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Jagdish having sex with dominating mistress - I

Hello friends!! Let me introduce myself first. I am Jagdish (name changed) age 24 from Mumbai with 5.4” height & average body. I am B.tech Electronics Engineer & doing job in one of the mid-scale organization as a Engineer. From very long time I am user of this site has read many Erotic stories on this site & this is the best place to share your experience.

Today I am going to narrate my true incident which happens just before 4 months only & this is also main advantage for me also so that I used same word to word conversation here. This story is related to dominating mistress & slave or you can say femdom type of sex. This is completely different from all the stories that you have read on this site I hope you all like this story.

I am not a good writer & not so fluent in English also, so forgive me for my grammatical & spelling Mistakes errors. From very long time I was fantasizing about femdom sex or to be Slave of cruel or dominating mistress who teach me a hard lesson & treat me as bad as possible. Let me start from beginning. I am regular user of yahoo chat room.

One day I was chatting on yahoo chat room & try to find my mistress also but from very long waiting finally one lady come & say “hi” to me but before I write anything hi & hellos she gave me her mail id & told me to mail my personal details like age, location, etc.. goes immediately offline. I was thinking k who was she? why she gave me her mail id & bla bla bla.

So on next day I mailed my details to her mail id & also I ask her same details which she ask me to mail & wait for her reply. On second day I got her mail & I was surprised by her mail she wrote directly that “if you are intrested in femdom sex & you want to be my slave then meet me tomorrow on yahoo messenger on same time”

I was shocked coz everything is going very fast that I have not imagine in my life but on other hand I was excited that coz my fantasy was also same. We exchange our messenger-id & she goes offline. From her messenger id I didn’t find any clue regarding her name surname. Her id was completely different.

I have noticed that she was hiding her identity coz she didn’t write a single word about her age, location etc… which I ask her in mail. Actually this thing make me more confuse, make me to think on this & I was excited to know her. So like a good boy I sign on yahoo messenger on next day on same time & what? She was already there.

She immediately write one statement “now answer my questions” I have seen dominating nature in her statement. So I write simply “ok” on my reply she ask me “you were searching your mistress on yahoo chat room ha?” I reply with “yes.” Again she ask me “have you ever tried femdom sex? or slave for any mistress.”

On reply I said “no I am new but my fantasy is to be slave for one mistress for atleast one day” on my reply again she ask me “janta hai ye sab type k sex me bahot taklif hoti hai.” I was surprised by her language she was using hindi language also during conversation. I reply in hindi only “ha janta hu slave ko wo sab kuch karna padta hai jo mistress kehti hai” Actually I knew to this type of sex coz I have seen in porn movies.

She said “ good but isme pain bahot hota hai. I said “yes I know” so she told me “tell me what can you do for your mistress to make her happy” I replied “anything I can do for my mistress jo b woh bole” again she ask me “how much amount of pain you can beer.” I said “this is my first time I’ll try my best to absorb as much pain as possible.”

Immedaitely shouted on me “try nahi yes ya fir no bol, capacity bata teri saale” I have seen dominating nature from her sentence & she was also using very rough language slowly slowly so without any fail I wrote “I can beer any amount of pain.” Again she warn me “sure!! Soch le fir bolna mat.” I reply “yes I am sure me kuch nahi bolunga.”

So from my reply she told me “from today onwards I am your mistress & you’re my slave you’ll do whatever I’ll tell you to do.” On her reply I just write “OK” & I don’t know this just “ok” how much dangerous for me.

On my just OK she shouted on me in very rude manner she write that “you bastard you dirty slave behave yourself sirf OK nahi, ok mistress bol saale, from next time onwards you have to pay for this, say sorry to me.” So I said “ok mistress I’m sorry.”one side I was feeling very odd coz I have not heared this type of language form any girl, but I have know this is just staring end will be more worst.

On other side I was so excited coz I was waiting for this from very long period. Then she ask my mobile no. this thing make me more excited in like a good guy. I gave my no to her & she ask me to wait for her call & she Immediately goes offline without saying goodbye & all so that I can’t ask for her mobile no or anything.

Day after day I was on waiting & no call response from her so I thought she has done time pass with me. I have decided to forget all this which was happen just before few days ago & I was on my routine.

But god have decided something different for me or ek din Thursday evening ko mere mobile pe ek unknown no se call aya so I accept call & say “hello” to samne se mujhe ek lady ki awaz sunai di or usne kaha “now listen to me carefully.” I have seen dominating sound in her sentence she continued “listen I am your mistress I have make one schedule to teach you one hard lesson

so meet me on coming Saturday at pune station on sharp 1.00 PM & do not wore underwear on that day” So I reply with “ok mistress.” & I tried to ask her name also but on my reply she disconnects the phone & when I call on same number then I found no is “switch off.” She was very smart & one step forward to me.

I was waiting for my day & on Saturday mene white half sleeve shirt or blue jeans pehn li par mene galti se underwear pehn li jo usne mana kiya tha par mene soch liya ke train ke toilet me nikal duga par me bhul gaya I have take it very lightly. I took train in morning from mumbai to pune so I can reach on time.

In train I was worried coz I have not a single information about her like name, age what she going to do with me? & All this. I reach on pune station on before time so I call her but again I got “not reachable”.this thing put me in tension & I am new to pune also so I also don’t know road map & all. I wait for around 1 hour again my phone rang & again unknown number.

So I pick the call & heared same voice she ask me “utar gaya station pe” so without wait I told “yes mistress, me pune station par he khada hu” she told me “ok, station se bahar nikal or waha se auto kar ke national highway par aaja.” Usne mujhe national highway par ek shop ke pass wait karne ko kaha or me station se auto kar ke shop ke pass pahoch gaya.

This time she call me from another number Or mene firse call karne ki try ki par again no is switch off or mene waha pe bhi bahot wait kiya. After half n hour firse call aya fir se unknown no. mene call receive kiya to usne kaha “shop ke samne jo honda civic khadi hai waha pe aja” I follow his statement.

Waha pe me jab gaya tab mene use first time dekha woh driver seat pe thi oh my god what a lady she was, she was very beautifull & woh blue silk saree or low neck blouse me thi usne black goggles pehne the of fir usne ek halki smile di or goggles uper kiye or car ka door khola. Oh my god uski eyes uska pura face ek typical mistress ki tarah tha.

Me jaise he car me jaa raha tha uske mujhe apne taraf pull kiya or door bandh kar diya & she start driving then I made one mistake, I ask her name on which she slap me hard on my face & then she shouted on me “you bastard tujhe kisne authority di question puchhne ki ha, Chup chap beth saale” Me chup chap beth gaya or Me man hi man me soch ne laga tha this is going to very tough for me.

Or who car drive karne lagi she was driving very fast or me bhi new tha or na koi location ka pata tha everything is running very fast. she was driving & I was watching her body. Oh god wat a figure that was.

She has quite large melons may be 36D, perfect mistress eyes, full of makeup with red lipstick, her ass was perfect round shape ass & her finger nail was very long may be 1 inch long & it was painted by pink nailpolish which increase her hand beauty. May be she have 36-28-38 figure. She was looking very damn sexy in blue silk saree.

Fir usne car turn kiya car ko or khali road pe drive karne lagi wha pe jyada car nahi thi of firse mene aur ek mistake ki mene use puccha “hum kaha ja raha he?” & request her to drive slowly. On my reply she loose her temper & she stop the car & slap me on my face this time two slap & it was very harder then previos one.

or fir usne mere hath pe bahot jor se pinch kiya uske nails itne sharp the ke meri skin par mark aa gaya or mere hath se thoda si bleeding bhi start ho gaya. Then she used very vulger language for me usne kaha “you mother fucker, ek bar bola to samaj me nahi ata kya madarchod, ajse gulam hai tu mera naukar hai saale, tu sirf wo bolega jo me pucchugi, understood.”

mene aaj tak koi lady ya ladki ko aise gaali dete nahi suna tha, she was using very vulgar language to me on other side I was shivering. I replied with “ yes mam, nahi pucchuga.” again she she shouted on me “lagta hai tu aise nahi manega” & again slap me hard & tell me “you have no manners ha,don’t you know how to deal with mistress? say sorry to me now ”

or usne mera right ear jorse pinch kiya or boli “say sorry to me u bastard”. Instantly I said “sorry mistress I’ll take care of this please mistress forgive me.” I request her coz ek side mere hath se bleeding start tha or second thing is usne mera ear jor se pinch kiya tha uske nails ke wajah se mujhe pain bhi ho raha tha.

On which she was laughing very loudly & said “good boy” & I fell very bad. She was looking very cruel to me. Then she start the car & we reach to one bunglow around 3.00 PM. Wo side pe sab bunglow type ke hi house the or wo bhi bahot kam. She told me “this is my home no one will come to disturb us just u & me only.” Uska ghar duplex bunglow tha or who bhi kafi bada.

With big garden. She said me “follow me.” & I followed her. she was having very reach wooden furniture at her home or uske ghar se ek halki si perfume ki smell aa rahi thi jo mujhe or bhi crazy kar rahi thi. Usne kaha “sit here I‘m coming.” I said “yes mistress”.

Fir wo ayi or usne mujhe soft voice me kaha “ seat comfortabely or ha tumne kuch khaya bhi hai ya nahi?” this time I surprised by her tone coz 10 min pehle usne mujhe slap kiya tha or abhi wo formality bhi kar rahi thi I don’t know what running in her mind. I said ”no mistress.” On She told me “ jao jake fresh ho jao lunch is ready.”

then we take lunch together & after completing lunch we sat on big sofa after some time she told me “relax yourself here I’m coming.” Me to bahot excited tha or soch ne laga k kya hoga who kuch time k bad ayi. Of my god she was looking very sexy usne ek latex ka black colour ka top or skirt pehna tha, 3 inch ki pencil heel sandel.

she has voluptuous body & she has good amount of plump on right places also. wo mere baju me ake beth gayi. Me uski body ko jaise scan kar raha tha or excitement me mera penis 3 inch se direct 6 inch ho gaya or usne ye sab dekh ye dekh liya. Then she told me “bahot excitement ho rahi hai ha, chal apne kapde uttar.” Uska tone me dominating tha I said “ok mistress.”

Par achanak mujhe strike hua k me apni underwear utarna to bhul he gaya so mene excuse banaya ki “mistress, can I use toilet” on my reply she shouted on me “toilet me jake hilaye ga kya sale pehle apne kapde utar” I said “ok mistress” or mene kapde utarna chalu kiya. First I start with my shirt & then I moved on my jeans.

Jaise he mene apni jeans ka button khola usne kaha “stop” or main ruk gaya shayad usne mera underwear dekh liya tha or Fir wo mere taraf gusse dekh kar boli “archha to ye baat hai ha, underwear hai isiliye toilet jana hai tujhe ha,maine phone pe kaha tha na no underwear ha?” mene reply diya “yes mistress” or wo mere pass ake jor se mere gaal pe slap kiya or kaha

“saale, mistress k bachhe,jo nahi karne ko kaha tha to b kiya or excuse dikhata hai madarchod, khud ko bahot smart samajta hai na saale” & again one more slap. Again she ask me”pure kapde utar saale” I followed her instruction, then she come & pull my hair & gave me one cream then told me

“ye cream le or washroom me jake pure body pe lagake ke wash karke aa & yes don’t apply on face or sunn koi chalaki nahi” usne mere baal itne jor se pakde the k main dard ke maare “yes mistress, yes mistress ” bolte ja raha tha. Fir me washroom me gaya or mene cream apply ki except my face or jaise he mene shower chalu kiya mene dekha k mere body k sab hair nikalne lage I was surprised. Or me bahar aa gaya.

Or me hall me enter hua to usne mujhe kaha “stand like a dog” or me samaj gaya ab meri kher nahi. I followed her instruction & stand on my both legs & Hands. Then she laugh on me & said “hahaha, you dirty slave dog take your cloth by your mouth & follow me” I said “yes mistress” & followed her I’ve no other option.

Then she took me to her cupboard & took my clothes from my mouth put into the cupboard & lock it. Then she put cupboard key in her gold chain which she wore in her neck & told me “if you follow my instruction then only I’ll give your clothes & if you make me more happy then I’ll make you happy also but if you make me angry or not satisfied me then you’re not able to home at your own feet” or me darr gaya or muje pasina ane laga.

Or usne kaha “are you ready?” I said “yes mistress.” Then she asks me “wats your condition?” & finally I took relief breath but for short time only because I know what she’ll going to do with me after sometime. I replied “no scratch mark on face & I’ll not eat your shit” I know this because I have seen in porn movies & Read in stories also so I gave my condition for safety purpose.

after my reply she said “that’s it, no more condition” I said “yes mistress.again she ask me”sure” I said “sure mistress” then she pull my hair very strongly & tell me “”bahot smart samajta hai na. aaj dekh me tera me tera wo haal karugi jo tune sapne me bhi nahi socha hoga, itna pain dungi k ghar jane k liye tadpega tu” I have no other option coz I have surrender myself. She told to wait for her.

I ask myself what will happen now. & is this much condition is ok? How she’ll treat me. At that time 4.30 pm ho raha tha, after some time she come with one leather whip & canning stick. She sat on sofa I was standing alone without any cloth then they ordered me “come here & lick my sandel” I followed her statement & start licking her sandel. I lick around 15- 20 minutes.

After some time she put her one leg on my shoulder or achanak meri nazar uske private part taraf gayi or fir kya bus mera penis b hard hone laga. She wore red panty on that day. Or fir usne apni panty bhi nikalna chalu kiya. Uski pussy dekh kar me pagal ho gaya. She has very tight pussy & clean shave also, or waha jo smell aa rahi wo to mujhe or bhi crazy kar rahi thi. mera penis to iron ki tarah hard ho gaya.

Achanak uski nazar gayi or wo boli “stop & stand-up.” Me khada ho gaya. Usne mujhe jor se do bar stick se mara or boli “you bastard,tera penis erect hua he kaise, kisne kaha tujhe erect karne ko” I said “sorry mistress” fir usne kaha “sorry nahi use niche kar warna or marugi.”

I said “ok mistress” or mene try ki par niche ho nahi raha tha or wo mujhe stick se marne lagi or kuch time k bad maine kaise bhi karke use niche kiya, fir usne apni sandel utari or usne apne feet lick karne ko kaha or me lick karne laga main kaise bhi karke mere penis ko control kar raha tha.

Or usne muje or uper lick karne ko kaha jaise me uper ja raha tha uski vagina ki smell or badh rahi thi me apne aap ko kaise bhi control kaar raha tha. Or fir usne mere baal pakad k mera face pura apne vagina k pass daal diya or boli “lick fast” or me lick karne laga. usne mere baal jor se pakde the or me bhi out of control ho raha tha.

Mera penis fir se erect hone laga uane ye dekh kar mere baal khiche or kaha “tu aise nahi mane ga ha.” Or fir Usne mujhe bed pe sone ko kaha me bed pe gaya or so gaya fir wo ayi or mere haath or pair bed k pillar se bandh diye & she told me “penis niche nahi hua to dekh tu” & she start facesitting wo mere face pe beth gayi or usne firse usne vagina lick karne ko kaha.

Wo aise bethi thi ke uski ass mere pure face ko cover rahi thi taki me breath na kar saku but I was enjoying also coz mene ye sab k liye bahot wait kiya tha, I try very hard to breath. Or wo khadi ho gayi me heavy breathing karne laga or bolne laga “thank you mistress” fir wo boli “thank you nahi nichhe kar sale” or wo fir beth gayi or mere penis pe wo apne hath se Marne lagi.

I was trembling like a fish without water or ye dekh kar wo jor jor se hansne lagi. Again I tried very hard to breath but failed par ye sab me mera penis loose ho gaya. Or wo bhi uth gayi. Finally I won & said “thank you mistress.” Wo boli “abhi to starting hai ab dekh tu me tera kya kar karti hoon” I noticed that something different running in her mind then She open my both legs.

After sometime she come with four glasses I don’t know what is inside in the glass. She came & told me “I am going to apply hot wax of this candles on your body,bahot excitement ho rahi hai na ab dekh tu.” Ye sun ke me thoda dar gaya & she take one glass & slowly apply on my chest & underarms.

I start moaning in pain but she continued & take another glass & apply on my thigh, I said “please mistress ” I was asking for my relief but who cares. After she pull my hair hardly & take third glass, applied on my back & she separate my ass I said “no mistress please don’t do this please” & she finally put remaining wax in my asshole.

I moan like “aaaaaahhhhhhhh, oh no please please forgive me please mistress” she laugh & told me“or jorr se or jorse koi nahi ayega tujhe bachane” & then She come & sat on my face then she take last glass & apply on my balls then she finally on my penis & finally on penis head. I was trembling like a fish & I was not in condition to breathe also.

Finally she stood & long & loud moan comes from my mouth like “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh please stop mistress please forgive me” & she start laughing very loudly “ha ha ha kyu nikal gayi sari excitment” Finally she stop she went to the kitchen, I was crying in pain, meri puri body jal rahi thi or jalke lal (red) ho gayi thi par mere pass or koi chara nahi tha.

After some time she come & finally open my hands from bed but for short time. She put a dog belt in my neck & kick my ass very hardly ask me to follow her direction. I was in pain but I have no other option & I followed her after some time she remove belt from my neck & told me “stand up & go to that piller & hands-up” I followed her order she come & tied my both hands with piller.

Then she come & closes my eyes by one cotton cloth so that I cannot see anything. I was shivering what will happen with me after some time I can listen her sandal sound only. Then she come & starts beating me with one stick. She beat me on my chest, hands, thigh, naval etc… After some time she increased her pace. I am unable to see all this things.

Believe me friends jab apki eyes cover kar di ho tab aap kuch bhi expect nahi kar sakte kya hone wala hai. After some time she increase her pace I was trembling in pain. Then she holds my balls or usne waha pe bhi marne chalu kiya slowly slowly. Then she stop for some time. After short break she hold my penis oh my god what a feeling that was.

uske toch karne se he mera penis 3 inch se 6 inch ho gaya. Then she backs my foreskin. My foreskin was very tight due to this I moan in somewhat in pain. Then she starts giving me hand job, oh my god bahot maza aa raha tha kuch der k bad usne mere penis pe spit kiya or lick karne lagi. I moan like “aah aah” in excitement. Then she my penis in her mouth & starts giving me a hot blowjob.

Uska mouth kitna hot tha me excitement me continuous moan kar raha tha fir usne apni speed increase ki or jor jor se mera lund apne muh ke under bahar karne lagi. Still I was moaning in pain not in excitement. Mujhe bahot dard ho raha tha me request kar raha tha “please mistress slowly mujhe bahot dard ho raha hai” ye sun ke apna pace aur increase kiya or achanak usne mere penis pe jor se bite liya.

Oh my god me jor se chilla raha tha “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh please please” or wo khadi hui or usne meri eyes khol di & then she slap me hard & hold my hair very tightly & told me “haramzade tu mera gulam hai husband nahi tujhe,isse bhi jyada pain dungi dekh tu.” I told her “I’m sorry please.” Then she opens my hands & ordered me “take a bath & come for the dinner, do not put any cloth on top”

Mene ghadi me dekha time 8.30 hua tha pata he nahi chala time kaise nikal gaya. Me bathroom me gaya or mirror me apni body ko dekha, meri puri body lal lal ho gayi thi meri puri body pe wax tha. Mene shower chalu kiya & I take bath for 15-20 min or me ready ho gaya, mene upper kuch bhi nahi pehna tha or wo dino me winter season chalu thi pura environment cool tha.

Or me dinner k liye gaya. Now she was in black T-shirt & blue denim, she was looking very hot. She ordered me “come here” me gaya wo meri body dekh rahi thi. Then she ordered me “kneel down.” I followed her instruction. & then she starts taking dinner& gave me her eatables & ask me to eat. I have no other option.

Ye sab aise he chalta raha after some time we complete our dinner, Food was very spicy mera pura mooh jal raha tha so I ask for the water but She ignore this & ordered me lay down on floor. Her floor was very chill I lay down & she come & opens her panty sit on my mouth. Oh my god what a view I can’t believe all this. & she ordered me “lick my pussy now” I replied with “yes mistress.”

Ab tak mene koi bhi ladki ki pussy lick nahi ki thi or sab pehli bar ho raha tha. Bahot maza aa raha tha. I start licking her pussy. Her vagina was very tight. She start moaning like “aah yes lick my pussy yes lick fast.” this makes me more excited so I increased my speed of licking. She start moaning very loudly like”oh ya yes come lick fast make me happy.”

She hold my hair very tightly & give some more pressure so I can reach to most inner part of her vagina. I also feel good coz all this I’m doing for first time. Then she loose her grip on my hair she goes backward & She starts fingering herself she continue for some time & she was moaning loudly.

After some time she moan very loudly “ahhhhhhhhh yes I’m coming I’m coming” & she again sit on mouth & ask me to drink all love juice. Without any delay I start drink her all love juice, it was salty in taste I lick her pussy also & make it dry.

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Indian college babe in red salwar kameez showing juicy tits and glimpse of panty Naughty Indian college babe showing tight red bra in front of lover
Sexy Indian college babe cleaning her pussy after lovers unloads his sperm post sex session Indian college slut babe showing pussy mound and posing in white bra while dressing up

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Nurse having sex with accident victim

When Neela the junior nurse went to the hospital, her friends told her that there is new patient admitted in one of the private rooms and he is very handsome. All the girls went to the room of the new patient under some pretext and looked at him. He was very fair, handsome, young and muscular.

It was an accident case where he was riding his bike which skidded and fell down in high speed. The bike fell on his left leg and there were two fracture in his left leg. Doctors had to rip open his jeans to come to the injury. He had no clothes on his except the sheet provided by the hospital. Due to the impact of the accident he was unconscious.

Neela went and reported to the head nurse. Head nurse told her that there was no bye stander to the patient in the special room. Hence he may have to be taken care. He was to be operated and doctors had already come and they were waiting for the anesthetist. Neela was to go take charge. When she went to the room, there were a crowd of nurses.

Some were cleaning the body of the patient, some were shaving his body and private parts. Girls took too much interest in these tasks since they all get an opportunity to touch his private part, a seven inch long (in limp condition) golden coloured cock and the ball pouch. muscular thighs etc. Girls were are interested to be around his cock.

The main doctor turned and asked them if they have finished the job to vacate the room and only those connected with the surgery to remain in the room. Dr.Shukur, the anesthetist, checked the general condition of the patient for giving anesthesia. Dr.Soman and other doctors were the sterilized garments and were ready to perform the surgery.

They were examining the X ray plates and deciding how to proceed etc. Dr.Soman called Neelam and asked her to put on the sterilized garment and be there to help them. There were other nurses connected the surgery department. Neelam just stood by the side of the patient holding his hand.

They put a big green sheet over him But the hand of Neelam was underneath the sheet touching the body of the patient. To position is body correctly on the surgical table, they all jointly moved his body a few inches up. Neelam also did her portion. But by all this movement his cock was touching the hand of Neelam.

She felt some strange object touching her hand and she groped and found it is the limp cock of the patient, which all the girls were eager to touch. Operation were on, positioning the broken bones, drilling holes and placing steel plates and screwing them in etc. It was early in the morning. By the end of two hours the doctors finished the first part of the surgery.

Dr. Soman told her to be watchful and if any change occured to inform him. All the doctors and nurses left. Neelam was standing with slight dampness in her panty holding to the cock of the patient, who was in deep sleep. She ran her hand underneath the sheet and touched his balls and the entire length of the cock. The patient may be in his early twenties.

Neelam went and bolted the door from inside and lifted the sheet and took his cock in his mouth and sucked it. It went into her mouth by about five inches. It was soft and was easy to suck. It was pulsating and with little more sucking it would have become stiff and its real size would have been revealed. This size cock to go inside the cunt fully may give great pleasure.

She examined his belongings placed on the table. There was a purse, with few currency notes, a few credit and debit cards and a driving license. His name in the driving licence was shown as Ajay. She mentioned his name in the medical records as Ajay. Locking the door she went out and met the Head nurse. She said she is going to take the breakfast in the patients room.

Time was past 9 am. She ate the idlis she brought and washed the tiffin carrier Ajay has moved his head in his sleep. She felt his hand and there was no temparature. She pulled a chair and sat near him. By instinct her right hand went to touch his cock. She pulled the skin back and it came. She lifted the sheet and saw his glans red in colour.

At about 10 am Ajay fluttered his eye lids and opened his eyes. Neelam asked whether he needs anything. He told her that he is thirsty and wanted something to drink. Ok, I will go and fetch. She went to the duty room and told the head nurse that he says he is thirsty. Should we give him water or a glass of milk. HN told her to get a glass of milk from the kitchen and gine him.

Neelam telephoned the kitchen and asked to sent a glass of milk. She went back to the room and milk was received in a small mug. Ajay was keeping his hand holding the side iron pipe ridge of the cot. I had to lean on him to make him drink the milk. My pussy will press against his hand. My boob will press against his shoulders. He sipped from the mug and he took the whole milk.

I asked him what you will have for breadfast. He looked at me and asked for my name. I told him. If you lean on me like this, I will take anything you say. We both laughed. I was happy that he laughed. I leaned over and ran my hand on his cheeks. He asked why dont you give me a kiss. Those things not inside the hospital.

We will do the kissing and hugging outside the hospital after you are discharged and are able to walk. He asked for corn flakes and milk and two eggs fried. I told the kitchen people. Within 15 minutes his breakfast was ready. Some nurses came to see him when he gained consciousness. I laid a food table on the bed and gave him the food and asked him to take.

He ate his food slowly and recounted how it happened. We four nurses were listening. We were looking at him more than listening to him.After he finished his food, all other nurses left the room. He asked, Neelam come here. I went near him. He suddenly put his hand under my skirt and was touching my panty. I ran away and told him such things are not allowed here.

Please dont attempt such things. He said I just wanted to touch you thats all. We went on talking and it was noon. I asked him what he will take for lunch. I got whatever he wanted and he was happy. I told him the doctor may come any moment for his routine checkup. Doctor and the duty nurse came and they checked his chart and went to talk to him.

The duty doctor asked how the accident happened and Ajay went to explain in detail. After chatting for five minutes, the doctor left. Ajay called me, Neelam, My father may come any moment and theteafter he may not allow any girls to come near me. I just want to kiss you before that. Please find a way. I aaid I am sorry, It is not permitted inside the hospital.

After some time he called me to get a glass of water, I took it to him. Suddenly he caught hold of my hand and pulled me closer and kissed me. While kissing his hand was busy searching for my boob and crotch. Though I was shocked I enjoyed. He ruffled all my dress. The door was not bolted from inside.

Anybody could barge in But he did not care he just buried his face in my crotch, pulled down my panty and licked my pussy and sucked my tiny clit. All this happened within five minutes. His strong arms lifted me from the ground to the skies and rotated me like a toy.

We enjoyed for the whole day and night. He made me to sit on his lap and fucked me. He never gave any promise of marriage. But after three years we are husband and wife.

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Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - IV

Previously: Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - III

Oh my god…finally I gave my consent to Bhaiya to fuck me and in a moment leaving his entire weight Bhaiya was laying on me. While kissing me like a true lover slowly Bhaiya widened my thighs and came in posture which I often use to visualize while masturbating but the difference was that it was not with my wedded husband, I was lying under my real brother.

I could feel my elder brother’s monster over my abdomen and Bhaiya was intentionally trying touching my fuckhole with his knee and it was driving me crazy. Bhaiya moved down a bit and started sucking my breasts and again and the awareness of this fact that now I am going to get fucked was setting my on fire.

Grabbing my brother in my arms I was moaning like I never moaned since now and gradually Bhaiya moved down and reached to my sodden fuckhole and once again started sucking me there like a dog. In a real sense that instant I was on fire and within few seconds of continues sucking once again my fuckhole started twitching in desire and my pleasure moans started changing into lustful gasps.

Bhaiya continued sucking his loving sister with all his affection and I felt fresh stream of pleasure juices coming deep inside from my fuckhole, I grunted erotically and extending my hands held Bhaiya’s scalp in my thighs and tried to push him further deep into my fuckhole.

But Bhaiya was well aware of my state, he did not wanted me to reach to my climax like that so he stopped at the point where my arousal was at its peak and I failed to pinnacle. Lust was at his height in Bhaiya too, he instantly got up on his knees and asked me “bol Gel lagga ke Daalun ya Condom lagga ke?” “Condom lagga low” I spoke out while breathing heavy and intense,

I decided to get fucked by my elder brother using condom, may be because more than pain I was worried about getting pregnant. Bhaiya instantly took out a condom and covered his Penis in a minute’s time and once again came between my thighs, widened them apart and leaned his crotch over my fuckhole.

“Ohhh….” I trembled Bhaiya was on my door way and he rubbed my opening with his fully erect monster. “Usha thoda sa dard hoga….tu zor se mat chillana….nahi to mummy papa jag jaayenge” While leaning over me with a support of his elbow Bhaiya spoke to me and tried to insert his monster slowly into my tiny hole and I exclaimed in pain and pushed him away.

Bhaiya came forward again and while looking down once again placed his monster over my opening and I felt him squeezing his tip into virgin fuckhole. “Ahhhhh…….” I groaned in strange fear, it was just a tip which was parting my pussy lips wide and my hymen was yet to get tore,

unintentionally I tried to push Bhaiya away but Bhaiya was not in mental state that he could leave me now and it just happened on the very next moment. Bhaiya flexed his bottom rapidly into me and ruptured my virgin fuckhole with a sudden jerk., “Ahhhh ……. Ahhhhh……Ahhhh……,.”

I think it was hardly an inch or not even that of Bhaiya’s monster length which made my entire body tremble in shock and mouth tore open in a big painful cry and Bhaiya instantly placed his hand over my mouth. Although there was enough lubrication in my fuckhole but still I was hurt badly and Bhaiya did not bothered about my pain and cries,

keeping my mouth shut and holding my shoulder with his hands he just went on going into my fuckhole without any halt but with a slow pace. I tried to drift away couple of times, also tried to push Bhaiya while saying “please….. Bhaiya….Ahhhhh…… mujhe dard ho raha hai…..Bhaiya…please…please… please”

but holding my hands and controlling my body with his body weight Bhaiya continued crushing my womanhood brutally, and spoke while looking into my eyes “Usha meri Jaan… I love you….aaj humari Suhagraat hai”….”aaj se mein tera bhai bhi hun aur tera patti bhi hun”.

His words aroused me a bit but still for me it was a moment of intense pain and I was feeling every fraction of my brother’s monster sizzling and reaming into my tiny fuckhole. Arching my back like a bow I clenched my teeth in the pain of losing my virginity; and Bhaiya went on filling his monster brutally in my tiny fuckhole. Certainly it was a pain which I could not bear, but I had to bear.

I wanted to scream but I could not because our parents were sleeping bit far from there. Finally Bhaiya halted a bit and spoke out while puffing in pleasure “bas ho gaya Usha…bas ho gaya…bas ho gaya…ho gaya…I love you Usha..meri pyari behan I love you”.

Bhaiya was madly excited tight clamp of my virgin fuckhole over his rod was driving him crazy in pleasure but for me it was a feeling as if someone has filled my fuckhole with a hot iron rod, I wanted to cry, but Bhaiya was keeping his hand over my mouth. Truly speaking friends anyhow I cannot explain my condition of that instant.

I think of his entire length Bhaiya was hardly half inside me and I was dying in pain, my breasts were gone very heavy and nipples were rigid, my entire body was in intense heat and I was not in state of doing anything. While holding my brother’s muscular body with all my strength I was lying on his bed entirely on his mercy and next instant Bhaiya started kissing me while resting his weight over his elbow.

Even though I was burning down there but still I responded to his kiss, I think apart from being in pain it was my lust which was ruling my senses. Awareness of this fact that I am lying under my own brother was not letting my fever go down and even in pain I was feeling aroused by looking at my Bhaiya leaning over me in place of my wedded husband.

While keeping his monster buried inside my fuckhole Bhaiya explored my mouth nicely and then started brushing his lips over my neck, he took my earlobe in his mouth and I hissed in pleasure and he moved further down to my milks and sucked my nipples intensely. I don’t know I was moaning in pleasure or I was crying in pain, I think it was both at the same time.

Butterflies were tingling in my belly and I was feeling a burning sensation over my fuckhole too. Bhaiya remained unmoved for really long, so that I can settle down with a pain and as heat started rising in both of us he withdrew himself, hardly an inch and I moaned in strange pleasure but as Bhaiya moved back into my fuckhole I cried in pain.

He did that again and I moaned and cried again. I was not comfortable with inward strokes and I tried to push Bhaiya away but Bhaiya very well knew how to control a female lying under him and holding my body firmly from my arm and shoulder Bhaiya continued fucking his loving sister with short and slow jerks and increased his speed slowly.

Up to an extent I tolerated or you can say enjoyed getting fucked with a rising pace but Once again my pain increased as his fucking strokes rose up in speed and I tried to get away more desperately but Bhaiya gripped me harder and continued plunging my fuckhole.

By now my pleasure juices were flowing intensely and Bhaiya’s thick and long Penis was moving in and out of my fuckhole with ease and his pleasure was incredible, he was moaning in bliss while looking at my mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. My breasts were jiggling with his strokes and except closing my eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain I could not do anything.

Slowly heat started rising in Bhaiya further high and he started speaking out erotic “Usha I love…tu bahut pyari hai…tujhe main apne saath le jaaunga…” after a pause Bhaiya spoke in bit more excitement “ meri jaan tu wahan mere saath rahegi… meri wife banke….” He paused again and spoke again in same lustful tone “aaj se hum bhai-behan bhi hain aur patti-patni bhi hain”.

Bhaiya’s words were arousing me a lot and while moaning and gasping I did not realize when my pain started getting subsided and when I started enjoying my first fuck. I opened my eyes and looked at his face closely with pleasurable expressions; Bhaiya smiled while pumping my fuck hole and asked me in sexy pleasurable tone.

“Usha mazza aaraha hai na… hmmmm…” I did not responded to his question but answer was evident from my expressions I was in heading to intense pleasure and I started holding Bhaiya’s muscular body in my arms. I closed my eyes again and kept moaning in pleasure.

Once again leaving his entire weight over me Bhaiya and kissed me and I responded to his kiss well and made a pleasurable noise in his mouth as just then Bhaiya changed his pace of fucking my fuck hole. Suddenly Bhaiya’s fucking pace increased significantly and once again I was getting hurt, I started screaming more in pain,

“Ruk Jaao …..ruk jaao ….please Bhaiya Stop It..Ahhh…. aaaa.. Please… stop…” I was overwhelmed and breathing heavy but could not do anything except moaning, crying and begging “bas meri jaan, ho gaya…. Ahhhh…. Usha bas hone waala hai mera…. Ohhh… fuck” Bhaiya grunted loud,

he was reaching to his peak and suddenly I felt I am also very close to her first real fucking orgasm and suddenly Bhaiya started making deep strokes into my fuckhole and I moaned even better and held him tight, I grabbed Bhaiya in my thighs and arms and grunted loud and tried to stop his movements and squeezing his hips together Bhaiya buried himself deep in my womb

and we both went through a shattering orgasm almost at the same time. Once again dam busted inside me and I trembled erotically while gasping madly; Bhaiya too shivered strongly, his monster shuddered inside my fuckhole while releasing his gunk and he grunted loud in the end.

We both were breathless and puffing vigorously, soaked with hell of sweat tied with each other we just remained like that without a word for a minute or so and then he got aside and stood on his knees and eventually spreading my thighs a bit he looked at my ripped fuckhole and spoke Achhi khasi bleading hui hai tujhe” Bhaiya spoke out what he was thinking that instant.

I don’t know what I was thinking that instant, I felt his voice coming somewhere from very deep tunnel and for a moment I felt it not real and I am dreaming but I was wrong. It was happened in reality, I was fucked by my own brother, by the brother whom I use to tie Rakhi since my childhood.

“mazza aa gaya…finally Chod hi diya maine tujhe Usha” Bhaiya spoke again while kneeling down and kissing over my lips. I was lost I don’t know when Bhaiya went in the washroom; I realized when he used the flesh. I too got up and started collecting my clothes quickly.

Bhaiya came out and stopped me from wearing clothes and spoke “kahan jaa rahi hai…? aaj se tu mere saath hi soyegi….aur mein roz raat ko teri lunga…you are my wife now”. I don’t know what was happening to me, now I after doing everything I was realizing that I have done a blunder and as Bhaiya tried to stop me again I spoke out in anger “abb Jaane do mujhe… kar to liya jo karna tha aapne mere saath…”

I wanted to cry but don’t know why tears were not coming and just in a fraction Bhaiya understood my mental state and tried to take me in his arms. That instant I was in desperate need of someone to whom I can hug and as such there was nobody except Bhaiya, and wearing just my Panty once again I went into his arms.

Bhaiya hugged me tight and I started sobbing a bit, “arre yaar why are you crying…..we have not done anything wrong….this is just sex….” While hugging me he kissed me on my cheek and caressed my hairs to calm me down. Finally I got away started wearing rest of my clothes, Bhaiya too looked for his under garments and spoke while looking into my eyes “just relax….kuch nahi hua hai…it’s just a sex…”

Bhaiya was trying to console me over what we did and I was silent, deep inside I still could not believe whatever I did few minutes back and I was feeling scared over my deed. Although it took me hardly a minute to wear back my clothes but that instant I did not wanted to go back, I don’t know why I was feared of getting alone in the room, I used the washroom there only, washed my face and came out.

After wearing clothes Bhaiya was waiting for me to come out and he asked me for the tea, just saying “main banati hun” means I will make it I came back in the kitchen and started all over again. Like I was expecting Bhaiya too came in the kitchen and grabbed me from behind with affection and kissed me around my ear.

This time I was not surprised, rather I should say I was expecting him to do that and initially I did mild efforts to set myself free but Bhaiya continued holding me and I continued making tea while trying removing his hands from my waist.

Fever was passed through my body and as such there was no such sensation in me with his touch over my body but still I was feeling good while being in Bhaiya’s arms like that “Usha mujhse narraz hai?” while being close to my ear Bhaiya asked me in very low voice. I turned and looked into his eyes, he smiled but I did not responded, neither to his question nor to his smile, tea was ready and I just spoke “chaaye le low”.

Without saying a word Bhaiya hugged me and once again I went into his arms comfortably, I really don’t what al was happening to me, I embraced him with lot of affection this time, Bhaiya’s hands moved behind me, from my back till my ass mounds and now I was ok with it, certainly I was feeling guilty over what I did but deep inside I was feeling very light,

I was restless from around last 24 hours, after Bhaiya’s initial touch I was desiring something like this to happen with me and now I could make out that at least I was out of that agony and uneasiness, I believe that’s what exactly sex is, it makes you so relaxed that you can come out of any stress but that instant I didn’t knew there is something called lust too,

it’s a kind of feeling or you can say desire which will never end if once started. Anyway next while saying “aaj raat ko mere pass hi sow jaa” Bhaiya requested me to sleep with him in the night but I denied and after sipping my tea as quick as possible I went to my room and like last time simply fell over my stomach like a dead body.

Just after getting fucked I was expecting that I will cry when I will reach back to my room but it did not happened. For few minutes keeping myself zero and eyes closed I tried to sleep but I failed and eventually I started recalling whatever happened between me and Bhaiya and realized that I have done something really very wrong and found myself guilty for everything.

Certainly it was me who got carried away in lust and if I would have controlled myself then I would have saved myself. But nothing could be done now and once again whole scene happened some time back started floating in front of my eyes, I started recalling the pleasurable feeling I went through while getting fucked and I really enjoyed recalling all that.

Like that gradually my consciousness surrendered and I went into sleep. I remember time was around 6 when first time my sleep broke; I used the toilet and came to bed again. I remained awake for little long, may be because I was aroused and this time my mind and my body was desiring real physical love given by a real man and for a moment I thought about masturbating but ultimately I succeeded in resisting myself and slept again.

Next my sleep broke with a knock on the door, time was well passed to 10 and I was expecting a mom with bit of scolding over not getting up till now but it was Bhaiya, with a small bunch of roses and as I opened the door he wished me good morning. Overnight my temperament was little subsided and I wished him back casually “ye meri girl friend ke liye hai” Bhaiya handed me over the roses,

I took it and kept it over my computer table and tried to move out of the room, into the main house but holding my arm Bhaiya dragged me back lightly and spoke “ghar mein koi nahi hai….” “mummy-papa kahan gaye hain?” I asked him back “that I will tell you later…first you give me a kiss” “Bhaiya please….!”

I replied back and tried to behave reluctant over his words and once again moved a bit to the door but Bhaiya held me and wrapping his arm around my waist he slowly took me to the bed and pushed me over that, being a ideal girl I should have behaved angry but don’t know how a mild smile came over my face and that enhanced Bhaiya’s confidence and he lied beside me

on the bed with a support of his elbow and asked me while being close to my face, “mujhse naaraz hai….” And I replied “nahi…..” and after a pause I spoke again while getting up again “main apne aap se naraz hun….” Means I am angry with myself, “why….?” While looking into my eyes Bhaiya asked me again and I replied back “because I failed to control myself….”

To that Bhaiya spoke aback “Ok…then just fail one more time…” “kya matlab…?” I asked him what does that mean and while getting up a bit Bhaiya replied by saying “isska matlab ye hai ki abb main tujhe dobara Chodne wala hun…” once again Bhaiya straightaway spoke out in hardcore Hindi with a slang word Chodna and just then skipped a beat because he pushed me back on the bed and came over me.

From my side I tried to push Bhaiya from me but Bhaiya straightaway started kissing my cheeks and neck and slowly reached to my sensitive area, that is ears and I moaned in sensation “Usha meri jaan….raat ko tujhe mere paas hi sone chahiye that…..teri wajah se main main raat bhar sow nahi paaya…” Bhaiya spoke in rising lust and I replied by saying

“Bhaiya please matt karo ye sab mere saath….” And Bhaiya replied “karne de naa yaar…!”….and then spoke again “jo hona tha wo ho chukka hai…now just enjoy this relation…bhool jaa sab kuch….” And with that he placed his lips over mine and started sucking my lips.

I don’t know I tried to control myself or not, I just know within couple of minutes of kissing started Bhaiya started taking off my clothes and I was simply letting him do whatever he wants. This time I was stark naked on my own bed and Bhaiya too took off his clothes and climbed the bed while jerking his penis.

He pushed me on my back and in a moment started sucking my fuckhole with lot of affection. Once again I failed to control my desire and simply went on moaning in intense pleasure and released endless streams of love juices for my brother to gulp. “I will fuck you baby…Usha aaj raat ko tu mere pass hi soyegi…aur main raat bhar teri lunga”

Bhaiya spoke while getting up after sucking my fuckhole and I could see that now he is going to plunge my fuckhole and surprisingly instead of saying no to fuck me I told him to put a condom by saying “please condom lagga low” Bhaiya was having one in the pocket of the lower he was wearing and it took him hardly a minutes to cover his rod and like last night

once again he widened my thighs apart and came between them and this time Bhaiya plunged my fuckhole with a sudden jerk and went deep inside me without any halt, I cried in pain for a moment but absorbed his entire length without much trouble. Once again soft and spongy bed bounced as Bhaiya started fucking with me with steady pace.

I must say this time I could feel the real pleasure of being a woman which I use to dream while masturbating. While looking into my eyes closely Bhaiya was holding my body from my breasts and down there his hard monster was massaging inner walls of my vargina steadily and I was going through the sensation which I could not imagine without a real man.

At the very beginning of the day I was moaning and panting without any care and Bhaiya went on fucking me with all his passion and affection. Apart from brushing his wet lips over my neck and ears Bhaiya sucked my milks while riding on me and I grunted madly in pleasure of getting intimate with my own brother.

Excitement went on going high in both of us and Bhaiya fucking pace rose very high, his hips started rising and falling over my crotch like a machine and it was bit painful for me and I tried to control him but I was also going crazy in lust and once again we climaxed almost at the same time.

With a shrill cry I shoved my fuckhole up to my brother’s crotch and grabbed his naked body tight in my arms and thighs and before squeezing his hips together to release his gunk Bhaiya plunged me deep and hard in my womb.

In a minute our bodies subsided. Bhaiya groaned and rolled off from me and lied beside me on his back. We both lied on the bed, panting and gasping, while dripping sweat and I got up to use the toilet and closed the door from inside.

After saying “I am waiting for you…for the breakfast” Bhaiya went out of the room and gradually while getting ready I realized that now things have gone beyond my control and I cannot do anything, so it is better to enjoy these moments to the fullest and that’s what I did for next 30-40 days till Bhaiya stayed home.

I slept with him every night like his wife but just till 4 in the morning, after that apparently we were brother and sister again, but once again just till 11 in the night. Over this time I started sucking Bhaiya’s Penis and felt him inside me without condom for 4 consecutive nights that is just after my periods.

In the end I must mention that at present my plan of flying to Bhaiya’s place is almost fixed. Totally unaware of our physical relation our parents are thinking that Bhaiya wants to show a foreign country to his younger sister but actually it is going to be my honeymoon with my brother.

In the end I would like to say sorry for the grammatical mistakes I have made throughout the write up and would love to read reader’s comments over my experience and also writing pattern.

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Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - III

Previously: Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - II

I calmly moved to the kitchen to make the tea and I was almost up with making it when suddenly I felt somebody behind me. It was none other than my elder brother, who was after my life that instant. As he realized that I am around the kitchen he tip toed bare footed and that is why I did not realized when he came very close to me and when I realized and turned it was too late for me to prevent him holding me from behind.

Once again I was locked in his arms and once again Bhaiya rubbed his hardness over my ass mounds on the very first instant. “Ahh…..Bhaiya please leave me” I moaned in strange sensation also struggled to set myself free but I failed, maybe I was not doing much efforts it was much less than what all could do and Bhaiya took full use of it.

From my waist his one hand moved to my breast and before I would have stopped him from squeezing my milk his other hand reached to my lower half and he tried to rub my pleasure hole over the cloth. I hurriedly squeezed my thighs together to prevent him rubbing my fuck opening and things went worse for me, his hand got stuck over my fuckhole and he could feel the heat I was emitting from there.

“Ohhhh….Bhaiya please….chhod do mujhe” I trembled and gasped in significant pleasure. “Usha…..karne de mujhe…” Bhaiya spoke out from behind in lustful voice and squeezed my breasts nicely and just then he realized the wetness I have over the cloth on his other hand and he spoke again “Oh my god…Usha teri chut puri Gili hai….”

I was so wet that in instant of pressing my swollen fuckhole my pleasure juices came over the cloth and I found myself losing my senses. Bhaiya kissed around my neck ad ear with his wet lips and I hissed in pleasure again. Bhaiya was sensing my delicate state he understood that if he will continue doing all this I might climax then and there,

while standing the kitchen itself and he took out his hand from my crotch and released my breast but held my wrist tightly and spoke “chal aa jaldi bedroom mein…tereko achhe se suck karta hun”. I feel that instant if I would have behaved reluctant to Bhaiya and would have tried to escape then I would have succeeded but I was not in my senses,

although I was saying no to Bhaiya but once again it was not all what all I could do and holding one of my wrists Bhaiya started pulling me and spoke “come on Usha jaldi chal…bedroom mein…” “l promise I will not fuck you…” I tried to release my wrist while saying “please Bhaiya leave me…agar papa ko patta chal gaya to wo mujhe maar daalenge” “kisi ko kuch patta nahi chalega….”

Bhaiya replied and kept on holding me tight and took me out to the living room, “please…Bhaiya please” I requested him again in the living and Bhaiya responded with just “Shhhhh…..” that instant for me it was matter of surprise that I followed him and did not spoke out loud, unless with one loud scream I would have succeeded in setting myself free.

Finally Bhaiya brought me to his bedroom and bolted the door from inside. At present when I am trying writing that moment I can say that instant I was not as scared as I should be, I was aroused like hell and deep inside I needed something to happen with me and Bhaiya was sensing my starved state very well.

Leaving my wrist once again Bhaiya wrapped his arms around my waist and tried to kiss me while saying “aaja meri jaan…ek Chuma de de apne bhai ko” I pushed Bhaiya and tried to get away and once again requested him to leave me “Bhaiya please…leave me…jaane do mujhe….” and next instant his hands moved from my waist to my ass mounds and he spoke again

“Usha main kuch nahi karunga…I will not fuck you….main sirf suck karunga teri Chut ko….tujhe bahut mazza aayega…let me do it….” and with that he started kissing me around my ears and once again I hissed in pleasure and Bhaiya spoke again but in low voice and very close to ear “Usha I love you….tu chal mere saath wahan dono husband wife ki tarah rahenge”

and after a pause he spoke again “bol shaadi karegi mujhse?”. I don’t know if Bhaiya was serious over whatever he spoke that instant or he just spoke in rising lust, I just know that because of his words suddenly my arousal was touching its and just then Bhaiya inserted his hand straight away in my panty and I felt his hands over my bare ass.

“Ahhh….My God” I moaned with an open mouth like never before, I could not sense whatever was happening with me and before I would have realized anything next taking out my entire ass by drifting down my pajama and panty Bhaiya was holding my hips nicely in his palms.

Eventually I grabbed him from shoulder and Bhaiya squeezed my fleshy buns together with all his strength and for me pleasure was incredible may be because along with getting squeezed over my fleshy ass my fuckhole was rubbed over Bhaiya’s crotch nicely.

And once again before I would have thought about trying coming out of his arms all of a sudden Bhaiya tried to drift me on his left in the same hugging posture with all his strength and I fell over bed instantly. “Bhaiya please…what are you doing…” I spoke again as I saw Bhaiya trying getting on the bed, “nothing…I will not do anything….I will just suck your pussy”

Bhaiya replied back and before I would have tried pulling my pajama back over my lower half Bhaiya pulled it down and in a fraction I was just having a Panty which was almost off from my ass and partially covering my fuckhole.

Fortunately before Bhaiya would have reached to my Panty I got hold of its elastic and tried to pull it over my crotch but Bhaiya held both the wrists and told me to let him take off that too by saying “uttarne de issko bhi…dikha apni Chut mujhe” “please Bhaiya please….please issko matt uttaro” I spoke and tried to stop him but Bhaiya was unstoppable

“Usha Chusne de mujhe….I will not fuck you…I promise” and with that he bit fingers of my right hand with which I was holding my panty and with a sudden push I lost hold from my left hand too. Ohh…my God Bhaiya did not hesitated even for fraction to take off his younger sister’s panty.

For the first time in my life I was lying with an uncovered fuckhole in front of any male and it was none other than my own brother. I was not clean shaven but not even very hairy, I use clean my pleasure hole from hairs in 15-20 days and that day hardy 10 days were passed and Bhaiya eyes were stuck at my fuckhole.

AC was on in Bhaiya’s room since long, I was wet and dripping and as I lost my panty to Bhaiya I felt cold breeze hitting my fuckhole. I tried to get away by moving up with the support of elbows but Bhaiya held my legs and pulled me down and instantly climbed over me.

He rose over my body and looked into my eyes closely, I was puffing in strange fear and excitement “Usha just relax…I Promise I will not fuck you….I will just suck you….tujhe bilkul pain nahi hoga…rather tujhe bahut achha lagega….” I don’t know what I was thinking that moment, my fuckhole was open and I could feel a thin stream of my love juices flowing down to bed.

Bhaiya was partially over me, my one breast was under her broad chest and his leg was over both the knees. Everything was happening so fast that things were gone beyond my imagination and I could not decide what should I do, my throat was getting dry and I was puffing like hell and suddenly Bhaiya started kissing me, he sucked my lips and inserted his tongue in my mouth and moved it all around.

I did responded to his kiss, maybe because I did not knew how to respond but Bhaiya went on sucking my tongue for a while and once again spoke after breaking the kiss “Usha just relax…I will not harm you….”

I was not in state to protest him, especially mentally I was so aroused that now I could not resist myself by getting carried away and I just closed my eyes to give Bhaiya my consent to do whatever he wants to do. Bhaiya looked at my closed eye face for couple of seconds and partial weight over my body disappeared and very next moment I felt two hands moving over

from my knees till my thighs and that made me even more restless and I started trembling till my soul. Bhaiya opened my thighs and for a fraction I felt a hot breeze touching my fuckhole. “Ahhhh…” I moaned intensely with an unbearable sensation and it was just a touch of his tongue over my wet and swollen fuckhole.

Bhaiya kissed me down there on my opening and started licking my fuckhole tenderly. I moaned again this time more feverishly and tried to get up to stop him but Bhaiya pushed me back and opened my thighs further apart and I saw his face going deeper into my wide open thighs and his rough tongue started moving over my fuckhole bit faster.

He was licking my fuckhole like an ice cream and couple of times parted my virginal lips with a powerful lick from bottom to top with his rough tongue. I moaned again and trembled like fish without water and tried to get away by drifting up but along with parting my thighs apart Bhaiya was holding me hard and he pulled me back and now he was more into me.

Certainly feeling was pleasant but it was weird and just then Bhaiya tried inserting his tongue in my fuckhole by opening it with his fingers and up to an extent he licked inner walls of my pleasure source and now my feeling was out of the world.

Holding my thighs tight and apart Bhaiya’s thick and rough tongue parted my pussy lips numerous times and swirled inside me erotically and I went on moaning pleasantly without any care.

As I got bit adjusted with the pleasure Bhaiya moved up a bit, parted my thighs further wide and folded them inwards to get better access of my pleasure hole for his tongue and just then intensity of his sucking increased a lot and along with that now Bhaiya was trying to chew my virgin fuckhole with his lips and that really took my breath and I jumped in ecstasy and tried to push him,

but griping my thighs better and opening it as wide as possible Bhaiya tried his best to continue sucking me hard. I cannot imagine how much liquid I released from my pleasure hole in that span of continues digging and how Bhaiya managed to do that filthy act so affectionately and swallowed whatever sticky liquid came out of my fuckhole without any hesitation.

Excitement was rising to its peak at both the end, Bhaiya was sucking me passionately and with heavy and intense gasps I was reaching close to my burst, feeling was weird I wanted to scream in pleasure but I was short of breath I wanted him to stop sucking me may because I was about to explode and just then Bhaiya stopped sucking me but he started rubbing my fuckhole vigorously

with 2 of his fingers and pressure continued rising inside me and within a fraction I shattered and arched my back in unbearable sensation and started shivering while reaching to my climax. Pinwheels exploded in my head and eventually I experience first real orgasm of my life disastrously.

It was strange, while humming I started shivering like I never shivered before in my entire life. Bhaiya was holding my waist but he could not control the sudden jerks I was getting over my crotch which were making my body tremble from head to toe in strange fever.

Slowly my shivering calmed down a bit and I started feeling streams of liquid flowing out from deep inside and once again Bhaiya started licking my love opening nicely and while releasing my liquid touch of his thick and rough tongue over my swollen fuckhole was making me shiver strangely again and again.

I was shattered and cummed heavily with sobbing gasps, at that instant for a girl like me it was wildest experience of her life. I was disappointed over whatever happened and felt like crying but I failed in that too, my eyes were open and I was looking at roof with a zero mind and I felt Bhaiya coming up,

he lied beside me on my right and kissed me on my cheek and his hand went my breast and he squeezed my melon nicely. I was still breathing bit fast but excitement was almost over but Bhaiya was energized and he wanted to play my body, he continued caressing my milks with lot of affection.

I looked at him, into his eyes and he smiled a bit and moved over my face and started kissing me and intentionally or unintentionally I started responding to his kiss by sucking his lips back. After breaking the kiss he brushed his wet lips over my neck and area around my ear and that made me moan a bit.

Slowly Bhaiya’s one hand moved under my top and he straightaway tried to insert his hand under my bra and finally touched my bare breast. As it was not easy to play with my bare milks with a top and bra on so he got up slowly and took off my top and bra one by one.

If I will talk about my mind of that instant I really don’t know what was it, as required I just raised my arms up so that Bhaiya can take rest of my clothes and within a minute I was stark naked lying on my elder brother’s bed and Bhaiya was delighted to see my lying that.

For an instant he played with my luscious milks and spoke out “meri bahan poori tarah jawan ho gayi hai…hmmm….” Although his voice was low but I could feel the excitement he was going through. And next moment Bhaiya leaned over me and started sucking my milks like a child.

He sucked me for long and while he sucked one he caressed other and once again strange sensation started passing through my body. I looked down and for a moment could not believe that in place of my wedded husband my own brother is enjoying my body. Certainly everything was happening with my consent and I was also in pleasure, slowly I was going far from forbidden feeling.

Bhaiya was sucking my erect nipples and I was humming in delight of getting a tender breast play and slowly I started caressing his hairs while moaning with clear gasps. I won’t say excitement was rising again but I was feeling great while getting loved by a male like that, no matter it was my own brother who was doing all that, I must say that was the time when lust was high and we were just male and female.

Slowly Bhaiya moved down to my belly and loved my naval with his wet tongue and licked it, while puffing in pleasure I was holding Bhaiya’s scalp with excitement and Bhaiya continued loving my belly button and once again my body started moving bit enthusiastically. I was making soft moans while saying “Bhaiya please stop… please” but deep inside I did not wanted him to stop loving me.

Just then Bhaiya got up and took off his t-shirt and undershirt together and came over to kiss me again. Now my milks were getting pressed against his bare chest and feel of touching skin of a male over erect nipples were just amazing. We kissed for long and this time I was much more involved in the kiss as compared to previous times and that’s what excited him more.

After breaking kiss Bhaiya turned me around and kissed and licked my entire back with his love and affection and going through my waist he reached to my ass mounds and kissed me there too. He tried inserting his hand under my belly in the same posture and lifted my bottom to give him access of my fuckhole and Bhaiya started rubbing my pleasure opening again

and surprisingly after going through an intense orgasm few minutes back once again I started feeling aroused. Although my pussy lips were paining a bit but still I needed all that and I was moaning and humming in low voice and once again desire of get a suck there started rising in me.

Bhaiya was sensing my sate and he asked me “Usha dobara sucking karun?” “haan…please karo” fire was lit inside me and this time I did not hesitated at all to say yes to him and once again Bhaiya tuned me in my back and told me to rest my legs over his shoulder.

I did that, Bhaiya’s face was between my thighs and he instantly started licking my fuckhole like a dog and as expected I was moaning in rising pleasure like a bitch. Bhaiya rubbed my fuck opening with his finger slowly and once again I felt myself oozing out streams of sticky pleasure juices and soon my fuckhole started twitching in of getting played bit faster and rougher,

gradually I could feel sensation rising inside me but it was at very primary stage and I was desperate to let this sensation pass through my body as soon as possible but Bhaiya did not fastened his sucking and continued licking me tenderly.

Slowly may be in 4-5 minutes of tender oral sex fever rose further high in my body and I started feeling strange contraction and expansion of my love opening, once again I needed something fast to happen with me, I was moaning and gasping while desiring him to eat my fuck opening like an animal,

just like he did few minutes back but while parting thick flesh of my pussy lips again and again Bhaiya was licking my vertical crack slowly and gradually he stopped sucking me and came to face and asked me while looking into my eyes “bahut mazza aa raha hai na meri behan ko…hmmmm?” and while lookigninto his eyes shamelessly I accepted by saying “haann” in lustful voice.

Next he started sucking my nipples again and I closed my eyes while moaning, down there my fuckhole was convulsing very strangely, I was burning in desire to get a climax but Bhaiya was busy in sucking my milks. “Bhaiya please neeche suck karo na” Finally I spoke in puffing voice and Bhaiya stopped sucking my milks and looked into my eyes again and finally spoke out his desire by saying

“please yaar…just let me fuck you” I looked into his eyes without a flick and he spoke again “…mere pass lubricant hai..tujhe bilkul pain nahi hoga…” I was speechless and could not think anything for a fraction and Bhaiya spoke again “…waise bhi mera Lund bahut chhota hai…aram se challa jaayega tere andar….just take a look” and Bhaiya got up a bit to show me his Penis

“Nahi Bhaiya please don’t fuck me…suck kar do bas” finally I spoke when Bhaiya was trying opening his lower “please yaar daalne de naa…I am requesting you” he stopped and spoke and just then added “I can’t handle this fever….main mar jaaunga tadap tadap ke” I was puffing in strange sensation, I could not decide what to do, Bhaiya was dying in desire of fucking me,

up to an extent I could make out from his expressions and Bhaiya spoke again ”I love you…yaar…main bahut pyar karta hun tujhe…” and then added “ab itna kar liya hai to sex bhi kar le mere saath” I was silent and still in dilemma what to do and I spoke while getting up “main aapko masturbate kar deti hun….if you want I will suck you” although mentally I was not prepared for sucking,

it was an act which I could not visualize over myself while watching porn movie but still I said that just to prevent him asking me for a fuck again. “Please yaar daalne de na andar…main bahut aaram aaram se karunga…tujhe bas ek baar thoda sa dard hoga… jab initially andar jaayega….uske baad bahut pleasure milega….”

Bhaiya spoke and got up and along with his lower he drifted down his underwear too and his monster came in my vision. It was really very ugly, big and thick and hard like an iron rod, that was first time I saw a male gentile in reality and it was very different from I use to see it in porn movies,

dark and bit hairy around and a thought of getting it in my tiny fuckhole made me shiver in strange sensation, “Ye to Bahut bada hai….aur mota bhi…” I spoke out in shock, that instant we both were naked and I could see that Bhaiya was much more aroused than me, “Usha ye bilkul bhi bada nahi hai….”

He spoke out in lustful voice and started jerking his monster back and forward with his own hand and then spoke in continuation “bahut aram se andar chala jaayega” “nahi Bhaiya….please mujhe bahut dard hoga” I spoke back in requesting tone “ek na ek din dard to tujhe hona hi hai …” Bhaiya spoke back instantly and then spoke again

“ultimately kabhi na kabhi to Lund dalwaayegi na apni chut mein…then why not now?” and then after a small pause he spoke once again “…jab tak teri shaadi nahi hoti tab tak maze kar mere saath” and then again “main bahut aaram aaram se karunga…tujhe bilkul dard nahi hoga”

I was silent and could not decide what to say and just then Bhaiya moved to his air bag and took out one tube, it was a lubricant he was talking about. “See we will use this…” he spoke and gave me that tube. It was a kind of gel meant for specific purpose. “apni Chut pe lagga le issko achhe se…I assure you… tujhe patta bhi nahi chalega aur Lund andar chala jaayega”

Bhaiya was using typical Hindi slang and it was adding fuel to my arousal, Lund Chut were the words which I use to enjoy reading in Hindi sex stories over the web and now I desperately wanted something to happen with me but still I was not ready for proper intercourse.

“Please yaar…just try to understand my condition….if I will not fuck I will die” Bhaiya was still holding his monster and jerking it, may be to pleasure himself and it was getting harder and harder. “aur main pregnant ho gayi to…?” I took out another point to save my virginity from Bhaiya and Bhaiya spoke back

“I assure you…nahi hogi…I will not release in you…bahar nikal ke chhodunga” “na baba… I don’t’ want to take any chance…” I was trying my best to remain stuck on my decision and Bhaiya spoke again “Condom lagga ke daalne de….” And after a pause he spoke “but then we cannot use lubricant….in that case thoda sa pain hoga tujhe…hardly for few seconds”.

Once again I went speechless, Bhaiya was having reply for all my statements. I looked at Bhaiya while standing stark naked he was caressing his monster to put it inside me and I really don’t know that instant I wanted say yes or no, although my arousal was subsided a bit but still I was not in state to step back from there, I needed him if not his monster then at least his tongue over fuckhole.

Next Bhaiya took out the pack of condoms from his bag and climbed the bed and showed me the pack while saying “waise ye lubricated Condoms hain…aur main daalne se pahlei teri Chut ko suck bhi karunga….to increase natural lubrication…” Bhaiya was naked on the same bed and as I realized that my breath got bit heavier “Usha I love you”

Bhaiya spoke again in low voice and caressed my cheek with affection and I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure while humming in low voice. “Usha late jaa…just let me do it….believe me tujhe bahut mazza aayega” while saying that Bhaiya pushed me a bit and slowly I went on my back.

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Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - II

Previously: Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - I

As I reached to my room and I simply jumped on the bed and buried my face into the pillow; I really don’t know what was running in my mind as it was weirdest mind state I have ever gone through. Even after hearing so many naughty statements from him I could not imagine that Bhaiya can try touching me that way. I was scared but certainly I was aroused too.

Since then I was never touched by any male species and it was altogether a new experience for me. From last few months from the time matter of my marriage was bit lively in the house I was day dreaming about getting loved by a male on the bed and that instant for me and my mind it was really immaterial that it was my brother’s manly touch.

I kept on lying on the bed without moving an inch for long and slowly everything happened in the kitchen in that short span started floating in front of my eyes. I started recalling the way Bhaiya rubbed his hardness over my ass and also the way he squeezed my breasts. Oh…God It was such a strange feeling that I could not decide how to react over that.

Even after so long of incident happened I could feel that manly touch over my body. I felt my nipples getting erect and breasts started getting heavier, I tried to divert my mind but I failed, maybe I did not wanted to divert myself from thinking all that and I kept on recalling words spoken by Bhaiya especially the sentences in which he used Hindi word “CHODNA” for fucking “mera mann kar raha hai tujhe Chodne ka” and later “bahut mazza aayega tujhe Chodne mein”.

As such these types of words are never used in girls but still every girl is aware of its meaning and at my end that instant it seemed very arousing to me. I was already mildly wet, I could feel it from long, after knowing this fact that Bhaiya is fucking a girl over there and as I started recalling everything I once again started feeling leakage in my panty and deep inside I just wanted to keep myself dripping like that,

in a way it was slow poison which was taking my senses off and I wanted to die in this pleasure. After a long time finally I got up, used the washroom and washed my gentile and overcoming my desire of masturbating tried to sleep and up to an extent succeeded too but not for long.

Somewhere in the middle of the night my sleep broke and like before I lied for long in trying to sleep again but my mind was not at all relaxed and different thoughts kept on coming in my mind. Like what will happen if I will tell all this to my mom, what if anyone among my parents would have caught Bhaiya doing all that to me.

Slowly my thoughts moved in bit different direction and I started visualizing Bhaiya fucking that girl, lust increased a bit and I visualized myself getting fucked by one of my friend’s brother which I often use to do while masturbating.

I tried to divert my mind again, tried myself taking in positive direction and started thinking about me getting married and getting fucked by my wedded husband and inserted my hand in my panty to rub myself but I really failed to keep me in positive direction and once again while rubbing my pleasure opening thoughts of Bhaiya started ruling my senses and this time it was worst then before.

Don’t know how I started fantasizing that I am trying to stop Bhaiya and overcoming my physical efforts he is fucking me forcibly and unknowingly I started concluding statements which I would have spoken in that situation, “Bhaiya please chhod do mujhe…leave me..Please kya kar rahe ho ye sab….” And not only this, I also concluded what Bhaiya would say while overpowering me

“I will fuck you Usha….please karne de mujhe…I love you Usha…I love you….. mera bahut mann kar raha hai tujhe Chodne ka” and within a minute of thinking all this I realized that I am masturbating and I started murmuring these dialogs.

Soon I felt reaching to the peak and without giving a thought that the guy I am thinking about while masturbating is my own brother I rubbed myself vigorously over my fuckhole and reached to shattering climax while moaning.

Ahhh… what was that…it was so good I was feeling very relaxed. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself and slowly I went down to normal but deep inside I started feeling bit uneasy, the fact that I have masturbated while fantasizing myself fucking with my own brother pinched me a lot but soon my consciousness surrendered and I felt getting into sleep again.

Next day everything ran normal till late evening, I intentionally slept for little long, somewhere till noon, just to avoid meeting Bhaiya. I knew he was supposed to go out to meet few of his friends. I remained at home almost for the whole day and apparently everything was normal but only I know for me how difficult it was to stay calm. Deep inside I was very uneasy.

I was leaking throughout the day even after masturbating in the shower at the very beginning of the day and I must mention that once again it was just my brother who was dwelling in my thoughts. I tried to a lot to think about some other guy while masturbating, I have a school friend who is married,

he is very gentle and I really like him as a person and I often think about him while masturbating but that instant I totally failed to fantasize him and ultimately it was Rakesh Bhaiya, my own brother who fucked me in my fantasy and once again like last night after tranquilizing my sexual urge I felt guilty over forbidden thought of having sex with my own sibling but nothing could be done now.

Like I was expecting it was just mom who was at home, I had breakfast or you can say brunch silently and helped my mom in her work for some time. Later sat down in the living room to see some television to divert my mind but for a simple girl like me whatever happened last night was not at all easy to forget the way Bhaiya held my body,

squeezed my breasts and rubbed his hardness over my ass was really very erotic and I could not forget the pleasure I had that instant. I don’t know what was happening to me, I was thinking like a nymphomaniac, my sex hormones were making me assume things which could happen after that.

Apparently I was watching TV but throughout that time I went on concluding that instead of letting me go if Bhaiya would have continued handling my body like that then what else he would have done with me and I don’t know intentionally or unintentionally I started visualizing that Bhaiya is tearing off my clothes and trying to fuck me and just like a slut I went on concluding all this

for really long and day dreamed that after tearing off my all clothes and making me stark naked Bhaiya has picked me in his arms and bought me to his bedroom to fuck me. Actually I have few Japanese porn movie in my pc, which are actually fucking fantasies and I feel they are very close to reality.

I often watch those movies and whatever I presumed happening between me and Bhaiya was actually seen by me there. Anyway time passed like that and I did not realize when I started leaking until I was totally wet and dripping, my breasts were gone heavy and nipples were rigid and I felt like masturbating again. I tried my best to resist but ultimately failed.

I must mention that few hours back when I was over with masturbating while fantasizing Bhaiya in the shower I had decided that I will not masturbate on his name again but that instant lust rose so high in me that once again I was back on my bed to finger myself while assuming Bhaiya fucking me like a slut.

After bolting the door from inside I took off all my cloths and started rubbing my fuck opening vigorously while moaning and speaking out dialogs over imaginary situation of getting fucked by Bhaiya, “Bhaiya please chhod do mujhe….leave me Bhaiya” “please Bhaiya Don’t do all this…main aapki bahen hun” and like past I spoke out what Bhaiya would say while fucking me forcibly

“Usha…aaj main tujhe nahi chhodunga..I will fuck you…. Tu meri hai..sirf meri….”. While speaking all that I puffed hard with closed eyes and went through shattering climax and like always in the end after getting bit calm once again gave a thought to whatever sin I did. I was realizing that I am going crazy, it was lust at its worst and I could not do anything for that, I was feeling ashamed of myself.

Eventually I slept for some more time and got up bit heavy headed. It was early evening and I was feeling mentally very tired, it was a kind of feeling when you don’t know exactly what are you looking for. As such I could not decide exactly what would make me feel relaxed and I hated myself over what all I was thinking whole day.

Deep inside I decided to come out of it, I wanted to calm myself and I felt best way to do that was going to some temple. I looked for the company and asked one of my friends who was living hardly few miles away and she agreed. I spent good time with her, after visiting temple I went to her place to sit in the piece and had casual chit chat over various topics.

I won’t say after spending 2-3 hours like that I was out of whatever happened last night, it was still in my mind but now I was confident over my mind, that now I will not think about Bhaiya that way and without showing any kindness and smiling gesture I will behave very reluctant with him.

By the time I came back home Dad and Bhaiya were also back and Bhaiya was showing his clicked pictures on the laptop to our parents, pictures of the place he was living and also of the places he has visited in these five years and as I came mom and dad called me too to see the pictures.

I stood behind them for a while and soon Dad got up to see one of his preferred TV show and my mom made me sit on his left place. After around 5-10 minutes Mom too got up to go to the kitchen to prepare dinner and it was alone me who was left with the Bhaiya. Bhaiya apparently continued showing me pictures and giving notes over the things clicked and I remained silent,

did not asked anything about the pictures and I saw him smiling over my silent and uneasy gesture and I was about to get up to go when Bhaiya spoke to me over the concerned matter and he started the subject by asking me in very low voice “Meri chhoti bahen mujhse naraz hai kya? Hmmm…?” I looked at him and could not decide what to speak,

I just stared into his eyes with a strange uneasiness and I wanted to say “yes I am angry and don’t want to talk to you” but I did not uttered anything and he spoke again “Dekh Usha if you are thinking ki tujhe apni virginity apne husband ke liye rakhni chahiye then you are a fool” he paused for a fraction and spoke again in same low voice

“Tera husband tujhse shaadi karne se pahle patta nahi kitno ko Chod chukka hoga…” Truly speaking friends the way Bhaiya started talking to me over this subject very first instant I was expecting that now Bhaiya might try to say sorry to me but he was just opposite to it, he was very positive over what he did last night and he somehow wanted to convince me to get sexually involved with him and her continued saying

“Aaj kal shaadi tak koi virgin nahi rehta,… especially boys…” he paused again and then spoke again, this time in bit sarcastic tone “haan tere jaisi kuch bewakoof ladkiya hoti hain…very few girls…jo patti ko Paramveshwar samjhti hain aur usko apni Virginity dekar khush hoti hain” ideally I should have left him just then but I don’t know why I did not tried to go from there and kept on listening him while looking at his face,

maybe I wanted to listen what else he has in his mind and he spoke again “it’s all in your mind…virtually koi patti Parameshwar nahi hota… aaj kal har koi life ko enjoy karta hai aur bhool jaata hai….” And he spoke again while continuing looking into my eyes shamelessly “Even girls are not exception these days…why they can’t have fun?” Dad was busy in watching TV,

Mom was occupied in kitchen, Slideshow of the pictures was running on the screen and Bhaiya was doing his best to convince me to get on his bed and he spoke again in same low voice “Jaise main life ko enjoy kar raha hun, tu bhi life ko enjoy kar… itna mat soch…!”

As such I did not had anything to speak in reply of his statements also I can easily say I was not at carried away since then but still I did not reflected any reluctant gesture to Bhaiya, I don’t know why I was sitting there and while looking at the screen listening him and that’s what made Bhaiya think positive and he continued by saying “and as far as this fact is concerned ki hum bhai bahen hain…

I will say…you are safe….because no outsider is involved…no blackmailing or any other tension…”. I looked into his eyes one more time, I was really surprised over the justification Bhaiya gave why it is better for me to get sexually involved with him; he was concerned about my security but not at all about my dignity, moral values and ethics.

From Bhaiya’s way of trying convincing me I could see that it was his pure lust, for my fully ripe body and also for my virginity which was not letting him leave hope and he spoke again, “Usha I really like you…agar tu meri bahen nahi hoti to main tujhse shaadi kar leta….” “Bhaiya aap pagal ho gaye ho” finally I spoke after really long and unexpectedly Bhaiya replied back instantly “you are right…

main pagal ho gaya hun…I am crazy about you” and with that Bhaiya tried to rub his hand over my soft thigh and up to an extent succeeded in that. I shivered in strange sensation and instantly removed his hand and spoke out in low but in bit anger “Bhaiya don’t touch me” and Bhaiya apologized by saying “ok…I am sorry..I will not touch you” and then somewhat in continuation spoke again

“tell me…tu masturbate karti hai”. I felt very disappointed with the question he asked me, but I really don’t know why I did not got up from there even then. I kept silent and did not looked at him at all and focused over couple of pictures which were rolling after one another on the screen and Bhaiya asked me again “come on speak up….”

I looked up with the gesture as if I did not liked his question but it hardly effected Bhaiya and he smiled a bit and spoke again “I know you masturbate….tu itni bhi sidhi nahi hai” and hearing his words I could not believe he could be so shameless and unfortunately I somewhat failed to resist from smiling, and my expression enhanced Bhaiya’s confidence and he spoke again “come on speak up..

say yes my darling..I know you masturbate”, though it was very mild but once again it failed to resist from smiling over his statement and he asked me again “karti hai na?” and this time I moved my head in yes and Bhaiya spoke again instantly in same low voice “Fine…just let me do that… aaj raat ko main tujhe masturbate karunga…and if you want I can suck you there…

aur tu mujhe masturbate karna….and I promise I will not fuck you until you will say yes” after knowing whatever Bhaiya did and spoke until then one can easily expect what all he asked for that instant but for me still it was really surprising and I responded immediately “No…! aap pagal ho gaye ho kya….”

And Bhaiya once again smiled back brazenly over the nasty proposal he gave me, to his younger sister. Next instant I got up and told my mom that I will have dinner in my room and once again I locked myself in the room.

Truly speaking friends I really don’t know what was happening to me, once again I lied on my bed with my face buried in the pillow, I don’t know what I was thinking, I wanted to zero my mind but words spoken by Bhaiya just now were echoing in my ears. I was never so helpless in my entire life, Bhaiya was desperate to fuck me, and when I knew it is not right why I could not say No to him?

Why I was failing to behave even reluctant to him. Certainly problem was within me, it was my lust which suddenly started ruling my senses, from the time Bhaiya was here and started behaving like a pervert to get me on his bed. Even after trying hard I could not control my thoughts and as Bhaiya said now I was visualizing myself getting masturbated and also getting sucked by my own brother.

I tried to divert my mind by playing music on my mobile and but still I would say I went on going deep and deep in thoughts with a passing time and started feeling wet again. With a passing time whatever I decided, that I will not think about Bhaiya with that perspective went off and now I was once again leaking heavily.

Deep inside I wanted to masturbate with a sinful thoughts of getting fucked by my own sibling but somehow controlled myself, may be because I was enjoying getting aroused with a slow pace. Time passed and I really don’t remember for how long I lied in the room? When my mom called me to have dinner? And when after ending meal I came back to my room and changed y clothes to sleep.

Arousal was rising in my overall gesture and Instead of masturbating straight away while lying sideways I clamped a thick and big pillow between my thighs and kept it touching to my fuckhole under the clothes and it felt heavenly. Slowly I started parting and squeezing my thighs over pillow and feeling was bizarre, I was streaming out pleasure juices from my fuckhole like never before,

it was kind of tug of war between my lust and ethics and victory of lust was evident in my gesture and finally once again I was just about to start masturbating while thinking about Bhaiya fucking me when I received a text from him asking “are you coming?”. Certainly I was aroused heavily but still I was not willing to go ahead in doing sex with Bhaiya and I calmly wrote back “no I am not coming”.

Text from Bhaiya changed my temperament a bit and I controlled my desire to finger myself but I really failed to change my thoughts and suddenly I started having intuition that after reading straight forward no from my side Bhaiya will come to my room and he will start doing whatever he spoke some time back and because of that I got bit conscious over the noises coming from outside.

Bhaiya did not came but I went on going restless and once again started feeling like finger myself and truly speaking right now I feel if I would have masturbated that instant it would have been better for me, sexually I would have calmed down but that night my destiny did not wanted me to tranquilize my sexual urge on my own and I resisted masturbating.

I don’t know what was running in my mind; I feel it was a kind sub conscious state in which I could not decide what to do, my principles were trying to stop me and my lust desired to make things happen. And don’t know when in that sub conscious I came out of my room, apparently with an excuse of drinking water and tried to see Bhaiya around.

Time was well passed to 11 and there was nobody in the living room, I knew my parents would be fallen asleep long time back and I assumed Bhaiya would be in his room. After having water I thought about having tea at that hour and in a way the time I spent in making tea, things turned around in that span.

If I would have gone back after having just water then certainly I would saved my virginity from Bhaiya. I won’t say I didn’t know what all Bhaiya can do with me in solitude because it was happened earlier too, may be I was also desiring all that,

if not bumping him into my body from behind like last night then at least I wanted him to ask me for sex again and again because his words were key to my arousal and while recalling his spoken words I was feeling great with a continues leaking fuckhole.

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