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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - XXI

Previously: Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - XX

This is in continuation of my post Couple Swapping Experience of Chaitali-XX, to get the relevance of my current write up I request readers who have not read my previous submissions they must go through them. In this serious of posts I have wrote down after making Radha Bhabhi a slut like we all are how we tried indulged my cousin sister Chhaya and Harsh in our fucking group.

In the beginning itself I would like to mention this fact that this write up might go long and might get divided into more than expected parts, just like it was happened last time. For an introduction for this series of posts once again I would say that most of readers might not feel it a true happening because it is a kind of incident which I don’t think comes in our knowledge very casually.

Believe me friends throughout reading my experience you just have to relate it with your eternal desires of getting on bed with other’s partner and I am sure as you will do that you will start believing on my life experience. Most of males wills certainly agree with this fact that they always feel like having sex with someone else’s wife but I would say this fact is not limited just to males,

females also gets attracted to other males, if not to all it is applicable to me and all the other three females of our group. It is forbidden, but it is true, like our husbands enjoy fucking other three male member’s wife we females enjoy fucking with other’s husband.

It’s all about your understanding with your partner and also with yourself; you just have to feel comfortable with other’s partner as if he/she is your partner. At our end we all believe that our body and sex is just an object to have fun and considering all the members one family we just try to have fun.

Now without wasting any time in reviewing I would say after succeeding in involving simple and religious widow like Radha Bhabhi into slutty act of fucking with two males at the same time, we all were very happy and excited and there was some sort of fever in all the males to see Radha Bhabhi in the group sex event as soon as possible although Radha Bhabhi was yet not aware

of our ultimate intentions that we want to add her into the entire swinging group where two more males were eagerly waiting to fuck her like a slut and to do that Gunjan Didi was thinking something but not it had a second priority. Both Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju were now energetic in the adding remaining couple Harsh and Chhaya into our fucking group.

As mentioned Chhaya is my first cousin from father’s side and because I was directly related to her, as per plan it was me who was suppose to approach her and Hemant Jiju was calling me almost daily to get updates over my chatting with Chhaya and he was pressuring me to act fast as he was planning a joint event after couple of months on a long weekend where he wanted to fuck Chhaya like an animal.

At my end though I was well connected to Chhaya over phone and social networking site, also sometimes we use to talk bit about our sex lives but even then I could not see any safe way to approach her or I can say I was not confident over myself in that regard.

Actually leaving there home town both Chhaya and Harsh were living in NCR and over the phone for me it was not possible to talk to her about all this because anyhow I could not guess there over all gesture. Over viewing all aspects in this regard, like distance and all eventually Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi came up with an idea of visiting Chhaya and Harsh for 3-4 days,

just to read their mind set and approach them in safe way and ultimately planned a journey to Delhi. As instructed by Gunjan Didi I spoke to Chhaya and told her that we, I and my husband are planning to come to Delhi to visit Agra for Taj Mahal and as I was expecting Chhaya gladly invited me to her place to stay in the NCR.

In next phase after couple of days I spoke to Chhaya again and told her that Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju has also made plan visiting Delhi with us and casually asked her if she is ok with two more guests at her place and once again like I was expecting Chhaya spoke out that Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju are also heartily invited to her place. Finally after few days we booked our train tickets.

Leaving their son at Hemant Jiju’s brother place Gunjan Did and Hemant Jiju boarded the train and from their town and eventually reached to our town and we two I and my husband Manish joined them after few hours. As we, I and my husband were carrying our son along, also there were few more people around we could not do anything naughty but we somehow kept on

discussing the battle plan to trap Chhaya and Harsh in limited word and indirect conversation in low voice and came to conclusion that it will be Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju who will lead the whole show and try to read the couple first, if they could be added into the group and if they will look like approaching they will try approaching them safely.

Finally after spending a night with jokes and mild indirect naughty statements in the train we reached to our destination early in the morning and as it was fixed, Chhaya and Harsh reached to the station to pick us. Talking about Chhaya and Harsh as a couple I would say my paternal cousin Chhaya has a marvelous figure, she is not thin or skinny,

she has ample thighs and arms but with not even an ounce of extra flesh over her body, certainly she is the only one who could give real completion to Shilpi Bhabhi in that concern. In appearance Chhaya has height equaling to me or may be couple of inches extra but she is fair and very good looking female with flat belly and slender waist,

like ours her ass is also jutting out sexily from her body but she has balanced flesh over her ass mounds, thighs and arms with perfectly shaped milks. Though her melons are much smaller than mine and Gunjan Didi’s breasts but in proportion of her petite body they are any day big and heavy which makes them point of attraction of her seductive body at the very first glance.

For Harsh’s physical appearance I would say, being a female in his first glance he didn’t impress much with his physical structure, apparently he seemed just an average guy who might not be able to satisfy bitches like we all are.

Though in appearance is a good looking male who is not at all thin and does not seem weak from any aspect, any day he is taller than me and also has an average health but unlike all other males of our fucking group he has a small body Skelton with balanced flesh over his shoulder and entire body but certainly he look perfect while standing beside Chhaya as her husband.

Anyway I and Gunjan Didi hugged Chhaya as we met out of the couch and after formal handshakes and Namastey with Harsh we all started to walk out of the platform and Gunjan Didi took charge of her front from the very first moment and started taking to Chhaya casually.

While moving out Harsh, Chhaya and Gunjan Didi were walking bit ahead from us and Chhaya was holding my child in her arms and I, my husband Manish and Hemant Jiju were together, just behind them.

That instant like I was expecting that Hemant Jiju will not hold himself from commenting about the couple we were planning to add in our fucking swinging group and first statement came out of his mouth was about Chhaya and her perfect figure “Hai, kya piece hai yaar, mera to issko dekhte hi khada ho gaya” saying “Haan…bas Chuchiyan thodi aur badi honi chahiyen thi”

my husband Manish acknowledged his words and commented that Chhaya’s breasts are bit small and in reply Hemant Jiju spoke out instantly “arre yaar wo to hum chus chus ke badi kar denge….aaj raat ko ek tu chusiyo ek main chusunga...” I giggled over Hemant Jiju’s reflex statement and in continuation Hemant Jiju spoke again this time to me

“Chaitu tu aur Gunjan Harsh ko sambhal lena” “Hum Dono aur wo akela….?” I spoke out in sarcastic tone and then spoke again “look at him….bechara mar jaayega…..Gunjan Didi akele hi isski jaan le lengi” and Hemant Jiju acknowledged my words in his typical way “sahi baat hai…Gunjan issko pura hi ghusa legi apni Chut mein”

and once again I giggled aloud on his words and just then Chhaya turned back to see us and smiled killingly in males perspective and told us to walk little faster and once again turned back and continued talking to Gunjan Didi. As Chhaya turned back Hemant Jiju looked at me, lust was ruling his senses,

it was evident from his eyes and once again Hemant Jiju spoke out in Chhaya’s concern “Seriously yaar… Agar ye aaj raat ke liye set ho gayi naa….to Issko pahle Chodne ke liye hum dono mein hathapai ho jaayegi…” and in response to this statement my husband Manish spoke out

“koi baat nahi….aap chod lena pahle issko…Chaitu Harsh ko sambhal legi….main Gunjan Didi ke saath sow jaaunga” without moving even a fraction towards our objective my husband somewhat planned the swinging pattern of all three couples and I laughed sarcastically over his assumption and spoke out “Huhm…stop dreaming… it’s not easy…”

and response of my sarcastic words Hemant Jiju spoke out “Chaitu… we have to add her in the group…. I promise jo gift tu bolegi tujhe wo laakar dunga…” I could feel the passion in Hemant Jiju’s voice and just then he revealed even more passion by saying “Issko bas maine kuchalna hai apne niche…isski Cheekhen sun ni hain maine…” “Relax…aap aggressive mat ho… control yourself…”

I spoke out casually to Hemant Jiju. By now we were close to the exit and after that just in few minutes we all got together and reached to the parking yard. After that there was nothing in our conversation which I could detail, it was about the number of days of our stay and plan of our hiring a cab to go to Taj and all that.

Eventually we reached to Chhaya’s home, it was 2 bedrooms flat in newly and well built apartment in NCR region. We all guests settled down in one bedroom with our luggage and started using washroom one by one and in that for a moment I got alone with Hemant Jiju and he utilized that moment by squeezing my ample ass mound and saying “kuch bhi ho tujhe to maine aaj Chodna hi hai…”

I felt good with his touch over my body and smiled a bit over his words and spoke out in bit of sarcastic tone, “let’s see…agar aaj aapko Chhaya mil gayi to aap meri taraf dekhoge bhi nahi…” “kya baat kar rahi hai yaar…tu meri jaan hai…mujhe tere ko Chodne mein jo mazza aata hai na uska koi comparison nahi hai….”

Jiju replied back instantly and tried to reflect his attraction to me and I smiled a bit in same sarcastic tone and got away from him and soon things went busy again and either it was my son or Chhaya who was around us and we maintained natural distance.

We had a plan of moving Agra via road next day and that day after breakfast with casual conversation Harsh went out on his daily schedule to his work place and as Chhaya owns a boutique in the market nearby her apartment she was suppose to go there and we two nasty couple moved out together officially for some shopping and unofficially to plan things to add this couple in our swinging group.

As my son was along we could not do anything naughty with each other’s partners and after roaming in one of Delhi’s good and crowded market we settled down in a good restaurant and as by now my son was sleeping we discussed everything clearly.

According to Gunjan Didi, adding Chhaya and Harsh in our fucking group was not an easy task and as she spoke that on the very next instant Hemant Jiju reflected his desperation for Chhaya by saying “No…we have to add them…mujhe Chodna hi hai iss Chhaya ki bachi ko” and we all somewhat giggled over his desperate reaction and he once again spoke

“kya mast tight maal hai yaar!…I will not go back without fucking her”. Gunjan Didi was nevertheless to add up spice to the conversation of that instant and she spoke about her desperation for the male member of the couple by saying “yaar mujhe bhi Harsh se Chudwana hai…” and then after a small pause she added

“bas ek baar uska Lund mere haath mein aa jaaye…usski cheekh nikal dungi main….mujhe chillate hue dekhna hai ussko” “waise aapko kya lagta hai…wo satisfy kar paayega aapko?” reflecting my perception about Harsh’s sexual ability this time I asked Gunjan Didi and I must say that our thinking about Harsh in the concern was alike,

Gunjan Didi expressed that by replying in bit disappointing tone “nahi yaar…. I don’t think wo humes itna easily satisfy kar paayega…” “but then after a pause she added “but still he is cute….most good looking male among all” “that’s true…” I replied and then added “but at a time hum mein se ek ko hi sambhal le wo hi bahut hai”.

Anyway cutting a long conversation shot we moved ahead in discussion and Gunjan Didi said while talking to Chhaya throughout the way to home and also while standing in the kitchen when they both were cooking breakfast, she felt that Chhaya does not have passion for sex or you can say for fucking,

and also took out the point that why even after five years of marriage Chhaya does not have any child and later in the conversation she said that she is little positive from Harsh’s end, she could see bit of glair in his eyes for females body.

Ultimately after talking on this subject in detailed fashion we came to conclusion that because of Chhaya’s non positive gesture we should not think of doing anything weird at the first instant, like we did with Radha Bhabhi, and we could not even hurry in approaching them and decided to start with erotic conversation at two different fronts, that is male and female.

Editing Hemant Jiju’s words spoken for Chhaya and her physical structure in desperation of fucking her, I would say that after seeing Chhaya he was desperate to get on bed with her at any cost and unlike we all were feeling he was not ready to accept that we might fail to add this couple in our group.

Anyway finally we reached back home in the evening and settled down in the living room in front of the television with tea and soon Harsh also came back from his work place and joined us. It could be physiological at my end that after getting detail of Chhaya’s and Harsh’s gesture I could feel that Gunjan Didi was absolutely right.

I noticed Hash staring at Gunjan Didi’s heavy ass mounds, she was wearing tight jeans with a top ending just below her waist and she was going in and coming out of the kitchen on frequent intervals and on the other hand Chhaya seemed a lot changed to me.

I don’t remember exactly but I think that I have mentioned this fact about Chhaya’s past that before marriage she had two boyfriends over the period of 5-6 years and I am not sure about two but certainly she was involved sexually with one and also as compared when I last met her face to face around 3-4 years back that moment she seemed bit lifeless to me in this concern.

Anyway finally tea came to an end with mild naughty jokes and humorous statements and all males remained settled down in the living room in front of television and we all females thought about going to kitchen to prepare dinner.

While working for dinner Gunjan Didi told me to change my clothes into night wear in solitude and I simply followed what she told me to wear and I came back in cooking area after changing my formal outfit of Salwar-kameez into searchable slacks and t-shirt just below my waist.

My t-shirt was nicely fitted to my upper half because of which size of my heavy melons were evident and under the thin stretchable cloth my massive ass was partially visible in the lower I was wearing as my t-shirt was covering hardly half of my fleshy buns and one could easily feel the ample flesh I carry on my thighs and erotically spread ass.

Before I would have came out after changing Gunjan Didi massaged Hemant Jiju that he has to notice Harsh, if he looks at me that way and then intentionally keep on sending me to living area near the males again and again, couple of times to ask something from males and couple of times to deliver them the snacks she asked for and Hemant Jiju replied positively through SMS,

he noticed Harsh looking at my massive ass indirectly and found him bit uncomfortable in his lower. At our end I and Gunjan Didi were sitting with Chhaya on the four sitter dining table while cutting down the vegetables and our casual conversation was on and after some time Gunjan Didi asked Chhaya why she did not planned a child yet and in response Chhaya gave lousy

excuse that they want to settle down in better financial conditions before getting into the responsibility of parenthood. From Chhaya’s gesture and overall house and their living conditions even a blind could make out that Chhaya was lying, she was in good financial condition and we could see that instant Chhaya was trying to get narrow escape from the conversation.

I tried to get deeper into conversation but Gunjan Didi stopped me from her facial expression and tried to change the subject and I simply followed her. After some casual conversation anyhow matter of our, mine and Chhaya childhood came and I think that was something for which Gunjan Didi was waiting, somehow she wanted to pull sex into casual conversation.

I detailed Gunjan Didi about our time spent together from childhood till our school ended and after listening me for long Gunjan Didi asked me casually with a smile “bade hokar bhi tum dono kuch khel kheli ya nahi?” though I could make out but pretending innocent I asked back with a mild smile “matlab?” and Gunjan Didi tried to explain me what did she mean with her words

“I mean tum dono ne ek dusre ke saath ladkiyon wala koi kaam kiya hai ya nahi?”, once again I pretended as if I haven’t understood and asked her again “kya kaam?” Gunjan Didi looked at Chhaya, she was smiling mildly and in response Gunjan Didi spoke to her with a smile “Chhaya tu samjha issko…ye na tube light hai….”and Gunjan Didi’s words enhanced Chhaya’s smile but she remained silent.

Finally Gunjan Didi spoke again to me and spoke out clear words of what she meant “abbey ek dusre ki Chut mein ungli daal kar, ek dusre ko maze diye hain….? yaa sirf langdi taang… aur rassi hi taapi hai”. As it could be assumed that I knew what she meant but I giggled over her words and came out with a good reply by saying

“wo kaam ye mere saath kyun karegi….isska to boy friend tha…ye kaam isne uske saath karen honge…” and my words really surprised Chhaya and she looked at me with a shock and once looked at the bunch of males who were sitting in living area bit far from us.

As I was not loud in saying that so there was no chance for her husband to listen that and as it could be expected, even after knowing this little detail about Chhaya’s past Gunjan Didi pretended unaware and asked back Chhaya “really…?” in response Chhaya giggled a bit and spoke out “nahi…aesi koi baat nahi hai….she is lying…”

and then spoke again “mera koi boy friend nahi tha….” She tried to ridicule my words completely by saying that she never had a boy friend but just then corrected her in continuation “I mean boy-friend tha…but I have never done such things…before marriage”

Gunjan Didi was somewhat waiting for this and as now subject was on I was sure that she will not stop and as Chhaya finished saying that she asked her instantly “you mean tune apne boy friend ke saath kuch nahi kiya….?” “Nahi…” Chhaya replied back and Gunjan Didi spoke out “kaisa boy friend tha…? I am sure gay hoga….jo tere jaise ladki ke saath kuch nahi kiya” “nahi gay to nahi tha…?”

Chhaya replied back casually and like I was expecting Gunjan Didi instantly asked her back “how do you know…?” for an instant Chhaya was speechless but very next moment she recovered and spoke “I just know….wo gay nahi tha….” Gunjan Didi was nevertheless, she spoke out again and somewhat teased Chhaya by saying

“I am sure usne tere saath kuch to kiya hoga…that is why you are so sure…” and Gunjan Didi’s words made Chhaya giggle a bit but she tried to remain silent but I feel it is really impossible to keep calm for anybody when Gunjan Didi is sitting beside with such kind of conversation and she spoke while looking at Chhaya again

“I am sure tune kissing to ki hi hogi…ho sakta hai…proper sex bhi kiya ho…” and once again Gunjan Didi’s words made Chhaya giggle and she spoke out in requesting tone “please yaar…just close this matter…it’s over now” and in reply of that Gunjan Didi spoke out “Ok…we will not discuss all this again…but just tell us….ki tune apne boy friend ke saath kuch kiya tha ya nahi….”.

Once again Chhaya smiled over Gunjan Didi’s words and somewhat surrendered “Ok…I accept kiya tha….aur maine jo kuch bhi kiya tha…Chaitu ko maloom hai…now I don’t want to talk about all this…” and once again Gunjan Didi spoke, may be just to enhance the end of the first sex talk with Chhaya

“Fine….we will not talk about all this…but just for your knowledge….maine bhi shaadi se pahle bed par BOOMA BOOM kar liya tha…but it was Hemant only…”. After that we all got up and stood up from dining chairs for the final phase of the dinner and once again Gunjan Didi silently told me to remain closer to the living area where males were sitting,

intentionally to keep on charging Chhaya’s husband with my physical appearance. I saw the TV while standing in the living area and reflected interest in whatever males were watching and saw Harsh getting conscious because of me. Not only that next it was just me who was serving food to males at the place they were sitting and intentionally I was moving closely from Harsh, just to arouse him from my body odor.

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Guy listening to erotic talk between maid and house lady

If someone has observed the construction of multistoried at Navi Mumbai, it can be seen that generally the balcony of two adjacent flats will be separated by a 5 to 6 feet tall wall. With this, no one can see each other or jump over from one flat to another, but one can hear any conversation on the other side.

I was working at Thane in a private company and staying on 7th floor of a multistotried at Navi Mumbai. Needless to say that the flat was same as described above. I was commuting in local train or bus, leaving my place at 7am & reaching back at 8pm. This was known to everyone in the building.

One day it so happened that due a breakdown, the entire team had to stayback in plant and after repair only we left. I reached home at one o'clock in the morning and slept. I wakeup at about 10 am, freshenup, prepared a cup of tea and went to the balcony.

I could hear some conversation from the next balcony, from which I could understand that the lady & maid servant are cleaning wheat or something & gossiping. After some discussion on high price etc. the maid servant asked for 3/4 days leave in comming week, to which the lady said "avhi to 2/3 din chutti liya" ( recently you have taken 2/3 days leave) The maid replied

" woh to tabiyat thik nahi tha" ( I was not well) Lady: " aab kya ho gaya?" ( now what happened?) Maid: "mera admi aa raha hai" ( my husband is comming) Lady laughingly said: "Tumhara aadmi ko tumhe raat ko chahiye, din mein kya hoga?" (Your husband requires you at night, what will happen at day time)

I could understand that the conversation is turning interesting, so remained there without making any noise. Maid: " dhere boliye, bagalwala suun lega"( speak softly, the man on next balcony will listen) Lady: Arre woh subah 7 baje jata hai aur raat ko aata hai. abhi flat khali hai, aab bol" ( there is no one in that flat now, he has gone, now say)

Maid: " hamara jhopdi mein ek hi kamra hai, aapke flat ke jaisa aalag bed room nahi hai. Beti din mein school jati hai, tavi hamara hota hai, raat ko nahi"( we do not have separate bed room like you. After my daughter goes to school,we do at day time, not at night)Lady, laughingly: " aare kya hota hai, bol"( say what happens) maid: "mera aadmi mere ko chodta hai, aur kya" ( my husband fucks me). Both started laughing.

I could feel that my ears became red. I stood there to hear further conversation.Maid: "Pechle bar jab mera aadmi aya tha to kaam khatam kar main 2 baje ghar pahucha. Woh mere ko pakda, pallu hataya aur blouse bina button khole dono haat se faadkar mera chuchi nikal diya. Fir jamin mein bistar mein le gaya aur sari/ saya ek saath uthakar lund chut mein ghusa diya.

Chut itna sukha tha ki mujhe jara bhi maja nahi aya. Uska maal nikla to, uska lund chut mein thoda thik se aage- peche hua. Thode der baad mere beti school se aagaye aur woh muje fir nahi chod paya."( last time when my husband came,I reached home late after work, so he caught me, toreoff my blouse, laid me on the floor, lifted my sari and inserted his tool in mycunt.

My cunt was so dry that I could not enjoy. Then my daughter came from school, so he could not fuck me again.) Lady:"Raat ko kutch nahi hua?" ( Nothing happened at night?) Maid:"Raat ko hum teen soo gaye, Jab laga ki beti soo gaye hai to woh mere blouse kholkar mera chuchi nikala aur khub dabaya.

baad mein chut mein ungli ghusaa aur main usaka lund haath mein lekar maal nikal diya.Agle din beti school nikal gaye subah. Woh bola aaj kaam pe maat ja aur beti school se aane tak mujhe nanga rakha aur bahut bar choda. Iss baar bola hai teen din chutti lena" Lady: "Tera pati kaha rahta hai, kya kaam karta hai?"

Maid:" Woh Chattishgarh mein loha karhana mein kaam karta hai aur saal mein ek do baar atta hai.Lady :"Tu uske saath jakar kyu nahi rahti?" "Maid: "Woha Marathi school nahi hai, saab Hindi.Beti Kaise padegi"Lady: Tere admi etne din ke baad aata hai.Tujhe Chudwanae maan nahi karta hai?" Maid:" Haa Karta to hai"

Lady:" Lakin tujhe dekhkar to nahi lagta hai ki tu saal mein do baar chudwati hai. Tera sarir se to tu mast lagti hai, tera chuchi tanatan hai, chutad gol gol hai" Both laughs.Maid: "Kisiko ko maat bolna. Mai ek ko rakha hai." Lady :" Appne ghar mein?" Maid:"Nahi. Bajuwala jopda mein rahta hai. Uska pariwar gaon mein rahta hai" Lady: "Kutch karta hai ya tere paisa mein khata hai?"

Maid: " Woh garmi mein icecream bechta hai, fir saal bhar fal ya sabji bechta hai thele mein." Lady: " Tere basti mein kisiko pata nahi?" Maid: " basti mein aisa chota mota hota rahta hai. Koi kisiko nahi dekhta hai. Fir hamara do jopda last mein hai, uske baad uncha diwal hai. Udhar koi aata jata nahi. Lady:"Wo tere ko kaise fasaya?"

Maid: "Woh nahi, Mai usse bahut muskil se pataya" Lady: "Arre bol kaise kia"Maid:" Woh sabji bechkar raat ko aata hai. Ek din mere ko bola ki itne raat aakar khana bana nahi sakta, agar hum bana de woh mahina paisa de dega. Mai bhi sochi ki do ka khana to banta hai, to teen khana bhi banne mein kya hai. Mai raji ho gayi. Woh mahina 500 rupaye dene laga. Ma beti ka suvidha hua."

Lady: "Arre asal baat mein aa."Maid:"Mujhe raat ko bur chodwane ka maan karta tha.Ek din socha kyu na isi se chodwayu. wosko bhi chodne ka maan jarur hoga.Pahle beti khana dene jati thi, aab main jane suru kiya. Kai baar mai blouse ka upar ka button kholkar pallu gira deta tha, par woh dekhkar bhi nahi dekhta tha.Fir bhagwan ne rasta nikala.

Ek din mai aur beti kurla gaye thi. Samm ko local train mein chadna muskil tha.Bhid ke karan do train chod diya. Tavi ye station mein dhikha. Hamne ek saath local mein chadne ka thik kiya. Local aya, pahle beti fir mai aur peche ye dhakka markar chada.Jaise log biwi bacha to local mein lekar chadta hai, waisa hi hua. wo mere peche tha aur bhid ke karan mere se saat gaya.

Uska lund mere chutad mein lag raha tha. Ugla station ate -ate uska lund mota ho gaya aur mere chutad ko lund se dabane laga. mujhe bahut acha lagne laga.Hum log panvel utar kar ghar aa gaya. Mai jaldi jaldi khana banaya. Beti aur mai kha liya. Fir uska khana lekar gaya. Usko bola khna khalo mai thodi der baad akar bartan le jaungi.

Thodi der mai gaye to woh peche se mujhe pakad liya. Lund ko chutad mein gasne laga aur do haath se mere chuchi dabane laga.Mai bhi yahi chahti thi. Mai haath peche lelkar lungi ke uper se uska lund pakadkar sahlane laga. Der dekhkar beti mujhe bulane ayi. Mai beti ko samjhaya ki jakar so jao.Chacha kha lenge to bartan lekar aajaungi. woh chale gaye.

Usne kaha tum beti ko bhejkar acha kiya, ab tumhara blouse kholkar chuchi dekhenge. Maine bola mere chutaaurd aur chut nahi dekhoge.Wo bloa tumhe nanga karke chutad chatenge aur bur chusenge. Fir blouse kholkar mera chuchi dhere dhere dabane laga aur nipple ko do ugli me lakar masla. Mujhe bahut aacha lagne laga aur uska lungi khol diya.

Uska lund bahut mota par lund jayada lamba nahi. Mujhe to lund chusne ka maan karne laga. Woh aab mera sari utara aur saya ka nada khol diya. Mai pure nangi ho gaye. Par mujhe thoda bhi sharm nahi laga. Train se hi hum dono taiyar the. Mujhe lag raha tha kab uska mota lund mere bur mein ghusega.

Aab woh mujhe bistar pe leta diya, tange failaya, mere uper chada aur lund sidha chut mein ghusa diya. Bahut din ke baad main chudwa rahi thi. Mujhe bahut acha laga aur mai jhar gayi. Jab uska maal nikal gaya to mere uper se utha. Mai bhi uthkar appna saya, blouse, sari pahna. jab mai jane lagi to woh bola ki bina nirodh ka tumhe mai choda.

kal dava la dunga, kha lena, peet mei bacha nahi aavega." Lady: Fir tumne usse kab chudwaya." Maid: Uske baad se woh mejhe roz chodta hai. Do saal ho gaye.par nirodh lagana nahi bhulta hai. Sirf masik ke do din pahle aur do din baad khali lund chut mein dalta hai. Kabhi kabhi uska maan nahi bharne par mujhe rok lata hai aur dusra bar chodta hai."

Lady: Tumhari beti kutch nahi samaj pati? Tum raat ko der se aati ho?" Maid :" Beti 13 saal ki ho gayi hai.Uska bhi chuchi nikal aya hai. Chuchi bada bhi ho gaya hai. Ek din boli ki koi Basti ka ladke uska chuchi daba diya. Woh jarur samajti hai ma kyu roz jati hai aur der se aati hai."

Lady: " kitne der tak rahti hai?" Maid: " Khana lekar jati hu. Jab woh khana khata hai to mai sari ka pallu hatakar, blouse ka button kholkar baju mein baith jati hu. Woh bayi haath se meri chuchi ko sahlata hai aur mai uske lungi mein haath ghusakar lund sahlati hu. Woh haat dhokar atta hai to mai ghutno pe baithti hu. Fir woh sedhe apna lund mere muh mein ghusakar lund chuswata hai.

Mai jeev se uska lund chati hu. Seke baad woh mujhe pura naga karta hai aur mera bur chata hai. Fir jeev chut ke ander lekar chusta hai aur jab mai garma jati hu to lund chut mein dalkar tab tak pelta hai jab tak mai nahi jhar jati." Lady: "Jab tera aadmi ayega to woh kya karega"

Maid: "Uss samay woh Apna gaon chala jata hai aur apni bibi ko thokta hai. Sala bahut chodne ka dum rakhta hai." I suddenly realised that my hand has gone inside my pyjama. I rushed to tolet to masturbate.

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Deepika having best Birthday sex with Raj - II

Previously: Deepika having best Birthday sex with Raj

Hello readers, am back with another sexy encounter with my sexy babe Deepika. To brief you'll about us, we were classmates in college and it was after the course we got close and had some encounters. Ours was not an emotional relationship but a fun one to satisfy our sexual needs. So we were close to each other and we had our encounters until a week before her wedding.

I wanted to stop it the moment she got engaged, but she wouldn't let me do that. So on the last day of our encounter, we had a good chat about her future and made sure she is happy with her new life and that I will not be disturbing her. But she could always come to me as a friend. That was the agreement we had and it was going on smoothly until last month.

She was happy for the past 2 years with her husband both in life and in bed. Unfortunately her husband was developing an affair with his colleague, which Deepika found it out. When asked about it, he was stubborn to let her go and started spending a lot of time with the other female.

For few weeks I was not aware of this fact and it was one day Deepika started to cry when we met for a coffee. We used to meet for coffee once in two weeks for an hour or so. We will not talk about the previous sexcapeds and all that we will be talking is about the current life. So this day, Deepika broke out the moment she saw me.

I had to pull my chair next to hers to comfort her as there were people around us and didn't wanna create a scene. I put my hand over her shoulders and comforted her and was asking her to stop crying. But she couldn't and hence I asked her to get inside my car and I drove off from the coffee shop. I parked the car in a deserted corner of the shopping mall.

I gave Deepika some water and asked to tell the issue. It was only then she told me about her husband's affair and the problems between both for the past few months. I asked her why she didn't tell me earlier. She told me that she thought she could handle things and that she didn't want to take the issue out of their bedroom.

I was fine with her mindset and asked what has happened now? Deepika then with heavy eyes told me that they had a big fight last night and her husband left the house saying he is going to stay with the other female. I was hell shocked on hearing this and felt really bad for Deepika.

I dropped her at home that day assuring her that I will find out about the female and also the strength and motive of the relationship. She gave me a fake smile and left home. I drove back home thinking on how to set things right for Deepika. I was thinking on all the possibilities on getting in touch with the female without her husband's knowledge.

I was taken aback to see Deepika waiting at my doorstep. When asked she insisted that we go inside my house and talk. She showed me her whatsapp where her husband had sent pics of them both leaving on a holiday to Thailand. I didn't have words to console her and she was crying uncontrollably. I sat next to her and was comforting her but she seemed to cry continuously.

I went up to the kitchen and got us both some sandwich for dinner. After much talking she had her dinner. I offered to drop her back home to which she said, she didn't wanna go there and would like to spend the night at my place. She was living with her husband alone in a 3 bedroom apartment and so was I living alone with my parents away.

I gave her the space and asked her to hit the bed the next room. I came back to my room, took a shower and hit the bed. I wasn't sleeping but thinking about the pain Deepika is going through. I wanted to know how and where it all started. Just then I heard a knock on my door and since it wasn't bolted, I asked Deepika to walk in. She came in wearing a white petticot and a stockings.

I got lost in her beauty and did not dare ask her what she was doing, she just climbed on the bed and came on top me and sat down on my crotch area. She pushed me back with her hands as she came down rested her body over mine kissing my chest and moving up to my face as she took my lips in hers. I stopped her and told her this isn't a solution, lets figure it out.

But she was in no mood to listen as she kept coming for my lips again and again. I tried stopping her but couldn't protest for a long time as my cock was gaining size with her ass moving over my crotch. I moved my hands to her back pulling her closer as I locked my lips with hers and this time it was more passionate kiss. I rolled over to my left bringing her down on the bed.

She had her right leg below me and her left leg over my hips. I moved my hads to her ass to find out that she hasn't worn a panty. I slid my right fingers inside her pussy as I took her lips again in mine, this time biting her lower lip gently and pushing my tongue inside her mouth. Deepika had her hands around my neck pulling me closer everytime I pulled out to see her sexy ass.

Before we proceed further let me tell you about my Deepika. She is slim fair, 5'3" tall with a 32-23-32 stats. She wears a B cup sized bra and has got a silky black short hair. We had the play going on for somemore time when she rolled back to come on top of me.

She pulled off my tee with no patience and I removed her petticot over her head to see her beautiful little boobs with erect nipples. I took em between my thumb and forefinger as I started to squeeze it. Deepika would go mad and wild if her nipples were squeezed hard and sucked. I did the same and she was no different even after years and she just took control over me.

She put me back on the bed as she moved down towards my crotch and she bit my hard cock over my shorts. She rolled down my shorts with her teeth taking my cock in her hand. I lifted my ass so that she could pull my shorts completely. I held back her hairs as she was stroking my cock and looking at my cock like a hungry tigeress.

Deepika started to lick the top of my cock and slowly she took it inside her mouth. I pulled her and made her lie on 69 and she put her ass right on my face and she started to shake it there. I caught hold of her ass and kissed her pussy from behind. I slide my middle finger inside her pussy moving it around slowly and tickling her inner pussy with my finger.

Soon I started to fuck her pussy with my tongue and Deepika started to moan out loud. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby. cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn take it make me feel like your bitch,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I took my fingers to her clit as I was tongue fucking and I pressed her clit with my thumb and started to rub it slowly.

Soon I made fast movements with my tongue and Deepika was out of her mind as she was shouting out my name and asking me to fuck her real hard. I waited for her to reach the orgasm. In seconds Deepika started to shiver and I did not let her go until she orgasmed. I held onto her legs wide and she coudln't close her legs as well. She came in huge quantity and I let her go.

She collasped on the bed right next to me. I went up to her, kissed her back, moved her hairs out of the way and kissed her cheeks as she turned around with a satisfied look in her face. She tooke her hands around my neck as I bent down and kissed her lips. My cock was rubbing on her ass cracks wanting to enter her pussy.

She took my cock with her other hand and guided it inside her pussy from behind. Once inside, I broke the kiss and became wild with her. I started to fuck her pussy from behind with heavy strokes, holding onto her head with her hairs. I rolled over and came on top with Deepika on the bed lying on her chest.

I closed her legs and sat on her upper thighs with my cock right on her ass cracks. I parted her ass and slide my cock inside her pussy from behind and this time I was in more control to give her heavy thrusts. I had a feeling that I was hitting her g-spot.

I continued my heavy strokes for another 4 minutes when Deepika's moans got louder than ever and she "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me fuck me harder. make me cum like never before.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you bastard fuck me harder
ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". I stopped and rolled over with my cock still inside with me lying on the bed and Deepika was on top facing away from me.

I held her legs wide with my legs and started to rub her clit again from the top making her have her 2nd massive orgasm. I got onto the missionary position now and made slow strokes as we smooched and within few strokes, I was about to cum and so pulled out and released my load on her navel. I carried her to the washroom and we helped clean each others.

Deepika jumped on me and kissed me saying she was happy after a very long time and she owe me big. We cuddled and went to sleep naked. Next morning, when I was about to leave for work, Deepika was still sleeping. So I left a note saying so and asked her to get back to her house.

I was in for a shock that evening as Deepika had come back with her bags packed for the next 3-4 days until her husband is back from Thailand. I had a chat with her about this, but she was in no mood to take any of that and all that she wanted, is to spend some quality time with me both in and out of the bed. For the next four days Deepika had turned out to be my spouse.

I was very fond of her ass from the begining and it was just anal sex in the night, with a wake up sex in the morning and a quikie in the afternoon when I come home for lunch. It was only then I had come home for lunch. Else I would have it at the work place only.

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Guy cheating on wife fucking Tripti bhabhi - II

Previously: Guy cheating on wife fucking Tripti bhabhi - I

Ultimately it was me who started by asking her “Bhabhi patta nahi kyun mujhe lag raha hai ki aap mujh se kuch kahna chaahte ho…” (Bhabhi don’t know why I am feeling that you want to say something to me) Tripti Bhabhi smiled beautifully over my words and spoke out “Bhaiya aap sahi kah rahe ho, aur mujhe lag raha hai ki jo main kahna chahti hun wo app already samajh chuke ho”

(Bhaiya you are absolutely right and I am feeling that you already know whatever I want to speak to you) her words bought big smile to my face and I uttered “that’s true…I know…but still I want to listen it from you…” “theek hai…agr aap sun na hi chahte ho to suno…” (ok if you want to listen then listen) Tripti Bhabhi replied back and after a pause spoke again

“aap bol rahe the…aap meri wajah se raat bhar pareshan rahoge… aap pareshan na raho isske liye main aapki help karna chaahti hun” (you were saying that because of me you will remain restless for the whole night…I want to help you for that restlessness) Tripti Bhabhi paused for a fraction and then spoke again

“waise bhi maine Deepika ko promise kiya hai ki main har tarah se app logon ka khayal rakhunbgi…so for the time being aap mujhe Deepika samajh sakte ho” (I have also promised Deepika that I will take care for all of you in all aspects, so for the time being you can consider me Deepika).

Finally cat was out of the bag and in a way that was the last statement which Tripti Bhabhi spoke in somewhat indirect words. As she finished saying that I simply got up and reached to my dearest Bhabhi over the three sitter couch, I grabbed her tight and started kissing her like a crazy animal.

Oh...wow Tripti Bhabhi responded equally well to my passionate love making and within few seconds we were eating each other. I tried sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s luscious lips without giving her any chance to suck mine but Bhabhi was more starved and experienced then me, she simply inserted her tongue in my mouth and along with fencing my mouth tried to pull out my tongue with her lips.

After drifting her pallu down from her shoulder along with kissing her I squeezed my desired melons with all my power, breaking the kiss Tripti Bhabhi exclaimed in delight of getting a rough manly touch over her soft milks after a long time. By now I was lying over my most desiring female on the three sitter and her partially uncovered milks were setting my desire to go wild over her.

My passion for her seductive body was turning into aggression and I wanted to tear off her clothes then and there and in a way I did that. Holding neck of her blouse with both the hands I simply ripped her blouse and broke all the hooks in one go.

Oh Tripti Bhabhi’s blouse was opened, because of tight bra her cleavage was deep and arousing and her heavy milks seemed eager to come out of the tight cage. “Bhaiya ye kya kar diya…aapne mera blouse kyun faad diya?” Tripti Bhabhi asked me in shock “sorry Bhabhi….mujhse raha nahi gaya….”

I replied back in excitement, “Bhaiya aapne mere saath jo karna hai kar low….par mere kapde mat faado….” Tripti Bhabhi spoke out while looking into my eyes, she somewhat requested me not to tear her clothes and then spoke again “Chalo bedroom mein chalte hain”. We both got up to go to the bedroom, “Bhabhi aapki Ye saari main apne haathon se uttarunga….”

This time I spoke in bit requesting tone “Bhaiya sari kya… main apni Bra aur Kachhi bhi aap se hi uttarwaungi….par aaram se uttaro…koi jaldi nahi hai….thode din ke liye main hi aapki wife hun…jitna sex karna hai kar low mere saath”.

As Tripti Bhabhi bolted the door of her bedroom from inside and turned I took pallu of her sari and started pulling her lightly and she went round and like this entire sari got unwrapped from her body. Tripti Bhabhi was standing in petticoat on her lower half and on the upper half her blouse was already ripped and opened by me.

Her milky breasts caged in the tight bra were looking astonishing and it was really impossible for a guy to control himself who has dreamed about these milks from years, I moved ahead and took out her milks roughly and hurriedly without unhooking her bra properly and squeezed her melon very hard before putting into my mouth.

Tripti Bhabhi grabbed my scalp in her hands nicely and moaned loud while saying “Ahhhhh… Bhaiya…haannn…. jaldi kya aapko… aaram se pyar karo apni Bhabhi ko…aapki hi hun main” “Bhabhi aapko maloom nahi hai…maine kitna intzaar kiya hai…inko chusne ke liya…” I spoke out in excitement while switching my mouth to suck her other milky mound.

“to Batta dete mujhko Bhaiya…main to kab se taras rahi hun aapke saath ye sab karne ke liye” Bhabhi was replying to me in erotic voice which was increasing my passion over and over. I took her to bed and by the time I took off my basic clothes, shirt and trouser Tripti Bhabhi removed her blouse and bra which were hanging in her arms, I climbing the bed and came up with just undergarments.

While lying on bed on her back Tripti Bhabhi was still wearing petticoat on her lower half and I could see her dark maroon color panty. I drifted her petticoat up to her thighs get her panty and asked her “Bhabhi Aapki Chut par baal hain to saaf kar low…main razor laya hun” “Bhaiya maine aaj hi saaf kiya hain saare baal…mujhe maloom tha…aaj kuch na kuch to ho hi jaayega humare beech mein”

Tripti Bhabhi replied back and told me that she has already cleared hairs of her fuckhole. Oh ….Finally I pulled out Tripti Bhabhi’s panty from her legs, Oh wow… wow… wow, she was clean and totally drenched in her love juices and in a fraction I felt whole room is filed with the erotic aroma of her pleasure juices.

I was not in my senses, I was waiting for this moment from ages and next moment I parted her thighs bit wide and simply dived between her thighs to suck her fuckhole. Once again Tripti Bhabhi’s cloth was hurdle on my way to reach to her fuckhole comfortably, her petticoat was drifted up the middle of her thighs and I did not had patience to drift it further up to her waist,

once I tried to get inside her petticoat but when I failed to reached to her fuckhole I simply parted Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs wide open with my full strength to get clear access of her fuckhole for my mouth and heard bit of voice of cloth getting tore again. Before Tripti Bhabhi would have reacted to that voice I placed my mouth over her fuckhole

“hmmmm..Ohh..God Bhaiya…aaram se…aap to khaa jaaoge mujhe….” Tripti Bhabhi gasped erotically while saying that as from the very first moment I started eating her fuckhole madly, for me it was really very difficult to control myself, one of the most beautiful females eve came in life was lying in front of me with the wide open legs, how could I control myself.

I chewed thick flesh of Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole with hell of passion and sucked her like a dog and in a fraction Bhabhi went bizarre and tried to push me a bit. But I was unstoppable more she tried to control my passion more I went deeper in her fleshy thighs.

Holding her thighs tight I widened them apart and once again heard voice of cloth getting tore but I just went on going madly and moved my thick tongue roughly over and inside Tripti Bhabhi fuckhole and tried take out her juices from it.

By now Bhabhi was gone crazy, I was exploring her fuckhole like I never imagined and now Tripti Bhabhi wanted me to stop, “Bhaiya please…Ahhhh…….Ahhh……” Bhabhi got up in excitement but then released her body and banged herself back on the bed in unbearable excitement.

I must say that instant I was at my best and Tripti Bhabhi was at her worst, while banging her fleshy bottom on bed again and again Bhabhi was crying in pleasure in controlled voice and requesting me to stop sucking her like and animal.

Finally I stopped but for a minute I continued invading her fuckhole roughly with two of my fingers just to see her facial expressions while getting sexual pleasure and she was looking even more beautiful while gasping and grunting in fucking pleasure.

Eventually I got up on my knees and took off my undershirt, stood further up on the bed and took out my underwear from my legs and once again went over Tripti Bhabhi. After loosening the cord of her petticoat from her waist by now Tripti Bhabhi was also out of her last cloth.

“Bhabhi aap bahut achhe ho…. aapka halwa bhi bahut achha tha…” I spoke out while lying over Tripti Bhabhi’s fleshy body “Bhaiya main aapko roz moong daal ka halwa khilaaungi….aap bas mujhe satisfy kar do…” excitement was at its peak in Tripti Bhabhi too, “mujhe nahi khana moong dal ka halwa...main aapki Chut ke halwe ki baat kar raha tha…”

I crushed Tripti Bhabhi’s sagging milks with both the hands and spoke out exactly what I meant with my words and then spoke again “…ab main roz aaunga apki Chut ka halwa Khaane ke liye…” with that I took her long erect nipple in my mouth and started sucking her milk like a child.

Tripti Bhabhi widened her thighs to touch her crotch with my pelvis and grabbed me in her arm and moved her fingers in my hairs and spoke out in lust laden tone “Haan Bhaiya Khaa low mujhe……poora khaa low mujhe …fuck me… Bhaiya…fuck me….” Tripti Bhabhi was lurching her lower half while crying like a bitch in heat and seemed as if she will die if I will not fuck her just then.

I got up a bit, holding my monster reached to her pleasure opening and spoke “bina Condom ke hi daal dun kya..?” “Haan daal do.. Bhaiya daal do…main goli kha lungi” while saying that Bhabhi cried in desire to get stuffed and finally it happened. “hmmmmm…..” with an intense moan I slipped deep inside Tripti Bhabhi with a single thrust, “Ahhhh…..Ahhhhh……”

and Tripti Bhabhi grunted in delighted with a pleasure of getting fucked after really long. I was excited and could make out that I will not last for long, just to retain for bit longer, after burying my monster completely in Tripti Bhabhi’s womb, I kept myself unmoved and started kissing my lovely Bhabhi, Bhabhi responded to my kiss but she was desperate to get properly fucked,

"Bhaiya…mujhe achhe se Fuck karo…” Locking her legs around my waist Tripti Bhabhi grabbed me in her arms and fleshy thighs bit harder and gasped lustfully in fucking desire, I moved out a bit and lunged deeply into Tripti Bhabhi with my full strength and Bhabhi moaned and shrieked out with enormous pleasure. Ohh….I too grunted erotically in the bliss of fucking my desired female.

I continued thrusting Tripti Bhabhi as deep as possible with sudden passionate jolts and within a minute unintentionally my speed of moving in and out of Tripti Bhabhi rose and I started fucking Tripti Bhabhi with short and rapid thrusts. I was riding on her like I always desired and we both were moaning while holding each other.

I fucked Tripti Bhabhi consistently hardly for one minute and I felt her fleshy body going stiffen, just then she arced like a bow and started to shake in spasms, "Bhaiya…mera chhutne wala hai...." Tripti Bhabhi screamed out erotically, using my full strength I continued to fuck her harder and faster,

while crushing and screwing Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole my hips rose and fell over her crotch in full swing and I went on going deeper and deeper with every thrust which ultimately took out shrill cry from Tripti Bhabhi’s mouth. Within in a minute of passionate fucking I too felt myself ready to cum and I spoke out in same puffing voice, “Bhabhi Mera bhi ho jaayega”.

Finally I dived deep into her and grunted in pleasure of releasing my pressure and felt my gunk shooting out from my monster deep inside her. Tripti Bhabhi also trembled erotically and grabbed me even tighter in her arms and thighs while cumming with sudden jerks.

Leaving my entire weight I collapsed on top of her, my penis was still buried deep inside her fuckhole and it was throbbing out last few drops and I could feel Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole twitching as well somewhere deep in her womb. We both were tied together and sweating heavily.

We looked at each other’s face closely and then while exploring each other’s mouth started kissing like lovers and again hugged each other in same posture. My limping rod slipped out of Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole on its own, I got up and lied beside her while puffing in relaxation. We both were spent and we just lied beside each other stark naked while talking to each other.

“Mazza aa gaya….” I spoke out while taking a deep and long breath, “aapne mera petticoat bhi faad diya…” Bhabhi replied back with bit of puffing voice “aur Chut…? Chut bhi to faad di” I spoke out humorously while looking at her, Tripti Bhabhi was lying stark naked and she giggled a bit on my words and accepted

“Haan…ek tarah se wo bhi faad hi di…” and with a small pause Bhabhi spoke again “Deepika theek hi bolti thi…aapke andar bahut energy hai….” I turned to her while resting my head over my hand with a support of elbow and I asked her back casually “kyun..Sharad Bhaiya ke andar nahi hai kya…?” “aapke jitni nahi hai…” once again after a small she spoke while turning to me

“I don’t think last do-teen saalon mein Sharad ne mujhe iss tarah se fuck kiya hoga….” I smiled a bit on her words over Sharad Bhaiya’s fucking ability. Tripti Bhabhi did not stopped and spoke again in somewhat complaining tone “Sharad Jab yahan the tab bhi unka saara dhayan paisa kamaane mein lagga rahta tha…” and after a pause Bhabhi spoke again with a smile

“I wish Sharad aapke jaise hote…” “aapko ab kya fark padta hai…jab bhi aapka man kare Chudwane ka..mujhe bula lena…” Tripti Bhabhi giggled beautifully on my usage of the word Chudwana, and spoke again “Bhaiya main sach bol rahi hun…main Sharad se bahut pyar karti hun…but kya karun wo mujhe satisfy nahi kar paate…”

“Same here…main bhi Deepika se bahut pyar karta hun…but when it comes sex…mujhe pahle din se hi aap chahiye the…aapne mujhe pagal kar rakha tha…” I replied back and my words bought once again bought beautiful smile to Tripti Bhabhi’s face and she replied back in requesting tone “bas Bhaiya aap apna ye pagalpan banaye rakhna…Deepika ke wapis aane ke baad bhi…”… “balki…Sharad ke wapis aane ke baad bhi…”.

Finally we got up, Tripti Bhabhi used the toilet first and I saw her fleshy ass from behind and thought about fucking her from behind next time. Bhabhi came out and I went and by the time I came out Tripti Bhabhi was back in her panty, while looking into the wardrobe and facing away she was finding a cloth to wear.

I went behind her, wrapped my hand around her waist and at the same time touched my semi erect Penis with her massive ass mounds and reached to her sagging milk in the front with the other hand and started playing with it. I kissed her over the back of her neck and reached to her ear while brushing my lips,

Bhabhi moaned sexily and tried to touch my body more effectively by pushing herself back “hmmmm…..Bhaiya…” Tripti Bhabhi’s hand reached to my Penis and she started jerking me, “next time main aapko Ghodi banna kar Chodunga….aur uss se pahle aapse apna Lund chuswaaunga” I was close to her ear so spoke out in low voice, “aap abhi jaa to nahi rahe na?”

Tripti Bhabhi asked me back, “haan jaa raha hun…ek baar dekh lun Mummy Papa ko…they were not fully asleep” “wapis aaoge na?...abhi mera mann nahi bhara hai” Bhabhi asked me if I will come back and then said her desire is yet not tranquilized, certainly I wanted to come back to fuck her again but I replied with “Don’t know…”,

I saw the time, it was yet not mid night and I was little occupied with the thought that if any how my parents will get up then they will call me as by now more than an hour was passed from the time I was gone for a long walk for them.

I reached back home safely and tiptoed to my parents room, everything was just perfect both were snoring in loud voice and I could make out that now they will not get up before 7 in the morning. I called Tripti Bhabhi on her mobile and told her that everything is fine and both are sleeping sound, “agar uncle aunty sow rahe hain to aap aa jaao”

I smiled a bit on her desperation and before I would have said I am coming Tripti Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya aapki Bhabhi ko bahut zarurat hai aapki” I laughed a bit on her words, Tripti Bhabhi was trying to arouse me and once again before I would said anything in response Bhabhi spoke again “Aa jaao…aapka Chus deti hun…” “kya…Chus deti hun…?”

I intentionally asked her back to listen the Hindi word and she spoke that instantly “aapka Lund aur kya…I know Deepika kabhi nahi Chusti…” I was not surprised to hear my bedroom secret from her as I knew that Tripti Bhabhi and my wife share everything. “Ok I am coming”. As expected once again I locked my house and reached to Tripti Bhabhi’s door step.

Wearing a nighty till her knees Bhabhi was already waiting for me and after bolting the door she smiled a bit while looking at me and spoke “Bhaiya aaj raat ko main aapko sone nahi dungi…” “mera mann kar raha abhi ke abhhi aapki nighty faad dun…aur aapko yahin par Chodna shuru kar dun” Tripti Bhabhi smiled on my desire and ran inside her bedroom,

I followed her and before I would have reached to her bedroom she became topless, though she was wearing panty but her heavy breasts were sagging in front my eyes, “aao Bhaiya khaa low mujhe…aap to aise behave kar rahe ho jaise main aapko dobara milungi hi nahi…”

Bhabhi spoke out with jokey sarcastic tone “I was just joking…rather ab main surrender kar raha hun…aap mere saath jo karna chaahte ho kar sakte ho… punish me” I replied back, “nahi Bhaiya main apne pyare Devar ko Punish nahi kar sakti…main usko pyar karungi…” with that Tripti Bhabhi came forward and started taking off my clothes and I just standing and letting her do.

Eventually I was standing stark naked on the bed side and after taking of my underwear in the end Tripti Bhabhi took my monster and balls in her both the hands and started massaging me, “ahh….wow Bhabhi…bahut mazza aa raha hai….” I spoke out in delight of getting jerked like never before. “chalo ab…bed par ulte late jaao…main aapko dikati hun asli sex kya hota hai”

I obeyed whatever she said and lied down on her bed on my front. Tripti Bhabhi took off her panty and climbed on bed and rubbed my body nicely with her hands and started kissing me over my ass and slowly reached to my back and then to my ears and leaving her entire weight gradually lied down over me and started rubbing her wet and dripping fuckhole over my ass and started moaning in low voice.

I was delighted with the feeling of getting crushed under her weight with a feeling of her soft and soaked fuckhole getting rubbed over my ass. Next Tripti Bhabhi got up a bit and inserted her hand under my crotch to get hold of my monster and lifted my bottom to give her access, “Ohh…..”I gasped loud as along with jerking me Tripti Bhabhi was massaging my balls and it was heavenly on the earth.

Bhabhi turned me on my back and while continuing jerking my monster leaned over me and kissed me as if she is my wife and looked into my eyes for few seconds without saying a word, smiled a bit and then moved down to my bare chest and started sucking my nipples.

“hmmm……” wow what a feeling that was, Tripti Bhabhi’s hands did not stopped jerking me down there and along with that she sucked my both the nipples and moved down gradually. Eventually after licking and kissing my entire body Tripti Bhabhi was sitting beside me and jerking my monster with a good pace and I knew what was she about to do now,

“Bhaiya Deepika nahi karti to naa kare…aapko jab bhi Chuswana ho aap mere pass aa jaana…main Chus dungi…” “hmmmm…..” I grunted in delight of hearing Tripti Bhabhi’s erotic words in her soft voice along with getting jerked very effectively. Finally Tripti Bhabhi leaned and took my rod in her mouth and took out lot of her saliva over the tip of my monster and started sucking just that tip,

oh…friends it was real heaven, showing no hurry Tripti Bhabhi was doing everything very affectionately, her one hand was over my balls and other was moving skin of my monster up and down, her lips were holding tip of my Penis tenderly and her tongue was moving over the tip and she was sucking me very lovingly to deliver me maximum pleasure of getting sucked.

Gradually Tripti Bhabhi started taking me deeper in her mouth and I saw her fair and beautiful face getting filled with my massive size. Wow what was she looking? Just amazing, my monster was appearing and disappearing between her rosy lips and for me that view was enough in itself to bought me to my maximum size,

I grew in Tripti Bhabhi’s mouth and as she sensed me getting excited she took out more of her hot saliva and started sucking me bit faster and that really enhanced my pleasure and placing my hand over her head I started grunting intensely. Tripti Bhabhi went on taking me deeper and deeper in her mouth and in a moment her intense sucking made me shudder in weird pleasure,

grip of her hot wet and hot mouth over my monster was increasing continuously and along with sucking me Tripti Bhabhi was flicking her tongue over the tip of my rod. I was restless and reaching to the point where my pleasure was going out of my bearing ability, holding her moving head I was moaning and grunting like never before,

heat of Tripti Bhabhi’s mouth was setting my desire to blow and before I would have gone beyond the point of control I stopped her. As I request her, Tripti Bhabhi stopped and looked at me with a smile “mazza aaya…apni Bhabhi se sucking karwa ke” she asked me in bit of puffing voice “haan…it was amazing” I was also puffing “Deepika ko bhi sikha dun kya…?”

Bhabhi asked me jokingly “nahi…sucking karwane main aapke hi pass aaunga…” I replied back “ab bolo…kaise daalna hai apni Bhabhi ke andar” she asked me again “jaise aap bolo…” I replied back as you like, “theek hai…main oopar aati hun…” Tripti Bhabhi got up and sat around me and while holding my length straight and looked down to direct it into her fuckhole.

Hmmm….. Bhabhi shoved my monster slowly into her fuckhole and moaned sexily with her head lifting up, as Tripti Bhabhi was slow I felt my thick Penis distending her fuckhole and touching her vaginal walls “Ohh…. Bhabhi….mazza aa gaya” I gasped intensely with that feeling.

“Ohhh… Bhaiya you are so big…Aapka lamba bhi hai mota bhi hai…” as my rod touched the deepest corner of her fuckhole Tripti Bhabhi gasped erotically while comparing my monster size with her husband.

Wow what a fuckhole Tripti Bhabhi had, hot, wet and thirsty like I never imagined, her pleasure juices flowed down to my crouch as she entered my full length deep inside her and my bliss enhanced as she began to fuck herself with deep skewering thrusts.

Resting her hands over my chest, Bhabhi started rocking her fleshy ass steeply up and down and to and fro and drove my inflamed erection in and out of her wet fuckhole like I never saw my wife doing. While moving my monster in and out of her fuckhole Tripti Bhabhi bit her lower lip in excitement and closed her eyes, lifted her face to the roof and changed her fashion of movement a bit,

to and fro movements of her huge bottom in slightly different pattern made me shudder in ecstasy, Tripti Bhabhi was now rubbing her pelvis on my crouch and I could see her in extreme pleasure. We both were moaning continuously and I was feeling as if I am in heaven,

Tripti Bhabhi’s huge melons were moving here and there with her rocking movements and she was looking very beautiful in fucking act. Slowly Tripti Bhabhi raced up her speed and resting her hands over my chest,

keeping bit of her weight on me once again she started driving my length in her fuckhole by moving up and down and now her heavy bottom was rising and falling over my thighs quit fast and raising my hands up I was just moaning and enjoying getting fucked like that.

Eventually Bhabhi leaned over me to kiss me and entered her tongue in my mouth and then looked into my eyes while being close and provoked me by saying, “Come on Bhaiya… fuck me….apni Bhabhi ko pyar karo….aapki Bhabhi bahut pyasi hai”.

By now Tripti Bhabhi was restless and could not stop herself, I too was going crazy, though very less but could feel the pressure building inside me, holding her wide ass I too started thrusting up and somewhat coordinated with her up and down movement of pumping her fuckhole and within a minute I felt as if Tripti Bhabhi will die in this fucking pleasure, her movements went slower but deeper,

she was trying to get my monster in her flesh as deep as possible, while rubbing her clitoris over my pelvis and I was going wild in that feeling. Next moment I tried to insert my hand between our connected gentles and somewhat succeeded to touch Tripti Bhabhi’s sensitive spot, her clitoris,

I was well aware of the location of this portion of females body and fortunately my fingers banged on target on very first attempt and Tripti went crazy in very first moment and moaned very differently, her mouth was open and she was gasping erotically while hugging me with her stuffed fuckhole, I rubbed her clitoris hard and Tripti Bhabhi went even more bizarre and tried to get away.

It was mere my reflexes that I held her while keeping my arm around her back and somehow continued crushing her that sensitive portion with my fingers. Ohh….God next moment I was witnessing woman at ecstasy, Tripti Bhabhi was crying in fucking pleasure, I was holding her tight over me, though I was getting crushed under weight,

but I continued rubbing her clitoris and tried to push myself into her from bottom as I was also feeling the pressure building inside me and I wanted to fuck her to ease myself. My inward strokes made my Bhabhi even worse and Tripti Bhabhi started to orgasm very next moment and holding me tight Bhabhi panted loud in shattering orgasm, and squeezed her bottom over my monster to stop my movement.

I waited for Tripti Bhabhi to ease out and kept on holding her shivering body, Bhabhi trembled a bit while releasing her pressure and recovered her breath before asking me “aapka hogaya….” “nahi….” I was yet not over and I wanted to fuck her more to release my load, “ab aap oopar aa jaao” Tripti Bhabhi told me to come over her top and I did that,

Once again after parting her thighs apart I buried my entire length in her womb and Tripti Bhabhi gripped me in her arms and thighs and somewhat gulped me into her body and spoke in sensual voice, “Bhaiya Chodiye apni Bhabhi ko achhe se….. Fuck me Bhaiya…aaj maar daaliye mujhe”.

I really liked the word Chodiye which Tripti Bhabhi spoke out casually; it was arousing as it was coming out in a female voice. Once again proper fucking started, my hips started rising and falling steadily and I could see that even after discharging once Tripti Bhabhi was enjoying,

she was moaning sexily in incredible pleasure, I too was gasping in ecstasy of fucking a simple and homely housewife who can never be imagined having sex with any male except her husband. While screwing Tripti Bhabhi I rose bit up and started playing with her melons, crushed them with my hands and reached to her mouth and we started kissing like true lovers.

Gradually my pace increased and I started banging myself into my Tripti Bhabhi, my hips rose and fall over her crotch like a machine and finally I shoved down my entire length in her fuckhole and hollowed my balls deep inside her womb. Once again we bother were spent, sweating like hell and dead tired.

We both were tied together while looking at each other’s face closely and Tripti Bhabhi was looking sexier with sexually exhausted gesture, her hairs were spread all over her face and she was smiling while looking at me. “Bhaiya mazzza aa gaya…Sharad ko bhi thodi si training dedo…iss tarah se fuck karne ki” eventually she spoke out her mental state,

“do you think I am a fool…? Main khud apne pair pe kulhadi kyun maarunga?” I spoke out and got aside, “kyun Bhaiya aisa kyun kah rahe ho…?” Tripti Bhabhi asked me back with a big smile “Bhabhi…simple sa logic hai…agar aapko aapka patti iss tarah se Chodna shuru kar dega to app apne Devar ke pass kyun aaoge…” “Very smart…”

Tripti Bhabhi spoke back while getting up and smiling and once again I saw her heavy bottom going away from me and I spoke out, “Bhabhi kal main aapko Ghodi bannaunga…” “Bhaiya…kal kya…thodi der aur ruk jaao….aur abhi banna low Ghodi….” Tripti Bhabhi spoke out from distance and then spoke again after appearing on the door of the washroom again

“Bhaiya…Aapki Bhabhi nymphomaniac hai….subah sham din raat…jab bologe ready milegi…” Finally I too got up and after washing wore my clothes back, Bhabhi wanted me to stay till at least four in the morning but I was little worried in regard of my parents and with a promise that I will fuck her in doggy style I reached back to my bedroom safely.

So friends I can say that was the end of my first fucking night with Tripti Bhabhi but certainly not at all the end of my fucking nights with Tripti Bhabhi. Next day like I decided once again around 11 in the night I reached to Tripti Bhabhi’s place and fucked her from behind after proper oral sex. Tripti Bhabhi was on her four over her bed and pumped her fuckhole while holding her, though not slender but certainly fair and silky smooth waist.

Anyway in a way it was our month long honeymoon which we spent with each other just like husband and wife and I did not stopped fucking my loving Tripti Bhabhi even after my wife’s arrival. Even today we somehow manage meeting in solitude and tranquilize each other’s fucking desires.

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