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Vina Loosing Virginity To Boyfriend In Hotel Room - II

Previously: Vina Loosing Virginity To Boyfriend In Hotel Room - I

I said to him “Baby it felt awesome” to which he said it was only trailer and main action is still remaining. I understood that next he was going to penetrate and savage my flower. He was still wearing his boxers and was about to take it down, when I volunteered to do that and he said OK.

With my both hands against his waist I pulled down his boxers and as soon as the boxers went upto knee height, the little fellow sprang out of the cage and looked at me. His member was round, thick and about 5.5inches which he told me later. His member looked kind of cute. Small and elegant.

The same member I would be seeing for the rest of my life and the same little guy who would be the main source of my pleasures of being a woman. I was curious to touch it and he nodded in an action to go ahead which I did. It felt smooth and little bit slippery due to the precum.

Also his member was limp, the reason he told for that was that he was erect for a long time but didn't do anything so his guy had lost erection, he further said that if I care and love him enough he would regain his full strength. He asked me if I could give a hand job to him, I was like why do you ask? You showed me the pleasures of wooman hood, I sure can do that for you babe.

Even though I had seen hand jobs in porn movies but this was the first time for me touching a cock, so stroked him gently and he let out a moan. I jerked him a little bit and I could feel his member gaining erection. I knew he was getting turned on. He said “Baby that feels awesome.

First time a hand other than mine is touching my member, and it sure feels great when the soft hands of a woman touch your jewels” I winked at him. I did not know when to stop so kept doing that. Suddenly he stopped me I asked “What happened baby did I do anything wrong?” To which he said “No baby, tension is building up and I don't want to get wasted now”.

He asked me if I can give blowjob as he would really like it. It was a question to my face, I wanted to return the favour but was holding myself. All the women who say the don't give bj’s are liars. Everyone gives bj’s and they like giving that. For me it was like giving him pleasure.

I hesitated ad tried to avoid and said “Sorry baby I would like to, but feeling uncomfortable, promise next time I'll surely do that.” To which he said OK. But I knew from his reaction that he got disappointed. So I looked into his eyes and said “Baby I'll try now, but I don't think I can do till you ejaculate” He said that if I was uncomfortable I should refrain. But I asked again to which he agreed happily.

Now he was lying on his back with chota bheem right in front of my face I could see the nerve endings and the pungent smell was making me horny. I was little afraid too, so I closed my eyes for a moment and kissed on his dick head, to which he moaned. I guess he liked that, so I kissed him again after removing his skin delicately. His red head was throbbing.

I wetted my lips and rubbed my wet lips over his dick head for which he moaned a lot. I knew he was feeling good and that's what I wanted. After couple of minutes I licked his head like a lollypop. Making circular motion over his mushroom. I got an idea to increase his excitement, I extended my circle and reached upto his chest and pinched both his nipples at the same time,

while his cock was still inside my mouth and I sucked it with full force. I guess he couldn't controll the sudden surge of pleasure and he moaned involuntarily. And I could feel his cock growing exponentially inside my mouth. I raised my head and looked him in the eye with care and before I could utter a word he exclaimed “Baby that was awesome how did you know this trick?” To which I winked at him.

For the readers to not wander with your thoughts, I have also watched hardcore porn. Now before I could continue anymore, he grabbed my head and said “That's it, now time for the real movie” all of a sudden I got nervous. Seeing my sudden change of expression he asked if we can? To which I said

“We should, we came too far. May not get a chance like this in near future “he said OK and made me lie down on the bed. Kissed me on my lips, fondled my breasts, spread my leg and fingered my pussy. He took his rock hard cock in his hand and rubbed it over my pussy. I could feel the minor pulses of his cock.

The moment was nearing but he halted for a while I gave him a questioning look to which he said, let me wear helmet, to which I smiled and asked him to go on without a condom as I wanted to feel the real cock. But he insisted on wearing condom and actually thought things even at the heat of the moment.

Now once again I was ready for action, to be taken, so he spread my legs, fondled my pussy. Tried to insert his cock a little bit but it didn't got inside, I was too wet but still his cock wasn't getting inserted. He leaned down and kissed on my pussy lips and spread my pussy lips using both his fingers and again pushed his cock but still it didn't enter me.

He looked at me and said “Baby you are so tight” and winked at me and further added “Baby please let my monster inside your pink heaven” I smiled on that. He said “I'm going to push a little hard, don't be surprised, it will hurt for some time but soon it will feel good” and before I could nod in affirmation, he grabbed my waist, moved his hips a bit and inserted half his dick in a push,

even though it wasn't a surprise but it pained a lot like hell. And I screamed in pain and cried a bit too. He noticed that so he with his dick still inside leaned forward and kissed on my lips and at the same time fondled my pussy. He said “My chona, mg baby I know it hurts a lot and I would do anything to take that pain away. But for the first time it always hurts baby, am sorry.

But I promise I'll give the best moments to you” and he lied over me for a minute. I could feel the pain getting subsidised and I was feeling purely loved by this man. He once again rose and this time before doing any moments he actually made his cock grow inside me by stretching his muscles. It side did pain a bit but I could feel the pulses and his cock inside me and I gave a soft moan.

He understood my reaction and pulled out his cock and said “Sweety from now onwards you are a complete woman and your treasure belong to me” and he inserted his dick once again. Now it did pain but very less and it did feel good this time.

So he grabbed me by my waist and inserted his full dick and started doing to and fro motions, initially I wastn able to match his rhythms but soon I was able to move hips according to him. He was now inserting his dick fully inside me and his dick was stretching my pussy walls and hitting all the unexplored regions of my dungeon. I was in ecstacy. I was in heaven.

He was kissing me occasionally, playing with my breasts and fondling my nipples and sometimes pinching them. I lost controll of myself and was moaning a lot and it didn't seem like he cared. He stopped for a while, before wrapping his arms around me and making me lie over his hands and he continued his motion,

now his bare hairy chest was rubbing against mine and his nipples were brushing against mine with each stroke. And the dotted condoms was adding more pleasure by creating a frictional sensation inside my pussy. I was uncontrollable. I knew that it would be a matter of minutes before I blast. I felt the pressure building right from my spine and towards my hips.

I screamed and moaned and he encouraged by saying “Let it out baby” and with a huge moan I broke my dam. And he stopped for a while and didnt do any movements. Rather he kissed me and rubbed my breasts with one of his hands and with his dick still inside me, while I came he rubbed over my pussy with his other hand. Whike I held him by his hairs. It felt so good.

Too many pleasures hitting me all at the same time. I felt like I could die for this moment. The best best moment in my life. I don't know for how long I came but it felt like it was for eternity. He laid on me with my weight still over his arms. He asked “How was it”? I couldnt reply anything and just hmmmed. He said “Good to hear” it was like he was reading my mind.

He knew how to satisfy me. I felt really good to have him as my boyfriend. After about few seconds he again started his movements and since I already came, I didnt feel much of a difference, but now I wanted him to enjoy. I could feel his cock growing inside me and expanding its territory inside my pussy.

I asked him “How are you feeling dear” he replied “Im making love to the love of my life, so yes it feels awesome.” he was always good with words. He asked me if I it would hurt if he increased his pace to which I dont know why but I said “Even if my pussy gets torn to give you the pleasures you want, I wouldn't hesitate”.

He winked at me saying “You speak like you are drunk, but so be it”. Saying this he increased his pace. His arms were still under me which meant that most of my upper body didn't have much contact with the bed and his chest was rubbing with my chest and I was feeling the pressure again.

I whispered in his ears “If we go at this pace, the score would be 3-0” to which he smile and said “its going to be 2-1 in few seconds, I can't hold any longer.” So he increased his pace and held me tight. I could feel the tension between his thighs and his heavy breath right next to my ears. He grabbed me hard, gave a huge moan and opened the flow of semen from his pipe.

I could feel the hot liquid getting collected inside the condom. It was kinky. He fell on me like a huge tree cut down from the root. With his dick still inside me but shrinking in size. He bit my ears and said that was awesome and the most beautiful orgasm I have ever had. To which I said “I thought you said you were a virgin” and he replied “If hands are excluded, then Yes I lost my virginity to you.”

He further added “the score is 2-1 let's make it 3-1” before I could say that it was enough for me, he took his dick from my pussy, I could see the condom which looked like a bag filled with water. He went south and started fingering me and kissing me over my pussy. This time he was little rough, maybe to make me come soon. So he continued doing that at quick pace for about a minute.

And I shuddered and left out a huge moan and came again. I was oozing juices and he kissed me over my pussy while I was still coming. I was expended. And was gasping for breath. He climbed over the bed, came closer to me and whispered in my ears “You win, the score is,3-1”.

Additional info:
My name is Vina, 25
Stats : 34 26 34
My borfriend: Arvind, 27
Stats 5.5" length, 4" girth.

PS: I have written this post with the consent of my boyfriend. It's a story of our love making session, which we wanted to share to the world. both our names are changed.

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Vina Loosing Virginity To Boyfriend In Hotel Room - I

We reached our room at around 10pm. And both of us were horny. And we were ready for the act for the night. He however didn't want to rush things. That's the thing I like about my boyfriend. He is very calm and polite and takes things slowly and nicely. I knew I was going to have a great time losing my virginity to him and I was happy about that.

As we entered the room I wanted to fresh up and get myself ready for the night. I wasn't wearing any panties as it was totally wet from my juices that oozed all day imagining about the experiences of the night to come. Also he wanted me to dress up like a bride so that I would look like his newly Wed wife and he can make love to me. I liked his idea. Besides he always had a kink about the wedding night.

I went to the bathroom, freshed up, cleaned my private parts and came out. Next he went inside asking me to change into a saree while winking at me. I was so turned on by his behaviour that I wanted him to make love to me right away but I wanted to go by his way. So while he was in the bathroom, I changed myself into a lavender saree with a matching front open type blouse along with a red colored bra.

On the lower half I wore only a matching purple skirt and skipped wearing my panty. I was sitting on the king sized bed and was waiting for him like a bride waits for her husband in the wedding night. Juices were still oozing out of me and my imaginations were going wild. Then came my prince, I was awestruck by his charm and the way he carried himself.

He came close to me and whispered in my ears “Baby you look damn Sexy”. Those words just made me feel good. He got down from the bed and asked me to come with him till the door which was about 8ft from the bed. He held my hand softly and again whispered in my ears that he wanted to carry me in my arms to the bed like a prized possession.

I really wanted to do that, maybe a desperate girl inside me wanted to be carried in the arms of a prince. I nodded in affirmation. I leaned a little bit and he carried me in his arms, things felt like moving in slow motion and all the romantic songs in the world came rushing into my head.

Moments were like those of bollywood movies but even before I could sink myself in those moments I was brought back to earth by a shake, which was that he wasn't able to carry me In his arms and almost let me go off his hands but somehow I balanced myself from the fall and we had a hearty laugh. He knew all the ways to make me laugh.

On many instances he let me take control, this was one of my calling, so I took his rough hands in mine and led him to the bed. We both climbed the bed and lied besides each other with me resting my head over his arms, it felt good. My heart was pounding little bit and I was getting an overflow of emotions.

He whispered into my ears that I was the best thing that had ever happened to him and how much he loved me. After romantic talks for few more minutes, he tilted my chin with his hand, moved his chin little bit closer and kissed me. It came like a surprise. Not that I didn't want him to kiss, but I wasn't expecting a kiss in this position. It was romantic.

Our bodies close to each other, his face near mine, his rough lips over mine. He kept exploring my mouth in that position. We tongue fought with each other and I could feel his hands moving across my hips. After few mins he said he is going to undress me. I nodded in affirmation and let him take control now. He smiled and made me sit. Unpinned the pallu of my saree.

He just stared at my breast over my front open blouse for a moment and then proceeded to unbutton my blouse, removed it over my shoulders and threw it over to the table near the bed. Once the blouse was out of the way I was now in my red bra. Did I mention he bought that for me. Not for this occasion but while shopping.

Seeing me wearing that in our best moment was a great turn on for him. I could see that in his eyes. He just stared on my breasts like a hungry lion on its prey. Normally I wouldn't like anyone staring at my breasts but he was my man and I didn't mind him looking at me in lust. And some part of me actually wanted him to be in lust.

He leaned forward and dug his face on my cleavage, smelled me, hugged me tightly and said your treasures are so beautiful and they are mine for life. Don't know why but that turned me on so much. He massaged my boobs over the bra for quite sometime and then removed my bra and sent it to give company to the lonely blouse. So now I was naked on the upper half of my body.

He changed position and climbed over me with both his knees placed aside my waist. He leaned forward and kissed on my cleavage, that sent out chilling sensations through my body. He did this for few more times, and then started staring at my boobs. My nipples were erect out of pleasure. He leaned a licked my erect nipples one by one.

He took his hands placed them on my boobs and pinched both my nipples softly at the same time. I couldn't control and I let out an involuntary moan. He locked his lips over mine in order to prevent my moans and pinched my nipples again and I started to twitch my body like a fish out of water.

After few minutes started to stare at my breasts and it felt like felt like he was deciding which one to attack first. And finally he made the choice. It was my right girl who attracted him first, he just leaned and kissed on my right breast and did it feel like heaven? Yes more than that. Then he went on to kiss my left boob. He took turns and kept both my little girls satisfied.

He then kept his left hand over my right breast and kissed on the left one. While kissing he pinched my breasts. He switched and did the same for both of my breasts. And by now I had started to leak down the southern part. Kissing, licking, sucking and pinching, my breasts were getting all the attention they didn't get in these many years and I was fucking loving every moment of it.

Those moments made me realise the true meaning of being a woman. And my man was taking all the care for me in the transition from a simple girl to a horny woman. This play went on for a long time which I completely lost track of. And I wanted to just get immersed in this heaven till eternity.

After taking good care of my breasts he lifted his head and just peeked inside me, it felt like he was watching into my soul and I was looking into his, there was love in his eyes, the love I have always felt being with him, but right now the love was amalgamated with lust which made him look even sexier.

He came closer to me and whispered “Baby I'm going to Suck your Belly Button”, don't know what's sexy about that but I started to drip juices again. He went south little more and licked my belly button. I once again let out an involuntary moan. I had heard play with breasts and pussy but with belly button? Something I hadn't ever heard and I never really anticipated.

But here I was naked on my upper half and a being kissed and licked on my belly button. Suddenly he sucked it so hard that I let out a scream holding his head in my hands. I sure did like that, and it had set and explosion inside me. He just looked into my eyes and said “Someone's enjoying the play” and I smiled at him giving an indication to contibuecontibue, which he did.

Till now it was only me who was naked, I told him to remove his dresses, he said OK and removed his shirt and vests. And said that he will remove his trousers right before introducing his chota bheem to my pinky. Saying so he again kissed me on my lips. Since he was literally sitting over me, I could feel his bulge over my crotch.

After much of play over the navel he said “Babe I'm going South” and I nodded. So he went further down and tried to remove my saree and skirt and eventually removed it. Now I was in front of a man, naked and ready to be fucked for the first time and instead of getting nervous, my body just wanted to get all the pleasure.

As a virgin I had kept both my legs joined, he tried separating them but I was little bit reluctant even though I wanted to, he looked at me smiled and said “I think I'm going to have tough time making an entry” I felt shy but I smiled too, infact I blushed. He then kissed on my thighs for sometime and then again tried to spread my legs to get a view of my honey pot,

but once again unwantedly I closed my legs, at this he asked “Janu are you OK? Do we suspend here and just lie down?” I was bit ashamed but really wanted to have a great time and didnt want to disappoint him so I opened my legs and said “Please insert slowly dear, am afraid it would pain a lot” to which he replied

“Insert? Now? Who told? I haven't even undressed on the lower half, I thought you would know what Im going to do” I was bit surprised by that I couldn't really guess what he was going to do. I had heard and seen in porn movies where guys suck girls pussy, but that happens only in porn right? And my brain was making all the weird guesses.

He stretched his hand forward to the sofa and grabbed his hand kerchief from his jeans. He said he is going to blindfold me and make me keep on guessing. Saying so he leaned forward once again and kissed me passionately over my eyes and bit my lips and tied the kerchief over my eyes.

Then he went down south and kissed over my thighs and opened my legs and exclaimed “Vow, finally I found the place where I would find happiness, pleasure and enjoyment for the rest of my life, you look beautiful down here baby” It was the best compliment I had heard. My man is so good with words that he keeps me wet just by his words itself.

In few seconds I could feel warm air hitting over my pussy lips and I moaned. Finally I knew he was going to perform there. I never considered that as today's play and I didn't expect him to do that but there he was, blowing warm air over my vertical lips and making me moan softly.

He said “Baby no peeking” and I said “OK dear” and he said “Baby lie back and enjoy the moments closing the eyes” and I obliged. He then parted my pussy lips and kissed on my pussy. It felt awesome mainly due to two reasons, one I was never kissed there and two, the feeling of having a man's lips near a woman's delicate part is so sexy in its own way.

His kissing went on for a while, by now my dam was broken and I was oozing gallons of juices, so much that it could flood whole village. He told that he liked me being totally wet, while I was moaning in pleasure, twitching and oozing juices in gallons near his face.

He said he felt great because he knew he was doing the right tricks on me and was was making me enjoy the moments and that was his main idea for the night, to make me enjoy losing my first time. He parted my pussy lips and inserted a finger inside me and I made a loud moan,

it was small but it felt something poked me hard and it was the first time something entered me apart from my own fingers. He didn't ask anything this time and inserted his tongue inside me and licked me which felt great. He then inserted another finger and started to lick vigorously. Initially for few seconds it felt awesome.

But suddenly I felt the strong sensation of burst inside me, I felt like peeing and at the same time like exploding, I knew I was going to have a massive explosive orgasm and I guess he knew that by my body reaction. I said “Baby I feel like I'm going to explode” to which he said “If that feels good for you am happy for you” and he continued further and said that

“Baby don't control your emotions and voices, let them flow, if you wanna scream louder and moan louder go ahead, to hell with what others will think, this is your first orgasm with me and I want you to enjoy it the most, I want to remember exactly how things happened for the first time’ and saying this he went to continue his works.

But he wasn't letting me close my legs he kept them separated and continued to lick me, I pleaded to him, that he let me close my legs but he didn't and said just wait and enjoy and kept licking. I felt the tension building up, felt like I was dying in pleasure, some different world, which belonged to me, I grabbed his head mostly his hairs and had a massive orgasm,

moaning loudly in pleasure, oozing don't know how much juice, twitching my body as a fish and dropped dead in about 10seconds. He raised his head, unfolded my eyes, looked into my eyes and said in a sexy tone “Baby that was awesome, you taste finger licking good” on this comment I gave a shy smile.

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Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - IV

Previously: Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - III

She smelled musky and exciting and suddenly its dank taste aroused me so much that holding her thighs apart I licked her hard and swirled my tongue into her pussy swiftly. "Ohhh.....Bhaijaaannnnn..." lifting her ass Chanda cried in low voice and banged herself back on bed.

I enjoyed; her desperate puff with uncontrollable physical movement aroused me and holding her waist firm I just continued eating her pussy passionately. Chanda panted erotically, for few seconds she tried bearing that pleasure but in the end failed to resist and got up a bit to stop me.

"Bus...Bhaiya.. Bhaijaan....bus..." she was dying in pleasure but I did not stopped and keeping her thighs wide and open continued invading her pussy with my thick and rough tongue and within next few seconds Chanda went wild. Arching her back she cried with clenched teeth and once again asked me to stop “Aahhh……. Aahhh……. Please bus…….Bhaijaan Please…… please….ruk jaao".

She was heading to her climax, I could feel it in her voice and I stopped instantly to prevent her cumming. Clenching bed sheet in excitement for an instant Chanda whimpered in incomplete desire and slowly regained senses.

Sweating and puffing Chanda kept her eyes closed for a minute, until I once again lied over her naked body and kissed her. Once again I licked her lovely face while crushing her soft silky body and trying pushing me a bit Chanda complained me that I am very heavy "Bhaijaan aap bahut bhari ho..." "aur tum bahut pyari ho..."

She smiled over my rhyme and we once again went through deep kissing. "Teri BUR bahut tasty thi" looking into her eyes I gave her naughty compliment after a kiss and before she would have thought about saying anything I told her to taste my Cock "ab tu taste karke bata mera Lund kaisa hai?" "Aapka Lund hai....! Tasty to hoga hi" with a smile Chanda replied well.

I rolled from her top and Chanda sat down beside my crotch. I was still wearing my underwear and slowly she drifted down my last cloth and took it out. I was hard but not fully erect; Chanda curled her fingers around my thickness and started moving my penis back and forward.

"Hmmmm..." Laying over my back with her tender touch I hummed in pleasure and extending my hand caressed her face gently. She looked at me with a tiny smile and I pulled her tenderly to my groin and asked her to suck me "Chanda chus apne Bhaijaan ka Lund". Hearing my words Chanda grunted softly and cupped my balls with the other hand and began masturbating me deftly.

With a tender touch over my balls I puffed in pleasure and felt my monster growing harder in her hands. Eventually Chanda bent down and her tongue flipped and swirled lasciviously over my thick cock-head. I grunted with pleasure, it felt very good and next instant Chanda's face went closer to my groin and she pressed her soft lips over my cock-head and then suddenly,

her lips opened and slipped around my cock-head. Ohhh….I gasped as Chanda took me further in her wet and warm mouth. “Ahhh….” I puffed in long awaited delight and next instant I saw opening her mouth wide Chanda took my penis deeper in her mouth and began to suck it while jerking it constantly in her fist.

"OHHHHH uhhh Oh fuck yes! Do it, baby! Achhe se Chus apne Bhaijaan ka Lund” it was something for which I was always starved and moving up and down Chanda continued sucking me like an expert. Her tongue was working around cock eagerly and looking at her lovely face inflamed with my thickness I grew harder in her mouth.

“Ohhh….!” My belly rippled in bliss and I groaned helplessly and once again spoke out erotic “Chanda tu bahut achha Lund chusti hai….” Fucking her mouth unhurriedly I muttered in desperation and my words drove her lust further high and spitting out her warm saliva over the tip of my monster she started sucking me even more delicately.

“Hmmmm……” what a delight it was, Chanda took me so deep that I was feeling warmth of her wet mouth over my crotch and slowly her saliva started leaking from her mouth and soaked my balls completely. Chanda’s head rocked back and forth over my crotch and slowly her hunger mounted and moaning and whimpering deep in her cock-filled throat she started sucking me harder and faster,

Her mouth was wonderfully warm and moist and I wanted her to suck me like this till eternity but suddenly looking at my thick monster appearing and disappearing in her lovely face I felt some electric cunning passing through my body and that took my breath away and I stopped her instantly.

“Chanda tu bahut achha Lund Chusti hai….” “Aap bhi bahut achhi Bur Chaatte ho….Bhaijaan” I spoke while getting up and Chanda replied back equally well. Now it was time for real fucking and I once started with a kiss. We both stood on our knees on the bed and wrapping her naked body in my arms I invaded her mouth.

Hmmm....caressing my back softly Chanda embraced me nicely while responding to my kiss and sliding my hand to her soft ass I cleanched both mounds together. We went long and deep in other's mouth and by the time we broke the kiss Chanda was jerking me hard and fast.“Ab tere Bhaijaan ka ye mota Lund teri chhoti si Bur ke andar jaayega".

Breaking the kiss and looking into her eyes closely I once again spoke erotic Hindi and pushed her on the bed "please Condom to lagga low" While lying on her back Chanda requested me to put on Condom and spreading her thighs and sitting between them I tried avoiding rubber wall "aaj dalwale bina condom ke...kal se pakka Condom lagga ke daaluga".

"Aur agar aaj hi bacha thahar gaya to..." Chanda was bothered about getting pregnant and I told her that tomorrow I will get her pills "kal tujhe goliyan laa dunga... I pill" and Chanda agreed to that casually "theek hai..." but I confirmed again "Daal dun na bina Condom ke...?" and with heavy breathing she once again said yes "haan...daal do..."

but I needed her to speak erotic and I told her to what she has to say "aise nahi.....bol Bhaijaan daal do apna mota lund meri chhoti si Bur mein.." and Chanda did that very well "Bhaijaan daal do meri chhoti si Bur mein apna mota Lund…aaj faad do meri Bur ko….". Jerking back and forward with my own hand I was sitting between her opened thighs and next I rubbed my thumb over her opening.

"haaannnmmm..." lurching her bottom Chanda puffed erotically. Mentally she was ready to get stuffed but her tiny opening was not wet enough and I started rubbing her Pussy lips with my fingers "Chanda Paani chhod apni Bur se...tabhi mazza aayega" I tried arousing her and with a blissful hiss Chanda went desperate "Bhaijaan ab daal do na please...".

Dying in lust she behaved like an armature but I knew the importance of her lubrication and flicking her tiny hole with my fingers I continued arousing her with erotic Hindi, I asked her how many times she has fucked with her boyfriend "Tune Kitni baar apni Bur marwai hai apne Boyfriend se?" and closing her eyes she said three times

"Teen baar..." "bus..teen baar...teen baar to tujhe main aaj hi aaj Chod dunga" "to fir Chodo Na...baaten kyun kar rahe ho..." Once again Chanda asked me to fuck her in desperation and I told her that I trying to increase her wetness and in continuation gave her reason that as compared to her boyfriend I have bigger Penis

"teri Bur gili kar raha hun...tere boyfriend ka Lund Chhota tha...par tere Bhaijaan ka Lund bahut mota hai..." "koi baat nahi...Daal do...aaj nikal do meri jaan..." while puffing in rising excitement Chanda told me to kill her and after a pause revealed the fact that she has fallen in my love since she has seen me and since then she dying to fuck with me

"ek saal se tadap rahi hun aap ke saath fuck karne ke liye..." "aisa kya?" (Is it true?) "haan...mujhe aapse pahli hi nazar mein pyar ho gaya tha..." and I told her that it is not love, it is just heat of her fuckhole "ye pyar nahi hai...ye sirf teri Chut ki garmi hai..." forking her legs wide around my waist I leaned over her while saying that and adjusted my crotch over her groin and spoke again

"Chanda teri Chut mein bahut garmi hai...." and grabbing me in her arms Chanda told me to take that heat out and tore off her fuckhole "Bhaijaan... aaj meri saari garmi nikal do...faad do meri Bur apne mote Lund se" Breathing heavy Chanda was reached to the height of excitement; it was evident from her words and tone and to enhance her restlessness I rubbed my cock head over her swollen fuckhole nicely.

"ohhh... mmmmm...” Lifting her bottom and arching her back like a bow Chanda whimpered in unbearable pleasure with clenched lips and ultimately banged her ass back on the bed. I looked down, though not flowing but she was wet and finally holding her waist firm I squeezed my thick cock head in her tiny opening and gave her sudden jolt.

"Ohhh...Fuck..." "Hai.....Allaahhh...." we both cried in a pleasure almost at the same time. Warm and wet Chanda absorbed the fucking shock with painful expressions and driving my entire length as I reached to the depth of her womb Chanda's entire body shivered erotically under my massive weight.

"Yes..." Thick and long finally I buried my monster in her tight fuckhole till its root and holding her firm from her shoulders laid over her. Unmoved I looked at her lovely face closely; with a sweat all over her neck and forehead her eyes were shut and I tried continuing talking to her "Chanda...Meri Jaaneman…meri dilruba...le faad di teri Bur tere Bhaijaan ne"

caressing her cheek tenderly I continued "Bhaijaan ka Lund bahut mota hai na...hmmmm...?" Chanda opened her eyes with a flutter and said yes while breathing heavy "Haan..." and next in lust laden tone I told her that now she has to get fucked by this thick monster every day "Ab tujhe roz Chudna padega iss mote Lund se...." "bol Chudegi na?" and once again she said yes to it "Haan".

Buried in her tight clamp but unmoved I continued speaking out in lust "Tu bus meri Chanda hai...meri" and with that kissed her hungrily and holding me firm in her arms Chanda accepted that she is just mine "Haan Bhaijaan...main aapki Chanda hun... " but after a pause cleared the effect that I am her husband till she gets married, "jab tak mera Nikah nahi hota aap hi mere shohar ho".

Since beginning Chanda was responding to my words very well but this time her statement was exceptionally beautiful and word Nikah for marriage and Shohar for husband aroused me so much that I failed to resist myself from holding unmoved in her depth and moving out half of my length and again going in into her tight pussy I lunged in her mouth and came up saying

"tera Nikah jab hoga tab hoga...per tera Honeymoon aaj se shuru ho gaya hai". Feeling thick rod moving in her swollen fuckhole Chanda puffed in pleasure and with an intense moan I started fucking her slowly.

I was married nearly from ten years, I knew what all I have to do to give Chanda best fuck of her life and showing no hurry I continued moving in and out of her twat slowly and within few seconds with an intense puff Chanda broke down in heavy sweat. Kissing and licking her salty face I did not stopped fucking her,

crushing her soft pussy against my heavy balls with every thrust I continued digging her soft pussy with long and deep strokes and after hardly a minute once again heat errupted over her expressions and with a shrill gasp Chanda lurched her belly erotically.

Clenching my back with all her strength Chanda groaned repeatedly and I realized that suddenly movement of my hard Penis in her tight pussy has gone easier. "Ahhhh....hmmm...." I grunted in delight with a feel that Chanda is releasing fresh streams of sticky juices from the depth of her womb and to control my excitement started sucking her lusious fruits.

One after another I chewed her nipples nicely and gradually slowed down my fucking pace. I was experienced and knew how can we last long but Chanda was new to the fucking world, she was dying with the feeling of rising pleasure and as I stopped fucking her she cried in demand "Bhaijaan....Fuck me... please mujhe Chodo... please".

I started again and as my thick length once again moved in her twat she puffed in relief "Haaannnn..... Bhaijaan!" "Chanda tu to bahut badi chudakadd hai" thrusting my cock deep into her wet pussy with quick jerks I whispered in her ear and started fucking her faster. By now my patience was over its edge and in a moment I completly lost control over my senses and went crazy over Chanda.

Faster and faster I moved in and out of her tore open fuckhole Chanda hissed and cried wordlessly. Her body backed, bent and unbent, rose and fell but I did not stopped fucking her. Chanda was heading to her orgasm I could feel it over her facial expressions but holding her firm I continued humping her with fast deep screwing thrusts and suddenly she started shivering in unbearable pleasure.

Her fuckhole quaked over my thickness and looking at her state all of a sudden I too climbed to my climax. I clamped her mouth with my hand and next instant we both shattered like hell. Our dam shattered almost at the same time, nailing my back Chanda shivered in pleasure silently and crushing her soft pussy lips under heavy my balls I trembled inside her fuckhole.

Her belly rippled feverishly and strange tidal waves traumatized her body, going through electrifying sensation with a broken voice Chanda murmured something in her core language which I failed to understand. With a spam I too spewed out my gunk in her fuckhole and remaind burried in her depth till she tried to get up.

Next collecting her clothes silently Chanda went into the washroom and came out after really long, after taking a mild shower. By now wearing my clothes back I was waiting for her in the living room. I smiled and with a blush Chanda too smiled back. I called her closer and as she came holding her wrist I pulled her over me and she sat down on my lap.

"Mazza aa gaya tujhko Chod ke...itna mazza to mujhe tab bhi nahi aaya tha jab maine Divya(my wife) ko pahli baar Choda tha". Chanda smiled a bit over my statement but eventually asked me what she was thinking "Aapne kya bola tha...main bahut badi Chudakadd hun?" by now my hands were reached to her fresh ripe fruits and as I accepted by saying "Haan..."

Chanda reflected arbitrary anger and tried to get away from my hold "Chhodo mujhe...mujhe aapse baat nahi karni" Holding her waist firm I tried reaching to her crotch over the cloth and asked her at least she will get her pussy fucked "Baat nahi karegi par Bur to marwayegi na?" "Chhodo mujhe...mujhe aapse Bur bhi nahi marwani" "Theek hai marwaiyo mat...sirf Chuswa liyo.." and Chanda giggled over that.

Next I tenderly pulled her face closer and we kissed beautifully. "aaj maine bahut bada gunah kiya hai...allah mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karega..." (Today I have done a big sin...god will never fogive me). Chanda was feeling guilty and I tried to divert her mind by asking her to get into bedroom "chal bedroom mein chalte hain...." and after a pause added

"ab tu ek baar Gunah kare ya dus baar...tera Allah maaf to tujhe karega nahi..." and Chanda looked into my eyes with artificial seriousness. She tried a lot but anyhow there was no way Chanda could stop me from playing with her body, I sqeezed her melons and rubbed her pussy over the cloth and while enjoying manly touch over her body Chanda came up saying that we both will go to hell after our death

"aap dekhna hum dono marne ke baad sidha jhahnum mein jaayenge..." "tu dekhna...jhahnum mein bhi tu mujhse roz Chudegi" (you see you will daily get fucked by me also in the hell) Well that's all what we spoke before starting second session as after that I got up and taking Chanda along came to the bedroom again.

I threw her on the bed and drifting my lower down straightaway plunged her mouth with my semi erect cock. Chanda was ready for that and she started sucking me instantly. Moving my ass back and forward I fucked her face consistently and by the time I grew hard in her mouth Chanda was also naked from her lower half.

Slowly I took 69 with her and lying under me while she sucked my cock I licked and fisted her pussy with all my passion and affection. Eventually taking her over my top we fucked again and filling me deep with controlled pace Chanda jumped and lurched her ass over my cock for really long.

In the end resting her legs over my shoulder I fucked her till our climax and with that our first fucking night came to an end. Eventually Chanda went back beside my Mom on the floor and next morning around 8 when I got up Chanda was back after visiting her home. Days passed; second, third, fourth and our fucking continuity ended when after eight nights my wife came back home.

That was not the end of m fucking affair with Chanda as after my wife's arrival within weeks time I somehow managed keys of one vacant flat on the outskirts of NCR and I continued licking and ripping Chanda's soft BUR (Pussy) for few more months.

At present Chanda has stopped fucking with me, rather it is me who has given halt to this relation and I did that because her Nikah (marriage) is fixed now and now I want her to be devoted to her future husband.

In the end I would say as after marriage Chanda will not work anymore I am insisting agency guy to provide me another good attendant for my mom; concerned, caring and most important she has to be Chudakadd; just like Chanda.

Reader's comments are important as they will inspire me to write again. Please post them below. Thanks.

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Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - III

Previously: Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - II

"Mujhe aapko kuch batana hai!" "Bolo" while burring her face in my thick cheast and holding me firm Chanda broke the silence, she wanted to say something and I told her to speak "Main bahut beshram hun…" (Means I am very shameless) "kyun…kya hua" and I asked her reason for feeling inferior and she said that she has lied to me that she wants to marry me

"maine aapse jhoot bola tha...ki mujhe aapse shaadi nahi karni..." I giggled and with one arm wrapped around her back lifted her face to look into her eyes and replied same; that I too do not want to marry her "ye to achhi baat hai...mujhe bhi tumse shaadi nahi karni" "lekin mujhe aapke saath kuch karna hai..."

looking into my eyes Chanda said that she wants to do something with me and her words turned my senses "kya karna hai?" looking straight into her eyes I asked her, for an instant she blushed away but while looking down spoke again "sab kuch karna hai" "mere saath sex karna hai...?" this time I asked her in clear words and she said yes to it while looking down "Haan...".

Her acceptance rejoiced my soul but before I would have thought about saying anything, looking at my face Chanda spoke again "main bahut beshram ladki hun na?" she said she is a shameless girl and I replied to her by saying I am also shameless "waise besharm to main bhi hun" and finally after a pause I too spoke out my dirty desire "because I also want to fuck you"

hearing that Chanda stared into my eyes and ultimately failed to suppress her joy and blushed away with a undue smile. "Fuck me" she uttered in low hesitant voice without looking at me and I confirmed "pakka...?" Chanda looked back at me and accepted confidently "haan pakka" "tere mummy papa to nahi aa jayenge yahan ladai karne...”

and she smiled over my words and said that she will not tell anything about this to her mom and dad. Almost touching we were already standing very close and next instant I grabbed her waist nicely and kissed her on her lips. Chanda blushed with a smile and once again hugged me hard.

I took her to the couch where we were sitting some time back and holding her in my embrace I kissed her nicely. She was delicious; I sucked her lips for a minute or may be less and then invaded her mouth. Chanda responded to my kiss bit late but she did it well, like me she too entered her tongue in my mouth and tried moving it all around.

I sucked her tongue fir few seconds and then gave her mine too suck. Eventually I broke the kiss and very next instant Chanda once again admitted that she truly loves me, "main aapse such mein bahut pyar karti hun" and once again I told her to think again as I cannot marry her "ek baar fir soch le...main tujhse shaadi nahi kar sakta..."

saying she know that Chanda told me to do rest of the things "mujhe patta hai...shaadi mat karo...par jo kar sakte ho wo to karo..." and reaching to her fresh ripe mangos with my hand I assured her I will do everything with her for whole night "baaki sab kuch to main tere saath aaj raat bhar karunga" and Chanda puffed in pleasure with the feel of manly touch over her lusious mounds.

I squeezed her melons softly and resting her face over my chest Chanda continued humming in pleasure. "achha lag raha hai...hmm?" I asked her if she feeling good and she accepted "haan bahut achha lag raha hai" "aise he theek hai ya thoda zor se dabaaun" "jo marzi karo...bus mujhe satisfy kar do..." and I started handeling her soft juicy fruits bit roughly.

Holding me firm Chanda enjoyed her breasts getting clenched harder. Next puffing and grunting in low voice and burring her face in my chest Chanda expressed her state, that she is very restless and could not sleep for whole night "main bahut bechain hun... main poori poori raat sow nahi paati" and I replied that she will not be able sleep even tonight

"sow to tu aaj raat bhi nahi paayegi...I will fuck you whole night" "yes please fuck me whole night..." though in hesitant tone Chanda spoke back in English. She was desperate, after getting taste of real cock with her boy friend she was gone frantic to get fucked again and again and it was me whom she could trust.

Whatever, I continued erotic talking and I asked her why she in such fire "tere andar itni aag kyun lagi hui hai?" she looked up, into my eyes; I smiled and slowly inserted my hand under her top. Chanda once again puffed in pleasure as my hand touched her bare skin.

My hands reached to her breasts under the cloth and inserting my palm under her bra I straightaway squeezed her soft bare fruits. Chanda groaned in pleasure bit louder and spoke again while puffing "aapne ek dum sahi kaha....mere andar aag hi lagi hui hai...." and after a pause revealed another fact of her life; that she see her father doing with her mother every night

"main roz raat ko apne papa ko mummy ke saath karte hue dekhti hun". That shook me and in continuation she detailed me that they; three children and parents, total five people lives in one room and almost daily somewhere in midnight her father climb over her mother "aadhi raat ko roz papa mummy ke oopar chadd jaate hain"

and I added flair to those words by saying that tonight there her father will climb over her mother and here I will climb over her "aaj raat ko wahan tere papa teri mummy pe chadhege aur yahan main unki beti pe chadunga". My words brought beautiful smile over her face and while massaging her soft melons I once again kissed her deeply.

"Aap wo lagga ke daaloge na andar?" Chanda asked me innocentaly and I thought she want to use oil before penetration "kya...?...oil lagga ke dalwana hai? And she denied for the oil and asked me to use the Condom "nahi tail nahi...wo...condom...!" and I agreed "Ok... condom laga ke hi daalunga"

Hugging kissing and discussing sex in raw Hindi we were sitting on a three sitter couch in the living room and I asked her, if she has hairs over there then she can remove them "tere wahan pe baal hain to saaf kar le" and Chanda said she is clean over her fuckhole "nahin hain...aaj hi saaf kiye hain". Why not? she was thinking about fucking with me since my wife's exit was fixed.

Anyway with a naughty smile I told her to show me "Dikha". Chanda was nevertheless naughty and she told me to open and see it myself "apne aap khol ke dekh low". Next looking into her eyes my hands reached to her waist and I tried to drift her loose palazzo down.

Resting her back and lifting her bottom Chanda asked me what if dad will come and I told her that as we will hear voice her stick she has to go into the washroom and I will go back in my bedroom and finally I shifted down both; her palazzo and panty together. Wow...finally Chanda’s pussy was exposed to my eyes and she was absolutely right, wet, dripping and smooth she was totally clean.

"Ahhhh...." Holding my arm in excitement Chanda panted in pleasure deeply as I gently rubbed my fingers over her soaked pussy and in a moment with heavy breathing she flooded intensely. "Chanda tu to Mast chikni karke aai hai apni Chut" Looking at her facial expressions I uttered in low sensual voice and with a smile Chanda came up saying that they call it BUR "hum log issko Bur bolte hain"

and next she asked me to show me my thing. "Ab aap bhi dikhao apna" and just like her I too told her to open my clothes and see it herself "apne aap khol ke dekh le" and in continuation asked what do they call our thing "tum log humare usko kya bolte ho?" "LUND" she replied with a bashful smile and tugged thread of my pajama.

As she tried drifting my lower I too lifted my ass and my hard cock popped out in front her eyes. "hai allah..! itna mota?" looking at my thickness Chanda exclaimed in surprise and with a silent giggle I told her whatever thick it is she has to take it "ab jitna bhi mota hai... lena padega.."......"muhn mein bhi aur yahan bhi"

and after a pause expressed my eternal desire of getting sucked and looking at me Chanda reflected confusion and asked me if I put my thing in her mouth "aap issko mere muhn mein bhi daaloge?" and instead of saying simple yes I lured her by saying that I will also suck her thing "main bhi to teri suck karunga" "theek hai" and Chanda accepted in low hesitant voice.

I sensed she was not ok with trying oral sex and I told her not to take stress and assured her that she will enjoy everything. "Tu tension mat le...tujhe bahut mazza aayega" "maine pahle kiya hua hai...aur mujhe bilkul achha nahi lagga tha..." (Means I have done earlier and I didn't liked at all) "Ohh...tune apne boy friend ke sath try kiya tha...?" "Haan" "Usne bhi Teri Chut choosi thi?"

I asked did her boyfriend sucked her too "nahi...usne sirf apna chuswaya tha" "issi liye tujhe achha nahi lagga...jab main teri chusunga...tera bhi man karega mera chusne ka" (that's why you didn't liked it...when I will suck you, you will also feel like sucking me) and hearing that Chanda smiled a bit in acceptance.

"Achha hai tune pahle kiya hua hai...kam se kam dard se chillaegi to nahi..." saying its good that she has already experienced as now she will not scream in pain I continued talking to Chanda and gave her my monster to move back and forward. Chanda accepted but requested me to put in slowly as it is too big "haan…par please dheere dheere daalna..aapka bahut bada hai..."

I was glad to hear that and asked her if it is bigger than her exboyfriend "...tere boy friend se bada hai kya?" "haan...uska bahut chhota tha...aapka to mota bhi bahut hai" that was arousing and I continued "uska chhota tha fir bhi tujhko dard to hua hoga..." "haan aur khoon bhi nikla tha...main chilla rahi thi aur wo bus karta jaa raha tha..."

"Don’t worry..main aaram aaram se karunga...tujhe poora mazza dunga" "promise?" "Promise" I assured her that I will give her complete pleasure and she took promise for that. Sitting in a living room over the couch we both were half naked; from the lower half and now it was time to get on bed and pulling up our lowers back we came to my bedroom.

Light was dim but it was enough for us to see each other naked and pushing her on the bed and instantly climbed over her petite body, she cried a bit in pain but also enjoyed while getting crushed and once again we kissed each other. This time it was a long kiss and we stopped when we went totally breathless and now ripping her clothes wanted to fuck her instantly.

But no, it was wrong, I promised her, I wanted to give her experience of her life by seducing her slowly, so that she can cherish this fuck throughout her life and above that I was enjoying talking to her in a raw language.

Anyway I moved calmly and continued talking to her while taking off her clothes and told her that in last one year her breasts are grown big and hips have also became heavier “ pichhle ek saal mein tere boobs bhi bade ho gaye hain aur tere hips bhi mote ho gaye hain” and Chanda exclaimed softly in sarcastic tone

“achha ji...isska matlab pahle din se aapki nazar mere badan par hai...Main to aapko bahut achha manti thi...lekin aap to bahut naughty ho…” I smiled and replied saying all men are naughty but there are very few naughty girls “mard saare naughty hote hain...par tere jaisi naughty ladkiyan bahut kam hoti hain...”

and in reply she said that she has gone naughty by watching her parents doing "main to mummy papa ko roz karta dekhti hun isliye bigad gayi hun". While talking to her I was continuously taking off her and my clothes and finally lying on her back Chanda was wearing just Bra and Panty and I was in just my underwear.

White color bra and light green Panty was glowing over her dark skin above that couple of tiny golden ornaments: earrings and nose stud with black threaded taabiz around her neck was exuding enormous sex-appeal. Slowly I caressed her face and my hand slide down to her neck and then to her breasts.

They were full and swollen in excitement "Tere Nange badan pe teri ye taabiz bahut achhi lag rahi hai" After caressing her ripe fruits over Bra I spoke while touching her spiritual locket and with a sensual puff she told me not to look at it while doing all this "ye sab karte hue isski taraf mat dekho".

Anyway next slowly I turned her on her belly to unhook her bra and laying over her in same posture kissed her bare back nicely. Chanda moaned in pleasure, trembled a bit and kissing and rubbing my wet lips over nape of her neck I crushed her under my massive weight.

Chanda hissed in pleasure repeatedly and holding her firm I moved down to her body and licked her entire skin till her waist. Holding pillow with all her strength Chanda shivered in pleasure like a fish without water and slowly I drifted down her panty and took it out of her legs. Lying over my bed over her belly Chanda was stark naked now, facing roof her ass was firmly round, dark and smooth.

Just like molten chocolate her skin was amazingly soft and I once again I thought about licking her body. This time I started from her ankle and moved my wet tongue over every pour of her soft skin till her ass. Moaning and panting in low voice Chanda just went on going crazy,

she trembled in pleasure from head to toe with a movement of my tongue and in the end requested me not to tease her so much "Bhaiya itna matt tadpaao" "Bhaiya nahi...Bhaijaan" with that I turned her over her back and looking into her eyes told her to adress me Bhaijaan on the bed "bistar pe tu mujhe Bhaijaan bulayegi..."

that's how they address their loving brother and Chanda smiled and with an exclamation and accepted by addressing me same "Bhaijaan !...theek hai Bhaijaan". I laid over her and after sucking her lips for a minute started enjoying her succulent fruits. Her breasts were already swollen in excitement and as I started sucking them they seemed getting heavier,

her tiny dark brown nipples in wrinkled areolas were hard and erect and with flick of my tongue they went stiffer in my mouth. Wrapping her arms around my back Chanda held me tighter and continued moaning in delight. She was getting mad in lust as after getting adiquate sucking over her both the breasts she asked me to fuck her

"Bus Bhaijaan ab nahi raha jaata...Bhaijaan ab bus Chod do mujhe..." I liked her tone and words, she was also enjoying addressing me Bhaijaan and speaking out sensual while getting seduced and I too continued speaking out in same fashion "abhi nahi...pahle tere Bhaijaan teri BUR chaatenge" and my words aroused her bit more

"haan Bhaijaan chaatiye meri BUR...Bhaijaan aaj maar dijiye mujhe" spreading her thighs apart while lifting her wet fuckhole up Chanda uttered in rising lust and closed her eyes in excitement. Eventually sitting between her spread thighs and holding her knees I folded her legs inwards and took a close glance of her pussy.

Oozing out intense streams of sticky juices, soft and swollen her clean shaven dark brown pussy looked ugly, yet attractive just like chocolate leaking caramel from its core. I bent and moved into her thighs and for an instant licked her twat tenderly "ishhhh..." Chanda murmured softly,

for an instant she tried to stop me and closed her legs but the sensation she went through was exquisite and that pleasure opened her legs unconsciously. Opening my mouth I sucked gently on her pussy lips and this time Chanda groaned thickly, her naked body trembled and head flung back with excitement.

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Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - II

Previously: Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - I

Anyway eventually 20-25 minutes passed and I came out to the living room. I switched on the television in mute, sat down for five minutes while thinking what to do now and in the end massaged her, that I have came out and after a minute I got a reply from her, that Dad has also slept but she will come out after another 10 minutes so that there is no risk

“waise to papa ji sow gaye hain par main 10 mins baad aaungi..taaki koi khatara na rahe” I was surprised, what does she mean by koi khatra na rahe? and with that text I went further sure that something really nasty is dwelling in her head. I spent 15 minutes in piece with just Chanda in my mind and my thoughts moved to the other phase;

if she gets ready to on bed with me then what will be she expecting from me, she belongs to a lower income community and after indulging me into sexual affair she might blackmail me in future, somehow I have to sense her intentions and if she will ask me money for sex even then I will not go for it. I came to the conclusion and decided to behave calm and casual and not in rush to fuck her.

Eventually Chanda came out, room was dark with television and just one lamp glowing in the corner and she smiled beautifully while looking at me and with a similar smile I got aside on a three sitter couch to give her space to sit. It was discovery which was running on the screen and she sarcastically asked me what is this I am watching

“aap ….ye kya dekh rahe ho” “tum bhi dekho…iss se general knowledge badhti hai” I replied accordingly and she casually snatched remote from me and started to see what all movies are still coming and changed it to one which was about to end. By now her attire was changed, now wearing same top on upper half,

instead of jeans Chanda was wearing Palazzo as a lower and looking at her lovely face sideways I once again reviewed my conclusion. There was something about her face and manner and body that she instantly made me horny and somehow I wanted to fuck her and I decided that if will desire money for the sex then I will go for it but I have to be assured that she does not have intentions to blackmail me later.

“Chaye piyegi…main banaunha” just to hang on I asked her for the tea with a conclusion that I will make it and with a smile Chanda said yes for the tea and in continuation told me that she is little tired and feeling bit of body ach. She is good girl, his father is a hard working man, many times she has mentioned that her mother is a religious lady,

I don’t think she will ever think about blackmailing me, she just needs money. Concluding things on my own I stood in the kitchen and prepared tea with an evident hardness over my Penis and came to the conclusion that if she will ask money for sex instead of paying for every fuck I will set some secret amount for every month and apart from fucking I will also get my penis sucked from her.

I was turned on and with intentions of setting all terms before doing anything I came out with a tea and something to eat. “kahan pain hai…pain killer dun kya?” While sitting beside I asked her where she is aching and if she needs a tablet and Chanda said no for the pain killer but mentioned that her shoulders are aching.

No doubt she was real feast on the bed, sitting beside her I took another glance of her body and got tempted from her fresh ripe fruits and lusciously fleshed thighs. Apparently I was watching movie of her choice but by the time I ended my tea mentally I was reached to the point where I just wanted go for it at any cost and I straightaway took a bold step and keeping my cup of tea

on side table tried massaging her shoulders with both the hands. That surprised Chanda but she digested my physical contact, just with a serious eye to eye stare of a moment she turned around to get handled better and I started massaging her shoulders softly. Closing her eyes Chanda moaned in relief from the stiffness of the shoulders and uttered " Bhaiya bahut achha lag raha hai..."

addressing me Bhaiya she said she is feeling good and in reply speaking out Hindi I told her not to adress me Bhaiya "Bhaiya mat bol......" Listening that Chanda turned back a bit and looked at me, into my eyes with an uncontrollable smile and in the end blushed. “Yes…!” I rejoiced within and continued massaging her shoulders and asked her if she has felt bad over my words

"meri baat ka bura to nahi maan gayi...?" and Chanda knobbed her head no without looking back at me. Anyhow I could not ask her anything straightaway I asked her if she has any boyfriend "Tumhara koi boy friend hai?" that’s what I could think next to move ahead and she said no to that "nahi..." "good...isska matlab tum achhi bachi ho" (that means you are a good girl)

and once again Chanda knobbed her head in no "nahi...main achhi bachi nahi hun..." and giving pause of few seconds she uttered again "ek saal pahle mera ek boy friend tha...." she said that she had boy friend a year back. She is talking to me about her past affair, it was a positive signal and as in past she has always seemed interested in talking to us about her family I

reflected interest in her personal life and asked her why she broke up with him "fir kya hua...? Break up kyun ho gaya?" "usne mujhe dhokha diya"( means he cheated me) that was interesting, she was talking to me quite freely, good for me and I continued "kya dhokha diya?" I was still massaging her shoulders softly and I was feeling its effect over my Penis.

Anyway hearing my question Chanda turned and looked at my face for an instant, possibly to see if I have really not understood what she is trying to say and eventually asked me back in sarcastic tone "ek ladka ek ladki ko kya dhokha deta hai...?" that was surprising, she opened up even more and I was happy the way things were moving but keeping my expressions firm I continued

"Ok…samajh gaya...uski aur koi girl friend bhi thi ?" I guessed and once again Chanda moved her head in no and after few seconds revealed the fact of her past by saying "usne mujhe Shaadi ka vaada karke...mera faayda ootha liya" (means with a promise of marriage he used me).

She wants to say that she has already been fucked…fot me that was pleasant surprise as well as heart breaking, surprise because how casually she spoke that she is been fucked and heart breaking because deep inside I wanted her to be virgin for me.

Anyway though I knew it happens with many girls especially at her level still I expressed surprised and came up asking undue question but stopped in the middle "you mean usne tumhen....! tumhare saath!" once again Chanda turned a bit, looked into my eyes and once again spoke sarcastic "haan...usne mujhe kharaab kar diya" (means he has spoiled me)

"bhool jaao usko....aur ab shaadi kar low..." I told her to forget him also suggested her to get married and she said she does not want to get married "mujhe nahi karni shaadi" "kyun...? zindagi bhar uss kamine ke liye kunwari raho gi kya?" I asked her if she thinking about spoiling rest of her life for that guy in commanding tone and she said that she has already forgot him

"nahi...usko to main kab ka bhool chuki hun..." "to fir kyun nahi karni shaadi...?" "bus aise hi" in the end she said she does not want to get married just like that. For an instant I went silent anyhow I could not guess what is running in her mind but don't know why by now I was thinking about giving up thought of approaching her to bring her on bed.

Suddenly I chuckled lightly and while stopping massaging her shoulders came up saying "I am sure agle do saal ke andar teri Shaadi ho jaayegi" (I am sure you will get married in next two years). Chanda did not replied to my words for few seconds, as she was facing away from me I could not see her facial expressions,

she was looking down while getting shoulder massage and she continued same posture. I was expecting that in a moment she will retain her previous posture in which we were watching TV but something was running in her mind which she wanted to speak and she could not say that to me face to face and ultimately she spoke that in low but in confident tone

"mujhe aapke jaisa husband chahiye..." (I want husband like you) I was surprised and for few seconds I waited for Chanda to turn and see me but as she was feeling shy and she did not turned until I asked her to look at me "meri taraf dekho..." Chanda turned a bit and I asked her if she will not find somebody like, she will not get married “agar mere jaisa nahi milega to shaadi nahi karegi kya?”

She moved her head in no and before I would have said anything Chanda spoke again "Bhaiya maine aapke jaisa Mard apni poori life mein nahi dekha...jo ladies ki itni respect karta ho..." (I have not seen a male you in my whole life who respect ladies so much) and she continued telling her tale which was untold till then,

that males in their community beat their wives and her dad also beat her mother often “hum logon mein to sab Mard apni wife ko maarte hain....mere Papa bhi meri mummy ko kai baar maarte hain" as such I didn’t had anything to speak in response and I casually told her to make her father understand "tum apne papa ko samjhaao..."

and Chanda came up saying then her father will beat her too and continued speaking, that except me all men in this word are egoistic "wo fir mujhe bhi maarenge.... is duniya mein saare mard ghamandi hain... sirf aapko chhod ke" and I once again smiled over her childish words.

Don’t know exactly but I believe by now a thought of trying fucking her was entirely vanished from my brain, possibly because apart from feeling pity for her I could see lot of complication over this relation in future. I thought about getting up to go but suddenly something came in mind and without giving a second thought I casually asked her if she has fallen in love with me

"tumhen kahin mujhse pyar to nahi ho gaya hai?" and for few seconds Chanda looked into my eyes without a flick and came up saying which I could read over her face and into her eyes and it was yes "haan...main aapse pyar karti hun" she was serious, I could feel it in her gesture but I took it as a joke "pagal ho gayi ho kya....? You know main already married hun" "doosri shaadi kar low..."

looking into my eyes with firm expressions Chanda asked me to go for a second marriage confidently and after a pause, continuing looking into my eyes uttered again "Hum logon mein to doosri shaadi bhi hoti hai" (means in our community second marriage is also valid) and I failed to resist smiling over her immature statement and replied with "hum logon mein nahi hoti..."

and in the end Chanda also released her serious expressions and came up saying "theek hai....koi baat nahi....mujhe iss baat ki khushi hai ki maine aapko apne dil ki baat bol di" (means I am it’s ok…but I am happy that I have I told you my heartiest feelings) " kya faayda hua....?" means what did you got and Chanda came saying typical Hindi Filmi dialog that love is not a business,

in which profit and loss is considered "pyar business nahi hota.. jis mein faayda ya nuksaan ho" and with a loud giggle I told her not to watch Hindi movies " please tum hindi filmen dekhna band karo...." and she too giggled over that but continued saying that she is serious over this and she will not marry until she will not find somebody like me

"main jhoot nahi bol rahi...jab tak mujhe aapke jaisa koi nahi milega main shaadi nahi karungi" and in reply I assured her that she will find someone very soon "jaldi hi mil jaayega" "nahi milega..."…. "aaoke jaisa koi ho hi nahi sakta..." and she instantly said that she will not find anyone because there is nobody like me.

I realized that she has seriously fallen in love with me and its really very dangerous to play with such mindset and I decided to leave her as is and wishing her good night got up to go and in response of good night Chanda asked me if I am going in low disappointing tone “aap jaa rahe ho…?” her words moved me a bit and I saw strange mixture of naughtiness and innocence over her face.

“haan…tum bahki hui ho…aur mujhe darr hain tumhare saath kahin main bhi na bahak jaaun” (you are lost from the track and I am afraid I will also lose my track) I spoke out with a smile and for an instant I moved away and entered in the washroom. I was aroused like hell and I passed urine with my Penis fully erect.

Should I go for it…? I asked myself. With whatever she spoke I could sense that I can agree her for sex and anyhow I could not see any signs in Chanda that she will ever think about blackmailing in future.

Eventually with a thought of giving her indirect hint that I want to fuck her but I cannot marry her I came out of the washroom and saw switching of the television Chanda was waiting for me to come out. For a moment I thought about speaking out my dirty desire indirectly but nothing came out of me and in the end it was Chanda who once again asked me if I am going to sleep.

Aap sone jaa rahe ho? I accepted “haan” and she apologized for asking me for marriage “I am sorry maine aapse shaadi ke liye bola…” I took it casually “it’s ok…” and in continuation said that she is an armature and youngsters do such mistake in emotions “tum abhi bachi ho…aur bache emotional hokar aisi galtiyan kar dete hain”

and Chanda denied from being an armature and said that she has not done any mistake and she really loves me “main bachi nahi hun….aur maine koi galti nahi ki….main sach mein aapse pyar karti hun” “I can’t help it…I am already married” this time I spoke English “I know…but..our..can…”

in reply she too tried to speak English but fumbled in the middle and ultimately spoke out what she wanted to say in Hindi “hum dono ache friends to ho sakte hain na…?” “haan…haan…kyun nahi…” hearing that Chanda smiled a bit and asked me if she can hug me “ek baar aapse gale mil lun…” “Ok…” with an approval I opened my arms for her and she came in them.

She was getting sentimental and I once again backed off from revealing my dirty desire. Anyway wrapping her arms around my neck Chanda clenched me casually in the beginning but after few seconds she suddenly squeezed her breasts against my chest and my hands also wrapped her back nicely.

We hugged for long and it was beautiful it was a moment from where I could turn things in my favor very easily but I was scared of her emotions and I just kept on holding her firm.

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Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - I

Hi, I am Tanmay; a good looking male of 38 with good height and health. I am a regular reader of this blog from past few years but I have always skipped reading stories under Maid/Servant category as it is coloum which I have hated most.

I often use to think that how one can feel like having sex with a servant, especially married people living at higher level and for me it’s a matter of surprise that destiny has brought me to the point where I am expecting my sex experience to fall down in the same category. Yes this is about me fuckng with a female who was sort of maid in my house.

Chanda was actually my mother's attendant, as compared to me financially she was at very low level and I had sex with her almost for seven consecutive nights in my bedroom. Now while getting straight to the point I would say bit more than a year back one day suddenly my mother faced a left side paralysis attack and she went on bed.

As now we needed good care for her, through some agency we met 23 year old girl Chanda as 12 hour attendant. Although Chanda is not her real name still I won't say it is a bogus name. Actually during casual interview we came to know that Chanda belonged to different religion,

the one which is totally opposite to ours and I was somewhat sure that my mom and dad will not accept her in the house and not at all in the kitchen but as she was good at her work and looked concerned in nature, we; me and my wife found her appropriate candidate for the job and with her consent, for my mom and dad we renamed her as Chanda.

In appearance and physical structure I would say initially Chanda had nothing to attract a male like me. 12th passed with some course of nursing, almost 14 years younger than me, belonging to a lower income group, though innocent looking but very dark complexion with average height and thin body structure Chanda never took my attention in that way.

From day one she started addressing my mom mummy Ji, my father Papa Ji me Bhaiya and my wife Bhabhi and also asked my daughter to call her Bua (father's sister) and we accepted her that way. Like that over the period of one month Chanda was adjusted in our family as a family member and as we needed she took very good care of my Mom and in next six months she recovered mom well and my parents also started liking her.

Time went on flying smoothly and over the time span of an year for my mom she was somewhat her daughter and best part was that by now my parents knew this fact that she belongs to particular religion which they never liked.

Because of Chanda's love affection and dedication my parent's perspective was changed and they did not bother about her religion and Chanda became somewhat inseparable from my mom and entire family. For my interactions with her I would say as Chanda use to stay at my place for 12 hours;

8 to 8 in week days I use meet her in the morning for hardly half an hour but on Sundays we use to be for entire day and she was always good in talking to me; confident frank and concerned. It was certainly physiological that because she was a sort of maid in our house, I never thought about trying fucking her but yes from last few months she was taking my attention from her physical structure.

Chanda was 24 now and because of food we Punjabies eat, physically she was quite changed. Her health was improved; she was not thin anymore, rather now she was perfect to lure a male like me whose sex life was getting monotones. Flat belly but as compared to past now she had thicker thighs and along with gaining flesh over her ass her breasts were also gone bit heavier.

Not only that, while being in my wife's company her clothing sense was also improved and instead of giddy clothes she use to wear simple and sober outfits. In short keeping her dark complexion aside in last one year from an average looking girl now she was in the category of good looking females; at least for me and many times I sneaked into her clothes from her neck to see her luscious fruits cupped in a bra.

Anyway now while getting straight to the incident I would say Chanda was part of our family from more than a year and it all happened when suddenly my mother-in-law fell sick and my wife desired to go to her home town to see her mom.

My wife belongs to renowned cosmopolitan city of Maharashtra and to visit her mom comfortably she needed at least 7 days spare from the house. But because physically my mom was still dependent and Chanda was attending her just for 12 hours, and for rest of the time it was my wife who use to look after her, it was not possible for me to let her go even for a single day.

We were stuck and we could not see any solution to this problem. Couple of days passed just like that, yet not relieved from the hospital but by now my mother in law was better and I was expecting that now my wife will drop the idea of going to her mom but she desperately needed break and on third or fourth day suddenly she called me in office and told me that Chanda

is ready to stay at our place in the nights and she will go back home for 2-3 hours early in the morning. I was happy, not because I could see an opportunity to seduce Chanda, truly speaking it did not came in my mind until I saw Chanda next morning, that instant I was happy because from last two days my wife was depressed because she could not make a visit to her mom.

Anyway on the same day in the late evening when I reached back home my wife briefed me few things in concern of Chanda’s stay at our place, that as she is well adjusted in the family she will cook for all of us, also she will sleep in our parents room on the floor and she will go home for 2-3 hours in the early morning and most important thing for Chanda; that instead of agency,

through which she has came we have to pay extra money directly to Chanda and I agreed to all that casually. Like I said earlier things at my end started to change when in the morning I saw Chanda, when addressing me Bhaiya she wished me good morning and as I replied same looking into my eyes and she blushed strangely.

Like every day I stayed in the house for nearly half an hour after her arrival and I saw her getting conscious over her looks for the first time ever. What has happened to her? And why was she blushing? Throughout the way to the office Chanda ruled my subconscious brain and by the time I reached to my work place I was hard like anything.

I had few of her pictures with my daughter in my mobile, though in breaks I spent adequate time in seeing her face. Chocolate skinned innocent face, lovely large Dark brown Kajal rimmed eyes, nice luscious lips, small gold earrings with a tiny golden nose stud and a black threaded taabiz around her neck,

she looked beautiful to me and unconsciously I started thinking about trying fucking her in my wife’s absence. On the same day I spoke to some travel agent to book my wife’s ticket and date of her departure got fixed. It was after two days and in theses two days I noticed Chanda precisely and found that she was changed, suddenly innocence she was having in her gesture and over her expressions was vanished.

Except wishing me good morning she stopped talking to me, not only that, for whatever time I stayed at home after her arrival she was very conscious for her looks, like I never saw her before in past one year, apart from that I rarely saw her wearing western outfit; jeans and top but including the day when she was not suppose to go home in the evening she wore western outfit for all three days.

Anyway eventually desired days passed peacefully and my wife boarded the train with the child. Time was well passed to 9 in the night of the weekday when my wife started her journey and throughout the way to back home I was hard and delighted with a thought of being somewhat alone with Chanda in the house.

Finally around 10 or bit more I reached back home and like I knew my parents were on bed and sitting in front of TV in living room Chanda was waiting for me to serve food. I met my parents to inform them that my wife and child have boarded the train safely and came to the dining table where dinner was already waiting for me.

"Aaj khaa low Bhabhi ke haath ka...kal se mere haath ka khana padega" Chanda spoke out casually; that from next day onwards I have to eat food cooked by her and I realized that just after my wife's exit she is back in her previous tone as far as talking to me is concerned.

Like I mentioned earlier from last two days she was wearing jeans and top and as she walked to the kitchen to get something for me and I took a glance of her body; from head to toe before trying approaching her for the night and she was really very tempting. Standing 5'4", silky dark long hairs, slender waist with flat belly, boobs bit heavier than big sized mangoes and perfectly fleshed ass,

"Wow man...agar raat ko mil jaaye Chodne ke liye to mazza aa jayega..." I murmured within myself and while having dinner repeatedly saw her sitting in front television. Throughout the time I had dinner with a hidden smile and delight with in herself Chanda was conscious over her looks and just to open up, while getting up after ending my meal I gave her compliment that she look good in western outfits.

"Tum western dresses mein achhi lagti ho". Expressing bit of surprise from her big eyes Chanda looked at me with a smile and in bit of sarcastic tone came up saying "aapko aaj teen din ke baad yaad aaya hai mujhe ye batana" I smiled and moved ahead and her statement confirmed me that she was wearing western outfit because I like my wife in western outfit.

Next I moved into my bedroom and while changing decided that I have to try fucking her. After changing I came to my parent’s room to sit with them, to see their status; that how long they will take to sleep. Chanda was still watching TV in the living room and we; I my dad and mom had casual chit chat for 10-15 minutes and eventually I got to go to the sleep.

My dad told me to send Chanda in to sleep and I casually suggested him to let her watch television if she wants. I came to my room again and for an instant could not think what to do next, It was my study of Chanda’s gesture of past two days that I was feeling she is also attracted to me and somehow I have to encash this attraction.

Next to open an opportunity I told her to inform me as the movie she is watching ends and added that after that I will also watch television for some time and Chanda casually asked me to sit and watch the movie she is watching. Salman Khan staring it was a typical masala movie and I denied seeing that movie,

not because I did not wanted to see that movie but because I was conscious about my parents who were still awake in their bedroom. I came to my bedroom and switch off the light, I was somewhat sure that my dad will certainly get up see the things happening in the house and it happened after around 15 minutes.

I heard voice of his stick coming closer and he pushed my door and saw me lying facing away on the bed in the dim light. I pretended sleeping and he moved to Chanda and asked her to sleep and leaving her movie in the middle she got up to get into her bed. I heard she told my dad what I have asked her to do,

that she has to inform me when she will leave the television and my dad told her not to disturb me as I am slept. Eventually my dad and Chanda went in the room and I thought about waiting for some time to get up and switch on the television.

I was quite positive that after my parents will be asleep Chanda will come out of the room to see if I am there in the living room and to my surprise Chanda was far ahead from my assumption. Hardly five minutes were passed when I received a text from her no, Hindi written in English, informing me that she has switched off the television and I can watch it.

That was too good for me and I replied back in same way, I mean Hindi written in English and informed her that I will go out in the living room after 15-20 minutes and asked her join me as soon as mom and dad fall asleep. In response of that Sms after a minute or bit more Chanda wrote back and somewhat informed me that my mom has already slept but dad is still awake.

Once again I wrote back that I will be waiting for her in same format “main tumhara intzaar karunga” and she wrote Ok to it. Truly speaking friends till then I was not at all aware of Chanda’s exact mind state, it was Chanda’s over all gesture and facial expressions which was giving me strong feeling that there is something in her mind too.

To Be Continued...

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Madhu Fucked In The House

My name is Madhu (name changed) and I am going to narrate my experiences. This story is not more painful than erotic. I had 3 sisters and I was the eldest. I was tall, slim and beautiful. I was very good at studies. But lack of money made my parents to marry me at a young age of 19. And now I am 32. Fortunately, my hushband Shantanu seemed very understanding.

Or I thought so intially. He lived in a big joint family in the village. He had 2 elder brothers both of whom were married with kids. It took me some time to adjust but in a couple of months, it became really comfortable. But suddenly, one day I caught my hushband with his eldest bhabhi Neeta. They were both naked and well, fucking one another. He did not see me.

I slowly closed the door and went to my room and weeped heavily. I went to my home after this incident. I did not return for 3 months. However, my mother in law's bad health made me to return. On my return, I was shocked to see that eldest bhabhi Neeta was pregnant. I decided to deal with this once and for all and asked her in isolation as whose child is this.

She smiled and asked me to follow her. She took me to the living room where everybody was kind of waiting for us. My mother in law told me "Dekh, ye yahan ki parampara hai. Meri sab bahuyein ek hain aur mere teeno bete bhi inhe ek hi mante hai. Ab tum bhi is ke liye taiyaar ho jaao. Kisi ke saath bhi shaaririk sambandh banane mein mat hickichao."

I said, "Ye app kya keh rahein hai. paagal ho gayein hai kya?" Listening this she ordered her eldest son Ravi for something. I dont remember much after that but he dragged me to my bedroom. The next morning, I was having a strange pain in my vagina. It was all wet and smelly. And I was sleeping nude with Ravi. I understood that he had fucked me.

I was feeling so ashamed. But suddenly Ravi's wife Neeta came there and gave me a cup of warm milk. She than sat there with me and said, "Ise pee lo. Aaram milega. Aur maan jaao. maza aayega. Jab Shantanu ko koi farak nahin padta to tum kyon itna sochti ho." This made sense and I decided to take revenge with Shantanu. I got ready.

I was waiting for the perfect moment and when all 3 brothers were sitting in the living room, I went there and sat besides Ravi. I told him in his ear - "Aaj nahin chodoge". I wanted to irritate Shantanu. But instead he asked "Bhaiya kya bol rahi hai". Ravi started laughing and told him that "Tadap rahi hai. Aaj tu hi le le."

To which Shantanu replied "Aaj Raju ki baari hai naa. Mein to bhabhi ke saath hi sounga". I was shocked to see their daring. I was screwed. Then suddenly, Raju, his second brother took me in his arm and took me to the bedroom. I was about to have sex with 2nd strange men in my second night. Raju was a bit different. He was fat with big moustaches and wore a lungi.

I hated him. He closed the door and removed his lungi. His 7" dick was hanging like a hungry child. I closed my hand and requested, "Please, mat karo. Mujhe achcha nahin lagta." He paid no heed and completely undressed me. I understood that resistance will not work. He put his dick in every hole of my body. I did not realise that he was not using condoms.

This happened for the entire month. Every night, one of the brother would fuck me. I even forgot who my hushband was. After one month, I was pregnant. The child could belong to anyone. Now 12 years has passed. I have one kid. Now it has become my habit. Every night since the last 12 years, one of the brothers would fuck me. And I kind of like this.

I try to hide my inner pain with the short term pleasure I get. This ended yesterday. Yesterday night I was fucked but not by one of the brothers. But my college friend Karan. We loved one another and so I ran away with him. I am happy now and I am thinking of settling with him.

He has gone out to bring some food. I can wait for him because he loves me and accepted me inspite of everything that happened to me. Signing out. Madhu.

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Atul Enjoying Sex With Unsatisfied Aunties

Some strange stories appearing in HD are very nice and interesting. How effortlessly some people reach sex and for some it is almost unreacheable. While lying in the bed, in the dead of night I used to wonder how may girls, women etc will be fingering their pussies for want of a proper cock.

Unmarried girls having tasted incestuous sex may be waiting for a chance to get proper sex. Married women, with their husbands working away may be rolling in their beds out of sheer fustration and lust without finding a way to satisfy their physical needs.

In our house complex, of 10 stories of ten flats in each story, all the flats are occupied and all the flat owners need urgently the services of an errand boy, who can go at their command to places to fulful their needs. Inone of such complexes one Atul, bengali boy was there with intense energy.

There were 100 cars and all of them wanted Atul to wash their cars and Keep it ready when they come to go to office. Atul chaged Rs.100 per wash. He earned about Rs.10000/- within two hours in the morning. Once the menfolk go to office, he will bring a push cart full of vegetable and all the ladies will flock around him and within no time his stock would have got exhausted.

He will to to the fish market and buy fish to those who want fish, similarly chicken, or meat or beef. By noon his income would be another Rs.15000 to 25000. He moves around in his motor bike, sometimes she takes in his pilion ladies to go to the mall for their purchases.

All the ladies are kind to him and someone gives him breakfast,some give lunch and some dinner and he sleeps in some flats. By evening he would have earned at least Rs.50000 to 60000. Some woman whose husbands are away for a long time, take special care and satisfy all his needs, while satisfying themselves.

This is a closely guarded secret known only to a small group of women and Atul. Atul has another blessing. His cock is extraordinarily long and strong and he can control his orgasm as he wishes. This is also known to very few people. To make work easy and effortless, he brought a high pressure car washing machine. Depending upon the dirt and grime he washes the cars thoroughly.

Seeing his efficiency there were many invitations from other blocks to wash cars. His ultimate aim is to make an income of a lakh of rupees per day. He withdraw from vegetable business slowly, making others to do this business, he is concentrating only on errand work. He gets access to any flat in the complex. Some ladies simply love to have sex with him.

The way his 7 inch cock slides into thier pussy makes they cry out of pleasure. Hr fucks them in the bathroom, or kitchen or in the drawing room couch and of course in the bedroom. When mothers are away in the clubs, he woos the daughters. He gets them sex CDs or sex novels for taking them into his hold.

Once a teen age girl comes into his fold her entire gang cmes and he knows how to handle it. He takes them to the terrace, or beneath the staircases, or in ever so many unused corners in a multi flat comples. Once a Mallu woman took him to her flat and they had nice fish curry meals. Fish curry is a weakness of Atul. Knowing this the meal consisted of nice pomphrets fried and grilled.

When Atul was eating that woman whose husband is away in Delhi, put her hand underneath the table and caught hold of his cock. They both laughed at this hide and seek game. He finished his food fast and camewith his cock extended. She wanted to take it in hermouth, but Atul said no. Your mouth is full of chillies, I want to put it in you hole.

She stood up and raised her leg and placed it on the chair and Atul could find a way to poke her cunt and enter deep inside. She put one piece of fish in his mouth and she took one piece, while fucking continued. Mallu woman emptied all the plates and Atul was pumping and pumping.

With his cock inside her cunt he took her to the wash basin and washed her mouth and rinsed his mouth and then they went to the bath room and went ahead with the fucking and culminated it successfully.Once the daughter of this mallu woman asked Atul whether he can give her a lift back home from her college where due to college day celebration she will be delayed.

Atul went to the college when the function was getting over and went in search of mallu girl. He asked somebody about her and he was told that she will be in a car parked under the tree. Atul went in search of her and found her being fucked by two of her friends in the rear sear of a car. She was in a frenzy and was moaning and crying and the boys took turn and it was not over.

Finally Atul unzipped and went to her and she was lying with her eyes closed, Atul put his cock and pressing it into her cunt. Because of the new experience she opened her eyes and found Atul fucking her vigorously.

She hugged him and enjoyed the act thoroughly. She got up, wiped herself with some tissue and told him not to tell her mummie about this. Atul dropped her home and left immediately. So goes the adventures of Atul.

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Fucking sexy maid sisters Kamla and Sita

It five years back. I just joined a MNC in Bengaluru and they said they may send me to Pune and Hyderabad for training. I was happy that I have an uncle in Pune and another cousin in Hyderabad and I can stay with them when I am in their cities. First they sent me to Pune. My uncle received me at the station and took me home.

Aunty was happy to receive me and asked about family details etc. Both of them are working and hence and hence before they leave they will keep my b/f on the table. There will be a maid servant who will serve you. Noon lunch I will take at the office canteen. I have to leave the home in charge of the maid servant.

I said no problem. I will be away for the whole day and will be back only in the evening. First day aunty and uncle left in the early morning and when I woke up Kamla, the maid servant was there, a 18 year old beauty. She was a rustic beauty with big boobs, ass, big thighs and a smiling face. On that day she came and called me at 8 am and I lifted my head and saw her.

But I could not get up because my dick was in full erection and I had worn only a lungi. She would have seen my delicate condition and was waiting for me to get up so that she can sweep the room. For me I cnnot get up unless she moves away because my dick was in full erection and I had to wear the llungi around me which in her presence I cannot, without her seeing my dick.

Finally Kamla decided to sweep the floor when I was sitting in the bed, she holding one hand on my cot was sweeping the lower floor. Her face was hardly three inches away from my hardened dick. Suddenly she lifted her head and raised my lungi and saw my full bloom cock. She looked at my face and her hand slowly moved towards my dick and touched it.

I removed my lungi and showed her my whole dick. She showed a thrill on her face and moved forward and took my dick in her mouth and licked it. We did not even talked and how dare she could take my cock into her mouth, I was wondering. I could see from the top her huge boobs and I bent over and touched one of her boobs.

She looked at me and she unbuttoned her blouse, lifted her bra and pulled out one of her boobs and signalled with her eyes to fondle it. Having come upto this I lifted her to come to my bed and I fondled both of her boobs and nipples. We both were fully aroused. I made her lid down in my bed and pulled up her skirt and saw that she was wearing a panty.

Her wheat coloured thighs were glowing. She was giving me a good blow job and I threw my fluids into her mouth and she swallowed it completely. I tried to pull her panty down so that I can see her pussy. But she resisted and said that we will do it tomorrow not today. I got up, stood naked before her, wore my lungi, gave her a kiss and then proceeded to my toilet.

After my bath I got dressed and was ready to go to office. I told her I may come back only by evening. She said she also may be there till evening and go only after my uncle and aunt return from their office. I said ok and went to office.

But I found my superior inthe office to whom I should have reported was not there and I went around talked to some people and then returned home before noon. The door was bolted from inside and I knocked. After some time Kamla came wrapped in a saree and a towel wound over head. She saw me and ran into the bathroom.

I went to my room undressed and wore my lungi and went to the bathroom which was also was bolted from inside. I knocked and knocked and Kamla opened the door slightly. I pushed it forcibly and I was there inside to see her stark naked and her body was being soaped.

She out of shyness covered her pussy and boobs with ber both hands and asked me to go to the sitting room and that she will come soon. I just removed her one hand and saw her boobs and the other hand to see her hairy pussy. I said ok and went to the sitting room. Kamla came after some time dressed and asked me whether I am ready for my lunch.

I said before lunch I was to see your pussy and dragged her hand and took her to the bedroom. I made her to lie down on her back in the bed and I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty. She did not resist, and was cooperating. Her wheat coloured thighs and her pussy were very beautiful. I touched her pussy and saw her public hair was long and bushy.

I asked her shall I remove your this hair. She asked me how will you do it. I said just a min. and went and brought my trimmer put it on and ran it over her hairy pussy. All the bush vanished and only small stubs remained. I made some adjustments in the trimmer and did a second run and it gave a smooth shave, even the intricate cavities around the clitoris were cleaned.

I asked Kamala to get up go to the bathroom mirror and see for herself. She was amazed how soon and how easily it was done. I looked at her. It looked like a divine body, with huge boobs, beautiful legs, ass narrow waist and no public hair. I just dragged her closely and made her lie down in the bed, opened her legs wide and then buried my face in her pussy.

My tongue searched for her clitoris and started to meddle with it. Kamal was moaning heavily. I tried to make her legs wider and took my erect cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and pushed it in. It went deeper inside. Her fuck hole was not very tight as she was being regularly fucked by her uncle and her bother. I fucked her twice and poured all my juices into her hole.

We went to the bath room and cleaned our privates. We had our lunch and sat for a while. She told me that her marriage is fixed to take place next week. But her younger sister is at home whom she will bring and introduce. She is a virgin and not yet touched byany one. She asked me to break her seal and take her virginity.

I told her your consent is not suffiient, The girl should give her consent. Kamla got dressed up went home andbrought her sister Sita. She toldSita what all household work she has to do Sita may be sixteen, well formed body and a nice atrative face. She brought her too my room and introduced her to me.

Suddenly she lifted my lungi and took out my cock and showed it to the girls and told her that she had to give blow job twice to this cock.She squatted on the floor and showed the girl how ti give blow job. She opened her mouth wide and took my cock inside and closed the lips over it. The she asked Sita to do it.

Poor shy girl hesitatingly took my cock in her mouth, but she could take only half the length. Kamla told her half will not do she has to take the full cock. She made the girl lie on my bed, lifted her petty coat upto waist, pulled down the panty and revealed her pussy. There was scarce hair.

She took my erect cock and opned the cunt lips of Sita and inserted my cock into her cunt. It was too tight and the girl was in tears. But Kamlawont leave, she insisted that my whole cock has to go inside breaking all blocks. I fucked and fucked and broke the seal and sita was crying loudly and finally my cock made full entry.

Kamla was sucking the tiny boobs of Sita to alleviate her pain. Then her cries subsided. I fucked vigorously and reached my climax and the girl too reached her climax. Kamla said she will also lie with me in the bed on othre side so that sex lessons to her sister shuld be over. I was fucking both Kamla and Sita alternatively and I was tired.

I went for the marriage of kamla and gave her a good presentation. I continued to fuck Sita for some more days till my final posting was received.

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Abhishek Fucking Sexy Painting Teacher

Hi! This is Abhishek (name changed), from Kolkata. I am an avid reader of HD and I like almost all the stories that are published in this site. Here I want to share with you folks an experience of my life.

Before that, let me introduce myself. I am a Bengali. I love travelling, especially in the mountains. Painting and photography are my two other hobbies which I pursue for the food of my heart.

This particular incident which I am going to narrate here occurred more than a decade ago. That was the time this city has not changed its colonial name, and we called her Calcutta. That was the time when sky kissing high-rise apartments were not such a common sight.

Golpark, a posh location in the southern part of this city. In an apartment there, I used to take tuition for painting. I was in the IX standard that time. My painting teacher was a lady. She was at that time in late twenties or early thirties. She had a great figure, admirable. She was tall, beautiful.

I remember her fair complexion, hairs up to hip length, her specs with black rim, and a big bindi on her forehead. She was very much particular about her body and fitness, and she was one of the morning joggers in the nearby lake area.

Her husband, as far as I remember, was a professor of Economics in the nearby university. Both of them had exquisite taste towards art and culture and I remember the walls of their huge apartment were gallery of large paintings and craft works of eminent painters and tribal artisan of our country.

We were a batch of seven-eight students. But among them, I had observed that she used to give a bit of extra care towards me. Most of the days I noticed her, she maintained herself well dressed in saree, sleeveless blouse, bindi, and specs. I used to gaze at her beauty tirelessly; her bare arms, a bangle in her left hand, and a writ watch in her right one; her waist line.

She flaunted her saree bit low waste, and her navel peeped frequently. I was good in painting and I used to think that her partiality towards me was due to that very sole reason. We all batch-mates, including three girls, were obsessed with her figure, and we boys discussed about her a lot amongst us, to which the girls used to laugh a lot, but at times they also participated in it!

I remember, it was a routine class, and at the end, she asked me and Sreshtha (batch-mate) to visit her following Saturday as we both missed the previous class where she taught about tempera painting. We nodded and the time was fixed at noon. It was August, and this time it rains a lot in Bengal.

It was raining for the last three-four days like cats and dogs, and the city had practically come to a hault. I thought that I could not go to the tuition because of the incessant rain. But around 10 am it stopped pouring, and after an hour I changed my mind and decided to go. It was drizzling all through. I reached around 12 noon and aunty opened the door.

She was pretty surprised to see me as Sreshtha called her in the morning and told her that she was not going to come due to rain. Now I was in a fix, what to do. Aunty asked me to seat and she went to the kitchen to fetch water. I sat on the sofa, assuming no class today and me also leaving soon. I was planning how to spend the afternoon.

Movie, or Rahul’s place (friend, who stays nearby). There was not adequate money in my pocket to settle down for a movie ticket! As I was thinking all these trivially, aunty came with the water. She was dressed as usual. And I remember, she didn’t wear her wrist watch that day. She came and sat by my side and offered me water.

But I don’t know where my mind was! I was gazing at her. Her long untied hair was telling that she bathed not long ago and I could smell a beautiful fragrance as she sat near to me. I was just been overwhelmed by her beauty, her bare arms, her neck line… I noticed for the first time a tiny black mole just beneath her ear lobe.

“Hello, where are you? What are you looking at?” she asked with a smile. I came to my sense and was shy enough to look up; somehow managed to utter “No, nothing…” There was nobody else in the apartment. I saw her maid left at the main entrance while I was coming in. And her husband went abroad last week to attend some international conference.

It was all silent, except the ceiling fan making noise, and a Bengali magazine’s pages were incessantly trying to be free from the binding with a little help from the fan! Suddenly she broke the silence and asked me whether I have any other appointment. I confessed no. She then casually asked me about my hobby.

She was also elaborately discussing regarding different fields of painting. I don’t know, but my mind was not at all in her lectures. I was feeling restless from within. She probably noticed me. She suddenly asked to look at her eyes. I made contact with her eyes, and she told me that she wants to paint on my body. I was shocked as such a thing was totally outside my domain of thinking.

“What?” It was the only reaction I could make at that time. She lowered her voice and whispered the same. She took my bag away from my lap and asked me to take a bath. She passed me the towel. I hesitated and even tried to raise objection. But my faint voice was too feeble in comparison to her confidence. I had no other choice but to step in her washroom with the towel.

I locked and undressed. I found my dick to be erect and my heart was pounding. I was under the shower and when about to finish, she knocked the door and asked me to come out covering with the towel. I saw my naked body in the mirror. I don’t know what’s in the store outside, but was fully sure that something not normal.

Well I am tall, 5’11”; slim athletic body (used to play football everyday) and thankfully, courtesy to porn movie cassettes back home, I grew up a habit of cleaning my pubic hair regularly. I remember I was clean that day, only embarrassment was my cock not coming down, it was just a hard rod.

LOL. Since I could not help myself, I desperately tried to cover the front tent like structure of the towel with my posture and the knot. I stepped outside as it was the first time I appeared before her with bare chest. She was sitting on the sofa, leaning slightly on the front, with her elbow resting on her knee and her palm on her chin. She was gazing at me, she was smiling.

I was totally carried at the way she was looking at me. With all of a sudden she asked me to put off the towel and roam like that. Huh! What was she saying!!! But hey, inside the washroom somewhere I got the signal for this going to happen. I fumbled and she then called by my name and said “Come dear, remove the towel, I want to see you.”

I had no girlfriend and it was something heavenly for me as it was the first time someone in this world is eagerly waiting to see me naked. I closed my eyes with pleasure, and removed the towel. GAWD!!!! I am standing naked before her eyes. I opened my eyes and saw her. She was still gazing at me. She stood up, opened her hands and called me. She hugged me.

I also wrapped her with my arms and for the first time I felt her tits touching me. They were so soft. She whispered in my ears “you are so beautiful! Lie down.” I managed to lay down on the adjacent divan, and on my back. My cock was erect and I had no hesitation. I had a feeling that it is celebration of my nudity.

She sat by my side and caught hold of my cock in her palm and started giving gentle up and down massage. She was sometimes rubbing my balls, to which I was breathing fast. She was looking at my cock, and then after at my eyes. “What are you thinking? How long is it?” she asked. “I…I don’t know. May be 7 or 8.” I replied. She laughed.

She stretched her palm to measure my cock. She was still smiling, but didn’t utter any word. Might be she was enjoying my nervousness. I was gazing at her untied hairs covering her back, her black blouse, her saree, her bindi, her specs. She then brought her tray of colours and took a brush and mixed some colour from the palette and made a stroke with the brush just beneath my navel,

and dragged the brush upto the tip of my cock. It was a totally different sensation and I can say that sort of sensation never happened again in my life. OMG! She started to colour my dick. My entire body was making different moves because of the brush and she smiled and went on saying keep calm, keep calm dear! I spread my hand to touch her, to which she said not to touch her now, but later.

I don’t know what was she doing. My condition was really going bad that time as I was virgin till that day, and I had a constant fear of ejaculating at that moment due to high orgasm. She was giggling at my condition. One time she stopped and said pointing at my penis “see, how is it?” I sprang up, and without thinking any other single matter in this world, I kissed her.

I lip locked with her and both of us started kissing. She took me to the washroom and made me stand before the mirror. I saw that she all took the joy of painting some floral and diagonal pattern from my naval covering my penis fully. It was really beautiful! She came to the front, took some soap and started to rub my penis.

I was holding her shoulders and kissing her lips, her cheeks, her shoulders. Her saree was almost dripping down and I could see her deep cleavage. She took me out of her washroom and headed towards her bedroom.

The room was aesthetically decorated again with large paintings, photographs; amongst one is an erotic nude painting of Nagara style, commonly seen on the walls of the Khajuraho temple. She kissed me for the first time and I felt that she almost bit my lips. I was holding her tight and rubbing her bare waist, her cleavage, her neck, her arms.

Her saree fell down from her upper part and I came to my knees to open the waist knot of her saree with my teeth. She was rubbing my hair as I was kissing around her navel. She was too enjoying every bit of touch from me. Suddenly the telephone rang, breaking all the silence and humming sound of us. She went to the drawing room and I could see her talking to somebody.

She was stunningly beautiful as she has a sculptured figure. But my cock was starting to limp down. She was wearing a deep cut blouse which made her bare back a canvas. I could not resist, and silently I stood behind her and kissed her back. She grabbed my left hand and started to rub it over her belly. Her skin was so soft.

I started to roll my tongue up and down of her back to which she got horny and banged down the phone. I made her turn towards me, and we hugged and both started kissing. We reached the bedroom and I started to make her naked. Her saree was lying on the floor of the drawing room, beside the sofa. I removed her blouse which she did not object and allowed me to go further.

I unhooked her bra, and for the first time I saw her tits. She was damn beautiful. Her nipples were pinkish red. And her boobs were tight. Her nipples were erect and faced north. I touched her bosom and pressed her boobs. WOW!!! It was like heaven. All the time she was rubbing my dick head with her thumb. This act made me super horny and I was almost about to cum.

But I had no desire to ejaculate so soon. I need to explore more. Removing her hand from my dick would have been an easy option, but I settled for an easier one. I sprang up to her lips and stated kissing her lips, her cheeks, her neckline vigorously. Being unprepared with my action, she lost her body balance and laid down on the couch. She was just wearing her panty that time.

I jumped over her like a hungry wolf. She tried to hug me. I forcefully removed her hands and made them above her head. I held her hands above tightly and started licking her tits. With her hands up, her tits were looking more beautiful and round. I was pressing them with my tongue, ma lips. She started making sound mmmmmm…mmmmm…

She was trying to get rid of me as she was reaching her orgasm. She was creating pressure with her hands, her waist… but at the same time she was saying gimme me more... I resisted all her movements forcefully with my hands, my face on her tits, and my waist. I made her lie beneath me. She calmed down. I looked up at her face; her eyes closed, she had turned pink and she needed more.

I concentrated at licking her left right nipple. I loosened my hold over her left elbow, and I rolled my palm down rubbing her arms, her armpit, till I reach her left tit. I licked her right tit, while my fingers play with her left one. I could feel that my right thigh which was in between her legs was getting wet! I started rubbing her nipple head to which she screamed.

I changed position, now to lick her left tit, while playing with her right one. I then started rolling down my tongue to her cleavage and down south. I paused reaching her deep navel, I kissed her there, and removed her soaked panty. I pulled up my head to look at her pussy. OMG! I am seeing a pussy in real for the first time in my life. It was such a beautiful sight.

She was cleanly shaven and smooth and soft like a sponge. I could see her clitoris. I noticed her. She was looking at me and smiling. She could understand how happy I am seeing her all like this!!! I rubbed my fingers all over her vagina, to which she closed her eyes in pleasure. She was biting her own lips.

I came in between her legs and for the first time I touched her pussy with my tongue. Mmmm… I tasted her juice! It was my first encounter, and hey, I was myself driven crazy. I rolled my tongue up and down her pussy walls; I was pushing my face so that my tongue could reach as much as within her. It was warm and wet. I was just rolling my tongue up and down; my tongue teased her clitoris.

She folded her knee and that made extra space for me. She was wreathing with pleasure, and she shouted and asked me to insert my finger inside her pussy. With my other hand she pulled and started rubbing over her breast. I could hear her moaning loudly. O-M-Y-G-O-D!!! She started to cum and it was all over my mouth. Some I swallowed too! I started to finger her rapidly.

She bent her knees, lifted up her waist and almost took the shape of an arch. She was moaning like anything. The bed was all wet. GAWD!!! I stopped, to watch her divine beauty. Few minutes later, as she calmed down, she sat, got hold of my face and kissed me tight; I could feel her tongue inside my mouth in search of mine. She made me lie on my back.

My cock already limped. She bent and rolled her tongue over my dick head. It was full of drops of my pre-cum juice. She rolled her tongue. I moaned suddenly. I have no idea of what to do than just to lay and enjoy her acts. She took my entire cock in her mouth and it started to get hard inside her mouth! I felt my cock to reach almost her throat.

With her fingers she was rubbing my balls. It was an ecstatic moment for me! My body was in full control of her now as she is giving me blow job, as well as teasing my balls. I bent my neck upwards with heavenly pleasure and managed to see the sky through the window. I was moaning too! G-O-D!!! I may cum soon. But hey, I wanna shoot all of mine inside her.

What to do now!!! Most probably, assuming my condition, suddenly she stopped and laid down beside me. I whispered her that I wanna fuck her NOW. She smiled and invited me on top of her and in between her legs. She kissed me “Nothing to hurry. All day is left. I am all yours now!” I kissed her back and positioned myself in between her legs.

She grabbed my cock and rubbed it over her pussy. On the other hand she took some saliva and rubbed it all over my cock and inserted it inside her. MAN, she was wet, and I had no problem entering her, though she was tight! Again, my first time. In my mind, there were all flashes of fucking scenes that I watched back home in the porn movies.

I pushed slowly, then came out and this time, I made a sudden push. She made a sound and then smiled. I smiled back with full confidence and pride, as my entire cock was within her. I started fucking her up and down, slowly, and gradually increasing speed. But with every stroke I was trying to reach deeper and deeper. My eyes were upon her face.

Even today, I can close my eyes and see her face turning pink; her mouth was open and she was moaning. Sometimes with my speed her soft moan was changing to scream; she lifted her long legs to wrap my waist which was giving me a bit of less mobility. I pushed my cock fully inside her and started to move my waist from left to right, and then from right to left, in pendulum motion.

She grabbed my back with her fingers and I could feel her nails on my back. She moaned loudly. I was getting crazy with her expressions, and time came when I was about to cum. I whispered in her ears, to which she said “gimme now, more, and I want to take all of juice inside me”! I was like in cloud 9. Me moaning too, along with her.

And we both could hear the sound of my cock hitting her inside. But my cock seemed to know no rest. I was fucking her wildly. Damn! I felt to have orgasm along with her and started to cum. Ooooooo… yeeeeeaaaa…… I was hitting her pussy with all my force as was releasing my all inside her and she was hugging me tight screaming loudly.

She was almost in the air, clinging to my body. I unloaded my all inside her. Then I collapsed on her with my head on her tits, and my cock still inside her. I was then hugging her too. I looked up to see her face, and then kissed on her cleavage and rested my head again on her tits. We were both breathing deep and at the same time. I came up to kiss her lips.

We lay like that for some time, and both being naked. She told me softly that I was beyond all her expectation and she enjoyed ever moment. I looked up and whispered that I am so lucky to make love with you! You are so beautiful! The sky was easily visible through the window. Rain has stopped, and the western sky has turned orange.

I then turned my head to look at her, to gaze at her nudity. That was the beginning…

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