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Raju fucking Maria and Stella in one go

I am Raju. I used to write regularly in HD about my own experiences and the experiences of my friends. I was thinking of an old experience of my childhood. We stayed in a rented house in a remote village and my father was in govt. service. I had just written my +2 exam and waiting for the admission to degree course.

We stayed in the ground floor of the house and the first floor of the house was in the custody of the landlord. They had dumped so many unwanted things, vessels, books, accounts books, furniture, cots, spare beds and sheets and every so many things. Their daughter Maria used to come occasionally either to take something or to place something.

Maria was studying in my class and hence a grown up girl. Sometimes she took her friend, Stella with her The wooden staircase was through our drawing room. The girls come and climb the stairs. When I look at them, Stella used to beckon me to go with them. When these girls come, my mother used to tell me to keep a watch on them, because our goods are also there in the first floor.

When stella beckons, I go with them upstairs. They spread the mats and lie down or play some games, or chess. I too didnt mind joining them because I was sitting alone without anywork. Maria was a grown up girl and Stella was only 14 or so. But she was more talkative and took initiative for all mischivous acts. I used to wear only kakhi half pants.

With half pants when we sit on the floor, however much you are careful, our private parts will be visible to the person sitting by our side. Stell found this out and showed it Maria. Both the girls were giggling without any reason and I asked them what is the matter. Stella immediately put her hand through my leg portion and caught my cock and said laughingly that this is the reason.

They all laughed loudly. They said they had a free show. Having seen and touched it Stella wanted to measure its length. She found a footscale and brought it. I said no, no, but buth the girls took hold of my hand and pulled my khaki down and my cock was already half erect.

They measured it with the scale and found it to be 5" long Stell and Maria were both holding it in their hands and it was pulsating. It increased to 5 and a half inch. I said this is unfair, you take my organ out forcible and do not show yours. Stella asked Maria to show hers. Maraia said you show yours. Finally they both decided to show theirs one by one.

Stella showed her hairless cunt. There was nothing interesting, just a line in the middle of a triangle. She asked me to touch it, but I did not, because it was smelling strong of urine. I turned and Maria was open with her pussy fully revealed. There was a bush of brown hair scanty and again a thin black line in the center.

I told them that I will not touch theirs unless it is cleanly washed and be without any smell. Both girls agreed and asked me whether they may kiss my rod. I said Ok. Both the girls jumped on it and both wanted to kiss the top and in the center and one girl opened her mouth and put my cock in her mouth and the other girl licked my ball pouch.

They removed my khaki and made me totally nude and moved my legs in all directions to get access to my cock. They both sucked it so much that I was getting some strange feelings and I was sure I will throw my semen into their mouth. I warned them. But they said it does not matter, come on, they said. I spilt my discharge into their mouth and they took it sportively.

Somebody called and I had to put on my khaki and run down. Girls took their own time and left for the day. Next day they came early and stella signalled me to go with them upstairs. I went. stella called me aside and told me that they have washed their pussies very well and it will not smell and hence I have to kiss their both pussies. I said let me see.

First Stella showed me hers, lifting her frock and pulling down her new panty. It was a virgin pussy and there was no urine smell but there was some other smell which was good. I placed a soft kiss. No, no, give a hard kiss like we kissed your cock yesterday. She lied on the mat on the floor and I bowed down and kissed her pussy pressing my lips on it. It now the turn of Maria.

She was shy. I said ok, if you are not willing dont show. Stella insisted that Maria should lie down near her and lift her frock. Maria came forward, lied in the mat, her panty was already removed, lifted her frock and showed her thighs and then her pussy. There was no smell of urine but some other smell which I could not recognize. Stella asked Maria to lift her knees and open them.

Maria lifted her knee and showed me her pussy opening the lips with her fingers. I could see her fuck hole, urine hole and the small button shaped clitoris. Stella came near me and asked me to kiss her pussy. I had to kiss the clitoris and the fuck hole. I liked the smell. I licked the clitoris and the whole area. Maria suddenly started to moan and twist and turn.

Stella told me that she is enjoying and asked me to lick her clitoris. Maria asked me to put my cock in her fuck hole. Stell helped me to remove my khaki and my stiff cock was ready for action. I leaned over Maria and Stella directed my cock into the fuck hole of Maria. Stella pressed my back so that my cock my go deeper into Maria. It went deeper and my whole cock was inside her.

It was very tight and very enjoyable. The slippery fluid in her cunt was oozing out. Stella told me this is what all men do to girls. Maria is already fucked by her elder brother and that is why it went smoothly inside. Now fuck her deeper. Stella showed me how to fuck and I did the remaining action myself to the pleasure of Maria. Finally the peak arrived.

I shot a lot of fluids into the hole of Maria and she said she also got her peak. We lied there for some time and she wiped my cock and her cunt with her skirt. Stella told me her hole is too small for a big cock like mine to enter and she will make it ready within a week. Both the girls used to come daily and Maria wanted me to fuck her two times.

Some times she will make me to lie down and she will ride me and take my cock into her cunt. Stella liked to lick and suck my cock. One day Stella asked me to fuck her. She said the brother of Maria had already fucked her and it was very painful and bleeding. Now it will be alright. I was helped by Maria to locate the hole of Stella and fuck her.

My cock was going very tight and it was very enjoyable. Her cunt muscles gripped my cock very tight. I fucked her twice. I liked her for her openness. My fuck episode was to come to an end. My father got me admitted to a college and I had to be away for the whole day. I went by bus wearing nice pants and shirt. The girls used to watch me and wave me.

I tried to fuck them during holidays. but only Stella was available since Maria also went to a college. That Stella girl gave me lot of pleasure. She knew everything about the safe days and unsafe days. She always liked to get on me and fuck. She had grown up tall and heavy. But her mind was good.

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Virgin sex with Kirthee

After posting my first story, 'Hot story of lusty Priyanka', i'm back with another one from my list of great sexual experiences. I've couple of great experiences that I would like to share. Please see that these stories are completely true and therefore it wont have anything like 'aaahh', 'ooohh' etc. Its just how it happened and how clearly or vaguely I remember.

In my last story I had mentioned about two other incidents. one with a job consultancy girl and a neighbor married lady. But before that I want to narrate an incident of mine with one of my college girlfriend. We both were virgin at that time though i've had many oral sex with various girls before this incident.

The girls name is Kirthee(real name) and since I dont mention my college name or any location names, I dont think this is going to create an issue to anyone. We were in the same batch but different class in college. Frankly she was one of the only two good looking girls in that whole batch. We used to see each other during breaks and exchange greetings and smile at each other.

Anyways few weeks later Kirthee came to speak to me regards to a guy in our class.now she came to me because she thought that the guy was my best friend.she enquired how the guy is and later told me that he had proposed her. I was actually feeling very jealous for him. But then later again after few weeks when I met her, I asked what her reply was and she shocked my by saying that she likes me.

I couldnt believe it and I asked her since when and replied 'i dont know.i know that I like you.and to check whether you are interested in me, I spoke to you that day about your friend'. I was so happy that time.feeling shy she asked if I like her. I just nodded my head. During that time I was among the first few students who used mobile phones. she knew that and took my number.

That evening I got call from a local coin booth and kirthee asked me to meet her at a park near my house.she came there on her scooty and we went to a corner bench and started chit chating. we started our relation thru phone and park and once in the park we kissed and we just loved it. Though risk and fear of being caught was too high we controlled ourselves.

I came upon few internet cafe near our college that had small cabin rooms. This was much before internet cafes started keeping spy cams. So I had this plan of meeting her there. It would be like that I would go first and get in the cabin and inform her the number.until she comes I used to browse pornsites.

In the beginning we would just sit and chat and kiss for a long time but not more.once we went for a movie. it was just another romantic movie.we were sitting somewhere in the back and there was none behind us.Kirthee was sitting to my right.during the movie I put my right hand over her shoulder and let it rest just above her right breast.

She looked at me and I returned a smile and we started kissing. Somewhere close to the interval there was a steamy scene and I slowly put my hand inside her salwar.frankly I wanted to touch her breast outside the bra but as I went down, I could feel her boob skin and then suddenly my fingers stumbled upon something pointed yet soft but a bit harder than the boob skin.

In a flash of second I realised its her nipple and she turned towards me and rested her head on my shoulder.all this made me horny and I withdrew my hand and patted her shoulder and let her rest on me. After the movie we didnt talk much but that move definitely created a spark for us. Two days later I got a cabin and called her in. being so erotically close I showed her some porn sites.

she didnt seem interested and she told me a joke about penis and after the joke I asked her if she wanted to see. She nodded her head.i just unbottoned my denim and pulled it out.she kept staring at it for few seconds.i told,"you can touch it.no problem" she took it in her hand and slowly was kind off checking it out. I dont know what was in her mind but she was blushing.

I slowly took her head and brought it near my penis and she first kissed and then started sucking it.she had a different kind of technique.kind of nibbing the penis softly at times.i was feeling really nice and horny.i pulled her head up and we started kissing.this time I touched her boobs and slowly started rubbing them.her kissing became more violent.

We discussed it later and we both knew deep down that we wanted to try sex.few days later just before lunch break I told her that i'm going home as I have no class and she told that she can bunk the classes after lunch. I asked her if she wanted to meet me at the cafe and she said yes.somehow I felt that she wanted to get fucked.

I took a cabin and waited for her.meanwhile I read some sex stories and was getting myself ready. That day she was wearing a black short skirt(luckily) and red top.i dont know her vitals clearly but her breasts were 34 and she had big butt thanks to classical dancing. She is very fair and shes got a very sexy face and features.i feel she is the perfect fuckable girl.

She is not too thin and not too fat.she came and without wasting time we started kissing. during kiss while I was squeezing her boobs, she took off the top and the sight just made me horny. I popped her boobs out of the bra and started sucking them. Her nipples were brown.

And till date hers is the best boobs i've ever seen or felt.i pointed towards her skirt and she just lifted it up and removed her white and pink floral printed panty. I saw very little brown hair over her pussy and I went down and licked her pusy maybe just once or twice.just made it lightly wet for insertion.she was sitting on a revolving chair.

When I got up to take out my dick she helped me and started sucking it just about making it wet and then she leaned back. I bent down,placed my knees on the legs of the revolving chair and our position was so correct that my penis stood right at her pussy entrance. And slowly I pushed it in.she opened her mouth in arousal but we made sure no sound was heard outside.

After few initial slow strokes, i started pumping hard.we realised that my belt and the chair was making obvious sounds and then I got up and made her sit on my dick while I sat on the revolving chair.her back was facing me. Once my dick went inside her pussy completely, I made her stand up and bend forward still with my dick inside.

we were in the standing doggy position and after making sure no sound will occur I started fucking her. We both didnt make any noise but enjoyed a lot.i kept fucking her like that for sometime and when I was about to cum, I just pulled out my dick and without saying anything she went down and started sucking my dick.i shot my cum in her and she drank it completely.

We both were satisfied and dressed up and she left first and I left after sometime.later she told me that this was her first time and she enjoyed it a lot but I didnt care to enquire about why she didnt bleed or so mainly because she is a dancer and also I didnt care as far as i'm getting loads of sex..will continue in my next part. Until then keep shagging!

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Horny Odia aka Orissa girl showing juicy tits to tease boyfriend during foreplay Naughty Odia aka Orissa girl massaging pussy and masturbating to tease lover

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Sex with Vimla

Vimla stayed in the same street as me. She is very beautiful, fair in color with big round ass, nice big boobs. I wanted to get friendly with her, but she always kept a serious face and did not respond to my smiles. I wanted to fuck her at the very first opportunity. One day when I boarded a crowded bus, I saw Vimla standing in front me.

I just moved in the crowd to be right behind her. In one hand she held a book and the other hand she was holding the top railing to balance herself. Her boob gave a good picture to look at. I was getting an erection. I pressed myself to her back and my cock was buried in the ass crack. In the movement of the bus my cock was moving into her crack deeper and deeper.

First she resisted it but later she started not to resist. Suddenly when the bus came to a stop, I put my hand forward and held her boob as if to balance myself. In the crowd nobody noticed that I was holding her boob. She liked my pressing her boob and she held firmly. Her boob was soft and firm. I enjoyed pressing it. She too obviously liked it. We both got down at the same stop.

She turned back and smiled at me. Hello, Vimla, you were nice to me. How did you liked it, I asked. She turned and gave me a shy smile and went her way. Next day when she was walking along I called Vimla to come to my house. She asked me which was my house. I gave her the directions and she agreed to come and be there for a short while.

Since my parents will be away for work in the morning I called her to come in the morning. She agreed to come when she was going to her computer lessons. Next day I waited for her keeping the main door open. She stopped in front of my house at 10 am. and looked around. The street was deserted. She just entered my house. I welcomed her and closed the door behind her and bolted it.

Why did you call me, she asked. I told her that we may sit for a while and talk. She sat in the sofa in the sitting room. I sat near her and I put my hand on her thighs. She did not resist. We went on talking on her studies and then about her likes and dislikes and then on sex. She was shy to speak about sex and about my experience in the bus. I touched her boob.

She was shy and bowed her head. I asked her to come to the bedroom. She said no we will sit here. The I put my both hands on her boobs and told her that she has a nice pair of boobs. I slowly tried to unbutton her blouse. First she resisted but later her resistance stopped. I pushed her bra up and took her both boobs out. The were very nice and with pink areola and nipples.

I put my mouth on them and licked the nipples. She was hissing and moaning. I sucked her nipples which she liked very much. I took the nipples alternatively into my mouth. Vimla slowly slide and lied in the sofa. I put my one hand under her skirt and touched her thighs. They were nice and smooth. I touched her panty which was damp. I pulled the elastic down and touched her pussy.

There was no public hair and her cunt lips were very soft. I asked her to come to my bedroom where there is more space than the sofa. She came. I removed all her clothes and made her totally nude. She was slightly bulky but very beautiful. I too removed my clothes and lied near her and licked her nipples and sucked them. She moaned and responded well.

I kissed her abdomen and then her lower abdomen, her thighs and then came to her pussy. Opening her cunt lips I tickled her clitoris with my tongue. She was moaning and hissing. I licked the whole cunt and asked her whether I may fuck her. She said yes. I took my cock and placed it on her cunt and slowly pushed it down. It was very tight and it took lot of time to penetrate.

In the process I broke her hymen and she was crying and tears rolled down her eyes. But my cock stuck in her cunt like a cork on a bottle. I remained there for some time and started my movements very slowly. She opened her legs very wide and allowed me free access to her hole. When I increased my speed, she started to moan and was enjoying.

In the meantime she got her orgasm and heavy flow of her fluids made my movement easy. Finally I told her that I am also getting my orgasm and she too got her second orgasm and we both enjoyed it immensely. We got up and went to the bath room and cleaned our body of all the fluids. Vimla wanted a glass of water.

I went to the kitchen and brought her a glass of milk and she drank it. She was like a child. I kissed her lips and licked drops of milk form her mouth. I went and checked in the kitchen, there was enough of food for both of us. We sat for a while to talk. Her parents also go to office during vacation it is a problem for her to spend time.

She used to go to her friend's house, but they were not there and that is how she came here. She said she had no sexual experience and this is the first time she is fucked. We calculated and found it was her safe days. I taught her how to calculate safef period. We thought we will have another round before lunch. Vimla was ready. Second round was very prolonged.

I fucked her in two three poses and we both reached our climax together. We have been moving around the house naked. We took our lunch prepared by my mother. She liked the food. Washed the plates and came back to the bed. We took rest for about an hour and then our final round was to commence. I told her to climb upon me and fuck me from the top.

In two three attempts she learnt the trick and did it very well. We had full orgasm. Time was 4.30 pm and I asked Vimla to get dressed and be ready to go. I prepared tea and she took tea and then left promising to come the next day. We continued till the vacation was over and college admission started. She joined an engg. college and I too joined an engg. college.

She came to my house on some days when her parents and my mother were working. We fucked to our heart's content. After her studies she was got married to another engineer abroad and she left. Nowadays we communicate by email.

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Assamese girl lying on bed with bra hiked up covering her big boobs with hands Assam girl showing big mouth watering tits with her bra hiked up to hospital colleague
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Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - IV

Previously: Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - III

Suddenly her body rippled with lust and Ruchi clenched my shoulders and moaned erotically while lurching her bottom and tried to grab me between her arms and thighs “fuck me…hmmm….please” Ruchi was desperately waiting for me to fuck her properly with inward strokes and very next moment I started doing that,

“Ahhhhh….” I gasped madly as my Penis moved in and out of her wet fuckhole; I screwed her fuckhole with deep and long stroke and my pleasure was incredible and I did not wanted to stop now. We were in each other’s arms like true lovers and I wanted to fuck her like this till my death but unintentionally my pace increased gradually and hardly after a minute, I started invading Ruchi bit faster.

Her fleshy breasts started moving here and there with my inward fucking strokes. I saw the golden pendent of her Mangal Sutra resting on the bed near her neck, I bought it to her bare breasts just to see it dancing and started fucking her again. Ruchi was holding me firm from my shoulders with spread thighs and closed eyes and continued moaning while lying and getting fucked under me.

Just to last more I controlled my pace and gave her deep screwing strokes and fucked her calmly while looking at her beautiful face an she enjoyed me going deep in her starved fuckhole. I steadily built up my speed again and could see that Ruchi was in intense pleasure, certainly she was in the state I never saw my wife on the bed while having sex with me,

possibly because Ruchi was getting seduced like this after really long and that is by the person she use to like a lot. I continued fucking her like that hardly for a minute when suddenly Ruchi thrashed and heaved under me and cried out while clenching her teethes and tried to grab me harder.

I could see she was reaching to her climax and sensing her state that she might not control herself much longer, I began stroking myself into her swollen fuckhole powerfully, I lied over her completely and she gulped my body between her fleshy arms and thighs. Unintentionally my hips started rising and falling madly up and down and I was hammering her back and forth like a machine.

Finally within a minute of fast and furious fucking Ruchi arched her back and cried out and shuddered as the dam burst and seconds later I too went beyond my control and drilled her as deep as possible and squeezed my hips together to release my flood into her sodden fuckhole. We both grabbed each other tight while shivering in climax and remained tied together for a while.

I was sweating like hell, so was Ruchi and from her body language I could see that she has orgasmed hard. As I rolled from her top to her right, Ruchi got up instantly and went inside the washroom to clean herself and came out with in no time and told me to go out by saying “please ab aap bahar jaao….” I looked at the time it was not even 12.

I got up silently but spoke while looking at her “aap bahut darte ho…” “darna padta hai…” she replied back casually. After that I came out of the room without much conversation and found everything as it was. I sat down on the carpet peacefully and hardly believed whatever we did in last half an hour or so.

I was sleepless and also bit restless, I wanted to be with Ruchi for some more time, may be because I was not over yet. I played slid show of her pictures and kept on watching her smiling face on the screen and started recalling my lovemaking with her which ended very soon.

Next I will say that even after long and tiring driving and so many other problems it was a luckiest day of my life, and that is not just because that night I fucked Ruchi but because fortunately we just got a narrow escape from the chance of getting caught. I was out of the room hardly 5-10 minutes back when suddenly Aunty appeared in the living room and saw me working.

We had few casual words like she asked me that why don’t I sleep? And I replied by saying that working late is my routine. Once again she somewhat informed me that she gets up at 5 and she will wake us.

After that she went back to her room but Ruchi heard talking to me her from her room and massaged me on my cell to ask the matter, but by then she was gone back to her room so just to create humor I replied her with a text saying “nothing…she was just saying ki tum logon ko aur mazze karna hai to kar low….”

And in response Ruchi simply came out of the room with a tensed gesture and asked me everything seriously and I detailed her words I had with Aunty and for a moment she seemed stressed with a thought that if Aunty would have came out 10 minutes earlier then we would have caught but I relaxed her somehow by speaking up humorous statements and made her laugh.

Anyway soon there was nothing much to talk about in that concern so she came closer and looked at the screen and saw her pictures rolling, in reaction she smiled and just sat there on the couch behind me on the three sitter to see her pictures, certainly she felt good when she saw me watching her slide show and like me I could see that she was also not over, she was desiring me even more.

I gave a glance to her body and found that now neither she was wearing leggings nor bra underneath her nighty, I could clearly see her heavy milks jiggling without any support along with bit of soft and fair flesh of her legs.“Thanks…. you’ve made me feel that I am also beautiful…” “You are beautiful…and sexy too….”

I replied and then spoke again “mujhe kabhi Deepa ke saath sex karke itna mazza nahi aaya…jitna aapke saath karke aaya” Ruchi smiled a bit on my words and spoke “mujhe bhi bahut mazza aaya…I really don’t remember when I had last sex…may be more than a year back”.

Here I would say that instant I was thinking about asking her for one more time bus Ruchi was thinking something else and before I would have graphed my desire in words Ruchi asked me something which I did not wanted to come in my mind, “don’t you think we have done something wrong…? Aren’t you feeling guilty?” “no…”

I replied back instantly and then spoke again “just because it was you…” and then I spoke again while looking at her face clearly “believe me….I am in love with you” I expressed my feelings to her in a way that Ruchi became speechless. “are you feeling guilty” next I asked her “haan…thoda sa…” she replied back “thoda sa chalega…jyada mat feel karna….”

I spoke in joking fashion and she smiled on my words “truly speaking…ek baar karke mera to mann hi nahi bhara…” I spoke while looking into her eyes and she smiled again and uttered “mann to mera bhi nahi bhara….!” “so…?” I spoke or somewhat asked “so….what…?” she asked me back in sarcastic tone, “let’s do it again…”

I uttered my desire clear “This time definitely we will get caught” Ruchi spoke in sarcastic tone gain “ don’t worry now Aunty will not come out…” I replied and in response Ruchi did not uttered anything, she just kept on looking at me, certainly she was intended to do it again, her facial expressions were clearly telling her state and before she would have said yes or no,

I asked her “do you like Oral sex…?” as I knew Ruchi was not at all expecting this question from me and my query bought her instant smile on her face and she replied with yes in bit timid voice. “Even I like it…but Deepa ko bilkul pasand nahi hai” I spoke again and casually touched her knee over the gown and Ruchi removed my hand instantly, “what happened…?”

I asked her with a smile and she replied with just “nothing…” “nahi karna kya?” “kya nahi karna…? Oral sex?” she asked me back and herself replied “haan….” I said yes to confirm “here….?” “haan…yahin pe karte hain…” I spoke Ruchi was shocked to hear me and for a moment could not decide what to say but finally uttered “aap pagal ho gaye ho kya…?”

“don’t worry..Aunty will not come out again” I spoke and Ruchi replied with “nahi yaar…bahut risky hai…” “don’t worry…kuch nahi hoga…” I spoke while getting up on my knees and turned to Ruchi; she was sitting behind me on the couch and tried to lift her nighty. She stopped me “are you serious…?”

“Yes… I am serious” by now my hands were touching her bare knees and she was little restless because of my tender touch over her soft skin. “I want to suck you there….” I spoke may be to arouse her and moved my hands further inside to touch her fleshy thighs and somewhat reached there, unintentionally Ruchi got up a bit so that I can drift her nighty up to her thighs.

Wow I was rubbing my hands over the ample flesh of her thighs and Ruchi was enjoying my tenderness. “nighty ko aur oopar kar low, aur Panty nikal do…” I spoke to her “lights dim kar do…” instead of doing what I said Ruchi spoke out in requesting tone. I got up and switched of all the lights except one which was on the corner of the room and came back to my place over the carpet.

Ruchi stood up slowly and drifted her Panty down to get naked from lower half and spoke while sitting down after drifting her nighty up to her waist “let’s go to the room…bed par comfortably kar lenge” “nahi yahin par karte hain…don’t worry” I slowly pulled Ruchi to the edge of the seat to get an access of her fuckhole “hairs hain mere wahan par”

Ruchi spoke as if she is informing me and I replied with “koi baat nahi” and reached to her fuckhole with my hand and rubbed her opening for a minute, just to arouse her and as I was expecting Ruchi started moaning in very low voice, she was already wet and as I started rubbing her fuck opening she started getting wetter.

I could feel her fuckhole oozing out fresh stream of pleasure juices. I widened her thighs and moved my face bit in to her fleshy thighs to taste her juices but somewhat failed to reach their comfortably and by saying “thoda aura age aao” I told her to come bit more forward and to give access of her fuckhole to my mouth Ruchi moved ahead while widening her fleshy thighs bit more and I licked her vertical crack once with a powerful thrust of my tongue.

“Hmmmm…” Ruchi moaned deliciously. I moved more into her thighs and started licking her like I always desired and while holding my scalp Ruchi started gasping in controlled voice. As mentioned Ruchi was having significant hairs over her fuckhole and for me feeling was, not much but certainly bit strange,

but I wanted to suck her do it and I just continued going into her fuckhole deeper and while widening her fleshy thighs further wide with my hands, I lifted her bottom a bit to get her love hole completely in my mouth. I must say that Ruchi was wet and hot like I never imagined and using my tongue and lips equally well I was trying to dig out her fluid as much as possible

and could see Ruchi going out of her own control and her low volume moans and gasps were making me crazy. That instant I wanted to eat her fuckhole but I controlled my passion as I was scared that if I will suck her harder like I have sucked my wife couple of times in past, Ruchi might fail in controlling her voice and might scream in pleasure.

I just continued sucking her soft fuckhole steadily and after a while started rubbing her opening with my finger tenderly along with moving my tongue over her fuckhole and Ruchi stopped me, may be after 4-5 minutes of continues sucking, she was breathing heavy and I could see that she has stopped me when she was at the verge of explosion and really enjoyed getting sucked by me like that.

“abb aap oopar baitho…” after catching her breath Ruchi told me to sit on the couch. As she said I got up from my knees and sat down on the couch and Ruchi sat down on the carpet. Certainly I was hardest of my life and now I wanted to see her beautiful face filled with my fully erect Penis and without saying anything in that regard Ruchi started opening my trouser,

I lifted my bottom and drifted down my lower to my feet to give access of my monster to my lovely Saali. In a moment while sitting on the carpet Ruchi started jerking me hard to hear my pleasure moan and I grunted while caressing her hairs to see her face beautiful clearly.

She looked up into my eyes with a mild smile, “Don’t do if you don’t feel like doing…” though I desperately wanted to get sucked by her but I spoke out that just to do the formality and Ruchi replied to me by saying “no..I want to do it…” She moved ahead and leaned over my crotch while holding my erect Penis, “Ahhh…” finally she opened her mouth and I moaned with strange pleasure.

Without peeling off the foreskin Ruchi sucked just the tip of my monster and that is very lightly and for an instant it gave me tremendous pleasure. From her gesture I could see that Ruchi was confident about what she was doing, she very well knew how to give a good time to a man with a mouth.

Using lot of her warm saliva Ruchi sucked me throughout without removing its foreskin and initially focused just on its tip and took it in her mouth by pulling it a bit with her lips and rubbed her tongue over the opening repeatedly and soon impact of her act was visible over my gesture my belly rippled in strange pleasure and I started moaning in delight.

I caressed her hairs to see her face and got fascinated, while holding my Penis in her rosy lips Ruchi was looking even more beautiful. “thoda aur andar low” I told her take my rod in her mouth deeper and slowly Ruchi started taking more of my monster in her mouth and sucked me tenderly, she swirled her tongue skillfully over my monster tip and felt me growing further hard in her mouth.

I gasped erotically with a pleasure of getting sucked like that and really enjoyed watching my monster appearing and disappearing in her wet and warm mouth along with that. Soon along with tender sucking her hands were jerking my penis, Ruchi was somewhat moving my skin up and down while taking care that it will not get down completely and like that using lot of her saliva she continued sucking me with her full affection.

I gasped with broken breath numerous time as I was enjoying every fraction of it and I could see that slowly I was reaching to the state where I will not be able to bear the pleasure and I was right. After hardly one more minute I stopped her and spoke while holding her arms, “let’s go to bedroom”.

Ruchi got up instantly to go, from her gesture I could see that she was like me she was also desperate to get on bed. I wore my lower again and entered in the room via washroom while bolting the door from inside. Ruchi closer the bedroom door and now there was nothing which could stop me from fucking her and in a moment we were on bed and Ruchi was under me,

I took off her nighty to make her stark naked and plunged her deep and in a moment started riding on her with a steady speed while caressing and sucking her milks. Ruchi was widely spread and I was fucking her with all my affection and passion and we both were moaning in delight as our pleasure was incredible,

her soft and wet fuckhole was amazingly hot and while riding on Ruchi’s fleshy body I was feeling real paradise of fucking a female for whom I was obsessed since long. At Ruchi’s end she was also more or less in same state as while getting fucked by me she was gasping with closed eyes and seemed on the cloud nine.

As I increased my pace of pumping her fuckhole Ruchi started grunting more passionately, like me she was also heading to climax, she grabbed me hard into her arms and thighs and tried to squeeze my monster in her fuckhole and that really made me cry in unbelievable pleasure and in a moment I felt like exploding and started to cum by squeezing my hips together.

Ruchi also orgasmed very next moment and shivered erotically. Spent, we both were totally spent now and soon we got up and wore our clothes back and kissed before going to sleep at our decided places, me at couch and she in the guest room.

I don’t know about Ruchi’s mind state but at my end certainly after fucking Ruchi second time physically I was spent but still I could not sleep, I was occupied with various thoughts and one of those thoughts was that I have cheated my wife for nobody except her own sister and if anyhow in future this matter will open up then it will be great mess for me and somewhat decided not to continue this relation anymore.

Anyway somehow I slept on the couch but not very sound and got up after around 3 hours and thought about using the toilet. I used the toilet to pee and as mentioned it was a common washroom with a guest room, I took a glance in the room where Ruchi was resting and found her sleeping sound facing away from me almost on her front,

rather she was lying bit sideways with one far from the other and bit upwards, her nighty was drifted up to her knees and I could see plenty of Ruchi’s fleshy thighs and as it could be expected by the readers, once again I bolted the toilet door from inside and entered in her room and climbed the bed.

I was hard and immaterial of what I decided some time back O wanted to fuck Ruchi one more time. I saw her time in Ruchi’s mobile, it was around 4 and I had almost an hour, as per Aunty’s words in an hour she was suppose to get up. I slowly moved my hand to Ruchi’s legs and touched her soft thighs tenderly, she moved a bit but without realizing anything slept again.

I turned her to wake her up and sucked her lips. For an instant she was surprised but soon recollected and saw the time, “chaar baje hain…” I spoke and then uttered again in continuation “let’s do it one more time…” Ruchi was in sound sleep, it took her moment to understand my desire but she agreed and we started kissing again.

Slowly I drifted her nighty to her waist and took out her panty from her legs and finally plunged her again in missionary posture and fucked her for really long this time. I was delighted with the feeling of fucking her again so was Ruchi with a feeling of getting fucked by me again.

Finally around 5:30 we took leave from Aunty’s place after getting officially awaked by her around 5 and reached back home while chit chatting. After fucking Ruchi third time in the morning I did not thought about discontinuing this relation,

rather now I wanted to seduce her again and again and asked her if somehow she can come out of the house for few hours alone for some reason and she said yes to it and we planned that. Actually I had a friend who was having a fully furnished vacant flat in one freshly constructed apartment close to my work place and I was sure that I can get the keys of that place from him.

I spoke to my friend in this regard on the same day and on the same evening along with the keys of that flat while coming home I bought one razor for Ruchi and gave it to her after wrapping it in gift wrap. She understood the purpose of that gift and cleaned her fuckhole from hairs before meeting me again after two days on the specific place to get on bed with me and we had real good time for around 3-4 continues hours.

After reaching to the flat we just sucked, fucked moaned and cried in sexual pleasure freely and attained our desired positions at different place in the house. Ruchi wanted to ride on me, so first she climbed over my top and fucked herself with her desired pace in the bedroom and I wanted to fuck her in standing doggy posture,

I took her to the living room and leaned her over dining table and plunged her from behind, though I fucked her that way for very lesser time because Ruchi’s ass mounds were too big and fleshy for me to retain that position for long but ultimately I fucked her in doggy position only but on the bed.

She was on her four and while being on my knees I was holding her massive ass while pumping her fuckhole from behind. Anyway after that we did not have any chance to meet again in solitude and after spending her remaining holidays with us Ruchi took leave for her home and since then we both are regularly connected with each other on phone and eagerly waiting to meet again somehow.

In the end I will say that Ruchi is insisting me to come to her town for few days with an excuse of official work for my wife and I am also planning to travel more than 2000 Km just to fuck her fleshy body again.

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Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - III

Previously: Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - II

She overviewed almost all her pictures in a minute or bit more and must have noticed that picture in which her husband was beside her, is cropped and I am keeping just her pictures “I am a shocked” finally she uttered “aapne mind to nahi kiya na?” I asked her and she smiled a bit before saying “nahi…” and once again started looking on the screen,

“I don’t know exactly what is it, love, attraction, infatuation or just lust?” I spoke with bit of uneasiness, “lust?...” Ruchi repeated my last word and then spoke again “certainly it’s not lust…aur ye attraction bhi nahi hai… how can you get attracted to me….I am so heavy” she spoke and speak out whatever she was thinking about all this

“what if I will say that I really like your physical appearance…jaise aap abhi ho waise hi” once again I spoke out something with bit of uneasiness but Ruchi seemed calm over my words and I was realizing that she is not at all taking all this seriously and she uttered “you are lying….” “But I have already proved…” I tried to justify myself “I agree….but I feel it’s just not physical attraction” “whatever….”

I spoke and once again my heart beat rose up as this time I was thinking about speaking up my desire more clearly and finally holding nerves I uttered “making love to you is my long time desire” like I was expecting this time Ruchi was surprised with my words but to my good fortune she did not responded negatively,

rather for a fraction I felt she has blushed a bit and then looked into my eyes to read my brain clearly and once again I spoke to somewhat justify myself “I know this is wrong…but I can’t help it..” once again she looked into my eyes for a fraction and blushed clearly and my words were changing her casual mood and her positive gesture really enhanced my desire to go ahead

and without giving a thought to the worst consequences of my act, just in a fraction I took a next step and placed my hand over her soft hand over the carpet. Ruchi withdrew her hand but very slowly and somewhere from her overall response I was getting a hint that I should go further ahead,

Ruchi was blushing and looking at screen and her timid gesture encouraged me and I took her hand in my hand again and with a better grip and pulled her to me lightly, just to give her a hint of my desire and as she felt me pulling her she looked at me with a unsaid question, once again I overcame my fear and just followed my feelings and spoke “give me a kiss”.

Ruchi’s uneasiness increased significantly and she continued looking into my eyes without a flick of an eye, even I was also bit nervous but I was trying my best to hold my nerves and I spoke again “I know this is wrong…but I don’t want to think about that…” She looked down and seemed as if she is thinking over my proposal and once again looked up and seemed reaching to no conclusion.

“agar aapko bura lagaa to I am really sorry…but whatever I have just said is a true…I really like you…” Ruchi continued looking into my eyes, she wanted to speak up, I could make out from her eyes but she was hesitating “you want to say something….” I asked her as I wanted her to open her heart to me but Ruchi remained silent with perplexing mind and I spoke again

“bol do jo bolna hai…rather if you want… you can even slap me …” though mildly but Ruchi smiled a bit on my words and after hell of hesitation spoke something which I was dying to hear and her words were “even I like you a lot…” she paused but just for a fraction and then spoke again “I wish aap mere husband hote”, but once again after bit long pause she uttered

“but this is wrong…” I can say that now mentally I was in the state that I did not wanted to leave her from this stage and by saying “at least we can hug” I asked her for a hug and raised my hand to get her closer and as I was expecting she got up on her knees and moved to me.

Finally we both grabbed each other and somewhat drowned in each other’s arms, I don’t know about her point of view but I hugged her like I love her as if she is my wife. I can easily say it was one of the finest moments of my life, she was in my arms and I could feel her fleshy body like I always desired for my wife.

Slowly I realized that we both are more or less in same state, like me even Ruchi was also not ready to leave me from hugging and at my end I was trying my best to resist myself up to hug only but Ruchi’s body odor and her over all gesture was setting my desire to lose my control over my senses, in a way it was dream come true and how I could I let her go like this and I kissed her on her neck while holding her tight.

Ruchi moaned a bit and her soft reaction enhanced my desire to touch her soft skin again with my lips and after removing her hairs with my hand from my way I kissed her again on her neck and this I cleared my intentions to her. As my wet lips and hot breath touched her skin Ruchi hummed in pleasure silently but she did not tried to get away and I did that again,

I kissed her on her cheek and saw her face, her eyes were close breath was heavy and like me she also seemed losing her control over her desire and I started kissing her all over her face rapidly and she started moaning sexily and did not tried to stop me and in a moment I got out of control and placed my lips over her luscious lips and started sucking them.

Ruchi reacted to my kiss very late but she reacted and next moment all bars were broken and we were exploring each other’s mouth like true lovers. I was holding her face between my hands and kissing her as if she is my wife and Ruchi wrapped her arms around my back.

We both invaded our tongue in each other’s mouth and exchanged our saliva without any hesitation and finally broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes without a flick. After a long kiss we both were breathing bit heavy and I did not wanted to lose this rising temperament “I want to ask you something….”

I spoke and from her overall gesture I could see that Ruchi has understood my intentions and by saying “I think you know what I want….?” I asked her and she moved her head in yes and spoke out short and clear “haan…you want to fuck me” “no I want to make love to you…” once again my words made some impression on her gesture,

but we silently looked in each other’s eyes for few more seconds and before I would have thought about saying anything Ruchi spoke “you have planned this….?” For an instant Ruchi reflected unexpected gesture of doubt and I knobbed my head in no and spoke “No…believe me…neither I have cancelled your children’s program nor I have flatten my tyre intentionally,

yes I came late because I was stuck in the office” I spoke in mild sarcastic tone and Ruchi was more or less speechless after that she could sense truth in my voice “and if you don’t feel like doing then don’t do…I am not forcing you” I spoke out in soft voice and once again spoke in continuation “and it’s just you with whom I n think about doing…because I love you…”

my words effected her positively and Ruchi moved ahead and hugged me again, I also wrapped my arms around her and waited for her to respond but she remained silent “ok…now go and sleep…we are not doing anything…” I spoke again and applied reverse psychology on her and it worked well and she responded positively by saying

“nahi…mujhe karna hai….fuck me…please fuck me” finally Ruchi opened her heart to me and seemed getting excited in a moment and then spoke again “I love you too” and gripped me harder. I detached her from hugging me and looked into her eyes and asked her “are you sure…? I am not forcing you” “hmmm…”

she just hummed to say yes while looking at me and moved her head in yes “no regret afterward….?” I asked her again and once again she accepted my term with her expressions only, “promise…? Pakka wala…jo kabhi nahi tutega…?”

Ruchi smiled on my statement and once again accepted my term but this time by uttering “god promise” and soon after her words I started kissing her again and once again we kissed beautifully, just like lovers do and my hands unintentionally started exploring her body. I grabbed her luscious melons and started caressing them tenderly while kissing her, for me in a way it was dream come true.

As I started massaging her milks I heard Ruchi moaning lightly with pleasure of getting a breast play and her light groans aroused me even more and I started squeezing her massive melons more effectively. Finally after a long loving kiss when stopped we both were desperate to go ahead.

“Let’s go to the room…” I spoke again “what if Aunty will come out…you will be missing” Ruchi asked me “don’t worry” I replied, I had something in mind and I left my laptop powered on and music playing with a long playlist but in very low voice, to give an impression that I am still working I entered in the washroom and bolted the door from inside and came out from the other door which was opening in guest room where Ruchi was suppose to sleep.

Actually the washroom which was attached to the guest room (which was given to Ruchi for the night) had two doors, one from bedroom and one door was opening in living room so that it can be used as common washroom. Intentionally I kept the light of the washroom on so that if in any case Aunty will come out of her room she will consider that I am using a toilet.

As I detailed all this to her, Ruchi smiled a bit on my clever idea and uttered “kya deemag chalta hai aapka…?” and in response I spoke “anything for you” and gave her naughty smile and bolted the door of guest room from inside. “Mere pass condom nahi hai…” I spoke from the place I was standing “koi baat nahi…I will handle… aap bass light off kar do”

Ruchi told me not to worry about protection and also to switch off the light “nahi…light on rahene do” I needed light on because I wanted to see my desired female stark naked and Ruchi understood that, she smiled lightly on my desire and tried to convince me that keeping a tube light on could be dangerous, as if Aunty will notice it from the bottom of the door then she might knock the door.

She was right I got convinced for an instant and switched off the light and switched on the foot lamp which somewhere behind the side cabinet and for a instant not at all enough for me to see her clearly but that instant I did not uttered anything in that regard. Ruchi was standing bit far from me, close to the bed I moved there and once again took her face in my hands and started kissing her and like I was expecting she responded to my kiss very well.

Gradually my hands moved to her back and in a moment I started gripping her in my arms and reached down to her bottom and I felt the pleasure, I was dying for. Her ass was so fleshy and soft, I took her ample hips in my hands and played with her body and slowly drifted towards the bed and before she would have moved with me saying “nighty uttar do”

I tried to lift her nighty and she just said “Ok..” and raised her arms. I took off her nighty and saw her massive juggs caged into tight bra, certainly there was very less light in the room and initially I could not see anything properly, not even her face but as some time passed everything seemed better including her Mangal Sutra which was resting over her partially exposed breasts which actually came in my vision when her nighty was totally off from her body.

I saw the golden pendent by taking it in my hand “uttar dun issko…?” she asked me if I want her to take that off “nahi pahne raho…” I replied back and told her to retain her black and golden beaded Mangal Sutra around her neck and over her breast.

I can say in a way I am obsessed with that, since my collage days as I see a female wearing this specific ornament I get an arousal just in a fraction, may be because it shows that this female is married and get fucked regularly and in Ruchi’s case it was my long time desire to fuck her with just a Mangal Sutra on her body and I was on my way of doing that.

I came closer to her and caressed her cheek tenderly and while rubbing her skin moved my hand down to her neck and then to her soft melons and took one of her heavy mound in my hand and squeezed it nicely over the bra. Ruchi moaned sexily and somewhat surrendered herself to me and came closer and we hugged partially.

I wrapped my arm around her back “forget everything….aaj raat ke liye main hi aapka husband hun…” I spoke intentionally to arouse her and Ruchi seemed getting excited with every passing moment. My one hand was still over her milk and I was somewhat holding her luscious fruit and could feel her breasts going heavier in excitement.

Slowly I moved my hands to her back over her soft skin to unhook her bra and felt her breathing more intensely. Ruchi was bit hesitant but willing to go ahead, she rested her face over my torso to let me open her bra and with some continues efforts I unhooked her bra and ultimately took it out from her arms, hmmmm…. Wow it was real heaven for a person like me,

wearing just tight leggings over her fleshy lower half Ruchi was standing in front of me in the dim light and her massive fruits with long erect nipples were sagging freely and over them proud symbol of her marriage was looking astonishing. Next I started unbuttoning my shirt and removed my under shirt too to get bare chest and we came to bed and without wasting a single moment started kissing each other.

Gradually I moved to her top and intentionally started crushing her milks under my broad shoulders and slowly I felt soft nipples getting harder and harder. After breaking the kiss I moved to her neck and the area around her ear and licked her nicely, “Ruchi I love you…you are mine…tum meri ho” I somewhat murmured in her ear in rising lust.

My words aroused her too and in response, Ruchi moaned and just moaned and seemed like flying in heaven, her intense gasps and her overall body language was clearly showing that she was starved for manly love since long.

I moved down and took her luscious melon in my mouth and started sucking her milks one after another, and Ruchi started feeding me her breast by holding my scalp and moving her fingers in my hairs. I could not believe whatever I was doing that instant was happening in reality or it is just a dream, I was dying to do all this with her since I saw her, from the time I was fixed with my wife and it was happening after six long years.

Gradually I moved down to her lower half but while licking and brushing her entire body with my tongue and wet lips and found her going crazy because of my sensual touch over her belly button. Now it was just her leggings, the only hurdle on my way and in a moment I took that off too along with her Panty.

Ruchi was lying stark naked in front of my eyes, both her fleshy thighs and massive breasts, for a instant they were all mine, I was dreaming about them from so long and on that magical moment both were opened to my vision.

I rolled my hand from her knee, over the flesh of her massive thigh and tried to reach to her fuckhole which she was holding tight between her thighs and as I reached their Ruchi squeezed her pleasure hole harder between her thighs and became restless with a sexy gasp.

My hands unknowingly moved up and reached to her breasts again, I caressed her fruits and somewhat lied beside her and again started kissing her, she responded to my kiss but for few seconds spoke “please aap jaldi kar low jo karna hai…” I was lost in wonderland but she was very much conscious of the place where we were getting intimate.

I got up and intentionally stood on floor and took off my trouser and underwear and got stark naked, Ruchi was looking at me in the dim light but instead of moving to bed again suddenly I moved to switch board and lightened the room. I wanted to see her naked and I was thinking of doing this from the time I agreed to keep the light off,

in a way it was a shock for Ruchi and that moment what maximum she could do was covering her eyes in shyness. I must say that her fair and fleshy body was looking really very beautiful to me in the white light and I wanted to get on bed with the light on but it was dangerous for us so I told her to open her eyes just once but by saying “nahi…first you switch off the light….” she said no to it

“see I am also naked” I replied “I know that…aap please light off karo” she spoke while continuing covering her eyes and then spoke again “please yaar…why don’t you understand…agar Aunty jaag gayi to problem ho jaayegi” “that’s why I am saying…jaldi karo…open your eyes…” I replied.

Finally she removed her arm from her eyes and saw me standing stark naked in the white light. I was hard and fully erect and and I somewhat showed her my Penis. “Now you show me your fuckhole” she smiled while blushing and opened her thighs to give me glimpse of her pleasure hole, “wow…” I spoke and smiled and Ruchi responded with a smile too,

Ruchi was having hairs over her fuckhole and even from distance I could clearly see those hairs drenched in her pleasure juices. “abb light off karo aur aa jaao bed par” Ruchi spoke in soft voice but I told her to turn around as I wanted to see her massive ass too, “first you turn around….” Initially Ruchi did not responded to my words; she just reflected embarrassment from her eyes

“Jaldi karo…kahin Aunty aa gayi to…” I somewhat spoke what she wanted to and she uttered “please yaar…what are doing” “I want to see your bottom…” I uttered my desire and with same gesture Ruchi turned around to show me her fleshy ass mounds, “Wow…” I spoke same word from behind. I must say her ass mounds were great, fair and fleshy like I always I thought while looking them over the cloths.

Finally after switching of the light I moved to bed, Ruchi was still facing away from me and I just lied behind her and touched my front to her back completely, “hmmm….” Ruchi hummed in pleasure, I gripped her fleshy body from behind, my hands reached to her milks and I tried to rub my hard Penis over her ass and our pleasure was incredible.

Deep inside I wanted to enjoy these moments slowly but I was going out of my senses and like me Ruchi was also very excited, my hands moved down to her lower half and touched her hot and wet fuckhole, Hmmm…. Ruchi moaned erotically and removed my hand from there,

for an instant she could not bear the pleasure of getting touched there by her sister’s husband and before I would have tried reaching her fuckhole again Ruchi turned around to get face to face and spoke “fuck me….now…time mat waste karo…kahin hum pakde naa jaayen…?” In addition of excitement I could sense she was little worried about getting caught,

“Don’t worry…hum nahin pakde jaayenge…” I spoke while caressing her cheek and placed my lips over her soft lips and we started kissing again. “abb daal do…” Ruchi broke the kiss after a minute and told me to insert “aap hi daal low apne haath se” I told her to insert it with her own hand, next moment Ruchi extended her hand to my Penis and held me with her soft hands,

“Ahh….…” her soft touch over my Penis made me groan, I was hard enough to penetrate her fuckhole but Ruchi jerked me hard may to hear me and looked at my face while doing that and smiled mildly. I moaned in pleasure and rolled over her and adjusted myself on her top and spreading her thighs Ruchi took me to her fuckhole and waited for me to push myself,

“Daal dun…hmmm…?” she was still holding my rod on her gateway and I asked her in soft sensual voice while looking at her face, I wanted to hear her voice “haan…daal do…don’t ask me….just fuck me…I am your wife now …” “yes you are my wife now….and I love you”

I got up a bit on my knees and elbows while saying that and with a single thrust I simply slipped deep inside her wet fuckhole and we both groaned together to express our pleasure. I was hard like I was never with my wife and possibly Ruchi was wet and dripping like she was never with her husband, certainly we both were equally desperate for each since long and it was a dream come true for both of us.

Burying my entire length in her pleasure hole I halted for an instant to look at her lovely face and smiled, Ruchi smiled back and we started kissing again. Her fleshy body was hot under me, her breasts hard and nipples were rigid under my bare chest. I broke the kiss and got up bit more and sucked her long erect nipples, and she moaned as I flicked them with my tongue and brushed my teeth across them.

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