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Horny housewife Tanvi screwed by neighbour Suresh - I

First thing I must write before starting my write up is that neither I am a writer nor I am very good in grammar of this language. But I want to assure readers that this is my real life happening and anyhow I will try to write down everything in such a way that it will look like a sex story and one could understand and imagine whatever happened with me.

I am Tanvi, fair and good looking female in my late twenties, married from last six-seven years and my sexperience is about when in my husband’s absence I had sex with my neighbor Suresh Bhaiya. Actually Suresh Bhaiya and Shikhar (my husband) were living beside each other even when I was not married to Shikhar and after my marriage Suresh Bhaiya’s wife Reena Bhabhi became my friend.

Although there is a significant difference in our ages; Reena Bhabhi and Suresh Bhaiya are in their early forties and I and my husband are barely reaching to our thirties. From the very beginning we have a family type or you can say very friendly relation and since I was married to Shikhar, Suresh Bhaiya was making full use of this family type relation.

From the day one I have seen Suresh Bhaiya staring at me with hell of lust; as if I am standing naked in front of him and in past whenever I spoke to Shikhar about this he always ignored me by saying “tum ho hi itni khubsoorat ki jo tumhen dekhta hai, dekhta hi rahta hai”.

But from last two years since my husband was not with me and was gone to the US on particular project Suresh Bhaiya’s interest in my life was increased significantly and I was somewhat tired of getting gazed with lustful intentions by Suresh Bhaiya.

Many times I thought about talking to Reena Bhabhi about this but I failed because of strange hesitation and ultimately one day Suresh Bhaiya dared to approach me to have sex with him very straight forward. It was a beginning of week and time was not even 9, like always my son was gone to the school and I was trying finishing my daily work.

Door bell ranged and I found Suresh Bhaiya standing on the door step. Reena Bhabhi was off to her job and their son was also gone to school but because of some reason Suresh Bhaiya was at home and working on his laptop. Because there was no electricity from last few hours and his inverter exhausted he came here.

He wanted to sit here and work and casually asked me if I can make a cup of tea for him. Apparently everything was casual and as such I did not have anything to worry about. I made a tea and after giving it to him I came to my room to organize my Elmira and unintentionally to ignore getting stared from him like that.

After you can say hardly half an hour Suresh Bhaiya addressed me with my name, I came to listen and he asked for one more cup of tea and insisted me to make one for myself too. I did that and once again after giving him his cup tried walking to my room but he stopped me and told me to sit there only and I sat down opposite to him.

He spoke to me over casual subjects and because while talking to him I was looking at him directly into his eyes he did not started at my body much but from the glow of his face I could see that because of my presence his sex hormones are aggravated.

Here once again I will say it was not something which was happening for the first time, whenever he finds me he is interested in talking to me even if there is no subject and I was somewhat use to of it. Anyway while talking on various things somehow he reached to the point where he confirmed me that my husband has gone from last two years

“I think Shikhar ko gaye hue do saal to ho gaye?” and I replied with yes “haan” and he spoke again while looking into my eyes “tum kaise rahti ho akele…?” and then added “Shikhar ko bolo tumhen bhi wahan bula le” and I replied with “abhi possible nahi hai” and he accepted. I finished my tea and went back to my work and while standing in the kitchen started to prepare lunch.

Suresh Bhaiya was sitting in a dining area and with a mild adjustment he could see me standing facing away from him which I am sure was doing but as such I could not guess that he will ever dare to approach me like this.

I was standing kitchen and intentionally not looking behind and suddenly I felt that he is behind me and before would have turned to see him he wrapped his arm around me and in a moment reached to my breast and squeezed my melon roughly. I pushed him and instantly reached to the corner of the kitchen and spoke out in shock “Bhaiya ye kya kar rahe hain?”

and he spoke out “Tanvi mere pass aa…I know tu bahut pyasi hai…aa mein tujhe satify kar deta hun” I was shocked to hear that and for a moment could not think of replying him and he spoke again “aaja na…sharmaa mat…” and with that he moved a bit towards me and I warned him “Bhaiya ….don’t touch me” and he shamelessly came up with “Don’t call me Bhaiya…main to tera Aashiq hun”.

Once again he moved a bit and I pushed him with all my strength and fortunately got a way and I simply ran to my bedroom and bolted the door from inside. I was scared like hell and did not think about going out again. For a moment I thought about calling Reena Bhabhi and complain but I held my nerves and calmed myself down.

Some time passed, may be 10-15 minutes and electric supply went to normal and after that in a minute or so I got a knock over my door and I heard Suresh Bhaiya saying that he is leaving. I waited for a while and came out of the room after another 10 minutes and nobody was there.

I did not bothered to see if he has gone to his flat or he has left for the office, I just bolted the main door and relaxed a bit. After that I came out of the house when I was suppose to get my son from the bus stand and I glanced that Suresh Bhaiya’s flat was locked.

Apparently I was normal and doing all the works as usual but deep inside throughout the day I was uncomfortable and could believe that Suresh Bhaiya has dared to touch me like that. Though that instant I could not think in my weirdest imagination that I will ever get sexually involved with Suresh Bhaiya with my consent but still I don’t know why I was feeling aroused.

I believe it was lack of sexual pleasure in my life because of which I was feeling mild wetness in my panties, I was touched by a man like that after two years and I was again and again recalling the way Suresh Bhaiya squeezed my breasts. Not only that anyhow I could not take my mind off from the possibility of what all could have happened if I wouldn’t have ran from there.

Whole day passed and like almost daily Reena Bhabhi met me in the evening and we had tea together. For a moment once again I thought about complaining her about her husband but I stopped myself assuming that Suresh Bhaiya has overstepped in excitement and my reaction over that might disturb or break his marriage.

That day passed liked that and I did not think about visiting Reena Bhabhi’s house after knowing that Suresh Bhaiya is back to home. In night I spoke my husband but did not spoke anything about that day’s happening and ultimately in the night failed to sleep sound with the thoughts of whatever happened.

Surprisingly apart from feeling embarrassed, anxious and annoyed I was feeling aroused too and I don’t when I started presuming that next time Suresh Bhaiya might attempt to fuck me and shockingly thought of getting fucked from Suresh Bhaiya did not scared me, rather it enhanced my wetness and after a long time I felt like fingering myself.

I believe it was my lust for an instant which was taking my senses off and while fisting my fuckhole and masturbating I fantasized myself getting fucked forcibly. Anyway I was awake for the whole night and whatever time I slept I was restless and next day intentionally did not saw Suresh Bhaiya.

Next day since morning I was realizing that gradually impact of last day’s happening over my mind was disappearing but once again in the night I started recalling whatever Suresh Bhaiya spoke after touching my body like that and presumptions of having sex with Suresh Bhaiya in different situations went on coming in my mind and ultimately for the first time in my life,

especially after getting married I ended up fisting my fuckhole in consecutive nights. Next day somewhere in the evening Reena Bhabhi called me to tell that she is getting late at her work place and somewhat requested me, to make something for their dinner too and I visited Reena Bhabhi’s place in the late evening to give that.

Unfortunately by then Suresh Bhaiya was also back and he instantly greeted me, told me to sit and said that he has not seen me from so many days. “Aa Tanvi baith…bahut dino se tum dikhi hi nahi” I was expecting that whenever we will get face to face he will try avoiding me but I was surprised from the way he reacted.

Anyhow I did not reflect any such expressions and replied back confidently “Bhaiya aap bhool gaye…hum abhi parson to mile the…aap laptop lekar kaam karne aaye the…” (Meaning- Bhaiya you forgot we have met day before yesterday, you came there with laptop to work) and Suresh Bhaiya instantly came up with a natural reaction “Oh yes…I forgot…. mera inverter exhaust ho gaya tha…”

I looked into his eyes to see if he is ashamed of what he did but he smiled back to me shamelessly. That night I did not masturbated and somehow succeeded in diverting my mind. But I was little curious to know about Reena Bhabhi and Suresh Bhaiya’s personal life and next day in the early evening when Reena Bhabhi was back home and Suresh Bhaiya was yet to come,

with pure intentions of talking to her about her sex life with her husband I invited Reena on tea and casually asked her about her sex life, “Bhabhi can I ask you something?… how is your sex life…” and she smiled a bit and instead asked me back “why…why you want to know that…” and for a moment I was speechless but ultimately came up with “just..aise hi…”.

Reena Bhabhi accepted and replied to my question with “Don’t ask that…Suresh ko satisfy karna impossible hai” and then after a pause spoke again “I don’t know inke andar intni energy kahan se aati hai….is age mein bhi he needs sex everyday” Reena Bhabhi paused and then spoke again “he is very demanding in bed and has a hell of stamina to fuck”

giving a natural reaction I smiled a bit over her words, from Reena Bhabhi’s side it was much more than I was expecting but I needed more information and I asked her back how much sex she need and my words were “and what about you… aur aapko kitna sex chahiye…?” and Reena Bhabhi came up with “once or maximum twice a month”.

I was surprised with that and casually uttered “but ye to bahut kam hai…” and Reena Bhabhi spoke again “Whatever….mujhse nahi ho paata…. main to Suresh ko saaf manna kar deti hun” and I realized the core reason behind Suresh Bhaiya’s sexual restlessness and before I would have further asked her anything with that concern Reena Bhabhi asked me when is Shikhar

(my husband) coming back “by the way when is Shikhar coming…” and I replied with “don’t know…. possibly after one year” and she tried consoling me “I feel really very pity for you…yehi to teri age hai life ko enjoy karne ki and you guys are living separate” and I tried avoiding getting into discussion about my life and told her to tell me about her sex life

“Chhodo na Bhabhi ye sab…. We can’t do anything…ab jo hai wo hai…aap apna bataao…tell me about your sex life” and she smiled a bit over my statement and spoke “You are enjoying talking about my sex life…” I smiled and she spoke out again “I can understand your mind state…sex nahi to sex ki baaten hi kar low” and I giggled over her words.

Next she spoke again and told me to ask her whatever I want to know “ask me whatever you want to ask…” and I casually replied back “I don’t know what to ask, you just tell whatever you want to tell….” “Ok” and with that Reena Bhabhi started talking to me about her sex life and started by saying “we do everything you see in xxx movies…. You know what I mean???...”

Reena Bhabhi smiled a bit and I guessed “Sucking?” and she accepted by saying “Haan…” and then continued “Suresh is very fond of sucking that thing…but…. I don’t suck much….once in a blue moon….mujhe achha nahi lagta”.

Truly speaking Friends that was first time we; I and Reena Bhabhi were talking over this subject with that much of detail and she was blushing a bit while saying all that I smiled a bit over her shy gesture. Next she told me again to ask whatever I want to know and I asked her about the positions in which she confront with her husband on bed and Reena Bhabhi said that mostly they do in three positions,

missionary, woman on top and doggy style, everything was casual and as such there was no hesitation between us in talking and suddenly Reena Bhabhi revealed a fact about Suresh Bhaiya’s liking in that concern which shook my head. Reena Bhabhi said that Suresh Bhaiya often ask her to gain some weight as he likes heavy sexual assets, big breasts,

fleshy thighs and all and in continuation also spoke that he often tell Reena Bhabhi that physically she should be like me. Here if I will try writing mine and Reena Bhabhi’s physical appearance then I will say we are just opposite to each other. Reena Bhabhi is good looking female with small and curly hairs hardly up to her shoulders.

She has petite body, standing maximum 5’, fair skinned with sexy, smooth, slender and stunningly curved sexual assets. Her breasts are not big but medium sized like big ripe mangoes, her waist is slender with a flat belly having not even ounces of extra flesh and as I said I am just opposite to her.

Though I am also fair and good looking female any day taller than her, but with heavy sexual assets, flabby breasts, nearly of the size of small water melon with nice fleshy thighs. Unlike Reena Bhabhi I have bit of belly but as compared to her I have attractive bottom as my ass mounds are jutting out a lot from my body and are more widely spread as compared to Reena Bhabhi’s hips,

in short I have a kind of a body exactly which Suresh Bhaiya likes. Anyway our Chit chat continued and somewhere in between Reena Bhabhi asked me about my state; if I am feeling starved for sex and I accepted and casually added that sometimes I fail to sleep calmly in the night.

Whatever, it was a chit chat of hardly half an hour or may be bit less than that and but it almost cleared me that why since beginning Suresh Bhaiya stares at me like that. Sexually he was not satisfied with his wife and surprisingly the piece of information Reena Bhabhi gave me about Suresh Bhaiya’s sexual ability,

once again made me restless and even after trying my best to divert my mind in the night when I was at piece to sleep I was wet and aroused. Anyhow I could not stop imagining that I am getting fucked by Suresh Bhaiya with all his passion and as my child slept I got up and switched on the laptop to see the porn movie.

It was a typical sex movie with all the filthy acts one can do and like Reena Bhabhi told me that Suresh Bhaiya is fond of sucking her fuckhole, while watching porn movie I was imagining that he is sucking my pussy and I am crying in pleasure like slut is crying in the movie.

It was mind set which was not at all in my control and I really failed to divert mind and ultimately ended up fisting my fuckhole brutally while watching that movie and cummed like hell. Although I was feeling great after discharging my love juices but after getting relaxed from the fucking fever mentally I was little uncomfortable and came up with a promise to myself that I do not have to repeat this;

that I do not have to masturbate while fantasizing Suresh Bhaiya fucking me. Actually I was feeling that I am losing control over my sexual desire, I am crazy about having sex and being a picsion female I also I knew that when some fever drives me I lose control over myself;

I was scared of myself that in this metal fever I might take a wrong step might get indulged into a sexual affair with Suresh Bhaiya, and that’s exactly what happened and core reason of whatever happened between me and Suresh Bhaiya was just Suresh Bhaiya, he was simply after my life. Next day in the morning he came again just to give me keys of his flat.

Actually while going to her work place Reena Bhabhi left the house in hurry and forgot to pick her set of keys and later called Suresh Bhaiya to leave the keys at my place and Suresh Bhaiya once again got a chance to come to my flat. As I opened the door he gave me keys and detailed me everything;

that by mistake Reena Bhabhi has left her set of keys and in evening she will take it from me and after that he looked into my eyes without a word. I tried to stare back into his eyes but he behaved shameless, he smiled a bit and ultimately I blushed and moved my vision from his face.

I was expecting that he will leave without going further in any conversation but like I said he was behind my life and my zero reaction over his first act encouraged him and he casually asked me if I am ok “aur kaisi ho tum?” and when I said I am fine, he asked me about my child and after getting a reply that my child is also fine he requested me to get him a glass of water.

I could make out it was intentional, just to stay there for as long as possible. I went in and by the time I came back with a glass of water he was in the middle of living room, TV was on and some music channel was running on screen, he stood in front of it and I tried giving him water.

He did not picked up the glass; rather to my surprise instead asked me something which for a moment I could not believe and his exact words were “to tu sex nahi karegi mere saath?”(Means-so you won’t have sex with me?).

It was so straight forward that for a moment I could not believe what I listened and in shock I just kept on looking at his face and he spoke again and in very soft voice “Tanvi…main tera diwaana hun…and I want to fuck you”. He was looking at my face, straight into my eyes and I was feeling scared.

I stepped back, hardly couple of feats and he spoke again “don’t run….main tujhe chodunga nahin karunga” and then after small pause spoke again “I want to make love to you….” I wanted to go from their but don’t know why I stayed, though from little far but continued looking at him, into his eyes with a pounding heart and he spoke again “mujhe maaloom hai…tujhe bhi sex chahiye…”

and then after a pause he spoke again “aa jaa main tujhe harra kar deta hun…kab tak aise hi raat raat bhar sex ke liye tadpegi”. Though after his first act one can expect this too from him but still I was shocked to hear him, he was so casual and speaking everything straight forward;

without any hesitation and before I would have reacted over that and would have moved from there into my room he spoke again or somewhat told me that Reena Bhabhi has told him that I am starved for sex “Reena ne mujhe bataya….ki tujhe sex chahiye…tu raat bhar sow nahi paati” and that was more shocking for me and ultimately I came up with a words

“Bhaiya please…you just go from here…aap yahan se chale jaao” and for an instant he came up with just one word “Ok” and walked out of my house. As he left I immediately bolted the door from inside and tried indulging myself into the work but I really failed. I don’t know what was happening to me, I was never so restless, even after trying hard of controlling myself, fire was lit inside me and I was getting mad in lust.

I could not stop thinking about whatever happened just now, I was recalling the words Suresh Bhaiya spoke as they were arousing me. I was enjoying leaking slowly at my love hole. I could see that after two years suddenly I was losing my patience and anyhow I could not stop thinking about Suresh Bhaiya with that perspective.

Many times I felt like going to washroom to fist my fuckhole to calm myself sexually but somehow I managed to control myself throughout the day but in the night while being wide awake and looking at the roof I was visualizing myself getting fucked by Suresh Bhaiya in various positions and at various places of my house.

I could not forget Reena Bhabhi’s words that Suresh Bhaiya is very demanding in bed and he has hell of stamina to fuck and ultimately in the night, visualizing that Suresh Bhaiya is fucking me hard and fast I fisted my fuckhole to cum twice.

In the morning I masturbated again in the shower and spent the whole day in strange mind set; aroused as well as conscious that I do not have to think about having sex with Suresh Bhaiya. Next in the late evening when I spoke to my husband I insisted him to call me there but like I knew he denied and tried giving me various reasons to support his decision and ultimately once again as day started to come to an end I started feeling lonely.

That night once again somehow controlled myself and did not masturbated and by next morning I was feeling that it was a bad phase of 2-3 days and slowly I am coming out of my sexual restlessness but I was wrong. Actually it was not me who could control all this; it was my destiny which was already written, that I have to get involved in a sexual relation with Suresh Bhaiya.

Anyway as now it was a weekend and Reena Bhabhi was at home, as such there is nothing which I could write except this that somewhere around 12 in the afternoon Reena Bhabhi came to my place for specific purpose and invited me for lunch at her place and saying I am not feeling well I casually denied for that for no other reason than this that I did not wanted to see Suresh Bhaiya.

In the evening my son went to their place to play with Reena Bhabhi’s son but I did went go to her place to even get him back and he came back independently. Certainly in the night I was restless and feeling lonely but more or less I was feeling that I am out of desperation of having sex and anyhow Suresh Bhaiya won’t be able to agree me to have sex with him.

I did not masturbated that night, possibly because I was depressed and that is why I cried a bit and failed to sleep properly and after sending my child to school and getting the cleaning of the house done from the maid servant I tried to sleep for some time but as I was getting little unconscious door bell ranged and it was again Suresh Bhaiya and he was here with a decision of fucking me anyhow.

I opened the door and he walked in and asked me if I can give her cup of milk to make tea. Once again like last Monday he was at home and working and his coming at my place for the milk was purely intentional, I could guess that but I remained silent and behaved dozy and casually turned to kitchen to give him milk and he walked behind me till the door of the kitchen and when I tried giving him glass full of milk he spoke while looking into my eyes

“You know I have stayed at home just to have sex with you….”. Like always Suresh Bhaiya was straight forward and because so much of this kind was happened earlier I was not shocked with that but I pretended as if I am shocked.

I stared into his eyes to reveal some anger but it hardly affected him and he spoke again in low and sensual voice “Tanvi I love you…” I was wearing simple Salwar Kameez, without any stole over my shoulder, because of deep neck bit of my fair skinned cleavage was visible and Suresh Bhaiya was staring at it without a flick of an eye.

He was standing on the door of the kitchen, certainly I did not had a passage to go out but I was also not scared like I was first time, but still keeping glass of a milk aside I stepped back a bit. I was looking at his face and he was at mine and for few next seconds there were no words spoken.

“Meri jaan mere pass aaja…” Suresh Bhaiya broke the silence again and moved bit in the kitchen while saying that in bit of excitement and my heart started pounding. Lust was evident in his eyes; talking about me I don’t know what I was thinking that instant, certainly I was not scared of getting fucked but still I was uneasy.

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In the meanwhile Radha's mother got a telephone call and she said she is leaving and she told Radha to come as soon as the studies are over. Radha asked me what you are looking in the laptop. I said it is some porn scenes which is of no interest to you, you study.

Radha got up and came around and stood behind me and was glancing the scene from the laptop, very hot port scenes. She went back and brought her chair and told me that we both may watch the porn scene, it is very nice and I have never seen such scenes. Within five minutes she was very much aroused and was breathing heavily.

I just extended my hand and pulled her closer. I inserted my hand from underneath her t shirt and bra and touched her boob. She placed her hand on my cock. She asked me to show her my cock since she has not seen one so far. Her both boobs were very hard and apparently untouched. I lifted her maxi and inserted my hand inside her panty.

Her pussy was without any hair, all hair removed with proper creaming. In the meantime Radha squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and was keeping her eyes on the laptop. Her tender rosy lips were around my erect cock. I brought the laptop to the edge of the table and we both indulged in our own sexual pursuits and we both reached our orgasm within minutes.

It was the first time for her and for me also. I called her to my bedroom so that we may do it in the proper way. WoW, fucking her was a great experience. She was horny and was taking all initiatives. Making her fully nude, made her to lie in the bed, I jumped on her and sucked her nipples, with sssss sound coming from her mouth she seemed to enjoy her first sex act.

She opened her legs wides and asked me to insert my cock inside. I kissed her on her cheeks, on her boobs, on her stomack, and then on her pussy, I with the tip of my tongue located her tiny pink clitoris. I just rubbed her clitoris with my tongue. Radha was turning and twisting with pleasure. No, no, no, insert your coock inside me,she cried.

It was very difficult to make the cock enter her body. She kept her cunt lips open with the fingers and was crying of pain and tears rolled down her cheeks. I just banged and my whole cock was inside her cunt. Slowly I fucked her and her pain subsided and she was enjoying the fuck. I did her a fast fuck and rammed my cock every time inside her. She was asking for more.

But I threw my cum outside. I asked her to calculate safe days and come for future fucking. We both got up went to the bath room and washed ourselves and came back. Her mother called her to come and she took her boobs and rushed back, kissing me on my cheeks and she said she will come later. In the afternoon, Radha's mother came as if to search for something.

I asked her to sit in the sofa. She looked into my eyes and asked me to show her the hot scenes from my laptop. She said she was watcihing them erlier and because her daughter was there she did not ask. Now she had sent her daughter to some other place, it is safe for two hours and wanted to see the porn.

She told me not to tell my mother about what she asked for and she came and sat close to me and with wide eyes looked at the hop porn scenes. She was clad in a elaborate kancheepuram saree which she removed and stood in her petty coat. She removed her blouse and stood with the bra only. I asked her what is the matter aunty.

Balu, my boy, I dont have to conceal anything from you. I am sex starved for a long time and my husband does not give me any sex at all. He has lost all interest. How long I can go on with the help of a finger. Let us go to your bed room and start. I took her to my bed room. She lied in my bed and removed all her clothes. She must be 37 or 38 and was maintaining good figure.

She showed great greediness to take my cock in her mouth and suck to her heart's content. There was som hair in her pussy and I just opened her cunt lips, I found her big clitoris, I leaned forward and took it in my mouth and licked and sucked it. The lady was moaning and was in a hurry to have the fuck done.

OK I said and made her to lie at the edge of the bed and put my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed. Her fuckhole was tight and gave me immense pleasure. Squeezing her boobs and sucking her tongues I gave a very rough fuck. Finally she reached orgasm and told me so. I rushed through fucking and I too shot my cum inside her hole.

She hugged me and kissed me on both of my cheeks and Slowly got up and we both went to the bathroom and washed herself. She said it is first time she has satisfying sex. Her husband never gave so much of sex. I was lucky to fuck the daughter in the morning and the mother in the afternoon in my bed. Mother said she wanted more, but will come later and dressed up and departed.

Daughter and mother came of different occasions for sex. I fucked them and gave them great pleasure. Mother never bothered whether daughter came or daughter never cared whether her mother gets fucked from me. But this was for a short time, My appointment was cleared and I had to rush to take up my assignment.

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Rahul having hot sex with client Shabana

Hi all, Rahul is back again to share one more sex experience. Mallika and I, used to have phone sex whenever we get free time. On Thursday evening, Mallika informed to meet at manthri mall. As we were known well to each other, we spoke freely. I asked Mallika, “what is the purpose of meeting?” She said to wait some time. After 20 minutes, one more lady joined us.

Mallika introduced her as Shabhana, working as manager in a private firm. Shabana was wearing formals white shirt and a mini skirt just below knee. Shabana is aged around 40, whitish skin tone, cute round face, glossy lips, 36-32-36 structure. Her boobs were trying to come out of the shirt and her buttocks were well shaped just like a round matka(pot).

While having pizza, shabana started to touch my lap. When a women keeps her hand on men’s lap, the sleeping lion will definitely become hungry lion. My dick became hard. Shabana winked her eye to mallika. Mallika informed to follow her towards rest room. When I reached, she said shabana likes and wants to make love with you. I agreed and said when and where.

She replied in shabana’s apartment to night. She said don’t worry; she is amazing companion in bed. Mallika informed to wait in the parking lot. Shabana came and picked me in her super luxury car. While driving, she shared her personal life. Her husband is working in Saudi and comes once in a year.

She is desperate to have sex, but couldn’t have with any one as she is working as manager and her reputation may get spoiled in the society if someone came to know about illegal affair. While speaking with mallika on phone, she shared her personal experience with me. That day, she felt very horny and fingered her pussy to get satisfied.

Next day she called mallika and informed her to fix up the meeting. Meanwhile we reached her apartment which is located in one of the prestigious areas of Bangalore. She asked me get fresh up. I got ready and came back. Shabana took bath and was drying her hair with the towel wearing a semi transparent nighty without any inner. I asked shabana, “shall I dry your hair.”

She said ok and sat between my laps pressing her buttocks to my dick. I slowly started rubbing her hair and smelt her hair. I slowly started to kiss on her neck and ear lobes. Her breathing was getting faster and started to shake her buttocks while I was kissing her neck. Slowly I unzipped her nighty and she pushed her nighty down. I started to give massage to her boobs.

I was circling my fingers around her erected nipples and was pinching them now and then. Boobs were hand full and her moans got increased while massaging. She was playing with my hair. Later she asked me to remove my inner. I removed mine and she removed her nighty completely. I saw her completely nude from the front side.

Her boobs were big, round with dark brown nipples and she had trimmed her armpits and pussy clean. Shabana made me sit on sofa and started to feel my dick. She pushed my foreskin back and started to give hand job. Later she kept my dick inside her mouth and began to suck. She was spitting saliva on my dick and was enjoying to the maximum. She kissed my balls.

I was in seventh heaven. I was feeling her desperateness to have sex and her eyes were filled with lust to get satisfied. I couldn’t control anymore and squirted my cum in her mouth. She drank my cum completely and we both drank water and took rest for some time. We were not speaking with mouth and were speaking with eyes, that who will start the next step.

I made her legs wide open and began to kiss her pussy lips. Her pussy smelt amazing. I started to insert my tongue in her hot wet pussy and started to feel her inner pink walls. I used to blow air once in a while. Her pussy was hot and wet. When I blew cold air, it sent vibrations to her entire body. She was pressing my head harder and harder.

She was pressing her boobs with the other hand. I stopped mouth fucking and started to tease her. She said “Rahul please don’t me wait. Please fuck me hard, satisfy me. I beg you.” I made shabana to sit in doggy position and started pushing my dick inside her pussy. Due to wetness, it started going smoothly.

I increased my phase and started fucking her faster and harder holding her waist. Shabana was moaning, screaming. Oh my god, oh my god, Rahul fuck me harder. Tear my pussy. After 20 minutes, I couldn’t control anymore and released my cum inside her pussy. Next day we both took bath together inside bathroom. Shabana was kissing me like a hungry tigress.

I was pressing her buttocks harder. She kept her boobs inside my mouth and made me suck her nipples. She came down, washed my dick and sucked it. Later we had breakfast to get some energy. We slept for some time nudely in each other arms. At noon, we both had sex once again. Shabana’s urge for hot sex was maximum. We both lip locked.

She was pushing her tongue inside mine and we both exchanged our saliva. I sucked her boobs and fucked her pussy. I kissed her buttocks and smelt her asshole. I spitted my saliva in her asshole and pushed my dick inside.

We both were feeling pain, because hole was small, some how I managed to get in completely. I fucked her ass for some time and cummed. We slept on the bed and were sucking each other lips and rubbing back.

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Soumya enjoying first time bed sexperience

Let me start by thanking those daring people who share their stories on this platform to give us some private entertainment. It’d be unfair if I don’t thank HD for this platform, so a BIG THANK YOU, for such an innovative idea.

I’m Sowmya working with a well-known IT company in Bangalore. Today when my hubby Rohith isn’t here because of an on-site opportunity I thought nothing can be better than writing about my first bed-time experience.

First a bit about me, I’m a medium complexioned average looking homely girl with vital stats of 34C-32-36. Sex never startled me, as I always took it as matter to deal post marriage. I used to finger myself in two months or something like that.

The matter dates back to the time when I was in third year of my engineering and we hadn’t experienced anything apart from a kiss until then. It was his birthday and the same day when he had proposed me two years ago, he travelled from Hyderabad to celebrate it with me.

I was there to welcome him at the railway station where I was surprisingly late because the train had reached before time. Without telling him anything I just held his hand and took him to a hotel where I already had booked a room. I went to turn on the geyser as he sat to relax on the bed, I was too tempted to bathe him as I saw a bathtub.

I loosened his belt and chose the dress which he was to wear after bath upon my return. He took his clothes and towel and proceeded to the bathroom. I was thinking to order the cake while he was inside, hence was very happy.

The door latched as I lifted the cradle of the phone, “I’m in need of a birthday cake as soon as possible, room no. 205”, just then I heard the door unlatch, I dropped the call as I heard, “You wanna join me?”, this was his usual thing but I took it differently because of my hidden desire.

Thousand thoughts roamed in my head as the thought, “This is now or never” encouraged me as I said, “Coming, few mins”. I took off my top & jeans wrapped a towel and walked towards the bathroom. I felt strange but it was only love which propelled me.

I turned the lock and opened the door to notice him shampoo his hair with his eyes closed standing below the shower in just a brief, this was the first time. I was seeing a guy semi-nude, though I had seen him in a vest and short but this was special. Just then I heard the phone ring, I rushed to pick it confirmed the order of the cake.

While returning to bathroom, I noticed that he couldn’t hear the phone ring, I grew in confidence as now that the sounds I make would also go unnoticed in the sound of the shower. I had reached within touching distance so I spoke, “Here I’m!!” he turned & looked bemused.

After getting back into his senses he tried to hug me but didn’t since he was wet and I wasn’t, he wanted to thank me so said, “Thank..” then thought it’d be very formal so ended up saying, “I love you.” He obeyed me when I said close your eyes as I took off the towel and hugged him.

It was a bit cold but I didn’t bother about it as our arms caressed our partners back as we tried to dig our face in our partner’s neck. Feeling of his breaths on my neck made me lose control as my panty started to get wet. Soon there were no boundaries between us, as I put my hands in his brief to caress his bums.

It felt strange but I appreciated it when he asked, “Can I also”, instead of replying I just guided his hands there as we continued. He caressed over the panty. An involuntary moment made him feel as if I was taking down his brief as he replied, “Please let them stay for now”. We released the hug and gazed into each other’s eyes as we smooched wildly.

He was so wild that despite my best efforts I had no control over my lips. I felt completely aroused and so was he as I started to feel something stiff and hard near my tummy when we hugged next. I found my excitement uncontrollable. You might not believe when I say that I had never seen a cock, not even in a photo, but its true.

My love and curiosity encouraged me as I made another attempt to take off his brief, I was so glad not to get an opposition. But just then the bell rang, I knew that it was going to be the cake, I ran out of the bathroom, took wore his short and t-shirt and somehow managed to open the door.

Collected the cake and returned. He expressed a wish to finish the bath and return to bed as he was starting to feel cold. I felt guilty of not noticing that. I went soaped & washed him. He stopped me when I took the towel to wipe him, “I need to soap down”. I took it as an opportunity to arrange the cake, so I handed him the soap and left the room.

Arranged the cake, lit the candles, turned off the fan & lights by the time he returned. I don’t know why but we felt a bit shy hence avoided an eye-contact. But he was elated to see the cake and the candles. So he almost ran to hug me very tightly, I just loved it. He did the honors and what I loved that he did all that with just a vest and towel wrapped around him.

Since we were hungry we ate almost half the cake. We turned on the TV & landed at the love making scene from Band Baaja Baraat as we imitated it. He made me lie on the bed and sucked my lips with somewhat the same intensity as he did in the bathroom.

I was losing my sanity in the pleasure I got, but still managed to caress his back and take off his vest to take a revenge of taking off my t-shirt. Now he was all over me, kissing my face, neck, throat, ears, earlobes like a hungry lion. Soon he moved down and it seemed as everything came to an abrupt stop.

I was surprised, on asking he replied, ”I’m sorry, I don’t know if I should be doing all this,….” And don’t know what all he blabbered. I noticed his moving lips, grew too passionate to return them the favor as I lied over him and kissed him hard. I moved down to his tummy and loose the towel as I involuntarily said, “Wow!!!” upon noticing the bulge on his brief.

I thought for a while and then proceeded to take down his brief. It was a pleasing sight to notice goose-bumps all around his body as I gripped the waist strip of his brief, he supported by raising his bums so that it was easy for me to take it off. Within seconds a half grown 4-5” long adult cock was right in front of my eyes. Seeing its beauty I was glad that I never saw any in the past.

The seducing smell pulled me towards itself. I moved close to his crotch, held it in my hands and was amazed by fact that I was fortunate to look at one which is mine, which belongs to the person I love. The scrotal sac attracted me, as it looked much like two gulab jamuns held together in a pack.

So I held the shaft upright as it grew in my hands, it was the most amazing thing I had experienced till now. I could feel drops of my love juice oozing out of my pussy. I couldn’t refrain myself from kissing it as he moaned. Within fraction of a second the tip swelled to become a big strawberry. It looked like a pinkish frustum with an orifice at the top.

Seeing all this I almost had an orgasm.Then was a dairy-milk colored long pipe, which continued to harden with time. I gently gripped it in my hands. I noticed that a thick foreskin covered it, soon I dragged it down to get an inside view.

It screwed daylights out of me when he exclaimed “AAAAaaaaHhhmmm”. He consoled me and shyly confessed that it was a moan in pleasure. I carefully pumped his cock, while enjoying an expression of ecstasy on his face. Soon I failed to restrain myself from the smell of his masculine balls, as I moved close to kiss them.

The expression on his face made me feel worthy of something as I was the reason behind it. I licked it as he started to moan, it was so amazing to know that I could so easily control his feeling. It seemed as if his pleasure had reached an absolute peak when stroked is cock while sucking one his balls.

I was quick to grab the pack of tissues, when he informed me that he was about to climax. From my prior phone sex experience I concentrated on his shaft and pumped it as fast as I could. Soon I felt his cock throbbing in my hands as I saw him ejaculate more than a dozen spurts of glistening white creamy & shiny cum all over place.

Three tissues which were in my hands seemed too less for this amount of load, as there was cum on his body, bedsheet, my hands & don’t know where all. We got up and went for a wash. Let me take a break & decide about proceeding upon your eagerly awaited response. Until then keep your pussies wet & cocks hard ;)

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Sam enjoying sex with Rup bhabhi during Holi

Hey everyone, Sam here. Coming to the story, it’s “Punjabi” this time. One thing bout Punjabi bhabhis is their assets are awesome filled at right places. So the story is about one such Punjabi bhabi who stays in my apartment, let us call her Rup (sorry names cannot be disclosed) so talking about Rup, she is mother of 2 kids in her early 30s. I used to talk to her whenever we met.

Play with her kids. And usually stare at her assets most of the time. She had caught me staring couple of times. So talking about d day, it was holi and a holiday for me. I was resting at home waiting for world cup match to begin.

Suddenly I hear my house bell ring I see my neighbour (story is not about this bhabhi) fully wet standing right in front of me showing all her assets through her wet dress tempting me rip her right there. She started calling my name again n again for me to get back to normal state. She had come to invite me to play holi with the other ppl from the apartment.

So who would decline such an offer!! I right away locked my house and followed her to the terrace where everyone was already gathered and playing with colours. So my welcome was great!! As soon as I entered I was thrown with a bucket of coloured water! The t-shirt I was wearing stuck to my body exposing my hard work at the gym.

I saw the crowd and majority was girls as it wasn’t a holiday that day. But suddenly my eyes got stuck at Rup bhabhi, my god!!! She was looking hot! She was wearing a white salwar and the water had made it semi transparent (I could measure her asset size with me eyes). She saw me staring at her and welcomed me with a smile.

So holi was just beginning to be awesome for me I thought. I started applying colour to everyone around. The advantage of the festival is u can touch everyone for applying colours. So my target was Rup bhabhi now. I couldn’t find her anywhere in the vicinity! Suddenly from behind 2 ppl started rubbing colours on me.

When I saw it was Rup and one more kid, I caught hold of the kid and applied colour on him. Rup started running; I left the kid aside and started chasing her. Finally she got cornered and nowhere to run and there was no one around. I took the advantage and went close to her. She tried to escape but I immediately held her by putting my hand around her stomach.

She started to struggle and unlock my hold. But I held her tight pulled her close. She started breathing heavily my dick started to rise and it was touching her bum. My god! What a feeling. Slowly I applied the colour on her face and moved my hand towards her neck breathing got heavier, applied the colour on her boobs.

Slowly left my hold, but instead of running she turned and around and winked at me. That was a signal for me. She ran from there and disappeared; I searched for everywhere but didn’t find her. As the holi was over everyone had gone home. I too walked to my apartment and opened the door and as soon as I entered inside someone pushed me in and closed the door.

It was Rup!! I was little surprised but I pulled her close she said not here then I took her straight to the bathroom. Started staring at her for some time, those colours on her body was making her look hot. Slowly I pushed her to the wall and held her waist. I slowly moved my lips to her lips.

Breathing got heavier, she moved her lips slowly I moved my hands over her hair and got those lips closer to mine. Lips touched and she couldn’t control and started kissing like crazy. I started moving my hands over her back slowly unhooked her bra from inside with one go. She just paused for a moment; I immediately removed her top and removed the bra.

And I could feel her boobs. So tight and perfect shape (around 36) I moved my hand all over boobs kissing her neck, she was holding my hair and pulling me closer. I slowly started moving towards her boobs kneeling down and started playing with those. I pressed one while I was sucking and tingling with my tongue with the other.

After some time I moved down pulled her pant and panties down at one stretch. Her pussy was little hairy but the aroma was awesome. I lifted her on leg and made her keep on the commode so that I could access her pussy properly. Slowly I split the pussy lips and kissed the clit, she left a moan.

Slowly I started licking the clit; she was holding my head in one hand very tightly and pushing it in. Slowly I fingered her pussy and licking at the same time. She started shivering and holding my head tighter. I moved my finger vigorously and slowly came up to her and started kissing her lips and moving my fingers simultaneously. I started giving her tender bites and sucking all over her neck.

She was holding me tight and I could see my finger clasped by her vagina. I think she came. Then she came into her conscious and started undressing me, removed my t shirt I undid my pants and undies, she stared kissing me now, and also playing with my balls. My dick was at its best size and was poking her. She slowly held it and starts moving her hand to and fro.

Slowly she went down and started kissing my thighs, balls and dick. Suddenly she engulfed my dick in her mouth and I called out her name in pleasure. She started stroking my dick while moving her mouth over it. She licked sucked and did whatever, I was just closing my eyes, holding her hair and enjoying it. Then I pulled her up and started kissing her.

Slowly I switched on the shower and we were making out with water flowing all over our body. We were there for an hour I guess (at least it felt it that way). We finished our bath and we came out of the bathroom. I slowly pushed her on the bed and removed the towel from her body. She looked gorgeous. Slowly I laid beside her and we started kissing again.

I moved my hands over her body, pressed her boobs, and slowly inserted my finger to make pussy wet for the final round. She was wet like she was leaking. I moved my fingers over it and made it flowing. Now moved her legs wide I inserted my dick slowly, my god it was so hot and wet! My dick rushed inside with little restriction. She just opened her mouth and her eyes opened wide.

I was in missionary position and started screwing her. I was kissing her all over her neck holding her in my arms from beneath pressing her body to mine. I remembered that I forgot condoms but who cares now. I started pumping harder, every stroke she started moaning louder and holding me tighter.

Now held her hands and kept her legs straight making the pussy tight and started pushing my dick deeper. She just held my hand tight and left jerked. I could see her pussy lips tighten over my dick. Slowly I reduced the strokes.

Then I changed the position to doggy style, made her sit on her all fours and now I put a condom (this will increase the duration) now I inserted it from behind and what a view it is. Her ass was nice and round. I held her waist and started pumping harder n harder. She was moaning harder and I reached my peak and my body stiffened and I came. It looked like I squeezed a lot of cum.

We both completely exhausted laid on the bed. She was sleeping showing her back and I held her from back and relaxed for a while. After some time she had to leave as her husband would come back from work any time. It was the first encounter with her, now waiting for the next.

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First Kiss Leading To Sex With Boyfriend

Coming to the story. I met a guy named Raj (name changed) in fb. I use to chat with him daily on fb. He asked me my num in but I refused to give it as it was d 2nd day that v were chatting. Later as the days went on I trusted hm n gave him my num. I have not seen him but shared my contact details with him n later v use to chat daily.

Let me tell about him. He was 6ft tall. Fare in complexion. He had attractive lips. His cock was 7inch. I was 5.4ft tall and had figure 34-28-34 and fair in completion and I use to get complement to my lips as they are sexy.

Aft few months he told he loves me. He wanna a long relationship with me by that time even I was in love with him but didn’t express at moment. He told he loves me but at that time I rejected giving some reasons. Later he asked again aft some days n then I agreed.

Then we thought f meeting. So v planned for a movie. I meet him at 10 and den we went for a movie in a mall. He tried to touch me as I was not knowing anything I just went away from him. He dint do anything later. Then after movie v left form home. Aft that incident once he asked me that he wants to hug me and then he wanted to kiss me. I didn’t agree for that and stopped the conversation.

Once I was alone at home and he called me and asked what I am doing. I said I am alone at home. He told he will join me. I said OK. He den came aft 30 mins. To make him surprise I wore a 1 piece dress black in colour. And my figure was 34-28-34. And I directed my home route and finally he was there.

He entered home n directly he went inside room. I didn’t say anything. He sat there and asked for water. I went to kitchen and brought water and gave him. He drunk and den told I am looking sexy. He said him thanx for that.

Then he told me to sit on his lap. I did the same. He started touching and pressing my boobs. I was shocked to cc that. I asked him what is he doing. He told he is in mood and tried to kiss me. I pushed him. But he dint leave me he took me towards wall and he holds my 2 hands in his hand and kissed me on my lips for 2mins.

That was my 1st kiss. He was then pressing my boobs and kissing me hard. That continued for almost 3 hours. And then he left. Then once he called me to his room. He was staying in his room with his friend in Bangalore as his friend had been to his native he called me.

I told him if he promise if he doesn’t do anything to me oly I will b coming. He said ok and told to cum. I told I will be going to friends home for combine studies at home and went to his room. Reached there by 4 pm.

He had bought a single piece dress for me and told me to wear it in front of him. I refused. And I sent him out n den I wore. He then came inside the room and hugged me from back and started pressing my boobs.

Then took me to bed he removed his shirt and removed my dress I was in my black bra n pink panty in front of him. He den started pressing my boobs harder n harder and kissing me on my lips. It continued for 30mins then he removed my bra and he started sucking my nipple. It had become hard by that time. He was pressing my left one n sucking right.

Later he removed his pant and den my panty and his inner. I was shocked to see his 7 inch cock. That was 1st time I was seeing cock. He told me to hold it. I did then told to give hand job and he guides me how to do. I did by then I was wet. He spread my legs full wide and started eating my pussy. As soon as his mouth touched my cunt I moaned with pleasure.

He started exploring the depths of my juicy wet pussy with his tongue and teeth. I was digging my tongue deeper each time and it was making me hips shake. It went for around 10mins of wild kissing session on my pussy. I started jerking my hips and he knew I was nearing climax and he gave a bite at my clit.

I was morning ha a ahhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes do it hard come on do it hard this turned him and he did it hard. Room was filled with my sounds. The tip of his cock went in my pussy. I was crying and telling him to remove it, but he didn’t. He waited for some moments and pushed it again. Half of his cock went inside I was shouting in pain.

He stopped for a moment and kissed me to divert my mind from pain. It was so tight. Then finally it went inside me. Now I was in full pain and that pain turned into pleasure I enjoyed it. I told him to fuck harder. That arose him he did it with more pleasure this time. We were tired and then we slept for some time it was 8 O’clock den v had dinner without wearing cloths.

Then we went to sleep in between when I woke up I was on him he was sucking my boobs. Then v slept and woke up in the morning and did the same twice. Then I left for home. This repeated for 3 to 4 times. I use to go to his room and use to do get fucked by him. Then I use to give a blowjob also which he guided me how to give.

Later we didn’t get chance to do it as he went for his higher studies and he became busy. Hope u like my story guys. Please give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Best friend fucking hot and sexy wife - I

My best friend Ram and I are very very open with each other even regarding sex. Every now and then, he invariably brings up my wife in the conversations we have. So, once I asked him, "if you have a choice to choose one between your wife and my wife, who would you select?' He replied, "your wife, of course."

I further asked him, "and why would you choose my wife?" And he replied. "because she looks better than my wife, has a better body and looks very hot & sexy." And so one day I told him. "whenever we talk you invariably bring up my wife in the conversation. Do you have a liking for her?' "to be honest, yes I like your wife very much.

I have now starting fantasising about her and dreaming about her," he answered. "And what all do you fantasise & dream about her?, I queried. He replied, "first of all I bring her before my eyes and once she appears, I go near her and plant a kiss on her lips. Then I embrace her and feel her huge & soft mammas on my chest and slowly put one of my hands on mammas.

If she does not resist then I start smooching her on her shapely & soft lips, while pressing her mammas. Then I proceed to feel her gaand and press it. If she still does not resist then I put my hand on her choot. All this while she is still fully clothed. And then I finally proceed to undress her and fuck her, all in my fantasy."

"And what all do you dream about her?, was my next question to him, to which he replied, "all that I fantasise about her, my friend." Yes, my wife is indeed a very hot and sexy woman. She has a lovely body, which every man would die for to have sex with. All her body parts are exceptionally big and beautiful. Her mammas are indeed, very big, size 40C, very shapely and ultra soft.

Her choot is also very big and beautiful. She is a full-bodied woman. And whatever she does in love and sex it is always from her heart, which is so magnanimous that she forgives very easily. Of late her gaand too has become very shapely, neither too big and bulging nor too small. It also is very soft. Her lips are so shapely that they are like we draw a woman's lips.

And they are soft too. Her thighs & calves too are full & robust. Her back is very smooth and in shapely. So, with such a wonderful body how can any man resist her. Finally, one day, I asked Ram, "if given a chance would you be ready to fuck my wife?"

And he replied, "It is one thing to fantasise and dream about her, but very difficult practically, as after all she is my bhabhi and that too elder to me." "So, would you or not?" I questioned him.
"Look dear pal, if she takes the first step then I would indeed love to fuck her, as it will be very difficult for me to make the first move."

he replied "Now, when you say 'if she takes the first step', what exactly do you mean?" I asked him. "Well, like when we three are together, she either participates in our sex talk, or cosies up to sit next to me and touches my body while talking, like we two do," he said "Why, are you afraid to take the first step?', I asked.

"Yes, unlike you, I am very scared to take the first step with any woman and your wife is my elder bhabhi," he answered. "What if I talk with her regarding the same and she agrees to get fucked by you, then?" I asked. "Then too it would be very difficult for me to take the first step," he replied. "OK, what I shall do is talk to her regarding the same and let you know," I said. "Yes please do that, that would be best.

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Rema aunty fucked by Raju

Rema auty, my mother's sister, on return from Dubai, purchased a flat in our apartment complex and moved in there. He husband, Ramu uncle was transferred to Europe and he had to constantly travel and aunty thought the she mey move over to our place rather than stay alone in Dubai. They had no children even after three years of marriage.

Aunty used to call me frequently for help to move furniture, or to make small purchases, etc. I, Raju, was in the first year engg. and my parents were both working. I used to be available at my flat most of the time since my college was very closeby and I attended classes and during spare time I came home. Aunty had presented to me a laptop which was a dream for my age group.

I took net connection and browsing the net was my favourite pastime. One of my friends suggested to me to see porno sites and wow, the whole porno world was open before me. Aunty had her own laptop and all imported gadgets and furniture. It was indeed a pleasure to spend some time in her flat in the air conditioned luxury. Rema aunty was just 24 and was a beauty.

She used to come to our flat in the evening when my mother returns from office and they both cooked food for supper and Rema aunty took food in our flat and then left to her flat to sleep. Sometimes she used to wear jeans and t shirt and some times pyjama and top, and sometimes churidar and kurtha. What ever she wore she used to be beautiful and charming.

She used to ask me to accompany her wherever she goes and I used to do it very willingly. Uncle used to come once or twice a month during his official tours and stay with her for about a week or so. But now he did not come for more than a month and she used to be very worried about him. They may talk or video chat daily but his physical presence is what she wanted.

Once she asked my mother to allow me to sleep in her flat. She felt very uneasy that day. She said we will go out for supper, I said ok. I took her in my bike to one of our favorite eateries. She took very light food. On reaching back her appartment she was slightly limping while walking. I asked her what is the matter.

She said she hit her knee on the dining table in the hotel and it pained her very much. On reaching home she asked me to apply some pain balm on her knee. Afterall she is my aunty and I said I will and she gave me a tube of oitment. She lifted her saree upto the knee and her shapely legs were very beautiful. I applied the ointment and she asked me to massage.

I kneeled on the floor and massaged her knee down to her feet. She said it felt very good and she went to her bed room and changed to a nightie. Though I had no bad intentions with Rema aunty, despite she being a beautiful woman, making me to touch her body The absence of uncle also made her very sad and lousy.

I cannot be his replacement. I thought let me be as much useful to her as posibble. She was lying on her abdoman and her legs were exposed. She was asking me to apply the ointment on the back of her knees and on the back of her thighs.What if it were my aunty, exposed two female legs caused me an erection. I cannot tell anybody.

But she was face down and may not know my predicament. Sitting on one side I applied the linament and rubbed with my hand and asked her how she feels. If she says she feels better I thought I can stop. I had applied from knee upwards. But aunty did not say either to stop or to continue. I asked her how do you feel, she used to reply it is ok. I am seeing her panty.

Upto the bottom of the panty on the rear of her thigh I have massaged with the linament. She should have said OK Raju, stop it enough for the day. It was a pleasure pressing and massaging her sweet soft thighs. Suddenly I found dampness in the front of her panty. Has she passed urine without knowing.

Any how I stoped massaging for the day, kept the linament tube in the shelf and went and washed my hands in the wash basin. I called Rema aunty, will that not do, If you need me call me again I will come. Now let me go and and wthout waiting for her answer I moved to the door. Rema aunty asked me to stay back and join her in taking lunch.

She had prepared some food and some items she ordered from the hotel, but eating them alone was very boring and she wanted me to give her company. She was just staring into my eyes which made me uncomfortable. She asked me how I was using my laptop, whether I have started using it for my projects or just for watching movies etc.

I said my project work will start only from second year onwards, and now I was watching movies etc. What more you watch, she asked. I was fumbling, how can I tell her that I watch porno. I gave her some evasive reply. In the afternoon I saw her watching my laptop and searching for history. She found out that I was watching porno sites. There was a smile on her face.

I thought she will warn me from going into this kind of rotten stuff. But she did not. She observed that I had marked some porno sites as my favourites. She searched for them and was looking at me. I felt guilty and was avoiding looking at her. She wanted to make some advances towards me. But I had my limitations. I cannot take any initiative.

She made it a practice to make me give massage to various parts of her body, once her back, or hip, or thighs, or knee, or calf miscles. or shoulder muscles.. She made sure that I get full view of her boobs, or her pussy. All that I need to do was just extend my hand and touch it. I hesitated and waited for a better chance to turn up.

It so happened that my parents went on a pilgrimage to a distant temple. It was an auspicious day. Rema aunty told me that we should take oil bath wear fresh clothes and go to the local temple. She brought bottles of oil to the bathroom and asked me to wear a towel and come for oil massage. She said she will give massage.

I wore a towel around my waist and sat in a plastic stool in the bathroom. She poured oil on my head and started to massage my head, neck, back and one by one the upper portion of the body. I had a glorious erection and it was concealed in the towel. The bathroom door was closed, she squatted on the floor and asked me to remove the towel.

She just pulled it off and saw my monster in full fury. She just took oil and applied it on the cock and the scrotum and massaged it. She was just enjoying the act. She then proceeded to the bottom portion, thighs, knees, and lower legs etc. But my monster was very hard and erect. It used to touch her face or hair.

After oiling of my body is over, she sat on the stool and asked me to start on her body. She removed all her clothes, keeping just the bra and the panty. I applied oil on her face and on her hair and then came down to her neck and chest.

I had to remove her bra, I unhooked her bra and her ample boobs with erect nipples were there standing erect, I applied oil on her boob and massaged it Rema aunty was enjoying my touch and was keeping her eyes closed. There were stubs of hair in her arm pits and running my oily hand on her abdomen was a real pleasure. Quite mechanically I pulled down her panty.

She cooperated. He scantily haired pussy gave a lovely picture. I applied oil on the pussy and made a circulatory movement making sure that my finger tips were pressing her clitoris and other sensitive areas. Her hand reached out for my erect cock and I was busy applying oil on her buttocks and thighs, interior and exterior.

She made me to sit on the small bathroom stool and she sat on my lap with her legs on both of my sides. She took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her fuckhole and she moved forward hugging me. My cock entered her tight hole. I had to embrace her. She pushed forward and backwards so that my cock may go in in slow pace.

I then lifted her and placed her on the floor and opening her legs wide, lied on her in missionary position and pushed my cock inside. Because of disuse her hole has shrunk and I poured some water in it and again tried. With pluck pluck sound I made a full entry and she held me tight with her hands and legs tightly wound around me. We never thought of the moral value of our act.

It was only physical lust. I fucked her slowly and then increased speed and she shouted that she is cumming. I went on fucking and I too reached my orgasm and shot my fluids into her. My my erection was intact and when I pulled out she got up and washed her cunt. She saw my erection and wanted another fuck then and there.

Again making her ly on the floor I fucked her vigorously, but it took longer time. We finished our bath and came back to the bed room naked with moist bodies.We stood before the wall mirror and watched it looked to stand naked. My cock was again getting erection. We fucked on the bed, with me down and she on top.

She was very clumsy and my cock slipped away from her hole and she placed it again and jumped. Her boobs were lovely and were bouncing. I held both of them and sucked her nipples to enhance our pleasure. We fucked four to five times a day to make up all the sex she missed in the absence of uncle.

There was a telephone call from uncle to say that he is coming with her visa and to get ready. She gave me her laptop, camera and many precious things. She left the articles as they were and bidding farewell to my parents she left with the uncle.

We fucked till she left to the airport to receive her husband. After about two months she telephoned me and told me that she is pregnant and the child is mine.

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Cuckold Husband Ravi Naughty Wife Nisha - II

Previously: Cuckold Husband Ravi Naughty Wife Nisha - II

I came back from Bangalore and was busy with my business activities but also managed to call up Ravi once in a while. Since we had met now I was more comfortable talking on phone and the anxiety attached to being known only online had faded away.

I could sense even Ravi had opened up a bit more to me and in a conversation had expressed how he felt turned on by the thought that I may one day make love to Nisha in front of him. Ravi one day told me that he has seen a huge change in Nisha’s mindset but he still doesn’t think that she will agree for a threesome.

I said I will ponder upon the issue and let him know if there is any idea that strikes me. A few days later I asked him whether Nisha likes going to the spa for a body massage, to which Ravi said that he had asked her a few times when they had gone on vacations but she declined saying that she is shy to shed clothes in front of a masseuse.

I asked Ravi that he could try and ask her to go to a nice spa where she will be massaged by a masseur. Ravi said that he doesn’t think that it will work since Nisha was shy to shed clothes in front of a female so doing so in front of a male is out of question. To which I asked him to try and push Nisha for and if she doesn’t agree then you can ask her to get a body spa at their home only and through a masseur.

I tried to explain that once she gets used to being semi nude in front of a man and starts enjoying the touch she may not feel awkward to have sex with a stranger too. The next day Ravi called me and told me that Nisha has rejected both the ideas and said that she does not believe it’s safe and plus she’s also shy about shedding clothes in front of a man.

I told Ravi that he should do some emotional drama and tell her how much work she does and how tired she is at the end of the day and a nice massage will relax her muscles and she will feel nice and if she’s fearing safety he could stay in the same room when the masseur will be with her.

The same day I had to plan another trip to Bangalore about two weeks from today and I messaged Ravi regarding the same. A couple of days later Ravi called me again and said that he spoke to Nisha again and though most of her concerns have been laid to rest she’s still feeling shy to get the same done through a man.

I told Ravi that you could blindfold her before the masseur arrives and that way she will not feel anything plus Ravi’s presence there will take care of everything else. He said that this time he will not let Nisha escape and will make her agree to the same.

He called me on Sunday and told that last night they had wild sex after watching a porn film and during the act he has convinced Nisha for a blindfold massage by a masseur. I wished him luck for the same and told him I will meet him once I am there the next weekend.

A couple of days later he called me again and asked me what my schedule in Bangalore is? I told him that I land on Sunday evening and leave on Wednesday morning so I can meet on Sunday night. He said ok to it and then called me again on Saturday night and what he asked me to do, had me in disbelief.

He told me that since he has got Nisha convinced for a blindfolded massage he wants me to do it to her since he did not trust any local masseur. Plus he also said since he was planning a threesome with me being the third person it makes perfect sense.

Though what he said made sense but I was not ready for this sudden surprise and was feeling goose bumps in my stomach as my long drawn fantasy was close to being a reality. He told me to be at their place by 8:00 p.m.. He also asked me if I need anything special for the occasion to which I said I will let him know if I need anything.

I said ok to him but could not sleep well that night and was pretty anxious till the time I checked in to the hotel in Bangalore. After that I had a nice bath and then proceeded to Ravi’s house with all kinds of thought about how to make Nisha feel good during the spa.

Finally I reached their house and rang the door bell which was answered by Ravi. We both greeted each other and he led me to their drawing room and made me sit in such a way that my back was facing their bedroom door which was closed. He said that Nisha was in the shower and will soon be out soon and just in case, if she decides to take a peek outside its better if she cannot see my face.

He asked me if I need anything other than oil for massage to which I replied that I do not need the oil at all and that I need a moisturizing cream and powder for the massage. He winked looking at me and said that I look prepared for the spa…. He told me to help myself in the kitchen if I need anything and went inside the bedroom.

A few minutes later I heard their bathroom door unlock and then it shut again. My heart started beating faster and I could feel anxiety all over again. After a few minutes I heard their bedroom door being opened and then Ravi came out and told me that Nisha is ready for the massage…. He proceeded inside their bedroom and I followed him a few seconds later.

As I entered I could see the beautiful Nisha lying on her stomach on the bed and Ravi sitting in one corner of the room on the sofa. She had put the towel on her naked back which was covering her back till her knees. Her hair were open and I could see a black silk cloth with which Ravi had blindfolded her.

The entire atmosphere of the room suddenly looked sensual and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen was lying in front of me, waiting for me to touch her sensually and make her feel relaxed. I greeted Ravi with Hello Sir and Nisha with hello mam to which both replied back and then I asked Nisha to shift to the center of the bed since that ways I will get to work from both sides of the bed.

As she slid I could see her boobs dangling and my dick was dying to get out of the jail it was in. I saw the moisturizing cream and the powder were kept on the side table and then I bent forward and adjusted the towel which was lying on Nisha’s back from vertical to horizontal position so that only her ass was covered with it and her entire back and legs upto her thighs were visible to me.

She tried to catch hold of it first thinking I was taking it off but let go once she realized I was only adjusting it and let a sigh of relief. I then picked up the bottle of moisturizing cream and applied it on her entire back and then took some more in my hands and started the back massage.

I took my hand from near her shoulders all the way down to the lower back and applied just the right amount of pressure so that she feels good. The way up and down was smooth due to the lotion and in about 3-4 up and down movement across her back she said she is feeling very good.

After about 5 minutes of movement on her back I now took both my thumbs near her shoulders and moved them in circular motion there so that she gets relief there too. Then again I switched to the spinal cord region where I took thumbs in circular motion on either sides.

It was about 15 minutes now that I had started and I could feel she has relaxed completely in this time as when I had started I could feel her body was stiff with resistance. Ravi now asked her how she is feeling and she said she never thought a body massage can be as good and relaxing. In the meantime I shifted my focus from her back to her legs and applied the lotion on her foot.

I started from her heels and massaged her all the way till her toe fingers and she felt extremely relaxed with the same. I held her foot in both hands and applied pressure gently on her toe fingers then in the middle of the foot and then on her heels. She was feeling so nice that a mmmm escaped from her mouth.

After 5 minutes on the foot I moved to her legs and applied the lotion on her lower legs all the way up to a her thighs just stopping short of touching her hips. I had to adjust the towel a bit upwards for this and I could clearly see her cunt from the gap between her legs. I then started massaging her legs all the way from thighs till her foot.

Then in about 2-3 minutes I started massaging her lower legs first i.e from knees up to the foot and then her back thigh. As I was massaging her thigh I could feel her breathing get heavy. I now slowly applied some cream on her inner thigh too and started massaging there. I could feel her getting restless as my hands were working on her inner legs.

Seeing her discomfort Ravi asked her casually how she is feeling to which she didn’t reply. He then told her to relax as she is in professional hands and nothing untoward can happen to her. He also told her that the guy who is working on you is really sweet and professional. I could feel her get a bit relaxed after comments from her hubby.

I worked a bit on her inner thighs and then moved to her buttocks. I started pressing them from over the towel and I could make out from her body language that she was really loving this. For the first time I felt that she is enjoying the massage without any hesitation in her mind.

After about 2 minutes at her buttocks I moved to her right hand where I applied the lotion and started the tender massage. After spending about 5 minutes on her right hand I moved over to her left hand. I had to move to the other side of the bed and in doing so when I had a look at Ravi he winked at me and gave a naughty smile of appreciation.

After covering her left hand, I moved back to her back and now brought my hands right to the bottom of her back near her ass crack and stopped there for a moment. Then I started moving my thumb in circular motion there and there was incredible wriggle of joy from Nisha. Due to this the towel moved a bit lower and I could see half of her ass now.

After moving over her entire back for some more time I applied some lotion to her naked buttock and started giving tender massage there. Though she was stunned for a moment but she started enjoying the feeling and her facial expression was back to normal. I slowly removed the towel completely and looked at the naked beauty lying in front of me in awe.

Then I massaged the entire back from foot to neck for some more time and Nisha was enjoying every moment of it. I then asked her to turn over so that I can massage the front portion for her. I helped her turn around by holding her hand and then was awestruck by the sight of beautiful body that lay in front of me.

I could make out that even though in a blindfold Nisha was blushing as she knew that I probably am the only person apart from hubby who was watching her in this state since marriage. I then took the powder for the massage and applied it to her shoulders and breasts.

After this I gently started massaging the shoulder part and slowly moved down to her breasts and kept doing so for about 10 minutes. She was enjoying it very much and that could be made out by the happiness her face showed. The fragrance of the powder had spread to the entire room and it was intoxicating for Nisha too I guess as she was getting really turned on by this massage.

I now took her right hand in my hands and started the massage and then switched over to her left hand. After that I focused my attention to her thighs and applied the powder on her thighs and started massaging them all the way from her tummy to her knees. As my hand reached near her tummy I could feel her getting horny as she was wriggling more than she had done till now.

I did so for a few minutes and then moved to her lower legs and massaged the portion from her knees to her foot. Then I reached for her inner thighs and did it in such a way that my hand was sometimes touching her cunt.

I could feel a bit of wetness of her cunt and my dick was having giving me a hard time for the last 75 minutes since it was so tight and erect that I wished I could massage her while being nude so that I can sometimes use my tool to do it too. I did her inner thighs for about 10 minutes and then moved to her head.

I kept her head in my lap and then gave her forehead a nice tender massage and then moved over to her temples. After about 90 minutes I finally had finished the spa and asked her permission to leave. She kept quiet so I quietly removed her head from my lap and stood up and Ravi moved forward and guided me out of the room.

He asked me to leave immediately and he said he will call back tomorrow about what he felt for the same. I moved out and took a taxi to the hotel and during my journey I just couldn’t stop feeling lucky that I have made such a beautiful girl feel so much better and that in days to come I may get to fuck her too…

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