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Raj having hot sex with office Rani

Well not really sure where to being from, when I think of that night my dick gets hard like an iron rod. I promise you a complete true story 99.9% accept the names and places. Just before I start, I am not an expert writer, so please do not comment on my language.

So let the story begin...It was year of 2012 when I left Hyderabad and reached Bangalore with a broken heart to work with one of the top IT company. I got myself settle with my friends from Hyd who were working with the same company already. There house was small and near to my new office.

My first day at office was fucking boring, as I was not able to concentrate on anything, I was still stuck with my past relationship with a scorpion (Horoscope) girl who betrayed me brutally. One week passed by understanding my current roles and responsibility. I was working in a team of 35 resources and supporting our client 24/7. My manager shifted me to morning shift 6:30-3:30pm.

The next day when I arrived I see all the new faces most of them were girls ;). I was happy that I am not just working with aunties and uncles. Those girls were of my age 24-26 most of them from north side, just like me. Apologies I forgot to describe myself, I am fair, 5.11ft average body, with pink lips and dark eyes. And I don't want to lie telling about my penis size, its just 5.5inch.

Back to the story, it was the first time I was Rani who was full of makeup, wearing formal white shirt and tight blue jeans. She had a pony tail with yellow band, I still remember that very well. She has a good personality, 5.5ft, 32b-30-34 fair in color with dark eye & baby pink lips. Her lower lip was like Boomika's lip(South indian heroine).

I saw her for a moment, as I was sitting behind her, I was able to smell her strong perfume she was wearing. Next day I arrived little early, she was already there on floor along with another team mate, they use to come by cab. I said a formal "Hello" to them, got a reply from another girl with"Hi" but Rani just smiled.

She had lots of attitude and I very well knew how to take care of girls like them. My core skills are knowing about girls and what they like how to talk to them, dating, sex and maintaining a relationship with them. My interest s were in this field from when I was just 8 or 9, when I was sex abused by an older girl from my neighborhood.

From then I never stopped, I use to play with girls had manyy girl+friends at my teen age. And ended up losing my virginity with a 24 yrs old girl who was an elder sis of one of my girl+friend. I would say I was just lucky, but I didn't much understand what happened to me except my dick was hard for the entire day and it was hard to hide it and move around at home.

Getting back to story, I didn't give any bhaw to Rani on my second day as well. Because I knew if I start saying hi, Hello or try to talk to her she will be showing more attitude and I was not interested in getting into any other relationship. I never really liked her, yeah she was nice but still. Never got that feeling. One week passed, we had our eye contact and a very normal conversation.

One day she asked me for tea, I asked her to give me sometime as I was busy working on a critical ticket. I could have stopped working and went rite away but I took 10 min's. While taking tea from cafeteria I didn't had any change and she said she will pay for it. I felt embarrassed as I never let a girl to pay for any thing when I am with them(only for girls I like ;)).

I thought we will be enjoying tea with a nice conversation but she said he got work to do..so we took our tea cups and went back to floor :(. After sometime I got a ping from her saying I was showing too much of attitude, she never asked any team boys for tea or anything. blah blah...I was like Im sorry..but this is how I behave.

Actually boys from team have given her too much of bhaw and she feels like a queen. However, I apologized to her. And from there our chat started and we spoke out many things. I told her why I am in bangalore and about my x girl friend. I never told her how many relationships I was in. I didn't wanted to scare her telling that I have slept with 6 girls already and your going to be lucky 7.

She told me about her bf that he earns very well. But he is uncle type, I knew she is with him only for money. That guy was on a nice position and earns very well, keep going onsite every 6 months. It was my luck when rani and I came close in 3 weeks her bf was leaving to US for 2 months. She was little sad but happy as her bf gave her good amount of money for shopping.

On one fine day she missed her cab due to more work we got. I told her that I can ride her back to hostel. We were close enough to share many things, she told me few days back that she wished if I was her bf. I should have met her little early..all the same cheesy lines girls always tell. Holding hands was very normal when we use to go for a walk at night at our IT park.

First time she sat on my bike, I kept her laptop on my petrol tank, so that she can sit properly holding me. She asked me if she can hold me from back..I said why I would mind. She said what I will think of her as she already has a bf. I told her to relax and enjoy ;). She was happy as we went it started drizzling she was holding me more tight..I could feel her boobs on my back.

It was a very hard moment to control. My dick was rock hard again, after reaching her hostel, I went back home..took nice hot shower and jerked off nicely thinking of her. We started going out for movies, dinner pretty soon. It was first time when we were sitting in one of the park in Koralmangal it was sat evening around 8pm rain started we took shelter under one of the tree and all lights went off.

She was hiding in my jacket, I knew she wanted to kiss me..but I didn't wanted to initiate. So she shouted saying why she has to start everything and kissed me..to be honest that was one of the best kiss I ever had with her warm juice going from her mouth to mine. It was just too good. I pressed her boobs a bit...but she removed my hands from her chest.

She said she just wanted to kiss me not sure why. Things continued from there, we use to make out when ever we use to get chance in park, watching movie in malls, we were so desperate for each other it cannot be explained. Our late nite call use to be normal but when we use to meet she was not less then my gf. I really wanted to fuck her now.

And I am sure she wanted same, but never said directly. I guess I had to initiate this now. She asked me to take a separate house so that we can hang out for more time..I know what exactly she meant ;). Well to rent a house in bangalore is not easy..as most of you would know. But even I knew If I want to fuck her I have get a home..and I was not sure about going to hotels and all.

Days passed we continued our small physical relationship. I even asked her if she wants to marry me..as I really liked her by then..she never gave me a proper reply. It was a day when her bf came back..and she said she could not meet me as he is back and will be spending sometime with him over the weekend...I was heart broken again.

I was boozing all weekend with my friends and also tried not to think of her..but I kept getting thoughts like she might be fucking with her bf..and stuff. It was sunday and I really thought that I will not contact her..but I sent her a message saying I am really missing U. I knew she will not reply. But to my surprise..I got an instant reply from her saying even she is missing me.

She also mentioned her bf is here just for 2 weeks and he is planning to move to US for a long term. Well I was happy to know that. Next day we met in office and talked about many things...she asked me to give her some time before we move on in a relationship.

I said I am fine..but I knew she is using me..I felt really bad..there were many other nice gals who were ready to hang out with me or to go on a date or dinner..I knew what was supposed to be done..I start going out with other gals for lunch or tea at office..to make her jealous and Rani knew I can get any gal to hang out with me..I am not that bad.. ;).

We didn't interrect much for coming few weeks. I tried my best to let go of Rani and chill out with other girl named Sneha. But I failed to do that. I know to over come Rani I have to use her and may be then I can be normal..as I know she will not marry me..I decided to move to a separate home asked my parents for extra money.

I didn't tell Rani what I was doing it was a surprise for her...I told her that I want to take her to one of my friends house for a party if she is free..its Friday she said she is not sure..but will let me know as sat night her Bf was going back to US. After my office hours when I was going to my new home where I have already arranged few things like kitchen stuff I was lucky to get gas stove and private cylinder from my friend.

And I got made to order mattress along with nice bombay dyine blanket. So I had a bed ready, kitchen ready with few utensils I just needed Tv which I got later on..I moved everything on Thur itself. I had spend a good amount of money to arrange all this..just to sleep with her..Round 6pm when I was logging out Rani asked me if I am going to my friends home..

I said yes and asked her to come..she was like I will be busy..and asking me to understand that her bf will leave tomorrow and she will be all mine..I knew this..but kept a condition..that she should join me in today's party or else I will not see her again..she might have to search a new guy to hangout with or to fuck around...Some how she agreed to come to the party.

I told her that I will come to pick her up at 8. her hostel my house and our office are all nearby. I went home took nice shower my dick was hard that I will fuck her today and whatever I want I can do..I have my own house..I reached at her place....there was a good thing about her that she was always on time..it hardly took me 5 mins to bring her back to my new house where the party was for her at my friends home.

When we reached on 3rd floor by that time she asked me about my this new friend, I told her he is from Hyd. Just moved to Bang. At main door she saw a lock and I am taking out the keys she was like how come no one is here and you have the keys..I asked her to come inside..We stepped in the leaving room where my owner had left few old style chairs and a center table..

it was empty room..she was asked me why this house is so empty..and then I asked her to join me in bedroom..she saw a nice king size mattress with nice bedsheet and blanket..she still didn;t understand anything..(stupid girl)..I asked her to sit down..make her self comfortable..as she was just looking around.

I opened the balcony door to get some fresh air..now we both were sitting next to each other....she asked where is my friend and others..I said they will come..she was bit relaxed by now..I held her hand and kissed her..she stopped me saying someone will come..I said no one is going to come...to disturb us..and started kissing her again..

and when I was doing that she saw my jacked hanging on the door and I think she got a click that this is my house..we were sucking each other...and she eye contacted me with a question and I replied back with a blink ( yes bitch this is my home)..she pushed me away..with a surprise expression on her face..

I asked if she is not happy..she said she is but she knew I had spend enough money just to get simple things arranged..I asked her to relax..and just be with me..we both lied down on bed..started kissing each other again..she came on top of me..We didn't want to break our kiss..it was the longest one I had so far from any of my x...

I tried to take of her topper..but she didn't let me..instead she removed my shirt and started to kiss all over me..current(light) went off..there was a nice storm going outside it started to rain heavily..I could feel the rain drops coming on our bed from balcony door..but she didn't stop kissing me..it was all dark outside..

I made another attempted to open her topper..and succeeded this time..she was wearing a black color bra..her boobs were milky white..I started to kiss on her cleavage hard and she stopped me..I wanted to leave some marks there..but I couldn't..I wanted her bf to see that there is someone else also who is fucking with his girl...or we can say this girl is fucking with 2 boys.

She opened me jeans button and grabbed my cock from top of the underwear. I was getting out of control..I took advantage of that time and opened her bra..she took her hand out of my jeans and covered her boobs..I asked her to let go..and simply said I want to suck them..she said what we are doing is WRONG..I was like WTF..after doing all this..she says this is wrong..

I said there is nothing wrong when we both want it..and came on top of her..and suddenly her phone rang it was her bf..who was calling..she asked me to stop..she answered the phone..saying she will be back by 10 or before.. I got up and put my shirt back on..and took my phone and came out of the bedroom..she came out wearing her Bra and jeans..

and hugged me saying not to get angry.. she pulled me back to bed..and took my shirt again..in a more wilder way..bitch broke one of the button while showing off… it was my brand new shirt..Guy..will stop here for now..will tell you what happened next after hearing from you..sorry for long story but..it was important to let you know everything..I have tried skipping as much as possible. I promise next part will be more interesting..thanks for reading it out and for your time.

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Posted by basha
on: April 29, 2015 7:17 PM | Reply

Yes. ths is one of the best story nd well narated. I hope next part ll b mre nd mre cock rising intrested. So dude dont kip readers waitng nd post it quick. Dip hearted thanx

Posted by lund
on: April 30, 2015 8:59 AM | Reply

saala chutia

Posted by ret88
on: May 1, 2015 5:13 PM | Reply

Awesome story yaar... You are living the life I hoped to

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