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Aby enjoying new fucking job - III

Previously: Aby enjoying new fucking job - II

On the third day, Mr. Menon told Aby that his company will pay him a salary of Rs.25000/- because they were fully satisfied of his services. Aby thanked him. But Mr.Menon told him that he has to be in the service of his family members who are all executives of his company. Mrs. Menon gave him a broad smile and asked him to get ready to go to the club.

Aby came and they went to the club. Mrs. Panicker who was the vice president of the club wanted Aby for some private work. But Aby said he has some work at home as he has been asked to bring Saritha from school. Mrs. Panicker was a middle aged lady of 50 years and to go with her means to fuck her.

Why should he waste his energy when young pussies are waiting for him. He went to the school and picked up Saritha. Her two friend wanted to get dropped and they also jumped into the car. One of the girls, Ameena, very fair and well built was sitting with him in the front seat and told him in hushed voice to come to her house in the afternoon. Aby asked what for.

She said to break a seal. He looked up into her face and she smiled and nodded. After dropping them all and after dropping Saritha, he went to his quarters, had lunch and by three he left with the car. He went to the house of Ameena and knocked the door. Ameena opened the door and ushered him in. She told him that she is alone at home and there is nobody coming soon.

She took him to her bedroom upstairs and they both lied in the bed. She hugged him and Aby kissed her rosy cheeks and his hands were pressing her boobs. He was undressing her He removed her kurta and salwar and bra and she was in her panty. There was a wet patch in the panty. She removed his shirt and mundu.

He did not wear any underwear and his cock was semi erect. She took his cock in her hands and kissed it. She took it in her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. Aby made a small in and out fucking motion. His hand pulled her panty down and her pussy was clean shaven and golden in color. Aby lied between her legs and licked her cunt from bottom to top.

She made a hissing sound and told him that she is still a virgin and wanted him to break her seal. He told her that he has a big cock and she will get pain when he fucks her. She said she has to bear it one day or the other. Aby with his tongue digged her clitoris and pulled it out of its place. It sent a shock wave into Ameena and she gave a cry of joy.

He tickled her clitoris with his tongue and it aroused her immensely. She asked him to put his cock in. He said wait and he inserted his finger in her fuck hole and rotated it to expand and make the hole bigger. Her fluids were excessive and it lubricated her hole. He put his cock at the entrance and tried it push it in.

Slowly it went in and she was crying and her tears were flowing down her cheeks. It took a lot of time for him to fully insert his cock into her. He held it there tight fitted for some time so that her pain may be reduced. Finally he started to fuck her slowly and asked her how she feels. She said she has less pain. As he went on fucking he found signs of her enjoyment.

He went to increase the speed and finally he felt that she reached her orgasm and her inner muscles were palpitating. Without reaching his orgasm, he pulled his cock out and they both went to the bath room. There was lot of blood and he helped her to clean the blood and other fluids. She kissed him profusely and wanted him to lie with her for some more time.

He said he is in a hurry. Ameena asked Aby whether he can fuck her aunty. Her aunt is there in the third floor of the same block whose husband is in Dubai. She quite young and is crazy after sex. She used to insert vegetables etc into her cunt. Aby asked for the address and Ameena told him the flat no.

She told him that he has to manage himself and without mentioning any thing about Ameena. Aby agreed and went to third floor. The time was 4 pm. He rang the bell in the flat. A beautiful young lady opened the door. Aby told her that he is from the gas stove company and he has been asked to check all the stoves in the area and if burners are defective they will change it.

That lady allowed him to come in and they went directly to the kitchen. There was no sign of anybody else in the house. Aby just casually lifted his mundu and pulled out is cock when the lady was looking at him. She was shocked. He just squatted on the floor with his folded mundu and his cock was out with it full size for the view of the lady.

He meddled with the stove and turned to her and she was looking at him in great amazement. He went near her and told her to just touch his cock and test its hardness. Without hesitation she took his number in her hand and tested it for its hardness. Gas stove was forgotten and concentration of on his cock.

Her name was Sheeba and she tested his balls sac and ass and everything and she is convinced that he should fuck her then and there. She caught hold of his hand and pulled him to her bedroom. Luxuriously laid with all amenities. Both of them undressed each other. His cock was pulsating and swinging widely.

A telephone came it seems from one of her cousins and she replied she is busy. All sorts of embarrassing questions were being asked and she could not reply all and sshe disconnected. Sheeba started to apply oil on the cock of abi so that its entry would be easy. She has never had such a big cock ever and it should tear any tissue in the interior.

Abi was lying gloriously in the bed and Sheeba was running around in her panty and without bra. There was a knock at the door. who will go, Sheeba alone has to go to see who has come. She just put on a jacket and went to see who has come. It was her cousin and childhood friend Sheela of he own age and bent upon disturbing them from any pleasure they had planned.

Sheeba just fell on her feet and asked her to go for some time and that she will explain everything later. But Sheela wanted just to see the victim. Finally Sheeba had to take her cousin Sheela into the bedroom and introduce Aby to her. Aby's disproportionate assets were fully in view. Having seen them will any girl leave.

Sheeba was very much embarrassed and she had to go to Aby and ask him whether he has any objection in her cousin also joining the fray. Aby wanted the girl to be brought for examination before a final decision could be taken. Sheela was asked to come in front of Aby without any clothes. He asked her whether her seal has been broken. She said no.

Aby lying in the bed saw two girls, Sheeba and sheela standing in front of him, without any cloths on, both very beautiful and ready to fuck. He considered how lucky is his cock. He asked both the girls to lie down near him in the bed. Both had clean shaven pussies. WoW, it was indeed an awful sight. How to fuck them can he fuck one in the presence of the other.

Even if they are cousins there has to be some privacy. He asked on of them to go to the next room and wait while he fucked another. Sheeba asked Sheela to go to the next room and wait. Aby first kissed Sheeba and sucked her lower lips when his hands were massaging her boobs. Sheeba was moaning out of pleasure.

While continuing kissing his one hand was busy with her boob and the other hand went to her cunt and his middle finger went in search of her clitoris. Sheeba was well aroused and wanted him to fuck her. He asked her legs to open wide and he sat in between and inserted his cock at the entrance of her fuck hole. It was very tight but he pushed and pushed and got it in.

It was a very pleasurable sensation. After he made full entry, he started to fuck first slowly and then gathered speed. Sheeba was moaning loudly and Aby saw her cousin, Sheela peeping through the door. After a few strokes, Sheeba reached her orgasm and her cunt muscles were pulsating and gripping his cock.

Aby got up and asked Sheeba to go and call her cousin to come. It was the turn of Sheela now. She was younger than her cousin and still a virgin. Aby took more time to warm her up. She looked bewildered and her face showed it. He asked her to calm down and relax. He noticed Sheeba returned from the bathroom and was watching his handling of Sheela.

Aby kissed and licked the boobs of Sheela and kissed her cheeks and then moved down to her belly button and kissed and sucked there. The he made her to open her legs wide and raise her knees. He planted between her legs and then buried his face in her cunt and his tongue searched for her clitoris. Sheela was fully aroused. Her fluids were flowing copiously.

Aby then got up and took his tool and inserted into her cunt and pressed slowly. It was an important occasion for the girl because she was losing her virginity. He asked Sheeba to come closer and suck the nipples of Sheela. Aby pushed his cock into the cunt of Sheela and making small jerky movements he struck the obstruction.

By making another push the obstruction was cleared. Sheela gave out a cry of pain. But it was all made by the pleasure of fucking. The stout tool of Aby reached all corners of her fuck hole and she was enjoying the fuck. By making some vigorous strokes, Any also shot his fluids into her cunt. Both having reached their orgasm, it all ended well.

He asked the girls whether these days are safe for them. They both said they were absolutely safe. With a sigh of relief, Aby went to the bathroom, cleaned himself and got dressed and bade farewell to the girls and they kissed him for their gratitude and he left their home.

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Koi is chutiye ko nikaalo yaha se bhen chod dimaag ki ma bhen kar raha hai feku madar chod bhos marike ab agar kuch bhi post kiya na to tere lode ki kasam hai bhen chod feku chutiye madar chod

Posted by neet
on: October 30, 2015 6:02 PM | Reply

full of imagination. bakwas story.

Posted by kh
on: October 30, 2015 8:19 PM | Reply

Madarchood kitna jhoot bolta hai agar iske baad ek bi story post kiya to Teri gand mien mera Lund

Posted by iamdon
on: October 31, 2015 10:07 AM | Reply

bus kar chodu bhagat...itna bhi fake story bana ke sab tujhe pakka chutiya samjhe

Posted by Rajive
on: October 31, 2015 10:25 AM | Reply

HaramKhor teri Gaand nahi maari Mr Menon ne...?

Posted by Rajesh Shah
on: October 31, 2015 7:49 PM | Reply

MC Chutiya samaj raha hai. Public ko??

Posted by aseer
on: November 1, 2015 1:28 AM | Reply

all are pure imaginated story while masturbating.nothing is real.girls like different sex positions. your all encounters sounds same.so its a made cooked up story.

Posted by fuck buddy
on: November 26, 2015 7:38 AM | Reply

wow. that is one fucking good narration. If these stories were true, o buddy, you must ve deflorated your mom and grandma. wow. we expect that true story also in part 4.

Even in imagination one won't think of so many girls getting laid..

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