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Bala enjoying good fuck with maid Sulochana

I am Babu from Andhra, 24, tall and well built, staying in one of the suburbs of Mumbai in a single room apartment and working in a trading firm in Malad. It was difficult for me to cook food as I was not quite familiar with cooking. I was getting married and hence I arranged to buy all the cooking utensits etc with the helpof a neighbouring aunty.

After some days another Andhra lady came asking whether I need a servant, a Andhra girl of about 18 who will do all the domestic work. I thought it will be useful for my wife as a newly married wife to burden with all the domestic chore will be difficult. The girl, by name Sulochana, came for work from the following day.

I observed that though thye said she is only 18 she had very well developed boobs and her her wide hip and asses indicated she is much older etc. We had a open bathroom in the corner of the kitchen and common toilet. When I take bath, she used to watch when I rub my cock and balls etc.

I told Sulochana not to go out and mingle with boys in the locality since they are all very mischivous. She meakly agreed. She used to wear only a blouse and a skirt and her huge breasts thrust forward. When I went for my marriage, I asked Sulochana to go and stay with her mother. I was away for about a week and I came back with my wife Rambha.

She was not fair and not quite impressive features. I thought she may develop all those things later. Her cooking was also not perfect. I called Sulochana to come and take over. When I sleep with my wife in the cot in the bedroom, Sulochana used to sleep in the kitchen with the full view of our action on the cot.

I used to put out all the lamps in the house, but the dim street light was there to reveal all our sex actions. The fucking sounds, like,moanings of my wife, creaching of the cot, will be heard by the servant who lies very close by. When I was away she used to ask my wife many questions about sex, and details of what we did in the night.

My wife usually of shy nature never liked to discuss such things with servants. Some times, she used to help me take bath. She will apply oil on my body and pour water and apply soap and rinse my body. Sulochana used to watch this and used to watch how my wife handles my genitals. After two months, there was some festival for which my wife wanated to go home.

I put her in the train and she said she will get down from the train and go home. Next day Sulochana came to me with oil and said she will help me to take bath. Before I uttered something, she took oil in her hands and applied it on my back and on my shoulders. I told her that is enough and I will do the rest. But she was more interested to oil my private parts.

I stood naked facing her with my cock in semi resen condition. Sulochana sat on a stool and started to apply oil on my cock and massage it. Occasionally she will take it in her mouth and suck it and then again massage. Finally she bathed me like my wife did and applied soapnut powder and washed all over the body and dried up my body.

I went to office and when I retured she prepared nice supper and saw that I ate my stomachful. After supper when I was watching the TV,she cleaned up the house and urged me to go to bed. When I lied in the bed, she put off the lights and came and lied near me in the bed. I asked what is this you are doing you are not supposed to sleep in my bed, go to your place and sleep.

She said since you are alone I thought I will keep company with you and hugged me. she had unbuttoned her blouse and her naked boobs were out and they were pressed against my chest, which I liked most. She parted the ends of my lungi and took out my cock and took it in her mouth and tolled her tongue around it. It was one of the pleasureable sensations I ever felt.

She took my hand and put it on her crotch and I felt her clean shaven pussy very soft to touch. This much was sufficient to make me very horny. I hugged her and licked and sucked her nipples. She urged me to get on to her and she took my cock and put it in her cunt. I had no other go but to push it in and it went it with full of tightness.

I told her why are you making all these things, I have a wife and I cannot abandon her and marry you. I love her and she also loves me. She said I know, I will not lay claim to be your wife. It was my long felt desire to get fucked by you and today my desire was fulfilled. Please fuck me till your wife comes back. I will not blackmail you or tell your wife about our relationship.

There are so many people after me to fuck, but I want you to be the first person to fuck me. Because I like your character. I tried to tempt you and you were not falling. My own uncles are forcing me to allow them to fuck me. But I never allowed them to touch me. Please fuck me as much as you can today and till your wife comes. I was touched by her words.

I fucked her to make her the most happy. I licked her cunt and clitoris and made her very much aroused and fucked her again. Sulo took very good care of me. She did all the household work and took bath in the night and lied near me in the bed. I fucked her and fucked her very many times till the arrival of my wife. Afterwards I never even looked at her. She too reconciled to the situation.

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Raja having wonderful sex with his girl Aarti

Hi all, this is my first story in HumanDigest and I am great fan of this site. I am following this site for more than 4years. I am raja, completed my MBA and recently and working for an MNC in chennai. I am a fair and handsome guy with wheatish white complexion. And this is my first narration of my true story with my girlfriend, with whom I broke up last year.

This story is posted with her consent but with her name changed for privacy purpose. Let’s say her name as Aarti. her stats are 34c-30-36 and the proudest moment was tat I made her boobs size to 36b and her nipples size were also enlarged.. This is little bit long story and it is more like a soft porn.

After this incident, I had many encounters with my office colleague priya and wait for this in the next story. It happened 3 years back.I was doing my B.tech IT from a college in MAngadu, and the girl was my junior. It happened exactly during my 2nd year and the girls was in 1st year. I was he class rep of my batch and I was asked to coordinate the freshers party of my dept along with the seniors.

And it all went nice and during the intro, there came my dream girl. She was wearing a tight curvy Black chudi with white salwar and she was the cutest among them with a cutest smile and her rimless specs added to her cuteness. I was instantly attracted to her and since I was compering, it gave me enough chances to play with my dream girl and she was such a girl to die for.

I enquired all the details about her and she was a hostelers. I was fully concentrating only on her and this aroused suspicion among her friends. And right from that day I had a crush on her. And I had a good name among my faculties so, I thought of not getting involved directly. So I told my hostel friend to get her number and somehow I got her number and right from that day, we started to chat and talk.

Then a month passed, I proposed her and she asked me some time to decide and after a week she accepted it. Then we both started roaming and we had our own limits and she was very strict in getting physical. After six long months, we planned to go for and movie and usual. We both went to mayajaal and enjoyed a movie and while returning, we had ample time, so I told her about my home and there would be no one.

At first she refused and I insisted her and she agreed. and upon entering, I went straight to my bedroom and switched on the AC and lied on the bed. She came searching for me and upon entering her, I held her hand and pulled her towards me and she fell over my chest, with her boobs crushing over me.

Trust me guys, thats the wonderful feeling of ur girls boobs crushing over your chest. And Aarti both her boobs and butter very curvy Which were to die for. That was the beginning of our intimate days. I started kissing her and then she responded and it went on for 10 mins and I rolled my hand towards her boobs and she guessed my move and held my hand back and after sometime,

we both grew horny and we started to roll over the bed and I started fondling her boobs over her dress and she started moaning and I found it as the right time to make a move. I started kneading her butts like a dough and it further increased our horniness. And after sometime, I broke the kiss and stood to remove my shirt and pant. And I told her to remove hers.

She resisted first, but I started fondling her boobs and pussy over her pants again and it made her horny and she and agreed to remove hers. I removed her chudi and nd greed nd there she was with her netted pink bra, with her untouched boobs waiting for a manly touch. I started pressing and lock her boobs over her bra and she was moaning and pushing my head into her boobs.

And I sensed her horniness and removed her bra. There she was, half naked with her curvy, not so shaggy boobs with light brown inviting nipples. I became mad like a child seeing an candy. And first began to press it lightly and nipples grew sharper and asked her why it happens. She blushed and started kissing me.

I kept both my hands over her boobs and it was a dream come true. It was so soft like an atta dough and my hands started to shiver and my heart beats increased and was pressing it and the with her case. I told her to sit over my legs and started pressing her bare boobs and licking and sucking one by one for more than 20 mins. It went on like that for another few mins.

Then I asked her to remove her pant, and I insisted her. But she told strict NO. Then I thought of not speeding up and told okie. And after this incident, our chatting went one step further. We started speaking about porn, intercourse and I gave her some porn films to watch and some COUPLE stories from HumanDigest. She liked those and our relationship became very intimate.

And a day came where my parents were out of town for a week and I said her about this and told her to come to my home and stay with me. Since she was a hosteler, there was no problem. We sneaked into our flat secretly. And upon entering, I started kissing her and I sat on the sofa and made her sit over me with her legs tied around my hips.

And started kissing, kneading and removed her salwar and started licking and sucking. Then I told her to remove her pant. This time she agreed and I removed hers and she was wearing a blue panty. Then I removed it.there was her love hole with bush around it.

I told her to have her pussy clean shaved. She told me to do it. So we went into the western style bathroom and made her sit over there and spread her legs and there was her pussy with her leaks all over hairy bush. Then I started to rub her clit which was hiding inside the forest.

The moment I touched her clit, she gave a jerk and held my head tightly and I increased my force by pressing her clit and she started giving out louder moans. And after a minute, I removed my finger and applied a shaving foam and cleaned the area.

While cleaning it with hand shower, I increased the speed of the water and it was pouring at full speed and she started to moan again and I told her to finger her clit and she told NO. But I held her two Fingers and taught her and she started to enjoy and I removed her and made her licking her leak for the first time and did the same again and I licked her fingers the second time.

It tasted good And I told her to spread her legs wider and I pulled her to the edge of the basin and put her legs around my shoulder and I took my face near her love hole to lick it. I started to lick her from the lower end to upper end and she gave a wild jerk and she started moaning and she was shaking continuously and I spread her pussy lips and found her love hole and inserted my finger

and she jumped in ecstasy and held my head tightly and she pushed me deep inside her love hole. I again started to lick and finger her simultaneously and her moanings were very high that time and after ten mins, she gave out a huge load a cum like a spray from the canister. I have seen like that in many pornos, but I experienced it for the first time.

Her body was trembling and I licked her clean and she was fully tired. And we both took bath over there. And I applied soap all over her body and once again fingered her till she leaked again. That’s all for this session and will post the remaining stream encounter with my Aarti in the near future.. waiting for your feedback.

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Rahul Gigolo having sex with Bhabhi

My name is Rahul and I’m from Ahmadabad. I’m new to HumanDigest. Recently I came to know about it and I became big fan of this blog. Now let me start with my story. Its about fulfilling my fantasy for real.

I always fantasize about having sex with young bhabhis but being a was afraid of asking any of them. Finally I found a way to enjoy with them by becoming a gigolo. I knew the pickup points in the city and hence I went there wearing red t-shirt (usually that is the signal for being Gigolo). I waited there for about two hours but no-one came and then I thought its just a myth about the pickup points.

And suddenly a black sedan came through the main road. I couldn’t see the face of the driver But the car came in front of me and stopped. Automatic window slides down so I went closer and there was a beautiful lady, probably in her thirty’s. She asked me in a melodious voice, “Are here to have fun?” I was dumbstruck, and just nodded to her.

She waved me to get in the car and without any clarification I just got inside. I still couldn’t believe that I was sitting beside a Sexy lady whom I’m about to fuck like hell. She introduced herself as Ankita. Then I also tried to break the ice and introduced myself. She was wearing deep neck black top and blue jeans. She was as fair as milk.

I was already aroused by the mere thought of squeezing her 34D boobs. She was damn gorgeous And her voice was also charming. We drove to a bungalow which I figured that it might be hers. Ankita said, “I hope u r comfortable with me.” I said,”Who is gonna say no to a Sexy lady!” And with that I was already flirting with her.

We reached her place and all the servants seemed to be on holiday. When she was opening the door, I had a chance to look at her figure, she was perfect with 30 waist and round ass. She caught me staring at her ass but didn’t said anything, just gave me a devil smile. We went inside, she asked me if I was hungry. I said, a bit.

She had a bar in the basement along with the home theatre. She poured down wine in two glasses and offered me another.Wine was exotic. We had two glasses and then I asked, “You have a great place here. Do you stay alone? ” Ankita casually said,” No, I’m married to a workaholic person who stays out of country for half of the time, if that’s what you are worried about!!”

”I was just curious, why such a hot Sexy lady wants it this way?” “No strings are attached this way and I’m faithful to him. This is just a treat for myself nothing serious.” I moved close towards her and whispered, “Then u have chosen the right person. I’m going to treat you like my Queen.” Ankita moved closer and sensually kept her hand on my chest, “I want you to be my cowboy and make me ur slave.”

Crunching my collar and bringing her lips towards mine, wildness taking over in her voice, “Show me what you have got.” I pulled her towards me from her waist. Now her soft boobs were being pressed against my chest. I looked at her juicy red lips and said, ” I’m gonna dry u out.” She couldn’t control more and touched my lips slowly. I responded to that and started kissing her.

She was getting wild, her hands over my neck and another grooming my hair. My hands were now on her boobs, squeezing them hard. Kissing slowly turned into eating each other with our tongues exploring another’s mouth. I put my hands inside her top and bra and started playing with her boobs.

She was trying to remove my short and her hands moving on my back. I was doing French kiss with a Sexy bhabhi in her cosy home theatre, what else do I needed? I started removing her bra within her top and was tipping her nipples which gave her little current and she gave a mourn” Ahhh” now I removed her top and unzipped her pants.

Her boobs were perfect round milky and pink nipples, I thought she should be awarded with “Perfect Boobs” award. Her hand was already scrolling over my pants. She put her hand inside my pant and caught the devil. That gave me new feeling as I was still a virgin.

I started going down on her sexy boobs. And then her belly, kissing her inner thighs. Teasing her,i didn’t touched her lower pink lips. She pleaded, please suck me rahul. I agreed and started licking her pink lips. My hands on her soft ass. I started kissing it and then sucking those petals. I moved my tongue inside her pussy and he caught my head in between her legs.

Ahhhh yesss, it feels good baby!! I was eating her pussy and she was making noises- Hmmmmm AHHHHHH BABY!! I started squeezing her boobs and nipples. She was about to cum with my tongue tornado. Her face was red and she was shouting AHHHHH OHHH YESSSS OHH RAHULLLL!! She almost squirted.

Then she kissed me and tasted her cum. She was now going down on me, removing my pants, she kissed my dick and then started sucking like lollipop. She was having fun with my dick and I was holding her burgundy long hair while she worked down there. She was very good and I was like ahhh honey suck my juices. She sucked the very last drop and gulped it.

We started french kiss and I left her in my arms taking her to her bedroom which was beside this theatre. Ankita said,Give me your meat inside me baby!! Love me baby!! I was again aroused by kissing and sucking her greats milky boobs.

She sucked my dick for a while and the laid on the king-size bed spreading her legs for me. I was standing with my dick on her pussy and I again teased her and she said, I’ve already ran out of patience, please fuck me harder. I want to… I jerked my whole dick into her juicy pussy and she shouted AHHHHHHHHHH. I then started pounding her deeper and faster.

She started mourning ohhh yeaa baby!! OHHHHHH YESSSSS OHHH RAHUL! FUCKKKKKKK AHHHHHHH!! She was about to come. I kept the pace and stroked deeper inside her, squeezing her boobs harder. She came inside and then we changed the position.

I took her from behind with her one leg over my shoulder and kissing her I started fucking her tight wet pussy. I increased my pace and kissed her, tears started rolling out of pleasure when I stroked deeper and harder. Her face was red and shouting AHHHHHHHH OOOHHHHHHH RAHUL YESSS MORR YESSSSS YEAAAAHHHHH AHHHA OH YEAS AHAHA AHAAHAHA AHA HA AHA HA AH.

Even I was about to cum, she said cum inside me. And we both came together. It was suvj a great experience. We caressed each other and again we explored each other’s mouth. She said, I never had such a great pleasure.

When I was about to leave she gave me an envelope which had 20k. I refused then she said that she wont be able to call me again if I wont take the money. So I took 10000 and gave her my number. I often get a call from her and we have fun with different experiment.

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Raj enjoying first kiss and first sex with Simran

Hi readers. I am going to tell you a real life incident which had happened with me on my results of 12th standard. I had aced in my school with 98% and my dad had thrown a party for that at our bungalow.

Many guests and dad’s friends had arrived at party, dad raised a toast on my name and everybody congratulated me for my grades but too be frank I wasn’t enjoying party,my friends were not present in party all were out in the lawn playing pranks on each other and I was really bored so rather staying down I preferred to go in my room and read a book.

As I was heading upstairs, mom shouted from behind,”Where are you going Raj?”. “In my room mom”. “But…”, she was about to say and suddenly I interfered her saying,”I will come back when the DJ will start!”. I didn’t looked back and simply headed to my room. I picked up a random novel and started reading it.

Actually I was a sort of loner in class and didn’t had much friends. I was most of time lost in my books and video games so most if the girls considered me a geek. As for my rest of the friends they all had girlfriends and even they had sex. I felt a bit jealous of them but I couldn’t do anything. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Before I could say anything the person outside opened the door and barged in.

”Remember me?”,The girl said who had barged in my room. “No”, I replied bluntly. ” What!?”, she shouted. “Don’t you remember her?”, mom said from behind of that girl. ” I was just kidding. You are Simran from my native place right?”, I said smiling. And Simran had a big smile on her face. “I am glad that you remembered me”. ”

She came all the way from native place to congratulate you Raj!”, mom squeaked from behind. Suddenly Simran’s parents came in. They both congratulated me for my good grades and gave me presents. Even simran’s little brother gave me a present box. But Simran was standing in corner of my room holding something behind her.

After a bit of talk as uncle and aunt were leaving(her brother already left with my brother to play PS3), they asked Sim if she wanted to come down but she said that she will come afterwards as she wanted to chat with me a bit. And the parents left off.

Sim came and stood in front of me. She was wearing a Black T shirt and a black skirt. She really had got huge boobs as compared to her age. She was really fair looking and and had long hair up to waist. She gave me a letter which she had been hiding all the time behind her back. “What is it?”. ” Just open it Raj!”, she said.

I opened it and inside was a small paper on it, it was written: 1. Close your eyes 2. Don’t move from your place 3. Don’t do any thing but sit calmly. I smiled nervously and said,”What do you want?” “Just do it!”, she replied with devilish look on her face. I was helpless so I simply closed my eyes. But I could hear her. I heard noise like curtains were closed then my room latched from inside.

I could hear it because the AC was on and fan off. Suddenly I felt warm breath near my nose and I felt like something was pressed against my lips. I opened my eyes and saw that I was having my first kiss with her. But it felt like her tongue was pushing my teeth so I opened my mouth a bit and after that I rolled my tongue over with her tongue and it really felt awesome!

As if I had reached on top of world. We broke the kiss after almost 5 minutes with a slight trail of saliva between our lips. I was speechless. But still I said,” why?” I looked at her, her face was completely red. She took a deep breath and said,”its only because I love you.” I felt my cheeks heated up. A girl had confessed me her feelings!!! “I loved you since we were young.”

she continued,” Do you love me too Raj?” ” Yes”,I said. She smiled and really looked happy. “Thanks for the gift, Sim.”, I said. She got angry and pushed down on my bed and and shouted,” That wasn’t your gift idiot!” I was confused. “Then what is it? ” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her Boobs and made me press them. I started feeling strange.

“what do you intend to do Simran!” She came closer to me and said, “I gift you my virginity.” My face must have been as red as apple by now, cause she was asking for sex! “I only want to do it with you. You are my first love.”she said.I could see the true feelings in her eyes.

So I pulled her towards me and kissed her more passionately. I hold her back and I also grabbed her ass. She looked astonished by my such movement. I bend towards her and said,” Let’s do it.” She looked happy.She raised her arms and simultaneously I removed her t shirt. She had wore a black D cup sized bra and it looked like her boobs were trapped behind it.

She told me to remove her bra and as I was removing the hooks she dropped her skirt. She was wearing a hot black panty. I had already got a boner by looking at her tits, she had round firm balls with pink nipples. Within a second I started licking her nipple and squeezing her other boob. She was giving alight pleasure moans. ” Ya… Aah… Suck it baby…… Ooooo….” It really turned me on.

She started to lift my t shirt so I stopped playing with her boobs and raised my arms and helped her remove my t shirt. As I removed my t shirt she whistled and said,”Aha ! You got quite a physique! “. ” Daily workout madam and healthy food.”, I replied(60 pull ups, 70 push ups and 50 crunches daily is enough to make a good body). She laughed.

Then she went and removed my belt and pulled my jeans down with underwear. She was shocked to see my 16 cm long rod. ” its big than what I had expected in my dreams”, she blurted out. I laughed a bit. After that I laid her on my bed and got on her top. I kissed her several times on her face and lip locked her. “Take your gift Raj. Fuck me now”, she said coyly.

Without thinking of anything, I removed her panty which had got wet by now and saw the gateway to heaven. Her pussy was clean shaved and was like pink slit. I slowly inserted my rod in her and she gave a loud moan(not too loud.) The DJ had started so it was covering up our noises. Taking advantage of it I started fucking her with more speed.

My strokes kept on increasing and her moans were getting deep and filled with pleasures. I kept on fucking her for around 25 minutes more and finally I wasn’t able to control myself and I shouted, ” I am gonna blow!”. “Do it inside me Raj!!!!, she shouted back on me. And finally I cummed inside her. I let out a whole load of myself inside her.

Despite of ac on, we were sweating like hell. I removed my rod and kissed her once more. And we started to dress up. While dressing it strikes me and I shouted,” We haven’t used protection!!!!”. She smiled and said,” Don’t worry darling. Today is my safe day. I won’t get pregnant because of this.” I gave a breathe of relief.

After dressing up completely, we both kissed each other once and headed downstairs. We both danced and had a lot of fun together. We chatted for hour and were holding hands all the time. When mom asked me what we both were doing I said we were talking about our futures. Mom did not minded it. As party ended…

My and Simran’s parents were discussing something. “What are you planning about?”, I asked them. My dad smiled at me and said,” Well I and your uncle were planning about a holiday trip.”. “A holiday trip to ?” “To Goa ”, aunt said.”

We both families will be going there together and staying at uncle’s bungalow there.”,mom said. I felt over joyed cause I was going on a holiday trip with NY girlfriend. We both looked at each other and smiled. This was my first post so please comment below.

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Mayuri enjoying sex with school friend

Hello everyone. I am 21male from Ahmadabad doing my internship as a journalist with a reputed media company. I am a reader turned author. Yes, I have been reading stories on this site since so long but it is now, at this moment when I decided to not just read other’s experience but also share my own. :)

So, let me give you a brief idea about how I look so that you can imagine well while reading the story. I am 5’11 athletic built body, dark shiny hairs, wheatish skin tone and brown eyes (thanks to my mom :p). Now let’s start the journey of sex and pleasure without wasting further time.

This all started from my school in Ahmadabad. We all have that ‘one’ girl in our school time group who would always hangout with boys and also act as boys! Rough and tough, she would play football rather than hand ball, would hear rock music than country love songs of Taylor Swift. Her name is ‘Mayuri’.

She was the tomboy of our class. I dare that none of the boys of our school would have ever looked at her the way we normally boys do! She was never in the ‘line maro’ list of ours. The reason was she was like a dude from our group. TIMES passed, we finished our school and went on our own ways. I never saw Mayuri again after school before my last encounter with her at the mall.

I saw her after 3 long years! Her boycut short hairs were now long silky below shoulder length hairs with brown shades. She was no more skinny.. Her perfect round shaped breasts were creating a bulge in my jeans.. Her glossy pink lips and fair clear skin was like rose petals.. My jaw dropped I was like..fuck! This cannot be Mayuri!

Her perfectly shaped thighs and a tight ass was clearly visible through her tight leggings. There were like 100’s of questions in my mind. She told me she completed her bachelors in fd from London and came back to Ahmedabad just few days ago. I told her that she was no more a tomboy which I used to know, to which she replied ‘Time changes everything jayveer’.

We exchanged numbers and came out of the mall. That night I was just surfing, reading blogs when I got a message on what’s app.. Yes! It was her. Mayuri.. We discussed how we used to be in school days and all.. I then started to compliment her looks and told her how beautiful she looks.

To which she said ‘Tu Aaj bhi esa hi hai..flirty! ‘I said ‘Tere sath Kabhi flirt Kiya nahi tha school time mein so Aaj kar raha hu’. Then she started complementing my looks we exchanged photos on what’s app.. Some from her London times and I also sent her some pictures from my gym, trekking tours and all.. Slowly the ‘kamdev effect’ started working on both of us. It was already 1 am.

She said ‘do u still do phone sex?’ (during school days I used to do sex chat with girls from my class, I was quite famous among girls for giving them orgasms just through sex chat) I was shocked because I never did that with Mayuri and she told me that all the girls used to talk about this. I said I don’t do that anymore but I can do it now for you. :) she sent a sexy emoji smile and nodded yes.

That night we had an awesome phone sex.. We also exchanged videos on snap chat of masturbating and her videos of fingering her pussy. We decided to meet at her place the next day. She got a beautiful home in thaltej area of Ahmedabad. She was alone at her home.

Dressed in red knee length one piece, her perfume was making me mad..it’s fragrance was so appealing, her long shiny silky hairs and glossy red lips, fair sexy legs I think she waxed her legs last nite, her breasts cleavage was visible and a tribal locket in a silver thread was adding start to her beautiful breasts and neck…

She offered me a sharbat and sat just near me on the couch.. I was literally staring at her body to which she said ‘aaram se jayveer ji, sharbat to pi lo’. Her voice, her ‘nakhre’ everything was making me mad… I went up close to her and smelled her neckline her shoulders.. The fragrance was awesome.. She started breathing heavily when I kissed her neck and l Licked her earlobe.

She then grabbed my hand and took me upstairs in her bedroom.. As we entered the room, I hugged her and kissed her all over her upper body.. She was turning hot by then. I made her lay on the bed and Kissed her legs.. Slowly I went up.. Even her thighs were smelling so good I wonder why.. I then rolled her one piece upto her waist and bite her inner thighs…

By then she was moaning in pleasure… Ummm.. Yeaahh.. I parted her legs..made them broad and licked her inner thighs.. Near and above her pussy… She was grieving to get her pussy licked.. I removed her panty and sniffed her vagina… My gosh.. I still can’t forget that moment that exotic sexy smell… Her pussy was clean and pinkish…

I was surprised her pubic area was not at all pigmented and dark as most of the Indian ladies have! Then slowly I rolled my wet tongue on her clit… She shivered in pleasure and moaned loudly.. This made me more horny. I literally started Sucking her hole and thrusted my tongue as deep as I could.. I was enjoying like hell…

I was feeling like to keep on licking Sucking and biting her pussy forever… That fragrance.. Those moans..omg! She finally raised her hip and shot her sex juice.. I sucked and drank it all..! She then got up..removed her one piece which was already rolled half..and boon! Her huge round plumpy breasts were swinging right in front of my…

She unbuttoned my jeans and took out my clean shaved rock hard dick in her hand and without wasting a minute… She gulped my tool till my balls in her mouth.. She was dripping her saliva on the top of my dick and again sucked it..With one hand she was caressing my balls… That feeling was like heaven. I could feel here teeth tickling my tip when I sucks it…

The smoothness of her soft tongue on my tool… The wetness of her mouth lubricating my dick…I hold her head from back and pulled her towards my dick thrusting deep to her throat.. To which she replied more wildly… After 7-8 minutes of non stop blowjob I shooted all my cum in her mouth.. Trust me.. She didn’t even let a single drop of cum to fall on the floor..she drank it all and sucked my dick clean.

I still remember then she look at me with that mischievous smile and that shine in her eyes. We both undressed each other completely.. She came over me on the bed..her naked body all over my naked body.. Her huge breasts to my chest… Her leg entwined to my legs.. Her belly on my stomach.. We kissed passionately in this pose for 10 minutes… The taste of her tongue.

Her saliva…woah! My dick again got hard was tingling her wet pussy. She then stopped kissing and smiled at me.. I took her off and got on top of her… I sucked her tits for another 10 minutes… Biting her nipples..and sniffing her cleavage… She was enjoying this a lot..I raised both her hands and licked her clean under arms.. She was mad by now… She parted her legs apart.

Adjusted my dick on her vaginal opening.. And I thrusted my dick deep inside.. She moaned aaahh jay…ohh..myy… She was pressing her hands against the upper side of the bed so that she don’t move upwards when I thrust her sexy wet vagina… She raised her waist giving me a perfect comfortable position to fuck her more deeper.

Soon I caught up my rhythm and was fucking her vigorously. As I already cummed once when she gave me a blowjob.. This round went on for longer time..like 10-12 minutes…our bodies were wet in sweating… I still remember sweat drops on her abdomen and cleavage.. Her lips her neck was also wet with sweat…We both came together.

My cum was dripping from her vagina along with her juices…this mixed odour of our sweats, her perfume, sex juices has made the rooms atmosphere awesome! I laid on top of her resting my head on her huge sexy breasts and breathing heavily…she was caressing my head with her hand…

I then lifted my head and looked at her.. ‘jayveer, I was the tomboy of our class but I always wanted this from you since our school days… But you were the famous macho boy of our school and I was a girl with boyish image so I never approached you…’

I don’t know what happened to me after listening these words from her mouth.. I was numb.. I kissed her forehead.. We didn’t say anything for seconds and then… She rolled over me and got on top of me.. She was rubbing her pussy on my wet dick which was soft now… The way she moved her ass…rubbed her pussy with her eyes locked on me and her boobs swinging forth and back…

Phewww..my devil dick was erect again! Instantly she grabbed my dick.. Rubbed it on her vagina and then pushed herself with all her weight on my dick.. That feeling was awesome. She was riding my dick like a sex starved lady.. We both were moaning louder and louder..yyyaaahhh… Phhh…jaayyy…fuckkkk.. Ummm… Her round breasts were humping like anything…

The way she was moving her ass her waist is unexplainable. As this was the 3rd round it went on for 15-20 minutes and finally we came… We slept in each others arms with my dick still inside her vagina…

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Bhaskar enjoying fuck festival on picnic

As a school examiner, I had examination duty at a new center and I had to go and stay in a hotel near the examination center. I had two lady colleagues, Rosy and Kamala from my school for similar duty and they also stayed in the same hotel but in different room. I took a double room keeping so many other aspects in mind. I am Bhaskar, 32, PG, teacher in a convent school.

I was recently married and my wife was also a teacher from a different school. We three would have gone for examination work and she too would have like to join us but she did not qualify for this work and hence she was not selected. I knew the boys employed in the hotel and hence it was easy to get things done.

They used to bring my tea and breakfast and keep it in the room and take my clothes for washing and keep my room always clean. I had a spacious bathroom and that room is the one which I preferred whenever I come to this city. Rosy teacher and Kamala teacher were in the same hotel but in a different floor. But I contact them over intercom and know their whereabouts.

Since their husbands are not in town, there is a rumour that they have lesbian relationship, about which I dont care. They are good friends and we go for examination duties often together. One day there was lot of activity in the hotel lounge. I called the boy and asked him what is the matter.

He said a bus full of girls and teachers have come for a study tour and they have booked the dormitory for a week. They may go during day time for sight seeing and for collecting samples. But the problem is that there are only two bathrooms in the dormitory for about 40 people.

There was a knock on my door and when I opened two young women were standing apparently teachers, wanted to use my bathroom since they cannot take bath in the dormitory. I said I can allow using my bathroom provided you allow the bathroom door open when you use it.

No, No, how can it happen, leave the bathroom door open when we take bath, you want to enjoy seeing our naked bodies. I told them I am sorry you mistook my statement. There is a problem with the bathroom door. The latch inside will not work. Even if you close you cannot latch it from inside. The door will open automatically. That is why I said so. They waid we will give it a try.

One teacher entered and the other teacher stood on guard to keep the door fastened. The one standing on guard was a good young stuff. I just wanted to initiate talk and went near her and asked her what her name was and what were her designations etc. She said her name was Angela 20 and she was the PT Teacher and leading the team of girls for excursion.

She saw me lock the door from inside and she felt secure. I went to her and asked her just to show her vital as we do not get opportunities to see good girls. I was cracking some joke to ease the tension in the atmosphere and finally I touched her boob, she did not resist. It was hard with a pink aerola and nipple. I just took one nipple in my mouth and sucked. it.

She too was a hot stuff and wanted some windfall to happen to enjoy sex. I told her in the night I am all alone in this big a/c room, Anytime during night you can come and sleep well and go back to the dormitory without anybody coming to know of it. She looked around theroom and said she will come. The girl inside the bathroom came out after finishing her bath.

I asked her name, She said she is Rudy, 21 PT teacher. You are such a beautiful girl and after bath your beauty is much enhanced. Rudy was looking around the room and asked me whether I am staying alone in the room. I said yes.

I know you will have difficulty to find good space for sleeping in the dormitory, why dont you both come down to this room, without anybody knowing. You can sleep in my bed and go back to the dormitory before anybody awaken. Is it not bad to sleep with strangers. I said dont go and tell all the people. Just keep it to yourself. Both of you come down.

You sleep in the bed, I will sleep in the spare bed on the floor. All the while I was keeping my hand on her wet body and one her round asses. Because her hands were full of wet clothes she could not resist. I touched her wet boob and tried to insert my hand inside her petty coat and touch her pussy. She did not wear any under garment and hence my hand reached her wet pussy easily.

young firm pussy. You are naughty, she said. I like to enjoy and give emjoyment to people. I wll not force myself on anybody. I told her to leave her wet bundle on the table so that I may just taste her pussy. No. no, that will be too much. I said see this is what I meant. I just carried her bundle of wet clothes, kept them on the table and parted her perttycoat and lifted its lower botom up and her young pussy was visible.

I squatter on the floor and licked her pussy which was already oozing. The was in ecstassy. I said it is delicious, go now and come back finding some excuse. I wanted to have full taste of your pussy. She agreed. By the time the bothroom door opened and her colleague opened the door and came out with wet clothes.

I told them to leave a set of dry clothes here henceforth so that you may not have walk in the lounge in wet clothes. Both the girls were like cherries, young beautiful, untouched, unexplored. If they come in the night I will fuck boh of them one by one. In the night I ordered for a bottle of wine and the room boy brought from the wine shop and kept it in the room fridge. By about 11 pm.

I heard a knock on my door. It was Angela and Rudy in their nighties and rushed inside and locked the door. I was glad that my plan worked. I asked them whether they took food, they said yes. I took out the wine bottle and poured them each a glass of wine. Their eyes widened and they were happy todrink wine. Each one had a bag of dry clothes to be worn after taking bath.

I kept it on the shelf. I just felt the body of Rudy when she came near the shelf to see whether she is naken inside. She wore a panty and a bra. My cock hardened seeing these two girls in my bed. There was no space in my bed for all the three to lie down. Girls offered space between them. I put on the a/c and it was quite chill. I put out the light and removed my t shirt and my brief.

I just lied between them. They both turned towards me and their young boobs were pressed hard against my body. We took two more glasses of wine and finished the bottle. The girls were already in its influence. One by one they were talking about their experience in the school etc.

My hands were busy, squeezing their boobs and went in search of their young pussy. I asked them whether they were virgins. Reluctantly they said no. That means they have their seals broken and have enjoyed sex before. I slowly increased their tempo and fucked their tight pussy one by one. Girls were cooperative.

Since they both were close friends they did not mind being fucked in the presence of the other. On the contrary the other helped during the fucking so that we all may enjoy the most. We went to sleep at 1 am, fucked and exhausted. Girls were thrilled and said they will come every night.

I went inside the bathroom with each of them and helped them to take bath and fucked them inside the bathroom under the shower. Girls were very cooperative and ready for any posture to get orgasm. It took more time to fuck and bath both the girls. I had to go to my work and hence I hurried through my bath and had breakfast and left for my examination work.

Angel and rudy came again on the following night. Again it was a fuck festival. They just wanted for stimulation a glass of wine, and thereafter everything went automatically. Girls brought their own razor and shaved their pussies each other. They moved around in the room total naked and they did not feel shy about it.

We enjoyed all the four days of their excursion period and on the last day the teach was leaving in a bus. They came and cried and thanked me for the nice time we gave them. Each one planted a kiss on my cock and departed. That was an unexpected incident.

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Ram fucking sex starved housewife

Hi, this is Ram from Hyderabad, I am big fan of iss, most of the stories published here are real and erotic,coming to my story I am 34 m now with 5.7 height, when I was 26 soon after my pg I was posted in Mysore, I was eagerly waiting to loose my virginity with aunty, I took a pent house near vi jay nagar, one day happened to see a lady during morning walk, she may around 28 yeas with 5.7,

her ass was center of attraction for her, I could t get sleep for 2 days, surprisingly same lady is staying just behind my house, everyday I was giving smile but no reply, I got reply with smile after a week, I tried speaking to her during morning walk but she avoided.

One when I was walking thru in front of her house she had thrown a stone covered with paper,eagerly I opened that, her mobile no was there, then we started talking each other every day night, after a week we planned to meet at coffee shop, there she told about her personal life, she was married 2years back no child,

18th day of her marriage her husband got the job in dubai and till date he has not returned, as you know if any body sees the taste of sex its very difficult to sleep without that. Same day night she told me to come to her house after her brother goes to sleep, it was around 11pm silently I entered into her house and directly went to her bedroom,

after 10 min she entered into room with lots of flowers, I just hugged her, she had moaned, then lip locked for 20min like there is no tomorrow, we hugged tightly for 10 min without single word, once we felt each others body we separated,then she told she is waiting for this for last 2 years, she tried her best to be loyal to her husband, but she could not control any more,

started looking for some company in her relation, finally it was me that luckiest guy, she told her interesting positions. She learned all these in internet, we undressed each other, she was playing with my cock, she tasted pre cum,i also tried, it was good, her body tone was very good, very smooth, no marks in her body, started eating her body, this continued for 30 min,

she was completely on, she was begging me to insert,but I was playing with her boobs and her ass. She had a very perfect body with proper curves at right place, I could t not resist my self with out hugging her, I started pressing her boobs one by one, she hold my cock and playing with that, we were in 69 position, I touched her g spot with my fingers, she released in my hand,

taste was too good, I also released on her boobs, we had bath together, again we were ready for main course, I tried entering in missionary position, it was so difficult, for me it was new and she guided inside with great push it went completely in,she cried with pain, waited for some time with out any moment, after some time her pain vanished,

then started with every stroke she was jumping and begging me to finish but I as giving slow and steady stroke,it went on for 12 kin, she tied my legs, she cummed after 3 min I too cummed in condom. We completely exhausted, we took rest some 30min and went to bath there we had in dogy style, I tried entering her but it dint happened due to pain, then inserted into her pussy, she was on top of me,

the way she did I could t forget even now also, it was so pleasurable, after 20 min we both reached climax, and we had 2 more rounds till 4am, then I went to my room, this continued for 3 months with different positions, her all holes has become widened.

She started her own boutique, every day end of the working hours I go there and I fucked her for 2rounds, one day when we were in action suddenly her sister had come, she was peeping through the whole and started rubbing her pussy, when we were finished we were surprised to see her, without wasting a second I just hugged her so tight she was so hot, and undressed her,

there was lot of resistance from her, she couldn’t hold any more, directly I entered into her pussy, she was virgin, with couple of attempts my cock was completely inside, she started crying loudly, closed her lips with my lips, started to and fro, after 5 min she started feeling pleasure, and started enjoying.

After 15 min I discharged inside, she had cummed twice by now, this continued for couple 4 months,her sister also addicted to me completely, we planned to have three some, and we planned to go some hill station and try there, from then after 10 days when her brother went to Bangalore for 4 days work, we planned to go to coorg which is hill station and very cold there.

We packed our luggage and took a cab to reach there, we reached by 12 noon, we had nice bath in respective rooms and had lunch, around 2 pm we assembled at my room, we undressed each other,, started eating like a mad people, younger one started giving bj, I was speech less the way she did, though she is doing for the first she did it like a very professional, after 10 min her sister taken the charge of bj.

After 10 min discharged my cum in both of their mouths, then it was my turn, I started licking older pussy, mean while younger on was playing with my cock, elder one cummed in my mouth, we cleaned our selves and entered into younger pussy, she was moaning loudly, I was stroking very hard, room was full of sounds, then I entered into her ass, I could enter with 2 attempts.

After 15 min I cummed in her ass, we went for bath, there I entered into elder ass, it was great position, it went completely in, stroked her for 10 min,then changed to younger one, they were fighting for their chance,

it went to extent that I inserted my cock in younger pussy and with another hand inserted dildo in older pussy and started stroking in parallel, both discharged same time, we enjoyed for 3 days in different positioned,all their holes completely soaked, I was completely exhausted, both of them squeezed me full extend, this continued till her husband returned.

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Horny Chennai couple having break up sex

Hello HumanDigest readers, I am glad to be a part of this pleasure of reading the stories here. Now I wish to share my recent experience of having sex with my gf when we broke up. I am an it professional working in a reputed company in Chennai and the same for my gf. We were a happy couple since 5 years and we did all kinds of erotic stuff to keep our chemistry strong.

I slowly turned her from a shy gal to an adventurer particularly in sex. She used to give me bjs in the public places of our colleges and I used to feel her body in public and in private nobody could stop us. Recently we understood that things dint work out for us and we decided to break up and be apart. Though that was difficult we decided for our better future.

We tried to be friends before she asked me that she want to be in my arms for one last night at my place. But I was worried about my ability to control myself having her beside me. She was ok with that and hence we decided to have one last night stand to make a beautiful memory.

Forgot to tell u she has become a bomb these days and most people stare at her boobs which are around 36 and her bum which she shakes naturally. She can turn on any1 instantly and can make cum in minutes with just her expressions.

Coming to the story, we went for a dinner in a restaurant and she was becoming senti about all our memories and all and I consoled her and we enjoyed our conversations and finally decided to leave for my place.

The moment I started the bike, she started hugging me from behind and that sent current to me veins, I was unable to control myself and in between the ride I tried to pinch her cheeks and lips by keeping my hand behind.

We reached and went to my room and locked the door. We knew that was going to be our last meeting physically and hence both couldn’t hide our love for each other. I made her lie on the bed and slept beside her and I started to caress her cheeks. I took her head in my palms and looked into her eyes. I saw what I needed to.

I could sense the amount she will miss me and she told she is going to miss a sex partner who can make her cum many times continuously and not get exhausted. I was in no mood to listen anything I jus took her upper lip and started chewing it. She responded with a little moan and started chewing my lower lip.

We enjoyed kissing each other before she started playing with my tongue and inserted her tongue into mine. We started fighting for each others saliva and we did it for so long. I dint count the time but that was our longest passionate kiss and we wanted to remember it forever.

My hand was already on her waist when we started kissing and hence I lifted her top and inserted it over the navel and slowly started playing with it. I wanted to control myself only till the kissing session, but how could I miss such a chance. I played with her navel by lifting her top till her boobs by not touching them at all.

(I wanted to keep the best for later) I licked her navel all round while she held my head in pleasure. I slowly slid my tongue to her top and with my teeth I lifted her top off slowly and she removed it later. I lifted the bra too with my teeth and started teasing her by licking the lower part of her boobs.

After she took her bra off, I once again looked at my ex property, big round firm melons with brown aerolas waiting for my tongue. I used my fingers to gently touch her outer portion of the aerolas and teased her for sometime. She was unable to take it longer and then I circled my tongue again on her boobs leaving the brown nipples.

She held my head in ecstasy and took my mouth there. Then I took her whole boob into my mouth and started licking and chewing them like there is no tomorrow, while I pressed the other. We did it until she got all wet down there and hence I inserted my hand on her clit on top of her leggin. I started rubbing her and removed everything and there she laid naked in front of me for one last time.

I parted her legs I made sure she is all wet before I started my last journey of pleasure to my mouth. I kissed her pussy and started inserting my tongue deep inside her and started circling it. I moved my tongue horizontally and vertically for some time and then moved it to and fro. Her moans got increased and I got encouraged by that.

I licked all walls of her pussy and started to eat her pussy while she pushed my head further into her pussy by moaning louder. I did this till she released her juices and licked those till the clit became dry. I went onto her to kiss her neck and started playing with her boobs while she started shagging my cock.

When we both got warmed up, I went top on her widened her legs and rubbed my rod on her pussy to tease her. I could feel the hotness of her pussy on top of it and couldn’t control longer. I inserted it inside her and with out any problem, it glided into its warm shelter while I enjoyed her expressions meanwhile.

That feeling of being inside a warm pussy of that hot girl for one last time made me mad and I continued stroking her slowly and then increased the speed and finally started jerking and thrusting to hit her pussy walls as per her wish. She was in pain n pleasure with the latter overcoming the former.

She enjoyed each and every stroke while I lifted her legs up and kept them on my shoulders and started my routine again. The shaft went deeper and hence increased her pleasure. I was not satisfied with that and hence I turned her on her belly keeping my cock inside her and started thrusting her from back holding her round chubby bums.

I held her hair and continued fucking her sometime before she got exhausted and she came then. I shagged my shaft to relieve myself while she went for washing herself. She came back and asked for a shower together for one last time. I agreed and we started our session inside the bathroom again.

We started bathing together while I applied the soap on her boobs and cherishing such moment of feeling her big smooth boobs and made them smoother by applying soap.I washed her body and when its her pussy’s turn, I washed and felt all parts of her pussy with my middle finger. She was moaning loud and breathing heavily.

I couldnt control myself by seeing that and I turned her around and pushed her onto the wall, lifted her leg and inserted my manhood inside her warm hole for one last time and started stroking her.
I thrusted deep in her pussy by holding her neck with my hand and boob in my mouth.

She was enjoying the wildest sex of her life and she came immediately and I was glad that I made her happy for one last time through my body and she said she can never forget the love and sex I had shown her that night. Great old sex sessions is what I miss these days.

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Priya enjoying sex foreplay with neighbour

Hi all this is Mad Man,I hope my experience makes men’s dick hard and beautiful ladies pussy Leak their juice…..This is my first story so please forgive me for any mistakes…I m 24 Years Old 5.7 Height Average Looking Guy( Still Virgin ) I work for a private company in Hyderabad as an Engineer I hail from a middle class Telugu family settled in a part of Hyderabad…

I am regular reader of HumanDigest since few years where I found some stories to be genuine and some to be fake Ok I dont want you to make u feel bored. now I am going to narrate a true incident happened few months back with my neighbor girl Priya(name changed).

We live in a colony of central government quarters where I had a foreplay session with my girlfriend/neighbor with a girl Named Priya( name changed) 22 Years Old Big Boobs ( 36C ) & 5.3height, the boobs were too heavy for such height that may be t he reason all the boys around my colony used to have an eye on her

(of course she has affair with some members too which I came to know through another person) …Coming to the story I am a decent boy in my street she stays in the ground floor in the next block of ours…One day while I was speaking to her on phone with her she said that her parents went to some prayer in near by church and will be back in the evening…

As she was alone I asked her for a kiss for which she agreed and told me to come to her home. Listen everyone this was my 1st time I got a chance to have fun with her…..Without the notice of anyone I went into her house and she asked boldly lets kiss and go back fast…

She was in her pink colored nighty I started kissing her on cheeks ears neck and everything and then came to her lips…this was the first time I m kissing this girl wow she is soo good at kissing I was like fucking her then and there but I want her permission to fuck her and do with safety to avoid feature problems…

While kissing her lips I kept my hands on her boobs and started pressing them my god they were so huge that I kept both my hands on one boob and started pressing she stopped me and told that she only permitted only for kiss but then after requests she told me to do anything other than fucking.

I started kissing her boobs over her nighty and then started to remove the hooks of her nighty there comes the melons wow I still remember them I grabbed the mangoes and started sucking like a kid to which she started laughing I was no more to listen to her kept on sucking her boobs and pressing them then she kept her hand on my cock and started pressing it and shockingly

she kept her had in my shorts and kept stroking my 6″ cock I was in heaven…Kept my left had on her thighs pressing it and finally touched her pussy above the nighty. You cant believe it guys its so hot there I lifted her nighty kept my hand inside her panty and started to find her love in the little hairs…

She told me to wait n removed her panty threw it aside and then told me to proceed then I entered my finer into her pussy and started fingering it to which she started moaning ahahahah Priya : nu Baaga Chesthunav ra Intakamundu entamandini chesavu(you’re good at fingering how many girls did u do like this before)

Me : Ledu nuve na 1st girl vi ela cheytanki (You’re the first girl I am doing) Priya : Hmmm nene 1st antunav kani anni baaga chesthunav(ur telling me that I was the 1st girl but ur doing all the things as if u know all) Me : nenu chala blue films lo chusa ( I have seen many blue films)

Then Suddenly she started stroking my dick so fastly that I cummed in her hand for which she cleaned it with her mouth and with her panty I asked her for a her bra for which she gave a winked smile and gave her sisters Bra and promised me that v shall have a session with her sister when she was with her boyfriend I mean while I asked her to suck my dick and she asked me to suck her pussy n make her cum…

When we were about to take 69 position I heard a sound of gate opening of her house we got tensed she adjusted her nighty mean while aunty staying down stairs of my home came into the home ( in a hurry I forgot to bolt the door after entering in her house)…

Aunty saw us when I was trying to put on my dick inside I felt fully tensed that she may inform in my home but thanks to my girlfriend she requested to aunty not to tell this to any one and she also revealed a fact that aunty knows everything she was the one who called aunty in her house so that other neighbors may not get any doubt…

I was little bit tensed seeing her but she came to me kissed and told to proceed n she will watch our foreplay I was shocked to listen this and in a situation not knowing what to do,Then Priya took her hand on my shorts removed my dick and started stroking again to which aunty is laughing and started to rub her pussy on her saree.

After this our sessions became regular in Aunty’s house and aunty use to finger herself keeping our room door closed which we used to hear the moans….. ill tell them later depending on the suggestions and feedback of this story) but never had a chance to fuck her as she don’t want to get fucked in notice of Aunty.

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Swati fucking Rohit cheating on husband

Hi friends, I am going to narrate a real experience of mine, which happened to me 3 years back, and that affair is still continuing. Starting from introduction I am Swati from Mumbai, 29 years old, married. I stand 5.5 and normal body type, for measurement freaks my figure is 34-30-36. I am a school teacher and my husband works for a MNC in middle level management.

We live in a flat and opposite to ours is a flat of a rajput family which consists of Husband, wife and their two sons of age 19 & 24 respectively. The younger son whose name is Rohit use to come to our home on pretext of playing computer games as my hubby is also game lover. Rohit is 6ft tall but slim and cute types and was 16 years old at that time. My hubby and rohit use to play games for hours on weekends.

One Sunday my hubby was gone outstation on a workshop for a week and I was alone at home. I was preparing to go for bath just then doorbell ringed, I went to open the door and to avoid embarrassment I kept my bra & panty on sofa and opened the door. It was Rohit, he asked for my hubby to which I replied that he is out of town for a week.

Rohit got bit disappointed and I understood the reason so I said that hubby is gone but computer is here only. I invited him to play game, as I don’t want that little kid to become sad. He came inside and sat on beanbag and switched on the computer. I went for bath.

After taking bath and drying myself I realized that I forgot my innerwear on sofa only, so I wrapped the towel and came out of bathroom. I went to hall where Rohit was busy in game. Towel was bit short and was upto my thighs. My cleavage was also exposed a fair bit. I tip toed and went near sofa and just when I was about to pick them up, Rohit turned towards me so pretended like nothing and sat on sofa.

He saw me in semi naked condition for the first time but he reacted normal and asked to me come and play game with him, to which I denied as my whole mind was to get my inners. But he continued to pester me just like any other teenager and finally gave up and agreed to play.

I went near computer and sat on other beanbag. He handed my remote and gave me instructions how to play but as a first timer I was unable to play correctly. He stood up and came behind me and sat on his knees and grabbed the remote from both sides of me and taught me but still I wasn’t up to mark so he asked me to hold the remote and he kept his hand over my hands and started to play.

This time we were playing correctly. I realized that he is almost hugging me from behind and I am semi naked but at the same time I am enjoying the touch of a young boy. His face was just beside my face and sometime our cheeks rubbed, I can feel his breath on my shoulders and this way I was losing control on myself.

Suddenly I pressed a wrong key and game ended and we both looked at each other. He looked somewhat puzzled and nervous. We kept staring at each other’s eyes for few seconds and slowly I moved forward and put my lips on his lips. His lips were dry due to excitement, he responded hesitantly and suddenly he came forward and kissing me furiously.

He became aggressive and to manage him I kept on bending myself backward and suddenly I fell from the beanbag and he fell over me, but we continued to kiss. I was enjoying the touch of a boy other than my hubby.

He kissed my neck and moved towards my cleavage and kissed and licked there. He held my towel and asked me in gesture, I nodded and he removed opened my towel from the front, and there I was lying naked on the floor in front of neighbor teenager, he again kissed me on lips and start pressing my boobs. I was feeling ecstatic.

He was moving his hands all over body, which showed that he is naive in doing things. I said him to be patient and take his time, not to hurry, he agreed. He bring his mouth near my boobs and start sucking them my nipples, taking it inside his mouth and rubbing with his tongue. I stopped him and removed his t shirt.

I asked him to lay down and I came over him, now my towel was still on floor and I was stark naked. I slide his track pants and underwear in one go his dick sprang out. He was so hard, his veins were prominent and size was bit bigger than my hubby. I held his dick and stroked for some time. He was very excited, and considering the fact that he is a novice I stopped, didnt want him to cum early.

I was very wet by then but I wanted to take pleasure to next level so I asked him to again come over me and lick my pussy. It’s my favorite part of sex, getting my pussy licked & sucked. He obeyed like a child. I always keep my pussy clean. I spread my legs and he started to lick and within 2 minutes I was ready to cum so I again asked him to stop.

I invited him to kiss me and while sucking his lips I held his dick and positioned it on my pussy. He was feeling the heat and breathing fast. I said him to push his dick and it went slightly inside. He stopped, asked him what happened? He replied that It might pain as its the first time. I said dumbo its your first time not mine, just do it.

On hearing this he pushed his hard dick completely inside, I gasped as its the first time I was taking a different dick than my hubby and bigger one too. He started to make strokes and soon picked up pace, he pinned my both hands on the floor. I wrapped my legs around his hips and tried to control the pace, but this time he proved his masculinity was making hard and fast strokes.

I was really enjoying myself but was aware that being the first timer he might come soon, and after just 2 minutes of hard stroking he came inside me with a grunt. He filled my pussy with his thick cum so much that is came out from my pussy. He collapsed on me crushing my boobs with his chest. We both were breathing heavy.

I remained in same position like his dick inside my pussy and legs wrapped around his hips. I was moving my hands on his hair and lied on me for some time. I let him rest for some time before starting second round.

Since then we are having a sexual relation and had sex 100 of times in last 3 years. Currently I am 2 months pregnant and surely can say that its the child from Rohit. Meanwhile our relation still continues I will write about other sessions later.

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