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Jai having night to remember with Anvika

Hey I am Jai Chadhary. I belong to Delhi. I came to Mumbai for an educational course. My course started; we had a couple Piyush and Anvika Gupta. I can assure she is the best girl I had encounter in my life time. Her assets were 32 28 34. She is the one I want to have but Piyush is always a stone in my road.

Slowly and gradually I and Piyush become good friends and I started my conversation with Anvika too. And slowly me and her started talking through WhatsApp. We chat night and day but she was always protective towards Piyush, and I always had a desire to seduce her on bed. And our night chats are working in my favor. So one day I asked her for a movie.

As Piyush was busy in helping his parents, she agreed. I started feeling her in movie. Slowly moving my hand on her shoulder she didn’t object and I asked can I kiss you she frankly says yes. I had my first desired complete but not the complete one.

Slowly my hand fondled her boobs. They were extremely soft and I can have an idea that Piyush is typically lover boy and does not believe in physical in love but my lust is getting over me and her lust too. I slowly moved my hand in her t-shirt and the movie ended from that day onwards our night chat privacy and talk and slowly we started discussing about our past and all.

One day I asked Anvika to be with me complete day. Anvika had shifted to college hostel due to two hours of journey from her home to college. Piyush has taken a room near college; Anvika say that she will. So that Friday evening Anvika and Piyush went to their respective home as Anvika home is before Piyush. She left Piyush and Piyush continued his journey.

As the decided the time I received Anvika outside the station. We booked an auto too move next place because its Anvika home area we reached next station and boarded a train for CST and where I had already booked a room for us. She had her cloths in her bag she get changed. A black one piece gown she was wearing and I am just admiring her beauty.

We moved to Gokul bar near gateway of India and have two pegs of whiskey and vodka. And had a walk in Nariman point in hands and her head on my shoulder. We move to our room and I did not waste a single second to kiss her as my lips stated to explore her mouth and we had a long French kiss and a smooches and slowly my hand started to explore her body and I untied her gown and she was in her lingerie before me and I was on seventh moon.

As I will have my desire fulfill today night and she started moaning as I kissed her whole body and I unhooked her bra and started playing with her soft boobs and my mouth was playing with her right one and my hand was playing with her left one.

She started moaning loudly and as she was in drunken state he called Piyush slowly. My mood screwed her and I want to take a revenge on it. I folded her boobs more passionately and she started undressing me and I was in my underpants and I undresses her last cloth and vice versa. She was in a horny mood.

She gives me the best blowjob of my life time till yet and I was too insert my dick in her pussy but I stopped and just kept roaming my dick on her thighs and kept on her pussy opening. But did not enter it in her hole she started begging too me as she was getting dam hot thinking of my dick and desperately wanted it and then.

At last on her request I started my fucking session..I tell her only on one condition if she will give me a blowjob again she said yes. I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy and started to make too and fro motion gradually and slowly and make it faster and faster she started moaning louder and louder and I started press her soft boobs and she just moan and moan louder her voice were filled in the room.

And me and Anvika change our respective position now she was on the top and I was in the bottom and it was heavenly feeling. I was sucking her perfect shapes boobs; likes grapes and she was moaning like a slut. I ejaculated my cum in her pussy and I was just too tired but she isn’t after 15 min of rest she just started licking my dick and its again become harder as rock

strong and I was ready to fuck Anvika my sultry college mate but I want this time to be slow and feel her body and this time we choose doggy style and I inserted my dick in her pussy and started hitting her ass and moving my dick slowly and gradually.

Her moans are making me much hornier then I expected but I don’t wanna loose my time so I slowly moving my dick and pressing her boobs and some time hitting her ass. That time she got a call from Piyush and she was dumbstruck what to do. I said just pick up the phone and talk normally and I just stopped my dick to push in her pussy.

They talked for 2-3 min hardly and as she was talking I was slowly moving my dick and pressing the best guava I can have. After that Anvika told me that Piyush want her to come at her place and she said “I can’t as I am at my uncle’s place and will return in the evening.”

That was my day call I said love you Anvika. She replied me back with a flying kiss love you Jai and your style. We had an ample of sex that night and we continued that in morning.

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Wife fucking with young stud while on holiday

We had just moved into our hotel room somewhere south of India. It was on the second floor of a very quiet secluded resort and had a big balcony, which over looked only a few mangroves and trees. The only place directly opposite us was another similar in the next adjoining building. Anyway it was about 8 in the evening and we had our showers.

Jess had just slipped on her red sheer nighty, which was just enough to cover her ass and she didn’t bother to wear any bra or panties either. Either way we were just gonna have a few drinks change and go out for dinner. We fixed our drinks and sat out in the balcony enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze.

Just then the door bell rang which was strange because we didn’t really know anyone. I opened the door and found this very young well built and well groomed fellow standing at the door. His name he said was John and he had the flat across from us and just came to say hi. Say Hi! My ass he had seen Jess’s sheer red nighty that left absolutely nothing to the imagination and came to get a better look.

Even from across the room you could clearly see her full boobs and nipples, and she had shaved her pussy for the trip so that was an added bonus. Jess was still in the balcony and I invited our visitor in to have a drink. He was 22yrs old, from the UK and was down on holiday for a week.

Jess knew I liked it when she wore bold clothes or sometimes flashed or teased guys, it turned me on to see the look on their face when they starred at her breasts or cleavage or nice ass. As she came into the hall she made no effort to cover herself leaving the poor boy wide eyed and speechless for a few seconds.

She also knew I like watching her fuck another guy or hearing about her fucking other guys and it usually ended up with good sex for her. So well she decided to flirt with John a bit and see where this would lead.

As we sat down to our drinks, she sat opposite John occasionally crossing and uncrossing her legs to give him a view of her nice wet shaven pussy. I could see him taking larger gulps of his drink each time that happened. After a while I got up and went to the counter to fix another drink and she told him “my hubby likes watching me get fucked and I know u want to do it so drop your pants and get over here”.

He did not waste another second his clothes were off and he was on the sofa at the side of her in a wink. I watched as she kissed him and let his hands explore her body lifting her nighty clean over her head. She ran her fingers thru his hair while he kissed her on her neck slowly towards her boobs then took each nipple one by one into his mouth, while kneading the other boob with his hands.

He reached down between her legs and slipped one finger into her pussy slowly moving it around giving her immense pleasure. As she neared her first orgasm he pushed another finger deep into her wet pussy picking up the pace, finger fucking her vigorously. She moaned loudly and bit down on his nipples making him moan in pleasure.

While one hand dug into his back the other hand jerked wildly at his now erect cock. It was a huge clean shaved cock at least 10” long and pretty thick. Jess bent down and took the cock in her mouth sucking at the head and rolling it around her tongue. I watched as I saw the thick cock disappear into her warm mouth. My own cock was sporting an erection by now but I decided to let her fuck him first.

It was an awesome site sitting behind her watching her suck his cock while he fondled her breasts, her ass sticking up in the air and her pussy glistening with juice. Off and on she left his cock to lick his nipples or kiss his neck. She then took his balls one at a time into her mouth sucking them and releasing them from her mouth with a pop.

His dick was really hard by now and the head of his cock well lubricated with her saliva. He was longing for her pussy. She was also really wet from the finger fucking and wanted her in him. He sat upright on the sofa while she straddled him letting his cock slide deep into her till she could feel all 10” of him inside. Jess loved to ride a cock, slowly at first then she picked up pace.

He grabbed at her boobs with both hands sucking hard at her nipples making her scream with ecstasy. As he thrust into her she could feel his balls bang on her ass as his massive cock slammed into her pussy. I knew she was cumming again as I saw her butt clench and squeeze his cock. He pulled out of her and turned her over and started fucking her doggie style.

She was screaming for him to bang her and he did just that. The cheeks of her ass rippled as he banged her tender pussy. I could hear his body slapping against her ass making it red while she squealed and thrashed about the sofa having orgasm after orgasm. When he was finally ready to cum he pulled out of her turned her around and sprayed his cum all over her tits massaging it into her boobs.

As he got up to wash up I was really turned on, I moved over to Jess and with one swift move slid my hard cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her slowly savoring every moment of it as I felt the velvet walls of her wet pussy slide down my shaft. John had fixed himself a drink by now and was back to the sofa.

His dick semi hard again from watching us fuck. Jess asked him to come over to her and took his cock into her mouth cupping his balls in her hands. I was getting painfully hard in her pussy as I watched her suck him off while I fucked her. I picked up my pace and rammed into her with hard thrusts. She let out a muffled moan as she gagged on the huge cock in her mouth.

I could not hold back much longer and shot streams of cum deep into her pussy. By now John was ready to fuck again and his long hard dick waved in the air glistening with saliva dripping down from his balls. She had deep throat him and he fucked her mouth balls deep. This made him super hard and ready to fuck again.

He turned her on her back and slipped his dick into her, holding her waist and bum up to meet his cock while she wrapped her legs around him. He fucked her slowly at first and then fast varying the pace to give her maximum pleasure. Her boobs heaved and bounced with each thrust. I knelt down behind her head and massaged her boobs with both hands.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she got a boob massage and fuck at the same time. He fucked her hard till her tender pussy lips were red and swollen from her second fuck of the evening with this huge cock. She moaned begging him to bang her harder as she loved being banged. She told him not to pull out but to shoot his load deep into her.

As he came I could feel her body quiver as she had yet another orgasm for the evening. Jess was so exhausted she passed out and fell asleep on the bed, legs still spread pussy dripping with cum and tits with cum massaged into them all exposed. We decided to order room service as we were hungry with all the fucking.

I decided it would be really interesting if we did not cover her up when the room service came just to see the look on the boys face. As the guy came with the food we asked him to place it on the table.

I watched as John took his time scanning thru the bill while the boy tried very hard to look at the hot naked girl on the bed with cum dripping from her pussy, without making it obvious. We later told jess about it and she was so turned on she agreed to mildly expose very subtly whenever we ordered room service or went out from then on.

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Ram fucking sister in law Priya

Hi all, I am a new writer in HumanDigest. I am Ram from Chennai; I am 38 yrs and 5.7ft high with Average body. I have carving for sex and I generally control it. I work for an MNC which requires a lot of travel. This incident happened 6 years before. Priya, My sister in law came to Chennai to do her medical. She got admission in a dental college. She is very fair.

I did not have any intention at first. This happened when she was doing her 2nd year when her lover ditched her. There was an urgent call from my father in law as my MIL was unwell. I said we shall go by bus and booked ticket. First myself and my wife sat and my son and Priya sat together. After few min my son said he want to sleep and came and sat in between us.

It was uncomfortable and my wife said me to take my son seat. I went and sat there near Priya. After some time she sledding to my shoulder and I thought she has slept. But to my surprise she kept her hand on over my stomach and her right breast was crushing my shoulders. I gently took my hand and put it on her shoulder; she took my hand and pressed over her left breast.

I kept my hand for few minutes and my cock started to wake up. Priya gently put her hand inside my T shirt and started massaging my chest. I lowered my head and planted a kiss on her forehead. She lifted her head and saw me and I gave a kiss on her lips for a fraction of second so that back seat passenger does not mistake.

I inserted my hand inside her tops and started to massage her lower side of the breast, her nipples started to erect, I pinched her nipples and she inserted her hand inside my boxer and held my cock tight. I said just hold it and don’t do anything because it would be obvious scene when we get down.

She said I will take care of it don’t worry, she said take the dupatta from my bag and cover us as if it is cold. I covered and she raised the hand rest so that she can sleep keeping her head in my lap. She swiftly took my cock and started to play with her tongue. I was in seventh heaven enjoying each and every bit. She took my hand from her top and placed it over her skirt.

I slid my hand and rubbed over her panty for some time she spread her legs bit wide. I slid my hand into her panty and found a bush so I gripped bunch of hairs with my hand it should have pained her so she bit my cock slightly. I pushed her head out. She said sorry I also said sorry to her.

Now I started to play with her pussy, I rubber her pussy and then inserted my index finger, she was oozing and the liquid was flowing heavily. She closed her eyes and enjoying each move of me. I started to move my finger in and out and after few minutes she held my hand and closed her so tight and she was completely oozing. We slept around 1 and in morning 4.30 we reached our village.

We reached on Friday saw my MIL and told them to admit her in nearby town Tirunelveli. The doctors said she has to be admitted her as she is in coma stage. I gave money to my wife and said that I will leave to Chennai as I have work; let my wife and son, be here. Immediately Priya said to her mom and my wife that she has practical and would like to come along with me.

When both of them said ok she was very happy. As it was my brother in laws known bus I requested him to give a ladies seat so that we do not reveal anything, we reached Chennai at 5.30 and took an auto to reach our home. She has to take her bus at 6.30 so I said that before leaving please wake me up. She woke me up and requested me to be at home by 6 pm.

I generally get back at 9 and she wants me to be at 6. On the way to my home I picked 1family pack chocolate ice cream and reached home. I have a practice of taking bath once I reach home. I said let me have bath and come she locked the front door and said she also will join. She was in her nighty.

I placed my office bag in my room and went to bathroom, she joined me and unbuttoned my shirt and removed my vest. I lost my control and held her head and placed a kiss on her lips she responded by opening her mouth. We had tongue twisting, she held my hair and I loosened her hair by removing her head clip. We were engrossed in deep kiss.

We were breathing heavily and she started to suck my nipples and I started to lift her nighty over her head. Priya while sucking started to undo my belt and started to open my pant buttons. I swiftly removed her nighty and I reached my hand to undo her white bra clamps. There came out white melons and I started to massage her breast.

I made her stand and started to suck her left breast. I was playing with my hand on right breast. Priya gave a wild moan hmmmmmmm and started to pull my head deeper. I played with my tongue in such a way her nipples are straight, she moved my head to right breast and is targeted to suck and Priya took her hand towards my jockey.

I reached her panty and found wet over the bunch of hair. I told Priya I will trim your pussy hair. She said, do it carefully. I removed her panty which was wet. I saw her and smelled her panty. Priya said chili, I said I liked the smell, and then I took my trimmer and adjusted to 10 mm so that it does not hurt her. I did it gently and she liked it.

She sat on the closet and pulled me closer to her. She undid my jockey and took my cock which had pre cum. She took the hand shower and cleaned it and took it into her mouth. She pulled the skin backward and started to play with her tongue at the tip. I was in seventh heaven as I have not got a blow job at all. She was doing wonderful and I was ready to blow it out.

I held her head and started to move slowly and then picked up the speed and I came in her mouth. She drank all without losing a drop. Now I sat on the closet and pulled her near me and asked her to keep one leg on the closet so that I can have a good view. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and planted a kiss.

Priya immediately held my head and pushed towards her pussy. I put my tongue and started to suck her pussy. Priya went wild and started to moan uhhhhhhh do it like that slowly, I was concentrating there and sucking her for more than 5 min, Priya oozed her juice and I licked her clean. I made her sit on my lap and started to suck her breast for 10 min.

Once again I made her stand and started to suck her pussy and this time Priya started to move her hip holding my head and started rhythmic movement with continuous moaning asking me to bite her G spot with my lips I did it and I inserted one finger while sucking.

She started to move her hip fast holding my hair and after few strokes she cried darlingggggggg I am cuminggggggg don’t stop. Priya cried loud and stiffened her thighs with a loud moan ohhhhhhhhhh then pushed my head. As she was trembling I made her sit on my lap and hugged her so tightly. We were there like this for 5 min.

Then I applied soap on her and cleaned her body and she applied soap on me and cleaned me. We dried ourselves and came to my bed room, when I saw the time it was 8.45, we had spent 2 hrs in bathroom enjoying.

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Dan having sex with his Bua

Hi all, I am Dan from Mumbai, my age is 21, I know u might have gone thru the phase in your life which I am gonna share with you'll. I was in 6th standard when I started masturbating, I use to think about girls elder to me and the girl I use to meet in my classes, school or in friends I use to come home and 1st thing I use to do is masturbate.

I was very friendly with my aunty "Bhua",she is 43 now her figure if m not wrong is 34-28-36 she is fair got good features, ass was something I use to go crazy, Back to the story I was in 10 standard and my "Bhua" she had come to stay with us, so whenever she use to come out of the bathroom after having bath she use to not wear any salwar, so her panty use to be visible and that Black panty with stars on it use to drive me crazy, fuckkkk.

So I use to stay at home till the time she done with her Bath, I use to stare at her like anything, I started getting feelings for her, I use to mastrubate like crazy thinking about her, when she use to sleep next to me I use to pull her nighty up, she use to change her side.

One fine day, it's was around 5.00pm no one was there at home only me and my sex bomb "bhua", she was sleeping and she was wearing yoga pants and her ass made me crazy, I had to mastrubate any how, so I went to the washroom saw her nighty, bra and panty,

so I took her nighty spread it on the floor in washroom took her panties placed it on the nighty (with the inner part of the panty outside where her vagina is placed), I laid down in missionary position and started pushing my dick on her panty, I went fast as I was doing it 1st time for I came in 15 mins and the same time my bhua yelled from outside saying come fast I wanna go in to PISS,

I was still lying again she yelled, third time she banged the door and the door got open I dint latch it properly, she got very angry on me and saying " Yeah kya kar rahe ho, sharam nahi aati ruk aanede tere dad ko batati hun " I was like I am screwd, brain stopped working.

After 1 hour I went next to her she slapped me and said " Nazdeek nahi aana mere " I said "bhua galti hogayi mujhse please kisi ko mat batana " she said " yeah tumne kaise kiya aur kahan se sikhi galat cheezain " I was numb. 3 days passed but she was still coming in kameez after having bath no salwar.

One night everybody was at home, she dint say anything to anybody, she was in nighty and everybody was having dinner after dinner everybody was sitting comfortably and she just spread her legs and I was able.to.look at her panties and I stared for 5 mins she closed it then, next afternoon she was sleeping and nobody was there she was in her yoga pants and for a suprise her one boob was out,

I went mad went close to her and just touched it no reaction I pressed the nipples again no reaction I pressed her boob with my and and sucked the nipples with my mouth she moaned " ehhhhmmmmm" she changed the position, then I started pressing her ass I was like "JO bhi hoga dheka jaaega"

I pulled down her yoga pants I saw her panty in Red colour lace one I went crazy her bra was also red, took more courage and entered my hand in her panty it was a fuckin clean shaven pussy I started rubbing found her clit she started moving and she got up she saw me doing and she said " aaj tak kissi k sath koi lady ya ladki k sath aisa kuch kiya hai,

I said "Nahi, app mujhe sexy lagti ho aur ik baar tumhare sath sex karna hai", "Bhau said ", Pant utaro apni, I removed my pants, Started kissing her lips she was responding and I was sucking her lips like crazy, slow our tounge started playing together, Bhau said u are a "good kisser", I was feeling proud, slowly I removed her top,

and unhooked the bra started pressing her boobs like crazy Bhau broke the kiss again and said "Choos Le mere mamme Ko" she was getting hot I entered my hands in her panties started rubbing her pussy, "Bhua said " Maar daal aaj mujhe bus aise he karte reh tere "Phupa" ( Bhuas husband ) woh showpiece hogaye hai " I was shocked listing to that,

as I was Rubbing her pussy she was moaning " aahhhhhhh dan ehhhhmmmmm maaa aeeeee mumaaaaa ehhhhhh ehhhhhhh fuck dan mera chooot raha hai ( I am coming ) And after she came her fluids came out on my hand I removed her yoga pants and panties now she was naked fuck there was a tent in ma underwear she saw that "Mujhe tera woh dikha"

I said " Kya" she said " Penis dikha she pulled me and made me naked while she removed my underwear dick slapped on her face, she now got ready my rick was hard like IRON She pulled my foreskin and saw dickhead and bhua said " badaa hai tera " my dick real sizes is 7" long and 2.5" thick, Bhua started stroking,

I said " Bhua muhh main lo aur tounge khelo aur chooso, Bhua just did it, she sucked for good 15 mins I said " Bhua bed pe sojaaoo ", I started smooching her and sucked her boobs, I said " Bhuas janat ki seher karogi,Bhua Said " Kaise" I said " Ready Hojaoo", I went down open her pussy with my fingers and as my younger touched her pussy she said

" Mummaaaa nahiiiiii please nahiii " I said " Rukjaa nilanjana ( buha's name ) I started licking more fast She was moaning more fast "" aaaeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh siiiiiiiii auuuuuu auuuuuu ahhhhhh aramse, As my younger went inside she said " Margai main and she raised her ass up in the air and she came, lovely taste of her come,

Then, I was hot and her pussy was wet I started rubbing my dick on her pussy, Bhua said " aaramse abhi tak itna badaa nahi gaya " I kept my hand on her mouth and pushed my dick with force and pussy was tight and she raised her ass up on the air and tears rolled from her eyes and I started storking by removing the complete dick out and put ting again pushing hard,

Bhua was sounding " Ummmmm ummmm ummmmm she pushed mu hand and started moaning " Ahhh maardiya nikal apna bahar I dint listing I started stroking again she was moaning " aaahhhh dan fast kar karna fast " I got exited ducked her fast for 20 mins she came and I shouted like cray as I came,

" ahhhhhh ahhhhhh fuck ahhhh eh hahaha ahhhhhh ahhh shitt fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I came in her, And fell on her she hugged me tight and Bhua said " main 3 din aur hun aise he chudwana hai mujhe, I said " Theek hai nilanjana dan tumhara hai", I removed my dick she sucked it and I fucked her brains off for next 3 days.

After she went back to her in laws place we had phone sex and skype sex, and she is coming again this year after ages ill fuck my bhua, It's a real thing which happened and please comment I have 3 more stories to reveal.

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Sam fucking Punjabi aunty

Hi Readers, This is sam once again with a new experience I had recently. After the story Sex at nagpur,(which was my experience of enjoying sex with a 62 year old aunty) was published on 30th Jan, I received tremendous response from many readers especially senior citizen who are above 60 years of age inviting me to their place asking me to satisfy them with my 9 inch dick.

Many aunties have expressed surprise with the size of my dick and all of them want to see it, hold it in hand, then take it in their hot hole. Oh what a great response from such hot aunties! The day my story was published I received a mail from a lady by name chart(name changed) who is staying at Navi Mumbai.

She mentioned in the mail that she read my nagpur experience with a 62 year old lady and wanted to enjoy with me. She had given her mobile no and address so that I could contact her and visit her. She wanted me to go there the next day itself I e on 31st itself which was a Sunday.

She also mentioned that she is very fat, 61 years old, not good looking, dark, but she is very hot and not satisfied with her married life and her hubby does not attend to her because of her fat body and dark nature.She is a Punjabi, settled at Mumbai and her hubby is a businessman and travels all time mostly abroad. One daughter after marriage is at delhi and the son is studying in US.

So she and her hubby are staying at their Mumbai house and most of time she is alone due to her hubbys business travel. So I called her on phone and talked to her and she was very happy and requested me to go to her house the next day at 10 am.I also got excited as I have never fucked a fatty and I thought it would be a great experience, more over she is hot.

The day passed and we talked on phone at night also. She asked me whether I like a clean shaved pussy or little hair and she said she had little hair and if I wanted she would remove it and keep it smooth. I told her she can decide to present to me whichever way she likes. She said she would remove it and keep it smooth for me to lick.

The next day I reached her place exactly at 9-45 itself. She had directed me so well that I could locate her house easily. Its a bunglow and the gate was opened. Not many people have such huge bunglow and that showed how affluent she is. I parked my car inside the compound and I pressed the bell and she opened the door.

She gave me broad smile and welcomed me with a warm hand shake. It was so smooth, that I got excited with that soft touch. She took me inside and I sat on the sofa in the drawing room.She was wearing a yellow- green salwar, (yellow top and green bottom),and I could see the white bra straps clearly through the yellow top.The room was quite cool as she had already switched on the AC.

She went inside and brought water in a glass and served me. She sat next to me and she was smelling very sexy as she had used a very powerful perfume to freshen her up.I had a good look at her.She is very fat and has a huge body and huge assets with swaying butts & tits, dark,and not that good looking.

We spoke for about 15 minutes and by that time I got totally relaxed and in the meanwhile she served me fresh lime juice. She invited me to see her house and showed me around. While moving around, she was moving very closely,touching me here and there, making me more hot and horny.Ultimately we moved into the bed room, the area of action!

Oh what a bed and the ambience was too romantic, with fragrance of perfume she had sprayed and over all a great atmosphere for good sex. She sat on the bed and invited me to sit next to her. I hugged her and kissed her in her lips slowly.Then I started licking her lips with my tongue and she started responding by opening her mouth and allowing my tongue to enter her mouth.

Our tongues touched each and slowly we locked our tongues and I started to apply more pressure on her lips and we started to taste our saliva.She started to slowly moan and we got up and sanding we hugged each other but tongues were interlocked. I used one hand to slowly caress her butts and with the other hand was feeling her back.

She was rubbing her hand on my pant on the crotch, and my dick was slowly growing and becoming hard and it started to bulge.I slowly put my hand inside her dress and inside her panty to feel the flesh of her butts. I squeezed her butts and slowly moved my hand to the front side and came near her pussy and I could feel the wetness and then I knew that she was oozing.

I touched her pussy and slowly using my fingers I tried to part the pussy lips and insert my finger. Probably I must have touched her clit and she said vow..iisshhhh.aaahhhhhmy tongue was working in her mouth and one hand in pussy and the other at her back.

She was getting warmed up and slowly hot and hotter..and she was increasing her grip on my groin as my dick was growing to its original full size and could not stay inside anymore. She kept her hand on the belt and slowly removed it and unbuttoned my pant.She pulled it down and then she pulled my undie also and my 9 inch dick got freed and jumped outside.

Vow!!!she remarked,what a size!!! and it was still growing and hardening. Greedily she looked at it and slowly brought her hand and took it in her hand. The soft palms when it touched my dick, I got further excited and ahhh I remarked. That motivated her and she pulled her mouth from mine and kneeling down she brought her mouth down, in the meanwhile she pulled the outer cover and pulled it to expose the dick head.

The pink swollen dick head which was covered by my precum made her further excited and she looked at me and gave me a naughty smile and slowly opened her mouth and tried to grip the dick head between the lips.

The soft lips touched the dick head and she slowly applied her tongue on the orifice which was secreting the ooze and gave me nice lick and I was becoming mad aahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhh my moaning motivated her to increase the pressure on the head and she slowly started to move her lips over the dick from the head to the bottom.

She had to stretch her mouth to open it wide to accommodate the dick as it was 3 inch thick..she took it to her deep throat and released it and again took it deep inside and then released and it continued and slowly she started to increase the speed.

I was on to a great ecstacy and I started feeling very pleasurable and slowly I was raising my moaning ahhahhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhhhhh..vvvooooowwwwwwww .ssshhhhhhh..and it went on for almost 15 minutes and I was at the peak and I thought I would shoot the load and that I never wanted to do it at that time.So I forcibly removed the dick from her mouth and looked at her.

She was smiling with lots of happiness and I could see her satisfttion in getting a long shaft in her mouth. She got up and started to remove the hooks of her salwar top and untied her bottom to free herself from the dress and she was on a off white bra and a blue panty. The bra could not hold on to the huge flesh of her tits and the straps were so tight and the panty also could not cover her huge butts.

I hugged her tightly and once again kissed her lips and licked her cheeks, while with one hand I pulled down her panty. She helped me in pulling down her panty and I could see her fully wet hole which was clean shaved.I also removed my T shirt and became fully naked.

Oh! what a hairy chest and what strong muscles !!! she exclaimed, and was more than happy to see me in my original body and was enjoying body. She has a huge abdomn and thighs are also big like that of the legs of an elephant.Good broad and well hung back with curves at the back. She was about to unhook her bra and I told her I would do it.

I went to her back and huggd her to my chest and squeezed her tits over the bra.I smelled her arm pits which was emanating very good fragrance of colongue and her sweat and it made me too hot.I tried to put my hand inside her bra to feel the cup, but the bra was too tight and I could not insert the hand inside her bra. So I unhooked her bra hooks and removed the cups and freed the tits.

The nipples were already erect and I cupped the tits with my hands and slowly squeezed them and tickled the nipples with the fingers..aahhhh she started moaning, and I was licking her ears from back and my tongue was all over her ear region and she was trembling with tickling and pleasure aaaahhhhhhhhaahhhhhh ssshhhhhhshhshhhhhhh she was making noises.

The nipples are so big on a huge tit and its giving lot of pleasure to both of us. In between I kissed her on her cheeks and licked with my toungue her full face. She turned her face and showed her lips to me and I started to kiss and bite the lips. While I was attacking her from behind, she took my dick in her hand and started to move it and I was also getting so much of pleasure.

Overall the atmosphere got heated up and very high sound of deep breath was in the room. We enjoyed this for about 15 minutes and I slowly guided her to the bed.She was lying in bed and I opened her thighs and using my fingers opened the pussy lips. The reddish lips got parted and it was it was totally wet and oozing her precum.

The smell was too intoxicating and I bend down and slowly touched the pussy with my lips. I opened my mouth and slowly inserted my tongue inside the pussy. Slowly and steadily I started licking the pussy and enjoyed the saltish ooze. She was under tremendous ecstacy and she was responding my raising her buts and raising her legs and moving her hips up and down.

I could see the intensity of flow from her pussy and I also increased the speed of tongue movement inside the pussy and pla..pla pla..pla pla..a sound was coming while I was doing the act. She was moaning and was holding my head towards her pussy as she never wanted me to take out my head from her pussy.

I used my hands and started to squeeze her tits and teased her nipples which added fuel to fire. She was at the top of pleasure and started blabbering and was asking me to come over her so that she could take my dick in her mouth and she wanted to perform 69. So I came on top of her and kept my dick near her mouth and I was continuing my pussy licking.

She greedily started sucking the dick head which was oozing and was using her tongue on the dick head as an expert sucker. Of course she is indeed an expert. She was licking the head, then she started to lick my balls and with hands she was shaking my dick and over all it was too enjoyable.

She was still oozing and I drank all the liquid and I slowly moved out of her and was lying next to her. She said I have a very good hairy chest and she likes hairy chest. She sucked my nipples and started to rub her tits on my hairy chest and she was enjoying the act. Once again I took her lips and chewed it and did a deep kiss inside her mouth and teased her nipples.

She became fully hot and was ready for a final act. She lied and I opened her thighs and took my dick near her pussy. She was eager waiting to see it getting disappeared inside her hole!!!!! Will it go smoothly or will it pain? She asked me. I said you dont worry and I will ensure you get pleasure and not pain. Its too big and I am worried whether my pussy will tear off???she was anxious.

I slowly opened her pussy lips with my fingers and slowly touched the pussy with my open dick head. Like how you strike a match stick to the matchbox to produce fire, I was trying to touch her pussy with my dick and I slowly stared to rub the pussy opening and slowly I increased the speed, and that really ignited the fire in her. Aaaahhhhhhh. what are u doing.

I am dying..aahhhhhhhah her response motivated me and slowly inch by inch I tried to insert the long and thick dick into her pussy by slowly pushing it she was feeling the touch inside her pussy walls when my dick was entering and she adjusted her hip and thighs to ensure the dick entry becomes smooth.

Her hole is as such tight and my thick long tool made it too tight and I could feel the heat when the dick was in touch with pussy walls and the hot and wet pussy became more and more hot and she was flowing her precum which was flowing through her anal area into the bed, like water flowing from a tap lots of heavy breathing and sounds of moans and smell of cum and pre cum sweat were felt inside the room.

Over all a very sexy atmosphere. I inserted half the dick and then slowly withdrew it and again tried to push it a little more this time aahhhhh whenever I pushed it she was shouting..oh.its too tight yaar.slowly ..dont be too harsh.slow slow. she was shouting. but I never cared as I know this is how a lady behaves whenever I insert my dick as its too thick and long.

So I went ahead with my mission of touching her deep pussy wall with a full insertion. After 3-4 attempts I finally pushed all the 9 inches fully inside. Oh gone fully. oh I am feeling so great unable to believe I could swallow your full 9 inches. she was feeling. very happy and she kissed me and I also kissed her.

I put my hands over her body and hugged and her while my dick was intact inside her pussy. I licked her lips and face and smelled arm pits as she was sweating and I liked her smell of sweat. Then I started to suck the nipples and fondled the other tit and she responded to me. Now I slowly raised my hips and lowered down and start the pumping.

Though it was too tight, my precum and her precum lubricated the pussy and it helped in smooth movement of dick inside the pussy. Still she was feeling the friction and heat and the pleasure increased.

To add more heat I bit her ear lobes and licked her neck and lips and slowly I increased the speed and attacked her with my fingers and lips and mushtache which she could not withstand. She stared to shout ahhhh ..uuuuuu heyyy..sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhoooooohhhhhhhhh. cant bear ..ccccaant bb..ee.a..raahhhhhhshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoh..my god.

aahhhhhouch..shhhhhh.hmoh..soooooooooooooooooo much pleasure.. oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. what si this.harder..fuck me harder.u fucker u foooooollllll, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. sshhhhhhh I went with hard strokes and she was reaching her peak and she increased her shouting and moaning and she started to bite me and was scraching my back with her nails.

But I never cared. When I got excited I thought I would shoot, I slowed down the strokes and waited for 2-3 minutes, but I continued my hands on her tits, then lips on ears and neck and rubbed my chest to hers which send her mad.We both were sweating profusely.

Again I started to stroke her slowly and then picked up speed and went for fast and very hard storkes with all my strength and vigor, resulting in more heat and pleasure. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..I am out. ooohhhhhhh ssssssssshhhhhhhhah cant take it aanymore..she was screaming..and I knew she had reached her peak and she had cum.

She stopped her screaming and biting and scratching my back. I knew she is totally exhausted. though I did not cum I stopped for the time being slowly I took out my dick out of her pussy and it was totally wet and soaked in her cum and cum was dripping from my dick she wanted to take the dick in her mouth and I gave it and she sucked it like a greedy cat drinking milk.

She used her skillful tongue on the dick head and while sucking my dick she used her tongue to flick it on the dick head to be at my peak of my ecstacy and I enjoyed her sucking.She went on to blow me and it was a mind blowing blow job and I was about to come and indicated to her that I was cumming. She went on doing it more vigorously and aaahhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhh.

oooohhhhhhhhh. I shot the load in her mouth and she took it inside by swallowing it and licking the dick she showed her satisfaction.She was so happy and satisfied and said what a dick u have and I enjoyed the fuck thoroughly.I had ejected a huge quantity if cum and she enjoyed the bitter taste of it and was licking her lips to taste the last drop.

WE were lying in the bed for sometime and hugging each other and kissing each other also fondling each other we satisfied each other. WE went to the toilet and I wanted to piss. She was holding my dick in her hand and I was pissing in the toilet. It was a real pleasure when she was holding it in her hand while I pissed.

Then she opened her pussylips and started to piss, and for fun I inserted my finger in the pussy and her urine flow started to splash outside and it was fun. After that we washed oueselves and came back to bed room.We again stared kissing and licking and I wanted to go for a second round immediately.

She said she never had such great fuck in her life at all. I also enjoyed a very fat body for the first time. She said she is hot and horny, and never had enjoyed sex so much. She also said that she never knew that sex can give so much pleasure and ecstacy. She wanted a skillful fucker to fulfil the needs and was admiring my sexual techniques and skills.

Overall I also enjoyed the fuck and her company. It was a big learning for me. First learning is that fat women are hot and starved of sex as no one looks at them.So from now on I will start eyeing on fat ones and want to service them.Secondly age is not a barrier for sex as the older you become the hotter you are as you are starved more.

Figure and flesh are no matter for good sex, what gives you pleasure is involvement and interest.Thirdly senior citizens are most starved as after 60 years no one take care of them. They are hotter than sweet 16s. So I hope you enjoyed reading this. Anyone who needs to get that pleasure, please contact me.

Dont have any inhibitions as only when you open up you can get the pleasure. After all its your body and personal things absolutely personal to you and you alone. Unless you decide you wont enjoy. Please feel free to post your comments below.

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