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Sheela getting personal massage from Karthik

Hi everybody my name is karthik, I’m single. I work for a hotel in Dubai named Atlantis as a masseur. I did my degree in massage therapy from Switzerland. So apart from hotel job I had a passion of doing massage.

Telling about me I’m 6 feet tall 87 kg of weight and average body structure and more than average dick. Sorry I forgot to say I’m basically from Bangalore India. I’m in Dubai for last 1 year. I am going to tell you a story happened 3 months back.

I was totally bored on my off days. I have 6 off days in a month. So I tot of sharing an advertisement of freelance massage in social Medias and google. I got a mail after 3 months. It was an Indian lady aged 43 yrs. Her name is Sheela (name changed for privacy). She is living in Quasis area in Dubai. And I use to live next to Quasis its in stadium.

She mailed me and asked me how much I charge and all. I just replied she can give me how much she can and only if she is happy with my massage also. So fixed a date with me by asking about my off days. We exchanged our numbers and she requested me not to call at night time because her husband will be at home.

So she fixed massage date on a Monday that day I was totally free because of my off day and I called her on the morning she said me to come after 9 o clock, because she has to send her kids to school then only she will be free. And she asked me to finish it before 3 o clock. I said ok and she texted me her address.

So I reached near her flat by around 8.45 and called her again and she given me the room no. Then I went and knocked. I saw the lady, she was medium color, she was not so fat but can’t say she is slim. Average body size. But she had big boobies. I noticed through her nighty and she was wearing a blue nighty.

She had good height also. She greeted me inside and asked me what to drink. I said a coffee and we talked for a while by sipping coffee. She was looking me from upside to down and she asked me about my work and whether I’m married or not and so I asked her whether we will start. She said ok and she took me to her bed room. So suggested her to do it in floor.

So it’s easy for me and better we will not drop oil in bed as well. So I asked to remove her nighty and come. So I suggested her she can wear her bra and panty if she wants to. And she can come in a towel. She went to bathroom and she came back by covering a towel and panty. I was so aroused to see her the way she covered her boobs with towel.

So I asked to lie upside down in bed sheet which we spread for massage. So I loosened her towel and took it out. Now I can see her full back nude. I asked her to raise her hands and up and started applying cocoa butter in her neck. She was getting bit nervous or tensed, so I slowly relaxed her with sensuous strokes now I asked her she will be fine with oil? And she replied yes.

So I slowly took out towel from her underneath and put it next to bed. Now I started applying oil on her neck and coming down on her back. When I massage her sides of back I was getting slow touches of her boobies’ side. When I do that she gives a slow vibration. i did her back and shoulders and I come down.

I asked her if she would like to keep the panty or not. She can remove and keep the towel over there. Now I folded the towel and removed her light blue panty. When I took it out I smelled her panty. It was really nice arousing smell. Now I started massaging her legs and fingers and thighs. Now I can see her pussy lips. And her pussy is cleanly shaven. So sweet I felt.

When I am doing thighs and she is giving small moans and she is pushing her body downwards. My dick is standing erect and it is about to touch her ass. So I asked whether I sit on her body and massage, she agreed and I sat on her back and massaged her beck and shoulder again. When I’m doing that I can feel my dick touching her inner part of thighs.

I can listen her moans “mmmmm ….uhhhhhhhh……mmmmmmmmm…. By that time I can see her towel went somewhere else and I can see her full body nude from back. I started massaging her ass cheeks and slowly with one finger I massaged her ass check she suddenly vibrated and said “feeling good karti” and I said thank you and kept on doing the same.

I understood that she is enjoying my finger work. Now its time to turn her body. So I asked her to come this side. So put towel for her and turned her body. I started with neck and same time I can see her constantly watching on my dick about to tore my pants. Then I asked her to pull down her towel so that I can massage on chest and she agreed after closing her eyes.

And telling you guys very frankly it was so amazing boobies. Her nipples r black in color and both nipples are really big. I started pouring oil on her left side and massaged her boobies. I slowly made some circles around her tits with my fingers and around made some circles around boobies with my palm and I caught her nipples with my fingers and poured some more oil in her nipples and its really slipping from my fingers. So I did it for long time.

Then I took her hands and kept on my lap and started massaging her hand and fingers. She can touch my dick at that time and she is pressing her hand towards my dick I can feel that and the same thing happened when I did on the other hand as well. Then she asked y am I not taking out my clothes. It will become dirty because of the oil.

So she said I removed my t-shirt and tracks and now I am in my white underwear. She can see my dick standing inside my underwear. She looked at dick given me a naughty smile. She closed her eyes again but she kept her hand on my legs while massaging her boobies and nipples again. I can feel she slowly moving her hand towards my dick.

And she reached her hand on my dick and she started rubbing her hand on my dick and holding my dick in two fingers and she trying to insert her hand inside my underwear. And freed my underwear and she inserted her hand. I asked her whether she liked it. She said very much and feeling to kiss. I said later.

Then I came to her legs and massaged her thighs and her leg ankle and fingers and come up to her inner thighs she started moaning “aaaaaahahhhh karthikkkkkk comeeeeee onnnnnn karthik do somethngggggg. I beg uuuuuuuu karthik pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee” and I slowly touched her pussy lips. I spread her legs to both sides and saw her pussy clearly.

Inside pussy its pink in color I felt to eat it. But I stayed patience. And I slowly I caught pussy lips in my hand and rotated my finger around the pussy lips. And slowly touch her clit and I really liked her sweet clit and bulging outside when I spread her legs. Same time with one hand I holding her nipples also. Nipples r so slippery.

I touched her clit with my hand and rubbed with my finger and she started lifting her middle body up. And she is pulling me also to her. She asks me to lie down. But I went to boobies and started sucking her cute boobies.i took her cute nipples inside my mouth and played with my tongue. She started moaning aaaahhhhh mmmmmmm come and lick my pussy baby. Please go down.

So took my head to her stomach and down to her pussy and spread her legs and started licking her pussy. I took her whole pussy lips inside my mouth and then I took her clit inside my mouth and started playing clit with my tongue. She said me to remove underwear, I removed and she said she want my dick inside her pussy. I said I cannot because there are some work ethics.

Somehow I violated all and she said it will be total secret. She will not let any of her friends also know about this. Still I refused and she was asking me to rub my dick in her clit I did so and she was come once and she was asking me to please insert my dick. And even I’m also totally aroused and I did also.

Inserted my whole dick inside her pussy and she started moaning and hugged me tightly and asked me to do it slow and I did it slow for 10 mins and I sucked her nipples. While doing slow she she is also pushing from down stairs and asked me to do it fast and I come to know she is about to come and I did it fast for some time and she burst out and said Thank you Karthi…

she want me to hug her and lie down with her for some time and she kept her head on my chest and we lied for half n hour so I know time is also moving very fast. But she is talking about her life and her husbands don’t like to have now days and all. While lying down she kept her thighs on my dick and after sometime I got erection again.

When she saw she gone happy and she asked me to suck her pussy again. Like an obedient boy I I did it again and she is so got wet again so fast and she want me to do it in doggy style and I asked her to bent down and I kept a pillow under my knees to adjust height and I did doggy. Caught her boobies while doing that and played with her nipples also.

By the time I finished doggy style its already 2’O clock and she said we will have shower together and we had one more sex while having shower. We did it in bath tub and its almost late. 4 o clock her kids will come so I dressed fast and she asked me to have lunch. But for her safety I cancelled her invitation and had some other day.

There might be lot of mistakes in this story. This is my second sex experience and first one was with my GF in b’lore. Broke up long time back and hope it won’t be much arousing for a story. You can drop your comments below. Thanks.

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Soumya enjoying first time bed sexperience - II

Previously: Soumya enjoying first time bed sexperience

Thanks a ton for a unimaginable appreciation & encouragement that I got from you all. Here goes the 2nd part......I was quick to wash my hands as I abhorred the sticky cum there. It’s fragrance though continued to excite me along with the priceless sight of overflowing hot cream from a live cock. I sat on the edge of the bathtub, pulled him close and washed him clean.

His shrinking cock was a pleasing sight indeed. I loved it madly when I got to hear his heartbeat while lying on his chest. He caressed my back with lot of love and naughtily unstrapped my bra, my heart skipped a beat. I was too excited but was shy at same time, closing my eyes helped. I hated the call from reception asking for order for lunch since it made me get up from his chest.

Rohith used his wit and quickly ordered it. Now we know that there is a long break decided after nearly half an hour so we chose to rest. We lied beside each other and kept our eyes closed. I wanted something else but understood his requirement for sleep. I appreciated his intelligence when I realized that it was a trap he laid to kiss me all over my back (he knew that I preferred lying on ma chest).

I could hear a 1000 bells with his each kiss. He ensured that not a mm of ma back is left untouched.. no unkissed would be a better fit here. Then he finally lied on me, I loved it madly to be crushed under his manhood. He put ma hair aside and madly kissed and licked around ma neck as I helplessly moaned. Feeling of his hardening cock over my ass was a pleasurable feeling.

I found myself in a complete different world, nipples started to harden, sense of shame started to weaken, panty started to dampen. I yearned for his touch at each and every inch of my body as I experienced the feeling which seemed like zenith of sexual excitement to me.

I found myself having surrendered to him when he pulled down my panty by an inch or so, to kiss and lick around the starting point of the ass partition. It was weird but I loved every bit of it, all I wished for was to finger myself to orgasm, as it was too much for me to control. I got relief when the door-bell rang.

He was quick to get up and walk to the door after pointing towards the bathroom. His fully grown cock raring to come out of his shorts captured my attention and brought a smile to my lips as I latched the bathroom door. My hands almost instantly went inside my panty as entered the bathroom as I started to fiddle with my clit.

I stopped, freshed up & stepped out upon hearing his call. It was a pleasing sight to see the food served, as he waited for me. Soon we finished lunch amidst a few I love you’s & music videos. After taking a sharing the bedsheet with him for half an hour for pure rest, romance was on my mind, when he went to use the washroom. I rushed to the door & wait.

He had his back towards me when he stepped out and was shocked with my absence, before he could react I hugged him tight and proceeded towards the bed. I liked freedom to toy with my boy, as I completely over him. I felt so good but I couldn’t relish it for long, as he was quick to flip and come over me and kept his lips on mine and grinded them softly.

The controlled aggression experience was memorable. He slowly went down on me to reach my tummy and got hold of his t-shirt which I was wearing and lifted it till my shoulder, I supported him in taking it off, leaving just a bra on my upper body. He was quick to kiss my bosom.

And then reluctantly kept a hand on my right breast and took it off in a flash, retried and repeated the same, I didn’t like it so opened my eyes and discovered the confused look on his face. I was quick to hug him keeping his face in between my breasts, I felt tingled by his breaths. It was a pleasing sight to see tears twinkle in his eyes when I released the hug.

It seemed that it was the only spark required to start him as I found his aggression back when kissed & licked me insanely all over my front body and lift my bra to get access to my breasts. All seemed to be too fast as started sucking my nipples as I managed to caress his back. His tongue movements on my nipples sent shrills into my body and I relentlessly moaned.

Finally he cupped one of my breast squeezed it gently and moved his tongue feebly on the nipple. I felt like never before. I wanted him to grow wilder with my breast hence I exclaimed, “Bite”, he gladly obliged but ensured not to hurt me. I slowly guided him with the most apt pressure and soon he started grinding my nipples between his teeth.

I could smell my juices around the room which aroused me further. Within minutes he turned into a pro and my breasts got the desired stimulation thanks to his actions which was a perfect blend of squeezing, sucking, licking and biting. He paused, slid up and asked me, “Did you like it?”, “Yes baby, what about you?”, I replied.

He said, “I so badly wish to get you daily, you are so tasty”, the word ‘tasty’ triggered my orgasm, I appreciated it when he understood it without speaking as he concentrated on my neck and sucked my ear-lobes. I felt so horny that despite a high-intensity orgasm I wanted more. He lied beside me on his back took some rest while I returned after cleaning my pussy.

My panty was so wet that it felt as if I had pissed in it, hence I put it for drying and came out in a towel. He accepted my proposal of lying nude inside a bedsheet. Soon we freed ourselves from the chains of shyness as our bodies touched. He lovingly caressed my upper body as I badly prayed for his touch down there, after waiting for long I lost my patience and I held his hand and kept it on my wet pussy.

He was cautious as it was an unknown domain. Slowly he moved his fingers around to get acquainted with it. His slow sliding finger along its length was majestic, then he parted the lips to get access inside. Shivers went down my spine when his finger ran over my clit as I exclaimed, “Aaaahh…”, he was quick to check my comfort and wanted to know if he was doing it right, I could you only blink twice in reply.

After continuing for a good 5-7 minutes, he came to suck my earlobes & whispered, “I badly want to taste you down”, in reply I said, “Sure”& feebly pressed his head down. Soon my everything was open in front of him. I felt incredibly shy when he said, “Wow, what an awesome looking pie, lemme taste it”.

It seemed as if a high value current ran through my body when his tongue met my pussy lips. The heavenly sensation is still afresh in my head. He licked me with pleasure ensuring to explore every inch on my feminity. Top to down, left to right and then deep inside, pleasure I got was unexplainable. My breath was high I started to sweat in the AC as he continued.

It continued as my juices oozed. After sometime he stopped and wiped off all the juices, spread the lips and digged his face inside in such a way that the tip of his tongue met my clit which gave immense pleasure. Now he slowed down moved his tongue around soon my hole started yearning for a finger, it seemed magical as he inserted a finger at the right moment, soon I started moaning high and I moved close to climax.

I caressed his head with a lot of love while he gave me pleasure, I couldn’t stop myself from asking him to speed up his actions. He doubled my pleasure by doubling his fingers inside me and shaked it rigorously. My body stiffed and back arched as I climaxed and clasped his face between my thighs, he still continued to lick. After a few moments he came and lied beside me.

the feeling of shyness made me avoid an eye contact hence I opted to close my eyes & relive one of the best orgasms of my life. He got a phone call which helped me return to the present day world and I was shocked to find myself completely nude, so was he, I thought this is what is love that is when the souls meet.

Soon the evening dusked and I quick wore my dress and left him with a promise to return next morning but definitely not before a passionate kiss which I still miss.

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Hot sex with Lucy aunty

Hi this is Deepak again from kongunadu, this narration is all about how I ended up in to sex for the first ever time in my life and became my journey as sex addict. Now coming back to the story, this story starts from my annual holidays.

I think school goers of South India knows more about annual holidays. that is a two months of heaven for any school goers, as my native was in karur, I use to visit my aunts house in erode for almost every annual holidays, and we have a small group of friends there to play and enjoy in the ground there,

my aunt was staying in centre part of erode, but this story is not about my aunt its one of the neighbor aunty in the flats, a family of christian lived to opposite of my aunts house,i love all of them in their family except a boy who was 23 yrs old at that time, he always has the habit of dominating me while playing and he teases me always,

and each when I go to my annual holiday the big temple pooja also comes the same time. One time while we were playing pouring water ( manjal neeratu vizha), I intentionally spilled some water on his new looking dress, he straight away slapped me, and I made a collateral damage by complaining it to his mom and dad, and he got so screwed up because of this,

from that time onwards we both become good enemies, he always teased me, and then from next year he was studying in some hostel I couldnt find him I his house while in there, Then after 5 years when I reached my 12th,,,,,hi parents and he came to our house in karur, and gave us his invitation for marriage, that time he talked to me so sweetly, but I missed the marriage due to my public exams,

then after the exams I visited my aunts house, for 3 days I couldnt see him and then I get the news that he is on a trip to Andaman for his official project. Then after 6 days its the day for water pour (manjal neeratu vila ) again I was preparing for that and we friends usually go to the terrace and them pour water on each other,

this time I was having a mug of water waiting behind the tree for my friend to come that side, I saw someone was coming suddenly I came outta nowhere and poured the water on a beautiful lady who was with a travel bag, she was full wet I couldnt take of my eyes at her wet assets I was really shocked to find that she is not from this area,

out of fear I just ran in to my house and after some time I just came out seeing the lady by her face again I was about to run inside, she caught me this time and made me follow her in to their house by reaching the back side she poured a bucket of water on me and started laughing, I was really coming back to my senses and neighbor aunt also laughing at us, then we started playing like friends, I started calling her lucy akka ( sister).

From next day onwards, we become good friends and were talking about my future plans in studies. Lucy : what course u wanna study and where? ME: ece in any college but only in Chennai I told her, Lucy : Why do you prefer Chennai, she asked, Me: because I can enjoy life, to which she smiled and asked about my gf history, to which I became really sad and told her I am not having luck in that things yet.

Then she suddenly told me you can enjoy life even here but u have to look for opportunities. by saying that she rushed in to her house with a naughty smile, I just couldnt understand her queues, then after two days my cousin and my uncle got chicken pox so we did our traditional things and lucy akka also helped us.

My aunt asked me to get some neem leaves for some procedure so I was going to our back yard with a small plastic stool and after sometime lucy akka too followed me saying she will help me in plucking up the neem leaves, at first I didnt get my hands to the leaves but I managed to get some of the leaves but it was no use as they need a lotta leaves for that,

by seeing me lucy akka smiled at me and said move deepak let me help but please hold the chair and me carefully, I said ok and was holding the chair she lifted her saree and tied in her waist part, so that I could see her dark waist and navel clearly, I was in full concentration on her navel, she plucked some leaves but I didn’t care to collect it,i didn’t see her noticing me,

after some time she called my name “deepak ”, I came out of the navel dreams Lucy : what were u looking at deepak ( enna pakra deepak) Me: nothing sister (onum illa ka chumma ) Lucy : come on dont make me fool, this time her sound increased I startled (naan enna lossa)

Me : I was mum for at least 2 minutes with my head down, I suddenly heard a laugh reak down and was looking at her she told me are you feared of me deepak ( enna da enna pathu bayandhutiya), to which I didn’t react but inside I was feeling a big relief, She might have developed sympathy for me she called me Lucy : give me your hand ( kaiya kudra)

Me: for what akka ( edhuku ka ), she leaned down and got my hand and placed it on her lusty dark navel, I was in heaven even in that hot summer I was feeling my hands getting in to ice bar, I noticed her face, she blushed and turned back to her job, I watched the navel closely ever before, sweat drops all over her navel made my dick really big,

I just wanted to lick all the sweaty drops on her navel at that time, she called me to get the leaves now, I just came back to my world,,,that day I masturbated 3 times. Next day also same thing continued but this time I was more confident and as soon as she told me to hold her chair I placed my one hand on her navel and another hand on her tiny ass, she turned and smiled at me instantly,

She came down and stared kissing me on my lips, this is all happening right in front if a ditch where waste water flows,she stopped and asked me to get the leaves and come to her home, I followed her and as her mil and fil also got chicken pox, we cant mate in her house too, she called me to the terrace, you guys can imagine, it was too hot by 2 clock at afternoon,

she was not even a single shade to get some shadow, but perfect place to make illegal love as there would be nobody on terrace at that time. She caught me by my shirt and kissed me on the terrace, I could not even stand there because of the hotness but I have to because of her hotness, she licked me from lip to my full face, I was going wheeew,

she got my penis on her hand and playing with it, at that moment I lost my sensations about Fahrenheit, we both started sweating heavily she started to suck my dick like a child suck a candy, with in minutes I just bombarded my cum in to her,mouth, I said I was sorry and was about to leave, She got me by my dick and tole me that its my chance now,

she lied on that hot surface with out any hesitation,and pushed my head straight away in to her hairlicous pussy, I was struggling first then after sometime she guided me by her commands and now I got my rhythm, she suddenly pulled my head and placed my lips on her boobies and made me eat that,,,then with out waiting she got my dick and she crossed her legs over me,

deepak now look at me and kiss me, While I was kissing she cuddled me so that my dick enters her pussy,,, really it was so tight,,, she didn’t moan at all but I was in pain, I just made my effort and followed her commands, after 7 minutes I cummed in her again.

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Arjun having sex with neighbourhood aunty Neetu

So, I'm a 18yr old guy living in panipat..I live with my parents here..let assume my name to be Arjun..our original home is in some other state and we live in a rented house here..my dad works in a govt firm.

One of our neighbour is very close to our family..the couple had three children and it happened that one of their child studied in the same class as mine, so her mom was always interested about knowing about my preparations for the exams..let assume her name to be neetu..she is 38 yrs old. Neetu aunty used to visit our home very often whenever my mum was at home.

One day,due to some domestic reasons my mom had to go to our native for one and half month..my dad would leave for office at 8 in the morning and come home at around 8pm..I was all alone at home at that time..and had to do all the work by myself.

one fine day, I was washing my clothes and then neetu aunty knocked at that door...my vest n football shorts were all wet and I was not wearing any underwear underneath..I thought that she just came to ask something and then she would go..so, I didn't change my clothes and opened the door..she came inside and asked me if I had breakfast and what I would eat for lunch.

she roamed inside the house and complimented me for cleaning the house so well..she sat on the sofa and she got wet in the light rain..I gave her a towel and noticed that the was wearing a sexy lacy bra which was visible from outside her salwar kameez..seeing this is got an erection..I noticed that my bulge was visible so I aat down on the sofa opposite to her..

I was able to hide my erection but neetu aunty might have noticed that I got hard inside my pants..I felt embarrassed...she giggled a bit..and then someone called on my phone which was on my table..I didn't want to get up..but I had to..I got up and my erect cock was clesrly visible..I picked the phone facing away from her..then I sat down on a chair near the table itself..

aunty asked who it was..I said it was a friend..she the asked if it was my girlfriend...I said no..she then asked me if I had a girlfriend...I said yes..she enquired about it and then she handed me my towel..she said that she'll be coming again at 12 noon to check if was able to cook properly...while going she smiled and said " ghr mei koi aaye toh andr kuch pehen lia kr"..

I sensed what she meant and felt hugely embarrassed...She again came at 12 noon and asks me what I'll be cooking..she noticed that I didn't bath yet..she offered me help and said that she'll cook the paneer and dal and told me to get a bath..meanwhile I entered the bathroom..I remembered whatever happened and felt horny..

I shagged off in the bathroom..just after I shagged off she came running at the bathroom door shouting that something went into her eye..I grabbed the towel n put it over my dick and opened the door..she rushed in and washed her eye..she then asked for my towel and she said that be quick..and she took the towel from me..and I had to hide my semi erect cock with my hand...

she noticed the cum on the floor..she gave a naughty smile and went out of the bathroom..I came out of the bathroom after bathing wearing a towel and went to my room directly and was about to lock the door..then neetu aunty said that "drwaza bndh krne ki kya zarurt hai..waise bhi dhng k kpde toh nhi pehenta h tu" and I was dumbfounded...

I wore my clothes hurriedly and came to the kitchen to help her..she ws done with cooking and then she served me lunch...and went back home...I ws thinking over her comments repeatedly and shagged off again..The next day she came to me and brought some idli for me in a tiffin box..she told me to have it for breakfast...

while opening the tiffin box she spilled the chutney all over her clothes over her chest..she then rushed to the bathroom..she just closed the door and left a small gap..it was visible to me what she was doing..she opened her salwar and cleaned her boob area..she was not able to clean ir completely and asked me for a towel..I said that there is a towel inside the bathroom..

she cleaned her chest area and wrapped the towel over her boobs and came out..she then told me that she didn't bath yet and if I had any any problem if she took bath in my bathroom..I said that I have no problem at all..she then asked me to get her clothes from her house...

she gave me the keys of her house and instructed me to bring her salwar kameez and also told me that there is a red colour paper box inside and to bring that too..she told me that she had a vanity bag inside her wardrobe which had her medicines and to bring it along..I went to her home and brought all the stuff..

I had some suspicion about that box and I opened it to find that there was a pink bra inside it..I wrapped it and put it back..I handed over her stuff to her and then she took bath..while she was taking bath I notice that the shower was kept flowing for too long..I felp suspicious and decided to look into what she was doing..

I managed to look inside the bathroom from the small gap between the door and the floor....to my surprise she was fucking herself with a dildo..she had the dildo in her vanity bag..when she was over with it she took out some cream and a razor from her bag..she applied the cream in her pubic region and shaved her pubic hair off..seeing all this I got excited and started jerking myself..

I was about to climax and gave a loud moan and cummed on the floor..neetu aunty might have understood what I was doing..she then finished bathing and started wearing her clothes..she called me for help as she was not able to fasten her bra strap..I helped her and came out of her bathroom..while she was coming out of the bathroom she noticed that there was cum on the floor..

she asked me "arjun, ye nche kya pda hua hai"..I replied " nhi pta aunty..conditioner hoga shyd"..she then touched it and smelled it..and said " nahi..ye toh conditioner nahi hai..conditioner ki smell toh aisi nhi hoti hai" I said " nhi pta aunty"..she then asked me " tere hath mei kya lga hua hai?" And then I noticed that I had cum in my arm too..I said " nhi pta aunty..kch lga hga"..

she said " accha...sch bta ki tu kya kr rha tha jb mai nha rhi thi." I said " kch nhi aunty phone mei games khel rha tha"..she said " but tere phone msi toh games hai hi nhi" then I said " mera mtlb tha ki games download kr rha tha" she then looked at me with lust in her eyes..then we sat on the sofa and were talking..she asked me " tune apni grlfrnd ko kiss kia hai?"..I saud " nhi"..

she said "arre sharma mt..kai tri mummy ko nhi bataungi" the I said " well..haan "..she said " accha..iska mtlb agr akele bnd kmre mei hote tkh sex v kr lete..waise kya kya kia tune uske sth?"..I said that " bs kiss kia" then she replied " usne tere sath kya kia? Tu toh waise bhi andr kch nhi pehenta h..usne iska faayda nhi uthaya?"..

I said " nhi aunty..hmne bs bus mei kiss kia tha" she replied "accha..tb shyd tra itna bda nhi tha..ab toh tu bda ho gya h..ab toh ldkiyan tere iss dressing sense ka khub faayda uthayengi..ldke toh lucky hote h..apni pyaas bhja skte h..bt ldkiyon ko toh bht cheezon ki zarurt hoti hai..haath se kaam nhi chlta hmara..aajkl toh tere uncle bhi ghr pr nhi rhte h...mai toh pagal hi jti hoon akele akele"..

I replied with a "hmmm"..she then said that " waise maine delhi se kch artificial samaan mangayi thi..ussi se kaam chalati hoon aajkl.." she then brought hee vanity bag and showed me her dildo..it was a vibrating one..I acted innocent and asked her what it ws..she said "ye whi hai jo tere pant k andr hai..bus difference itna h ki tra use nhi hua h aur ye use ho chuka h"..

I knew where this conversation was going..I asked her " ye kaise use krte h"..she said " tu apna phn de..dikhati hoon"..she then opened a porn site and showed me a video of a girl using a dildo..I remained silent..she then asked me " bda ho gya h na tra?" I remained silent..she then placed her hand on my crotch and said "ktna bda h tra..roz hilata hga na tu"

I didn't know how to react and utrered "ummm..haan"...she then tld me " chl pant utar de apni..dkhte h ki mra dildo zyda bda h ya tra lund" as soon as she uttered the word 'lund' it sent shivers down my spine..I knew that it was now or never and I pulled down my shorts and my dick sprang out saluting her..she then grabbed my 8 inch dick and said

"kaafi mota bhi hai..tere uncle ka toh chota sa hai.. dildo se hi kaam chlati hoon..tri biwi ko bht khush rhegi ki itna bda aur mota lund uske pss hga"..then she asks me " tu chup chap kyu khda h..tu mjhe dkhna chahta h na?..chl dkh le.." she the removed her salwar and kameez n was sitting there just in her bra and panty..she then asked me "tjhe kiss kiye hue ktne din ho gye"

I replied " 8 mahine shyd"..she replied " accha....pta h tere uncle toh mjhe bs lips pe kiss krte h n bs khde khde mjhe chodte hai..mjhe satisfaction milti hi nhi..srf chudne se mri chut ko rahat nhi milti aur toh aur mjhe unka lund chusne tk nhi dete" again she started her war of words and I was filled with lust for her..then I said " toh mjhe use krlo..mai toh hr chz k lye ready hoon"

then I grabbed her face and gave her a deep kiss..eventually I opened her bra n made her sit on the couch..I sat down on the floor between her legs.. I said " mai sb dkh rha tha aunty g..jo kch aap bathroom mei kr rhe the" with this I separated her legs and kissed her chut abover her panty..her panty was totally wet and I took it off..and started licking her vagina ..she was moaning and uttering

"arjunnn...aaahhh.meri jaan...chaat meri chut ko" she then held my head and went in into her clean shaven pussy..then I told her to stand up and I lied down on the sofa and said " aunty g..aap mere muh k upr baith jao.."..she obeyed me n sat on my face..she then turned around and took my cock in her mouth..and sucked it hard and I was busy licking her pussy..she then said

"ab mjhe nche rhne do n tu uor chdh jaa" I obeyed but I couldn't understand why she did so....while I was busy licking her pussy I felt her fingers on my asshole..she lubricated my asshole using her saliva and put two fingers inside..then she inserted her vibrating dildo in my arse..while licking my dick simultaneously...she had many orgasms and at that time she put the dildo deep inside my ass..

this was the best feeling of my life..I ejacuated on her mouth and she swallowed it all..and kept sucking on my dick and made it erect again and fuckin my ass with her dildo..then she took out the dildo and asked me to get down..she positioned herself in doggy style and asked me to neter from behind..I entered her pussy and fucked her like a mad animal...

I felt her pussy contracting and then she came...then I neared my orgasm and came inside her..she kissed me and said " arjun..mjhe hmesha aide pyaar krte rhna..mjhe chodte rhna..mai tri hr baat maanungi"..since then we had many love making sessions at her home and mine..

Please do give your comments below. Thanks.

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College guy having first time romantic sex

It was the first day of my college, a boy just out of school full of hopes and lots of lust. But as per god’s law of average every other department had a hot chick except mine. Fully disappointed I was almost prepared to face 4 years of boring life ahead. Then she entered.

She wasn’t a princess nor a jaw dropping beauty but she was just the perfect Bengali beauty whom everyone will love and lust. Target was identified and locked only I needed to wait for the right time to start the action.

God was a bit late in listening to my prayers but when he did he made sure he added bonus to it. Got her number from a mutual friend and once the talks started I made sure it ended in “I Love You”. Somewhere deep down the heart I knew my time will come and it did came. Last day of second semester examination and the month of June.

God was showering his blessings in the form of rain and we love birds were stuck in college. Courage I needed to break the barrier and I decided it’s now or never. Standing near her I sent her a text “Can I kiss you?” and a delicious reply came “Only that much”. It was like a blank cheque handed over to a beggar and here the beggar had a good idea what to do with it.

I pulled her near me with a hand on her hips and locked my lips with her. I don’t know how many minutes or how many centuries it lasted but I remember I was ready for round 2. This time my hands automatically went to her soft breasts and I couldn’t believe what I saw in porn and over websites is really so soft. It was like cotton handed over to me.

I couldn’t understand, to chew the soft delicious lips and roll my tongue over her tongue or to explore those mountains. Decision was made, when she is interested to give then loot it all. I was pressing her boobs over her shirt as well as having a nice smooch.

But when are we boys satisfied with life. Greed took over me. I slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. She resisted. I was afraid. May be I crossed the threshold. But what she said increased the greed two folds. She held my hands and said “Let’s go to the girls washroom, its empty now.” I was like dumb. Like a small kid I followed her to the washroom.

Being one of the best private engineering college of Kolkata it had a state of art washroom. Straightaway inside it I started from where I left. First time I was going to see a naked pair of boobs. Excitement was at the highest level. It started core by core, first the shirt dropped on the floor, my lady lust was standing in her inner and bra.

Next the inner and gradually the bra felt on the floor. It was just wow scene. Pure white pair of breasts and the black nipples were just icing on the cake. Slowly I started to press them and a light moan came out of her lips. That was enough to wake up the monster in me.

The slow press became rough and it was time to put my lips on them. Like a new born baby I started sucking the nipples and licking the breast and the slow moans gradually increased the volume. She started pressing my head more and more in her boobs as if she wanted me to bury inside her and I was also in a mood to get buried. I ate them like mangoes and kept on eating them.

Slowly I went down from her nipple to her navel. No points for guessing what was next going to drop on the floor. Slowly her belt, pant and panties were lying around unattended. A clean shaved pussy, as if she was a tarot card reader and knew exactly what was going to happen today. Like a hungry tiger I was direct on attack mode. It was dripping wet and I wanted to taste the holy juices. I started to lick madly.

She was literally limping, she couldn’t take it, and she was getting mad. It was turning into the best day in my life and I wanted it more. I had never seen a girl nude in front of me few hours ago and now I was licking wet pussy of a girl, teasing her clit with my tongue and making her beg for more. I spread her legs and saw her small clit shivering, as if inviting me to take over it.

I obliged and started licking them. I was new in this field but porn had taught me never continue in one position, change positions to make it interesting. I started making circles with my tongue on her nicely shaved pussy and it was the breakthrough for her. She started shivering. My one hand went up and pressed her mound, slowly and steadily.

She couldn’t hold and said “more rough, please I am about to come”. It made me motivated like a factory worker when he hears about festival bonus. I started rough, my tongue started to work with double speed and my hands trying to grab both of her mangoes. She pushed my head deeper in her pussy with every stroke with my tongue and finally she gushed out all her juices.

That was the moment of pleasure for me also, my first orgasm to a lady. She was still trying to regain her senses, I stood up and planted a kiss on her lips. She opened her mouth to say something and I was expecting a thanks but what I heard gave a 440 volt shock to me. She said “It’s my turn dear”. Cloud 9 is a too small word my feeling at that time.

A stark naked girl with awesome boobs, shaved pussy and round ass bended down and started unzipping me. My already erect penis grew a bit more as if saying “Lady it’s all your”. I was wet with pre cum and I never realized that until she took it in her hand and started applying it all over my penis to make it wet.

And then the unexpected happened, she took my whole penis inside her mouth. If there is heaven on earth then this is it. I could see heaven in one go. She slowly started stroking me and sucking my penis. She took it deep in her throat and was slowly pulling the hairs on my penis to give me more pleasure. I can’t write the feeling here in words.

Moan started flowing from my lips and pleasure from my heart. I generally hold it a lot longer but that day all the events made me too weak to hold it longer than 10 minutes I think. I came and came in her mouth and to my good luck she drank it like a pro. She cleaned her lips and again we had a good long smooch. This time she was still stroking my limp cock and me fingering her already again wet pussy.

But this was not enough, you just gave blood to a man eater. We needed more but this was not the right place. We both knew it and we knew the alternative also. We had a mutual friend who had a nice flat and fortunately she lived nearby also. We dressed up quickly and she went out to give her a call. She came back and said “She agree”. I knew what was coming and was ready to give my virginity to this angel.

We went to her home and our friend was waiting outside. She gave us the keys and gave a sweet smile and said I will return after 3 hours and will give a call 30 minutes before coming. Thanks was a very small word for all the favor she did. We entered into the house, closed the door and were like wild cats.

Both started stripping each other’s like mad bull. In 1 minute we were in our birthday suits and ready to go. Her pussy was again dripping wet and my penis erect as rod and was ready to enter into anything. We were on a bed and she rode on top of me. Slowly she inserted my penis in her wet pussy. It slid in easily and our wetness was the perfect lubricant for the event.

Just imagine a naked girl facing you and riding on top of you, her bouncing boobs and loud moans were simply crazy. I don’t know when I also started to moan and she started was riding me like a mad horse. Her moans became love words, she said every possible beautiful words to describe our relation.

Since only about half an hour ago I was given a heavenly blow job so I knew this time I would take a lot longer time to cum. We changed our position to the lovely doggy style. Her round ass and pink pussy lips wet with her cum was a scene more serene than the Himalayas.

I thought of spanking her ass but the penis was sliding in and out so beautifully in her naked shaved pussy that I forgot everything about torture. I wanted to make it long and memorable so I pulled out and stated licking her pussy in that position. She never expected it and was more than happy to feel it. She said I also want it and I understood her feelings.

In 69 position we both were enjoying each other’s juices and she had the second orgasm of the day. Again we started our session and this time strokes were deeper and faster. I came and came inside her but there was no guilt but a sense of happiness.

My limp cock stayed inside her pussy for some time and I just caressing her lovely melons. Slowly we regained our consciousness and decided it’s time to part ways. We dressed up and had a final round of smooch before leaving, but we were sure it’s the beginning of a new journey.

Today I am a software engineer in an MNC in Kolkata and when I am writing this story she is getting married to another guy as her parents don’t want in-laws of different religion. Our seven years of love and lust life is coming to an end, but as she says the show must go on.

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Sujatha having sex with lungi wearer neighbour

Hey HumanDigest readers! My name is Sujatha and I am a horny 19 year old girl who is a very good seducer. Normally, one wouldn’t expect a conventional, typical Tamilian girl like me to be horny and crave men but I do. I am not a whore, I just like fucking strangers. I have a fetish. I like to be fucked by men, who are at least above 30 years old and I like to be fucked by men wearing lungi.

I get so excited when I see so many men wearing colorful block-print lungi on the road and walking, sometimes even pissing on the road, showing a hint of their black dicks. Recently, a man moved into the flat opposite to mine. My parents were working and so I used to be all alone at home from 3 to 8 in the night, studying for my college.

At first, when I saw this man, he was alone. He didn’t have anybody else staying with him. Then, later during the week, he came and introduced himself to our family as Suresh who worked from home 5 days a week.

I was right in judging that he lived alone. Although, he did not seem like the type who would not like drinking or sex, maybe he would fap at home. The next day, in the afternoon, I opened the door to receive a courier. The courier man also rang his doorbell and so I waited there, pretending to see what the courier was about, but it was just to see him.

He opened the door to receive the courier and I saw his hairy chest from my house as he hadn’t worn any shirt. He was wearing a blue block-print lungi. Instantly, my horniness increased. At 4 o clock, I rang his bell and asked if I could talk to him inside his house. He blushed at me staring at his chest. He asked me to come inside, and then turned to find his shirt. I told him to not bother.

I could smell a faint smell of alcohol from his breath. This was my chance. I asked for some water, and when he went to get some from the kitchen, I loosened my shirt buttons to reveal my cleavage. When he came to give me some water, I drank it, and pretended to put the cup down by mistake.

I bowed down to pick it up and my boobs popped right out of my shirt, staring at his face. But I did not bother putting them back in. he first blushed at the sight, and then tried to hide his sight. I told him it was okay. It was natural for him to be attracted by my boobs and that it would be fine by me if he were to look at it or touch it or touch other parts of my body. He understood what I meant.

Drunk men are always horny you see. I slowly took off my shirt and my skirt, standing in front of him wearing just my panties. He hungrily took in my appearance. I told him to come near me, to touch me. He invited me into his bedroom. Then, he looked at me horny and said, “Can I fuck you? “. I said,” On three conditions: 1. it is for pure lust and not love.

I am not interested in marrying you. 2. You will not tell my parents. 3. You will let me do what I want to do and you will do what I tell you to do.” I smiled at him, playfully, and he said, “Ok madam! As you say”. He came near me and took my big boobs in his hands and kissed them. He licked and bit on my nipples. I moaned with pleasure. He then stood up to untie his lungi but I interrupted.

“Fuck me wearing your lungi. I like to be fucked by men who wear only lungi.” He agreed. Then he removed my panties and smelled them. I pushed him onto the bed and raised his lungi. He got up and tied it into half. Then I touched his dick from outside the lungi. It slowly grew to its full length and thickness.

It was a fucking 11 inches long and as wide as Qutab minar. Is took it out of his lungi and massaged his big dick with my hands. I pulled his black foreskin and kissed the pink top. I pushed his dick into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. I then told him to fuck my mouth. Thrust his dick into my mouth with full ferocity.

He fucked my mouth and finally put the whole 11 inches into my throat. He came in my throat and I drank it. He withdrew, lying down. I straightened his lungi, and then sat on his hairy chest with my pussy touching his chest. Then, I started rubbing my pussy on his hairy chest with great speed, almost cramming his chest and his chest hair was covered by my juice.

Then I licked his chest and sucked his hairy nipples. I like his sweaty armpit and took in the smell of his sweat. I bit his armpit and he moaned in pain. I then ordered him to lick my pussy. He went down, and pushed his tongue into my pussy as I moaned in pleasure. I told him to insert his fingers and then fist into my pussy.

He slowly inserted his fingers one-by-one into my pussy, and then his whole fist. He thrusted his fist inside my pussy as I shook up and down when he pushed his fist into me. I asked him to place his dick in between my boobs and thrust it. He tied up his lungi in half, and then placed his once again erect dick on my cleavage, and I held my breast together as he fucked my boobs.

Suddenly, he put his length between my armpit and he pushed it in forcefully as he moaned with pleasure. I then pushed him down. He did not cum but still I pushed him. I looked at him with a playful anger and said, “You did something I did not ask you to. Now I must punish you.” Then I pulled up his lungi, and smacked his dick. I squeezed his balls and bit it.

I bit his dick and his sensitive top. He screamed with a painful pleasure. Then I turned him around, and raised his lungi to see his asshole. I slapped his butt. Then I thrust my whole fist, all at once, without any warning, forcefully into his hole as he moaned in pain and pleasure. I reached out my hand to pick up a long round bottle, shaped like a thick dick and thrust it into his hole.

He moaned with pleasure. He then, instantly got up, and pushed me down, pinned me to the bed and thrust his 11 inches that was throbbing with energy into my pussy. His lungi got untied from its half-length and so he fucked me with his lungi covering our legs and rubbing against me as his iron bar hit my ovaries again and again.

He said, “YOU WILL PUNISH ME??!!” Then with a playful anger, he fucked me so hard that the bed almost fell apart from its legs because it vibrated as he thrust into me. He bit my nipples hard till they became red. Then, he picked me up and turned me around and thrust his length into my asshole. He said,” I don’t want you getting pregnant”.

He fucked my asshole so hard and my boobs swayed off my body as he thrust his dick into me. He came, finally. He came all over my ass hole and butt. He turned me around and came on my pussy and then all over my boobs and finally, shot a litre of cum in my mouth. I ordered him to lick the cum off my body and boobs.

Then, I ordered him to sit on the bed, while I rubbed his hard dick with my feet and finally made him cum again. This time, he rubbed his cum on his chest hair and nipples and I ate his cum, off his chest.

We did this almost every day from then. We tried out many positions and techniques and also fucked in public after that. We fucked in the park, on the terrace and everywhere. When I say terrace, I am reminded of my threesome with Suresh and the other man…

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Bittu having sex with unsatisfied aunty Radhika

First let me describe about her. Her name is Radhika and believe me guys she is a perfect sex angel and goddess. She looks like Priya rai. Same dusky complexion, 5’6 in height and has an ass to die for.Her measurements are 34-28-36. She has two kids. One 12 and other 14.

Coming to the story. I am bittu, 21, very fair and heavily built, 5’11 tall. I’m from Hyderabad, studying in Bangalore. One fine day I’ve received a mail from an unknown email. It said that I have read your story in ISS. I’m from Hyderabad too. I directly came to the point asking her if she wanted to have sex.

She said that she is hungry for sex from many years because her husband works in abroad. But is afraid to do it with an unknown person. Then I said it was okay. First let us chat for few days. After gaining some trust you can think of having sex. She said thank you very much. Like that we chatted for 1 month. We used to talk dirty, exchange pic’s.

One day she messaged me that she trusts me now and gave me her contact number and her address. She told me to come to her house on Monday afternoon when nobody was in her house. I thought I was very lucky. I am getting a chance to have sex with another matured aunty(actually I’m more interested in aunties).

As she said I went to her house on Monday afternoon and knocked her door. She opened the door and I was stunned to see her. She was wearing a red tempting saree and had a perfect figure. My dick became rock hard when I saw her. She greeted me and asked me to come in. She gave me water and sat beside me.

I started conversation by telling her that you look sexy in red saree. She gave me a smile and asked me whether I had any gf. I’m not interested in girls of my age. I am interested in mature women. Especially sexy aunties like you. She said offfo and was smiling. Slowly I went near her and kissed her on her lips. She slowly started responding.

I lifted my hand an started to squeeze her boobs softly. She let out a small moan.We kissed for probably 10 min. At the same time I was squeezing her boobs and she was caressing my dick over my pants. Slowly I came down near her naval and removed her saree pallu aside and kissed her naval hole. Ahhhh…. She moaned with pleasure.

I came up and removed her jacket hooks and boom!! There were her boobs. Pink color nipples. Actually her jacket is a little bit tight. So her boobs were bigger than I imagined. Slowly I teased her pressing her boobs only slowly… I was kissing all over her boobs except her nipple area… She was begging me to suck her nipples.

I said not that easily… I’m gonna tease you… I did that for 5 min and slowly went near her nipple area and blew air on her nipples… She was moaning in pleasure… I put my tongue on her nipple and slowly sucked it for which she moaned ahhh.. Shhh… Huhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhh All of a sudden I sucked them hard and squeezed her boobs so hardly for which she shouted very loudly.. Hummmmmmm.

And said to squeeze them slowly for which I replied are you enjoying it? She said you definitely know how to handle a woman’s boobs and sexual desires. I smiled and got up. She removed my trousers and got shocked by seeing my 8 inch cock. She said my husbands is smaller than yours. Saying that she started to suck it…. Mann she was a pro in giving a blowjob…

She sucked it like a lollipop for 10 minutes… After that I ejaculated in her mouth. Then I went near her removed her saree and panty and slapped her ass once… She let out a sigh.. Ahh I made her sit on the sofa, wide spread her legs and started to suck her pussy… It was very wet due to foreplay… After my sucking for 1 min she squirted.

She said it has been years since she had this type of pleasure. Hearing her moans and words my cock became rock hard. I asked her which position she wanted to try. She said she liked standing doggy style but never did it with her husband. I said for now I’m your husband.. You can fulfill any of your desires.

Saying that I turned her back and slowly inserted my half cock into her pussy and started fucking her slowly…. She started moaning….. Ahhhhhhhhh….. Ohhhhmmm… Mmmm All of a sudden I pushed my entire cock into her pussy… She moaned ahhhhh…. Slowly…… I started pumping her hardly…. She was moaning in pleasure…. Ahaaaaa…. Uuuuuu… Fuck me…. Harderrmmmmmuuu….

Her boobs were swinging while I was fucking her. I caught her boobs made her stand and was pumping her very badly…. She was literally moaning very loud… Ahhhhhh….. Ohhhhh… Mmmhhhhhh….. Uuuuu… Mmmm…I felt pressure building up in me…. I said her that I was going to cum.She said cummm inside mee… Iiii wanttt to feel yourrr hot liquiddd inside meee…

Huhhh…. Huhhh. Huhhh.. Mmmm. Huhhh Hearing those words I increased my pace and ahhhhhhhh….. I came in side her….. We both fell on the sofa…. And were trying to catch our breath…She said that this was the best fuck she had in her entire life and thanked me for pleasuring her.

Later we had two more sessions and I had to leave because her kids may arrive anytime. I kissed her and thanked her for calling me…Now I’m not in touch with her because she told me that she’ll only call me whenever needed. I respect her privacy… So didn’t call her from then onwards. Any aunty or girl from Hyderabad or Bangalore want to have sex chat or a pleasure filled sex.

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Sex on Ahmedabad to Pune train

This completely true incident took place years back. It was a daring act and my friends, even those hardcore womanizers much senior, appreciate my act. But to tell you frankly, I did that only as I was horny.

Those days I was drinking daily and alcohol always used to make me horny, horny almost always was my condition. Of course I was in early thirties. I was married at that time but with more need of sex then my wife. I did not have the habit of visiting prostitutes and I did not believe in spending money for sex. So I was horny.

Ok, this horny guy, that is me, was travelling from ahmedabad to pune. I boarded the train from ahmedabad in the night train and it was a First class compartment of four berths. Around 10 pm, the reached the next station,baroda and a couple got in. The man was around 60 and was fat and also looking sick. The lady was in her early 40s. She was fair with a well endowed body.

They tried to have small conversation me but I did not encourage as I had taken alcohol. I did not want them to the smell of alcohol. I learnt that he was a retired person going to pune, to see her daughter. I heard the TTE saying that no one else is coming to that compartment of 4 berths and he asked us to lock the door.

I went sleep immediately as did not want them to know I was drunk and I was embarrassed because alcohol and seeing the good looking mature lady had made me horny.The train started its long haul through the dark of the night to pune. It was December the weather was really cool.

After some time I woke up and saw the lady sleeping on lower berth in the opposite side and her husband was sleeping on upper berth above her. I watched the lady in her sleep, The pallu of her saree was not in the proper place and I could see the her boobs were really impressive. I got hornier. Just three of us were in the compartment and it was cool night.

I went back to sleep after jerking and releasing my load into my underwear. I was covering my self using my dhothi/ lungi as my blanket Again after some time I opened my eyes. I did not remove the lungi and through the thin colored fabric of the lungi, I could see the lady was not sleeping, She was sitting in berth looking at me.

She kept on looking at me. I saw that her husband was sleeping on the upper berth, snoring. I dont know what made take a decision like that, I silently got up, sat near her and with out a word I grabbed her boobs and kissed her. She was surprised but did not object or make any sound. I got more courage and started playing with her boobs and also started feeling her belly.

I put my fingers on my lips, she understood and shook her head in agreement.I,through gestures asked to raise her legs and keep it on the berth. I also did so. I did not want her husband to see our legs together, in case he looks down. I unbuttoned her blouse and then unhooked her bra. Then I took her boobs out and took it my mouth.

She was pleased and cooperated lavishly, even though we did not remove blouse and bra from her body/ bosom. The boobs were well shaped and firm and not at all sagging. Great for a mature lady, I brought down my right hand and started feeling her groin above her saree. She slightly spread her legs to make it easy for me to feel over pussy.

I pressed my hand over the saree and I could faintly feel her pussy and the pussy hair. I took her hand and directed to my dick. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and put her through my underwear to hold my penis. Then she expertly took out of the underwear a looked at it curiously. I am a very fair person and when erect, tip of my penis looks reddish or rose. She liked it seems and she smiled at me.

By the time I had raised her saree and underskirt which was blue in colour matching her blue sari. I do not know why still remember the blue colour as her panties was also blue. I put my hand in side her pant and started feeling her pussy. It was warm and wet. I knew she was excited. I put my finger in her pussy and started giving her finger fuck. She was enjoying it.

Of course she was making may penis feel heavenly by slowly jerking it but I did not want cum like that. The train was running very fast with out any stop. In the rhythmic beat of the train I wished the husband uninterrupted sleep on upper berth, as I was feeling and enjoying his wife just a few centimeters down /away from him.

It was thrill to see and feel a woman’s pussy and boobs, sitting next to him. I,now suspect, she too was enjoying the thrill of showing off her nude beauty to a total stranger, sitting close to her husband for many many years.

After feeling her pussy, which was really wet by then, I started to stimulate her clitoris. I was an expert in it through practice. I rubbed her clitoris repeatedly and slowly she came to orgasm. As she was reaching her orgasm, I had to hold her mouth shut with my other hand, for fear of making noises in her excitement,

A cunt belonging to another man was open before for my viewing pleasure, while the master of the cunt was sleeping just above us. We were making conversations of sort through gestures as we did not want to wake up the husband. I pointed to dick and gestured to her to put in her mouth. She shook her head in negative. May be she was not fond of sucking cocks. I did not press.

Slowly raised my head and could see that her husband was sleeping peacefully with knowing that his wife getting fucked just below him. We moved one side of the berth and made her lie down on her back. She opened her legs as far as possible with out showing the feet outside of the berth. I lowered my pants down and placed myself on top of her.

By the movement of the train. my dick, fell right in to her warm wet pussy. I inserted it deeply into her slit. The rest was easy. With regular rhythmic movement of the train, my fucking her cunt was made easy. We spend sometime like that I cummed into her pussy, I raised myself from her and with a smile we both went to sleep, without exchanging a word.

When I got up in morning the train had reached lonavala, a station near pune and the husband had gone to toilet. I thanked her, she also thanked me. We introduced ourselves as if nothing had happened. Her name was Parvathy( changed) and she was going to her daughters house to help her in her delivery.

he was retired officer from state govt, service.I asked for her address but with smile she refused give it. Then I suggested her to be friends with his son in law, to which she nodded with a shy smile By the time her husband had returned from toilet. I again introduced my self to the lady and the husband and we were talking till we reached pune.

Now I am in Pune, mature ladies welcome to contact me. I do not drink these days, but I am still thirsty for fun with warm mature ladies, who believe in having fun and happiness while alive.

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Biju and Suma enjoying sibling sex

Biju, younger brother of Suma while running slipped and fell down and there was a fracture in his right fore arm. HIS father took him to the hospital and got the arm plastered and and bandaged. Biju was advised not to go to the school and to take rest for at least 2 weeks.

His parents have to go to office and his sister Suma who was in the first year in the college said that she will sit with him and take care of him. She was just 18 and was helping her mother in the kitchen and in other house hold works. Now she has to stay back and take care of her brother.

The brother and sister liked each other very much and they slept in the same cot in the second bedroom in the house. There was no space to put another cot in the bedroom and hence they had to sleep in the same cot. In his younger years, Suma used to bathe him and put on his dress and books etc.

Now he is grown up and said he needs no help from her and used to take care of himself. Now with a bandage he certainly will not be able to take bath. Suma asked Biju to come to the bath room so that she may bathe him. He was shy and told her that he does not want to bathe.

She laughed at him and told him that he will smell foul if he does not take bath and made him to come so that she may wash him body. Reluctantly Biju went to the bathroom. Suma removed his clothes one by one and when she pulled down his underwear she found to utter surprise that he had his penis 5" long. She poured water over his body and applied soap.

When she came to touch his cock it got erect and stood still bigger. She rubbed the cock and the balls and she was wet in her panty. She poured water over Biju and bathed him but his cock stook erect. Biju was shy and cover his face with his bandaged hand. Suma wiped his body and when she pressed the cock with the towel she found it to be very hard and erect.

She felt like just kissing it and putting it in her mouth and suck it. She resisted her temptation and put on a fresh underwear on Biju and lead him to his bed. She tound it very difficult to push an erect cock into an underwear. She went and lied with him in his cot and was trying to talk to him. Her hand went in search of the erect cock of Biju and held it in firm grip.

She asked why it became so erect so suddenly and what he did to make it erect. How it will become soft and limp. Biju did not reply her because he knew no answer. She kissed him on his cheeks and then on his chest. Biju kissed her back. She just kissed his cock and looked at him. Biju was just smiling and looked at her.

She opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth running her tongue all over it. Biju enjoyed her action, but did not say anything. Suma changed her body position so that her boob pressed on the hand of Biju or rather tempting him to press her boob. She thrust his cock into her mouth so deep that it would have reached her throat.

Biju liked it so much that he moved his body up so that his cock may go deep into her mouth. He was reaching his orgasm that he thought something went out of his cock into her mouth. From the sudden spasm she knew that he had shot his cum into her mouth. But she swallowed it and she could not even know the taste.

She raised her head and asked him whether he enjoyed her action. Shyly he admitted. There after they enjoyed everynight in their own way. Biju learnt from senior students in his class more about sex and fucking positions and all. They gave him small books with photos of various fucking couple.

Suma learnt from her friends more about sex and about safe sex, calculating safe period etc. One year passed and their sex activity confined only to blow jobs by Suma. One day she asked Biju whether he will lick her cunt, he very willingly said yes. She closed the door and bolted it safely and in the little light of the bedroom lamp opened her legs wide and showed him her pussy.

There was lot of bushy curly hair in her pussy and Biju thught for a while. But being the first opportunity he did not want to miss it and hence leaned over and opened her cunt lips and with his tongue searched for her clitoris. Suma was overwhelmed and was hissing softly. They both were afraid to make any noice which will be heard by their parents.

They both consulted about the safe period for Suma and Biju inaugurated his fucking his sister. They both knew it will be a painful affair, but they made lot of preparations and finally they decided on a particular day. Biju wanted her to remove all public hair and to keep her pussy clean. The cream was applied under his direct supervision and ultimately it was smooth and her chin.

Afterwards it was a wild affair. Both enjoyed and who to dictate right and wrong. They took utmost care to see that their new sex adventure does not affect their academic career. Somehow without any hitch they got through the courses.

Now was the time both the brother and sister to separate and go in their own way. Biju went to the engineering college, and Suma tried some PG course in Business Management. But her parents were busy to get her fixed up for a marriage. Finally she got married and went to Muscat.

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The Sexual Awakening - III

Previously: The Sexual Awakening - II

I apologize yet again, for a delayed 3rd installment. In between the parts, the usual crappiness happened, called life! I appreciate all the good words and words of encouragement. For those not intrigued, I apologize at the behest, For the rest, I hope you enjoy the fuck fest!

Just reading this story, you’d have no clue For that, kindly read parts one and two To fill enough in your horny gauntlet… More lies at the other end of this couplet! So there I stood, in the room. The room was filled with a bright light and yet my vision was dampening! It seems all the blood was rushing down into my pelvis, rather than up into my brain.

I was going dizzy, yet seductively drawn to her magnificent cunt. I stood there spellbound. Her glistening creamy cunt was laid out, as if on a platter. Did a 4-course meal await me, I wondered! “So Vivek, do I make sense now? Do you clearly understand the female anatomy now?

Or do you need the description again?” she asked, as she slowly moved her hands away from her choot, slowly gliding her fingers over her skin, towards her navel, leaving behind a trail of moistness, which was glistening in the light emanating from the tubelight above. And while her hand was moving away, her legs were closing slowly and gradually.

I imagined what Ali baba must have felt seeing the cave of fortunes being closed. But I knew I had my ‘open sesame (Khulja sim sim)’ at hand! “No” I shrieked! I wished to see it more clearly! Suddenly sense came to me! It hit me, what just happened. I moved closer, emboldened by Mamta ma’am’s actions. “So come close, and have a closer look Vivek,” She said.

“I know what all has been going through your mind. Do you think women are foolish? We know when a man’s gaze is on our boob and when is it on our face. We know what goes on in the minds of men, much before they realize. We know what effect would our little change of posture have on them and their little dicks.

Yes Vivek, you aren’t the first and you wont be the last!” she spoke calmly, but I could sense her voice was trembling in between. And then she opened her legs once again! As I sat in between them, at the edge of the bed…I was sitting on my knees with my face, facing her cunt. Her legs were parted on either side. Her knees were bent and thighs far apart.

Both her hands were on her thighs, as she moved them apart slowly. “ Why don’t you touch it, little boy? Hahaha” and then she laughed. “Now where goes all your manhood? Kyun phatt gayi na”. I could not believe what I was listening to! I looked up to her in shock! She had a smirk across her face! And I, like a lost little child, just gazed into those eyes.

My mind said, go grab that cunt, but my hand was too frozen to move an inch! I tried, but courage it seems fails men when against a fierce enemy or against a woman of their dreams. For a young boy, a teacher is the former and a naked woman, the latter! I had both being thrust on to me. And now I was being mocked! She had no clothes down there and suddenly I felt ashamed. I felt as if I was the naked one.

She slowly got up, and came close to me with her face barely inches away from me. Looking me in the eye she deeply gazed my intent. She took her soft smooth hand and held my chin in between her thumb and fingers, “Bete, it is easier to peep. I know what you’ve been doing since you’ve come to my class.

Your sitting on the last bench does not mean I don’t know where your gaze lies or what you’re upto.” And her grip on my chin became tighter, as she spoke, still gazing deeply, as if she was reading my mind! “And now, not even a single word escapes your mouth… Haha”. And then she came closer, and holding my neck with the same hand, arching it she bent on to me, and kissed me on the lips.

She took my lower lip in her mouth and sucked it in between her wet lips. And slightly bit me on the lip! “Aah” I cried and backed away! There was a look of complete shock on my face. It had gone pale, as if all the blood had been sucked out. And she just laughed! Laughed like the wicked witch, I thought!

She took me by face and pulled me to sit up besides her on the bed. She folded her legs and sat facing me, with both of us on the edge of the bed. And then smiling she said, “Vivek… It’s ok. You seem shocked, as if I’ve asked you for your kidney! Relax. Come near me. Don’t be afraid. Kya hua?” I think she could sense my state of shock.

“N…N…Nothing ma’am. It’s just... I… I… I never thought this would ever… ever happen. I have never seen a naked lady in real ever in my life and it… it is too much to grasp!” I was shaking, but excitement was bursting in my mind, which I couldn’t express!

“Don’t worry, come here. Just follow my lead” she said, and took my face in both her hands, bringing her lips closer to mine and she locked our lips! I followed suit, much relaxed by her comforting tone and less aggressive stance. I moved my lips rhythmically as she did. Interlocking them with her, gently at first, and then fiercely! Our lips were like two wrestlers in a wet muddy pond.

One above the other, trying to beat it down and then slipping, only to be beaten by it. Teeth and tongues, lips and saliva! Some dripping here, some biting there, some rough handling, some caressing with care! Our tongues darted in and out. I was sucking hers as if it was a lollypop given to me, like it’d be my last lollypop ever.

And then I moved my hands… Touched the sides of her arms. Feeling the softness of her skin, and moving them slowly down. The smoothness of it, the milkyness of it and the silkiness on which my hands lay made me quiver with joy, as my fingers just seemed to slip! My hairs were rising on end as she gripped me and hugged me tight. She was breathing fast, and so was I.

Her heaving chest against mine, the heat emanating from her body. I could feel her breasts, as they crushed against my chest, while she hugged me tight. I could feel them getting squashed as the air between us thinned out. And then I took her in my embrace, moving my hands from the sides of her arms to her back. Feeling her soft smooth back, and suddenly realizing, she wasn’t wearing a bra!

Ah, the woman was prepared, and I wasn’t going to let her down! And I again looked her in the eye and gave a passionate kiss one more time. And while I did this, my hand moved from her back to sideways and then just about hit the sides of her boobs. She gasped! But her kissing just intensified. I got the encouragement, and moved my hands on front and cupped her boobs.

Both of them just about fitting in my palm. My lips were stuck to her lips like those pipe-cleaning devices being stuck to the drains and my hands were stuck to her bosom, as if plastered there. I slowly and rhythmically squeezed them. They were perfect. They were firm and they were just about juicy enough to make any man let go of his juice! I felt the firmness, as her boobs lay gripped beneath her tee shirt.

It had been a while since a man had felt those. She then stopped kissing, moved away, looked me in the eyes, and then took her tee shirt off! Oh my god. It was a sight to behold. She had the most perfect boobs. Nice and round, shapely to the core. The perfect curves beneath those mounds of womanly flesh, made me realize why nature was once hailed as gods and goddesses by the older civilizations!

Her boobs were better than what I had imagined. They were milky white. As they slowly rose from her chest and increased in volume, and then they went down with every breath. I could just gasp in amazement by the beauty of it! And atop the lovely mound was the most perfect tit! Just like those porn stars. It was a medium sized brown colored areola and the nipple was poking right at me.

It was stiff and it was really really taut! She must’ve been turned big time by that slow squeezing maneuver! “So, do you like what you see?” she asked as one of her hands moved to her left breast. Her long slender fingers brushed along the skin below her boobs and then she caressed her tit with a circular movement of the tip of her finger, before licking it and then making her tit wet with her saliva by flicking her tit with her wet finger.

She continued to flick and encircle her tit while her gaze was fixed on me. She lustily looked at me while I just couldn’t move my eyes from the most amazing pair of boobs thrust on to me! And then I moved my hand forth and touched her right breast. Held the boob in between my fingers as I gently pressed them into her skin. She let out a little cry and arched her neck back.

I got emboldened and then moved on to cup it and then squeeze it. I squeezed it gently at first, but then with greater force subsequently. Her taut nipple slipped out of my fingers, brushing roughly against my nail, every time I squeezed her boob like an orange! And every time her nipple slipped out, she gasped.

I figured the nipple must be really stimulating, so then I held her nipple in between my fingers and thumb and gently pressed it in between. And as I did that, I pulled onto it gently and then while pinching it, let it slip out of my fingers! Oh she let out a whimper! And she shivered at this movement.

She held my head by my hair and brought my face right into her left boob, while she continued to play with her right tit. My mouth was just inches away from her brown, gorgeous tit when she cried, “Suck me you fucker. Suck my tit. Oh you’re making me so horny and wet, I can’t tell you! Suck my tit. Suck it like you haven’t sucked anything else in your life!”

And I needed no telling any further. I latched onto her tit like a baby. My lips encircling her tit while I sucked and sucked and sucked. Flicking her erect tit in my mouth while I did it, occasionally gently grinding it in between my teeth. I pulled her tits from my teeth and then continued sucking and flicking it.

Saliva was flowing from the sides of my mouth onto her breasts, while her hands they remained stuck in my scalp, holding my hair in a fist and pulling it while I continued to devour her tit! With one swift movement she pushed me off her. She seemed disheveled and trashed. She pushed me down on the bed and came on top of me! She looked me in the eyes as she lay on top.

She gazed for a bit, as if in a trance and said, “What I am going to do next, is something very bad, but I can’t help it right now! I am going to take your innocence from you, not that you have it anyways, but I feel guilty and excited at the same time. Forgive me, for I am a bitch today!” And with those words she went down on me, unbuckled my jeans, unzipped it and pulled it right off!

I lay there motionless, still fathoming what was happening, while she put her hand in the elastic of my jockey, looked at me slyly and pulled it right off! Out sprung my dick, in all its glory and fervor! The dick shone in the bright light from the precum that got smeared all over it all this while.

She looked at it with amazement, “You’ve got a nice cock here, pity it hasn’t been put to good use… yet!” and with that she opened her mouth and took it all in! OH MY GOD! Between the warmth of her mouth, the wetness of the saliva, and the excitement of having your dick in woman’s mouth, I do not know which was most pleasurable but I found myself in the seventh heaven!

I arched back as she pulled back my foreskin and sucked and licked the head of my dick. Oh the way it disappeared in her mouth, in between her pink lips again to resurface wetter and redder, it was just driving me mad! And then the moments when she looked up and into my eyes while her lips were wrapped around my lund, and her one hand holding and gently playing with my balls, ooohhhh the feeling was beyond compare.

It felt strange when she licked the head of my dick as it sent shivers down my spine. Each time she took a go at it… I simply shivered! There was building pressure inside me, and after some licks up and down, I burst into her mouth unannounced!

She looked at me, raising her head up. There was semen dripping from her mouth, on her hair, sticking to her eyelash! “Asshole, never do this again!” she shrieked and got up, while spitting the cum back on my dick. “ Batata toh sahi you’re about to cum” she spoke more calmly now realizing I was too naïve for things like these, but still her face and expressions were strained!

I got up and apologetically said, “Am so sorry ma’am, the feeling was so pleasurable, I didn’t realize when I was about to cum. I mean I realized, but just couldn’t make myself stop. Have never felt something like this, ever before!” I was feeling too ashamed for my action and just stood up feeling guilty to the core.

She sensed my state of mind and mellowed down. She held be my shoulder and made me sit down. “It’s ok Vivek! I did not realize it was your first time and I too got carried away in the moment. Don’t worry, things like these happen and I would have been surprised had I not made you cum!

We would seriously have had to get your testosterone levels checked, had you not cum… haha” and she laughed as she said this and patted me on the back and gave me a nice hug. I relaxed a bit and smiled at her, still apologetic to the core, “Am so sorry I came too soon. I am not a pussy, I can hold for very long. Don’t know what…”

“Shhh… don’t bother Vivek. It’s ok. You did great for a first time” she smiled and said. And then she came close to me, held my face and kissed me on the lips. It was a nice, long, though a less intense, but a very wet kiss! It calmed me down and I hugged her. “Thanks ma’am! I have no words to explain, how amazing it was… I…” She stopped me short.

She said, “Oh don’t be sentimental you dickhead. I wont be leaving you unless I get my share of pleasure!” as she smiled and winked! She pushed me back on the bed and took my, now partially limp, dick in her hand while caressing it and said, “This still has newer horizons to explore and am sure you wouldn’t want to blow such a chance! Haha!” She truly was the bitch that day!

She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it while she snuggled up to me and kissed me, all over my head and neck. She bit me here and there, which left marks that lasted me for a week, something that made me a butt of jokes at my swimming classes for the week to come, but it was a like a bruise a warrior bore, which I was proud of!

And then once the dick was fully up to its former glory, she got up and with her legs on either side of my thighs she sat on my thighs, just beyond my dick. My balls were lying next to her pubis and she kept caressing and playing with my dick! She then got up… held my dick by her hand, guiding it onto the very cunt she was describing to me not more than an hour ago and slid it right through!

“OH FUCK” I cried as I felt warmth, I had never felt before surrounding my dick as it slid into her tight little hole. It made its way forth while my foreskin slipped back. The tight vaginal walls were wet and the heat was falling right onto the head of my exposed dick. It gave me a sensation I can’t explain nor can someone who hasn’t been there fathom it!

It was pure joy and ecstasy and I thought it couldn’t get any better when, she suddenly got up, making my dick come halfway out and then sat back right onto me, such that my dick hit something firm and she squirmed! She did that again and again and again… Oh goodness me, she was riding me and I lay there, with my dick sliding on her choot walls, in and out, again and again.

The thin skin of my dick brushing across the folds of her vaginal wall as I felt wet juices spilling out and squishing every time she slammed right back on me hitting my balls with her cunt. I could feel hitting something firm on my way up (Her cervix, I realized later. Seemed she finally did cram up some biology into me).

She increased her speed and held me form on the chest as she bobbed up and down. After a while, I could feel something tightening onto my dick as she dug her nails into me looking up at the ceiling and shrilling, “Oh GOD!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!” Her cunt was tightening around my dick and she was just out of control.

I too could feel the pressure building in me and since I was being pushed down into the bed with no place to slip out, I simply cummed there, inside her, once again! She stopped and fell right back onto my chest. She was breathing heavily and and both of us spoke nothing.

She just lay there onto me, her chest heaving against mine and all I did was looked at the fan above me, moving in circular motion as little beads of sweat trickled from my forehead to the bed and her forehead to my chest. In a while we both got up, she handed me my clothes. We both changed silently, not speaking a word and we went to the door.

“I am sorry I cummed…” I was about to say, when she put a finger on my lips. “Just bring me an I-pill. And while you’re at the chemist, get a box of condoms too. I like them dotted.” She winked and closed the door after me!

I’d appreciate comments/criticism below. Thanks for your time. Apologies if the story wasn’t worth the effort. Hopefully I’ll come back with more! Cheers!

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