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Aby enjoying new fucking job - II

Previously: Aby enjoying new fucking job

Next Aby got up and finished his morning ablutions and got dressed. Seetha came running with his cup of tea and plate full of hot appams and chicken stew and boiled eggs. Seetha told him to go to the room of Saritha as soon as he finished his b/f/ Leaving the plates outside he went to the bungalow.

He met Radhika who asked him to come to her room first as Saritha will go later to her school. As he entered the room, Radhika bolted the door and asked him to take a fresh bra and put it on her. When she removed her nighty, she was stark naked, a thing of beauty. Aby put the bra on her chest and pressed her boobs as if adjusting the bra and saw her pussy not clean shaven.

He told her to keep her pussy clean shaven if at all he has to use it. He moved to the room of Saritha where she had just finished her bath. Seeing Aby her face brightened and she asked him to help her to put the nada on her pyjama. He saw she was standing on her panty. He looked at her face and found a mischievous smile in her face.

He asked her to come closer and pulled her panty down. Her pussy was clean shaven and he tiny clit was protruding from the crevice. Aby asked her to lift her leg and place it on the cot and bent low and licked her pussy with emphasis on her clit. Saritha released a hissing sound. He told her to break her seal takes time and asked her to come to his outhouse in the night with Seetha.

He assured her that he will make a full women of her. Seetha came to call him to the room of Sarada devi. Sarada Devi thanked him and said her back pain is much reduced, but wanted to take bath with his help. Aby told her to wait since he has to leave two girls to the school and the college. Radhika was ready with her stalk of books and she was waiting for the car.

Aby brought out the car and she sat in the rear and they drove to the college. Radhika told him that her friends are making fun of her alleging Aby to be her lover and requested to allow him to share for one night etc. Aby said I don’t mind. When the car stopped a swarm of friends were around the car.

Radhika introduced her friends to Aby and aby jocularly asked whether all of them are with seals broken. One by one raised their hand that their seal is not broken. Aby said he has no time he will come again for this purpose of breaking the seal. All the girls giggled. Radhika got down and waved Aby and he left to take Saritha to her school.

Saritha tall slender beautiful girl wanted to hug him before getting into the car. Aby just avoided tactfully and the left. He told her to introduce to him any of her friends who have itchy cunt and want a fuck urgently. Saritha laughed and said all of them are of the same category. As soon as the car stopped a lot of girls came swarming around as all of them wanted to see Aby.

Aby said in low voice anybody want their seals broken urgently, I am ready. Saritha was laughing and watched whether anybody will come forward accepting the offer of Aby. Lexy a buxom girl asked how much time it will take. Aby said just half an hour. She asked where to go. Aby said your home. Lexy said but mummy is there. He said does not matter.

Lexy excused herself for some time and left with Aby. They went to their house and she had the key and she opened the door and they both went in and they climbed the stairs and went to her room. Her mother was not to be seen may be taking bath. Aby removed all the clothes of Lexy and made her fully nude. She was a beautiful girl with good attractive features.

She may be 16 years of age and very hot girl. His touch lit fire in her body and she took his erect cock in her hand and was fondling it. He readied her, made her aroused, opened her raised legs opened her cunt lips and then inserted his cock into it. She had pain but she tolerated and he went safely and softly and slowly in.

With one hand he was pinching her clitoris and when she was fully aroused he gave one push and her seal went away. He did a good fuck and she was in seventh heaven. She said she never thought it wil be so much enjoyable. After bath they both eleft for school. Her mother came suddenly and asked who it was. Aby said I am a handyman doing sundry work in the household.

She said don't go I have some work for you. He said I will come back within five minutes after dropping her in the school. Lexy told him that she is alone in the house and her dad is in Oman and has not come home for more than a year. She may have small sundry work in the kitchen and pantry. Please help her. Aby said I will certainly help her.

After dropping Lexy in the gate of the school, Aby returned to her home to meet her mother. She had just then finished her bath and was in the process of drying her hair. Aby parked the car, and rang the bell. She opened the door and he went in and bolted the door behind him. She took him to the kitchen and asked him to tighten the screw of the gas cylinder.

He knelt on the floor and his cock was exposed to her. He asked for a screwdriver and was doing the work and she was looking at the size of his cock. He exposed the full 7 inches and the woman was wonder struck. He noticed that she is stunned. They moved to the bedroom where the light switch is broken.

She may be around 30 or 33 years of age and beautiful but sex starved for many months. Aby purposely dashed against her body and once while going to the switchboard, he poked his cock on her buttock. The switch is broken and needs to be replaced, I will come some other time.

She said does not matter, you have helped me and came closer to him and extended her hand and touched his cock. He slowly pushed her to the bed and removed her dress. She wore no underwear or bra. H immediately fell on her and kissing on her cheeks, neck, ear lobes, boobs nipples, he made a fast approach to her clean shaven pussy.

She was moaning and moaning and Aby licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris. The woman roared with joy and Aby took his cock and inserted into her fuck hole. It was not going in. He asked her to help him to put it in. She got up, went to the kitchen, brought some coconut oil and applied it on his cock and in her hole and a fresh attempt was made. It went with difficulty.

In no time he send the whole cock inside her cunt. She said she had never seen such a big and stout cock. It touched new pleasure areas in her hole and she wanted him to begin slow fuck. Then he increased the speed and was doing it at full speed. She got her orgasm and was rolling her head from right to left. Aby pulled out and wiped his cock on her dress.

She asked him how much time is there for him to spare. She asked Aby whether he has time and whether he can go to another flat and do the same thing. Aby agreed. She said it is her younger sister with her husband in Dubai, she is very hot and wants a fuck urgently. Aby asked for the number of the flat and went out. He located the flat and rang the bell.

A lady of about 25or 26 came and opened the door. He told her he is from the gas stove company and he wanted to check up. She allowed him to come in and closed and bolted the door. They went to the kitchen and gas stove was hot and could not be touched. He just squatted on the floor and unleashed his cock out. The lady saw the cock and was looking at it.

He got up and told her that he has to wait for some time since the stove is too hot. The nearest room was a bedroom and she called him to sit in the chair for a while when the stove gets cooled. In the meantime his cock was getting erect and it was making a tent like formation in his mundu. The lady was looking at it with wide eyed wonder.

Suddenly he called her closer and asked her to hold his cock for a moment. She simply obeyed. Its steel like hardness and the length and girth impressed her and there appeared a drop of pre cum at the tip. She just looked at his face and he just nodded his head and she opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth.

He lifted her and made her to lie down in the bed and undressed her and made her totally nude. She had beautiful boobs, medium size, fully erect and the nipple also erect. She had flat belly and beautiful belly button and clean shaven pussy. Aby kissed her on her cheeks, on her neck, boobs, sucked her nipples, and then licked her clitoris. rolled his tongue and inserted into her fuck hole.

The woman was highly aroused and wanted him to fuck her. Aby got up and inserted his cock into her pussy and started to fuck. Her hole was deliciously tight and entry was marvellous. Both the woman and Aby enjoyed. He asked her whether she is in her safe days. She said yes, go ahead.

Aby starting slowly went on increasing the speed and the woman enjoyed it to the maximum. She moaned and cried and created so many incoherent sounds. She reached orgasm, but Aby did not stop. She was heading for her second orgasm. But he was going on fucking. Finally when her third orgasm was building up, he threw his fluids inside and he was on the peak of his pleasure.

When he tried to pull out, she did not allow him. She lavishly kissed him and uttered many loving words. Finally they both went to the bath room and washed themselves and dried their bodies. She said she had no children. Her mother was with her but then she had gone out for listening to some discourse. She asked him to come again and again and fuck her.

She was ready to do anything for him. He bade farewell to her and left to take the car to the school to pick up Saritha. Saritha who was waiting for him was a sport and asked him how many fucks he had that day. He told her total he had five. She exclaimed five fucks and then you are still alive. He just laughed at the innocence of the girl.

She wanted to hear the full story of his adventure, but he said some other time and rushed to bring Radhika from college. Radhika asked how was the day to day, Aby. He said not bad. They both laughed. Both these girls are at his hands reach and he can have them anytime he feels fit. Seetha was waiting for him and told him that Sarada devi was asking for him.

He went to her room with Seetha. Sarada was lying in bed with her body totally covered. Aby asked why he was called and what services he can render to her. She asked Seetha to close the door and take a bottle of pain balm and to give it Aby. She told Aby that he has to apply the pain balm on her back. Aby went near her and removed the wrap and found that she was totally nude.

Aby took the pain balm in his hand and started to apply it on her back. Aby knew that pain balm is an excuse and she wanted a total body massage. He asked Seetha to get a bottle of coconut oil from the kitchen. He applied the oil on he buttocks and on her thighs and then on her knees, and the entire leg. He made a special massage on her back and shoulders etc.

He then asked her to turn over. She turned over. Aby applied oil on her neck, boobs and abdomen and massaged in circulatory motion. Sarada was very much aroused and she kept her eyes closed and moaning. He took some oil and applied it on her pussy and made a circulatory motion with his palm. She was very much aroused and opened up her legs.

He massaged his thighs and legs. He noticed that the door was open and two girls, Saritha and Radhika were watching the happenings in the room. Seetha was already there. Raising her legs and placing them on his shoulders, Aby inserted his cock into the cunt of Sarada devi. She was expecting it. Slowly his entire cock entered her pussy and rested.

He massaged her boobs and clitoris to arouse her and she was already horny. Sarada raised and told him that she would like to get on top of him and asked him to lie down. Aby just lied back and Sarada got on top of him. The observers were just behind her and she did not notice them. She was dancing on him and his cock buried deep inside her.

She jumped like a horse riding, rotated her waist and then lied on him in a swimming movement. Finally she reached her orgasm and she was grunting and cooing. Saritha and Radhika who were seeing a fucking action for the first time were shocked. Seetha asked them to get back to their rooms.

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Posted by kutia
on: October 29, 2015 1:28 PM | Reply

no less than a Porn.... just worthless.. pls mod don't post such worth less stories, alteast imagination sud have some limits.. this loser has never even seen a boobs,,leave of the pussy & seal broken(cheap guy)

Posted by karuna
on: October 29, 2015 2:12 PM | Reply

Will happen in your dreams you asshole !!!

Posted by rone
on: October 29, 2015 3:05 PM | Reply

Don't fool us. Its not so erotic.

Posted by prashant ragemallu
on: October 29, 2015 11:09 PM | Reply

Awseme yar post anothr part of it

Posted by Naughty
on: October 30, 2015 12:15 AM | Reply

One of the worst stories ever read on this site

Posted by honest
on: October 30, 2015 3:08 AM | Reply

The story is hood but fake..You described in such a way that girls r buying vegetable...dont write such fake story

Posted by Tausif
on: October 30, 2015 5:01 AM | Reply

Thoda jyada chutiya nahi bana diya tune?

Just stop these nonsense and stop make fun of this site just bull shit u mother fucker bastard wht the hell u are writing a bull shit

Just stop these nonsense and stop make fun of this site just bull shit u mother fucker bastard wht the hell u are writing a bull shit

Posted by ssss
on: October 31, 2015 9:28 AM | Reply

super narration

Posted by ravi agarwal
on: October 31, 2015 10:23 AM | Reply

Feel free...! Madarchod, Bhosdi ke...bas kar gaand marana, teri Story khade lund ki maa chod rahi hai...

Hahahahahaha.. Ye sachi sex story nahi.. balki ek fake aur comedy story lagti hai.. jiska hero kaamdev cum superman cum driver hai.. hahahaha.. lage raho.. apni kalpanao ki uchi-uchi udaan me..:)

Posted, in reply to kutia's comment, by Amit
on: November 2, 2015 10:14 AM | Reply

It seems you are a sex starved kutiya

Posted, in reply to karuna's comment, by RAISAHIB
on: November 2, 2015 10:46 AM | Reply

yup this cud possible only in day dreams

Posted by Tripster
on: January 1, 2016 2:13 AM | Reply

What hideous fuckall fantasy story , my god what made up story line all lies

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