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Ashima falling for Ved - II

Previously: Ashima falling for Ved - I

“Butterflies in the stomach”, maybe this idiom can express my situation! Call it excitement or nervousness; there was hell lot of giddiness since I met Ved. The time I returned from airport I was unable to concentrate on anything. Every now and then I use to smile remembering few excerpts from our conversation.

Since my nineteen years of life span I never felt so attracted towards a man. But the case with Ved was totally exceptional. The way he talk, the way he smiles, the way he look, everything was mesmerizing. I remember he gave his visiting card when we were departing. Now the conflict arose in mind whether I should take one step forward and try to contact him or should I better not try to contact him.

After all he looks kind of family man and I also remember Ved discussing about his wife to that stupid guy. Finally I decided not to contact him and kept scrolling that visiting card between my fingers. I felt mentally tired with this whole thinking process and can’t go into deep sleep.

First day passed with this mental conflict, similarly second day also went like this, finally on third day I came to conclusion that I am unable to hold myself back and I have to communicate with him. Early in the morning first thing I did was to take out his visiting card. I looked at the contact numbers which gave me a hint not to call him since he is business type of guy and must be busy with his schedule.

For 15 minutes which seems like an hour I stared at his name. My eyes dropped down at his email id. Instantaneously my mind said hit an email to him. Not to show my desperateness I decided to leave a simple good morning message with an inspiring quotation. With trembled fingers I pressed sent button.

Like a small child I was waiting for my chocolate, for his reply. Day 1: no reply ; my reaction: highly depressed. Day 2 : again no reply; my reaction : fuming with rage. Day 3 : still no reply ; my reaction : why the fuck I sent that email to him. Cursing myself I slept around 12.30 am that night. Suddenly I woke up. It was 4.30 am in the morning, I checked my email and Bingoo!!

There it was !! His reply for which I was eagerly waiting for. He enquired whether I am the same girl who met during Mumbai to delhi flight and asked about how am I and said that it was nice meeting you. Like a mannered lady I took a gap of time and dint respond him immediately. After few hours I replied him that I am the same girl in flight.

To continue the conversation I further added that I haven’t thought that a General Manager of a company can be really cool and friendly. I think I equally hold his attention after my first email because after that our conversation seems endless. Ved asked me various questions about my likes dislikes, family, songs, books, studies and many other normal stuff.

Then he asked me for my pics. I obliged him by sending two of my casual pics. Next he asked me whether we can talk on phone sometime. I was not expecting this also I was reluctant to give him my mobile number. I told ved that this can create problem since you are a busy guy having ur business to deal with and son to take care of. But he dint understand my point.

I finally gave him my phone no. knowing that I myself want to get in touch with him, want to know more abt him. Like this we exchanged hundreds of emails. Next day I received a call in late afternoon from an unknown number. As soon as I picked the call and heard his “Hello” I realized that it is Ved. I was dumbstruck Listening his sexy manly voice.

That was the first time we were talking on phone and we spoke for around 45 mins. He said he ll be coming to delhi for a business trip next month and “that he is looking forward to this visit”. I understood that he wishes to meet me but I was feeling weird with this idea of meeting a married man. I honestly asked him wont it create problem in you happily married life.

And to my relief he said that he is living a life of separation. I feel bad as well as glad (madly glad) with this revelation that he is a divorcee and now single. I told Ved that after my semester exams I would love to meet him. Like this one whole month passed. We were closely attached with each other by now, sharing lots of details with each other, not erotic stuff but casual things.

And finally The day arrived for our meeting. It was the month of December. Chilly winds were piercing my skin but somehow I was sweating with anxiety. Again and again thoughts were coming to my mind whether I should meet him or not. His phone call snapped me out of my train of thoughts. He said after finishing his meetings he ll come by 7.30pm near my apartment to pick me up.

I hung up the call by agreeing to his plan. Again I started feeling tensed about this first meeting. I remember I have no experience of going on dates, this creates more anxiety. But somewhere deep down I was confident to meet Ved. So I decided to dressed up sober yet elegant.

I choose my dark blue jeans, red sleeveless top and paired it up with golden brown soft sweater and matching catwalk stilettos. I chose to apply minimal makeup and tie my hair up in high pony tail and left my long hairs swaying alongside my hips. I step outside my apartment gathering whole amount of courage and there he was! Standing near his car he looked ever so handsome.

Tall, well built, fit body, sharp mind..Boy! he looks younger than his age. He was on his phone speaking formally with someone. The moment he saw that I am approaching him, he forgot to respond on his call, he kept watching me, and disconnected his call asking that person to call him later.

Ved and I greeted friendly and started our journey from my apartment till his hotel talking casually on few current topics. We both surprised each other with our vast knowledge and ideologies. It took around 20mins to reach his hotel. He smartly chose his hotel nearby my place of residence to avoid wasting time in traffic.

As soon as we reached the hotel he checked in his room but decided to take me to rooftop restaurant. He allowed me to chose the menu for dinner but ALAS! How can I tell him with butterflies in my stomach I wont be able to eat anything. Hiding my uneasiness I put a mask of confidence and told him I do feel like eating anything and so he ordered two glasses of fresh juice.

During whole time he kept me very well engaged and told some of his funny encounters on which I laughed wholeheartedly. I forgot he was watching me intently. As my smile fades a bit, keeping his gaze fixed on my face he said you got beautiful eyes! I feel heat rushing through my cheeks. I was feeling chilled sitting on that rooftop.

Seeing me rubbing my palms he told me to accompany him to his room. My body becomes suddenly alert but I followed him to the lift. Stepping inside the lift there was a surprised silence, We were standing close to each other. He rubbed the back of his palm on my cheek saying, “you are cold my dear”. I was stunned to this act.

Hugging me sideways from my shoulder he said, “lets go to room”. I was totally confused with these developments. Room ! warmth ! just-the-two-of-us! The whole concept was freaking me out. I followed Ved inside his room with pounding heartbeats. He closed the door behind him once I entered. I felt his gaze behind my back.

Walking few steps We both sit on the cornered sofa placed near the window. Ved hold both my hands in his large palms. Out of nervousness I smiled and said it was really cold outside. My inner mind was shouting to stop acting nervous as well as stupid at the same time. Again he hugged me sideways and gave an assuring smile.

He asked me for a proper hug for which I was uncomfortable. Sensing my indecision he said, “treat me like a friend and friends do give hug right, take it lightly”. Sensing my indecision he took the opportunity to hold me by my arms and snaked his arms around me, filling me in his embrace. My lips parted, hands hanged in mid air and what I felt next makes me numb.

I felt his hot ears over my cold cheeks! I think the time stopped. For few minutes we were in that position. When my body register too much warmth from his body, I tried to stand and make space between us but he hold my hand and stopped me. My mind was screaming me not to be fattu. I admitted honestly that I can’t proceed it any further.

But he insisted again that there is no harm in what we are doing. I tried to break our only contact; to get my hand free. In this process Ved also stood up and stand too close to me, cupping my face in his large palms watching me intently he said, “you got beautiful lips”. Then he traced his thumb following my lower lip.

I glanced up and saw his face.. his penetrating gaze over my face, over my body, as if he is drinking me in. without any warning ved hugged me tight..too tight. I could hear his racing heartbeat, heat emanating from his body and his HARDNESS. No doubt he is excited.

As My hands involuntarily wrapped around his neck, with a sudden jerk he pulled me towards him closer, sliding his both hands from waist then INSIDE my top. His cold palms touched my naked skin there. A shiver went through my spine. Ved tried to grasp more of my skin..rubbed his hands on my back and suddenly turning me, I felt his hands on my bare stomach.

My back was against his chest and he made a circular motion on my stomach and pressed his hands making my skin more sensitive. We both were facing the full length mirror of dressing table. Looking at my vulnerable position where he was holding my waist securely from behind Ved kissed my hairs and said, “look at you.. you are so soft, so beautiful”.

With this he kissed my nape and started nibbling there. Boy! I was going wet. God knows what happened to me but my inner mind was not prepared for all this. I want him in my life but all of a sudden in first meeting, getting this physical was the thing which I never thought of. I escaped from his grip and turned around to face him. He looked confused and ….rejected. no no no..!

I don’t want to see this expression on his face. I looked down and said I want to go home. Though sadly he agreed and called for his driver. Like a pure gentleman he dropped me home safely and we bid farewell for the day. Returning home I literally jumped over my bed as if my mind cant register what had just happened and kept touching my body parts where Ved had touched me.

I was aroused yet was not able to return him favours. With this guilty feeling I was unable to sleep. I Kept scrolling my cellphone to atleast message him. But was not able to do anything. Just as the saying goes that We Never Know What Life Has In Store.. applied perfectly in my case. Next day turns out to be total pleasant change of series between me and Ved which made us each other irresistible.

Guys in my next story I ll narrate how Ved and I proceeded with First Base. Thereafter when he made me completely comfortable we hit the second base, which literally made me hell wet. Then finally we went through the extreme pleasure and completed Third and Fourth Sexual Bases.

I am personally thankful for your encouraging comments which actually made me to write up each things in detail. Take care folks till then Do svidan’ya !!

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Kavita enjoying sex with long lost friend

I met kavita after 8 years, 8 long years. Nothing much had changed in her, actually much had changed, she had come to develop a big, big arse. she still was the short n cute lady who fell in love with me when we worked together. I remember the first time she had visted my house intending to make love which we did many times.

This story is when we met after 8 years. She was married, had two wonderful kids and was unhappy with a drunk husband and overbearing debts. We decided to check into a hotel some place not so close to her house, she had told me she would need to go home and make arrangements for some one to baby sit her kids so she could spend some quality time with me.

Quality time it was, and I will never forget that day. She came back to the hotel just before 9PM, I was already a couple of pegs down and thinking of making love to my long lost best friend, my dick was already hard and hot, the bugger kept twitching every now and then, thinking of jumping into the arse and pussy that kavita was to offer when she was in bed.

She finally arrived, trust me I could hold no longer, started kissing her hard, instantly removed her top and jeans, there she was in all her glory. She did not have big boobs as compared to her arse, not that I complained of.

Off came the bra, with her small yet supple breasts and her small little panty which barely covered the huge behind she had. I could not help but bite into her flesh and dig my teeth into her butt muscles. I could also not get my lips off her breasts which somehow tasted like strawberry jam. I assume she must have applied some.

My big brother could hold no long, I pushed her on the bed and placed my dick at the entrance which was to offer me the most amazing soft soft I could lay my eyes on for today. I kept rubbing my dick at her pussy entrance for a coule of minutes. that was enough to make her go crazy and she demanded to push my hardness into her and make her my slave.

You guys must have experienced the instance when you enter a womans pussy the first time, its like driking water or beer on a hot sunny day, remember the satisfaction as the cold water or beer hits your throat. trust me guys, the feeling was 100 times more better than that. I was in heaven on Earth. my to and fro motion was resiprocated by her movements and we hit a rhythm.

I want to let you guys know, you must have had this experience when you have fucked a lady and there is this one time when you have already fucked her for 10 minutes, you are close to climax but you just cannot climax coz your body and brain wants more. It was a similar feeling, seeing my girls boobs bouncing and her face loving my dick hitting her deep inside her vagina.

I can feel her innner walls clamp on my hard dick wanting to squeeze every bit of it. My climax delayed was making me fuck the lights out of her, some how I was very wild and rammed her with more than love making force and she was crying out in pain at the same time was enjoying this love perhaps after a very long time since her husband was a drunk and not always around to offer physical satisfaction.

My pumping had dried her juices and the dryness was causing much pain to her, I withdrew for a few seconds, and started licking her pussy to make it wet and comfort her pain, at times blowing cool air into her pussy to tickle her. she was however aroused and demanded me to keep continuing fucking her.

I started the ramming of her pussy and seeing her lift her legs in the air for more access to get my dick go deep into her made me wild. this had never happend to me in a long long time, the love making had gone well over 15 minutes and I was nearing exhaustion, while my dick was no where loosing its hardness.

In a final attempt of relieving myself of the impending tension growing inside my dick, I rammed her as if this was my last fuck on earth and I may never get to be in that small and cozy place which was Kavita's soft and wet pussy.

I exploded my cum into her and came in huge spurts most of it oozing out of her vagina spoiling the bedsheets. I got off her body and she kept her head on my chest I could feel those soft and supple boobs of hers toucing my chest. Slowly she whispered I love you and missed you all these years. she told me she waited for this day for the past 8 years, scanning her mobile phone for one call, one sms to tell her I need her and want her.

I could see tears of joy roll down her eyes and on to her cheeks. She then did something which was unexpected, she got up and started to suck my limp dick, and man she was sucking it good. it took some time for my big brother to get back into what was round two of tonights rumble in the jungle.

She started deep throating my dick. I kept asking her, she had never did that, infact she would always say no to a blowjob 8 years ago, was this something she pickup from one of her encounters with some one else.

She cried and told me, she had never done this to anyone and wanted me to be the first one to be blown to bits by her act.her husband had not touched her for many years and she dreaded going physical with anyone else out of fear of blackmail and mistreatment.

I was however enjoying her act and my rod was up and ready for action, Kavita however was not ready to let go of my dick from her mouth and she sucked on it like she was back from the desert and my dick was the only source of water she had.

While she sucked on my rod, her hands kept playing with my ball and tickling them causing an even more erotic effect in a few minutes I burst out and the cum flew off all over her face and hair. she was massaging my balls for me to give off all I had and I was empty to the core.

She went off to clean herself and have bath so that we wold be fresh and could eat dinner in the hotel restaurant. However my plans were different, I could not let go off what I missed all these years for an early dinner, I can order for food anytime but I needed kavita more, more tham what I had twice today. she went inside the bath.

I could hear water splash and she was out in 15 minutes. Water dripping from every inch of her body making it glisten in the little light that was on. I immediately knew what I wanted and carried her off to the tub for another round under the shower.

That story and many more escapades with the cute, dusky and sexy Kavita in more stories to follow. Take care guys and keep the fun on. good luck to you guys.

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Cute Petite Office Virgin Losing Cherry

Hi friends, I have been a regular reader of the site. Some stories are really worth reading making the manhood so strong for a fuck. This story is about my sexual encounter with my office staff. Let us not discuss the names here as they are not the most important part of the story. She joined our company a year back as a fresher. She was just 22 that time. Her stats are 32 27 34.

She has got nice round boobs and an awesome ass. She wears salwars to office all the time covering her boobs with the shawl. She was so careful not to let anyone have a peek at her boobs. Dusky complexion and 5'4/ 5'5 in height.

Coming to incident. It so happened that she had taken almost 20 days off last month. So the work has piled up for her and she had to sit back at office till 6:30pm. I often ask her to leave by 5:30 (normal timing) as she being a girl and it would take almost an hour n half to reach her place. But she was reluctant and wanted to complete the job.

So she started working late hours (max 6:30, after which I make sure she leaves). After the office hours it would be just the two of us in the building. We had a good relationship (just frens) from the beginning and hence it was not a difficult job to strike a conversation with her. So since it was just the two of us, I started sitting in her bay giving some company while she was working.

Slowly we became close and there were naughty jokes said at times. She would blush at them and we never took it further. With the monsoons setting in, that evening became nasty by 6:15. There was a heavy downpour and lightning. I used to travel by car to the office and she uses the public transportation.

With the rains, it was normal gesture that anyone would offer help in dropping her off at the near by station. Usually she would have to walk for almost a km from the office to the bus stop. So with this in mind, I offered help and we set out before 6:30 as the rains were getting heavier and she would not be able to get back home, if it gets too late.

So we closed the office doors and came down. Our office did not have car parking for all the employees. So my car would be parked on the roadside few meters from the office. I made her wait in the office building while I went to bring the car. I parked the car right in front so that she could hop in easily.

But to her bad luck (and my good luck) she slipped while jumping off the water trying to get in. In the process she was completely wet and her dress had covered with dirt. I parked the car and around to help her out. I asked her to get back inside the office and clean up before we leave. I helped her with the doors and waited for her in the ground floor.

It was only then I realised that I have a bulge in my pants. Her shawl was completely wet and I had a nice view of her wet boobs and the cleavage. While helping her get up, I happened to see 80% of her boobs from the top angle. I wanted to try my luck with her.

I went upstairs on the pretext of checking on her. I had nice view of her naked back as she was facing the other way cleaning her body. Seeing that I didn't want to panic her. So went down again and came up running this time calling her name loud and clear. She thought it was my voice and responded to my shouts saying she is up here.

Before we spoke the next words I was on the floor and she was facing me directly completely naked on top. Seeing me she didn't know how to react, and it took her almost a minute to cover her boobs. By then I had a nice view of those round melons. I turned my back to her and told her it was a mistake and would apologise.

I asked her to get ready fast and come down as the rains were getting heavier with every passing minute. She as standing there without words to speak. I started to move from that place when a lightning struck and she screamed. I knew she screamed because of the thunder, but again on the pretext of helping her, I turned towards her and she was standing with her hands on her ears showing off her boobs again.

This time it was a longer view than the previous one. I said sorry again and came down. My dick was hard by now and I badly wanted to fuck her. You know, with a romantic climate, when you are all alone with a good fren with whom you have shared the naughtiest of the jokes, with an urge to fuck her, and that you have seen her almost nude, my hotness for her has grown multiple folds.

I was standing there thinking on how to get this hot virgin on bed, as she came all dressed up to leave. I was cursing the luck again as she was to leave and nothing happened between us. I started the car and this time she came slowly and hopped inside the car. She was looking away from me and I just drove off. Due to the rains, the roads were flooded and there was a huge traffic jam.

It is almost 30 minutes that we spoke anything. The car was so silent. I turned up to her and started explaining things to her. She wouldn't listen. I had a thought that she was pissed off and there will be nothing happening between us. So why loose the opportunity, I complemented her boobs. She turned towards me at once and I thought oops, a bad night.

She for the first time opened the mouth and her words were a surprise for me. She told me that she was upset, as I did not like her assets and that is the reason for me not making an advance. She also told me that she had something for me. And today with the dirty talks earlier in the evening she was all horny. And she was hoping that I would make a move. But I didn't.

Saying these hands got hold of mine and she took it to her boobs. I was awestruck with her move and I pulled her closer and started kneading her boobs and nipples over the dress. I told her that I wanted to fuck her tonight and invited her to my house. I was staying all alone in a single bedroom apartment.

She said, that it would be difficult for her to spend the entire night as her mom would be worried. But I convinced her showing the traffic and the time. She called up her mom and informed the same. She is supposed to sleep over at office guest house with another colleague due to rains. I took a u-turn with like 50 reverse gears to turn around. My house is on the other side and took her there in like 15 mins.

Once inside I hugged her from behind, lifted her, moved her hairs to the left side and started kissing her neck on the right side. Her hands were pressing my head more into her. I was biting her ears, neck, kissing her cheeks. I sat down on the couch with her on my lap. This way my hands were free to explore her lovely hot body.

I removed the knot on her pants making it free to come off anytime. Then I lifted her tops over her head and there she was topless (she had removed her bra back in office) and her pants were ready fall off. I took my hands to her boobs and started playing with her nipples. They were hard and pointed.

I pulled her close and was biting her cheeks making her turn the face towards me and there it was our lips met for the first time and they were sweet as honey. I was sucking her both the lips and slowly our tongues met. She had become horny now and she started to bite my lower lip. With every bite, I would pinch her nipple making it a painful pleasure game for both of us.

My dick has grown to the full size and was poking her ass. She sensing the member started to move her ass around my crotch. After some 30 minutes of hard core kissing, we broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes. The lust was overflowing and we wanted to have a memorable evening. She stood up to turn around there her pants fell off the ground.

Her white panty was full of her love juices. I pulled her towards me and touched her pussy over the panty. She for the first time reached out to my cock. I helped her in removing my pants and boxers. She held my hard cock in her hands and was staring at the member. She hasn't seen on in her life. I asked her to take it in her mouth, but she was reluctant. So didn't force her.

I carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. I removed her panty making her completely nude. She had some pubic hairs there. I wanted to clean them but left it for the next round. I went between her legs, opened her pussy lips with my thumb and index finger. I inserted the middle finger of my right hand inside her pussy. It was wet and slid in easily.

Soon I had two fingers fucking her pussy very hard. She was moaning out loud. She came with a shiver and her juices started to flow out. I licked my finger clean and came to her lips kissing her and giving her the taste of her own juices.

I came between her legs and my hard cock was ready to go. I started to rub it on her pussy while kissing. I broke the kiss, placed the cock at the entrance and gave a small push. It did not go inside. I placed it again at the entrance, bent down to kiss her. I told her it gonna be painful for a while and then she would enjoy. I was just rubbing my cock on her pussy while kissing her lips.

Without any warning, I pushed it hard inside her pussy. It went in half. I pulled out and gave another hard push and there it was completely inside her pussy. Tears were rolling out from her eyes. I didn't move for a while. Was sucking her nipples, boobs and lips. Soon she was out of pain and I started my to and fro movement. I was fucking her on the missionary position.

This gave me the space to kiss her every now and then, play with her boobs. I was very slow in my actions and soon she was building up on another oragsm which I could see it from her face and her pussy walls contracting. I increased my pace and there she had an orgasm. Within next few seconds, I too reached the climax. I pulled out my cock and let my sperms on her stomach.

I carried her to the washroom and we had a warm shower where we cleaned each other's private parts. She said, she wanted to feel the sperms inside her pussy. We kissed a lot in the shower. I carried her in my arms to the bedroom. The time was 9pm and still the rains hadn't stopped. I made her wait there saying would return back with dinner. I took the car to do some purchasing.

Got some hair removal creams, women's razor, pills for her, chocolate sauce, and grabbed some sandwiches for dinner. I went back home in 20 mins, and there she was waiting restless and nude for my arrival. Once I was inside she came running to me and jumped over me kissing my lips, biting the lower lips. I put her on the dinning table and kissed her back hard.

I gave her the cream and razor and asked her to shave off all the hairs in her body. I helped her out in the process and there she was clean down her pussy. I too removed the small hairs around my penis. We had a sandwich for dinner. She was siting on my lap and I was rubbing her clit. We sat down on the couch all naked and were taking about sex.

I took out the vodka and redbull from my mini bar and we had a peg. I made her lie on the couch, came between her legs and this time I tongue fucked her. I was taking it slow and steady. Playing with the clit, taking it between my teeth and the tounge doing the tickling on it. My left hand was on her boobs pressing it harder and pinching her nipples.

She enjoyed the act a lot and was satisfied with me. My cock as rock hard and she was still relectant in taking it in her mouth. So I let it go with a thought of making her give a bj later on as I was fully focussed on fucking her small cunt and the cute little virgin ass. This time I made her sit on my lap and helped her ride me. I was holding onto her hips helping her ride me.

She would bend down and kiss me with every stroke. I lifted her with my cock still inside her pussy and I lay down on the couch with she sitting on me. I held both her boobs with both my hands as she was riding my cock. She had her orgasm first and she collapsed on me. She had no energy. I turned around with my cock still inside bringing her down and I came on top.

I started to fuck her pussy in the missionary position for another 2 minutes before releasing my load inside her pussy. I fell on her with my cock inside and lips touching her lips and her boobs pressed hard on my chest. We had a small nap for half an hour. I woke up and she was still drowsy. I made a drink for both of us and we had it slowly.

Meantime I was asking her about the experience and the talks were full on sex and the sex positions. I was explaining her the missionary, doggy, spoon, ass fucking, pussy licking, 69, blowjobs. She was kinda interested in all of them. We didn't know when we finished the drink and we were hugging each other and kissing madly. I put her on the floor and this time it was doggy.

We slept for few hours after that. Woke up around 6am in the morning and my cock was hard again. We had slept in hugging each other on the bed. She woke and wanted to try 69 and I was successful in getting my cock sucked by her. I released my hot sperm in her mouth.

It was Saturday and we decided to spend the weekend here but on a condition that she needs to go home and come back. She had plans of spending the weekend with her frens in a nearby resort. So she would go home and come back. I took her home, dropped her few blocks away and was waiting for her. She came back within 30 minutes and we headed straight to my house.

For the next two days, it was just sex and sex alone. Never left the house. Tried few positions from the kamasutra book. Saturday night, it was a fun night and we were playing sex games from the phone, drinking all night, fucking all night. We even tried anal after a lot of attempts from the afternoon. She was my sex goddess.

I made her stay back sunday night as well and we went on for a drive in the car. I had a fantasy of having sex in the car. We did it as well. Monday both of us took off and had a good sleep at each others houses.

It is been two weeks now, every evening she would purposefully stay back at work. 5:30 everyone leaves, 6 pm we meet at my house (5mins from office) have a nice fucking session and would drop her off by 8pm. We spent the following weekend together as well going for dinners, movies late nite drive while fucking in the car and lot of sex back home.

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Jay Having Wild Sex With Girlfriend On Saturday Night

My Name is Jay. Age 34 and average looking. I am in relation with my girlfriend for 2 years. This story is a description of how we have sex to its extreme and enjoy it. She loves whatever I do and never hesitate.

So lets begin. We have sex every now and then and try out different and new things. We generally have wildest sex on Saturdays so that she can recover from pain as Saturday and Sunday our offices are closed.

She likes having sex in a little warm temperature. I too become more wild when the heat is on.I will tell you what happened last Saturday as we went to have our wildest sex. My girlfriend has brown complexion and is well built. She is tall around 5.7 feet.Has average boobs.

I started holding her and kissing her face. Start with cheeks and then slowly her lips. We love sucking each others tongue. She licks my cheeks and my face. I tell her to wet her lips with her saliva. She takes out some saliva from her mouth and spreads on her lips. I love licking those dripping saliva of hers. Then we suck each others tongue for at least 15 to 20 mins.

I lick her lips teeth and tongue while she pushes her sweet juices from her mouth for me to suck. After content with her mouth I focus on her boobs. She get most excitement when I press and suck her boobs. I suck and lick her brown nipples and press her boobs hard. She loves me doing this. Then I kiss her ears and her neck. I also like licking her armpits.

She raises her arms for me exposing her stubble armpits. I first smell her aroma and then lick it. She never smelt bad even when she was sweaty. Sometimes I tell her pour some saliva on her armpits. She does it and I lick her juices from her armpits. It tastes good and she likes it too. After cleaning her armpits I kiss her lips again.

Then next thing I love doing and she enjoys is licking her nose. My girlfriend has sexy long nose with a nose ring and I like licking it. I dont know but doing this makes me more aroused. She also has started loving this. First I start by kissing her nose. Then slowly licking her nose with my lips. She like so much that she pushes her nose into my mouth.

I too start licking it seeing her excitement. I lick with my tongue her nose ring and nose bridge and nose tip. After sucking and licking her nose now we go to other parts of body. Usually we go into 69 position. I start kissing her pussy which is almost dripping with love juices now while she starts sucking my penis. She sucks like a professional.

Starts my kissing my penis tip then pulls down the skin and start licking with her tongue. Then she start sucking it by taking my entire 6 inch rod into her mouth. She pushes deep down her throat and I too push hard into her mouth till she starts to gag. She licks my things and my balls and suck them . She continues doing this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile I start licking her pussy juices. Pushing my tongue into her pink pussy. I lick suck kiss every inch of her pussy. I love the pungent smell of her pussy and her juices. Sometimes she pushes her pussy against my mouth hard and grinds it. I too suck all her pussy juices out into my mouth. Then I lick her ass hole. She spreads her ass hole for me and enjoys when I lick it.

I push my tongue deep into her ass hole and love licking it. She too enjoys doing this. She too licks my ass hole. Its so exciting I never imagined. She spreads my ass hole then licks it. She licks my balls and the lower area between my balls and ass hole. It feels best when she sways her wet tongue there.

After a long oral sex session for about an hour we start the fucking. First I start fucking her ass. She poses the famous doggy style and I insert my penis into her ass hole from behind . Its painful for her as she screams a lot. But I enjoy inserting my hard cock into her tight ass. After fucking her ass for about 10 mins she surrenders. Then she begs me to fuck her pussy.

She spreads her legs and raises them high holding her knees with her hand. This was I can insert my manhood with full force. I fuck her hard inserting my penis deep into her pussy. She likes it deep and always say to me to fuck her hard and go in more deep.

After fucking her for half an hour I cum on her mouth. Yes she loves tasting my cum. I cum on her face and mouth. She licks and drinks all my cum from her face. Once done we go to the bathroom to clean ourself. One thing more we do in bathroom before ending our sex session.

She pisses on my body. I love her warm piss on my body. I put my hand near her pussy while she starts pissing. My whole body becomes wet with her piss. I have not yet tried tasting it. Just like the warm feeling of it on my body.

At last we take bath and complete our wild sex session. We come and take rest and start thinking of what new to do in our next sex session. Next time she wants me to piss on her body. Not done yet but will soon try. Hope you all liked my wild sex session story.

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Jabbar enjoying sex at farm house - II

Previously: Jabbar enjoying sex at farm house - I

Sonia did not notice that Mumtaz was watching her from a distance through the window of the lab. Mumtaz smiled to herself at the prospect of her friend getting fucked by Jabbar her brother. Jabbar told Sonia that she looked more beautiful today. Shall we have a fuck, tell me Sonia, he said. She said "hum".

Just as he was about to reach the farm house he gave her a parda, which the muslim girls wear. He asked her to put it on over the head and cover her face and leave leave the opening for the eyes open. They got down and they both walked through the veranda and reached a stair case. They climbed the stair case and reached a big dimly lit sitting room.

Jabbar asked his servants to bring food and place it in the dining table in the next room. She could hear the food trays being brought and laid on the table. After they all left, Jabbar called Sonia to remove the parda and come to the table for taking food. They had lavish food served. Sonia liked food andshe was a good eater. Jabbar was watching her taking food.

When they both finished the food, Jabbar led her to another room whch was furnished like a bedroom. Jabbar asked her to remove her clothes and lie down. He came and pulled down her panty and found her pussy was full of public hair. He went to the bathroom and brought his trimmer and asked to lie with her knees up and opened wide.

He worked his trimmer on her pussy and within a minute her hair was tatally removed. He opened her cunt lips and removed a few which escaped at the first instance and made a clean sweep of all the hair around her tiny clitoris. He then asked her to get up to the bath room and wash her cunt. Sonia was surprised at the way he did it. her cunt was tatally hairless and smooth.

Jabbar watched the way she walked totaly nude from the bathroom. He asked her to lie down and lift her knees and open her legs wide. It was beauty to watch her cunt. It was tiny and with tiny clitoris and tiny opening. Somehow he wanted to bend low and kiss it. While kissing it his tongue searched for her clitoris and licked it. Sonia moaned loudly.

He got up and pulled up his monster cock and showed it to her. Placing it at the entrance of her cunt, he pushed it in. It did not go in. She showed signs of severe pain. Somehow he pushed it and pushed it slowly and telling her endearing words and sometimes kissing her boobs and licking her nipples he pressed his cock and made full entry.

Sonia never thought she could take in such a big thing. He started to fuck streadily.. Sonia felt her sexual joy mounting up. All her nerves seem to have been activated. Jabbar was doing it methodically and took care to see that she gets maximum enjoyment. Sonia was getting her first orgasm.

When her brother fucked her she never had any orgasm, but just some pleasure thats all. Here she could feel how like a storm the orgasm gathered around all over her body and came crashing down. It subsists when he fucks and continues for som etime. Finally he too had his orgasm and his fluids sprayed into her cunt and she could feel the spurts of his fluids inside her.

Jabbar asked her wheher she enjoyed the fuck. She said yes, very much. He pulled out and asked her to go and clean herself. He told her it is more than an hour she is away. I wll drop you near your home within 15 minutes. He gave her a bag to carry with her home. She did not ask what it contained. He drove fast and left her at the bus stop.

She told some excuse to her people at home and went to her room. She took bath and washed her hairless cunt. There was slight pain due to bruises left by Jabbar. Next day Mumtaz met her and asked her where she were on the previous day. Sonia told her the truth. Mumtaz was surprised and had a good laugh.

She asked for more details which Sonia siad in detail about how she went in the car and what all happened. Mumtaz was happy that her brother had fucked her friend. Although she has not been fucked by Jabbar, she knows his methods from the stories of her sister, Soha, and sister-in-law Mona and now Sonia.

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Jabbar enjoying sex at farm house - I

This is the story of Sonia and Mumtaz, both students in degree class and close friends right from the school days. Both were 19, fair, of medium height, with good boobs and good raised ass and narrow waist. Sonia was brought up by her parents in orthodox background and the chances of her meeting male company is very rare except when she goes to the church on sundays and meet the choire singing boys.

By nature she was of hot temperament, but she had to suppress her emotions. But Mumtaz on the contrary was from a large joint family and there were brothers and cousins. Her immediate brother Jabbar was a handsome fellow, fair, sporting a beard, tall and well built engaged in his own business and bought a huge farm house in the outskirts of the city.

Soha, the eldersister of Mumtaz, studied upto her PG and worked as a lecturer in the local college. After her marriage her husband went to gulf and he has not come for more then six months. Mona, the sister in law of Mumtaz, wife of her elder brother who is in gulf also stayed with them.

Soha and Moha were aged 22 and 23 and both were sex starved as their respective husbands were away for quite a long time. One night Jabbar just walked into the bed room of Soha and talked to her casually. She was wondering what could have been the purpose of his visit. But suddenly he took out his cock and showed it to her. "What you doing, Jabbar" shouted Soha.

Jabbar said dont shout, just come with me o my farm house for just two hours and we both will come back. No body will ever come to know why we went there. I assure you absolute secrecy. Soha, upset at first, reconciled to the situation and get dressed and told him that she will be ready within 15 minutes. Time was 7 pm.

Jabbar took his sister Soha in his car to the farm house, which was luxuriously furnished. He had all supper ready and they sat to ear a sumptuous meal. After that he took her to a bedroom upstairs, undressed her most ceremoniously. Soha was slightly hot and his touch on her sensitive points made her aroused.

He told her that she never had sex since her husband had gone and she does not know when he will come again. Your youth and beauty is being wasted. You should enjoy life when it is enjoyable. What is the fun of enjoying when you get old. Soha agreed and got up and embraced him. He removed his clothes and was nude before her.

His big cock was very attractive since it was fair in colour and stout. Soha took it in her hands and kept it on her cheeks and kissed on it. Jabbar told her that she has to take care of safe days and pills wherever necessary. She nodded and said it was her safe day. They both lied in the bed and Jabbar started to kiss her and fondle her boobs.

When she was sufficiently aroused, He rode on her and placed his cock on her cunthole and pushed it in. It went with some difficulty, but he could fill it most comfortably. Jabbar fucked her with all force and his deep fucking made her to reach orgasm very early. They had two more rounds of fucking and Soha was very much pleased.

Soha told Jabbar and the condition of her sister in law Moha is none the better. If possible give her also some sexual pleasure. Jabbar agreed but he said he will not take initiative and Soha has to talk to her and make her agree. On return home Soha went to the bedroom of Moha and told her about the arrangement she is making with jabbar for giving her some sex.

She assured her that nobody will know since this is a family affair. Moha agreed. It was decided to go on the following day to the farm house. When Mumtaz saw this unusual activity between the two sisters in law she inquired what is the matter. Soha confided this to Mumtaz and told her not to tell anybody.

Both Soha and Mumtaz waited for Moha to return from the farm house and rushed to her room to know her reaction. Moha was in seventh heaven. She said it was a fantastic experience. She wanted to have it as frequently as possible. Soha and Mumtaz made fun of her. Leaving Mumtaz behind Soha and Mona decided to go to the farm house on alternative days.

Mumtaz took the opportunity to telll all these stories to Sonia her friend. Sonia was thrilled to hear such stories of incest and lust. She experienced dampness in her undergarments. Next day in the afternoon both Sonia and Mumtaz were waiting in the veranda of the college when suddenly a new car came stopped and Jabbar got down.

Mumtaz was surprised and she ran up to him and he came and she introduced him to her friend Sonia. Jabbar said he happened to be in the nearby vicinity and if she cared to get to home he can take her along. But mumtaz told him that she has some work in the Lab and she cannot come and Jabbar bidding them farewell left. Sonia was all the more surprised.

So this is the hero of sex, she thought. She made an assessment of him, a handsome fellow, may be with a huge cock. She asked jocularly Mumtaz why she did not go for getting fucked by Jabbar. Mumtaz said my case is not very important. But they both ladies were sex hungry and sex crazy. To get satisfy them was most important.

These ladies were that friendly that they recounted their experience as soon as they returned from the farm house. Thus Mumtaz was get every minute details from her sister and sisterinlaw. After three days Jabbar came to the college in search of Mumtaz and she was in the Lab and he talked to Sonia. He looked impressed by her and he called her for a drive.

When she was fumbling he told her to come out and wait at the bus stop from where he will come and pick her up. She did not ask him where they proposed to go for the drive. She waited at the bus stop and he came in a latest new car and opend the door andasked her to jump in. Sonia was thrilled to go with Jabbar and she was sure he will take her to his farm house and fuck her.

She never had a real fucking experience and except occasional fingering she never had any sexual experience. From the stories heard form Mumtaz, she thought he is one of the master fuckers and she will be fortunate to have her mainden head opened by him.

She just kept watching him when he manuevered the car through the city traffic and suddenly they were in the countryside where there were scanty street lights. He stopped the car in a secluded spot and turned towards her and looked at her and asked her how about a good fuck. She just was shy looked down. He extended his hand and touched her boob. She did not resist.

He turned to her side and with both of his hands he pressed her both boobs and told her they are indeed beautiful and he would like to see them without any clothes. He unbuttoned her t shirt and he lifted her bra and released the boobs. She taking her hand behind unhooked her bra so that her boobs will be free for his handling.

He asked her to come to the rear seat where they will lie down one upon the other and he wanted to give her a sample of the sexual pleasure. He said he will fuck her on some other day. She opened the frnt door and came into the rear sear which was very wide. He too came and asked her to stretch herself and he lifted her maxi and touched her thighs.

Her panty carried some dampness. He pulled down her panty and felt her pussy. There was lot of hair. He lowered his head and found the pussy very smelly of urine and other cunt fuilds. Kneeling on his elbows he reached for her boobs and licked and sucked them Sonia was very hot and enjoyed the way he handled her boobs.

He got up and asked her to tidy her clothing and he went to the seat and asked her to come to the front. He told her that she will be a good for a good fucking. Her pussy is very small and appeared to be a virgin. Don't you want a good fucking, he asked. She did not reply. He drove fast and were nearing the bus stop near her house.

He left her in the bus stop and told her that he will meet her again the following day and to be ready for a fuck. Sonia was in seventh heaven. She thought he would fuck her now just today. But he says he will do it later. She did not tell anybody that she was fucked by her brother twice and she lost her maidenhead to him.

When Mumtaz recited the fuck story of her sister, Soha and sister in law Mona, Sonia knew what amount of enjoyment they would have had. She liked it very much. A stiff cock entering her cunt and going deep inside and awakening all her senses and opening up of the flood gates of pleasure.

Her brother having ignited the fire has gone to join his new job and she is tormented with the very thought of it. Now Jabbar has brought back those dreams and would have had a good fuck in his farm house. When he asked she was about to say yes, I wanted to get fucked. But modesty kept her silent. Somehow he likes her and he will fuck her within a week.

Her mother asked her why she was late and what is there to be thought about. She just nothing and went away to take bath. The pussyhair is the storehouse of all dirty smeel. How to get rid of it. She however washed it well with soap and went around her daily routine. Next day again Jabbar came and asked her to come to the bus stand.

(To be cont...)

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Sarada made a sex goddess by neighbour Babu - II

Previously: Sarada made a sex goddess by neighbour Babu - I

Baby came back at 8 pm, and brought Sarada a costly gift. Whatever gift he may give her is not enough because she betrayed her husband for him. It is the way Babu approached the ladies first and everytime he succeeds he is happy at the method adopted by him.

He keeps his eyes on rich single women, NRI wives whose husbands are away, rich young widows who are employed to kill time, dissatisfied wives, because their husbands are too busy to take care of them. These ladies are there everywhere, in the shopping complexes, malls, or temples or churches for you to identify and pick them up.

For Babu it takes only a few minutes to identify such women and he will be in their bed within minutes. He fucked Sarada within 40 minutes of entering their house. By writing this story, I dont encourage or glorify adultery. But fact is fact. A sexually frustrated woman throws morality to the winds. Incestuous relationships develop mainly because of sexual frustration.

The hunger of the cunt is more severe than the hunger of the stomach. Sarada, such a faithful wife, brought up in high moral background could not say no, to a stranger when he displayed his cock to her. Her husband carried a five inch tool and he never bothered about the subsidiary pleasures like boob sucking or oral sex etc.

When he fucked his wife, he always had a balance sheet in his mind and never bothered to know whether she enjoyed his riding her. Luckily Babu was a good man, otherwise there are vultures in the society who will blackmail her and take away money and gold besides fucking her. Seeing the gold ornament Babu had brought for her, she was overwhelmed and embraced and kissed him.

She put her hand inside his dothi, took out his limp cock and sucked it. She said this is too much and you should not have brought any gift for me. Babu said this is only to show a fraction of my affection. They sat and talked for some time. Babu asked her to play veena and he listened with great interest. She stopped music at 9 and said she will serve food.

But her mobile rang and she took it and went in her bedroom and closed to door. It was her husband Venkatesh calling to inquire about her and to tell her that he will come two days hence. After closing the call she came to the sitting room and told Babu that it was her husband and he says he will come day after tomorrow evening.

Babu said that is a happy news, I will have one day and two nights to fuck you. Both laughed and she served him food on the dining table. She was a good cook and he relished her dishes. After supper she spent some time in the kitchen to put things in order and came out by 10. Without wasting any time they went to the bedroom.

They relieved of all their clothes and Babu was looking at her and was enjoying her beauty. She tied her hair in a knot on the top of her head and called him to the bed. She lied there and Babu lied near her. His cock was in semilimp condition. Sarada took it and wanted to put it in her mouth and suck it. But soon it took its monster dimentions and she could not open her mouth to take it in.

She lay on his side pressing her boobs on his side and throwing her legs across him and embracing him. They were talking so many things relating to sex. She was very ignorant of the ways of sex. Babu told her that she will straddle him now and she has to do all the action and he will just simply lie. She said she does not know.

He told her to get on top of him with her begs on his both sides and take his cock and insert into her cunt and push her bottom down so that the cock will enter her hole. She tried to do it but failed many times. Finally Babu helped her and it was still very tight and but the pain was less for her. She was sitting on him with his cock deeply buried into her. She asked him how does it feel.

He asked her tell me how do you feel it. She said it is very nice. She was squatting him, and then she lowered her knees and tried to move up and down. When the cock travelled inside her it gave her strange sensation and pleasure. She twisted her hip and changed the angle and again it was more enjoyable.

She rotated her bottom and his cock was going around in her cunt to areas hitherto unexplored. She leaned forward and her clitoris pressed against his cock. It was very good feeling. Babu was squeezing her ample boobs and he raised and licked and sucked her nipples. Sarada was squeeling in pleasure.

With this much action she was getting into the orgasmic storm and she expected to reach the peak in a short time. She told Babu that she is reaching her peak shortly. But Babu was nowhere near orgasm. She lied on him flat and with her hands extended over his shoulders, boobs pressed against his chest, moved her body in a swimming motion with the helpof her legs.

She moved about six inches forward and again six inches backwards. His cock was pressing her clitoris and her G spot alternatively. She cried out loud when she reached her orgasm. But she did not stop, going on moving her body and she had a continuous orgasm.

After some time she lied still on him and he could feel her vaginal muscles pulsating and transmitting to him the intensity of her orgasm. With his cock deeply inside her, he rolled over and she came down and he was on top. He went on sucking her nipples and readied her for the second round. He started his action of pumping into her briskly.

She was getting hotter and hotter at every fuck and she said she is near her next orgasm. Babu said wait I am coming and he made a brisk fuck and they both came simultaneously. Sarada embraced him and tied her legs around him. He was spurting his fluids for a long time. She too was discharging her fluids. She said it was just heaven and nothing short.

She said she never knew that there is so much pleasure in sex. Babu kissed her and as he got up, she kept a towel ready for wiping his tool and her cunt. Babu said he too never enjoyed so much before and she was just his sex goddess. After fucking her husband used to go away leaving her in the bed, but Babu lay kissing her and embracing her, which was a new experience for her.

They had two more rounds in the night. Babu licked her cunt and clitoris. She asked him to suck her clitoris, but Babu said no. But deep sucking her clitoris may loose its sensitivity. He said let me just lick it and lick so that pleasure may last long. They fucked day and night many times during the absence of her husband.

On the third day after one round of fucking Babu went away and Sarada, waiting for her husband. Venky came and embraced his wife and sat for some time and talking about his trip. He did not sense how busy his wife and paramour were during his absence. Everything was in the proper place. He took his wife in the evening out and they went to a movie and dined out.

He fucked her in his usual fashion. She asked him to go and meet a doctor and find out why they are not able to a child. Next day they went to see a doctor, who on examination found that his cell count of his semen was less and he gave medication to increase his count. She asked him to fuck her at least two times a day. She found that she missed her menstrual day.

They again went to a doctor and he confirmed that she was pregnant. After two days Babu came and got himself introduced to Venky and they chatted freely. When Sarada entered the room, Babu got up and paid his respects to her. She gave him coffee. When Venky started going to his office, Babu came and started his bouts with Sarada.

She told not to give too much weight on her because his child is growing in her stomach. She preferred to ride him which gave her too much pleasure as she controlled the action. They had their own way in the world. Babu never brought his wife to the flat. It appeared he vacated the flat and some other family came to occupy it.

Babu made himself available less and less. Sarada was busy with her own bulging stomach expecting the childbirth. At last she gave birth to a baby boy, weighing more then three and half kilos. It was celebration all around.

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Sarada made a sex goddess by neighbour Babu - I

Sarada, 24 was stating in a apartment complex in a corner flat with her Chartered Accountant husband, Venkatesh, 28. Though they were married for four years they did not have children, but they seem to be not bothered about it. Sarada, with lean structure, but with big boobs and big ass but narrow waist, was very fair and beautiful.

She was trained in classical music and practiced on Veena everyday during her spare time. Venky, a busy man used to be away for nearly a week or 10 days every month in connection with audit of the accounts of his clients. During his absence Sarada used to be alone in her flat and she was not bothered about it. Her next flat was vacant for quite some time.

She had very few friends in the building block. One day in the afternoon there was a doorbell ringing when Sarada was getting ready for her music practice. She went and opened the door there was a stranger standing with a smiling face, introducing himself as Babu, her new neighbour. He was tall and well built and handsome, in simple dhothi and shirt.

He had a very pleasant face and he asked for her husband. She asked him to come in and to be seated in the sofa and she sat in the sofa opposite to him and told him that her husband was a Charetered Acctt, Mr.Venkatesh and he is away in office. Babu asked for her name and other details which she willingly disclosed.

She asked about his family, to which Babu replied that he was recently married and that his wife was employed in a bank and that she had applied for a transfer to the branch in the local town and she expects to join him shortly. Sarada got up, went to the kitchen and brought him a cup of coffee as a matter of courtesy.

He sat well relaxed and told her that she was exceptionally beautiful and that there is an air of divinity around her. He noticed that she was about to start her music practice and was sorry that he disturbed her. He told her that she would look like goddess Saraswathi with veena in her hands. Sarada was very much elated by his praise and just sat blushing.

He asked her how they did not get any children even after four years of marriage. Her husband may be a busy man that he is neglecting his duties as a husband. She did not know what to answer him, but just sat with her head bowed. Babu was devouring her beauty and was asking whether they consulted any doctor. She again blushed and said no.

She was embarrased at the way the conversation was going. You have a wonderful complexion, Mrs Sarada, do you mind if I come near you and take a closer look at your face, he said. Before she could respond, he got up and went near her. She too got up, wondering what he is up to.

He came very close to her and stared into her face, her cheeks, her neck, he took her hands in his and felt their softness of her palms. He looked very good natured and never created any alarm in her. He looked behind her and touched her ass. He said he is fascinated by her beauty and her body features. She was standing near him without uttering any word.

Suddenly he parted the ends of his dhothi and took out his cock. It was a moster cock about 8" long and with huge girth of the size of the fore arm. Sarada was shocked and showed extreme fright in her face and stepped back in horror. Babu laughed and said I am sorry I did not want to frighten you, Ms.Sarada, have you seen any cock of this size.

She did not know what to answer but simply said no. I am sure your husband may not be having one of this size, just touch it and feel it, Ms. Sarada, said Babu. She was looking at it in great wonder. Her husband had a very small cock which was not sufficient to give her real conjugal pleasure.

She could have asked Babu to go back to his flat and sent him out and close the door after him. But she did not. The fright and horror on her face was reduced to just a wonder. But she did not acept the invitation of Babu and went forward to touch his monster. But she was staring at it. Babu waited when his cock gained full erection and was pulsating.

He just moved back two steps and smiled at her. He called her again to come near and touch it with both of her hands. His voice was very persuasive that she took two steps forward. Now he came near her and took her hand and placed it on his cock. She did not resist. He told her to hold it with both of her hands and feel the strength of it.

She just obeyed and held it with both of her hands and pressed it. It was like a iron rod. He asked her to pull back the skin and see the tip of it. She looked at his face and he was smiling reassuringly. She pulled back the skin and his red tomato like tip was visible. She again looked at him. He asked her why are you looking at me, examine it thoroughly and be satisfied yourself.

He removed his dhothi and he was naked from waist below. He pulled her hand and placed it on his balls. Surprisingly she did not resist. She ran her hand all over his cock and balls. She touched the tip of the cock where a drop of colourless liquid was there. She wiped her hand on her saree. Babu put his hand around her and guided her to her bedroom.

She meekly went along with him. He asked her to undress. She said no, I cannot betray my husband. No, I am not asking you to betray him. I just want to see how tight is your cunt. I will just pull back and go home. He removed her saree, her blouse, her bra, her pettycoat, and made her lie in the bed and pulled down her panty.

She was very much aroused and was taking deep breaths. Her boobs were erect and seemed to have been untouched by her husband at all. Her pussy was hairless and he asked her when did she shave. She told him she shaved every week. Her fair skin on her pussy, thighs, mount and on her boobs made him very hot.

He lowered himself and kissed her on her cheeks and then took her lips in his mouth and sucked them. He thrust his tongue in her mouth she was responding well. He then came down and licked her boobs and nipples, She gave out a hissing sound and seem to enjoy it. He sucked her nipple one by one and his hand circled around her boob squeezing it softly.

He kissed her abdomen and kissed her mount and licked it. He licked her entire pussy. She opened her legs widely giving him maximum space. He dug his tongue tip into the cunt and searched for the fuck hole and the clitoris. He could locate the fuckhole and inserted his tongue into it. His tongue met the clitoris at the top of the orifice, a small button like projection.

Her circled his tonge tip around it and it responded and increased in size. Sarada was in extreme pleasure and his continued licking of the clitoris gave her an orgasm like never before experienced. She did not want a stanger to make so much inroads into her pleasure zones into her body, but each step he took made her enjoy and she was eagerly waiting for the next move.

Babu was not in a hurry, he proceeded very slowly and his rough tongue rubbed agasint her clitoris and sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. He was not familiar to this kind of new sensations. Babu licked her inner thighs, mount, cunt lips and again came back to the clitoris. He asked her how do you feel, Sarada, shall I proceed. I am enjoying, yes, please proceed.

There was a steady flow cunt fuilds oozing and Babu licked and found it to be no offensive in taste. I just looked up and told, Sarada, I think I will insert my cock into your cunt. We will do it slowly. You may experience pain or uneasiness because your vaginal wall has to stretch to accommodate my cock. If you feel uncomfortable tell me I wll withdraw. She nodded.

Leaning over her supporting his body on both of his hands, Babu adusted his cock to press against her cunt. He asked Sarada, please take my cock with one hand, open your cunt lips wide with your other hand and then place it in the entrance of your cunt hole and guide it inside, I will apply pressure. She did as he told her.

She took his cock with one hand, opened her cunt lips with the other and placed his cock at the entrance of the fuck hole and looked at his face. Babu pushed his cock into her hole. It was stopped within one inch. He could see her face was winced in pain. He asked her should I stop and withdraw. She said no, He pushed again and made a small progress.

With one hand he tiltillated her clitoris to enhance her pleasure and again pushed and pushed and half of his cock went in and was tightly held by her vaginal walls. He could see, her suffering and tears flowing down her closed eyes, but not uttering a cry of protest.

Babu lifted her legs and placed it on his shoulder and he holding her hip in his hands gave two or three powerful thrusts and his cock went inside fully. He could see that Sarada was crying outof pain. Leaning over her he kissed her cheeks and wiped her tears and told her that his cock is fully inside her hole and it is divinely tight.

He told her as promised, my mission is fulfilled and I am ready to withdraw and go away. If you want me to proceed tell me then I will proceed with the fucking. I assure you, I will not cause you any more pain and you will have pleasue and more pleasue. Sarada looked at his face, her lips were all dry, dried up tears gave her a great tragic look. Babu asked her tell me, you decide, my goddess.

She told him, to proceed. He tickled her and made her to smile. He told her to keep a smiling face so that he can proceed happily. She looked at him smiling. Babu made a jerky withdrawal and short fucks..There was more lubrication in her cunt hole and his cock could move easily. He drew slowly and plunged in slowly. She gasped at his each stroke.

She supported her knee with both her hands and kept them wide for making him move freely. Slowly he increased his speed. Sarada could feel that many or her erotic zones in her vagina were being activated and new pleasures were emanating. Her vaginal muscles were pulsating against his cock and he was slowly increasing his speed.

His changed the angle of his insertion and his cock head was rubbing against her G spot. Suddenly there was a torrent of pleasure and she gave out a series of incoherant sounds and reached her wild orgasm. She would her legs around him and her hip was supporting him in his downward thrusts. Her orgasm was very deep and prolonged one.

But Babu was proceeding with his thrusts. Now his cock was moving freely moving in and out and she enjoyed it very much. He gave her new new pleasures which she had never experienced and she did not want him to stop. Her third orgasm was building up and the sensations she experienced gave her an indication that another pleasure storm is coming.

Babu was kissing her boobs, licking them and sucking her nipples to increase her pleasure which she enjoyed thoroughly. Suddenly Babu said he is also coming and asked her to join him in his orgasm. They both combined theier orgasms and both embraced each other with their arms and both kissed each other.

He sprayed his copious fluids into her deep hole and they lied, interlocked like that for some time. He asked her whether she enjoyed the fuck. She said yes, very much. Have you ever experience like this before, he asked. She smiled and said, no, never. Do you want more, he asked. She said yes, of course.

He pulled out his cock and went to the bathroom to wash away the fluids sticking to his cock. It has not lost its erection fully. Sarada came with her hand covering her pussy. Both were stark naked. She sat in the commode and with the hand spray cleaned her pussy. Babu's cock was right in front of her in erect condition.

She caught it and brought it to her mouth and kissed it and licked it. There may be fissures in her vaginal wall that it gave a burning sensation. Babu said pour some hot water, the pain will subside. They both came back to the bed and embraced and lied in the bed. She told him that her busband is away in Mumbai and is expected back only after two days.

She asked Babu to come for supper and she will prepare food for him and they may sleep together. Babu said Sarada, I am the most lucky man, because I told you you are looking like a goddess, You are really my goddess. He took her feet and kept them on his head. Sarada said nonsense, dont talk nonsense. He told her that he did not feel like going at all.

She also said she did not feel like getting up from the bed. He told her that after the first violent fuck, she had to take some time for the next, otherwise the pain will increase. He said he will go home and come against by 8 pm so that they can take food together and have the second session. Putting on his clothes Babu left, happy at the way events took turn to his favour.
(To be contd...)

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Manisha seducing and fucking colleague on work trip

First let me tell you about this girl, she is a goddess having ample amounts of skin at all the right places of her body. She is 25 years old. Her skin is pink. She has great boobs, her waist is thinner as compared to the shoulders and her ass oh my god!! She has an incredible ass, just the way I like. I’m good looking guy with athletic body. I’m 27 years old.

I’m not much of a talker. I’m a shy guy. So I’ve not talked to her much in office. But I sure have ogled at her ass whenever I get a chance. We had to go to another city for a meeting. My colleagues were jealous of me because I was going with her. The day came, I reached the railway station before her so I had to wait 15 minutes for her.

She called me when she reached and asked me to meet her at the platform as the train was about to arrive. After some time the train came and we boarded. It was an overnight journey. It was 9 at night, most of the passengers were asleep. We both had lower berths. We started talking to each other. We didn’t know much about each other.

She was wearing leggings and kurta. We shared things about our families and where we grew up, which schools we went. She was pretty modern as far as I knew. She was looked mesmerizing in the night light. That was making me little nervous so I kept looking at the window half the time. After a little chit chat she got up and left for the bathroom.

I looked it as an opportunity and started staring at her ass. As she was about to leave my sight she turned and caught me staring. Earlier we were sitting on our respective berths but after coming from there she sat next to me. She had a naughty smile on her face as she had caught me in the act. She kept touching me and fixing her hair while we were talking.

I understood that she likes me but I did not had the courage to do anything. We talked for about an hour and than we went to sleep. She was sleeping like a baby, on her belly. She did not covered her body. That reminded me of Diane Kruger scene from Troy, the only difference was that Diane Kruger was naked. (It was in Director’s cut so not all of you would have seen it. Google it.).

Her face was towards me so I had to look in a way that she could not see me looking at her. She had already seen me looking at her couple of times and she was liking it. I could see the happiness in her eyes. But I did not just wanted to look. I wanted to do things with her. After some time she moved and slept on her left side which means that her back was facing me.

I think she did that on purpose. She wanted me to admire her body. So I was doing what she wanted. She was moving her butts slowly while lying there. It was making me go crazy. That was too much.She removed the bed-sheet a little from the lower part of her body. I could not control any more. I wanted to touch her, caress her. But I was at her mercy. She was toying with my feelings.

I didn’t knew when I went to sleep. She woke me up in the morning as we were about to reach the destination. I washed my face and sat next to her. She asked me with the same naughty smile, “did you sleep OK”? I said, “yeah, but it took me some time to absorb the situation.” She winked at me and smiled naughtily.

We checked into the hotel and headed for our rooms, which were right next to one another. I went in my room and took a bath before heading out for some breakfast with her. She was now wearing skirt and t shirt looking beautiful as ever. We went to the hotel restaurant and had some breakfast. She was touching my legs with hers. We returned to our respective rooms.

As I was about to boot my laptop to watch a movie I heard a knock on the door. I opened. She was standing there. She asked, “Hey, I have a question for you.” I said, “OK, go ahead”. She said, “How many more signals will it take?” I took one of her hand and pulled her towards me and wrapped my arm around her waist. I kissed her, walking further backwards into my room.

I slipped both of my hands down her back and under her ass, grabbing it tight before lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I pressed her against the wall and kissed her neck as we began breathing harder. She broke the kiss, then stared at me quietly with that naughty smile. I looked into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her. She leaned back. I leaned in more. She leaned further back.

“Why are you teasing me?” I said. “Because I like seeing how much you want me.” I reached and pulled her towards me and started kissing her passionately. Our tongues were rubbing against each other. I overlapped her lips against mine started exploring her mouth. I could feel the roughness of her tongue. I took out her t shirt and the black bra she was wearing underneath.

I turned her around and started kissing her neck while squeezing her bosoms from behind. She was rubbing her hips against my groin. I was getting restless. I slid one of my hands into her skirt and started rubbing her vagina over her underwear. She was getting wet. She started rubbing her ass harder on my penis.

I took her to the sofa and made her lie in doggy style. I removed her skirt first. Then I slowly started removing her panty. This is the best part for me. I pulled down her panty to her thighs and buried my face in her sexy ass. She was well groomed. Not a single hair anywhere. I started licking her ass-hole first and then I started to move towards her vagina doing a to and fro motion.

She started moaning hard. Oh Yeah!! Oh Yeah!! Oh Yeah!! I kept licking her and she kept moaning. Than she took my head and pulled towards her ass asking me for more. Deeper!! Deeper!! Deeper!! Than I took her to the bed make her lie on her back and started fingering her vagina. Her vagina was lubricating a lot. I went over her to kiss her lips again.

I kissed her for about 2 minutes while squeezing her boobs and caressing her body. She was getting restless. Her breath was already heavier. It was my time to make her wait. I than started kissing one of her nipples and massaging other with my hand. Kissing turned into licking. I was licking both of her nipples. I started biting her nipples.

She was sometimes rubbing her vagina and sometime giving my penis a back and forth motion over my shorts as she was not sure what to do. It was very sexy. After playing with her boobs I went down on her. I wanted to make her cum. I started licking and fingering her vagina faster “Ohh god!! You are going to make me cum!! Please!! Don’t stop!!”

She sank her nails in my neck. She already had enough so it didn’t took much time to make her cum. She rested for a while than she said, “it’s your time now.” “OK”, I said with a wink. I was lying on the bed as she got on me and started kissing me. I have a sensitive chest and I like getting my nipples licked. I think it’s because I don’t have any hairs on my chest.

So when she started going down on me, I took her head and slowly guided her to my nipples. She started kissing and licking my nipples and I started moaning. She kissed my chest.She then removed my shorts and took my penis in her hands. She kissed the head of my penis. She than started licking my penis trying to fit that into her mouth. She spat on it to make it wet.

I was loving every part of it. She was jerking it up and down. I was getting hard. She took it in her mouth and moved her mouth in up and down. Deeper!! Deeper!! I said. She was licking my balls, took them in her mouth. It was amazing. I asked her to put her vagina on my face so that we can enjoy each other at the same time. She did what I asked.

I put both of my hands on her butt and started pulling her towards my face. I was fucking her vagina with my tongue. She was giving me the licking of a lifetime. I made her vagina wet and ready for fucking. I than asked her to move to the sofa. I made her lie in doggy position and started rubbing my penis on her vagina. She said, “I can’t take it any-more”.

I said, “you have to ask what you want”. She said, “fuck me, fuck me please”. Dirty talk turns me on. I than inserted my penis in her vagina and started thrusting forward and backwards. We both started moaning, Mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!!

harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!! I started fucking her harder, her breathing getting heavier. I than made her sit on my lap. She carefully sat on my dick taking it inside her. I had my hands on her ass and We kissed for a while before starting the up and down motion. Her body was on mine so I kissed her boobs before I started fucking her.

I was squeezing and slapping her ass. I moved my hands to her asshole and started rubbing it. I slid my finger into her ass and started fucking it. She was loving the double penetration. As I was about to cum I asked her. She said she want to taste it. I lied on the sofa and she started giving me the best blowjob ever. I came into her mouth and She took it all.

There were a lot of other sessions after this one. Please let me know in the comments below if you want me to write them for you gals.

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Dilip enjoying hot romance with college girlfriend

Hi hello to all HumanDigest readers. This is dilip kumar(name changed) from Bangalore. I am a regular reader of HumanDigest from past 3 months and I was introduced to this site by the heroin of this story. By reading others stories I got motivated to write one of my incidence.

Coming to my story which happened a couple of days back and waiting for the next chance to meet her. I love her from past 4.5yrs and even I am in physical relation with her from past 3.5yrs. we usually meet in our home. My parents move to work by 10.45 and there is no one in home. I called her to be at my home by 11 and she was on time.

We sat for sometime and talked around 5 min and suddenly she got up and started kissing me and then we started smooching for 5min. Then my mood just increased and my penis was at its peak and was ready to come out. I pulled her close and started smooching again tightly with exchange of saliva. I like her saliva a lot and wish to have it everyday.

Its tastes more sweeter then honey. As we were smooching I started removing her top and then pant. She usually wears a chudi. Then she was there standing in just bra and a panty. I lifted her and took to my bedroom and made her lie on bed. I started kissing smooching her again and was pressing her breast in one hand.

Then started licking her neck wit full saliva and moved towards her earlobe. She gets aroused more when I kiss her earlobe with saliva. She even feels to have wild sex when kissed on that part and guys it really works with most of girls. She avoids and pushes me to stop kissing her on ear but I hold her hands tightly and arouse her a lot.

Then I gradually moved down and started kissing her cleavage and started removing her bra. Then I moved towards her breast and started sucking and giving a slow bites. She started pressing my head more towards her breast and pleasing me to sucking more and more and not to stop. I started sucking both her breast one by one. she used to moan a lot by which I aroused more and more.

I sucked her breast for around 15-20min and then cam down n started kissing on her navel n in other hand I removed her panty. I started moving fingers on her thighs while kissing on her navel. I moved down and started kissing on her thighs and slowly moved towards her vagina. I played with her vagina for around 1 min n started moving tongue around her vagina to increase her mood.

Now she was begging me sucking her all her juices. She already had one orgasm once when I was sucking breast and when I started sucking her vagina all her juices were coming and I drank all that. the taste was so awesome I made her vagina look dry by sucking all her juices/liquid. Then I got a honey bottle from kitchen and poured on her breast and started sucking.

This time she started moaning heaver then before and whole room was filed with her moans. After sucking her breast I made her taste my lips and she started kissing tightly with sucking all honey in mouth. I then poured honey on her navel n started sucking. The honey ws flowing towards her waist, I then hold her breast and started sucking all of honey.

The last excited and super taste was on her vagina. She had orgasm with all this. I poured honey on her liquid and sucked it. this time her liquid was also mixed with honey and tasted never like before. I was tired with all this and slept next to her and then she started kissing me and hugged me tight. Her body filed with honey touched on my body and she started sucking all of it.

She was awesome at sucking and then she reached down and started giving me a blowjob. I never had such an awesome blowjob that I cummed in her mouth within 5 min. Later we went to bathroom and took bath where we had another round of romance. From room I lifted her and took her to bathroom and hugged each other.

As soon as I started the shower she hugged more tight as it was too cold. I started kissing near her neck and moved hands on her. we both applied soaps to each other and were cleaning each other. I applied soaped on her breast and was massaging her breast. Then she got instant mood and started smooching me. Then we finished out bath got dried up and she cooked in my home for lunch.

We had our lunch and started as our next session as it was still 2 o clock and she had to leave for her home by 3. She slept on my lap and I had kept hand on her hip. As I saw her face which was fresh after having bath I started moving hand inside her chudi and was moving finger on her navel. She had closed her eyes and I could see her reaction in her face.

I moved my hand slightly upwards and was pressing her breast slowly. She started moaning slowly and I started to kiss on her lips and I was also pressing her breast. I moved my hand near her vagina and inserted finger and was increasing her mood.

This went on for some time and later we talked our casual talks and she left my home for the day. Now waiting to meet her again for having more fun. Hope you guys are not bored and sorry for any mistakes as this is my first story. Please post your feedback in the comments below.

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