive. I just told her to unbutton the rest of them. She did. Now she was totally nude under the nightie.

I got up and removed my vest and my dhothi. I too was nude. She opened her eyes and saw my nude body. She came very close to me and took my cock in her hand and rubbed it against her pussy. I asked her do you want to fuck. She said yes. Within one hour of our taking the room she was climbing on me and trying to put my cock in her hole.

She did not do it properly and I too tried it was not going in. I asked her whether she has been fucked before. She said yes, but not with a cock as big as this. Ok. Lie down and I climbed on her and keeping her legs wide I inserted my cock inside her in one push. I fucked her slowly and then very fast and brought her to climax.

I asked her why did you were in a hurry to fuck, we could have done it in the night. Rosy said she is very hot by nature. She like the company of boys and if any boy is friendly she somehow manages to fuck him. Day or night fucking is a physical requirement and there cannot be any formality for fucking. She said at least I should have the cock in my mouth.

I like the smell and taste of the cock. I asked her how many boys you would have fucked. She said ever so many. I go to very healthy boys, not those with any STD. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts. Rosy looked at my cock and wanted to know the taste of it. She took it in her mouth and her giving the blow job was very pleasurable.

I mouth fucked her and she took every drop of my fluid and swallowed it pleasantly. We fucked twice more that night. When we went to the branch she was very decent. She did her work very diligently. She asked me whatever she did not understand.She questioned the manager truly in the fashion of an auditor.

We finished the work in the branch in 2 weeks and moved to the next branch. Nobody doubted that she is of this type. People were scared of her because of her language and her sharp criticism. Our next branch was far away and we took a double a/c room. When we were alone in the room she preferred to move around nude. She waxed her pussy regularly and kept it clean.

She asked me whether I would lick her pussy. I said yes and licked and sucked her clitoris. Rosy liked my this attitude. I told her let us do the oral sex more than the physical sex. I will not drain you of your energies. She said yes, and comes prepared to sit on my face.

She never satiated in the pussy licking and wants more and more of it everyday. Thus I did three years of work with her. She was then transferred to the International division to study about export and import finance. I was sorry that I lost a good assistant and a good fuckmate.

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Noor coming for sex

I was eagerly waiting for her call. It never came. She said she will tell me where we have to meet. We have been planning this for a long time. She was also eager to meet me. Over phone she used to tell me that she just wants to hug me, to press her boobs against my chest, to kiss me on my lips etc etc. Nothing happened. It remained a dream because the phone call did not come.

I was eager and greatly disappointed. Pacing in my room I was thinking of my old occasions of meeting her. On the day I first met her in a park, she was sitting alone in a bench as if waiting for someone. She was a stunning beauty, clad in a churidar and with a dupata around her neck hiding her bosom and not to give any idea to the beholder about the size of her boobs.

May in her late teens, she had a very attractive face. I waited for some time and then went near her and asked her, "Have we met anywhere before?" She was taken aback. She just looked at my face closely and I too got a chance to look at her from close quarters.

She said softly "I don't remember to have met you" I said "I am Abdul Kader, Computer engineer working in xxx co. I stay at Malad" She did not respond immediately. "OK, I am sorry I must have mistaken" and about to leave, she said "Wait, where in Malad" I said in the west.

"Yes, I am also staying in Malad west, perhaps we would have met in any of the social gatherings, or in the bus stops, or in the railway station, My name is Noor, I am a student in computer science" We shook hands again. Her hand was very soft.

I asked her "are you waiting for somebody" She said "No, I just came to spend some time in fresh air and then go to the railway station to get back home". I sat near her without her invitation and held her hand in both of my hands and went on talking to her. She gave me the exact location of her house in Malad. I told her I am staying in a lodge in Malad and take food from a hotel.

We exchanged our telephone numbers. We left to the rly. stn. and took the same train and sat near each other and reached Malad. She spoke about her class, her friends, her home and lot of things. She did not ask anything about me. I just asked her "In case my friend goes away for some days, can you come to my room so that we can talk for a long time"

She said "Yes, but tell me in advance" I put my hand on her thighs, In the crowded train, I touched her boobs. Her hand was going near my cock. She actually held it in her hands, but it was not erect and hence there was no thrill. Her car was in the rly. stn. waiting for her. Her father or brother would have come. She bade farewell to me and went to her car.

I just walked away to my room. We meet in the train always or in the park. She was never able to make it to my room. My room mate told me that he may go on a months leave. I was dreaming I will bring Noor everyday and fuck her. She once told me that she would like to enjoy sex with me. My room mate Iqbal told me that he is leaving for home next week. I was thrilled.

I telephoned and told Noor "that the opportunity has come. Come to my room in the morning, we will talk for the whole day. You can watch movies in my laptop. We will have some sex and you can go back home in the evening. Somedays I will take leave and on those days we will enjoy. I will get good biriyani for lunch" She said ok. Today was the day fixed for our great programme.

I bought condoms. Packets of paper tissues. Bottles of drinking water. Turkish towels and sweets, chocolates etc. I waited for her, she never turned up. During telephone sex she told me how she suffers because she does get a good cock. She tried vegetables, pens, pencils, but none give her satisfaction.

While returning from office it becomes dark and in a dark corner in the compartment what all you can do to a horny girl. Her pyjama was a great hindrance. Yet I used to insert my finger into her cunt and finger fuck her. People may not have noticed, or if noticed they may not mind. When Noor becomes highly aroused she starts to moan.

I used to put my other hand in her mouth so no sound will emanate from it. When reaches her orgasm, she keeps quiet. She told me she wants a real fuck, deep into her. long long fuck. I said I am ready. But where is she. I told her to trim her cunt public hair specially for this occasion. and to bring two or three underwears.

If she had forgotten to shave I would have shaved with my razor, I would have bought the best of costly underwear. But where is she. I called her, no response. I went to the bathroom and masturbated. to reduce the tension. Where is she and why she did not come. Has anybody caught hold of her, did she meet an accident and could not come.

I told her I will fuck her in her ass. She said no, I don't like it. I said just once, if you don't like it we may not do it again. And finally when I looked in the road, I found a figure similar to her coming with an umbrella. Is that she? Yes, Yes, it is she only. See her gait,very slow. Considering my anxiety can she not walk faster. And finally she came. and Stood at my steps looking inside for me.

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Raj first time sexperience with maid Shabana

Hii Guys, This is Raj from Lucknow UP. I am a average guy with a average tool but with a huge appetite for sex.This is the story of my first sexual encounter where I had sexual intercourse with a women pretty much older then me and a Maid servant at our house.

I am now 33 years old and this incidence happened when I was around 20. Our maid was of around 54 years. Hers Tits and ass were pretty curvy and huge. She had 40 D Boobs and the ass to go with it. Her name was Shabana. Although old enough she was a jovial lady with a sense of humor.

Always joking and larger then life lady she had beautiful eyes and smile which complimented her nature. On the contrast I was a studious lad, a bit on the shy side and always busy with my studies. My monotony and schedule made me some what a loner, and I use to satisfy my sexual urges by jerking off late at night when everyone was asleep.

Let me tell you this that I have an average wiener measuring just 5.5 Inches when erect but on a thicker side and I literally pee cum, streams by streams & spurts by spurts. At that time I was somewhat embarrassed by the volume I use to shoot. Apart from the volume what amused be more was the thickness of cum. It was very thick and glue like, white in color.

Anyways off late I stumbled upon the fine art of pornography and it was like I had discovered heaven. Watching porn and jerking off to it became my favorite pass time. Eventually it made me even more horny.

Owing to this hornyness I started looking at females with a different perspective, I began mingling with the neighborhood girls, attempting to woo them for a sexual encounter but use to fail miserably. However my efforts were quietly being observed my shabana aapa. Now shabana was the one who use to take care of our household laundry also.

This began when my family went away for vacations for 10 days and I was left alone in the house under over watch of shabana. She would cook meals for me & took care of my daily needs. As usual she would take her time joking with me and making me laugh. On the second day since the folks left I was really horny in the night and began watching a raunchy porn.

My dick was rock hard and the lucknow summers were at their cruelest. Since I was alone in the house I undressed my self and layed down my clothes near the bed, watching porn and jerking my cock lubricated with olive oil. As the stud in the movie came all over the tits of the slut I also spilled by seed all over my belly.

It was close to 3 AM and a saturday plus no one was at home so I became a little careless and wiped cum off with my shorts. The shorts were soiled with semen mixed with oil and had a pretty sizable cum spot on them but I didn't gave a shit about it and left it on the floor, wore my french cut red colored underwear and slept.

I woke up to the door bell ringing and it was shabana aapa. I was so sleepy that I forgot that I have opened the door only in my underwears. Shabana saw me and bursted out in a laugh saying "lagta hay Garmi Bahut Lag Rahe hay aapko " to which I didnt reply anything and went straight to my room and slept for another 15 minutes while shabana was preparing tea & breakfast for me.

I came back to my senses after waking up properly and straight away jetted towards bath room for shower and other morning stuff which everyone must do throwing away my shorts,t-shirt and underwear in the laundry bag. I had a nice shower then wore a towel and t-shirt and came down to dining table for my breakfast.

While having breakfast shabana asked me if I was feeling too hot in the night. I said yes the weather is too hot on which she replied that the weather is hot and so is your age, laughed and went to collect the laundry giving a small friendly pat on my shoulder.

I also finished my breakfast and was moving towards my room when shabana aapa intercepted me in between with the laundry bag in her hand. For the first time she said some thing very sultry to me which made my cock move in the towels. She said "in kapdo mein kuch toh hay mardo wali bu aa rahee hay", I was a little embarrassed, by that time she had not taken a look at my clothes,

she stood there talking to me and took out my tshirt and said "ye toh theek hay" then she took out my shorts and was a bit confused and asked naughtly " isme kya poch diya zanaab" I stood there smiling, then came the moment of truth, she took out my red underwear and started feeling it from the outside, I was almost red with embarrassment.

She felt the dick area from outside and it was a bit rough due to dried up cum, but was not visible from the outside due to the color of the underwear. She looked inside and found a huge dried blob of my man seed, then she took the shorts in other hand and smelled them smiling very naughtily.

She said " Garmi nikalana shuru kar de huzoor nay" I said "Jane do na, ho jata hay" then she replied " ye apne app toh nahin hua hay, hantho ka istmal kiya hay aapne, aisa mat kiya karo sehat kay liye accha nahi hota, isko toh aurat kay andar nikala karo" I said mene aaj tak nahi dala aurat kay andar.

On this she asked me to show her my cock. Which I did by removing my towel. My dick had shrunken due to embarrassment and was looking like a small nut. Watching the condition of my dick shabana laughed and said " ye to chup kay so rha hay, isko jagate hu, aap aaram say kursee par beth jao" which I obeyed like a man under spell.

She then went on to lock all the doors and came back and removed her kurta and bra. Then she came directly to me and like a hungry bitch in heat took my cock in her mouth and sucked it as if I had stuck my cock in a vacuum cleaner. I let out a little shriek and she loosened the grip a little bit. One benefit of having an average cock is that ladies can completely take it in their mouths.

Then my cock got fully erect. she said "chota hay aapka par theek ho jaye ga " she pulled my foreskin back and held it tightly and started making circles at the cock head which send shivers down my spine. I said "aapa nikal jay ga" She replied "chinta mat karo tazurba hay, lo ruk gaye, mere nipples ko chuso tumhara aur tang ho kar khada ho ga tab isko mere chut mein daalna",

I follwed her instructions and stared to lick and suck her big brown nipples, she was moaning a little and jerking my cock a little while holding its base tightly. After a while she removed her pajamas and panties showed me her clean shaved cunt. "chato issey dheere dheere tab ye ache say gili aur garam hogee tumhara lund ko lene kay liye"

I did and trust me guys it was yummy, damn clean with slight aroma and salty taste, I just fell in love with the taste of the women and developed fetish for licking pussy. After she became completely warmed up and wet she held my cock in her hand and moved to bed room. There she lay on the bed and opened her legs and positioned my cock on the entrance of her cunt.

"ye lo dalo " I did then she said "pura daal kar thodi der mehsus karo aaurat ke garmi" I was really enjoying the heat of her fuck hole. "ab andar bahar karo tezee say" I started pumping her cunt with speed. I felt the pressure building in my cock and balls and conveyed the same to shabana " aapa niklaney waala hay" she said "andar he nikalo " and then I exploded in her like I never did while jerking my cock with my own hand.

I came as usual in huge amounts and withdrew my cock from her vagina. A thick stream of semen flowed from her cunt. She put in a finger to check the stuff and was amazed " ye toh pure baag mein phool uga de, itna saara beej, 5 aauroto ko maa bananey kay liye bhe kam na pade",

she had not cummed and I asked her aapko nai aana to which she replied next time right now she is enjoying my sticky seed in her baby hole. I said ok and then she licked my cock clean and washed it nicely and told me not to masturbate and to let her know when I need to shoot my load.

Well guys this is my first vaginal adventure story... Please let me know your views on the same, will help me in posting more.

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Raju having exxciting sex with maid Sudha

Once I joined a new IT company. They gave me house, car etc. But no work. They were to set up their office and do some more recruitment till then I was free, just roaming around and take food in good restaurants etc. I am Raju, with PG qualifications in IT and management and specialization in SAP.

The company simply wanted to hold me on paying whatever salary I asked for. They never said I may have to share my flat with anybody else and hence I lived like monarch. I never met any other apartment owners/tenants, but I needed somebody to clean my flat. I just met a girl in the staircase, a good looking able bodied girl, When I asked she readily agreed and we came to an understanding about wages also.

She said she will come at 11 and do the work. She came at 11, Sudha, very ablebodied girl, with ample boobs, big thighs and ass. I told her to sweep the floor thoroughly and them mop the floor. She asked me to buy a good mop and the one available is worn out. My own clothes were very few and washing them was easy. I noticed her examining my underwear and sniffing at them.

I thought she wanted to detect any smell of semen or dried semen. She cleaned the walls of all cobwebs and changed the bedsheet and pillow cover and spread new ones. Every time she leaned I could see her cleavage and enjoyed the scene. She asked me when my wife is likely to come. I told her I am not married. Suddenly she looked up at my face.

I asked her whether she can bring me food from the hotel. She said why hotel, there is somebody who makes good home made food, I will bring it from him. I asked about her. She said she is unmarried and that she takes food from the houses where she works. I asked her where does she stay.

She looked at my face and said her house is far off and she cannot go there every day. She stays in any of the houses she works and then goes home once in a week to meet her mother. Then why dont you stay in my house also one night, I will give you bed and everything. She laughed and said how can I stay when there is no other woman here.

What of that, is there is no woman does not matter, I am here, I will give you bed and we can share food you bring. She asked you like non vegetarian food. I said yes very much. She said none of the people she worked liked non veg and hence she has to take only veg food every day. I told her bring fish curry, fish fry, chicken thanduri we will have nice lunch today.

Her face lit up and said I will run and place order and come. I will go and bring it when it is ready. I went around and saw that her work in my flat is almost over. I have taken some bread and egg for breakfast. She has cleaned everything. I will go and finishe my bath and wait for lunch to come. Sudha did not come for two hours. I thought she would have gone to work with other flats.

Suddenly at 1 pm she rang my bell and when I opened she brought the food carrier and plates. I told her to spread it on the table. She said she will eat later. I said no we will eat together. She laid the plates and served the food. The food aroma was excellant. She served the food and I made her to sit with me and take food. I saw her closeby. She was indeed very good.

I just felt like touching her boob. Her thigh was almost touching mine. Two three times I touched her thigh to draw her attention. I relished the food and she too. Within a short time only the bones and fish bones remained. I had my stomach ful and she too ate well. I got up and washed my hands and she also washed her hands and the plates and the vessel.

I called her closer and planted a kiss on her cheeks for getting me good food. And again kissed on her lips for sitting with me and eating. She responded well and she sucked my lip. I just ran my hand over her boob and ass. She hugged me and was going on sucking my llips and tongue. I cut it and asked her how much to pay for the food. She brought the bill from inside her blouse.

I paid her about Rs.10 extra and asked her to come and prepare tea in the afternoon and to bring supper for night. She said she will bring appam with stew for supper. I said ok. Though I had an erection I did not show her. I went for my afternoon seista. In the evening she came and prepared tea for both of us and went out. She said she will come at 9 pm with supper.

I went out and brought some sweets and some fruits. and returned at about 7 pm. I was watching TV when at 8 the bell rang. It was Sudha again with vessels with my supper. She again went out and brought a bag full of clothes. She was wearing a night suit. I told her to sit and watch the TV for some time and then we will take our supper. She sat on the floor.

I pulled her and made her sit near me in the sofa. She went and bolted the door and closed the windows. She did not want anybody to see that she is sitting in the sofa with me. I pulled her closer and she leaned on me. I asked her whether she has to go out for work anymore. No, she said she has finished all her work. Then relax, I said and kissed her cheeks again.

I just unbuttoned her blouse and her boobs were in a tight fitting bra. I unhooked her bra and her boobs were large and erect and were in good shape and did not sag at all. With brown erect nipples they were very beautiful to look at. I asked her to get up and give me to lick and suck. The moment I licked her nipples she started to moan and held my head against her boobs.

I sucked both the boobs alternatively. I think she got her orgasm. I did not want to hurry at all. She wanted to see my cock and was pulling at my pyjama. I said first let us eat. We had appam and chicken stew, very tasty. I put one piece in her mouth and she put one piece in my mouth. It was very nice. After supper, after washing our hands we sat again in front of the TV.

Buttons on the top of her night suit were open and her boobs were visible dangling. I thought of showing her some porn videos in my laptop. She was very much aroused due to my sucking and licking her nipples. If I show the porn videos she will simply jump. I wanted to see the fun. Without giving her any idea, I took the laptop and put on the porn video. She sat with me to watch.

She pressed her boobs on me. I asked her to remove the night suit. She reluctantly removed it and stood naked. I pulled and made her to sit near me. The porn movies thrilled her. The scene of blowjob, thrilled her and she wanted my cock for her to suck. Then came the scenes of fucking. Sudha was watching it wide eyed. Each stroke went went deep into the cunt, she was shivering.

I thought she will get orgasm by just looking at it. Finally I gave her my cock untying my pyjama. She was thrilled and she just kissed it and rubbed against her face and then hurried me to fuck her. Making her to lie down on the couch, I climbed her and fucked her slowly. Her cunt was very tight and it took time to gain deep penetration.

Pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples I fucked her in slow pace and gradually increased speed. She reached orgasm very fast. She wound her legs around me and hugged me tight when the orgasm came. When My orgasm was coming I pulled out and threw the fluids in the floor. She asked me why you did so. I told her to prevent pregnancy.

I asked whether there are any single woman staying in the apartment. Why do you want to fuck more people, she asked. I laughed and said yes. Ok, I will bring one girl tomorow, but she is very young and small. We fucked two more rounds and slept naked in my bed. Next day morning she got up early and prepared tea for me and bathed and with new clothes went out for working in other flats.

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Prasad fucking maid Saru in old age

I am Prasad, 75, retired and widowed lone in my spacious house. My elder son is in US with his family, my daughter is in Germany with her family and my younger son was staying with me but he got a very good job in Mumbai and he took his family and moved away to Mumbai. He told me that he will come once a month and see me. My food has been arranged.

A maid servant comes and cleans the house, clothes, etc. She is Saru, aged 35, but keeps distance from me. Sometimes she prepares green tea for me and leaves it on the dining table. Many a times I thought why not ask her to massage my knees. They are aching and makes it difficult for me to walk. In the night one Joseph comes to keep company with me.

Sometimes I ask him to massage my knees with some ayurvedic oils. He does it well and I could sleep well. In the morning it pains again. I asked Saru whether she has any neighbor, or daughter or cousin who can do me this small job. She asked what job. I told her of massaging. She said she will try, but she does not know how to do it in the proper way.

I said don't worry just apply some oil and see. Saru was a widow and has a daughter of 16 years studying in the school. She lost her husband in an accident. I used to help her financially. She is not so good looking but does her job very well. I lifted my dhothi upto the knee and she came near me and applied oil on my knee, both on top and bottom.

Her body odor hit me and I was getting a small erection. She was looking at the possibility of a bulge. When she was leaning her cleavage gave me a good view of her boobs. She massaged for about five minutes and I said that will do. I had a bulge and she noticed it. She asked me when should she give the next massage. I said in the evening when you go.

It was after a long time that I was getting the sexual thoughts in my mind. In the evening before leaving she came and asked me to lie down so that she may apply oil. I lied down in the bed and she too oil in her hand and applied on my knee. But I noticed her eyes were on my bulge. She too would be sexually hungry.

When she was doing the massage her boobs were shaking inside her blouse. I looked at her and her boobs. After five minutes she did not stop. I stopped her and told her that is sufficient for today. But my whole leg is smeared with oil. Unless I wash it with soap, it will stain my dhothi and bedsheet. I told Saru to help me in the bathroom to apply soap and wash it away.

She said then wait for ten more minutes. Ok, I said. I wore an underwear. After ten minutes, Saru came and asked me to get up and go with her to the bathroom. I raised my dhothi and walked to the bathroom. I sat on the plastic stool. When the dhothi is raised up, she can see my underwear and my ball pouch and erect cock overflowing from the underwear.

She poured water on my legs and applied soap. Her soft touch made my erection surprisingly more strong. I leaned on the wall and extended both of my legs to her to wash. She pushed my dhothi up for preventing it from getting wet. Her hand touched my erect cock. She looked at my face. I just looked at the roof and did not even look at her face.

She was again pouring water and applied soap on the entire leg. She was taking a lot of time to wash it off. In the meantime my dhothi loosened and fell down. She took it and kept on my lap. I think her hand purposely touched my erect cock. I got up and removed my dhothi and stood in front of her in my underwear, with my cock peeping at her.

She took a towel and wiped my leg, from my thigh downwards upto my feet. I told her why don't you wash my cock also. She laughed and shyly applied soap on my cock and pulled the foreskin back and applied soap thoroughly and washed it slong with the ball pouch. I know she much have been very much aroused.

Although I am an old man more than double her age, the cock in front of her erect and hard did attract her very much. I just placed my hand on her head and pushed it towards my cock. She got the message and she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue and lips started to work. She asked me, let us go to the bed.

I walked in that condition to my bedroom and lied in the bed. Saru came and sat on my bed and started to suck my cock. I thought why not ask her to open her blouse so that my hands can be doing some work on her boobs. On my asking she undid her blouse and her huge oobs were full of my hands. With brown nipples, they gave a good sight.

I asked Saru to give me a break and allow me to suck her nipples. She again giggled and thrust her nipples in my mouth. I went on sucking for a long time and she was having a good time. She moaned and was enjoying my sucking. I told her let us stop now. We will continue it tomorrow. Whether pain or no pain, massaging became a habit.

Saru took coconut oil and applied it all over my body and bathed me. Sometime I used to ask her to join me in my bathing. Shyly and giggling she will undress and join me. I will apply coconut oil on her body, boobs, stomach, ass, thighs pussy and all. I told her to remove her hair from her pussy. She said she did not have any razor and she does not know how to do it.

I made to lie down on my bed and applying my shaving soap and brush, I used my razor to remove her public hair and asked her to see it in the wall mirror. I asked her to wash it well and made her to lie down again and tried to lick her cunt. She was resisting. I made her to open her legs wide and licked her cunt and clitoris. Poor thing, had a massive climax.

She said she had never experienced so much of pleasure in her life. Her husband used to fuck her but before she could realize what is happening he will shoot his fluids into her. She got pregnant in a very young age and got a daughter. Her husband died in an accident and thereafter she never thought of a husband.

Now only she realized how much pleasure she would have got. She told me that she will not take advantage of my relationship with her. But wanted me to fuck her whenever I feel like fucking. We decided to fuck in the morning. She came in the early morning after taking bath, fresh. She entered my bedroom. I called her near and asked her to remove all the clothes.

She stood naked. She is not shy to show her body because we have seen each other naked many times before. I sucked her nipples and brought her to proper mood. I then buried my face in her cunt and licked and sucked her cunt and clitoris. When she was fully aroused, I climbed on her and inserted my cock in her cunt. It was very tight.

But we both enjoyed. I asked her to stride on me and do the fucking herself. She did it clumsily first. Later she did ti nicely. she reached her clmax very fast. Again she fucked and she enjoyed the sex very much. I could retain my erection which surprised me. Finally I made her to lie down and fucked her in missionary position. I got a climax after so many years.

But though I discharged, no sperms would have gone. Saru liked it very much. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself. Thereafter we fucked sometimes twice or atleast once a day. Saru was very happy and it showed in her face.

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