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Arun having first sex encounter with Sarita

Hello Readers, I am very new to the world of physical relation but this site was known to me from the last three years, so if there is any mistakes in my grammar or sentence please accept my apologies, hope so I won’t make any… rather will try my best to make you people feel the same while I had my first encounter, and also this is my first story, I know many of you write stories my making it all up but this is not as some of them do…

I am 17 now myself Arun (residing in Bangalore (Dollars colony) only son, people of Bangalore would obviously know where Dollars colony is and as by the name of my colony I too am from a rich family but not a spoilt brat… but I think I am starting to become one… our house is a triple floors or a triplex over 5000 sqft… the half of third floor belongs to me and the other half is an entertainment hall…

my father is the owner of a business firm here in Bangalore while my Mom is a teacher in a reputed school) so coming from a rich family I never wasted my opportunity to keep myself fit. As my mom is a teacher and a serious one I was & am a good student quite above the average student so till to class 8 I knew nothing about sex,

class 9 onwards we friends started to chat about sex and girls and shared porn movies as well as our newly found web portals on “sex”, so this was how I knew about sex or any parts about a female external genitals.

The incident took place a yr. back after my ICSE exam ended… as my parents were too busy with their daily activities, I was left behind in my alone with 2 housemaid, my PS3 & every weekend my friends visits, so as by the word housemaid many would have guess my 1st encounter is with my housemaid.

Yes it is, our two maid were full time maid around 40 – 45 years of age was with us from my childhood… & the 3rd I will come to it later… It was Friday morning at 10 I was in my bathroom shagging after seeing a porn movie, suddenly my bathroom door slammed opened I turned around and out of fear or fright or shock (whatever you like to say) I ejected to the left of a female standing just inside the bathroom door,

the sperm fell on her left feet and on her shalwar… I just shouted “WTF knock on the door…” she run away as soon as she can, I was quite frightened, thought if she say this to anyone & I will be doomed or trashed to death by my parents…. Somehow I managed to clean myself up, went down to manage the situation but found the lady was gone, I casually asked my ‘Die amma’

(my babysitter) who was the lady in our house a moment before, she answered that it was Sarita the younger sister of Anita who was sick (the 3rd maid “Anita” is a 22 yrs. old “Bengali” who would come to our house two times in a day morning and evening to sweep & wipe the house, wash utensils and cloths…

they both are from West Bengal, 4 yrs. younger to one another due to the death of their parents and their paternal uncle was selling them off they run away from their house and came here in Bangalore they both are quite average looking bong beauties…) {Please mind from here onwards ‘S’ = sarita and ‘I’ = me}

I was somehow relaxed & was thinking at least the beans are not spilled yet, so I had to wait till the evening to control the situation, as time passes by I was getting tensed but nothing happened as she didn’t show up… the next morning (i.e. - Saturday) I woke up early actually I was not able to sleep as I was tensed cause my mom would be in house and if ‘S’ says anything about the

incident to her then to for sure she would chop off my genitals first and ask questions later… so by 6am I started riding my cycle around the colony so as to confront ‘S’ and request her not to say anything about the incident to my mom and also to apologise. After 30-45 minutes there she was going towards my house I called her out and said her that I would like to speak to her, ‘S’ “hummmmm”,

1st to I got off my cycle and just folded my hand (as we pray) and literally prayed her and begged her not to say anything about the incident to my mom, to which ‘S’ giggled and said she will think over it in HINDI… there was nothing else I could do so I got on my bike went home before she does,

searched for my mom and as she entered the house I started to keeping an eye over her so as to see whether she speaks to my mom or not… after some moment she was in my floor I started speaking to her rather begging her continuously not to say anything to my mom, she got so fed-up & said if I don’t stay away from her & be quite she would complaint to my mom with an addition charge that I tried to grope her,

I was so afraid that turned pale & just went away to my friend house, I didn’t returned till late evening, next day being Sunday my dad too stayed in house I was nowhere to be seen in my house cause he my father is ten times dangerous then my mom…

MONDAY: parents gone, so a bit relaxed ‘S’ came into my room to sweep and wipe I was playing ‘S’ asked where was I after she warned me, I said trying to keep off her… she said I need not to worry cause all that happened was natural and a boy of my age & class (standard of the way I live in) doing it by self was actually surprising for her cause most of the boys of my class & age got a gf…

and I said I was rather happy not to have a gf cause gf of my class has too much of attitude or “nakhra”… she giggled and said really?? I said nothing more, she sweep and wipe off the room and went away to do her stuff…

After 10 min or so, she came back to take my cloths to wash I was seeing her touching my undergarments so I requested her not to touch those cause I myself like to wash my undergarments… ‘S’ said “may kar-lungi” (I will do it)… I said “may khud karna pasand karta hu or yeh is ghar ka ek rule bhi hai ki saab aapna aapna undergarments khud shaaf karay”

(I like to clean of the underwear myself cause it’s one of the rule in the house)… ‘S’ “tum or kya kya kaam aapne aap se karne pasand karte ho?” (What else you like to do by yourself)… I knew she was teasing me so I kept quite said nothing and started to play showed her that I didn’t hear her she too didn’t repeat went off the top floor the roof to wash as we had washing machine she just had to keep all in the machine and just turn it on.

Doing so she came back to my room again and asked me “or kya kya rule hai?” (What others rules are there) ‘I’ “saab se important hamesha darwaje paar knock karke gusna” (always knock on the door before you enter) “kyuki ye rule meri mummy or papa dono follow karte hai” (cause both my parents follow this rule) “same mujhe bhi karna parta hai” (the same I too have to do)

“baki saab ‘die amma’ bol degi ekbar puch lena” (all the others rules my babysitter would say just ask her once) ‘S’ “kya may tuhmara underwear dho sakti hu mera pass or kuch kaam nahi hai abhi k liye ? (Can I wash off your underwear I have no other work to do) I was not willing to talk just nodded her as said “you may”.

She went inside the bathroom to wash it off… and requested me if I can play any hindi song for her to listen, I got off my PS3 turned on my computer and played some recent song of that year, turning back I saw her yellow dupatta on my bed I actually tried to see her by just turning my eyes but not my head saw ample amount of boob trying to jump or poop of her kameez which had a quite low neckline,

I was just not able to control the urge of turning my head to take a better look at those boobs I quickly sat on my desktop which was horizontal to the bathroom door and turned the webcam towards the bathroom and just clicked record and turned down the monitor so I could watch the recorded video after she was gone and turning off the monitor would also help me not to get caught to whatever I was doing or intended to do…

So this time I had to wait for her to leave, another 20 min pass by she was done washing off my underwear and left my room, I quickly got up tuned off the record button and save the file in my secret folder… now all I have to do was to make sure that she left my house as I knew after she leave now one will me disturbing me for the next 1 hour so left my room and stood on the balcony to see if she was gone,

as I was standing there to see whether she left or not, my idiot friend saw me and came up, there goes my plan all wasted for this idiot, so now had to wait till he leaves and finally he is gone around 4 in the evening… waved him goodbye from the upper balcony.

Finally freedom quickly turned on my computer shut to door but forgot to lock it down… the video started --- me tuning the webcam shaking towards ‘S’ (lucky me such a perfect angle towards the bathroom) ‘S’ sitting in a Squatting Position facing toward the direction of my webcam and her boobs easily visible… aaah I love those melons bouncing & jerking as she was banging & rubbing my underwear on the floor.

Man that scene made my dick arise in a rocket position for launching. I was not able to control my feeling and start caring it, all I could see that her boobs (my 1st site of reality) were bouncing to the tune of the song and too she was humming, after few seconds I saw the most surprising thing she was sniffing my underwear, hell I thought there can be my chance to fuck her and to gain my first “s-experience”,

so I thought to plan for it… (back to the video) I use VLC player to watch such videos so as to zoom into part which make me happy and exciting… this time I zoom into her cleavage and started rubbing my cock (masturbating), out of nowhere comes ‘S’ again banged into my room to sweep, she caught me with my pants down, DICK UP and just the cleavage part zoomed in the monitor…

she said sorry and ask me to continue what I was today, luckily she didn’t recognise the cleavage part was her video I just tuned off the computer shamelessly walked into the bathroom with my 5+ inch cock held proudly up & started shagging right in front of her eyes, she was showing me that she had no interest to whatever I was doing but I saw she was peeping through the corner of eyes towards me while arranging the things over my table and bed,

I took of my t-shirt had a natural abs cause of my regular habit of keeping myself fit, she took a gasp and murmured something, I was taking my time and was playing with myself and was making erotic noise just to see her reaction at one moment I saw her rubbing or may be pulling off her shalwar from the crotch area,

It took me 5 minutes to cum I saw her still in my room doing unnecessary things but keeping an eye towards me… I washed myself, dried off and came out fully nude took up the pant from chair near the desktop and wore.

‘S’ said “mera kaam khatam hoy geya or tumhara kaam bhi” (I finished my work so as you) ‘I’ “scene mast tha na? enjoy kiya free k show” (Was the scene great, did you enjoy the free show) She had the guts to reply me back saying “hummm thik thak tha magar enjoy to tumne aakela kiya” (Humm it was so-so, but you alone enjoyed it..)

now I was scratching my head what to say fucking hell she was one step ahead of me… without thinking anything else I just said “aglay baar tum bhi mera saath join kar lena” (next time join me) to which she smiled, gave me a naughty look and went out, I stayed back in my room, started playing games but later that night I saw the whole video,

in one part after she was done washing she bended over to clean the bathroom floor where her boobs were more visible and that scene again made me run into bathroom but I didn’t last more than a minute…

This is not the end my friends coming days things happened more than whatever I expected and later came to know that she was planning to make me fuck her the day when I was begging her not to say anything to my mom… the stories will be in the other parts… Please let me know your views on the same, will help me in posting more.

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Beautiful bhabhi in shower with exboyfriend kissed and pussy licked MMS 2

Latin lady lifting legs showing ass cheeks and allowing ex boyfriend to lick her pussy and asshole Horny guy rubbing cock against Latin lady's ass cheeks while fondling her boobs from behind
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Rough night with waiter after party

Hello, I am Ansh I am 22 years of age and this story is about my family and this one especially – about my mother. My mother is a divorcee and of 42 years of age. She and my father got divorced when I was a kid because he wasn’t always around, later as I grew up I came to know it was more about her screwing with my father’s friend cum lawyer.

My mother or as I like to call her, Vanity ( it also means excessive pride of oneself or their possession and boy she wasn’t just proud but also flaunted her possessions) leads a very interesting life.

My father was always on the go so I grew up with my mom and was it a pleasure !!! My mother has an eccentric sexdrive for a woman because at times even she’s pushing the limit. I recall this memory when there was a party in our house. Mom loves wearing revealing clothes and naturally she dressed up quiet sexily to everyone’s pleasure.

That day she was wearing a black dress that day which revealed her legs from the side, right up to her beautiful milky thighs and at her neck it made an X so it kind of made a window for both her ‘precious’ to get glimpse of the world or world to get a glimpse on them ;) not to forget it was also backless.

She was the most tantalizingly SEXY woman in that party, She knew how to dress because she had the perfect blend of elegance and a punch of seductiveness. She was the center of attraction and why wouldn’t she be? Her luscious legs at display were too much to resist and any man could’ve lost his control had they not been there with their wives.

I saw many men passing lewd comments at her and to be honest I funnily enjoyed some of them. Some guys I heard talking, said,” She is a mother of a kid and she fucking looks like she’s out of a porn movie, a wonderful HOT RICH porn movie.” “I’ve heard she slept with her ex-husband’s friend God knows how many she slept with.”

“Well I don’t blame him look at that well arched ASS!! I mean who wouldn’t love to Slap those sweet buns.” Co incidentally or what I don’t know but as soon as he said that my mom bent down facing her ass towards those men. “GOD ALMIGHTY!! “He exclaimed. “I am pretty sure her son fucks her morning and day for the slut she is.”

I know.. I should’ve hit him but as I said I don’t know why but I was enjoying these comments. The other guy said,” I am pretty sure he does every day.” Many men enjoyed her in same manner way that evening trying to feel those glorious mounds and getting a light touch of that ass on the name of Hugs or dances however I knew those men weren’t the only one enjoying.

My mom loved that attention and specifically that touch, too. She is a sucker for tease. Later that evening after the party was over my mom was pretty hung-over but she was always up for a last drink so when our waiter asked her she told him to pour her one.

These parties have their way of getting to her.. She sat on the sofa resting her head, relaxing…Spreading her legs and as the dress which was already revealing revealed some more. Her creamy legs were fully exposed with a hint of her panty visible now.

She was drunk, she wanted sex and if I wasn’t her son I would’ve jumped on her then but I was more curious about the other people there and by other people I mean the waiter. He brought her that drink but interestingly enough he spilled the drink on her dress. She was bloody furious with that and started shouting,” You bloody idiot!!

This is a fucking expensive dress and how could you spill a drink on it, you irresponsible fool.” He tried to apologize,” I a..aa..am sorry ma’am. I’ll quickly fix it.” And he tried to bring a cloth near my mother’s brazenly exposed cleavage and I thought to myself Aah...sly bitch. Wants to get a feel of them.

Wants to take advantage of my mother but I just stood near the stairs and watched how it developed. As soon as he brought his hands closer to her she pushed him away and said,” WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.” And I thought that should be the proper response because even after so many drinks this woman is capable of carrying herself?

but then something else she said completely surprised me and the waiter to a whole fucking new level. “You fucking dog, you think you’ll get away with this so easily? No, you’re a fucking dog and you’ll be treated that way and you know what dogs do? They stick their tongue out and lick what they messed up.”

I could see the waiter’s face and it was a mix of surprise and shock, a double whammy for him. He couldn’t process what was going and so Mom made it more clear for him. “Yea so you’re fucking going to lick this off me and you better be good or else I am going to make you pay.” “ye..yes ma’am absolutely. I won’t disappoint you.”

And she pulled him closer to her and brought his face to her beautiful globes and now he was feasting on the two most beautiful boobs ever. He licked her chest and slowly grasped her in his arms and pulled her more closely to him. She moaned a slight ‘aaahhh’ at that moment and I saw she was in ecstasy.

His hands traced her naked back and slowly as he went down licking from her chest to her stomach his hands traced to her mounds and cradled those protruding spongy buns and my mom shouted in pleasure WOWWWW…aaaghhh.. But suddenly she pushed him away and slapped him.

“You only do as much as you’re told. GO ON YOUR KNEES!! NOW.” And he obliged. She kept her leg on his shoulders, again, revealing those smooth as creamy thighs of hers. He looked up to her as if he saw a goddess. A goddess about to seduce him and boy he blessed his lucks. “remove my heels” she ordered,” Now suck my toes you dillhole.” and she pushed her toe in his mouth.

He got hold of her leg and started feeling the silky smoothness of her legs as he licked her toe. She rested back on the sofa as the waiter did his magic and looking at Vanity’s expression I guess he did a pretty good job. Looking at my mother over powering the waiter and seducing him got me excited too and I got some gel and started stroking my staff.

My mom couldn’t possibly take the heat anymore, so she put her hands in her panty and started rubbing it. ENOUGH,” She screamed and pushed him by her leg. She stood up and did what I couldn’t possibly imagine. She stood and untied the knot that held her dress and let it fall to ground.

My mother, Vanity,that Heavenly lucky bastard’s boss was standing just in her panties. She bent 40 degrees and bent her knee a bit with her arms resting on her waist. She fucking looked like a naked Marilyn Monroe or even Angelina Jolie.

The tingling and sexually pleasuring smell was now filled in the room and it was felt like I could even smell her cunt from this far, I could only imagine what was going on with that waiter. He now literally and ironically seemed like a hungry puppy with his eyes widened and mouth opened. He quickly got up and took her enchanting lips in his and introduced his tongue in her mouth.

He suckled her lips until they started to bleed. She slid her fingers in his hair trying to hold on to something. The room was filled with sex voices. “I love the way your lips taste” sluuurp “ I love the intoxicating smell of your sweat.” Waiter was certainly enjoying himself to glory. He let go her lips and moved down to her boobs. “OH!!” Vanity gasped as his mouth found his way to her nipples.

She started removing his shirt. He kept sucking the right nipple and squeezed the left boob.” You’re a goddess!!” he proclaimed.” HOW the fuck are they so tight even today?” This remark in particular got me my orgasm. I spilled it over in a vase nearby. "Give me all of you, Ma’am," he coaxed his voice low. "All of you in my mouth. Then he touched her again.

His tongue was tenderly persistent. His mouth was ruthlessly pleasure-giving. “GIVE ME ALL OF YOU.” He removed his pants and took out his burgeoning erection. “Holy smokes!” She gasped looking at it. It wasn’t extra ordinary but I guess better than the men she has been with which would explain her shock at seeing his shaft.

She wasted no moment and took his whole manhood in her mouth and started sucking it. Watching this I again spurted out.. I know it was quicker but watching my mom blowing some other man in her whole naked to toe self.. I just couldn’t control myself. It was such a great orgasm that my legs started shivering.

Heavenly pleasure by just watching and that bastard was getting it all. He held her head and started throbbing it in her mouth. He mouth fucked my mother and suddenly he stopped. He sat on the sofa and told her to turn around and sit on the floor, she obeyed him and told her to bend her neck backwards.

He entered her mouth again in this weird position which also gave him access to her boobs. It was like a half 69. I guess he realized he was close to it so he spread my mother’s legs and positioned himself to enter her. “OH MYYYY GODDDDDDD.” She literally screamed at the top of her voice not caring who would listen her.

“ohhh yess…Good..That’s good…YEeeeaaaahhhha..oowwww” Vanity enjoyed the waiters penis in her cunt and she wasn’t satisfied yet,” MORE…ahhh more I said !! FUCK ME like you’ve never fucked anyone!! OHH FUCCCCCKKK.” And He obeyed her and increased his pace and kept repeating “I’ll be your slave,Vanity. YOUR SLAVE. I am your sex Slave, Vanity. Take me. Take me.”

My mother clenched on to his back burying her nails in his back as I guessed she enjoyed her orgasm and even he was finished and let all his sperms inside. My Mother, with another man just had meaningless, dirty and reckless sex. He lied upon her but she pushed him away and told him to FUCK OFF.

Next morning I pretended I didn’t see anything and was making breakfast in kitchen when she showed up all messy in her usual slutty-ish robe which showed ample amount of her boobs. “Rough night?” I asked. “yea..rough, tiring but amazing night.” And I don’t know how or why I did that but I went and grabbed her butt tightly and slapped it. She was looking at me in shock when I said,” I bet a rough night, Mom. I bet!!

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First one night stand with stranger

This is something that I swore I would never do, but OMG! I don’t know if it was the hormones as I am away from my hubby from last 5 months but it happened and I had my first ever one night stand.

This guy who really liked me ask for my number which I gave it to him and after some time he texted me and ask me out for movie and dinner but I did not replied. After a few days he texted me again and I was not doing much, feeling bore so I replied him yes. He picked me at 6.30 evening and we went to watch a movie, it was bit far but was nice as we were talking and we got big popcorn.

It was all good till the break and we came out then again went back, all of a sudden he got m close to him and kept his right hand on my cheek and kissed me nicely and I don’t know what happened to me I was so horny that I was started to respond his kiss.

So we started kissing each other in the rest of the movie and once we were coming out he pushed me to the walk in walkway and started kissing me passionately and I was responding to all his kisses as there were hardly any people but a couple saw us kissing but we didn’t bother to stop.

So ideally I had on my mind that he would drop me home as I knew I don’t have place nor he does as he was married too and live with his wife and kids. He was driving and kissing me on every signal where we stops leaning towards me, he was not in a mood to leave me for the night so he started suggesting to go lakeshore but I did not wanted to go as it was very cold so we were left with no were.

As we were going on a motel passed through and he was like did u saw that I said what and he was like nothing. Again a motel passed and this time I saw it and he looked to me and I was like what he said shall we go in and I said NO. He is like we will just go in and chat sit nothing more than that but I was like no way I am not coming.

But he still took inside and as we were in still yes/no the guy over the counter waved us and he is like let me see what he has to say. I was just wondering what will happen next and after some time he texted me change in plan. Then he came back and gave me room key saying a gift for you, I was like why did you and he is still come on we will be good and I don’t know what to do but I just went me with him inside room.

As soon as we were in the room he started kissing me and his hands were on my boobs pressing it hard. He was fast and eager in removing my T shirt was unable to so I helped him and same thing happens when he tried to remove my pants which was tight so I have to help him to remove it from my body.

He jumped along with me on bed and was lying over me and took his shirt off. While kissing me he opens my bra and there you go I my huge boobs were out for him and he started to suck both my nipples at a time. I was getting horny by his act and he got up removed his pants and underwear and very fast remove my panty.

I was fully naked and he got condom on and was straight away inside me and I tell you what the feel of the DICK after so many months was awesome and my eyes were closed, it was out of the world feel and I was enjoying it. His DICK was thick as he was rubbing my clit before inserting it in that made me hornier and was moaning.

After some time he turned me around and fucked me from back as I just raise my ass so that he can slight easily in my wet pussy. He asked me if he can fuck me in ass but I said no so he was like can we try I said no so he fucked me nice in that position for a while and he cum, but still fucking me softly even after he cum.

We lay there for some time and he was like playing with my boobs and tummy, feeling by soft body and taking me close to him. With in no time I can feel his hard again so I got up and suck him for awhile, made his DICK hard again and climbed on his DICK to ride.

I was very desperate to cum and was moaning and riding his DICK but all of sudden he got me down again and lifted by legs high and started fucking hard but I didn’t cum. He fucked me three times but unable to get me satisfy my sexual need. But he was nice to have the feel of DICK. Its different feel other than my hubby with a stranger I slept and I am hornier than I was before.

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Bourne enjoying softcore sexperience with sister

Hello everyone! I'm Bourne!(Name changed) I live in Bangalore. I'm 19 years old. I'm currently doing my 2nd year of college. The story I'm about to you tell you happened 3 months ago. This is a real story, you'll believe it once I start explaining. Let me explain about myself first. I'm 6'feet tall, slim, have broad shoulders and 6 inch rock hard cock.

This incident happened between my elder sister and me. She is 6 years older than me. Let me explain about her. She is very fair, 5'10 feet tall with a size of 36-30-36. She is a little chubby. We are a modern family. My parents stay in my native. My sister got a job in Bangalore and she stayed as a paying guest for two years. When I joined college in Bangalore, we decided we could stay together.

During our childhood we were like every brother and sister, fighting, playing... In this story I almost fucked my sister, yes almost! So people can leave if you're not interested. To explain this incident I need to explain you few other incidents first.

During my highschool, my sister was studying her undergraduate in my native. During that time I came to know all about sex and I was not able to be free with my sister. My sister is usually so close to me. She used to hug me every now and then. Whenever she was with me, she will brush her boobs on my shoulder or some where else....

Till my highschool I didn't notice this but after entering into highschool, I started getting excited. I stared grazing my sis's boobs and ass wheneveI possible and she too didn't mind that. One day me and my sis visited a temple near our house and it was a lot crowded on that day. We entered the temple and few auspicious places were alot crowded.

On that specific day my sis was also one of the victim. People started touching her at crowded places, my sis got really annoyed and it benefitted me. She came so close to me such that my cock was touching her ass all the time. I almost tried to control my hard on but couldn't. She must have felt it too but she didn't move away. And I also touched my sis's boobs few times in the crowd.

It was the most softest thing I ever touched in my life. I mastrubated again and again that day. I started finding oppurtunities to touch my sister from then. My father bought me a bike during my highschool. During my sister's third year sem holidays she asked me to teach her how to ride gear bikes. I was more than happy to teach her, I said yes.

We went to an empty ground near my house and there were no one around. I explained her everything about gear bikes like how to shift gears, etc etc. Then I told her to climb the bike, she did. I told "OK now try to release the clutch" she told me to get on the bike behind her. I told her doubles in a two Wheeler was more tough during learning stage but she was reluctant and I climbed on the back of her.

Oh my god! That was the best experience. I had my hands at her waist. I grazed her boobs whenever she switched off the bike. Eventually she learned how to keep the Engine running and started driving in road, but she did not have steering control and I brought my hands near the steering handle bar. My god, my dick was almost into her ass. I too got a lot of clevage during this time.

After these incidents, she got placed in college and left for Bangalore. I was frustrated for a long time. Then I planned my college life and selected a college in Bangalore. I moved in with my sister. We had two bedrooms and each of us sleep alone in their room. I started enjoying cleavages and occasional grazing of my sis's boobs and ass.

During the rainy season in Bangalore, lightning and thunderstorm are a lot common. Rainy season started a week ago and it was raining so badly with thunders. One day my sis came to my room and said "bro,I have not slept for the past one week because of thunders, can I sleep here tonight" I told yes immediately.

Since it was very cold on the floor, we decided to sleep together in my bed. She slept with hugging me and she fell asleep immediately, but I couldn't. As she was hugging me so closely,I wasn't able to move my hands without touching her boobs. I moved my hand twice or thrice intentionally to rub her boobs.

Then I slid a little lower in my bed such that my face was directly opposite to her boobs. I laid like this for ten minutes, then she herself came closer to me such that her boobs hit me in the face. It was the time of my lifetime. I licked her soft boobs few times. I put my hand against her back and slowly slid it into her tops. I found her bra there. I had an urge to unbutton it,but decided against it.

I was too horny at that time, I wanted to grab such a big ass. I put my hand in her ass,it was so soft and sexy. But I wanted to rub it or grab it. So I rubbed it, she woke up immediately, I was really afraid but I managed to rub my ass too. She thought I rubbed her ass mistakenly instead of mine due to mosquito bites. I waited the next half an hour to be sure that she had give to deep sleep.

She was facing the fan at this time and there was lot of space between us, I opened my palm and placed it in between us (I knew she would turn and sleep facing the bed). She did the same exact thing,now my hand was stuck at her breast as she was facing towards the bed. I enjoyed her boobs a lot and I removed it my hands once she changed her position.

Now she was facing away from me. I went near her and touched her ass with my dick,I rubbed a little. She looked like she would wake so I stopped. Now I opened my palm and kept it between us, she turned again facing the fan my hand was stuck with her ass. I rubbed it for sometime and mastrubated when she faced away from me.

This repeated for the next whole week. This is just the beginning. I've had a lot of softcore experiences with aot of my family members. If you like it let me know,let me know I will share every hiring evidence with you guys. Thank you, you could give your comments below.

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Rocky screwing sexy sister-in-law Preeti

This is story about my cousin's wife Preeti. She is very beautiful and very sexy, underline word sexy. Of course she is not natural beauty like my wife but she is very attractive. Preeti spends lot of time in makeup and beauty parlor. Preeti's features are extremely hot. She will turn any head towards her. 36D-27-38. Perfect example for hour glass shape.

She is bit dusky, black and silky hair. Black eyes and pink lips. She is sex godess. Every one would dream to fuck her atleast once. I was very active during my cousin's wedding. Preeti's friends works in my team. I have very good reputation because of my skills and cool nature. My team mate also attended the marriage and that is when Preeti came to know more about me from her friend.

She was impressed and moved close with me. and we got very close during the function. To apply visa, Preeti's in-laws sent her to Bangalore (As I was the only person in family who has experience in attending Visa interviews). I planned that we(Preeti + my wife + me) will go to chennai attend interview and visit Pondycherry + Madurai for three days.

I planned and booked hotels + flight tickets. Now the real story starts....

Preeti came to Bangalore.. I went to pick her up in the morning. Went to Bus-station in tracks and t-shirt. When Preeti saw me, she immediately came and hugged me. I was surprised. As it was public I couldn't hug tightly and said we will go. We reached apartment. Every now and then she was flirting me.. I really love girls who flirt.

My wife and I planned to work from home alternatively so that she won't get bored. All the time during lunch and dinner I used to enjoy her beauty, but didn't get chance to proceed further.. I was waiting for one. She used to wear tight pants.. her thighs are extremely sexy.

A day before our trip we got a call that my FIL met with an accident. My wife said, "I'll go to hyd and you take Preeti to Chennai for visa interview". Preeti and I resisted that we all will fly to HYD. But as appointment was fixed at visa interview my mother-in-law and my wife convinced us to carry on with the trip. I said OK and booked a ticket for my wife.

There was a gap of 4 hours for our flights. Next day we 3 went to airport. My wife boarded flight. As soon as my wife went, there is a sudden change in Preeti's behavior and was moving very close to me. I was thinking to utilize this moment. We both started to flirt each other. I asked, after going to US, where have you planned your honeymoon.

"Bava this is my first trip after marriage and let me enjoy it.. let's not talk about US". Though she was flirting I was not making big moves and was taking back always. As I was afraid of consequences. Once we boarded the flight, she held my right hand and hugged. I could feel soft boobs on my hand in side ways. After flight took off, she wanted to pee.

She has to cross me to go. While crossing she was facing and slowly moving. Suddenly she was falling on me, while trying to help, I caught her in my hands and her boobs were in my palms. It was just for 2 seconds..boobs were very soft and firm..One hand is not enough, her smell was awesome and tempting.. I immediately had hardon.

We adjusted and she moved to other seat. She went to loo and came back. I couldn't hide my bulge and I removed my jacket and placed on it. After she returned we didn't speak. Few mins later we landed. When we reached hotel she insisted to take one room instead of separate rooms. Chennai was very hot.. I removed my t-shirt and was going to have shower.

Suddenly Preeti stopped me and she started to run her hands on my biceps and chest. "Bava.. you are so fit. Akka is very lucky. Let me help you take bath bava".. I said no thanks and went inside and shagged off. After coming out I quickly went out of the room so that she can take bath "Bava..you can stay in the room.. but I went out(I was afraid that I'll not be able to control my feelings)...

(These were the sexy moments which flashes my mind every time I think of her) After some time she called me that she is ready for shopping. She was wearing orange colour t-shirt which shows her curves clearly. Went to nearby "Chennai City Centre" shopping mall. She went to try one shirt which was very smooth and see through. I was waiting outside.

She called me to come near by the trail room. Preeti opened the door.. She was damn sexy, Her nipples are were poking outside. My eyes were fixed to her nipples and boobs. Preeti said "Ahmm Ahmm see the dress bava.. I'll show later" I said "what? what did you say?" Preeti replied "I said I'll show wearing complete dress later and winked ;)"

I said "dress is super and you are (after few seconds pause) BEAUTIFUL". She closed the door to change the dress. I was embarrassed to display tent. I immediately took one pant and went for trail room and adjusted my boner. I was wondering why she removed her bra!! Because the dress definitely requires bra.. I saw two beautiful globes with her nipples clearly poking outside..

Till we went to hotel same scene was appearing.. Preeti kept talking.. I was unable to hear anything.. my mind completely went blank. Immediately after entering room, I said "Preeti, You order the food, I'm feeling very hot, I'll take bath and come, let's have food together". I entered bathroom, removed my dress started shower to pretend that I'm taking shower.

My boner became free and was standing tall.. started masturbating.. after a min, preeti knocked the door, I said "what?" Preeti said "Bava do you need any help?" I said no thanks.. She kept knocking the door, I slightly opened the door and kept out of face, I couldn't see her as she was hiding.. I opened the door little more, she suddenly appeared in front and saw me nude,

to my wonder she was just wearing a small towel just above nipples and just below her pussy. She was looking like a porn star. I was about to close the door but she blocked me and pushed me inside. I covered my dick with towel. She was laughing and trying to pull my towel and finally pulled it.

Then I pulled her towel.. we both are standing nude.. she was very sexy.. smooth skin, cleanly shaven pussy, firm and round boobs.. she immediately hugged me to hide her face.. she was shy.. I was looking at her back in the mirror.. I hugged her tightly and was pressing her boobs against my chest.. I moved my hands on her ass and started to caress her round ass.

Slowly I raised her head and kissed on lips. Kept sucking her lips while pressing boobs and butt. She held my head and kept kissing while caressing my hair. After few mins I came down and kissed her boobs. Held right boob with two hands and started sucking it. Boobs were soft and firm with lovely round shape. Nipples were very hard and I kept licking both nipples alternatively.

After few mins I went further down and she was very shy to show her pussy. She said "Bava.. you are the first one to see my pussy.." I was surprised, I asked "You were recently married and didn't you had sex with your husband?" She said, she was afraid of blood and even her husband is also afraid on third night before she started touching his dick on pants, he ejaculated.

Both of them decided that after he comes back to India, they will meet doctor and start their sex journey. She said, "Bava, I'm very happy to loose my virginity by you." I removed her hand on pussy and kissed few times before inserting my tongue into her sexy black pussy lips. She started shivering when I inserted my tongue into her love hole.

I said let's go to bed than in bathroom. We shifted our ground to bedroom. I let her lie and started kissing every where moving downwards on pussy again. Now after kissing lips I slowly inserted my finger inside, she left a big moan and jumped on to me and hugged me.

I hugged and kissed her cheeks and lips, meanwhile my cock is strocking above her love hole, but didn't enter inside her pussy. Her pussy was wet and juices were flowing out. She said bava please enter your cock and fuck me. I waited for this night so long please make this night as my first night. I asked her to kiss me every where and suck my cock.

She slowly took my cock with hands and kissed it around the cock and balls. She took my cock head inside mount and started licking with tongue around it. She said it's salty but taste is good and started sucking cock vigorously. I asked her to change positition to 69 angle. I kept sucking her pussy for few mins.. her juices flowed again.

I said to lie down and slowly entered my dick into her pussy. Very slowly I entered. She was brought her legs very tight and complained pain. I asked her to relax her muscles and legs. She let my cock inside. With few gentle strokes with half dick inside she started crying. I took out the dick and kept licking pussy. After some time I entered my dick again.

Slowly inserted half and entered my dick at once and she shouted and cried in pain. I slowly draw my dick back and kissed her nipples. Asked her wheather to remove my dick out, she said it's ok.. I inserted again and this time she shouted again. I could see blood coming out. I took my dick out and cleaned the blood and kissed again.

I applied some vasiline to my dick and started fucking her again. This time she was moving good and allowed my dick to go completely inside. I loved it. Fucking a virgin is lot of fun and awesome. I gave strokes nice and slow and fingering her pussy lips and kept sucking her nipples. She came out and after fucking some time I cummed inside her pussy.

She hugged and slept by side for some time. Bell rang and I quickly wore a robe and she went inside bathroom. Our dinner came. After the boy went out, I locked the room and removed my robe. Entered the bathroom and kissed her. She was in a good feeling and kissed me. We both cleaned ourselves and took bath together.

We came out of bathroom had dinner naked and after few minutes she came and sat on my lap feeding me. Icecream almost melted. I poured icecream on her and started licking it. It tasted so well near pussy. and she came in full mood and started stroking my dick and went down and sucked it. We washed our hands started a nice fucking session again.

We tried twice that night in few angles. I woke her up at 6 in the morning and asked to take bath. We both bathe together(and fucked in bathroom) and dressed up. She attended interview and got her visa approved and was said that her passport will be sent through courier.

We came back to hotel, I asked her to go to the room as I wanted to make some calls. She went inside room removed all her cloths and covered bedsheet completely. I opened the door and never thought that she will be naked. I slid into the bedsheet and realized that she was naked. I was surprised and got mood.

She came on me and removed my dress and started sucking my dick like a pro. We tried many angles had a nice 4 continuous sex session. As per her request we spent next two days in the room(cancelled all other places) and fucked for many times and returned to Bangalore.

We had sex multiple times in Bangalore before my wife came back. She returned back to her home town and flew to US after few months. We have phone sex some times and webcam sex some times. I'm waiting her to return back to India to have sex again.

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