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Akhil sex slave of Nikita aunty

Hey I am Akhil from bhopal. This story is about how my neighbor aunt made me her sex slave. About me I m 5ft 11in, white complexion and with a 6 inches curved dick.After my board exams were over I was totally free and, since both my parents were working I was left to my own devices.

Our next door neighbours were the Sens, the husband – Mr. Alok Sen was a serious 42 year old banker and the wife – Nikita was a sexy, voluptuous 36 year old housewife. They had no children and used to treat me like their own son. My mother and Nikita aunty were extremely close and great friends.

Since I used to be left alone during my mid week break my mother had asked Nikita aunty to keep an eye on me. Being a typical horny 18 years old with raging hormones. I used to smuggle in porn and wait for the time for my parents to leave for work and the maids to finish work and go so that I could snuggle into bed and jerk off while going through the porn stuff.

Once the electricity had gone off and I was as usual lying down in bed and masturbating while reading a red hot sex magazine. To my bad luck or shall we say good fortune – Nikita aunty had decided to check on me at that time and had tried ringing the bell a couple of times.

Since there was no power the bell did not go off and she decided to open the front door using the spare key she had to my flat. I was so engrossed in the magazine that I did not hear front door opening and Nikita auntie’s footsteps all of a sudden I heard a scream oiu maa what are u doing?

I put the magazine down and I saw Nikita aunty standing there with her hands on her mouth and eyes wide with shock and surprise. Imagine what a sight it would have been – me bare bodied with my shorts down to my ankles, my hand on my 6″ inch long hard cock jerking off lying down in bed and Nikita aunty standing at the end of the bed and staring at me.

I quickly pulled up my shorts and sat up zapped. My hard cock had made a tent in my shorts which would have put any Circus tent to shame. I tried to cover my raging hard on with a pillow and managed to mumble amm sorry aunty”. Nikita aunty swooped down and took the magazine from my hand and went away saying that she is going to report the matter to my mom that evening.

I sat completely dazed for about 5 minutes thinking of the repercussions when Nikita aunty shows the magazine to my mom. I would be grounded good and proper for the rest of my student life. I put on my T-Shirt and went over to her flat to grovel in front of her and ask for forgiveness. I hesitatingly rang the bell and waited for Nikita aunty to open the door.

After 3 excruciatingly long minutes Nikita opened the door and in a curt manner asked me to come inside. I followed her like a meek lamb to her bedroom. She sat on bed and said”chee chee shameless boy why you come here?”

I blurted out “aunty I’m sorry please do not tell my mother…please she then looked at me in a very different way and told me”okay I will not tell your mother but you will have to promise me one thing I told her that I was willing to promise anything that she asked me for to which she replied You will have to be my slave and follow all my orders being innocent I was expecting that she will ask me

to help out with her household work but Nikita aunty had something else in mind. She then ordered take off your shorts and come in front of me now. I first got confused and stood there in front of her like a frozen block of ice but soon got shaken out of my stupor she shouted again. I said now!

Slowly I took off my short and stood in front of her with just my t-shirt on. Out of fear my cock had shrunk she then took my flaccid cock in her soft hands and started to slowly rub it with a wicked smile on her face. I now understood what she wanted and my cock started to harden and was at its full 6” glory within a minute.

Nikita aunty was looking like a dream with her 38 inch tits covered in a black bra poking out from her transparent night gown and her sexy lacy g-string panty. Her long straight black hair, fair complexion, 40 inch hips and beautiful fish shaped eyes made me completely intoxicated and I started shivering in excitement.

After shaking my cock she bends forward and licked off my precum from the tip of my cock. The sight of her long pink tongue flicking my cock head nearly made me pass out. She then stood up and asked me to remove her clothes. I took off her clothes and my t-shirt in a jiffy. She then asked me to lie down on the floor, close my eyes and wait for her next move.

I did as told and heard her going out of the room after a minute she came back in and stood on top with her legs on either side of my head and asked me to open my eyes. It was simply mind blowing to see her unshaven hairy pussy dripping with white sticky fluid and her fat fair thighs

She had a dog collar in her hand which she put around my neck and tightened till I was nearly choking she then held the leash with one hand and lowered her pussy on my face and asked me to lick like a thirsty dog I lapped at her pussy lips the strong musky aroma and the salty taste was making me go wild and I started pushing my tongue into her pink pussy and licking her insides.

I curled my tongue upwards and was soon licking her G-spot while I was feeling her enlarged clit with my fingertips she was moaning like crazy oofff maaa aaiiieee mmm lick me mooore aaaahhhh my entire face was coated with her cum and she squirted all over me in orgasmic delight.

She then bend down and took my long hard cock into her mouth and started going up and down completely wetting me with her saliva.I soon had my fill and came into her mouth she swallowed my cum and said..”Akhil…aahhh you are so tasty.

I love your sperm feed me more mmmm. After about 15 minutes of oral frenzy in which she had a couple orgasms she lay down beside me and we started smooching lovingly and tasted our saliva mixed with our cum then I slowly licked and kissed her all over her face neck earlobes, tits and took her long nipples into my mouth and sucked them real hard.

Then I went down licked her stomach, navel and started licking and sucking her pussy lips my cock had sprung up again she then caught my cock and guided me inside soon my entire cock was deep inside and we started a gentle rocking motion which reached a crescendo till we came together all this with a do collar around my neck and Nikita aunty moaning aaaahhhhm fuck me more.

What Nikita did next surprised me and initiated me to the world of wild sex she got up and led me by the leash to the bathroom then she sat on the pot and asked me to kneel down in front of her and open my mouth.

Suddenly I was hit by a stream of hot pee on my face and she guided the stream into my mouth and asked me swallow the same at first the strong taste and smell seemed revolting by soon I got used to it and started enjoying the feeling of drinking her pee she then asked me to lie down on the bathroom floor and lowered her ass on my face and ordered me to clean her pussy and asshole with my tongue I did as told obediently and she then bent down.

And gave me a sexy blowjob we had many more wild sex sessions in which she made me drink her pee, lick her asshole etc. she even made me have sex and obey all her commands during her periods all this continued for a year till the time her husband got transferred abroad and they left the city.

Hope you liked the story. Please post your thoughts about the same in the comments below.

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Raj having hot sex with office Rani

Well not really sure where to being from, when I think of that night my dick gets hard like an iron rod. I promise you a complete true story 99.9% accept the names and places. Just before I start, I am not an expert writer, so please do not comment on my language.

So let the story begin...It was year of 2012 when I left Hyderabad and reached Bangalore with a broken heart to work with one of the top IT company. I got myself settle with my friends from Hyd who were working with the same company already. There house was small and near to my new office.

My first day at office was fucking boring, as I was not able to concentrate on anything, I was still stuck with my past relationship with a scorpion (Horoscope) girl who betrayed me brutally. One week passed by understanding my current roles and responsibility. I was working in a team of 35 resources and supporting our client 24/7. My manager shifted me to morning shift 6:30-3:30pm.

The next day when I arrived I see all the new faces most of them were girls ;). I was happy that I am not just working with aunties and uncles. Those girls were of my age 24-26 most of them from north side, just like me. Apologies I forgot to describe myself, I am fair, 5.11ft average body, with pink lips and dark eyes. And I don't want to lie telling about my penis size, its just 5.5inch.

Back to the story, it was the first time I was Rani who was full of makeup, wearing formal white shirt and tight blue jeans. She had a pony tail with yellow band, I still remember that very well. She has a good personality, 5.5ft, 32b-30-34 fair in color with dark eye & baby pink lips. Her lower lip was like Boomika's lip(South indian heroine).

I saw her for a moment, as I was sitting behind her, I was able to smell her strong perfume she was wearing. Next day I arrived little early, she was already there on floor along with another team mate, they use to come by cab. I said a formal "Hello" to them, got a reply from another girl with"Hi" but Rani just smiled.

She had lots of attitude and I very well knew how to take care of girls like them. My core skills are knowing about girls and what they like how to talk to them, dating, sex and maintaining a relationship with them. My interest s were in this field from when I was just 8 or 9, when I was sex abused by an older girl from my neighborhood.

From then I never stopped, I use to play with girls had manyy girl+friends at my teen age. And ended up losing my virginity with a 24 yrs old girl who was an elder sis of one of my girl+friend. I would say I was just lucky, but I didn't much understand what happened to me except my dick was hard for the entire day and it was hard to hide it and move around at home.

Getting back to story, I didn't give any bhaw to Rani on my second day as well. Because I knew if I start saying hi, Hello or try to talk to her she will be showing more attitude and I was not interested in getting into any other relationship. I never really liked her, yeah she was nice but still. Never got that feeling. One week passed, we had our eye contact and a very normal conversation.

One day she asked me for tea, I asked her to give me sometime as I was busy working on a critical ticket. I could have stopped working and went rite away but I took 10 min's. While taking tea from cafeteria I didn't had any change and she said she will pay for it. I felt embarrassed as I never let a girl to pay for any thing when I am with them(only for girls I like ;)).

I thought we will be enjoying tea with a nice conversation but she said he got work to do..so we took our tea cups and went back to floor :(. After sometime I got a ping from her saying I was showing too much of attitude, she never asked any team boys for tea or anything. blah blah...I was like Im sorry..but this is how I behave.

Actually boys from team have given her too much of bhaw and she feels like a queen. However, I apologized to her. And from there our chat started and we spoke out many things. I told her why I am in bangalore and about my x girl friend. I never told her how many relationships I was in. I didn't wanted to scare her telling that I have slept with 6 girls already and your going to be lucky 7.

She told me about her bf that he earns very well. But he is uncle type, I knew she is with him only for money. That guy was on a nice position and earns very well, keep going onsite every 6 months. It was my luck when rani and I came close in 3 weeks her bf was leaving to US for 2 months. She was little sad but happy as her bf gave her good amount of money for shopping.

On one fine day she missed her cab due to more work we got. I told her that I can ride her back to hostel. We were close enough to share many things, she told me few days back that she wished if I was her bf. I should have met her little early..all the same cheesy lines girls always tell. Holding hands was very normal when we use to go for a walk at night at our IT park.

First time she sat on my bike, I kept her laptop on my petrol tank, so that she can sit properly holding me. She asked me if she can hold me from back..I said why I would mind. She said what I will think of her as she already has a bf. I told her to relax and enjoy ;). She was happy as we went it started drizzling she was holding me more tight..I could feel her boobs on my back.

It was a very hard moment to control. My dick was rock hard again, after reaching her hostel, I went back home..took nice hot shower and jerked off nicely thinking of her. We started going out for movies, dinner pretty soon. It was first time when we were sitting in one of the park in Koralmangal it was sat evening around 8pm rain started we took shelter under one of the tree and all lights went off.

She was hiding in my jacket, I knew she wanted to kiss me..but I didn't wanted to initiate. So she shouted saying why she has to start everything and kissed me..to be honest that was one of the best kiss I ever had with her warm juice going from her mouth to mine. It was just too good. I pressed her boobs a bit...but she removed my hands from her chest.

She said she just wanted to kiss me not sure why. Things continued from there, we use to make out when ever we use to get chance in park, watching movie in malls, we were so desperate for each other it cannot be explained. Our late nite call use to be normal but when we use to meet she was not less then my gf. I really wanted to fuck her now.

And I am sure she wanted same, but never said directly. I guess I had to initiate this now. She asked me to take a separate house so that we can hang out for more time..I know what exactly she meant ;). Well to rent a house in bangalore is not easy..as most of you would know. But even I knew If I want to fuck her I have get a home..and I was not sure about going to hotels and all.

Days passed we continued our small physical relationship. I even asked her if she wants to marry me..as I really liked her by then..she never gave me a proper reply. It was a day when her bf came back..and she said she could not meet me as he is back and will be spending sometime with him over the weekend...I was heart broken again.

I was boozing all weekend with my friends and also tried not to think of her..but I kept getting thoughts like she might be fucking with her bf..and stuff. It was sunday and I really thought that I will not contact her..but I sent her a message saying I am really missing U. I knew she will not reply. But to my surprise..I got an instant reply from her saying even she is missing me.

She also mentioned her bf is here just for 2 weeks and he is planning to move to US for a long term. Well I was happy to know that. Next day we met in office and talked about many things...she asked me to give her some time before we move on in a relationship.

I said I am fine..but I knew she is using me..I felt really bad..there were many other nice gals who were ready to hang out with me or to go on a date or dinner..I knew what was supposed to be done..I start going out with other gals for lunch or tea at office..to make her jealous and Rani knew I can get any gal to hang out with me..I am not that bad.. ;).

We didn't interrect much for coming few weeks. I tried my best to let go of Rani and chill out with other girl named Sneha. But I failed to do that. I know to over come Rani I have to use her and may be then I can be normal..as I know she will not marry me..I decided to move to a separate home asked my parents for extra money.

I didn't tell Rani what I was doing it was a surprise for her...I told her that I want to take her to one of my friends house for a party if she is free..its Friday she said she is not sure..but will let me know as sat night her Bf was going back to US. After my office hours when I was going to my new home where I have already arranged few things like kitchen stuff I was lucky to get gas stove and private cylinder from my friend.

And I got made to order mattress along with nice bombay dyine blanket. So I had a bed ready, kitchen ready with few utensils I just needed Tv which I got later on..I moved everything on Thur itself. I had spend a good amount of money to arrange all this..just to sleep with her..Round 6pm when I was logging out Rani asked me if I am going to my friends home..

I said yes and asked her to come..she was like I will be busy..and asking me to understand that her bf will leave tomorrow and she will be all mine..I knew this..but kept a condition..that she should join me in today's party or else I will not see her again..she might have to search a new guy to hangout with or to fuck around...Some how she agreed to come to the party.

I told her that I will come to pick her up at 8. her hostel my house and our office are all nearby. I went home took nice shower my dick was hard that I will fuck her today and whatever I want I can do..I have my own house..I reached at her place....there was a good thing about her that she was always on time..it hardly took me 5 mins to bring her back to my new house where the party was for her at my friends home.

When we reached on 3rd floor by that time she asked me about my this new friend, I told her he is from Hyd. Just moved to Bang. At main door she saw a lock and I am taking out the keys she was like how come no one is here and you have the keys..I asked her to come inside..We stepped in the leaving room where my owner had left few old style chairs and a center table..

it was empty room..she was asked me why this house is so empty..and then I asked her to join me in bedroom..she saw a nice king size mattress with nice bedsheet and blanket..she still didn;t understand anything..(stupid girl)..I asked her to sit down..make her self comfortable..as she was just looking around.

I opened the balcony door to get some fresh air..now we both were sitting next to each other....she asked where is my friend and others..I said they will come..she was bit relaxed by now..I held her hand and kissed her..she stopped me saying someone will come..I said no one is going to come...to disturb us..and started kissing her again..

and when I was doing that she saw my jacked hanging on the door and I think she got a click that this is my house..we were sucking each other...and she eye contacted me with a question and I replied back with a blink ( yes bitch this is my home)..she pushed me away..with a surprise expression on her face..

I asked if she is not happy..she said she is but she knew I had spend enough money just to get simple things arranged..I asked her to relax..and just be with me..we both lied down on bed..started kissing each other again..she came on top of me..We didn't want to break our kiss..it was the longest one I had so far from any of my x...

I tried to take of her topper..but she didn't let me..instead she removed my shirt and started to kiss all over me..current(light) went off..there was a nice storm going outside it started to rain heavily..I could feel the rain drops coming on our bed from balcony door..but she didn't stop kissing me..it was all dark outside..

I made another attempted to open her topper..and succeeded this time..she was wearing a black color bra..her boobs were milky white..I started to kiss on her cleavage hard and she stopped me..I wanted to leave some marks there..but I couldn't..I wanted her bf to see that there is someone else also who is fucking with his girl...or we can say this girl is fucking with 2 boys.

She opened me jeans button and grabbed my cock from top of the underwear. I was getting out of control..I took advantage of that time and opened her bra..she took her hand out of my jeans and covered her boobs..I asked her to let go..and simply said I want to suck them..she said what we are doing is WRONG..I was like WTF..after doing all this..she says this is wrong..

I said there is nothing wrong when we both want it..and came on top of her..and suddenly her phone rang it was her bf..who was calling..she asked me to stop..she answered the phone..saying she will be back by 10 or before.. I got up and put my shirt back on..and took my phone and came out of the bedroom..she came out wearing her Bra and jeans..

and hugged me saying not to get angry.. she pulled me back to bed..and took my shirt again..in a more wilder way..bitch broke one of the button while showing off… it was my brand new shirt..Guy..will stop here for now..will tell you what happened next after hearing from you..sorry for long story but..it was important to let you know everything..I have tried skipping as much as possible. I promise next part will be more interesting..thanks for reading it out and for your time.

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Soumya enjoying first time bed sexperience - III

Previously: Soumya enjoying first time bed sexperience - II

After spending a restless night eagerly waiting to resume our love making session I left home with excuse of an interview. Just before entering the hotel I thought it would be wise to carry parcel for breakfast as it’d save him from an unnecessary exercise. I got tensed when he didn’t open the door despite knocking and pressing the bell so called him to know that he was in the toilet.

After waiting for a couple of minutes he opened the door. What came next was an absolute treat as I saw my name written with rose petals on the bed bounded in a heart shape. It felt as if time froze for me, I choked hence was speechless, while he silently glanced at me after closing the door.

Despite his touch to take the breakfast parcel from me and keeping on the table I couldn’t completely return to my senses. Finally I opted to hug him tightly and after staying like that for around a minute or so I finally spoke, “I love you rohit.” We finally sat on the chairs and I admired the love which was there in his eyes for me.

The desire to reciprocate the majestic feeling motivated me as I told that I wanted to take bath with him. He asked me to prepare for the bath and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I quick pulled out our inners from the bag and stripped myself completely and walked to the bathroom. He looked shell shocked to see me like that.

He teased me by saying, “You are no longer a baby, hence should have some shame”. He quickly washed his mouth as I hanged the clothes and turned on the tap to fill the tub. He soon followed. I utilized the research on the net the previous night and blind-folded him with the vest he just took off.

I guided him to a corner of the bathtub took off his shorts and made him sit on the corner of the tub while I sat in it. It was truly majestic to see his fully erect cock so near me. The tip which glistened because of his pre-cum aroused me even further as I was elated to grip the warm chocolaty pipe again. I licked it a bit and realized that it has a strange taste which was far from bad.

I slowly put it inside my mouth, as he moaned “Aaahmm… Aaaaammm” and soon I could feel the complete shaft inside my mouth. It seemed to be a perfect fit, as I was just comfortable, if it had been a mm more I couldn’t have had this comfort. I started moving my mouth up and down his shaft as our excitements rose along with water level in the tub.

I felt comfortable as while sucking him I could occasionally caress my pussy too. After sucking for 10-12 gentle strokes I wanted a break hence took it out of my mouth. Rohit’s cock dripping wet in my saliva looked even better, stronger & brighter. Within seconds the glimpse triggered my orgasms, as I vigorously shook my clit.

Next I tried to stand up to kiss him and open his blind fold, in the process I realized that he gets madly excited when my breasts touches the tip of his dick. So I gave up the previous idea and teased his cock with my breasts and nipples. He started requesting me to open the blind fold, so I gladly acknowledged and put his face between breasts and hugged him while he caressed my ass.

Finally I opened his blind fold and resumed the blowjob. The mixture of the expressions of ecstasy on his face and his awesome cock in my mouth seemed no less than heaven for me. I paused for a while and then started moving my tongue all over the pinkish strawberry strip.

I ignored the signals that he gave about cumming within a minute and held the shaft upright and sucked my jamuns with lot of passion and then finally dragged my tongue along the strip back to the tip. As the tub was filled and my throat was on the verge of becoming dry, I chose to finish it hence galloped it entirely into my mouth and started stroking him too.

Within seconds his moans intensified and he told me he was about to cum, it was too late to change the pose and if he cums like that the whole water would become dirty hence I had no other option left. So I continued my merry ways and soon I could feel many jets of his manly juices in my mouth.

Since it had a strong taste I got up and went to spit it out, he seemed very upset with his doings, I was able to convince him about the situation so after a few minutes everything became fine. Soon we returned to room after he gave me a super sensuous bath. I felt much rejuvenated after it.

After drying up he took off my towel and wished to stay nude, I didn’t want to do that but I couldn’t help myself when I noticed the bed. We finished breakfast and I lied on his chest for a sometime, while caressed my ass, played with the partition and finally started fiddling with my asshole, it was strange but arousing.

I felt a bit of pain when he tried to insert a finger, which he realized, paused made me lie on ma chest on the bed and went down to kiss my ass. It was funny but it tingled me enough. He proceeded to spread my ass cheeks and run his fingers along the partition. I felt something special run through my body, I felt as if I should surrender my everything to him.

It screwed daylights out him when I yelled at him for licking my asshole, which I hated to the core. He went to bathroom. After 5-7 minutes I realized that I had over reacted hence re-arranged the rose petals which were a bit smashed to make his name instead of mine. Now it was a lot of time, I called him multiple times and he didn’t reply even once.

I went to bathroom door was just about to attempt to open it when I got an idea. I called on his mobile which was there on the table and told him that it was father’s call, and sat in the opposite corner of the room. He stepped out of bathroom and slowly walked to take the call while I watched him, he saw the call was mine.

He looked towards me with an expression less face and said sorry and started walking towards me just when he noticed the bed and ran to me and hugged me so tightly that I almost skipped a breath.

He started licking me near the neck which made me feel that things soon would be normal then he came took me to bed came over me and started with a fierce smooth and soon kissed and licked me all around and finally reached my breasts. He caressed them with aggression and sucked them madly it was all too fast for me then it was time for my pussy.

He stopped for a minute at asked me if I was fine with something else. I was too eager to try it hence agreed. Next we lied on the facing each other crotch and enjoyed oral for a while. Once his dick was completely wet & erect we stopped and he guided me with the missionary pose he stood near the bed and caressed my clit with the tip of his dick.

Then he very cautiously guided it into the hole, the entry was nice and warm, the came the pain. Though he was very slow and careful, it was still painful. So he licked me for quite sometime which excited me to the core and then he retried with full force but my body’s reflex didn’t allow the penetration.

After trying for 4-5 times, we decided to give one final shot with all we’ve and then it was BINGO. Though it was very painful but his lips on mine made it better. We waited for a while for the pain to subside and then slowly started the in & out moments it was so majestic.

The tip of the dick felt heavenly on the walls, within a minute I felt near to an orgasm hence asked him to increase the pace and it worked wonders as I enjoyed a different but memorable one.

After 4-5 strokes he took his dick out and I was shocked to find blood on the tip of his dick but within a fraction of a second his cum washed it off. We cleaned and returned, post which I slept with in tiny dick in my mouth like a small baby does to a nipple.

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Raj having sex encounter with lusty wife

Hi viewers.. This Raj it’s actually the first story of mine on HumanDigest. But not the first experience of my life…. Let me describe myself first.. Me age of 28 … good height of 5’11” and my chotu size will be known and remembered to all you has seen it.

Myself a young energetic and good physic guy from Hyderabad, I was working from the age of 19 and its almost ten years I have been working in hospitality sector. Cant Reveal all the details due to privacy. I have been working in Hyd, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kerala, Bangalore as was posted from my company. But as of now I am under vacation and enjoying my break time. Since Jan 2015 I have taken a break.

Coming back to the story since I have traveled and worked in so many places had many counters and had really heart breakable breakups with my two girlfriends. I had sex with almost six seven girls and one encounter with aunty in North. But have stopped and had all breakups now single and horny.

As said my age is 28 even my family has started looking out for girls for marriage so I thought I shouldn’t have any affairs at this point of time. Bu as sex starved was looking out for someone for one night stands. And I don’t prefer to go ……. Hope you understood.

I have joined Gym and started my workouts vigorously.. As I stay In posh community near Kukkatpally have got see so many Aunties and Girls. But as said now more affairs started to search for aunties. The affair will be confidential and will be an satisfactory attempt.

Coming to the Story as sad I was going to my workouts daily in the morning to the gym in the society. There comes my heroine. Hot Sexy and mind blowing figure. First when I saw her I never thought that she is married and mother of one daughter. She was not coming to the Gym but was doing her regular walking sessions around the apartments.

I was having an eye on her since the day I saw her. To my good luck she used to come for the walking at the same when I was going for the Gym. Let me describe about her with details. Her Name is Ramya and had figure of 36-28-36 and you might be imagining she is actually hot bros’. She used to see me and I used to smile.

This went on for about ten days, Later I thought I should take a step forward as I was desperate to have sex with.. Spent so many nights with the hand jobs thinking of her. Sorry for making it a bit bored. But Safar ka Fal meetha hotha Hai. So I thought I should talk to her and one fine day started walking bunking my gym.

After about three four rounds around the apartments she went and sat on the benches of lawns I also have done the same. As it’s a posh area we cant take any risk of misbehaving with the ladies. So was waiting for other to leave that place. The conversation is Me: Hi Ji R: Hi.. (Weird expression) Me: Me Raj and leave in the same block of yours. R: So what I am not interested in any talks.

I was Pissed off and was regretting Me: So sorry for disturbing (was getting up)…. She made a sign and asked me to sit After good ten mins then she started talking.. R: Sorry cutting the conversation. Actually my side flat aunty was looking us from the floor so has to cut the talks. Me: Was exited and said, I was actually afraid when you said like that. R: I said Sorry… lets go now and take my num….. She Has Given her mobile num.

I thought I was in the cloud nine. I saved her num and said go bye to her. She said to ping me on Whats app.I went back to my flat taken nice shower with good masturbation thing of her. Then thought to ping her. Sent Her Hi This Raj is this Rama, as I was tensed and don’t know the situation at her home and other details. She was very smart and replied me back.

I Got you don’t worry chat I leave alone with my daughter (She was just One Year Old)… The stared to chat with her. All my hobbies as I also leave alone and was absolutely free were chatting with her throughout the day. She started her story, she got married at the age of 20 Years only as it was a arranged marriage and was from their own family.

Her Husband was working in US for an IT company and she was 32 years old and dint have baby even after ten years of marriage. She was made to have a baby after several tests and treatments as her husband was having less sperm count and sex problems (I came to after encounter).

She had many thoughts about her future but unfortunately she has to get married and sacrificed all her dreams for the family. I said I dint think she was 32 and was thinking she was 25 0r 26… These kinds of conversations were going on. As she was thinking more about her family and she was afraid and tensed to talk to me in public and near the apartments.

I started to play and trap my jaal. I slowly got her into talks about sex and sexual life, she was asking me about my gfs and my sexual life, I said I had my sex with my gfs and was single at present. Slowly our talks and chats increased and she was impressed with my talks.The lastly I made her to come out for a movie, she forcefully agreed and left her daughter with their made at home.

And I have booked for movie in Imax and selected such a movie so that we can talk and get close more than watching a movie. She said she will directly come to the theater. I was disappointed but asked her not to her car. I went in my car was waiting for her. Their she come my gorgeous queen. Guys and girls please loosen your lowers.

She was damn sexy in western wear sleeveless top with pull over and lovely denim. She said me to go with signs, I texted her the seat number. She came and sat beside me I was in the heaven. I said to her she was looking amazing and asked her to remove the jacket (Pullover). She has done the same. I was mesmerized looking at her so closely and in sleeveless.

She was milky white and was having enough flesh. I asked whether she was comfortable, to my question she said – you haven’t done anything why will be uncomfortable. I was shocked to hear this from mu sex goddess. I slowly started to explore her body and started to touch even on her private parts she was getting aroused and started to hold my hands and rub them.

I was out of control and as she was also we were looking in to each other eyes and we also dint know when we ended up smooching. We were smooching sucking each other’s lips for good ten mins. Then we came to senses and she said its not the right place. As it was morning show, I told her is she ready to come out with me till evening. She was stuck for some time and said ok.

We came out of the theater just after 30 mins of movie as soon as we came out she called her maid asked her to feed the baby and said she will be coming in the night and if her husband calls to tell him she went for docs appointment. Then as earlier said I was in hospitality industry it was not tough for me to get a room for day use. We came out and asked her to sit in the car.

The drive I max to the hotel was just 20 mins but was looking like hours for both of us. We were in lust of sex as she was starving for sex since six months I was starving since A month. We went and checked in to the hotel. As soon as we entered in to the room I just hugged her and thrown her jacket away and she was mad about me and was hugging me tighter than me and was kissing me all over.

I said ramya darling lets start the play. She was very much eager and was waiting to tear my clothes off. I said darling please control. She said I cant and want me to fuck her as wildly as possible. I said I will but you got to have patience. I called up the room service ordered a bottle of vodka as her drink was also the same, ordered some food and some honey and chocolate sauce.

Here starts the game we were smooching and I have made her almost nude expect her undergarments and I was waiting for the order to come as we should not have any disturbances in between. As soon as the order came closed the door and put DND.

I Started to kiss her from the forehead and started kneading her 34 boobs with both the hands she was getting wild and moaning aaaah aaah aaah Raj Please Suck me more moooooore and mOoooooooRE… Pleassss make me your wife for today…… Fuck me assssssss many times assss you want.. I told you will not be able to handle me.

Hearing this she sat back and maid me lay down and removed my Jokey and was stunned looking at my dick…. She said her husbands was not even ¾ th of mine. I was also happy that I can satisfy her more. Then she took my dick in hands and started stoking and she had a fantasy to give blowjob which her husband dint allow…….. I told her baby I love blowjob and asked her to give till she satisfies.

I thought her husband was an idiot and stupid to waste such lovely lips not making his dick to taste. She started and I was in the seventh heaven she was expert in that. She told that she learnt from Bf.. She was sucking my cock and licking my ballllllsss uuuuuuuuhhhh lovely experience.. I cant forget it.. I have never got such a nice blowjobbbbbbbbbb.

I asked her to come to 69 position and stared to explore her choootttt. Pink and neatly shaved.. she was in heaven and said she dint know the pleasure of getting pussy sucked till now. We both were indulged in great sucking session, I asked her to wait and put honey on pussy and chocolate on my dick and stared the session again….

The room was filled up with sounds of both of us muaaaaaaah aaaaahahhhhh muaaaaaaaah slowly aaaaaaaa lovelllllllyyyyyy. We both came together and got up saw each other,…There was lust of happiness and fulfillment in both of our eyes….. U said baby its started lets get warm up. Madeeee two pegs and cheers.

I poured some drink her and started to lick all her body… We both were ready for the main session singled her… she also said lets go Raaaaaaajjjjjjj. Made her to lay down in missionary position and kept my 7’ inch rock hard dick near her pussy……. She said Raaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjj please don’t tempt me more go ahead she directed the dick to the whole of heaven…

First time I dint feel to have condom after such sucking of her pussy she was also impressed with me and my dick and wanted to have it in without condom. Slowly I started to push it in the whole was tight but made way for my king to get in to queens kingdom.. She hugged me and was scratching my back she has already given me ten love bits you can imagine how lusty she was and I was thinking I have to satisfy her at any cost…

Started my motion slowly she also accompanied me good response I started increasing the speed the room was only sounds of hhuhhh aaaaahhhhh respectively from us. Hhhuuuuusss aaaaahhhhhh huu uuuuuuaahhhh aaaaahhhhhh. Then made her to turn around made her in doggy style… She had her organ was pleading me stop,,,,

I just gave two sex=cs break and started banging her again I was enjoying and vodka was also helping me more as always it does to me… I Fucked her and last after 12- 15 mins left all my sperm in her whole itself as she told she was in Safe time….. Fucked her six times of mine and ten her(organs releasing)…

She said she dint even get fucked for two years also this much as she had in one single day (1130-1900 Hrs).. We both were completely exhausted and went for shower, just explored her during shower and check out of the hotel and dropped her near our apartments …

She en she was fucking so tired as I was and went to sleep and we dint even waken up till 10 am next morning…Then she pinged me I asked her shall we have another one she was like your aaaaa fucking …. Master….. Take rest.

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Sruthi getting fucked by Doctor

Hai to all HumanDigest readers, I’ve gone through this site since long back and I feel that this site is the very best site to spend our time and loneliness.After reading many stories I thought why should I keep my mouth shut.So I am also posting my real life story.This is my first time so please pardon if any mistakes.

Coming to the story. My name is sting(name changed). I am a male,doctor age 34 working in a private hospital in Pathanamthitta dist,kerala.Let me introduce sruthi with whom I got a full satisfaction and who was very much happy with me.She is 30 years old married but divorced. One day while I was on duty my sruthi came with complaints of severe head ache and no sleep.

I took the bp and temp and asked her past history.She explained me her all problems and tears fell from her eyes.I asked to go for a counseling and she might bealright after that.So I gave her my contact number and told her to give me a call if she is willing for counseling as I am having a friend doctor who can help her.She took my number and went home with medicines I gave her.

The next evening around 8 pm I got a miss call from some anonymous number and I called back.I was fully shocked to hear a female sound.It was Sruthi.I could make out some tensions in her sound. She asked me if any one was near me. I told her that I am alone in my room and we started to talk. In that way we used to talk almost all days and it used to go late night and to sex talks.

From her talks I found out what was her problem and she was interested in me.The talks went on for days and months. One day while I was alone in my house as all my family members went for a function in my uncles place,i decided to have a beer.As I had 1beer and going for the 2nd beer suddenly sruthy called me and we started to talk and suddenly I asked her to come to my home as no one was there.

She told me that she cant come late night so asked me to come to her house.I was in the seventh sky.Suddenly I asked her about her family members.She told me that her father and mother is there at home but they are sleeping in their room and her room is away from their room and they wont b knowing.

Suddenly I got dressed and moved to her house.I reached there at around 11.45 pm.Slowly I parked my car far away from her house and slowly started walking towards her house.She explained the route and the spot where her house is situated.When I was about to reach her house I called her and she switch on ed the light of her room and switched off.

It gave me a full way to her room.Slowly I entered her room. Before going forward let me introduce our assets.I have a 7 inch fat cock which can satisfy a female to her top most. Sruthy’s asset 32/26/32.When I entered her room I was very much surprised to see her in a pink nighty with front open.As I entered the room she locked the room from behind.

Suddenly I lifted her in my arms and threw her to her bed and planted a smooth kiss to her lips.She too responded to my kiss and we exchanged our saliva and then I slowly opened her nighty front.Omg she was in her black bra and her melons were ready to jump out for me.I took her melons out and I gave a welcome kiss to her boobs and started to lick and suck her erected nipples.

She was moaning and her hands were running on my hairs.I was teasing her and suddenly she put her hands inside my pants and reached my 7inches cock. She then opened my pant zip and she was very much thrilled to see my cock.Then she took it and played with it for some time and gave a great blow job.I was about to come and suddenly I tried my level best to stop her.

She didnt even mind to stop. Then I loaded a mouth full of my cum in her mouth.She drank fully and she laid back removing her full dress.Now we both were fully nude.I could see her clean shaved pussy inviting me as I kept my mobile torch light on and kept on the table.What a pussy.I wanted to bite lick and eat her pussy.I dont know what to do as I was in anxiety.

I suddenly parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue and started to lick her pussy. At the same time I finger fucked her too.She was jumping in joy and was moaning.She came twice and I squeezed her boobs and lay on the bed for 10 mints.Again my boy was ready for the next session and I threw myself on her and sucked her boobs and asked her shall I enter.

She gave a big yes with a smile and she told me its her safe period so no need for any precautions.I slowly entered inside her pussy and it was paining for her.She didnt have sex for long time and her pussy was tight for my boy to enter.

Any way I slowly entered her pussy.I went in slowly as it was already watery.I pumped her for 10-15 mints and I asked her to be in doggy position.Again I pumped her from her back and the room was full of our moaning and fragrance.After pumping her for about 20-30 mints I came inside her.I kept my boy inside her for some time till my last drop went inside her pussy.

Then we were tired and rested for some time and again we had the fucking session for 3 more times and I went home happily.Then on my way home she called me and gave me a big thanks for making her satisfied.

My dear HumanDigest readers, this is my real life story and name of the characters in this story is changed for our safety. If there is any mistakes please forgive me as this is my first story. Please post your thoughts/suggestions in the comments below.

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Guy fucking sex starved widow Radha bhabhi - II

Previously: Guy fucking sex starved widow Radha bhabhi - I

Finally I unhooked her bra and took it off from her shoulders. Wow Radha Bhabhi’s big melons were hanging in front of my eyes; they were huge and sagging freely with big erect nipples. I tried to look into her eyes and Radha Bhabhi blushed as she saw that I am looking her lustfully, I caressed her hairs and moved bit ahead and kissed her lightly and touched her one melon and tried to lift it in my hand and pressed it with bit of force.

Wow she was so soft and so heavy, I continued squeezing her milks tenderly and treated both the melons equally and felt her breasts going heavier in excitement. Radha Bhabhi was delighted with the treatment I was giving to her flabby milks and she could not stop gasping in pleasure.

Next Radha Bhabhi extended her hand and tugged the string of my lower and inserted her hand straight into my underwear and caressed my hard penis. “Ohh… god” I moaned loud in delight, I drifted down my lower till my knees to give her better access of my Penis and Radha Bhabhi started caressing my balls with one and somehow continued jerking my penis back and forward with other hand and for me pleasure was incredible.

We both were on our knees; I was holding her both the melons in my hand nicely and moaning in pleasure like anything. Slowly she pushed me down and I went on my back, without wasting any time Radha Bhabhi pulled out my lower and underwear together. I was stark naked but Radha Bhabhi was still wearing petticoat and next I got up to take that off.

I pulled the cord of her petticoat and tried to pull it off from her legs and this time she went on her back and now it was only Panty which was left on her body. Her enormous fleshy thighs were exposed to me and my eyes were glued to them and the portion between them, I could see big wet spot on her light color Panty and I could guess her state.

I pulled her Panty as well and Radha Bhabhi raised her bottom to help me in that. Wow Radha Bhabhi was totally naked and as I took off her Panty erotic aroma of her love juices was all around in the room. She was clean shaven, wet and flooding like a river, I could see her fuckhole soaked in her love juices.

Radha Bhabhi pulled me tenderly on her top and once again we started making love, I was lying over her and gradually while kissing Radha Bhabhi started grabbing my body in her massive thighs and arms and somewhat gulped me in her huge body. My pelvis was touching her crouch and I was feeling wetness of her fuckhole, she too was feeling my hardness over her belly.

Her massive breasts were getting somewhat crushed under my weight and I was feeling hardness of her thick and long nipples over my skin. After breaking the kiss I started kissing and licking her neck and Radha Bhabhi went crazy in pleasure. “Bhaiya….. ab Daal dijeeye, andar” as Radha Bhabhi was desperate to get a real pleasure of Man’s body she told me to penetrate her.

I got up a bit to adjust myself over her opening and Radha Bhabhi widened her massive thighs to give clear access of her fuckhole and eventually held my Penis in her hand and brought me to her pleasure opening. “Ahhhh….” She puffed loud as my hard Penis touched her damp opening and just then I flexed my bottom and slipped inside her womb till the root of my monster.

I was inside Radha Bhabhi and in a moment I started fucking her with slow and steady pace. Our pleasure was incredible, Radha Bhabhi was so hot and wet inside that I was somewhat driving my monster in the pond of her love juices and she oozed out lot of liquid as I went deeper in her fuckhole.

I continued fucking her steadily for a minute and she seemed flying in heaven; I could feel it from her facial expressions and soft moans. Excitement rose in me and changed my pace; I moved out and went deep in her fuckhole with a rapid thrust and tried reaching at the edge of her womb with my length, “Ohhh… God” her juicy fuckhole was so hot that I felt that I am in heaven too.

As I crushed her thick pussy lips with my balls and buried my monster deep into her pleasure hole Radha Bhabhi also moaned loud. Locking her legs around my pumping ass she grabbed me in her arms and fleshy thighs and gasped lustfully, "Bhaiya…fuck me… mujhe achhe se Fuck kariye tez tez”.

Her demand in lustful fashion aroused me and I lunged deeply into Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole and she started moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I was also grunting in bliss of fucking rich sophisticated but sexually starved female. Eventually my speed of moving in and out of Radha Bhabhi’s pleasure hole went further high and I started fucking Radha Bhabhi with rapid thrusts.

Radha Bhabhi started crying in pleasure with shrill gasps and hardly after a minute of consistent fucking she pushed herself backwards and moved ahead matching my thrusts, trying to get my prick into herself as deep as she could and next instant her body stiffened and she started to shake in spasms, "Bhaiya…mera chhutne wala hai...." Radha Bhabhi was about to blow she screamed that out loudly.

I continued to fuck her hard and within couple of seconds her grip over my body went tighter. She was dying in pleasure and I just went on fucking her without any halt. Radha Bhabhi cried loud in a husky voice and extending her arms somehow gripped my pumping ass to stop me fucking her and began to orgasm like I never saw my wife while reaching to her climax.

Radha Bhabhi busted in pleasure like hell, she clenched my body in her fleshy thighs with all her strength and just then I felt her fuckhole convulsed helplessly over my monster and her body shuddered with a pleasant shock. Shutting her eyes tight she grunted madly and few seconds started to cum while lurching her crotch with mild shivering.

I was yet not over but I waited for her to calm down and as I saw she is back in her senses I withdrew my monster from her fuckhole and got up from her top. Radha Bhabhi opened her eyes and I told her that I am yet not over “mera abhi nahi hua” “kar lijiye…” she replied back and I spoke out my desire; that I want her to be on my top “ab aap oopar aa jaao”.

I have liked being under a female, may be because I last in this posture for long. Anyway as I asked Radha Bhabhi for that posture Radha Bhabhi got up and I lied down. From her facial expressions and over all body language I could see that Radha Bhabhi was satisfied but she was not exhausted, she slowly sat around my waist while looking into my eyes and holding it straight plunged her fuckhole with my monster.

I moaned loud as foreskin of hard Penis got once again got uncovered with a rub of Radha Bhabhi’s wet virginal walls and ultimately touched her deep in her fuckhole. Once again fucking started and this time with soft moans Radha Bhabhi was riding on me.

Initially holding her waist I was enjoying getting fucked while lying under her but after moving my monster in and out of her pot for fewer times I pulled Radha Bhabhi tenderly over me and she leaned, her sagging breasts came closer to my mouth and I sucked her long and erect nipples for a while.

Even after discharging couple of minutes back Radha Bhabhi was enjoying and as I stopped sucking her melons she further leaned over me and we kissed and my hands went to her plump ass cheeks and holding her massive ass and started fucking her with bit of upward movement from my side and that really changed our steady rhythm.

We both felt good and Radha Bhabhi was no more moaning softly, she was feeling my rod touching very deep in her fuckhole and every time I pushed myself up she grunted sexily with closed eyes. She was getting charged again, eventually she got up and resting her hands on my chest started moving her ass up and down and her pace of fucking herself went steady.

Her eyes were closed, her massive juggs were moving weirdly and silver locket she was wearing was dancing here and there on her creamy skin. I grabbed her both the melons in my hands and started crushing them together with all my strength and Radha Bhabhi opened her eyes to see me.

Excitement rose further high in Radha Bhabhi and she started fucking me faster, her massive ass rose and fell over my monster with an improved pace and I started crying in pleasure. Radha Bhabhi was trying to deliver me her best, suddenly she changed her movement and back and forward movement of her huge bottom made me shudder in ecstasy.

Certainly Radha Bhabhi knew the sensitivity of her clitoris and with that back and forward movement she was trying to rub her clitoris with my crouch and I could see her in extreme pleasure. Her moans were turning into shrill cries and now her speed was also increased significantly and next moment once again her heavy bottom was rising and falling over my thighs painfully fast.

Closing her eyes she just went on fucking me and I also started feeling pressure building inside me but before I would have reached up to the extent of my climax Radha Bhabhi got tired and fell over me.

I was charged and desperate to reach to my climax so without wasting even a single second I turned around and rose over her and instead of taking her in missionary position rested her legs over my shoulders and while plunging her fuckhole folding her into her half impaled myself over her fleshy thighs with all my strength.

By now I was gone mad in lust and showing no mercy I fucked Radha Bhabhi like an animal. Holding her legs from her knee joints and folding them inward into her breasts I somewhat stood up on my feet and just went on screwing her with all my passion.

Radha Bhabhi’s feet were almost pointing roof and her wide ass was getting slapped under my aggressive thrusts, by now her sophistication and royal gesture was blown away and she was crying in pleasure and enjoying getting fucked like a bitch.

I was reaching close to my climax, so was she and before I would have lost control over myself I parted her thighs and tried wrapping them around my waist to attain missionary posture and ultimately lunged her fuckhole with all my passion for few more seconds.

I shouted loud in unbearable pleasure while squeezing my ass together to release my load in the depth of her womb and Radha Bhabhi also climaxed on the very next moment and this time she orgasmed even more intensely. Holding me tight in her arms and thighs she squeezed her fuckhole over my throbbing monster and panted loud without any care of getting heard by people around this flat.

With broken husky gasps Radha Bhabhi’s whole body shivered with kind of electric shock and just in few seconds she started jerking her crotch with sudden jolts to ease her. At same instant I too filled Radha Bhabhi’s womb with my gunk and ultimately released my entire weight over her.

We lived there, tied with each other in the same state and it took us 2-3 minutes to regain and we both were totally soaked with sweat. That was an end of our first fucking session and that instant sexually Radha Bhabhi was feeling so satisfied and tired and intoxicated that after cleaning the mess and wearing a fresh nighty she collapsed on bed and y the time I came back after using the washroom she went into a sleep.

For a moment I thought about leaving her in the same state and going back to my flat but my lust held me and I lied beside her on the same bed. I was awake for long time, may be an hour and then took just a nap of half an hour and ultimately got up to use the washroom and voice of water getting flushed broke Radha Bhabhi’s sleep.

Saying “sow jaao” I told her to sleep again but Radha Bhabhi got up on the bed and requested me not to go back as she does not want to stay alone, “please aap abhi mat jaao…. Main akeli nahi rahana chahti…” I assured her that I will be with her for entire night and ultimately came beside her on the bed again and just in few seconds our love making started again.

We started with a kiss again and this time it was long and delicate kiss lead by me, sucking her tongue and leaving my saliva in her moth I explored Radha Bhabhi’s mouth thoroughly and she just went on humming in pleasure. Slowly I lifted her nighty and took it out from her arms. She was not wearing any bra underneath, she was having just Panty over her body and I took that off too in continuation.

Eventually I took off my clothes too and came over her fleshy body again. She was drunk and aroused and looking really very sexy in that state and like I use to do it with my wife to add the fuel in our arousal I thought about speaking sensual, I looked into Radha Bhabhi’s eyes closely and caressed her hairs and came up with instantly cooked words “Radha aaj se tum bhi meri patni ho aur main tumhara pati…”

Means from today you are my wife and I am your husband, I addressed her with just her name and did not added Bhabhi after that and my erection went just double because of that, “aur aaj tumhari Sugahraat hai…aaj main tumhen raat bhar sone nahi dunga….I will fuck you whole night” I could see that my words were arousing not only me but Radha Bhabhi too.

Though she was silent with an effect of alcohol and rising sexual lust, but she heard every word I spoke and her facial expressions intense breathing reflected that she is getting excited. I caressed Radha Bhabhi’s breasts and her breasts felt even heavier and harder to me and I sensed the quivering tension in her nipples.

I leaned over her and sucked both of her milks for few minutes, and she moaned lightly. I parted Radha Bhabhi’s legs apart with my thighs and properly lied down over her I placed my monster head on her love opening and once again pushed myself inside her with a sudden jerk.

Ohhh…..Wow Radha Bhabhi was so hot inside her fuckhole, she was amazingly aroused and responded back erotically to my fucking stroke inside her womb. Finally I started invading Radha Bhabhi’s pleasure hole with a steady rhythm and with that we kissed like true lovers.

I sucked her breasts and bushed my wet lips over her neck while screwing her and Radha Bhabhi shuddered repeatedly with that. Our excitement was at its peak now and we both were moaning in lust and within a minute Radha Bhabhi grabbed me tight between her arm and fleshy thighs and my speed increased in enthusiasm,

within one more minute of continues fucking we both were at the stage from where there is no return and next moment I started fucking her faster and just went on increasing my pace of pumping her fuckhole. Finally Radha Bhabhi gripped me further tight to say that she wants to cum now and I too was about to blast, we gripped each other and trembled in another shattering orgasm.

I was exhausted, so was Radha Bhabhi but along with that she was gone so emotional with my words that by the end she was having tears in her eyes and she just kept her eyes closed for couple of minutes. I was casual in speaking out all this with my wife and didn’t realize that it would hurt Radha Bhabhi.

Sensing her delicate state I didn’t spoke out anything after that; not even sorry and we slept peacefully on the same bed. In the morning around 5 I woke up Radha Bhabhi to inform her that I am leaving and she silently got up to shut the door after my exit. I wanted to fuck her again but Radha Bhabhi did not reflected any such attraction so I didn’t approached her that instant and came back to my place.

If I will try writing what all happened next in brief then I would say it was a Sunday and I didn’t had anything to do, I slept for long and after having breakfast killed time on television and net with a hope of getting a call from Radha Bhabhi but she didn’t turned to me for long, she sent her servant with a lunch and I accepted.

Finally Radha Bhabhi called me in the evening and asked me if I can come at her place. She said she wants to talk to me and I reached to her place. Once again it was just we two in the house, servants were relieved in the evening only but for different reason.

Wearing a formal sari Radha Bhabhi was ready to go out and she started the conversation while giving me information that she is going to her in-laws and might stay there for few days. Next she said sorry whatever happened last night, she was feeling guilty over her deed, said she has done a sin, as because of her I have cheated my wife.

Once again saying that according to me she has not done anything wrong and everybody has a right to remain happy in this world. Without showing keenness in continuing this relation, I behaved calmly and told her not to feel sorry and tried ending the conversation.

No need to mention that anyhow I wanted to continue this relation but I was disappointed with Radha Bhabhi reaction over last night’s encounter and I came back to my flat hopeless. I was expecting after my exit from her flat Radha Bhabhi would leave immediately but she stayed, like we all know lust is a most powerful emotion of this world and Radha Bhabhi was in its grip now.

I was unaware that she is still there, I was feeling hungry started thinking about moving out of the house to eat something but to my good fortune before I would have left I got a call from Radha Bhabhi “Bhaiya aa jaaiye…. hum aapka intzaar kar rahe hain” that’s what she uttered, she straight forward told to come to her place and she is waiting for me.

My hunger just vanished and I reached to her flat within few seconds, I didn’t had any doubt in my mind that what all is going to happen between me and Radha Bhabhi. I ranged the door bell, Radha Bhabhi opened the door, we looked into each other’s eyes and she gave me way to get in and bolted the door as I walked in.

She was still wearing that formal sari and I was dying to unwrap it from her body, I wanted to go wild over her but sensing her state I held my nerves and waited for her to speak and Radha Bhabhi spoke out her eternal desire “Bhaiya ab hum akele nahi rah paayenge…humen aapki bahut zaroorat hai” means now I won’t be able to live alone,

I need you and more or less those were the last words she spoke as before she would have ended saying I moved ahead and extended my hands to her waist and pulled her tenderly. We kissed and once again it was long and delicate kiss. We both were getting mad in lust and don’t know how and when we reached to the bedroom and took off each other’s clothes.

Like I said deep inside I wanted to wild over Radha Bhabhi but as she was in very delicate and perplexing mind state I seduced her tenderly. Including her fuckhole I licked every fraction of her body and Radha Bhabhi delighted with the pleasure of getting sucked at her fuckhole.

Afterwards she also sucked my monster, though initially she was little hesitant in doing that but ultimetly she overcame her unwillingness and sucked my thick and long throbbing Penis with all her affection before from getting it in her pleasure hole from behind. Holding her wide ass I pumped Radha Bhabhi in doggy posture for long but ultimately we climaxed in missionary posture.

Anyway that is how my extra marital affair started with Radha Bhabhi and at present it is on full swing. Virtually I have two wives, one in each town and I have plenty of sex wherever I live. I would love to read reader’s comments if possible.

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Guy fucking sex starved widow Radha bhabhi - I

Radha Bhabhi is clearly above forty, easily more than 10 years elder than me. She is a rich widow; sophisticated woman with lot of style. Physically she is good in height and average in looks with a body structure of a typical MILF.

I believe after her husband’s sudden demise she never came in touch of any male with whom she could think of getting on bed for sexual pleasure and it was her strong urge for physical love which made her to trying getting close to me and ultimately she confronted with me on the bed to tranquilize her sexual urge.

Trying writing from the beginning I would say I was new to the town and also to the apartment with a new job and Radha Bhabhi was living on the same floor at the farthest end of the corridor. While I was living alone I did not saw her much, hardly once or twice on her door step but through reception guy and few other service men of the apartment;

like plumber and all she very well knew who I am, I mean my name and from where I actually belong. She never tried to talk to me for around one month; until one day when my wife arrived to the town to settle the house and the kitchen. That day when I reached back home from my work place my flat was locked and my wife Deepali was in Radha Bhabhi’s flat.

I called her( my wife) to know exactly where is she and Radha Bhabhi came out of her flat and called me addressing me Bhaiya. That was first time I met her face to face; I entered in her flat after a formal Namastey and soon tea got served.

Time passed with a casual conversation, through my wife by now she was aware of most of the things and she asked me few things about my work and ultimately I and my wife came back to our place. Later my wife told me few things about Radha Bhabhi; that she is widow,

her husband died in a road accident 4-5 years back and she belongs to a very rich family who is actually living in a sort of villa on the farthest end of the town and in continuation told me that she is living here because her daughter who was actually in 10th standard does not concentrate on studies when she lives with her grand-parents and rest of the family.

Everything was casual, my wife was telling me and I was listening her, that instant anyhow I could not visualize myself fucking Radha Bhabhi in future but it happened and it happened hardly after a couple of weeks from my wife’s departure from the town to our native place. I am not saying that I am saint and I do not look females with that perspective,

I do but in first glance sexually I did not got attracted to her at all, neither Radha Bhabhi reflected any such gesture while talking to me throughout the time we had tea, but yes I was impressed with a style she was talking to us and to the servants of the house; it was royal and classy.

Here if I will try explaining Radha Bhabhi’s facial and physical appearance then I would say, she is an average looking female clearly above 40, wear only sarees, 5’ 6”, bit dusky in complexion with bit of stains over her cheeks with dark brown expressive eyes. Like I said physically she is just like Milfs we see in porn movies, big breasts, fleshy thighs with a round, fleshy and jutting out ass and a prominent belly.

She is Soft spoken and reserved in nature, though mostly she speak Hindi but she has very rich style of talking, glow of her face reflects that she is born and brought up in royal comforts and I believe that was the only thing which attracted me to her; her overall style and way of talking.

Anyway moving back to incident, my wife stayed with me for around 10 days, she settled down my house with the help of Radha Bhabhi’s servants and in this span we had couple of teas with Radha Bhabhi in the evening and a day before my wife was going back home Radha Bhabhi invited us for the dinner.

Since then anyhow I cannot say I could sense Radha Bhabhi’s intentions for me, she always addressed me Bhaiya, which means brother and always behaved like she use to behave except last evening when while having dinner I saw her looking into my eyes, but with zero expressions.

She was aware that from next day onwards once again I will be alone and I believe she was trying reading me as a person; whether she should approach me or not. Whatever without thinking much about her way of looking into my eyes I continued leading my life from next day onwards and somehow or another through her servants Radha Bhabhi continued showing me her concern in my life.

Many times her servant came and asked me if I need anything and couple of times she also called me to say that if I want, her servants can cook food for me too. I was unaware of her intentions; I was considering all that her generosity and every time saying thanks for showing concern in my comfort I casually said no to it.

And on one fine weekend evening she invited me for the dinner. It was a Saturday evening and I reached to her flat around seven and to my surprise Radha Bhabhi was having a drink. She was having Vodka and saying hello to me she asked me what would I like to have, initially I denied for anything like that but as she insisted I too accepted to have Vodka.

I believe she was already two or three drinks ahead when I finished my first and she asked me if I want to have one more. I totally denied for that and she made one more for herself. Since then conversation we were doing was all casual, initially she took knowhow of my wife and later told me that Ruchi; her daughter has gone to stay with her grandparents and cousins of her age and she stayed here because she prefer living alone.

But after starting her, whatever third or fourth drink she tried justifying her drinking, she said that she does not want to drink but she drink because up to an extent drinking kills her depression and relaxes her brain and I casually accepted that.

TV was on and I was trying watching whatever was running on the screen but Radha Bhabhi was looking at me, she was sitting on the other couch on my right but instead of television her sight was again and again coming to me. From her facial expressions I could make out that Radha Bhabhi wanted to say something but ultimately she remained silent and staring at me.

I was feeling strange and uneasy but could not do anything. Soon a call for dinner gave me relief but just for few minutes, servant came to inform that dinner is served and we moved to dining table. We sat down opposite to each other and Radha Bhabhi continued reflecting same gesture, she was drunk;

it was evident in her eyes and without speaking out much she was staring at my face, possibly to read me; and her way of looking into my eyes continued increasing my uneasiness. I tried focusing on the food but I failed and again and again looked up at her face and couple of times smiled when I raised my eyes to her face.

All this continued till our dinner came to an end and she asked me if I would like to have hot coffee. I thought about saying no to it and going back to my flat but don’t know why I said yes to it, maybe deep inside I was also enjoying whatever was happening, because of Radha Bhabhi’s behavior I was getting aroused and feeling mild hardness over my Penis,

I was trying getting glimpse of heaviness of her breasts from sideways which were mostly covered under Pallu of her saree. Anyway we came to living area again and Radha Bhabhi ordered her servant for the coffee and in continuation told that guy to leave after serving the coffee.

Finally coffee also got served, servant made two mugs, I picked up mine but Radha Bhabhi did not had even a sip. TV was on and without doing much of conversation most of the time we both were looking at the screen. Soon servant came again after winding up the kitchen and asked her if he can leave and she said yes to it.

Female servant who uses to stay with them in the same flat was gone with her daughter and now just we two were left in the house. I casually asked her why she is not having coffee and she said that she do not want to have it, it was an informal reply and I would have accepted that easily without asking anything further but in continuation Radha Bhabhi added that coffee will vanish effect of alcohol and she is enjoying feeling of being drunk.

She smiled bit sarcastically while saying that and then added alcohol is an only way out of her loneliness and then prayed to god not give such an incomplete life to anyone. It was awkward with a kind of reserved nature she was having, I believe she wanted to open the subject of her life with me, above that it was evident in her voice and way of speaking that she is trying to gain some sympathy from me,

even I wanted to ask why she does not marry again but I remained silent with an obvious hesitation. Finally I finished my coffee and now my exit was obvious, after putting the mug on the central table of the living room I stayed for few minutes and finally asked her if I can go.

Radha Bhabhi accepted but her facial expressions were clearly saying that she wants to say something but ultimately she failed to utter anything and just started into my eyes for few seconds without a flick; until I moved my vision from her face and got up to go. She tried to get up but very next instant sat down again, I don’t know if it was real or she was pretending that she is dozy.

I reflected concern and asked her if she is alright and she said that she is fine. She asked me for the support by raising her arm and I gave her that and casually told her to take care and sleep peacefully and she once again spoke out something which was said with pure intentions to reveal her loneliness and draw my attention in her life,

she said that she has never slept peacefully from years and in continuation said that she might sleep on the couch only and that is without changing. Once again her gave me hint about her intentions, I wanted to approach her but I too failed to gather courage and moved from there. Radha Bhabhi walked till the door to see me off and we wished goodnight to each other.

I came back to my flat and no need to say that deep inside I was aroused like hell, suddenly Radha Bhabhi was appealing me sexually like no other female appealed me in my past. Her urge for manly love was evident into her eyes and over her gesture and for me it was very arousing and I wanted to satisfy her.

Since then I have always liked females of good figure, not thin but also not like Radha Bhabhi but suddenly my perception of sexy female was changed, hunger for sex in Radha Bhabhi’s eyes and over all gesture was driving me crazy and just in few minutes I started visualizing myself fucking her in my most desired posture.

This is also true that after whatever happened just then I was very much sure that sooner or later I will be fucking her and this fact was not letting me calm down, along with being hard over my Penis I was feeling strange rapture deep inside my soul and I was charged to masturbate in the night but Radha Bhabhi was much more restless than me, she needed a fuck from me more than her life and on the same night.

After coming back to my flat after changing into lose pajama like I always use to do I called my wife casually, she was not at all aware of my dinner with Radha Bhabhi and I did not gave her even of a hint of that. Like every wife she asked me what did I had in dinner and I lied that I have eaten out. I was in the middle of romancing my wife when I sensed a call waiting in the middle.

I saw and it was none other than Radha Bhabhi. I calmly continued talking to my wife and without reflecting any expressions of hurry and ended my conversation with her within 5 minutes and called back Radha Bhabhi. Her phone was switched off now, I tried 2-3 times but it came up with same announcement.

I believe somehow overcoming her hesitation she called me to talk to me but as she found my numbed busy and she could guess that I will be talking to my wife she stepped back from trying talking to me. But fire was lit inside me, I could not hold myself and I ranged her door bell apparently to ask her why she was calling me.

Radha Bhabhi unbolted the door; wearing a long gown of a soft and rich looks tied with a belt around her waist she was standing in front of me. She looked into my eyes with a serious gesture. I casually asked her “aapne phone kiya tha…?” means you called me…? She was uneasy, her heart was pounding, her facial expressions were telling her mental state,

I could also see sign of sweat over her forehead, she wanted to speak but she could not, she was scared but she was willing and she just continued looking into my eyes without a flick, possibly with a hope that I will understand her demand. I asked her “aap theek ho na….?” means are you alright, and she moved her head in yes and finally uttered with a choked voice,

“please aap andar aa jaaiye” she told me to get into the house and I moved bit in. Instead of walking in I stood close to the entrance and Radha Bhabhi turned to close the door, intentionally she was slow and took long to bolt the door from inside,

I was there and I believe now she was thinking what to do now she wanted to express her feeling but she didn’t knew how and after bolting the door she slowly turned and looked into my eyes for few seconds. I knew what all she needs and what all ultimately was about to happen,

I was prepared for that and if Radha Bhabhi would have stayed silent like that for few more seconds then certainly I would have approached her but eventually she collected all her courage and instead of saying anything hugged me with all her strength.

Cat was out of the bag now and there was nothing which was needed to say. I too wrapped my arms around her and hugged her while rubbing my hand over her back. She was desperate and needed sex like anything and as I wrapped my arms around her she puffed in relief and hugged me harder and before I would have thought what’s next she kissed me on my cheek.

Her eyes were closed and breath was hot and Radha Bhabhi just went on kissing me like that, she brushed her wet lips over my skin and just in few seconds she was aroused like hell. I responded back to her love making equally well and kissed her entire face with my wet lips and along with her pleasure puffs Radha Bhabh’s grip over my body also increased.

For any male, getting loved by a starved female like Radha Bhabhi is a matter of sheer luck; anyhow I cannot expect that level of desperation for sex from my wife. Just in few seconds leaving all her ethics and values Radha Bhabhi started unbuttoning my shirt and opening couple moved her hands over my chest and kissed me there to feel a man after a long time.

“Chaliye bedroom mein chalte hain” means let’s go to the bedroom, Radha Bhabhi spoke that with a choked voice, without looking at my face, and saying “mere pass condoms hain…main le aata hun” I came up with thought of getting condoms from my flat but Radha denied for that by saying “nahi…ab kahin matt jaaiye” she was dying to get me and we both moved to her bedroom.

Like I said Radha Bhabhi was very rich and her bedroom was reflecting her financial status. Apart from beautiful interior her bed was huge with a spongy mattress and as I saw that I went through rapture with a thought that in a moment I will fuck Radha Bhabhi on this bed.

“hum abhi aate hain….” Saying that she will be back in a moment Radha Bhabhi left me to use the washroom and came back after couple of minutes. I was getting harder and harder with every passing second and after she came out I too used the washroom and eventually came out.

Radha Bhabhi was waiting for me and in hesitant voice spoke that she knows whatever she doing is wrong and if I don’t feel like doing then I can step back and her words were “Bhaiya humen maalom hai jo hum kar rahe hain wo galat hai…. agar aapko theek nahi lag raha to rahne do” and I replied while saying “I don’t think you are anything wrong…and I also want to do it….”

My words brought mild smile over Radha Bhabhi’s face and she moved ahead and once again hugged me. Oh…wow I could feel Radha Bhabhi’s desperation for a male in her hug and I moved my hand over her back and reached to her ass mounds. They were so big and fleshy, I clenched soft flesh of her ass in my hand tenderly and Radha Bhabhi puffed in pleasure.

“Bhaiya, humen pyar kariye…………jo marzi kariye humare saath” Radha Bhabhi was gripping me harder and feeling my body deeply and her voice was getting dense. I too hugged her nicely, gripped her hard from her back with one hand and with the other I was holding her ass mound. “aao bed par chalte hain….” This time I spoke and we parted from hugging posture.

We looked at each other and I saw Radha Bhabhi’s face turning red in shyness. Extending my hand to her waist I pulled the knot which was holding her gown and in a moment took out her from her arms. Underneath she was wearing blouse and petticoat, making a deep cleavage her breasts were swollen and jutting out in excitement,

her petticoat was tight over her lower half and I could clearly make out the flesh she was having over her thighs and wide ass. As I removed her gown Radha Bhabhi moved bit forwards to me and unbuttoned my remaining buttons and I took off my shirt.

Radha Bhabhi was getting restless now and holding my wrist she tenderly pulled me to the bed and next moment we were buried in the middle of the spongy bed. While being on my top and crushing me under her weight Radha Bhabhi kissed me all around my face and eventually kissed me over my lips.

I instantly opened my lips to give her way and in a moment she explored my entire mouth with her tongue. She released her saliva in my mouth and sucked my tongue nicely, for a moment I somewhat got unconscious in her lovemaking but soon I responded back to her kiss and I also explored her mouth.

Excitement was rising, along with mild alcohol I was getting taste of her lipstick, with that her body odor was driving me crazy. I was feeling softness of her massive milks over my chest as while kissing me she was resting her entire weight over me. Soon our kiss broke and Radha Bhabhi once again started kissing me tenderly all around my face and bare skin of my chest.

I was moaning in pleasure of getting seduced by a female who was more than 10 years elder than me and starved for sex since long. For a moment Radha Bhabhi looked into my eyes, she wanted say something but she was hesitating, I looked back into her eyes and eventually asked her what happened? “kya hua?” and she came up with her desire,

“Bhaiya aap apne haathon se humare kapde kholiye” she needed me to take off her clothes and I got up to do that. I extended my hand to her melons and started unhooking her blouse. Radha Bhabhi’s breath was getting heavier and heavier,

I was also feeling bit nervous and that is why for a moment I failed unhook her blouse but as I succeeded in unhooking first hook of her blouse it went down quickly and with in one more minute Radha Bhabhi was sitting in front of me with an opened blouse. Her massive breasts were caged in tight white color Bra and they were much fairer than her skin color.

She took out her blouse from her arms and moved ahead and lifted my undershirt and took it out from my arms. She hugged me again and this time it was better, I was bare chest and she was just wearing BRA and most of our skin was touching. Radha Bhabhi somewhat tried to crush her milks with my naked chest and puffed in strange voice and spoke again,

“Bhaiya… pyar kariye humen….nahi to hum mar jaayenge” she was dying to get sexual pleasure and I hugged her, I wrapped my arms around her back and felt hook of her bra, and that was the only thing left on her upper half. “khol deejiye…. issko bhi…” Radha Bhabhi told me to unhook her bra as well.

Her Bra was tight and she breathing heavy I struggled a bit to unhook her bra without looking at it, Radha Bhabhi was holding me firmly without showing any hurry, her breath was rising and she was puffing in pleasure, as my hands were moving on her bare back while trying unhooking her bra strange sensation was passing through her body.

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Shilpi having sexy fun with boyfriend at Mall

This story is about a sexual encounter between me and Shilpi. We both are students in a reputed college in Potheri. We stay at the university hostel. Shilpi is really hot, fair, nice tits and an excellent ass. The one disappointment is in her height. She is a tad on shorter side. Her stats being 32-26-34.

I first saw her during the auditions for the fashion show in our college. The way she swayed her ass and her attitude was killer and had every boy falling for her. She is a rich spoilt girl from Delhi. Turns out we both got selected for the fashion show for the house Prithvi. It was an open theme.

And the house captain selected a theme of contrast, turns out the theme proved to be really lucky for me. The captain wanted everything to be in contrast so she paired her with me due to contrast in our heights. Then we were asked to select our costumes. As it was an open theme we could select any costume as long as contrast factor was maintained within the pair.

This is when we 1st spoke to each other to discuss our costumes. I decided we should hit the mall and checkout the latest designs. The easiest route to the famous mall was via train. We decided to take the 11 am train. Unluckily the train was very much crowded and we didn’t get any seat to sit so we had to stand and travel.

As the train passed coming stations, the train started filling and we came close to each other and at one point I was literally pressed onto Shilpi. She did not particularly seem to like it but made no attempts to separate. Then I held her by the waist with my free hand and she looked up and gave a smile.

At this point she got comfortable and I pressed her close to me her breast pressing just above my stomach and feeling each others privates below. We talked normally and this is when I got to show she already has a boyfriend in Delhi but doesn’t like him much.

After some talks I planted a kiss on her lips in the train but as the train was very crowded no one else realized what happened and she smiled me back and sort of hugged me. At last we got out of the train and proceeded towards the mall.

At the mall I bought her lunch and proceeded to shop for costumes. By now we had become really comfortable and were walking like couples. Then we entered a store and selected our dresses. She had also picked up a pair of lingerie for herself and went to trial room. After a minute she called for me and cautiously entered the changing room.

She was in her jeans with her top removed and in her bra. She her like that I jumped at her and started kissing her wildly and pressed her to the walls. She started undressing me and I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed it down. I was in my jeans and she in her inner-wears. She removed my jeans kissing all the while.

Then I broke the kiss and gave sensual kisses all along her throat and neck area. She started moaning slowly and had wrapped her hands around me. I then went to her cleavage and kissed her there. Then I unhooked her bra and she removed it of her herself and gave me the view of her extremely fair breasts with brownish-pink nipples.

I wasted no time and started sucking her breasts taking her entire breast into my mouth one by one and sucking it wildly while mending the other breast with my hand. After 5 mins of devouring her tasty breast I proceeded downwards licking my way all the way down removed her panties and licking her thinly haired vagina Occasionally fingering it.

After 3 mins of sucking her she pulled me up and gave a soft kiss and moved downwards and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked it nicely to my content and even licked it all around and wrapped her tongue around my dick. The view was really turning me on and her small sucks on my balls were taking me to my climax.

I pulled her up and slowly started inserting my dick in her vagina and gave slow thrusts and kissed her full on the lips. Slowly I increased my speed and gave medium thrusts and felt her vagina tighten suddenly she begining to gasp for air reaching her climax. I continued thrusting her and reached my climax as well in the next couple of minutes.

We then had a wild prolonged kiss then dressed ourselves and got out of the changing room finished our shopping and proceeded on our way back to college. We then gave small soft kisses to each other and proceeded to our hostels dreaming of many more sexual encounters.

More such encounters between me and Shilpi during the next practice sessions and also casual meets to pleasure ourselves and many other girls from the university to be followed. Please your comments below.

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Lata enjoying sex with office colleague Jairaj

Hi, I am Jairaj from Mumbai. This story is about my friend Lata. She has brown complexion, her height was about 5’6 ft her figure was 34 30 36, her ass was awesome I just loved it. It happen last 4 years back, I met her through my 1st girlfriend as Lata was her office colleague. Initially me and Lata was used to just know each other, but after break up with my 1st girl friend,

I met Lata again and it was coincidence. We exchange our number, then after few days later she called me and then we used to talk daily for hours. After six month she proposed me but don’t know y first I reject her said that I dont have feelings for her more than friend. Days passed and again Lata called me and asked me to meet at coffee shop and their I accepted her proposal.

In between I got a friendship with her younger sister Harsha also as sometym she used to pick her phone. Me & lata we met several time at Juhu, or garden near In orbit mall or at Aarey Garden but I didnt do anything only used to hug each other. Then the day came where we got intimate in sex, Me and my family went to Vasai for family function & I left early from there on my bike.

I already confirmed that my mom,dad & brother will be coming late in night so when I was reaching home I called Lata & asked her to meet me. I picked her & took her to my place. I made her comfortable at sofa & closed the door. Then I came closed to her and kissed her on cheek, I kept kissing her cheek one by one and then I kissed her lips it was small kiss

but yes her lips was tasty and then I took a long french kiss & slowly came to her neck, ears, and everywhere on her face, almost 15 minutes I was kissing and my hand goes to her shirt 1st button and slowly slowly while kissing I removed all the button of her shirt.

Then I came down kissing her front part of boobs over her bra, she was in black bra, I was squeezing her boobs and also trying to remove her bra strap but she was stopping me and calling my name no plssssss nooooooo I was kissing hard and the I take out her left boob out from her bra and put her nipple in mouth and kept on sucking.

She was shouting like hell as it was first time that someone is sucking her nipple and then one by one I sucked her both nipples for about 20/30 minutes just to make her hot. After then I came to her belly sucked her & I was rolling my tongue around her belly also deeping my tongue inside her belly, while doing this I removed the button of her jeans & slowly put it down and touched her pussy over the panty.

Wow what a great feeling it was, her panty was wet and it hairy. I came down and kissed her pussy and smelled it. I was in heaven, slowly removed her panty and then started sucking her pussy she was like in hell shouting my name and snatching my back pushing my head back but I was not listening & then after 5/10 minutes she has the big climax.

Then I removed my hard cock and slowly slowly tried to insert in her wet pussy, it was difficult but yes it went inside and I felt so hot in their, then I started my pace from slow to fast she was yelling my name and her moans was so louder that I have to increase the volume my TV. Yes but after 10 minutes of we again had climax.

Then we washed ourselves & I asked to stay nude as I like to watch her naked at home her boobs were dangling here and there her ass was moving like 61/62. Then I took her to bed and asked her to suck my dick but she said she wont like it and then I closed her eyes with blind fold & applied the honey on my dick & also on my lips and kissed her deeply,

slowly slowly took her mouth to my dick and touched her lips with tip of my dick, ohhh god what the hell the feeling was I couldn’t control myself & slowly slowly pushed my dick inside her mouth, I was like in heaven whenever her lips touched the tip of my dick I go crazy and just keep on pushing inside her mouth, & also kissed her two three times wow what a kiss that was,

after then I took the 69 position as I also want to take her pussy lips in my mouth, then after some hard sucking I cummed in her mouth and outside also. Then we took rest for half n hour we had some snacks, then after rest again I took her in missionary position and started pushing my dick to and fro.

It was all hard again inside her pussy so I used oil to insert this time as it was paining her, then I sucked her nipple hard and also again I suck her juicy pussy to make wet & then started stroking her slowly & increased my paced faster as she was also making noise to go me faster more faster her moans was making me crazy I just keep on humping her faster as there was no end

after about 5/10 minutes we both got exhausted and we fell in each other arms for some time. Then she changed herself and id roped her to her place for the day. After then we had sex many time at my place and sometimes at Lodge. Also I Had sex with her younger sister…that I will narrate some other time…

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Meera seduced and fucked by John

Hey everyone. I’ve been reading stories on this site for a few weeks now, and decided to give it a shot. I was studying in Bangalore for about 5 years. I loved the city, and found that most people there were more Western oriented than the other parts of India I’d been to. I’m 6 feet tall, about 75 kgs. I’ve been told I’m handsome on more than one occasion, but what do I know.

My cock is a decent 7 inches. I include a lot of foreplay in my stories, so feel free to skip ahead if that doesn’t amuse you. Anyways, let’s get down to business. For the sake of this story, I’ll call myself John, and the lady involved, Meera. (Fake names) Meera was my neighbor in the apartment complex I was living at. I’ll start with the day I met her.

It was just another regular day back from the gym, when I entered the lift to my concerned floor. Just as the doors were shutting, I saw a lady dragging a luggage bag, and trying to run (barely managing) towards the lift. I instinctively held the door for her, and she looked at me and smiled, not saying much else. “Which floor did you want to go to?” I asked, trying to be polite.

“6th please”, came the answer. Coincidentally, it was the same floor as mine. Since I knew most of the inhabitants on that floor, with only two apartments or so being empty, I decided to make some small talk. “Visiting friends?” “No” she said, “I’m moving in here with my husband.” “Oh I guess that makes us neighbors then. I’m John”, I say, extending my hand.

She shook it, extremely delicately, while smiling politely. Her face had a serene beauty to it. She looked innocent, shy, but extremely cute. One could never tell that she was 39 years old (which I found out later). Her figure was surprisingly well maintained. Beautiful curves in all the right places, but no protruding pot belly.

I like a woman with a bit of meat on her bones, and she was perfect in every way. Lucky husband, I thought. As the elevator doors opened, I saw her struggling with her bag. “Allow me” I said, while taking the bag. It was a bit heavy, and I saw why she was having a tough time with it. I dragged it to her room. She opened up the room, and I left it inside.

“I’ll leave you to it then. If you need any help, I live right down the hall” I told her with a smile. “I hate to ask, but could you help me with the rest of my bags? They’re downstairs.” She said, almost embarrassed to ask. I agreed happily, and took the elevator down with her. Through the successive to and fro trips, we made some casual small talk and broke the ice.

She moved from Mumbai, for her job. But her husband and child couldn’t join her. After moving in her stuff, she invited me for some tea. I accepted, talked for a bit more, with no sinister motive. I left later on, and she was much more open than we first met. Meera and I continued to run into each other over the month. We made small talk, just polite stuff, nothing more.

She invited me to dinner a few times, and I did as well to return the courtesy. Back then, I didn’t know if she had some other motive in mind, but I just went with the flow, and assumed I was just being a friendly neighbor. I met her family when they came to visit, and overall they seemed like really good people.

Things were going well, and she started showing me her true self, a bit mischievous, joking, and all around fun loving woman. A couple of months had passed since we first met. This is when things started getting a bit heated up. Meera and I were quite close by now. I would go into her place after a long day, and she would cook for me.

We would go out for movies when she really wanted to see one. Just small gestures, to make her feel more at home. One day, after watching a movie, Meera said, “John, I haven’t had a drink in forever. Can we go out for a beer?” I was a bit surprised, but I agreed. Always up for a beer after all. We went to Brigade road, into one of the pubs.

We had drinks, and we were having a really great time, making jokes, laughing and such. She was touching me a lot more than usual, but I just assumed it was because she was tipsy. Eventually, the waiter came with the bill. “Can I get you or your partner anything else?” he asked. “Oh she’s just a friend. And no, that’ll be all.”

I said with a smile. As I said this, I noticed a slight crestfallen look on her face, but she recovered just as quickly. We decided to go back by metro, since the metro stopped close enough to our building. The metro was a bit crowded, and we had to stand. Meera hadn’t said as much since we left the pub.

She faced away from me, and we both just tried to find a comfortable standing position in the crowd. As the metro kept moving, I noticed that she slowly crept towards me. When the train stopped at one station, the jolt just knocked her right into me. But even though she could’ve moved if she wanted to she stayed there.

By this time, the crowd had thinned down a lot. Her perky tight ass was resting right on my groin. The thought of which, and the beers I had before, gave me a small boner. As the train kept moving, I felt her grinding on my cock, in rhythm to the train. It was fairly obvious that she could feel it. I noticed that her breathing had gotten shorter and deeper as well.

Eventually, we got to our stop, and went to our apartment. She pretended like nothing happened, but there was clearly some sexual tension in the elevator. As she reached her apartment, she looked at me and said, “Want to come in for a coffee?” Now, I would never take advantage of a drunk woman, so I said, “I’m sorry Meera, but I need to be up early tomorrow. But we’ll hang out soon! Gnight.”

“Gnight”, she said with a weak smile, and a look of disappointment. We didn’t really talk for a week after that, which was unlike us. Then one day, we ran into each other in the hall. “Hey! I haven’t seen you in forever!” I saw, moving in for a small hug. “Sorry, I’ve just been super busy”, she said, with a tone of disinterest.

After the regular, “How’s it going, how’s work” and all that, I said, “Well we have’nt had dinner together in a while. Are you doing anything tomorrow?” She hesitated a bit, before saying, “No, why dont you come over and I can cook something?” “Sounds great! See you then tiger!” I said, and left her to it.

Now, I should say, that every time I saw Meera’s tight ass, I wanted to fuck her on the spot. But I just couldn’t take advantage of a drunk woman. So it’s not like I didn’t want things to happen, the circumstances just weren’t right. The following night, dinner was a bit silent. We had the regular small talk, and then I decided to bring up the night of the pub. “It was fun right?” I asked.

She nodded, with a weak smile. “Yeah, we were both pretty wasted I think.” I said. Then, out of nowhere, she asks, “Why were you so quick to dismiss that we weren’t a couple to the waiter? Am I not attractive enough?” I was a bit taken aback. I stuttered, “What?..No, wait…what?” “Never mind.” she said, and quietly ate her food.

Things got a bit awkward after that, as we finished our meals, in almost dead silence. She got up to do the dishes, and turned her back to me. I weighed my options, but all I could see was that tight ass, protruding from her skirt. And I absolutely LOVE a woman in a skirt.I crept up behind her, and rested my semi erect dick on her ass crack, and hugged her from behind.

She gasped, but didn’t do anything to stop me. “The only reason I said that, was because you’re married, and I didn’t want to do anything that you didn’t want.” She turned around to look at me. “I’ve wanted you, since the moment I met you” before lunging in for a passionate kiss. I was a bit surprised, but kissed her back, slowly.

We moved to the sofa, where she automatically sat on my lap, crossing her legs around me. My hands went under her shirt, and started to feel her bare skin. We’d barely begun, and this woman started to grind against my cock. The most silent women, are the wildest ones in bed. My free hand slowly started to creep up her skirt, onto her inner thighs. “Ohhh”, she moaned.

I love a woman who moans. My other hand grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. I started to suck on her neck, while my hand started to slowly rub her inner thighs. “Fuck, John, you’re driving me crazy.” I bit her neck gently, causing her to moan louder, and grind against me harder. My free hand took off her shirt, and I found that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She must’ve planned this all along! I kissed her boob lightly, and then started to run circles around her nipple with my tongue, never touching it. This was driving her crazy. “Oh just suck it already, please”, she cried. Eventually, I gave in and started to suck on her nipple. She let out a relieved sigh. My other hand finally reached her panties, and by this point, it was soaking wet.

She shuddered as I reached it, and I slowly pressed her pussy from the outside, while sucking her nipple. She started to moan like a bitch on heat. My cock was almost bursting out of my pants. After continuing this for a while, I picked her up by her ass, with her legs around me. While still making out furiously, we moved to the bed room. I threw her onto the bed.

She’d awoken the animal in me. In one swift motion, I removed all my clothes.She was just wearing her skirt at this point, as she managed to remove her panties while I undressed. I grabbed her leg, and slowly started to suck on her toes. I moved all the way up to her calf, kissing all the way. Slowly, I worked my way upto her inner thighs.

As I drew closer to her pussy, she was moaning louder, and bucking her hips. “OOooooohh you’re such a tease” she moaned. Just before licking her pussy, I moved straight past it. I moved over to her belly button, and started to suck on it. The juices dripping from her pussy and left a wet patch on the bed.

“Please lick me baby, please” she literally started to cry. Eventually, I gave her wet, soaking pussy one long lick. She shuddered and trembled, and I think she had a mini orgasm right there. I started to suck on her pussy, flicking my tongue and out. My thumb started to run circles around her clit, never touching it. “OH AH OH OH AH” was all that could be heard.

“DONT STOP, PLEASE DONT FUCKING STOP” she screamed. I wouldn’t stop even if she wanted me to. Her thighs were holding my head in place. I felt her pussy contract and I knew she would be cumming soon. I immediately started to press on her clit, while furiously slurping her.

“I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed and started to squirt from her pussy. I didnt stop licking, and continued to drink all her delicious pussy juice. She was shaking like she was having a seizure, her eyes had rolled back, and I only intensified her orgasm.

After a while, I let her settle down, and she was still shaking, tears streaming down her face. “I’ve never cum like that in my whole life” she said, and I felt a little bit of pride. I then took my 7 inch dick, and plopped it on her drenched pussy lips. She moaned a bit more, and it wasn’t even in! I slowly rubbed it on her lips, teasing her. “You want this?” I asked, teasingly. “Oh god fuck yes” she whimpered.

“Tell me how much you want it” I say, still not giving in. “Fuck I’ll do anything, just fuck me, make me your little bitch, please, give me that cock.” she whimpered, trying to pull my cock in. I shoved the whole of my cock in all at once. She jolted up, her mouth wide open, breathless. I slowly pulled it out, and she screamed again. I now slowly started to pump her in a rhythm.

This woman was talking all sorts of dirty. “Yes, fuck my pussy, just like that” and it only spurred me on. I moved in to suck on her delicious milky tits as I continued to ram her. “OOOOOHHH”, came the response.

With every thrust I went a little harder, and a little deeper. I kept thrusting her, and I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my cock. “AH AH AHHHHHHHH” she screamed, as she again started to shock, this time with my cock in her, her eyes rolled back, barely catching her breath. I pulled my cock out, but I wasn’t done yet.

I flipped her around and made her stay in the doggy position. She had barely finished her orgasm, and I started to fuck her again, from behind. This is my favorite position, as it gives me a lot of control. I started to fuck her harder and faster.

I grabbed her head by her hair, and yanked it back. I was riding her like a horse. I spanked that tight ass, once and then twice. She was crying, screaming, moaning, everything I could think of. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY WHORE I AM”, her dirty talk only kept me going. “Cum in me, I’m on the pill” she said through the gaps.

I felt my cum building, so I shifted back to missionary. I started pumping as fast I could now and she was screaming as loud as she could. “DONT STOP!!! FUCK, ALMOST THERE….I’M…I’M CUMMING!!!!” she started to go into orgasm mode again, and I released my cum as well.

I couldn’t stop the rhythm, as the warm wet fluid inside her only sent her into deeper pleasures. I stopped slowly, and lay down next to her. “Fuck, this has been the best night of my life” she said. “The best night of your life so far.” I said with a smile.

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