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Guy fucking sex starved widow Radha bhabhi - II

Previously: Guy fucking sex starved widow Radha bhabhi - I

Finally I unhooked her bra and took it off from her shoulders. Wow Radha Bhabhi’s big melons were hanging in front of my eyes; they were huge and sagging freely with big erect nipples. I tried to look into her eyes and Radha Bhabhi blushed as she saw that I am looking her lustfully, I caressed her hairs and moved bit ahead and kissed her lightly and touched her one melon and tried to lift it in my hand and pressed it with bit of force.

Wow she was so soft and so heavy, I continued squeezing her milks tenderly and treated both the melons equally and felt her breasts going heavier in excitement. Radha Bhabhi was delighted with the treatment I was giving to her flabby milks and she could not stop gasping in pleasure.

Next Radha Bhabhi extended her hand and tugged the string of my lower and inserted her hand straight into my underwear and caressed my hard penis. “Ohh… god” I moaned loud in delight, I drifted down my lower till my knees to give her better access of my Penis and Radha Bhabhi started caressing my balls with one and somehow continued jerking my penis back and forward with other hand and for me pleasure was incredible.

We both were on our knees; I was holding her both the melons in my hand nicely and moaning in pleasure like anything. Slowly she pushed me down and I went on my back, without wasting any time Radha Bhabhi pulled out my lower and underwear together. I was stark naked but Radha Bhabhi was still wearing petticoat and next I got up to take that off.

I pulled the cord of her petticoat and tried to pull it off from her legs and this time she went on her back and now it was only Panty which was left on her body. Her enormous fleshy thighs were exposed to me and my eyes were glued to them and the portion between them, I could see big wet spot on her light color Panty and I could guess her state.

I pulled her Panty as well and Radha Bhabhi raised her bottom to help me in that. Wow Radha Bhabhi was totally naked and as I took off her Panty erotic aroma of her love juices was all around in the room. She was clean shaven, wet and flooding like a river, I could see her fuckhole soaked in her love juices.

Radha Bhabhi pulled me tenderly on her top and once again we started making love, I was lying over her and gradually while kissing Radha Bhabhi started grabbing my body in her massive thighs and arms and somewhat gulped me in her huge body. My pelvis was touching her crouch and I was feeling wetness of her fuckhole, she too was feeling my hardness over her belly.

Her massive breasts were getting somewhat crushed under my weight and I was feeling hardness of her thick and long nipples over my skin. After breaking the kiss I started kissing and licking her neck and Radha Bhabhi went crazy in pleasure. “Bhaiya….. ab Daal dijeeye, andar” as Radha Bhabhi was desperate to get a real pleasure of Man’s body she told me to penetrate her.

I got up a bit to adjust myself over her opening and Radha Bhabhi widened her massive thighs to give clear access of her fuckhole and eventually held my Penis in her hand and brought me to her pleasure opening. “Ahhhh….” She puffed loud as my hard Penis touched her damp opening and just then I flexed my bottom and slipped inside her womb till the root of my monster.

I was inside Radha Bhabhi and in a moment I started fucking her with slow and steady pace. Our pleasure was incredible, Radha Bhabhi was so hot and wet inside that I was somewhat driving my monster in the pond of her love juices and she oozed out lot of liquid as I went deeper in her fuckhole.

I continued fucking her steadily for a minute and she seemed flying in heaven; I could feel it from her facial expressions and soft moans. Excitement rose in me and changed my pace; I moved out and went deep in her fuckhole with a rapid thrust and tried reaching at the edge of her womb with my length, “Ohhh… God” her juicy fuckhole was so hot that I felt that I am in heaven too.

As I crushed her thick pussy lips with my balls and buried my monster deep into her pleasure hole Radha Bhabhi also moaned loud. Locking her legs around my pumping ass she grabbed me in her arms and fleshy thighs and gasped lustfully, "Bhaiya…fuck me… mujhe achhe se Fuck kariye tez tez”.

Her demand in lustful fashion aroused me and I lunged deeply into Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole and she started moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I was also grunting in bliss of fucking rich sophisticated but sexually starved female. Eventually my speed of moving in and out of Radha Bhabhi’s pleasure hole went further high and I started fucking Radha Bhabhi with rapid thrusts.

Radha Bhabhi started crying in pleasure with shrill gasps and hardly after a minute of consistent fucking she pushed herself backwards and moved ahead matching my thrusts, trying to get my prick into herself as deep as she could and next instant her body stiffened and she started to shake in spasms, "Bhaiya…mera chhutne wala hai...." Radha Bhabhi was about to blow she screamed that out loudly.

I continued to fuck her hard and within couple of seconds her grip over my body went tighter. She was dying in pleasure and I just went on fucking her without any halt. Radha Bhabhi cried loud in a husky voice and extending her arms somehow gripped my pumping ass to stop me fucking her and began to orgasm like I never saw my wife while reaching to her climax.

Radha Bhabhi busted in pleasure like hell, she clenched my body in her fleshy thighs with all her strength and just then I felt her fuckhole convulsed helplessly over my monster and her body shuddered with a pleasant shock. Shutting her eyes tight she grunted madly and few seconds started to cum while lurching her crotch with mild shivering.

I was yet not over but I waited for her to calm down and as I saw she is back in her senses I withdrew my monster from her fuckhole and got up from her top. Radha Bhabhi opened her eyes and I told her that I am yet not over “mera abhi nahi hua” “kar lijiye…” she replied back and I spoke out my desire; that I want her to be on my top “ab aap oopar aa jaao”.

I have liked being under a female, may be because I last in this posture for long. Anyway as I asked Radha Bhabhi for that posture Radha Bhabhi got up and I lied down. From her facial expressions and over all body language I could see that Radha Bhabhi was satisfied but she was not exhausted, she slowly sat around my waist while looking into my eyes and holding it straight plunged her fuckhole with my monster.

I moaned loud as foreskin of hard Penis got once again got uncovered with a rub of Radha Bhabhi’s wet virginal walls and ultimately touched her deep in her fuckhole. Once again fucking started and this time with soft moans Radha Bhabhi was riding on me.

Initially holding her waist I was enjoying getting fucked while lying under her but after moving my monster in and out of her pot for fewer times I pulled Radha Bhabhi tenderly over me and she leaned, her sagging breasts came closer to my mouth and I sucked her long and erect nipples for a while.

Even after discharging couple of minutes back Radha Bhabhi was enjoying and as I stopped sucking her melons she further leaned over me and we kissed and my hands went to her plump ass cheeks and holding her massive ass and started fucking her with bit of upward movement from my side and that really changed our steady rhythm.

We both felt good and Radha Bhabhi was no more moaning softly, she was feeling my rod touching very deep in her fuckhole and every time I pushed myself up she grunted sexily with closed eyes. She was getting charged again, eventually she got up and resting her hands on my chest started moving her ass up and down and her pace of fucking herself went steady.

Her eyes were closed, her massive juggs were moving weirdly and silver locket she was wearing was dancing here and there on her creamy skin. I grabbed her both the melons in my hands and started crushing them together with all my strength and Radha Bhabhi opened her eyes to see me.

Excitement rose further high in Radha Bhabhi and she started fucking me faster, her massive ass rose and fell over my monster with an improved pace and I started crying in pleasure. Radha Bhabhi was trying to deliver me her best, suddenly she changed her movement and back and forward movement of her huge bottom made me shudder in ecstasy.

Certainly Radha Bhabhi knew the sensitivity of her clitoris and with that back and forward movement she was trying to rub her clitoris with my crouch and I could see her in extreme pleasure. Her moans were turning into shrill cries and now her speed was also increased significantly and next moment once again her heavy bottom was rising and falling over my thighs painfully fast.

Closing her eyes she just went on fucking me and I also started feeling pressure building inside me but before I would have reached up to the extent of my climax Radha Bhabhi got tired and fell over me.

I was charged and desperate to reach to my climax so without wasting even a single second I turned around and rose over her and instead of taking her in missionary position rested her legs over my shoulders and while plunging her fuckhole folding her into her half impaled myself over her fleshy thighs with all my strength.

By now I was gone mad in lust and showing no mercy I fucked Radha Bhabhi like an animal. Holding her legs from her knee joints and folding them inward into her breasts I somewhat stood up on my feet and just went on screwing her with all my passion.

Radha Bhabhi’s feet were almost pointing roof and her wide ass was getting slapped under my aggressive thrusts, by now her sophistication and royal gesture was blown away and she was crying in pleasure and enjoying getting fucked like a bitch.

I was reaching close to my climax, so was she and before I would have lost control over myself I parted her thighs and tried wrapping them around my waist to attain missionary posture and ultimately lunged her fuckhole with all my passion for few more seconds.

I shouted loud in unbearable pleasure while squeezing my ass together to release my load in the depth of her womb and Radha Bhabhi also climaxed on the very next moment and this time she orgasmed even more intensely. Holding me tight in her arms and thighs she squeezed her fuckhole over my throbbing monster and panted loud without any care of getting heard by people around this flat.

With broken husky gasps Radha Bhabhi’s whole body shivered with kind of electric shock and just in few seconds she started jerking her crotch with sudden jolts to ease her. At same instant I too filled Radha Bhabhi’s womb with my gunk and ultimately released my entire weight over her.

We lived there, tied with each other in the same state and it took us 2-3 minutes to regain and we both were totally soaked with sweat. That was an end of our first fucking session and that instant sexually Radha Bhabhi was feeling so satisfied and tired and intoxicated that after cleaning the mess and wearing a fresh nighty she collapsed on bed and y the time I came back after using the washroom she went into a sleep.

For a moment I thought about leaving her in the same state and going back to my flat but my lust held me and I lied beside her on the same bed. I was awake for long time, may be an hour and then took just a nap of half an hour and ultimately got up to use the washroom and voice of water getting flushed broke Radha Bhabhi’s sleep.

Saying “sow jaao” I told her to sleep again but Radha Bhabhi got up on the bed and requested me not to go back as she does not want to stay alone, “please aap abhi mat jaao…. Main akeli nahi rahana chahti…” I assured her that I will be with her for entire night and ultimately came beside her on the bed again and just in few seconds our love making started again.

We started with a kiss again and this time it was long and delicate kiss lead by me, sucking her tongue and leaving my saliva in her moth I explored Radha Bhabhi’s mouth thoroughly and she just went on humming in pleasure. Slowly I lifted her nighty and took it out from her arms. She was not wearing any bra underneath, she was having just Panty over her body and I took that off too in continuation.

Eventually I took off my clothes too and came over her fleshy body again. She was drunk and aroused and looking really very sexy in that state and like I use to do it with my wife to add the fuel in our arousal I thought about speaking sensual, I looked into Radha Bhabhi’s eyes closely and caressed her hairs and came up with instantly cooked words “Radha aaj se tum bhi meri patni ho aur main tumhara pati…”

Means from today you are my wife and I am your husband, I addressed her with just her name and did not added Bhabhi after that and my erection went just double because of that, “aur aaj tumhari Sugahraat hai…aaj main tumhen raat bhar sone nahi dunga….I will fuck you whole night” I could see that my words were arousing not only me but Radha Bhabhi too.

Though she was silent with an effect of alcohol and rising sexual lust, but she heard every word I spoke and her facial expressions intense breathing reflected that she is getting excited. I caressed Radha Bhabhi’s breasts and her breasts felt even heavier and harder to me and I sensed the quivering tension in her nipples.

I leaned over her and sucked both of her milks for few minutes, and she moaned lightly. I parted Radha Bhabhi’s legs apart with my thighs and properly lied down over her I placed my monster head on her love opening and once again pushed myself inside her with a sudden jerk.

Ohhh…..Wow Radha Bhabhi was so hot inside her fuckhole, she was amazingly aroused and responded back erotically to my fucking stroke inside her womb. Finally I started invading Radha Bhabhi’s pleasure hole with a steady rhythm and with that we kissed like true lovers.

I sucked her breasts and bushed my wet lips over her neck while screwing her and Radha Bhabhi shuddered repeatedly with that. Our excitement was at its peak now and we both were moaning in lust and within a minute Radha Bhabhi grabbed me tight between her arm and fleshy thighs and my speed increased in enthusiasm,

within one more minute of continues fucking we both were at the stage from where there is no return and next moment I started fucking her faster and just went on increasing my pace of pumping her fuckhole. Finally Radha Bhabhi gripped me further tight to say that she wants to cum now and I too was about to blast, we gripped each other and trembled in another shattering orgasm.

I was exhausted, so was Radha Bhabhi but along with that she was gone so emotional with my words that by the end she was having tears in her eyes and she just kept her eyes closed for couple of minutes. I was casual in speaking out all this with my wife and didn’t realize that it would hurt Radha Bhabhi.

Sensing her delicate state I didn’t spoke out anything after that; not even sorry and we slept peacefully on the same bed. In the morning around 5 I woke up Radha Bhabhi to inform her that I am leaving and she silently got up to shut the door after my exit. I wanted to fuck her again but Radha Bhabhi did not reflected any such attraction so I didn’t approached her that instant and came back to my place.

If I will try writing what all happened next in brief then I would say it was a Sunday and I didn’t had anything to do, I slept for long and after having breakfast killed time on television and net with a hope of getting a call from Radha Bhabhi but she didn’t turned to me for long, she sent her servant with a lunch and I accepted.

Finally Radha Bhabhi called me in the evening and asked me if I can come at her place. She said she wants to talk to me and I reached to her place. Once again it was just we two in the house, servants were relieved in the evening only but for different reason.

Wearing a formal sari Radha Bhabhi was ready to go out and she started the conversation while giving me information that she is going to her in-laws and might stay there for few days. Next she said sorry whatever happened last night, she was feeling guilty over her deed, said she has done a sin, as because of her I have cheated my wife.

Once again saying that according to me she has not done anything wrong and everybody has a right to remain happy in this world. Without showing keenness in continuing this relation, I behaved calmly and told her not to feel sorry and tried ending the conversation.

No need to mention that anyhow I wanted to continue this relation but I was disappointed with Radha Bhabhi reaction over last night’s encounter and I came back to my flat hopeless. I was expecting after my exit from her flat Radha Bhabhi would leave immediately but she stayed, like we all know lust is a most powerful emotion of this world and Radha Bhabhi was in its grip now.

I was unaware that she is still there, I was feeling hungry started thinking about moving out of the house to eat something but to my good fortune before I would have left I got a call from Radha Bhabhi “Bhaiya aa jaaiye…. hum aapka intzaar kar rahe hain” that’s what she uttered, she straight forward told to come to her place and she is waiting for me.

My hunger just vanished and I reached to her flat within few seconds, I didn’t had any doubt in my mind that what all is going to happen between me and Radha Bhabhi. I ranged the door bell, Radha Bhabhi opened the door, we looked into each other’s eyes and she gave me way to get in and bolted the door as I walked in.

She was still wearing that formal sari and I was dying to unwrap it from her body, I wanted to go wild over her but sensing her state I held my nerves and waited for her to speak and Radha Bhabhi spoke out her eternal desire “Bhaiya ab hum akele nahi rah paayenge…humen aapki bahut zaroorat hai” means now I won’t be able to live alone,

I need you and more or less those were the last words she spoke as before she would have ended saying I moved ahead and extended my hands to her waist and pulled her tenderly. We kissed and once again it was long and delicate kiss. We both were getting mad in lust and don’t know how and when we reached to the bedroom and took off each other’s clothes.

Like I said deep inside I wanted to wild over Radha Bhabhi but as she was in very delicate and perplexing mind state I seduced her tenderly. Including her fuckhole I licked every fraction of her body and Radha Bhabhi delighted with the pleasure of getting sucked at her fuckhole.

Afterwards she also sucked my monster, though initially she was little hesitant in doing that but ultimetly she overcame her unwillingness and sucked my thick and long throbbing Penis with all her affection before from getting it in her pleasure hole from behind. Holding her wide ass I pumped Radha Bhabhi in doggy posture for long but ultimately we climaxed in missionary posture.

Anyway that is how my extra marital affair started with Radha Bhabhi and at present it is on full swing. Virtually I have two wives, one in each town and I have plenty of sex wherever I live. I would love to read reader’s comments if possible.

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Posted by Neeraj
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Awesome story boss, I jerked off twice reading this story... Once again thanks for your narrations and also made me jerk,,,

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I lived with my hubby only for 15 days in my entire marriage life.
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Wanna hook up to me Deepika I am 6 ft tall with a 8"1/2' long thick rod ready to tear u apart.

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Awesome story !!!

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Hey, nice story!!

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I would definitely love to dat deepika...pleasure is all mine...

Posted by Harsh
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Nice Narration... Keep Wanking Radha Bhabhi

Posted by strangerman07
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Nice story the best part of making love with bhabhi's or maurte lady is she knows how to take care of a cork n pleas it.lucky cork n u too.
Waiting to read more from u
Try her ass fuck...

Posted, in reply to Deepika's comment, by strangerman07
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Deeps u smees to be realy hot but dobut that u saying is true

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