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Sid Enjoying Train Sex With An Unindentified Village Cunt

Hey guys, this is Sid here. Let me introduce myself. I’m 23, average looking guy but with a nice 8-inch boner.

So this story is a real one that happened with me the last time I was on a train. I was on my to Chennai. I was accompanied by my Elder cousin brother (43 years old) and his daughter (11 years old). We had booked our seats at the last moment so we couldn’t get reservations for everyone and unfortunately we were in the general reservation class.

I was pretty bummed on hearing this since I was looking forward to finding some girls to talk to and you know see what happens further. Anyway I had no inkling of what was in store for me. As I mentioned earlier that we all didn’t have confirmed seats, my brother and his daughter took the confirmed seats and I had to agree reluctantly since he was not keeping well.

Since I had the RAC seat I knew I had to share my seat with someone. And as luck would have it, a young rural family of three showed up. The husband was a young guy(Kishan) of 27 and his wife(Sheila) was 25. They had been married for 6 years and had a son who was now 3years. Being a guy from the city, i’d always fantasized about having raw sex with a village girl/woman.

From what I’d heard they mostly had perky breasts and hairy bodies. What I had experienced in my other escapades, it was always clean shaved pussies and waxed bodies. So I hope you guys understand the sudden urge to fuck.

This was at 1 in the night and the family decided to go off to sleep. The husband wanted to share the only seat they had with me and make his wife sleep on the floor. After a lot of deliberation they decided that the wife would sleep on the seat and the son and father would sleep on the floor.

Soon we both adjusted ourselves on the seat and I made sure to keep my horniness to myself in case Sheila got offended with even a little bit of my touch. We both slept in opposite directions with our legs near each other’s heads. And after a while we dozed off.

I had a bed sheet of my own, I was trying to adjust in the little amount of space I had. Since I was covered from top to bottom a little part of her saree also got covered in my bed sheet. At around 2 I woke up with a semi-erect penis and it had popped out of my jeans somehow. While I was trying to figure out what was going on, I put it back in my pants and brushed it away.

Within another half an hour, I woke up due to the jerk of the train and again I found myself out of my pants and with a little lubrication(spit) on the head of my shaft. This time I was charged and I couldn’t sleep because of all the erotic thoughts in my head about what if I could fuck Sheila. Soon I pretended to be asleep and this time I kept my penis out of my pants on purpose.

Soon enough, I felt a hand crawl up my thighs and trying to get to my boner. Within a second I caught that hand and realised it was none other than Sheila who had been stroking me all this while. I was glad at first and then the devil in me took over. I guided her to my penis and made her stroke me, I then proceeded towards putting my hands inside her saree.

I started feeling her legs and trust me I could feel the little hair on her legs. The excitement was too much and the feeling of having my dick jerked off by a woman from a village was coming true. Additionally there was always the chance of getting caught so even that set my heart racing. I went up to her pussy and the feeling was amazing.

I could feel the amount of hair she had down there. Almost a year’s growth and she quivered at my touch. The wetness was obvious and mixed with her sweat, it smelled somehow amazing. After ten minutes of masturbating each other off, I asked her to meet me at the washroom in the compartment.

Once I checked the coast was clear, I rushed inside and found her standing there with her pallu dropped off. This was just the simulation I needed and I got to work. I took off her blouse and she was wearing a cheap bra that dint do justice to her boobs. I started licking her all over her boobs and she moaned and whispered to me “Chus mere bable, pyaas bujhale apni.”

I sucked on her boobs like a hungry baby and her nipples stood out, almost half an inch long. The sight was too amazing. I was sucking her boobs and she was stroking me and I lifted her saree to her waist and removed her panty, to start fingering her. Her hairy pussy was driving me crazy and usually I don’t go down on hairy pussies (considering hygiene) but this wasn’t the time for that.

I Went down on her while she was standing with her legs wide open. The smell although disgusting was turning me on somehow with piss, sweat and pussy juice mixed together. She whispered, “Chaat lo meri chut ko, naa hi mera pati chat ta hai and uska chota lund bhi kaafi jaldi baith jata hai”.

Sheila let out a moan and also squirted little on my face. Her words were like magic for me and she got me hornier. I couldn’t wait anymore so I bent her over and lifted her saree and started to penetrate her from behind. She moaned as my head entered her pussy and I slowly got my whole dick inside of her.

She let out a little shriek and moaned, “ Kitna bada hai apka lund, phaad do isse meri chut ko aur apni ungli meri gaand mein bhi daaalo.” I understood she was the “Chudakkad” type, you know horny 24*7, In short my kind of woman. So I started her fucking her from behind and I started fingering her tight ass.

She was slim and had a lean figure, so I could easily bend over her and get to her boobs. I pounded her away and she kept moaning enjoying my dick. She moaned, “Aur zor se chodo ye chut ki pyaas bujhado, chodo apni raand ki tarah.” Her words were working on me as I went in faster, the sound of my balls slapping against her hairy clit was getting louder and louder.

I was tightening up as her tight cunt milked my dick and I fingered her ass. She came once and told me to pull out of her. I did so and like a porn star, she bent down and took my dick into her mouth and started sucking me off. Shocked at what was happening I started face fucking her, making her gag on my cock and using her hair to push my cock deeper into her mouth.

I told her I wanted to cum so badly but she told me, “Itni jaldi nahi, abhi toh sirf meri chut ki pyaas aadhi bujhi hai, meri gaand abhi baaki hai.” Considering my dream scenario was going on, I couldn’t say no and she turned around once more. I fingered her and widened her asshole to make sure my cock would fit.

She kept her hands on her ass cheeks trying to widen her hole open. I popped in my head into her ass and she let out a shrill shriek. Slowly she started adjusting to my cock inside her ass and she asked me to stay like that. She started backing up her ass onto my dick and slowly swallowed it whole, and as soon as she felt ass completely penetrated by me,

she asked me to start fucking her. Slowly I felt her tight ass milking my cock and balls slapping against her hairy pussy. She moaned, “Aur zor se chodo mujhe, apne lund ki pyaasi banalo mujhe.” Her dirty talk pushed me over the edge and I pulled out of her ass, since I wanted to cum in her mouth.

She turned around and started sucking me off, there was a little bit of her shit on my dick and it didn’t bother her, she just wanted to get me off. I came in 4 long spurts and so much so she couldn’t swallow the whole thing. I was tired as hell and didn’t have the strength to pull up my pants that were dangling around my ankles for the past half an hour.

Soon we returned to our seats and the horny bitch she was she still wanted to fuck me. She was playing with the head of my penis, just teasing me. But that folks is for another time. I hope you guys like my story and your feedback is welcome in the comments below.

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Sex affair across generations - V

Previously: Sex affair across generations - IV

Next day Rukmani came in the morning to prepare breakfast. I went out and saw the watchman sound asleep in the servant quarters. I quietly came back into the house saw rukmani busy in front of the stove in a saree, with her blouse sticking on to her body with her sweat. From the back I could see that she was not wearing any bra…

I took off all my clothes locked the doors quietly and with a raging hard on quietly went behind her and hugged her…She turned around with a shock with a slight squeal as well but relaxed with a big smile hugged me and gave me a big long wet kiss on my lips. Opened her mouth and probed into mine with her tongue. My hands were all over her body.

I was squeezing her breast and noticed the purple color of her nipples showing through as the blouse got wet. I noticed that she was wearing one with press buttons instead of hooks. I dragged her into the bedroom, pushed her onto the bed, jumped into it and grabbed and pulled at her blouse the buttons snapped open and her breasts popped out in full glory.

I quickly lifted up her legs and parted them. Her saree fell to her waist and found her pussy glistening white and clean shaven ! I thrusted my penis into it and started pumping in furiously…. I was wild I latched onto her breast and started sucking and soon enough the milk started flowing in, I was in heaven, with my mouth getting filled with fresh warm sweet breast milk and my penis pumping into her furiously.

She wrapped her legs around my waist in the back and was thrashing and loudly begging me to ram her pussy harder… when I was about to blow my load, I wanted to pull out but she held me firm by wrapping her legs around my waist and didn’t let me pull out…. I violently came inside her with semen oozing from the sides and when I pulled out it started coming out… I asked her why, you might get pregnant.

She replied “you are the same buddhu, I am breast feeding my 2 months old, it will be some time before I get my period and then only I can get pregnant. I will not be stupid like last time, when I got pregnant by you….. !!!”

I was surprised hugely to hear that she got pregnant by me and suddenly, there was a knock on the door followed by a loud “Amma are you there ?”, Rukmani said it is our daughter who has come from village and adjusted her blouse and ran from the bedroom. I hurriedly put on a track pant and t-shirt and got out…

When Rukmani came it she was accompanied by none other than Jaya, with Rukmani introducing me as “Sir, this is my daughter Jaya. Jaya also works in a house in your town…”

Those words completely shocked me. My penis shrank further instantly and drops of semen were starting to come out. Jaya had a smile and then with surprise, “Sir what are you doing here, Mom I work in Sir’s house. He is the one I wrote to you about who takes very good care of me !”.

“I am so happy that you are in his house, he is a true gentleman when I worked there he took good care of me then and will take good care of you…. now”. I could see the initial shock and surprise on Jaya’s face and followed by a huge smile as well…

I was shell shocked and just nodded, went took a bath and off to work. Had a very busy day and got back to the guest house around 8pm, found Rukmani and Jaya in the kitchen… Upon seeing me, Jaya said Amma you go and take care of the baby I will serve sir…

I kept my head down avoided eye contact with Jaya and sat on the dining table. Jaya served me with a smile without speaking any word I ate very quietly and went to bed… Jaya was busy cleaning up … After a while I felt someone sliding next to me in bed and an arm around me… I turned around and found Jaya completely nude in the bed…

I turned towards her, hugged her and before I could say anything, she put her finger on my lips asking me to be quiet.. She said “I now know fully about you and mother, how being young and inexperienced you both created me.. I am totally and madly addicted sex from you.., I have spoken to mother and she has agreed that I am better off having in the safety of your environment from you….”.

She then called out Amma and to my further surprise Rukmani came into the bedroom sat next to me and said “please keep her safe and don’t get her pregnant” with a stern look told jaya also “not to get pregnant, as you have to get married”… She then left leaving me and Jaya alone…

Jaya went turned off the light and crawled into the bed. Without speaking a word grabbed my head and buried my face into her bosom… The girl I made passionate love to, took virginity felt like a whole different woman, I just buried my face deeper and felt my penis hardening and springing back to life after what seemed like eternity…

I slowly started sucking her nipples one by one and then tracked a long line completely with my tongue to her pussy, it was smooth without any evidence of hair being there.. She shuddered and asked “Do you like it I went to the village barber and she shaved it thoroughly, all for you. Sir please fuck me…”.

I licked her pussy probing deeper opening the lips and tickling her g-spot…. She went wild thrashing violently grabbed my head and pressed my face deeper between her thighs.. I then crawled back up and very slowly and deliberately entered her pussy. I realized how tight hers was compared to Rukmani and I slowly built a rhythm and reached a crescendo blasting a load into her…

after several minutes…. I just lay exhausted on the bed didn’t even cover up completely nude. Jaya gave me a kiss wiped her pussy with some cloth and left.. I dozed off and was woken up later by the feeling of warm mouth on my penis and it was Rukmani !!

Needless, both the women took care of me completely, a year later Jaya got married and left. I also got married to a beautiful girl who is also very eager in bed. Still, Rukmani and Jaya occupy my mind even now…

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Telugu Guy Enjoying Hot Massage Sex

Hi Human Digest readers, this is teluguguy. And this is my true story which is all about my fun life as a massage guy.Hai readers I am 23 year old guy with 5.10inch height and well build body. This is the true story which happened a few months back when I am in India. And I’m a good flirt I have seen a lot of girls nude by flirting them on Facebook.

All girls need is trust that’s the real matter with the guys. I love girls and aunts a lot. You girls and aunts are welcomed to come into my life for fun or to have a good massage service. I will keep everything secret. This is how it happened. I like to massage young girls and matured aunts I like the girls and aunts between 15-40 I like to fuck and massage them.

One day I got a message in Facebook from an unknown profile I asked her who’s this she replied about her details. And she requested for a massage and I replied with the confirmation and the place and time. She fixed the date and place at a very nice and well known hotel in Vijayawada.

As the days passed the final day which she said has been arrived and I’ve reached the hotel room and rang the bell of the room. She opened the door with and cute smile and I’m stunned by seeing her. She is swathi in her late 20s with a fair color and 36-25-36 very hot structure she is very rich. She is wearing a top and leggings.

We sat in the bed and discussed for 20 mins and we are very comfortable with each other’s now. I asked her about her husband and she said the details of him and I changed the topic to sex for which she was very sad and said the problems with him.

And after that I hold her waist and pressed her she moaned loudly and I asked her to remove her dress for which she said me to remove them she is wearing a designer panty and a pink color laced bra. I’m very happy to have such a beauty in front of me. I have removed her panty and bra and made her to turn around and sleep on the towels which are placed on the bed.

I slowly poured oil on her ass and started pressing and applying it to her ass and I spread her ass and took some oil on my fingers and applied it to her ass hole and slowly with some more oil kept my finger in her ass hole she moaned loudly and she is shivering.

After that I have applied the oil all over her back and I turned her around now I’m pouring oil on her boobs and stomach and her pussy I slowly applied it to the boobs and applied it to all the boobs and I applied to the tits too she holding me between her legs and after applying it for her boobs I started to massage her stomach and after 20 minutes I started to apply to her thighs.

I started to apply to her pussy lips and applied it in her pussy she is moaning “Rei ruddy ruddu” and after a few mins I have started to massage her fingers of her legs she is turned on and asked me shouted on me to fuck her.

She then removed my clothes and took my fat 7 inch cock in her mouth and giving me a blowjob for a few mins I’m holding her meanwhile with touching her ass with my hands and spread her ass checks and kept my middle finger in it she is biting my cock I’m more horny now.

I turned her to doggy style and banged her ass while entering its very very tight so I applied oil to my dick it helped me to enter it very freely with just 5 strokes to enter it completely. We then turned to 69 position and had fun for 20 minutes and we licked each others a lot.

After that she is on top of me riding very hard wow she is very active in sex it takes 50 minutes for both of us to release our love juices. After that we slept for few mins and had a 4 more sessions on that day. And I bathed her and pissed in her mouth she drank all my piss and applied it all over her body. And I dressed her. We both are in contact still we are having fun.

She paid me 10000 rupees I said no but she said if you want me just take it so I took that money. But she is the hottest chick I have ever seen. Our Indian girls are the hottest girls in the universe this is true I’ve seen a lot of people of different countries but no one is as hot as our hotties.

I’m staying at USA California I’m not interested with these white pussies by seeing our native babes I’m very hard. You babes are awesome chicks Indian adults. Love you babes come lets hangout. Cya!

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Fucking Sri Lankan MILF Aunty Mrs Manel Perera

Hi, this is sexanimal reporting for duty. Unlike my other stories this is a fiction story on the request of a fan. As I was busy job hunting after completing my Engineering. I had all the time in the world to have fun, that is when my friend invited me to attend his sister’s wedding.

The wedding was in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And I was in no mood to miss this opportunity to travel abroad. So I pestered my parents and decided to leave to Sri Lanka for 1 week. This guy Madushan is a college buddy. He is quite rich and was so happy to have me in his place. He had booked me a hotel room for 10 days and took care all the necessary things needed for my trip.

I reached Colombo, Madushan picked me from the Airport, dropped me in the hotel. I got fresh up and he took me to his house. As I said, he is filthy rich. His father Mr. Parera owned a company. As I reached his house, he took me to a tour and introduced me to all his friends and relatives there.

That is when I saw a hot MILF with a tight sleeveless gown walking towards us with an open arm. The MILF hugged me and said “Hi, welcome”. I still haven’t recovered from the sweet shock where the boobs of busty MILF touched my body. Madushan introduced me to her and said to me the hot housewife is his mother Manel.

Wow, after that I’ve been thinking all about MILF Manel and her big sized boobs. That night I fantasized her and masturbated. I decide to fuck her before leaving Lanka. The next day, I went to beach and roamed around few places with Madushan’s friends. That night there was a pre wedding party where all were invited. I was there which has almost all the people present in Colombo.

It was crowed with men and women of all age groups. The women were all hot starting from the sweet 16s to the sexy 60s. The were loud singhala music and various drinks, everyone were boozing and dancing. I took a beer and was checking out all the women there. There came my Manel hot as hell, wearing a tight red knee high gown exposing her cleavage.

She said a hi and ordered a red wine. She then chit chatted with me about my stay and the party all. Once her wine came, she said “cheers” and left. By seeing her ass swag I got so horny, I ordered a cocktail and approached her. She was in the dance floor dancing with friends of Mr.Perera, I asked her for a dance and she agreed. We danced for a while.

I held her hip, ass and rubbed my hard cock repeatedly on her. After the dance, I asked her “shall we grab a drink?”. She said “sure!”. I was thrilled. We went to the bar, she was about to order red wine. I said “lets do tequila shots” and she said “why not”. We ordered shots and chatted about the wedding, relationships, love, affair and sex.

We were so casual and enjoyed each others company. She pointed few women and asked me what I think about them. First she pointed a young girl in early 20s. I said “cute!”. She then pointed a 30+ woman, I said “chubby!”. Then a aunty in late 40s and I said “busty!”. She asked about her finally and I said “cute, chubby, busty and… Sexy!” With a hesitation.

She laughed and patted me. I asked about me. She said “charming, smart and hot!”. I loved her compliment. By the time we were both high. We continued to talk. She asked about my girlfriends and I said about them and she pointed out “sex?”. I said “whats love without sex?”. We laughed and she asked only with one girl.

I laughed and said my experiences with my chithi and my neighbor and other women I had sex with. She was flattered. I asked about her sex life. She said “not bad!”. So I realized something is bad then. I asked her boldly, “have tried any other partners beside your husband?”.

She was quite and came close to me and said “except my son Madushan, every men who visit my house” with a wink. I became horny with her reply. I was too high and horny, I boldly asked her “Will I get a chance?”. She with a smile,stood up and walked away. I did not get what it means. After walking few steps, she turned towards me and signaled me to follow her.

I was lighting up with sex fire. I immediately rushed behind her into the house. They had many rooms. There was a room near the staircase and Mrs. Perera went in. I followed her slowly, so that no one didn’t see me following her. Went inside the room, I couldn’t find her. I said “Mrs.Perera?”. She replied from the bathroom, “In here. Getting ready. By the way, call me Manel”.

Hearing that I immediately undressed myself and said “sure Manel”. I removed my jacket, shirt and unbuttoned my jean exposing my jockey. All of a sudden got a kinky idea, so took my iPhone turned on camera and placed it in the shelf in such a way Manel couldn’t notice. Checked all the proper angles and I hit the record button.

I was lying on the bed and the bathroom door opened. “Holy Fuck!” I said out loud, seeing Manel in her outfit. She just her thongs on. Her busty boobs were jingling while she approached towards me. She came close to me and swallowed my lips. She was dominant. The kiss was a stunner.

A woman never kissed me like that. Too much of tongue, saliva exchange and she bit my lips and tongue and made it cherry red. My boner almost broke my zipper. She went down as I groped her mountain sized white boobies. He undid my zipper with her teeth and took my cock in her mouth. She my cock straight away and ate it completely.

“This bitch is one hell of an expert” I cried. The pleasure is remarkable. She sucked my dick slowly first and then increased the pace. For every pace change she took my cock an inch deeper into her mouth.She sucked like a pornstar. She almost made me cum. She stood up came towards me, made me kneel down and removed her thong.

She made me suck her pussy while she stood tall. I sucked her clean shaved hairless cunt. Pushed her to bed and inserted 2 fingers and fingered her. Put my tongue into her pussy and played with it. Circled it, licked it, sucked it clean and dry.

The 50 year sunny leone placed her busty ass and sat on my cock as my face faced her bare back. She rode me like a stallion. Here nothing was slow. Everything was jet speed. She humped me like anything. She moaned,”mother fucker! Will fuck u till u die” and made me moan “sexy bitch! Ride me fast, don’t stop”.

She switch sides and made her boobs facing my mouth. I clung it hard and put it in my mouth. The 36E boob never fitted into my mouth. It was like eating mountains. I sucked her as much as I can. And bit her nipples, till those pink pricks turned red. She got hell a lot aroused and wanted me to fuck her doggy style. As she knelt down, I wanted it to be more kinky, inserted my dick into her asshole.

She scream “Oh! Fuck”, I fucked her asshole hard. Fucked her ass wildly, she was shout and screaming “Oh … Aah …. Never … stop … Fuck … My …. Asss”. I then inserted my cock into her pouncing pussy, fucked her pussy in the same pace. Fucked it like anything, inserted my entire dick into her vagina.

She scream “Oh … God … tear … My … Pussy … Fuck … Me … More … Fuck.. Me … Hard… Fuck… Me… Fast”. It made more hornier and I Fucked her brains out. I was about to reach climax and I cummed in her thighs and stomach. Was all out and fell on her with her tits in my mouth.

After few mins, we got to our senses. She picked up her thong and kissed me ans went to the bathroom. I took my phone and checked the video. It was amazing. “That is one hell of a fuck” I said to myself after seeing few mins of the video. I got dressed and took my jacket in hand.

Meanwhile, Mrs.Perera freshened up and came out. We kissed and said “That was great, must do it sometime again”. As we came out of the room, Chamara, a friend of Perera caught us red handed.

Chamara, who was also high called his friends Pravin and chaminda said to them this kid just screwed Manel. Manel and I were so afraid, we didn’t want either Mr.Perera or Madushan to know about our steamy sex session.

We pleaded those 3 drunk men. And they finally agreed to keep it a secret. But they wanted to bang Manel in return for the favor. They said something in sinhala similar to this “Sleep with us, let us taste how tasty you are. After sex we’ll keep our mouth shut.”

Myself was shocked. Manel was in a dilemma, she was shell shocked and confused what to do. Wait a bit to find out what happened. Please post your feedback in the comments below.

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Venkatesh Enjoying Hot Sex With Former Girlfriend

Hi all. I am a regular fan of HumanDigest. I’m male 38 here from south tamilnadu. This is my first story and also a true story. I am venlatesh male of 38 years looks like typical tamil men of weatish colour little weight body and I don’t have 9 or 10″.. I have got normal of 7″ of full black colour. I don’t want to tell any lies.. Also I can’t stand for 20 or 30 minutes. Only normal time I can give.

Now coming to the story it happened in the year 2008. Itqas s real story happened and no fiction in this. I was a bachelor at that time. I was in love with a girl before that. Her name is Priya and due to some reasons she got married to another men in 2006. After marriage also she used to talk me in phone. She gave birth to a boy in 2008.

She was living in near by town and her husband was working away and used to come in weekend only. So mostly we used to talk daily. She is 4 years younger to me. She is wheatish colour with small boobs and nice structure. We used to have sex chat in phone some times. One fine day I went to her town for work purpose. After finishing the work I called her.

She invited me to her home. So I got some snacks for her and some toy for her baby and went. It was 3 P.m at that time. I ranged the bell. She came and opened the door. She was in nighty at that time. I asked about baby and he is sleeping. So I handed over the snacks and sat.

She gave a juice and sat opposite to me. We were talking about her life and she told her life is not good because of money problems. Immediately baby started crying. Till that time door was opened. She asked me to close the door and went inside the room to see the baby.

I was sitting in the hall only. She came with the baby and sat next to me and opened the zip of the nighty and started to feed. I was seeing that scene and my manhood started to grow inside my pants.she saw me seeing and asked me turn other side. I told no and asked for me too. She said no and in some times baby slept and she came near me and kissed me.

Then she asked me to suck.. Her nipples were very hard at that time. I started to suck and milk flowed in to my mouth.I was suckling very hard and hard. She gave another nipples to me and I am massaging the other one with my hand.. she was massaging my head. Then she asked me to come to bedroom.. She removed my shirt and banyan.

She massage my nipples and bite that softly. I was in underwear only. I removed her nighty and pavadai.she too in panties only.. we were kissing like mad.. I licked her whole body without removing her panties. She got in to full mood then and came on top of me.. she kissed my whole body and removed my underwear.

My manhood was full erected then. She started to massage softly with her hands and then started to suck like a lollipop. I was massaging her boobs.I was not able to control and told her that I will cum now. She was not hearing my words. I came in her mouth and she drank fully without wasting.. after that also she was massaging my body and I removed her panties.

It was full shaved.. my fingers were playing there and I started to lick with my tongue. She was moaning like ahhhh ahhhh yesss suck fast…In sometimes we came 69 and she started to cum. I licked all and I came up. I started to tease her pussy with mine. I was beating with my full erect rod.. she begged me to insert in to hers.

I teased her for 2 minutes then she got so mood and came on top of me and began to ride me. I was massaging her both boobs and she was riding very fast. Then we came to missionary position and I was doing slowly first. She asked me very fast.. I did it very fast for 3 minutes and then I told her that I will cum now.. she asked me to leave inside.

Then I cummed inside and my head was in her boobs and lied like that for some times with full sweat.She kissed me in my forehead. Then we took a bath and had tea. She asked me to stay with her that night too.. So I called her home and told that the work didnt got over do I will come tomorrow only. I went outside around and got dinner for us and came at 9 pm. She was getting her baby to sleep.

She came to me and said that she gave cow’s milk to her baby and her milk is only for me today. Then we had dinner and we had full enjoyment in the night like a first night.. I got flowers for her and for bed also. She asked me to put jasmine with my hand in her head. I too did.

Whole room was smelling jasmine flowers. We had three times in the night and we slept full nude.This continued for some times like that. Now she have moved to abroad so no contact with her now. Any ladies from tamilnadu (Especially South) can contact me. It will be full confidential as I’m married too. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Hriday Fucking Sexy Bhabhis

Before starting, it is necessary to tell few words about me and my family. I am Hriday Joshi, aged 26 years from Vadodara. My father is a businessman having whole sale and retain cloth shop at God dhod Road Surat. We stay at far off locality from Surat Called Olpad. My father gets clothes from manufacturers and sells at his show room.

I am 19 years old and is studying in MS University in first year of engineering and staying in a hostel. In fact, I am son of my father’s second wife. My father lost his first wife rather early. He has two sons from his first wife. Even after ten yeas of his wife’s demise, he had not married. My stepbrothers were then about 14 and 11 when all of a sudden he decided to marry.

He had not married, as his sons were kids and had doubt whether they would be treated well or not if he married again. Now that they were quite big boys, he decided to marry and a woman from our own community, a widow became his second wife. She had no issues and I was born two years after his marriage. That means my brothers were 16 and 13 years elder to me.

No I am 19 which means that they are 35 and 32 years of age. My brothers were probably having genes and DNA of their mother and were very obese. So there was delay in their marriage and finally my father could find brides for them from far off place of Bhavanagar. The girl’s father had four daughter and first two were twins.

He was very poor and my father agreed to bear finance of rest two girls if the twin sisters marry my stepbrothers. They had no other option and the marriage was solemnised. At that time, my twin bhabhis were only 23 years. But fate takes people to many places and the girls came to our house.

In fact my bhabi’s parents wanted me also to marry their third daughter who was also good looking but elders found our horoscope not matching. And I was not in hurry as I was still in college and was only 19 year sold. It was a big joke during the marriage of my brothers that, they could not sit on the floor of mandap but had to be seated on sofa for entire marriage because of their obesity.

People were talking and joking as to how the girls will be able to cope up with them. But the marriage went on well and after three days the newly weds came to our house. The entire family went to Dakor, Ambaji as per our family ritual. I could see how big a mismatch was the new weds. But being younger I kept quiet.

My new bhabhis were always silent throughout the journey and return as they are not supposed to speak in presence of in laws and were in ghoonghat. However, occasionally they used to see at me and smile. I just respected them, that is all. The newlyweds did not go for honeymoon. The bahus of our house were almost locked in kitchen and household works assisting mom.

The twin sisters always dressed identical and it was very difficult to distinguish them. I was in hostel and used to visit once a month. Two to three years lapsed and gradually I could see great disappointment on my bhahhis face. I was then 22 years and was a healthy young man. I could understand that they were not satisfied on bed because of heir husband’s obesity.

My mother though a nice lady was always taunting my bhabhis as sterile. I felt that they used to eye me with interest and try to make eye contact often. On the other hand, was it my figment of imagination? I did not know. There were three rooms in the first floor and one in ground floor. My parents used to sleep in ground floor and we three brothers had one room each in first floor.

So, often I had to see my bhabhis in their rooms. Mostly they used to be together except at night. In the afternoons, my parents used to sleep and so also my bhabhis in one of their rooms. Many times, they would call me to their room and enquire about college and studies. However, I could see their eyes were searching something else in me.

Often they were asking me if I have any girl friends. As I never had one, I told them that I have never had any girl friend in school or in college. A month later I got vacation and came home. Most of the time I used to spend upstairs in my room chatting with my friends. One afternoon, my elder bhabhi, after lunch called me to her room asking me to play Carom with her.

I went to her room and we started playing. Inside the room, there was no restriction of Ghoonghat. First game I lost as bhabhi was an expert player. The reason was simple. Every time she was bending forward to pick up the striker, her pallu was dropping completely exposing her heavy breasts for my full view. I could not concentrate and though I was striking the pawn my eyes were on her boobs.

Therefore, in no time I lost the game. She teased me and asked me to play again. But it was difficult for me to hide my bulge and I refused. Next afternoon, I was myself waiting for bhabhi to call me to play. Again, she used to drop her pallu each time to pick up the striker. That day probably she was wearing another blouse which had much deeper neck and she was not wearing bra.

That gave me complete view of her boobs. Often she used to hold my hand. I did not try to conceal my bulge that day. I was also wearing a half pant. I could see her eyes exploring at my bulge. I won once and she won next game. It started raining outside and the weather became very exciting.

When I asked her permission to leave, she came nearer and keeping her head on my chest hugged me. I was taller than she was and automatically my hands circled her. She led me to the cot and in fraction of second was off her blouse. She pulled my head and dug it between her heavy bosoms. I was suffocating between those heavy masses of flesh.

Knowing my state Bhabhi pulled me up and joined her lips with mine. I was struggling to get up but she pushed her tongue in to my mouth and opened. I was gradually melting in her heat and finally melted in her tight embrace. Opening my mouth, I pushed my tongue deep in her. By then she had bared my torso and loosened my belt.

I undid my pant and brief while bhabhi removed her saree and undergarment. She had beautiful body, huge breasts, flat belly and big hips. Her lips were thick waiting for kisses and mouth bit wide to accommodate any size of penis. Bhabhi knew that I was still a virgin boy. That had given her further incentive and excitement to seduce me.

My body was young and was longing for contact of female since years. I just used to read books or occasionally see few blue film clips on internet. But nature is a very good teacher. It automatically teaches all tricks of mating. Bhabhi held me penis with her fist and stroked it and it grew to such a big size, which I was not aware of that it could.

Bhabhi guided me on to her breasts urging me to squeeze them. I gladly obliged her. She pushed her blue berry sized nipples in my mouth, which I suckled for long time. Bhabhi was moaning with pleasure. She was excited to see the size and spreading her thighs wide she guided my finger in to her slit, which I started to rub and bhabhi cried in pleasure.

Unable to withstand any longer, bhabhi dragged me on to her. I penetrated easily in that hot and soaking pussy. Pulling me, she sealed my mouth with hers. Our whole bodies were in unison from top to bottom. I raised bit and pushed in again. Slowly we caught synchronization and rhythm was established to our combined movement.

One, two, three, it went on and on for hundreds of strokes in and out, in and out, my chest pressing her boobs. I continued my countless percussion and as cloak tickled forward without our knowing the time and bhabhi had her countless orgasms. Finally, bhabhi urged me to ejaculate when I was completely in her.

I flooded my first ejaculation deep in her filling her drop by drop, spasm after spasm. I could myself feel the fluid filling her and overflowing on to the sheets. We lay hugging for several minutes and finally we got detached.

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Chennai College Couple Enjoying Hot Sex

Hello HumanDigest readers, this is my first and personal story I ‘m 23 years old from chennai with average physic and my penis is more than average. Before I begin I have respect towards women and as men they have sexual desires too well I feel sex will be good when two people share it with love and passion, and forcing them is an act of shame !!

Let’s get to the story, I was 21 yrs doing my 3rd year UG in chennai. I lived nearby to my campus just for the free wifi and pretty much loved women, been so passionate about them. This incident happened with a classmate of mine.I usually talk to almost every girl and I’ve had lust on so many. She don’t have big tits and she is a thin curvy girl.

It was an usual day she asked my number to send some important questions for the exam. Then after exams we used to talk a lot it was normal for like 2 weeks and then there was no message from her. Usually I don’t mind these because girls always love someone and have issues with them.

So I just ignored and went on then after holidays she came to class and she messaged me that evening though I wanted to speak normally my ego stopped my doing so I started with little rude reply “Do I know you” and then there were some sobbing and consoling. The best part was she said she’d do anything to make me forgive her and asked me what I wanted!

Turst me I never had any dirty thoughts and simply asked her what would she like to give me and she responded I ‘d like to kiss you !, I was a little shocked never had any words coming from any girl I ever spoke to.When asking why you said so she replied that she liked me and she knows I don’t like be in any relationship.

So she said we’d be friends and have romance step by step.Who would say no to such a proposal, yes I agreed we had a little flirt about kissing hugging and cuddling. Then the next day she came to my room and to be true I was embarrassed to make my move so I waited, she came near me and kissed my cheeks, I said kiss me on the lips or leave the room.

Without hesitation she kissed me and we were kissing for 10 mins then I realized my hands were on her boobs as I took my hands as soon as I came to my senses she took my hands and placed them back on her boobies and asked me to press them. It was my first experience so I was a little shy and didn’t do much. We stopped after 30 mins and she went to hostel.

Then I began to do this repeatedly without hesitation and as days went by I used to feel more horny around her in classrooms and wanted to go on deep down. This time as I began to kiss her I directly unhooked her bra and she said you took so long for this and I began to suck her boobs it was heaven,

I’d simply run my tongue around her nipples and kiss them on the sides when she began to moan and pressed my head harder against her boobs as time passed few mins I started to rub her pussy it was like dipping your hands into a honey jar.

We both were afraid a lot because it was our first time and we didn’t wanna mess up with our virginity’s so we stopped that day. Yes people from southern part of india are still concerned about virginity. Then we began to discuss a lot about having sex we both began to study and see all sex related do’s and don’t.

One fine day we agreed to do it and bought condoms and tissues and we were so prepared. As she entered my room I closed all the windows and lit a few candles in my room and played a romantic music and started to dance a little as my hands moved I grabbed her ass and stared with a kiss on her forehead, I could see the lust in her eyes.

We kissed each other so passionately like we were quenching our thirst of lust, soon we removed our dresses and gently pushed her on to my bed. I began kissing her from her feet thighs stomach and her breast and turned her over kissing from neck shoulders ass.

She started to play with my penis and she licked it, the best feel a man can get when she’s sucking your dick there’s no words to describe them. I began to enjoy it pushed her back and forth after few mins I cummed in her mouth then I began I arouse her pussy.

She was literally trembling and asked me to go on. I put my tongue and licked her, while she began to spin her arms and legs around me she was enjoying and I kept inserting my middle finger licked everything that came out.

We both were ready and aroused I put on a condom and slowly pushed my dick it was hard to enter and after 5 tries yes finally my dick was in and she was moaning and had only half her sense after inserting for 5 mins I ejaculated, so we took a break changed condoms and started doing it again in doggy style.

I slapped her ass and boobs sometimes which she liked even more. After about 15 mins we both were exhausted and lying in bed and talked about what we both liked. Then after few mins we kissed for sometime and we got dressed and she left to her hostel. This was my first memorable sex experience, still we meet thrice in a week and had sex in my room with dirty moves and positions.

Then after a month she got a new boy friend and well I ended up having sex with her roommate, which will be revealed in my next story. Sorry if you were expecting a guy with big dick and girl with big tits and ass story here, this was a normal sex between two average people.

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Ruthvik Riding With An Aunty In Hyderabad

Hi guys….Hope you are looking this kind of stories. Let me introduce me…I am Ruthvik from vijayawada lives in hyderabad. This is my first story in this website. I have been a regular reader of this HumanDigest.

Lets get into the story….I had a great time with one unknown aunty. Her name was sanju age of 30 ….With 36-32-34…Such a stunning beauty she was. This happened two months back when I traveling to vijayawada in the scania bus.

One fine Friday after office…I was traveling to vijayawada in which I have already reserved a ticket and the bus started at 12:30am. The bus was almost filled and there only one vacant seat next to me and there come the sanju aunty all of a sudden she have to go to vijayawada. For their property issues she has to be there as her husband is not having the leaves in the office.

So the bus driver told that there was only one seat next to a male. Even though she agreed to that and she sat beside me. After 15-20 minutes she sat silently and later she started sleeping. I was not able to sleep as such beautiful aunty was seating next to me. After some time she has covered herself with the blanket and slowly she started to lean on me without her knowledge.

But I didn’t take a chance to touch her. Because I had a fear of what happens of she woke up. Even I had a fear I have just tried to wake her and she immediately woke up and asked what I said that she is leaning on me. So she just let a smile and said sorry and again went back to sleep.

I don’t know when I have slept…When I came into sense the time was 2:30 am and we two were in one blanket. I was shocked and I have woke up and I came to know that my dick was out my night track. And her hand was on my dick. And I turned towards her and she has closed her eyes and letting hot breath.

There come the movie starts. Then I slowly stared to search for her boobs and again I was shocked she has already removed her blouse hooks and she was not wearing any bra. I have started playing with her boobs and started to suck boobs and tried to get milk but it didn’t then she took her boob and pressed and the milk started to flow that was an awesome moment that I never expected.

I have teased her a lot biting her boobs circilings her boobs…Her boobs were just like the big mango and that doesnt fit into my hands and evening bit the nipples and kissed the boobs like a baby….And kissings her face….Kissing ears neck in the blanket and even had a finger fucking session in the bus…

She was not able to stop and asked me insert my dick into her cunt. While doing so I kept on doing the work with hand at cunt and my mouth works at her stiff boobs… Please do it pls…..As it was bus if some one might see it will be problem for both of us. We both have exchanged the contact numbers and address of her vijayawada home. And until the Vijayawada bust and we had a good fun.

After my work in vijayawada I have made a call to her and asked if she is free with the work or not. She immediately asked to come to her place and I went there and have found her in a big house. She with a beautiful smile she invited me into her house and gave me some orange juice and we both had lunch and then started watching movie.

Then I have asked what made you to do that in the bus. She felt shy and told when I saw you I don’t know from where I have got the feelings towards you. But made my mind to sleep. And leaned on you. But you did not take a chance.

So when you started sleeping like dead then I started to satisfy my self while playing with your dick. Then you asked aunty do like my dick. She immediately came on knees and started pressing my dick over the jeans. And unbutton the pant and started licking the dick…

With in not much time I have burst out my seen into her mouth but she spit out and washed her mouth and again she did the same and in the mean time I undressed her and started pressing her boobs and sucking her milk and played with her boobs like a small child and she too enjoyed the act and very even I caress her boobs cunt butts buts and she enjoyed like anything.

She bit my lips suck my lips and asked me to do the same. And I then there I self in the sofa we started lip locking and then came to her cunt and lucked it for some time…All these time she was shouting like ahhhh uhhhh abbaaa reyy plsss please don’t leaveee meee ….. Fuckkkk meee like a whore.

The I have slowly tempting her with rubbing my dick in her cunt. She begging me to insert into hers. After some time I slowly inserted and moving to and fro in slow and then increased speed she was shouting like hell. …Fuck me hard baaga dengu ra baaga dengu ne pella avattho kani baga sukha padiddi. Like who ever you wife she will enjoy a lot she was shouting.

I end up on cumming in her cunt and laid on her for some time.And also I did the boob fuck and had three more sessions till the night in different angles missionary, doggy, 69 and then in the evening I have came back to hyd and if get any chance when sanju aunty was alone in her home in hyderabad I go there and will have some fun with her. Hope your dicks are standing and your cunts are wet.

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Sexy Weekend Fun With Ev - I

Ev had to move to Mumbai from Delhi because she knew Mumbai is where her heart is. She was always one person I loved talking to about my bests and worse. Finally one day we met. But it was not the last one.

Ev and I had only been together for a few weeks, just long enough for us to be confident in our feelings for one another. Even in public, I could barely keep my hands off her, and Ev delighted in teasing me when I was least able to take advantage of her skin. This became a game between us, and she took every opportunity to drive me crazy with her not so naive touches.

It was a Saturday night and we were enjoying a nice dinner at one of those Socials that offered good food, drinks and music. While we sat and enjoyed each other’s company and the music, Ev slipped her hand under the table and began squeezing my meat through my pants. That playful smile while enjoying my rising but frustrated hardon.

She was driving me crazy with desire and I throbbed under her touch. I was going crazy with lust and all I could think about was getting her home and giving her what she clearly wanted...the hard fuck. It was then, Ev pushed me too far. “Did you see the way the waitress was smiling at us?” she whispered into my ear.

“She knows I’m playing with you and making you frustrated. I bet it made her as wet as I am.” Then she giggled and squeezed me hard. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” My heart pounded and my self-control just vanished. I kissed her hard and then almost pulled her out of the table we sat. I fixed my eyes on her.

“You aren’t going to have to wait,” I said as I quickly led her outside (of course I left a good tip for the waitress ;) ) Ev giggled with surprise as I pushed her into the back seat of my car in the parking lot. “What are you doing! Oh, my god, S. There are people around! We can’t do it here!” “Sure we can. It’s dark and nobody's gonna care anyway.

Besides, you’ve been making me crazy all night and I’m not waiting until we get home!” “Oh god, I can’t believe you’re doing this!” She was saying no most of the time… I guess.. but as I closed the door, she accepted my kiss without complaint. Within minutes my pants were at my knees and her skirt was up at her waist.

When I brought my hard erection up to her soaking pussy, Ev’s eyes grew wide and her breathing uneven. She took my dick and guided it into her. Feeling her wetness, I thrust hard, sinking deep into her. Ev eyes were shut and moan in surrender as I began doing her on the back seat.

Her hands gripped my shoulders tightly as we found our rhythm and soon we were kissing deeply as we fucked. I could see her erect nipples from her top, trying to break free for my attention. I bit them from her top. She screamed in pain and smiled with pleasure. I realised her scream can put us in trouble, how much I wanted her to moan loud I had to zip her lips.

I kept my fingers on her soft hungry lips, she started sucking my thumb. Ah! I can't wait to make her suck my dick. And then return the favour and taste her flavour. I was getting hornier with her sucking. I wanted to rip her from her clothes and fuck her till morning. We kissed more and I digged her more.

I was on the edge and few more seconds before I will cum...Ev held me close and wrapped her legs behind mine as I was pounding hard into her. “U feel amazing inside me baby. Go harder… deeper. I want to feel you cum inside me” Moments later, I exploded into her. It was an incredible moment and I can't wait to get her home.

That goes in part II.

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18-Year-Old Virgin Shree Losing Cherry

Hi, Readers this is mugunt (Name changed) from Chennai and this story happen two year back I’m a regular reader of human digest for past 5 years.myself good shape with normal fair 5.7 with good looking…

This where the fucking story begin I used to go Regularly YMCA Chennai., friend of mine introduced her to me….she used play with me in shuttle court after one fine day I texted her in fb chat for fun making her.number exchanged we used to chat normally.

One fine day I got a text from her saying “give me kiss” …I was like shocked and replied “what” …Same text I got it back as a boy why should I afraid to give kiss while girl is asking voluntarily. After two days she texting me usually and asked me to take her out somewhere, I said don’t crack a joke time 7 pm how come you come out on this time…

she said do you have bike let me know I will come out with in ten minutes I was like okay come out let me see how come you come out on this time. After ten min she reached the place picked her we went to the place which is nobody will be there on the road always private area road after 15 min riding on the road... She said’,

your waste your just talking only no guts you have ….after hearing this words from her …. Just turned my bike into small street nobody there on that time as it is already 7.30pm. Without the word Started kissing her wildly she doesn’t say single word for what I’m doing she completely aroused enjoy it pulled out the her big boobs into my hand and sucked it 30 min in that small street itself.

My mind voice is also checking whether anybody coming... she is moaning like hell and the best think is nobody will found us is same time raining like hell ….we doesn’t care about rain we kissed and I sucked her big boobs for 30 min we got full wet in rain and its time up..She needs to reach home at 9pm… dropped her in home left to my home...

After oral sex she wants to have more fun with me day’s gone, weekend she called me same as “take me some where I want be alone with you”...But time has not come for us …we just went to beach and she kissed me on chick said I love you…

One fine day her mom and dad went for out of station for two days…this is celebration day for us…she called me on the evening told me stay with me for two days I said to my parents that I’m going tour with my friends left and reached her home with all safely.

once entered her home she is just wearing panty and t shirt without bra …….her boobs are so big then normal may be 38 I guess,….boobs are like delight full mango I can’t able to wait for my time she is perfect shaped body and dark skin perfect shaped ass after entering bedroom jumped into her as she lying on the bed kissing her wildly and removed her t -shirt oh god!!!!

What a boobs she have!!!! Just sucked nipple with my tongue she went mad whiles holding her boobs in my hand an sucking her nipples simultaneously she was shouting like hell with that sound anybody hear it on ….I was like pls don’t shout” she said’ this is my fucking house and your fucking me nobody cares pls don’t stop whatever you doing keep doing my sexy boy

“after nipples I started to suck her boobs as much I can swallow on mouth she is enjoying like hell …suddenly she stopped me and pulled be back and pulled down my pant kneel down and watching my dick like baby watching ice cream first time..she said you got big cock she suddenly sucked by dick like ice cream with her tongue for moment min later she swollen my

whole 9.5 inch cock into her mouth ……I’m flying into heaven while she giving me blow job ate just like ice cream and sucked by balls its really heaven to me and I told her I’m about to cum she stopped and got tissue paper and started giving blowjob for again and sucked my balls while sucking I can’t control myself cummed on her face and boobs and neck she gave smile at

me said k d after cum she swallow my dick for min I was about out of the world and then she clean my dick with tissue and herself. And I washed my penis she went kitchen and bring vodka we had it some rounds and the fucking session started…

I don’t know she is a virgin??? Turned off lights its dark we both full nude in the bed I started kiss her whole body started from neck to down boobs and hip while my kiss reach on pussy she is shivering like hell..Kissed whole body is shivering on my kiss...for a while I kissed gently from bottom to bottom and suck her boobs again both got drunk like hell.

After she started to kissed my body and sucked my cock like supper bitch with only with her tongue and swallow my whole cock and keep it on her mouth for 30 seconds I cummed in tissue paper again after 2 min she again blow me for make my penis big after I try to insert my cock into her pussy she was in the pain shouting like ‘pls don’t I don’t want to have sex pls don’t it hurts”

…but after while my whole cock into her virgin island traveling smooth tour in her pussy after the two mins she was like don’t do it slowly fuck me harder fuck me whole night I don’t wanna sleep fuck me harder deep into my pussy…she has blood flow on first session.

As we both drunken I fucked like animal she loved it and she is keep on shouting fuck me harder don’t stop.. I fucked her like hell for 45 mins after we washed our self slept for 30 min…my hand is searching again for her pussy in dark I rubbed and sucked her boobs for while in dark and chill climate…

she is moaning I inserted my cock again started to fuck her gently she loving the way my whole cock going inside and outside she said to me fuck slowly and after 10 min it goes wild fuck while fucking I used to suck her boobs play with tongue with nipples and kiss her in lips and boobs nipple tongue twist makes her goes wild and shout like hell second round goes nearly one and half hour…

AC room temperature 16 but we are like full sweat whole body is sweating I was pumping dick like bore well. I dint stopped fucking her, she doesn’t stopped me fucked like no more tomorrow and we slept and started fucking in the early morning wake up sex had breakfast and fucked again and lunch and fucked again and slept evening saw a movie and night wild fuck again with drinks.

We never miss a chance … fucked like never before …..And she fell in love with me we fucked every single week for two year she always goes wild giving me blow job I always goes wild while sucking her boobs while fucking and sucking. Sadly last six month back we got break up!!!!!

And it’s not cook up story it’s my real time experience ……..as I know most of the comments say cook up story as I’m also the reader of human digest for past 5 years…

Comments are welcomes ……hope you guys enjoyed my real experience…

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