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Nissar enjoying fucking Fatima and Feroza

Previously: Nissar enjoying fucking assignment with Shamla

I hope you have read my story with my adventure with Nissar. He was from a poor family and did have much education. He was not academically brilliant and hence was engaged in several homes as an errand boy. He was lanky and with clothes most unsuited to his height. Without the knowledge of my mama I used to give him glass of milk and eggs.

He used to ask me why you are giving all this, I said it is to make you stronger. I used to touch his cock without anybody watching. But my mama was always at home and further game with Nissar was not possible. Once I asked Fatima how her affair with her brother goes on.

She was sad and said nothing happens, my brother has gone to Bengaluru for further studies and will come home only during vacation. I just hinted her about my fortune. She was surprised and asked me to give full details. I gave her full account of the happening on that day. Fatima just begged me to send him to her house for one day just one day.

She said without a good fuck her cunt is itching, unbearable itching. I told her I too have itching. But the problem is that I can have another session only when mama goes out for the whole day. Fatima said why dont you both come to my house. My parents go to office in the morning and there is nobody at home except me till evening. I told her that I will think of it.

My main worry is that Nissar is my prize catch. If he slips out of my hands I may loose him once and for all. Daily I used to call him and ask him to get a pencil or a notebook or a ball point refill and tell him to give it to me in my room. My mama did not take it amiss. When he comes to my room, I used to take out his cock and give it a good blow job.

Once I took out the scale and measured the legth of his cock. OMG it was measuring 7". I was under the impression it was 6" and told Fatima accordingly. I hinted to Nissar that he may have to fuck my friend just one day. He said he is agreeable. Next I told Fatima that we are coming and that she has to ready in all aspects. What is that she asked.

I told her to keep her pussy without any public hair and some money to buy biriyani for all the three and some eggs and milk for Nissar. She ok, ok, no problem. She was of my age and we studied together since KG class and hence we dont keep any secrets between us. I told my mama that I may have to go to the house of Fatima for combined study. Ok go, she said.

I will go in the morning and come back only in the evening. I said. Why so much time, she asked. I said mama, she is my friend and class mate. We may not be studying all the time, we may listen to music, watch TV and watch computer. Who will go with you and who will bring you back she asked, I said, Nissar. I asked him and he agreed.

She called him and told him that he should protect me since she is going out with you. He said yes and nodded his head. Next day we set out to the house of Fatima. Nissar wore the new jeans and t shirt and he looked really handsome. I walked in front and he walked behind me. I said bye to my mama and moved along the foot path.

My heart was beating fast since I was going for a fucking session in a house other than mine. We too an auto and reached the house of Fatima in a short time. I had told Nissar to keep reserved and should not mingle with the girl freely. Fatima was happy and looked at Nissar with lots of love in her face.

She called me aside and told me that there is a problem and that her younger sister is also there in the house. She is just 18 and was in XII the std. She is not a virgin since my brother had fucked her also. But how can we keep her away. I was annoyed because my own pleasure time is reduced when two more girls are introduced. I asked Nissar he siad ok.

As regards he is concerned more girls is more fun. I told Fatima to take us to her room so that we may not waste time. She had arranged breakfast for us. Nice appam and chicken stew. Nissar and I ate to our full. It was delicious. Fathima took us to her bedroom, where her sister, Feroza was sitting. Fatima introduced us to her and She put up a pleasant face.

Seeing Nissar they all were happy since he too is looking handsome and pleasant. We started to undress one by one. We kept only the panty on our body. Feroza boobs were hard and small with tiny nipples. Nissar removed his dress and was ready for action. He said he will start with Fatima. Fatima came and lied in the bed and opened her legs.

Her globular boobs, clean shaven pussy and narrow waist and fair skin were a scene worth seeing. I and Feroza sat on either side of Fatima and Nissar with his 7 inch cock fully erect approached. He asked Fatima to suck his cock. She got up and took his elegant cock and kissed it first and then took it in her mouth. He stop and he called Feroza can you suck m cock.

Feroza came reluctantly and kissed the cock head and opened her mouth and took the cockin her mouth. She was too young and appeared very beautiful. Nisar asked her whether she has ever been fucked and she said yes, How many times, heasked. She said many times. He went near Fatima and squeezed her boobs and made her to lie down in the bed opning her legs.

He jumped on her and inserted his cock in her fuckhole. It was very tight and Fatima told him to go slow till full penetration is reached. Nissar agreed and he slowly by jerky movement inserted his cock and it took five minuted for getting full penetration. I and Feroza watched. Keeping his hands on her boobs, Nissar started to fuck slowly and asked Fatima whether he can go faster.

She said yes. He slowly increased his speed and within five minutes Fatima was shivering with orgasm. She hugged him and tied her legs around him Nissar did not have any orgasm. Fatima signalled him to pull out. She moved away and Feroza took her position and opened her legs widely. Seeing Fatima being fucked she was already wet and flowing with ooze.

Nissar inserted his erect cock into the cunt of Feroza. As he entered her, she wrinkled her face and his cock was tight fitted in her cunt. He asked is there pain, she said no. Shall I start, he asked, yes she said. With Fatima and I watching he fucked Feroza slowly enjoying each moment.

He bent low and kissed her small hard boob and kissed her rosy cheeks and sucked her tiny nipples while his fucking machinery was in full swing. Feroza replied his each stroke with upward movement of her waist and she seemed to enjoy the most. Finally we saw her arriving at her orgasm. She hugged him tightly and wound her legs around him and kissed him on his cheeks.

He asked is it over, she said yes and moved away and I was asked to take her position. My condition also was no less. I was full of fluids and his insertion was easy into me. Without asking me he went on his in and out movements vigorously. His cock brushed against many sensitive spots in my cunt and it was simply enjoyable.

But he suddenly increased his speed and I could sense that he too is coming. I was just on the edge and with his smashing hits I thundered into a huge orgasm to combine with his. His fluids sprayed into me and it was more enjoyable. Fatima and Feroaza watched with jealousy my pressing his waist down into me and my sounds of joy.

We both got up and went to the bath room and cleaned ourselves. But the erection of Nissar was not down. He was ready for any number of cunts. But took a gap and had our lunch biriyani. Fatima had arranged for four plates of biriyani and lot of boiled eggs. We devoured the food with lot of relish and Nissar ate three eggs.

In the afternoon session we, each had a detailed fuck and the sex had gone into our head. During a gap, Fatima asked me whether Nissar will go to another lady to her house in the night. She may pay him substantially. It will be a great help to his family. She was a doctor and hence too busy in the day time.

Her husband is away in Dubai and she is staying with her mother and is wanting sex very badly. Fatima said she got the message through a friend of hers and if he is willing then only she will send word to her. I thought for a while. If he is going to be paid it is okay. But my source should not get dried up. I told Fatima that I will tell her the next day.

We finished our session and returned before the arrival of the parents of Fatima. On the way back home, I asked Nissar whether he will fuck a doctor for the whole night and she will pay him good amount.

He said as you say. I told him that he should fuck me during day time. He promised that he will do. Next day I told Fatima that he will come, but see that they pay him good amount. She said yes and that will be another story for HD.

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Nissar enjoying fucking assignment with Shamla

I am Shamla, 18 studying for my XI in the local school. Being destined to wear uniform for this year also, I find this attire very uncomfortable in as much as I have to show major portion of my leg to the greedy eyes of the public. My boobs and my rear are more than average and they protrude out. Hence most of the time I travel only auto although my school is in a walking distance.

My dad bought me a laptop during my last birthday although I have no use to it. But my friend Fatima, came and got it connected to the internet and showed me how to source different porn sites. We both are hot girls and we talk about sex for any number of hours. Her cousin used to fuck her and she used to tell me in detail how it was done and how much she enjoyed.

I was jealous of her since I dont have any cousins to fuck me. She taught me how to calculate safe period and how to enjoy during the non safe days. She carried ipills in her bag and showed me and asked me to buy a strip and keep in case of any emergency. Hiding the laptop in my bedroom, I used to watch porn and read HD stories.

I used to finger my pussy always and I was wondering how I will get a good cock for fucking. Usualy my dad goes to office in the morning and my mother attends to the kitchen and receives lot of her friends for chit chat. Since I dont go to the kitchen side at all, I did not know that they used to engage an errand boy, Nissar a young boy from poor family to buy stores, veg, meat, fish and provisions etc.

He comes on alternate days and does what work my mum assigns. I did not know about this. One day my mother's sister was unwell and my parents went to their house in the morning. I did not go to the school since it was a local holiday. Mother told me that she had prepared food for me and kept on the table and that I have to finish it off.

Ok, Ok, I said and bolting the door from inside I rushed to my bedroom and opened my laptop and put on a porn video and started to finger my pussy. Fingering the pussy and rubbing the clitoris gives me great pleasure. I removed all my under garments and went on with my work in full swing. Suddenly the door bell rang. I was shocked.

Who could it be at this hour, to spoil my pleasure. I put on my panty and the second bell came. I rushed to the door to see who it is. It was Nissar in a handwashed white kurtha and pyjama head bowed and trying to push his way into the house. I stood aside and watched where he is going. He went straight to the kitchen and searched for my mother.

I told him they had gone to her sisters house. He was a fair skinned boy, lean and tall. He asked me whether my mother had asked for any work for him. I said no. He said do you have any work for me. I said wait, He was leaning over the table and I wanted to take the pen from its drawer and hence I extended my hand and it touched his pyjama and his cock.

It was a big meat rod dangling between his legs under his pyjama. He tried to move away but I put my hand on his rod and asked him, how big it is, show me. He looked at my face shyly and said no. Please Nissar show it me, I have not seen one this big in size. He said no, if mother (my) comes to know she will kill me.

I promised him I will not tell anybody Nissar was showing the signs of yielding. His cock made a tent like formation in his pyjama. He untied the nada and pulled his pyjama down. Lo his rod was there all about 7" fair in colour and big in size. He was shy and covered his face with his hands. I kneeled before him and took his rod in both of my hands.

It was a real beauty like the one I watched in the porn sites. The head was red in colour and shining. I just took it close to my nose and sniffed at it. I just planted a kiss on it. I wanted to have my first fuck with this cock of Nissar, but will he agree. But how to make him agree. Hi, Nissar let us go to my room, I will show you something.

He wanted to pull his pyjama up and tie as before, But I said no dont worry, take your pyjama in your hand and come on. He walked naked with his dangling cock behind me and we both went to my bedroom. I jumped onto the bed and asked him to lie near me. He came. I showed him the porn site I was watching. The boy was just getting ready to fuck the girl.

He bowed down and licked her pussy and then applied his saliva on his cock and opened her cunt lips with his hand and inserted his cock into it. Nissar watched it wide eyed. I extended and held his cock in my hand. In the meantime I removed my panty. I allowed the entire video to run its course and in the end the boy threw his cum on the girl in her mouth and stomack.

I switched off the laptop and Nissar looked at me and saw my pussy. I asked him to lick my pussy just like the boy in the video. Nissar was smelling my cunt and I asked him to lick. He again looked into my eyes and then started to lick from bottom to top. My clitoris was already bulged because of my manipulation. I asked him to lick it rough. He did as I asked him todo.

I asked him to get up and insert his cock into my hole. He was wonderstruck and looked at me and planted a kiss on my cheeks and then, placed his cock at the entrance of the hole and pushed it in. Since there as lot of cunt juice at the entrance of the hole he could make a small entry. By pushing it harder he was able to make a slow progress into my cunt.

I know it is going to be painful when he comes to the hymen. I asked him to do it hard and fast. He made a strong push and it made me to cry and it went straight in 100%. After resting for while I asked him to fuck, he did not know what fuck is. I told him to make the in and out movement faster. He raised his waist higher and brought it down with a bang.

I said do not do it so rough, but just gentle. He did just as I told him and my orgasm was collecting. I was knowing that it is coming and everytime he went in my pleasure grew up and finally I reached full orgasm. But Nissar was going on with his fucking. I asked whether he got any pleasure, he asked what pleasure. I said then just wait for five minuted and ten start again.

The second session took a long time. Nissar had a tremendous capacity to hold on. But during the second round he said it is coming for him and finally he shot his fluid into me and it was too much in quantity. I asked him to pull out and we both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves. I told him that he should not tell anybody that we have been fucking. He said he wont tell anybody.

I gave him an egg and a glass of milk. He asked me why this. I showed him his cock and told him to make this strong and do more work. He laughed and said he is ready for more work. I asked him to get dressed and gave him money to go out and buy 10 ipills and two biriyaanis for him and me. He bought the biriyanis and then went again and bought the pills.

He asked me why this medicine, are you unwell. I told him no, this is not to make me pregnant. We both finished the biriyani in ten minutes and I swallowed a pill. I asked him shall we begin, Nissar. He said yes. We both removed all our clothes and started our third session with full vigor. My mobile rang and without making Nissar pull out, I talked to mother.

She said her sister is hospitalized and she may have to stay there for two or three days more. When we are away, my mother said who will keep your company and who will keep watch on the house in the night. I told her, Nissar was here and he said he will come again. Shall I ask him to sleep here in the downstairs in the night. My mother thought for a while and said yes, he is a nice boy.

You may ask him to get food for you from the hotel, I said ok ma. Take care child, good night, said my ma. I said good night. I embraced Nissar and he also hugged me tight with his cock deep inside me. What followed was a fuck festival. We fucked in every pose and in every nook and corner of the house. We fucked in the sofa in the drawing room, in the kitchen, on the dining table.

Hugging each other we just rolled on the floor with his cock deep inside me. He was full of ideas about where all to fuck. We bathed together keeping his cock inside me. He licked my cunt and clitoris endlessly. I tried to take his cock in my mouth but it was too big and hence I kissed it from outside.

We both went to the mall and I bought him nice kurtha and pyjama and a pair of jeans and tshirts. We ate in the restaurants and came back. For three days we just enjoyed our full.

How did you like the story? Please post in the comments below. Thanks.

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Raj having sex with hot babe Shruti - II

Previously: Raj having sex with hot babe Shruti - I

I was quite sure that her salwar will have a knot on the front side and before un-tieing that knot my hands won't enter from back but when I slided my hands down from her back, I was surprised and happy too by getting a wide strap like elastic holding her salwar at place. Without any delay, I entered crossing both the elastics of her salwar as well as her panties and grabbed both her ass mounds with both my hands bit roughly.

"Uffffffff.... Raj??????" she uttered while looking at my face. I loosened my grip and replied "Are you done? Should I take the charge now?" "Hmmmmmm... but plz be gentle naa.." saying this she again kissed my lips with a lot of love and landed her body to my left on the bed.

Now it was my turn to return the favour so I got up immediately and pulled her salwar along with her panties in one go. She co-operated by lifting her heavy bottom and I threw her clothes in the corner of the bed. Like me, she too was stark naked now and I could smell her pussy fragrance.

I lied beside her and tried to put her right boobs in my mouth and at the same time squeezing her left boobs with my right hand really hard. She was caressing my head and moaning like hell. This continued for a few minutes and I switched the boobs and slided my hand down in search of her hole.

Guys, her pussy was clean shaved, soft and little flashy, burning hot and was oozing love juices. I slided my middle finger in and that went smoothly bcoz till then her pussy was well lubricated. I was finger fucking her for next 2-3 minutes while my mouth was busy biting her both the nipples one by one. She was moaning and enjoying while pressing my head gently over her boobs.

"Rajjj?? Plz aur pareshan mat karo.. plz chod do naa ab..ufff.. (don't tempt me more.. plzz fuck me now..)" she was literally begging me to fuck her pussy. I too decided to fuck her so I removed my hand from her pussy and examined the erection of my cock and found that little limp.

Once I thought to make her suck my cock so that I can regain full erection but dropped the idea and decided to shake with my own hand. The moment I got up leaving her boobs, she parted and folded her legs with her own. I smiled on her act and sat on my knees between her thighs shaking my cock with my right hand in order to get complete erection.

She lost her patience and shouted "What the hell you doing Rajj?? Are you waiting for my invitation?? Plz enter naa.." Guys, you can think how desperate she was to be fucked and all her activities was clearly indicating that she was definitely not a virgin.

By the time I too got a massive erection so I rubbed my thumb between her pussy lips to locate the entrance, parted my knees little more apart in order to align my tool to her love hole. Since the lubrication was more than it required so with a light push, half of my cock was in.

The tightness of her pussy was not upto the mark and that made me 100% sure that she had been fucked enough times but don't know what was wrong with her as she cried while pushing my waist area upward "ummmaaaaaaaa.. Rajjjj?? Its hurting yaar.. plz withdraw I beg you.." I didn't believe her cry and understood that she was acting to prove herself a virgin.

I didn't answer her, simply smiled at her act and instead of pulling my cock outside of her pussy, I gave her a hard push while putting my whole weight over her body. Her boobs got crushed on my chest and I was totally in. As I was expecting, this time her shout was louder than previous one "mammmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... Rajjjjj?? I'm gonna die.."

She was trying her best to get rid of me by pushing me upward and was also trying to slide her body little up but her head was already touching the end of the coach, so she didn't succeed. On the other hand I was not in a mood to listen her shout anymore so I grabbed her lips with mine and pushed my tongue inside her mouth.

She hadn't have any other option left than to suck my tongue so she grabbed my tongue and responded well. As a reward I stopped further pushing of my cock and stood still deep inside her pussy for next 2-3 minutes. Her hands were now on my back holding me tight and I felt her pussy walls contracting and squeezing my tool.

I understood that she wants real action now so I freed her lips and teased her "Hey.. Shruti?? Congrats yaar.. you didn't die, so should I fuck you now??" She didn't answer me but shoved her nails on my back really hard and tied me with her both the legs coupling together above my thighs. The signal was very clear so I started pumping her pussy with constant strokes.

I was kissing all over her face and neck area and my hands were busy caressing her hairs.
I was in heaven as her body was so spongy and also she was constantly trying to increase the tightness inside her pussy by contracting her pussy walls. I was not at all in hurry and pumped her with a constant pace for next 8-10 minutes.

I was trying to hold my cumming as long as I could and my brain was alert in this regard. "Ohhhh... Rajjjjjj???" her shout informed me that she was nearing her climax so to spice her up, I increased my pace and decided to finish my story too with her only. I stopped kissing, took my weight on my own hands and started to fuck her furiously.

Meantime I was also squeezing her boobs bit roughly with one of my hand while putting my weight on the other hand. My name mixed with her moaning sound was continuously coming out of her lips. Suddenly her moans got converted into shout "Aaaaahhhhhh.. ummmmaaaaaaaa... Rajjjjjjjjjjj.. stop it now plzzzzzzzzz.."

And I felt a moderate squeezing action on my cock as she was getting her climax and her pussy was gripping my cock, providing me the real fucking pleasure. I too was on verge of climax, huffing and puffing due to the furious fuck I was giving to her. I noticed her, she was also breathing heavily.

I felt her pussy flooded with her own juices, bcoz of that the tightness inside her pussy was almost vanished and the "thap thap.." fucking sound had been replaced by "fach fach.." fucking sound. "Ohhhhh... Shrutiiiii?????" finally the time came and I fell on her boobs as my whole body trembled and I sprayed warm jet of my sperms deep inside her pussy.

Filling her pussy with a good amount of cum, I collapsed on her body putting all my weight. We were sweating and remained in that position for the next 2-3 minutes. I came into my senses when that naughty girl grabbed both my ass cheeks bit roughly. I realized my mistake as my whole weight was completely above her since last 3 minutes and I was about 72 kg that time.

So in a hurry, I freed her and lay flat beside her. Don't know what came to my mind that time, but I decided to check our parts, so I grabbed my limp cock with the left hand and at the same time touched her fucked pussy with the right one. I must tell you guys, everything was in a big mess.

My cock was completely covered and soaked with sticky juices while her pussy was failed to contain that heavy amount of cum and was oozing out the mixture of our juices. "Raj?? you're too much.. leave that now.." saying this Shruti removed my hand off her love hole, turned towards me and hugged me.

We were lying like that for next half an hour or so when I felt Shruti searching for her clothes. I held her wrist and asked "hey, can't we do one more time?" but she denied saying "no Raj.. It's too late now and don't know what Vidya will be thinking so I have to go. But you don't worry meri zaan, I'm gonna live here for at least a month and I promise, you will be fucking me everyday and listen,

from today onwards I'm gonna take care of your meals so you needn't go outside. It's my as well as Vidya's and aunty's wish too. So don't do any NAKHRA, ok??" The way she told me all this, made me really happy. Till then she was dressed up and was ready to leave so I too stood up, wear my tshirt & trousers and switched the light ON.

"Ohhh.." she uttered and covered her face with her hands while standing beside me. A naughty idea came to my mind to make his face uncovered and I grabbed her both the boobs bit roughly. Her hands immediately came down and she tried to remove my hands. Guys, she was looking much better now. Her appearance was enough to indicate that she has been fucked nicely.

Finally she gave me the last smooch of that session and left. It was too late to eat so I decided better to have a glass of water and sleep. I knew that Vidya will definitely come in the morning with tea & breakfast and I didn't want her to see that bed so I locked that room and slept in the guest room.

Friends, till now I have narrated just one day's activities and I would like to tell you that Shruti had stayed there for 42 days and except her period days, I fucked her almost daily at night, sometimes twice and sometimes a quick fuck in daytime too. So you all can understand that it will become a book if I narrate all that 42 days. But I like to summarize some more events.

During those days, one day perhaps she was tired and she thought to sleep early and planned to meet me later at midnight but she didn't come, I called her on her phone but that remained unanswered so I went to her room's gate and knocked lightly as someone might got awake but that too didn't work.

Later in the morning I was very disappointed so I managed to talk to Shruti that evening on the terrace. We talked to each other and it was finalized that she won't lock her room's gate anymore so that I could go to her room if needed. From that day, I started to visit her room very often as there was hardly any chance of getting caught late night.

One day I waited for her till 12:30 but when she didn't come so I went to her room and found her sleeping soundly. I shook her by her arm but she was not in a mood to open her eyes so instead of getting up she pulled me beside her. There was enough space beside her because there were no bed in that room and they were sleeping on the mattresses on the ground.

I was feeling horny so I immediately entered her quilt and grabbed her boobs. She too was in mood and hugged me tightly. Since Vidya was sleeping soundly next to her so I decided to fuck her quickly and my luck was with me as she was wearing a nighty with no bra inside. I simply lifted her nighty above her waist, removed her parties completely and handed over to her.

Fucking her when my sweet sis Vidya was sleeping next to us was a great adventure. After that day, I fucked her many times in her room too. Finally the day came when she had to leave for her native place and she left. I remember, I fucked her 3 times that last night, two times in my room and the last time in her room at around 3 am in the morning.

She used to call me but hardly once or twice a week as she was in her family and I was not supposed to call her. It was very difficult for me to sleep without fucking Shruti. Time passed like this and after about two and half months of her departure, I came to know through Aunty (Vidya's Mom) that Shruti was suffering from Appendicitis and they has to go to see her.

Hearing this I was bit depressed and I talked to Vidya on this matter later in the evening and she told me "Bhaiya, I don't know what exactly happened to Shruti Di but I think matter is something else as I listened to my mom talking to Shruti Di's mom and also she is very angry with Shruti Di. We are leaving tomorrow morning and I will try to update you from there."

I was bit puzzled by her reply and asked her back "Angry?? Instead of feeling pity for Shruti, why is Aunty angry??" "I'm too unable to understand this Bhaiya. But you know, Shruti Di is not a good girl as she has a few affairs in her village too.." replied Vidya. I was not surprised at her statement as it was known to me that Shruti had been fucked before.

I was bit restless but couldn't help myself. After four days, It was an afternoon and I was sleeping when my phone rang. I looked at the screen, it was from Aunty's number. My laziness vanished and as I expected, it was Vidya from another end "Hello?? Raj bhaiya?? Vidya bol rahi hoon.." "Yes my dear sis, I know your voice.

Tell me how are you all and what about Shruti??" I asked her in one go. Her next reply freezed the blood inside my veins "Bhaiya, nothing is good here. All are tensed. Bhaiya, Shruti Di was not suffering from Appendicitis, she was pregnant and she has gone through an abortion." was her reply.

"whaaaaaaaaatt..?? Vidya?? How?? I mean please tell me how exactly all this.........." I was failed to frame a correct sentence and the first reason was my utter shock and the second one that I was talking to Vidya, whom I considered my younger sis. The only ques that was running in my mind that time was, was that really my child?? "Bhaiya, I don't know anything about this.

I mean I don't know what was she up to with you, bhaiya please don't get me wrong. Bhaiya I have already told you that she has affairs in her village too so..... but bhaiya, everyone was whispering in the village about a guy from Shruti Di's neighborhood. Bhaiya, we are in a different city now as it was necessary to hide all this mess from the society but even then it has leaked in the village.." answered Vidya.

After about a week, Vidya returned along with her parents but she failed to tell me anything new about that incident except one thing that Shruti's parents had started to looking for a match for Shruti. That question was continuously running in my mind and it was only Shruti who could answer me so I was eagerly waiting for her call.

In January 2012, Shruti got married. Vidya's whole family was there to attend the marriage ceremony. In between that time span of one year before her marriage, Shruti called me 14-15 times. Everytime I asked her the same question "Shruti, please tell me was that my seed??" but everytime she ended the conversation with a fight.

She was keep telling me that, that was Appendicitis and I too was keep asking her to just tell me was that my seed? yes or no? In those 42 days when she was being fucked by me, she never told me what precautions she was taking. She always assured me saying "You don't worry meri zaan, I'm not a kid.." and I was so indulged in fucking her that I never made her to tell me all that.

It's 2015 now and I'm still interested to know my answer. "Shruti???? If you're reading this then please tell me naa.. Don't know why and how but it matters to me. I'm desperate to know was that my blood???"

So this was me and my first attempt to write a part of my life. I request you to please post your honest feedback in the comments below as it will decide whether I should write more or not. Thank you all.

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Raj having sex with hot babe Shruti - I

Hello everyone! I am Raj from Patna. I'm 25 years old, 5'11" long, good looking with average body structure. I'm a regular reader of this wonderful blog and this is my first story ever. Since I'm not a story writer so u may find some mistakes related to grammar etc.

I think I needn't tell you that names have been changed to maintain privacy. Actual conversation was in hindi only but here I have translated that into English. This story might go long because if you don't feel the situation I went through, you will definitely consider it fake.

The incident I'm going to narrate happened with me in 2010 when I was in 2nd year of my graduation. I was living as a house owner in a three story building as the actual house owner was my dad's friend and he used to live in a different city because of his job. I was provided with a well furnished flat on the first floor and the rest of the flats in the house were occupied by different families.

My task was to collect the monthly rents from all the tenants and since I was very close to the house owner, I had a good repo and respect among all the tenants. The first floor had only two flats, one was occupied by me and another was by a Brahmin family having five members; uncle, aunty and their 3 children; 2 girls Vidya & Khushi (13&10 years old respectively) and a 15-year old boy.

Vidya was my favourite and so was I for her. All three of them used to call me "Bhaiya" as I was elder to them. As I'm little lazy type and was living alone so I used to eat outside. I was so familiar to that family that I could play with both the girls and could visit their flat anytime. They used to take care of me like their own family member.

The story begins when A girl whose name was Shruti came to that family. Later Vidya told me that she was her cousin sis and will live with her family for next 10-12 days. If I descibe Shruti, she was about 20-21 years old, not at all beutiful, short height, little dark in color but had flesh at right places. If you see her, the only thing will come to your mind is to fuck her and let her go.

I lost my virginty at the age of 15 with my school gf and since then have had several sessions. So definitely I was experienced and when I saw Shruti first time, seeing her body and gesture, I was quite sure that she too was definitely not a virgin and getting her on bed won't be difficult.

Next day evening, when I was walking on the terrace, chit-chatting with Vidya, Shruti too came there with two cups of tea in her hand. One thing I forgot to tell you that it was a daily routine to get tea and breakfast from that family. Shruti handed over a cup to Vidya and signalled her to pass that to me. My swt sis Vidya introduced me to Shruti and we exchanged formal hi-hello.

Some formal ques related to career and life were also exchanged. 3-4 days passed like this and slowly I became friendly with Shruti that we didn't require Vidya's presence anymore to talk with each other. I was desperate to fuck her but never dared to approach.

Finally the day came when she returned back to her native place. I was so disappointed as well as angry with myself thinking that how stupid I was. But destiny had something better for me. One day I got a call from an unknown number. She was Shruti. I asked her that where did she get my number from.

She replied "obviously from your dearest sis Vidya, where else can I get it?" I was so glad internally but asked the reason of her call. She replied "I wanted to talk to you and I think we are friends, so u shouldn't have any problem." This way our talk had started and slowly the call duration was increasing day by day.

And finally one day she gathered some courage and proposed me by saying the obvious three magical words. My reply was "But I don't love you Shruti bcoz I'm not an emotional fool like you. You know the life of our love affair as we both belong to a different caste and it matters bcoz we both are from rural background. But I admit that from the very first day, I had a lust for you.

I couldn't tell you bcoz I was unaware of your intentions." She was shocked at my frank and open behaviour and replied "I totally agree with each and every words u said. Actually I too had same thing in my mind but it's my love for you." Can't tell you guys how happy I was listening all this but scolded her by saying "you fool!! why didn't you tell me when you were here? We could have enjoyed a lot.."

She apologized for her mistake and promised me that she will come soon as her 2nd year exam was about to over and so was mine. The dam of shame was broken between us. We talked every dirty words, planned every possible action we were going to perform during sex, found our common interests like sucking, 69, ass penetration etc.

One thing which surprised me that she requested me not to use a condom. When I asked the reason, her reply was "Raj, I'm a virgin and I want you to take my virginity without a condom. I don't want anything between us. How will I feel the heat of your tool deep inside my pussy if you will cover that up by a plastic canvas??"

These were her words which aroused me that time although I was aware that she was telling a lie. But I decided not to argue with her as I was going to fuck her, not to marry her. Finally our wait got over and Shruti came to Patna and this time for more than a month.

I was not at home when she arrived so when I returned home, Vidya came running to my flat and said "Bhaiya, Shruti Di has come and she has brought this for you." Actually Vidya was very close to me and I used to share all my life activities with her. She was very clever and quite mature at that teen age.

She was also aware of the fact that me and her Shruti Di was in affair and she played a role of messenger between we two. I looked at the things Shruti had brought for me, that was a dairy milk silk chocolate with a red rose. I asked Vidya "is there any msg Shruti sent for me?" "Yes bhaiya, she told u not to come to our flat as she doesn't want to face you in front of us.

She will meet you on the terrace in the evening" Vidya replied. In the evening I was eagerly waiting for her. I didn't call her bcoz I thought she might be with other members of the family. After a few minutes she came wearing a purple color suit and putting a lot of makeup on her face.

She came close to me and asked "How am I looking?" "Wonderful" I replied with a smile and asked "Are you going somewhere Shruti?" She told me that she has to go to shopping with her aunt. "We are meeting tonight naa?" I came to the point and asked. "Sorry Raj, actually aunt told me to sleep with her tonight as she has alot to talk with me about her maternal home.

But from tomorrow onwards I can sleep with Vidya or wherever I want to" I got little disappointed but didn't show this to her, so I smiled and replied "its ok swthrt, u better leave now bcoz I don't want people to see us talking here and plz keep texting as you won't feel comfortable picking up my call" She thanked me and left throwing a flying kiss towards me.

The day passed like this and I had to spend a restless night with just a kiss she sent me in my phone's inbox. Her flat was a three rooms flat and was having two exit gates. One room with an exit was just opposite to my flat entrance but was internally connected to the dinning hall and another exit was towards staircase.

So if you sleep in that room and lock the hall's connecting gate, nobody will come to know what you are doing or where you are. I never used to bolt my flat from inside bcoz I was having a bad habit of waking up late and it was my sweet sis Vidya's duty to come to me every morning with a cup of tea and some snacks.

As usual I was sleeping the next morning when suddenly I woke up due to the pain I felt on my cheek. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Shruti standing beside my bed smiling. I touched my cheek to inquire about pain and found my cheek wet with her salvia. She had bitten me really hard on cheek.

I asked her in surprise "what you did Shruti? I'm not gonna leave you. and what are you doing here? where is my sis Vidya?" She replied in little naughty tone "look at the clock Mr. Raj. Its 8 o'clock and your sis has gone to school. Here is your tea and breakfast. Fresh-n-up and have all this". I saw towards the table, a cup of tea and a plate full of toast and fruits were kept there.

Saying "Now its my time to eat your cheek" I ran towards her but she was well prepared and escaped rapidly out of my flat. I was standing there smiling, took my phone and texted her that I will take revenge at night.

Day passed like that, nothing much happened. In the evening, after coming from school, Vidya came to me and said "Bhaiya, don't go for dinner outside tonight as mom is going to cook fish for all of us including you." I asked her where is her Shruti Di and she replied that she is in the kitchen, helping mom. I said "ok" and she left.

Time was about 7:30 pm, I thought to take a bath and rushed to the washroom. There was a king size mirror in my washroom, I was standing stark naked in front of that and watching my body with a smile on my face. Actually I never measured the length of my tool but whenever I got a chance to fuck a girl, I never left her unsatisfied.

They all appreciated my way of making love to her and were impressed by the health of my tool. Back to the story, I finished my bath, wore a fresh set of tshirt and trousers. I haven't had anything to do that time so to kill time I switched ON my TV. Around 9:30pm, Vidya came to me "let's go bhaiya, mom is calling you for dinner."

Friends, I don't know whether I'm right or wrong but according to me, you will perform really well during sex if your stomach will be empty, so I made an excuse "dear, I'm having little headache and also not feeling hungry this time so it would be better if you bring my plate here. I will keep that in my kitchen and will eat later."

Her facial expressions changed and she inquired if I need any medicine for which I denied and told her, "No dear, I will better take some rest. You plz go and eat your dinner" She left saying "ok bhaiya, I'm just coming in a few minutes with your plate". Don't know what happened to me, I lied on my bed and dozzed off.

Around 11, I woke up by the msg tone of my phone. It was from Shruti "Did you eat your dinner? Still having headache kya?? It will take some more time to come to you as uncle is still awake. I'm with Vidya and we are provided with this outermost room which is opposite to yours" I was glad to hear that she is going to stay in that very room, I wanted her to stay.

I texted her "I'm ok now and you plz come soon and don't worry about the dinner, I will eat" Later I washed my face and rushed to the kitchen to find a plate full of fish-curry and some rice and bread too, properly covered with a lid. I was not in a mood to eat so I went straight to my bedroom where I was expecting to fuck Shruti, arranged the bed and sprayed some deo in my armpits.

Around 11:45, Shruti came walking like a cat, I hurriedly stood up off the bed and asked her "is everything ok Shruti?" She replied "Yeah.. everybody is sleeping now except Vidya. I told her that I'm going to meet Raj. She smiled, took my phone and said I'll sleep only when you come back Shruti Di. If anything odd happens, I'll ring you on Bhaiya's phone."

That time I thought how caring my swt sis is. She was like my best friend. I came into my senses when I heard clicking sound, I saw Shruti bolting the gate from inside. I stepped up and hugged her tightly from behind by putting my nose on her neck and my hands around her waist. Her hairs were open and she was wearing a maroon color cotton salwar suit.

Guys, I think the smell of a female body is the most intoxicating smell on this planet and I'm fond of that smell. I was holding her very tight, my hands were roaming around her waist area and my lips and nose was rubbing on her neck furiously. She utterd in puffing sound "Raj, leave me, you are hurting me. Plz move to the bed naa." She was trying hard to get rid of my hold but failed.

Till then my hands had gone little more down and was trying to locate her love hole above the salwar. "I know I'm hurting you baby and this is my revenge against your morning bite on my cheek" I answered while trying to inhale her body smell by rubbing my nose around her ear lobes and at the same time her love hole had been spotted with the help of wet patches on her salwar.

This continued for next 10 minutes when I freed her up. She gathered some breaths, turned towards me and started to push me with her full effort towards the bed shouting "I'll kill you Rajjjjjjj...." I lost my balance and fell on the bed. Thanks to my bed's mattresses, I didn't get hurt.

Following me, she too fell and climbed on me, took me between her legs, lifted my tshirt upto neck and started to bite and suck my nipples. I was getting hurt and at the same time shivering due to her touch. By the time my tool had been activated and was forming a tent in my trousers.

I was helpless as she was leaning over my chest and tempting me, I extended my hands but that couldn't reach upto her pussy area so I put that on her back and started pulling her kurti(suit) along with tape upwards. Soon her back was bare and I could find a matching maroon color bra straps on her back.

Perhaps she sensed my intentions and tried to shift his face little more down towards my cock but didn't succeed bcoz I was struggling to unhook her bra straps and I succeeded. Don't know what happened to her suddenly, she freed herself, got up and in a fraction switched the light off.

I shouted "Shruti??? plz yaar.. I have to see you. Plz switch on the light naa" Darkness was prevailed in the room so hardly can I see anything clearly but I could sense that she was removing her kurti and unhooked bra. My tshirt was already curled upto my neck so I too got up and removed that.

I lied flat after removing my tshirt and she again came over me in the same posture but this time she was sitting on my knees and was removing my trousers along with jockey. I was stark naked and my tool was standing straight like a pole. Before I could understand anything, she leaned over my tool and took the whole possible length in her mouth.

A shock wave ran through my nerves. I was not at all a fresher in such kind of acts but the way she gulped my cock and the way she was seducing me was just awesome. I tried to catch her boobs but since I was lying so it felt difficult to reach there properly, so I started massaging her head while gently pressing that down to take my whole length.

She was doing magic with her tongue on my cock tip and I could sense her salvia sipping down towards my balls. Since I was aroused since a long so just after her sucking for 2-3 minutes, I felt like I'll ejaculate if she continues sucking for next 5-6 minutes. So I asked her "Shruti, leave that now.

I don't wanna come in your mouth as I think your pussy would be a better accomodation for my sperms." She didn't say anything, simply freed her mouth and lied flat over me, put her fingers in my hairs and started kissing me passionately. Her mouth was full of her own salvia mixed with my pre-cum.

The moment when she lied over me, the first time I felt her bare boobs crushing on my chest, that was bigger than I expected and soft like silk. I hold her tight and my hands were roaming all over her back. Since she was very short as compared to my height, so her pussy area was above my waist and my dick was fixed between her thighs.

I must say, she was a master in kissing and sucking, and she continued kissing all over my face, sucking my tongue and lips.

To Be Continued...

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Sexual Affair With Wife Of Office Colleague

Frankly speaking I have been a regular reader of this site and to be honest I started at age of 17 and today I have seen my 28th summer. Over these 11 years I have read almost over a thousand stories and always ended up with questions like how come strangers end up having sexual encounter, students & teachers seduce each other to go to bed, couples swap wife,

neighbours have affairs and how come cases of incest occurs. I have finally started to believe on those stories as I ended up having a sexual affair with one of my colleague’s wife. The story starts 3 years back when we got introduced at one of the formal reception organized by our company and all the staff along with their families were invited.

This was the first time I met her – Sunita Williams. A lady in her early thirties with awesome bust and curvy ass. She was looking gorgeous in red n black sari and her eyes were just magically beautiful. When her husband Bhaskaran introduced her to us, I was literally gazing her dumbstruck.

One of my colleague pushed his elbow onto me to break my gaze and rightfully to save me from embarrassment. She being a lady broke the ice and struck a conversation, which went on to various topics. Her husband Bhaskaran was more interested in drinks and excused us to get a drink, leaving behind his wife with us.

My friend sumit, who was till now sitting with me & Sunita got a call from his home and he hurriedly left saying he had an emergency, which he later disclosed that his wife was feeling Horney and has ordered him to return home immediately.

Now me and Sunita were left alone and I was feeling very uncomfortable standing next to her. She continued the conversation and had a lot to talk. I had a feeling that her husband doesn’t talk much to her and she is having a very dull sexual life. All of a sudden she popped up the question about my girlfriend, I with a lot of stammering and fumble replied to her.

She had a spark in her eyes when she came to know that my girlfriend is not from the same city and she lives in Kanpur. Meanwhile I started to have a fantasy of getting into bed with her. An hour passed away and Bhaskaran returned all drunk, with his legs stumbling and he could barely stand.

He asked Sunita to return. She excused herself and got up to leave and all of a sudden Bhaskaran started to vomit. I immediately rushed to hold Bhaskaran as he was soiling the floor with all his vomit. Once he finished I gave a shoulder to him and took him to the parking lot while Sunita followed me.

I got the keys from bhaskaran’s pocket and asked Sunita to help and locate the car. Bhaskaran was dumped onto the back seat and I gave back the keys to Sunita and asked her if she could handle and got an affirmative. She drove off and nothing happened between us after that. Everything was normal until one day Bhaskaran was sent off for an assignment in Mumbai for a week.

He asked me, “Could you help, if in these 7-8 days my wife needs something”. I immediately prompted yes as all the dirty thoughts of get in bed with her started in my head. He said that he will be giving my number to his wife and she could call if anything was needed.

Adding to my misfortunes 7 days went by and I received no phone call from Sunita and finally on the 8th day her husband too arrived. Bhaskaran, after his return was a changed man. He started having small parties at his home and invited few of us from office. Later we came to know that he was about to be promoted.

Few months later, I suddenly got a message from Sunita, “H! Do u remember?” I didn’t had her number so replied, “No, can u please tell who u are?” Initially she tried to fake her identity but finally she revealed her identity. We started chatting with each other and within days the chats started drifting towards naughty chats and finally we started sexting.

Sometimes it happened that I was texting to Sunita in front of Bhaskaran, which was exciting as well as scary. Since, Bhaskaran got promoted his tours got increase, most of the time he was out of town and even when in town he was busy working late. Sunita started feeling lonely and grew too close to me.

We started meeting for coffees and finally one day she invited me over when Bhaskaran was not in town. She asked me to come between 6 –7 pm, when most of the people in her society are inside their homes. I think she did a lot of survey of her society to come to this conclusion. I rushed from office to be there on time. At sharp 6:50 I rang the bell, the door was opened by angel.

She was draped in the same red n black sari which she wore on the first day we met. How do women figure these things out is still a mystery and will forever remain a mystery. She greeted me with an extended hi and took me in by hand. I felt like eating her lips then and there but I controlled myself and went inside.

She asked me to sit in the drawing room and asked me, “What would you like to have? Something hot or cold”. I wanted to say that I want to have you but refrained and asked for water. Although we have chatted about everything (including sex) but somehow at that moment I was felling scared to say/do something nasty.

She brought a bottle of water from the kitchen and tossed it to me. Accidently I fumbled and the bottle dropped on my balls. It didn’t hurt, instead an eureka moment came to my mind. Why not act of getting hurt and she would comfort my balls by gently rubbing it.

I acted as if I was in grave pain, she was too smart and wanted to play a little longer; She went in the kitchen and brought an ice bag to sooth my balls. I didn’t wanted to continue more and ended the game and asked her to help with the ice bag. She kept the bag over my balls, the water from the bag was making my pants wet.

She asked me to open my pants and wanted to have a look at the injured balls. I obliged immediately and dropped my pants down, with my shorts still on, she immediately jumped and rushed towards the door. I panicked as if what has happed? Has some one came into the house? I too ran behind her to check what the matter is.

To my relief I found she went to confirm that the door is bolted properly or not? She came in and pushed me back to the couch and said “show me, how badly are the soldiers hurt?” I was surprised to hear about my soldiers. She helped me get my pants completely off and finally it was the show time.

She started playing with soldiers and with that the commander was getting ready for a fight. She took hold of my commander (dick) and started licking it. The licks were making it harder and finally my dick made way into her mouth. She was like a pro in sucking a cock, after a few minutes she got up and pushed herself onto me. I took her in my arms and started kissing her.

We started exploring each other’s mouth and not an inch was left unexplored by both of us. After 10 mins of smooching & eating, I started licking her earlobes, slowly with my hands started to undress her. First I dropped her saree pallu, then with a lot of struggle I freed her from her blouse and bra. She was enjoying every minute of the act and was letting out moans quite frequently.

I started squeezing her huge boobs and bit her nipples. She let out a loud cry of “Aaahhh!! Please don’t bite, it will leave marks and it hurts too”. My tongue went on for the exploration and started licking her belly button and my hands started the slide up from her thighs to her already wet panties. I got my hand inside to feel the warmth of pussy which was dying to get fucked badly.

She pushed my head down towards her pussy as a gesture that she wanted her pussy to be licked. I immediately hiked her dress up and pulled the panties down. Oh man! What a sight. It was a delight. Clean shaven pussy with no trace of hair. It was shining as if it has been specially polished for today’s show.

I immediately got on to the job of licking and the lady started moaning loud in the pleasures of my licking. After a few minutes of licking she pulled me up and whispered “Let me taste my own juice, He never let me had this pleasure”. She literally dried my mouth, she licked n sucked every drop of her juice from my mouth.

I was getting impatient and pushed her on to the bed and spread her legs, put some desi lubrication on my dick(saliva) and pushed in my dick into her pussy. The hole was very warm and cosy. The thrusts started to build momentum, within a minute she started swinging in pleasure and started shouting –“Harder, Baby fuck me hard. I’m yours, I have waited too long for this”.

A moaning woman do enhance the excitement and my thrusts started to get speedier and very quickly I was about to explode. While I was about to blow she again screamed, “Don’t pull out, fill me with your love juice. I don’t want even a drop outside”. I had never before had the opportunity to cum inside a woman. It had always been on the tummy, boobies or the mouth.

It was my first time inside and it felt even better than blowing in the mouth. As I emptied myself inside her, I collapsed on her, she too hugged me tight and started kissing me softly. We cuddled each other and rested for few minutes. She started hovering her hand over my dick, she was not satisfied yet.

This her gently moving her hand over my dick, it again got back to life for another round. The next round lasted long and she got her orgasm twice. We dozed off in each other’s arm for 2-3 hours and around 10 I got up, I was all hungry and tiered because of 2 consecutive fuck sessions. I woke her up and she cooked for me and we had dinner together naked.

After the dinner we had another session which went on to anal too. We finally dozed off but don’t know when. Sunita woke me up at around 6 in the morning. We showered and together and had breakfast & went out for office.

After this we met every other day for 7-8 months. We started drifting apart (as I got someone else, which itself is a story to be told) but still we meet once in 2-3 months and have good time. Bhaskaran still does not know about our affair and everyone is happy & busy with their lives.

Please feel free to drop in your thoughts/suggestions in the comments below. Thanks.

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Young Couple Enjoying Voyeur Fantasies

This is a story of how my gf and I, a young couple madly in love, together discover the taboo part of sex that is partner sharing, flashing, voyeurism etc. I don’t prefer describing ourselves but just following the herd. The following incidents spread across the time from when we were 19 year old to the present day. I am an average tall handsome guy and my gf is short, petite and sexy.

Her figure is 34 28 36, so anything she wore made her look sexy. My gf and I were never the jealous the type. We loved each other madly and truly believed that our love can conquer all. We were candid about the aesthetics of others, teased each other but it was always in fun n frolic.

I was the guy who was very much involved in sex, pornography and other perverted stuff on the other hand my gf always seemed to be the shy type who wanted to be physical only with me. You can think, she made love not sex, as I used to think. But who knew what secret desires and carnal fantasies, a shy cute and innocent girl possessed.

After I joined my engineering college, my gf and I used to talk daily on phone and often had sex chat. She usually described how she wants to get ravaged by me on her first night or she would narrate our previous escapades. Once I asked her,”what do you imagine when you masturbate?” she said,” about you doing me hard”.

I said that how can you imagine the same thing all the time, swear on me and say what are the other things you think about. She started crying, her voice was shaking. I knew I was going to hear something which would blow my mind. On one hand I was wondering what if she said that she touched herself thinking about another guy, how would I feel, Should I fight?

Or should I shout? On the other hand I was also slightly aroused by the thought of things my shy and innocent gf imagined. The situation was so tense, we were shivering, our voices were trembling and she said, “I think about random guys too” and tears ran down her eyes. “Random Guys” these two words kept echoing in my mind but the answer was clear, YES, it aroused me.

I consoled my gf and told her that it was ok. I asked her to trust me, I said, “you don’t know how much I love, I am also aroused by slutty fantasies and I am totally on board with it.” She hugged me and said that she was very lucky to have me and she would tell me about all her slutty deeds and fantasies. This breakthrough in our relationship changed everything.

She disclosed her favorite fantasies first. She used to imagine middle aged man with huge a built banging her hard from behind, showing no remorse. She used to narrate such fantasies on phone and we used to masturbate together. She got more comfortable and trusted me completely so she decided to tell me about her slutty acts.

The first thing she remembered, she was alone at her house only with her servant who was a young teenager at the time. He was busy doing his chores in the kitchen and she was standing behind him. Later she realized that he was trying to peep inside her night gown.

She felt weird as he was so young but being alone in a house with a guy who was ogling at her assets was overwhelming, an idea struck her, she went back to her room and removed her bra and panty and came back to the kitchen wearing nothing but that semi transparent gown. She started chatting with him so that he could see her erect nipples and scarcely hairy pussy.

The young servant was madly staring at my gf’s breasts. He cared for nothing, kept licking his lips and staring at her nipples. She could see his bulge and soon she couldn’t hold it any longer, she went back to her room and squirted her love juice thinking about fucking that young guy’s dick. I can’t remember how many times I have masturbated thinking about this incidence.

In the next few incidents she was bolder and took it to the next level. Once, one of her distant uncle was trying to teach her to ride a motorcycle. It was totally non-sexual at the beginning, she was hardly 20 and he was in this late 30s or early 40s.

My gf was steering the bike and the uncle was helping her by keeping his big arms above hers during turns and speed breakers to keep the handlebar stable. After few bumps and jerks, my gf felt something hard poking on her butt.

At first she didn’t understand but soon she realized that I was her uncle’s dick. She felt disgusted and wanted to step down but she didn’t know how to face the situation and what to say to him. So the poking continued and she was helplessly driving the bike.

Now, taboo thoughts of incestuous relations had started coming to her mind, she tried hard but it was impossible to keep it out of her mind because a big fat dick was continuously trying to tear her jeans and penetrate her.

She tried to move a little forward, away from him but the bumpy road made her fall back on his rock hard dick. They were in continuous fucking motion and it was too late for her to stop since her pussy was already drenched and it wanted to get pounded. So, she purposely dashed over a bump and stuck her hips to his dick, now his dick was perfectly aligned with her hot pussy. Now with every bump or break, her uncle’s dick was thrusting against her wet hole.

It was perfectly aimed and she could feel this big head of his dick on her pussy. She pushed her ass as close to him as she could as to enjoy as much as she could. After a long drive of rubbing and jerking, they came back home and pretended as if nothing happened. But am sure both of them had to change their under wears after getting back.

She had a thing for middle aged married men, everybody has their kinks. It was a Sunday, morning, she woke up early as she had to clean the kitchen and the balcony. It was quite early so she didn’t bother to change her clothes and went to clean the balcony in her night dress, it a huge top with a very wide and deep neck plus she wasn’t wearing her bra.

She was busy with her work, wiping and cleaning the balcony and didn’t care much of her surroundings since it was hardly 6:30 am. She had almost completed wiping the floor and she saw her neighbor, a man in his mid 40s, and father of her friend from her colony, standing in balcony looking at her.

She didn’t think much and went back to wipe the floor but then it struck her that she was on her knees and that man was clearly able to see her bare breasts hanging through her loose top. Had it been a few years back she would have cried in shame, but this girl was now aware of the forbidden fruit.

She was done wiping the floor but she started doing it again facing him, she pulled her top down so that he could get a clear view of her brown nipples. She never made eye contact but was able to make out that the man kept adjusting his pants. She tried to expose her cleavage and breasts from all the possible angles and yet pretended as if all this was just an accident.

Now flashing her assets was not a very big deal to her, if she felt safe she would not miss a chance to do it. I remember once, she flashed a group of construction workers who were working in the building opposite to her. She blatantly opened her window and went nude and acted as if she wasn’t aware of the workers presence.

By this time my innocent gf was a total sexual deviant, I can recall a few times when she wanted a guy sitting next to him in auto rickshaw to make a move and grope her breasts or when she wanted to sneak in the train’s washroom and have a sleazy fuck. Both my gf and I had changed from innocent love birds to horny experimenting devils.

We used to plan threesomes, how to get a guy or a couple, whom can we trust and so on. Just the discussion of sharing partners made our sex life 10 times hotter. We used to meet in a restaurant which was often secluded in the afternoon, we had a little argument and she was trying to cheer me up.

We were the only customers at that time and there were only two or three waiters. She gazed into my eyes and gave me a naughty smile. I never expected and had never imagined what she was going to do next. She started unbuttoning her shirt.

One, two, three, four, now her bra was visible and her ample bosom was almost out and to make it more unsettling the waiter came, he madly stared at the magnificent breasts, he saw me and again started looking at my gf’s breasts.

My gf turned towards him and started giving our order, I don’t know how the waiter controlled his urge and it seemed from his face that he would have fucked her then and there on the table. He took the order and went away. I was horny as hell, my gf took off her shoes and kept her feet on my crotch and said, “Honey, I know you like it, now watch the waiter drooling from my boobs”.

She pushed her breasts a little upwards. She was looking like a sexy Goddess. The waiter came several times and we just all exchanged smiles. We left the restaurant and, I hugged my gf hard as I was never so aroused in my life. We fucked hard, talked dirty about the waiter banging her. Since then we always looked forward to fulfill our desire of involving third person in our bed.

There are many more such incidents and finally the time when a guy and I fucked my together for the whole night that led to a series of threesomes and couple swapping.But I have to wrap up for today. I would to share more if you guys want. Please post in the comments below.

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Sexy Durga fucking with boyfriend in Cuttack

Hi all I hope you all are doing well with your life. Firstly let me thank HumanDigest for creating such and wonderful platform to share our experiences. Welcome to my world. I am a social media consultant and work for myself. Since my BCA days I was always attracted towards the social media and I never thought social media king of those days ORKUT will help me find the love of my life Shona.

Introducing myself as a 5″ 4′ fair guy with average body and a little hairy chest from Cuttack : The city of festivals. Before coming to the story let me introduce my princess to you hard. Since the day I met her in cuttack railway station till date, it’s been 5 years and she seems more beautiful and sexier day by day. She is 5” 2 ’ cute Barbie doll with vital stats of 32 – 28 – 34.

I always prefer to walk after her to shaking hot ass and I am proud of it. In a private room today morning while she was giving me an awesome blowjob with my penis in her mouth and her hand playing with my balls. She broke the session and went to the bathroom and I followed. I love to see her peeing.

While she was peeing I made her stand and pee and her hot urine made my rod bath which I always loved. It may seems to be weird but it’s an awesome feeling. Try it. We cleaned each other with soap and back on action in bed. While licking her naval I said her to share our 1st hot date with you all.

Suddenly she stopped and took my rod out of her mouth and a straight NO and later she agreed and she asked me for a good figure job in return. I took her in my arms and laid her in bed and starting licking her lips with one figure in her love hole. Her pussy was very tight as we rare get opportunity to make love.

But we never leave chance to satisfy each other on phone, in cinema halls, parks and cafes.Her pussy juice is super tasty and while my figuring her let me tell you our story.Her boobs are C Cupped with brownish hot nipples. Her fucking ass makes me mad.The way she press her boobs makes my rod hard.We love to spend time with each other and never missed a chance of making love.

It was during Durga Puja and it is one of the biggest festival in cuttack.If you get a chance to visit cuttack during Durga Puja. You can say it is one of the biggest festivals in the world. She lives with her family to the en d of the city and I live in the heart of the city. Her parents went to visit holy places and her brother was doing night shift in office.

It was a day before bhasani day (Immersion), she was in her home with her grandparents and as planned I was supposed to watch orchestras till 11 PM and then would come to her home. I went to medical shop got a pack of condoms. She text me around 11.15pm and I went near home parked bike and went inside as planned.

I hugged her and we went to her room and I started kissing her lips and she responded well. She is wild in bed and cute outside it. Now I was licking her tongue with my hand on her 32 size boobs.I took her top off and unhooked her bra. She melons were right in front of my mouth and I started licking every part of her.She was wearing a black bra and black panty.

I made her nude and was sucking her left boob while she was giving me a hand job inside my pant. I know well how to make turn her on. So I started licking her neck for which she started giving soft moan. I liked with my lips and tongue while resting above her. Her boobs were touching my check and our nipples kissing each other.

Slowly I went to her left boob and started licking it. Her boobs are round and hot sexy nipples waiting to get sucked. While licking her boob, I started to figure fuck her and she started to moan loud. Ohhh please can’t wait more eat me, fuck me. In Odia (please ahuri jore purao figure). Please fuck me harder with your fingure don’t stop.

Soon we changed position to 69 and holding her ass and pressing it feels awesome while licking her hot juicy pussy.She likes licking and figure fucking pussy simultaneously. I did as her desire while she was sucking my penis like a professional. Sleeping in her bed with my sweetie nude in my arms holding my penis and asking for fuck was like a dream moment.

Now even it was high time with oral and she now guided my rod to her hole and uff she was so tight and it was painful to enter her. I slowly pushed inside her pussy and started fucking her slowly while my hand was playing with her nipples. She was biting my neck and asking like a sex hunger for increasing speed. Please fuck me harder please.

We changed position to doggy and finally came in her ass. She gave me a hot blow job and licked all my cums. After the 1st session she slept over me nude while my figure was fucking her hot ass.

Next story I will come up with the 2nd session we did that night with chocolates, her hot ass and lubricants. Giving a brief about the 2nd session, while I was fingering her ass, my junior woke up and started growing. She understood and took it in hand and began stroking.

The feeling was heavenly. We took doggy position before that she applied some Vaseline to my rod which made me a little easier to enter her ass. It was damn tight and hot. To be continued.

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Matt enjoying extra marital sex with a Divorcee

Hello everyone, this is Matt, age 27, married, athletic. I have had sexual experiences with my past girlfriends but this one was more thrilling and enjoyable. It is my first story here (because I hardly get time to narrate such things). I got married this year( not to my past gf) and I have a really hot wife, but men r men and so am I.

One fine day, I saw that I got a poke on my fb profile (it was an old poke that I saw months later) from a decent looking girl. She was fair, tall, alluring, 34-28-36. I poked her back. We started chatting, exchanged numbers and started chatting on whatsapp when my wife used to b in ofc(we work in different shifts). Gradually we started to have phone sex after once she brought the dirty words in.

Once she said ‘meri choot puri geeli ho gayi hai baatein karke, apna lund do na abhi chahiye’ and asked ‘kaise chodoge mujhe, kis kis position mein’. She said she liked fucking in lap while sitting on a chair. I said I liked doggy style the most as I could take control of her body that way and I like to make girls my sex slave by pulling their hair and fucking their ass and pussy wildly from behind.

I loved listening to choot and lund and chudai from her. She was nasty in her talks, I used to talk to her even when at ofc. We decided to meet somewhere. She said she’s a primary teacher with a reputed school and asked me to pick her up after her school gets over. I picked her up in my car. She had covered her face with a stoll which I removed as soon as she sat in my car.

I caressed her face and touched her lips with my fingers. She said she liked my looks and car. She said that she’s also learning to drive a car and we went to a CCD nearby. It was quite uncrowded and we got close. She told me that she was divorced as her hubby couldn’t quench her thirst for sex.

She left her house in the middle of a night with her luggage from Indore to Bhopal and came by bus. Her brother with his wife and mom didn’t welcome her as the guy whom she left was her bf before wedding. She had also been with other guys before wedding as she told me.

After her divorce she hadn’t felt a man till that date as per her. I asked her what she’s looking for now. She said she wants a long-term physical relationship. I asked her to keep it a secret as I didn’t want to spill the beans and she agreed. I kissed her on her forehead right there and put my hand on her left thigh.

She asked ‘how much will you love me?’, I replied ‘just like my wife and will make love to you all day all night long’. I then slowly moved my hand to her pussy and rubbed it from above her leggings. She was too hot and got horny and asked me if I have a place where we could go right then.

I asked one of my colleagues if he can leave his flat for us this afternoon but he said that he has to get ready and leave for office and his flat‘s owner might find out. I got disappointed, same with her. We got out of CCD, I was cupping her right butt in my hand while walking towards my car, she held my hand. I kissed her in car and licked her neck, her eyes rolled up with pleasure.

I pushed her boobs from above her kurti like some car’s horn, she laughed and let me play with them. She was a Mona punjabi (her last name is Sharma). I dropped her to a row next to her house as she was not sure.of showing her house to me. On the way we touched each other in car. I kissed her lips and she touched my dick and played with it.

I inserted my hand in her top while driving and caressed her perfectly-shaped soft boobs. A week passed. I called her up when my wife was in ofc, picked her up and booked a hotel room. We checked in as husband and wife (with our original id proofs) got relaxed in room.

She was a bit afraid as she was caught by police once she was with her bf in his flat where someone in the neighbourhood got suspicious and called the police which raided there and took her and her bf to police station. Her elder brother got her out and was very ashamed.

She said she didn’t want to land in such a situation ever again. While she was looking at her beauty in the mirror, I grabbed her from behind,caressing her boobs with one hand and pussy with the other. She said ‘bohot jaldi mein ho’, I said yes, why shouldn’t I be in a hurry because you are looking steamy hot.

I took her black kurti off and placed her on the bed taking her in my arms, licked her lips, removed her white sexy bra slowly. She was craving for it as she hadn’t felt it since months. I then charged at her boobs, her tits were small, boobs were around 34″, I licked and bit them wildly she was high on pleasure,

I kissed her neck and shoulders and cupped her boobs in mouth with my tongue swirling around her tits. She was moaning with pleasure. I removed her white leggings and she removed my vest. She asked me to lick her pussy to which I said ‘No’ coz I am one of those hunters in bed not the pussy-licker kind of asshole. She got disappointed and said that she thought I would do it for her.

I didn’t care and removed her panty which was already wet and rubbed her pussy hard,slid in 4 fingers in her pussy. Her pussy was quite fucked up by different guys in her quest for sex after her divorce.

I got on top of her and took my dick into her mouth, she sucked it hard, she was an expert in all that stuff. My dick grew long and hard. I rubbed it on her pussy till she couldn’t take it anymore and pleaded to fuck her hard. I put a condom on and gave a thrust and it was all in.

I started throbbing and she was enjoying it a lot. We bit each other and licked each others bodies, her nails hurt in my back she was enjoying so much that she started shouting. We had an orgasm together. She had a really great stamina as she was too experienced.

We wen to the washroom, cleaned ourselves and I dropped her at a mall as she didn’t want to go home so early as she had told her mom that she was going for a movie with friends.

Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks.

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Kumar satisfying a hot lady in Bangalore

Hi all my name is Kumar. The story is about how I satisfied a hot lady. By profession working as software engineer and this is all happened 9 months ago. I was big fan of HumanDigest and its now my time to submit my story.

Coming to story one day I visited to one mall in Bangalore and there I saw this beautiful lady and she was damn hot and sexy and I was mesmerized with her beauty and by seeing her itself we can easily say that she is married. At initial she didn’t look to me at all but because of her beauty I started following her in the mall.

After sometime finally I gained her attention when she was searching for some items in the store there I visited and then in the food court again and in food court I ordered one burger combo and sat in the opposite table to her and there it started all I was continuously staring at her we two had an eye to eye contact even though it was far I felt somewhat different.

Even she was starring at me continuously and finally she gave a smile to me then I felt so happy and I felt it as green signal and started starring at her assets and surely I am saying by seeing her there itself I was able to conclude that her breast size was surely 36 but which I got confirmed latter form her.

Finally she started to move and again I started to follow her then she observed me again and she got into one of the lifts even I too got into that lift and it was too much crowded and we two got the place just to stand not even to move my hand suddenly some of them got of the lift and we two moved a little back and now I was standing behind her I was enjoying

by seeing her back again somebody was about to get down so they were moving suddenly she slipped a little and fell on me and my hand touched her ass unknowingly I felt amazing and my penis was already erected with that touch and it was touching her ass she was able to feel that and there we reached to parking lot there we were about to get down from the lift

suddenly one of the covers which she is carrying was torn and all her items started dispersing. Then I helped her in gathering the items then she told me thanks and she was about to move but because of the torn cover she was unable to carry the I asked her whether she required some help she immediately said yes and even I collected some of the items from her hand

and started moving to near her car there we reached near to her car and we placed all the items in her car. She was saying thanks and lot and blah blah but I was continuously looking at her assets and she understood that I was looking at her assets and she did some voices to disturb me then I was about to leave feeling bad inside my heart suddenly feeling bad for leaving her.

Then suddenly she offered me a coffee for my help then I immediately said yes and I was about to take my bike but she said that lets go in car again I will drop u here and in car we had formal discussion about our work and blah blah finally 20 minutes of journey we reached to ccd which is not crowded at all and we ordered some coffee and chit chatted about some other things but I was continuously starring at her.

Suddenly she told asked me why are you starring at me like I was dumb stuck and I said sorry it was a little disturbance and then again we started chit chatting about work and her family then she told me that she has 2 children and by listening that I felt shocked.

By seeing her u will never believe that she is a mother of 2 children then I was in shock and we are about to move and I took a step and asked her number without hesitating we exchanged our numbers as we both know we are on the same track.

After 15 days of chatting in whatsapp we became close to each other a lot and she started sharing about her loneliness and other problems and slowly topic shifted to sex and she used to say that she was not happy with her life then immediately I replied that your husband is a fool for making u starved I were in your hubby place it would have been different.

Then she immediately called to me as I was in office I dint pick the call and after few minutes I again called to her and then she asked whether really I mean it or just for kidding I told then I told her that if I were your husband I would never leave it and we spoke for another 30 mins and we both came to know we wanted each other desperately then she said that she will decide the date and time and let me know.

By evening I got a message saying that tomorrow at 10 am at my home. There is no limits for my joy and the whole night we are chatting with each other and in the morning I called to my manager and told and I was not feeling well and took leave and visited to her home.

Exactly by 10.15 I was in front of her door and I rang the bell she opened the door and there the beauty was in her night gown and by seeing her I got erected and she asked me to sit down in sofa and said that be comfortable and she told that she will get bath and come back in 10 mins.

Then I asked about others in the home she told that kids left to home and she also took leave for me then I felt because till evening we had time then she was about to move to bath and I asked her that can I join in your bath she said wait for sometime and she went for bath and she locked the door and cursed myself and after few mins I heard a voice come on lets go and I was dumb

stuck and there the beautiful lady was in her bath towel inviting me to have bath we went into bathroom and hugged her tightly and she removed all my clothes and I was hugging her tightly and started sucking her boobs like hell she was moaning in pleasure and I sucked her in neck and hips and she was unable to control and said lets have bath first and will go to bedroom.

Then I treated her like baby and made her bath and came to bedroom and she just wore her bra and panty and tied her wet hair up and I was laying on the bed she came near to me and started kissing from my top to bottom and I licked it a lot and there she took my tool out and was shocked and said that she will get pain for this size because her husband’s tool was so small

and then I said that size doesnt matter the way u fuck matters I told her and now I was on top of her and started sucking from top to bottom I liked her lips a lot and then started smooching for 15 mins and sucking her boobs by changing each other and she is begging me to fuck her.

Then I opened the condoms and asked her to put on my tool and then I started fucking her when I inserted initially she got a lot of pain and pushed me away but again I came back and started inserting slowly into her pussy and started stroking normally for two to three mins and in between I used to apply more pressure to touch her bottom and it became free after that for 10 mins

in normal missionary position and we shifted from top to bottom and bottom to and even I fucked her in the doggy style and started biting her ass and she was moaning in pain and pleasure and this went for nearly 1 hr in between changing positions and she was cummed twice and finally even I cummed.

And after that we had sex in different position and different places in the home we had sex the whole and had lunch together in nude and in kitchen we had sex and on the dining table. Altogether I fucked her nearly 5 times and sucked her pussy and she sucked my cock and made me cum by sucking itself and she was such a pro in sucking and finally at 5 o clock I left

from there and she messaged me later saying that thanks for making my day awesome and after we were in touch and whenever possible we are having sex still now. And now she introduced me to her rich friend as male escort which I enjoyed a lot and rather than money now I was getting a lot of sex pleasure of these both friend who used to share me in often and her friend Preeti

used to pay me well and even we three had threesome and visited to a different place in the country and even enjoyed which I will share that experience in the next story…Please share your valuable feedback with me in the comments below.

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The seduction of Monica Bhabhi - II

Hope you all liked my first part and I purposely left a lot to desire for my new readers. It is titled The seduction of Monica Bhabhi - I. Please read through it for the build up. I watched her laying on the bed breathing heavily and swaying her hips. She tempting me by telling me to come get her with her fingers.

All this tempting and I started stroking myself … She smiled and said “abhi aaj lamba chalega jo karna hain chut mein kar haath se mat hilana tu thak jayega aur perform nahi kar payega ” and burst out laughing. This made me go in a trance … Her talks were driving me mad …

Here I have the most sexiest housewife on earth who has gone wild and instigating to me fuck her brains out and I told her that you are going to get fucked hard and jumped on her first guiding my erect dick in her pussy hole and then pressing her boobs hard and I screamed that I would drive her mad to which she replied

“woh chahti hun mein.. Kal aur perso sab naukar ko aane manna kar di meiney taki tu dinbhar mujhe chod sake … Hain itni taqat tujhe … Tere paas pura weekend hain … Tere lode mein hain dum” … She drove me mad … My head rolled back her saree her movements all were planned. She longed for my dick and with this I started forcing myself in her … Increasing my paces and screaming.

With every stroke she screamed that I was the best “tere jaisa koi nahi hain abhi … Aaj aisa chod ki tune kabhi nahi kiya …. Aaah aur zorse abhi … Tere lund ko mere chut mein gussa de pura.. Iss chut ka asli haqdar tu hain” … I knew it was going to be a long night … I held her hand as she was really hurting me with her nails … I drove her mad with my fucking …

I took her hands and joined with mine and folded them over her head and fucked her in missionary position for some time as I enjoyed her boobs too in that position … Her screams and the sounds of my thumping were all I could hear around … It was serene … Her movements her screams her breathing everything was seeming that she was in ecstasy.

The feeling of fulfilling the desires of such a beautiful lady was really pleasing me. She cried out loud “abhi aaj se tu meri hain … iss chut ka malik tu hain” she continued to moan and scream. I wanted to ram into her more so I got up after a few minutes and without wasting time I dragged her by her legs and pulled her to the corner of the bed …

Took her legs over my shoulder and pile drive my dick in her … I like this position as I get the feeling I can see my entire dick disappear in her pussy …. Her pussy by now was leaking like a waterfall … She was building up and I suddenly stopped … She shouted at me “ab mat rukh abhi mein jhadne wali hun … Chod aise hie mujhe …. Tujhse chudwana janat jaane layak hain ” … How could I not continue now …

I in one go put it all inside her and she was now shouting ” abhiii mere jaaan …. Maazaaa agayaaaa …. Aaaah … Ooohh myy gooddd … Aaaahhh … Oohh … Ohhhh … Aaaahh ” and she cummed one orgasm after another and I just increased my pace now with her moist pussy making the movements and sounds more slurry.

Her boobs moved up and down with the same rythm as my motions … It was a wonderful sight I gave in and cummed in her. Both of us very happy and gasping for breath and with my moans and fell on top of her …We kissed each other she thanked me for a nice start and started pressing my dick and stroked it …

I gave my best shot and asked her how I was and she smiled and smooched me for 10 mins and then said u are awesome and u are hard again … I couldnt believe it I was hard again she stood up and put her hands on a bed side table and said “abhi doggy style” I asked her how she had so much energy and she turned and caught my dick and replied in a very considerate tone “taqaat nahi hain naa ?”

She went down on me kissing my neck.. Exploring my chest.. Kissing my nipples.. Sucking them a bit … I just got harder and harder.. My dick just pulsating with she moving down inch by inch … she saw it and looked into my eyes and smiled and then she finally kissed the tip of my dick and my head rolled back with a feeling I can’t explain.

I had cummed loads a few moments ago and I was rock hard. She didn’t suck me at all … I had a worried look on my face and she got up and understood I want a blowjob from her.. She smiled and put a hand across my cheek and told me “don’t worry sab milega.. We have two days now fuck me from behind“ …

I was a bit angry.. I shoved her and moved her to the table she put her hands on the table and laughed “ab dekhte hain what this jungle can do” as the table was near the bed I kept one of my legs on the bed and teased her with my cock near her pussy.. She was tempted and said “daaldo andar“

I moved back and bent down and kissed her ass hole. Not an inch of hair she shaved everything that day.. What desires a lady can have we men can never know. She always can go that extra mile.. That extra bit and she made me to also try to take that extra step. The smell of her asshole was scintillating.

The pungent and salty taste just drove me further I took that bit extra in me and drove my tongue in her asshole and started fingering in her pussy.. She moaned louder and louder with her aaaah’s and ufff’s are the only words echoing in the room. She shouted out my name as I was her last hope in this world …

She put one of her hands back and put on the back of my head telling me to drive my tongue further in her. She was so pleased by all this that she had another round of orgasms. Man I was amazed with the amount of juices she was leaking out still. I kissed her ass all over. When she was bending her bulky ass just took an even-more tempting shape and I couldn’t resist it.

After she had done with her orgasm she got up and kissed me and we exchanged her juices in my mouth. She was driven with lust or probably every woman has these desires of her body to be adored. She then broke the kiss and told me to shove my dick inside her.

I went back to the old position with my one leg on bed and the other firm on the ground. I pressed her boobs this time and slowly entered her pussy from behind. She was moaning because of my pressing her boobs and slow strokes and continued telling me to ram in her … she was splendid in sex and she made it really very easy for me as I was close to spent.

But only her drive the way she moved her ass back to to the motion of my strokes was so skillful. Having sex with her was kind of my dream being lived. I increased my space as I was now close to release and I don’t think she didn’t stop from secreting her love juices and after around 10 to 15 minutes with a few subtle changing of positions I was close to release and I cummed inside her.

I saw my juices drip down her thighs and fell on her body and she was still moaning with pleasure and she said “ I love you abhi”.. I was so relieved that I had pleased her and fell to bed that was beside and we both looked at each other.. Our eyes never winked we continued looking at each other gasping for breath.

She then took small lingering steps to the bed and fell on top of me and we smooched for long … I went into a trance. Suddenly when I came back in senses I saw her in cowboy position riding my dick … I was totally spent and she was yet not satisfied.. When I realized that I tried to pump a few strokes in her but I was aching and she realized it and then stopped and got down.

Kissed my close to erect dick and laid beside me.. I apologized to her that I couldn’t live up to her expectations and she said to comfort me “ tum mujhe aaj janat dikhaye ho.. Aaj tak kisine mujhe aise sex nahi kiya hain.. You are a star and I love you”. We both hugged each other.. I saw the clock from a distance it was 1 am. We had been at it for more than 5 hours.

She was superb. She got up from bed.. I tried to get up but she told me to lie down as we have a long weekend ahead and I need to take rest. My eyes were tired and was blinking to stay awake then I suddenly saw she coming into the room naked with a jar of hot milk and some food. I thought I was dreaming.

She fed me naked and I fondled her breasts.. She said “tumhe mere chuchiyan pasand hain naa …. Mujhe meri ass bahut pasand hain.. I like jab u kissed my ass all over … dabalo jee bharke meri chuchiyan.. It’s all yours abhi “ I aksed her u like my dick right ? She said “i love you abhi” she kept on feeding me and gave me a couple of glasses of milk to replenish my lost energy,

after meal she washed my mouth and she was still naked.. Not an inch of cloth … my vision followed her ass and she after few minutes came and slept beside me and asked “ aaj tum thak gae ho..Fir kal subaah se tum mujhe chodna chalu karoge naa?”

I smiled and told her I am her slave and she laughed and smooched me. After we stopped smooching I asked her.. Rather I requested her that the entire weekend we are going to stay nude in the house and she said “as you wish my love.. Iska matlab pure din mujhe chodoge.. You are a rockstar abhi and I love you” I finally told her “i love you too”

yes it was not lust anymore in me although I had my doubts then but not now. We fell asleep hugging each other all nude.. Not even we bothered to drape us with a cloth. Nothing existed between us.

Hope you readers loved my story. Would await your comments, suggestions and encouragement eagerly.

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