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Ashwin Getting Sex Lessons From Shahana - I

It was a hot summer afternoon in my small town in northern Kerala. I opened the big metal gate and entered to the front-yard, paved with interlock. The big two storied house and high compound wall reminded me of a fortress. I, Ashwin, was a teenager,hailing from a middle class family, just finished my +2 exams and enjoying the vacation.

In those days, my main source of pocket money was computer repairing. Nothing big. Just simple hardware fixes and formatting and reinstalling OS etc. The previous day, my friend called me and said his cousin’s computer was affected with virus and needs to be formatted. I didn’t knew his cousin in person. He gave me her land phone number.

I called her home and she said to come next day afternoon. So there was I, in front of her house. I rang the bell. A middle aged lady came and opened the door. I said I was there to repair the computer. She guided me to a room upstairs. I knocked the door. The door opened and a nerdy, beautiful girl n her early twenties appeared.

She was wearing a skirt, shirt and her head was covered in a shawl. She asked me to come in. The maid left and I entered her room. The first thing I noticed was her bookshelf. It was almost full with literature as well as medicine textbooks. A typical conservative bookworm girl, I thought. The room was air conditioned.

As a middle class guy, I never had an opportunity to be in AC for a long time. The dry cold atmosphere was making me a bit restless. She closed the door and said Hi. Her name was “Shahana” and she was doing her final year MBBS in a college near Mangalore. She was tall and fair. Her face reminded me of Preity Zinta. Juicy pink lips, innocent wide eyes and a dimple.

Her smile was beautiful. Her hands was thin and long. She was not fat or thin, just healthy. Her beautiful firm boobs was in size of large oranges. Her body was shaped like an avocado. When she turned back, I saw her luscious, beautiful ass. I was just a stupid sexually charged teenager then. I couldn’t help but ogle at her assets occasionally, hoping to not getting caught.

I checked her computer. It was a common “shortcut” virus which hidden every file in any pen drive connected to it and replicated itself when another one is connected. It was fixable under my very limited computer wisdom. I asked her “Can format the computer? Every file stored in the system will be gone. But I have CDs of most of the software and will install a good antivirus too.”

She came near the computer and bent forward to check the files. I got up from the computer chair. Ohh man.. I still can’t forget the view. She was bending a little and her shirt was lifted a bit up. Her thin skirt gave me a nice view of her juicy ass in its full glory. The skirt went a little deep to the valley between those two mountains. I could even recognize the elastic of her panty.

I couldn’t stop staring. She suddenly got up and said go on with the formatting. In those days, when nobody in my place haven’t even heard about external hard drives, my tool was a photo album like bag which could hold a lot of CDs. I took the cd of windows XP and started formatting the machine. She sat near a study table and started reading a book.

After a bit, we started chit chatting. She cracked the entrance and got admission in a Government Medical College in all India quota. We talked about movies, books, travel and the entrance exams. She reads a lot. Things she said was funny, wise and occasionally sarcastic. She had traveled a lot with friends and had a lot of fun.

What a contrasting second impression! She also gave me some valuable tips since I was planning to write engineering entrance exams later that month. Thanks to the long installation time of windows XP, we had plenty of time to chit chat. I occasionally kept ogling at her beautiful body also. After installing the OS, I gave her my CD bag to pick CDs of the software she want.

Every CD was marked with software inside. She went through the CDs and picked 3-4 ones. And finally she took one out and asked. “Hey, What’s in this unlabelled one?”. Ohh shit.. It was a porn CD a friend gave me and I forgot to move it from my CD bag. I stuttered and said “Err, its… its a software” “What software?” “Umm.. Its for de… designing”

She smiled a bit and said in a sarcastic tone. “Yeah I know, people of your age loves designing a lot..” Busted! I smiled like an idiot and went back to installing software. After a while she said. “Hey, can you install that designing software also” My heart skipped a beat. That stupid teenager couldn’t process the fact that women also wants to watch porn.

I was a bit shocked at first. Then it was such a turn on. My little friend started growing inside my underwear in no time… I strategically placed my CD bag to hide my “revelation”. I copied the video files to her computer. After finally installing everything I started to leave. She asked what is my payment. I said it’s 150. She gave me 200! It was a first in my life.

Every single client so far was a Shylock! But I never had the faintest idea that it was just the beginning of so many firsts! Even after leaving her home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her for days. Sexy, intelligent, fun loving, porn watching girl. I fantasized about her all the time. There was no way to see her since she is usually at her college.

I couldn’t even get her cell phone number. Calling her home number was not a good idea. Then I got busy with my entrance exam preparation and exams. Days passed. I developed a routine of sleeping till noon, eat and go to the ground, play cricket till evening and swim in the river, watch movies till late at night. I became leaner and a bit stronger.

I was free till my entrance results were out. One day, my phone rang. It was from an unknown mobile number. I answered it. “Hello” “Yeah. Is this Ashwin?” My heart skipped a beat. “Sh.. Shahana? Where are you?” “Yes. I’ve reached here today. Look, I need to reinstall MS Office. Can you come tomorrow morning?” “Why not. Is 11 OK?” “Sure. And bring some designing software also” (giggle)

I was awestruck. “Definitely” I said. She hung up the call. I couldn’t sleep thinking about the next day. I slept after a long struggle. The next morning, I woke up at 10 and took my best porn CDs in my collection. I went to her home rang the bell. This time, she herself came down and opened the door. She was wearing a pink track suit and white T shirt. Her head was not covered.

I asked, “Hey, where is that conservative girl Shahana I met last time?” She said “Her parents are abroad for a month, so she decided to be herself for a while” and smiled. Her white t shirt gave me a nice view of her round globes. When we climbed the steps, I followed her and enjoyed the beautiful view of her firm ass and stunning thighs.

There was only she and two servants at that home. We reached her room and closed the door. I turned on the computer and asked. “Hey, did you liked the designing software I gave you?” “Not bad. But my taste is a bit different” “Ohh.. What do you like?” “Err… Different ones I guess” I opened my CD bag and took the CD of Tarzan. It was a big hit among us at that time.

It was a porn version of the classic Tarzan. I started playing it. She came near the computer and started watching it with me. Tarzan was undressing the girl after they started a long kiss. But the most fascinating scene for me was this hot sexy girl near me was watching and enjoying all these.

(Again, like I said, I was a stupid virgin teenager. Now I understand that women are just like men and likes to have fun). My underwear was getting tighter every minute. I somehow adjusted it to avoid the pain. She noticed it and said “Ohh… Looks like someone needs to come out of his cage” I immediately struck back and said “The only reason he is in the cage is that it’s your home, not his”

“Don’t be shy. Consider yourself at home” Mannn… What did I just heard? I looked at her in amusement. She said again, “I’m not kidding. Do what you want.” I was a bit shy and my boy was throbbing inside my underwear. I opened my belt, unbuttoned my pants, my underwear was like a tent. I slowly slid down my pants, and took my boy out of my underwear.

She was staring right at it. The thought of she looking at my tool made it even harder. I asked, “First time seeing a penis?” She laughed and said: “Fuck off. I’m a medico dude. Try a 100th. And you need some lesson on how to use a trimmer”. Another goal to my post… But I ignored her and rubbed my penis. I slowly removed the foreskin and stroked slowly.

Pre cum was oozing from the head. I stared at her face and slowly shifted my vision to her boobs. I slowly closed my eyes and started moving my hand through my penis, fantasizing about her. Suddenly I felt a breath near my face. I opened my eyes and saw to eyes real close to my eyes. Something soft pressed against my lips.

Wow! It took me a second to understand what was happening. She slowly opened her lips sucked my lower lips. My first kiss!!

To Be Continued...

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Comments (3)

Posted by Sunny
on: January 7, 2017 1:04 AM | Reply

Very well narrated buddy...good job done there....waiting for the next part...

Posted by Rahul
on: January 7, 2017 2:07 AM | Reply

Fantastic..Awesome...Excellent...This are just a few words to describe...can't find words...keep it rocking

Posted by Kocks
on: January 7, 2017 6:36 AM | Reply

Very Good narration

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