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Desi Lady Enjoying Cheating Sex With Husbands Boss

Dad was as usual away on his business trip and I had college. I was returning home late in the evening after attending college and then my tuition. As I rode my bike down onto our street, darkness had finally enveloped the sky.

Approaching our house, I noticed a car parked just behind Dad’s car. It was a Honda Civic, and I didn’t even remotely recognize it or who its owner could possibly be. I parked on the street in front of our house, confused by who could possibly be visiting. Something didn’t feel exactly right, and this unsettlement made me approach the house with some hesitation.

Turning towards the front door, I noticed that the living room lights were all off, and the house appeared dark from the front. I stood at the front door, ready to put my spare keys in the door, but instead stepped away and went towards the side of the house. I couldn’t shake this feeling; something was wrong. I went to the backyard, entering the darkness.

Peeking around to the back side of the house, I could see that the light in my parents’ bedroom was on. Without really knowing why, I tiptoed my way across the back of the house, glancing into the still darkness of the dining room and kitchen as I passed. Approaching the bedroom window, I felt certain that I should see my mom curled up on the bed watching TV, or perhaps sleep.

Then I heard her voice. “Aaagghhhhh….” she moaned, startling clearly. Frozen head to toe, I could see from the side that the bedroom windows were open. Before I could take another step, I heard her moan again, this time slightly louder. I didn’t even consider that these were the moans of someone in ecstasy; I only knew that it was mom’s voice, and it made me a little scared.

I stepped forward and moved quickly to the edge of the window, then peered in from the side. What I saw sent me into total disbelief at what my eyes were witnessing: The first person I saw was not Mom, it was a man with broad shoulder and back, kneeling at the foot of the bed, completely nude. I couldn’t see his face, as it was buried between Mom’s legs.

His thick, curly hair was all that was visible above and below her thigh. She was lying on the bed and also naked, writhing on her back, legs draped over his shoulders, heels resting against his back. She moaned over and over as he was eating mom’s pussy to her very apparent satisfaction!

Her delicate hands clutched his head, appearing to push him harder into her crotch as he worked. Mom’s belly clenched, her eyes shut, before all releasing and relaxing again. All the while, that man of curly hair shook as this man’s aggressive oral sex sent waves of ecstasy through her body.

I saw him grip her waist with both hands and lift her body, scooting her up toward the head of the bed. He then climbed up on the bed with her before sinking his face back into her crotch. His hair continued to hide his face from me, but all the rest of him was plainly in view. Her breathing quickened and her moans again grew louder.

“OHHHHH !!!!!!! OOHHHHHHHH!!!!! SHANKAR!! SHANKAR!!!” Shankar Rai, Dad’s Boss!!!!! Suddenly a jolt fired through my body as I realized who this man was, Shankar Rai, Dad’s Boss, who has had dinner with us on a few occasions and was now naked with my mom. Now I realize why Dad is travelling so much lately.

Mom went silent as her body tensed up, her legs drawing up, toes stretched out, face scrunched up with eyes closed. Shankar’s head shook almost violently as his tongue worked feverishly between her legs. Suddenly, her body uncoiled and she released her breath in a loud groan, her body shuddering.

She pushed his head harder on her pussy and let out a loud moan, and then collapsed on the bed silently. He still was licking for a few seconds more. Then his head finally raised up, making eye contact with her. She smiled widely at him.

He kissed her belly, and then moved up to her breasts. As he slowly climbed up her body, I could see his erect penis rubbing against the bedspread. He moved in to kiss Mom, but she pushed his face away. “Not after what you just did!” she said with a laugh. Shankar’s mane of hair moved to the side of her head, kissing her neck.

Her arms rubbed down his muscular sides; his arm squeezed her thighs and ass underneath. I knew that his dick was rubbing somewhere around her crotch, anxious to enter her. Her feet rubbed up and down his legs, toes squeezing into his buttocks each time she drew her legs up high on his body. They were each writhing in pleasure against each other’s body.

His bigger muscular frame seemed to almost swallow her average, curvy figure below him. He whispered something into her ear, to which Mom’s face showed a slight frown, saying, “I shouldn’t, Shankar…I shouldn’t.” He continued to whisper, and she smiled, chuckling softly, rubbing her hands into his hair.

He kept on talking, and Mom squirmed, clearly conflicted about what he was telling her. His hand kneaded her breast as he kept whispering. “Oh fuck…” she moaned, then after a pause: “Just do it….” With that, I saw Shankar slip his hand between her legs, and his face again dipped into her neck and his back flexed as he pushed his buttocks forward slightly.

Mom’s eyes opened wide and she shrieked slightly as he obviously started to penetrate. Her legs were opened wide to each side of his body, feet resting near his legs. His buttocks moved back before pushing forward again, forcing a moan from Mom. Mom’s belly tightened then relaxed as he continued to pump more of his length into her with each stroke.

Her hands clasped his back, her moans growing more frequent and at a higher pitch, and her hips started to buck in rhythm with his strokes. “Oh my god….oh my god….” she moaned, face appearing anguished as he sank deeper into her vagina, pushing her pelvis into the soft mattress.

Was she struggling with the gravity of what she was allowing to happen, or was she just overcome with sexual pleasure? I had no idea, and was unable to really consider the question. Shankar now wrapped his arms under Mom’s shoulders, holding her back in his hands as he fucked her deeper and deeper.

When she lifted her legs up and over his back, I could see that he was now burying his entire cock inside my mom’s pussy. Her lips hugged his thick shaft, pulling away from her body each time he withdrew from her vagina. His balls smacked against her ass each time he again thrust deeply within her.

The pace of their fucking picked up with each thrust, and soon I could hear the wetness of her soft skin clapping each time his pelvis met hers. Her fingernails dug into his back as he fucked her harder and harder. “Oh no!”, she said, with an animalistic growl, “you’re so big…!!”

Her hand was slapping at him as she started to lose her breath. I looked down to see her hips gyrate hard against him, and then she seemed to choke, before moaning louder than ever before. “Oh shit!!! I’m coming so hard…aggghhh!!!” Her breasts jiggled as Shankar hammered even harder into Mom. He pushed her couple of inches toward the headboard with each thrust.

Her feet, tensed and rigid, stood straight out from her legs, which she extended into the air in the middle of her orgasm. His groaning grew louder and more desperate, his hips jerking as he pistoned in and out of her body. Mom’s body quivered underneath, her skin rippling in reaction to his thrusts, her breathing heavy and deep. His rhythm slowed, his hips bucking against hers.

His face was beet red, his mouth agape, his eyes pressed shut. Then it happened. “Ohh god…oh my god…….AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” I watched as Shankar’s buttocks clenched and unclenched, holding the length of his penis within my mom, who was writhing hard beneath him, mewling almost like a cat.

I saw the base of his penis throb, knowing that he was shooting his seed deep into my mom’s unprotected womb. Her legs rubbed his legs again, her belly clenched up. A few moments later, both of their bodies relaxed, and she lay still underneath him.

He shuddered a couple more times, holding himself as deep as possible within her vagina before pulling his softening penis out of her body with a low groan. She moaned softly, her whole body shaking as he lifted himself up and then laid next to her. I saw her exposed vagina, lips beet red from the sex, and the start of a thick, long white stream seeping from its gaped opening.

His thick penis, wet from both of their juices and red from stimulation and orgasm, rested on his belly. “Oh my God...that was…oh man!” she said as she smiled, her hand brushing his hair coming down caressing his cheek. She lifted her head and smooched him for a minute.

“That was so good…” I heard him say he needed some water, and Mom told him he’d better get ready and push off fast as I was expected home any moment…

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Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - IV

Previously: Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - III

Hi readers I m glad to read your motivating comments & so eager to express my complete thoughts & further encounter with Shahid Sir. Continued from last part.

I was busy in my final revision & finally the exams started & I was fully focused in my exams & completed all my papers nicely & expecting very Good result also, in Maths I attempted excellently & After completing all the exams I went to Shahid Sir’s Place to Show him the mathematics papers & since his Mother & other guest were there at his home we could discuss maths only &

he was very happy about my feedback on attempting exams & afterwards he secretly informed me that These Guest will stay for few more days & given me the schedule day on which we can meet for our next session. It was not safe to meet anywhere outside as it was not safe.

I returned with some dissatisfaction but leaving apart that grief I was happy that My exams were through & I have done my best & so started celeberating with my friends, went to Movie & restaurants & also attended late night party. Parents didn’t liked that but they don’t wanted to spoil my mood & allowed me.

After 4 days I again went to Sir’s Place as I was tired of pleasuring myself with my own finger last so many days (including exam days too) & Sir had made be like addicted to him. I reached there at around 3 PM & rang his door bell but it seems the door bell was not working so I was about to knock the door & as soon as I raisd my hand for knocking I heard a female giggling sound with mild scream &

I waked up my ears with alertness & found Some smooching voice & bangle’s (khun khun) voice. I realized that Sir is not only enjoying with me but with other too. But Who she can be? I was curious & checked anybody is watching me in lobby? Since nobody was there in afternoon time, I tried to find any gap/crack in door/window to peep inside but I was not lucky enough like shazia who did found that day.

I was not ready to leave as I was jealous as well as curious. So I put my ears to door to sense the noise from Inside & I heard “umm.hmmmm…heavy breathing sound “ & I guess that Inside the full action is on & they must me in the midst of wild fucking. I remembered the backside window (As Sir’s Residence was at Ground Floor)

So I went fast to back side of the building & went near his flat window & there luckily I found very tiny crack where I sticked my eye & tried to peep the inside view & I could see its none other than Shazia only. She was laid flat on his back & was wearing Red T Shirt & Sir was not visible but soon I realized he was sucking her pussy as Shazia was raising her pelvis with Moans &

moving her head with excitement & rolling her tongue on lips with closed eyes. Also she was stretching the bedsheet with his nails. I was angry but still very anxious to look the Live movie Scene & feeling horny watching a Girl’s facial expression while enjoying the Sex. I noticed my safety by watching here n there & nobobdy was there so again started peeping inside &

this time I found both were mingled in each toher arms & were kissing passionately & I could clearly hear their smooching sound & I don’t know when I started running my hand towards my hole & started rubbing my pussy with excitement. I can feel m breast were little heavy & the erected nipples were poking my Bra.

This is the first time I was watching somebody’s intimate moments & found it pleasurable. Sir removed the T of Shazia & she was not wearing Bra & her milk mounds were wheatish (As she was not fair lik me) but were in complete round shape & I felt her size was one step bigger than me.

Sir appreciated & started licking its nipples one by one & started playing with its flesh & I saw Shaiza enjoying with half closed eyes & her state was arousing me also. My finger also started its action & parting my pussy lips above the cloth it started exploring my upper point. I was rubbing myself & losing my senses but was not ready to leave the place n view.

After few minutes of Ball Game Sir got up & came behind her head & Shazia turned her position & laid on her stomach & removing his inner I could see the Sir’s Cock coming out like a staright Gun & she started licking all over his skin & holding his head she raised & tinkled the balls & Sir moaned Aaah…..Shazzoo….aahistaa dear thoda aaraam se” & she smiled looking at him &

raised her head in agreement. & started rolling her tongue on his top & use his hands for rubbing. I could literally see Sir’s cock was growing long suddenly she took the whole cock in her mouth like a chicken lollypop & surprised him & with a gasp “Aaah bebe…..U r too good, sukk itt succkkk ittt aaaah plzzz….sukkkk ittt” & I gone mad watching this as I was so eager to suck,

started rolling my tongue on lips & rasing my finger speed. Shazia was looking expert n well experienced in her acts unlike me. Sir was looking more satisfied n happy with her than me but Man will always remain like a hungry Dog They need changes & never lose opportunities.

She was tired sucking so started handling & that made Sir hard enough to start Main Course As their starter (fore-play) was finished. He pulled Shazia & made her laid on a relaxed chair which was big enough & pulled her legs to properly set their position for the hardcore sex session & I could now see Shazia’s pussy which was swollen due to Sir’s erotic oral pleasure & was clean shaved &

Sir used his fingers to open the entrance & I widened my eyes carefuly to avoid any skip of view She was having beautiful pussy & I can rightly say she was divine black beauty & her pinkish inside skin was visible which again gently kissed by Sir & I heard “Ohh Shaahid ab bas bhi karo……..chod do naa plzzz. Ab sabra nahi hota mujse.“

OMG Shazia was using slang dirty words Sir replied “Haan Jaan abhi tumhe ache se chodoongaa sabra ka fal badaa mithaa hota hai aur mera fal aap ko mitha bhi lagega aur mota bhi. She slapped on his back & raised her pelvis lo naa sir daaalo naa aap ka please. I was stunned as first time I m going to watch live BP.

Sir put his cock at the entrance & hold the chair arm for grip & gave one gentle push & She scremed “Ohh Yeaaah……..Sirr…….” I could see it went partly but Sir gave another hard push & with fatchhhhh sound it went full deep & Shazia raised her head upside in pain n pleasure state “ohh maaaa…”…

Sir consoled her & slightly changed the angle & gave another push & she literally jumped above & Sir took her in arms & hugged her to console & steadily started his movement & I could hear “Haan …haaan …aise hi……keep going…..haan sir..Achha lag raha hai” “chodo sir……aur tezzz choddo naa plzzz” Sir raised his speed & their action made me violent with my finger &

calmed my emotions inside for Sir. & I told myself “Tabbu just watch them right now rest can be thought later” After a hardcore fucking of around 10 minutes She climaxed & started biting Sir’s Shoulder & arms & nailed Sir’s Back & I can see red rashes on sir's back & teeth mark on his shoulder. Sir also fastened his speed & ask where to relasee & she said outside &

Sir evacuated his balls with grunting teeth & I could see his white Sperm fountain on her stomach. I also climaxed watching them & felt tired but satisfied. I found them getting up for winding up their session & I immediately ran away & hide myself & found shazia hurriedly exiting from Sir's house & covering her face with his Odhni she started walking fast towards her home.

I was confused what to do next? Whether to Go to Sir & blast my anger on him? Or Should run away from there & never meet Sir again. All Options were giving me some or the other awkward situation as I have no official right to scold the sir or Shazia but I decided to meet the Sir & scold him as he cheated me.

After thinking for a while I went back to Sir's Place as I was boiling from inside & wanted to blast my anger on Sir he opened the door & looking at me he gave me broad smile & pulling me inside he latched the door & tried to hug me but I pushed me & started punching with my hands on his chest & cried "Sir, aap ne ye achha nahi kiyaa, Mujse fareb kiyaa sir.

& Sir Said relax Tabbu & he made me seat on bed & gave me water which I denied by a push & he said "I should have blamed you as why u shared our secret with Shazia instead u r blaming me? hmmm? " Why u accepted to Shazia that we are into relationship? she came before u & started blackmailing me that If I wont entertain her with the same pleasure she will expose both of us &

that would have ruined both of our life. I was left with no option but to surrender to her demand." Sir explained his side & I was shocked at the double game played by Shazia & started cursing her. But Sir hugged me & consoled saying "Jo ho gaya so ho gaya, agar Shazia ko satisfy karne se ye raaz raaz hi rahega.

After lots of debate n discussion & exhaling anger towards Shazia & listening to Sir's helplessness(!!) I got convinced & looked into Sir's eyes & he asked "Now?" What Now? I asked in reply. What should we do? I smiled & he hugged me & unwillingly I also carried away with it & we completed one quicky round where we enjoyed on the same chair where before some time they were enjoying &

I was more excited to get banged as the posture was more effective & easily giving deep deep penetration much better than the traditional angle, Sir was looked dashing when he was completely nude as his arms, chest & his rhythmic body movement was electrifying & I feel I m enjoying a dream sex with Hollywood hero.

He also appreciated me that if she (Shazia) is Bipasha than I was her mallika (Sherawat) as in those days both were arch-rivals. I blushed n said n who u r? Emraan hmmm??? (Hashmi). He agreed & banged me with extreme pressure & I hugged him & bite his earlobe & whispered Mera Emraan Hashmi, saalaa dono haatho me Ladoo le ke majaa le raha hai"

He smiled & said Kyaa karey Bhalai karne wale aksar (Emraan's Movie) badnaam ho jaatey hai. Hum to bhala hi kar rahe he naa. "Haan Shaahid.....aur zor se........saara dard bhulaa do.......koi achha wala dard de do.......hmm hmmm aaaah aaah......yaa baby....." we fucked for more than 30 minutes &

finally he discharged as he was charged with previous encounter with Shazia he survived for a longer time & finally I also benefited due to their game. I felt relieved & my all brain veins calmed down & we laid in each other arms till 5.30 PM. I gave him quick blow job to wake him up & we again enjoyed hardcore sex in standing position in doggy pose & we enjoyed till 6 PM &

then I went home completely satisfied. My fire of lust for last many days was then calmed down. But I met shazia in the evening & fired her for her betrayal & she cunningly smiled & said Sir Kyaa tumhari Zaagir hai hmmm? I never fucked him he was equally eager to indulge into physical relationship with me too.

Shazia was my best freind & we used to share each other's joys & sorrows & she was like my family member & all my family members knew her So I thought let us forget this episode & move ahead rather than creating nuisance in all of our life.

Shaiza was happy on my decision but additionally suggested that U r my best freind & we used to share all things (good/bad) with each other So why not this too? & I slapped her back & she giggled & said Paaagal ho tum Tabbu.....Kabhi 3some bhi try karo mazaa aayega. I was stunned what 3 some?

She said "I have seen in English movie that One Giant Man was enjoying with 2 beautiful Girl in One bed only & he was capable to handle two at a time. " & our Sir also seems like that. I instantly got arouse of her thought n idea & got wetness again.

But unfortunately our imagination remains as Imagination only & soon we shifted to another city & after my 12th I had to get married with the man of my father's choice & I was not happy but nobody bothered to ask me. My exceptional knowledge of Maths was utilized restricting to manage our household expenses only.

I could never met Sir thereafter & in those days we were not having Mobile Phones to be in touch. Gradually I forget him & involved into managing my family, I have 2 daughters & I m being blamed for not giving him son.

Shazia also flew to Dubai as his father got a very Good job there & thus our chapter with Shahid Sir remained incomplete without proper The End. But now after almost 13 years we three were again together at one place & I was looking again n again at Shahid Sir which was secretly observed by Shazia too.

Muje Shazia ka 3 in one Plan yaad aa gaya n I was thrilled with this thoguht again after 13 years. Let's see ye kahaani aur Ye silsila kuchh aur manzilen haansil kartaa bhi hai yaa nahi. Please read Last Part releasing soon.

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Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - III

Previously: Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - II

Sir had made me mad with his couple of sexplosive round of session & I felt why sometimes while doing study I was finding it difficult to concentrate & felt uneasy as it was hormone changes which was provoking me to touch my private parts time n again & Once I got the experience from Sir, I realized what exactly I was needing.

After 2 session in a span of 2 days suddenly I felt I m in a process to turned into a woman from a naughty & innocent Girl. I start liking erotic movie scenes & wants to see more n more. I started using washroom again n again to explore my part reminding those 2 memorable encounters. I was eager to meet Sir time n again but due to restrictions at home my schedule was time-bound &

strict as not only My parents keeping watch over me but My brother also used to inquire for any delay & Small brother sister were kept for spying on me. As My parents knew I m beautiful & Needs proper care to save from becoming a victim of exploitation. They were behaving in my interest but I still felt it offending as My freedom was lacking & Inside I was desperate to meet Sir for next Hard session.

I felt I m a Bird locked in cage. Anyhow after 3 days luckily shazia came to me & told me about our next revision session at Shahid Sir’s residence. And I was delighted & my parents also agreed & allowed me to go for the class, I immediately got ready & applied some make up (As Now I wanted to look more n more beautiful & was cautious towards my look)

Which shazia noted with strange look & gave a wicked smile & I just slapped her on his back & laughed & we headed towards Sir’s place. There were many students & Sir was explaining them all the required chapters from revision point of view & We also joined. Sir deliberately ignored me to avoid any suspicion in other’s mind & treated me casually.

I didn’t like he ignored but thought “will see him later” & focused on my studies. He checked everybody’s book & giving some or the other remark on their answers, in my case he wrote “Hi jaan, u r looking So hott n Mind blowing, Aaj mein tumhe chhodoonga nahi, Khaa jaoonga, mujse bach K rehna “ Also he added to meet me after 10 minute of leaving the class with others.

I read the remark & immediately aroused with a smile on my face, I looked at him & secretly skipping the others attention he winked at me & I felt I started leaking then n there only. I was restless now & eagerly awaiting for completion of class but I was not aware that One Girl was watching all this without our knowledge & she was none other than Shazia.

Shazia was really a Black Beauty as she was bit Dark but having Good sharp cunning eyes with Rosy Lips (Like Bipasha, In those days Movie Jism was released). She was having huge melons little bigger than me & Her body shape was also inviting any men especially when she wear Jeans Like she wore that day.

She must have noticed our gestures but she was smart enough & behaved normally & once the class was over we all came down & giving some excuses to Shazia I came back to Sir’s Place & found he was eagerly awaiting for me & immediately latched the door n took me in his arms, I was also desperate to hug him tight but Being a Girl I started my Drama &

he tried to butter me by appreciating My look & promising me for Gift n all. I was enjoying that state as I felt I found My BF who will bear all my Nakhra. And moreover he was My Sir & now pleading me for love as if I m her Queen. Wo meri Look ki Taarif Iss kadar karte they jaise mein Jannat ki Hoor hoon.

“Tabbu, Janeman, Aaj to tum kasam se qaatil lag rahi ho, qatl kar diya re, kyun sidhe sadhe Insaan ko badmaash ban ne pe mazboor kar rahi ho? “ I teased him “ Achha Aap aur sidhe sade? Apni jooti Taarif apne hi mooh se hmmm……dhattt shaitaan? He further added “Aao meri baahon me Jaan Aaj mein tumhe jannat ki shair Karataa hoon? & I laughed

“Achhha Ji!!!! Rehne do……….Mein dojakh me hi theek hoon & skipping his custody ran away from him” “Ab Itna Imtihaan bhi mat Lo mere Sabra Kaa……….Inteha ho gayee ab to” & running close to me he grabed me from back & I pretended for freedom with eyes & facial expression

“Nahi Naa sir, Aaaj nahi plzzz & he said arey waa aaj to tum Itni taiyaar hokar aayee ho…….Aaj tumhe kaise bakhs doo? & started kissing my back bare upper portion (I was wearing Black N red combination Salwar kamiz with deep neck n back ) usne immediately meri Odhni utaar di & started kissing my bare back & I skipped my breath

“Ohh Shaahidd……..plzzz……..kasam se ……mar jaoongi mein…..” Hmm agar aaj tumne nahi diyaa to mein mar jaoonga jaan” He started roaming his hands on my Slim Naval & slide his hand slightly inside to touch n shiver me & I jumped with excitement as simultaneously he poked my bum with his saluted cock. Sirr…..Kitna kadak ho gayaa ye to…ummmmm..thoda door rakhiye isse……”

But listening me his length enhanced & he moved to pump me further. It touch to my middle portion between the ass & I just jerked with pleasure & closed my eyes. He poked further & started rubbing my both nipples over my cloth & I moaned “Sirrr……kyaa kar rahe ho……Koi aa jayegaa…….chhodo naa”

“Nahi Tabbu……..aaj mein nahi rukne wala…..kyaa kaha tha maine hmmm………Khaa jaoongaa” “Plzzz. Sir..mat naa..kitne zaalim ho aap..maan te hi nahi” He cupped my both boobs & crushed with his hands & I lost my senses as I liked it too much. My Boobs suddenly grown up from Oranges to bigger mangoes. Janno Aaj mein Iss Aam ka achhi tarah ras pioonga.

& he unzipped my Top & started kissng my full bare back & I started enjoying & put my hand backward on his head to caress his Hair & with sheer moaning excitement I was enjoying his touch with lips & tongue on my back & hands on my Mangoes.

In a short while he removed my Top completely & without his instruction I raised my hands to get free I felt I m slowly growing into woman as he made me woman from his words, touches & smooches. I was wet enough to get banged ruthlessly So hold his cock n pulled but he was enough patientl & Wo kaafi cool tha muje achhi tarah se taiyaar kar K sex ka poora Looft ootha ne ke liye.

I changed my moan from “nahi naa…..Mat Naaa” to “” Aaah Sir,,,,,,,Please aur dabao….hmmmm yess………yeahhhh” He also started roaming his hands on my thigh n they were flashy enough to arouse him & he too moaned “Ohh tabbu…meri Raani…..Kyaaa Jismmm hai Yaaar..& turned me & started kissing me on my shoulder & neck & hold my lips with his lips &

I immediately opened my mouth to suck his lips & we smooched for long 10 Minutes & completely explored each other tongue & Saliva & also his hand was playing naughty trick inside my thigh & one hand was rubbing my erected nipple I was also desperate So unzipped his Trouser & took out & hold the head of his cock & played with its foreskin.

He fumbled with my naughtiness with foreskin as Man always get uneasy when foreskin is pulled up little extra. “I smiled & bite his lips & “Saali kamini……Mere **** Se masti……hmmmm……bahot mehangi padegi..samji? I replied “ Waise Bhi Sasti cheeje kharid ne ki muje aadat nahi” & he immediately untied the knot of my Salwar &

it fell down reduced me to Red Panty & he immediately buried his face between my thigh & sucked my dripping pussy over my panty..& in not time I helped him to remove the same by raising my leg up & he lock me at wall & I was standing Nude with Only Black Bra on my body. My fair body was shining in Partly dark room, He spread my legs & sat below & took one leg over his shoulder.

I was having no idea how he will do but he started kissing my pussy Lips & I started loudly moaning as it was unexpected pleasure attack & I was not prepared for this move. I balanced my body & slowly started enjoying the lovely treatment was given to my pussy. I too moved in opposite direction to took his tongue inside my Pussy & I felt it is reaching, touching & exploring my inner walls.

I was smiling & moaning “ haaan Sir….Ohh Yeaah….yess. yess…bada sukoon mil raha hai” After around 15 minutes I shuddered & “Siirr…..plzzz.hato ….Meraaa paaani…….chhott raha hai Sirrr…..I was reaching my orgasm but he was not in a mood to leave me & I literally pushed him with my leg in excitement & he took me in his Lap & made me sleep on the floor &

without asking me immediately sucked my pussy again & this time couldn’t control & sprayed my juice with a loud moan “Ohhh Sirr….I mmm commingg….Plzzz. Hato…….but he strongly hold my both arms & I fumbled & raised my pelvis to get rid of him but could not control & he drank all my honey & I was breathing high n high with Thrust & Lust & Immediately I pull his head & sucked his lips

& tasted my own honey from his mouth & he gave me deep smooches & unhooked my Bra to which I left him & turned my Body & flat on my stomach with severe shivering with uffff n aaaah from my mouth & he was just watching me trembling like Fish without water & he was the witness of the fact for my sensation converting my Body of a teenage Girl to a complete woman dying for hot-sex

& he prepared himself & removed all his cloths & without touching me simply laid beside me & out of lustful frustrated fire in my body I hungrily grabbed him & started kissing & biting him all over his chest & covered his both the legs with my thigh & he enjoyed my state & allowed me to be more greedy for sex. I just puffed in excitement & said

"Ohhh Shahid de do naaa aap kaa.......plzzzzz" & with closed eyes started searching his long cock & as soon as I got it I captured it in my hand & started jerking hard I was delighted with its length & thickness & started rubbing my thumb over its Red Slippery Top.

He also fumbled with my harsh grip over his cock & hugged me tight & sucked my nipple which made me high to next level & slide his middle finger in my love-hole. we both were handling each other's gentile with complete dedication & in no time I reached to another climax & hence loosened my Grip over his cock with my body jerk oozing extra amount of water in his hand.

His fingers were soaked with my lemon like juice but he kept digging inside & made me mad I just pushed his hands away & pulled his rod " fukkkk meee sirr....do naaa" He understood now I m enough impatient to get him inside me So he climbed on me completely & I myself widened my legs & take his lower body part cuddled with legs & he only needed to put his cock at entrance point &

I jumped up from my pelvis to gulp him straight into my hole & My pussy was so wet n wide as If I m well experienced (It was only my 3rd encounter, Sir complimented me "Yesss Tabbu.......U r a fast learner......whether it is Maths or it is sex" ) & with the grip of my legs on his hips & cuddling his back with my hug my pussy swallowed his long cock in no time &

I made him Pump down with all his strength & what else I can say........I was desperate to get badly banged so done the best on my part & with initial fuel, My engine (Sir) started fast & we got our Rhythm & with full swing he started ramming my pussy I was with my half closed eyes chanting his name

"Yaa shahid......lagao jaanoo....bade maje se....le lo....haan haan haan aur tezzz aur tezzz.aah aaah....thoda crosss oh yeaaah yaaah" Hum dono poori tarah se ek doosre me samaa gaye.....Na kisi ka darr na sharm bas yuhi.....looft ootha rahe they. kareeb 15 minute baad Sir tired & we rested for few moments.

Meanwhile he started loving me by kissng on my forehead, cheeks & roaming his hand on my head with eternal love & I smiled & said "Thanks Sir Aap ne wo sukoon diya hai Jo aaj tak kabhi mehsoos nahi kiya.". Alla kasam bada mazaa aa raha hai......" He smiled & said "Ye Jism aur rooh ka sukoon bhi ajeeb hai.....pal do pal ki khushi k liye janam janam tak hum taraste rehte hai"

Unki iss love cum sex philosophy ko interrupt karte hoove I sucked his lips & he realized that I m more interested in sex than philosophy so we smooched deeply & I broke the kiss & whispered "Bade zaalim ho sir.....kab se mere oopar apna saara weight daal rakkha hai...." "Ohh jaanoo abhi ye lo & he got up & seated taking support of Bed & spread his legs & made me sit on him &

without informing him I adjusted with his cock & started jumping on him & "Haaan.....haansh...aahhaaa sirr......"Aap ka kitna deeep jaa raha hai....I showered another stream of juice on his cock & tired n rested my head on his chest & said "Sir......ab chhodo bhi.....Mein Kaafi thak gayee hoon" Haan Jaan lekin fir bhi thodi der aur bardaasaht kar lo &

he hold me tight in his arms & using proper balancing our weight he got up holding me & I hugged hm with my arms as well as legs & in a standing position he started fucking me & I was never expecting this So "naa naa......plzzz.nahi naa..but in few seconds he got his rhythm & I felt his cock is passing exactly thro' my wet love tunnel with tremendous force & I started enjoying the show"

"Haan shahhhiddd.....yaaallaaa.....ohh yaaallaaa kitta mazaaa.ummmm hmmm" he used the wall support & kept thumping me rigorously for next 10 minutes with a stop n start trick & I felt was in heaven & started kissing him all over his face & with both his hands he hold my bums & our pulling n pushing friction was on n on. At last he tired & he said so.. Tabbu meri Jaan.......ab hone ko hai.

Lekin mera dil abhi bhara nahi. "I bite his ears & said.....ab aaj k liye itna bas....jaldi chhodo mera bhi hone ko hai. & he raised his speed & laid me on bed & pulled my legs closed to his body & started pumping roughly for next 2 minute & I shuddered with loud moan

"Aaah Aaah Shhaaahidd aa gayaa. meraaa....he too cumm with heavy load & I felt our Love Juice Tsunami had drenched the bed-sheet & I said Sir Aap ne aaj agle 15 din ka quota poora kar diyaa ab mera jee baar baar machlega nahi n I will properly focus on my studies. He smiled & we kissed n slept hugging each other for few more time.

I got up used the washroom & get ready hurriedly & awakened Shahid Sir & giving him bye bye kiss took my bag & left out for home but I found Shazia was smiling at me cunningly just near the door & I acted innocent & said I had few more doubts on some of the chapters so it took some more time.

She said "Achha u were clearing your doubts !!!!! on which chapter hmmm? I said shut up & she said U dont know but I was watching you from the small crack of his window & I got scared but she said dont worry......I wont tell anybody but let me tell U. U were doing great............I blushed & slapped her back "jaa naa saali kamineee" Lekin meri ek shart hai......Next time muje bhi tohfa dena padega.

"Kaisa Tohfa? " Yehi ki Tere se pehle mein shahid sir se miloongi" I was so possessive that I immediately denied & said "Never" but she said Tu Mat dena Mein khud hi le loongi mera haq.......samji..Har Raaz ke hamraaz ko uski keemat chukani padti hai. But Shazia was my Good freind & I Know she will never blackmail me.

We both went to our home & Today I was so satisfied that fully concentrated on my studies As Inside I was supercool.

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Shamaa Falling Into Extramarital Affair - I

Adaaab……….I m shamaa…….originally from Lucknow but since last 3 years settled in Mumbai after my marriage. I am alone most of the time as my hubby shoaib has gone to gulf country for his job as he didn’t found success in business unlike his elder brother, in Mumbai. So I used to be alone & one day my friend …

Priya told me about this website to get imaginary sexual pleasure through erotic story reading. I started reading & found it very interesting & satisfactory……... Gradually I got addicted to read it on daily basis…….like saas-bahoo TV serials. One day I thought why not to write my own story …So I have tried today…….I m not very good at English so I have mostly used Hindi-Urdu…

words where I felt more comfortable to express my feelings. Hope you will like it & agar kuchh …….galtiyaa hogi to aap nazar-andaaz kar dijiyegaa……ye meri aap se ……..guzaarish he. Aur waise bhi Urdu jitni meethi (sweet)……….tehzeeb wali (Respectful) …….zubaan (Language) aur koi bhi nahi hai…….To aap please iska looft oothaiyegaa.

Kareeb 3 saal pehle mera nikaah Shoaib se hooa thaa……Aur ham Mumbai shift ho gaye…….. aur pehle 2 saal Shoaib ne kayee business Aajmaakar dekhe but he failed…….& kept losing money……all the time. His elder brother who was successful now tired & stopped helping him. So Shoaib started huntig the Job in gulf countries……..without even discussing with me…

Unhone mujse salaah-mashwaraa karna bhi munaasib nahi samza. Maine fir bhi bade itminaan se unhe samjane ki koshish ki par --------naakaam. Unke hisaab se hamari koi zimmedaari unki nahi thi……..Maine Unke Ammi Abba se bhi millatein ki ……..ki aap log Unhe samjaye par …

Shoiab kisi ki Nahi suntan thaa…..Halaaki….Unke ammi-abba bade nek-dil Insaan the aur Apni beti ki tarah muje chahte the. Finally, Shoaib found a job & he prepared to leave…….. Maine fir samjaayaa……..to unhe gussa aa gayaa…Ki aap ko meri tarakki ki koi bhi Parwaaah nahi… Bas apne pallooo se baandh k rakh na hai muje…

(Yaaa…Allah…..Unhone muje aisa sadmaa (shock )………diyaa ki mere paas unhe Khudaa.Haafiz kehne ke alaawaa aur koi chaara nahi rahaa. ) Aur Iss tarah Shoaib muje Bhari Jawaaani me tadaptaaa hoova Tanhaa chhod ke Ameer ban ne nikal gaye.

Kuchh din tak wo muje har roz Phone karte the aur tasalli dete rahe ki jald hi wo muje apne paas wahaa par bulla lenge lekin wo sirf……..dil behlane ki baate thi. Haan ab hum chat pe baatein karte they …….Par wo silislaa bhi kuchh din tak hi chal paaya……Aur slowly bund saa ho gayaa…

Ek din Waade k mutaabiq……Main unka chat pe intezaar kar rahi thi……….tabhi……muje ek ……friend request ping……..hoovi……maine zyaada dhyaan nahi diyaa…..aur shoaib ke khayaalo me intezaar me thi……..Aur shoaib ka message aayaa….”ki Aaj Kaam zyaadaa hone ki wajah se…….hum baatein nahi kar payenge…..Khudaa Haafiz…”

I was waiting since last 1 hour & he simply left such a feelingless official like message without any sense of responsibility. I was very upset……n about to burst in cries……..& suddenly I found another ping from the same person who had pinged me earlier. Muje tazzoob hoova ……ki ye kaun budtameez he Jo response naa milne par bhi fir say ping kar raha he…

(Friends Like me there are lots of Girls/Women who maintain their loyalty towards her partner…….who are away from them……through getting consolation love…..online but never give response to anybody else…..I therefore represent their grief & sorrow & want to appeal all men who leaves their shareeq-e-hayaat (Better half) behind for loneliness…

Please awake…Apni family ko apne career jitni hi ehmiyat do……..otherwise……..hum sabki zindagi dozakh ban jaayegi) Anyway…..lets not bore you…….& come to the main stream story….. I checked who that was & tried to recognize his face…….arey…haan….Ye to jaaved hai……Meri lucknow waali college ka friend…..” I instantly replied……”Salaam …….Jaaved“

& he immediately wrote “ Zehnaseeeeb………” ( I blushed) ……… He added “ Adaab mohtarmaa…….shamaa ji……..shukriyaaa…..aap ne Iss Naachiz ko pehchaan to liyaa” …..I asked “ Kaise hai aap? “ “Bas Khuda ki rehmat hai” …….” Aap lucknow me hi ho? I asked…. “ Jee nahi….I m in mumbai…….Mira Road……..” ……..”

Kyaa baat he jaaved……I m also in Mumbai……..Kurla. “ I responded………..” Haan muje pataa chalaa……….Aaap ki saheli………zareen se. “ Chalo achhi baat hai………Aur sunaiye……” Jee bas ……I m working as a Sr.manager (IT) in ……MNC company……at Andheri East “ Daily…….Train ki bheed ……..Ghadi ke saath tez tez daud naa….ye hi zindagi hai……..”

“hmm……Jaaved Mumbai Ki to yehi dastaan hai……..kahani har ghar ki” “ Jaaved ne mere bare me poochaa…….aur maine upar upar se meri aadhi-adhoori kahaani keh di…….” & he finally ended the chat with ;……..” Okay shammaji ……….Ab muje Izaajaat dijiye…….fir mulaqaat hogi (Online) …….” “Insaaa Allah” I replied…….& we ended the chat.

I don’t know why but I felt something unusual in his way of communication. As he was kind of Jolly nature & happy-go-lucky person……..How he …was so formal & serious…….while talking to me……..as he used to spend no.of hours in our college group & always ….trying to cheer everybody’s mood…

Today I felt he was…….artificial……..or may be upset…….with his life…or don’t know what ???... Gradually we used to chat quite frequently……..& I realized he was lacking any company…& while talking to me……….he was……….slowly re-gaining his original nature ………I too felt………better as I was also …lonely…

We used to cherish the funny & memorable moments during our college days …….& so on…I was very happy to meet Javed Online & with a pure heart we used to spend time with each other online & used to share the sweet memories of our college days.

Mei kabhie kabhie Shoaib k intezaar me no.of hours tak online rehti thi Isss ummeed par k abhi shoiab aayega……par aahistaa aahista ye silsila bhi bund saa ho gayaa tha. Par issi dauraan Javed mujse chat karta thaa aur meri mazaak bhi karta tha ki “Aa gayee Online apne shohar ki jaan khan eke liye” Aur me apna dard na dikhate hoove sirf Smile de deti thi.

Oose kahan pata thaa ki mei zillat ki zindagi jee rahi hoon. Ek din maine javed se poochha “ Yaar sirf hamare bare me hi poochte rehte ho, kabhie apna haal-e-dil to bayaa kijiye janaab? “ & He smiled & replied “Mere bare me kyaa kahoo? Shamaa, Bas yuhi zindagi basar kiye jaa raha hoo. “ I suspect & asked “Matlab?........... “Rehne do……ab jaane bhi dijiye” he replied.

Nahi Nahi aise kaise………Mei itni bhi Khudgarz nahi Jo sirf Apne bare me hi baatein kar K Waqt zaaya karoo Aapka…….Kuchh Aap bhi to kahiye? He replied “ Kuchh Khaas Nahi………Mumbai Aake Life machine Si ban gayee hai” Yun samjo “Life lies between 1st to 31st of Month & balancing between EMI Payments n household expenses.

I again asked “Hmmm……Paar issme harz kyaa he hum middle class logo ki yehi to kahani hai Har Ghar me?” He avoided further by saying “hmm u r right…..perhaps I m wrong” We ended chat after some other irrelevant topics like my hobbies of listening to Old songs & His hobbies of Singing n playing cricket & he ended with “Zaroorato ko poora kar ne k chakkar me Khwahishein Aksar Adhoori reh jaati he”.

Oss raat muje kuchh bechaini si mehsoos hone lagi ………….kayee baar karwatein badal ne k bawjood nind nahi aa rahi thi. Muje Javed ki baato se kuchh gutt filling see ho rahee thi…….Maano wo andar se bahot Dukhi aur pareshaan saa lag raha thaa. Aur zijak bhi raha thaa muj se.khul k kehne se.

Wo mere ateet kaa sachaa aur achha dost thaa……lekin mere Nikaah k baad oosne kabhi muj se contact karne ki koshish tak nahi kit hi……Sach me wo ek Nek Insaan tha (He was thorough Gentleman). Aakhir kaar subah ho gayee aur mei apne boring routine work me lag gayee……. In afternoon…I again sat on PC in search of Javed (As My hubby….I didn’t expect at this time)

….But Javed was offline ….So I Waited & after 10 minutes (during Lunch time) he came online & “ Addddab Mohtarmaa………. Umeed he aap khairiyat se ho” “ I replied “Bilkul bhi nahi” He asked “Kyun Kyaa Hoova? I responded “Kal aap ne muje kaafi bechin kar diya……..EMI, Middle Class N all ki baate kar k “ “ Arey bas wo to yunhi.” He tried to hide but I said

“Javed……. I don’t believe in formality friendship…….Agar dost banaya he aur dost maan te ho to apne dard bhi baanto………..Bharosa Rakho……..Kum Ho jaayega…….kyunki Dard Aksar Baat ne Kum Hote Hai, Aur Khushiyaa Baat ne se Aksar Badh Jaati he” “ Arey Waa Meri Shaayraana Shaamaa….He teased & I laughed ( After No.of months)

After my repeated insisting.....he finally agreed tom meet me.......& said " Theek hai.........Ye saturday aap ke liye......theek rahegaa? I immediately........agreed & we decided Venue & time for our meeting.

(To be Continued...)

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Guy watching his Mom getting fucked by fathers Colleague

I’m a teenager boy from a small family. Mom dad and myself. I was studying for my examinations when this incident happened. My dad is an engineer and is working abroad and coming only once in a year. He is medium built and in his early 50s. But mom, she is just 38 and still having very attractive figure. She is fair in color and a typical Indian lady with little plump body.

And her butt is the sexiest asset she has. It looks so soft and round and jiggles while she walks. She had nice belly with proper amount of flesh and a deep round navel. Her boobs are bit sagging due to her age but is big enough and round. She normally wears sarees and she put her sexy navel on display most of the time.

And it is not a secret to me that our male neighbours keep their eyes on her. I noticed they mostly watch her navel and big butt. I guess they bang their wives while imagining her. But I have not seen anybody got a chance to touch it. Now back to the story. Couple of months ago, one of dad’s friends, who is working with him came back from abroad and visited us.

His name was Pravin and was a very talkative person and became very friendly with us in no time. And he became a frequent visitor of our home. He used to bring me small gifts like chocolates or snacks and used to talk with mom for hours. And I noticed him telling double meaning jokes to mom and touching her casually.

Mom took it casually and ignored him each time and politely warned him not to exceed the limit. One day I went to one of my friend’s house to study and told mom that I’ll be returning on next day. But there was a power failure at his place and I had to return back home around 10.00 p.m. without informing mom.

When I reached home I saw the main door was closed and most of the lights were off. I thought that mom was sleeping and I did not want to wake her up. So I used my extra key and came in. There was an empty glass in the living room and saw burned cigarette in the ash tray. So I understood that Pravin uncle had came. But then I saw very strange thing.

The saree which mom was wearing in the evening was on the floor. I was wondering why mom left it there. Then few feats away, I found out her blouse which was little bit torn. It looked like that it was opened hurriedly. There I had a doubt that something is fishy. Then I went towards mom’s room and found out that it was locked from inside. And I heard hissing sound of mom.

I found the window little ajar and peeped through and almost got stunned by the scene. Mom was there inside the room. And uncle was holding her tight and pressing her against the wall. He was trying to kiss her and she was moving her face away from him. She was on her bra and petticoat and uncle was topless. I clearly saw her breasts pressing against uncle’s chest. I was so dumbstruck that I was motionless.

She wanted to get away from him. But he was well built man with strong body, so it did not work. She began to beg him and said “Oh please Pravin, please don’t do this to me. I’m a married woman, and I’m a mother. Please, this is wrong”. But surprisingly the protest was not very strong. Probably she was thirsty too.

But he was not in a mood to let her go. He said “Aditi, dear, all you said is correct, but you are a lady who needs to be loved by a man. So it’s nothing wrong”. By telling this, he suddenly undid the knot of her petticoat, mom tried a failed attempt to stop him, and in this struggle they moved and she was turned backwards to the window, and it fallen down leaving her only in pink colored panty and the bra.

Uncle squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And he put his hands on both sides of the panty and lifted it up strongly by holding its hem. With that, the back side of the panty got disappeared in-between her ass cheeks and her butt flesh became visible to me. Mom let out a slight moan when the panty was pressing against her ass hole.

Mom’s back side was towards the window, so on the back side of her every activity was clearly visible to me. He started to press the whole butt of my mother. He started to pump one part and a large amount of flesh was squeezed away from his grip. He tried to cover all the fleshy portion of her GAAND and madly squeezing all through.

In the mean time her panty got stuck more and more in-between her butt cheeks and rubbed tightly on her gaand hole. All between these activities, he was rubbing her neck, side neck, her face with his lips, and sometimes licked with his tongue. Sometimes he tried to put his lips on her lips but succeeded for fraction of seconds.

But Mom seemed getting aroused by his act. Her resistance seemed to be getting reduced. By doing this, uncle put one hand on her back and unhooked her bra. Mom moaned again and tried to resist a bit. But He was on control. And he turned her around against the wall and started pressing her boobs over her half-opened bra. And then tried to remove bra straps from her shoulder.

After a minute of struggling due to mom’s weak protest, he successfully removed the bra and threw it on the ground. Oh my god!!! Mom’s big, fair and little shagging breasts with black nipples were completely visible. It was a beautiful sight, especially for uncle. Those were so nice and round and seemed to be soft. She had black round nipples.

He held her by one hand and by pushing her against the wall with his body, moving his lips on her face, and his right hand came onto her left boob and started playing with it. Mom probably was unable to bear the feeling and her trying to remove his hand was weaker. His palms were not enough to keep those biggies. He got mad with the soft feeling and pressed mom’s breasts hard making her shied, “aahh”.

Mom got weaker with his acts and she was hungry too. And he understood, it was the right time to take her to bed. He hugged her tightly not stopping his acts and pulling her to the bed. There he laid mom on the bed and he himself laid on her. On the bed he put his face and rubbing it on her two big soft globes.

Along with that, he sometime was slurping and squeezing her big melons. In between, flicking and sucking her nipples too. I noticed that mom’s resistance already came to an end and she hugged his head on her chest. Her right hand was on his head and fingers were roaming between his hairs. And her left hand was roaming on his back.

I understood that mom also enjoy this manly act. Then his attention shifted to her hairy armpits. He was licking her armpits while holding her hands over her head. He lifted his head for a while and said, “Oh aditi, your armpits are so salty. Yes dear, those are real womanish armpits that I love.”

Then suddenly I noticed that I got a hard on which created a bulge in my pant. I could not help myself but took it out. He then came down and stopped at her fleshy belly. As I told you earlier, mom have typical Indian belly with deep round navel. Mom got aroused by his touch and started moaning lightly. Uncle put his tongue in her deep navel and started moving it round.

While doing this, he put his hand on her panty. He said, “Ohh aditi, you are so wet. How can you resist yourself for this much time”? I understood that mom was moist down there. He put his hand inside her panty and felt her moist pussy. Mom let out a moan aahh. He said, “Do you want it now?” And she weakly said yes. He then put his hands on the panty band and mom lifted her ass.

With a fast motion he pulled her panty down to her ankle and pulled it out and threw it on the floor. Finally mom got naked, probably the first time in front of another man. He thought that it was the time to go for the ultimate act. So he got off her body. Her choot was visible now; it was covered with little hair. Uncle removed his pants and underwear and threw those on the ground.

Uncle’s thing was became visible too. His big cock came out like a pressed spring. Oh my god! It was a big one. It was probably 6-7 inches long and thick with a huge red top. Mom also was looking at uncle and seeing his cock ohhh came out of her mouth. “What’s wrong aditi? Haven’t you seen a lund before?” uncle asked her. “Oooo…hhh No… It’s big.” She moaned.

“Bigger than your husband? How big is your husband’s?” Uncle asked while rubbing the lund on her thighs. Mom felt shy and turned her face away. “Tell me aditi how big is he?” He asked again. “Mmm….n o…n not as big as you’. He is smaller than you” She uttered. Uncle got even aroused by hearing it. He laid on her and tried to insert it.

But mom got afraid and tightens her legs and begged him not to do so, “Oh please Pravin, don’t do that. I am your friend’s wife.” she cried. “Shhh aditi. Come on dear! He is just my colleague not my friend. And you also want it, don’t you? So, don’t be afraid and be my wife for this night”, he whispered. By the time, mom had no power but to surrender for her physical needs.

He easily parted her thighs and started guiding his thing to its target. “Oooh no” mom cried out. But by the time, uncle was deaf for her cries. I saw his monster disappearing in-between her thighs. And mom screamed loud. Uncle slowly started going up and down. And mom let out a moan with each stroke. Her big boobs started to jump up and down.

Once uncle reached the bottom of her choot, he started giving her deep strokes. Mom was struggling with both pain and pleasure and was enjoying it too. She asked uncle to slow down so he can do it for longer period. Uncle slowed down and started doing slow, long and deep thrust, that mom was also enjoying.

Her enjoyment was cleared by her moans, “aaahhh...aaahhh...ohhh...uuimaaa...offff...aaah...fuck me...aaahhh...so good...” uncle was also moaning a bit too. They both were aroused to the fullest. They both got more and more aroused by each other’s cries. It was so hot scene to watch their naked bodies struggling on that bed. I could not help but playing with my cock.

Finally while moaning loud mom reached her climax and became a little bit calm. But uncle was on full motion. Uncle started asking her, “whose wife are you?” and mom replied, “Yours”. He asked for couple of more times and mom replied the same. And uncle was pounding her hard. I could see his ass going up and down forcefully on mom’s body.

It looked like he is too coming to the climax. He then asked,”Where would I cum?” and to both of our surprises mom replied, “cum inside me.” He again asked the same with the same reply. Uncle then again started asking her repeatedly, “Whose wife are you?” and banging her in a frenzy state. I guess this question and answer was giving him more satisfaction.

Mom was also replying with the same answer. It was looking like a cyclone was running on the bed and suddenly with a loud “aaaahhh” uncle’s body became motionless. His body got stiff, and I saw his butt was squeezing hard for a few seconds. And then he collapsed on mom and laid there panting.

I was also playing with my cock frantically and released my cum. Don’t know if it is right or wrong, but I admit that it was the best orgasm I reached. Just after the big cyclone, there is sudden silence in the nature; the situation was the same too. They both were laid on the bed motionless, and I stood out of the room, motionless.

After a few minutes uncle rolled over on the bed beside mom. His cock was a limp one now. And I saw mom’s private part oozing out their mixed cream and her pubic hair was shining. After a couple of minutes mom got up from the bed and went to bathroom, but uncle was lying on the bed. While she was in the bathroom uncle got up and led a cigarette.

After cleaning up, mom came in, uncle had a big puff and put the cigarette in the ashtray, and he left out his hands towards mom. Mom smiled shyly and went in between his arm. They hugged each other and kissed for a few moments. “Do you like it baby?” uncle asked, and to my surprise mom said, “Yes”. “But I cummed inside you, you might get pregnant”, uncle said.

Mom replied, “Don’t worry; I will take emergency contraceptive tomorrow which will not let me pregnant. Should I tell you one thing”? “Yes, sure”. “I enjoy taking the juice inside me. I really like it”. “Oh, really sona? Whenever you want to have this happiness, I am just a call away.” They smiled and uncle smooched her deeply while playing with her boobs for a minute.

Then they planted frequent kisses on lips for a few seconds and lied down to a deep satisfying sleep hugging each other. I went to my room removed my cloths and laid on my bed naked. Had a sleep for couple of hours, but wake up. And those exciting scenes I just watched started playing in front of me.

I got a hard on and was playing with my cock, while I started smoking, oh yeah, I do smoke. I smoked 4 cigarettes while masturbating imagining the scenes between my mom and dad’s colleague pravin uncle, played in front of my eyes just a while ago, and again I had a very satisfying orgasm. And then I went to a deep satisfying sleep.

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Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - II

Previously: Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - I

After a While I again looked at Shahid Sir & He was busy discussing with other students & teachers & skipping everybody’s sight he was looking at me with same old Rajesh Khanna’s Style Which thrilled me & again flash back started from the place where it ended earlier.

I was enough mature at the age of 15 & had knowledge what I was doing but I was liking it inspite it was not fair. My heart & lust had captured the control lying with my mind & I was just drwaning myself in the pleasure zone created by Sir in his wide spread arms.

When he hugged me I felt warm, affectionate & secured & I forgot our Individual role of Teacher-student & felt only Male-female relationship. For few moments I rested calmly in his hands & he was checking my mental state as it was very risky for him to proceed further ahead with her student & that too a minor (under 18).

Even if I give my consent, it can not spare him from frivoulous legal consequences as per Law. So he was confused even after my unsaid consent. But I was laid calmly in his arms & after a while started rubbing my lips to his broad chest & that encouraged him skipping & keeping his logic aside,

he started roaming his hands all over my back & started pressing my soft skin I felt goosebumps all over with his rough & tough touch & that made me shiver with heavy breathings I don’t know when I opened my mouth out of excitement & started biting his chest with shhh….shhhh…sound & slowly felt his hot breath inside my hair &

with a smelling sound he started kissing my neck removing hairs fallen on that part & I made a mild inviting moan & he started me laying down on sofa & I fell without detaching him from me and thus we were adjusted in sofa completely in each other arms & even though he was heavy I was happy holding his full body weight on me &

he started looking into my eyes but out of embarrassments I closed my eyes & unknowingly smiled which gave him “Go On” signal & he brushed his lips over mine mildly & tried to check the heat inside me I jerked & bend slightly upward & moaned in aroused state. He gathered courage & with his lips he opened my lips &

sucked my lower lip & leaving all my logic behind I too opened my mouth & allowed him to explore me as if we are True Lovers. He was making tiny kisses & deliberately teasing my with his kissing sound which arouse me further & I gripped his lips with mine to make it proper fruitful kiss which gradually converted into deep smooch & his hands were now fearless due to my kissing co-operation.

So he started touching me at sensitive points & he succedded to fully enlighten fire of luct in me as I opened my thighs for him & without wasting a moment he positioned in such a way that I felt his rock hard monster between my legs & I fumbled with the hard push, although everything was happening over the cloths but was sufficient to make any lady surrender to him.

I hugged him with both my hands & he started kissng all over my neck & cleavage portion & his breathing sound mixed with his kissing sound has made me mad & even I also started kissing his face in between “Ohh Sir…,, Nahi Naa hmmm” I was sayng No but expecting more n more from him & my state was awkward as My Body was responding positively but my words were resisting the acts.

I think this happens with any Girl who passes from this stage. Finally he got up leaving me there & standing bit away from me he looked into my eyes & when I opened my eyes I could see a different Sir as His eyes were full of Lust Smiling at me, the way he was looking at me I tried to gather myself for controlling my urge but Now it was not possible for me to avoid as honestly I was at my high &

desperately needing a manly treatment Today, I was prepared to lose my Virginity to Sir So I smiled back at him & without wasting a Moment he removed his T-Shirt & I was stunned looking him, his Bare & wide chest full of hairs & broad shoulders with Hard flesh Arms.

Also he removed his Jeans & I can seea huge bulge on the verge of its freedom & he came closer to me & started kissng my Toe I jerked & blushed “Sir Ye aap Kyaa Kar rahe ho?” He didn’t replied & started kissng upwards & gradually removed my Middy ( I was wearing Middy Frock) It went upto my knee & I felt my Open skin was caressed by hi with his hands & lips & I felt it too good.

So I kept quiet & rested my head on pillow with closed eyes & with closed eyes one can feel & enjoy the gentle touch in much better way. I felt he started roaming his hands on my thigh & after touch he used to press me to check the state of Flesh which gives me pleasure jerks.

I started enjoying all this & slowly opened my eyes with a sigh of relief as my Body started getting a Man’s flavor which it needed since last couple of years. I caressed his hairs holding his head & he gradually moved upwards to take my breath away.

Now he became too bold & lifted my Middy further & started roaming his hands on my bare thigh & started kissng there I secretly smiled feeling his touch & I felt my pussy sarted getting wet I rubbed my legs with his & he used his tongue & licked my inner thigh to made me jerk with shiver & simultaneously his hands now started exploring my upper portion &

touched my mounds of cleavage to which I literally shuddered & hold his hands & raised my body like a arch with another hand I pressed his head inside my thigh with a soft humming moan “hmm…..breathing…. hmmmm” He stopped my hand & holding my wrist he sleep close to me & put my hand over his dick which was hidden in cage but roaring hard to come out.

I hesitated bit but inside was very much eager to hold it. As I have never seen a Man’s tool in this state. He now freely started kissng me & I too responded as her bed-partner & for a moment he broke the kiss & removed Hair-Buckle from My hair & set free all my hairs & it spread all over my Face, neck, shoulder & partly covered my rising boobs

“Aaah…..jaise jaakey Baadal ke Beech Chaand chhoop gayaa” He said & I blushed & closed my eyes. (Just imagine the scene as After 13 years also I can see the scene LIVE in front of me) He removed Hairs from my face & touched my cheeks with his plam with lots of love & affection & said “Tabbu Aaj jee bhar K Be-Intehaa Pyaar karenge Hum hummmm?” &

I smiled broad to which he kissed my lips again & I avoided by turning my face & said Sir, Aap kaafi Romantic ho” Class ki Har Khubsurat ladki Aap pe Jaan chhidakti Hai fir Bhi Aap muje chahte ho? He kissd my forehead & Said “Kyunki Muje Sirf Jism Nahi Rooh se bhi Mohabbat Karni Hai. Aur Aap Ki Rooh Bhi Utni hi Pak Hai, Nek Hai” “Ohh Sir, Aap muje Maar daaloge”

Kehkar I hugged him & Said “ Ab Aap muje jahan Chahe Le chalo, Muje Koi Fikra Nahi” & Kissed on his cheek. He said “Tabbu…….Agar tumhe Koi Aitraaz ho to mein abhi bhi stop kar deta hoon ye sab” I looked in his eys with a smile & said “ Sir, Aap ko kai baar khwaabo me dekha hai Ab tak……..Aaj ye saare Khwaabo ko haqeeqat me tabdeeel kar hi do”

“Achha Tabbu Ji…Ye meri khusnasibee hai” kehkar he smooched me & Our tongue properly mer for the first tme & I accepted him as My First Lover to the core of my heart there & then. Within a minute he opened the string of mY middy & undressed me & reduced me to 2 Piece.

Again he got up & started looking at me in my 2 piece he was feasting his eyes with my body curves & he appreciated my shape “tabbu Khuda ne badi dileri ki hai tumhare saath…….Intelligent Brain k saath saath Kyaa gazab ka Jism diya Hai…..Qurbaan. Ekdum Bottle shape ho yaar, see your naval

(15 saal ki kachi umra me bhi Mera Badan Kisi Mard Ko Ghulam bana ne ko Kaafi tha) Kasam se Tumhare Baal (hairs) jko free kar K hi muje Laga kit um kisi bhi angle se 15 ki nahi 18 ki lag rahi ho. Aur Ab 2 pc me dekh K to Aur Bhi pakka ho gaya ki u r 18 not 15.

I covered my body with a shyness & he came over me & started kissing on my belly & I felt uneasy inside & “Ohh Sir….Kyaa Kar rahe ho hmmm……ummm……chhodo Naa plzzz” But he liked my belly & I felt I m oozing some water inside my lovehole. Aisa lag raha tha kuchh boil ho raha hai aur baahar aane ko betaab hai.

He slowly come further down & suddenly kissed my private part over the cloth & I fumbled . ufffff Sir…….& trembledd he didn’t leave me & started kissing me on my main point again n again & these several kisses made me comfortable gradually for a long & deep kisses there & I mentally got prepared & widen my thigh for him.

He now started slding it & without removing it he just slide my penty partly to reveal my Pussy lips & they were drenched with stream of juice he licked there & hold my lower lips with his upper lips & I cried loudly as I felt electric current in my body he used his strength to control my jerk & hold me tight & further sucked with proper contact & I liked the way it felt.

“ohhh sirrr….suckkk me…..there sir…..” & he started sucking with passion & I surrendered my Pussy to him for all the pleasure the way he want. He tried to remove my panty full & I lift my bums for his ease. I was nude below & enjoying my first ever Oral sex with full involvement of my heart too.

He parted the pussy lips & swirled his tongue & time n again teasing with his tongue touching my skin points (clitoris). I was driving in heaven & My moan, my breath & my arched body was acknowledging my pleasant state. Simultaneously he started roaming his hands on my cleavages & slapping my boobs which made me shiver as double jerk affects more.

I myself was now eager to enjoy the sex with deep pleasure & full content So co-operating the way he asked & out of sheer excitement I made myself nude by removing Bra & raising my hands above get free from all the hurdles obstructing the pleasure (clothes).

I was completely Nude & soon I made him also nude by removing his last cloth & I found a roaring tiger like cock sprang out of its cage. I hold his head & with grunting my teeth with strange sound I squeezed his neck & he jumped in excitement & said “ Slowly Jaan ………Tumhari tarah Ye bhi Virgin hai……zaraa Aahista” & I kissed him(cock) & said

“Solly………Jaan….Aap bhi vilgin hoo?? & he laughed at my childish talk & said “Tabbuuuuuuu meri raaani….” I opened my mouth & started sucking his cock & he positioned proper to enjoy the Blowjob & we got a perfect rhythm & I started playing hide & seek with his cock & with lot of saliva I washed it to glister.

His length increased tremendously (almost 7-8 Inch) & it started choking me in my throat & I could insert partly only. But Now Sir was getting horny so he hold my head & started pumping inside my mouth. I could not bear but he made me bear & after a minute he find tears in my eyes due to uneasiness & he removed it outside & hugged me tight to console me & gave me so much love with patts & kisses.

I started getting normal & he asked “Tabbu…..Andar daloo? & I just hmmmed & hugged him. He made me in comfortable position & again used his saliva on my pussy & it opened its mouth “Sir,muje bahot Darr lag raha hai????” I told. “Kyaa Hoova Tabu…..Tension Matt lo..Thoda saa dard hoga bas…….Fir Ekdum sukoon milega tumhe” “nahi Wo baat nahi hai Sir. Hel loongi Par…”

Par Kyaa Janno???” “ Agar Mein Pragnanat ho gayee to???” “Darro Matt…..I will take care of it” & He put his dick at my entrance & slightly pushed inside. “Yaaallaaaa’’ I scramed loud & Felt a hot Iron rode is driving insdie me “Plzzz.Sir……….nikalo nikal do sir. “ But He took me in his arms & started roaming his hand on my head Slowly….dear ekdum slowly sab barabar ho jayega.

After few moments I felt My Pussy opened its mouth & started gulping his dick & it was just ant-bite pain I experienced (Which I came to know later as broken my heyman part) I was in sever pain due to his Long & thick cock doing deep deep penetration with each of his movement & he hugged me tight & started doing in Rhythm & I had no option but to bear him with My nails on his back scratching his skin.

After 5 minute I released lots of hot water with scream & I started feeling it pleasurable journey. I opened my eyes & looked in his eyes with a smile & said “Sir……kasam se Bada mazaa aa raha hai…..Karo sir aur ache se……& he used his circular motion heap movement to explore all my inside sensitive spots & I was lost in pleasure giving humming sound.

He came closer & Whispered “Tabbu tum bhi Apni…..kamar ko upar ki aur bump karo” I tried with errors but soon got Rhythm to match his & Thus Our tune set an Orchestra with Breath, Thrusting sound & water buffing sound “Fatch fatch……”

Also The Sofa’s Charr charr Sound added remix & After fucking for more than 15 Minutes He was Tired but His dick was still in commanding & demanding Position So he told “Tabbu I m tired Now U ride over me” “Nahi Sir,,,,,,Muje nahi Aata hai, Aap hi karo” Ohh Tabbu Jaanoo.aap aao to sahi Mei bataoonga aap ko kyaa karna hai.

He rested his back on sofa & told me to sit like seating on horse. I laughed & Said My Horse is so naughty Muje gira to nahi dega naa. He just smiled & kissed my cheek “Nahi Meri raani…….Abhi to kaafi lammmbaa Safar Tayy Karna hai tumhare saath……Behad kareeb se care karoong aap ki” I slapped his tummy & sat on his cock, I adjusted it to my hole & sat

“Ohhh yeaaah…….It went at right hole…….deep” & I fumbled……Soon I got comfort & he hold my bums with both the hands & told me to slowly jump…..I tried with errors & he adjusted the posture & Okk Tabbu Ab karo. & This time I enjoyed “Ohh yesss yesss yes yess. “ Rhythm started & we both started moving in desired way.

After around 10 minute I tired & released my water wth a moaning cry & jerk & sensing this he stayed calm for a moment & I sleep on his chest with closed eyes & relieved state. He caressed my back & after 5 minute he said “Tabu…….R U okay? I hummed So he said “Ab mein Karoo? & without raising my head shook the head in Yess.

He hold my bums & using his feet strength pumped me upwards which looked strange but thrilled me & I awakened to enjoy his reverse ride. He fucked me in reverse pose for 2-3 minute & then rolled over me & smooched me again & left me straved So I caught his head & pulled him close & bit his lips “Meri Jungleee Tabbu…..Dekh ab iska badlaaa kaise leta hoon” &

He completely spread my legs in Channel V shape due to which My pussy opened to its Max & he stroked deeply & kept pumping me fast I skipped my hearbit & “Aah Aah Aah Aah………Sirrr. Sorry Sir,,,,,,,,,Plzzzz. Dheere se karo…..” Hmmm ab pata chala naa…….” Sir please 5.30 baj gaye hai muje late ho raha hai…….Hmm ab deri ho rahi hai hmmm muje chheda kyun?

“Ab se nahi karoongi plzzz. Jaane do naa……” “Ohh meri tabuu…..pehle muje I love U bolo” “umm Sir…….Ab Itna sabkuchh to de diyaa fir bhi Maang rahe ho? “nahi Aise Nahi Dil pe haath rakh K bolo “I love U” Okk baba “I put my hand on heart & said “Shahhid I Love You” “Waa tabbu Subhanallah” Aap ne Muje Shaahid Kaha “haan Sir……Kyunki Sir Ko I lOve U kehna Munasib nahi lagaa Isliye” Hmm Good Girl.

Please ab to chhod muje. “Okkay “ he said & started pumping with extra pressure & I felt I m slowly going Up, Up & Up & he took me to the paradise “Sir Aap ne to kasam se Jannat Ki shair kara di muje” & he just hmmmed…..& kept pumping & I literally felt his cock making its way in n out thrashing my walls with a monsterous speed & I liked its friction & bursting sound &

started raising my hips above & we both danced in sex-tune for couple of minutes & he said “Yessss…yesss. Im cumming bebe……..Ohhh Tabbuu.,mmm commminnggg” & I felt his pulsuating cock releasing his gunkl deeeep deep inside my womb & I hugged his bottom tight to get it all inside. “Ohhh Mann……..What a relief” I said …..He unloaded fully & roll aside me &

we hugged tight & kissed each other with Affection & emotion. Sir I need to Go & I speedily covered myself with clothes & kissing his forehead I left for the home. It was around 6 Pm. I came back with lots of pleasure inside me & with a smiling face as I was Lucky to lose My Virginity to the Person I liked much, to the person of my choice.

After a rigorous 90 minutes session we finally ended our maiden Love encounter & I still cherish & remember each n every moment of that First encounter between me & Sir & Now I m standing Like a Tree looking at him thinking is it possible to re-create the Old Magical relationship once again?

& suddenly I awakened from the flashback by hard push on my back my old school friend. “Hi Tabbassum…….She was Shazia, none other than one more Crazy Girl After My Lovely Shahid Sir”.

To Be Continued…

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Tabbu Losing Virginity To Shahid Sir - I

Hello readers, I m the regular reader of this site n I found people not only shares their sexual experience here but also justifies their unethical relationship iniated under awkward situation of their lives. Last few months many female writers have come forward & narrated their stories here Like, Sheetal, Raadhika, Nita, Pooja & Rashmi.

Actually Women are basically have more ethics than men & it is very guiltful & painful for the females to initiate unethical relationship So they anyhow shares here & get some relief thro’ reading the consoling comments from readers reduce their burden on soul.

Like Others I m also a female & my name is Tabassum & I m now around 28, mother of two staying in one of the commercial metro city with my small family. The idea to narrate this story born in my mind when I read all the stories of above females & then attended my Reunion of school batch after a gap of 13 years. I found my Old friends, respected teachers & others which freshened my old sweet memories.

I found my Old friends named Sania, supriya, Tanuja, Priyanka etec etc & also some boys who turned now in man like Rakesh, Sanjay, Firoz etc. We chit chated for long 3 hours & after finishing the class our teachers also joined & started reminding Old days & sweet memories etc. some of them started taking selfies & group snaps etc etc.

Suddenly I saw Shahid Sir & I skipped my heartbeat for a moment. Shahid Sir was teaching maths & he is very brilliant & have a huge student fan following. He too looked at me & said “Adaab” to me as per our religious tradition & I replied with gesture. He smiled at me but I could smile half-heartedly.

He went to meet other classmates & I was noticing him again n again as he was still looking young n fit like he was in his 28 when I was in std Xth (Now he must be around 42-43). Everybody knew that A person either Male or female never forget their first love but I believe not only Love, no one can foget even their first touch & sexual encounter throughout the life.

I was also passing tho’ the same stage when I looked at Shahid Sir. Yes friends He was the first person who gave me my first & memorable sexual pleasure when I was just 15. Of course with initial resistance from my end but within couple of moments he won my heart & ruled over my fresh toned body.

That is a memorable experience till date in my life & I have kept it secret till date & didn’t revelaed to anybody but Now I feel secured to share here anonymously ( As Name & Place are drastically changed). “Aaj Bhi wo lamha yaad karti hoon to mere jism ke rongte khade ho jaatey hai” (I feel goosebump all over my vital parts when I reminds of those intimate moments even after so many years, today)

I was very studious during my school days & hence was popular among genius students & teachers. Once Shahid Sair was introduced to us as our New Maths Teacher & Maths was my favoruite subject. He gradually impressed us thro’ his mastery in his subject & Few Girls amongs us were also impressed with his Look especially his Gymnastic body & Zero cut Half beard

(I couldn’t name that style but Like Big B keeps nowadays). His way of Teaching was marvelous like preaching, to the core of our heart. And his eye contact to all the students ensures that everybody pays adequate attention to the class. After he completes his class & leave, some of Girls starts appreciating his look & keeping aside study they starts discussing about dating with him.

I too liked him but was hesitant to express my views about him openly. Within few session of maths he could notice that I m one of the brilliant student in his subject & hence he started expecting answers from me whenever the other student failed to do so. Not exaggerating but couple of times I was quicker than him & he was surprised with my extra pro-active interest in Maths.

Days passed like this & our prelium exams came & Sir told us that the school management have decided to chose the toughest combination of question sets to prepare the students for worst well in advance. Like all other school, our school had also started checking the Paper very strictly, of course in our interest only to be more alert in Board exams.

As expected many students got bad marks in Maths far below their expectation including me. And we All were worried & requested Sir to conduct extra classes but the school management have permitted only few classes & Sir suggested why not u all come to My residence as I m staying nearby only & presently no one is there to disturb us.

Some of them liked his idea but majority have chosen not to go & We 5 Girls & 2 Boys were finally reached to his residence a Large 2 BHK flat with good ambience, he welcomed all of us & after initial formalities we started to resolve our difficulties in various chapters.

Two Girls were seems not interested in revision but had only came to be more close to Sir & also they used to come to avoid other Girls to enjoy Sir’s company. After a week’s time one day due to some important work at home, I reached late at Sir’s place & Sir Opened the door With a smile & welcomed me inside &

when I found nobody except me was there so I inquired about other students he told that Today he is not well & having severe headache So he cancelled the class. I was standing in awkward position whether to leave him as he is or shall I ask for any medicine to him or straightaway quit from there.

I think I should go & said Sir Can I go? He immediately agreed but requested if I can prepare tea for him as he is suffering from severe headache & his mother was also not there. I felt it strange but out of humanity I inquired about Kitchen & related materials like tea sugar Milk etc etc & he show me where it is kept.

I was alone in kitchen & with my corner of eyes I observed his activities & I found he was staring at me from back with a strange look & I felt little uncomfortable & was eagerly waiting for Tea boiling so that I can serve him & leave that place. I was bit feared from inside as I have heard many such cases when a student is fucked by teacher.

But Shahid Sir was Gentleman, though he was looking at me but it seems he had no intention to go further ahead. I served him a Tea & asked for his permission to leave but he offered Tea to me “ Tabbassum tumhe bhi Is waqt chaay ki zaroorat hogi, Tum Kaaafi mehnat karti ho apni studies par” I said No but he convinced me to take half & I couldn’t denied further & started sipping my tea.

He completed fast & said “Tabassum Thanks, Aap ne Bahot hi badhiya chaay bana kar di mera saraa sirdird gaayab ho gayaa” I smiled at him & he said Now we can study as I feel comfortable. So hesitantly I took out books from Bag & we started solving difficulties & since we were alone he with some or the other excuses didn’t left opportunity to touch me.

On my shoulders (Petting “Shabbash”), On my thigh ( See this is to be solved like this), Sometime he looked deep into my Eyes & acting Like Rajesh Khanna (Who was poplular for his romance with eye gestures) I felt comfortable & started liking his frank attitude & my fear has gone & I started enjoying his company.

After about 1 hour study, I also started replying romantically like a teenage Girls behaves with teenage boys, teasing him with my eyes & facial expressions & he started enjoying my feedback & thus we spent another half an hour. It was already 4 PM & I seeked his permission to go in romantic way (as if One Girlfriend pleads to Boyfriend) but he hod my hand & pulled me close n said

“Ruko na Tabbu Aur thodi der” I was surprised & felt horny with his gesture & the way he told me “Tabbu” as I liked it very much. I just starred in his eyes with strange look & he started pleading me with a romantic song “ Abhi Naa Jaao Chhod Kar K Dil AbhiBharaa Nahi” & I blushed with a smile & my chubby cheeks turned pinkish which he noted & Said

“Tabbu tumhe pataa nahi ki tum na sirf studies me Intelligent ho, lekin tum behad khubsoorat ho aur oose se bhi badh K ek Nek dil Insaan ho” I know he was trapping me in his net but Seriously I liked it very much & like Other Girls I also had hidden cruch over him which prevented me to resist him & with my lowered eyes I said “Thanks Sir but………..” &

he didn’t allowed me to speak IFs n BUTs & put his hand on my mouth & hugged me tight & started caressing my back. I started breathing high, He was also unmarried & I can also felt his high heartbeats. I said “Aap kya kar rahe ho Sir, mery Board ki exams hai “ He consoled me “Don’t worry Tabbu , U will rock in exams dekhna Mera Ye waada hai” & I smiled.

He appraised my smile & said Jab Tum Hasti ho Naa Tabbu Kasam se It reminds me the killing smile of Madhuri & Madhubalaa” I slaped on his chest “Sir, Aap ko jhooti taarif kar ne ki achhi aadat hai, Aachha lagtaa hai sun K’ Waise Aap K pichhey bhi Class ki kai ladkiyaa Paagal hai” He said “I Know but sadly u r not of them & I liked you only”.

I again blushed & said “Sir, what u r thinking is not right u should get marry soon”. Sir replied “Yes I m eager to get marry, but My Girl is still minor” I will have to wait for another 3 years. I pretend innocent & asked Who is that Lucky Girl? “Its U Tabbu” & I Blushed again but soon became serious & said Sir, this is not possible.

Why? He asked. & added “U r the one for whom I have conducted extra Classes at My home, I know the other Girls were Playing “Kabaab Me Haddi” role as they don’t like I appreciate U for your skill. I surprised & felt good with the importance given by Sir. (At Home I was the 3rd out of 5 Siblings & was not getting enough recognition for my Looks, talent & achievements which Sir gave me)

this was also one of the reason I sticked to Sir’s Place to hear more about me. “Tabbu Tum kaafi beautiful ho aur from the day 1 muje achhi lag rahi ho” Kabhi gaur se dekha hai Apne Aap ko mirror me? Khuda ne tumhe chand saa noor diya hai is chehre par, Aur ye Aankhein uff doob jaane ko dil karta hai mera. I started liking whatever he was saying about me & eager to hear more.

“Tabbu Tumhari Ye resham si Zulfien, Jee kartaa hai zindagi bhar K liye Qaid ho jaaoo Isme” Mashaallah…….Khuda ne Tumhe Banate Waqt koi kasar baaki nahi Rakhi hai. Lagtaa Hai Wo Eid ka din Hoga Jab Khuda ne tumhe bana ne ki shuruaat Ki hogi” Sir Basss……Please…….& I closed my eyes with feeling what he said & reciting it again n again &

I don’t know when he hugged me & I too opened my arms to accept him. I started thinking “Sir, Ab to Aap ke saath bahot door tak jaane ki tamanaa hai. Jee karta hai Ye safar ki kabhi Inteha hi na ho, Ye silsila Taaumra(Zindagi Bhar) yoon hi chalta rahe”

Sir ne poori shiddat se muje apni baaho me le liya aur Unke Jism ki Garmi se Jaise me Andar Hi andar Melt hone lagi & he also started smelling my body odour & mesmerized with high breadthing “Ohh Tabbuu, Kyaa Khusboo hai tumhare Jism ki” “Jism” word Unke Mooh se Sunte Hi mere Andar ek aag Si lag gayee.

& out of sheer excitement maine unhe aur mazbooti se zakad liyaa. Tabbu tumhaari Ye kamseen Jawani ne Muje betahasha diwana bana diya hai. I m crazy for U tabbu & I couldn’t speak except the “Hummmm” sound in excitement. Aaj se 13 saal pehle ka wo Manjar meri Aankho K saamne Kisi Movie ki tarah flash ho rahaa thaa.

And suddenly My mobile rang & he was none other than my Hubby (Asseem). I felt uneasy due to his disturbance & interfereance in my divine flashback thoughts & hurriedly replied him whatever silly questions he asked like “kitna time lagega aane me? Dinner ready hai yaa nahi? Bachhey Tution gaye yaa nahi? Uffff……….What a life it is? Kyaa meri Apni individual koi ehmiyat nahi?

I replied all & disconnected the call. I again started thinking from where I ended above but ek baar jo link toot jaaye to Jud ne me kuchh waqt to lag hi jaata hai. Kabhi Kabhi to saari Zindagi Nikal Jaati hai Link doobara Mil Ne me.

To Be Continued…

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Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Colleague Mamta

Finally after 3 long years I m writing down my story wth my office colleague name as Mamta having a good big boobs (34-30-36) wth fair complexion … we know each other from a long time and having a crush on her but never got dare to talk.... but coincidentally she joined the office were I was work and my luck favours….well I forget to tell u about myself I m hary 30 from Mumbai, Fair, 5.9 long married now.

Coming to the story as her hubby also knw me well its nt difficult fr me to get in house after the office hours its time fr our enjoyment nd is hubby is out always come late night drinked nd we get ample of the time for foreplay. I can say I enjoyed a lot wth her.

The day comes whn it was her bday nd I made her the special night fr her nd again its was a luck her hubby was out of the town due to some urgency nd was the first night wth her again n again looking to clock to pass 10pm, we cut the cake nd I gifted her the sexiest tranperent red nighty nd asked her to wear it ….. she was looking soooo sexy her boobs were coming out of that…

I took her in front of mirrior she as too shy to see herself., I hugged her from the back started kissing her neck line, strted with a soft moan …aaahhhhh….., we smooched around 10 mins nd rolling finger to her back she was like getting a elec shock…

When we came on bed we didn’t realize she was only in two piece bra n panty, started playing with each other sucked her boobs one by one with long erect brown tits her moans were very loud…. She was already wet nd I started licking her pussy….. she was gone mad aaaaahhhh hary…… aaaaahhhhhh…..thora aur…aaaahhhh …. Mujse nahi sambhal raha…. Aaooohhhh hary nahi plz…

dal do andar……. Harry plzzzz aaaaaooohhhhh…nd finally she bursted out with huge cum ……. Started licking my face nd whispered in a ear nw its my turn…She started given a blowjob in n out which I was enjyed a lot she played wth my balls I started moaning loud in next few minutes she drank all my cum…

We got relaxed fr sometime… started kissing each other sucked her big boobs…. I started rubbing my cock outside her pussy….given a small jerk… she screamed loud… her pussy was tight which was nt used frm a long time…. Its was partially in I was feeling very hot inside nd she was moaning a lot aaaaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhh…. Ooouuuch…

I dnt want to be fast want to enjy every min …. Bt she was mouning loud … plz…… Pagal mat karo muje.... andar dalo jaldi…Finally I was in nd out in slow motion… which she going mad… aur jor se karoooooo… aaaaahhhh… jaldi karoooooo…… I was little fast… she hugged me tightly,, started digging nails oooohhhh nd she reached to her climax…

Nd changed our position to doggy style… nw it easily went in as it was much lubricated nw moans wer more high mine too aaahhhh oooohhhh I was much nearer … slowed down little …. She was moaning a lot…. Jaldi ….love you hary…. Fuck me….. finally we both reached at same time……got relaxed on her…

Hary it was a most memorable day for me after a long time I m having a sex and I choose perfect one….. u made me satisfied...Thank you guys.. sorry for any mistakes if happen…Waiting for your comments guys…thanks.

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Rashmi Taking Sex Gym Training From Robin - V

Previously: Rashmi Taking Sex Gym Training From Robin - IV

I was scared looking Yammi & Vicky’s encounter & asking myself again n again “Ye Gym hai Yaa Sex-club” everybody comes here for this only? Is this the reason this Gym is so popular that people gave 5 star ratings? Is it safe zone for extra-marital physical relationship? Did I make any mistake indulging myself with Robin? Will he black mail me?

So many question were roaming in my confused mind-state & I felt severe headache. Evening & Late evening passed in my pride less routine of cooking & serving dinner to my loved ones but as soon as I fell down in my bed I found Mayur was snoring after his tensionful business schedule & left me alone physically as well as mentally.

I again started visualizing the flash-back of the hot encounter between Yammi & Vicky. They were rocking yaar. I missed my companion Robin & thinking of afternoon session I started getting horny again & felt wetness between my thighs. I tried to awaken Mayur but he pushed me with arrogant reaction.

I took my mobile & send message to Robin “Hi Rob, How was your Interview?” after a while he wrote “It was good & an optimistic” “very Good” I said & also GN to him & tried sleeping but I cant forget Vicky’s Monstrous body. Any woman would like to get crushed looking at him “My God” I could clearly see them in my dreams & How confidently he was ramming Yammi.

What a fuck it was … I started visualizing them & don’t know when I fell into sleep. Next day Morning I wake up Robin thro’ my Whatsapp bips & said Today I m not in a mood to come to Gym Can we meet somewhere else? He instantly texted his address & said I m alone n nobody will disturb us so u can come.

Address was seems much familiar to me n I replied “Ok at sharp 4 PM” I finished my all routine asap & took a good nap to get up at around 3.30 Pm & wear western Outfit (White Trouser & Blue semi-Transparent top with required make up & accessories & looked myself in mirror & I was stunned looking at me

“With physical, mental & sexual workout I was looking like a female in my early 30s & enough bold to impress any hunk. I smiled at me & took the Car directly to the required address & it was on 10th floor so used the Lift. As soon as I ranged the bell, Robin opened the door & we hugged each other.

And he immediately bolted the door & said “Ohh Rashmi……. Kyaa hati tu yaar ek diwas nathi mali to lagey chhe varso thai gayaa “ ( Where were U,we met after one day but seems meeting after many years) & started smelling my fragrance of hair & shoulder & I liked his breadth & he was wearing Sleeveless T shirt revealing his muscular arms &

that made me mad I started kissing on his arms & he was biting my earlobe & with Uff & puff sound we started losing in each other. I was much comfortable as this is not a public place like a Gym & I felt secured in his flat as well as in his arms. I said “Ohh Robin I wish today you fulfill all my spicy requirements, which I had seen only in dreams & never experienced at home,

I doubt in future also I will be able to enjoy at my home. He smiled & caressed my cheek & asked “tell me bebe what u dream about. & I shyed & touched his Arms muscles & bite his cheek but avoided to be specific & he was charged on & he lifted me in his arms & started towards bedroom but I stopped him & said lets be on couch only.

He understood & we seated touching each other & he praised my outfit & told “Rashmidi aa gate up maa tu ekdum hot lagey chhe rey !!!!” ( U looks stunning hot in this outfit) I blushed & said “Rashmidi kidhu e mane gamyu yaar (I Liked he called me Rashmidi) After a long long time somebody used my diff.name with adding fun n affection both.

I looked deep into his eyes & felt his gentle touch on my fleshy Naval & he slightly upward my top to touch my soft bare skin & he exclaimed “ Rashmi tari skin to makkhan jevi chhe yaar!!!!” (Your skin is soft like Butter) & I whispered “Then what are u waiting for!!!! Just use Butter Knife & spread me & enjoy the flavor.”

He immediately aroused with my reactive sentence & took me completely in his custody & started showering kisses on me everywhere & with his tiny smooches in installments at various parts of my face & body I shivered & started murmuring his name in whispering tone

“Ohh yeaaah….Robbbinnn.plz…..uffff & raised my head upward with closed eyes & watering my lips with my own tongue I started losing in him. I felt I m melting from inside with his each n every touch on my various delicate body parts like naval, shoulder, below my hair backward & he revolved himself 360 degree to caress me & enlighten me & he succeeded as I felt wet &

my dry mouth turned towards his lips & I caught hold of his lips & immediately I opened my mouth to explore his tongue & we both started deep deep smooching. He aggressively moved his hands all over my transparent top & pressing my fleshes making me vibrating & jerking my body with sheer sexictement.

I started closing my eyes with toxic of sex-driven dose & with inviting whispering sound & my hands started nailing him on his bare bi-caps & holding him tight I started sucking his shoulder flesh which made him horny & he attacked my boobs & pressed him & felt my erected nipple & caught it with his thumb & finger & started rubbing harshly which immediately unlocked Tap inside my panty &

I started releasing fresh stream of water with a mild gasp from my mouth. He sensed it & slowly headed towards my trouser & unzipped it I bounced my pelvis with dummy resistance but he could unzipped & removed it completely I co-operated thro’ my legs & he started roaming his hands on my soft thigh with keeping his lips busy in my lips &

I felt a strong touch on my smooth thigh gradually running deeper & his finger touched my swollen pussy in cage & I bite his lips due to excitement. His other hand was creating magic on my Upper half exploring my nipple & thus his full body parts was giving one or the other pleasure to me.

Just Imagine a Middle aged Love, respect & sex starved lady was getting a recognition in all way from a stranger & recharging herself by getting back lost golden moments. Who says it’s a sin? Isn’t it her right?I thought its not an act for which I should feel guilty or ashamed as Man are always man & can get whatever they want giving rubbish excuses than why not woman?

I was thinking all this with closed eyes & myself was trying to justify my act & considering Robin as my Life-saver I was happy to surrender fully without any hesitance. & I started using my hands to explore him. “Ohh honey……I need it now….plz..lets go ahead & I just allowed him with smiling face n closed eyes “hmmm” & he slowly removed my top n I raised my hands for that.

I was wearing Sky blue Bra matching to my Top & Black panty looking at it he aroused & started kissing on my crotch area over the cloth which fumbled me & I pressed his head deep between my thighs & used my knee to clutch his head & he immediately used his tongue to tease my pussy to which I raised my pelvis with humming sound.

His hands started fondling my boobs one after another & he removed elastic from my shoulder & make it popped out without unhooking from back. He was exhaling air while sucking me down & also pressing my round melon pinching my nipple in between & I felt I m flying in Sky & with closed eyes enjoying his erotic treatment.

He further moved ahead & slide my panty down & found a juicy swollen cunt shivering like a heartbeat. Without any delay he sucked them to the core of his heart & made me mad n I moaned loud without any worry as he had told that adjacent flat is locked & I can scream without any fear.

“Ohh fukkk me mann jusss fkk me now” & I caught his Long weapon & stretched his cloths to unveil his cock he immediately surrendered & allowed me to naked him. We both were showering kisses in each other’s completely nude body & I grunted my teeth & bite his shoulder with Fuckkk meeeeee…plzzzz. & hold his mushroom top & squeezed to make him moan

“Aaah …..kamineee….rukkk adjust to kar ne de “ & he fold my body to half & rested my back & widen my thighs to allow easy access & then holding his dick in his hand rubbing his length put his one knee on sofa & keeping another leg straight pulled me with my thigh & touched his cock at entrance & without asking me pushed harsh & I screamed loud & meanwhile he was almost inside.

He waited for slow digging to enter inside completely & on achieving his task looked at me & I was with wrinkle on my forehead looked at him & hold his bum to move & he started pumping me with extra pace & in no time I could hear the thrashing sound of my thigh & his thigh he came over me close & sucked my lips with rubbing my nips.

His body was moving like an automatic machine as all his body parts were doing a tremendous job inside n outside my body. N in no time I reached to my First Climax of the day & I shuddered with joy hugging him tight released with shaken my pelvis which resulted into chhupp chhupp sound due to his non-stop workout inside me.

He tied my both the wrist above my head with his one hand & using the grip he increased his pace further & I literally felt the tearing skin of my pussy to gulp his long & thick monster. “Ohh Robin!!!! I m so lucky to have you inside me” I screamed with bottom of my heart. And he just hummed & kissed my cheek with love but I took his tongue & started sucking him.

What a fuck it was yaar…….I had never imagined & even never seen in porn movies like this. How a Man can pleasure woman like this !!!!!!! He lost his rhythm due to my 2nd shuttering orgasm & felt floody pussy So he rested for a while & removed his dick outside & I saw his full length dick still in a commanding position but fully drenched with my just released juice &

I saw him glistering & immediately took it in my mouth to which he shocked & tried to prevent me but I didn’t listen & started sucking him deep deep & tasted my own juice for the first time in my life. Also I kissed his full length with lot of affection & looked into his eyes. Ab ooth meri sonali Bendre & he raised me up & we again started smooching.

He whispered “havey paachaad thi aap, Maari Ghodee Bani jaa” ( Give me from behind & turn on four ) I smiled & obeyed him. I used the corner of Couch where we rests our hand & fold my body keeping my elbow there & he came behind me & inserted easily due to wet state of pussy and holding my naval & ass pumped deeply & I raised my head with

“aaah …..Robbbbiinn, aaraam thi raajaa (Slowly dear) “ & he kept thrashing my back with a steady pace & gradually moved deeper n deeper & I felt his dick not only reaching to my womb but touching my brain with a great sigh of relief. This extra fucking session has improved my mental condition drastically & I started loving my life again.

I started giving reverse feedback in rhythm to add flavor to sex & he hold for some time & slightly changed angle to fuck me cross & I wondered how a man can give so much pleasure thro’ penetration. I was dancing in rhythm & the entire room was filled up with our fast breathing sound with sweet ornament rhythm.

Yes I can hear the sweet song of my Managlsutra Locket dancing & touching my nipple, My anklets chum chum sound & my bangles khun khun sound & above all phucth phutch sound of our ramming sex session. I bet anybody if listen from another room can imagine what a fuck we were enjoying.

After a rigorous 30 minutes of slow n steady fucking session he started losing his grip & gave hint for his explosion & I hummed agreeing his proposal to release inside only he roared with fire & started giving wild strokes & within a minute I felt hot liquid flow released by him flowing like volcano & it not only touched deep inside my womb but straight away shaken my brain veins &

gave relieving tonic & vitamin to my mind. I literally felt his cock pulsating & releasing his load inside me & he shivered couple of times with "aah.....Aaah....." sound. We fell down to floor & hugged each other with heavy breathing & slept for an hour. I only know what a relief I got!!!!!!

In Next episode Robin changed my exercise chart with revised set of Sexercise. Lets see how soon I re-gain my targeted physique n curves.

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Rita Enjoying Sex While On Study Tour To Ooty

HD is a real treasure of human behaviour. You can see different kinds of people and if you go through the stories though the main theme is sex, there is a deep study of human nature. How people react in different circumstances is a matter very interesting. Some stories of high literary standards, some framing well knit stories out of their experiences, some just narrating fantasies.

The readers give funny comments and some are encouraging and some are abusive. I am Rita, 22, not working just waiting for some opportunity to come either for job or marriage. My both parents are working and my brothers are all abroad on various jobs and assignments. I did my PG in maths and is likely to get a good job.

By writing a small test I may become eligible to get a college teachership through UGC. I browse my laptop, watch TV, cook some food and sleep and just waste away my time. Reading HD stories is my favourite pastime. There are some of friends some married, some working but all liking HD, we undertake chat on any new story appearing in the HD.

Rita, you have spare time and why dont you write about your college experiences in the HD said my friend, Suni. I have some rich experiences while in the college and I can write pages after pages about some of the encounters. However much I may try to hide the names, people who know us will understand and there will be mixed reaction.

I was an active participant in the Arts Club in the college and I love to participate in singing, dancing and drama sessions. This really gave me lot of opportunity to show my creativity and help me gain lot of friends. I got to know Rahul while in a drama session. He was taking a part in the drama. He had very good personality, skill, good resonant voice and was very impressive.

We used to meet during rehearsals and help each other to mug up the dialogues. Many times we would sitting in empty and dark rooms reciting our dialogue and bringing forth as much emotion as possible in our our tone. But never he attempted to take advantage of my presence with him, never uttered a word out of the way, and never touched my body.

He never offered to give me lift, never offered snacks or tea in a restaurant, and at times it was boring. Going around with such a handsome fellow means people would think of many things. For my subsidiary Botony, my teacher, once asked me whether I would come for a study tour to Ooty etc. She it would be just a small group about three boys and three girls and two teachers.

I said ok, after all University is funding the tour and why not take advantage. A special luxury coach was arranged and lot of food items were also loaded. I went to the bus stop and saw the crowd ready waiting for the vehicle to come. I stood there with my backpack and looked around. When the bus came I boarded and I found Rahul was sitting next to me. "Hey Rahul", I shouted.

I am glad that he is there and that too in the same seat with me. and he too showed happiness over his meeting me. In the last drama we both took part, I told him he played his part very well and there was lot of applause. He said no, no, dont bluff, I blundered in the delivery of my dialogues in one or two occasions and you helped me and I could save my face.

That was true, but his action was superb. He praised me for my skills in acting and told me to go for some cinematic chances. The bus started, all the students, girls and boys were sitting in the seats in the front and the teachers also. Small food parcels were distributed and small bottles of water also. We while talking ate the hot puri and masala and drank the water.

Somebody collected the waste packings and the empty bottles. Time was 10 pm. One of the girls started to sing a cute bhajan song. It was extremely melodious. It was followed by a classical bit by a boy which was also well sung. I felt sleepy, leaning over the back rest, I put the head on the headrest and tried to doze off.

Cool breeze and the drone of the tyres and the occasional music put me in the sleeping mood. But the seat was not comfortable and just as I entered sleep, I was leaning on Rahul who was sitting next to me. He just supported my head and he too was dozing. By 11 I was lying on his lap and he on my back. He took a shawl from his backpack and covered us both to guard against the chill.

He placed his leg so that my head will be comfortable. With his hands he embraced me under the shawl and his hands were very close to my boobs. I could feel the bulge of his cock on my forehead. I put my hand under his thigh and cuddled more closely with him and he put his one hand on my bosom and another on my back.

His hand was just over by boob and was pressing it and his fingers were reaching my crotch. I repositioned my head so that it was actually on his erect cock. I could feel its pulsations. His hand was searching for my boob and having located it it was giving it small sweet squeeze. Now I could understand that he is not sleeping neither I.

I rolled over in the available portion of the seat so that my face will be against his crotch, and his right hand would be roaming over my front of the body. I got hold of his erect cock and turned my face and kissed it. Rahul with his hand unzipped his pant and pulled his cock out.

Now his cock was on my face and I can take it in my mouth and give him a blow job. or just kiss it and place it on my eyes and rub it on my cheeks. But his hand located and was luxuriously pressing my boobs one by one and went further down and searching for my panty. With the help of one hand I loosened my pyjama nada so that his hand may go to its destination.

He went further deep and located my shaven pussy and his middle finger was groping all over and located my fuck hole. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. His cock fairly big could not be taken into my mouth because of its size. But with the tip of my tongue I licked it tip. In the meantime Rahul's fingers located my clitoris and was playing havoc there.

Suddenly the lights came on and they announced that they may give a five minutes interval for people to go out freshen themselves and come back. Rahul hurriedly put his cock inside and I tied up my pyjama string. We both got up and looked aound. Some boys and girls were awake and up to get out of the bus.

Bus conductor announced that the womenfolk may go to the nearby hotel for any nature calls. The teacher and we girls went and came back relieved. After five minutes we came back to our seats and now I was shy to look at the face of Rahul. He was looking at me and asked me how to position for the next session of sleep.

He covered both of us by the shawl and I put my hand behind and unhooked my bra and untied the string of my pyjama. He unzipped his pants and made me to lie down with my head on his lap. His right hand was now meddling with my both boobs and nipples and his hand went down and located my clitoris and was numbling with it softly. His cock went deeper into my mouth.

The jerks of the bus made it great for us and within a short time I cummed and my juices made my panty and the pyjama wet. Rahul warned me and he shot his sperms into my mouth and I could gulp the whole thing down. It came in torrents and because I was forewarned I could take the whole thing in. We were in a rough terrain and the bus was jolting very badly.

I got up and tightened my pyjama string and Rahul zipped his pant and he lowered his face and gave me a soft kiss on my cheeks. We were nearing our destination. The bus conductor announced that we are in our destination and we may reach our place of stay within 15 minutes. We readied our luggage and all the sleeping crowd got up and there was a lot of activity.

They had arranged two dormitories for boys and girls. Teachers also joined us though they had separate rooms with bath attached bath rooms. Afterall three girls and a lady teacher in our dorm and three boys and a sir in the boys dorm was ok and there was not much pressure in the bathroom.

After breakfast we formed into groups and started to go around the Ooty garden in search of samples. Rahul and I formed the group. We were talking about sex only and did not concentrate in our work. Because it was a dormitory we cannot go back and have sex in the day time. We both were horny. He wore his jeans and I a churidar pyjama.

We went far away and were in a hilly track where huge rocks were strewn all around the places. We selected a spot and spreading my dupata on the floor I pulled my pyjama and panty down and lifted my kurtha up. Rahul was fascinated by my boobs and he wanted to suck my nipples. We both were very much aroused and he took his cock and put it in my cunt and started to fuck me.

My shaven pussy gave him great pleasure and within a short time we fucked three times. Getting up and wiped all fluids with some waste paper and some tissue I carried in my bag, we started to collect some plants from around the place and hurried back to our dorm.

Looking at the face we could make out that most of the boys and girls have had good sex and with hair disheveled and untidy clothes and wornout looks they all came for taking our lunch. Teachers did not go out to with any group, perhaps they would have enjoyed themselves in the room.

After lunch we had a nap in the dorm and in the evening it was chill all boys went to take liquor and the lady teacher and we girls sat together and sang songs and anthakshary. In the night after dinner we all slept in our dorm. Next day one more session was planned for collection of samples.

Rahul and I went in the direction of the lake and we collected samples and then found a convenient place for sex. Just as we were fucking furiously we could hear some rustling sound in the nearby bush and it was Suni and Raju from our group. Suni was stradling Raju and she could not control her shrieks of pleasure. I shouted and told her to keep quiet.

They both laughed loudly and we both teams did three trips each and got dressed up. Suni came running and hugged me and Raju zipping up his pants came and said hello to Rahul. We exchanged our experiences and Suni said they four sessions on the previous day and three on this day. We also recounted our experience.

Suni wanted to have a try with Rahul and Raju with me. Exchanging of partners was never contemplated and we just found some time and space for that also. Raju had a small but thicker cock than Rahul. He could go on and on for a long time. That was a new experience. These reminiscence were a treasure in our later life.

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