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Quickie sex with girlfriend Diya

I was in the green room and it was then I noticed my mobile screen flashed. I took it and opened the message recieved. It was from Diya - "Anuj, where are you? I want to meet you". I called her. She picked the call just after one ring. " where are you?". "In the green room. I was arranging the flowers to be placed on the stage.". It was our college day and I was the college union secretary.

I was busy in my duties. Diya, my girlfriend was the host of the show. " Did you rehersed your speech?". "leave that. I just caught Namrata and Tanmay kissing at a corner. They were at deep passion and I felt horny at that time. I need you right now, Anuj". "Diya, this is not the time. Lets do it some other time.", I replied.

"I want to you right now. I will be there in third floor and if you are not coming, I won't host the show". Diya was such a girl that she always wants whatever she wishes. And as a loving boyfriend, I always fulfills her wishes. I went upon to third floor.My mobile screen flashed - "Turn right and come to the corridor".

I walked forward and suddenly a hand came from sideways and pulled me inside a room. It was ladies restroom and as soon as, I got inside she caught my lips for a deep kiss. We explores each others mouth and this continues for some minutes. As she was the anchor, she was in sexy choli, with a deep cut neck. I was in my t-shirt and jeans. She went down and opened the zip.

My seven inch tool popped out. She was an expert in handling my cock. Her tounge swirled around my tool taking me to another world. I was enjoying to my peak. She now sat upon the side bench and I crawled under her skirt. The addictive smell of her oozing juices were driving me crazy. I pulled down her silk panty upto knees and plunged my face into it.

She has a pink coloured clean shave pussy. I put my toung deep into her pussy exploring her whole vagina. She was moaning heavily which says that she was enjoying my act of love. I came up. She put her hands around my sholders and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me Anuj". My cock was already outside my jeans of it maximum length.

I just hold her ass under the skirt and pulled her to my waist. She put her legs around me to support it. Now my tool was rubbing her ass crack. She ewleased one hand from my shoulder and guided my cock to her love opening. As there was enough lubriction, my tool found its way quickly and plunged into her hole. She gasped for a moment and hold me tightly for the balance.

Slowly she loosened her hands and starts to move her bottom up and down. My tool consistently went in and out of her cunt. I was holding her ass tightly, supporting her movements. She started to gain more speed and I was at my peak to explode. "Diya, I am cumming....". I already exploded my load to her cunt. She achieved her orgasm and took a deep breath.

She fall to my shoulders for a moment. We both were tired with that quick wild fuck. " Are you in safe periods?". "No, I'm not". She replied. " But, don't worry.... I have pills and I will take the precaution".

We both rested for two minutes ying on each others shoulders. As it was time for the show, we were in hurry. She corrected her dress, pulling up her panty after cleaning it with a tissue. I put my cock inside. We went to the stage for our duties after a deep kiss.

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Official sexual adventures of Mani and Priya

The name is Mani and I am in my mid forties, I am from Bangalore and have been married to Susha for 16 years. We have a beautiful daughter in middle school and a 6 year old Labrador. I work as a corporate Trainer with a large IT firm. I get to travel and lot and the following day I was scheduled to give a presentation in Pune with a good friend and co worker Priya.

Priya and me have known each other for over 9 years and worked on various projects together. She is a colleague and close family friend. Our families hang out often, barbeques, special occasions, movie nights. Just this past summer, our families along with my sister's family had vacationed together in Goa.

This was the night before the Pune trip, Priya and I were stuck in a conference room working late into the night and at one point I stretched and leaned back to yawn oblivious to the fact that I had a slight erection. Priya noticed it and joked about making sure Susha relieves my “tense muscles” especially to avoid giving a presentation with a raging hard on.

We both laughed but the truth was I had not got any action for about a few weeks. Later that night, I went home to a sleepy wife who was not in a mood to "do it" and I was too tired to jack off. I fell asleep with the same clothes and got up with raging hard-on as Priya so aptly put it - having just 3 hours to the flight, I quickly packed up and left.

I met Priya at the Airport. The first thing she saw me and said - ah, looks like someone did not get any relief last night and handed me her cup of coffee. While we getting ready to get past security, she again joked about making sure the security guard did not grab my dick thinking it was a weapon.

I was starting to get a little concerned if this was any indication what the trip was going to look like, Priya and me were good friends but I had never heard dick jokes from her before this. Once we were in the flight, we settled down and I put my iPod earphones on but got a nudge from Priya, she seemed like she was in a talking mood and went on about her family, her husband and some work gossip.

I played a good listener and a little later Priya ended up dozing and drooling over my shoulder clutching my arm. If anyone had to guess, they would assume we were a couple without a doubt. Let me tell you a little about Priya and me, she is a very homely, slightly tan, curvy and very confident woman.

She always spoke loudly and was a big foodie - she recently started some sort of diet and was trying to watch what she was eating. I am very similar to her in that I have an average built, I don't' workout a lot, hairy chest, slightly balding, have a decent 'married man' tummy – basically an average-middle-aged-married-man-with-kids I guess.

Later we were checking in the guest house when I noticed she took off her jacket and as much as I tried to ignore – I could not help but stare at her huge cleavage. Over all these years, even when we hung out at the beach - she would always wear something conservative.

She caught me staring at them and playfully hit me on the hand and say, stop staring at them - we both laughed but she lifted them and jokingly said 'I know they are bigger than Susha's' and laughed while she walked ahead of me. We moved to our rooms. We had an hour before we had to be in the office for our meetings.

I was in my room getting ready, fresh out of the shower - walking around in my towel when Priya knocked on the door, I let her in. She had seen me in the office gym and at the pool with just my shorts on multiple times but it still felt awkward. Priya sat down on the bed and put on the television and I took my clothes into the bathroom to dressed there.

A few seconds later, I heard a knock on the door - I said, hey - Whatsup. She said - what you doing ? I said - nothing, just changing into work clothes. She paused for a few seconds and said ok. I heard her footsteps as she walked away from the door and thought that was weird. I finished getting dressed and we left for office.

The day was full of meetings but we had to reschedule our flight to the following night because one of an unscheduled meeting. We were prepared for this so we went back to the hotel and decided to get some drinks at the bar before hitting the bed. I called the family and spoke to them for a while.

I met Priya outside her room; she had changed into this beautiful low cut top and a short skirt. Her perfume made my eyebrows twitch. We went down to the bar and had a few drinks, While I was getting a smoke outside - some guy came over to Priya and tried to make conversation but she started to explain to him how she and her husband (pointed to me) were on a trip here and before she could complete her sentence, he walked away.

We later had a great laugh about it. About two hours later, both of us were pretty buzzed and we realized a hangover is not exactly what we needed so we decided to go back upstairs. We took the stairs up two floors to our rooms and Priya kept talking and followed me into my room behind me like I was still listening. I tried to tell her that she could go and crash but she kept ignored me and kept talking.

I sat on the bed and started taking my shoes off. She stood right in front of me and continued the speech about corporate legacies and other assorted crap and jumped on the bed. For a good second I thought I saw her panty less crotch but I was not sure. I turned away and walked into the bathroom to change into my night clothes.

I stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes and realized Priya had stopped talking, I brushed and cleaned up and came to the bed to see Priya passed out on my bed. I tried to wake her up a few times but she seemed like she was really knocked out. I called out her name and stepped closer to wake her up when she shifted her posture and put her arm around my neck and pulled me down to her.

Our lips met and as much I resisted until that second - I just melted into those arms. Our tongues were soon introduced to each other and they did not feel the need to be gentle anymore. We started a friendly of war of who could stay in the other's mouth longer.

Soon our hands started exploring each other and my fingers found its way to her pussy and she pushed her legs a little wider apart with a moan, she did not say a thing but pulled me every few seconds to kiss me. She was soaking wet, I used some of her juices to rub over her clit and slid my finger very gently into her, I could feel her wetness and she gave me all the access.

She reached out and started massaging my crotch. I positioned myself at the edge of the bed to get a better view. She was clean shaven and her puffy vagina lips looked like burger buns, I pushed her apart and saw her bright pink clit - I pushed her aside and wrapped my mouth around her clit and heard her gasp while she lifted her head off the bed and held my head.

She moaned and closed her eyes tight while I continued alternating between licking her clit and sucking her pussy. As weird as it sounds, she tasted like a yummy ripe tomato. I lapped up those juices like it was my last day on this planet. I started to finger fuck her while sucking her clit and she held me by my head and pulled my ears and dug my face deeper into her.

I was losing breath but did not care, a few seconds later - she let out a deep moan and fell back while her hands thrashed around on the bed. What was about to come was something I was not prepared for. She squirted straight into my mouth - I gagged but kept licking and finger fucking her while she moaned and thrashed around like she was being electrocuted.

Her juices flowed down my neck and all over my shirt, I got up, pulled my dick out and she went straight with her mouth around the dick head and sucked it and said mmmm.,, a little precum was dripping off the side of her mouth into the bed. She pulled the foreskin back and opened her mouth wide and started sucking, Her mouth was warm and soft and her technique was on point.

Her eyes had started to water and she occasionally gagged as she attempted to deepthroat me. I stepped back and asked her to lie down on her back. I asked if she was on birth control and she said yes, I stepped closer and rubbed some saliva along with the precum and slowly pushed it into her pussy, she was holding her legs apart while I pushed it deeper.

She moaned at every little thrust and started rubbing her clit. I had never felt anything as tight as this. I could push all the way in but each time I felt like my dick was being squeezed. She signaled me to lie down while I was in her and she got on top of me.

She started riding me gently at first and soon picked up pace, her face looked like she was in a trance - at times when she felt tired and stopped, she would arch her butt out and I would ram her from under - she stopped and mumbled something before she squirted her juices on my dick. As soon as her finished cumming, she pushed me into her and kept going.

I knew I could not hold my orgasm for long and wanted to pull out but it was too late. She held my face in her hands and lifted her ass and picked up the pace as I started cumming. My toes curled, my body stiffened and I felt my eyes go into my sockets, my orgasm seemed to last forever as she kept riding me. I went limp and slid out of her.

She raised her ass and squeezed it and we looked while the cum slowly drip out of her on my dick. We had a bath together and she sucked me dry while she sat on my face and I got to licked and suck her clit until she came again. The following day was very interesting, the day went very slowly.

During the day I asked her what her darkest fantasies were and she said she always wanted to try it up the ass. I confessed that I always wanted to lick her asshole. We both later sneaked into the hotel during skipping lunch and fulfilled our fantasies and some more.

We could not wait to get back to the hotel and fuck like teenagers again. We decided only to have sex when we were out on trips like this and we stuck to that agreement. There is a weeklong seminar next week and - guess who is travelling with me?

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Vivek first time fucking sister friend Niyanta - II

Previously: Vivek first time fucking sister friend Niyanta - I

“Suck kar inko….” That’s what I heard from her and with that Niyanta Didi drifted down one of her bra’s strap and took out her melon for me to suck. Oh…Wow it was so beautiful; for a moment my eyes got stuck to it, it was so big and heavy, much fleshier than I assumed with a very thick and big nipple in a wrinkled circle.

Truly speaking friends for me in a way it was dream come true, don’t know from how long I was fantasizing about these milks. Next instant I grabbed her soft melon tenderly in my hand and felt it getting even more dense, Niyanta Di puffed a bit with my touch and once again told me to suck it and I did that. I dipped down over her breasts started sucking her thick and long nipple like a child.

“Ahhhhh” Niyanta Di hissed in pleasure sexily and moved her finger my hairs while experiencing a suck over her luscious milk. Slowly my sucking enhanced and along with sucking her long nipple I started squeezing her fleshy mound bit roughly and Niyanta Di moaned even more sharply and in rising yearn drifted down her night wear top completely from her shoulder

and took out her other melon too by slipping down the remaining strap of her bra and told me to suck the other one by saying “issko bhi suck kar”. I did that too, I sucked her other mound too and while I was sucking her like a child Niyanta Di started caressing my cheek with affection.

Few moments passed and I somewhat went mad in lust and started clenching her huge melons with my both the hands very roughly and Niyanta Di did not reflected any pain or uneasiness, she was enjoying everything was doing with her and just then she placed her palm over my hard Penis over the clothes and I puffed in strange sensation.

Before I would have thought about touching her pleasure zone over the thin cloth of her Pajama somebody started screaming on the street and for a moment that terrified us like hell. Niyanta Di pushed me and told to me to go out of the kitchen and I did that instantly.

She came out to the living room after getting into normal clothing and for a moment we came out to the balcony to see the matter and realized that 2-3 drunkards were fighting while shouting over each other. I somewhat screamed over them and gradually they disappeared from our sight.

Now once again I was expecting that Niyanta Di will let me continue playing with her fleshy milks and might let me do bit more but she once again said that this is not right place to all this and she will call me in a day or two when she will be alone at her home and while looking into her eyes I agreed to her halfheartedly.

Niyanta Di was sensing my mind state smiled a bit over my low sounding gesture and went to the bedroom to sleep beside Neha Di. I came back to my room and lied on the mattress in the dark and took out my Penis to jerk to pleasure myself. Certainly I was very disappointed with whatever happened in the end but there was some kind of rapture which was not letting me calm down,

I could visualize myself fucking Niyanta Di in a day or two and while jerking my monster back and forward I was trying to decide that in which position I would like to fuck her and in next few minutes gradually as my passion increased I started fantasizing that holding her huge ass I am fucking her from behind like a mad and unintentionally my hand started jerking my monster hard and fast.

But I must say that day God did not wanted me to shag my load on my own and just when I started feeling pressure building in me while doing masturbation I got a knock my door again and I jumped from my bed instantly and pulled my lower over my body. I knew who it could be and it was none other than Niyanta Di,

and I can say that she was much more desperate than me and as I opened the door for an instant she looked at my crotch probably to see if I am erect and there was a mild tent over my pelvis which she would have noticed and asked me casually “masturbate kar raha tha…?” I was not expecting that but I moved my head in yes with a tiny smile “kar liya…?”

she asked me if I am done with masturbating and in reply my moved my head no and spoke “nahi…abhi hua nahi tha….” Niyanta Di smiled a bit while looking into my eyes “seriously yaar I don’t know mujhe kya ho gaya hai…I cannot control myself…” That’s what I needed but I did not spoke anything in response and just smiled a bit and Niyanta Di asked me again

“are you sure ki…Uncle Auntie will not get up in the night?” “No...” I instantly replied back and she spoke “Neha is sleeping sound…I don’t think she will also get up” and I agreed “nahi….Neha Di bhi nahi oothengi”. Then there were no words for few seconds, Niyanta Di was looking into my eyes and ultimately asked me “so…kya Karen…?” and then just after a fraction asked me

“kuch karna hai…?” and my heart skipped a beat and I replied “jaisa aap bolo” (as you say) “issi room mein karte hain…” Niyanta Di spoke out after looking bit inside the room and slowly moved in and my heart started pounding. I closed the door and eventually bolted from inside “show me your tool…”

Niyanta Di spoke that and I blushed while looking into her eyes with a smile and she spoke again “come on…show me…ab Sharma kya raha hai” and I untagged my Pajama and uttered “aap bhi DIkhaao…!” “Obviously…main bhi dikhaaungi” she replied back. Finally I loosened my Pajama and drifted it down and then also brought my underwear to my feet and my hard Penis popped out in her vision.

Niyanta Di saw my thick and hard Penis for few seconds then smiled a bit while looking at me face, there was wave of strange rapture in her gesture which was significant over her face and next instant she also loosened her lower and drifted it down and a wow came out of my soul, as her printed panty with fleshy bare thighs came in my vision.

Next for which I was dying, Niyanta Di drifted down her panty while looking at my face with a smile and before I would glanced a real pussy she moved her hand over her opening to pleasure herself spoke “I am dying yaar”.

I looked at her pussy, Ohh Wow though it was bit hairy but it was beautiful, it was swollen and seemed wet and dripping even from the distance and just in few seconds I felt the aroma of pleasure juices hitting my senses and before I would thought anything Niyanta Di stepped towards me and spoke “let’s do it….we have to hurry”

and before I would realized what she has said she took my Penis in her hand and I puffed loud in evident pleasure. For a fraction I stepped back in hesitation but next instant stopped myself and Niyanta Di started jerking me nicely and my pleasure was like I never imagined.

Before I would have recovered from my pleasure holding my hand Niyanta Di took it to her pleasure hole and told me to touch her there “tu yahan touch kar”. Oh that was nothing less than heaven for me, my hand was over her fuckhole and I could sense that she was wet like hell and next instant Niyanta Di spoke again, she told me to rub her fuckhole “rub kar issko” and I started doing that.

I could not believe whatever was happening with me but it was real and we both were moaning while pleasuring each other, me by rubbing her fuckhole and Niyanta Di by jerking my monster rod. I was getting harder and harder and Niyanta Di was getting wetter and wetter and within a minute I was reached to the state where my monster was aching because of its hardness

and Niyanta Di was so wet that she was dripping and her thick and sticky love juices were flowing down to my fingers. “let’s do it now…daal de issko andar” Niyanta Di was much more excited than me and seemed dying to get me inside her fuckhole and after saying that holding my monster rod she sat down on the mattress and I too kneeled with her on the floor and she further lied down and instantly widened her thighs apart.

Niyanta Di’s breasts were covered because she was still wearing her nightwear top but her fuckhole was wide open in front of my eyes, I was about to lose my virginity but everything was happening so fast that I did not realized that I am reached to the moment for which I was waiting from years, I just went on flowing in a way Niyanta Di desired.

She took me over and while holding my hard and thick monster in her hand she ultimately guided it till it reached to her love opening and started rubbing her fuckhole with it and puffed thickly in rising lust. I was nevertheless excited and I too moaned erotically over her act of rubbing my cock tip over her wet opening and asked her in puffing voice “Bina condom ke hi daal dun….?”

And then asked her again “kahin aap pregnant ho gaye to….” For her it was a silly statement as Niyanta Di was mature enough to tackle all that and she replied to me in sarcastic tone with a smile “tu daal de bus….and don’t worry… main tera bacha nahi paida karungi…” I giggled a bit over her words. Niyanta Di was holding my monster over her opening and next she told me to push and I pushed.

Oh for me that was a real wow, her legs were widely open, knees were bent and feet were resting on mattress, and as I impaled myself over her crotch Niyanta Di wrapped her legs around my hips and grabbed me between her hands and thighs. “Ahhhh……” I moaned in strange pleasure, what was that?

My rod got uncovered from its foreskin while entering into her wet fuckhole, which pained me a bit but just for a fraction and next instant I slipped inside Niyanta Di till the hilt of my monster. Niyanta Di hummed in pleasure and closed her eyes while feeling my hard monster distending her pussy lips and touching her vaginal walls.

Wow what a fuckhole Niyanta Di had; hot and wet and as I entered my Penis deep inside her I felt her juices flowing out and touching my balls. “Fuck me” Niyanta Di spoke that and resting me on my knees and forearms I started moving in and out of her fuckhole instantly.

Oh friends truly speaking for me it was a kind of pleasure which I cannot write anyhow in any language, it was pure bliss and Niyanta Di was also somewhat in haven, rather along with pleasure I was feeling bit of weirdness but Niyanta Di was enjoying to the fullest, much more than me and I was getting aroused because of her moans and facial expressions.

Hardly a minute passed, I was ramming and reaming myself in her fuck hole steadily when Niyanta Di looked into my eyes and spoke, “Vivek fuck me, fuck me hard… tez tez kar, jitna tez kar sakta hai kar” and her words made me crazy and to my own surprise I stated fucking fast and furious, like I never imagined.

Niyanta Di’s legs were spread wide, her knees were bent, and her feet were high against my back. I was ram-fucking her, thundering my rod in and out of her flesh like a machine and Niyanta was getting mad in lust she started crying in pleasure while speaking erotic “Haan Vivek fuck me…aur tez kar, aur tez aur tez… fuck me…. fuck me yes yes….”

And just in a fraction pressure started building inside me too and I reached to the point where my speed was increasing every second and I too started puffing in pleasure. Finally a moment came when I felt my monster is about to blow and I will not be able fuck her anymore and next instant Niyanta Di also reached to her climax and grabbed me tight and hard in her arms and thighs

and I collapsed over her and buried my rod in her womb with a hardest push and squeezed my hips together to release my gunk and almost at the same instant extending her arms to fullest Niyanta Di grabbed both of my hips and crushed them in her hands and pulled me further inside her and orgasmed with a loud cry.

While I was hollowing my balls into her depth I felt her fuckhole pulsating on my rod and that sensation was superb. I was dead tired, puffing and gasping furiously after cumming and Niyanta Di was also breathing feverishly while releasing her fucking pressure.

We both were tide tight in each other’s arms and sweating like hell and after a minute when we both got up Niyanta Di cleaned my gunk which was coming out og her fuckhole with my cloth and started wearing her clothes hurriedly. I too wore my clothes with almost same speed and when she was over with it and I was still wearing she smiled a bit over my gesture of going through weird feeling and asked me

“mazza aaya…?” “Haan….” I accepted and she spoke again “tomorrow I will call you at my place….tab aaram se karenge….” Then after a pause she spoke again “tab oral sex bhi karenge….” And then after that she spoke last words of that night “ok bye…good night” and simply went out of my room quickly.

Friends for an instant that’s what all I had to share with you guys. Like she said Niyanta Di called me next day and told me to reach close to her place before specific time and ultimately signaled me when she was all alone at home and this time we had around two hour in solitude and we enjoyed having sex without any fear of getting caught.

She seduced me and ultimately blew me in a way that I cannot forget that fucking encounter until I die but I will write all that some other day and before that I would like read your comments over my first sex experience.

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Vivek first time fucking sister friend Niyanta - I

My write up is about when I had sex for the first time and lost my Virginity to elder sister’s best friend Niyanta Di. I am Vivek, male 21 presently perusing my graduation, physical I am not muscular but I am fit and good looking guy with an average height of 5’4”.

While talking about Niyanta Di I will say my sister Neha Di and Niyanta Di are studying together since they were in 11th standard and over the period of 7-8 years when they are at the verge of completing their post graduation their friendship has reached to the height where they cannot stay without talking to each other even for a single day and because Niyanta Di is very frequent to visit our home she is friendly with me too.

I don’t know what her past perspective was for me but even I have always addressed her Di after her name, I have never taken her as a sister and I really don’t know from how long I am masturbating while thinking about her. While talking about her facial and physical appearance I will say she is fair and good looking but she has lot of pimples over her chubby cheeks.

Physically Niyanta Di does not have attractive body for most males; she is plump but with very good height possibly 5’7” or an inch more. Apart from this fact that she has big and chubby breasts, thick and fleshy thighs with huge and erotically spread ass she does not look much fat may be because she is very tall and there is something in her gesture and casual way of talking that she radiate hell of sex appeal, at least for shy males like me.

Now while moving to incident I can say I was not much aware of what all was running in her personal life but like I said Niyanta Di was very regular visitor at our home and often uses to sit for hours with Neha Di to chit chat; by over hearing bit of their conversation I was well aware of this fact that she has a boy friend and from her physical appearance I could guess that she is also sexually involved with her boy friend.

Knowledge of this fact that she is getting fucked regularly she use to appeal me more but truly speaking anyhow in any circumstances I could not imagine that one day I will lose my virginity with her only. Things turned into my favor when Niyanta Di and her boy friend had conflict in their relation over its honesty, her boy friend was involved with some other girl too and when it came in Niyanta Di’s knowledge she has fight with him.

I don’t know from how long this matter was up between them but when I came to knew it was at its worst. It was a middle of week and fortunately I was all alone at my home. She was here to meet Neha Di, to sit with her and talk to relax herself. I opened the door she entered while talking on the phone with none other than her boy friend.

For an instant she asked me in low voice about Neha Di and I told her that Neha Di and Mom are gone out and I am alone at home. I don’t know exactly what all her boyfriend spoke from the other side but suddenly Niyanta Di started screaming on him in anger while saying that even she do not need him in her life anymore and now she has a new boy friend.

After disconnecting the line she asked me again about Neha Di. Once again I told her that Neha Di is gone for some shopping with mom and as such there is no hope of her arrival for next two hour.

She looked at me for few seconds, into my eyes, gave a thought to whatever she thinking to do and next moment came closer to me and took a selfee (self picture) from her mobile while touching her cheek with mine and then looked at the picture for a while.

Before I would have understood what all she wants to do she once again took a selfee and this time she touched my lips with her lips and after clicking smiled a bit while looking into my eyes and ultimately spoke “apne boy friend what’s app par bhej rahi hun” and then after sending it looked up to me again and told me not to tell this to Neha Di and saying thanks to me soon after that she took leave.

It was my first such touch to any female and everything happened so fast that for a moment I failed believe whatever happened. Thought from Niyanta Di’s side it was purely for a purpose, in a way I was used by her, showing my kissing pic with her she wanted to tease her boy friend but I was rapturous over whatever happened and continued feeling as if something is still stuck over my lips for really long time.

Days passed easily more than a month and in this span Niyanta Di came to my home numerous times; passed a smile while looking into my eyes whenever met and I started masturbating on her name more feverishly. I can say I was still far from imagining in fucking her in real life, what all I needed was that picture which I believed that she must be having her mobile.

I was very much intended to talk to her about that picture but unfortunately like that day I never got alone with her and when I got alone and asked her for that picture she gave me kiss again. Once again she came home when I was alone and this time she knew that Neha Di is not home, she was here to leave Neha Di’s particular book and she was about to leave from the door itself when I addressed her with “Di…”

she looked back to ask me the matter and I asked her if she can give me that picture. Niyanta Di smiled a bit and walked in the home and said “No I cannot give you that picture….!” I was not disappointed may because I could see that she was not over in saying she spoke again “but if you want I can give you a kiss again….”

And I went through strange sensation, “bol kiss Chahiye?” she asked me so casually that I failed to believe what she said and also failed to respond in yes instantly and Niyanta Di smiled significantly over my gesture. That day she was really in very strange mood and next instant she walked to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and while looking into my eyes very closely asked me more or less same question again.

“Sharma matt…bol kiss chahiye” and I moved my head in yes. “You know how to kiss…” Niyanta Di asked me while coming further close to me with her lips, possibly she could sense that I am a brat and spoke again “you have to open your mouth”. For a moment I could not make out what all is going to happen now and just then she drew her lips over mine and sucked them gently,

before I would have responded to her act Niyanta Di slid her tongue out between my lips and knocked me and moment I parted my lips her tongue slipped inside my mouth and in a fraction Niyanta Di’s tongue roamed inside my mouth thoroughly. I must say guys it was one of the most wonderful moments of my life till now; just in few seconds I was well into it we started eating each other and for me feeling was amazing.

Now I was also kissing her by sucking her soft rosy lips while keeping them between my lips and as I got chance I too entered my tongue in her lovely mouth and sucked her delicate tongue. It was first kiss of my life and I don’t know how it went so well, maybe because I just followed what Niyanta Di was doing with me and she just made my first kiss memorable forever.

After exploring and getting explored for hardly couple of minutes Niyanta Di broke the kiss and once again looked into my eyes closely and smiled a bit and ultimately uttered “Bye….”and then within few seconds she disappeared. I don’t exactly what all I was thinking that instant, like last time once again I could believe through whatever I have gone.

I lied over my chest on the bed for long and rubbed my hard Penis over bed under the clothes while recalling everything, I was hard at my Penis my erection was increasing consistently but I did masturbated, may be because I was enjoying that aroused state and I wanted to continue thinking about whatever happened.

Totally unaware of Niyanta Di’s mind state I was happy with whatever she did with me so far but Niyanta was thinking far ahead then all this. On the same day after Neha Di came back home as I had a plan I moved out of the house to play some cricket with friends and when I came back late in the evening I was surprised to see Niyanta Di again.

She was studying with Neha Di on Dining table and I was more surprised when I came to knew that she is going to stay at our place to study till late. You can say it was not first time when she staying at our place but still there was something which was making me pleasantly uneasy, probably it was my intuition which was making hard again with a thought that if she will get a chance then she might kiss me again.

Anyway over the period of two hours dinner came to an end and because Neha Di and Niyanta Di were studying dad switched of the television after dinner. As Niyanta Di was here for the night I was suppose to sleep in third room which is actually a store room but pretending that I am also studying I stayed in the living room itself, on the couch purposely to see Niyanta Di and whenever our eyes met she always smiled back to me.

Finally after two more hours both the females got up to go to sleep and Niyanta Di said sorry to me because she has taken my place and I have to sleep in the store room. I must mention that it was first time in last so many years when she said sorry to me for this and when I said I am perfectly alright with that and I will sleep in the other room she walked to the room to see it and saying good night with a smile took to leave to the bedroom.

I stayed in the living for another half an hour with a hope that she might come back with some excuse and realized that it’s just my imagination that she will come here to kiss me and ultimately I too took leave to get on bed. While lying on the floor on thick cotton mattress I was sleepless and slowly jerking my Penis back and forward after drifting down my lower till my knees

I was thinking about Niyanta Di and after around 15-20 minutes of my exit from living room I got a knock on the door. Like I needed it was none other than Niyanta Di and from jeans and top now she was changed into a night wear which was lose pajama and a shirt with buttons at its front.

First Niyanta Di asked me if I was sleeping, I said no and next she asked if I can help her to make tea and I rapturously said yes to it. We came to the kitchen and with a thought that Neha Di is also awake I poured the material for three cups but Niyanta Di corrected and said that its just we two and Neha Di has slept.

Apparently I was natural but once again I felt a strange delight with a thought that I may get lucky again to get a kiss one more time but this time I was much luckier than my expectations. Niyanta Di started when mixture of milk and water was heated up a bit and yet boil, I was standing facing towards the gas stove and she was standing behind me while leaning over the opposite slab.

“So you don’t have any girl-friend” Niyanta Di asked me and I must say that I was not very surprised with that but I behaved and blushed a bit and said no to it, “how come…you are so good looking….” I believe I was expecting all this but I blushed again and smiled a bit over her praise for my looks and Niyanta Di asked if I have ever proposed a girl “kabhi kisi ladki ko propose kiya hai?”

and once again I said no to it and next she came up with really unexpected words “tu to ek dum fattu hai” and I denied and gave her excuse that I never met any such girl to whom I could propose and she giggled over my reply and said “ye ab purana ho gaya hai…koi naya bahana bol” and I too laughed on getting caught.

“You know mera bhi break up ho gaya hai…?” by now I was pouring tea into mugs and Niyanta Di asked me. I moved my head in yes and gave her mug and she took it. Anyhow I could not ask for a kiss so I asked her for the picture again “Di please give that picture to me…” and she replied with “first of all stop calling me Di…now I don’t like that” and then after a pause,

after sipping bit of tea she asked me back why I need that picture “tujhe wo picture kyun chahiye?” and I casually replied with “aise hi….I will keep it as a memento” “but I have given you a better memento…. hmmm….” and I smiled over her words with strange happiness. We were still standing in the kitchen and next she looked into my eyes for few seconds but did not uttered anything,

I don’t think she was waiting for me to speak, rather she trying reading my mind and she could sense that I am delighted in her company. “Let’s have a kiss again” finally she spoke out her eternal desire and that’s what I needed her from since I saw her here to stay for the night.

Like earlier in the day Niyanta Di came close to me after putting the mug aside and wrapped her arms around my neck and before she would kiss me again she told me to put my hands over waist and I did that. We kissed again and as compared to last time I could see that Niyanta Di was much more desperate, she just went on sucking my mouth till she lost her breath and I somewhat failed to perform that passionately.

“I can’t help it yaar….main apne boy friend ko bahut miss kar rahi hun” she was missing her boy friend a lot, that’s what she spoke just after breaking the kiss. She was breathing high and looking into my eyes and don’t know how I could make out that she is yet not over and just then she kissing me again and this time I responded back to her suction just the way she needed and our kiss lasted for really long.

We ate each other continuously while sucking each other’s tongue one by one and gradually I felt Niyanta Di’s hands moving down to my chest and she started feeling my manly body by rubbing her palm over my clothes. I too wanted to move my hands to her breasts but I failed to gather courage and just went on enjoying the bliss of getting touched by a female like for the first time in the life.

Niyanta Di went on getting mad in lust and this time after breaking the kiss holding my face in her hands she kissed all over my face in rising passion. I responded equally well and kissed her over her cheek and all around her fore head and eyes and just then she inserted her hand in my t-shirt to feel my bare skin and I trembled like I could never imagine.

Before I would have recovered from her sensual touch Niyanta Di lifted my t-shirt and kissed all over my bare chest and I puffed in divine pleasure. But hardly after few seconds Niyanta Di realized something and stopped and got away from me and picked her mug again and sipped her tea while looking at me with a smile.

I too picked up my cup and trying overcoming my shyness casually asked her “kya hua…why you stopped” and Niyanta Di replied with “I was just gone mad….this not a right place to do all this…” I wanted to ask her then where can we do all this, I will reach their whenever she say but I failed to utter anything and just smiled back.

We sipped rest of our tea silently and Niyanta Di asked me do my parents get up in the middle of the night and I said no, I could I say yes to it. After putting down the mug into the sink Niyanta Di called me at the corner of the kitchen, where nobody could see us immediately after coming out of the room and once again she lifted my t-shirt and kissed my bare chest and sucked my tiny nipples for few seconds.

Then we kissed again and after that I gathered some courage and took initiative to open the buttons of her shirt and she did not stop me. She was looking at my face with a smile and I could not see her into her eyes, I just continued unbuttoning her night wear with a pounding heart and finally got a clear view her massive juggs imprisoned in a tight bra.

I looked up into her eyes and Niyanta Di was smiling “pahli baar dekh raha hai na boobs” she asked me obvious tone and I moved my head in yes. Once again I will say that day Niyanta Di was at her best, since afternoon when she was here to return the book she was gone crazy in lust and she desperately needed a man to tranquilize her sexual desire and luckily it was just me who was available to her.

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Raju having sex with maid Sita

I am Raju, 23, doing my PG in the local college. I had a lot of books to read, collect data, tabulate them and feed them in my laptop to prepare my dessertation. Both my parents were employed. My father took food from his office canteen and my mother used to carry a lunch packet along with her. They used to leave for office by 9 am. We had a servant, Kaveri, 60 to clean and cook.

She used to sweep the floor and mop it and clean the clothes and prepare curries and other food. We used to take non vegetarian food also and Kaveri used to prepare fish in all forms very tastily. Of late she used to bring her daughter, Sita, to help her in her work. Sometimes Sita used to sweep the floor and Kaveri cooked food in the kitchen. I never used to bother about her.

One day when went to the court yard to place some clothes for washing I saw Sita, sniffing at my underwear. I hid behind a door and watched. She took my underwear and took it close to her nose and kept it for a long time. I knew here is a girl with an itchy cunt. Next day when she came to sweep my room, I purposely left my lungi open and allowed my cock to hand between my legs.

Sita was mopping the floor and when she came to mop below the table she must have seen my 7" cock and the ballsack. I noticed she remained them for a few minutes perhaps to take a clear view of my dangling assets. The she moved and I noticed she went away from the room reluctantly. Thereafter I made it a practice to allow my cock exposed to the maximum.

Next day I leaned under the table and noticed that she was taking a closer look at my cock. I caught her and asked her to get up and come near me. She was shy and came and stood near me I took a closer look at her boobs. They were average in size and her ass was round and raised. Without talking anything I put my hand over her ass and pulled her closer.

With the other hand I pressed her boobs. They were hard and she did not resist. She wore only a long skirt and a t shirt. I put my hand underneath her t shirt. She was not wearing any bra. I touched her boobs and her nipples. She gave out a hissing sound and enjoyed my touch. My other hand could feel her panty beneath her skirt.

I just kissed her on her cheeks and on her boobs and allowed her to go. She was learning cooking from her mother and got busy in the kitchen. Next day she came early to clean the floor and mop my room. When she came beneath my table, I signalled her to take my cock in her mouth.

She hesitated, went and looked around and came back and opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. She obviously does not know the trick of a blowjob. She kept it in her mouth for some time. I asked her to rotate her tongue around it and she did it. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and she got chocked and coughed and took it out.

I signalled her to come near me and as usual I put my hand underneath her t shirt and pressed her books. She was expecting this and was enjoying my action. I put my other hand underneath her skit and touched her panth over her pussy. She felt tickled and pulled back. I ran my hand around her waist and inserted my hand inside the elastic of her panty and touched her pussy.

There was no hair, but very scanty thin hair. I asked how old she was and she said she is 16. With my forefinger I touched her clitoris. One hand was squeezing her boob and the other hand was meddling with her clitoris. She was very much enjoying with her eyes semi closed. I did not proceed further. I patted on her ass and asked her to go and help her mother.

She ran away to the kitchen. Slowly she became bolder and used to mop the floor very fast and take my cock in her mouth beneath the table. I used to pull her near me and kiss her cheeks and kiss her nipples. She came to me without her panty so that I can touch her pussy and clitoris. She told me she hid her panty in the bathroom. She used to open her legs wide so that I may rub her pussy.

I used to take some hair oil in my hand and rub her pussy in circulatory motion. She used to reach orgasm very fast. She used to kiss me on my cheeks. I resisted from fucking her as she was a virgin and I did not want to take her cherry. I did not want her to know the pleasures of fucking. Sita just limited her enjoyment with my manipulation of her clitoris and her pussy.

She was not shy and used to play with my cock openly. One day her mother told me that she was to go to a doctor and she will go early. Sita will stay for some more time and fry some pieces of fish. I said ok. Sita served me food she made, rice and fish curry and fish fry. I asked her to sit with me and to take.

She said she never took food from our house and she went home to take her food. I said no, from today you take food here and take a parcel for your mother. We both ate our food and I asked her to come to my room and lie down in the bed. She asked me what for. I told her I will show you a trick. She came and lied in my bed. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty. She did not resist.

I lifted her knees and opened her cunt. It was smelling of urine. I asked her to go and wash it well in the bathroom and come. She came. I leaned over and licked her cunt. She said no, it is dirty. I said just watch and continued to tickle her clitoris with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and with her hand she pushed my head down into her crotch.

Licking and tickling with my tongue she reached her orgasm and pressed her thighs by the side of my head. I asked her how was it. She said it was heavenly. I made her totally naked and I changed to 69 position and my cock was deep into her mouth and I licked her clitoris and tongue fucked her.

We prolonged our action for more than half an hour and when we both reached orgasm, we both were tired. Since it was late Sita rushed home. Her mother came to see me to thank me for the food parcel and told me that she may have to go to the capital to attend the marriage of the daughter of her brother and may not come for three or four days.

She wanted to take Sita with her, but Sita refused to go and told her that the food problem of the our whole family. I telephoned my mother that Kaveri will not be available for three or four days and that her daughter, Sita will be there, but she will have to stay with us. My mother said it is ok. Finally her mother said she will go alone. Sita came back and hugged me and kissed me.

I found she had only one spare set of clothes. I took her to a mall and bought for her four sets of skirts, blouses and churidar and pyjama sets. I bought her fresh under garments and bra etc. Sita said she will sleep with me in my cot and we will sleep like husband and wife. I told her foolish girl, my mother and father will come in the evening. They will not allow you to sleep with me.

You will have to sleep in the kitchen. She said ok. When my mother came from work in the evening, Sita went to her and touched her feet. My mother was overwhelmed and blessed her. My mother asked her whether she can sleep in the kitchen. Sita said there are lot of cockroaches in the kitchen and she was afraid of them.

Ok, Mother said you sleep on the floor in the Raju's room and gave her a mattress. I was surprised at the ingenuity of Sita. Once the supper is over, Sita cleans up the kitchen and takes a wash. Once my parents go to their bedroom and close the door, she will come to my room, remove all her clothes and become totally naked and hug me.

She will lie over me taking my cock in her mouth and push her cunt in my mouth. The following four days we enjoyed to the maximum. Even without fucking we could enjoy sex. I showed her a pornographic site in the laptop. She was surprised to see a scene of fucking. She wondered how a big cock could enter a cunt. She wanted me to make my cock enter her cunt.

I said I dont want to break her seal. Even without fucking we are enjoying now. She said she just wanted to try once. I said no. When her mother came she went reluctantly home. We continued our fuckless sex for one more year. In the meantime she had a marriage proposal and her mother wanted some financial help from our mother. Mother gave her money and clothes and she got married.

She did not come for work for about three months. Her husband was working in state govt office and he was transferred to a distant city. She told him that she cannot leave her mother. Her husband agreed to her staying with her mother and he went alone for work. Sita came for work as her mother was very weak.

She wanted to continue our sex relationship, but I was hesitant since she is the wife of some body. She told me that she did not enjoy sex with her husband as much as she enjoyed with me. Finally I had to give in and fuck her deeply on a afternoon. Sita said her husband's cock was small in size and he cannot fuck for longer period. We continued our relationship for a long time, till my getting my PG and get a placement abroad.

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