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Karthik Enjoying Sex With Radha Bhabhi - I

I am Karthik, working in an MNC in Chennai. I did my BTech and got a good posting. As a part of my job I have to undergo tour and whereever I may I am entitled for five star accommodation. I am 6 footer and like reading music sports etc. But my job duties do not allow me to indulge in any of my pastimes.

After joining the employer, they asked me to go to Bengaluru and meet some of our clients and discuss their problems with them. In the case of software development, there may be many doubts which our customers may have and we have to clear the doubts so that we may get further business from them.

My elder brother was in Bengaluru and I telephoned and told him that I am coming to Bengaluru and that I am entitled for a five star accommodation. He no dont go to any hotel, come to my house in....nagar and I have spare guest room you can stay there and take homely food prepared by your bhabhi.

Again he told me that he is going on a business tour to Hyderabad on Sunday night and may be back only after a week. I got down from the airport and took a taxi to.....Nnagar and searched for the flat of my brother. It was in a housing complex, in the fourth floor. I reached the flat and rang the door bell. My bhabi opened the door and asked me to come in.

I had met her only during her marriage and thereafter I had not met her. I removed my shoes and sat in the sitting room. She said Karthik, your room is ready. You can place your baggage, change and come I give serve you coffee. I said no Bhabi I dont want coffee, I will finish my bath and come, please give me supper, I am famished. She smiled and said ok ok.

I went to the room placed my airbag and laptop bag on the floor and removed my shirt and pant and found that I have not brought any dhothi for casual wear. I went to Bhabhi and asked her to give me a dhothi and a towel. She saw me and was laughting since I was standing before her in my underwear.

She gave me the dhothi and the towel and shamefacedly I grabbed them ran to the bedroom and then to the bathroom to take bath. Warm shower was quite refreshing and dried up my body and wore my dhothi. I dropped my brief and vest in the bathroom floor and the wet towel hanging in the clothes line. In the room there was a table and a chair.

But I preferred to sit in my bed and opened up my laptop to recheck my jobs on the following day. I opned a porno site and watched it side by side. I am a avid porn watcher. If someone enters the room, I will minimize the page. I was thinking about Radha bhabhi who is almost of my age and is extremely beautiful. She had round boobs, well elevated and nice tight ass mounds.

She was wearing only plain cotton saree and a matching blouse. Suddenly she called, Karthik, dinner is ready and you can come any time. I closed the laptop, put on my shirt and went to the dining room. I think she made aloo parathas and some paneer curry. She sat opposite to me started the talk about the family and about my career and about any marriage proposals etc.

These are the usual questions ladies ask and I replied her. I asked her why even after three years after marriage you dont have any children. Is it planned parenthood or something else. She just laughed it off and did not give any reply. I ate two parathas and then another and again another, they were delicious and the curry was superb.

When she gave another I said no and said Bhabhi your food is great, you are really a great cook. Shyly she said dont praise me. As a dessert she gave me carrot halva, oh, it was marvelous. When I looked inside the kitchen I found I ate all that she made and there is nothing left for her.

I felt apologetic and told her I am sorry, I was hungry and what ever you gave I ate, Now you have nothing left for you. You have make fresh chapathis for your consumption. It is ok, karthink, it is ok. I asked shall bring from the nearby restaurant any food. She said no no. I sat with her till she finished her food and she was gorgeous.

I was looking into her eyes and then her boobs. She finished her food fast and said she will set my room in order and came to my room and took the laptop and placed it on the table, but what was shocking was that the porno film was running. I rushed and put it off.

Bhabhi spread a new bedsheet, changed the pillow cover and went inside the bathroom and checked where was soap and she took the wet clothes and said she will put them in the washing machine. I asked her to place some water fo rmy use in the night. She agreed and she went to the kitchen tocomplete her work and I came back to my room and opened my laptop again.

Suddenly I heard a small humming sound of a song, a meera bhajan. Her voice was sweet and she was not singing for me to hear, but to herself. may be her habit or routine to sing while going to bed. Another bhajan followed and another all filled with emotion and compassion. I had tears running down my cheeks. It was so nice.

When I thought she had finished, I opened the door and went to her, Oh Bhabi, You are great, you are a divine singer and Your songs touched my heart deeply. She was sitting in her pooja room and was shocked to hear my uttererances. Her eyes were also in tears. She put her hands on her face and was weeping. I asked her what was wrong, please tell me why you are crying.

I only praised your cooking and your music. But why should you be sorry about it. I had not uttered any thing wrong. Bhabi please dont cry, please come with me, please come with me to my room and tell me what is your problem. I caught her hand and pulled her to my room and she sat in my bed and asked her what is the matter.

She said I have never heard a word of appreciation from my husband so far and when you praised my cooking I became emotional. I asked her how is your relationship with your husband. As a younger brother I have no authority to ask such questions but still I am asking to know the reasons for your misery. Most of the days he is touring and how can a relationship develop.

Even otherwise we do not sleep together, we sleep separately. Otherwise we are quite close and loving. I asked, holding both of her hands in mine, what I can I do to help you get together. She said you can do nothing, because he is your elder brother and it is not proper to advise elder brothers.

Ok, Bhabhi, please go and change, and come I am greatly impressed by your songs and I would like to record your songs in my laptop. No Karthink, I will sing on some other occasion. I will change and come so that we can talk. She came in a cotton nighty. I was sitting near my pillow with my laptop open and hence she sat at the legside of the bed.

Her hair was done up like a cone. She was indeed a beauty. With protruding boobs and night raised ass. I closed the laptop and asked her Bhabi, how is it that you sleep separately. I am younger brother, unmarried andhence do no know anything about family life.

I have not seen how husband and wife behave with each other, I just wanted to observe how your behave and see and learn many things before I get married. But this is shocking to me, I dont know how to ask you. She said dont worry, forget what I said, if you have any specific doubt ask me, Karthik, show me how to operate a laptop.

I mechanically turned it to her side and opened. She kneeled forward and was looking at the screen, I inadvertantly touched the key and the porn site opened up full screen. I was looking at her face and she looking closely at the laptop screen and the sound was off and the porn site with a man fucking a girl seen in full screen.

I noticed her eyes opened widely and her mouth also opened and she was about to give out a cry and then I noticed I have committed a blunder and I shut down the page and looked at her sheepishly. Keeping her both hands against her face, she said oh, oh, what I have seen, Karthik, is this the urgent work you said you are doing to prepare your tommorow's meeting.

Oh, I am sorry, bhabi, I am very sorry, a mistake happened, please forgive me please Bhabi. But she was not obviously convinced. Karthik you are seeting this everyday? It is exactly what we married couple do, she said, looking at the ceiling. I thought she would get up and go away, but she did not, she sat and keeping a mischievous smile on her face.

I did not know how to come out of the embarassing situation. Ok, just show me that scene, just for a moment, she said and I had no alternative but to put the scene on and turned it to her side. She too was blushing and was looking at the laptop.

The sex act was in the final stages and the pleasures of orgasm was seen on the faces of the man and the woman and he pulled out his cock and she got up opened her mouth and received the whole lot of his gunk in her mouth. Bhabi was looking at the scene with awe as the show came to an end. Then she started asking me about how you get such things in the laptop.

The way she was asking me she looked aroused and was asking me for further details of how to get porn sites. I was squatting on the bed and there was full erection concealed in my dhothi. I put on another porn video from beginning with sound.

The boy and girl meet in the street and say hello and then she calls him to her room and closes the door, they undress and his 7 in long thing is hanging between his thighs and she undresses and takes his thing in her hand looking at her face takes it in her mouth and gives him a nice blow job.

I watched her and she was looking at me occasionally and then the scene changed he pushed her down the bed and he leaned on her and kissed her on her boobs and sucked the nipples and the sound of her moans filled the air, he goes down between her legs and lick the hairless pussy lustily. Then there was a closeup of her pussy and his tongue rubbing her clitoris came.

He licked it some time and then his lip held the clitoris tightly and sucked. The girl was pressing his dead down. Bhabi said, ok, ok close it. I stopped the video. I thought she will go away. She got up and said she will come within a minute and went outside my room, checked the main door,

bolted it and switched off all the lights in her bedroom and the kitchen and sitting room and came back to my room and sat on my bed and was looking at me. I too was looking at her and I knew she just went to cool off, I got up and went near her and stool close to her and put my hands over her shoulders. My cock was erect and I turned slghtly so that it may not touch her.

Whe leaned on my body and said Karthik, I am in a very bad condition. When my left hand was on her shoulders my rght hand touched her chin and raised her face. I bowed down and kissed her cheeks. She just hugged me and with me she lied in the bed that I was on her and she down me.

I kissed her cheeks and her mouth was seeking my mouth and I kissed her and was sucking her lower lip and my tongue was going into her mouth to seek hers and we were in the same condition for 10 minutes. Now that the ice is broken, she asked me to sit near her and she moved nad gave more space and asked me to continue the video.

I started the video, in the meantime, I pulled out her knighty from her body and she was in her bra and panty. I unhooked the bra and nice hard big boobs were out. I leaned forward and took the nipple in my mouth and my tongue played with it. She was moaning like the girl in the video.

I closed the laptop placed it on the table and asked her to lie down in the bed on her back and continued sucking her nnipples. I was looking at her and she was stunningly beautiful. Her husband is a fool not fucking her daily. She took my hand and placed it on her other boob and made me to squeeze it.

I massaged her both boobs and ran my hand hand down to her pussy which was full of thick black hair. Though I am not much experienced in practical sex, watching porn video gave me enough information to manage such dream situations.

To Be Continued...

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Posted by Prudhi
on: January 16, 2017 7:39 PM | Reply

Erri puka ...ni fantasy edo real life lo chesinattu story.. ni buildup nuvu..puka...

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