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Varashan Enjoying Sex With Friends Mom

Hi guys, I am Varashan from Srilanka. This is a true incident happened to me when I was 18 years old. Coming to the story. I’m from a middle class family where my father is a government official & my mom a housewife. I lived for 15 years in one place & with my father’s transfer I had to move to a new house, which was actually near my school.

I was really sad to miss my friends whom I knew from the day I was born. So I didn’t like to move though I had to move. SO in about 3 days in my place it was school holidays so I just was sitting in the balcony & saw about 5 boys playing down near my house.

So I went near them & introduced myself. Luckily I met this new friend call Ram (Names changed). His father was my father’s subordinate. Was I played with them & came home. His house was actually 3 houses next to me & he was 2 years younger than me.

When I came home my asked me to come with her to visit the neighbors since all who were staying near my house are my father’s colleagues. So 1st we went to Rams house & I ranged the doorbell. There came Ram & greeted us in. There comes my sexy queen, his mom. Actually first thing I saw was her face. She isn’t cute, but a hot sexy vulgar kind of face she had.

Then breasts took my eyes away. She was just wearing a nighty without a bra. I was quite sure she wasn’t wearing anything inside because her melons were swinging right and left. She had big breasts. I saw a part of her brown nipple through the gaps in the buttons. I was so happy that I totally came over the sadness of missing my friends in my last place of stay.

So we had a chat & had tea. Talking about all the stuff. I was continuously looking at her body. Voluptuous body & a well shape ass she had. Her nighty was down to her ankle, so couldn’t see her legs. Days passed & my dream angel while masturbating was her. I visited her place saying I’m going to play with Ram & never missed a chance to take a look at her whenever it was possible.

Days passed by & since I’m very talkative I moved with her very well. Actually she was an English teacher in a nearby school. So she also used to go to school in the morning almost at the same time & come home again on the same time. So I use to even discuss about studies & do revision with her during exams & things went very smoothly.

Now I made up my place in the house even to go & spend time with her even when Ram was out of house for tuitions or some else stuff. So I use to visit her only after 5.30p.m since we come home around 3 after school. One day when exams were nearby I thought of going to her place little early. I came after school, had a wash & took my English books, left to her place.

I knocked the door, no response. I knocked twice. But she didn’t come. So I just went around the house & went near her room window. One window was slightly opened. I just peeped through. I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was sleeping wearing her white petticoat tied up to her breasts.

Just think, your dream lady, whom you at least masturbate twice thinking about her every day, sleeping only with a petticoat. Her legs were facing the window. Her petticoat was up to her thighs. I saw her saree lying near the bed, her blouse on top of that, then the bra and her panty. Our houses are separated each other’s from little huge walls.

So immediately I took out my penis and masturbated looking at her. Best thing was, she just separated her legs a bit. I cummed a whole load out & went home. Again in another 20 minutes I masturbated again. I wanted to somehow fuck her, fuck her at any cost. So I made a plan. After about a week, on a Saturday evening I went to her place knowing that she will be alone. I went.

She was sweeping the house. I was enjoying her bending sessions. Then I asked her to start with an English lesson. I asked her to mark a paper I did previously. I was standing near her on the dining table. She was wearing a short nighty without any inner wears as usual. This time I could see her half breast with a nice view of her cleavage. I couldn’t bear it up anymore.

My cock was rock hard. I just put my hand inside my short pocket and took my cock out from my underwear. Her left palm was actually in the corner of the table. I thought I should do something. Just went a little near and kept erected cock in her palm. I just moved a little to take her attention away from the paper.

She didn’t say anything. I increased the pressure & now saw palm moving slowly and kind of wiping over my short. In about 5 minutes she just touched my short and got up. She just pressed my cock little harder and gave me a kiss n my cheeks. I planted a kiss on her lips. I just took my shorts off and handed over her my bare erected cock. She shook it and I took away her nighty.

She was just nude. I took her brown nipple inside my mouth sucked it bit it. She enjoyed and she gave me a nice blowjob. Then she asked me to lock the door and we went to her room and did all the stuff as all others do. So whenever possible we fuck each other.

Please drop in your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju

It was dark night at around 9 PM & there was heavy rain outside……..with ….sparkling, lightning & horrible thundering sound in the sky……….I was alone at home…..scared & waiting for the other members who were out in Hospital for attending my Elder Sister’s matured Delivery time.

Any moment the Good News were expected …..but I don’t know Why …….I felt some …..strange sensation……….n my 6th sense was continuously …..giving me hint that Today……something is going to happen…..with me…

Hi, readers…….this is Radhika… from Pune…..Arrived to my sister’s place …..for helping her in delivery…..She was fine till yesterday night & suddenly on wee hours she felt labour pain & Jeeju had to take her to the Hospital which is around 25 Kms.away from this luxurious Bungalow located at the outskirts of the city.

I came here almost 4 days before, as planned, as Sister (Bina) had told me about her scheduled date. I m 27……Fair complexion……curvy shape & my height is 5.10 which seems higher for an Indian Girls….I have long hairs till my naval & that is the added attraction in my look.

Whenever I smiles..it gets dimpled in my cheeks & my eyes are also brownish black so My hubby used to tease me that I m her Sharmila tagore. A 1970s heartthrob from Bollywood … Unforunately…..My hubby & I could not last for longer as my beauty became the main reason behind our separation as I used to get appreciation whenever & wherever we go & that made him

suspicious after couple of years of our happy married life. He was feeling inferior whenever somebody appreciated me irrespective whether it is social gathering or his Business related professional gathering. At All places I used to win more appreciation & he felt…

His hard work, his performance, his dedication & devotion in his job remains unnoticed in his professional get together events. Actually my nature was initially reserved but he insisted me to change my behavior & get along with the people, especially in get together parties.

The Problem started when I slowly started open up with others & my sense of humour & quick answering nature impressed the listeners & in addition to my look my nature was also the “talk of the town” in the parties.

Even his friends used to tease him “Bunder K gale me Moti ki Maala” which inirtially he took in funny way & compliments for his wife but afterwards started taking as Insulting comment on his personality. I tried to change myself & left going to parlour & stopped attending parties with him but that added fuel to the fire as people used to tease him that

“Why u have come without your crown today?” Also many of them specifically invited to come in couple only…His falsed & unncesarry dissatisfaction started problem in our personal as well as his professional life as he was not concentrating in his work & started drinking quite often.

I was so helpless as my efforts to convince him was in vain & on the contrary it hurt his man-ego & the gap between our emotional bonding increased & he started sharing his feelingz with another woman in his office & she was being quite junior to him, capitalized this opportunity & encouraged him to behave worst me day by day.

I also became the victim of domestic violence & complained to his parents but it didn’t served any purpose. At last I told him to relive me from this sour relationship & he was just waiting for this opportunity & saved his alimony as I initiated the sepration matter.

I chose not to fight for alimony as I was self sufficient & believe in Women empowerment rather than seeking beggar like alimony from him. As planned he subsequently married to his office colleague & made her plan successful. I took it as my good luck that at very early stage of my marriage I got his real intentions & before further damage I set free myself from him.

I m still 27 & have lots of opportunities in my career & re-finding My Life partner. Readers m extremely sorry for narrating my long & painful background as this is not a social helpline website. But I felt it necessary to describe as readers can understand my agony.

I was not at all shocked on this situation but still fall into deep sorrow & depression as I was loving my husband whatever he was. But the reality is he is no more with me & I need to learn to stay without him. I was Fashion designer student & had left my study halfway due to my marriage.

My parents tried to convince me to look for another match but I was not mentally prepared as was broken from inside. Only My Jeeju (Mahesh Deshmukh)….gave me novel suggestion to re-start your study & develop career in fashion designing……”This will give you some relaxed time & U will get involved in your hobbies & will reduce your pain”

everybody including my sister (Mahesh’s wife) also didn’t like his suggestion as all were worried that once I will cross my 30 I wont be able to get right match for my 2nd innings. But I liked Jeeju’s suggestion as it was my uncompleted dream to open my own boutique where I can sell my own creativity & the destiny has given me this chance…

Financially no much worry…..as I have my jwelleries & savings to provide initial capital. I thanked Jeeju & convinced others for my goal & they with heavy heart gave me permission. I came to know later that My Jeeju had to pay price to my sister when they reached home as My sister scolded him badly that why u have given this suggestion n bla bla bla.

Suddenly……..due to heavy thunder the Power cut & I was scared ……..with lightning & thunder sound with strong wind with heavy rain climate & No lights inside. ………..& I started chanting God’s name……..& suddenly I heard a knock at the door. ………..”Who is this???? I asked……with high heartbeats………” I m Mahesh ……” don’t worry…..Radhika…”

I calmed down & opened the door…..he was completely wet as he came on bike. (Car they have kept reserve in hospital for other companion at Hospital) Any news from Hospital…….Jeeju??? No Radhika………I think Today baby won’t be able to come may be tomorrow we can expect a Good news…

”Its Okay Jeeju……..lets wait for 1 more day waise bhi Kal Tuesday hai……..Ganpati Bappa Ka shubh din hai…..& he smiled………..& said ……..”Radhika……ek cup chaay mil sakti hai,, I m totally drained in the rain ????” ………..I immediately said “ haan Jeeju Abhi Laayee……” & headed towards kitchen as he was badly needing Tea. ………I lighted …….candle …….&

could see he was changing his cloths & first time I saw him with bare chest…………& my heart started pounding high…………….My inside woman (which was inactive since last almost 1 year)…….awakened & I started thinking…….unfair things………But was helpless as mind has stopped working…

I was busy in kitchen making Tea & suddenly Jeeu touched my curvy & partly bare naval from behind…..& I shivered with pleasant sensastion…..as soon as I turned my face towards him……he hugged me tight in his arms & started roaming his hands on my entire back right from my shoulders to my naval & I gasped for breadth…….slightly moaned in pleasue & hissed..

”Jeeeeju….aap ye kyaa kar rahe ho????” Please……mat naaa…….” ….he sensed that I was weak inside……Also the outside climate was encouraging me to give up my efforts for resistance & relish the inside climate….And to be honest…..from the very beginning I was liking Jeeju from all perspectives.his look, his physique,

his caring nature & of course his sex appeal while making fun with me ( As his saali).but those days were gone as after my marriage he reduced due to my hubby’s nature & completely stopped after my divorce……….but today…….I felt his strong touch on my vital parts & I instantly started leaking between my legs……”

he was ….kissing all my neckline……small small kisses liting big big fire in my body & I scrawled my nails in his muscular bicaps. He was pressing my naval flesh time n again to make me shiver with delight & I accidently opened my mouth due to excitement & bite his shoulder ……..which he took it as Green signal & immediately caught my lips with his lips & with pleasure I opened my mouth…

he pulled me further close & his awakened bulge from his cloth touched my belly & I was about to scream……..with pleasure & suddenly…..I heard the overflowing of Tea which I kept on Gas for sometime before……….I awakened from this lustful dream & found “ Oh nooo……..it was a dream…….not reality…….& coming back to my senses looked back at Jeeju &

he was checking his mobile might be messages n mails. I felt so embarrassing on myself…How can I proceed into this……..It will b a big sin on my part. But my dream turned out to become my destiny……at a later stage.

To Be Continued...

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Sudhanshu And Sneha Enjoying Cuckold Sex With Tanmay

My name is Sudhanshu and I am from Mumbai. I married my college love and her name is Sneha. We are 40 years old but we both look like 30. Sneha was always a shy lover and very conservative. She never made any moves even during our college days. I had to force her to even kiss me at times. Well she was Naive then and today she has turned a completely new leaf.

Let me describe Sneha. She looks stunningly Gorgeous and she has superb curves. her figure is 36 30 38 and her boobs are amazing and tight. She has long hairs flowing till her hips and her ass is very tight.

Our sex life since college b4 our marriage has been good. Although we did all the penetrative sex only from our Honeymoon. Lately, I developed a fantasy of watching a stranger caressing my naked wife Sneha and in turn she reciprocates and has sex with her. I saw some of such videos online and suddenly I started to get better Orgasms imagining the same.

I gathered courage and bought such a DVD online and then planned to see it with Sneha. But before that I had to build up some story. Finally she agreed to watch and then after the movie we had some amazing rough sex imagining the same.

Gradually we started gathering courage and we went to Disco and there I would coax Sneha to brush up against handsome boys and grind her bum while dancing with strangers. She started to love all this and at times some boys even managed to touch her inappropriately whcih she loved. Then came the big day when we checked into a hotel in Pune over the weekend.

Likewise we went to the best disco in Pune and I insisted she play her games and enjoy. This time she brushes up 2 or 3 times against a 23 year old college student. This guy us Tanmay. He realized Sneha’s intention of having fun and grabbed her hand when she brushed him again. Sneha excused herslef and tried to walk away to which Tanmay whispered something in her ears.

She rushed towards me at the Bar counter. I asked her what happened? She replied “the boy there is telling me why are you just teasing here…lets go to my flat and we can do much better” I asked Sneha “baby do u really wanna have this fun? I am OK if you want to try this” She replied ”Are you mad? we dont know the guy and its risky” I said “Dont worry I am there. I will not risk anything for us”

Hesitantly she agreed to meet with the guy and nothing more. I told her lets try and move and then leave it to chance if things happen further. Her heart beats were racing and she gathered the courage to meet. I asked her to leave for the room and be ready with her best gown and be dressed for some fun.

After Sneha left I approached the guy asking for a Cigarette Light. Then I asked him to step out with me if he didnt mind. We walked outside the club and were smoking. I told him that the female you were talking to is my wife. He thought I would be angry so he said he was sorry and he did it for fun. I said it was cool and I invited him to have a few drinks with me in my room with me and Sneha.

He agreed and we went towards the elevator. We reached the room and I knocked. Sneha opened the door and was dressed in a semi transparent gown and high heels. She had tied her hair with a clip and was looking stunning. I could see that Tanmay gasped his breath for a while. Our room was a Suite with a Balcony and so we moved with our drinks into the Balcony.

We introduced ourselves and we found out that Tanmay was studying management there and was originally from delhi. As we got friendlier I asked Sneha to get me some snacks. She walked into the room and I excused myself from Tanmay and followed Sneha. I asked her if she wanted to make her moves then it can be done now.

She resisted but agreed to try but nothing more than some kissing and foreplay. I did not want to force her but deep inside I wanted to let her enjoy with the young boy and then maybe have a threesome with her. We came back to the balcony and Sneha sat alongside Tanmay’s chair. The topic diverted to girlfriends and sex. Tanmay was little shy but the drinks made him open up.

He said he was in a relationship but the girl wouldnt even let her touch her in private. He was too desperate to have sex with her. In an instant I told him if he would like to have some fun with Sneha. He was shocked. He appeared in discomfort. I told him that as a couple it is our fantasy to do this.

Sneha wanted to do it with a stranger and I wanted to watch her have fun and then join them together. He was still trying to come to terms of what he heard from me and in the meanwhile I winked at Sneha to touch him and make her move. Sneha sat on the arm of his chair and moved her fingers in Tanmay’s hairs.

Tanmay got the signals and she asked him to come inside the room. He followed her to the living room and grabbed her from behind. I walked behind and sat on the Sofa. Tanmay moved her hairs from the shoulders and started kissing on Sneha’s neck line and he nibbled her ears.

His hands in no time were caressing Sneha’s boobs and his tongue was licking every inch on her neck. Sneha was enjoying this with her eyes closed. He made sneha turn around and then kissed her lips gently. The he held her close in her arms and started to smooch hard. Sneha responded equally and Tanmay then started to open the strings on her gown. He seemed to be quiet experienced.

Sneha was right in front of my eyes in her Black Bra and Panties. Tanmay was licking her chest and slide his hands inside the bra. With the other hand he unhooked the straps and her boobs were bare open and naked. He licked her boobs with his tongue and pinched the other nipple with his fingers. Sneha was moaning with pleasure.

Gradually he continued to lick her and then slid his hands in her panties. She was all wet and horny. She objected and wanted to stop him. I interrupted and told Sneha “Please let the boy enjoy for some time”. Sneha then decided to let go of her reluctance and started to pull his T-Shirt. She then sat on the living room table and started rubbing her hands on his groin.

Tanmay was too excited and started to remove his belts and dropped his Jeans to the floor. Sneha was now feeling his hard erection through his underwear. She looked and me and whispered ” Its too hard and big” I said” Enjoy it honey” Tanmay was now a little uncomfortable so he pulled Sneha to the bedroom adjoining the living room.

I could have a clear view of the bed sitting in the living area and I could also feel his uncomfort behaviour doing my wife in front of me. I did not get up and go there. I sat and watched from the living room. I unzipped and had my cock in my hands. Tanmay pulled Sneha to the bed and started to kiss her whicle going down on the bed.

Sneha was reciprocating every move and was ready to enjoy. Tanmay removed her panties and wanted to climb over her but she just got up. I yelled from the living room “Baby just let go and let it happen” She sat on the bed and then grabbed Tanmays underwear and pulled it down. Tanmay had an 8 inch cock that sprang up in Sneha’s face. it was good hard and thick.

Sneha’s eyes were wide open. She looked at me and smiled and then put his cock in her mouth. She started to suck hic cock and this time Tanmay was moaning with extreme pleasure. She continued to stroke his cock and moved her tongue on the tip of Tanmays penis. He was extremely uncomfortable and was about to cum.

He told Sneha “bus just stop else I will unload” Sneha replied “unload once on my breasts”. Tanmay came very hard and blowed up all the sperms on Snehas breasts and neck. He then relaxed his breath and went to the washroom and grabbed a towel. He cleaned Sneha’s body and then came to the living room towards me and grabbed his and Sneha’s drink.

He gulped his glass in one shot and told me “Time to go again”. He went to Sneha and made her sleep on the bed. He started to lick her Vagina and also slid his fingers inside. Sneha loes to be licked and this boy was doing it as if he were experienced. I was simply sitting there and stroking my hard erect cock now.

Sneha was telling me “Honey this is so good. I am enjoying this. Thanks so much…ouch Tanmay pls keep doing this and I want your tongue deeper inside me” Tanmay was doing exactly what she said. Sneha was about to come and She told Tanmay to let her flow her juices and he could drink them if he liked.

She came with a loud moan and calling Tanmays name repeatedly “Oh yes Tanmay…Yes Tanmay u r doing it great” Tanmay stood up and cleaned his face. his erection was ready again. He pulled up Sneha and then kissed her and smoched for a few minutes. Sneha winked at me and asked..”can I go on darling” I said “YESSSS”

She came running to me and kissed me and then started to blow my cock. Tanmay was hard and stroking his cock. He came out and grabbed Sneha by her hairs and pulled her back to the bed. He lie down on the bed and asked Neha to go up. Sneha was now free from all her inhibitions and she mounted on his cock.

His hard and thick cock was going in slowly as she sat on it and she was moaning with pleasure as it was thick and her pussy was tearing apart. She was wet and hence the cock could slide in easily. All I could see from behind is thaty my wife was jumping on Tanmays cock and her hairs were flowing freely behind to her hips and Tanmay was pinching her boobs. She was really enjoying this.

I could not resist myself and I got up and climbed on the bed. I held Sneha by her hairs and asked her to suck me. She did not hesitate even for a second and while jumping on Tanmays cock she started to suck me. I was pressing her left boob and tanmay was pinching her right nipple.

After a few minutes I lie on the bed beside then and she stood up from Tanmay and climbed on me in reverse cow girls style. My wife’s back was facing me and I grabbed her hair as she was slowly puching my cock inside her. Tanmay stood up and went to her front and pushed his cock in her mouth.

After a few mins I asked Tanmay if he could also push his Penis inside her Vagina in this position while I was inside her. He said he can try. I immediately pulled Sneha by her hair and made her tilt towards me on the bed. Tanmay managed to make some space and he pushed his cock with mine already inside. I could sense the big cock entering Sneha and She was yelling in Pain.

In a few seconds he was fully inside and he stared to stroke heavily. Sneha was in Pain but she was also Shaking her booty on my cock. She was loving the rubbing of 2 cocks inside her. She could sense that Tanmay was about to come and told him not to come inside her. Tanmay stood up suddenly and then offloaded his sperms on her stomach.

Sneha was still jumping on me and maybe her vibrations were telling me that she came atleast 2-3 times while 2 cocks were rubbing her. I asked her to get up and she simply turned around and covered my penis with her lips. She wanted me to come in her mouth. I did that and then we all 3 lie on the bed with fast breath.

Sneha thanked me and Tanmay as she had the most amazing sex in her life. Later we all 3 had Sneha in the bath and before morning Tanmay had sex with her once again in the bed as I went off to sleep. Sneha recorded her entire second time with Tanmay on her mobile hidden from Tanmay. I viewed the video the next day and fuck her 3 times during the day.

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Prakash Satisying An Unsatisfied Aunty

Hi guys, this is Prakash again with my next encounter thanks for your comments for my previous stories I hope you like this story also. Coming to story I got a mail from a girl for my prvs story and she also mentioned that want to have sex I replied her we chat through hangout for few days exchanged some pics some nude pics also…

After few days we planned to meet she gave her address and I went to her home in evening…She opened the door she was average girl with brown colour. May be 30s age and her stat was 36b- 32- 36 she was having huge boobs and curvy ass and she is little tummy…

I went in she offered me tea and we chatted for sometime after that I smooched her for 10-15min and time was 8 in night we had dinner …I told her to come to hall she was wearing t shirt and jeans she came and stood in front of me I started to smooch her again her lips were so juicy and sweet and I kissed her neck ear lobes and I kept hand on her big boobs and started to squeeze them

she was moaning slowly I removed her t shirt she was wearing red bra her half boobs were already out of her bra I kissed boobs over her bra and removed her bra started to eat her beautiful nipples which are brown in colour…After eating her boobs…I started to lick her navel she has tummy at stomach I kept my hand inside pant and started to rub her pussy she told me let’s go to bed room…

We went in she removed my shirt and kissing and licking my chest and said you have to fuck me hard. I said I am here for that don’t worry….I removed her jeans and started to kiss her from gingers and reached thigh and planted kiss on panty it was wet already…

Meanwhile she removed my pant and kissed my lund over my under wear and removed underwear I was totally nude she was in her red panty which was covering only pussy and ass hole her ass is clearly visible…I slides panty and saw her beautiful lower lip waiting for my tool to enter it…

I kissed her pussy and started to eat pussy by the way she has clean shaven pussy…I licked it for few min and removed her panty and I inserted my tool into her she moaned loudly I took my underwear and kept in her mouth I fucked her for half an hour I was tired and slept for some time wen I woke up my tool was in her mouth wow she was giving blowjob like a pro I cummed after 5 min she drank it all and said tasty…

I asked her for doggy she readily accepted we were in doggy for next 20 min…After that we came to 69 and had some fun…It was morning already I went to bathroom to take bath she came and said let’s bath together me accepted happily and I was again pressing her boobs and eating them she was cooperating nicely I played with boobs went to pussy and licked for 5 min…

I took her out from bathroom brought a chocolate and wine bottle from fridge I applied chocolate on her pussy I ate complete chocolate and I don’t know how many times j drank her juice…After pussy licking I inserted my tool in wine bottle and she sucked my tool like a hungry doll we went in bathroom made her stand took one leg on my shoulder and inserted my dick in her I fucked her

for ten min and I slept in bathroom she came on top of me started to ride me for few min after that we had bath I cleaned her pussy ass and she cleaned my rod completely… After that I wore her only petticoat and bra…

She went to kitchen for preparing breakfast I went from back and hold her tightly and gave a passionate kiss on her lips and I licked her back I love to lick back I took her petticoat till her ass and inserted my tool into her she was preparing breakfast and I was fucking her after that I made her bend and started to slap on her ass cheeks it turned red I stopped there and went to dining table…

She came with break fast and told me to remove dress I became nude and she removed her dress also we had breakfast by seeing each others body and pinching each other… Its time for me to leave I was dressing up she told me to wait and gave me a quick blowjob drank my cum and washed my tool cleanly..I wore her black bra and panty and tight t-shirt and jeans…

She went to her room and came out with some money I refused to take money but she insisted gave me….I gave a last kiss to her and said bye I saw satisfaction in her eyes…I hope you guys liked don’t forget to comment below.

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Sheetal Having Sex With Neighbour Sumit For Child - V

Previously: Sheetal Having Sex With Neighbour Sumit For Child - IV

After couple of hours memorable bathing (S)experience ……we were completely relaxed…n went for outing cuddling each other & played various games at club house…Sumit thanked me & I asked why??? For what dear ? he replied…….”

You have honestly reveled your motive for this relationship else I would have felt cheated at a later stage on knowing as there are ladies in this world who just apply “Use & throw” stretagy for their selfish motive. You are pure at heart & have cleared all well in time.”

“Ohh sumitt…….I don’t want to deceive either you n Jignesh so have clarified both of you the Logic and Aim of this relationship. I m the vitim of my fortune but I treat it as opportunity from destiny to overcome my fortune & hence don’t create any situation that either of us feel cheated or feel guilty for doing this. I Would love to end all the stories happily with due grace & respect.

He hugged me tight & kissed my forehead & said “ Sheetal U r not only a pure by heart ……u r matural enough & loyal to everybody” I too…..& we both emotionally mingled & left towards the Restaurant for Lunch & we feeded each other the delicious dishes. We both felt dozing after heavy lunch so headed towards room again…

We laid in each other arms & slept peacefully for couple of hours …….I cant describe the relaxation I felt when we were cuddled in the same blanket & hugging each toher tightly…Outside climate was killer chilling &we were baking each other body……in warm blanket & hot vibrations of our breathing.

After around 2 hour………I felt gentle kisses on my shoulders ………& erotic touch on my naval…….& he started roaming his hands on my back……..inserting his hands inside my nighty ………touchinng my soft skin & playing with my Bra-hooks……..I instantly……shivered….with sexual sensation…..& nailed his chest……out of sexcitement……..but kept my eyes closed…

for enjoying further move from his end. He too was very smart & pretending ……into deep sleep ….& kept caressing my body……I was going on my high as he kept progressing the foreplay session as his hands were crossing the limits…….& one cupped my boob…….& started pressing…..”uuummm……aaaah” I Moaned…… & bite his chest….he too fumbled…

& inserted another hand….inside my panty & hold my bums…..pressed them one by one……& I was getting double flavoured treatment from his hands. He slowly touched my pussyline & it has just started dripping…….as soon as he touched……my body got electrified…..& I jerked & swallowed his nip……in my mouth & he pressed my nip…harshly…….”

Aaaaahh….summmiitt….ye kyaa kar rahe ho……???” “Oh jannoo…..i can feel……your juice……..dripping……from down”……….hearing this…..I nailed him…….again……..& ….started searching for his rod…..with my other hand…..” I got hold of him…….& started teasing him by …….just playing with 2 balls rather than touching the length…

but I know it has awaken to its hard -core size. …..this made him restless & he started poking his cock in my stomach……& also inserted his middle finger in my love hole……..”oooucch…I screamed & took his lips in my mouth & bite his lips with sexcitement ……..we gradually changed to pose 69 to dedicate complete oral pleasure to each other ……

he removed my penty doen till my knee & gently staretd petting my love-hole…..arc…….with chhapp chaap oozing liquid sound……& I was maddd…..& used all my excited feelings over his cock & pulled him….roughly…he screamed…….” Ohhh…..bebe……..aaraam se…..abhi bahot lambi ………race dodni hai Iss Ghode (Horse) ko…………..”......I giggled & said…

hmm tum doob jaao meri gehraayee me…….Aur main………dooba deti hoon issss lambaaayee ko” & without giving any further notice….I swallowed……his cock…….& sarted giving rough Blow job……” OMG!!!!......his rod was……very rude……as started coughing me……deeep.”.but I was brave enough to tolerate this…….& raised my pelvis……

so that he can use his full tongue to explore…….my clitoris………I was leaking (releasing )like a hell…..& he was…..licking (using his tongue) with equal vigour. I don’t know why people uses the phrase “Hell” as it is completely heaven……on earth……..we both were lost in heaven…..& he started playing with my asscheeks….by measuring its …..round...shape with his hand…

& petting them one by one……..I climbed on him & kept my job in tact…….whereas he got hold of both my bum…..& deeply……inserted his tongue inside……I felt……my all pussy walls are dripping n he renovated them with “Lust”er colour……..& in excitement……all walls were releasing the waterflow…...After 5 minutes of continous oralplay…

I was about to explode So…….gave hint tohim thro’ my hips movement ( for relieving me) ……but he further tightened his grip…..& Pushed his dick inside my mouth with extra force…….I chocked & spitted on his dick…..removed outside & licked all the length……I started……..killing him with extra handforce…..and I felt its rising puls-rate…….he screamed with joy……

& said “Haaan sheetal………badaaa…….achhaa….lag raha hai…….yuhi…….karti raho……” & sucked my clitoris again………& …that was too much for me…..”Naa…..sumit……..no more……plzzzz……….I will burst……” he didn’t objected & signaled me to cumm …….& I simply closed my eyes……..& raised the speed of my pelvis..downwards over his mouth…

& felt his frequent slutping sound…….he.was so dedicated to his job that each time I went down……he got hold of my P-lips with slurping sound……….& at last I came with a loud moan……& felt…..my whole…veins are vibrating & emptying the ……hard-core juice…& he was eager to gulp……all without wasting a single drop……........I lost my Grip on his dick…

& removed outside in search of taking heavy bredth …..with puffing sound……My Pussly unloaded all juices into his mouth……& I left with no stamina……& rolled down from his body…..but …..he was at his high…….& obviously expecting……relief……So he tried to poke me thro’ his dick….but I was resting with a closed eyes…..& not keen to help him…

he just got up & slap me gently……on my cheeks……Heyyy bebe…….muje karna hai…….” Haan…..jaaan…….plzzz….kar lo……jo jee chahe………mein sirf……leti rahoongi…….as I have no power to bear u now……” Okay…….then I will fuck ur…ornages…he said & immediately……inserted his long & hard rod…between my two Large Orange sized melons……”

Aaaaah…….Sumittt” I screamed with joy & opened my eyes ……..smiled at him……n said……” With this how can u gift me a baby ……hmmmm???????? He too smiled holding my chin & said “ Pehle ye bebe ko to satisfy kar loo??? Fir baby ke bare me sochenge…..” I too smiled at his sense of humour & co-operated him by holding my both melon around his dick……

& felt his hard skin ……..rubbing my soft skin around my boobs……& touching my chin…he made my nips rock hard….facing upwards…& he used to rub them with his thumb…..n….each time I felt extra climaxing…below….……..he was continuiung to & fro movement & started raising his speed for relief……but he was so hard……not cumming…

& that made him more restless…..he in between stops & teased my pussy lips…….thro’ his fingers…Which gives me sudden surprising jeks with vibrations …Also..he supported my back with pillow to raise my breast high for his comfort zone…he hold my hairs & made my face high & kept.his boob-fucking rhythm with ultimate pleasure…

Ohhh goddd………….my 6 feet dear monster was using his 8 inch.hard tool.to explore my 36D size…….Round Boobs…….& these made me fly in 7th sky with Cloud 9 feel. it become difficult to me for describe further…words seems it insufficient due to their limitations (as while typing also I m completely wet…..& playing with my pussy with another hand)…

I stopped him & took his cock-tip……in my mouth & explored his top with my tongue & started jerking his length & he closed his eyes………& chanted my name……”Ohhh sheetal…honeyyy…let me cummm…” & slowly I felt……..his vibration inside the cock…….& his cock veins started ….beadthing high..& I masaaged his full length……..with my hands…

& “Oh yeaaahhhhhh”……he screamed loud….” Aaaaah…..sheeetuuuu” & felt cumming……..& “ohhh bebe………” …………..& he released his hot & thick………white juice ……..all over my boobs………..& I further jerked him to ensure ……….complete evacuation……..till last drop……..He opened his eyes……smiled at me……..bend down & kissed my lips…

I masaaged whole my body with creamy lotion & he used his tongue ………..to help me massaged. Oh Summiitt……….it was an awesome sexperince…..I felt too satisfied without penetration………He too complimented me…….for my co-operation & devotion. After 30 minute of rest We freshened ourselves & sat in balcony……..to enjoy the Sunset view of Lonavala…

I felt all my dream are coming True…….I was shivering again n again thinking the recent encounter……& sensing this….he smiled & teased me “Kyaa hoova sheetal datling…….hmmm? “ “ jaaao naa…..shaitaaan…” I slapped his back…..”Poori body ki waaat lagaa di hai aap ne……..” ………”No honey……this the treatment which this body was deserving …

since long…..” He replied & I looked down with Blushed red face.……..After evening…outing…& finishing our supper…………We again came to room……for completing our further….”workload” as we need to complete lot of assignments……..before leaving the place…..He told me “ Jaanoo…..I need to have Drink……” “I surprised…..U do drink??? Yaa whats new in it?

I love to lose senses & winked at me……..” U naughty….. “ But I already lost my senses in u sheetu…..” “No but we will drink together” I replied & ………he removed bottle of wine from Batg which he had bought……..” Ohh!!!!!.......Its a scotch …..” yaa honey……(s)exclusively for U”..hmmmm…..achhi baat he………I smiled…

We had couple of round………since last 2 hours & I started …talking nonsense..as I was completely out…..but still insiting more…..he poured last half peg in both of our glass & said……honey just do bottoms up……..& we with a giggling sound……done bottms up & I fell on him…….losing my balance…

He whispered…..” Ab bolo sheetal……kaise choddooo…..tumhe?? …….I stunned to his slang language & slapped him on his cheek……” ooowwwee….U rascal…….U have no ladies manners??? He shocked & looked at me……but I loudly laughed & said …..”bas darrr gayaaa? ….abey…….ab ye sheetal……sirf teri hai ………Jaise teraa jee chahe…….chodddd de muje…

zaraa mein bhi dekhoo……Kaamsutra ke kitne angles ……practically possible hai…….?? He laughed at this & said…….Kasam se…….Har ladies ko zindagi me at least…….1 baar to PK tallie…….hona hi chahiye….Seee…u sound so lustful…….I feared I may lose my senses further & will fall into sleep so…….hold his T-shirt & pulled him…… to bed……

& I felt down in bed…….with …..heavy breadth…that made my breast rising & falling high…..He noticed this & couldn’t control & got hold of them & squeezed roughly to make me loudly scream……..”Ohhhh…..U…..fuckkkerrr…..” & for revenge I removed his shorts..& ……caught his cock……with..excitement & ….pressed it tip….harshly…….he too shouted high

& we both laughed at each other…….”OIhhh sumitt……….aao naaa…….plzz…….chodo naaa…dillll badaaa…..bechain…..hai……”I deeply need u inside……..” & opened my legs to welcome him…..& ….lets do honey…” he …..said….wait…dear I have few drinks…left out n bottle…..lets…..use it for our pleasure &……started pouring all,over my Boobs…….naval…

& started slurping…..”Ohh bebe…….suck’em…….hard……& he started sucking my nips one by one & feasted my fuckhole with finger……gradually……he went further down & poured the whisky……all over my pussy & parting lips……he poured it inside…...& drank all……….I felt strange feelingz…….with each of his sucking…..sound……ssssshhhhh..” I raised him above

& kissed his lips to get more……drink……& sucked his lipssss…..We smooched for long moments & I pulled his dick……neqar my cunt……& “ Dooo Naaa….jaldi se……..Aaag lagi hai……….Plzzzz…….bujaa do naaa” ………& he made my legs as channel V & straightway inserted…..& it went deep deep upto my womb…….& I screamed loud.” With wide open eyes

& mouth………”Ohhh summmiiittt…….karo karo….aur tezzz……jussstt..do ittt……”..He started pumping me hard…….holding my both melons……….& I was literally crushed under his strong…..body……….after few minutes …….he rolled me down & I was not at all in the position to take charge of him…..but still he insisted & said

”Just shiw power of your drink….which u just had” I tried & started bouncing on him……..& he supported me with holding my naval & using his grip of feet. We started matching rhythm of fucccchhh fuchhhh sound…….I was overflowing……& making……thumping sound….with each of my strokes…….I was tired so …..slow down but he ……told me to rest my hands on his knees

& I did it….he took charge from below & started fucking me upwards………Oh yesss oh yesss…….It sizzled me…..& then he………make me on my four & went behind………I understood & opened my legs …for her backward access…….he touched my…pussy…..I sizzled..again……..& he put his cock-tip at my entrance & pushed hard……….

”Ohhhh mmaa……I screamed……& I felt he inserted Red-hot……Iron rod…….inside my pussy…….which touched deeeeep deep…..” He didn’t looked back & punped me hard non-stop for 5 minute & I literally felt his veins puslsuation…….he immediately stopped for postponing the ejaculation & raised me above to kiss my shoulders & neck..from back…

I stood on my two & turned my face for Liplock……..& we smooched ……our tongues met……..with melting sound……I still felt his thick rod penetration….he made me buried my face in pillow & hold my naval…….& again started his action………I was screaming ……but he was not listening……….& roughly fucked me………My all pussy walls might have become Red…

due to his wild frictions. ……..he stand straight & Wide “Vishraam” position & kept pumping me harrddd…..& I was helpless as left with no option but to bear his wildnesss……….After 10 more minutes of wild fuckinggg.he shouted………..Take your baby……..honey………I m cumminggg……(By the time must have cummed Thrice……) …….& with a loud grunting sound…

he fountained his indefinite seeds……..deep inside my womb……….(This time ……….it will……….surely….meet his companion……….I felt……….) Ohh honey……………….u r gr88888888…. I screamed & we both fell………into bed…….

Next 2 days we enjoyed rapidly with heavenly pleasure…….at each & every corner of our Room Including …..Dining Table……….on Floor Mat………sitting position…….Riding Position……Dogggy pose ……to hamaraa favorite hai……………..Reverse Cowgirl…….we slurped each other organs enormous time…..I have no doubt that Next time I will skip my menses …

cycle as I can visualize his seed……matching with my seed…….whenever he released his hot cummm with mixed my pleasure juices. I don’t think I will b able to …….leave sumit……forever…….As he satisfied me…….all around… Physically… mentally… Psychologically… biologically……sexually……& more importantly………..Socially………

as only because of him,……My family is complete……After 2 Months…………..It is confiremed that I m pregnant & knowing this…….Sumit…….was happy………but I can see…his ……hidden sadness in his eyes….….as I will leave him now……But I hugged him & said…….Oh dear……U don’t know how gr8 u r !!!!.......U will always remain part of my family

& U have won the special place in my heart…….nobody can replace you……..Dont think ….everything ends here…….in fact new innings starts from here………As I …..wish m y baby….needs siblings also………..To complete my full family………He laughed & said…..matlab ye wild cat muje chhodegi nahi hmmm……..& hugged me.

At last I delivered a Baby boy……..& Sumit took my enough care throughout those days……by the time he passed his exams & got the job in reputed IT industry at Bangalore………….We cried a lot when he left……but he assured me he will keep meeting me…..frequently……at regular intervals………I too started visitng Bangalore…….for our….love making session.

Freindzzz……..let me tell u…………I have (S)exclusively…narrated …the.(S)experience …&….the (S)excellent encounters between me & sumit……….. it was really an (S) exceptional relationship between us which I don’t want anybody to offend …….& I m really grateful to HD as itz really a ( (S)extraordinary…..platform & opportunity to share with you all.

It’s a true story & I ……don’t want to create any sensation ……but believe while sharing here…no…half-hearted description should be made……as people read with lot of (S)expectations ..........hence it’s the writer’s moral duty….to serve them……as much pleasure as possible.

Yours comments have really encouraged me to open up my expressions while describing……still I feel at some stages I missed but for that I regret…Thanks to all readers & HD Admin to post all my story session parts well in time.

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Rahul Fucking Pinky On Jaipur-Delhi Train Journey

It was in the month of September and the winter has not commenced in the northen plains. I Rahul had to goto Jaipur on some urgent work and had to return the same day. I chose to travel by bus and booked a ticket for the night bus to Delhi. I had only a laptop in my backpack and hence I was travelling lightly.

The bus station was not very crwded and I sad at the lounge wating for the bus to be placed for boarding. I had some heavy lunch and lot of snacks for tea and hence I did not feel liketaking food in the journey. Finally they announced that the bus was placed in the eastern side and along with few passengers I walked and we looking for comfortable seats.

I walked straight to the rear and took seat in the rearmost seat. Climate was very comfortable and may be when the bus moves some chillness may creap in. I saw an old lady and her young granddaughter coming along the aisle and took seat rith in the seat in front of me. The back rest was high and hence I could not see the faces of the passengers.

The g/daughter was comforting her grandmother, wrapped her in a wollen shawl. and made her to lie down. She then took out from the bag a bigger rug and used it to cover her grandmother to make her more comfortable. Shawl she took back and covered herself. She a cute looking teen ager and she was clothed with so much of stuff that I could not see her boob or ass.

Most of the passengers are in the front of the bus and many seats in the rear were lying vacant. Suddenly the girls showed her face above the back rest and asked me when would the bus leave There is still time, it may leave by 9 pm I said. I was wearing besides my jeans, a shirt, sweater and a jacket and a cap. Somehow my seat was not comfortable and hence I got up and again sat.

Suddenly the girl turned to me and smiled at me and asked whether I am also to Delhi. I said yes. I asked her her name, she said smilingly Pinky. She asked for my name and I told her. She told me that if her grandmother goes to sleep, she will come and sit with me in the rear seat, is it ok, she asked. I said ok, ok. Slowly it was getting more chill.

The zip of my jacket got stuck and I could not close it properly and hence I had to keep both the side flaps with the hand. I unzipped my jeans and took my cock out. Somehow I felt some irritation and hence I took the cock out. I thought when the girl comes and sits with me I will put it back and be a good boy.

The conductor came to check the tickets and announced that the bus may leave within half an hour. Pinky got up and looked around and said that most of the seats are empty. I said it is because it is off season. She was an attractive girl with an innocent face. She peeped over and told me that the rear seat is more wide than the seat now she is sitting.

I told her that once the bus starts to move they may switch off the lights and hence see your grandma is comfortable and come and sit here. She murmured something to her gandma and then moved to my seat, when the bus started to move and lights were switched off except a small bedroom light.

She showed all her childish mirth and glee and lied in the seat placing her head on my lap. She told me she is 17 and is in the college. She came to Jaipur to meet her grandma and her grandma said she will also come with her and hence she had to take her. She asked about me and I told her. She asked why you are not able to zip your jacket, I said the zip got stuck.

Ok, she Covered me with her woollen shawl, and we both were cuddled inside her shawl. I put my hand around her and hugged her and dragged her closer to me. She had nice middle sized boobs and big thighs. As she was leaning over my thighs she saw my cock pulled out from the jeans. With her big innocent eyes wide open, she asked me why your thing outside.

I told her I am sorry, there was some irritation and I took it out, I forgot to put it back, since you are sitting with me, I will put it back. She said no, does not matter, there will be again irritation. Her shawl was wrapped around both of us and chill air coming through the window was blowing the shawl away. I got up and closed the window. This will prevent cold air to us and the grand ma.

As I got up my 7 inch soft cock was dangling and Pinky placed her protective hand around it so that when I lean against the back rest my cock may not get pressed and injured. Even after my sitting Pinky's hand was over my cock. I looked at her face. She said I have not seen a male thing this big and so conveniently. Shall I hold it for some time, she asked. I said yes.

She was keeping her face on my lap and practically my cock was on her face, eyes, nose etc. Having come this far, I put my hand inside her t shirt and searched for her boobs. She looked at my face and put her one hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. This freed her both boobs and my could freely roam around and touch and size her both boobs and their nipples.

In the meantime I was getting an erection and her hand tightened its grip over it. She opened her mouth and was trying totake my cock into her mouth. In the meantime I put my hand into her long skirt and searched for her thighs and she widened her thighs and made room for my hand. I touched her panty and pulled it out. She lifted her body and helped me to pull out her panty.

I got up and looked around. Time was 10 and most of the passengers were sleeping. Bus was going at a moderate speed. I whispered to Pinky to lie sideways so that she can suck my cock and I can lick her pussy. We readjusted the shawl so that we both are fully covered and we can proceed with out oral sex.

Her pussy was strewn with silken hair and her tiny clitoris was vibrating at the touch of my tongue. I licked her whole pussy and then inserted my tongue into her fuckhold and rubbed her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Pinky had taken my cock inside upto her throat. I asked to turn this side so that we may fuck. She came and lie in the seat with her legs wide open.

I climbed on her and she guided my cock into her hole and with great difficulty I could made a penetration and by small jerks I insertd my cock fully inside her. Since both of us were fully aroused, with about five or six strokes, we both could reach orgasm. I pulled my cock out and took all my jizm in a tissue and threw it out.

We got up and steadied out selves, when they put on the light and announced a five minutes rest. I look at Pinky, she said in a hushed voice that this is her first and she enjoyed it thoroughly. There was a big pocket in her skirt, into which she had thrust her panty. She asked me for my number and I gave her my card.

She said she will call me and we can enjoy in her house since all will go to work during day time. She said we can have one more round before we reach delhi. I was surprised at the boldness of the girl. I told her to sit on my lap facing me. The moment lights were put out, she turned and sat on my lap with her cunt wide open and my cock inserted fully inside her.

I could squeeze her boobs fully and the jolts of the bus helped her in making her movemnets very smoothly. Since we were facing each other, we kissed each other and then I sucked her nipples and she was bussy fucking. I could tiltilate her clitoris and she was enjoying to her maximum. This session we took nearly an hour to conclude.

With her hanky she cleaned her cunt, my cock and all the fluids spread all over my jeans. She just hugged and kissed me and said it is heaven and I took her to the real heaven. After some time the bus stopped where she and her grandmother got down.

I waved her farewell through the window. She waved me back. My stop was the next and I got down and went to my room and slept. Pinky called me next day and asked me to come urgently.

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Soman Fucking Sex Starved Old Classmate Ganga

I am Soman, 30, wriiting this mail from a small township in Kerala. I studied in the local college for my degree in economics and thereafter I went to take up professional management course and got employed and strayed away. I used to think of my classmates in my degree class with nostalgic memory. I was elected repeatedly as the secretary of the Arts Club of the college.

I had a good team of singers. I got songs written by famous poets and got them set to music by professional music directors and got them sung by our college students both male and female. Some of them had good talent and by practice they were equal to many famous cine singers. Our music programmes under the austices of the Arts Club were a great hit.

There was a demand to stage a public performance against passes. This were received by the public with great enthusiasm. We made good money also. There were requests from other town for staging our music programmes. But some girls singers had reservation in going around places singing songs since this disturbed their studies.

They asked me to go and talk to their elders and if they agree, they dont mind. The father of Aswathi who attended all the programmes in the college functions was a great admirer of mine and asked me to take care of his daughter if she were to go out of town to perform. He insisted that I should stay with the girl performers in one room to afford them special protection.

This was too much for a Art Club Secretary, but I somehow agreed to bear this sweet burden. Staying with three sweet girls of my own class/college in the same room is not a burden. The problem was that my room was converted into a rehearsal room and all the people used to practice and practice in their singing voice.

Aswathi, Ganga, and Tabu were very much attached to me and they were even prepared to share my bed with them. When money started to flow in I shared it with the performers, both singers and instrumentalists. They were very happy with me. After exam all this came to an end and we do not who went where and we lost track with almost all.

The other day when I was coming in my bike along with the road, I think I saw a familiar face in the bus stop. I stopped the bike and walked back to see the person. Oh, it was Ganga, the sweet singer of my college days. I went and stood near her. She turned towards me and you should have seen her expression when she saw me.

She came and hugged me and said how a great surprise to find me after five long years. I told her people are watching, please give me your phone nu. and I gave mine and asked her where she wanted to go and she gave me her destination which was a housing complex where I too stayed. I asked her to jump onto my bike and we drove along.

On the way we stopped at a restaurant and had some snacks and tea. She told that she is employed in a private company and that she got married and her husband is in gulf. She may get her visa any day when she will go to join her husband. I gave her about my years I spent after the college. I noticed Ganga who was a shy, slim girl now is very vocal and grown big.

She was just happy to meet me and she insisted that I should go to her flat along with her. I had no special work in the evening I went to the flat of Ganga. She, making me sit in the drawing room, went inside and changed into a nightie and went to her kitchen and made tea. She brought tea and sat with me to talk about our old arts club days.

Sitting sideways I was looking at her and asked her since how long she is married. She said it is more than one year and within three months of marriage her husband got a job in gulf and went. I asked her since last nine months you are staying alone, she said yes. I was looking into her eyes. I could see lot of sorrow in her looks.

Since last nine months she did not have any male company which for a girl of her age may be agonizing. I moved closer to her and put my hand over her head and moved it down along with her hair to pacify her. Her eyes were full of tears may be because I realized and sympathized with her.

She immediately turned towards me and hugged me and couple of sobs escaped from her mouth. I put my hand across and hugged her and gave her squeeze. I could understand that something is wrong somewhere. She spent only three months with her husband and it is more than nine months that she is living on his promise of a visa.

Luckily she was not unemployed, she earns a salary from a job and it keeps her engaged and busy. Suddenly she looked up into my face and kissed my face softly. I too kissed her cheeks and forehead. I pulled her up and I made her to sit on my lap and hugged her pressing her chest against mine. I gave her a deep kiss on her lips which she took well and responded.

I passed my hand over her boobs and she hugged me and was moaning. There were tears in her eyes. I asked her what is the problem. She said she will tell everything in detail but before that she wanted sex. She got up and lead me to her bedroom and removed my shirt and jeans and my inners. My cock was standing fully erect.

Ganga removed her nightie and she was totally nude. I bowed and took her nipples in my mouth and was playing with it with my tongue. She opened her legs widely and asked me to lie down on her between her legs and she got hold of my cock. She just got up and took my cock in her mouth and was sucking it in fully fury. I placed my cock in her clean shaven cunt and pushed it inwards.

It went into a tight hole. She was breathing heavily and she helped me to insert my cock inside her cunt. She did not want me to move but remain still with my cock filling her hole. Then she told me her sad tale. She said she thinks her husband is cheating her. It is more than nine months after his departure and he never bothered to inquire how she supports herself.

She has not had sex for the past nine months. She wanted her sex hunger to be quenched first. I told her I will do whatever help she needs. I was wanting to have sex with her during my college days but iit did not happen. Now the opportunity was available and I wanted to take full advantage.

Listening to a sad story of the female while your cock is deep inside her, made my cock go soft. I told her to keep her story for some time later and let us get busy and do justice for the job. She smiled sweetly and agreed. She is the type who have more fuilds flowing, this helped me to fuck in her tight pussy.

We had all the time and I tried to prolong my orgasm and hence went on pumping her from various angles. Ganga, poor thing, was getting a bonanza and was enjoying immensely. Her moaning and hissings were becoming loud. I sucked her nipples and with another hand I stimulated her clitoris and Ganga was nearing her orgasm.

She murmured that she is coming and coming and suddenly she would her legs around me and hugged me tightly. With three or four powerful strokes I reached my orgasm and I sprayed my jizm into her in full force. But she did not allow me to withdraw. My erection was intact and hence she wanted another session. I said ok. Her fluids were flowing freely. I asked her to get on me.

Holding her tightly we rolled and she was on top and I in the bottom with my cock fully inside her cunt. Beauty of her body was fully exposed and her boobs were dangling in front of me I held them in my hands and squeezed them tightly.

She was jumping and jumping on me, I made her to lie down on me and from bottom I gave some powerful upward strokes and within no time she was coming and I too. We both got up and washed our private parts and dried them. I told her not to bother to cook any food and I went out in my bike and brought nice alu parathas and chicken which are our favourite dishes.

We both ate and and had further sessions in the night. Ganga was very happy that he found her friend.

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Wendy Getting Fucked By Classmate Tom

“You don’t have the guts to do that”. My phone buzzed as her reply came in no time to my initiation. I had asked her whether I could climb up her balcony. It was past 1 AM and we were both restless. Something about that night made both me and Wendy a little bit hornier than usual nights.

“I will if you ask me to” I replied. “Come then. Let’s see what you’ve got” came the reply to that. I got into stealth mode. I had carefully sneaked out of my home and got on the road while another buzz from my pocket alerted me of another message. “Where are you? Get here already.” In a few minutes, I was by the wall that was adjacent to her balcony.

The dew and the fungi growth had made the climb a bit more challenging than what I had thought. But I made the climb even though I had scraped my left arm on the edge. But I knew it was all going to be well worth it. I got to the window, where I stealthily hid as a sudden beam of the headlight of a car passed by.

I hid in the shadows by the window from were I texted her asking her to come near the window. In a few seconds, I heard the window being open. I crouched up a little higher and saw what I had been waiting to see for a long time. Even though she was visibly petrified by my presence and was having an expression of utter nervousness, she looked just as amazing as I had hoped for.

Her long hair was loose and she was wearing a tight, casual top and a short skirt that gave a cute, sexy look to her. “I can’t believe you’re actually here, again!” she said. “You asked for it and I did”, said I. I held her hand through the grill and looked at her radiant face. “You look just wow, hon”, I said. She smiled. “What are you here for, Tom?” she asked.

“I think you know the answer to that”, saying so, I pulled her more towards the window and moved in. My lips met hers in a passionate kiss that lasted for many minutes. The night, the balcony, the kiss through the window. It was fairytale stuff right there. Wendy invited my probing tongue into hers and the long kiss was made even longer.

I held her head with her hair in between my fingers as I entered deeper and deeper inside her mouth. But both of us wanted more. She broke the tantalisingly long kiss and asked me to go downstairs and get in through the front door. I couldn’t wait. I got to hard ground in an elegant swing and reached the door. The door was left open for me, I entered and called out her name.

“I’m upstairs, baby” was the response. I couldn't wait to see her so I bolted through the stairs and finally got into her room which was neatly set up for a marathon of sexual activity. But she was nowhere to be seen. I knew she liked the element of surprise, but that day, she took it to a whole new level. “Where were you for so long?”. I could hear her voice, but she was hiding.

I heard the bathroom door open and looked behind to see the most amazing of sights. My goddess was stark naked from top to bottom. I was left open mouthed and not a word I could utter. “I’ve been waiting for you for so long, Tom. I don't wanna wait any longer”. Saying this she literally jumped onto me and started bombarding my mouth with deep, wet kisses.

She didn't even give me time to think and that was exactly what I wanted her to do to me. I loved it that she was in a hurry. My hands started doing their job by kneading her breasts one by one. She moaned into my mouth when I pressed those lovely mounds one by one. That was enough for my dick to be awakened. And he was screaming to come out of his captivity.

As my left hand was getting busy with her breasts, the right one went behind to that wonderfully shaped and petite ass. She loved the touch of my manly hands on her behind and it was quite noticeable because of the goosebumps all over her body. She was busy eating my face and her hands had found their way inside my shirt that I was struggling to remove.

In a strange coincidental rhythm, she pinched me hard on my nipple just as I did the same to hers. She loved it rough and I was willing to get as rough as she wanted me to. I got my shirt off by then. “Time for someone to make an appearance already, don't you think?”, she asked. “As you say s-“. My sentence was cut short off by her actions.

She was already kneeling down and in one swift movement taken my lowers out of the equation. And without even saying anything to me, she went for the kill. Her warm mouth was engulfing my dick in no time. “This woman is on fire”, I was thinking while long, loud grunts escaped my mouth.

The feeling of getting blown by a chick as hot as Wendy was getting into me and I couldn't control the pleasure it was giving me. She had mastered the subtle art of oral satisfaction and was proving her skill marvellously. I was having the time of my life. The view was great. She was making eye contact while licking the tip of my monster and it was driving me mad in pleasure.

The sight of it appearing and disappearing and making her mouth full was an out of this world experience. I kept pumping into her mouth with my full force but I didn't wanna end things soon. I lifter her up carried her to the bed. I threw her on the bed and leapt onto her like a wild animal going for the kill.

I kissed her all over her body, licked her nipples, occasionally biting her on the breasts hard to leave a mark. She was going crazy. “You like that, babe?”, I asked. “Yes. Yes. YES!”, came her reply. Hearing this I thought I’d give her a surprise as well. I started kissing her in between her thighs, the sensitive part of every woman and I buried my face in between her legs and started eating her pussy.

Licking the entire area and then sucking the entrance made her scream in joy. Without stopping my act, I shifted to an upside down position. Now we could orally treat each other simultaneously. I knew she had always wanted to try out the coveted 69 position and she was expressing her happiness by making me mental by giving me the best blowjob experience.

I returned the favour by increasing the pace of my licking. The room was full of sex noises as she was deep-throating me while I dug a finger into her warm hole. I found it wet enough and got into missionary position and slowly started to enter into her. The only time in the entire session that we took it slow was then. I was careful not to make her scream already.

Finally, the whole 7 inch of my tool was in her. She had her eyes closed but her mouth was opened, gasping in a little pain but enjoying pleasure. Her hole was tightening around me I too felt a pinch of pain but the thought that I was about to start having sex with her was doing wonders to my whole body.

It was she who started moving and urged me to start the process. I started kissing her hard and deep, I sucked on her tongue and started making love to her. It was slow and loving. A complete contrast to the foreplay that we had a few minutes back where we were both animals.

As my penis hit the deepest part of her vagina, she left out a long moan that further urged me to increase the speed. I started picking some pace and soon enough we were almost as fast as we were before sex. I started pumping into her with full force and she dug her fingernails onto my back. I looked into her eyes as I fucked her and I knew she was getting drunk in pleasure.

It was getting fast and dirty. “Harder, baby! Harder, baby! Fuck me harder, Tom”. I was happy to oblige. I started rocking my hips as hard and fast as I could and started grunting. We were almost there. “Cum for me, babe. Cum now”, she said. That was enough for the dam to burst.

I screamed out and exploded in her, which triggered her nerves to do the same and we had our orgasm together. The few minutes that followed were silent moans and gasps for air. Both of us felt as if we had just finished a two hour trek. Sweat was forming on our bodies and that was when I suggested to her that we should take a bath together.

I got up and went into the bathroom to make the bath ready. I filled the tub with mild hot water and went to the bed and carried her in my arms and both of us lied down in the comfortably warm tub and slept off in each others arms.

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Sheetal Having Sex With Neighbour Sumit For Child - IV

Previously: Sheetal Having Sex With Neighbour Sumit For Child - III

I was in deep sleep & in heavenly dream after Sumit satisfied me last night. I was cool inside after getting Hot treatment given by Sumit. Moreover I was happy because he accepted my request of gifting baby & fulfilling my wish. I was now lost & roaming in the world of imagination with my future life of a complete family.

My baby……Jignesh…….me & Of course Sumit….. How can I stay without him anymore? There are instances where the men keep their 2nd lover either officially/unofficially. Its irrespective whether I can give official status or not to this so called “Unethical” relationship but India is a democratic country & for my satisfaction & pleasure I have a right to live as I wish.

Since Jignesh agreed & gave me moral support I don’t need anybody else’s support, views or interference in our life. I was thinking all this & suddenly I hear “Good Morning Jaaaan” & I opened my eyes & saw Sumit’s smiling face.

Suddenly I was showered with Rose Petals & colorful flowers with fresh fragrance & I was surprised…..”Oh sumiiit……Ye kyaa kar rahe ho” …….”Jannoo agar hamare saath rahoge to aap ko yunhi…..har roz subah …..Good Morning surprise ………milega”. Thanks A lot Sumit & I hugged him. You can be a perfect Husband & The Girl will be lucky to have you as your life partner…..”I said.

“No Dear You are my life partner……..forever…….” he said. ……I decided won’t marry to anybody else. I m already married to you……….from the core of my heart……….lets not think about Hindu Marriage Act or Legal status………Lets listen to Heart only……….” “ Haay mere Rajja…….I m dying on your emotions.”

He gently kissed me & said come on lets go for a morning Walk……I love morning walk in a cool atmosphere at Lonavala……I agreed & we shortly be ready & left for a walk…….I was wearing …….Knee length Pink Track suit & he complimented “ Hi My Pink Beauty your dress is matching with your face” & I blushed n said “ Jaaonaaa………jhooti taarif bund karo” …

No janeman ……..I meant it…….u really looked like …….jacqline Fernandes ” He was also looks killing in Black sleevless……T-shirt with Grey Track Pant …..” Sumit Aap bhi to John Abraham aur Emraan Hashmi ka combo dikh rahe ho” We mingled in each other arms & went outside…

We roam around the lake & Garden for almost 2 hours & returned at around 9.30 AM at resort & were very hungry for breakfast…..so we rushed to the dining area & had food & Hot Masala Tea. We looked fresh after that & then went again to our room ………& we started towards bathroom …..”

Woooww……….whole bathroom was decorated with flowers……..& perfumes with intoxicating fragnance & It was very exciting ambience ………” Bath tub was also ready with Hot water filled up & Rose petals were floating …….My God!!!!! What a pleasant Surprise……..Sumittt…….My Love!!!! Muaaaaah !!! Jaan ye to kuc hh bhi nahi……..Aaap ke liye to Jannat ka har nazaraa pesh kar doo? …

I hugged him tight & kissed on his cheek …….Kasam se ………..Tumne muje Paagal kar diyaa hai……mere rajja” …….He hold me in his strong arms & we moved in bath tub & sat down in hot steam water………Woowww….In chilling climate the hot water was working to arouse our fire further & we started undressing each other…

First….Sumit raised my arms & removed my Top……I was Wearing lacy pink bra….. & he giggled…….”Aaj kyaa Pink Day hai???? Everything u wear is Pink………Inside as well as Outside hmmm?? I just…..slapped on his back…..”Jaao naa!!!...” He started caressing my open body……..my naval………my back & turned me back & started kissing my back…….”

Ohhh…..yeeaahhhh…..he was deliberately postponing to remove my Bra as he said “ You looks stunning…….honey…….ur round shape duly caged & peeping out from your Bra makes me ……………..wild…….” “AAAh…….I screamed on his bite on my shoulder……..” He just pulled me close holding my naval…..& started pouring water on my back…….

”shhhhh…….summmiiitt……Oh goddd…..” I was enjoying each n every moment he gifted me …..” ……..I turned my face & removed his T-shirt……..& hugged him tight…………Oh…….what a manly touch…….really ….sumit…….I love your muscular……body…..& started kissing all over his chest……& sucked his nips……”Oh.jaan….” screamed & started playing with my spongy asscheeks……”

I kissed all the points on his chest……neck…….& turned him to kiss his back…….he was fully on & he removed my track suit & thrown away…….I too did the same with him & we were only in our inners …….He raised my head & liplocked me ………..ummmm” I screamed inside …….we touched & played with each other lips & started tongue twisting game …..

he smooched again & broke the kiss & started leaking my whole body……slowly he hold me in his strong arms & raised me high & leaked my pussy over my panty………” Ohhh summit……I will die……..Maar daloge…..muje tummm..jaaaan”. he again hugged me & put his both the hands in my panty to caress my asscheeks & I felt his dick was rock-hard & poking my belly …

without wasting more time I removed his inner & hold his cock……& started playing with its top…….”Aaah….kamini……it hurts……” he cursed me n I got excited…..” Summitt…..u wild fucker…….show me your strength…….& pressed his dick hard………”

Ohhh…..sheetu..plzzz…….slowly ……….” I laughed & knowingly removed his foreskin little extra & he was uncomfortable but……..his size enhanced further……Oh baby.,……U wild cat……..” & he instantly removed my panty…….& I was clean shaved……..So glistering ……& he immiditely inserted his middle finger deep inside………”ufff………goshhhhhh…….summmitttt”

I gasped ……..& moaned ………& clutched him tightly……he started fingering me & I was stroking his…..we both gave handjob to each other for few more time simultaneously exploring each other mouth & The fire of lust was at its high.......he broke the kiss & went away from him…….& picked up a fresh strawberry & crushed its juice on my body & started leaking all over …

I was on my high ……..& moaned …….”aaaaahhhh….summmmiiittt” he leaked deep deep down & sucked my juicy pusssy …I jerked in excitement & he enjoyed my each move…..I crushed his hair……with my hand…& he deeply inserted his tongue & tasted my fresh overflowed nectar juice…mixing with strawberry…..holding my thihg & bum……he took my right leg & rested on his shoulder….&….

more invaded my pussy walls……..” My god……….I m flying ……..I became lighter & lighter by releasing stream of heavy pleasure juices. He also fingered me …….to enhance my moan & I screamed……..Ohhh rajaaa…fk me plzzzz………I was literally dying for his dick……..inside me……..So I shouted “ Ohh……my godddd…….gv me ……gv me plzzzz……m cummmiingg…”

& released juices with loud gasp ……...& he mixing with hot water & strawberry juice drank it all & I pulled him up & sucked his mouth to get its taste, he shared the juices from his mouth & I lost my senses……..hugged him tight……After few minutes I regain & started playing with his straight & thick dick…………I applied pastry which he has kept ready……….& sucked deep stroked inside…

”Aaahhhhhh…….this time he screamed……” I chocked up my mouth with his full length & sucked him hard this went for further 3 minutes & he was at his high but doesn’t want to explode & spoil the water so he immediately pulled me holding my hair & squeezed both my melon hard……..I scremed…….” Aaaah…summuu…U ……monster……”

he laughed & said wait My monstress…..I will raise your …….pleasure …….& applied chocolate……all over my body & I too paste his muscular body with chocolate & we sucked each other for a long long time…” we both tasted sweet…& looked brownish flavored ….The chocolate was wine flavor so both were driven in craze…& loosing our senses but we were firm to get hard fuck…

So I finally Ordered him “ Ab karo naaaa sumittt……” & he hold me fully in his arms & taking support of corner of bathtub……..rested & made me sit on his dick………futhchh………it went & made strange sound & he made me jumped by holding my bums………I cuddled him for support & started bouncing on his dick…

This was a unique sexual encounter which I never imagined …………..with each of his thurst upwards I pressed my body downward to get maximum drilling inside………& we kissed each other………..with pure Lust…….like xxx movie couple. “You made me whore……sumit…” I screamed & he said “ No honey……..U r my dream girl…

I m lucky to have you as my bed partner……” we fucked each other for good time around 15 minutes & changed our angle & now he started riding on me taking my both legs on his shoulder he penetrated deeeeeeeper & deeeeeeeeeper……. & I started climaxing so…….raisd my arc-angled body……upwards & “ohhh yesss ……oh yesss….Ohhh goddddd……ohh yaaa….”

I released……..hot jucies ……..produced from our violent friction……………I looked into his eyes & felt he also wants to explode……….” You want to cumm honey” I asked………..he just hmmmed as he was fast in his action……..I just dug my nails on his back……..& bite his shoulder……….& whispered ………”

Fuck me……dear……..Oh mere Sherr ……..fuck me hard………….gv me all your juice………..Chhod do saaraa paani………jaanoo” & it affected him & he roared loud with his grunted teeth & fastened his movement & increased tremendously which made a high waves in the bath tub water with strange fucking & water sound ………&

“Ohhh yaaabebe…….yaa bebeee……mmmmmmmmm cummming..” & he continued fucking even after releasing his hot liquid inside me……..& till last drop he evacualted……he kept his movement in action…….” Slowly we both calmed & drowned ourselves in bathtub water which was still hot enough due to our super-hot encounter.

Finally my one of the long lasting dream of having sexual pleasure in bath tub is fulfilled by none other than………..My dream hero………Sumittt…Thanks for reading……….I hope u liked my session………..Next Part will be more wild & energetic hope so…Till then, please feel free to post your feedback in the comments below.

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Guy Enjoying Sex With Neighbourhood Sex Goddess

Hello dear readers… Hope you are ready to be aroused by my new unexpected yet wonderful experience. Not delaying any more… here I start my experience :)

I am a male bdw ;) and I am staying with my friends in a house. As many guys have that anxiety about woman and their hidden treasures, I was also curious about them and always wanted to have some fun with woman but never got a chance. So… why am I writing this post? It’s because every one is given a fair chance, I also got mine and that too in an unexpected and unimaginable way!

This happened with my neighbor aunty who is married around 3 years. Her identity is maintained secret since I respect privacy. Coming to her figure, skin color is fair, hair color black. Ok ok got it, you want me to describe those treasures :)… Her tits are in good size. By which I mean you can keep sucking through out the day holding them with your two hands and sucking like a baby.

Her navel is welcoming and wanting more kisses every time I look at them. Her ass is firm, round and perfect to hold while lip locking. And finally her pu**y is worth a trip once an hour. Rarely used, tight and wet enough for the dark adventure.

So… how did this happen? Well… I am handsome (sorry for boasting about myself :D), 5′ 10” height, body is fit and slim. I never knew that this woman is hot! since I never cared to look at neighbors house while entering and exiting my house. One day, when I was alone at home doing nothing :P, the bell rang.

When I opened the door, It was the first time I had darshan of my sex goddess within 1 meter distance. The innocence in her eyes, pinkish lips caught my attention. She came to ask me If she could use internet to book a ticket immediately for her parents, since her mobile network was slow. I said sure, welcomed her in the house and gave my laptop.

She booked the ticket while I was admiring her sexy tits which are trying to peek out of the saree pallu and her thirsty lips wanting me to hug them with my dry lips :P Surprisingly she took my mobile number to ask me favour in case she need any help. Guess what I have done!, eh nothing. I immediately gave my number he he.

Now comes the trick, I immediately took my mobile phone, opened the keypad on it, asked her number while looking at my screen. She had to give her number :) So she gave me and while saving, she told her name… (SECRET) :) Since we all are living in internet dominated society, using smart phones is common and using social chats is common.

I could not forget her for few days and I was getting obsessed every time I look at her. One fine day, I pinged her in W***app, and she replied :) This started our friendship. So what is unexpected encounter which is what my title says, Well… even though I was very fond of her, I never got chance to enjoy her.

One day, when her hubby left to onsite for few months, she started talking personally by coming near common wall between our houses. This gave me more freedom to talk some personal things with her and she also started sharing them. She is presently not happy in sex life with her hubby due to some problems. I used to console her and this made us very close.

One night, power cut happened and she called me immediately asking me to help her since she is very afraid of dark. It was the first time I went to her house, that too jumping from the wall and entering like a thief. I knocked the door, she opened it. It was a wonderful view of my sex queen in nighty but as it was dark I could not see much.

We both used mobile torch and charging light to lighten up a bit. I never imagined I would meet her in such a romantic atmosphere, which is quite unexpected. We kept talking and since we did not have much topics to start, I made fun of her talking about horror movies and some evil reality stuff. She enjoyed them but at the same time, very afraid.

Once the power got restored, I got up to leave. Then comes one more unexpected situation, the sex queen asks me If I could stay that night as she is very afraid and her friends (woman) are very far from her house. Her parents were to stay with her, but they went for few days to attend some marriage. This left me with no choice (of course a very best choice) to stay with her.

I lied to my friends that I would stay at some friend’s room and spent at her home. The SExperience happened that night. She felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in Night dress in front of me since her balls were pushing out of that silky dress and pointing at me. She told me that she will change her dress and come back.

The romantic personality in me came out and I started thinking really stupid. I wanted to peek from her bedroom door and watch her undress. I initially thought It is wrong, but I could not resist and went to her room door and peeked from it. I could not see anything as she was in blind spot. I was eagerly waiting and my dick was very strong and I was sweating.

Suddenly she appeared with bra and pantie. I was dumb struck looking at those hugh tits falling out of the tight bra and he nice tight butt. Bad luck I could not look at her melons completely. But I felt erected completely looking at my sex queen like that. Surprisingly… she wore saree! I thought she would wear some complete covering dress.

I saw her intentionally put her saree down the navel exposing it really well and sliding her saree near shoulder so that I can see a bit of her bumpy balls. The sight of this wonderful beauty lead to small leak from my dick. I felt the wetness in my pants. At that moment I felt like fucking her very madly! But could not dare.

One thing I confirmed from it is that, her intention is to attract and seduce me. I am prepared for it! :) As she completed dressing, I immediately headed back to sofa and pretended I was waiting. She looked damn hot while walking towards me since her balls were popping on every step and the lighting from the top added nice round shades around them. Oh God! What an eye feast :)

She came and sat in front of me, kept her leg on another leg and started talking. I did not hear anything she was talking, since my eyes were totally on her melons and I could feel my mouth watering. My dick is leaking slightly the water of sperm liquid. She noticed me staring at her balls. She called my name twice, then I came to senses and said yes yes.

I just managed the talk even though I did not get anything she told. I was that involved virtually fucking her by watching! Later, we had dinner. She cooked only for herself as it was not an expected situation. Even though the food quantity was less, I was already full just looking at her melons. May be my stomach felt that I drank lot of milk :) I cheated my brain he he.

She was pretty sure by then that I was eagerly waiting to fuck her. She intentionally bent in front of me to pick up tissue paper and her saree slid on her hands and WTF!!! I saw the huge huge melons on my face! I didn’t know how I got courage, I just kissed her in that position. She looked surprised! but her eyes shown me come fuck me sign :)

I took tissue paper, cleaned my hand. Didn’t even bother to go wash it. I immediately hugged her and kissed her like a mad dog! licked her lips like they are some strawberries. While smooching, I couldn’t resist and put my hands on her butt. I squeezed her butt while kissing her and she was surprised with my move which I felt when she opened her mouth when I squeezed her butt :)

I turned her around, forcefully took of her saree from her shoulder and couldn’t resist keeping my hands on her mangoes! :) Oh man! Those are the soft squishy things I ever experienced in my hands. When I squeezed her balls, they were coming out of the blouse and It aroused my dick larger than ever. I never knew I had such big dick! :)

While squeezing I was kissing and biting her ears and shoulders. She was moaning mmhhmm. It made me really go mad! I took one of my hands and starting rubbing over her pussy on her dress while squeezing her balls. She is a stunning beauty and I can never forget that experience she gave me. There is more to go friends… It will come in next part of this story. Stay tuned!

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