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Ashu Eating Chetty of Tanya

First of all, I, Ashu, am a huge fan and regular reader of Humandigest for last 10 years. Coming on to the story, it was a regular April morning in Hyderabad. As discussed with my girl Tanya, I arrived Hyderabad on Saturday morning. First a brief description about Tanya. She is a tall Marathi girl aged 23 with a good 5′ 6″ height and flesh on right places.

Her boobs or as I call them small tanyas are 34c and a plump ass to play with. I am 24, athletic boy. I also works out and plays various sport. So this girl Tanya was my girlfriend from final year of college in Mumbai. As we met in last year, we didn’t get too much time together. After a lots of discussion, it was agreed that if she clears the interview, I will get to eat her cherry.

Coming back to the fortunate Saturday, I reached Hyderabad and straight away to the location where interview was being held. I had already booked a hotel in Khairatabad as I knew she will easily clear her interview. I did not get to meet her for the one hour as she was busy in her interview. As soon as she came out from the interview, I hugged her and raised her in my arms.

She being shy was refraining as we were still in the campus. We talked for a little while as we were waiting for the results and I was teasing her for the night ahead. As expected, she cleared the interview and got the job.

I had already planned everything earlier. We straight away went to our hotel. We kept our luggage and I took her for a romantic candle night dinner. She was wearing a stunning and sexy black one piece with black strapless bra for me that night. As we couldn’t control our anxiety, we finished the food fast and headed straight back to Hotel Suite.

As we entered the room, I had already arranged a bed with rose petals and Vodka to spice up the scene. But this girl was also full of surprises. She asked me in a sexy tone: Tanya: Ashu, You have to keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes. Me: Tanya honey, I am not in a position to wait dear. Why do you want me to close my eyes?

Tanya: Just let me tie this cloth to your eyes, and wait for 5 minutes!! Me: Come fast otherwise I will attack you like a lion!! Within 5 minutes, while I was lying in the bed with my eyes covered, I felt Tanya opening my shirt. I grabbed her back quickly. She asked me to wait and enjoy slowly. She then removed my shirt and started kissing all over my front.

She started with my shoulders and went back to my chest and started biting my nipples. I was getting very excited. I asked her to uncover me eyes. What I saw after opening my eyes was out of the world. She was in a semitransparent white baby doll dress just covering her ass. Beneath the sheer cloth, she was wearing a very sexy black thong and a black strapless bra barely covering her mounds.

I just took her in my arms and hugged her with full force. She was also very excited and breathing heavily. I took her face in my palms and started rubbing my lips all over her face. I started licking her earlobes, I caressed her cheeks, I gave a peck on her eyes and finally came to her luscious tasty lips covered with red lipstick.

Within no time, we were smooching hardly. My tongue was entangled with her for a long time. By the end of our 10 minute long kiss. We both had love marks on our lips depicting our wild love. Just then I decided to tease her more. Now I asked her to keep her eye closed. She was damn excited and was not agreeing but somehow I convinced her.

I took a glass and poured some Vodka with her favorite cranberry juice and some rose petals in it. I took the chilled glass near her and caressed it in her cleavage. She let out a huge moan taking my name saying “Ashu, I can’t take it more. Please love me.” I just did not say anything and took a Vodka dipped rose petal and placed it in my lips.

Now I took the rose petal and rubbed it through her lips. She again let out a huge moan. She begged me to let her open her eyes but I forbid her. Now I started undressing her one by one and at the same time caressing her body with vodka dipped rose petals. She was going mad. Though, we had some intimate contacts with each other, but this night was special.

As soon as I removed her baby doll dress, I could not believe my luck seeing her in the sexy black bra and thong. I unhooked her bra in a hurry. I took some vodka in my mouth and straightaway placed my vodka filled mouth to her nipples. She was very sensitive with her nipples.

As soon as I did that she arched her back, opened her eyes and pressed my head too her left bosom. She took my right hand and started pressing her left breast simultaneously letting a huge moan. Within 5 minutes of doing this, we were lying naked in each other arms and pressing our body against each other.

Then she surprised me. She came on my top and placed her vagina right on my face and at the same time came to 69 position. She made me take a gulf of vodka and took a sip herself as well. Then she started sucking my cock with vodka in her mouth. I cannot explain the sensation. I was out of the world. I was doing the same while licking her pussy. I picked her clitoris and was biting it lightly.

She was moaning heavily and at the same time giving me the world’s best blowjob. Within 5 minutes, we both had our first orgasms of the night. We both came in each other mouths. We went to bathroom and cleaned our faces. After coming back I made two more drinks and this pegs took us to a new level.

We were again in each other arms. I made her sit on my lap with my rock again cock pressing against her ass crack. I was sucking her nipples one by one. I also started fingering her wet pussy in the same time. She could not control the excitement and was vigorously kissing me and shaking her ass over my cock.

She asked me to penetrate her. I took her in my arms and took her to the bed. I placed her on her back and widened her thighs. Her glory hell was shining with wetness. I placed my cock and caressed her clit. She took my cock in her hand and placed the tip at the entrance. I started pushing it in. Although it was wet, but still very hard as she was virgin.

Finally after some force, half my cock was inside her. It was damn tight. She started crying and was making load moans. I took her lips to mine and gave her some time. I again with a big thrust placed my entire cock inside her hole and again gave her some time to adjust to my wide and long cock. After few kisses and a couple of minutes, she started moving her ass.

I started making the in out motion and within no time we were fucking like wild animals. She came over me and started riding me. Seeing her jumping over my cock with her boobs oscillating was the best sight I could imagine. Within ten more minutes, we both were near climax.

I took her to missionary position and she came very vigorously clinching my cock with her inner walls. I was also near climax and planted my seed inside her. I placed my head over her boobs and we slept in the same position.

Hope you liked the long story. Please do comment below, I will post the rest of story after that.

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Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - V

Previously: Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - IV

After yesterday's long mocktail session We dont know when we slept cuddling each other & as planned We got up at around 6.30 AM for today's Plant Visit, got ready within an hour, had our breakfast & the Co-ordinator (Mr. Reddy) & driver had come to pick-up us.

Sharp 8 Am we started & couple of times we looked at each other & smiled (Back of Mind: We both said Yesterday was a memorable one!!!!). Co-ordinator was disturbing us by nonsense Audit related questions which we both were not interested to answer as we were in our own unique world.

Thank God, Reddy was seated ahead giving company to Driver & sparing us for each other's company. Eventhough he was time & again looking behind to speak & interfere in our visual pleasure. Sunayna was wearing Black Official outfit slightly below her knee & Grey colour Top with decent make up & Pony tail Hair & was looking attractive.

Couple of time I tried to touch her bare legs with my legs to tease her but This Silly Reddy was disturbing us again n again. After 2 1/2 hour journey we reached the Plant & had a technical observation of construction process, JCBs & also accompanied JCB Driver for viewing how he operates n all.

At around 12.00 noon we were through with the site review & were allotted seating Place in adjacent building, Top floor (5th floor) from where the view was awesome as it's being remote area no other high-rise towers were nearby & we could see the green fields & mountain from our Balcony of office allotted to us.

I liked the view & looked at Sunayna She was also happy with the place allotted to us for remaining reporting work. As we two were alone & there was a medium size conference table, the interior of the office was pleasant & the paintings on wall, view outside window was awesome.

We sincerely work there Inspite of unwillingness due to strict reporting schedule but I had made a secret plan to complete my dream here only. As Since long I was thinking to enjoy hot session in office atmosphere.

She unaware of my plan was working with core interest in order to complete fast & I slowed down my speed so that all the Crew members of the site complete their work & leave for the day as They were visible from window so that we. At around 5.30 PM close time all left & Now there was no fear anybody could see us.

I called reddy & instructed that we will be getting late at around 7 PM as I m yet to complete my report. Also instructed to pick up at around 7 Pm after I confirming on call again. Now we were free birds, I looked at her & she in questioning gesture raised her eyebrow & I shut her up with a liplock.

Deeep one.......She skipped her breadth & pushed me saying "R u maddd Rahul? We will be fired with loss of dignity." I consoled her "don't worry jaan I have confirmed, nobody will disturb or trace her. & I have already mailed the report to the Boss. Now for the rest orf day we r alone & Today will enjoy our love-game here only.

She with scaring face rejected my plan but I created an imaginary scene in her mind thro' & describing the posture & erotic narration. she gently slapped me & said " Kitne kamine ho tumm,, Marwaaoge muje......." & pretended to go away from me.............I hold her from her naval & immediately removed her hair band (buckle) & her hair were relieved & spread like a "Kali Ghata"

(She blushed) but acted as if she is angry. But I was "Experienced" sensed her act & pulled her close to my heart & tried to kiss her, our lips came closer & we lost in each other eyes. She requested "Oh honey !!! I m not comfertable here!!! Please we will do it at our room that will be safe."

"Certainly dear!!! We Will, But let me experience a quicky round here, Its my years old dream & m lucky to fulfill it with you, a charming beauty" Before she said further I locked her lip & hold her bum with one hand & pressed her boob with other. She got so excited.......I felt she started dripping her juices" She sucked my lips with equal force & unzipped my trouser to remove my cock.

She hold my cock & started jerking hard. I was shocked as not prepared of her act. But enjoyed a lot. I raised her top & started kissing all over her flat belly & stomach with other hand I inserted directly in her panty & explored her wet fuckhole. Slowly inserted the middle fingre & gently started stroking. "Ohhhh Raaahul......What r u doingggg reee......Le lo muje plzzzz. " "yeah bebe.....abhi...."

I sat on chair & hold her to ride me. She tried but was not comfortable So I removed her panty & she spread her legs around my cock & we hugged each other. She adjusted my cock & it went straight away inside with "futttccchhh" sound. I realized that she is overflowing. We kissed each other & she slowly started jumping.

Started making 'SSSSShhhhhh......ooohhh" sounds I clutched her body in my arms & helped her in movements. She bite my shoulder & whispered in my ear " Oh siiirrr. U made my trip yaaar" "I was so eager to enjoy sex like this" "Oh honey.... I love you dear""" I was extra large with her erotic statement & that extra penetration gave her more jerks I hold her bums with both of my hands

& move upwards to match the strokes in rhythm. She was literally showering my cock with her love-juices & wet strokes & not ready to give up. She climaxed with a loud moan & sprayed all over my dick, tired & stopped & then I took charge & bend her upper body part moving away from me & rested partly on Table, hold her Naval & fucked her harshly. she cried, screamed

& chanted my name with excitement " O Raaahul,,,, slowly dear.....But I was fast than normal & gave her sudden jerks in between. She was damn hot & releasing her juices time n again at short intervals. I saw her face full of her spread hairs & her locket of gold chain was dancing on her boobs. I bent & sucked her nipple & slow down my movement. She hugged me & bite my ear."

Whispered " You fucker.......Aur kitna karoge......mere rajjaa" Muje khaa jaaoge kyaaa. " " Jannoo Aaj me tumhe itna chodoonga.. itna chodoonga ki tum always mere saath aane ko bechain rahogi" she said "ummm.. Ohhh rahuul.mei to waise bhi tumhari diwani ho chuki hoon ab kitna sataaoge muje" With my hindi slang language she also started in Hindi (After All A Delhi Girl),

"Raaahuul...Chodo muje achhe se...........bada majaa aa raha he......Sex me kitna sukooon he........le lo muje poori tarah se apni aaghosh me" " She was maddd " I made her lie on table & started sucking her pussy-juice & she released even more which I completely dried with my tongue. she ufffed....& pushed me with her leg & beg me for fuckkk"

"Ohh jaaaan fuckkk me hard & finish.....plzzzz" "Do it fast do it fast.....".............. I replied " Yaa honey....& inserted with fulll speed & holding her legs on my shoulder plunged her hard....." Yaa Yaa Oh Yaaa " It resulted in echo sound due to closed cabin.

I slightly changed the angle & kept both her legs at one side & continued thursting her with deep strokes without showing any mercy at her screaming requests " I was wild animal lierally....... " She cried in pain & tried to push me stop me but all in vain. After a rigorous punishment of 15 minutes I calmed down & she slapped me out of excitement which I took as my compliment.

She huggeed me & said " Itna achhe se chodna kaha se sikhe Sirr. ??? " Poori tarah muje paagal kar diya aapne " Ab kaise rahoongi aap k bina ? " I replied with affection caressing her cheeks, Dont worry bebe we will be always in touch... deeep touchhhh. She sgain slapped me & said ab Chhodo naa plzzz. Hmm wohi to kar raha hoon.

She bite my lipss harshly..... & nailed on my chest. I said Ok honey... Now it is final round. I started the climax scene & raised my speed like a jet engine & she screamed loud without any fear & that gave pleaure to both of us...." Yaaa Sirrr. Aur zor see. Poori tarah se.....Daal do Raajaa"

This went for 5 minutes & I feel I m going to shooott.......I told her & she said Sirrr...... I want to taste itt plzzzz give me.......I wondered........" R u sure????? " Yeaaaah Sirr I m your slave..... Will drinkkk alll" Plzzzz give meee all your cumm & with final 30 second speed I reached to my pick so well she & We lied in 69 Pose to drink each other juices with lot of passion & love.

I cummed all over hair face, hairs & boobs which she slurpped with her tongue & I explored all her pussy-walls & tasted her exhaust juice which feels like lemon juice with extra salt. After 5 minute of 69 session, We detached & became ready for departure, He called Reddy & Reddy was ready with the Car.

We left for the Hotel..........on the way she was looking at me with a wicked smile.............May be in anticipation of our next hot encounter...till then, please feel free to give your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Simran Enjoying Sex With Former Lover

I am a big of of this blog it really encouraged me a lot and gave me 1000s of idea to fulfil my wish, by the way I am Simran (name Changed) I am married now and hero of my story is AK. we are friends from college days. we have kissed he sucked my boobs and he used to like me I enjoyed foreplay with him but we never gave commitment to eachother and we are just like best buddies.

Now I am coming back to the story it happened few months back when my hubby who left for the work as he own business so he is always busy and let me tell you this I was made by my family to get married to this guy so I dont love him, and he is just my husband and I have no other option left in my life apart from being his wife and let him fuck on the bed.

He is very selfish man from the day we got married he fucked me whenever he felt like doing it he never did anything as per my mood and if I be honest I didnt like the way he does things on bed I just let him do as if I say no to him he creates scene so whenever he wants I just let him fuck, he always arise me and gets cold.

I tried many times to get pleasure from him but he never thought anything for me. this is how I was living so one fine day when I was sitting and getting bored on internet I saw AK online on Gmail. I messaged him and we started chatting, as we almost lost being in conact after my mariage as he said he always wanted 2 date me and he dont wanna be a problem in my happily married life.

I spoke to him and made him understand that he's the only one with whom I am in touch and days passed like this.. hey sorry I forgot to share my details my fig is 34 28 34. I go to gym everyday and in afternoon I get bored as my mother in law also go to my husband's office. as now it came in habbit to chat with AK in afternoon I was sitting alone and chatting with him...

HE- can I ask u a question if u dont mind I - Yeah sure ask He- were u virgin before u got married? I - what do u thinik? He- I dont know maybe u weren't but I am damn sure a hot babe like cannot get missed by guys.... I wish tu meri gf hoti kaash tu mera proposal accept kerleti I- to tu kya kerta? aur kameene tujhe access diya tha maine

He- Access ? boobs ka hi diya tha bas u never let me touch u between the legs I- Asshole itna diya tha kam tha tere lie? He- accha hai tu meri wife nai hai I- Q? main itni buri hu? He- nai agar meri wife hoti to din raat tujhe legs spread kerke rakhne padte....i- hahahaha asss and we started talking dirty like this...

as we have kissed and sucked each other so we knew our fantasies.... one day I asked him to come and meet me as I was alone and getting bored but I didnt had any bad intention but he was stuck on 1 thing that he wants to make out with me... I said ok come then we will see... he came to my house...

it was a task to calling in my compound as watchman knows everybody from my family and he have seen my family going out and AK was new face in the society.... he was on call with me some how I guided him the way and he came in my flat. I was relaxed... I hugged him as we are meeting after a long long time it was around 10 11 months.

He started kissing my neck and his hands grabbed my ass he never had sex in his entire life and he always wanted to fuck me but I never allowed him.. and he was tight in his pants touching errected cock on my thighs, I told him asshole bathroom jaa aur masturbate kerke aa, he said nai simm aaj nahi aaj to bina fuck kare nai jaunga please...

I have never fucked a woman and he showed me condom, I tried to ignore him and just kissed and all but he was hard onn he removed his both cloths and revealed my pussy which he has never seen in these years..... he said simm I have never put on condom and dont even know how to enter and fuck I told him to remove my panty which he did and asked him to come on me

and applied condom on his cock and spread my legs.... I wasnt horny but it was just because of him who wanted to loose his virginity I kept his cock on my pussy which went inside smoothly as its been fucked thrice in a week and he came in 5 minutes...i wasnt satisfied but I was not even looking for sex.. it was just because he came all the way for me and I gave him return gift to him.

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Keshav Having Honeymoon Sex With Sudha In Mahabaleshwar - II

Hello friends this is Keshav here with the second part of my story "Honeymoon sex with Sudha in Mahabaleshwar".

OK as I was eagerly waiting for Sudha to come out and was also excited a lot and honearly to tell you'll it was the longest wait. I heard the sound of the door opening and was now about to go and check her out.. she came out in a 1 piece lounge wear.. A knee length capri and a body hugging v necked top.

The capri was fitting very well on her curvy lower half and the top was a bit tight and the bulge around her bust was quite visible. Had light makeup and sweet fragrance, loose hair a little more lengthy than her shoulders. Waxed legs and fleshy thighs.. Oh my goodness.. If I describe her facial looks she looks like Juhi chawla bubbly and chubby.

She was a bit nervous like me and didn't look in my eyes. Came and sat quite close to me on the couch. I couldn't believe if it's for real. She stood up to open the curtainsof the windows as cool breeze was flowing outside. When she was done and came to sit again near mes I pulled her towards me and made her sit on my lap.

She was blushing and her white cheeks turned pinkish, bit still she was not looking at me. I was caressing her smooth hair and I whispered in her ears to look at me, she said I am feeling shy. I said come on Sudha. She looked into my eyes, my hands around her waist and was tickling her near the navel. My lips and tongue were working on her earlobes and neck.

My hands were now moving up to her soft boobs when she stopped me from doing that and said not here plz let's go to the bedroom. I was not in the mood to listen to her. I was quite stronger and overpowered her and continued with what I was doing. Licked and sucked her ear lobes and neck, playing with her boobs.

I turned her and she was facing me now in the mean time I adjusted my tool which was now very hard. I looked into her eyes and our lips met for a long smooch, I bit her lower lip and she was moaning, I was caressing her hips and tried to remove her top. But she again said not here plz.

I said ok.. and when I was about to take her to the bedroom the caretaker came with tea and snacks with a knock on the door. Sudha ran into the room. I opened the door and took the tray from him and told him to take the tray after the dinner and closed the door. Called Sudha for tea and snacks. She said abhi nai baad me.. she called me in the room.

I told her baby not here our bedroom is upstairs. We hugged each other and proceeded towards the room. I opened the door and the room was nicely decorated with nice bed linen and rose petals on it. She was very happy and blushing she came and hugged me tight.

That was the moment. I hugged her and took her to bed. She lied down and I went near her, smooched her hard and my hand was on her boobs and other hand was on her navel. She was hugging me and we smooched for very long. She removed my tshirt and was caressing my hairy, digging her nails on my back.

Than I removed her top and saw her creamy cleavage, she was wearing a turquoise blue coloured netted bra which was going so well with her skin complexion. She had a very soft skin and I was going crazy. Next I removed her capri, she helped in doing that was wearing same coloured panty too. Her thighs were marvellous quite fleshy and fair.

I unhooked her bra and the melons I was trying to see were in front of my eyes. I played with her boobs and started licking them but avoiding her nipplea and that made her crazy she was requestin me to suck them n I won't listen. Same treatment to her other boob. She couldn't take it and made me to suck her nipples or say bite them.

I slipped my hand into her panties and found her pussy clean shaved wet and juicy. I removedher panty and saw her love hole. Her pussy lips were beautiful and I could see her clit slightly peeping out.. hehehe.

I licked her inner thighs first and than planted a kiss on her love hole. I sucked her clit which she said she enjoyed the most later.. my tool was waiting to come out and breathe in open air. I went on sucking her and giving her the most memorable pleasures. She jerked her body and bursted into a powerful orgasm. She was breathing heavily.

I lied down besides her and was looking at her lovely face. She came to senses after 1 minute and looked into my eyes pulled me on top of her and we smooched again. She could feel my hardness on her navel and she sat on the bed and made me nude. My tool was hard she caressed my tool and stroked it slowly.I was enjoying it.

She came on top of me and kissed my forehead my eyes and that feeling of boobs rubbing on your chest is awesome my friends. She came to my nipples and sucked them and then she came on the side and put her lips on my tool and kissed it. Soon she put it in her warm mouth and started sucking it.

Lovely feeling it was.. ( my wife doesn't like doing it and honestly to say I literally have to beg to make her do it ) I stopped her as I wanted to stay longer. I pulled her to me and her half body was on me and cuddling ach other. I kissed her forehead and told her Sudha let's do it.. she blushed. I got up and placed a cushion below her waist.

I came in between her legs and positioned my tool at the opening of her love hole. I though of teasing her a bit and was rubbing my tool on her thighs and the pelvic bone.. She was restless and said plz don't tease darling.. Enter me plzzz. I gave a stroke and my tool entered her fully. Her tunnel was very warm. I stayed in the same pose and looked into her eyes. I could see lust.

She was avoiding eye contact. I kept on stroking than and was slowing down when I knew I would blast all this whike Sudha was moaning and making sexy sounds. We did it for around 15 minutes. We kept cuddling on the bed for 20 mins after that she went to the washroom I too followed her and put on the shower.

She was washing her face and I pulled her into the shower with me hugging her from the back. I gave a peck on her neck from behind and she moaned. My limp cock came back to life.. She sensed it and looked back at me. I smiled and she kneeled down and stared sucking my tool.

The feeling of getting sucked in the shower and when your partner is looking in to your eyes is out of this world my friends. I was so aroused that I was about to burst out and I told that to Sudha and she took it out and kept stroking. She took the cumshot on her boobs and few spurts on her neck. She was looking very sexy in that pose. Kneeling down In the shower with cum on her body.. my God...

After that we took a shower together and came out of the washroom and wore our clothes and came back down. Watched tv for a while kissing n hugging each other... We had 3 rounds that night,1 early in the morning and the last in the afternoon before leaving back.

Thanks a lot for reading friends.. really sorry for the mistakes I writing it down..It's my first time so plz excuse my spellings and grammar...Please feel free to give your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Sid Having Sex With Neighbourhood Aunty Rajeswari

Hi ppl, This is Sid from Chennai. The story i'm going happened to me when I was 18. Those were the times when my sexual libido was at the peak and I used to masturbate everyday looking at Ftv and neighbourhood aunties and girls around. We shifted ourself to a new home at ground floor and they were already many families residing there before us.

So it happened to be a guy who is of my age and he is also from my school, so we get along immediately. His mother is rajeswari and she is the heroine of our story. She was in her late 30's but she was a slim and sleek with flat stomach. Yes, She had flat stomach and she used to wear her saree below her navel and I used to get aroused of it.

Both our families got close and her husband is a heart patient and was working in a school as a teacher. One day in the early morning she came down to clean the stair wearing nighty and she was in a way that she stood between the sun light and me and all our private parts were visible instantly. Not a see through but the entire shapes with her nipples.

That day I was very horny and went to my school and jerked and from that instance she became a eye catch for me and I started to talk with her more frequently and started spending more time in her home in the name of group study. apparently one day, when I was alone in my home jerking off looking at ftv,

she knocked the door and I opened the door to see her come in search of my mom and when she found no one is there she came inside our house asking for any new CD's of the latest movies and I told her and went to search for it and opened my drawer. While I was searching I felt something soft touching my elbows and when I turn I see her standing behind me looking over me for the cd's.

So I stood still and acted as if searching for more movies and already my dick is erect and the drawer is supporting over it. Then she took some CD's and left the place and I guess she would've notice my tent. Then she called me to her house and asked whether I can help her take some utensils from her loft and asked me to hold the stool which I did.

When she lifter her hands over to take the utensils her saree rose showing her navel and as well her boobs as it started to slip, while enjoying the show in awe without closing anything of mine, dust fell on my eye and I lost grip of the stool where she stumbled and I hold it again and she saw my situation she climbed down and started to blow my eyes and the dust did not go off,

so she took pallu of her cotton saree, made it as bun blown hot air into it and started pressing my eyes, after seeing her only in blouse, I started getting horny and acted as if the dust is still there. then she took me to her bathroom and started washing my eyes with water splash where she also got a little wet and then she wiped my face with her pallu where my hard cock brushed her

many time and I regained my senses knowing nothing is gonna happen more and I was still holding her pallu trying to wipe my face off when I saw that one side of boob got wet which made the blouse transparent and I was able to see her nipple bcos she was not wearing a bra.

I dont know what came to that time, I said there is dust in your body and started to wipe off her boobs with her pallu and sensing the situation, she acted as if she not realised what I am doing and told me that she cant see anything, then improvising the situation, I let go of her pallu and I told her let me pick it and show it to you,

I started pinching her nipple and pulled it away from her as if trying to take it off and now she smiles and says that she was right. Now I smiled and told her that I think its inside your dress and thats the reason I could'nt pick it off. Understanding whats gonna happen, she told come lets find it in the room and she removed her saree and blouse and she was standing topless and asking

me to find it and immediately ran to her and started sucking her nipples. She had a 34C boobs, a little saggy, a small arealo and a puffy nipple and started sucking it as if she is lactating and she seemed to enjoy it. Then all of a sudden she pushed me away and started to search for her blouse and I was shocked to see her shouting angrily at me asking why I'm still wearing my dress

and then I smiled and told her that its upto your talent and I cant help and ran towards her pressed her against the wall while I kiss her lips and both my hands holding her tits and kneading them while she took off my tee. As it is first time for me, I did not know that our tongues need to touch each other so I just pressed my lips over her and she taught me how to suck her tongue and

I started enjoying it too and now she started pinching my nipples and pulling them away from me and starting biting my lips mildly. Now started kissing her mouth then her nose trying to bite it, pulling of the nose ring with my teeth,biting her ear while my hands still kneading her boobs and pinching her nipples licking all the way down to her neck buried my face between her boobs

and started rubbing my face which tickled her and she enjoyed it. then I travelled down licking all the way ended in her navel and giving a kiss and bite to it which she enjoyed and started appreciating my work. Then my hands travelled down cupped her ass gathered her petticoat and put my hands inside it and started touching her bare ass.

When she was enjoying what I did, all of sudden I went inside the petticoat and started kissing and licking her thighs, though it was dark I could feel her pussy was little hairy and it started to smell and when I went closer to smell what it is she started pressing my face on her pussy and I find it hard to breathe and it seems my breathe was arousing her more and more.

Couldn't able to handle I removed her petti coat down seeing she seem to enjoy it, then I started to kiss her pussy though it was like yuck with hair, she enjoyed and she shuddered all of a sudden and the she told she came and it was just like semen and now she became violent, pushed me on the bed, started taking off my shorts and boxers and took my tool in her hand.

I was little since I have a feel mine is smaller after seeing all the porn movies, bcos mine is just 6" long and 1.5" thick and I told her sorry for that and what she did was amazing, she took my tool in hand, started giving me hand job once it is erect, she inserted it in her mouth retained the shape, came towards my face, asked me kiss her in the shape of her lips,

after getting the shape she told me retain it, stood over me and keep her pussy on my mouth and asked me whether the hole in her pussy is that big, when I shaked my head in negative, then she told me that my size is good and my wife is lucky, I instantly jumped over and kissed her over the happiness trying to start again and she stopped and told me that its her turn now,

she again started her hand job and all I could do is watch her silently, the stood over me again and start to bend down and inserted my penis into her holding it in her hand and it went with little struggle and I felt I had nothing to do and said her the same. Then she told me that boobs are doing nothing and my hands are doing nothing as well,

I got the hint and started pressing her boobs well, after that she increased speed and started panting to breathe, knowing that I pulled her nipples towards me which made her fall on me and started to kiss her while she is still pumping me and I told that i'm about to come. Hearing that she stopped then there, pulled my penis out her vagina and asked me suck her nipple,

so I rolled over her starting to suck em and this time biting it mildy while cupping her ass and puting my fingers into her mouth, she began to moan louder and caught hold of my penis again and she told me fuck her harder and faster, which I did and started pumping it faster and I started to sweat like anything and after vigorous just for few mins I came inside her while I felt like her

pussy grabbing my penis then I came to know she came as well. her hairy pussy was glittening with both our cum and started to drip down the gap between my limp cock and her vagina. we both stayed like for five min and then she went to bathroom to clean herself and called me and cleaned my penis as well and started to dress up and asked me to dress up as well.

I laid nude again in the bed and told her it was not me who take off my dresses so I cant wear em again and winked at her. Now she wore her dress took my dress from the floor, threw them on my face and raised her saree till he knee and climbed over my nude body and started to put my t shirt over my face where I bited her boob over her saree, tickle her navel,

cupped her ass inserted my hands inside her saree and all kind of mischiefs. While putting my boxers my penis was erect, she kissed on it and said you've been a good boy and started liking you very much and going forward you'll start to see me regularly and patted it,

after seeing I pulled her and kissed her and tried inserting my hand through her petticoat and she told me to stop and said its time for her son and husband to return from tuition and send off the door. This is how it started and later she taught me how to lick and she gave blow jobs and we did anal and many other positions as well.

This went on for 2 years till her husband got transferred. If you like this story, just put it in comments below so I can tell you guys about my birthday gift from her.

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Anil Enjoying First Sexual Encounter With Cousin Maya

Hi Friends I am Anil age 20 height 6 feet this is my first sexual encounter with my cousin she must be at 11th or 12th completed my marine engg and was waiting for my results in my aunts house as she was not having children so my loved me as her son and I was enjoying all comforts. My cousin lived besides my aunts house her name was maya.

So I came to my aunts after many years many cousins came to see me as they are coming to see an alien.She came daily first I saw her as a child but slowly she started talking to me and playing card games tic tac toe I was really annoyed playing childish game as I don't like it but what to do in my aunts house tv and mobile phone was only a time pass.

Forgot to tell about her she was around 5.4 tall her body vital not visible as she wore loose dress as skirt and tee with innocent face. Then slowly I knew her as she was studying. In girls school and she didn't have any bf or knew any boy other than relatives that's why she hovered over me as I was honey and she a fly.

That time I came to porn video were girl and boy play games and get indulge in sex.That time idea struck in my mind to divert her childish game to some interesting game were I can dominate and have access to her body. I made a game with small paper chits written example should close eyes and should lay on belly on bed and should be like that till 15 minute what ever I can do.

When my turn comes I loose she becomes happy as winning party receives a Cadbury from the looser but after loosing also my prize was great because she never open her eyes or get. What ever I do because her aim was only Cadbury.

During the game in pretext of tickling her under arms I would her developing smooth boobs and mesh them some time pinch her nipple she would breath heavily but her aim for Cadbury gave me lot of pleasure.But I wanted more daily only boobs wad not enough.Then I changed my strategy she also feed up of wining daily Cadbury around a week.

I told her lets play doctor doctor.She first thought and said just two of us. I said yes otherwise you have to share ur money she said money. I said who becomes patient most of the time takes the money as for buying medicine she asked how much money I said 100. She instantly said yes.Ohh friends u will be thinking how I did in the house.

My uncle aunty goes to job and they come by 17:00 hrs so lot of time and in her house leaving her grandmother all are at work so they think Maya is safe with me so they don't enquire much.So first day arrived for they game doctor doctor.

She said she is the patient as she was eyeing for the money for buying chocolates I said instantly yes but without touching her any parts my cock was as solid to launch but I waited for right opportunity. As I was doctor I asked what is the problem she said as obviously all would say in game of doctor doctor that she have stomach ache I was in seventh heaven.

I told please lie in the bed and covered herself with blanket then I took two bands and told as no nurse is there I would have to tie booth of your hand on to the bed she agreed with excitement. Then I switched of the light and brought a torch and went inside the blanket in search of pleasure. She asked what are u doing I said you need operation she said ok.

Then slowly I said are in operation you have to move cloth sideways she said ok I moved her skirt upwards she asked what are you doing I said no scissor with me so have to look from bottom of belly she was laughing then slowly I brought my mouth near her small fresh yummy pussy from outside I started to lick it she asked in trembled and chilled voice what is that your doing I said

I am checking her belly laughingly she said that is not belly I said this I know better than you she said ok ok.Then I said this cloth is disturbing me I have to remove it she said your doctor you can I slowly removed her undergarment her leg was shivering then slowly I spread her leg and I was licking her pussy and opening area she was shivering and was moaning now with one finger

I tried to insert her hole it was tight she asked what is it I said I am doing operation she said ok. But my first experience of licking her pussy left me greedily licking continuously due to which she suddenly with trembling movement had orgasm she was breathing heavily she was asking is it over I said no.

Then I said one bug injection is there she said were is it she have not seen I said I will show but then suddenly she said that torch which your having I said yes.Then slowly I unzipped my pant at that time I felt how captivated animals felt. Then slowly brought my penis to her love hole and true to insert she yelled ohh its paining I said don't worry then slowly with two three thrust I moved in

but as it was my first time and after two three pounding I filled my cum in her pussy but for her she was not liking much as it was paining I think so because my cock was around 8 inch and that too her pussy fresh new one.but after that session she said I loved it but don't use torch for operation and said her cloths are getting dirty so asked will be she getting any old cloths for playing when

she comes but to my astonishment no blood was there I sighted relief because before fucking her I was inn mood and did not think of any medical consequences she took 100rs from and said will come tomorrow. Said bye yo her and next days story is far more interesting.

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Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - IV

Previously: Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - III

We reached the office & initially lost in work for 2 hours as our yesterday's love-making session has left a lot of work backlog so we cleared it fast sincerely. Around 12 noon I got a text from her "You selfish!!!! not looking at me since last 2 hours" I read & smiled & looked at her angry face. She just stared me with anger & lost in her PC.

I replied her message " Koi hasina jab rooth jaati hai to Aur bhi haseeeeen ho jaati he" U look Awesome bebe" I m thinking" & sent. I intentionally left the message incomplete to initiate question from her. She read it & immidiately replied " You Rascal fox, I m not gonna talk to u now" I again replied

"Hey, Bebe how can I ignore you, I m here exclusively for you & not for bullshit Audit & send her winked smiley" She just blushed & send me Down thumb with angered smiley & wrote "Now I wont give u anything" I replied "I wont ask for it.............I will grab from you bebe"

She sent me "Fight smiley" I send him "Kissing smiley" this went frequently till evening along with work as I was eagerly waiting for evening episode with her & the clock was my bigger enemy after my boss.

At last we finished our assignment So I texted her " Hey bebe let's go to pub nearby as bangalore is a Pub city & a person going Bangalore without visiting pubs is highly rated as "Unromantic". She was bit hesitant as she had never been to Pubs but I convinced her & we left the office at around 6.30 PM. Since we were in casual office wear.

We first went to Mall for buying party wear & She bought Red off shoulder Top with knee length & shown me from change room, I was stunned "looking Hot bebe" was my reaction. I also bought her Lemon Yellow & Parrot Green Dresses In which she looked pretty. Also, Wine colour 3 piece Nightly for tonight's pleasure. She was so happy at my choice that she kissed me there & then.

We hurriedly made exit n After half any hour drive we reached to one of the famous Pub of the city & seated comfortably. She was Looking mind blowing in red-hot Dress & I was in same colour T-Shirt & Blue jeans. We were looked a perfect couple & many couples envied at our dressing sense.

I asked her for her favorite brand in hard drink & she replied "Vodca" accordingly I ordered a 2 Large Peg of Vodca meanwhile the DJ started & we were enjoying the view as how the teenagers were drinking & dancing with their partners, freinds etc. Some of the teenagers Girls were wearing very revealing cloths & they were so inviting & tempting as their cleavage show & thigh show was disturbing any GENTLE man.

The combination of Wine & women started its magic & gradually all the people so far enjoying the view started to move to dance floor with their respective partner "aur Yu samjo Maahol Jamm Gaya" I stared in her eyes & she was looking at me only with smiling face & told " Jinhe dekh na tha oonhe dekh liya ? Thanks for looking at me."

I was speechless to reply her but calmly told "No re bebe I was just reconciling your figure with theirs & winked at her" "After all I m on official tour naa!!!" She just slapped me on my hand & said U rascal fox u will never improve. I said "Yaa thats True as there is no scope further to improve" She again slapped my shoulder & Insisted me to Order for 1 more Peg.

Within 30 minutes we completed 2 rounds each & Then I guided her to Dance Floor & we were lost in the dancing crowd for next 30 minutes We were so close & I was time n again touching her exciting body parts thro' my chest to her chest, my hands on her back & my Lips on her neck etc. etc. She was losing her senses gradually with my magic touch & dose of Vodka. She requested me to move as she feels tired.

I took her carefully to our table & made her comfortable, Asked her about dinner & she denied as she was on her high & not feeling hungry. So we cleared the bill & move for home & after another 15 minutes we were in our hotel. I carefully handled her to her room as she was not in walk-able position. I rested her in her bed & sat near her.

Took her hand in my hand & gently kissing said "R u Okay or shall I order Lemon Juice (to de-toxify her) She said "No bebe Ye Nashe me bhi ek alag Nasha Hai". She slightly moved up as getting her senses & pulled me close to her. I was just looking what she is up to.......... & she took my lips in her lips & deeply smooched me. I got Instant erection as I was not expecting this move from her.

But I thought let her to initiate & proceed So waited & responed to her kisses. She made me lie on bad & climbed on me. & loosened her Hair. "OMG!!!!! It seems the Black clouds have covered the sky. She was staring at me & her eyes were full of Lust & with a smiling face she tore my T-Shirt from my chest & started kissing my chest with excitement & chewed my nipple one by one.

It seems the Vodka effect has ruled over her senses & she was wild enough like Wild Cat & so I choose to give charge to her & slowly from wild cat she became a tigress & started hurting me with her teeth all over my body. I tried to hold her but she pushed my hand & said " Now I will make you cry for relief Man!!!! & she started unbuckling my belt & That made me more excited"

I closed my eyes & feeling inside great, in anticipation of a wonderful blowjob. She removed my Jeans & I was remained in one cloth only. The bulge was at his all time high like a bullish sensex. She took hold of it & pressed it to give me pain & I screamed as she was really wild. immidiately she laughed & said

"Aap Mard Log hamesha Ladkiyo ki cheekh ko enjoy karte ho naaa, Aaj me aap ko wo pain doongi aur uska Looft Oothaoongi" ( You Gents Always enjoys the scream of Girls, today I will give you that pain & will enjoy these moments" ) But I was not listening to her threats & smiling & said " Aaj me aap ka ghulaam hoon begam aaap ki har khwahish hamare liye Hukm he.

Jo chahe karo jaanam" ( Today I m your Servant ! My queen, Your every wish is like a command for me - Do whatever you like to) She removed the last cloth also & As if the Soldier is freed from cage & stand up in action. Saluting her queen. She was surprised at its straight salute n smiled at me & said " Oh My God !!!! you are awesome!

She just came closed to my dick & without touching, she inspected it from all the angles. I was eager to be handled by her but it seems she is teasing me & checking my patience. I told her "Oh bebe dont tease me ! Please take me I need your touch !!!!! She giggled & said what type of touch honey???!!! I got up half & hold her hand & made her hold my dick!!!!

she hold it & immidiatly when I slept again she left it !!!!!! " I requested "Please darling !!!!! Ye Lookaa chipppi ka khel bund karo aur lelo muje, dedo muje wo pleasure please !!!! She said wait dear We have soooo many days to enjoy "Why so hurry???" I know she was drunked & overreacting but without showing any hurry I let her do what she wanted to &

she was caressing my stomach, chest & came closed to my face & started kissing me all over my face & I was about to loose my pateince & thinking to roll over her & take full charge of action but controlled my excitement & lied as it is & she lip-locked me with a deeeeep kissss & I was in heaven. She slowly lowered her hand & harshly hold the head of my dick & strated to & fro movement.

Ohhh Gooddddd ( Friends, please experience this with your partner !!!!!!! its awesome feeling.) After deep smooching where we explored each other tongue for n no.of moments She was taking full charge completely of my dick, She played with full length, rubbing her palms all over, she caressed the balls & made it hard. I can say it was at its maximum length throughout my life.

I stared in her eyes in a requesting mode for starting the action. She sucked my lips couple of times & whispered " Yesss honey !!! Even I need a deeep deeep penetration from you" Please fuck me with your fulll size length!!!! You made me enough horny with the outfit you gifted me & the vodka"Now I m all yours just tore me apart.

"Oh yessss Now I can show my jalwaaa" I said & turned the table of a love-making game. I think it was enough foreplay from her & its time now to start straight away the rough action from my end. So I just opened her completely, her body was shining & exciting & enhancing with each of her breadth & she was dying for getting banged.

I touched her pusssy & she literally jumped with moan "Oh honey !!!! What r u doing, Just give me that " I came over her & she hold my dick & herself put it inside her & looked at me for proceeding further & I gently pushed & went half inside. She moaned & hold me tight in her arms I whispered " Hey bebe do you want to ride ????

She said a bit later honey First you give me fulll length & touch all my parts from inside. I need it badly & wish all my inner sensitive points to be explored pleasurably. I started my movement &within 2-3 hard strokes with her loud screams I entered fully & I clutched her both hands upwards & use the pressure of my body on my dick & humped her hard.

She was breathless for a moment & raised her head with closed eyes & felt the inside pleasure & displayed her relief outside thro' her face & screams "Aaah aaaah.......ummm aaaaah yaaa yaaa oh jannoo........u r toooo muchhhh " I was enjoying her gestures & Man like woman's facial expressions while fucking her which gives them more excitement &

satisfaction rather than entirely concentrating on hard-core action. So with every hard push after 3-4 gentle push I used to see her facial expression & she was in heaven of pleasure. I circled my movements to explore her hitherto untouched areas & I can clearly see the feedback on her face.

After 10 minutes of repeating this movements, I felt she is climaxing as she raised her body like a bow & arched upward with closed eyes & kissed me on my chest, shoulders enormously So I stopped for couple of moments & she opened her eyes & looked at me with deep affection & hugged me tight & whispered " I Love You Rahhhuuul " Promise me you will always be mine

"(I know its not possible but still I Hummmed ) & said " Hey honey!!!! how can I leave you, I can't live without you now" She smiled at my English & said "Then Take me with you in heaven !!!! Please " I said "Sure dear, I don't need to go to heaven, Its here only, within you" She again smiled & bite my ear & I re-started my movement,

this time hugged her with both hands on her back & carried her with me upward this helped me to move faster & she liked the concept & stick to me & after 2-3 minutes I lied her & hold her both the ankles to make a V shape & stand near the bed & use all my strength to go further inside & its really went deeper & deeper & she cried loud & climaxed badly that her juices was oozzing & touching my lower part of stomach.

She was wetttt weeeet & weeeet inside & I felt I m driving my rod in a rainy mud inside. No friction at all, just chhupp chhhup sounds. " Oh yes Rahul, Oh yaaaa yaa plssss dont stopppp don stopppp " " Giv meeeee thattt " I crossed her legs bending half & made them scissor & continued for another 5 minutes & saw her face, she with closed eyes was rolling her toungue on her lips &

was completely spent with relief but waiting for me to explode " Oh Rahuuul please leave me, please give meee allll " I fastened my movement & after another 5 minutes of deep fucking, I blasted badly & this was the maximum load so far freed from me. Our body which were dancing in rhythm so far gradually calmed down. I felt down & rested on her soft pillows. This was one of the best sleep of my life.

To Be Continued...(still 5 days to go)

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Horny Guy Fucking Younger Brothers Wife - II

Previously: Horny Guy Fucking Younger Brothers Wife - I

Anyway I replied back to Poopie by saying “Yes….actually I care for everyone and after Sona (my daughter) you are the one for whom I care most”. In response Poopie smiled a bit and released her hairs from the bow which was tying them in a pony and that enhanced her sex appeal like anything. “Tell me…aap meri itni care kyun karte ho?”

Poopie asked me with blinking eyes and I instantly replied by saying “because I like you as a person….” And showing a raised thumb Poopie also spoke back instantly “I also like you as a person…” Next Poopie asked me for my glass, obviously to make another drink but I denied and spoke “NO…and I think now we should disperse this party…”

I was sensing her state and Poopie instantly came up asking “why?...aur nahi peeni?” and I replied by saying “nahi… aur nahi peeni…ab Poopie Chachi poori tarah tunn ho chuki hai” and Poopie giggled over my words and denied my statement by saying “nahi…Poopie Chachi bilkul bhi tunn nahi hai….believe me I am just behaving like that” “whatever…let’s end here only…”

I spoke and Poopie agreed and tried to get up and immediately collapsed on the couch because of dizziness, I giggled over her state and got up to give her support and holding my hand Poopie stood up slowly and and started to walk and I suggested her not to go upstairs and sleep in my room but in continuation also said that I will sleep in parent's room

"don't go upstairs... tum mere bedroom mein sow jaao....main mummy papa ke room mein sow jaunga" Poopie looked at me with a casual smile, she was still holding my hand and walking and I spoke again with a casual laughter "Aaj Chachi full tight hai" and this time Poopie accepted and said that she is feeling as if whole floor is moving "Haan...poori zameen hil rahi hai"

and with that she fumbled at her feet and I grabbed her in my arm casually. It was unintentional but it was great, I was held her from the area just below her breasts and her soft and fleshy body was in my arms. Poopie recovered from the fumble instantly and went out of my arm but kept on holding my hand and we walked to my bedroom.

After holding her soft body in arms lust was enhanced inside me and now I did not wanted to let this chance go, I was hard over my Penis since long and Poopie’s dizzy gesture was adding fuel to my urge. I brought her close to bed and before she would have sat down, keeping my fingers crossed kissed her on her cheek tenderly.

Poopie was about to sit down but as I kissed her on her cheek, she kept on standing and looked at me with mild wrinkles over her forehead and I uttered “aise hi man kar raha tha” and Poopie smiled lightly over that, I believe her tiny smile gave me some courage and next instant I kissed her on her lip tenderly, just for a fraction and uttered “Poopie I really love you…I wish tum meri wife hoti”.

I don’t know how dared to do that, it was totally spontaneous and for a moment I skipped my heart beat after doing and saying that. I don’t know Poopie heard me properly or not and what ran in her mind that instant, she just kept on looking at me with calm gesture and bit of fluttering eyes and I once again dared to over step and kissed her again on her lips and this time sucked her soft lips for couple of seconds.

Poopie did not react, she just kept on looking at me, into my eyes and my heart started pounding hard, “I am sorry…main apne aap ko control nahi kar paaya”. Poopie was standing close to bed and she was still holding my hand “sit…” I uttered and she sat down, I was scared as I could not speculate her mind state and I came up saying “Good night…”

and with that I tried releasing my wrist from her hand and that was the moment where things turned, Poopie was sitting on the bed and I was standing beside her and in reaction she did not released my wrist, I looked at her and she uttered “I also need you….”. For a moment I could not believe my ears, but it was true, deep inside I went through strange rapture.

“Sure…?” I asked her back in soft voice and she moved her head in yes. Next I sat down in front of her and caressed her cheek and she puffed in very low voice with a beautiful blush “subah ye to nahi bologi ki maine Daaru pilaake tumhara faayda utha liya?” I asked her with a naughty smile and Poopie smiled back in same fashion and replied by saying

“Nahi Bhaiya do it…I badly need you tonight” “mujhe bhi tumhari bahut zarurat hai” I spoke that and after that there was nothing which could stop me. I took Poopie in my arms and grabbed her soft and fleshy body tight, Poopie also wrapped her arms around my back and neck and we started kissing like true lovers.

I can easily say it most wonderful kiss of my life since now, we started with sucking each other’s lips tenderly but slowly excitement went high and we both entered our tongue in each other’s mouth and sucked each other’s mouth nicely. My hands were over her wonderful breasts and I started playing with her soft luscious fruits like I always desired;

I was caressing and squeezing them tenderly with my both the hands and while kissing, Poopie was moaning in delight. After breaking the kiss I started unbuttoning her shirt and she just saw me doing that. Slowly her heavy breasts caged in a white bra were getting exposed to my eyes and by the time I reached to the last button Poopie was breathing intense.

She herself unbuttoned her cuff and I took out shirt from her arms. Poopie was sitting in front of me wearing just bra over her upper half and next I stood up and took of my t-shirt and under shirt together. IN continuation and drifted down lower too and wearing just underwear came to bed again and drifted Poopie in the middle of the bed.

She lied down and I pulled the knot of the thread of her lower and finally took it out of her legs. Ohhh… wearing just Bra and Panty Poopie was lying on my bed and anyhow I cannot explain what she was looking that instant. I stripped her completely and lied beside her.

We hugged sideways and while crushing her soft milk mounds against my chest I reached to her fuck opening with my knee and rubbed it tenderly and Poopie puffed in pleasure and closed her eyes. I saw her face and she was looking beautiful. I placed my lips over her soft rosy lips and once again we kissed superbly.

I caressed her milk mounds throughout the time we explored each other’s mouth and soon after breaking the kiss I came over her and started sucking her mounds. Her nipples were thick and long and there were getting further hard in excitement and Poopie grabbed my scalp in her hands to feed me and one by one I sucked her both the melons.

Heat was rising and while sucking her breasts my fingers reached to her pleasure hole and as Poopie felt my hand over her crotch she opened her thighs and I fisted her wet fuckhole after rubbing her opening tenderly for few seconds and once again saw her face full with delightful expressions.

Closing her eyes Poopie was enjoying getting played at her fuckhole and as pace of my fisting finger improved and I lunged her fuckhole deep her forehead got wrinkled, from expressions she seemed like crying but in pleasure. By now I was also desperate; I was hard like I was never before in my entire sex life with my wife and Poopie was also sufficiently wet to get me inside her.

“Poopie bina Condom ke hi daal dun na?” I asked her in soft voice and she said yes without opening her eyes “haan daal do” I widened her thighs further apart and rested my crotch over her love opening. Poopie folded her legs inwards to give me better access of her fuckhole and extended her hand and reached to my monster.

With the soft touch of her hand I got further hard and lifted my bottom bit up and Poopie brought my hard monster over her opening and I tenderly moved into the depth of her womb. “Ahhhhh…..” “Hmmmmm…..” we both puffed in pleasure and burying my entire length in her fuckhole I touched her crotch with mine.

“Bhaiya fuck me….” Poopie demanded in low sensual voice and I started invading her fuckhole slowly. Poopie moaned softly and slowly wrapped her arms and thighs around me, my hips rose and fell and soft and spongy bed bumped and bounced with my inwards strokes.

I puffed repeatedly with a hot clamp of her fuckhole over my monster and Poopie also grunted freely as my throbbing Penis crushed her wet, soft and swollen pussy lips with its heavy balls. I fucked Poopie tenderly for few minutes but slowly heat rose further high and my pace increased on its own.

Spreading my legs wide I widened Poopie’s thighs further apart and stretched out to maximum, I was lying over her on my forearms and knees and with me Poopie was also puffing intensely. Anyhow I could not take my eyes off from her face as it was a vision of pure lust, her eyes were closed and mouth was open, her head arched and her face rolled from side to side;

her body was rocking and heaving under me. Under my broad chest her hot and swollen breasts were sagging abruptly here and there. I bent my head and squeezed one of her up thrust breasts into my mouth and flicked her long nipple with my tongue while sucking and Poopie shuddered erotically.

Gradually my fucking was increasing and Poopie cries became sharper, our bodies started streaming sweat and we tossed on the bed crazily. Appearing and disappearing between her thick and distended pussy-lips, my long and swollen Penis was plunging her wet and soft fuckhole rapidly.

Up thrusting her hips Poopie also tried to match my thrusts for a while but my fucking pace went on going high and gradually her legs rose to my back and her fingers clenched my shoulders. Pressure was build inside me and apparently we both were reaching to our climax and suddenly Poopie’s cries became sharp and erotic, her faltering gasps rose in pitch and volume and her orgasm loomed

"Oh... oh... ohhh... ohhh.... OHHHHHHH!" Poopie arched her back like a bow, shoved her fuckhole up against my throbbing Penis and jerked her head back. Her body quaked in tension and above her I failed to control myself and panted loud and rammed myself into her hard with a snap of my hips and squeezed my ass couple of times to release my gunk and tilted my head

and grunted in relief while emptying myself inside her. I buried myself in her flesh and Poopie kept on holding me hard in her arms and thighs for long. Slowly our bodies subsided, my monster shrunk and slipped out of Poopie and I rolled off from her top and we both lied on the bed beside each other while dripping in sweat.

“Chachi I really love you…” I spoke that while looking at roof, for an instant Poopie just hummed to say yes. Her eyes were closed and she looking heavily influenced from alcohol. “I was scared of this only” Poopie uttered and I replied by saying “ab jo ho gaya…wo ho gaya…”

She was tired and seemed bit uneasy, I did not disturb her further and after using the washroom came out to the living room and winded up the food and drinks. While going to kitchen to put the eating stuff I saw Poopie’s round and fleshy ass while she was entering in the washroom and after coming out she once again collapsed on the bed and soon went into sleep.

After watching television for a while I too came to the bedroom and slept beside her and woke up around seven when door bell rang. Suddenly it shook my head, it was maid servant who uses to come every morning to wash utensils, I quaked Poopie hurriedly to wake her up and eventually told her to run upstairs.

Poopie ran and I opened the door and in next 15 minutes got the whole work done and told maid servant not to come in the noon as there is nobody in the house. She asked me about Poopie and I told her she has gone to her mother’s place. After maids exit I rose upstairs to Poopie’s bedroom and found her sitting on bed.

Poopie was not scared of maid but she was little uneasy, possibly she was realizing whatever we have done in the night, I behave casual and lied down on the bed and spoke “let’s sleep for one more hour”. She did not responded back and just kept on sitting far from me, on the edge of the bed,

“ab jo hona tha wo ho gaya” I spoke while looking at her and extended my hand to hold her wrist and pulled her while saying “aur jo ho raha hai use hone do”. Slowly Poopie came in my arms and slowly we started again. We kissed and explored each other’s mouth tenderly and Poopie released her body over my wish, I stripped her completely and fingered her fuckhole for a while to arouse her.

I was already hard and soon Poopie was also wet, I came over her and she widened her thighs to give me space. Though in beginning I was slow and steady but ultimately we did not lasted for long once again reached to our climax one after another. In the end I would that was the last time when I fucked Poopie, after confronting in the morning Poopie did not slept with me,

she requested me to go down stairs and after sleeping for another hour we both took leave to our work place one after another. In the evening I met Poopie near her work place and took her out for the dinner, I was expecting that she would come with me and we will spent another night before my parents will come back but giving certain reasons Poopie denied to continue this

relation and stayed at her mother’s place for couple of nights and eventually came back home when my parents were back. Initially while being in the same house I could see that Poopie is little uneasy in talking to me but in a week’s time; by the time my wife came back home she was quite normal and at present when almost five months are passed,

when my brother is back home from last two months and me and Poopie are apparently normal. I must say that deep inside I am dying to get intimate with Poopie but now it seems impossible to me.

Please feel free to post your thoughts about the story in the comments below. Thanks.

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Horny Guy Fucking Younger Brothers Wife - I

Poopie Chachi; I don’t know what should I say about her? She is actually wife of my younger brother and as my daughter use to address her “Poopie Chachi” I also started addressing her same and including Poopie everyone in the family liked my innovation.

Poopie has always addressed me “Bhaiya” but as our age difference is hardly 3 years since beginning we were friendly and for me having sex with Poopie was matter of sheer luck. We both were drunk and alone in the house and it just happened. Truly speaking friends I never gave a serious thought about trying anything like that; obviously how could I?

she was wife of my younger brother but still I can say since Poopie was married to my brother sexually I was attracted to her and never missed even a single chance to stare her luscious body and one of its reason was my wife, my marriage was not even six years old and Charu (my wife) was losing interest in sex consistently and opposite to her I was getting hornier with every passing day.

Anyway forget all that, I am not trying to giving excuse as I am not at all feeling any guilty over my deed, while talking about Poopie I would say she is originally from higher income group family but married in a middle class and bit conservative family, she is good looking female, bit dusky in color, short in height, hardly couple of inches more than 5’,

bit plump with fleshy arms and thighs with evident belly and really very good looking ass; round, flabby and erotically spread. Now without wasting any time I am straightaway moving to incident, I remember it was first week of the year and a day of winters, Arjun (my younger brother) was gone to states from last two months in concern of starting a very lucrative project for his company

and day before my wife Charu also left for her mother’s place to Nagpur for a week and suddenly my father’s cousin brother, who use to live in some other state but close to Delhi fell seriously sick and got hospitalized. It was a middle of the day when my father called me to inform and asked me if we can go and visit uncle. I agreed and decided to leave for his place in the early evening.

I called Poopie and asked her if she will also accompany. Deep inside Poopie did not wanted to go and she said that as there is nobody in the house she will stay at her mother’s place in the night. I insisted her to come along and like I knew Poopie did not argued with me even once and agreed.

Finally she also came back home early from her work place and eventually we all four left; me, my parents and Poopie and we reached to the destination around 10 in the night. We visited hospital and met everyone in the family but could not meet uncle because he was in ICU and visiting hours were over since long.

We stayed at home in the night and eventually decided that my parents will meet uncle in the next evening and stay for couple of more days and as we both had office to attend me and Poopie will leave next day in the morning after breakfast.

Next morning everything was casual we; me and Poopie started from their more or less on the fixed time and for some time; say 10-15 minutes I drove silently, till I reached to the highway and eventually asked “Poopie Chachi mujhse naaraz hai kya?” Poopie smiled beautifully over that and looked at me and denied by saying “nahi…bilkul bhi nahi…”

and with that we started chit chatting casually and eventually after taking a short break of tea and casual snacks entered in the Delhi. Poopie was wearing long Kurta with tight leggings on the lower half, obviously with a stole on the shoulder and like always I did not missed any chance to stare at her succulent fruits which were much heavier as compared to my wife’s breasts and

also at her thick and fat thighs which were far fleshier than my wives thighs. Anyway time when I entered in Delhi was exactly 1 and I was on the way to home when Poopie said that she would like to go to her mother’s place. I was expecting that because before leaving I overheard her talking about this with my mom and I once again tried stopping her with a casual statement

“I still don’t want you to go….let’s go for a movie”. It was a week day and most of day was passed, for me there was no point to think about going to office, neither Poopie was thinking about going to her work place but my suggestion of going for a movie was bit surprising for Poopie and she looked at me with strange gesture obviously with a tiny smile and I casually spoke out

“you know I am missing Sona(my daughter) and don’t want to get alone” and then after a pause I spoke again, somewhat promised her that I will drop her at her mother’s place after a movie and Poopie granted my wish with a lovely smile. We reached to the theater and before getting into the auditorium had proper meal saw one comedy movie and eventually came out with casual chit chat.

Since then everything was fine, certainly I was enjoying her company with dirty perspective and feeling sufficiently aroused to shag my load after reaching back home but things really turned in different direction when while being on the way to the car I saw a wine shop and decided to get something to have in the night in solitude.

I gave Poopie car keys and told her to reach to the car and came back with a half bottle of Vodka and silently kept it on the back seat. Earlier when I told Poopie to reach to car in front of wine shop from her gesture it was evident that she has understood that I am going to get liquor and after reaching back casually said “you know I badly need this to kill my loneliness”.

Hearing that Poopie turned and picked the bottle and took it out of brown paper bag and casually spoke “Vodka…that’s cool…mujhe lagga that aap Whisky lekar aaoge” and I replied by saying “No I don’t like Whiskey at all…ya to Vodka ya fir Bear…nothing else”. Next what Poopie spoke was really very surprising for me “Same…even I don’t like anything else….” “Ohh…you too?”

I asked her in astonishing tone and she accepted “haan…shaadi se pahle hostel mein friends ke saath kabhi-kabhi peeti thi” and I came up saying “Cool…” After that there was silence for long, I was driving and it was a way to Poopie’s mother’s home and after reaching close to the destination at certain point I asked her where to turn,

left or right and I don’t know how Poopie came up saying that she does not want to go to her mother’s place “mujhe mummy ke ghar nahi jaana….mujhe bhi Vodka peeni hai….let’s go home” her voice was bit choked and I could sense hell of hesitation in her tone. I feel she wanted to say this since long but she was hesitant and somehow she managed to speak when she was close to her moms place.

I looked at her and from her expressiond evidently saw that her heart was pounding, “sure…?” I asked her and she accepted but in continuation asked me back if I won’t tell anything to my parents. “aap kahin mummy papa ko nahi batta doge?” “Obviously not…this is illegal for me too…you know that”.

Actually I belong to the community where non-veg and alcohol is forbidden but we both the brothers secretly eat non-veg and also drink. Anyway it was a matter of sheer luck that in last 24 hours Poopie did not spoke to her mom at all, since then her mother totally unaware of whatever was happened since now,

that she was gone out of town and now she is back and alone with me and on the other end my parents were assuming that by now Poopie must be at her mother's place. Next as Poopie confirmed that she would like to have Vodka with me I turned the car and finally after getting some snacks packed from the way we reached back home.

Although we spoke throughout the way, till we reached back home but still there was some sort of uneasiness in our gesture. We were not looking at each other while talking and I don’t know what was running in Poopie’s mind but I was surely getting weird in my imagination.

Like I said since beginning I was sexually attracted to Poopie and with unsatisfied sex life with my wife I often use to masturbate while fantasizing her and that instant again and again I was asking myself that weather I should try something or not.

On the other end I could see that since I have turned the car Poopie was little uneasy and by the time we reached back home her nervousness was touching its peak and as I stopped the car inside the porch Poopie uttered “Bhaiya I am little scared…kahin kuch gadbad na ho jaaye” she spoke that without looking at me,

and I did not understood what she meant with that and behaving casual I replied with “gadbad kya hogi…do drink peene ke baad sow jaana” and she looked at me with dark brown eyes and passed a tiny smile and asked me again “mummy papa ko pata to nahi chal jaayega na?” and I replied by saying “don’t worry…kisi ko kuch bhi pata nahi chalega”.

With that I came out of the car and she followed me. We entered in the house and saying that she will be back after freshening up Poopie went upstairs to her bedroom and I also came in my room and while using the toilet realized that I am hard over my Penis. “Is it possible” I asked myself while looking into the mirror with a smile. “Let’s see” I myself replied back to mirror.

After changing into track suit lower with a full sleeve t-shirt I came back in living room and switched on the television and I was little surprised to see Poopie in same sort of outfit, track suit lower but with a full sleeve shirt which was having buttons in front, which I believe actually belonged to Arjun.

I must say that was one of fewer times when I saw her wearing anything except Indian ethnic wear and she was looking gorgeous and real sex bomb in that. Unlike always her huge breasts were uncovered from any sort of stole and amount of flesh she was having on her thighs and ass was so evident that my erection just went double with just glance of that.

Next Poopie organized the snacks and we started, before pouring the alcohol I asked her about the amount of alcohol she would like to have; light or hard and she said medium. I don’t know intentionally or unintentionally I made lighter drink for myself and started watching television along with that.

Couple of times we looked into each other’s eyes and smiled from distance and eventually I came to conclusion that anyhow I won’t be able to try anything. I didn’t have courage to approach her but I must say somehow it was suppose to happen, it was destiny and we were just part of it.

Poopie finished her first drink very fast and waited for me to end, later I gave her my glass to make the second and saying “thoda sa hard kar deti hun” as compared to last drink this time Poopie poured little extra Alcohol in both the glasses and gave me my glass.

That drink was really hard and as I was immune of drinking I easily gulped that but Poopie was very slow and by the end of that drink she was lost. She finished her drink and kept her legs straight over the central table and arching her neck, facing roof rested her head over the back and closed her eyes for a while.

I was expecting that now she will not desire for more and might go to sleep, but no, she was not at all in that mood and after few minutes she woke up and spoke “You know Bhaiya I am stuck…main fass gayi hun...jaisi life maine shaadi ke baad lead karne ki sochi thi ye life bilkul bhi waisi nahi hai” I was surprised to hear that,

I smiled a bit and before I would have spoke anything Poopie spoke again “Please don’t think that I am drunk, I am telling you the truth, is ghar mein bahut restrictions hain” and that was her beginning of losing control over her senses, and as she said that she is not drunk I was sure that now she is drunk, I was also feeling mild intoxication in my gesture.

Still I was in my senses and did not replied anything and just kept on looking at her with a hope she would speak and Poopie spoke again “Please don’t mind me saying… aap dono, I mean you and Arjun are always scared of your parents… Non veg chhup chhup ke khaate ho, chhup chhup ke drink karte ho…what is this? is ghar koi freedom hi nahi hai”

that was truth of our life and I accepted that and said anyhow we have to hide such matters from our elders. And Poopie continued and this time she praised me with the words “Waise I must tell you ki you are far better person than Arjun…aap bahut caring ho…aap meri bhi bahut care karte ho” I was enjoying her inebriated state,

Poopie was looking sexier in that subconscious gesture and now I was staring at her luscious sexual assets without any fear of getting caught but still I could not dare to think about approaching her to have sex with her, especially when she was bit unconscious with the effect of alcohol.

To Be Continued...

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Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - III

Previously: Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - II

After a tiring day & wonderful Night session we don't know when we fell asleep after a memorable lovemaking & suddenly I got up in the morning & found her deeply sleeping beside me with her rear view open till her Naval. I just saw her face & she was so cute & looks very peaceful.

Her Silky loose were covering her face partly & with closeed eyes she even looks more beautiful. I was about to touch her head with affection but on end moment I stopped as I was worried I may disturb her peaceful sleep. As soon as I was about to get down from bed she hold my hand & pulled me slightly & I smiled.

"Oh bebe!!!!!! U r awaken !!!!!! She smiled a bit & replied yes with her head & slowly opened her eyes & looked at me smiling. "Oh my God,,,,, She looks fairy really I have never seen fairy in reality but I bet she was not lesser than a fairy. I sleep again & she hugged me & put her head on my chest & gently kissed there & said "Good Morning Dear" I to kissed her forehead & responded her.

I complimented for her fresh morning fairy-like looks & also that "You made my Night dear, I will remember those moments forever" She pinched me & said "but U were so harsh yesterday. Still I will also remember" . I praised her lovemaking, especially kissing me & caressing my back & head to which she said U are also marvelous Rahulll. Every Girl expects the lovemaking U made to me.

We gently kissed each other on lips & I was about to start one more round but suddenly My mobile rang. I just checked it & it was my Boss. I cursed him in my mind & Wished Him "Good Morning Sir!!!!! " He straightaway inquired about Sunayna "Where is Sunayna, As her mobile is switched off & she is also not picking her landline extension ???????"

I worried but tactfully replied "Sir She must be in washroom as I just spoke to her & instructed her to get ready soon, you may try after sometime" "No No U may continue for office I will call after some time. I was relieved. "This ******* boss will not allow me to work peacefully here too" & to which she giggled & I stared in her eyes & she teased me

"Boss ke phone se fat gayeeee kyaaa?" & I said ""Hmmm ab dekh me teri bhi fadooongaaa" & took her in my arms & she said no no sorry Sirrr. I m innocent please leave me !!!!!!!! I too giggled & hugged her with passion & she said "Chalo Chhodd bhi, Bosss ka wapas phone aa jayega" To which I again abused the boss & Said "Wo saalaa ********* chain se honeymoon bhi nahi manane dega.

We just off to the bed & started our routine at our respective rooms & After I was ready with my cloths & waiting for her she was not thro' yet So I rang her & she told she is still in a bathroom taking shower & will take another 10-15 minutes to get ready. So I just started TV for killing the time & soon surfing various channels I found one song on some south Indian channel where hero & heroine both were taking shower together & caressing each oher body parts & were frequently kissing.

Our South Indian central board is too liberal to show the luscious "Skin-Show" & for a moment I imagined its me & sunayna taking shower. I was lost in the song completely & as soon as the song ended & Advt. started I switched off the TV & rushed to her room, fortunately the door was not latched & I entered & didn't found her in living room but heard the sound of water.

Yesss She was taking a bath. I came close to the bathroom & tried to sense what is happening & found she was hmmmming a song & taking her bath. "Sajnaa he muje Sajnaa k liye, sajnaa he muje hmmmm hmmm" Oh my God she was singing so well & what a song selection it was!!!! I just called her "Hey Sunnnu, maine kaha sunti ho? " I just teased her like a villager husband calls her wife.

She shocked & said U Rahul The Rascal how do u come here? I laughed & said "Jo log darwaza khula rakh k nahate he Unki Izzat ko koi bhi Hero nahi bacha saktaa!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha """ & I pushed the door & it got opened. I entered & saw her facing away from me .................complete nude & marble like body in statue posture.

I just keep watching her figure for long moments & she finally seeing me covered her assets & turned at me & tried to pushed me out " Kitne kamine ho !!!!!!!! knock bhi nahi karte !!!!!!! she pretended being angry on me but I know its a fake anger " Oh I m so sorry U have no problem for I came inside but why I came without knocking???? " "U naughty Old Man" she tried to tease me ( I was 38 years & she was 23 years)

So I told " Okkay so ab me tumhe buddha lagta hoon" "Lagta he Ab to tumhe Meri jawani ka josh dikhana hi padega !!!!! Kal raat ki daastan itni zaldi bhool gayi kyaa?" I hold her tightly into my custody & took a deep smooch & She was literally struggling to get rid but I took full charge & she surrendered & said "sorry Dear I was kidding .........please leave me nowww,

we are getting late for office" "Accha ab tuje office ki badi yaad aati hai? hmmm " But No you will have to pay the price for the statement you have given for me" & I hugged her tight & crushed her melons with my chest & again kissed her with passion & she this time responded well & started puffung with excitement & I started the shower & we both drenched into water kissing like True lovers.

I caressed her whole body with my hands, her back, her naval, her shoulders & of course her buffy bums. She was awesome man. I was hard like anything & it started poking her fuckhole as we were of almost same height. That is an added advantage. She broke the kiss & Undress me hurriedly & here we both were completely naked like Adam & Eve.

She kissed me everywhere, my face, my lips, my ears, my chin, my neck,my chest, my stomach, my thighs & finally on my dick which was already straight, as soon as she kissed my dick it immediately increased to its maximum & looking him growing she looked up & smiled at me & to my surprise she took it in her mouth.

"Ohhhh Gooddd bebe !!!!!!!!! I was dying for this since longgg" She scrolled her tongue on a complete length & started sucking my mushroom top & I was in devine pleasure hold her hair to prevent obstructing the view. Initially she little choked up but then she was comfortably doing it to my pleasure.

"Oh jaaan muje paagal kar diya tune, darlinggg" "Please take it & look at me " she obeyed me & time & again she was looking up in my eyes & wowww looking great. After 5 minute of blowjob I made her stand & kissed her neck & ears & again deeply smooched her. She was holding my dick & doing forward & backward movement which made me eager to fuck her hard.

Now it was too much for me So I took her to the wall & raised her leg & put my dick at her entrance & adjusted it with hand & gave a gentle push & she was leaking like hell So it immediately went half without any difficulty, She screamed & the shower was still on Partially we were rained thro' it & she bite my shoulder due to pain &

after a small pause the pain subsidised & she could took full length inside & I started fucking her with a steady pace & also hold her bums for support movement from herside It was awesome yaaar we were enjoying the complete sex & its good to have sex n this position She slowly clenched me with her leg & Now the movement was even better & she was moaning with pleasure

"Ohh Rahul !!!!!!!! U r great fucker !!!!!! U made me complete Woaman yaaar" "Where were U all these days " " I m maddd, I willl diiiie " After 10 minutes of jouful fucking I took it outside & she immediately hold it & again inserted herself & hugged me & started her own To & Fro Movement.

I just hold her Naval & letting her to be in action & She scramed with pleasure & said "Oh Jannnooo mmm commiinngg...." with grunted Teeth she fastened her movement & I supported her to protect from falling down & matched the Rhythm with her movement & she spent with loud scream & rested on my shoulder. I literally felt her exhaust juice on my dick & I was still rock hard.

So she requested me to relieve her but I wanted more fun So I broaden my legs & took her both legs around me & she was literally hanging on me & looking tired & rested on me & I started the To & fro movement & she cried with pain & pleasure as I touched her so far untouched sensitive points inside She bite my ear & whispered " U r a damn good fucker dear"

Please fuck me hard,,,,,,,harder,,,,,,,,,harder" Oh yaaaaa m commming againnn " I was violently humping her in that movements & she was puffing hard . Sirrr Please leave me sirrrr I m begging for it siiirrr give me alll your cummm sirrr " hearing this I further raised the speed & felt that I m coming So I told her " Sirrr Pleasse cummm & shoottt on my bodddy sirrr"

Okkk I removed he dick & she fastened the shower & made & took hold of my dick & started handjob & within a minute I sprayed all my cum on her body. We both were spent badly & lied on each other on the floor for few more time & then kissed with affection " I complimented her !!! U r my sex godesss bebe I fulfilled all my wishes with you."

She also hugged me with love & affection & said U r my kaamdev & I will always be ready to lay with you. U made me realised the pleasure of deep deeeep love-making. We then got ready & left for the office. Eagerly Awaiting for the spicy Evening dear.

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