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Sanil watching mom getting fucked by neighbour - I

Hello readers I am Sanil. Peter was my mom’s favorite fucker till then. She would call him whenever the house was empty. Since he was a regular visitor (more of a family member) to my house and was my best friend no one suspected anything. Even we were unaware of it. I came to know of it when he told me years later.

My dad till date doesn’t know anything about my mom’s debauchery. Dad fucked mom very rarely. Mom did not bother about it, as Peter took good care of her sex needs. He fucked my mom almost regularly day and night. Mom became addicted to fuck and preferably young cock. Her all three holes were taken care of by Peter.

After few months Peter had to go to another city as he got job there. This story is about another neighbor named James from Kerala. James was single although he was aged 38 and friendly with all neighbor’s family as well.. He was a huge man, height around 6’2″ height.. well built.. He used to be a gym trainer before.. He had very pleasing personality and witty conversationalist.

He could charm any one with his charming personality. As I told you he was very friendly with our family, which consisted of dad, mom and me. Dad was transferred out of town. He was available only on weekends. He usually came to the house at night only.. Mom, (Naima) sometimes called James to bring some grocery items, which she needed, from the market or any small favor.

Since he was a very helpful guy, he would always fulfill whatever she wanted from him… mom would just have to call him and inform and he will bring it.. Dad also trusted James too much. James was welcome into the household anytime as he was one of the few guys mom was comfortable with. Slowly James developed a liking for mom in coming days.

Perhaps Peter told him about his fucking with mom under the influence of alcohol. He also wanted to fuck my mom like Peter did but did not get opportune time to carry out his plan. Where as mom was also feeling sex starved after Peter’s departure. He would try to peek at mom’s body, cleavages, ass etc whenever he was with her in the house.

This story starts during such visits. James knew mom would be alone in house during daytime as I would be in college and dad on job. He wanted to try his luck with her; he thought he would seduce her that day. One such day when she was alone in the house, James came with some required stuff she had requested for.

It was around 11.00 in the morning when he rang the doorbell at our house. Mom opened the door and was glad to see him with her grocery items. She tried to take the things he brought but it was too heavy for her to carry so she invited him inside the house. She moved aside to let him in the house. She had just come out from the bath and her hairs were wet.

She was in a black nightee. She was looking like sex goddess. Any one would have lost his balance. James made up his mind to try his luck that day. James placed the items in the kitchen and he asked, “Madam, I have kept the things in kitchen. You please arrange it. I am leaving as I have some work to attend at my shop.”

…She was very happy to get her goods and as gratitude she asked him to have some breakfast before he left…He said, “No, no, there is no need for it. I will have it in the shop.” But she insisted for it, “I have prepared good breakfast. You will enjoy my preparation. It will definitely be better than hotel food. Why you want to eat something from the market when you can have home cooked food.”

Mom was so persuasive that he agreed to have breakfast. They went inside and sat in the drawing room. Then he switched on the tv and began watching it. There was an English movie going on.. She carried food for him and served it on the dining table. He asked her, “Did you have food?” She said, “No, I will have it later..” Then he said, “Why don’t you give me company then…”

She said, “No, it is ok.. I will have it later. You have it now as you have to attend to your shop.” He insisted her and said, “It will be so discourteous of me if I ate alone. It will be bad luck for my shop also if you do not eat with me. You are incarnation of goddess Laxmi as per Hindu mythology. So please have it with me else I will also not have the breakfast.”

He was teasing her… So she smiled and said, “Ok ok. I will also eat. I am bringing my plate also.” She brought her food and put her plate in front of his plate and they both sat eating the breakfast. Mom was in a very relaxed mood. James thought he should play his game that day. Mom’s nightee was little wet on her breast’s place as she had come out of toilet minutes before and her hairs were still wet.

This made her nipple showing through the thin material of nightee. They both were casually talking and then the topic went to the English film going on the TV… James asked mom, “Madam tell me about the movie whether you have seen it before or not.” Mom said, “No, never seen this movie before. The hero is nice looking guy. I like this heroine. Her dress is beautiful.”

Both of them were looking at the screen intently when suddenly the scene went to a steamy scene. She was describing the actress’s dress when the actress suddenly started stripping her dress and became nude. She was watching as the guy in movie joined the actress and started playing with her nude body..

Mom was embarrassed watching the scene on Tv. She could not understand what to do. She sat silently confused and stopped talking.. James seeing the opportunity slowly took his legs under the table and extended it to her leg. His feet were touching mom’s legs. She quickly moved it back..James understood that mom was feeling shy but she was not in a position to protest.

Mom was shifting her legs away from his touch. So he kept following her legs. He found her legs again and began rubbing his feet on her legs. He would rub his leg from ankle to knee from the side of her legs. He caught the hem of her nigh tee in his toe and finger. He started raising her nigh tee and under skirt together..

She was shocked by his actions and didn’t know what to do. Mom was nervous too. She thought of calling some one by screaming but James was not letting her move an inch. He took this as a wonderful opportunity and quickly raised and placed his legs in between her legs. He tried to raise her dress till there but since the dress didn’t reach there, he put his leg over the dress just on the pussy area..

Mom was totally nervous now and she tried to move back but he pushed his leg further forward till his toe was pressing her pussy. He pressed her pussy over the dress. He was feeling the cunt lips. He was slowly stroking his toe on her sensitive pussy lips. Mom was getting butterflies in her stomach.

She couldn’t resist his actions nor could she move back since the chair was hitting the wall and she was now pinned against the wall. His toe started playing piano with her pussy. While stroking her pussy lips he found the hole and tried to insert his toe in. Mom was not able to breath properly.

While he was acting as if he was watching the tv but he was looking at her from the corner of eyes to see her reaction…Since she didn’t move he continued his rubbing action on her pussy. Mom was resigned to the fate. She left her pussy at his mercy waiting for his further action. She was then enjoying his action but was afraid it might show on her face.

She was also behaving as nothing was happening. There was complete silence in the room. No one was saying anything. The silence was unbearable for mom. Her pussy started getting wet. She was also a human being with feelings. She was internally enjoying his actions in sly. After few minutes of soft rubbing he raised his eyes to gauge her reaction.

He wanted to guess what was going in her mind. He started looking straight into her eyes. Mom felt uncomfortable. She tried to avoid eye contact..So James continued rubbing her pussy. Then his rubbing became more intense and probing deeper. His cock was getting hard and he could see that she was slowly closing her eyes in enjoyment. Means she was also enjoying his mauling.

He could feel the fabric of dress getting wet. He was flying on cloud nine where as mom was waiting for his further move. Then all of sudden he stopped his rubbing and took his leg down. He put his feet on floor. She was surprised again but did not dare to move and remained rooted to her seat with her head down gaze fixed towards the table and eyes closed.

She wanted to ask him why he stopped but kept quiet. She was sitting stuck in that position not knowing how to react. He actually finished his breakfast and stood up to wash his hands. She waited for his further move..She quickly got back to her senses and got up quickly too. As soon as he stood up mom got shock of her life. His erect cock was visible through his pants.

It was so alluring for her. She couldn’t keep her eyes away from his erect cock. She started imagining how would it taste. She didn’t want James to see that she was watching his erection. She had a quick glance of it and then turned her head away as if she didn’t see anything..But he had seen that… He smirked and then went to the washbasin. He was feeling happy inside.

He got the message that she was now ready for a nice fuck. All he had to do was to keep her hot and horny. Meanwhile oblivious of what was going on in James’s mind mom took the plates and went to the kitchen and started washing them all…He then came to the kitchen and stood near the kitchen table. Mom saw him from the corner of her eyes.

But acted as if she did not see him and continued washing the plates. There was complete silence in the house. He stopped for a moment and started watching her from a distance. He was watching her ass. She could feel his eyes poking at her ass although her back was towards him… He looked at her ass which was moving as she was quickly washing the dishes…

She was nervous knowing that he was behind and watching her each move. Actually he was watching her ass… He started adjusting his dick inside his inner wear and slowly stroked it over the pants. His excitement was beyond his control. He then moved closer to her and stood just behind her…She felt his breath on her neck. She understood that he was standing very close to her.

Anticipating his further step her actions slowed down but her breathing increased now. Her nipples got erect as she could feel her presence. She wanted to throw him out but her body did not respond to her intentions. It was a torturous moment for her. She somehow managed to stutter, “What do you want?” Her voice was broken she was barely audible.

He told going very close to her left ear, “You didn’t give me anything to drink after the breakfast.” He was so close to mom that his stubble and mustache touched her skin to which she twitched slightly. She wanted to push him and run out of house..She said, “You wait in the living room. I will bring some water for you.” Hearing this he got happy.

He got the impression that she was not pushing him off rather she was scared of him. He could carry his antics further. He immediately circled his left hand around her waist and rested it on her pussy area once more and said, “I don’t want water. I want something else, which only you can give. I need your special love juice.”

Mom thought how brazen he was. She began making plans to escape from house and call other neighbors. But her feet were laden with metal, it did not move. “What are you thinking? Give me your sacred juice.” saying that he started rubbing her pussy with his fingers over the dress once again…

Mom tried to wiggle her way out his hands, as her hands were in sink, dirty with soap and running water. She washed her hands. She pushed his hands with force but he kept his hand firm on her pussy area…She still kept trying to move his hands out moving her hips.. As she tries to slip away, he quickly holds her pussy strong and pushes his body such a way that he thrusts his hard dick towards her ass.

His cock gets wedged right between her ass cheeks. Mom suddenly felt his hard cock in her ass crack. It was a move, which caught her totally off guard. The heartbeat started rising. She stopped doing anything. Her body still like statue and suddenly only the sound of running water could be heard. She was praying to god to help her.

She was trembling like a leaf and her breathing got heavier… Inadvertently her lips opened up…. She standing in such a way that she was sandwiched between his left hand on her pussy and his body on her back side, with his dick poking between her ass crack area…She was almost standing on her toes…

Sensing that she was very much in his control now, he started rubbing his left hand over the pussy slowly once again… At the same time began giving small thrusts into her ass with his dick. Mom was fixed to the floor with fevicol..This went on for sometime. Mom wanted to free herself from his vice like grip but her body was not in her command. She was not protesting anything.

Sensing mom’s indecision James moved his right hand towards the running tap and closed it… He slowly turned the tap off with his right hand brushing her nipples with his palm, while retreating his arms…When mom didn’t say anything he circled his arm around her bosom area again, resting it there for few moments, just above the nipples, as if in a caring way…

He turned her around making her face him and puts his face in line with her face. Mom could feel his hot breath on her face. His face was very close to mom’s face. He moved his face nearer as she could feel his stubble pricking on her cheeks. Mom’s body went limp in his hold. Mom had her eyes closed. In return he could feel her heavy breathing in his arms.

He sensed it was his lucky day. He was continuously stroking her pussy with his left hand. He tried to kiss her.. As if mom woke up from sleep, she took courage and told him, “James, please stop this.. This is not right… Please, don’t do this.. Please leave me…” She was shivering as she said these words…

James didn’t reply he just held her cheeks with his right hand, left hand still pressing her pussy and turned her face to face him… He made her to open her eyes and started kissing her lips… First a firm a kiss, as if to stop her talking.. Mom was so scared that she kept still.. He inserted his tongue into her mouth and started French kissing her, licking her tongue and lips also.

Mom was also enjoying it but was in no position to protest or move away. James sensed mom was now in his total control. After sometime he slowly released his grip on her face and pushed his right hand down to her left boobs and started squeezing them slowly over the nigh tee… now he had her completely covered.

His mouth covering her mouth and his tongue in her mouth, his right hand was on her left boob and his left hand was rubbing her pussy, not missing single second and his dick rubbing between her ass cheeks. Mom let her mouth open to his poking tongue.

Understanding that she is now responding to his kiss, he took his left hand up to her right boobs and squeezed both her boobs together… slowly first and then gave a hard squeeze…while kissing her. His slow process was intoxicating mom. She gave a quick moan from pain and pleasure.. It was a signal for him that she was also enjoying his handiwork.

He then lowered his right hand down to her nigh tee and raised her nigh tee and under skirt up until he could feel her naked thighs.. He ran his hand over her smooth inner thighs.. up and down.. up and down until he touched her panty with his finger. Then he touched her panty with his index finger and could feel that her panty is all wet. Mom gasped aloud when he touched her panty.

He wanted to invade the last piece of partition between him and her naked pussy. He then moved the side of her panty and slipped his finger into her pussy… He found to his delight, her pussy was hot and wet.. He pushed his fingers further so that his finger easily slipped into the pussy hole…

He left his finger in her wet pussy for sometime and continued jacking her from the back and playing with the boobs and sucking her saliva from her tongue. He watched mom’s reaction. She was silent and motionless. He started giving slow circular motions to his fingers in her cunt. Mom was breathing really hard.

Then he started slowly fingering her… Her legs became weak. She was shaking like a leaf in strong wind. She was unable to stand properly and was almost leaning on him in standing position.. He being a strong person could easily hold her like that for hours. He thrust his entire finger in her pussy hole and was finger fucking her in standing position..

She just raised her head…closed her eyes…with lips opened…enjoying his finger strokes in her wet pussy… He slowly increased the tempo…and she started moaning slightly…and at the same time raised her hands to his back and held his shoulder and shirt… and as his fingering speed increased, she drilled her finger nails deeper into his shoulders…

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Indore bhabhi soaping pussy showing big tits wearing bra panty MMS

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Gayathri Priya gang bang sex with servants

My friend’s name is Gayathri Priya and we call her Gayu. She is from Bangalore aged 22, single, good physique, 5’4″, weight 58 kg, 34 sized big and round boobs, big and protruding ass even at the age of 22. She was earlier very shy but later on became monster in sex. She had a boyfriend named Ashish.

She got into my touch through a common friend and we became good friends too. She used to share all her feelings with me. After talking to me her shyness evaporated and she became more and more bold and ended up having sex with her boyfriend too. This is story is not of her sex with her boy friend but her later tryst with her servant at home.

Her boyfriend had got some job in another city and had shifted to Mumbai leaving her alone. He promised to come back soon and marry her. But since she had tasted the forbidden fruit of sex she slowly became addicted to sex. She couldn’t tolerate the demand of her body’s sexual desires. She got fed up of fingering herself to satisfy her urge which was growing day by day.

She had family help or servant by the name of Sultan(name changed) whom she started fancying after having seen his erect cock while he was sleeping and his lungi was crumpled. His cock was not less than 8 inch long. She felt the urge to kiss his cock and suck it. She was thinking how to seduce the guy. She started getting sleepless thinking of cock and nothing but cock.

And slowly her full attention turned to Sultan her servant aged 38, well built, 5’10 height and dark complexion. She discussed with me how to seduce him. I guided her very well and due course we made up a plan to seduce him. She purposely used to sleep with her room’s door open at night and even in daytime.

When no one was at home she would wear the skimpiest dress and expose her body to him. He would secretly watch her actions but did not dare to make any move. Then I asked to make further move. She tried many tricks but failed. One day she stood before him and bent so her ass brushed his front. She felt a stirring in his loins but suddenly he moved from that place.

She tried giving him glimpses of her cleavages; she caught him ogling at her boobs. She felt happy for getting desired effect but when she looked at his face again he shifted his glance. She desperately wanted his attention which she was not getting. She discussed all this with me. I asked her to try again and again.

One day when no on was at home she left her room’s door open wore small skirt without panty and lose t shirt without bra. She lay on the floor and yelled aloud and acted as if she got hurt, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………………..oh goddddddddddddd..helpppppppppppppp mmmmmeeeee…Sultan bhai are you there.”

Sultan came running to her room and asked, “What happened to you Gayu? Why are you crying?” He was wearing lungi and bare bodied. As he was busy in work his body was glowing due to sweat. She said, “I fell down from bed and have hurt myself. It is very paining. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……… Help me. Lift me and place me on the bed.”

Sultan lifted her up……..She caught his shoulders and clung to his muscular body. She purposely began pressing her boobs on his bare shoulders. He felt her hardening nipples on his bare flesh. His body was giving out body odour due to sweat but she liked it as if it was perfume for her. When a woman is in sexual trance man’s sweat is the best aphrodisiac for her.

Her head was spinning due to the heady atmosphere. Her lips were brushing his hairy chest. His hairy armpits were full of sweat. Then he lay her on the bed and asked, “How is it now Gayu? Call a doctor?” And he handed her the phone and went to fetch glass of water for her. She took the phone and acted as if she was talking to doctor, “Yes doctor saab, I fell on the floor and am suffering from acute pain.

What shall I do now? Ok yes I have that balm. Ok Ok I will rub it on the affected part. What time will you come? In the evening? Oh ok ok. Fine. Bi.” She called Sultan and said, “The doctor is busy he will come later. He has told me what to do for the time being. I will take medicine and rub some balm on the affected area. Please bring the medicine chest from the almirah.”

Sultan brought the desired box. She took the tablet and water. Then she asked, “Sultan will you rub the balm on my leg as I can’t bend my back.” Saying this she lay back on the bed lifted her leg and placed it on her knee. This way her skirt got raised and her thighs were visible to Sultan. Sultan reluctantly agreed to rub balm as he was getting erection seeing her smooth thighs.

He was unable to hide his erection. He applied balm on her knees. He rubbed balm on the inner and outer knees with trembling hands. After few moments he wanted to leave before things got out of hands but Gayu asked him to move a little closer and rub balm on her upper thigh portion. He applied balm on her upper thighs.

Gayu was deliberately shaking her knees and legs and in doing so her skirt kept on moving up and up. Her skirt had almost bunched up near her crotch. Now Sultan could easily see her crotch area her clean shaved pussy. He was finding it very hard to hide his emotions and erection. Gayu had her eyes close so she was not seeing the torture that Sultan was going through.

He wanted to leave but Gayu asked him to move his hands a little further, “Please rub a little upward…….Yes yes ………I am having pain there also………….rub your hands more gently and massage the balm. HHHhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm…….lovely Sultan bhai. Aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm.”

Now Sutan’s hands had almost reached her pussy area. He could feel the heat. He was having clear view of her smooth and silky cunt. He was amazed to see her shaved cunt which was a new thing to him. His wife never shaved her pussy. She had big bush there. His heart beat was rising beyond control. He was unable to control further.

He looked at Gauy’s face to gather her expressions but her eyes were closed and she was enjoying his touch. She was waiting for him to take any further move. He was in two minds whether to move away as always or take up the opportunity being provided. He thought, “Let me flow with the tide. What ever happens I am not at blame.

As no one is home it is wonderful opportunity. This means she is also interested in sex.” Then he purposely kept his hands on her inviting cunt. She let out a gasp and made a sudden movement. He got scared and removed his hands. Gayu enjoyed the touch till then and got the signal that Sultan is ready for it. She opened her eyes and her gaze stuck at his noticeable erection.

He was trying hard to hide it from her but she loved his erection. She extended her hands and placed it on his erection from above the lungi he was wearing. Now he got an electric shock from her touch. He tried to remove her hand but she pressed her hand hard on his erection. Within seconds his erection reached its desired hardness.

She began fondling his erection and jerking a little too. Now Sultan also began rubbing his palm on her smooth cunt the gateway to heaven. He felt her cunt warm and wet. He inserted his middle finger in her wet hole and rubbed further. This was bringing her to her sexual pinnacle. She removed her t shirt and skirt immediately and became nude before him.

Then she knelt before him and pulled his lungi making him nude waist down. His cock was hard as pole saluting her. She pulled back the foreskin and planted a kiss on the tip. It gave out smell of fresh urine. Maybe he did not wipe his cock after urinating. She gave out a loud moan, “Hhmmmmmmmm. Lovely piece of meat here.” She licked the tip with her tongue which tasted salty.

She asked, “Is your cock long and HARD now? I want to SUCK your swollen cock-head and tickle your balls…..uuuunnnnngghhhhhhsuckkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing your cock nowwww. Oh yaaah my darling COCK………suckkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing your cock nowwww” She licked the eye and began sucking the cock head.

She engulfed the thick head and sucked and licked as if it was ice cream……………She swiped the tip with her tongue making him jump with joy. He also did not want to miss the game. So he began fondling her boobs and nipples. Her nipples were as hard as berry. He closed his eyes and began feeling her mouth on his cock. She began bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock.

When he was about to shoot his sperm he pushed her away. She got the message and stepped back. She also wanted him to shoot his cum in her cunt which was waiting for such assault since Ashish left her. Then she lay on the bed and motioned him to come forward on her body. He dashed at her naked body and began licking it. She was enjoying to the fullest.

Each inch in her body had a life of its own. He was licking her entire body from toe to head and from ass to navel. He licked her armpits leaving a trail of wet saliva behind. Although he was a villager he was very good in foreplay. Then he licked her neck and back. Then he reached her ass cheeks and began licking it. He even bit her cheek flesh making her scream. She loved each and every trick he played on her body.

She was moaning, “Yes yes lick my body……..make me feel like I am in heaven……….lick every corner of my naked body. Lick my ass hole.” Then he inserted his tongue in her ass hole and licked her. She loved it. He began swiping his tongue in the ass crack. Her ass gave a musky smell. He liked the sweaty taste.

He inserted deep in her hole, now he was able to lick her inner hole. She lifted her body to get closer. Then he saw her cunt crack totally vulnerable to his tongue only few inches away from his mouth. It was quivering and inviting him to suck it. He watched the trembling lips of her pussy. He had never sucked a cunt before not even of his wife. He could not control any further and began licking her cunt lips.

He was swiping his tongue from ass crack to cunt crack and again back to ass crack. The portion between her legs was wet due to his saliva mixed with her wetness. He sucked the cunt lips from behind. Each tongue stroke made her twitch with lust. Then she turned over so she was now facing Sultan.

She said, “Look Sultan, look at my cunt. I am soooooo wet…..Lick me here…..suck my cunt see it is trembling for your tongue…..” Hearing this Sultan began sucking her cunt lips. He sucked her both lips which were swollen due to his wild sucking. He was treating her like a rag doll. He began biting her cunt lips. She was twisting and turning on the bed due to lust. He located her clit.

He first licked it then began sucking. She was rotating in ecstasy. Then let out a scream as he bit her clit, “Ooooooooooooohhhh…aaaammmmmmaaaaaaa…………..yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu killed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..Get off me now….now fuck and lick me with your big cock…” But he continued his assault on her cunt. Suddenly he felt her cunt muscles quiver, he knew she was about to cum.

He pressed his face harder on her cunt. She clasped her thighs on his ears and pulled him closer. He could barely breathe. Gayu hollered, “Oooohhhhhh… aaaaaaaaaa… Aaaaammmm…I am cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg.” Her cunt erupted with her love juice. Then she cummed on his face, throwing out lot of liquid love juice.

He loved the taste of her juice as it was the first time he was sucking any cunt. He had never sucked his wife’s cunt before. He never knew sucking cunt can bring a woman to such a joy. He licked each and every drop provided by her. She hugged him tight and felt his hard cock on her tummy. She desperately wanted him to fuck her, wanted to feel his hot and hard cock inside her cunt.

She caught his cock in her hands and said, “I need your huge pulsating cock in my pussy now … come fuck me…..Tear my cunt with your monster tool. Get on my body and ravage it.” Sultan placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed really hard as he was also getting restless by the passing of time. He had never waited so much to fuck his wife before.

This experience was awesome for hm. He only believed in lifting saree inserting his cock in dry cunt and ejaculate and sleep off. Never had he done any foreplay before. Surprisingly for Gayu he did foreplay so well. His thrust pushed his cock deep inside as her cunt was wet and pulsating for him. Gayu got jerk in her body due to the forceful thrust. She loved the force with which he pushed.

She was pushed too back a little. She loved the savage force he was using on her. He began pumping her cunt with his long tool. He began biting her nipples leaving red marks everywhere. Her boyfriend had never used such brute power. He was hitting her pelvic with tremendous force making her gasp for air each time he hit her. She was not able to match his stroke with her return stroke.

She was jerking her body madly to enjoy his pumping. His teeth marks were like sweet kiss to her. She realized women also like being treated like a rag doll. Her eyes rolled up as she felt his cock expanding in length and thickness in her cunt. Maybe it was drinking her love juice too. She was jerking her body in the same rhythm as him.

She began calling his name and instructing, “Hit me HARDEEEEEEEERRRRR… FASTEEERRRRRRRR !!! Aaaaauuuuuggggggggggggg… uuuuuuunnnnggghhhhhhhh… aaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa.” His breathe was getting erratic while pumping her hard. He inserted his finger in her ass hole. She gasped due to the sudden invasion.

But in few seconds her sphincter muscles allowed easy passage to his finger. He began finger fucking her ass hole while fucking her pussy. Gayu was enjoying her double assault and began saying, “Ye yes yes………….FUCK my ass hole deepeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… .aaaooommmaaahhhhh !!!

…my ass hole wants to SUCK your cock too… oooooooooooooooooooooooooo……….my pussy is so wet !!! Oh fuck me dear Sultan…….Fuck me fuck me.” Her words brought up Sultan’s climax nearer. He increased the speed of his thrust. His cock was touching her cervix. He informed her, “I am about to cum…..where shall I cum?”

She replied, “In my pussy you stud. Your thrusts have made it hot and your semen’s will soothe it like a balm. Cum inside me.” Hearing this he arched his back and in one final thrust impaled her deep and then shot his cum inside her filling her hole with it. He cummed in her pussy in spurts.

She also cummed along with him this being her second orgasm in the evening, “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhho..I am cumming too……..Ooohhhhhhhh dear.” She held him tight as if to churn out entire sperm from him. His each drop was consumed. He got from her body fully drenched with sweat and fully satisfied. He had never been so much satisfied before by his wife.

Today he learnt joy of cunt sucking. Gayu also was satisfied her cunt had been watered after so many days. She fell into deep slumber after two earth shattering climaxes within 30 mins. But Sultan could not sleep. He had different ideas in his mind. He went out in the garden and pondered. Suddenly he got what he wanted.

He called the gardener(Anoop) and the driver(Rahim) on phone and asked them to reach the house immediately. They arrived within minutes with local alcoholic drink. They drank to their fill. Then Sultan told them what happened with him in the house with his Gayu. All of them became hot and hard hearing that and the effect of alcohol was drawing on them too.

They urged Sultan to allow them to fuck her too, “Sultan Bahi let us also fuck that slut. You help us in fucking her and I will let you fuck my wife. Even I will help you to fuck my wife if she doesn’t let you touch her. See Rahim is also ready to let you fuck his wife. You will get two more women to fuck if you help us to fuck your Gayu.”

Sultan said, “No no it is very risky. I will fall into trouble guys and they will kill me. She is very hot and sexy and has very good figure. I will fuck her daily and enjoy her tight hole. Which I will stand to lose if she complains to police.” Rahim said, “See, but in return you will get two more cunts to fuck. If you succeed you will get three cunt and if she complains still you will get two holes here.

And if she complains you can say she invited you to fuck her.” Sultan agreed after both of them promised they will let him fuck their wives in return if he help them to fuck Gayu plus they offered one bottle of foreign liquor which they had stolen from their owner’s house. This was an offer Sultan could not reject. He said, “wait I will go inside and check if she is still sleeping.

Then you guys come inside.” He went inside and came back in few minutes and said, “Good luck she is still sleeping and is in nude.” Hearing this, their mouth started watering. They rushed inside to see her nude body. They saw her fully nude smiling in dreams. They immediately had hard on seeing her nude body so vulnerable to them.

Sultan locked the main door for safety if anyone comes they have time to escape. He thought of a plan that if anyone comes he will rush them out from back door and tied in ropes and say some robbers came and tied him up but he knew it will not be required. Meanwhile the other two went near her and were ogling her nudity. Sultan stopped them from molesting her.

He brought honey from kitchen and poured it on her entire body and asked them to lick it. He said, “Lick her body and clean it with your tongue but not touch her body without my permission nor press her breasts till I tell you.” They removed their dress and became fully nude. They got on their fours and began licking her nude body.

Meanwhile Gayu felt sweet sensation on her body due to the tongue work, she was having nice dream of being fucked by her boy friend. But when she opened her eyes she was surprised to see that her body was being licked by two nude men with huge erections and Sultan standing behind them.

She tried to scream fearing she has been attacked by robbers but Sultan kept his hands on her mouth to stop her from screaming. He said, “Don’t shout. They are my friends. I have called them to service you. We have taken your nude photos on this mobile and will show to your family/friends and even make blue film of it. I have a friend who does these things.

(Although he had not taken any photo he just wanted to threaten her.)” He waved his mobile to her. She kept quiet but asked him to leave her and go. Her nude body was being ravaged by the two strangers. But he was in no mood to leave. He felt he could take control of her now. So he went at her foot side and began rubbing her cunt to cool her down.

This along with the body licking of the other two guys had magical effect on her. She calmed down a lot. Rahim was licking her armpits now and Anoop was licking her navel while Sultan was licking her cunt lips. She was treated by three tongues at once. This was just the beginning as she was to have three cocks same time.

Now Rahim was sucking her left nipple and Anoop was sucking the other one. She was now too hot and wanted more action. She held Rahim’s cock which was thicker than Sutan’s and began jerking. He stood up and placed it at her mouth. She got the message and began lickng his cock head. While Sultan was sucking her clit making her more excited.

She was enjoying her life had changed within few hours. She was having three cocks which was unthinkable few days ago. She began bucking her torso up to capture Sultan’s mouth. She had one mouth on her cunt one on her breast and she had one cock in her mouth. This mouth work was too much for her. She clenched her thighs tightly on Sultan’s ears.

He knew she was about to cum. He bit her clit in excitement. She cummed in flashes, “Oooooooooowwwwwwwwwww……………….aaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa.” She wet his face with her juice. He loved her taste. He got up and motioned Anoop to take his place at her cunt while she was sucking Rahim’s cock.

Anoop got up and Sultan started sucking her nipple. Anoop placed his cock at her cunt’s mouth. He waited for nano seconds to gather breath and pushed in. it was first time he was fucking anyone other than his wife that also a young bird. Seeing this Rahim began jerking his body at her mouth as if mouth fucking her.

She began jerking her body. She was very slow to regain her excitement as she had just cummed third time in one evening. But once gained she started pushing her body up to meet his thrusts. Rahim reached his orgasm and said, “I am about to cum where you want me to cum.” Gayu pointed at her breast.

Hearing this he wanted to remove his cock from her mouth but Sultan held him there making him shoot in her mouth. He couldn’t control and cummed entire sperm in her mouth. And Gayu drank all the liquid without spilling. She never drank her boyfriend’s cum before. She used to remove his cock before he cummed. Now she drank driver’s cum and surprisingly she liked.

Rahim’s wife had never kissed his cock what to say about sucking and drinking cum. So he enjoyed this experience. Meanwhile Anoop increased his speed of fucking. Suddenly Sultan saw Anoop’s face changing expression he understood he was about to cum. He asked, “Yes yes anoop cum in this slut’s hole flood her hole with your cum make her pregnanat.”

She said, “No no no….dont make me pregnant. Cum outside.plz………” Not listening to her cry he cummed inside her cunt and Anoop flooded her cunt. She also cummed with him. This being her fourth orgasm that evening. Now Sultan said, “Let us change positions. I will fuck her virgin ass. Rahim will fuck her cunt and Anoop will fuck her mouth. Three in one fuck for her.

Never heard never seen never experienced.” Gayu was not ready to have her butt seal broken. She got up from bed and started running towards bathroom. Rahim caught her and brought her to bed. He began abusing her, “Saali slut, after such a nice fuck you are running away. We will not let you go until we have satisfied ourselves. You know we have your nude photos in mobile.

Lie down and let us enjoy.” Gayu had no choice but to lie down and enjoy. She closed her eyes and wept on her position for which she was responsible. Sultan asked, “Rahim you lay down on bed with your dirty cock raised up in air. She will sit on it impaling your cock in her cunt. I will insert mine from back in her ass.” Gayu though she will die if that fat cock was inserted in her ass hole.

Rahim lay on bed as instructed. They lifted Gayu in hands and lowered her on his erect cock. Her wet and well lubricated cunt easily impaled the cock. She felt his cock going in almost touching her cervix. God they had big sized cocks. When she had his cock fully in her cunt, she lay still. Sultan asked them to start fucking motion. This way her mind drifted from the impending anal ravage.

Then he brought a bottle of coconut oil and smeared it on his cock. Then he inserted a large amount in her anus. He was trying to lubricate her anal entry. Meanwhile Rahim was thrusting his pelvis from below. His action was too hard and savage type. He was not caring for Gayu’s feeling or body demands but fucking from below. Sultan inserted his finger in her anus to open her hole.

She let out a big scream. Anoop turned around and placed his ass on her mouth. He parted the ass cheeks and asked, “Lick my ass, whore………..Insert your tongue inside and lick it. Taste the piece of ass.” She was disgusted to hear this………….Lick an ass hole…Eekhhhhhhhhh…She waved her head in a negative fashion. She had never licked an ass hole but she had no choice.

So she opened her mouth and began licking his ass. She liked the smell and taste of his anus. She rolled her tongue into round and inserted in his ass hole. She began rimming his ass while Sultan was fingering her asshole. She repeated the actions what Sultan was performing on her anus. Sultan inserted two fingers in her anal entry.

She screamed and in that bit Anoop’s ass cheek leaving her teeth marks. Immediately Anoop slapped her and placed his dirty cock in her mouth. The cock had not been cleaned or wiped after he had cummed in Gayu’s cunt so it was coataed with cum and her cunt juice smeared on it. She got both taste at once …her cunt juice’s and Anoop’s cum taste. She mumbled and kept quiet.

Sultan kept on rimming her anal hole with oil and made sure it is well lubricated for his cock. Rahim did not stop his fucking motion for one second. He was continuously fucking her from beneath. Sultan pushed his cock in her anal hole. She let out a scream despite of a cock in her mouth. She felt as if she was torn into two parts by the thrust.

Imagine the scene, Gayu had one cock in mouth one in her cunt and one in her ass. She never ever had dreamt of such savage sex. The two guys who had their cocks in her cunt and ass were pumping like mad men. She was freaking out due to the treatment. Her body was being torn constantly into two. But slowly the pain began to subside and she began enjoying it.


Tear my cunt and ass hole make me your slut………………………….Yeah.” She could barely speak while she was saying this her mouth was closed by Anoop’s cock. Sultan was banging her ass with his fat cock and so was Rahim banging her cunt in rhythm. They would both withdraw their cock at once.

When she would feel her inside being empty then they would push at the same time ramming her like piston. She would squeal with pleasure. Her three holes were filled at one time. Her whole body was shaking with excitement and lust. She was enjoying it and wanted it to continue for ever.

After 15 minutes or so Rahim said, “I am cumming…………..take my seeds you bitch…take my water…aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhh……mmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuu.” And hearing this Anoop also felt stirring her loins. He said, “I am also cumminggggggggggggggggg…Drink my cum…you slut…drink each drop… aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffff.”

Saying this he also cummed and Gayu had her fifth orgasm of the evening along with Sultan who emptied his ball in her ass canal. Her anal canal was filled with Sultan’s cum. He removed his cock and saw semens oozing out from her hole. Thus all her holes were filled with cum. Gayu also enjoyed her three way penetration.

Then they took her to the bathroom and wiped her clean in the shower. Again she sucked all of them in the shower. Thus the best day in her life came to end. She could daily have Sultan’s cock for herself. His big, fat and black cock and two more cocks all for herself. This is the story of Gayu and Sultan Bhai. If you like the story, mail your comments.

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Sex with Savi aunty

When my mother told me to go to the railway station and receive my aunt, Savithri, I was dismayed. She was widowed recently and after her tragedy I was meeting her for the first time. Savithri aunty spent her early childhood in our house. She was only 2 years elder to me.

But she exerted lot of authority on me as an elder sister and took the responsibility of bathing me, dressing me, and giving me food etc., since my parents were working they went away early. Savi aunty took me to the school with great care and brought me back. As soon as she was graduated, my parents got her married to a gulf employee.

But unfortunately her husband died in a car accident, she had to return home with her bag and baggage. Her in laws asked her to reach their home first and they took all the articles belonging to their son and allowed Savi aunty to go home only with her clothes and belongings. My mother made an upstairs room ready for her. There used to be lot of junk in that room.

They were all cleared and cleaned up and furnished with a double bed and table new curtains etc. When I saw her she was keeping a very sorrow face. I had no words to console her. I carried her luggage and took them to the car. She came with me and sat in the front seat. She just asked me how are my studies. just a formal question to break the ice.

By nature she was very jolly and jovial and her sad and sorrowful face pained me. I did not ask her anything but just drove the car and reached home. I know there will be some crying scene which cannot be avoided.

My amma embraced her and took her to her room and told her not to carry the burden of grief always, but to come to the kitchen and help her, and pursue her studies in comp. science so that she can pursue a professional career. Savi aunty nodded her in agreement. I carried her luggage to her room in the stair room. I told her I will be down in my room and anytime any help is needed to contact me.

Savi aunty quickly became normal and took over the domestic duties. Since my father and mother were both working they went away at 9 am. I went to my college in the morning in my bike and came back home by noon for lunch and went back again. Savi aunty asked me to stay back so that we may talk. She told me that her in laws have taken away all the belongings of her husband.

She had a camera with a lot of photos. She just wanted the photos of her late husband to be uploaded in the laptop so that she may look at them. I told her I will certainly do it. Since I am going away to the college, she asked me to leave my laptop with her so that she may check some mails and send some mails to her friends. Ok, I took my laptop and left it in her room.

I returned from college in the evening and she was there in the kitchen to give me snacks and tea. She was talking seriously about the colleges where she can pursue her studies in computer science. I forgot for a moment that there are several blue films stored in the hard disc. I went away to the college and came back home for lunch.

I parked my bike and came inside the house, Savi aunty looked at me at a strange look. She served food for both of us and quite unusually she kept quiet. I finished my food and sat in the sofa for a whle. Savi aunty came after clearing the plates and sat near me and looked me and asked ' since how long you have taken this hobby?' I asked her what hobby.

She said ''the hobby of collection of blue films" "Oh my god, I am sorry I forgot to tell you or lock that portion from public viewing.See aunty, we youngsters are all interested in viewing blue films, We all collect and distribute through pendrive. It is natureal. Please dont blame me." Aunty said"No no I am not blaming you. It took away lot of my time". I returned by evening.

After supper I asked aunty whether I can have the laptop back so that I will do some work on it' She asked me mischivously " do you have any new item to load" While returning the laptop she told me in my ears not to delete anything since she wanted to see all of them. I said ok. In night at 1 am there was a mild knock on my door. I opened the door. Savi aunty was there.

She said she had couple of DVDs which she wanted me to load along with my stock. She came inside my room and lied in my bed with outstretched legs. Shewas wearing a night dress. I closed the door so that our talk may not be heard by anybody. I came near her and sat on the bed and looked at her and asked what is the matter.

But she raised her hand and pulled me down on her and embraced me I just kissed her on her cheeks. But she wanted me to kiss her on her lips. I sucked her lower lip and her ample books were pressing against my chest. I put my hand on them and pressed them one by one. I unbuttoned her night dress. She had only bra and panty on her.

I unhooked the bra and buried my face into the beautiful breasts she was blessed with. My right hand went to her pussy. I was clean shaven without any strand or stub of hair. Her hand went in search of my cock. She had seen it in the younger days. Now it stood a magestic 7 inches. I removed my pyjama and we both were totaly nude. "Aunty it is ok to go ahead."

She said dont worry go ahead, I am on safe period now. Widely opening her legs she asked me get on her to a missionary position She guided my cock into her fuck hole. Mine was a bigger tool than the one she was accustomed to and hence it took some time and difficulty to get a passage. Her cunt was oozing with fluids.

Her vaginal muscles were pressing against my cock and it gave me a divine feeling. I went on sucking her boobs and let my cock remain idle in the cunt. Stating pumpiing in slow pace, I increased the speed gradually and Savi anti was enjoying it immensely. Suddenly I pulled out of her and buried my face into her cunt and sucked her tiny clitoris.

She was on the zenith of pleasure. I again continued the fuck and culminating within five minutes. There was all fluids all over. We went to the bath room and cleaned our parts of the body. I told savi aunty to go back to her room since my mother may come any time to start the kitchen work.

There after we kept our sexual encounters to day time to be on the safe side. But Savi took her studies seriusly and in the campus interview she was selected to go abroad. With that our sex came to a stop.

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Latha fucking father-in-law and friend

My name is Latha, father in law is Rakesh Prasad, husband is Vijay who lives at Kuwait, and mother in law is Sarita Devi. I am 29 yrs old having one kid 2 years old. I got married 8 years back. Earlier I had written my real story about how I was being cared in my in law’s home. Once my husband and in laws opened the words of incest and made me a family slut, we all began living happily in one room.

We all sleep together. We do not know the real father of my kid, my husband or his dad. All our incest activities started because of my husband’s infidelity. Once my husband got job in Kuwait last year, he began staying there; he was supposed be back by next year only. I along with mother in law live with father in law as his two wives inside our home and outside, nobody knows.

We have regular threesome sex in house. And my husband is aware of all our activities between father in law, mother in law and yours truly as we regularly inform him of our sex escapades. Last week my father in law’s friend and his long time office boss Keshav Rajaendran visited our city.

He was working with father in law for almost 11 years before retiring and he helped my father in law in many ways. There were even some allegations against Kumar and my father in law in finance issue of company and I heard that my mother in law and Kumar were seen some places in wrong circumstances. We went to meet him in is house.

Kumar welcomed us very well. He was all alone, now a widower and his sons were abroad. While we were going back to home by bus father in law kept pressing my breasts from under the saree pallu. I caught his cock and squeezed it. No one noticed it in the bus. I remained wet all the time. When reached home I was very horny for a fuck.

At night while my father in law was fucking me, mother in law opened her secret relationship with Kumar uncle, “Kumar is a very good fucker. He has fucked me many times. His wife knew this as she fucked your father in law. All four of us (Kumar uncle along with his wife and us two) used to go for trip and we did not have any barriers and used to enjoy each other like anything.

It was one of the best part of our life. We are telling you now no one knows it outside the house.” Only I know about it outside their club. I did not tell that I heard something from outside about their sex affairs. Then they informed that Kumar uncle is coming to stay with us this weekend. My father in law expected aunt and me to be ready to do anything for him.

I was reluctant to say yes, as papa told me not to inform hubby anything about this or to ask him anything. He arrived on the scheduled day. He came by evening around 7.00pm only. We wore saree without blouse when he entered in to home itself. He called me as Latha daughter and mother in law with her name.

In addition, they discussed about how it was difficult to make me ready for this. And we told him that if my hubby got to know he will kill us. We told him that I am the family slut here as my husband is away, we all are sleeping in same bed, and all are having sex together. Kumar uncle pulled me towards him and pressed my uncovered breast. The he held my waist and tummy.

He praised my figure and body. He traced the outline of my waist, breasts, ass and thighs. Every line was smooth, firm, trim, and just right. After all, I was only twenty-nine years old. I should not be getting fat and sloppy.

It was a good body, a great body and I admired it even more in the mirror at the bedside where I was regularly getting a fuck by my father in law, and Kumar was hell bent upon taking me raw in places which I had been only with Father in law and my husband. Now I had to take lead as Kumar was 57 years old with 8-inch long cock, which took half hour to get erect fully and 40 minutes to shrink.

So I put my lips on his lips and he became very excited by this and he responded me by taking my lips in his mouth and inserted his tongue in my mouth. His hands were now on my breast, which he was caressing and rubbing gently. I whispered in his ears, “You are very lovely old man. I like you very much.” He was rubbing my breast, my breast became too hard, and my nipples got erected.

I moved my hand to his thighs and placed on it. My hand was moving on his thighs and reached his penis. I opened his pajama string and slid it little down, as his cock was now free from cloths. I slide my hand on his cock and I touched his cock. I became excited to feel his manhood, as he was a perfect man not an old hag. He had very big cock, which was semi, erect by the time.

I started wondering how large and thick will it become after full erection. I took his cock in my hand and started moving my hand down and up. His cock reached full erection. I was still holding his cock in my hand and was rubbing it. Suddenly he moved towards the back and said to my mother in law, “I am sorry.” “For what?” she asked him.

He replied, “I am fucking your daughter in law before you.” Mom (MIL) replied, “You have done nothing, I have done all this with you before so I have allowed you to fuck my DIL before me.” I said, “Do not feel guilty.” Saying this I bent down and started kissing his cock softly. I was kissing, licking and sucking his cock he was moaning and saying, “You are too nice.”

I was so happy that I had him entirely for me at last. Then he put his hand on my waist. He caught my tits in his hand and rubbed them for a while, and then he put my one tit in his mouth and kissed, licked it, and at last sucked my tit and squeezed the other with his hand. He then interchanged the process.

I was moaning “Uncle…. ooo..yess.” Then I caught his hand, led it to my pussy, and placed it on it. He started squeezing my pussy. As I was sucking his dick, which now became in its full erection and was not less than 8’’. I was very happy in my heart that I selected the correct one. My MIL asked him, “Have you seen anything so beautiful as my DIL’s tits and pussy”, he said, “I am seeing it in for the first time.”

So I said, “You sucked my nipples now see my pussy.” I opened my saree and pulled it out now. I was now totally nude. We sat in the bed and he bent to see my cunt. He put his mouth on my cunt to kiss it. I pressed down his head in between my thighs. But his mouth could not reach it. Therefore, I asked him to lie on bed and I lay on the bed with him.

I spread my legs little wide for him and he placed his mouth on my pussy lips. Papa came over, kissed me, and pressed my boobs. It was double attack. Uncle continued licking my pussy and I was moaning in pleasure. Then he tried to put his tongue in pussy hole. He inserted his tongue in my pussy and started moving his tongue in and out of my cunt hole.

I stopped him by saying that I need your dick in my pussy please enter your cock in to me. Meanwhile papa was sucking my boobs. He sat between in my thighs and I held his cock, rubbed it with my clitoris for a while and guided it in my cunt hole. I asked him to push his cock towards my pussy hole and he did as directed.

But he failed to insert his cock in my hole as he had a big tool and my cunt had never been fucked by such big tool. He became little nervous. I smiled and once again, held his dick, put it on the orifice of my pussy, and asked him to push. I did not leave it until his dick went in my wet hole. He carefully put it in. He was now fully inside me and I was feeling his cock like a hot steel rod in my pussy.

I asked him to start moving his cock in and out of my cunt. Now mom was also getting excited. She came over me on fours putting her cunt on my face. Papa began kissing mom and squeezing her boobs. I happily began sucking her pussy. Papa got in front of mom; she kissed his cock and then began sucking it.

Uncle pulled half of his cock from my hole and then pushed it in again. In the same rhythm, my tongue was going in and coming out of mom’s pussy. Papa was also fucking mom’s mouth in the same rhythm. Meanwhile uncle was doing as I told him and now he started pushing me hard. He had bigger than 9″. So I was moaning very frequently.

Then he increased his speed of fucking my pussy. I became too excited and started using abusive language due the lot of excitement. Aunt and I were using all bad words like anything. I was crying now and saying, “You have got dick bigger than that of my bastard husband. Take your daughter’s legs on your shoulder and fuck me.” He placed my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me.

This way I was receiving his cock deeper in my pussy. Every muscle of my body was jerking and twitching. I locked his cock so hard on my pussy so he could not get it out and asked him to suck my tits. He bent over my chest and started biting mom’s ass so hard that she screamed and asked, “You bastard do it slowly. You want to hurt my ass.”

But he was not in mood to listen as he had not fucked a cunt since last few months before this and he was flying in sky by now fucking one female and sucking ass of the other. I was jumping now toward him up because I wanted his dick more in my cunt. I was moaning and crying with pleasure. I was saying, “Where were you till day, you bastard? You are fucking me in real in my life.

My husband had never given me such pleasure in 8 years like this. Fuck me hard, harder.” I started gasping and moaning very loudly, and even the bed started shaking and swaying due to the force of his violent stroking. Mother got up from my face and turned her ass towards papa. Papa (father in law) took his cock and inserted in mother’s (mother in law) ass. He began ass fucking his wife.

Mom turned her face towards me so that she was kissing me or pressing my boobs. All four of us were enjoying our sex act. Only sound heard in the room was of our fucking. Phuch, puch, thap, thap thap. And that was natural when an old man sex-hungry for months fucks a thirsty woman much younger to him, more than half of his age.

I caught his hips from behind pushing him towards me and also squeezed them. I was now jumping up with every stroke he was giving me to get his dick more deep in my thirsty cunt. We became very exhausted and we felt that we cannot control long it more. He asked me, “What to do now? I am coming Latha. I cannot control it more.” I said, “I also want to come.”

He asked, “What to do?” I said, “Come inside in my pussy.” I now pressed him as tight as possible, squeezing his hips. He plunged as deep as possible into my cunt almost reaching my womb and filled my pussy hole after a hard wild, 35 minutes long fuck. He fell on me after releasing his load in my cunt. Same time papa also came in mom’s ass with a loud moan and mom joined us.

We laid there for a long time and I was feeling a lot of love for them (parents in law) as they had given me the real pleasure in my life. I asked them to rest, went to washroom and after that to kitchen, and brought glass of milk for all three. Mom lay nude by Kumar uncle kissing him. Uncle began fondling mom’s nude boobs. Mom said, “Let us change partners now.”

I went to papa and handed him the glass of milk. He drank it and I lay with him. I got busy fondling and kissing him. He was also playing with my teat, and searching in my pussy to touch my clitoris. I caught his cock and stroked it. Now he was ready for another fuck, as his cock had become hard like a pole. I wanted to ride him. I asked him to lie on his back so that I could ride him as he rode me.

He lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. I held his hard dick and rubbed the tip on my cunt lips. Then pushed my pussy to his cock and took it in my cunt very expertly as this is my favorite style of fucking. He lay straight and was having a lot of pleasure, as he was saying, “You are the best daughter in law, you are really sweet.”

Meanwhile, uncle was laying on mom on bed and was inserting his cock in her oozing pussy. I took all of papa’s cock in my pussy and started jumping up and down. We were looking to each other eyes with great love as he was my father in law and was giving the ultimate pleasure to a woman who really needed it in her husband’s absence.

And for him this was the pleasure he could give to woman having 29 years of age. My breasts were bouncing which I asked him to catch, and he caught them both of his hands and squeezing them. I was jumping up and down to take his dick very passionately style in my pussy. I was fucking him very skillfully. While riding him I was moaning and grunting.

After few minutes, I asked him, “Now we should change the position.” He said, “Dear daughter as you like, I don’t have a passion for the positions.” And by this I felt a lot of love for him and I bent on him and kissed him very long on his cheeks. Then I got up, made a doggy style bending my waist and my knees, and made my wide soft ass up. I asked him too inert his cock in my pussy.

He inserted his cock in my pussy, started forth and back, forth, and back motion to fuck me. Uncle and mom were making too noise while fucking. Uncle was giving deep strokes and mom was yelling. They were fucking like two long lost partners. I was in great pleasure and was moaning, “Hhufff huuu huumm.” He caught my dropping tits. He was fucking me very hard and lustily.

His strokes now became more forceful. He grabbed both my shoulders and was giving me full stroke. He was trying to reach in my full depth, but it was already reaching me very deep and it was too enough for me. His hand found my cunt and he located the clit. While fucking me from behind he began tweaking my clit. This added to the pleasure.

After some time I was again near to coming for third time and I shouted, “Fuck me fast; give me your cock pump fast, faster. Your daughter in law is coming. And you should join me at the same time.” And he started pumping faster and faster. We both came together. He fell on me. We fucked four times on that day and uncle fucked me for not less than 30 minutes each time.

And after that he became crazy to fuck me as he was a old man and we were the only one to satisfy his desires. I never disappointed him and whenever he demanded, I provided a chance. Now some time I think that I was wrong to introduce a simple-minded person like him, who could not stay without my cunt and me during his stay.

He stayed for a night and day and we made sure that we are nude except sometime when we came out. I gave a nice view of my pussy to all who were standing in their terrace while shitting and pissing from terrace. I pulled up my nighty and stood up so that others can see from near building, Dear readers, tell me how you liked the story. If you like, the story, please post your comments below.

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Latha having sex with foster parents

Hi, I am Latha Devi 27yrs old, happily married, one daughter and residing in Bangalore. My husband works in Dubai. At this moment, I am on my way to Railway Station to receive my foster parents who are my uncle (father’s brother) and aunt (his wife). While in taxi, my past life was flying before me like a flashback reel. Now I am going to share the story with your readers.

My foster parents are coming to stay with me until my hubby comes back from Dubai. In fact, my hubby requested them to come to Bangalore. They had brought me up as my own parents since my biological parents had expired in a train accident when I was barely 10 years old. My bonding with uncle and aunt is beyond parenting only.

The story that I am about to narrate is true. It all started when I was 19 years old. My uncle was childless and took good care of my requirements and me. I used to have an album with some very hardcore picture under my bed, which I relished at night without any body’s knowledge. Recently I learnt the joy of finger fucking from my friend.

I used to masturbate in the bathroom before bath but it was very tiresome, as I could not reach orgasm. On the fateful day, I was following the same routine. But as usual, this practice made me tired and I stopped it after 10 or 12 minutes. After bath, I covered myself in towel, which hid my body from boobs to my knees.

As I came out of bathroom, I saw my aunt sitting on my bed and reading the adult (sexy) magazine that I left there. She turned towards me and watched me in towel she smiled, closed the book and stood up. Her face was red and her breathing heavy due to excitement as such. She kept gazing at me, which made me upset.

I asked her with smiling face, “Why are you looking at me like that.” Then added, “What have I done.” she replied, “You read such types of book. If your uncle gets to know it do you know what will happen?” I replied, “Then do not tell him he will never know.” Then I gave her a tight hug to impress her pressing my boobs with her boobs. That touch was exquisite.

At this, she broke her smile and held me, still watching my body, she said, “Latha, I never thought you will become so beautiful with such a hot body. Today I feel sorry for being a female, had I been a male I would have devoured you until now. Related or not related. By God, you are damn sexy and hot. Do not fear I will not tell your uncle. But I want to see you full nude now.”

Completing her comments, she touched my neck and kept massaging it. I just blushed at her comments, as I never heard before such comments about myself from her. I was even unable to say or ask any thing in response of her comments. She understood my mental position. Came near me and caught me in her arms, pressed me against her body and said, “Do not feel shy from my comments.

It is true I swear. Now tell me, what you know about sex? I see you have a nice collection of adult magazines. Have you ever had the opportunity of sex?” It was another shock for me; I shook my head in a no and did not reply. At this, she laughed and kissed at my right cheek, then said, “What is the use of having such books but never experiencing sex? That’s strange.”

This time my head responded in positive. She kissed my left cheek and said with a hitting smile, “Why are you nodding your head? Reply in words. Have you seen any male nude?” At this, I made myself a little brave, as the initial wave of shock had already passed. I replied, “Aunty please stop asking such questions, it is very embarrassing to me.

I have not seen anybody nude whether male or female.” I was gazing the floor in shame. Hearing this, she tried to watch deep in my eyes for a few moments, then once again asked sex related question, “There is nothing to be embarrassed dear. It is an unpleasant fact. Every woman has to go through it. Just answer my questions now.”

Then she brought me near my bed and sat me down there. She sat beside me and put her arms around my breasts and back. She said the, “After seeing these books and pictures have you not desired to have sex? Don’t you ever desire to be touched very sensuously on every part of your body? Somebody holds you in his arms and crushes you or kisses you and have sex with you?

Do you get wet down there seeing these pictures? Do you get erection in your nipples?” She was whispering in my ears, and her word was making me hot and curious. Suddenly she bit me on my earlobes and squeezed my breasts. It sent a wave of electric current through my spines. I tried to become brave and thought that if she could talk in this way why could not I.

Therefore, I replied without any shyness, “Yes, whenever I see, someone looking at my big boobs my nipples get erected. When I see someone urinating in public place, I get curious to see his penis. I get excited even when I see a bull fucking a cow. I get wet down there in my hole and my panty gets soggy and needs to be changed frequently. I want that someone kisses me, holds me and fucks me.”

I noted that my words had a pleasant effect on her as I had used the word fuck before her the first time. Different shades of color came and scooted away from her face. She looked excited, pressed me against her body and said, “Oh my God then what stopped you from going that far?”

I just ignored her question because I did not want at that moment to tell her about my relations with Anita my best friend. Instead of replying to her question, I asked counter question of her, “Why do not you initiate me into sex?” She smiled and replied without any hesitation, “Give yourself to me and enjoy the best moments of your life.”

Saying this she caught me in her arms and took me up and then sat me in her lap. Before, I could react to her act; she continued what she left in middle, “I have a lot of experience in fucking that’s what you wanted to hear in local language.” I kept watching in her eyes for a while and then decided that I will also tell her the truth of my life.

Therefore, I also said without any shyness or hesitation, “If you are kind enough to guide me into world of fucking I will co operate with you.” I felt that she became overjoyed to hear about my open invitation. But she continued her inquiry, I was sitting in her lap, she said, “Have you tried anything with a girl?” I replied in negative. She replied again, “Do you want to do it?”

I said, “I have fantasized many a times and have a knowledge that few of my college friends are actively into it.” She kissed my cheek and offered me, “I offer my help to my niece and to take her to ultimate ride of her life.” I was amazed to hear this from her. But it also gave me a lot of inner pleasure because I thought at so many moments of doing it, especially whenever I heard or watched about lesbian from my friends.

So I watched in her eyes and smiled. Instead replying in words I kissed her lips for a while and then removed my lips from hers and kept watching deep in her eyes. This was first time I was kissing anyone in a sexy manner and that to a female. Her lips melted in my mouth.

It proved a green signal for her, and the moment I removed my lips, she squeezed me in her arms and started kissing my lips very passionately. I warmly welcomed her by responding with same kissing. We were kissing each other on lips. Her hands were around my back while mine were at her ass cheeks, which I squeezed in excitement. I began running my fingers on her ass crack.

She began sucking my lips in. Her tongue invaded my mouth and brushed with my tongue. I was feeling dizzy. After few minutes, we broke our kiss. She laid me down on the bed, pulled towel from my body and made me fully naked from top to bottom. I tried to cover my nakedness with my hands but she removed that also. She was sitting beside me and was watching at my nude body.

Her one hand was in her own lap while with her another hand she was pressing my boobs. She asked me, “Do you know what its name is?” I replies, “It is called chuchi in hindi and boobs in English. The pussy hole is called boor or choot in Hindi and cunt in English.”

She again asked, “Do you know that there are two holes in your cunt or vagina? One is for urination and other is for child birth.” She said in very sexy voice, “Uufff God has provided you a damn sexy body to die for. You have boobs that can make people kill each other any time. The nipples are pointed like missiles. Your waistline amazingly tapers to hips.

Your pussy very pink and inviting is so beautifully covered with hairs. Let me suck your lovely boobs.” Saying this she came over me. Her face was above my boobs and then she started licking the nipple one by one with her hot and wet tongue. She began sucking my nipples. This gave me immense pleasure and I felt myself flying in the air. I caught her head to stop from flying away.

I kept my both hands at her head and pressed her mouth against my boobs. She was now sucking my one nipple while pressing the other with her hand. I said in hot and erotic tone, “Oh God! I like it, suck me aunt, bite my nipples and make teeth marks on them. The nipple is so sensitive. Take entire breast in your mouth.”

Hearing this she became more aggressive and started biting at my nipples and pressing my other boob harder. It just got out of control and I pressed her head more strongly against my breasts. She sucked in my nipples along with areola. The nipple became red due to sucking.

After a while, she changed her position and now she was sucking nipple of my other boob while pressing that one which was earlier in her mouth. I pressed her head so hard that she began gasping for air. She continued this for few minutes, then stood up on her knees with her legs to my side of my belly and removed her blouse and bra.

Then she also removed her saree and petticoat and became completely nude. I was watching her nude for the first time. She put her hands on either side of my head and came on four above me. Her boobs were hanging down. Then she crawled ahead and brought her boobs above my face, and said, “Look at my body. Say how you like it. Eat it, suck it or lick it. Do whatever you desire now. Make it red with your lips.”

Her breasts were white with brownish nipples and areola. Her nipples were erect due to excitement and a green vein running through the left breast made it more beautiful. The waist was little plump but she had maintained her figure. Between her shapely legs were her gate to heaven covered sparsely with trimmed pubic hairs. Her clit was shining like cherry on a plum cake.

Sensing my opportunity, I pulled one nipple in my mouth and started sucking her, while her other melon was being squeezed by my hand and she was enjoying it. She was moaning in low voice and I was relishing the taste of her soft nipples one by one. She was looking like a big mango tree with two ripe mangoes.

We remained in this position for a while, and then she got up and turned around. Now we were in 69 positions. I was lying so as her pussy hole was above my face and her face was above my vagina hole. She said, “Now you play with my pussy while I frig your.” I become too hot. She saw the lust in my eyes and said, “I will give you the joy of heaven that you never had in your life time”.

We began fingering each other inserting one finger in each other’s pussy. I kissed her vaginal lips. She spread her legs and I rubbed her pussy. Aunty lay on my body so I kissed her pussy hole. I spread her hole to lick it. Her wet juice was oozing out like fountain. I never knew that females get so wet. I began lapping up the juice relishing the taste.

If it were giving such pleasure to me what would be the fate of my uncle or say any other male. Her sparse pubic hairs were tickling my nose. Lying in the same position, she rubbed my pussy and then inserted her tongue in the hole. I jerked my body up almost throwing her off balance. She giggled at my action. The she held my waist just above my ass to keep herself in place.

She slowly inserted her middle figure in my ass hole and began scratching. I got scared that she might hurt me. She laughed and said, “Do not be afraid. It will not hurt you. Enjoy the experience.” I was relieved and now wanted her to continue. She was licking my pussy hole like a cat and fingering my ass hole at the same time. My pussy began oozing love juice and that also for my aunt.

Her hand got full of my flowing juice. She went on licking it. I was just imitating her actions on her we did not have hesitation to do all these. And we continued the same thing. She was sucking my pussy while I was doing the same thing with her pussy. I had turned into a lesbian lover. It took both of us at the extreme of pleasure.

I could feel the orgasm building in me that to by her ministration only. After about five minutes, we both ejaculated our hot juices in each other’s mouth. Her juice was very tasty and I drank it fully. It was my first lesbian treat. Now we both were lying side by side. Our eyes were closed when she turned towards me and said, “How was it?” I replied, “Awesome.”

I passed away after that wonderful experience without bothering to wear any dress. I do not know how long I slept. When I woke up it was 4.00 pm. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner for uncle who was due any moment. I came out of her room and opened the windows. I covered my body with single towel and entered in to kitchen.

I surprised to see her there in nude and preparing dinner. She saw me coming and said. “Nothing to shy, remove all your clothes” and by saying it she removed my towel and hugged me tight. My arms encircled her waist reaching her ass. She held my hand, placed it on her ass, and asked me to massage. She kissed me on my lips. Both of ours nipples is grinding.

She switched on the Music System and some music was playing. It was very romantic for me. I followed her like a calf following a cow. Only moonlight rays were coming from the windows and her naked body shone like Taj Mahal. I hugged her from backside catching her boobs with my both hands and started to press them. She loved it.

She just pushed her ass back to meet my pussy. I grinded my pussy to her ass forcibly. At the same time, I slowly pushed my right hand downwards and inserted my finger in her pussy hole. It was already wet. My finger got wet with her juices. I began stroking my fingers in her pussy making fushhh fusshh sound.

I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and licked it. It tasted different. My other hand reached to her boobs and slowly started to press it. Her nipples became erect. I held her erect nipples between my finger and thumb and twisted it. She did not say anything as she was also enjoying it. Meanwhile she was pressing her ass on my crotch.

I asked, “Dear aunt want to fuck?” she said, “Yes.” The prey had become predator. I wanted more of it. I asked, “What if uncle comes?” She laughed, “We will give the same forbidden fruit to taste, and then he won’t complain. Where will he get a virgin cunt with unripe boobs at this age? Let your uncle take your virginity.”

I was shocked to hear this, as I was not prepared. It means she wanted me for her husband, my uncle whom I respected as my father. In sudden anger, I released her boobs and my hands simply came down hitting her belly and vaginal area. She held my hand and planted it on her pussy. Suddenly I thought what is wrong in it. The life is to enjoy so enjoy it.

I went down on my knees on her backside and spread her ass cheeks. I wanted to lick it. I inserted my tongue in the ass hole and began rimming it. Finding it more exciting, I held her ass cheeks a little wide and inserted my nipple in it. She also got into the game and began yelling, “I am getting pain use some lubrication. Mmmmmm.”

Saying so she took her vaginal wetness in her hand applied it on my nipple and stood before me with her ass cheeks apart. This went on for 15 minute suddenly we realized that it is time for uncle to be home. We disengaged quickly and rushed to get dressed. I went to bathroom nude and called her too. She came and hugged me from back rubbing her boobs to my back.

She said, “We will do it daily from today. I cannot live without you. “I held her hand and placed it on my pussy and said, “This is your property now and you can use anytime and anywhere.” She said, “I want it clean from hairs. Allow me to shave it for you even your uncle will like it,” I felt shy but nodded my head in affirmation. She took out shaving foam and applied on my pussy lips.

The cold foam worked magic on me. I began moaning like a bitch and spread my legs for her. She worked up lather with brush. Then she took safety razor and slowly began shaving my pubic hairs. Her strokes were so sexy and sensuous that I could barely open my eyes. To prevent myself from falling I caught hold of her naked boobs.

She completed the job in a moment and my vagina was shining like marble floor. I myself fell in love with my clean cunt. I kissed her for her wonderful job. She hugged me and pulled me along with her to the shower. We took shower together like a romantic couple. She rubbed soap on my boobs and pussy and I rubbed the same for her. Once again, I enjoyed then.

My pussy had remained wet since morning. I was getting the best treatment since my birth. She toweled me dry and I dried her up rubbing our boobs together. She used hair dryer to blow dry my pubic hairs. After shower, I gave my lacy panty and bra to her as a memory gift. After much persuasion, she wore and looked like angel without wings.

We got fully dressed and then we heard the doorbell ring. My uncle had come. I hugged him with a new energy, which surprised him a little. He had brought some sweets for us. I was also feeling very shy like a newly wed bride. Aunt could understand the reason behind my childish excitement. Whenever our eyes met, she gave out a secret smile.

After every second, I let out a sigh, which was surprising my uncle. We had a nice dinner that night, and watched a little TV, and then Mommy and uncle said good night. My aunt said, “Go in your room, while I convince your uncle and make him ready for this. You come after 15 mins.” With my heart beating fast in my chest, I went to my room to change.

I stripped down to my panties, and slipped on a long t-shirt. After 15 mins, I went to their door. I stood outside for a long time, too nervous to move. Finally, I took a deep breath, held it, and gave a timid knock. From behind the door, I heard aunt say, “Come in.” I opened the door, and saw them in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms under the sheets.

They pulled apart, and uncle patted the space between them. “Come on my rava idli,” he said with a gleam in his eye, “It’s nice and cozy in here.” I crawled up on their bed, and as uncle pulled open the sheet for me, I could see they were both naked. His black cock was having tremors. My panties were already wet.

Uncle kissed me on the cheek, “Aunt tells me you want to experience sex with us and prepare yourself for marriage. I know it’s hard, but I think you made the right decision to hit it off with us.” Aunt spooned me from behind, running her fingers through my long black hair. “Yes. Uncle and I do not want that your first experience of sex after marriage to turn you away from sex.

We want you to know that it can be as wonderful as you have dreamed about. Probably even better!” I was surprised to hear this. My aunt had told him an entire different side of story. Anyway, I was eager to have hardcore sex no matter what the reasons she put forward to uncle. She pushed my hair to one side, exposing my neck, and began to run little kisses down its length.

Goosebumps rose on my flesh. “Show me,” I whispered, “I want you and uncle to show me before I get enough courage to perform with you as I am slightly nervous now.” I turned into my aunt’s embrace. She pulled my face to hers, and kissed me deeply. Her lips were softer than anything I had ever felt before even better than the way she kissed me in the evening.

Our tongues played between us teasing, wet and hot. As uncle cuddled into me from behind, I felt his hand slip under my shirt, cupping a breast. His large masculine hand roamed over my tit-flesh, making me moan with pleasure into my aunt’s mouth. My slit quivered as uncle’s hard cock rubbed into my leg. Aunt pushed the sheet down, exposing our bodies. “Let’s get your clothes off.”

She pulled the t-shirt over my head. As we resumed making out, I felt uncle’s warm breath over my naked tit. His tongue began to lick around the stiff nipple, and I turned my body a little to give him better access. He sucked at one nipple, and then the other, taking his time as he explored my young body with his hands. Aunt bent down, and joined uncle on my boobs.

Then she met him in a long kiss. “Uncle’s going to suck your pussy, aren’t you uncle? See she has shaved it today for you only.” Oh, she had my pubic hairs removed for her hubby’s interest. He answered with a smile, and kissed his way down my slim tummy, tonguing at my navel. I lifted my butt off the mattress, to help him as he pulled down my panties.

As aunt sucked on my nipples, I spread my legs wide for uncle. He pushed his finger into my wet slit, finger fucking me slowly. When his tongue made contact with my clit, I almost came right there! I prop my bare feet on his shoulders as he ran his lips over my pussy. He gently sucked my love-bud into his mouth, fluttering his expert tongue over the sensitive pink skin.

I cradled my aunt’s head, bringing her to my lips for another kiss. I whispered, “I want to do this to you. I want to taste your pussy, aunt.” As uncle continued to eat me out, aunt straddled my face. I kissed the supple flesh of her white thighs, the skin slightly salty from sweat. She positioned her trim snatch inches from my mouth.

The heady aroma, coupled with my uncle’s oral manipulations, made my insides burn with desire. I had never smelled another girl’s sex before that day, and I found my aunt’s scent clean and tart. Her vulva was a moist dark pink, with soft trimmed hair caressing the outer lips. I began to run my tongue up and down her weeping gash, trying to copy what uncle was doing to me below.

She rocked her hips, screwing her cunt into my face. Her juices ran over my tongue and down my chin. My lips found her clit, drawing it into my mouth as my tongue swirled around the tiny expose head. Aunt held the back of my head with her hand, moaning, calling me a good girl. Uncle’s tongue was coaxing me towards the edge of an amazing climax.

He had his oral muscle buried deep into my hole, using the back of his tongue to rub at my humming sex-button. When his finger found the rim of my butt hole, exploring the wrinkled flesh, I released a guttural moan into my aunt’s pussy. I began to cum. Wave after wave of orgasm washed through my body. Aunt started to cum as well.

She joined me as I wailed in delight, the two of us a chorus of ravished squealing. My aunt dismounted my face, and kissed me, licking at my lips to taste her own juice. Uncle’s head popped up from between my legs, his chin shiny with my cum. He kneeled on the bed, his magnificent cock curving toward the ceiling.

Aunt reached out her hand, and circled her fingers around the thick shaft. She slowly stroked his meat, making uncle’s eyes roll back in his head with pleasure. Aunt curled a finger at me, beckoning me over. She said, “Will you not touch the tower of pleasure?” I crawled to them, my eyes glued to my uncle’s beautiful erect penis. Aunt took my hand and placed it on his hard dick.

My fingers caressed at the velvet skin of his erection, the throbbing head glistening with dewdrops of seminal fluid. I explored the firm surface at my leisure, enjoying the simple pleasure of the satin skin gliding under my touch. I marveled at the fact I finally had my uncle’s cock between my fingers. “Have you had a man’s cock in your mouth?” aunt asked.

I shook my head in negative. “Then watch me,” she said. As I held the base, she bent down, and began to run her tongue in small circles around the swollen, purple head. Her lips parted, forming a seductive O, and then she eased her mouth over my uncle’s rod. Her lips met my fingers at the bottom, the entire length of his meat buried deep down her throat.

She began to bob her head in a sensual motion, slurping his shaft in and out of her pretty face. Then slowly, almost reluctantly, she let his cock slide out from her lips. “Now you try,” she whispered. I lowered my head to uncle’s big dick. I stuck my tongue out, and started to lick all over the wet skin.

He moaned softly, boosting my confidence, so I opened my mouth and sucked him inside. His cock tasted warm and salty, delicious. I did what my aunt had done, nodding my head into his lap, this tool pushing at the back of my throat. Uncle cupped my head in his strong hands, guiding me. I could hear them kissing as I gave uncle head, both of them cooing with our incestuous love-play.

“Make uncle cum, rasgulla. Uncle wants to cum in your mouth.” My uncle called out. I increased the tempo, sucking loudly at his engorged crown. My tongue flew over his shaft, as saliva and pre-cum drooled past my chin. My pussy was shuddering at what I was doing – giving a sloppy, wet blowjob to my own uncle!

My hand stole between my legs, masturbating my aching cunt as I sucked his meat. His hips began to buck, and I knew he was close to coming. Aunt joined me in uncle’s lap, drawing one of his fuzzy balls into her mouth. Finally, my efforts were rewarded. Uncle let loose a howl, plunging his cock into my throat. I pulled my head back as strings of hot creamy semen began to jet onto my tongue.

He pumped loads of his thick cream into my mouth, and I swallowed his seed with greedy hunger. His semen seeped out over my lips, and aunt was there to lap up what I had missed. The three of us collapsed on the bed, tangled in each other’s arms. We fell asleep all naked, our breathing deep and heavy. I awoke a little while later, eager to resume our family play.

While uncle was in slumber, I took his flaccid dick into my mouth, and began to suck it again. My hand found aunt’s hot pussy, and I finger-fucked her gently. The feeling of my uncle’s cock growing stiff on my tongue was amazing. I could not wait to have my tight hole stuffed. They stirred, slowly waking to their niece’s caresses.

“I think our baby wants to play some more, darling,” uncle said with a smile. I looked up to my uncle, “I want to fuck you uncle. I want your hard cock in my pussy.” I sucked him back in my mouth, bringing him fully to erection. Aunt’s fingers found my pink girlie-hole, and slipped into the wet slit, teasing the puffy outer lips. I rocked my hips into her hand as she masturbated my hole.

Since uncle was hard, I rolled him onto his back. Then I climbed on top of him, feeling his dickhead brushing at my ready opening. Aunt took hold of his cock, keeping it steady as I lowered myself down on his length. My pussy slowly stretched open as it swallowed my uncle’s penis into its folds. My hymen stopped it from going further and I felt an excreting pain in my cunt.

I yelled, “Stop, it is paining. I can’t do it now” Before I could react further uncle pushed his butt forward bursting my hymen in one go. My insides were stuffed with his huge girth as I descended all the way into his lap. It felt so good with his dick buried in me to the hilt that forgot the pain I felt seconds ago. I felt I was seconds away from coming already!

I slowly began to fuck him. Rolling my pelvis up and down, his shaft stroked at the sensitive walls of my cunt. I could feel my pussy tighten around his meat, squeezing it as it slid in and out of my honey-hole. I leaned down and pushed my tongue into uncle’s mouth. Aunt’s hands stroked the soft flesh of my ass from behind. Then she spread my cheeks, and was pleasantly surprised.

I felt her hot breath on my anus seconds before she slipped her tongue into my asshole. She was paying me back in the same coins what I had done earlier. She rimmed my bung as I steadily fucked my uncle. My body tensed up as an orgasm shot through me, and a few seconds later, another. I screamed, “Oh yes fuck me uncle, use your cock to tear my cunt hole.

Make me your slave. Aunt lick my anus insert your tongue in it. It is feeling very nice. I am being fucked from both sides.” As I increased the speed, at which I rode uncle’s cock, aunt made other plans for my virgin asshole. She oiled up a cucumber fished out of the vegetable basket. Keeping pace with my frantic bucking, she managed to squeeze the fake phallus into my winking rosebud.

She fucked my ass from behind, occasionally pulling out to bend over and run her tongue around the ring of my freshly penetrated anus. My small tits bounced as I fucked myself into uncle’s dick and aunt’s phallus with my long hair swaying. As another climax started to build, a big one, my uncle’s face bunched up. “I am coming, pumpkin! You’re making uncle cum!”

He arched his back, forcing his big cock deep inside my hole. His cock reached inside my womb. My pussy clenched down on his shaft. With a low groan, I could feel his hot cum splashing my womb, filling me with his plentiful family seed. Suddenly a huge orgasm sent spasms throughout my body. I shook in ecstatic convulsions, still riding on uncle’s shooting penis.

The three of us were sweaty and breathing hard, bushed. We came down from our high by cuddling, exchanging kisses, running our hands over each other’s naked bodies. We stayed in bed the entire weekend. We tried every position we could think of, every combination available to three loving people. Uncle fucked me in the ass.

Aunt and I fucked each other with fresh buttered cucumbers or carrots. We took showers together, and had sex in every room of the house. I am glad that aunt and uncle showed me what real sex was which helped me to enjoy with my husband. They showed me that sex could be the best thing Ever. For aunt, uncle, and me the fact that we were close relation only made it better.

Our relationship continued even after my marriage. Now how we are going to enjoy our renewed orgy, only time will tell and that will be another story for your readers. Now I have reached station and I can see my Foster parents waving at me so I am finishing the story here only.

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