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Non Resident Indian couple sucking and fucking in hotel room leaked sex video 3

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Abhijit having first sex encounter with Smita

It was around 2003, i, Abhijit just been transferred to kolkata from a remote district town and felt an urge to have another sex partner here....( During my 7 yrs stay at Districts, I made love to at least 5-6 girls coming from different social background).

One day I was chatting with an anglow indian guy named John over yahoo chat, John and me both are bisexual guys and used to see each other's genitals and exchange explicit chats in the video chat rooms. I asked John, if he knows any girl or lady who is sex starved and needs partner in kolkata....John gave me details and mobile number of one girl Smita,

who previously staying at Raipur but shifted to kolkata to join a professional course here and used to be a neighbour of John there. She is also bisexual, a bit chubby and a nymphomaniac by nature.John and his few friends fucked that girl for a couple of times, even in group sex.

After getting the number, I gathered courage and called the number, a sweet voice picked up and I introduced myself as a friend of John and given his references. She waited for some moments and told me that she is almost 10 yrs younger than me and asked my details. She asked me to meet her in Park street metro station on the next monday at 4 pm.

I went there before time and from the outgrowing crowd, tried to locate the lady from the given description. Around 4.10 pm, I identified one girl wearing deep blue kurti and maroon long skirt, she is around 5ft 3 inch long, fair, having a pair of big tight rounded boobs and tight big ass, she is quite good looking and exceptionally smart for her age around 23 yrs.

She noticed me from the given hints and we shaked our hands. She told me ' lets go inside the moidan.....its quite big and after few minutes there will be complete darkness and we will have our comfort and privacy'. I understood that she is quite comfortable with this area and followed her.

We sat under a semi dark baniyan tree and started our basic chat, my profession, family background and shared her details also.....after a long chit chat,suddenly she asked me ' old fellow, cant you give me a french kiss? I followed her instinct and started kissing her fleshy lips like anything, she started responding and started to lick my tounge and started exchanging saliva...

i started fondling her big tight melons over her kurti. She hissed in ectasy and whispered....buddha sala, why dont you open the buttons, I didnt wear Bra, suck them....there is no one around ! I started sucking her boobs like hungry child and she started moaning..issss...isssss....isssss, she asked me to insert my hand under her skirt and feel her cunt...

jesus...there was no panty either and there was a sticky juicy jungle around her fleshy cunt, as I touched her clit and massaging it with my thumb.....she hissed and said, motherchod, dont you have a cock to show ? I freed my 6.5 inch uncut cock from its cage and she started pumping it very slowly while I continued finger fucking her cunt.....she suddenly detached herself and whispered.....

motherchod let me show you the magic....why all men are behind me....lemme show you...and started licking the precum and started inserting the tounge tip into my piss hole......oh god, I was dying in pleasure....then she started sucking my tool like lolypop....you cant believe how was the wet moist gluey warm sensation around my shaft and I started moaning...

after few minutes of sucking and tingling of my scrotal sack.....i exploded the best ejaculation of my life stright into her mouth while I was still stroking her cunt and suddenly felt her cunt walls clasped my two fingers inside and a gush of fluid is coming down by the side of my right wrist....she was very satisfied and thanked me....she told me ' so we are now friends...

can we have a good session this week, will you mind if I enjoy sex on both side i.e anal even? If yes then, fix the place. I was speechless at her clear cut attitude.She was also happy to see that I am also licking her juice from my palm and fingers.....we adjusted our dresses and left the place for that day. After that we have tasted famous kulfi of Indramahal before we bid bye to each other. If you people like the story then I have a series of steamy sessions for you.

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Non Resident Indian couple sucking and fucking in hotel room leaked sex video 1

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Horny desi wife having sex with Mexican trainer

My husband just in the last few months has wanted me to have sex with other men. This is just not like me, I have been a good girl most of our marriage and don't understand why he would want another man fucking his wife. I have tried this a few times now and I really like it. I really don't think my husband knows what he has done. He has made me a slut and I like it.

I have started wearing different cloths, started flirting more, and I try and show as much as possible without getting naked. I like this and now don't think I can stop. This is the problem now. My husband tells me I can fuck anyone I want as long as he watches. He encourages me to flirt and tease other men. His only rule is I must tell him everything and no secrets are to be kept.

While having sex at home he usually asks me to tell any event in which I make men uncomfortable sexually. I was telling him how my training manager who is a Mexican looks me and I feel he has a lustful eye on me. He wanted me to take things farther with him and let him know about it.

Our training is about to finish in a day or two and one day we are out for lunch and there my trainer talked to me and straight away told me that he had hots for me from a long time. He said as he will be leaving soon so want to know if he could spend 2 hours with me in his hotel room. I came home and told this to my husband and he was very excited and told me to text him and fix a time to see him.

After some texting the time is fixed that I am going to meet him on lunch time in his hotel lobby tomorrow. I reached the hotel and was waiting for him in lobby. He came and saw me in saree and said I am looking beautiful and he said me to wait for few minutes and he went away. I waited for him some time and got to know later that he went to get condoms as he didn’t have any.

He held my hand as we walked to his room and I felt as nervous as I did when I lost my virginity. He is tall and Mexican average built. Once inside he started kissing me over and over on different spots all over my neck. My pussy was throbbing. He kissed me so hard, yet so sensually. He whispered in my ear “you are beautiful”, I want every part of you”.

He nibbled on my bottom lip, and at one point kissed and sucked my bottom lip. My pussy was so wet that I could not resist kissing him back. When our tongues touched, it literally sent a spark down to my clit. He held me in arms and trying to undress me but he is not able to figure out how to get me out of saree so he said to do it myself. I undressed myself with only bra and panties on.

He took a long stare at my breast. He started playing with my boobs and said it’s big and soft. He removed my bra and his mouth was on my breasts, he began to lick my nipple, he sucked them for long with his hand running inside my panty. He is fingering me while sucking my boobs and in awhile he removed my panties.

I reached down to massage his already rock hard cock, and started to unzip his pants. I got on my knees from there and started to lick the head of his cock. His dick was so wet already from the precum that has been oozing out. I ran the length of my tongue down the back of his shaft and began to suck his dick, jacking him off at the same time. I stroked his cock and sucked his balls.

He was groaning with intense pleasure. His penis is not that long but it’s thick. It was different and I was sucking a thick penis for the first time in my life and playing with his balls. He stopped me and get down on my cunt with his tongue doing the magic. I was anxious for him. I began to move my pussy towards his face, thrusting my hips.

He told me to be still and try as hard as I could not to move while he licked my clit. He held my legs securely, giving me no choice but to do what he said. He told me he has wanted to know what I tasted like for long. He ate my pussy so good. He spread my inner lips and held them apart with his fingers, and gave me clit a few long strokes with his tongue.

He then put his tongue deep inside my pussy. He would occasionally stop and focus on my clit, sucking and licking it. I began to moan loudly with pleasure; he kissed my outer lips with wet kissed using his flat tongue that felt as if he was painting a picture. After a while he got up and I was watching him undress.

He gave me a condom to put on his penis and without any warning he lifted my legs and inserted his cock in my pussy and I screamed because of this thick penis. It went completely inside me now; I was enjoying now and moaning at the same time. He keeps on fucking me for 15-20 min nonstop then he turned me on all fours.

I knew he wanted doggy, I began to stick my pussy out farther so he could get a view of what he would be wanting for so long. I was feeling very horny. He knew how good he was making me feel, and I honestly couldn’t take it anymore.

Still on all fours, he goes on his knees behind me, and began to rub his cock up and down against my wet pussy, getting his cock ready with all the juices from my pretty pink pussy. He kept his cock at the entrance and inserted his thick dick slowly as it was not getting in with his thickness but he did get it tightly.

He fucked me hard, soft, slow and fast giving me what I’d been waiting so patiently for. His cock was so hard, and I was enjoying it the fullest. It was the best fuck till that time. He was fucking me from 20-25 min now and I can’t ask for anything more. He pounded harder and began to let out loud grunts with nonstop fucking and he was sweating like hell.

He was panting and moaning heavily, he said I was his best fuck. I could make out now he was close to shoot. He removed his dick and sprayed his thick cum on my ass. I fell on bed for awhile. I thought we are done but he was still erect and he was getting another condom and want me to ride his cock.

He lied on his back then I reached down with one hand, took his hot, hard cock, and placed the swollen head between the lips of my dripping pussy. I lowered myself fraction of an inch, and the head of his cock slipped between my labia. I gently lowered myself a bit further, slipping him deeper and deeper inside me.

I started rocking up and down on top of him, moving him in and out of my pussy slightly. I asked him “how does it feels, do you like it” and he said it’s good and awesome. My hard nipples drew his attention and he reached for them ran them delicately between his fingertips, and then harder until I moaned and nailed clenched into his chest.

His hands were exploring softly and roughly, slowly and quickly, gently with demand until he couldn’t stand anything more than to clutch desperately on my ass and thighs and drive upward with his hips and heels. He let me remove his cock out of my pussy saying “let me teach something” and he wanted me to fuck him in reverse cow-girl position.

I turned myself and holding his stiff dick inserted in my pussy with my back facing him. I was riding him in and out, back and front a bit faster as this time as I am rocking up and down it was hitting the magic spot of mine and my moaning became louder until my orgasm got hold and exploded with high speed with great sensation and I had my ever greater intense and pleasurable orgasm of my life time.

When I stopped moving he took off his wet and still hard dick out of my pussy and by seeing my moaning so loud he took his condom out and started rubbing his cock hard and he took his semen out by masturbating on side of my hip and I can feel the hotness of his cum.

We got up dressed and I went home and he went to office and in night I have to narrate all of what I have done with him to my husband and later at night my husband had fucked me three times and cum very hard as he was asking me each and every detail of it which made me remind all of what I done with him and how pleasurable it was.

My husband figured out my satisfaction with my loud moaning while I was narrating him every detail. He asked me if I ever get a chance to fuck him will I fuck him again and to that I said “why not I would love to as he had given me the best orgasm I’d ever had.”

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North East Indian couple sucking and fucking in bedroom leaked sex MMS 2

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Retired Narayana fucking Nirmala niece of wife

Narayana Iyer, 55, retired from a govt. department, got up in the morning and sat in the veranda with his morning paper. His wife, Sarada, 48, after finishing her daily chores went to office informing her husband that she has left his food on the dinging table and he had to finish his bath early and take food on time.

Luckily he was in the pink of his health and he had no health problem at all. Suddenly he had a phone call in inform him that his wife's niece, Nirmala was coming by the morning train. He was wondering why should this young lady come and what could be the purpose of her visit. When he met her last she was doing her graduation. She was well contoured and was a beautiful girl.

He thought that whomever may marry her would be a lucky guy. Later he heard that she had completed her degree in flying colours and got a job as a teacher in the local missionary school. Iyer telephoned and told his wife that Nimmy is coming and may land up any moment. Sarada expressed her happiness at the arrival of her niece.

Within ten minutes, Nirmala arrived in an autorikshaw carrying a small bag she entered the house and Mr.Iyer welcomed her extending his hand. Nirmala came inside and sat in the chair near him and told him that she wrote the entrance exam for the B.Ed. course and she was successful and she was allowed admission by the college near the house of Mr. Iyer.

It is a one year course and the management of the school where she worked sponsored her to go for this course. Mr.Iyer was happy and asked Nimmy to finish her morning chores and join him to his breakfast. Nimmy took her bag to the bedroom, went to the bathroom and had her bath and changed to new clothes and came to Mr.Iyer they both sat for their breakfast.

She told Mr.Iyer that she had to report at the college on the following day and wait for the day for the classes to begin. Iyer observed that Nimmy was gorgeous. Her body boobs were large and well developed and her rear was also round and raised. Her waist was narrow and she displayed an hour glass figure. Nimmy after b/f cleaned the plates and sat for talk with Mr.Iyer.

She said her only drawback is that she is an expert in talking in English and she has to learn basics of computing. Iyer told her learning English is no problem. From today you speak with us only in English. That will solve the problem. We have computer here. You can study the basic computing from home. Nimmy said that is nice.

Please show me the computer and let us start from now. Iyer opened his laptop and showed her the fundamental functioning of the computer. Nimmy was sitting very close to Iyer and her fragrance was breathtaking. She wore a nighty and her boobs were prominently displayed. One one or two occasions his hand brushed against her boob and she did not show anyopposition.

Iyer was sitting on his sofa cum bed and the laptop was on the sofa cum bed. Nimmy pulled achair close by and sat very close tohim. She asked, "Uncle dont mistake me, my friens who own computers tell me that there are thousands of sites where sex is shown. Which are such sites and how to reach them." Iyer was shocked.

If he starts to show porno sites, study of the computer will go in a different direction. Though he also wanted a female companion while watching porn sites, but he cannot say so. He told Nimmy, "when you watch sex sites, you cannot come back and you will spend a lot of time watching one after another."

"No, No, I just wanted to see thats all." "My friend talked so much about them and I had no opportunity to see them, that is why I just to kill my curiosity asked about them." Iyer said "I will show you, but on condition that you should not tell your aunty that we are watching porn sites when we are alone at home."

"sure, sure, I will not tell her. I will watch such sites only in your presence and not in her presence or while being alone" "ok, ok, I will show you, but just watch what I would show you" Iyer opened the site of softporn and Nimmy was sitting wide eyed in front of the laptop. Perhaps this was the first time she was watching such scenes.

Brought up in strict orthodoxy, she and her people considered sex as a sin. Now after her friends convinced her she was prepared to watch porn. Iyer showed her a scene of kissing of lovers. Slowly he moved to other porn sites which displayed nudity. Nimmy was breathing fast and watched with great interest.

A girl examining a 7 inch cock and kissing it and mouthing it, was a shock to Nimmy. Iyer was watching her also to know her reaction and possible arousal. Then he showed a scene of fucking. First the girl sucks the cock, then the boys sucks her cunt, then standing and she lying, he inserts his cock in hers and starts to fuck. Next was a doggy style fucking.

And then scissor style. The she climbs on him and fucks. Nimmy was very much aroused and Iyer too had a big erection. Nimmy by a sideward glance observed the tent formed in the dhothi of Iyer. Slowly she got up and squeezed into the sofa cum bed touching the shoulders of Iyer, to get a closer look of the scene in the monitor.

Iyer went a step further, he put his hand around her and held her firm to prevent her from falling. Her boob was pressed against his back and Nimmy brought her hand down to support herself, but her hand landed ont the tent. His rock hard cock was touched by her. He looked at her face. Her half closed eyes indicated her full arousal.

With his both hands he touched her boobs and pressed them softly. He then pulled her closer and embraced her. She held him in tight grip. He made her to put her leg across and sit on his lap. His erect cock was directly pointed at her cunt, of course with her panty. He kissed her on her cheeks and she turned her head and showed him the other cheek.

He kissed on her lips and took her lower lip into his mouth and sucked it. His one hand kept on her lower back, pulled her closer to him and every time he pulled her closer, his cock was pushing its way into her pussy. She suddenly got up and pulled her removed her panty and sat on his lap.

Now his cock was free to make way into her fuckhole. Iyer was practically nude and Nimmy also removed her nighty and bra and was naked. She held his cock in her hand and directed it into her cunt. For each pull of her body it went in to some distance. Here Nimmy also cooperated. Somehow with the efforts of both he was able to send his cock deep inside her cunt.

Cunt was full of sticky fluids. It was tight. But she was no virgin and there was no obstruction on the way. He bent low and licked and sucked her nipples. He was hissing and moaning. He turned to one side and made her to lie down in the bed and he rode over her. He started to fuck her deeply Nimmy was enjoying the fuck and was moaning.

With both of his hands he squeezed her large boobs and fucked her again. He for the purpose of prolonging the act, took gaps and then resumed. Finally he made a very speedy fucking and she reached her orgasm and he too reached his. Nimmy said " Within two hours of my arrival in this house I enjoyed a full fledged sex.

How lucky I am" Finally it happened that everytime they open the laptop for viewing sex, they end up in a vigorous intercourse. Nimmy very intelligently, cleans up the house and washes all clothes, does most of the work for the supper and aunty was very happy because she had practicallyno work to do. Sarada aunty told Nimmy that she should stay in this house during her study course.

She can sleep with aunty and uncle will sleep in the sofa cum bed in the sitting room. Nobody made any comment, since it was in this sofa cum bed that Nimmy and uncle fucked every day. Even after the classes began, Nimmy made it a point to come home for lunch and fuck. Days went on happily.

They used contraceptives only during the unsafe days and otherwise they fucked gloriously two or three times daily. Iyer went and bought a ayurvedic preparation which assures his prolonged sexual function. They lived happily for the end of the term.

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Aditi having threesome sex with Abhishek and Kittu - II

Previously: Aditi having threesome sex with Abhishek and Kittu - I

My breasts were getting heavier and nipples were getting harder and harder they could feel that as they were playing with them with their fingers and in a moment Kittu took my one melon in his mouth and started sucking my erect nipple like a child, Ahhhh…I moaned loud and closed my eyes.

Caressing my cheeks and hairs sensually, Subhash was looking at my pleasure expressions and within next few seconds he bent bit down over me took my other melon in his mouth started sucking me like Kittu was sucking. Ohhh…I started breathing further heavy, I could not believe that both of my milky juggs were getting sucked at the same time,

it was a feeling which was something very strange and cannot be imagined otherwise and I was somewhat enjoying getting sucked at both of my nipples by two lovers at the same time. They both chewed my nipples continuously and soon I started moaning properly as if I am enjoying and slowly I felt one hand reaching to my belly and it was none other than Subhash.

I tried to bring my thighs together but he somehow placed his palm over my fuckhole over the cloth and started rubbing my opening tenderly and that made me shudder erotically. Subhash was rubbing me there while sucking one of my luscious breast and other melon was getting loved by Kittu at the same time,

he was also partially on me and in a way they we both were covering my body completely and I could not do anything except closing my eyes and moaning in pleasure. Subhash went on rubbing my massaging my pussy and I started getting wetter and wetter and eventually felt that my love juices are pouring through the thin cloth of my panty and reaching to Subhash’s hand.

Next I felt another hand over my crotch and it was Kittu, he stopped sucking my nipples and tried to put his hand over my Pussy and Subhash told him to drift down my panty by saying “Isski kachhi neeche khiska de” and Kittu tried to do that.

From my side I tried to prevent them to take of my panty and I tried with my full energy but for me it was too late to react and they both overcame my physical efforts easily, Subhash held me tight from my shoulders and wrapped his leg around my waist and Kittu took out my panty completely out of my legs.

“ek dum clean shaven hai” Kittu spoke that to Subhash and Subhash replied back to him with “obviously…clean to hogi hi….kal gayi thi Chudwane…lekin Chudwa nahi paayi”. I won’t believe whatever was happening with me that day, I was stark naked in my own bedroom with two guys at the same time and one of them was my brother to whom I have always tied a holy thread known as Rakhi on the auspicious occasion of Raksha-Bandhan.

It was none other than Subhash who was actually mad over me since long. Anyway Subhash was holding me against his enormous weight and I was still trying to set myself free but my efforts were getting weak and as I calmed down a bit he asked Kittu “Chusni hai na isski Chut….” And Kittu replied with yes but told him to suck first by saying

“Haan…par pahle tu Chus….”and Subhash replied to him by saying “obviously… pahle to main hi bhog laggaunga”. I was getting mad in weird feeling, I don’t know exactly what was it, it was a mixture of lust with a fear of doing a sex with brothers and also with two males at the same time but they both were casual and very much comfortable with whatever they were doing with me.

“Aditi…I have never sucked a Pussy…” Subhash came up to my face and spoke that while looking into my eyes and continued “you know Randi (prostitute) Ki Chut Chusne ka mann nahi karta….” “par teri Chut hum zaroor Chusenge…tu to humari sister hai….” “Please Subhash leave me… please…try to understand… hum bhai bahan hain”

I tried to convince him but I like I knew he was unstoppable now and he smiled came up with a casual reply “tell me Bahan ko Bhai se zayada pyar aur kaun kar sakta hai”. By now Kittu was back beside us after taking off my panty and without any word with that concern he took charge of holding my body and Subhash went down and opened thighs wide apart and spoke while looking at my wet and streaming fuckhole

“Aditi teri Chut main Bahut maal bhara hua hai…you are so arouse”. I knew that I even after trying harder I was failing to control my arousal and with a thought that now I am going to get sucked over my fuckhole I started puffing madly with a upcoming pleasure.

I must mention that Oral sex, specifically sucking each other’s gentiles was something which I always liked but my boy-friend was never comfortable with it and we have barely tried that 2-3 times. Anyway here Kittu came over my face closely and before he would have placed his lips over mine down there Subhash placed his mouth over my love opening I trembled with jerk.

I don’t know when I opened my mouth for Kittu too and he started exploring my mouth wonderfully, Down there Subhash was doing his best to pleasure me, he was sucking my fuckhole like I always desired from my boy friend. He was tender and moving his tongue over my vertical lips like kids lick creamy ice-cream and I was trembling in pleasure.

Slowly Subhash’s passion enhanced and he chewed my thick opening for a minute with his lips and tongue and then tried to open my Pussy with his fingers and twirled his thick and rough tongue in my hot and wet fuckhole Breaking the kiss with Kittu I moaned loud and tried to push him but I failed to move him even a fraction and my crying state turned Subhash further on

and he inserted his thick finger my fuckhole and for an instant I failed to bear that pleasure and raised my bottom and banged it back on the bed. Soon after that Subhash slowed down his sucking and hummed to say Kittu to suck me and in a moment they swapped their positions over my body and now Kittu started sucking me but Subhash did not kissed me,

he wanted to see my facial expressions, I was moaning in intense pleasure because Kittu was also sucking nicely. Subhash removed my hairs from my face and caressed my cheek with affection and spoke to me while looking into my eyes “Mazza aa raha hai Bhaiyon se Chut chuswane ka…”

his words suddenly took me far and I started moaning loud in pleasure and Subhash sensed that I will not be able to bear that pleasure and might hit the climax and he stopped Kittu from sucking because he wanted to suck me to make me cum and once again they replaced each other, Kittu came up and Subhash went down to my fuckhole.

“Ahhhh…” now I could easily make out the difference between sucking of two males, Subhash was much better than Kittu, holding my thighs apart Subhash pressed my thick and swollen fuckhole with his tongue and in a moment went deep in my thighs and after burring his tongue in my fuckhole he sucked me in a way as if he wants to take out everything from my body

through my fuckhole and in a moment or two he started sucking like that I started trembling like mad. Once again while sucking me he placed two of his fingers over my fuckhole and started rubbing my opening and eventually inserted both the fingers into my fuckhole with a sudden jerk and I screamed erotically.

Holding Kittu hard and tight by now I was moving vigorously in pleasure, could not see any end of this pleasure, my pleasure moans were getting sharper and shriller because Subhash was somewhat gone mad and seemed as if he does not want to stop sucking me like that. Pressure was build inside me and I wanted to stop him but I could not speak anything,

I was just crying in pleasure and both the males were enjoying my state. “Subhash ye jhadd jaayegi….isska paani Chhutne wala hai” Kittu somewhat updated Subhash about my fucking state and after that Subhash went crazier and instead of sucking he finger fucked me fast and furious and in a moment I started banging my ass over bed and screamed loud

“Aaahhhhh… Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop……stop….. Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please…… please…..” I was dying and fortunately sensing my state they showed some mercy, Subhash stopped playing with my fuckhole and next instant Kittu released me from his weight and I immediately turned sideways and clenched my bursting fuckhole with my hand and between my thighs tight and started to cum feverishly.

That was something which I never experienced with my boy friend; I trembled like a fish with a broken breath and trembled with weird sudden jolts which were rising from my crotch and travelling through my body while making me shudder in strange voice.

My eyes were closed and I was feeling streams flowing out of my fuckhole and gradually as my orgasm subsided a bit and passed through my body I heard Subhash saying “mazza aa gaya” and just Kittu hummed to accept. “let’s fuck her now” Subhash spoke again and Kittu asked him “pahle to tu hi daalega?” “haan” Subhash said yes and turned me straight.

I was spent like never before but Subhash was charged and as he took off his Frenchie I got a glimpse of his monster. My god it was just like him, like I said Subhash is almost six feet with broad shoulder and enormous weight and his monster was also long and thick and fully erect.

That instant I could make out his size but with just a glimpse I saw it was much bigger and thicker than what my boy friend had and unknowingly for a moment my eyes got stuck to it. Seeing that Subhash smiled a bit while looking at my face and jerked his Penis with his one hand and spoke to me while trying opening my legs “Chal ab taange khol” “Subhash please Condom lagga le”

surprisingly now I did not pleaded him to leave me, unknowingly I was prepared to get fucked and I told him to put a Condom over his monster but Subhash denied and said that Kittu will fuck me with a Condom but he fuck me without that “main tujhe aise hi Chodunga….Kittu Condom lagga ke Chodega” and then he added “in any case tune i-pill to leni hi hai”.

I was speechless now and once again Subhash tried to open my legs while “khol taange” and I opened my thighs to give him access of my fuckhole without any protest and Subhash leaned over me while holding his monster straight in his hand.

Like it happens with a girl when she gets under a male, my breasts got crushed against Subhash’s broad chest and in a moment I felt tip of his thick monster parting my pussy lips. I was about get fucked by Subhash whom I have considered brother and friend and that instant mentally I was in the state I did not thought about asking him to leave me, even after discharging

my pressure hardly couple of minutes back once again I was feeling aroused and up to an extent I was waiting to get plunged with that enormous size monster and Subhash Did that with a sudden jolt. He flexed his massive bottom rapidly and in a fraction reached to the other edge of my womb.

I gasped loud while holding his firm body and he started fucking me with a nice pace from the very first moment. “Ohhhh…Aditi I love you Baby” Subhash uttered in rising passion and started brushing his lips over my neck and I started moaning in divine pleasure. I grabbed his back nicely in my arms and wrapped his pumping ass with my legs and enjoyed getting fucked till the depth of my fuckhole.

Gradually Subhash’s fucking enhanced and he started fuckign fast while shouting in pleasure and for a moment I felt as if I will blow in a moment but he suddenly pulled out his monster from my fuckhole to delay his discharge and told Kittu to fuck me, “Kittu Condom lagga ke Chod issko”.

Once Kittu told him to finish fucking me but Subhash insisted him and Kittu followed and took off his underwear and I got a glimpse of his monster too. My god they both had a huge Penis, Kittu’s length nearly equaled to Subhash’s length but other way Subhash was much thicker than him. Anyway Kittu did not wasted much time and covered his monster with rubber quickly and came over me like Subhash.

I folded my legs inward and he also plunged with a sudden jerk and started fucking me with a steady pace. Ohhhh…what a moment that was, once again I was getting touched somewhere in the depth of my womb where I was never touched by my boy friend. Kittu’s heavy ass rose and fall over my crotch and he tried his best to plunge me as consistently as possible and by now

I was so much into that act that I was not realizing that whatever we were doing is actually a sin, I was enjoying getting fucked like real bitch and went on revealing my pleasure by moaning in pleasure. Kittu fucked me steadily for a minute or bit more then he raised his pace and with that he started gasping.

I could sense that he was reaching to his climax and for an instant I thought that after a certain point he will also stop fucking me and to prevent him doing that I grabbed him tight in my arms and thighs and cried in pleasure to turn him further mad “fuck me…fuck me” and like I knew in a moment Kittu crossed the line where he control and fucked me fast and furious and ultimately squeezed his ass twice or thrice to release his gunk.

I Puffed loud when Kittu stopped screwing me with his massive crusher, I did not climaxed but it was kind of pleasure which I could not imagine that I will get ever with my boy-friend. Kittu was exhausted and slowly he got up and got away from my top and once again Subhash was ready to plunge me and eventually he did that but very differently.

He did not open my thighs instantly to put his Penis inside my fuckhole, rather he came over me and stated with a kiss and I responded to him nicely. Slowly he licked my face and brushed his wet lips around my neck while squeezing my breasts with his hands and I started moaning in rising lust.

Next he moved down and sucked my both nipples one by one while clenching my breasts roughly in his hands and then slowly tried to widen my this with his knee and came in the middle of my this with his crotch and then once again placed tip of his monster over my opening and while looking down as my fuckhole went slowly inside me.

I puffed in pleasure as now I could make that as compared to Kittu now my virginal mussels are stretched more apart. “ohhh…Aditi I love you” Subhash murmured and started fucking me with very slow pace. He fleshy ass moved back and forward and once again it reached to the depth of my fuckhole and I started moaning while holding him my arms.

Subhash wanted to fuck me as long as possible, possibly he was sensing that because I have already cummed I am far from my climax and he wanted me to cum again. He doing whatever he could do to last long as after fucking me for a while he stopped moving in and out of my fuckhole and started sucking my breasts and I shuddered in desire to get properly fucked.

Eventually after sucking my nipples for a while Subhash did not continued fucking me and changed the posture and took my both the legs over his shoulder and then impaled his massive ass over my folded body and screwed me steadily till he sensed that I am also moving ahead with him.

He then brought my one leg down and kept one resting on his shoulder and while being on his knees started fucking me bit rapidly. Kittu was sitting on the same bed, virtually he was spent but he was still jerking his monster while watching me getting fucked by Subhash.

I was moaning in pleasure of getting fucked and getting watched while getting fucked and slowly Subhash’s passion also increased and he started fucking me faster and removed my leg from his shoulder but kept on holding straight pointing roof and went on banging his crotch with mine and I continued gasping and grunting.

Passion rose further high and Subhash once again came over me missionary posture and I wrapped him in my arms and thighs. His pace was getting higher and higher and in a moment it went so high that we both started crying and shouting like a mad and finally it happened. Subhash’s bottom rose and fall twice like a machine and dipped down his entire length in my womb with loud cry.

I too trembled and also climaxed a bit I felt hot jizz getting spewed in my fuckhole. Though Kittu was bit charged but we both; me and Subhash were totally worn out and that was end of our first fucking session of the day. Next we all got up to wash and Kittu came up with the idea of getting a shower together and ultimately I was pulled by both the males into flowing water even after my refusal.

They played with my milks under water and sucked them at the same time and then fingered my fuckhole repeatedly one after another and I just went on moaning in pleasure. I don’t know how I lost control over myself and instead of behaving reluctant behaved like a slut and enjoyed everything they did with me.

I must mention that my relation with these two is still on and now I am very much engrossed into this fun and almost stopped fucking with my boy-friend. Anyway for an instant I am ending writing my experience here only but I must mention that I have a lot to share about that day which I will write after reading comments from readers.

For brief detailing I would say Subhash and Kittu somewhat toyed with me and my body for the whole day and it was so pleasurable that I failed to stop them and they fucked me numerous times with all possible positions. After coming out from shower we had a proper threesome in which both the males were playing with me all the time.

While I was on my back Subhash made me suck his monster and down at my lower half Kittu was buried in my thighs while sucking my fuckhole. Later while holding my waist Subhash was inside my fuckhole from behind and in front Kittu was moving in and out of my mouth. I promise if I will get a positive response from readers I will try to write again but only if I will get positive response.

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Aditi having threesome sex with Abhishek and Kittu - I

My name is Aditi; female of 26 and very recently through my cousin brother I came to know about this site and soon after that I have started writing down my sex experience. That was when I was fucked by two males at the same time, one was my same cousin Subhash who has actually showed me this interesting blog and insisted me to write down everything about that day; when he and his cousin Kittu fucked me in my own bedroom.

For bit of detail I would say Subhash is my first cousin belonging my mother’s side, he is actually son of my mother’s real sister and Kittu is Subhash’s cousin from his father’s side. Although Kittu is not directly in my relation but I know him very well because we three and couple of more cousins and friends of same age group often hang out around the city to watch movies.

Anyway while talking about my past relation with the guys I will say with Kittu I had a casual hi and hello and for me and Subhash, instead of brother and sister we were more like friends. We address each other with tu and all with casual teases over each other.

Immaterial I have often seen him staring at my body with a lustful eye but since then there was limit which Subhash never crossed and over sms and what’s app he maximum shared mild naughty jokes with me. Talking about my perspective for them I will say even though both Subhash and Kittu are very good looking guys, tall; almost 6 or an inch less with broad shoulders and fit body,

I never thought about them with that outlook, I have always considered them my brothers or maximum friends may be because I had boy friend since long and from last one year I was also sexually involved with him but this is also true that I have always liked Subhash’s company because he has very good sense of humor.

Now talking about my facial and physical appearance I will say I am fair, not extremely beautiful but good looking female with expressive eyes and sharp features. In Subhash’s perspective at present I have a sexplosive body but I believe around year back I was better,

I was thin and had a ideal figure with medium size melons and balanced fleshy over my thighs and ass but over the period of one year since I have started having sex with my boy friend I have gained lot of weight. Thought I still have a flat belly but in proportion of rest of my body my breasts are gone big and heavy and I have often noticed that they are point of attraction for most males around me.

Apart from my breasts my thighs have also gone fleshier and Subhash says as compared to past my ass is also much fleshier and it is now spread erotically wide. Anyway now while moving to the incident I will say it was a Friday and without anybody’s knowledge among my mom and dad, after skipping office and spending almost whole day with my boy friend I was back to my home around seven.

Day was bit disappointing for me because that day we; me and my boy friend were suppose to have sex but at the last moment my boy friend’s friend; in whose vacant flat we use to get on bed ditched with a lousy excuse and we roamed whole day just like that and ended up with just kissing and bit of breast play in the car only.

Soon after I reached back home Subhash called me and asked me if I want to watch specific movie in theater and told me that Kittu and another cousin sister whose name is Isha is also accompanying, I was tired of nothing and next day I also had a off, so to relax my mind I agreed to go along with them.

That time Mom was back home from her job and dad was yet to come from his factory, I told my mom about the plan and soon Subhash picked me up from my place. It was a comedy movie and we all enjoyed up to maximum. After movie and dinner by the time we came out to get back home time was well passed 11 and after dropping Isha at her place Subhash

asked me if I have any guest in my house and further asked me if they he and Kittu can stay at my place in the guestroom for the night. I do not have to say yes to it because it was obvious and I did not had anything to doubt over them because it was happened numerous times in the past. Anyway bit before 12 we reached back home and soon after that took our beds to sleep.

Nothing happened throughout the night and when I got up around 10 not only my mom and dad were gone to their work place but Subhash and Kittu were also gone from there. I was all alone in the house and within an hour or bit more I finished my morning courses, ate my breakfast, took a shower and ultimately sat down in front of television.

Time was little left for 12 when unexpectedly door bell ranged and it was none other than Subhash and Kittu who were standing on the door. Subhash gave me my jute bag which was left in his car last night and humorously told me to check it out if everything is intact and they have not stolen anything.

I took that casually and threw my bag away on the Deewan of our living room and asked him if they would like to have tea or coffee because I was about to go to make for myself. Like I knew Subhash asked for coffee and they casually settled down in the living room with a remote of television and I took a way to kitchen.

I came up with mugs coffee and we had it with casual chit chat over last night’s movie and after ending the coffee, when I felt that now they will be leaving once again Subhash told me to check my bag if anything is stolen and once again I took it lightly and stared into his eyes with an sarcastic anger.

He smiled and next moment he took out something from his pocket which literary shocked me. It was pack 20 condoms which was nearly half used. I was stunned and Subhash was smiling over my gesture. I recalled it was given by my boy friend, just to keep it for a while and I forgot to return him in the end and next Subhash took out something from the other pocket

and I was further shocked because it was a pack of birth control pills which actually belonged to me. Both the males were looking at me with a smile, if it would have been just Subhash then I would have tried to tackle him but I was embarrassed because that instant Kittu was also present and he was smiling over my facial expressions “I can’t understand one thing …..”

Subhash spoke that and after a tiny pause he continued “when you are using condoms…then why you use…I pills (contraceptive pills)”. I was speechless and could not decide how to react over that and next instant Subhash opened the pack of condom and out of twenty pieces he counted there were only 9 left and he came up with the words “this shows that you are fucked at least 11 times”

and next he opened the pills and saw just four pills were missing from the quantity and to that he reflected a question mark from his expressions that why only 4 are missing and then after few seconds reflected as if he has understood and spoke out “Ok ok I have understood …agar tere boy friend ne teri ek baar mein do ya teen baar bhi maari hogi to bhi tujhe goli to ek hi khaani padegi….!”

That was so raw and straight forward statement and I was embarrassed like hell but next instant I came up with an excuse that these things do not belong to me and one of my office friends has given me to keep it safe. For few seconds Subhash looked into my eyes without a flick and spoke out while moving his punch sideways like guys symbolize fucking “Aditi…I know you are fucked…”

then after a pause he spoke again “I also know ki tu kis ke saath sex karti hai…and even kahan jakar karti hai” and next he spoke my boy friend’s name and the place where that flat was located and I was shocked with that. I don’t know how he knew everything, he was following me or he was told by somebody.

Next Subhash threw both the boxes to me while saying “now you owe us a treat….or I will tell everything to massi (my mother)” that was friendly and casual and I came up with “Ok” with a smile. I looked at Kittu he was smiling and I blushed a bit and Subhash spoke again “don’t feel embarrassed…we all are alike…” and then he spoke again

“hum bhi sex karte hain… but since now we have done it with a prostitute” and once again I was surprised with that and asked back in same gesture “prostitute..?” and Subhash yes to it and added “haan…my girl friend is not as open minded as you are…she is waiting to get married with me” and then he added Kittu’s status by saying that he had a break up around a year back and right now he does not have any girl friend.

After that he detailed me bit about their sex life by revealing fact that in a month or two they both hire a prostitute with shared money and fuck her for whole night at some friend’s place. I was little surprised to know that they fuck a same girl in front of each other, one after another but I silently digested that fact without showing any such expressions.

Then there was silence for a while and Subhash looked at face and ultimately came up with a question in a weird Hindi slang “So…tune kal hi Chudwai hai?” “What are you saying?” I spoke out in bit of dominating voice and Subhash giggled over my expressions and rephrased his question in normal words “I mean tune kal hi sex kiya hai…?” “Nahi…”

I denied with mild roughness while looking at him and then at Kittu but then unknowingly calmed down and spoke again and casually revealed the truth to Subhash that my boy friend’s friend ditched to give keys at last moment and Subhash came up with a smile and words “that’s what we call KLPD” “KLPD….?” I asked him back and once again he spoke out weird Hindi “Khade Lund Pe Dhokha”

I was surprised and once looked at him with expressions of anger and he spoke again and it was more weird “in your case it’s GCPD” and then after a tiny pause spoke out the full form of that and it was “Gili Chut Pe Dhokha” and I failed to resist my smile and ultimately we all laughed loud over that.

After a cool laugh one again Subhash asked me that when I am giving them treat “treat kab de rahi hai…?” and I replied with “whenever you say…” and like I was expecting from his expressions Subhash instantly replied with “abhi…” (Means right now) and I came out with “Ok let’s go” to him. Next Subhash asked me where are we going “waise hum jaa kahan rahe hain?”

and I replied wherever you guys say “jahan tum kaho” and Subhash came up with a reply which I could not imagine, and it was “tere bedroom mein chalte hain” for an instant I failed to understand and instantly repeated his words with a surprise “mere bedroom mein” but next moment I realized what he means with that.

Subhash was smiling while looking into my eyes and next instant he moved to me and sat down on the same three sitters on which I was sitting and spoke again while looking into my eyes with naughty smile “I think now you have understood ki humen kya treat chahiye”. They wanted to fuck me “No…you can’t do that…” I spoke out and then after a tiny pause I spoke again

“You guys cannot blackmail me like this” I was facing Subhash because he was in front of me and Kittu was bit behind, Subhash looked at him for a moment and replied back with a cunning smile “but we are blackmailing you…soch le…I will tell everything to Massi(my mother)”. I was confident and I refused and told him to go and reveal the truth to my mother “go and tell her…”

and then after a pause I spoke again “we(me and my boy friend) are serious about this relation and I am ready to face anything… jaa batta de mom ko” I lied that we are serious but my confidence brought down Subhash’s composure and he spoke again “Ok I am no blackmailing you…I am requesting you….we are tired of fucking ugly prostitutes… and we want to fuck you”

and without giving a second thought I denied “No…I will not do it…you guys just get out of here” I was not screaming but I was serious and to the point but Subhash smiled over my gesture and spoke “see…my sex hormones are active now and I can’t help it….” then after looking into my eyes for couple of seconds he uttered again and it was

“tu evening mein Massi ke saath jaakar humare against zabardasti case file kar dena” (means in the evening you can go with Maasi and file a zabardasti case against us) and his words knocked my head with a shock but still I was not scared may be because I still could not believe whatever Subhash was asking me to do and for a instant I tried to dominate him by saying

“Subhash behave…enough is enough bahut ho gaya ye mazaak….” And he came up with “ye mazzak nahi hai I am serious…” in a very casual gesture and voice and then spoke again “let’s do it…pyar se karte hain…tujhko bhi mazza aayega aur humko bhi….” And then after a pause he spoke again “above that tere kapde bhi fatne se bach jaayenge”

I continued looking into his eyes without a flick and he smiled shamelessly, I don’t know what was running in my mind at that moment but one again I will say I was not scared at all and Subhash spoke again “guest room mein chalna hai to guest room mein chal….wahan ka bed bada hai… comfortable rahega” with that he tried to touch me over my knee and I removed his hand instantly.

Now I could feel that my heart beat was getting high, I looked behind Kittu was sitting quietly and don’t know intentionally or unintentionally he adjusted his erect Penis in his jeans when I looked at him. “Aditi let’s do it….I am telling you tujhe bahut mazza aayega…you don’t know how much we like you”

that’s what Subhash spoke next and once again reached to my knee with hand and when I tried to remove his hand he held my wrist with his other hand and rubbed and reached to my inner thigh and I went through strange sensation. I won’t say because I did not had sex yesterday I was dying to get a fuck but I did not opposed him with my full energy,

I don’t know why I did not tried to run or scream or save myself from them and Subhash continued rubbing my thighs and came little closer to me. My heart started beating little more high and I spoke “Subhash this is not right….” and he replied with “chhod na yaar ye sab…nothing is right and nothing is wrong…aajkal sab chalta hai…let’s have fun”.

Though in past I have seen both; Kittu and Subhash staring at my body with a lust but I never imagined that they will ever think about fucking me like this. At my end I confess that I did not tried to save myself from them with my full efforts, it could be considered my lust which even I could not feel that instant or it could be because of my past friendly relation with them, they were not strangers and I was not scared of them.

Anyway I was wearing a Capri of a very thin cloth with a t-shirt on the top and Subhash’s hands over my body were gradually getting rough, he was feeling thickness of the flesh of my thighs and I was again and again removing his hands.

He was smiling while looking into my eyes, though I was not smiling, rather over my facial expressions I was uncomfortable but I was not revolting hard and that enhanced Subhash’s confidence and he came little closer to and just then told Kittu to come too from his expressions and next instant I was sitting between two males and they both started touching my body.

Subhash’s hands were on my thighs and Kittu started with holding my shoulders from behind. My heart was pounding high and breath was getting fast and short, now I was little scared but still I was not at all protesting to save my dignity.

Subhash rolled his hand over my cheek with affection and came further forward and placed his lips over mine and same instant I felt Kittu’s hands moving forward and cupping my breasts from behind. Ohh…My God I could not believe what all was happening and why I was letting all that happen with me.

Knocking my mouth Subhash sucked my lips nicely and unknowingly I opened my mouth and he inserted his tongue into me and at the same time from behind Kittu started massaging my breasts with both of his hands and I felt my milks getting heavier. Kittu squeezed my melons till Subhash explored my mouth and by the time Subhash broke the kiss I was puffing in strange sensation.

I was not completely into the act but I was surely not out of it too, I was in dilemma of what to do and Subhash and Kittu did not stopped so that I can think what to do. After breaking kiss Subhash also touched my breasts and played with them nicely while looking at my face and I closed my eyes in shyness.

Thought deep inside I was still uneasy but virtually from expressions they considered that it is accepted to me and next Subhash spoke to Kittu, “Let’s take her to her bedroom…aaj wahin pe sab kuch karenge” and with that he treid to pick me in her arms.

I struggled a bit they easily overcame my efforts and along with the half used pack of Condom they both brought me to me own bedroom and started taking off my clothes after putting me on bed. Subhash took off my t-shirt and told Kittu to take out my Capri from legs and eventually in a minute or even less than that I was on my bed in just bra and panty.

I was wet at my fuckhole and with a prominent patch it was evident over my Panty Subhash smiled a bit while saying “Aditi you are wet... this means you are enjoying all this”. Next they started taking off their clothes and I pleaded to them for not doing all this by saying “Subhash please….stop…don’t do all this” and he replied with

“Meri Jaan…now stop behaving artificial aur enjoy kar ek saath do-do Lund …” once again that was very vulgar but it did surprised me as I was feeling tensed and I pleaded again “Subhash Please leave me…main mar jaaungi” (means I will die) and Subhash replied to me by saying “Don’t worry…tujhe kuch nahi hoga… you are not a virgin…I am sure you will enjoy….”.

Next Subhash spoke to Kittu and told him that they have to be slow and tender with me by saying “Kittu aaram aaram se karna hai…meri Aditi ko bilkul pain nahi hona chahiye” and Kittu accepted while passing a smile to me and soon after that they both were just in their Frenchies and they climbed on the bed. Subhash pushed me on the bed on my back and I lied down.

Subhash came over me partially and once again started kissing and sucking my lips. Kittu also came beside me on the other side and rolled his hand over the bare skin of shoulder and I trembled feverishly. After breaking the kiss Subhash turned me a bit to him and told Kittu to unhook my bra “Bra khol isski” and Kittu did that.

Subhash took out my bra from my arms and uttered “Wow…mazza aa ayaa” once again I was on my back and for a minute they both took my one juicy melon each and started squeezing it tenderly. Though still there was sign of uneasiness in my gesture but this is also true that it was disappearing gradually and I was getting aroused and it was evident over my warm puffs.

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