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Guy fucking sex starved widow Radha bhabhi - I

Radha Bhabhi is clearly above forty, easily more than 10 years elder than me. She is a rich widow; sophisticated woman with lot of style. Physically she is good in height and average in looks with a body structure of a typical MILF.

I believe after her husband’s sudden demise she never came in touch of any male with whom she could think of getting on bed for sexual pleasure and it was her strong urge for physical love which made her to trying getting close to me and ultimately she confronted with me on the bed to tranquilize her sexual urge.

Trying writing from the beginning I would say I was new to the town and also to the apartment with a new job and Radha Bhabhi was living on the same floor at the farthest end of the corridor. While I was living alone I did not saw her much, hardly once or twice on her door step but through reception guy and few other service men of the apartment;

like plumber and all she very well knew who I am, I mean my name and from where I actually belong. She never tried to talk to me for around one month; until one day when my wife arrived to the town to settle the house and the kitchen. That day when I reached back home from my work place my flat was locked and my wife Deepali was in Radha Bhabhi’s flat.

I called her( my wife) to know exactly where is she and Radha Bhabhi came out of her flat and called me addressing me Bhaiya. That was first time I met her face to face; I entered in her flat after a formal Namastey and soon tea got served.

Time passed with a casual conversation, through my wife by now she was aware of most of the things and she asked me few things about my work and ultimately I and my wife came back to our place. Later my wife told me few things about Radha Bhabhi; that she is widow,

her husband died in a road accident 4-5 years back and she belongs to a very rich family who is actually living in a sort of villa on the farthest end of the town and in continuation told me that she is living here because her daughter who was actually in 10th standard does not concentrate on studies when she lives with her grand-parents and rest of the family.

Everything was casual, my wife was telling me and I was listening her, that instant anyhow I could not visualize myself fucking Radha Bhabhi in future but it happened and it happened hardly after a couple of weeks from my wife’s departure from the town to our native place. I am not saying that I am saint and I do not look females with that perspective,

I do but in first glance sexually I did not got attracted to her at all, neither Radha Bhabhi reflected any such gesture while talking to me throughout the time we had tea, but yes I was impressed with a style she was talking to us and to the servants of the house; it was royal and classy.

Here if I will try explaining Radha Bhabhi’s facial and physical appearance then I would say, she is an average looking female clearly above 40, wear only sarees, 5’ 6”, bit dusky in complexion with bit of stains over her cheeks with dark brown expressive eyes. Like I said physically she is just like Milfs we see in porn movies, big breasts, fleshy thighs with a round, fleshy and jutting out ass and a prominent belly.

She is Soft spoken and reserved in nature, though mostly she speak Hindi but she has very rich style of talking, glow of her face reflects that she is born and brought up in royal comforts and I believe that was the only thing which attracted me to her; her overall style and way of talking.

Anyway moving back to incident, my wife stayed with me for around 10 days, she settled down my house with the help of Radha Bhabhi’s servants and in this span we had couple of teas with Radha Bhabhi in the evening and a day before my wife was going back home Radha Bhabhi invited us for the dinner.

Since then anyhow I cannot say I could sense Radha Bhabhi’s intentions for me, she always addressed me Bhaiya, which means brother and always behaved like she use to behave except last evening when while having dinner I saw her looking into my eyes, but with zero expressions.

She was aware that from next day onwards once again I will be alone and I believe she was trying reading me as a person; whether she should approach me or not. Whatever without thinking much about her way of looking into my eyes I continued leading my life from next day onwards and somehow or another through her servants Radha Bhabhi continued showing me her concern in my life.

Many times her servant came and asked me if I need anything and couple of times she also called me to say that if I want, her servants can cook food for me too. I was unaware of her intentions; I was considering all that her generosity and every time saying thanks for showing concern in my comfort I casually said no to it.

And on one fine weekend evening she invited me for the dinner. It was a Saturday evening and I reached to her flat around seven and to my surprise Radha Bhabhi was having a drink. She was having Vodka and saying hello to me she asked me what would I like to have, initially I denied for anything like that but as she insisted I too accepted to have Vodka.

I believe she was already two or three drinks ahead when I finished my first and she asked me if I want to have one more. I totally denied for that and she made one more for herself. Since then conversation we were doing was all casual, initially she took knowhow of my wife and later told me that Ruchi; her daughter has gone to stay with her grandparents and cousins of her age and she stayed here because she prefer living alone.

But after starting her, whatever third or fourth drink she tried justifying her drinking, she said that she does not want to drink but she drink because up to an extent drinking kills her depression and relaxes her brain and I casually accepted that.

TV was on and I was trying watching whatever was running on the screen but Radha Bhabhi was looking at me, she was sitting on the other couch on my right but instead of television her sight was again and again coming to me. From her facial expressions I could make out that Radha Bhabhi wanted to say something but ultimately she remained silent and staring at me.

I was feeling strange and uneasy but could not do anything. Soon a call for dinner gave me relief but just for few minutes, servant came to inform that dinner is served and we moved to dining table. We sat down opposite to each other and Radha Bhabhi continued reflecting same gesture, she was drunk;

it was evident in her eyes and without speaking out much she was staring at my face, possibly to read me; and her way of looking into my eyes continued increasing my uneasiness. I tried focusing on the food but I failed and again and again looked up at her face and couple of times smiled when I raised my eyes to her face.

All this continued till our dinner came to an end and she asked me if I would like to have hot coffee. I thought about saying no to it and going back to my flat but don’t know why I said yes to it, maybe deep inside I was also enjoying whatever was happening, because of Radha Bhabhi’s behavior I was getting aroused and feeling mild hardness over my Penis,

I was trying getting glimpse of heaviness of her breasts from sideways which were mostly covered under Pallu of her saree. Anyway we came to living area again and Radha Bhabhi ordered her servant for the coffee and in continuation told that guy to leave after serving the coffee.

Finally coffee also got served, servant made two mugs, I picked up mine but Radha Bhabhi did not had even a sip. TV was on and without doing much of conversation most of the time we both were looking at the screen. Soon servant came again after winding up the kitchen and asked her if he can leave and she said yes to it.

Female servant who uses to stay with them in the same flat was gone with her daughter and now just we two were left in the house. I casually asked her why she is not having coffee and she said that she do not want to have it, it was an informal reply and I would have accepted that easily without asking anything further but in continuation Radha Bhabhi added that coffee will vanish effect of alcohol and she is enjoying feeling of being drunk.

She smiled bit sarcastically while saying that and then added alcohol is an only way out of her loneliness and then prayed to god not give such an incomplete life to anyone. It was awkward with a kind of reserved nature she was having, I believe she wanted to open the subject of her life with me, above that it was evident in her voice and way of speaking that she is trying to gain some sympathy from me,

even I wanted to ask why she does not marry again but I remained silent with an obvious hesitation. Finally I finished my coffee and now my exit was obvious, after putting the mug on the central table of the living room I stayed for few minutes and finally asked her if I can go.

Radha Bhabhi accepted but her facial expressions were clearly saying that she wants to say something but ultimately she failed to utter anything and just started into my eyes for few seconds without a flick; until I moved my vision from her face and got up to go. She tried to get up but very next instant sat down again, I don’t know if it was real or she was pretending that she is dozy.

I reflected concern and asked her if she is alright and she said that she is fine. She asked me for the support by raising her arm and I gave her that and casually told her to take care and sleep peacefully and she once again spoke out something which was said with pure intentions to reveal her loneliness and draw my attention in her life,

she said that she has never slept peacefully from years and in continuation said that she might sleep on the couch only and that is without changing. Once again her gave me hint about her intentions, I wanted to approach her but I too failed to gather courage and moved from there. Radha Bhabhi walked till the door to see me off and we wished goodnight to each other.

I came back to my flat and no need to say that deep inside I was aroused like hell, suddenly Radha Bhabhi was appealing me sexually like no other female appealed me in my past. Her urge for manly love was evident into her eyes and over her gesture and for me it was very arousing and I wanted to satisfy her.

Since then I have always liked females of good figure, not thin but also not like Radha Bhabhi but suddenly my perception of sexy female was changed, hunger for sex in Radha Bhabhi’s eyes and over all gesture was driving me crazy and just in few minutes I started visualizing myself fucking her in my most desired posture.

This is also true that after whatever happened just then I was very much sure that sooner or later I will be fucking her and this fact was not letting me calm down, along with being hard over my Penis I was feeling strange rapture deep inside my soul and I was charged to masturbate in the night but Radha Bhabhi was much more restless than me, she needed a fuck from me more than her life and on the same night.

After coming back to my flat after changing into lose pajama like I always use to do I called my wife casually, she was not at all aware of my dinner with Radha Bhabhi and I did not gave her even of a hint of that. Like every wife she asked me what did I had in dinner and I lied that I have eaten out. I was in the middle of romancing my wife when I sensed a call waiting in the middle.

I saw and it was none other than Radha Bhabhi. I calmly continued talking to my wife and without reflecting any expressions of hurry and ended my conversation with her within 5 minutes and called back Radha Bhabhi. Her phone was switched off now, I tried 2-3 times but it came up with same announcement.

I believe somehow overcoming her hesitation she called me to talk to me but as she found my numbed busy and she could guess that I will be talking to my wife she stepped back from trying talking to me. But fire was lit inside me, I could not hold myself and I ranged her door bell apparently to ask her why she was calling me.

Radha Bhabhi unbolted the door; wearing a long gown of a soft and rich looks tied with a belt around her waist she was standing in front of me. She looked into my eyes with a serious gesture. I casually asked her “aapne phone kiya tha…?” means you called me…? She was uneasy, her heart was pounding, her facial expressions were telling her mental state,

I could also see sign of sweat over her forehead, she wanted to speak but she could not, she was scared but she was willing and she just continued looking into my eyes without a flick, possibly with a hope that I will understand her demand. I asked her “aap theek ho na….?” means are you alright, and she moved her head in yes and finally uttered with a choked voice,

“please aap andar aa jaaiye” she told me to get into the house and I moved bit in. Instead of walking in I stood close to the entrance and Radha Bhabhi turned to close the door, intentionally she was slow and took long to bolt the door from inside,

I was there and I believe now she was thinking what to do now she wanted to express her feeling but she didn’t knew how and after bolting the door she slowly turned and looked into my eyes for few seconds. I knew what all she needs and what all ultimately was about to happen,

I was prepared for that and if Radha Bhabhi would have stayed silent like that for few more seconds then certainly I would have approached her but eventually she collected all her courage and instead of saying anything hugged me with all her strength.

Cat was out of the bag now and there was nothing which was needed to say. I too wrapped my arms around her and hugged her while rubbing my hand over her back. She was desperate and needed sex like anything and as I wrapped my arms around her she puffed in relief and hugged me harder and before I would have thought what’s next she kissed me on my cheek.

Her eyes were closed and breath was hot and Radha Bhabhi just went on kissing me like that, she brushed her wet lips over my skin and just in few seconds she was aroused like hell. I responded back to her love making equally well and kissed her entire face with my wet lips and along with her pleasure puffs Radha Bhabh’s grip over my body also increased.

For any male, getting loved by a starved female like Radha Bhabhi is a matter of sheer luck; anyhow I cannot expect that level of desperation for sex from my wife. Just in few seconds leaving all her ethics and values Radha Bhabhi started unbuttoning my shirt and opening couple moved her hands over my chest and kissed me there to feel a man after a long time.

“Chaliye bedroom mein chalte hain” means let’s go to the bedroom, Radha Bhabhi spoke that with a choked voice, without looking at my face, and saying “mere pass condoms hain…main le aata hun” I came up with thought of getting condoms from my flat but Radha denied for that by saying “nahi…ab kahin matt jaaiye” she was dying to get me and we both moved to her bedroom.

Like I said Radha Bhabhi was very rich and her bedroom was reflecting her financial status. Apart from beautiful interior her bed was huge with a spongy mattress and as I saw that I went through rapture with a thought that in a moment I will fuck Radha Bhabhi on this bed.

“hum abhi aate hain….” Saying that she will be back in a moment Radha Bhabhi left me to use the washroom and came back after couple of minutes. I was getting harder and harder with every passing second and after she came out I too used the washroom and eventually came out.

Radha Bhabhi was waiting for me and in hesitant voice spoke that she knows whatever she doing is wrong and if I don’t feel like doing then I can step back and her words were “Bhaiya humen maalom hai jo hum kar rahe hain wo galat hai…. agar aapko theek nahi lag raha to rahne do” and I replied while saying “I don’t think you are anything wrong…and I also want to do it….”

My words brought mild smile over Radha Bhabhi’s face and she moved ahead and once again hugged me. Oh…wow I could feel Radha Bhabhi’s desperation for a male in her hug and I moved my hand over her back and reached to her ass mounds. They were so big and fleshy, I clenched soft flesh of her ass in my hand tenderly and Radha Bhabhi puffed in pleasure.

“Bhaiya, humen pyar kariye…………jo marzi kariye humare saath” Radha Bhabhi was gripping me harder and feeling my body deeply and her voice was getting dense. I too hugged her nicely, gripped her hard from her back with one hand and with the other I was holding her ass mound. “aao bed par chalte hain….” This time I spoke and we parted from hugging posture.

We looked at each other and I saw Radha Bhabhi’s face turning red in shyness. Extending my hand to her waist I pulled the knot which was holding her gown and in a moment took out her from her arms. Underneath she was wearing blouse and petticoat, making a deep cleavage her breasts were swollen and jutting out in excitement,

her petticoat was tight over her lower half and I could clearly make out the flesh she was having over her thighs and wide ass. As I removed her gown Radha Bhabhi moved bit forwards to me and unbuttoned my remaining buttons and I took off my shirt.

Radha Bhabhi was getting restless now and holding my wrist she tenderly pulled me to the bed and next moment we were buried in the middle of the spongy bed. While being on my top and crushing me under her weight Radha Bhabhi kissed me all around my face and eventually kissed me over my lips.

I instantly opened my lips to give her way and in a moment she explored my entire mouth with her tongue. She released her saliva in my mouth and sucked my tongue nicely, for a moment I somewhat got unconscious in her lovemaking but soon I responded back to her kiss and I also explored her mouth.

Excitement was rising, along with mild alcohol I was getting taste of her lipstick, with that her body odor was driving me crazy. I was feeling softness of her massive milks over my chest as while kissing me she was resting her entire weight over me. Soon our kiss broke and Radha Bhabhi once again started kissing me tenderly all around my face and bare skin of my chest.

I was moaning in pleasure of getting seduced by a female who was more than 10 years elder than me and starved for sex since long. For a moment Radha Bhabhi looked into my eyes, she wanted say something but she was hesitating, I looked back into her eyes and eventually asked her what happened? “kya hua?” and she came up with her desire,

“Bhaiya aap apne haathon se humare kapde kholiye” she needed me to take off her clothes and I got up to do that. I extended my hand to her melons and started unhooking her blouse. Radha Bhabhi’s breath was getting heavier and heavier,

I was also feeling bit nervous and that is why for a moment I failed unhook her blouse but as I succeeded in unhooking first hook of her blouse it went down quickly and with in one more minute Radha Bhabhi was sitting in front of me with an opened blouse. Her massive breasts were caged in tight white color Bra and they were much fairer than her skin color.

She took out her blouse from her arms and moved ahead and lifted my undershirt and took it out from my arms. She hugged me again and this time it was better, I was bare chest and she was just wearing BRA and most of our skin was touching. Radha Bhabhi somewhat tried to crush her milks with my naked chest and puffed in strange voice and spoke again,

“Bhaiya… pyar kariye humen….nahi to hum mar jaayenge” she was dying to get sexual pleasure and I hugged her, I wrapped my arms around her back and felt hook of her bra, and that was the only thing left on her upper half. “khol deejiye…. issko bhi…” Radha Bhabhi told me to unhook her bra as well.

Her Bra was tight and she breathing heavy I struggled a bit to unhook her bra without looking at it, Radha Bhabhi was holding me firmly without showing any hurry, her breath was rising and she was puffing in pleasure, as my hands were moving on her bare back while trying unhooking her bra strange sensation was passing through her body.

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