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Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - IV

Previously: Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - III

Finally leaving cab on the Delhi border I entered in Kapil's car and my heart started beating fast. Without a word we both smiled repeatedly for few minutes and like yesterday Kapil took my hand and changed gears while holding it. I was not scared, neither I was feeling any guilty, still I was uneasy, more or less it was sort of a feeling,

I was going through when I was about to have sex for the first time and over his expressions Kapil was also going through same sort of rapture. After some time I broke the silence and told him that Deepa called me to tell that he might not come home in the night and next he told me what are we going to do next.

We were heading to the place where we were suppose to confront in the night but before getting on bed he had plan of taking me out for a formal dinner. It was romantic as well as erotic and by now once again I was totally spoiled in my panty. Eventually we reached to the place and I was surprised to see the flat,

fully furnished it was huge luxurious flat of a renowned real estate company and Kapil showed me the bedroom where that instant I was suppose to change my clothes and wrap myself in a Sari. Ufff…what a feeling it was; I locked myself in the bedroom and collapsed on the soft spongy bed.

It was lust at its best, we both were madly excited but we were not behaving crazy and the calmness we were expressing was driving us towards a big thunder; at least me. I was leaking like I never leaked in my entire life, it was third panty since morning which was ruined and real thing was yet to come.

Anyway I took long to get ready, Kajal rimmed eyes, lips light pink, small dot (bindi) in the middle of the forehead, gold necklace around the neck, gold earrings, couple of gold rings in fingers, colorful bangles, silver anklet and silver toe rings, wrapped in a pink color sari I was looking nevertheless than a bride ready for her first night and in the mean time Kapil also freshened up his looks,

though he did not changed his clothes but it seemed as if he has taken a shower. Whatever, as I came out looking at me from head to toe and praising my looks Kapil gave me bunch of red roses and kissed me tenderly over my lips. By now I was gone so horny that ripping off his and my own clothes I wanted to eat him then and there but behaving calm I ended up just by kissing him same way.

Locking our arms finally we moved out and settled down in a dim light Indian restaurant for the dinner. Except calling Deepa and conferming his stay in the production unit and later looking at each other and smiling as such I don't have much to write about our ride in the car but as we settled down on the table for two Kapil took my hand in his hand,

looked at mehendi design for few seconds and in the end asked me how I am feeling "kaisa lag raha hai?" and looking into his eyes with a smile I moved my head in no and came up saying "I can't explain..." and after a pause spoke out my mental and physical state straight forward "I am dying to get fucked..." "Main bhi..." (me too)

rubbing his hand tenderly till my elbow he replied and feeling delighted with his touch I told him that I don't want to have dinner and suggested him to go back "mujhe dinner nahi karna...let's go back" he smiled over my despiration and saying we have whole night he told me to relax "just relax...humare pass poori raat hai..."

and I revealed the fact that my husband has not touched me from last six months and also added that one night will not be enough for me "mere husband ne mujhe chhe mahine se touch nahi kiya hai...ek raat se mera kuch nahi hoga..." and he said he will plan something after few days "don't worry...main thode dino baad fir se kuch plan karunga"

and after a pause revealed fact of his sex life that he did not had proper sex from last one year, "waise maine bhi ek saal se proper sex nahi kiya hai...." that was surprising and I tried getting into detail but Kapil closed the subject by saying that Deepa has totally lost her interest in sex after delivery and as she has stopped responding while having sex he has stopped asking her for that.

Food was yet mot served and as I was getting anxious over the delay Kapil came up with thought of doing some sex chat. I badly needed something like that and I agreed, he told me to begin but I denied and insisted him to start and he asked me if have shaved my pussy "I hope aap apni pussy ki shave karke aaye ho" and with a smile I moved my head in yes.

Now it was my turn to speak something and I came up saying "I want to kiss your Cock" “Kiss...! That’s it?” he asked me back in surprise and I understood what does he mean by that, he meant sucking but I just smiled in reply and next he came up saying “let me tell you one thing in advance, I will not kiss your pussy....I will….! You know what I will do…”

and I knobbed my head in no while saying “No you will not do that….” And he replied to that by saying “SuhagRaat pe Dulhan kuch nahi bolti….Dulha jo karna chahta hai usse karne deti hai…” (On wedding night bride never oppose, she let the groom do whatever he wants to do)

hearing that for an instant I skipped my beat and before I would have spoke out anything over that he came up asking me my favriout position "aapki favriout position kaunsi hai?" "me riding on you" I replied with naughtiness in my eyes "aapki favriout position kaunsi hai?" l asked him same question and he said "Doggy style..." and after a pause added "I really love your Ass..."

I liked the compliment and asked him if he will fuck me in doggy style first, "That means sabse pahle aap mujhe doggy style mein fuck karoge?" "No...!" he denied and before we would have gone further food reached to our table and we both went silent. Sex chat ended in the middle and we got busy in eating;

food was good and I was hungry too but I was eating to fill me as soon as possible, certainly because I was more hungry of something else. Eating and looking into each other’s eyes with smile, without much talk; it was really killing, moreover now I had lot more to imagine; he wants to suck my pussy!

Holding me wide and open he will bury his mouth in my fleshy thighs, he will lick my sticky juices, like it happens in porn movies. Even after more than a decade of my marriage I was feverish for oral sex, since beginning my husband was a subdued lover and never crossed my breasts with his lips,

with him I too never thought about trying anything weird as my mind was also fixed with his psyche but now thought of licking and sucking pussy and cock was driving me bizarre. It was my fourth Panty since morning and once again I was feeling thick beads of my cunt-juices seeping out of my twitching pussy.

Eventually dinner came to an end and now without wasting even a minute I wanted to move quickly towards our fucking venue. Right after reaching back, ripping off mine and his clothes I was thinking about fucking him in the living room itself but Kapil was in totally different mode and without asking me he ordered desert which was my all time favorite.

“Kapil Ji aap mujhe tadpa rahe ho…” as waiter went away I exclaimed in complain that he is teasing me he said that he is also floundering “Main bhi tadap raha hun…” “Then why are we wasting time?” and he came up saying “Dulha Dulhan ko thoda to tadapna chahiye…tabhi to SuhagRaat ka mazza aata” means bride and groom has go through bit of fluttering,

then only wedding night will be pleasurable. That was bizzare; I was gone crazy and looking into his eyes I straightaway counseled him that I will not let him sleep for whole night “aaj main aapko raat bhar sone nahi dungi…” he agreed to that but told me that our first session will go according to him and after that I can do whatever I want

“Ok…but first session mere tarike se hoga… after that you can do whatever you want”. I agreed to that as deep inside, at one corner I was enjoying the way things were going. Finally desert also ended and paying off the bill we walked out of the restaurant with locked arms and reached to the car.

It was dark and I saw nobody was around and I suddenly kissed him over his lips and for a moment Kapil also sucked my lips in reflex. We sat down in the car and I failed to resist myself and moved my hand over his broad chest over the cloth to feel his manliness and leaning towards me he once again sucked my lips tenderly.

“thoda sa aur control karo….I promise you will never forget this night in your entire life”. I rested my back and closing my eyes released my body free, it was lust and passion at its worst, sexually I was never so charged, even when it was my real wedding night,

totally spoiled in my panty forth time I was feeling that quantity my pussy have discharged in last 24 hours is more than what I have released in my entire married life. Car was running with a consistent speed and I was expecting me on bed stark naked in next 20 minutes.

My heart was pounding, no fear no guilty, pussy leaking and twiching and keeping my eyes closed I squeezed my sodden swolen pussy between my fleshy thighs to prevent flowing and just then applying breaks on red light Kapil asked me if I am alright "aap theek ho na?"

I opened my eyes and replied with No, "Nahi...main bilkul theek nahi hun...I am dying" he smiled over my state and before red would have turned to green caressing my cheek tenderly he once again kissed me over my lips. I puffed in pleasure and Car moved again.

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Posted by greg
on: July 12, 2016 2:58 PM | Reply

very exciting and intresting story waiting to hear the next level

Posted by Sanjoy
on: July 12, 2016 8:57 PM | Reply

Dear Kapil , Mind blowing narration ,you have described the feelings to the point without skipping any feeling . Dying to read your next post . Wishing you both A Good Day .

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