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Akash Fucking Pillion Rider Surabhi

When I Akash go to college I used to find Surabhi waiting at the bus stop. I stop the bike a little ahead and look back and I find Surabhi coming to me fast and get on to the pillion. After about 5 minutes ride and after about 10 times her body hits me we would the college and go for our respective classes. The fun is no talk, Surabhi will no talk not even open her mouth.

I do it as a ritual. I like carrying her and she likes riding with me. Weeks passed and even months passed. Surabhi will be late, I know, because she is the main player in our Art show. She will be main singer, and dancer. She participates in every item. But there will be nobody to witness any of her items. I watch faithfully all her item.

She will hold a big bag and ask me to hold it. They are the dresses discarded after each item. Because there is nobody she can trust she brought me all this stuff. Shall I arrange it nicely so that it will not bulge so much. Yes, please was the reply. I went to an empty class room, spread the item one by one on the table and folded it neatly and stacked.

There were her undergarments, wet in some places, I pul them all together stacked. When all of them were stuffed in the bag it was only half the previous size. Time was 9,30 there is only item left for her to participate. That may be prize winning item. Last item. There was a big applause. She won the prize. The guest spoke highly of her. It was a big cup. She brought it to me.

Ass gleeming. She was all smiles. A very proud moment. I was inside the class room in the darkess. she came and hugged me and kissed me. She was in her costume, bare legs protruding boobs, Underware not suffciently covering her ass. all shining clothes. She said she will go to the rest room and come.

People were are fast disbursing, by foot and by cars, within five minutes the hall was empty. Surabhi came. But she wanted to remove all the gleaming clothes and wear her usual clothes. There was no light in the class room. I told her change here, let us go home fast. She took another smal bag where she had kept her regular dress.

She removed her dance dress one by one gave me. I folded it neatly. She removed her top dress and gave me. Her nice boobs were out naked. She took a bra from her bag and wore it. She removed her pyjama and gave it to me. Her shining legs and panty were seen. I folded her pyjama. She removed her panty. I saw her hairless pussy. She gave me her panty.

I noticed it was wet in some places. She was seaching for a panty it was not found. She was standing only on her bra. I offered my help to search for a panty from her bag. There was no space to stand. When I bent before her I could get the smell from her pussy. Ok, Get me the old panty. I again searched for it in the other bag. I kept it inside no but it just do not come to my hand.

OK OK I will put on my churidar she said and put on her churidar and kurtha without panty I packed everying in the big bag and started home. Her bag was hung in the front, she sat in the pillion with legs on either side and I started the bike. She hugged me tightly pressing her boobs against my back. I put my right hand behind and I could feel her pussy, clean shaven pussy.

The dream hole of everyboy in the college. She did not object, she did not push back my hand, because her both hands are hugging me. Her home was totally dark. She had hid the key under a flower pot and she opened the door and went inside and switched on the light. I carried her bags inside. She said she will make me a tea. I waited.

She went to the kitchen and I followed her. Her people have gone for some marriage and will come only in the morning. I hugged her in the kitchen. squeezing her boobs. We both were aroused. My cock was poking her ass when she leaned to make tea.

After making tea and before pouring it in the cups I stopped her and removed her kurtha, I unhooked her bra and her boobs were bare. My mouth on her nipple made her to moan. With my hands I squeesed her melons, oh it was heaven. Tea will get cold, she said. Let it I said. I pulled her churidar down and lo no panty. Her hairless pussy was gleaming.

I kneeled on the floor and licked her pussy. She lifted her foot and kept it on the stool. Her pussy was wide open. My tongue searched for her tiny clitoris and licked it hard. Surabhi was crying and moaning with pleasure. zI got up and poked my cock into her cunt. Surabhi me took my hand and led me to the bed. She lied with legs wide open.

I could insert my cock in her pussy made a half entry.She was crying of pain. I leaned over and kissed her cheeks and sucked her nipples, her crying stopped. I made a big push and my cock was fully inside. Tears were rolling down her eyes. But I did not stop. I fucked her with full force. Later Surabhi liked and enjoyed and wanted more. After first fuck, we remembered the cold tea.

Rushed to the kichen and drank it. OUR fluids were all drained in the floor. Surabhi wiped it with some rag and then went to the bath room to clean herself. When I was about to leave she said dont go. Stay back till morning, let my people come. We searched for food in the kitchen. Her mother has made some food. We ate some and came back to the bed room and started fucking.

Surabhi wanted to get on top of me. When she sat, I could see her ample boobs projected in front of me. I could lay my hands and squeeze them to my hearts content. Surabhi managed to get my cock inside her and by rotating her pelvis she was making my cock touch all the inner corners of her fuckhole.

She leaned forward and did some swimming action and got a huge orgasm. We fucked and fucked till morning. Just before day break I wanted to leave. so that Surabhi will have time to remove all tell tale evidence our of sex orgy.

While leaving Surabhi said it was very great fun and wanted another chance so that we may spend the night together. Bidding her farewell kissing her on her cheeks, on her boobs and on her pussy, I left.

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Comments (3)

Posted by Baba
on: January 5, 2017 2:21 PM | Reply

Such a bullshit story....wake up from dreams

Posted by Rakesh
on: January 5, 2017 2:24 PM | Reply

Chud ke nayee......bhadwe likhna sikhle.......totally fake story ....madarchod saala...

Posted by Star
on: January 5, 2017 5:22 PM | Reply

As usual a fantasy again.

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