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Karthik Enjoying Sex With Radha Bhabhi - II

Previously: Karthik Enjoying Sex With Radha Bhabhi - I

I continued to suck her nipples with more vigor. Closing her eyes Bhabhi was moaning heavily. She was murmuring fuck me, Karthik, fuck me, please. I asked her to open up her legs and I placed my self between her legs and it would be convenient for me to fuck her. With my on had I searched for her cunt and I found out the entrance to her fuck hole.

I asked her to keep her cunt lips open and I took my cock and with its tip ran full length of her cunt from bottom to top and placed it at the entrance and pushed it in. Her hand got hold of it and she pushed it inside her hole and asked me to push it in. It was tight like that of a virgin and I pushed and only my cock head entered.

Her healthy cunt muscles held the side tight that I my cock was making very slow progress. I push and it pained her and me, I cannot leave it like that. Finally my whole seven inches were buried inside her after a strenuous effort. I slowly fucked her and my whole cock went inside and came out and initially I had to make an effort,

but later with larger secretion of her cunt juices my cock slide more easily and it touched many pleasure points inside her hole which were not touched by her husband. I increased my speed and she was moaning and she hugged me tight and her legs were wound around me.

I asked her whether it is her safe days, she said she does not know but allowed me to release all my cum inside her. We both had our orgasm together and she was breathing heavily on account of the strain. When I tried to pull out she said no, remain like that, let me feel a real cock inside me for some more time.

She opened her eyes and kissed me repeatedly on my forehead and cheeks and said Karthik you have shown me really how it is to feel a real woman. She said fucking by her husband was a tragedy and he was not able to enter her at all. He would discharge his fluids outside and make a mess of everything.

Since last one year he never ever attempted and did not allow her near him at all. We got up and went to the bathroom and she was feeling my thick cum flowing out of her and she took it in her hands and looked at it. We both washed, she washed my cock and was amazed at its size. She said it is like the one we saw in the video. I took a mugful of water and made her hair wet.

We came back in the bed and keeping an old newspaper under her, with my trimmer I removed the thick mat of hair from her pussy. I could see her clitoris which was hiding behind her public hair. I asked her to wash her cunt and I smelled her cunt. I was nice healthy smell and I licked her pussy and licked her clitoris like we saw in the video.

My sucking her clitoris made her aroused again and she wanted to give me a blow job. My cock was too big for her mouth. After watching videos of blowjobs, she learnt how to take it in. We tried several new sex poses, like doggy, scissors, cow girl and cow girl reverse. Now she is devoid of any shyness and she is prepared for any time for a good fuck.

She cleans her pussy everytime she passes urine and there is absolutely no urine smell at. As soon as I return from office we start the session. By the time the third session is over time would be 9 pm. she may not have time to cook food and we go to the mall and eat whatever good food is available. She wears while going out leggings or tight jeans.

On the seventh day she announced that her period is delayed. I had to go Chennai and my brother is due at any time. He can and he was impressed by the changed atmosphere at home. I told my brother that I am going back to Chennai and would be back by next week. Radha bhabhi and her husband have to adjust themselves for bringing their life to normalcy.

She came back to her cotton saree and continued to sleep in a separate cot. When she told her husband that he may buy a laptop for her, he said no, there is no necessity. She asked her husband to sleep with her for one or two days and she wanted to bear his son. Finally it was agreed that they both will sleep in the big bed. she brought him a glass of milk and they both retired.

She asked him to remove his vest and brief and then his mundu. He said no no no, I am shy I am accustomed to sleep without any clothes. Then how you are going to do it to me. After she cried and created a scene, her husband agreed to sleep with her naked. As as the lights were switched off, she hugged him and wanted to arouse him at any cost.

With great effort for half an hour finally his cock got erect and she asked him get on top of her and insert his cock into her pussy. Somehow he got up and put is erect cock inside his cunt and started to fuck her. This is the first time he does as he thought undertaking intercourse with a woman is a sin. His five inche cock went inside her and threw his fluids inside her cunt.

She was happy for this accomplishment. The as his shyness is gone he took initiative and started to fuck her every day twice or thrice. Bhabhi was very happy. When Karthik came next, his brother as ususal was going to Kolkata. on a 15 day trip. Karthik took him to the airport and put him in board the plane. When he came home Bhabhi and Karthik were immensely please.

because of the later developments. Karthik took her to the genealogist and it was confirmed that she is pregnant. They know it is the child of Karthik. He did not allow her to work in the kitchen, but took her to all the famous restaurants and had food. Karthik fucked her in all possible way,

On the tenth month Karthik's brother was very pleased that he has a healthy boy. He brought very costly clothes for Karthik and for Radha bhabhi and for the infant. They called near relatives and friends and gave a good party.

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