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Biju getting proxy husband for wife

Biju, 25, who stayed with us in our hostel, had a more pronounced homosexual tendencies. He liked to play active and passive roles and enjoyed doing it. Because it is a lodge, many kept away from him, many got closer to him, many made use of him. But externally he was quite alright and mixed with people very well. Biju was professionally educated and had a good job.

Naturally his parents went to search for him a suitable bride and they found Maya 23 a PG in English fair and very beautiful girl with singing and dancing talents. She was exceptionally beautiful and any person would give anything to get her. Though her body nature was thin, her big boobs, big ass and stout thighs made her very attractive sexually.

We were envy of Biju for getting such a beautiful girl inspite of his weaknesses. After mariage we did not see much of him, because he was siad to be commuting in a car between his wife's place and office. After about three months after marriage Biju dropped into the lodge and was inquiring about me. I am Sharat 40, a close friend of Biju.

I am well employed and I had a family with two children. Though I dont like the life and likings of Biju, being his friend I advised him to keep away from these habits and lead a normal life. When Biju came to meet me I took him to my room and asked him how his married life was. With a long face he told me that it is a failure. I was shocked.

I asked him whether he has consumated his marriage, he said no. I was angry, I told him that such a beautiful girl like his wife will think of him. I asked him did you indulge in sexual intercourse with her. He said You see Sarat, the moment I see her pussy, my cock goes limp and I am not able to make a penetration.

What does you wife say, to which he replied that she just cries and curses her fate. I want you to help me, Sarat, and you alone can help me. I asked what kind of help you want from me. He said you know what kind of help is needed and you alone can give and no one else, please Sarat, dont decline, please help.

I told him to have a close chat with his wife and make her understand the problem and then meet a doctor who can help you. Biju said you please talk to Maya and convince her. Biju suggested to book two rooms in one of the hill resorts where he will come with Maya and Sarat has to be in the neighbouring room to call Maya and advice her.

As a true friend Sarat said he is agreeable for doing anything if Biju and maya can live happily. Sarat made a lot of mental calculations about how to go about the whole issue. Sarat knew the owner of a medium sized resort in Kodaikanal and arranged for two family suits for couple of days.

Sarat reached there first, placed his brief case and organized with the room boy, for a bottle of whiskey, four bottles of beer, four bottles of soda and suffient light eatings and stored them in the room. Shortly he got a call in his mobile from Biju to say that he and Maya have reached and asked for the location of the hotel. Sarat guided him so that they both may reach the resort easily.

He told the room boys to received the couple and put them in the room booked by him and inform him. They reached their room within 15 minutes and were settled. Biju brought Maya to the room of Sarat and introduced him to her. He told her that Sarat is a bosom friend of his and will do anything for him.

He has come to help us to live normally and hence whatever advice he gives we have to listen carefully and go by it. Maya could not understand how the third party could give advice to my living happily. I told Biju to go to his room so that I may talk to Maya freely. Biju went out. I told Maya, Biju has some problem, he is homosexual, but not beyond cure.

You should act with understanding so that he may come back to normalcy. Maya started to weep cursing her fate. I consoled her and told her to plan a process so that he may enjoy sex with her just as any normal person does. I told her to take me into confidence and not to feel shy whatever I am asking her to do. She said yes, but what she asked.

I told her I am going to ask you frankly whether you do oral sex. She looked confused and asked me what I mean. I told her to take his cock in her mouth and suck and allow him to lick her pussy and suck her clitoris. Maya said Bhaiya I have not done it before. If you guide me I am ready to do anything but in your presence under your supervision.

Sexual enjoyment is your private affair and I should not be there. She said this is a special case and you have to be there. First let us have some spirit and start. I called Biju and poured whiskey in two glasses and beer in one glass for Maya. All three of us called cheers and sipped our drinks. After the first round I mixed a small quantity of whiskey in her glass of beer.

With two rounds I stopped and asked Biju to be prepared to lick her pussy. He said it is not possible. I scolded him and said it is but natural that all husbands do this and licking the cunt or sucking the clitoris is a part of sexual intercourse and you have to be prepared for it. Maya has agreed to suck your cock.

You have to remove your clothes and and stick out your cock so that she may suck it. I told Maya and Biju to remove their clothes and be ready for this great act. I had embarassment to sit in front of the fully clothed. Maya said you also remove your clothes to keep company with us. I said ok.

Without clothes Maya was a stunning beauty. Her medium erect boobs, her fair coloured shaven cunt, globular arse and bigh thighs were highly provocative. First I asked Biju to lick her cunt. Biju, said Saratbai, please show me just once how to do it. Maya was lying in the bed with legs wide open and her cunt was glistening in the light.

I told Biju, what nonsense, it is your wife and you have to do the licking and I cannot do it. Maya, who was already tipsy, told me just to lick her cunt once so that her busband may do it later. In the normal course I would have given anything to get an opportunity to lick the cunt of a girl like Maya. She was a film star material.

But now I should not become a slave to temptation and hence I just wanted to keep away, but here both of them are pressing me to lick. Ok, I said and positioned myself between her legs, leaned over and sucked both of her erect nipples, A hissing sound came from her mouth. Then came down and buried my face in her cunt and licked the entire cunt.

There was a flood of her juices. I just folded her leg and lifted her knees so that her lotus like cunt is open in front of me, her cunt lips were open and her tiny clitoris was glistening and I could see even her fuckhole. I reminded Biju to see it in detail and told him I will not do this a second time.

OK said Biju with a full glass in his hand. I directed my tongue tip on the clitoris and keeping my pouted lips on it I just sucked it. Maya was in ecstasy. I circled my tongue all around the place and against sucked her tiny clitoris. Here I felt guilty that I am doing it for my own enjoyment than for teaching Biju.

Maya placed her hand over my head and was pressing it down and was on the threshold of a massive orgasm. I just glanced at Biju who was not looking at my act but was busy with his glass. I continued with my task and gave Maya a nice clitoral orgasm. After her spasm died down I lifted my head and asked Biju to do now.

Maya got up and hugged me pressing her naked boobs on my chest and thanked me to have taken her to the heaven. Her hand was searching for my cock which was in fully erect condition. I asked Biju to keep the glass down and show his semi erect cock to Maya. Maya knelt on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and was sucking it. Within two minutes his cock was fully erect.

I asked Maya to lie down immediately and asked Biju to lick her cunt and insert his cock in her cunt. Biju fumbled and I opened the cunt lips of Maya with my left hand and took his erect cock in my right hand and placed it in her cunt and asked him to push forward and make it enter her cunt. But the clumsy fellow did not push it in and in the meantime it became limp.

I asked him to get up and requested Maya to do it once more and she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it and it became erect. She herself opened her legs wide and took his cock and placed it in her fuck hole and pushed him down. It entered but before he could make a push it went limp. We repeated this exercise five or six times.

Finally Maya requested me, Saratbai, we will continue with Biju after some time, now you give me one more suck and then give me a good fuck. Afterall I am also a human being and my needs are also to be met. Biju also said, yes, Saratbai, please fuck her now. We will continue my case later in the night or tomorrow. Please Saratbai. What to do, as if I am doing a great sacrifice, I got up.

Maya took my cock and gave it a good blow job. I pushed her down and licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris. I sat between her legs and positioned my cock in her fuckhole and tried to push it in. I asked her whether she is still a virgin. She said yes, I preserved my maindenhead for my husband, But Saratbai, please fuck me daily once or twice in his presence and let us see whether it will awaken him.

I wont allow anybody else to fuck me other than you. Her fuck hole was small and did not allow my cock to go in. From the bathroom I brought some coconut oil and applied it on my cock and put some drops in her cunt. I pushed my cock and it went in. But I had to make a big push to make it tear the maidenhead and finally it went deep inside.

Maya inserted her hand between us to verify whether my entire cock has gone in or any thing is left behind. Biju was watching. I fucked her slowly and then gradually increased my speed. Maya was moaning heavily out of joy. Biju was wonderstruck and was observing. Maya got her orgasm and was hugging me, but I was pumping her continuously.

When I was to get my orgasm I told her and she too had hers and we combined ours together. I emptied my entire liquids into her cunt and pulled out. She got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned her cunt and I too. Biju said Saratbai I am so grateful to you for saving my marriage. Now I have confidence and seeing you fucking her three or four times, I will be able to do it myself.

We stayed in Kodaikanal for another four days. All the four days I did the main fucking. Biju practised licking of cunt and sucking of clitoris. Finally he fucked Maya twice. Both Biju and Maya were happy. We returned home with our mission successfully fulfilled. Now Maya has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

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Ramesh fucking widowed aunty Mridula

Girls married or unmarried, once tasted the pleasures of a male organ are crazy to receive one more frequently so that their lust may be diminished. I know a girl at the age of 18 was deflowered by her uncle and then fucked regularly by her brother, was mad at not having anything to satisfy her went and approached her best friend to ask her lover to fuck her.

Married women with their husbands in gulf or elsewhere are tormented in their bed for want of a masculine company. They dont mind seducing their brothers, brothers in law, father in law or grown up sons etc. There is a video going viral in the net of a mother making her son to suck her cunt to get her hunger satisfied.

Having known this trend, when you look around there are thousands of instances going on under our very nose, yet not known to us. I take inspiration for my stories from live instances, of course changing the names.

Father fucks his daughter, brother fucks his sister, or sister in law mainly because the girls appears to be a ball of fire with passion and if they do not extinguish, she will go to an outsider, without knowing the consequences and get blackmailed, ill treated, or even sent to prostitution. In the present days when birth control methods are well known all know how to avoid a unwanted pregnancy.

Hence in the families incestuous sexual relationships are not a taboo, but are of common place. In certain social circles, menfolk mostly go away abroad to earn a living, and the rest of the members of the family group together in a fashion of a joint family protecting each other.

In most of the cases their houses may be small or of medium size, making beds and putting people to sleep in the night used to be very difficult. Rooms being reserved for married couple, others sometimes may sleep on the floor in the hall. Widowed sister in law and unmarried cousin, may be together in the house that illicit relations between them develop.

In Indian families the astrological block called mangal may bar the girl from getting married unless a suitable mangal horoscope is obtained. When they are at home, their brothers or even fathers or cousins take sexual interest in them otherwise some outside fellow may find her more easily accessible and fuck her and spoil her life.

If it is within the family the secret will remain within the family and when she is ready for marriage, she may be sent off in marriage without giving any suspicion. My fried Ramesh, after graduation was busy searching for a job, when his widowed aunt elder to him by two years happened to come into the family. She was younger sister to his mother physically well endowed.

She was put to learn computer science and went to a local college regularly. Ramesh knew that there were boys in the computer college who are capable to hook her. Ramesh thought why not he himself not take her. Ramesh's aunt by name Mridula was always sober and after her tragedy she used to be always brooding and sad.

After joining the college she was normal, cheerful, mingled with everybody freely. Theirs was a 2 bedroom flat and Ramesh and Mridula had to occupy one bedroom. Ramesh had a study table in the room with a laptop computer. But after completion of his studies he did not use them, but Mridula sat on the table to study her lessons and wanted to use the laptop of Ramesh.

She asked Ramesh to show her how to operate the laptop. He came closer to her and her body fragrance was very fascinating for him. Thereafter for some reason or the other he used to come and sit with her to get her body fragrance. He did not where from this smell is coming, whether from her arm pits of her pussy or her thighs or her hair. It was not any artificial smell of perfumes.

The more he sat with her the more he enjoyed the smell. Mridula liked Ramesh getting closer to her although he is younger to her and he was the son of her elder sister. Of course there was no bad motive. She just liked him. With both of them occupying the same bedroom things became easy.

When he has his own double cot, Ramesh had no reason to go and lie down in the cot of Mridula. One day it was thundering and lightening heavily. Perhaps the monsoon is beginning. Mridula was scared of thunder and lightening. At the first sound she covered herself completely.

But Thunder did not stop and it became louder and nearer. She called out the name of Ramesh, When he asked what is the matter, she said she wanted to shift to his bed and lie down with him. Ramesh said ok, come down. She wearing only a night suit and with her wrapping sheet came to the bed of Ramesh and lied near him almost touching his body.

Ramesh thanking god for this bonanza turned towards her and hugged her putting his hand around her. Mridula came closer to him and their bodies were pressed to each other. Hands of Ramesh ran all over her. He felt her bulging arse, thick thighs, hugh boobs etc. She turned towards her and buried her face into his chest.

The erect 8" cock of Ramesh was poking her navel. Not knowing what it is she just with her hand wanted to move it away so that it may not hurt her. But when her hand gripped it she realized that it is the iron hard rod of Ramesh. She was confused. If she shifts it down it will be aimed at her pussy. It cannot be pushed upwards or sidewards.

She pushed the cock downwards, directing it to her pussy. She move forward and made the tip of the cock touch her pussy. After the sad death of her husband she never thought she will ever come across a male organ, and now this a grand specimen, like a monstrous iron crowbar. She did not feel like taking her hand away. Ramesh also found the situation very favourable.

His cock is directed towards a pussy. He just moved his body a little and now the tip of the cock was touching her pussy and by further movements it was touching her clitoris. Mridula was thrilled. Thunder came and went, but this monster is going to enter her body and he is already on the way and at the door.

She lay flat on her back with legs wide apart and Ramesh slowly got on top of her and directed his rod into the hole to his heaven. Slowly he kissed her on her cheeks and with one hand he squeezed her boob. He got up and removed all his clothes and stood totally naked and asked her to remove all her clothes likewise.

Mridula though shy, obeyed him and removed her night suit, her bra and panty. Thunder and lightening brought copious rains. Covering the body of the partner with kisses, Ramesh and Mridula started on their forbidden sexual encounter Ramesh wanted to make sure that it is one of her safe days for sexual intimacy.

Beginning with preliminaries Ramesh started well with his sexual encounter and he found out that the fragrance came from her pussy. He buried his face into her cunt and licked all over the place and her clitoris and made her extremely aroused. His entry into the heavenly abode was slightly difficult but since both the parties were keen things went on smoothly to a happy ending.

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Innocent wife Ramya fucked like a whore

My name is Kiran I am 34 years having two kids the story I am narrating is about my lovely wife who is a heroine of this story her name is Ramya. So coming to the main story my wife who have a beautiful body with 34 26 34 will little chubby having fair complexion just looking like an south Indian heroine anybody who see her just imagine to share a bed with her.

I always has a suspect of my wife character one fine day I found her mobile with her ex boy friend number in her call log I was very shocked & did not questioned her further I left the matter there itself but one crazy thing was always going on my mind whether she is having any physical relationship with him his name is Nagesh.

For this reason I could not show any interest in work so I wanted to know more about their relationship so while speaking one day I directly asked about the matter for that she was silent & did not speak for 1 day after that she agreed & apologized herself, for which I replied not to feel guilty instead encouraged her moves for that she was surprised & she thanked me for respect her feelings,

after lot of discussion we have planed to fix a day to make her lay with him on a bed. She immediately accept my proposal & called his number & explained the whole plan & the final day came so it was on saturday morning she was neatly dressed up with red saree with minimum makeup and on the way I have purchased jasmine flower & handed over to her because the smell

of the jasmine will make arouse on the way I dropped my kids in my father in law’s house for two days him my heart was beating faster I was feeling like half of my heart has broken and separated by my body I looked her eyes it was same innocent eyes which I saw before marriage but now the situation is different that she is in love with another person who was a stranger to me

but she was in a great mood & mixture of surprise which I can see in her face at the same time she was very much nervous about my decision, I assured I will accept even after the incident is going to happen. When we almost reached the farm house one of the servant opened the gate & let us inside after that he closed the gate in between the farm house a big bungalow was situated

with well furnished a man came who was young & handsome greeted us warmly & my wife introduced me to him as his friend and his name was nagesh & I shake the hand & he praised me that as you are a great husband, I thought in my mind the he is also a good friend & a second husband to my wife he suggested me to go & have a look into a farm house by then I understood their intention &

left the place my wife was looking so beautiful & her greatest asset was her ass when it swings in will be feast for someone who watch my wife once again looking into my eyes seeking for the permission I nodded positively they both moved hand in hand the scene was romantic & I wish them a good luck after that he kissed her lips were locked for more than 15 minutes.

He later the entered the room by the time my wife was feeling shy I said I stayed in the hall & watch the tv. The room was decorated like a the first night they first started with the milk which I was watching through the window she was sitting on the bed by bending her head nagesh took the glass of milk & gave it to her she touched the feet of the nagesh as if she is seeking blessing from her new husband,

& later he lifted her in his arm & thrown on the bed which her body did not hurt due to the flowers scattered all over the bed he slowly removed her saree pallu & started removing her blouse button. She closed her turned her face she was looking like a goddess standing in a black bra & white petticoat it was the most erotic movement of my life later he untied her petticoat which she

responded by raising her hip now she was only in her bra & panty which both are black color matching then he asked her to undress him, he inserted his finger into her pussy by sliding her panty it was so tight even after the two children she seems to be like virgin when he inserted his 8 inch monster cock inside her pussy she was in heaven.

Then he slowly increased his speed simultaneously he was pressing the milky boobs she was enjoying the act along with the pain the boobs turned into red like that they have played for half an hour later he was exhausted I think he has reached the climax the sweat on her body was looking like a diamond was shining,

I was speechless looking the act of sincere housewife changing into a whore I could not believe that she was very much tiered & he slept on her stomach by putting his tongue into her belly for few minutes while I was feeling guilty for not satisfying the honest house wife.

Morning when I heard a sound I think he was banging may be 4th or 5th round I heard lot of screaming fuck me fuck me harder when I peeped through the window he was raiding like a horse by holding her hairs he was fucking her ass due to continuous fucking she was looking like a real whore her mangalsutra was on her back she was least bothered about her dress both

were full nude till now at last they collapsed her whole body was covered by his seamen when she saw me through the window she was not in a mood to coming out of the room finally they collapsed. When they came out of the room a smile was on her lips which were the sign of the victory of the great battle.

It was morning both of them took bath together after that around time 8.30 we ordered breakfast and we all three has our breakfast on the same dining table and she was sitting on his lap & he was feeding the food while at the same time he was biting her boobs, as if baby was drinking the milk.

I felt ashamed during the situation for me to sit in front of them & my wife completely surrendered between his arms after that he kissed her all over the body & planned to go out in my car and I was like driver to them they both enjoyed in back seat & they were busy in kissing each other from there we went to movie I bought 3 tickets and they are not in a mood to watch the movie his hands were working all over her body.

He raised the saree up to the knee & he was having a figure fuck and that evening that is Sunday evening we decided to come back he handed over me a charge of rs 50 thousand cheque & I was very embraced to receive the chq I was thinking that is was my wife earnings by her hard work for 2 days and night and we returned the home with losing my wife just for the sake of money

& she with full satisfaction she kissed on my cheek thanking me by respecting her feeling. If you like the story please let me know in the comments below.

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Live sex updates by Anjali from bed

Anjali age:23 figure 32 24 32 my office colleague.. Decent north Indian and very gorgeous. Attractive and intelligent enough. We work at same place and spend most of our time working together. I always had an eye on her but never expressed my desire. Today was our first team party at a night club and so everyone was set to look good and rock the evening.

I was in my favourite blue jeans with white shirt and a leather jacket.. Looking good enough. I reached the club and entered inn… We just sat up and anjali was missing.. She hasn’t arrived yet. I got into casual talks and then I see she arrived in red hot skirt with matching top and accessories. She was looking hot and sexy. Knew that many heads will turn around.

Everyone greeted and then sat. We ordered our initial drinks and stuff and got into fun games. As always nothing is best than truth and dare. Everyone started to answer and then it was my turn. I was asked on whom do I have crush and I replied anjali… Everyone were normal but anjali looked shocked as we were close and I never gave any signs such.

After few other turns it came to her and she choose dare. She was given a dare which a girl would have not accepted. She was asked to kiss a guy she liked the most from the team. What happened next was shocking.

Red lips touched me and I was left shaken. Everyone around were so jealous. I was on cloud 9. All completed their turns and we were chilling when I asked anjali for dance and we moved to dance floor and danced for sometime. It was fun after sometime I just took a break went to bar and ordered drinks for myself.

Anjali came there and asked me about my feelings and we had chat but we were not so comfortable there, so we made an excuse and left the place. She invited me to her place. What happened next listen from her own words :p

We reached my place as it’s a 1bhk and I live alone. I changed into night wear meanwhile raj was setting up drinks and stuff. We sat and I asked him how the day was he said it was rocking unbelievable, I asked his feelings he said he didn’t wanna spoil our relationship and so never expressed. I was melting.. We had our shots and after 4 shots I asked him about how the kiss was.

He said he just felt it over his cheeks and that’s it. I was already on. I just pushed him back got over him and kissed him on his lips. He was shocked and didn’t react. After I broke the kiss he reacted with high force putting me down and getting over me and kissing me very hard. It was my first passionate kiss. After the kiss broke I said him that I love him. This was enough to turn him on.

He just unviled the t-shirt I was wearing and I was in my black bra. My boobs were in perfect shape. He kept kissing and slowly got down kissing all over and reached my cleavage. He was sucking licking it so well that I had my orgasm.

I was feeling so good. He kept exploring each inch of my body and I responded him. It was my turn now. I opened his jeans and his tool was already grown up. I made love to it. Sucked it well and the balls to. Played with my boobs and had boob fuck.

We moved to bed to be more comfortable. He opened my lower and with no panty and shaved pussy he directly started licking it deeper and deeper. His tongue was feeling so good down there. I was moaning like hell. He came up we kissed for sometime while I was playing with his tummy. I asked him if he has a condom and he said yes. Then put it on and fuck me baby.

He started between my thighs and fucked my pussy 15 mins and after which stopped because of the blood. Fucked me in my ass. We again tried in pussy it pained a little and no blood this time. He kept on ramming. With pain the pleasure was even more high. We got in different positions. Let me tell you he knows all the positions and has great knowledge to please a women.

After our fuck for about 1 hr we were resting in each other arms. He also confessed that he loves me and we kissed again. After which he shared that he has also fuck other ladies made them happy. I was taken back but when I read all his experiences I was happy. I could understand a women’s feelings and her desires. I was happy for him and so I asked him to put our story now on the site.

We are writing it live from bed. Initially he was writing and I was sucking his cock and now. I was writing and he sucking my boobs and fingering me. Time to say goodbye. We will surely post our encounters and love making here. Even if he doesn’t I will as I have his ID :p

Ladies please keep sharing your feelings hope Raj satisfies all of you. I m here till Dec and then will move back to Delhi for my marriage hope I have happy last 4 months with my love and his cock. Do share your comments with us below, I will also read them from now.

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Suresh enjoying wild sex with massage parlour girls

Hi friends, this is again Suresh age 24 from chennai posting here my story. As it was on my trip to abroad I used to travel alone to abroad due to my work and where this incident happened once I traveled to Singapore after my work and meeting got over felt so bored at hotel just want to explore the Singapore.

As I got international license I took a self driving car started roaming around Singapore finally I found one spa where massage is done I thought y don’t I get relaxed parked my car inquired the rates and type of massage they provide there was two girls who are massage therapist wearing short jeans till thigh t-shirt where seeing and laughing at me I thought entered a wrong massage.

As I need only massage nothing more than that but finally fixed a olive oil massage they said me to wait in a cabin which is covered with a cloth and suddenly these two girls entered intro them self as sukerka, hayathi.

Where sukerka on a perfect shape and hayathi was slim with big breast where we started to chit chat a while as both of them are free to me now and some non-veg jokes are in middle they both pulling my leg so finally her boss called hayathi gave her some work.

Said sukerka to take care of me so she showed me a towel which barely covers only till knee said to remove all cloths be only in towel I was dub struck finally I asked her can I wear boxers or not.

She smiled and said you can wear that and on top wear a towel while i’m changing she went out brought all the items for massage like oil,lotion once I done change into towel asked me to sleep in bed facing down I just laid still she started pouring the oil on my back and started massaging her hands was so soft it made current on my body.

She was doing it in a such a professional way massaged my shoulder went down and massaged my leg toe I was getting a strong erection once she done said me to turn back I was so felling guilty that it will be clearly visible once I turn finally I turned around she saw my erection and laughed I directly asked why are you laughing she just point my dick.

I openly made a statement how come a beautiful sexy girl is massaging as a boy how can I control she just laughed started her massage on my chest while her hand on my chest massaging it made me more tempted and I was on peek suddenly the another girl hayathi came in asked me how was the massage I said so good.

Hayathi said that’s what your dick is standing up now “oh shit I forgot to cover that ” she said its ok enjoy and she left. This girl sukerka came on top of me and started massaging while directly siting on my dick covered with boxer and towel once the fully massage over she asked to take shower.

I said will take it in my hotel so we started our conversation I asked her for mall so I feel bore here she readily accepted I went to my hotel took shower picked her up from her place ended in shopping mall.

We purchased her a new dress and cosmetic perfume we where holding hands like lovers it was there hours shopping. I paid the bill entered into the car she just hugged me tightly and gave me kiss on my lips it was unexpected for me but I came to sense started kissing her lips chewing her lips took one hand started pressing her left side boobs it was so soft was doing this action

for 10 mins finally broken by a car horn bang on our back we both saw each other and laughed. I know something is going to happen today we went to some restaurant had our dinner went strait to my hotel she was surprised I said have to take some docs and will leave so she came to my room once we both entered I just lock the room started kissing her wild she responded so wild like hunting for sex.

Made her to sleep in bed and started removing all her cloths one by one by my teeth she was holding my hair so tightly made her nude in mins it was like a white doll with pink clean shave pussy and pink big nipples on bed I jumped on her licking her pussy juice it was awesome her hands was gripping so tight on my hair started inserting my tongue into her she was breathing

heavily she reached her first orgasm as I came up and kissed her she pushed me in bed and started to tear my dress she was so wild beast. When she saw my dick in full hard she was like insane took my whole think inside her mouth and gave me best blow job I ever had she was so wild even her teeth mark on my penis I shot sperm in her mouth without informing her she was like tasting it as ice cream and wanted more.

I made her sleep and spread her legs placed my penis on her vagina and just in one push went fully in was tight and fucked her so fast she was screaming and banged her for hours. She came top of me and started riding me it was awesome feel to see a girl with so bouncy boobs sitting on your cock and jumping I cannot hold any more I just shot into her pussy we just relaxed in bed

for a while and I asked her why did you laugh while I enter into your shop after much completion. She said actually you saw my friend hayathi rite she said you look so handsome and want to get fucked by this guy so at last I got you.. Again I got erection she to got into mood again we made love for 4 times.

And in next story will tell you how I fucked her friend without her knowledge. Waiting for your comments below, thank you.

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Kittu fucking best friends sister Sonni

Dear friends I don’t think I will be able to write my entire sex experience in English, I am little weak in this language; especially grammar, so my story will be mixture of Hindi and English both. To begin I would say it was a kind of a day which every bachelor desire, Sonni Di; my best friend's sister is actually a nymphomaniac or something like that and because of some genuine

problem she was separated from her husband from more than one year. I believe in this span mentally she was reached to state where she was dying to have sex with someone and to my good fortune with the condition of nobody at home she found me to tranquilize her sexual thirst.

My father is retired and taking a day off from my work I was gone to his head quarters to submit some papers, it was hot summer afternoon and by the time submission of papers ended I was dying because of heat, I needed a place where I could sit for couple of hours before going back home in two hours of bus.

Harjeet’s (my friend) house was little far from that place and because I didn’t have anything to do after reaching back home, I decided to go at his place for a while. I knew that he will not be at home, but as we are best friends, we have studied together for around 12 years,

from 5th standard till our graduation and we have stayed at each other’s place many times I did not felt any hesitation in going there in his absence and meeting his parents and also sister, having food and resting over there for an hour or so.

Anyway eventually I reached to Harjeet’s place without informing him and rang the door bell. Nobody responded for a while, I ranged it again and this time I heard Sonni Di shouting from distance; asking “kaun hai”? I waited and finally door opened and Sonni Di felt surprised to see me.

Though just for an instant, drawing my attention with her protruding out huge breasts Sonni Di was standing in front of me without a stole over her shoulder, the thing which I did not noticed that time was that she was wearing a weird combination of Salwar-Kameez, her top and lower did not belonged to each other, they were of different sets.

Whatever Sonni Di welcomed me and served me water instantly and I detailed her why I am here and she pleasantly said that she is happy to see me after long time. I casually took know how of her mom and dad and came to know that and she was all alone at home. Uncle and Aunty were gone to Punjab for couple of days and like I knew Harjeet was gone to work.

Next Sonni Di left me in the living room, saying that she will be back in a moment with something to eat and after serving me snacks and cold milk she said that she will back 15-20 minutes after taking a shower and till then I can watch television in the living room.

That instant I looked at the clothes she was wearing and I realized that she was wearing mixed up outfit and eventually she disappeared from living room. At my end 20-30 minutes passed just like flash, I had my milk shake and ate whatever Sonni Di gave me and switched channels on television and ultimately keeping my legs straight over central table and head facing roof,

resting over the back of couch closed my eyes to take a nap. I don’t know exactly for long I slept but when I got conscious almost an hour was passed since I was here and there was no sign of Sonni Di. I got up and walked in house and saw that bathroom was unoccupied.

Door of Harjeet’s room was opened and nobody was there, door of parent’s room was closed and looked bolted from inside and I assumed that Sonni Di is inside and I casually knocked the door and addressed her saying “Sonni Di”. Sonni Di responded back after few seconds and I said that I should leave now. She told me to wait for a while in the living room as she is coming.

I came back living room and started putting my belongings, like wallet, mobile and pen back in my pocket and just then Sonni Di appeared in front of me. I must mention that Sonni Di nearly seven years elder to me and since beginning I have considered her my own sister and I believe since then, just like Harjeet Sonni Di has also considered me her own brother.

But it was since then, that day Sonni Di was in really strange mood. After taking a shower she was watching porn in her parent’s bedroom on a big screen and fisting her hole, possibly she was watching that before my arrival too, I didn’t had any clue about all this, neither I had anything like having sex with her in my mind. But by now Sonni Di was gone out of her senses.

Wearing fresh set of Salwar-Kameez without any stole over her shoulder she came in front of me with a towel rolled over her head, around her long hairs and casually said; just like an elder of the family that I cannot go without having lunch. Though I was still hungry and had a long distance to go, still I tried behaving formal and told her not to bother.

“Nahi nahi…tu abhi nahi jaa sakta….” While saying that with a smile Sonni Di unrolled towel from her hairs and slammed her hairs to sponge down water from them. Without speaking anything afterwards she continued trying drying her hairs while looking into my eyes with a smile and eventually looked at the wall clock.

Time was almost 2, like I said I was not at all in hurry and it was evident on my gesture, Sonni Di told me to sit and not to hurry as right now she has to start preparing lunch and I sat down. I didn’t had any clue about what all was running in her mind, deep inside after watching porn she was sexually so charged she could think anything except fucking, immaterial with whom.

She did not desire to cook even and she asked me how if we will order a pizza for a lunch and I agreed and casually said that it’s my treat. Sonni Di did not argue over that, she smiled while looking at my face with a very strange gesture and initially agreed by saying “ok…it’s your treat…“ but then after a pause added “but main bhi tujhe ek treat dungi”.

Since then it was not shocking for me and I replied by saying “haan kyun nahi…may be some other day” and Sonni Di knobbed her head in no and spoke “wo treat to tujhe main abhi hi de dungi…pizza order karne se pahle”. That was bit surprising for me, I hardly understood what she meant with that and asked her back “wo kya treat hai” means what is that treat?

In response Sonni Di asked me if I have a girl friend while looking into my eyes with very cunning gesture, “teri koi girl-friend hai….?” I literary failed to understand what was the relevance of this question with the trat she wanted to give me, I did not had any girl-friend, anyhow if I would have girl friend even then I had to deny and I denied by saying “nahi…to”

Sonni Di already knew that I will say no and she instantly came up saying “To fir samajh le aaj se hai…” This time I was shocked, trying suppressing her hesitation Sonni Di was looking into my eyes without flicking her eyes and before I would have uttered anything Sonni Di spoke again “aaj se main teri girl-friend hun….” What was she saying? Suddenly my heart started throbbing;

I was looking into her eyes and she was into mine and Sonni Di uttered again “Mujhe tere saath sex karna hai” that was too straight forward and for a moment I thought it could not be real, but it was real, “tujhko main achhi lagti hun na?” Sonni Di asked me and I moved my head in yes with strange rapture.

Suddenly I felt I was getting hard over my Penis, for me it was really hard to believe that I could be so lucky, I looked at Sonni Di’s breasts packed tightly in the Kameez she was wearing and also at the side view of her heavy bottom; that was first time in my life I was looking at her body with that perspective and just in few seconds I was hardest of my life.

“chal bedroom mein chalte hain…” Sonni Di uttered again and her words sent a shiver down my spine. Sonni Di was dying to get a man, next instant she took hold of my wrist and pulled me casually and I stood up. Sonni Di kept on holding my wrist and walked to the bedroom and I just followed her while looking at her erotically spread ass.

If I will try describing Sonni Didi’s physical appearance then I would say that she is above average looking female bit dusky in color, she does not come in the category of slender figure girls. As genetically Harjeet’s all family members have a big body skeleton, physically Sonni Didi is also little weighty.

She has a good height of around 5’6”; has a prominent belly and also have ample flesh over her arms and thighs with heavy and dense breasts. Her ass mounds are huge, round and fleshy, widely spread and they are jutting out of her body quite significantly. Talking about me, though I too have a good height and health but I am lot thinner that Sonni Di.

Anyway eventually Sonni DI brought me to her parent’s room and their I saw porn was running on the screen in mute mode, one Negro was fucking a white MILF savagely in standing doggy style. “Pahle thodi der movie dekhni hai… Ya sidha shuru Karen”? Sonni DI asked me while looking into my eyes shamelessly and I was speechless,

I believe I was yet not out of the shock of whatever was happening with me. Certainly I was delighted and every much willing to fuck her, but still there was something which was throbbing me. It was not that I was about to have sex for the first time and that’s what Sonni Didi asked me next “pahle kabhi kisi ladki ke saath kiya hai”?

And I moved my head in yes, like it can be expected next she asked me with whom I have had sex and I revealed the fact that more than a year back I and her brother Harjeet, had fucked a prostitute together. Sonni Di smiled a bit and asked me again “condom lagga ke kiya than na”? And once again I moved my head in yes.

For next few seconds, I don’t know why Sonni Di looked into my eyes; possibly she was trying reading my mind and eventually came up saying “tu bahut handsome hai” I smiled a bit; I don’t know exactly what was running in my mind at that time but I was going through strange sensation, anyhow I could not move my eyes from Sonni Di’s body,

her breasts were so big and tempting and Sonni Di was noticing me staring at her breasts and she eventually held my both the hands and brought them to her breasts and my heart beat went just double, hesitation was evident over my expressions Sonni Di spoke again “ab sharma mat… achhe se khel inke saath….. achhe se dabba inko…Chusne hain to inko bahar nikal ke Chus….”

Sonni DI was getting excited and keeping my hands between she herself squeezed her breasts and puffed in pleasure. Like I said for me it was not first time but still it was altogether a new for me, and I started clenching her big jugs bit roughly. Sonni Di was delighted, she hummed in pleasure and told me to squeeze her breasts more roughly,

“haann….aur jor se dabba…poora nichod de” and once again holding my hands she gave me better grip of her big melons and I squeezed her milks properly. Wow what a feeling that was, weird but great. Next Sonni Didi moved bit forward holding my waist pulled me closer and kissed me, she sucked my lips nicely and feeling I went through was beautiful, it was first kiss of my life,

it tingled my belly and continued feeling as if something is still sticking on my lips. Though I was also getting excited but still I can say as compared to Sonni Di I was better as now Sonni Di was losing control over herself and after breaking the kiss she simply lifted her Kurta up and took it out of her arms.

Wow…my friend’s sister’s breasts were so big and beautiful; making a deep cleavage both of her melons were caged in white color bra so tightly that bra could hardly cover half of them. Next Sonni Di moved forward and lifted my t-shirt and under shirt together and in a moment I was bare from my top.

Sonni Di was yet having a bra over her upper half and I wanted to take off that too but before I would have reacted she moved forward and started loving me over bare skin of my chest. “Ahhhh…..” I moaned in delight. My god! Wrapping her arm around my back Sonni Di was brushing her wet lips over my neck and area around that so desperately and eventually she

pushed me on the bed on my back and before she rose over me she switched off the Tv using remote. Sonni Didi lied over me with most of her upper half and kissed all around my face and once again brought her lips to mine. Sonni Di kissed me once lightly before starting sucking my lips, next instant I opened my mouth and it became proper smooch.

Anyhow I cannot write my feeling of that instant; leaving her saliva in my mouth Sonni Di was exploring my mouth so nicely that I was getting unconscious in her love making. Lust was rising in me too and I started responding to Sonni Di. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and explored her mouth like she was exploring mine and within few seconds it was a proper kiss where we were trying to eat other like true lovers.

“Kittu (me) aaj tune mujhe paap karne se bacha liya” Sonni Di spoke that after breaking the kiss, I failed to understand what she wanted to say and she spoke again “Achha hua tu aaj aa gaya…nahi to maine aaj raat ko Harjeet ke saath hi sex kar lena tha…. “. Sonni Di was so desperate to have sex that she was ready to get on bed with her real brother.

Anyhow since then for her I was nevertheless than a real brother, that’s what she said next “Kittu Aaj tak tujhe maine apna bhai hi samjha hai…lekin aaj se tu mera bhai nahi hai… tu mera pati hai aur main teri patni hun”. Leaving most of her weight Sonni Di was lying almost over me and I was feeling softness of her massive juggs over my chest.

Air conditioner of the room was on, room was chilling but Sonni Di was getting hot with every passing moment and once again I was getting licked over my face and bare chest and I started moaning in bliss of getting seduced by a desperate female. Gradually while licking and kissing my face Sonni Di reached to my nipples and started sucking them delicately and my pleasure went just incredible.

Next she moved further down and unbuttoned my jeans and ultimately took it out from my legs. Next she stood on the floor and tug the knot which was holding her Salwar around her waist and next instant her Salwar raced down to her feet. She was standing in front of me wearing bra and panty and my eyes were glued to her massive thighs and the area between them.

Sonni Di was so badly wet over her fuckhole that I could clearly see a wet spot over her Panty. I was lying on a bed wearing just my underwear and Sonni Di continued taking off her clothes and extended her hand to her back and unhooked her bra while looking into my eyes with a tiny smile and eventually took it out of her arms and threw it away.

Ohhh….I puffed in delight, Sonni Di’s huge melons were sagging in front of my eyes, they were so big and fleshy, much heavier from what they seemed over the clothes and her thick and long nipples were looking so beautiful while standing erect in wrinkled areolas.

Next I was expecting that she will take of her panty too, but Sonni Di climbed the bed and told me to come over her while lying beside me to suck her breasts “oopar aakar Chus inko…” and I did what Sonni Di told me to do, I came over her partially and took her soft milk mound in my hand. I tried to pick it in my hand and pressed it with bit of force.

Wow she was so soft and they were so heavy, I continued squeezing her milks tenderly and finally took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking her like a hungry child. I sucked Sonni Di’s both the melons like sucking one and caressing other and I felt her breasts going heavier in excitement.

Sonni Didi was delighted with the treatment I was giving to her flabby milks, she grabbed my scalp in her hands and continued feeding her milk to me and could not stop gasping and speaking out naughty in pleasure. “Hmmmm…. Chus apni Didi ke BUBU achhe se…” She was getting mad in lust, so was I and I took next initiative, I got up on my knees and tried taking off Sonni DI’s panty and Sonni Di lifted her bottom to let her last cloth go from her body.

Ohhhh….. Sonni Di was stark naked, she was so clean and so wet and so sticky in enthusiasm of getting fucked by me that I could feel the heat and aroma of her fuckhole even from the distace. She was dripping wet and my eyes were glued to her lovely pleasure hole and parting bit of her thick swollen pussy lips she moved her finger over her slit and spoke in sensual and demanding voice

“dekh kya raha hai…aaj se ye Chut teri hai... nikal ke daal de iske andar apna Lund”. I was bit surprised to hear that, and Sonni Di also smiled a bit, she understood why I smiled and spoke again in same casual gesture “Dikha kitna mota Lund hai tera” and I drifted down my underwear.

Exposing her clean shaven swollen fuckhole Sonni Di was lying on the bed on her back and I was on my knees and as my fully erect monster popped out of my underwear Sonni Di got up and got hold of my rod and started jerking me back and forward instantly.

“Ahhhhh…..” I sighed in strange delight; Sonni Di was looking so good while handling my monster that I just went on going harder and harder and suddenly she started caressing my ball with the other hand, Ohhhh…., I puffed again and sensing my pleasure Sonni Di spoke in soft and adoring voice “Mazza aa raha hai mere bhai ko….. hmmmm….?"

Her words aroused me bit more, I got further hard and just then Sonni Di spoke again “Kittu kitna pyara Lund hai tera….?? mann kar raha hai issko Chus chus kar khaali kar dun” and before I would have realized what she has said Sonni Di leaned bit over my crotch and took tip of my monster in her mouth and sucked it tenderly. I was shocked and I grunted loud in plesant surprise.

Year back when I and Harjeet were fucking a prostitute we desired to get our monster sucked but that slut refused to do that and now Sonni Di was doing that to me. Gradually Sonni Di came on her four while sucking tip of my monster and to surprise me again suddenly took me deep in her warm and wet mouth and sucked me hard.

It was weird, bit painful too, I panted loud and for a fraction tried stopping her but Sonni Di did not stopped and I shuddered in pleasure repeatedly with hot clamp of her wet mouth over my fully blown monster. Peeling off foreskin of my monster and taking entire length in her mouth again and again Sonni Di started sucking me properly and soon I started puffing in delight with intense moans.

It was painful but trying my best to bear the pain I continued grunting while looking at her beautiful face inflamed with my size. My monster was appearing and disappearing in her mouth again and again, I was hard and getting harder and harder in Sonni Di’s mouth, my moans were getting intense and slowly I reached to the point where I could not bear further pain and I stopped her.

“Hmmmm….chal ab daal de issko apni Didi ki Chut mein” that’s what Sonni Di spoke after I stopped her from sucking; I was puffing in intense pleasure and pain and I could easily feel that I am hardest of my life. I smiled again as I heard her saying that and she too smiled a bit and eventually asked me again “kaise daalega…tu mere oopar letega…ya main oopar aaun?” and I replied with “as you say”.

Saying “tu late jaa…main oopar aati hun” Sonni Di instantly decided the posture in which he would like to fuck with me and I obeyed her. I lied down on my back and wasting no time Sonni Di sat around my knees. She jerked my monster up and down while looking at me with a smile and spoke “ab main tujhse Chudwaaungi” it was arousing and I too tried to speak out such words,

“haan…. Ghusa low poora issko apni Chut ke andar…aur Chuwaao achhe se…” and Sonni Di got up on her knees while smiling and told me to speak erotic words like this “bol jitna ganda ganda bol sakta hai…I really like all this” and just she rubbed my monster tip over her opening and we both hissed in intense pleasure.

“Kittu tera Lund bahut mota hai….” Sonni Didi uttered again and with that she looked down to direct my Penis into her fuckhole and shoved my monster slowly and moaned “Ohh fuck” Closing her eyes Sonni Di gasped while lifting her head up, “Ahhh…..” I too grunted in delight, I was inside Sonni Di and feeling was good as well as weird.

Sonni Di was so hot and wet at her fuckhole that in a fraction I just slipped inside her deep, till the root of my monster. Burying my entire length in her depth Sonni Di sat still over my crotch for a while and her fuckhole instantly oozed out concentrated stream of juices and I felt it going down to bed through my balls.

Next she rested her hands over my chest and lurched her massive ass back and forward and once again we groaned in pleasure almost at the same time. “Oh… God Kittu you are so big…” Sonni Di gasped while looking at me as my rod rubbed deepest corner of her fuckhole.

My bliss enhanced as Sonni Di began to fuck herself with deep skewering thrusts, resting her palms over my chest she started rocking her massive ass and drove my inflamed length in and out of her wet pleasure hole with a steady pace.

We both were moaning continuously and I was feeling as if I am in heaven, Sonni Di was also in intense pleasure, her facial expressions and pleasure moans were telling her state. Slowly Sonni Di changed her movement, to and fro movements of her huge bottom in slightly different pattern made me shudder in ecstasy, Sonni Di was trying rubbing her pelvis on my crouch and her huge and heavy melons tossed abruptly.

I tried holding her waist to give her support but she instantly removed my hands from their and brought them to her sagging melons and told me squeeze them “tu inko dabba….” They were hot and swollen and so big and beautiful, big like water melons with big dark brown nipples which were hard like anything in excitement.

I squeezed them roughly with both the hands and Sonni Di shuddered in pleasure. Slowly she bent down and brought one of her long and erect nipple over my mouth and told me to suck “Kittu Chus issko” I squeezed her mound in my mouth and sucked it and with an intense gasp Sonni increased her pace; her heavy bottom rose and fell over my thighs faster and I somewhat got crushed under her massive ass.

Afterwards her moans started turning into shrill cries and her fucking pace went on going higher, I tried holding her waist to control her pace but Sonni Di locked my wrists and spoke out in rising lust “marwaane de mujhe apni Chut…kabse se tadap rahi hun isske liye”. Though it was bit painful for me but I was moaning loud and enjoying getting fucked like that.

Next Sonni Di leaned over me and kissed me hard and entered her tongue in my mouth and then looked into my eyes while being close and provoked me by saying, “Come on … fuck me…Chod mujhe achhe se”. Her bare heavy melons touched bare skin of my chest and above that her words, I moaned loud in pleasure.

Sonni Di was restless; she was gone bizarre and could not stop herself now I was also going crazy, though very less but I could feel the pressure building inside me, and releasing my wrists from her grip and stretching my arms to max I got hold of her wide ass and started thrusting up and tried coordinating myself with her up and down movement of pumping her fuckhole

and within a minute of passionate fucking from both the ends I felt as if Sonni Di will die in this fucking pleasure. She lost her breath and her movements went slower but deeper, while rubbing her clitoris over my pelvis she was trying to get my meat in her flesh as deep as possible and I was going wild in that feeling.

Finally dam inside Sonni Di broke and I witnessed woman in real ecstasy, Sonni Di’s facial expressions turned weird and she shrieked out in fucking pleasure like a mad, holding me tight Sonni Di panted loud without any care and clenched her massive thighs together, squeezing my monster in her fuckhole tight she orgasmed hard with strange shivering and eventually collapsed over me.

Holding her sweating body in my arms I hugged her. I was yet not over but close to my climax and I wanted to fuck her more to release my load and after a minute I tried to get up and Sonni Di rolled aside. “Di mujhe abhi daalna hai….” I spoke out and “haan haan Daal le jaldi se…”

Sonni Di replied back and opened her arms and thighs wide to get me. I lunged deep into Sonni Di’s wet fuckhole and felt heavenly when tip of my Penis rubbed on inner walls of her wet pleasure hole. Wrapping me in her arms and fleshy thighs Sonni Di started moaning in pleasure erotically, I was also grunting in bliss of fucking her and just in few seconds heat rose in my body further high.

Unintentionally my speed of moving in and out Sonni Di’s pleasure hole increased and I started fucking her with rapid thrusts. I tried to control my pace, so that I can last for long but I failed and fucked Sonni Didi consistently hardly for one minute and I felt as if I will go mad in this pleasure,

I was moaning and puffing like I never imagined and in a fraction I lost control over my body and holding her fleshy body I started fucking sister of my best friend as if she is a slut. My hips rose and fell over her crotch very fast for few seconds and I spoke out while clenching my teethes “mera hone wala hai” “haan…hone de….mere andar hi chhod de”

Sonni Didi replied back instantly and extending her arms to my bottom sqeezed my pumping ass in her palms and just then I dived forward, deep into her womb and felt my sperm shooting out of my monster and filling her fuckhole.

Ohhh...I was dead and I just keep on lying over Sonni Di's fleshy body. Sonni Didi also kept on holding me with love and affection and caressed my hairs for a while. “mazza aaya…hmmmmm….” "haan" Sonni Di asked me and I replied back.

While holding my scalp in her hands Didi kissed me on my cheek and told me to get up by saying “chal ab, wash karke aate hain…..” We both entered in the washroom together and while she was watering her fuckhole, staring at her massive ass, I stood behind her; Sonni Di turned and asked me “kya dekh raha hai…?” I blushed and uttered “kuch nahi…” and Sonni Di came up saying

“sharma kyun raha hai….bol de aapki Gaand dekh raha hun” and we both giggled over that. Since then Sonni Di’s perception in my mind was of an ordinary homely girl but in real life she was very far from that, deep inside she was filthy like a slut. Anyway after watering her fuckhole Sonni Di gave me water jet to wash my Penis and casually told me not to tell anything to Harjeet about all this.

I assured her that I won’t tell him anything but just then I recalled what Sonni Di was saying some time back; that if I wouldn’t have came today then she would have fucked with Harjeet in the night and I asked her about that, “aap bol rahe the ki agar aaj main nahi aata to aap Harjeet ke saath hi sex kar lete….”

And Sonni Di replied by saying “I don’t know…but ho sakta tha…bahut dino se mere andar aag lagi hui thi….jo aaj tune bujha di hai…” She was smiling while saying that and after a tiny pause spoke again “tum ladke log call-girl ke saath kar sakte ho…but hum log call-boy nahi bula sakte…humen aise hi kisi ke saath karna padta hai” and to that I came up saying

“main hun naa aapka call-boy…jab mann kare call kar lena”. By now we were back in the bedroom and next Sonni Di ordered a Pizza while lying naked on the bed and later after some chit chat we both got up wore our clothes and had Pizza together. That’s it, this is what primarily I wanted to write.

Later after having Pizza we casually lied on the bed and saw the porn and eventually started having sex again and this time after sucking my monster Sonni Di did not spared me from sucking her fuckhole,

as it was first time for me and Sonni Di was badly soaked at her fuckhole with her sticky juices I was not at all liking licking her swollen fuckhole but as she was dying to get it sucked she buried my face between her fleshy thighs and repeatedly told me to suck her properly and to arouse me continuously spoke out erotic, like, “Kittu Chus meri Chut ko….”

And “Achhe se chaat apni Didi ki Chut…” also “pee Jaa meri Chut ka rass…” and a lot like this. Eventually I overcame my hesitation of doing that filthy act and I sucked Sonni Di hard and rough and fisted her fuckhole along with that and once again saw her getting mad in ecstasy. After that Sonni Di asked me in which position I would like to fuck her and I opted to doggy style.

Because of her massive ass initially I failed to attain that posture but eventually after trying a lot holding her huge ass I fucked her for a while and ultimately ended up fucking her in missionary position. By the end of second session I was dead and did not had any strength to fuck her again,

but Sonni Di was horny like a bitch and she did not let me go for long and in the evening around 5 we had sex again and ultimately after hollowing my balls I reached back home around 8 in the night.

Like I was told to do, I took off from my work next day too and reached nearby to her house very early and as Harjeet left for his work I reached to his place to fuck her sister again. In the end I would say from last few days I am pursuing Sonni Di to involve Harjeet into this too, so that we can enjoy threesome which is usually not possible in casual life.

Let’s see; if Sonni Di will do that then I and Harjeet will fuck her at the same time and I will be having another experience to write. What else, reader’s comments are awaited, liked my description or not? And I should write again or not?

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Maths tuition ending in Sexual orgy for Charles

This is Charles again. After tiresome but enjoyable maths tuition, I telephoned Sister Ritha to ascertain convenient time with her to get tuition on Science subjects. She said since the following day was a holiday and many people from the convent are away to come preferably in the morning and meet the Mother.

I bought a parcel of biriyani for the sister and some chocolates for the mother and went to the convent and rang the bell. A maid came and ushed me to the room of the Mother. I went bowed before her and kneeled. Mother asked me to get up. She too was young may be in the late 30s. She looked beautiful. I told her my mission.

She called for Sister Ritha and asked for her confirmation. Sister told her that I was an above average student and she need not to have to strain to fulfil her task. Mother said she too will be happy to visit us when we are in our session of tuition. I places the packet of chocolates in front of the mother. Her face brightened up on seeing the chocolates and smilingly she wished me well.

Sister Ritha led me to a secluded room among ever so many empty rooms in the convent, I handed over to her the biriyani parcel I had brought for her. She too was happy to receive the food packet from me and asking me to sit, she rushed out perhaps to keep the food parcel in a safe place. She came back soon and sat in front of me in a bench, with a desk separating us.

She was in her habit with concealed her entire body revealing just her beautiful young face. Since there was no fan and it was warm, she just loosened her habit to allow more air. I could see her cleavage and abundant bosom. When I was watching her chest, there was movement in my jockey which in my tight jeans was very uncomfortable.

When she was busy going through my papers, I just looked under the desk and I found her lifting her habit and scratching her knee. Just as I moved my knee, our knees touched each other. Sister just looked down and saw my unusual bulge which she could identify with a shy smile.

She said we should have had a private room for such tuitions, because where we may sit other sisters come spying and sometimes mother superior also come. Let me see, she said and went around to search for a suitable place and came back and told me that there is a room in the library which will give us adequate privacy.

We both rushed to this room, but we did not notice that Mother had seen our going to this room. As soon as we reached this room Sister put on a cabin fan, closed the door and asked me to pull out my cock out of my jockey. My 8" rod evinced keen interest in her and she squatted on the floor and started to suck my cock.

She said it is long time since she had a cock to eat and started to suck it with all eagerness. It went down upto her throat and her tongue was playing around it expertly which showed that she was an expert cock sucker. Suddenly the door opened and the Mother Superior came in and saw my enlarged and extended cock and Sister devouring it.

She pushed the sister aside and asked her to close the door behind and lied on the bench and lifted her garment upto her waist baring her pussy. She asked me to lick her pussy in full view of the sister. I obeyed her by bending over her and licked her clitoris and licked her hairy pussy.

She lifted her legs and opened her cunt and asked me to fuck her. I pulled down my jockey and went on her inserted my cock into her cunt. It was not going in. She asked the sister to keep my cock in the hole properly and asked me to push it down. Because of non use, her hole was very narrow and fiound it difficult to allow my cock inside.

But I took pains to push and push and finally the whole thing went in in full gaze of the sister. Then I fucked her with deep thrusts. Mother was grunting and enjoying. Sister was looking at the other side. By ten or twelve strokes mother reached her orgasm and asked me to stop and pull out. She asked the sister to take position and lift her garments up.

I inserted my cock mechanically into her cunt and pushed it forward. These things could have been done with more grace and love, but the women wanted to go through the process as early as possible so that others may not come to know. Sister Ritha was younger and her discharges were very copious. I could place my hands on her hoobs and squeeze them.

It took time for my getting full penetration, in full view of the mother, My cock successfully made a full entry. I fucked her with short strokes and then long and deep strokes. Sister was overwhelmed and was enjoying as could be seen from the expressions on her face. Now I was getting my orgasm and I had to work for it.

Deep and strong strokes brought about my orgasm and I shot streams of semen into the cunt of the sister. Mother was just looking. Perhaps she wanted another round for herself. Promising to come back again and satisfy all their needs I just escaped from the convent. Later I came to know that many sisters were ready for the experiment under the guidance of the mother.

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Lucy enjoying Tuition sex

I am Lucy, 22, housewife, fair and well built and healthy apetite for sex. I was married to Jos about a year back and then onwards my misfortune started. Jos, 26, is handsome of course, but has a dick of 5 inch size and which goes limp the moment it is inserted in my hole. I tried all possible but he is not able to sustain.

He does all foreplat and readies me for sex but when the question of indulging in intercourse he was a miserable failure. He does not like oral sex that is another problem. He goes to office at 9 am and returns by 6 pm. Remains reading newspapers etc. I gave him several aphrodiasic food but nothing improves. I used to curse my fate.

When I was fifteen, my uncle defloured me and took my maindenhood. He was a jolly good man and he used to come home and tell us many funny tales and make us all laugh. He and my father used to sit and takes pegs of liquor and he used to sleep in my bed. Since he stay was for a short period prior to his going abroad, my mother allowed him to sleep in my cot.

In the darkness of my bedroom he used to squeeze my ample boobs and his hands went in search of my under garment below my skirt and very soon his fingers find way to my pussy. But his touch used to be electrifying and before I knew what is happening he tried to insert his cock and defloured me. All my cries were muffled by him by his kisses.

My initial pain vanished and the pleasure was the main feeling. He made me straddle him and I enjoyed it to the utmost. On the day my uncle left my brother came and he also shared my bed. My brother had a 7" cock and within no time he put it inside me. When my parents were in deep sleep in the neighbouring room, we played all sex games in our room.

He taught me the safe days and how to protect with pills and we could proceed fearlessly. My itching cunt was always wanting a cock day in and out and my brother took all the pains to fulfil my requiremnts. When I came of age the trouble started. All my dreams of sexual fulfilment by my husband were shattered. I cannot simply resign to fate becaue my cunt was as hungry as my stomack.

Jubin in my neighbourhood was asking me to help him in his studies. HE was just an 18 year old lad. I agreed and took him in. I sat with him in semi nude clothes and the boy was shocked to see my cleavage and my naked thighs and I could see his erections. Slowly I took him to my bedroom and taught him the basics and made him into a good lover.

Jubin said his friend Kader wanted to have tuition in the same subject. He was a monster with a 9" cock and he was more interested in sex than in studies. It suited me. Both these boys satisfied me fully and they took me in turns everyday front and back. I was very happy. They gave me tuition fees by cash and by kind. When they come it was an orgy.

Both the boys made me to straddle and fuck them from top. We learnt new new tricks in fucking. When one was fucking my cunt, the other was inserting his cock in my anus. We remained in that condition for a long time. Kader has so much of stamina that he could fuck for one hour without ejaculating. After the tuition is over, they leave no traces of any tell tale evidence and go away.

When my husband comes in the evening he finds me quite cheerful and ready with delicious dishes. Finally he agreed to meet a doctor and after some medication he showed some improvement. He could keep his erection for quite some time and he could fuck for a reasonable time.

His problem of erectile dysfunction was reduced considerably and he asked me to be ready for fucking every day. I stopped taking pills and reduced the hours of tuition and asked Jubin and Kader to find helf from elsewhere.

Within two months I showed signs of pregnancy and within a a few months I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. We lead a normal sex life and our boy is growing into a young lad.

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Guy enjoying great sex with Chachi - II

Previously: Guy enjoying great sex with Chachi - I

The sheer size & intoxicating smell of her cunt excited me to no end. At once I started licking it. It was really a pleasure to suck the cunt from where I too had come out about 18 years age. By my licking, it started to ooze, which I was quick and eager to lap up. The taste was a little salty. On further licking, Chachi seemed to enjoy it as she was closing her eyes and murmuring something softly.

I could not gauge what she was murmuring but she seemed to like it. After licking her big cunt more, she began to wriggle and murmuring a little louder which seemed to sound like, "aha, aha, ha." When I reached her clitoris, she pressed my head and her murmuring was now words, "aha, han aur chato jor jor se."

After some more licking, she burst and my mouth was filled with her juices which I quickly licked and swallowed. The taste of her juices was again salty. She leaked so much that I had to keep on licking & swallowing.

All the time she was bursting she had raised her lower body. Once she stopped leaking, gradually she lowered her lower body, moved by face away and planted a very deep & passionate and long kiss on my tender lips and licked all the overflow of her juices which were on my face.

After my face was practically cleaned, she moved her face from my face and exclaimed, "never could I have imagined that one day I would be making love to the child I had delivered from my womb. It was indeed a pleasure having you suck my boobs and lick my cunt. Now, I will suck your prick and then have it in my cunt, where you can release all your cum.

Don't worry I will not get pregnant as I have had my vasectomy operation, after delivering 6 children." She sat on the bed and asked me to bring my prick near her mouth. Immediately she put her tongue on the tip of my prick, after pushing the foreskin back. I felt so exhilarated that I pushed my prick entirely inside her mouth.

She sucked it so nicely by twirling her tongue that I was about to ejaculate and told her so. She stopped immediately. Lay on her back, raised her legs and put my prick inside her cunt. I pumped for some time but as I could not hold back for more time I burst all my cum in the same cunt from where I had come out.

The feeling was heavenly. It felt like I was a conqueror having accomplished victory. And being young the cum was quite thick and a good quantity. Seeing my satisfaction, Chachi asked me to take out my prick from her cunt. Immediately she put her hand on her cunt, got up and rushed to the bathroom. I followed her there.

Once in, she released her hand and there was a huge flow that trickled down on to her upper thighs and the ground. I asked, "Is all this my cum?" To which she replied, "not only yours, mine too, as I too had burst for the second time when you burst."

We cleaned and washed each other and stepped out of the bathing area to wipe our bodies. We went back to my bedroom where our clothes were. But before we could dress up, I held her tight in my arms and planted a very hard, long and passionate kiss on her beautiful lips and remarked, "I enjoyed so much that I feel that we should have more of it every now & then.

You are so loving and have a very very beautiful body." To which she replied, "Don't worry, whenever you want to lick or suck or fuck, you can have me. But make sure that nobody is around." "Sure my dear dear Chachi, I will always take care.

Thus ended that days encounter with my own mother. More escapades later and on demand from you readers after you post your favourable comments below.

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Guy enjoying great sex with Chachi - I

This true-life story is of the day when my mother, whom we all lovingly called 'Chachi' and I, an adolescent of about 18 years of age, were alone at our home, as my father & elder brother had gone to Lonavala to settle a land deal and my younger brother had gone on a day-long picnic with his friends.

The time was about 12 noon and Chachi was resting by lying on her bed in her bedroom, facing the windows, with the curtains partly drawn & flowing in the gentle breeze. I was so pent up by seeing her massive figure from the back that immediately I took out my cock from my pyjama and started masturbating. I usually wore a kurta & pyjama when at home without an underwear.

I was enjoying masturbating my erect cock while ogling her beautiful back, when all of a sudden she turned, probably on an instinct, and I bolted to my bedroom, after having closed my pyjama I went out to the balcony of my room and stood staring outside. I was nearly jerking in my pyjama and pondering & wondering the consequences of my action, when I felt my Chachi was standing beside me.

She stood there for some time without uttering a word and seeing my plight, went out of my room. I kept standing in my balcony, still gauging the situation. Once I became steady, I slowly went inside my bedroom and gradually ventured outside trying to find my Chachi. To my relief, she was standing in the balcony of her bedroom, just looking outside.

Very stealthily and with a heaving heart, I went up to her back and put my arms around her. She turned back to face me and I realised that she was as calm as she could me. She just stared at me and again did not utter anything. I took courage and held her hand and led her to my bedroom and she followed my lead.

Once in my bedroom I made her sit on my bed, closed the balcony and drew the curtains of the windows. I then went up to her and fell at her feet and begged her pardon. She pulled me up and asked me to sit beside her. She faced me and said, "its alright beta, boys of your age usually do such things."

I stood her up and hugged her tightly and I could feel her soft & big boobs pressing on my chest. She too put her arms around me and hugged me real tight. My cock was rubbing against her cunt. Then, with courage & trembling a little, I planted a soft kiss on one of her cheeks, then on the other and then on her forehead. She neither moved nor said anything.

And finally I put my lips on her soft lips and slowly began kissing her. We were all the while in the tight embrace. I gradually increased the kissing and she then opened her mouth to take in my tongue and sucked it nicely. I then indicated by gesture that she insert her tongue in my mouth.

Our tongues were licking each other and saliva began to ooze out from our mouths. We licked each other clean. After dis-engaging from our kissing, but not the embrace, I asked her, "Can I suck you boobs just like in my childhood?" She nodded a yes with her head. I sat on my bed and brought her near me and started to knead her boobs over her blouse, after lowering her saree pallu.

They were huge & very soft. I loved the sensation of rubbing my mother's boobs. She always wore a front-buttoned blouse, without a bra at home, so I started to open the buttons of her blouse, one by one. Every opening of a button brought her fair, big & shapely boobs more in view. When all the buttons were open I removed her blouse from her arms.

There were those exquisite boobs in front of my face. I kneaded the bare boobs and removed my kurta and pressed her bare abdomen on my bare torso. It was a great feeling. Then I held one boob in both my hands, when she said, "wait I will hold & give them to you." With that she held that boob in both her hands, pressed it hard and put it near my mouth.

I was so excited that I pounced on it like a hungry dog, licked & sucked her nipple, areola and the entire boob. I kept on sucking her boob, just like in my childhood, for a very long time. Then she removed my mouth from that boob and gave the other boob to my mouth. I sucked that boob too very hard.

I went on alternating the boobs and kept on sucking them both for a long time, maybe about 15 or 20 minutes, when she said, "you want to suck my boobs only or you want to do something more?" Immediately I removed my mouth from her boobs and said, "I want to see you naked, completely." "Go ahead remove my clothes," she replied.

I unwound her saree, removed it and her petticoat. There was that towering figure of my beautiful mother before my eyes. Fair complexion, big thighs, shapely bum and a good height. At first I kept glaring at her body, eyeing every part extensively.

"Will you keep staring only and not do anything," she queried? I got out of my stupor and felt her entire body with my bare hands. Having done so I started to lick every inch of her massive body. She helped me by exposing every part of her beautiful body, including her arse and back.

I was mesmerized when my mouth and tongue reached her massive cunt from where I too had come out. The smell of it was intoxicating and my cock started to leak.

Post your comments below. Rest in PART 2.

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